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File 147767872038.webm - (774.40KB , output.webm )
2723 No. 2723 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I bought gamemaker for a couple of bucks during the humble bundle thing. Finally got around to using it and it's been pretty fun. Post what your working on. Video related. I'm not exactly sure where it's going yet but hopefully it will be compelling.
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>> No. 3337 [Edit]
here's the world map. those circles are the mountai s regions
>> No. 3338 [Edit]
File 165522860851.png - (219.73KB , 720x1536 , 4f63a2ee-7b7b-4e15-a87d-cbcdb1c9abb0.png )
>> No. 3339 [Edit]
I don't need help. At best, someday I might put out a version for playtesting.
I already have it all in my head, I just need to put it together. Then maybe I'll try and sell it for a couple bucks. I'll end up making a cool $5 total and spend it all on an ice cream cone.
>> No. 3340 [Edit]
but I want to make a video game with you ToT

File 164994419587.jpg - (103.00KB , 850x478 , sample_22416236c858e1aa01b6883c9e737810.jpg )
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Can someone helm me creating my own imageboard on my phone only ( I don't have any pc) please people I beg you
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>> No. 3301 [Edit]
> if you don't have anything but a phone
That's a terrible attitude. Your phone is more powerful that what they had in the 90s, and you can easily use it for general purpose programming. Even if it's not rooted, use termux or something which provides things like gcc and python compiled against ndk, or on ios use ish. Even if you disallow native apps entirely, you have the entire browser at your disposal, and you can use webasm within that to do something meaningful.
>> No. 3302 [Edit]
>Your phone is more powerful that what they had in the 90s
Yes, but in other ways, it's worse than something from the 90s. As a platform, and hardware-wise.
>you can easily use it for general purpose programming
Assuming you have a compatible keyboard.
>> No. 3304 [Edit]
Computers in the 90s had keyboards, real ones. They also had screens larger than your hand. So you could actually see what you're doing. Your device processing power means absolutely dick.
The only thing terrible here is the stuff being made by people who have no business making it.
You're talking about someone who clearly has little experience using imageboards and likely the internet itself, what experience they do have is using crappy mobile versions of every website they visit. They wouldn't know how to make a proper website because they've never seen one. They're too lazy to proof read their posts and fix spelling and/or grammar errors, They're unwilling to do their own research, They don't have the most basic tools or materials for the job. They're also likely unwilling to pay for a server if they're unwilling to fork out $60 for an old used laptop. what they do have is a tiny screen and a fake keyboard on a handicapped operating system. Their priorities are backwards to say the least. Before making their own site, they should do as the old saying goes and lurk more. Build experience, learn how things work, and for god's sake get a real keyboard at the very least.

This is the equivalent of someone who just bought a hammer begging construction workers to help him build a house. It would be funny if it wasn't so insulting. OP strolls in here acting like creating a imageboard/forum is as simple as running an app on his phone and my attitude is terrible? I'm being polite here compared to the average imageboard user, which he likely has never had the pleasure of dealing with and would rip his ass a new one with some creative language for posting something like this.
>> No. 3305 [Edit]
>Computers in the 90s had keyboards, real ones.
You can plug in a USB keyboard to your phone (with the appropriate usb to micro-usb adapter I guess). Or use a bluetooth keyboard.

>They also had screens larger than your hand. So you could actually see what you're doing
Fair, but this isn't a limiting factor. With how large phones are these days (and their resolution) you can still manage to work on things. I'm not saying developing on a phone is going to be a comfortable experience, but it can be done if you're willing to put in the effort to find creative workarounds.

The rest I do agree with, and if one is going to do software dev he should at least learn how to google rather than asking people for help.

File 165092306693.jpg - (57.93KB , 356x279 , CCG_card_back_image_assortment.jpg )
3263 No. 3263 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I'll begin with the game rules.
>deck of 50 cards
>each players draw 5 cards
>the first player draw 1 card
to play the game, you can summon creatures , use spells
>to summon a creature or use a spell, put as many cards as you want from your hand in your mana zone, then tap the cards to summon a creature or use a spell
>when cards are used, put them in your graveyard zone
Now let's see what's the win condition
>the player who can't draw cards from their deck lose the game, that means the other player automatically wins the game
In other words, you must oudeck your opponent before you run out of cards
>you can attack your enemy with your creatures
>when you attacked, the opponent discard cards 1 card to the graveyard
For the phases:
>draw phase: draw 1 card
>preparation phase: do your things
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 3268 [Edit]
But also I suggest making your game playable in either the VASSAL engine or Tabletop Simulator so you can playtest it's flow before committing to an idea.
>> No. 3269 [Edit]
I tried using vassal but I donnt understand it at all and tabletop isn't in sale on steam. What do?
>> No. 3270 [Edit]
Try harder.
>> No. 3271 [Edit]

