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File 148453496325.jpg - (68.56KB , 500x500 , 1274672343927.jpg )
29860 No. 29860 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Right, so we've been trying to find a use for the discord chat, and we've come up with Tohno-chan karaoke night!

What do you guys think?

We still need a time to do it and a DJ to play our tunes.
>> No. 29861 [Edit]
not interested
>> No. 29862 [Edit]
>we've been trying to find a use for the discord chat
How about burning it??
>> No. 29863 [Edit]
The prize for the best singer will be Lesh's entire drawer of Mexican candy.
>> No. 29864 [Edit]
Do you mean "We" as in "We normals"?
>been trying to find a use for the discord chat
That's your first mistake.
>we've come up with Tohno-chan karaoke night
That's your second mistake.
>What do you guys think?
I think you exit the premises immediately and never return. With that said, I think it's a terrible idea since it seems to me the vast majority of the users here and introverted and like keeping to themselves socially. I don't speak for everyone else, but I think you're barking at the wrong tree.

And serious question: Are you that much of a normie that you weren't able to realize this was a terrible idea on your own?

File 148448081490.png - (5.32KB , 339x701 , man.png )
29846 No. 29846 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
This is a CYOA where you take control of Man, a shut-in NEET with nothing going for him. As a general rule, unless more than one person inputs the same command I'll just write off the most recent post in the thread.
Because this is more of a fun activity than a creative writing session this is going here instead of /cr/.
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>> No. 29853 [Edit]
File 148451016331.png - (18.85KB , 1003x837 , man's room 3.png )
>hug the waifus daki and pray they go away
The knocking intensifies but eventually dies down. The one responsible for the knocking is heard skipping away in a noticeable fashion. Man feels somewhat angry.

Now what?
>> No. 29854 [Edit]
Fantasise about being a carefree, happy, cute anime girl.
>> No. 29855 [Edit]
This is great.
>> No. 29856 [Edit]
File 148451431154.png - (27.06KB , 1091x777 , man's fantasy.png )
>Fantasise about being a carefree, happy, cute anime girl.
Man does so but quickly realizes that even cute anime girls in fields of flowers can be alone. In an effort to still pursue happiness, Man tries to think up another character to accompany him. Full of negative thoughts, Man can only find himself thinking of a rich, middle-aged man in a suit that seems to contain qualities of everyone Man has ever hated throughout his life.
The mere sight of the man ruins Man's fantasy and sends him straight back to reality.

Now what?

File 143622479334.jpg - (766.87KB , 2048x1536 , qzlHsCS.jpg )
27208 No. 27208 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
The old one has been on autosage for a long ass time, guys. Make a new one already. Old thread: >>24879
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>> No. 29826 [Edit]
I had one job before this one, years ago. Part of why I've taken so long to try and get out there again. It was assembly line packaging. You'd assemble cases and put DVD's in the slot, that sort of thing. Sounds easy but it's not given the speed you're expected to work at. And the whole time the teams performance is put on a big screen to shame you. Combine that with all the remarks from management about how "anyone could do this job" (as the whole line struggles, even the experienced ones) and it really took a toll. Eventually I just stopped showing up. So for this job I just pretended it didn't happen. They never paid me for that last week's worth of work; probably why they make it so unbearable, didn't get any training so it's not like they lost anything from me just walking out.

It doesn't help I started that job near the holiday season as a temp. Not my brightest moment.

I'm more optimistic about this job though. For one I intentionally waited until after the holidays to apply and I'm getting more training than I might expect which gives the impression they actually want people to stick around.

Shame about the seminar shit, seems like that's the snake oil of our day. Heard about some of these, they seem really corny. I can see why people would get drawn in though. It can be hard to tell who is and isn't legit, all in the presentation. Especially when they're desperate.

What sort of fake ethnic food? Always wondered how legit some places are. I suspect a lot of Italian places around me fake it. Kind of blended into the larger culture. Still good but I can tell a clear difference when I go to the annual Italian Cultural Festival in my area, most "Italian" restaurants don't hold a candle.
>> No. 29827 [Edit]
That packing job sounds horrible. Dunno how you lasted as long as you did bro.
>> No. 29829 [Edit]
When I remember something stupid I've done, under my breath I whisper "kill me" as a silent prayer to some unseen bringer of death
>> No. 29832 [Edit]
I know the feeling. I just try to forget about the memories, even if there are times when I get overwhelmed by the embarrassment.

