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File 132822964296.jpg - (657.14KB , 1364x1877 , 538481-TQMPXG1.jpg )
1762 No. 1762 [Edit]
There's no thread for it, so I figure post any little thing you wrote here, if you want to share it with the class. Don't even have to be too proud of it, get it out there at least. I wrote this just today (hence the "I care about poetry all of a sudden").

Lamentations from a 2D Lover to his Waifu
O! I can never see this paragon of purity, powerful princess of my oh, so heavy, heart
O! I will never feel that princess ensconced in the castle of my arms, for she will be behind screen for eternity
She throws an object that gets closer and closer, until it is in full vision: My, my, the princess through a dart
That princess teases me behind the computer screen, and I sit, thinking in nothing but misery

What a fool I must be to bring love to the feet of this princess behind the screen
Because there is no romantic quest to embark on, there is no villain to be slain
Only the hum of the hard drive, working endlessly to provide her to me in a vague dream
What a man I am, what a man, to be blessed or to be cursed, to be able feel this unique, bittersweet (sometimes more bitter than sweet) pain

O! My love, my love, tell me when we will meet - In the afterlife? After that, perhaps?
O! You cannot speak to me, I forget, mind clouded by misery, what shall I do?
In such a world, where what is divine and precious is also non-existent, I feel the endless days continue to elaspe
The only sound in my room other than the hum of the hard drive: "I love you"

Anyway, post whatever you wrote and wish to put out there in this here thread. Anything at all - Paragraphs from stories you're writing, one-liners, etc.

As a footnote, the picture is Shakespeare as imagined by Type-Moon. Isn't that cool as hell? He's pretty bad-ass looking. But of course, the real Shakespeare was nowhere near as glorious. Type-Moon fucks with reality yet again.
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>> No. 1763 [Edit]
File 132863738082.jpg - (28.65KB , 165x156 , a [face].jpg )
[This is for something I'm working on, and hope to get ready for Valentine's]

赤ワイン (RED WINE)

The axe waved with pride,
only glass, was its core;
as the girl we called bride,
only sand from the shore.

She kicked castles erected
out of nothing but gunk,
from the eyes that dejected,
accidentally, were drunk...

And a wise man he told me:
—"Women never seek love.
Being preferred will suffice it."
— But a woman she's not!

She's the foam that the sea
brought one day in a shell...
but the sage he concluded:
— "She's a split of yourself."

On the night for new starters,
in the depths of my cell,
out of faith, out of Fratres,
in my arms something fell...

Light in forms, soft in matter,
kind her voice blew the lid:
— "If the wine it is sour,
throw it out." — So I did.
>> No. 2054 [Edit]
God! Valentine's just ahead of the curve and I'm so out of schedule...
I don't know if I'll make it on time.

RED MOON (赤い月)
a.k.a Strawberry moon (苺月)

As I followed the rabbit
over Maria at the Moon,
found no sense in the habit
so headed back to my room.

Welcome back, bare infinitive;
time to turn, look behind.
Categorical Imperative
freed from maths, let's go find...

But no love spawns from breed,
no true choice comes from need.

Fourteen years wait to tally,
through no growth, to no good.
Autumn years dyed the valley,
reddish footsteps aloof.

We were looking for Death
for she tells jokes on Q.
Past the horizon she said:
—"Now the horizon is you"...

But no laughs brought the wind,
no keen words made you missed.

Early strawberry buds
pouring down like bindweed
started the season of muds
(morning glory of the weak).

Nature's mad resurrector
drowned the world in a scream.
Lifted his hand, the director,
to the sore hands of strings...

The command of the amender
was: "Da Capo" —It begins.

Post edited on 6th Feb 2013, 11:43pm
>> No. 2302 [Edit]
Red Sea (紅海)

>You should act more mature!
But age is a sickness
that never recedes.
And it's mortal:
all certainty is

>Save the ones who weep!
But they're disgusting.
A woman who weeps
is disgusting.
A woman who never weeps
is a surrogate
of the disgusting man.
Gender ain't
insofar as

>Children are not dolls!
But parents build houses
of dolls.
The world is a stage
that falls.
Dolls resemble women
more and more.
Women resemble dolls
more and more.
One day they'll be one
and the same clone.
Virtuality is up:
when I shall be awake
you'll be not.
Agencies will be
needed not.
The end of everything
the bitter end of being
The dilemma was not
as much as

>Life is here and now!
But present does not compute.
Everything known
is merely a record:
the dream log of
semiotical record.
Memory is not eidetic.
The registry is not identical.
The mind is not logical:
the sense is

>You're not always right!
But error was not a burden.
For wandering around
it is ground.
Computers cannot create
for want of ground.
The world they'll build is
not meant for us.
Reality is over.
History is over:
we lost the beginning
and the end is over.
Aspect was merely
Time is not

>The final journey
>is the way back home!
That much is right:
we travel alone.
We part in waves,
we come in waves;
to Alphaville
in Alpha waves.
Truth is a value
and value goes round
trough moratorium:
Odyssey is not
as much as

>But that is just
>your moronical
>opinion, man!
I am that I am
and a man I am
no more.
>> No. 2482 [Edit]
I think I'm calling this done.
Might start the drawing soon or I won't make it in time.

Red Clock (赤い時計)

Time is the pure intuition's oneness
in-formed by space's filthy otherness.


Time is what 'I' grasps from a story
writen on entropy's memento mori.


Time's not out there but in here,
cause 'I' duels nowhere but here.


Time is a numbered lapse of beat
no one outside can match within.


Time is what measures a clock's tick
and you're my sole clock, nunc et hic.


It's just because you aren't 'you'
but me, that I can remain 'me'.


So it's a deal: I die with you,
you die with...


>¿qué horas son, mi corazón?

Wir können nicht weiter gehen.
Ich bin nicht mehr.

Post edited on 19th Jan 2015, 9:29pm
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