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File 144816691611.png - (515.83KB , 800x685 , 1336276359114.png )
27932 No. 27932 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you ever sleep naked because you find wearing too many clothes uncomfortable? Do you lounge around the house wearing nothing but tights, a skirt, and a bra because its too hot?
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>> No. 27977 [Edit]
uh huh
>> No. 27978 [Edit]
Yes, and no.

No, because thigh high socks are better than tights in every possible way, and why would I wear a bra when I have no breasts? I'd rather wear a nice blouse or summer dress.
>> No. 27983 [Edit]
I sleep with pajama pants but no clothes on the top half of my body because the friction between my body / my clothes / the bed makes me really uncomfortable, especially when the back of my shirt gets bunched up.
>> No. 27984 [Edit]
I do the opposite, I sleep with only my pajama top on for the same reason.

File 144824611634.jpg - (671.50KB , 1600x1200 , IMG_0292.jpg )
27957 No. 27957 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Does anyone else like to play on UFO catcher machines or like to play in arcades?

Recently I won this cute little Alpacasso mini plushie. Yeah I know most of the games in the arcade are a scam (almost all of them are designed only to pay out when they made a profit), but they're still plenty of fun. Some arcades have anime figs and other interesting otaku goods in them.

Post edited on 22nd Nov 2015, 6:38pm
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>> No. 27970 [Edit]
sup tohno
>> No. 27976 [Edit]
I know how those machines work. They actually have a series of DIP switches that the owner can flip to change how easy it is to win. So of course they can just flip them all and make it impossible. It's on the controller board in the cabinet under the machine, where the coins go. I don't touch the things. Here's a vid about one: https://youtu.be/Y-23zBshxD0
>> No. 27981 [Edit]
I myself considered an arcade one of the few business ventures I'd pursue if I ever had the chance. But yeah, you can't operate a business just because you like it. Sadly, even doing my best to acquire the right machines and location, I doubt it'd make a profit because of lack of interest by the general public.

I've loved to play Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 in the arcade at the mall for the past 4 years now. I recently found out that the manufacturer stopped making cards for it, so now I can only play out what cards I have left before it becomes rather pointless, the machines are in pretty bad shape now too.
I loved Initial D as well when I was younger, but I haven't seen a machine for that in 5 years, even then it had no cards.
Dance Dance Revolution is fun too, but the only 2 in my city both Super Nova, which isn't the godly original DDR.

Another arcade closed down in the past year, leaving me without Virtual-On and another Wangan machine, and a few other games that were atleast playable.
I mostly blame the owners for not looking after their business and failing to buy machines that are loved, rather than super expensive($10,000+) shitty games like BATMAN, RAMBO, TERMINATOR SALVATION... The list goes on, like they never bothered asking the customers, or even paying attention to what's played.

The death of the North American video arcade is a Shakespearean tragedy, like old friends humiliated and destroyed before the final act.
>> No. 27982 [Edit]
The movie theater in town used to have a hydro thunder machine. I fucking loved that thing and played it too many times to count. Then they replaced it with one of those fast and furious shits you see all over the place.

File 144816714698.png - (2.02MB , 1000x1414 , 1447208365686.png )
27934 No. 27934 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you think browsing tohno-chan affects you mentally?

Ive noticed myself becoming more and more cynical as i browse this site more and more. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of good to be found on here, but it is dangerous.

Tohno-chan appears to be a double edged sword. The fact that you have a community similar to yourself, which attracts most people to this site, also causes them to confuse cynical thoughts as truth. And I think the more time you spend on here, the more depressed you get as a person. Which creates some sort of cycle. Being sad about life and doing nothing to change it, and coming back to the site for advice from other users who are just as sad as you.
>> No. 27939 [Edit]
a site that gets a minute two a day worth of new content couldn't have too much effect, but if you're new and want to become one of us i suggest pouring over the archive, there are lots and lots of good posts in there, all made by me.
>> No. 27947 [Edit]
I've heard people refer to this place as being far too depressing to hang out at, which seems fair. Lot of the founding members left because of the negative vibes here. Calling it dangerous also seems fair, as talk of suicide is not exactly uncommon. There's also very clearly a lot of acceptance for hate. I think you're probably more likely to be called out for liking something rather than hating something. We're like a black hole of negativity and despair. As the slogan says we really have no way of knowing how many people here have killed themselves so far.

