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Recent News Post: Another big thanks to AF by tohno - 26th Feb 2017
File 132644911135.jpg - (2.89MB , 2502x3500 , d46191e6482739ee0b4b3e6987e38b9c.jpg )
12292 No. 12292 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
what are some things that really bug you?
things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!
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>> No. 29950 [Edit]
What I find oddly ironic about normies is how backwards they are. Try talking to an "educated" and "tolerant" person about anything and all you get back is barking about how moral/strong they are. "Trashy" people you can at least hold a conversation with because they're not obsessed with the status game of appearing 100% right 100% of the time.

It's sort of like in high school when I started hanging around the goths. I never really fit in with them either but I preferred them by far to the jockey/preppy type of shithead.
>> No. 29951 [Edit]
There are decent people going undercover among the normies. You'd have to catch them alone, because they can't take the mask off before their other friends, but those people usually seek exactly that kind of one-on-one conversation. Drop some hints and see if they drop some too. Even though they try to "integrate", they are probably just as bored and lonely.

Having actual conversations shouldn't work like a secret society. I'm guessing the problem is it's not "acceptable" to tell a poor conversant to shut up or leave.
>> No. 29953 [Edit]
>Try talking to an "educated" and "tolerant" person about anything and all you get back is barking about how moral/strong they are. "Trashy" people you can at least hold a conversation with because they're not obsessed with the status game of appearing 100% right 100% of the time.

Truth. I'd take an honest asshole over a dishonest one (ie: someone that's so self-righteous that they don't realize how much of a prick they are) any day.
>> No. 29987 [Edit]
I can't stand people/businesses that tape flowers to their pens. I fucking hate using those things. Is it supposed to be a punishment for not bringing your own? The Fuck ever happened to being professional? Every time I go to a doctor/dentist and get handed one of those retarded flower pens, I get the overwhelming urge to plant those flowers in their eye sockets.

File 143622479334.jpg - (766.87KB , 2048x1536 , qzlHsCS.jpg )
27208 No. 27208 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
The old one has been on autosage for a long ass time, guys. Make a new one already. Old thread: >>24879
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>> No. 29982 [Edit]
I wonder if Tohno ever gets tired of playing internet babysitter.
>> No. 29983 [Edit]
Insects are so perfect and beautiful.
>> No. 29984 [Edit]
>> No. 29985 [Edit]
Goddamnit, I missed the fun.

File 148453496325.jpg - (68.56KB , 500x500 , 1274672343927.jpg )
29860 No. 29860 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Right, so we've been trying to find a use for the discord chat, and we've come up with Tohno-chan karaoke night!

What do you guys think?

We still need a time to do it and a DJ to play our tunes.
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>> No. 29973 [Edit]
>stupid tohno-chan thread
>devolves into bitter walls of text immediately
Never fails. Don't ever change, Tohno-chan.
>> No. 29974 [Edit]
would you rather have smart threads that devolve into moronic shit posting?
>> No. 29975 [Edit]
Why not have both?
>> No. 29976 [Edit]
I'm not so sure this thread can "devolve" when it was a shitpost in the first place.

No. 29969 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
The internet as a whole is in decadence. I mean, there were always retards doing stupid stuff but this is getting out of control.
>> No. 29970 [Edit]
no shit buddy. you just realized? it might be in your interest to throw your pc out.
>> No. 29971 [Edit]
I don't suppose you could be more specific?
>> No. 29980 [Edit]