File 140707601054.jpg - (421.19KB , 2000x2000 , 1407070987054.jpg )
24746 No. 24746 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Because the last thread, http://tohno-chan.com/ot/res/15686.html, is now on auto sage.
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>> No. 29803 [Edit]
File 148326024159.jpg - (168.65KB , 853x1000 , 0a1fb4f1e35adc121f52ee6f471ac44f.jpg )
>> No. 29838 [Edit]
I want to do things like this to myself so badly sometimes.
>> No. 29839 [Edit]
>> No. 29841 [Edit]

File 132644911135.jpg - (2.89MB , 2502x3500 , d46191e6482739ee0b4b3e6987e38b9c.jpg )
12292 No. 12292 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
what are some things that really bug you?
things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!
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>> No. 28227 [Edit]
Does anyone actually cry when a celebrity dies, or is that just something normal people lie about on their facebook walls?
>> No. 28233 [Edit]
I remember a few months ago when a relatively newer VA who passed away, there were many threads mourning and reacting in an over-emotional way over her death despite most of them probably not knowing her name before the incident. I doubt most people cry over these sort of things, I get the feeling the majority of the time they need to overplay in order to show they care. There's nothing wrong with being sad over it, but the way the do it seems extremely superficial and fake.

Also I hate when people bring it up as a casual conversation topic. "Did you know that X died?" Why the fuck do you need to bring it up as if you're talking about the weather? Show some respect for the person who passed away, goddamn.
>> No. 29819 [Edit]
I can't stand the *****1 password shit. If someone has a keylogger installed on your device, that's not gonna be any help. Same if someone is watching you type the password in, they'll still see each character you enter. In fact here's a crazy idea; don't type out passwords while in front of people you don't trust. I also can't stand it when I log onto websites and can't find my account number anywhere, but "account ending in 5555" is everywhere. I get it's a security thing, but if strangers are logging into your accounts I think it's too little too late at that point.
>> No. 29837 [Edit]
I wish I had started getting serious about interest way earlier. I've wasted my middle school and high school years on 4chan and the likes when I could have gotten into so much shit that I have interest in right now. Anyway, this year will be different.

If I waste another year I will hang myself, mark those words
This oughta be enough motivation to do something.

pic unrelated

File 148351454794.jpg - (118.48KB , 648x677 , d7f228054b2d44b13265ccf936d9e485.jpg )
29816 No. 29816 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How often do you bathe, /ot/? What about shaving? Do you fit into the stereotype that suggests NEETs and hikikomori have poor personal hygiene?
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>> No. 29834 [Edit]
Twice a week, if I have to go out. Otherwise, once a week or a copule of weeks.

I don not shave, but trim my beard short.

I guess I'm somewhat of a grunge/hobo type.
>> No. 29835 [Edit]
I found rubbing some after-shave on places that get too dirty, like behind the ears, helps a lot.
Guessing any alcohol will do.
>> No. 29836 [Edit]
I shower every day and feel like filth on the occasions that I fail to.
I never bathe though; sitting in the same water as your anus and the very slime you're trying to get off seems counterintuitive to me.
I try to shave every day but it's easy to forget. I trim down my body hair every couple months.
>> No. 29843 [Edit]
I would like to use this opportunity to express my fascination with OP pic. Gosh that pictures sure is nice, isn't it?

File 14829033993.jpg - (348.66KB , 1024x768 , zlcSyLG.jpg )
29785 No. 29785 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]

Here is the stream link. Bring your softest pajamas.
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>> No. 29791 [Edit]

Although, I've also advertised some people without really thinking too much about it because I don't think most of my actions through enough; If it were a brohno, I'd probably watch.
>> No. 29821 [Edit]

It was a brohno doe. Not like it matters now but hopefully they will stream again soon.
>> No. 29823 [Edit]
I'm not sure entirely how much truth is in that comment, but I'll foolishly give you the benefit of the doubt. I'll watch next time.
>> No. 29828 [Edit]
where does patche get all of that stuff when gensokyo is supposed to be technologically equivalent to japan in the mid 1800's?