Personally I've been on here for many years now. Could even go as far as to say I've sacrificed a lot for this place. To be perfectly honest there have been times when I've had the opportunity to really change my life, but decided to stick to the tc mindset. Kinda funny considering it's a place where people have told me to fuck off and go back to xyz more times than I can count, in spite of TC being the main site I've called home for the past five years. I dropped 4chan all together and have never been a fan of reddit or any other such sites. I don't really have anywhere else to go. TC means a lot to me and I'm not exaggerating when I say I've come here every day for years. Image boards are a dime a dozen, but I feel like TC is truly one of a kind and you're not gonna find these kinda people anywhere else. People here have called me every name in the book but I still consider them family, a very screwed up family sure but a family never the less.

Recently I have started to wondered if I haven't become too relent on tc. Like a sort of hugbox where everyone sees things the same way for the most part. I don't often find myself arguing or even disagreeing with people here very often and I can't help but wonder if that's not making me weak. Someone recently said I put up a protective bubble and refuse to grow up, I'm curious if this place is part of that.
>> No. 27980 [Edit]
I won't go as far as to say that Tohno-chan saved my life but it's nice to have a slow, safe, place.
Once you realize you don't have the balls to kill yourself and find hate too tiring nothing bothers you anymore.

File 144816727064.jpg - (92.89KB , 500x354 , f867112b0f324f23c6c550501b2291b6.jpg )
27935 No. 27935 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Who here is racist? Against which race(s), and why? Was there any particular event which turned you into a racist?
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>> No. 27973 [Edit]
Sure, I'm projecting having been assaulted by Hispanics, robbed by Hispanics, and bullied during my school years exclusively by Hispanics. I'm projecting that a Hispanic person tried to break into our house a few months ago. I'm projecting knowing multiple Hispanic people who have been in this country for decades but refuses to learn the language and has stated many times they have no reason to learn it because everyone they know here speaks Spanish anyway. I'm projecting having worked in the loss prevention industry and seeing the majority of theft and crime committed by Hispanics. I'm projecting having a family member in the real-state industry that has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars due to the incursion of Hispanics into areas where they owned property. I'm projecting having lived south of the boarder for a year in a run down dump which was somehow the nicest place on a block that looked like a landfill.
Sure bro, I'm 'projecting', and you're in denial.
>> No. 27974 [Edit]
You could have mentioned that before...
>> No. 27975 [Edit]
Sure, but where's the fun in that?
>> No. 27979 [Edit]
I mostly hate the corrupted politicians who bring them here to Europe, not the invading people themselves. Yes, I'm racist but I don't hate other races on their side of the globe.

I think multiculturalism is fine but blending all races together brings only one brown culture. In order to cultures to flourish peoples need to live separately.

File 131178014560.jpg - (42.05KB , 400x580 , jisatsu-saakuru-suicide-circle_html.jpg )
9442 No. 9442 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I don't think we had a movie thread yet so I wanted to ask, does /tc/ watch movies? What was the last one you saw? Have any good recommendations or favorite genres? Do you like american, european or asian cinema?
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>> No. 24701 [Edit]
Cool now I understand it better, thanks.
>> No. 26266 [Edit]
File 142374835263.png - (1.34MB , 1893x1032 , Screenshot - 12-02-2015 - 11:36:06.png )
Just watched Travellers and Magicians. It's a highly-acclaimed movie, directed by none less than a Lama, and one of the first to be shot completely in Bhutan.
Aaand to be honest, I don't quite know what the fuzz is all about. Typical story of an ambitious youth trying to flee his small town(well, rural village, really) for a shot at the american dream, interspersed with another typical tragedy about forbidden love. It's quite cheerful and pleasant to watch, I give that, but the two stories don't really relate the way it was intended and it's fairly mediocre overall.
I think the director was also aiming at some scenery porn, but I don't really think he managed to pull it out, apart from a couple shots none caught my eye as absolutely stunning or anything.

While plowing through the internet to find this movie I did stumble upon some more from the himalayan region, and others as from as far as Japan it seems, which caught my eye aswell. Hope some of them will turn out to be better.

The same director also has another film about two Tibetan refugee monks trying to obtain a television to watch the 1998 World Cup finale which sounds amusing. Reminds me of another entertaining docufilm, by the name "La gran final", I recently watched with a simmilar premise but covering the struggles of touaregs, brazilian indians and mongolian nomads to watch the 2002 final instead.
>> No. 27961 [Edit]
I saw a very long Japanese drama film about a month ago, I disliked it so much I don't remember the name. Relatively recently I watched the 1962 Lolita movie, it wasn't really particularly great, I remember the more it went on the less it made sense and the more confused I got. Someday I will watch the 90s remake, but meh. I also saw A Clockwork Orange, which I liked.

Post edited on 22nd Nov 2015, 7:11pm
>> No. 27963 [Edit]
Last movie I saw was Inside Out. I found it very 'okay'. Only saw it because it was brought up a few times among movie review channels I follow. Right from the get go I couldn't help but wonder what the movie would be like if the mc came from a dysfunctional family, rather than being a marry sue with first world problems. still, it was entertaining enough for a kids movie I guess.