File 129011482562.jpg - (90.35KB , 492x488 , sadamoto_nadia-shinji.jpg )
521 No. 521 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I'd like to start another dream thread, if that's all right. I'll go first.
You know how when you're a fan of something like anime or scifi or similar things in your teenage years parents will try to buy stuff for you? My dad and stepmom bought anime\manga related shit at yard sales a lot. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was off the mark.
Well, in my dream I'm still in high school. I'm sitting there playing Xbox when my dad & stepmom walk in and yell that they got me something at a yard sale. I'm think to myself, "well, probably shit, but I might as well see," and go to check it out.
I walk into the kitchen and on the table is a box full of stuff from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
I get more excited and go to see what it is. There's every episode in raws and fansubs on
VHS, some uniforms, figurines, and even Shinjis' fucking tape recorder with the tape he listens to inside it! All the merchandise seems to be older and seems like it was directly imported from Japan. I ask where they found it.
It cuts to a yard sale with a slightly sad fiftyish woman in her front yard. She talked about how her son loved this show and whatnot, and seemed very sad. She sold it all for about 10-20 dollars.
I take all the stuff out and find a suicide note. Her son had gotten into anime in the
eighties while in high school and was completely inept and friendless. He grew obsessed with
Evangelion and felt a strong kinship with Shinji because he was such a fuck up. He grew older
and couldn't find anyone to share his interests with, became more and more of a recluse, and
killed himself in the late nineties, which I recall being a shame since the internet as of
96, when he killed himself, could have given him a place to talk to others and feel less alone. I realized he was "an otaku of another generation." I hung up his note and saluted it. I then went to watch his tapes and realized that he had dubbed it himself in case he ever met anyone who wanted to share his joy. I inherited his legacy. His mother had cleaned house and ended up giving me a record of a hikkikomori life.
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>> No. 29698 [Edit]
Had a dream that I was a judge in the Judge Dredd universe. Not a whole lot to it that I can remember though.
>> No. 29700 [Edit]
Did you at any time ever state that you were the law?
>> No. 29701 [Edit]
of course
>> No. 29959 [Edit]
Me and my family (who weren't my real world family) were on road trip and found ourselfs in a small redneck/hillbilly town that we couldn't escape. Every time we left town we'd find ourselves entering the opposite end of town like a big endless loop. The locals were crazy and almost zombie like, and were trying to capture and brainwash our family into becoming members of their town. From what I remember it came down to just me and my brother who I got separated from. I played along and pretended to be one of the towns folks till I could find my brother who was hiding in a run down shack at the edge of town. Unfortunately we couldn't even kill any of the towns folk, they'd resurrect after a few hours if we did. The townsfolk patrols spotted us and gave chase as we tried to flee, but even though we managed to hijack an old pickup, we still couldn't figure out how to leave the town. Last thing I remember is the truck struggling to get out of the mud, with heavy fog all around and headlights closing in on us from the distance as the townsfolk came for us.

File 14851056887.png - (512.28KB , 908x738 , 44100.png )
29901 No. 29901 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Apparently, you're supposed to listen to music in 44.1hz.
Computers are default to 48hz (standard for film and such) and without some research there's no obvious indication that this is how it's supposed to be.
With how much people listen to music, I feel I should have come across this knowledge sooner as it should be more common parlance. It's not hard at all to change either.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 29932 [Edit]
Most likely. I'm usually really sensitive to minute changes in tone, pitch, etc, but I didn't notice any difference at all when changing it.

It's still interesting information, though.
>> No. 29945 [Edit]
I noticed it heaps. In fact, in the beginning, I wasn't sure what I was hearing was good or not because it was so different to what I was used to.
It's less dense, in 44.1, in that the sound is more spread out so you can hear more of each instrument.
>> No. 29946 [Edit]
And I don't mean spread out as in pulling it thin but spread out as in to lay perfectly flat as before it was squished.

I think it may be more pronounced at higher volumes. I tested it first on speakers which I turn to a moderate-loud volume.
>> No. 29954 [Edit]
I think I noticed a slight increase in clarity for songs with a very high pitch, but I wasn't 100% certain if it was legitimate or only seemed that way because I was listening for it.

Then again, it could boil down to a difference in our sound systems. I'm running some fairly old speakers.

File 140275321441.png - (22.67KB , 900x1200 , 1339370571295.png )
24146 No. 24146 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Whats the oldest thing you remember from 4chan? (assuming most of us originally browsed that site) hopefully we can talk about 4chan without the thread going bad

For me I think it was either over 9000 spam or a hoax to put nuclear dirty bombs in football stadiums by some guy named Jake Brahm which led to the saying 'you don't mess with football'.

Man those were simpler times. Things were fresh, new and funny. Funnily enough, there were few 2D purists back then and most otaku were interested in 3D.
47 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 29585 [Edit]
Jawsus isn't looking too bad honestly.
>> No. 29933 [Edit]
File 148631819446.jpg - (25.15KB , 500x375 , forever.jpg )
I first found out about 4chan in late 2011. I remember still posting when you had to post noko in the email field, niggers tounge my anus, the Heaven copypasta, the guy that posted all of his pissjars every year and that's what I remember from that era. I used to post on /b/, /f/ and /a/ most of the time, /f/ was definetely the best and most fun of the bunch. Sometime in late 2012 a guy made a thread about those "hidden" (lmao) boards that moot supposedly keeps from the public aka. world4ch. /f/ and world4ch used to have no captcha I recall.

