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File 152024488765.jpg - (2.85MB , 1200x7653 , KoEWVQg.jpg )
2897 No. 2897 [Edit]
Where does your path take you?
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>> No. 2898 [Edit]
File 152032229359.gif - (400.23KB , 270x233 , thinking.gif )
Stupid starting premise, but I'll give it a shot anyway, you better be thankful and show it.
I'll take Noblebright. It actually seems more much more comfortable than the (ironically named) comfy variant, and comfort is the most valuable qualifier of life for me.
>Inherent Power
Easy pick with Word Binder so that I can trade lifespans and live forever plus crafting neat thingies. Maybe I'll be a watchmaker or something. I don't care about the servitude part though.
These all seem terrible, I just want to be left alone. I guess God's Chosen because acting upon it is optional and nobody well pester you if you avoid the path.
Hands down Furtive Hood. I couldn't ask for a more fitting or ideal piece of equipment. The Frozen Plate was tempting because I hate heat, but no worth it if I can't ever take the armour off e.g. to take naps.
The Kodring sounds bad-ass, but I want the hermit life so I'll take the Kriscarn so I can jump from roof to roof so I don't have to walk by people.
This is a tough one. Fara is out for sure for being a 2DPD midget. Theodore would seem like the best fit for me, but I have the feeling he'd be pushing me to go outside more and then we'd part ways. Qvrllicui seems haunted yet kind, and being able to transcend the realm of the possible to cast miracles seems very alluring... but I'd have to go with Allyn so I can learn all those utilitarian purposes so it can aid me in building wonders and advancing arcane technology, and I don't mind the emotional attachment.
Since I can't pick none then I'd go with Tatrenua so she can act as a maid in exchange for praise and headpats. Erefexus seems a good choice too but I feel she'd clash with Allyn.
The Giant Crow is the obvious patrician choice, but I'd have little use for it and it'd probably get killed by scared folk if I'm not taking care of it constantly, so ideally I'd go with the Hawk Griffin because it serves as more of a pet (and maybe a carrier?). The cat would be awesome as well, but a lot more upkeep and care than the former.
>Starting Location
What the kajigger? All my planning has been for naugh now. I guess I'll spawn in the Main Bazaar and then parkour the hell out of it using my Kriscarn. I'll make some thingamajings, sell those quick, get my room in a high raise location and then live my comfy high fantasy hiki life. I'm sure that after a few months or years I can create the first computer with the help of the witch and word-binding.

Thanks, this was fun.
>> No. 2909 [Edit]
File 152690568243.png - (4.43MB , 1000x7732 , hotei god.png )
I really like this one! So comfy~
>> No. 2910 [Edit]
If "There is no way for the outside world to contact you" includes not being able to use internet, I'll still take it. Download everything I need and go to my pocket dimension.

I'll let time pass 0.25 when in pocket dimension, this way it is possible to time travel into the future without aging, but not too fast.

All-arounder of the other options

>Outdoor add-ons
Set time

2, 3, 5
1, 3, 5
4 is negated since the house is self cleaning.
3, 4, 5
5 is broken.
1, 2, 3
home gym
2, 3, 4
computer room
2, 3, 4
>> No. 2911 [Edit]
As nice as this sounds, it isn't really so much of a build your own adventure as have your adventure finished for you. Having everything set up with a flip of a switch doesn't sound as appealing to me as being given a place secluded from civilization and the resources to complete a place like that. The coin/door ideas sound fantastic, though, I wish something like that were possible out of anything in that image.
>> No. 2913 [Edit]
File 152698092664.jpg - (40.79KB , 295x360 , chihyafuru_taichi.jpg )
Alrighty, let's give this a shot. Praise Hotei!
Seems like coin is the obvious choice, since a door and a garage still require comparatively a lot of space to be place at, while you can take the coin -anywhere- and never lose it, and if you want to be a bit of a SoB, you can use it to steal and plunder: Leave the coin somewhere you know there's going to be cash left around, hide in the coin, exit after closing time. Regarding the properties, the real question is: Do I get tired while not ageing if the time is set to "not pass"? Otherwise it'd be ideal. I'd catch up with my anime and videogame backlogs at last.
While the space / asteroid options seems extremely enticing, there's no mention of the landscape or view; Is it just full blackness or is the place actually located in a specific stellar coordinate where I can see a particular range of space?. Regardless, the mountain option is ideal because I love the cold, so being able to enter it in summer, even with real time passing, would be great.
>Outdoor Add-on.
Events, predictable weather and wildlife are must-haves, imho. The brook and the hot spring look nice as enhancements and would take both or either depending of how Set Time works; Does it work regarding time passing? Does it pass slower if time is slowed as well? If time is stopped, is the time the same you entered at? Not enough info to know if it's worth to take it or not.
The dining room, bar and guest room are beyond pointless. The indoor pool would be nice and relaxing, but it can be sacrificed for better stuff. The library, while comfy, provides nothing I couldn't get on my own; if I want to read without time passing, I can just bring a kindle or whatever into the coin and sit in the living room.
- Living Room:
It was a bit of a tough call, but I think this one is good to have because watching movies and TV series for me is the kind of thing you can / should do without any other distractions, so ideal for pausing time and catching up with everything you wanted to watch. Options: Supernatural furniture; Ultra-TV; streaming service.
- Kitchen:
With this I can just rent a crappy but hyper-cheap studio apartment and just spent most of my time in the coin. Options: Replicator; Wood Oven, Industrial appliances.
- Bedroom:
Obviously necessary for ultimate naps. I recommend setting time to pass as normal so your cyrcadian rythm isn't compromised. Options: Temperture control; ultra-comfort mattress; the rest are useless (sound-proof from what?).
- Bathrooms:
Obligatory. Options: Jacuzzi; Neutralizer; Deluxe.
- Game Room:
Hard to choose between this and the computer room, but if I'm going to use the coin dimension to stop time besides when I'm sleeping, then it means internet use won't work, so I'd think the game room works in the same principle as the living room: to catch up with all the games you ever wanted to play. Options: All Consoles; All titles; Comfy chairs.
- Home Gym:
Definitely a must have. Just stop time in the room, workout until tired, take a shower, eat a bit, take a nap. Rinse and repeat but not too often or your physical gain will be suspicious. Options: Full set of workout machines; Burn fat and build muscle at 2x Speed; Android personal trainer.

