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File 131792758575.png - (99.57KB , 346x363 , Jack-Frost.png )
1597 No. 1597 [Edit]
So I was surfing the web like usual and I came across an interesting article about 'Pixel Art'.


So now I was wondering if anyone here wanted to share any Sprites they were working on or offer any advice or knowledge on how to do it. Or just share some awesome Sprites you like. I'm just curious is all.

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>> No. 1598 [Edit]
I used to do it alot but I lost everything I've pixelled when my hard drive crashed
>> No. 1599 [Edit]
File 131792886460.png - (322.82KB , 1275x2490 , Yusuke.png )
I don't really work that much on sprites, aside from animating them, but I've animated a fair share of them; My favorite sprites are from Jump Ultimate Stars.

I don't make them as I don't have the skills (I didn't make/rip this one).

If you want to see some sprites from video games you can go to these sites:

sorry if you already know about those sites and sorry if this post is too long...
>> No. 1600 [Edit]
File 131794064630.jpg - (62.03KB , 548x548 , Tenshi Pixel.jpg )
This is the closest thing I've ever done to pixel art. It's something I'd like to try at some point, but it's a very low priority.
>> No. 1601 [Edit]
I've done some, I even started editing some tiles I found on opengameart.org and then this thread shows up, how serendipity. I've also decided to make a paint program for making sprites (for gnome in python), currently though I use mtPaint. I am not particularily good, but most of the pixel art I've made is 16x16, so absolutely tiny, and the rest of it has been tiles, also 16x16, and a few other things, none of which I have any desire to share.
>> No. 1602 [Edit]
I've done some 5-6 sprites for a game I was planning to make. Mostly static scenario stuff. They all looked awful.
Maybe I'll try to get into it again some day, looks like it's a very acessible medium to people with shitty hand coordination.
>> No. 1640 [Edit]
File 131923538956.png - (3.19KB , 128x128 , extra-1bits.png )
I took this tileset and modified it and added some original stuff yesterday.
>> No. 1641 [Edit]
(couldn't edit):

this is the one I took http://opengameart.org/content/tileset-1bit-color
my picture was the edits I made.
>> No. 1648 [Edit]
Reminds me of the gameboy game 'Links Awakening' which led me to remember this horrible mod of the same game called "Link gets laid"
>> No. 1649 [Edit]
File 132004441337.png - (91.20KB , 262x282 , Tenshi skin.png )
I decided to make a Tenshi Minecraft skin, which means I have now technically made pixel art. The hair was freaking annoying, and a couple things could still use fixing, but I'm pretty happy with it.

Built from scratch with this thing:
>> No. 1651 [Edit]
File 132005465730.png - (90.62KB , 324x495 , Tao.png )
Ah, I tried that out and made Taokaka.

Not the best, but it turned out to be rather decent, even if I couldn't get the mouth to show up all that well and decided not to do it.
>> No. 1686 [Edit]
Here's an interesting post. Ignore that it's from reddit, frontpage stuff sucks there but dig deeper and you can find useful stuff like this:

>> No. 1721 [Edit]
File 132442064059.png - (7.06KB , 235x232 , WARTORTULE.png )
I don't do pixel art because I suck at art in general.
BUT I do actually keep a folder full of pixel art. I collect it like I do anime art.
>> No. 1742 [Edit]
maybe you could do a dump in /pic someday
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