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File 135235237138.jpg - (191.28KB , 1093x773 , 29633604.jpg )
1983 No. 1983 [Edit]
Ten little tohno-chans chatting online;
One's internet cut out and then there were nine.

Nine little tohno-chans questioning their fate;
One vowed to change its course and then there were eight.

Eight little tohno-chans giving up on heaven;
One went to gensokyo and then there were seven.

Seven little tohno-chans playing with their dicks;
One got caught with loli porn and then there were six.

Six little tohno-chans sad to be alive;
One went into hospital and then there were five.

Five little tohno-chans being quite a bore;
One found something else to do and then there were four.

Four little tohno-chans sipping cups of tea;
One became the little girl and then there were three.

Three little tohno-chans loving their waifu;
One found a 3d pig and then there were two.

Two little tohno-chans hiding from the sun;
One got up and went outside and then there was one.

One little tohno-chan grateful they'd all gone;
He closed down the website and then there were none.
>> No. 1984 [Edit]
>> No. 1985 [Edit]
Truly the masterpiece of our time.
>> No. 1986 [Edit]
Wonderful stuff.
>> No. 1987 [Edit]
Lol, good.
>> No. 1988 [Edit]
>> No. 1989 [Edit]
it's grate
>> No. 1996 [Edit]
Everyone pointed it out already, but amazing.
>> No. 2003 [Edit]
Why do they have such a bad fate ;_;
>> No. 2013 [Edit]
I laughed, I cried, now for suicide.
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