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File 134944860829.jpg - (143.70KB , 576x800 , QQdPZ.jpg )
1961 No. 1961 [Edit]
We dislike 3D here, which I usually interpret as 3D depicted in a sexual or self-inflating nature (a la "camwhores" and such).

However, has anyone ever considered personal film projects?
>> No. 1962 [Edit]
By that, you mean filming sceneries?
I could never bring myself to film other people.

Also I consider 3D to be 3D, no matter how it is.
>> No. 1963 [Edit]
Shinden, stalking should be fine as long as you don't get caught but if I were you I'd rather refrain from creating evidence of what you did. Just a friendly advice.
>> No. 1966 [Edit]
What the heck are you talking about?
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