With this wonder of creation, all that I would have in my actual room / apartment would be a small bed / couch and a microwave for appearances, a wardrobe for clothes, and then the rest of the space for the computer, a couch, and storage for documents, figs, etc. Praise Hotei.
>> No. 2915 [Edit]
I would choose the coin because I would want to be able to enter the pocket dimension whenever, wherever I wanted, and not have the door/garage rendered inaccessible from something being built in front of it or something. I'll also set it to not have time pass in the real world, so I can use the pocket dimension to escape real-world responsibilities.

I was going to pick "grassland" because the picture they used looks comfy, but I think I'll go with the island because I like water, and I'll also choose the Wildlife add-on, hopefully the "no bugs" rule doesn't exclude hermit crabs (my favorite animal), and I'll also have the Events add-on so I can have things like bioluminescent dinoflagellate blooms in the water, Tree & Shrubs for some nice foliage, the brook so I can have cool fresh water, and Fickle Weather in case I get bored of all sunny clear days.

For the living room I would like the supernaturally comfortable furniture, the streaming service with every movie & TV series because I won't have contact with the outside world but I still want to watch my chinese cartoons, and the stereo w/ complete digital library of songs, for the same reason.

As for the kitchen, I would like the food replicator, the breakfast nook because I like the way "breakfast nook" sounds, and the fictional ingredients because there is a lot of fictional food that I'd like to eat, such as the Gels from the Tales series.

In the bedroom I'd want to sleep in temperature controlled blankets, on the ultra-comfort mattress, and have all physical needs and imperatives halted.

There isn't a whole lot of stuff listed that I would really want, for the bathroom, but I think I'd have it double sized, with maybe the automatic groomer...?

But in the library I would love to have the ability to focus and not get tired while reading, and I'm taking "periodicals" to mean that I (hopefully) can read webtoons and other sequential picture books and stuff in there as they're released.

I think, in the computer room it would be cool to have the 4 laptops because then I can take them around the house with me, and use them in bed, and it wouldn't be too bad with the hardware upgrades.
>> No. 2916 [Edit]
>Inherent Power
Nobledark, born leader and chosen because I'm really set on the whole "anime protagonist" thing and because I think paladin & cleric type stuff is cool.

Astral Mark seems cool and I'm pretty sure the picture for it is Drax the Destroyer which makes me pretty nostalgic.

Solais and Khanda because they match the theme I have going here.

Fara looks cute but she seems like she'd get annoying quickly, so I'll go with Theodore.

Aegis because he looks badass, and Zerria because I have a thing for brown girls with white hair.

Crow, of course.

>Starting Location
Castle Hall because I want to protect a cute daughter.
>> No. 2917 [Edit]
>picture for it is Drax the Destroyer which makes me pretty nostalgic.
What do you mean by nostalgic? The Guardians of the Galaxy movie was released in 2014, a couple months less than 4 years ago. And inb4 "comics", Drax didn't look anywhere like that before the film.
>> No. 2918 [Edit]
Mid-2000s and on, Drax looked like that, after he was killed and restored on Earth, with the red markings and all, which is what I'm nostalgic for (Annihilation era). The art that was used in the CYOA, even if it is a little different is enough to bring up those comfy memories.
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