Before that I finally got around to seeing ant-man, and found it pretty enjoyable. Story was a bit paint by numbers but they had some really neat and creative action scenes.

File 144807096041.png - (120.78KB , 440x299 , 1412214331290.png )
27927 No. 27927 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Does anyone here know anything I could do to stop sexual urges? They're bothersome and pervert my mind. I would just like them to stop so I can think normally without sexual stuff getting in the way.
>> No. 27928 [Edit]
well there's surgery...
also a lot of medications with side effects that prevent that stuff.
>> No. 27929 [Edit]
Cut off your penis.
>> No. 27942 [Edit]
how puffy is your vulva?

File 144018901641.jpg - (140.07KB , 996x664 , _IGP3495.jpg )
27462 No. 27462 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What did you eat today?

For lunch I had some leftovers of the tofu and rice stir fry I made a couple of nights ago. It's got snow peas, cashews, onions, mushrooms, and, of course, tofu on top of rice. I haven't made this in some years, but it sure came out delish this time.
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>> No. 27893 [Edit]
I made myself some eegs for dinner today, they were delicious. It made up for the lack of breakfast I had this morning.
>> No. 27894 [Edit]
File 144730747233.png - (105.69KB , 622x436 , EEGS.png )
>> No. 27900 [Edit]
File 144747733460.jpg - (79.37KB , 1280x720 , 137965463631.jpg )
Slow cooked spaghetti from a crock pot with Italian sauce, meatballs, spices, cheese and green bell peppers.

One of very little things I can cook.
>> No. 27931 [Edit]
Grilled cheese sandwich and a bit of tomato soup.

File 142429086285.webm - (1.78MB , 1424286323275.webm )
26347 No. 26347 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Post em if you got em
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>> No. 27759 [Edit]
File 144365168779.webm - (1.96MB , Camel.webm )
Freshly Made
>> No. 27885 [Edit]
File 144709512971.webm - (791.24KB , 1445719723004.webm )
>> No. 27917 [Edit]
File 144763896661.webm - (1.19MB , how to eat ice cream.webm )
>> No. 27930 [Edit]
File 144813131638.webm - (1.40MB , go to hell bitches.webm )

File 140707601054.jpg - (421.19KB , 2000x2000 , 1407070987054.jpg )
24746 No. 24746 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Because the last thread, http://tohno-chan.com/ot/res/15686.html, is now on auto sage.
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>> No. 27890 [Edit]
File 144721053066.png - (235.44KB , 480x393 , 1427248790949.png )
>> No. 27895 [Edit]
File 144740665242.jpg - (94.79KB , 1058x625 , 1447406513001.jpg )
>> No. 27916 [Edit]
File 144760242944.jpg - (166.42KB , 1028x768 , QQ4P8.jpg )
>> No. 27926 [Edit]
File 144800916152.jpg - (277.88KB , 1280x720 , 1447536172096.jpg )

File 129011482562.jpg - (90.35KB , 492x488 , sadamoto_nadia-shinji.jpg )
521 No. 521 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I'd like to start another dream thread, if that's all right. I'll go first.
You know how when you're a fan of something like anime or scifi or similar things in your teenage years parents will try to buy stuff for you? My dad and stepmom bought anime\manga related shit at yard sales a lot. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was off the mark.
Well, in my dream I'm still in high school. I'm sitting there playing Xbox when my dad & stepmom walk in and yell that they got me something at a yard sale. I'm think to myself, "well, probably shit, but I might as well see," and go to check it out.
I walk into the kitchen and on the table is a box full of stuff from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
I get more excited and go to see what it is. There's every episode in raws and fansubs on
VHS, some uniforms, figurines, and even Shinjis' fucking tape recorder with the tape he listens to inside it! All the merchandise seems to be older and seems like it was directly imported from Japan. I ask where they found it.
It cuts to a yard sale with a slightly sad fiftyish woman in her front yard. She talked about how her son loved this show and whatnot, and seemed very sad. She sold it all for about 10-20 dollars.
I take all the stuff out and find a suicide note. Her son had gotten into anime in the
eighties while in high school and was completely inept and friendless. He grew obsessed with
Evangelion and felt a strong kinship with Shinji because he was such a fuck up. He grew older
and couldn't find anyone to share his interests with, became more and more of a recluse, and
killed himself in the late nineties, which I recall being a shame since the internet as of
96, when he killed himself, could have given him a place to talk to others and feel less alone. I realized he was "an otaku of another generation." I hung up his note and saluted it. I then went to watch his tapes and realized that he had dubbed it himself in case he ever met anyone who wanted to share his joy. I inherited his legacy. His mother had cleaned house and ended up giving me a record of a hikkikomori life.
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>> No. 27816 [Edit]
I was at a camp where half of the people were body builders and half were idols. I was a body builder at one point and I was in a room full of them but I never did anything or talked to them. everyone was disgustingly muscular especially one person. The other half I was a girl as an idol. I hadn't been motivated and had been skipping rehearsals but this one time I went out for a practice where I sang on stage and i did really well.

