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File 137525487158.png - (458.89KB , 1280x720 , realplayer-2013-07-30-23h39m36s107.png )
2206 No. 2206 [Edit]
OK i wanted to edit OP to read like this
can someone take these four frames and make them into a looping gif for me?
the tool i use for it ends up with the colors being all fucked looking and patchy every time i use it cause its old shit and not photonshop or GIMP or whatevers the good tool."

but the software in charge of this thread says my passwd is wrong
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>> No. 2208 [Edit]
you know what, just never mind.
i don't need moderators getting their kicks by fucking with me when i'm trying to post here.
just fuck this website, i'm never coming back.
its a shit boring site anyway.
>> No. 2209 [Edit]
You made two nearly identical threads so I deleted the first one, how is that fucking with you?
>> No. 2210 [Edit]
File 137530445548.gif - (548.92KB , 480x270 , watamote-4-omake-3.gif )
I wanted to do this when I first saw the scene and then figured there'd be thousands of other people with the same idea.
>> No. 2211 [Edit]
File 137530453736.gif - (1.11MB , 480x270 , watamote-4-omake-2.gif )
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