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File 163302336454.jpg - (540.67KB , 1600x1600 , 426a40b23b140e9e9c969fd55c3664ee.jpg )
3218 No. 3218 [Edit]
Lets invent a diet based around appetite suppression. Lots of bitter foods and other things that make a person not want to eat coupled with foods that have a high caloric density. I've never heard of something like this before, but I think it's a very good idea. Here's my first draft.

Yogurt, walnuts and green tea

Bone broth with ginger and tomatoes, salmon, more green tea.

Rhubarb Salad, squid, mashed potatoes with mint, hibiscus tea.

Snack if hungry:
A banana, more walnuts, water.
>> No. 3221 [Edit]
Keto does that. It's a side effect not the main point but it was shocking how much mileage I got out of fat food once I got used to it. No hunger at all, never felt anything like it. Too bad it was too expensive for me.

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