Though world4ch was slow as shit and spammed to hell and back I have the most fond memories on there. /anime/ was a great board; loved the Amagami challenge threads. I think I even made the very last or one of the last threads on there and /vip/. /prog/ was always hilarious as shit and still is a good place to be at. I remember a bunch of shit from /lounge/ too, funny as hell. Ever since I've been more interested in textboards and spinoffs and less interested in /b/ and 4chan in general until I stopped to post only on /jp/ and its spinoffs and then drop 4chan completely and move on to 8jp (which is shit) and then 4taba (which is decent).

Nowadays I have an on-off relationship with imageboards, sometimes I post on a handfull of boards and sites and sometimes I post nowhere. I don't know how it's with you guys, considering that most of you seem to have been involved with imageboards for more than a decade now. For me it's "only" been half a decade. I remember 2011-late 2013 fondly, though you guys probably consider the time utter shit. I guess I was younger then too.

Sorry for the CV, I thought this thread was a good oppurtunity for me to recap on those last 5 years. To think I was 14 back then lol
>> No. 29935 [Edit]
You're still young enough to make it. Run while you still can.
>> No. 29938 [Edit]
The board, /z/. I think I may have had a chance at a normal life had I not started browsing 4chan at such a young age.

File 136459909389.jpg - (266.92KB , 750x1081 , KAMINA_APROVED_by_Kamina_x_Simon.jpg )
21334 No. 21334 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
After seeing the immense popularity of the what bugs you thread, I decided that I would make a thread for people to post all the awesome things (big or little) in life that simply make you happy. I understand Tohno-Chan has a lot of gripes and resentments, but we cant all be negative all the time. After all, what is negativity if we have nothing to compare it too?

<-- Obligatory Kamina Pic Related

Post edited on 29th Mar 2013, 4:42pm
40 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 29552 [Edit]
I rather like miniatures, more detail the better.
I love cute and/or pretty 2D girls with a passion. I also like tinkering with electronics when I can.
>> No. 29555 [Edit]
How does one make their room maximum comfy?
>> No. 29557 [Edit]
pillows, pillows, and more pillows, with comforters to taste. also a setup to play games and watch anime
>> No. 29934 [Edit]
the magical period of pulling an all-nighter when you are really tired and the sun is just getting up, though I dont pull as many all nighters nowadays

the first cigarette of the day

File 148318066882.jpg - (132.81KB , 1280x720 , new years.jpg )
29792 No. 29792 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
It's almost 2017 guys!!
Got any resolutions for 2017?
What are your thoughts on 2016?
13 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 29918 [Edit]
In 2016 I got rid of my sugar/candy ardiction and subsequently lost some 40 kilograms of excess weight.
In 2017 I hope to overcome my imageboard addiction.
>> No. 29919 [Edit]
i'm hoping to make the single greatest post ever posted to an imageboard this year
>> No. 29920 [Edit]
How will we know if it was you?
>> No. 29922 [Edit]
how do you know it hasn't already happened?

File 148448081490.png - (5.32KB , 339x701 , man.png )
29846 No. 29846 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
This is a CYOA where you take control of Man, a shut-in NEET with nothing going for him. As a general rule, unless more than one person inputs the same command I'll just write off the most recent post in the thread.
Because this is more of a fun activity than a creative writing session this is going here instead of /cr/.
22 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 29888 [Edit]
Put the pizzas in the freezer, leave the rest of the groceries lying on the ground and throw the newspaper on top of random old papers.
>> No. 29889 [Edit]
what he said >>29888 play music and go to sleep
>> No. 29893 [Edit]
pm tohno on steam and ask him what do
>> No. 29899 [Edit]
pick the most boring choice posted in this thread and do it

File 147842656424.jpg - (466.60KB , 1228x868 , 58489cf7e4e003437350c31dc29f7cd0.jpg )
29674 No. 29674 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Last person to post in this thread wins a free internet!
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 29726 [Edit]
File 148124045535.jpg - (60.97KB , 540x540 , smug.jpg )
You must give it to me!
>> No. 29728 [Edit]
File 148126901325.png - (870.67KB , 1000x1237 , 1471619692325.png )
>> No. 29730 [Edit]
File 148129957428.jpg - (240.40KB , 1024x1023 , CdBjIdoUMAABd1Y.jpg )
>> No. 29877 [Edit]
File 14846162698.jpg - (116.07KB , 611x636 , md8Nzk1.jpg )
And now I will do the only thing there is left to do to the internet. Destroy it.

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