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File 137294557414.jpg - (250.69KB , 1600x1600 , albumart.jpg )
2183 No. 2183 [Edit]
I've finally finished my album! It's up for free on Bandcamp, anthonypaige.bandcamp.com It's certainly been a strange two years working on it, and it turned out way better than I expected.
Naturally, I'd like to hear what some people think, if for no other reason than I'm not sure how I should tag the album.
>> No. 2184 [Edit]
I quite like the music itself, but your voice needs some serious work.

You don't have a bad voice by any means, but your tones are just all over the place and your voice breaks when you get up high. It's just one of those things that practice will fix.
>> No. 2185 [Edit]
I don't know, man.
It's nice, but it's missing something I just can't quite put my finger on. At first I thought it was musical diversity, but listening to the album again I've noticed the tracks do fluctuate. Still, I think you could greatly benefit from utilizing some different instruments or more pronounced genre dabbling for some of these songs. You've got unique vocals that I,personally, just love. They are sort of reminiscent to me of some glam-rock and New-wave stuff *video related. I'd love to hear some musical covers (if you've made any).

'Ink and Paper' was pretty cool though.
'I'll see you under the Turbines' is another good one.. ;_;
>> No. 2186 [Edit]
Could you upload one or two tracks here on the thread?
>> No. 2187 [Edit]
Audio 2_Binary_Stars_.mp3 - (6.18MB - 256 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 2 Binary Stars .mp3 ) Length: 3:22

Right you are! This record just needed to happen though, I have the rest of my life to try to become Freddy Mercury.

I think you're right about the lack of diversity, for I tried to make this a concise and cohesive album, and just hoped it wouldn't be too tedious of a listen on account of it's brevity.
Thank you though, I find it interesting that you mention glam rock and new wave, as I'd count neither of those as influences in the least. Never recorded any covers, and all the cover songs I rock out to by myself are wildly inappropriate for my voice anyway.

Sure. You can stream from the bandcamp page, though.
>> No. 2188 [Edit]
I'm the guy that said the thing about Tom Waits, The Pop Group, and Foetus.
At this point, though, it's really, REALLY reminding me of Swans, specifically White Light from the Mouth of Infinity and maybe a gentler Filth. Somewhat less feeling like The Jesus Lizard, but it's still there just a little.
I'm honestly liking it more the more that I listen to it. >>2184 said that your voice needs a lot of work but really I like the vocals the way they are; they're characteristic.
I think this album would have been seen as ahead of its time, but would have fit in very well in any mid-90's post-punk collection. It was made at just the right time, to be honest. I'll have to let it sink in a little more, but the way I'm getting it so far I really like it.

As far as the whole covers thing, I think you might do well with a few Jesus and Mary Chain tracks, and, just for the hell of it, some Pere Ubu.

Also, should the title be "Terra Somma: Then the Ceiling Became the Sky"? What's the significance of the subtitle, shown on the art but not on the bandcamp page itself?

Post edited on 6th Jul 2013, 12:43am
>> No. 2190 [Edit]
I heard that track when you posted it before, and I thought it was good. I couldn't figure out whether the vocal delivery was intentional or not, though. If intentional, it's not a bad idea but it needs to be honed more so it isn't quite as all-over-the-place; if not, well, work on your voice but still use that variable, warbling style of singing. I agree with others that the singing is unique and worthy of keeping to some extent, regardless of whether it's intentional.

Also, the title of the album is supposed to translate from Latin as "sleepy land" or "land of sleep", right? If so, think it should probably be "terra somni". "Somnus" is a noun (rather than an adjective, in which case it would be "somna", as you have it), so it declines into "somni" for genitive (which would then give you "land of sleep"). You could also use "terra somniculosa" (the latter word being the feminine form of the adjective "somniculosus", i.e. sleepy) but that's somewhat unwieldy. Or you could just say it's a creative reworking of the noun "somnus" into an adjective since "somni" loses the feminine rhyme "terra" has with "somna". It doesn't really matter to me what you do, but there is a small chance another pedant will bother you about the title as is.
>> No. 2192 [Edit]
Shit, thanks man.
I just put the subtitle there to fill up the dead space in the cover. It's a line from Third Plateau, and I felt it reflected the spirit of the project for me.
I wouldn't say the vocal delivery is intentional or not, it's more naivete than anything, as I've spent the last two years practicing in my apartment alone with no feedback save for the couple of songs I've posted here. Amazingly, my neighbors never complained once.
I knew the title didn't really work in latin, but I did not know most of what you posted. The title just popped into my head when I started writing stuff back then, and it became something of a mantra that kept me on track, so keeping it seemed natural.

As an aside, the album was linked to on a reddit board where it was flogged soundly. I figure if redditors hate it, then I at least did something right.

Post edited on 6th Jul 2013, 6:30pm
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