File 130701022495.jpg - (47.30KB , 707x1000 , blank_boxes.jpg )
1225 No. 1225 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Let's see what you can do with this.
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>> No. 1377 [Edit]
File 13116685846.jpg - (156.09KB , 707x1000 , Everyone is so happy.jpg )
>> No. 3260 [Edit]
File 165082158154.jpg - (138.47KB , 707x1000 , IMG_20220424_193245.jpg )
>> No. 3261 [Edit]
Did this person put their hand in the mouth of a singing ghost, and get a bump from the bite?
>> No. 3262 [Edit]
ghost is listening to ghost music. human change music, after that they're shaking their body then both tewrking

File 164513734848.png - (685.23KB , 787x776 , 2048screenshot.png )
3247 No. 3247 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
There's a site that lets you "make your own" 2048 version with pictures you choose. I made a Touhou themed one
>> No. 3248 [Edit]
File 164519413899.png - (840.82KB , 769x777 , victory.png )

File 163855586120.png - (11.04KB , 960x713 , 3d meyer briggs.png )
3225 No. 3225 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Made this for fun.
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>> No. 3243 [Edit]
File 164487249370.png - (39.67KB , 2138x1238 , the curve.png )
Op here. This is now a random, diy chart/graph thread.

Probably not accurate, but just for fun.
>> No. 3244 [Edit]
I hope this is intentional.
>> No. 3245 [Edit]
If you like plotting random thinks, the MAL dataset is relatively small (~2GB) and fun to play around with. I did some playing around with that 2 years ago in >>/ot/34234 and >>/ot/32729
>> No. 3246 [Edit]
Spelling is... not my strong suit.

File 153927577790.jpg - (772.57KB , 1280x720 , g.jpg )
2943 No. 2943 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Get creative and create a back story for this image!
>> No. 2944 [Edit]
Neat idea, but I can't come up with a title for this adventure. I'll brainstorm for a couple of days.
>> No. 2946 [Edit]
Yume gingerly put the headphones on, closing her eyes as she did so. After pausing for a few seconds, and nothing happening, the small seed of doubt had grown larger - that perhaps the old man was lying, and that he had played her for a fool. After all, the idea that he had gave her a pair of headphones that allowed her to enter the land of dreams seemed laughable. Why hadn't she realised before? With a mix of frustration, anger, and disappointment, Yume went to take the headphones off.

Yume froze. The familiar sight of her compact bedroom had disappeared; it had been replaced by a grand, spacious train station. Her once quiet surroundings exchanged with the hubbub of bustling commuters; her colourless bedroom substituted for the plethora of vivid colours that sprang from the scene before her. Ornate steam trains, more than she could count, soared gracefully into and out of the station, each passenger car filled with odd looking commuters. Yume smiled as she surveyed the passenger cars and their curious inhabitants. Samurai, spacemen, princesses, mice in top hats, several clowns, pirates, and a very large and grumpy looking cat were the occupants of just one passenger car. Yume examined the multitude of trains, unable to decide which one to board. Which train would she board? Where would she go? Each train seemed to offer an adventure, each adventure different from the last. Maybe these headphones aren't so bad after all, Yume thought to herself, grinning from ear to ear.

I'd really appreciate it if any anons could provide some constructive criticism, it'd be really useful
>> No. 3223 [Edit]
The artificial gravity in the Nihon Daisen-kyu space habitat was low outside the levi-train tunnels. A side effect of the gravity-manipulating propulsion system, allowing the trains to charge through space at a breakneck pace. It was the only practical way to go between the enclosed city sections.

Walking atop the tunnels was the scenic route; it often took weeks to go from one city to another; the people who traveled this way called themselves Hikers. Kiyori only traveled this way when she needed a break from the inside.

She hit the ground at a run and leapt again after only ten steps, passing close by more of the scenic installations. This was the most common way to hike, conserving energy to support a longer journey while still traveling at a quick pace.