Next I went to visit where I used to live and I was on the verge of crying the entire time because I missed the place. I ended up in a huge field with a playground and some other things like sandboxes and moon bounces around. It reminded me of field days elementary schools do. There were lots of kids playing all around. I was also on the verge of crying the entire time there because I wasn't a kid anymore.

Then I went into a building where I went onto a ride. Sort of like a haunted house but the building looked like something out of half life. In the front of the cart we rode on was the creator of the ride and I was behind him. He said he was forced to make the whole thing wider because women are so fat these days.

At the end of that ride I was on my computer which looked funny because the ride had installed some software that made windows look large red and bold font with a strange style. I was talking with a friend online. Someone asked me if i could use it and I kept my head down ignoring them. They got mad and tried to hit me I think. I ran away. Woke up.
>> No. 27817 [Edit]
File 144488035041.jpg - (154.18KB , 1920x1080 , yuyushiki.jpg )
Once, I dreamt of Yuyushiki. I wasn't in it or anything, it was really just like watching a bonus super-exclusive one-time-only episode of it where the girls were preparing for a play of some kind and generally doing their usual Yuyushiki things.
However, right when it was getting the most interesting, the stupid phone rang and woke me up.
>> No. 27833 [Edit]
I was in my old neighborhood with two other people who might have been my parents. A large van passed us that looked dirty and I said "now that isn't sketchy at all". As we walked down the street we approached what looked like a loading dock for a large building where houses would usually be. That's how we enter the neighborhood. That van was there and the building looked like it had a layer of grease on it as well as the ground near it. I climbed up a ladder to get to a platform with a door and while I did that I started gagging becuase of the smell and how gross the place was. I felt like I was doing the same thing when I woke up.

Another part I remember was I was in a large room in bed and I was dreaming. I had to make a certain face to wake myself from my dream in my dream and i woke up twice, or something, I have no clue.

There was another dream which I was constantly crying but I don't remember it.

During the last, there was a door in my bedroom that lead to a large tree branch looking over the sky, and you couldn't see anything below. I went there a lot and hugged the branch since it was huge.
>> No. 27925 [Edit]
I found myself by a lake where a large amount of people were boating, fishing, swimming and so on.
Something deep beneath the earth had awoken. The ground bellow the river splits open and the water trains in, meanwhile transparent walls raise up at the edges of the lake to prevent anyone from escaping.
Everything fell into a dark abyss and was turned into floating blobs of glowing goo to feed crystal entities bellow, or maybe it was the other way around... I forget.

Oh and there was also something at some point about buying tiny used cards from Peter Dinklage.

File 144746444286.jpg - (124.80KB , 792x1080 , 93d162a795a78bf3e9f524bcbf3783374f9ec2dd.jpg )
27898 No. 27898 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Third times the charm.
Last year only one person was interested in participating, year before that people simply complained we were starting it too late and it never went anywhere.

Simply sign up there to join our group and fill out how people can send you something and what your interests might be.

Dead line for entry will be December 5th at which point we'll randomly draw who gets who. This should be enough time for people to find and ship something and have it arrive before Christmas.
Home made items and digital goods are perfectly acceptable.
Figure we'll place the limit at $20. Please try to remember than many people here are piss poor and probably can't afford to send you more than a drawing or a song, so try not to expect much.
9 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 27909 [Edit]
>digital goods, gift card codes, steam gifts and so on.
>> No. 27914 [Edit]
I don't want any of those
>> No. 27918 [Edit]
Tohno-senpai, if I send you a bunch of stuff can you distribute it for me? I'm located outside USA so I think that would be efficient.

I honestly have a bunch of figures I want to get rid of. Some brand new and sealed. Not trolling.
>> No. 27922 [Edit]
umm, I'm not sure how well that would work. I mean it would probably end up with a number of people each getting two gifts I guess. or were you hoping each recipient would send you something in return?
I'm not even sure if I can see people's addresses, I think once the names are drawn that info goes to the santas only. That does sound a lot better than smelly weed and used sex toys though. I dunno, we might not even do it this year anyway since only two people have signed up.

Gotta say, I appreciate that you'd consider trusting me with something like that.

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