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1230 No. 1230 [Edit]
Hello, /cr/. I'm interested in writing a VN, but it's overwhelming. I'm in the planning stages, planning heroines and routes and all that nonsense, but I need some tips on planning it. I've looked at flowcharts for other VNs, and I think I want to go with a "point" system (if you have more points for heroine x than heroine y, you enter heroine x's route, etc). Is this how most VNs are played (while I've played a good number, I've never actually really thought about it, hence me asking). Thanks, if you decide to help.
>> No. 1231 [Edit]
the first and most obvious suggestion is to make a flowchart of your own.

the second suggestion I would have, if you want to get a feel for how a visual novel is structured, is to make an incredibly bare-bones layout of your VN in a visual novel engine or other software. lay out every scene and decision and connect them up, using only a couple of sentances max for each scene. Play through every route, try strange decisions, mess around with the underlying logic and get a feel for how it works.
>> No. 1232 [Edit]
Some vns are played like that. Some have it that certain events are key for going certain routes. Some do a mix and make it like your points system but with paths that can be changed slightly depending on events like dates or choosing what to do in a place. It's tough to explain without going too verbose.

But you sound like you should play more VNs.
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