Each guide station had lights, trees, and other scenic installations for travelers like Kiyori. This one had sakura in a gorgeous pink bloom; on this path it was common to jump through a mass of petals drifting out into space. Kiyori only saw a few this time.

"See that, Pen-chan?" Kiyori said to her penguin companion, pointing out a train gingerly puttering through space with a strictly limited gravity drive of its own. It looked like an old coal-fired planetary train, even simulating the sooty exhaust. "That private levi-train has a traditional theme. Do you like it, Pen-chan?"

>> No. 3224 [Edit]
Tsuki was an aspiring actress who couldn't seem to catch her big break no matter how hard she tried. Little, demeaning gigs in commercials or as an extra kept food on the table, but she grew increasingly dissatisfied with the direction of her life.

In a moment of sheer desperation, she decided to purchase magic mushrooms in an attempt to expand her psyche. Although she did not come to any revelations about herself or the world, she did enjoy a psychedelic trip set in space. Floating trains, cheery blossoms, and a penguin, kept her company in this lonely hour.

File 163302336454.jpg - (540.67KB , 1600x1600 , 426a40b23b140e9e9c969fd55c3664ee.jpg )
3218 No. 3218 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Lets invent a diet based around appetite suppression. Lots of bitter foods and other things that make a person not want to eat coupled with foods that have a high caloric density. I've never heard of something like this before, but I think it's a very good idea. Here's my first draft.

Yogurt, walnuts and green tea

Bone broth with ginger and tomatoes, salmon, more green tea.

Rhubarb Salad, squid, mashed potatoes with mint, hibiscus tea.

Snack if hungry:
A banana, more walnuts, water.
>> No. 3221 [Edit]
Keto does that. It's a side effect not the main point but it was shocking how much mileage I got out of fat food once I got used to it. No hunger at all, never felt anything like it. Too bad it was too expensive for me.

File 129185336415.jpg - (132.59KB , 609x910 , spirits_and_mushis.jpg )
109 No. 109 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
A thread to post your drawings.

I don't see one.
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>> No. 3079 [Edit]
File 159200885868.jpg - (3.90MB , 4032x3024 , 20200612_204153.jpg )
>> No. 3082 [Edit]
File 159235820371.jpg - (2.72MB , 2992x3632 , 20200616_213903.jpg )
This pose was difficult. Something definitely went wrong, but I'm not sure what exactly or why. I don't know what I'm doing with shading either.
>> No. 3083 [Edit]
File 159274154078.jpg - (3.65MB , 3599x2024 , Monster.jpg )
Portrait of Johan Liebert.
>> No. 3086 [Edit]
File 159288333555.jpg - (2.44MB , 3024x4032 , 20200622_225942.jpg )
I think this one came out better. The torso is still too long proportionally and I don't really know how to shade the back.

File 159871195032.png - (53.24KB , 300x256 , about.png )
3119 No. 3119 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I revived the Lolifox browser.
It's based on Pale Moon.
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>> No. 3122 [Edit]
That's pretty cool!
>> No. 3129 [Edit]
The site is dead
>> No. 3130 [Edit]
Well that didn't take long.
>> No. 3175 [Edit]
revive it please

File 157395872695.jpg - (180.41KB , 850x1201 , sample_3de5e7a27c2e768d1af00e5e062579cc.jpg )
3029 No. 3029 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Here's a thread to share anything you write. I'm suprised one doesn't already exist. Here's a poem I wrote. I don't even like poetry, this just came to me.

Sickly Beauty
Girls oh girls, so lovely. Even ill ones, sickly sweet and tender; skin smoother than silk; petite yet not lacking. A sweetness that's bitter is better than one sour. A healthy demon entices less than a dying nymph. A fleshy corpse is more charming than a living skeleton. A bright smile whets the appetite, but a childish melancholy is the best taste of all.

Post edited on 17th Nov 2019, 8:24am
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>> No. 3126 [Edit]
Are you publishing it anywhere besides here?
>> No. 3127 [Edit]
>> No. 3172 [Edit]
Will you publish it somewhere besides here? i liked it and i'm interested.
>> No. 3173 [Edit]
File 161725194636.png - (1.87MB , 950x1344 , ed20cbff10a3572fe73db87b02ff178b.png )
No, not really. Where would I even publish it? I'm glad you liked it, but there's nothing else to it and I didn't have any plans to continue. Maybe I'll feel in the mood sometime though.

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