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File 141658599964.jpg - (138.19KB , 1280x720 , 23432.jpg )
2453 No. 2453 [Edit]
>7:29 AM, Friday
Winter is approaching. I awoke this morning with a chill that penetrated all the way down to my bones. I had a dream I was running. I don't know why I was running, but I wanted to be the last man standing. It might have meant something. I'm not sharp, I don't know what.

It felt like a Saturday. Everyday feels like a Saturday to me. True NEET by day, house guardian by night. I don't have friends or obligations, and very little family to speak of. I probably did once. I don't care to, or remember anymore though. That was another life -- another person. That was the me before anime, before games, before obsession took over.

My day consists of guarding the house, eating scrambled eggs, and lurking a website that I accidentally, or rather, luckily stumbled across during one of my many adventures on the internet.

It's called Tohno-chan. The guy who started it calls himself Tohno, and Minagi is his waifu. Weird. I'm not one to judge though. I steal Japanese cartoons and pause to masturbate when I get a good angle. That's the life I choose to live.

Or rather, that was the life I lived until 7:45 this morning. I jiggled the mouse and awoke my sleeping companion, poised myself like an erect cock at the entrance of the virgin-like tchan, and readied myself mentally to deflower it in one, swift thrust.

Something stopped me. There was something I noticed that I could never have noticed until that moment in time on this particular day. Everything changed.

I have a mission. And there's not a goddamn thing anyone can do to stop me.
>> No. 2454 [Edit]
What's your mission, Anon?
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