File 148342036068.jpg - (41.50KB , 718x481 , azu_yukarinyamo0112.jpg )
29811 No. 29811 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
http://www.stargazedcharts.com seems to be officially offline permanently, whois says the domain name expired in November.

I am posting this thread as a place for people to appreciate and remember Stargazed and any other formerly available internet resources which they might miss. After the initial excitement of the start of a new anime season, usually the next big event of the season was the release of the MK I version of next season's chart and the anticipation that came along with it. That was the way that it was for quite a while, so big thanks to Stargazed, they gave western anime fans some really nice service for many years. I hope that my adblocking habits aren't part of what drove them out of the game.

File 148318066882.jpg - (132.81KB , 1280x720 , new years.jpg )
29792 No. 29792 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
It's almost 2017 guys!!
Got any resolutions for 2017?
What are your thoughts on 2016?
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>> No. 29805 [Edit]
this year i resolve to make posts about me and threads about me and to talk about myself on the internet because i know that what people want to see when they come to TC
i will also not watch or discuss ay anime because its not about me, but regardless that i will wear anime fandom on my sleeve like a kewl tat because i want to make sure everyone knows i'm an authentic nerd and genuine oldfag of the internet.
i further resolve to repost and adopt everything popular from jp because i'm creative and unique and too good for 4chan

i promise
>> No. 29806 [Edit]
i actually am creative and unique and too good for 4chan thanks
>> No. 29807 [Edit]
I don't make promises I likely won't be able to keep. I'll just work on what I believe on my own as time goes on and hope for the best while expecting the worst.
>> No. 29845 [Edit]
Why can they not see, they are so focused on self but they can't achieve self awareness.

File 148303530023.jpg - (142.78KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Jewelpet Sunshine - 01 RAW (TX 1280.jpg )
29788 No. 29788 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I've decided to translate Jewelpet Sunshine in order to challenge myself, because my Japanese is terrible.

I'm not sure if I understood a couple parts correctly though. Can someone check this for me please? This is the OP. https://youtu.be/dWq8Kk7OG-4

Go! Go! Sunshine! Glittering!
Lucky sunshine!
The message of the magic of love connects our beating hearts.
These feelings can’t be stopped, so just accept them!
Full of energy from the moment I wake,
I call out to you but there’s no reaction.
It’s ok!
I keep my head up and stay smiling!
I’m hiding the vibrations of my heart, but it looks like they’ll burst through!
Oh yeah!
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 29789 [Edit]
Mostly seems fine to me. The only point I'd make is with the line "恋の魔法かけたメッセージ", which you translated as "The message of the magic of love connects our beating hearts". 魔法(を)かける (as in 掛ける) is a set phrase meaning to cast magic, whereas it looks like you were reading it as 架ける, maybe? I'm not really sure where you got "connect" from. But yeah, other than that, it seems like a decent translation.

Post more on /日本/, it's lonely.

File 148263660523.jpg - (94.45KB , 800x600 , 64e.jpg )
29767 No. 29767 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Joyeux Noël
9 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 29781 [Edit]
that's a loose definition of collectible. i'm sure 20 years from now people will care more about those hideous figures than anyone's toenail clippings.

anything can be collectible, but a select few things have 'value'. toenails? no value.

value is where the questionability of the figures comes into play, they're just ugly to me.
>> No. 29782 [Edit]
>i'm sure 20 years from now people will care more about those hideous figures than anyone's toenail clippings.
I'm sure people care more about their toe nail clippings these days than beanie babies.
>> No. 29783 [Edit]
Beanie babies are awesome though.
>> No. 29784 [Edit]
You may wanna visit the world trade center while you still have the chance. Also, get a good PC and mine the shit out of bitcoin once it becomes available. Oh and if you can try to invest in apple products, their cordless phones are gonna become really really popular (don't ask me why, hell if I know). You'll thank me latter.

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