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File 158228608367.png - (220.20KB , 532x674 , abf6e1eb92d5f72798ae74fcc2a47e5d.png )
34137 No. 34137 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
A certain image of Takami Chika from Love Live: sunshine has caused a fair bit of drama recently after it was removed due to complaints of it being too sexy.

Not too long ago something like this happened with another seemingly Innocent image due to the artist and character's background.
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>> No. 34181 [Edit]
Yeah they are. The way it frames the body line is really nice regardless.
>> No. 34183 [Edit]
its stupid, cloth doesnt stick to skin like that.
>> No. 34184 [Edit]
I think it really adds a nice touch if the clothing is worn really tight, or something else that cause the fabric to stick to the skin, but when overused or used for no reason it does send a very unrealistic impression, and it looks like those helping lines that they do when drawing a body, but left unerased instead.
>> No. 34185 [Edit]
By crotchlines, do you mean cameltoe?

File 156448371879.jpg - (121.22KB , 1080x1185 , 2018WPi.jpg )
32810 No. 32810 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
I drink coffee. What's your drink of choice?
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>> No. 34164 [Edit]
File 158243246696.jpg - (338.32KB , 995x839 , blade.jpg )
morning Coffee to wake up
>> No. 34169 [Edit]
Since I guess this thread is now coffee central I'll say that I drink it black too but only light roast using a little more water than I need in the drip maker, it's more refreshing in the morning that way and I don't need all that much caffeine even though I still need it. But recently I got some coffee that was on sale in bulk that was a brand I liked but was a different kind and now I'm stuck with this disgusting medium roast with chocolate overtones to drink and I can't wait to finish off those bags. I'll occasionally put a capsule of yohimbe extract in there if I drink coffee later, gives a real nice buzz and they potentiate each other. Really unique feeling. Has anyone else on earth discovered this yet, I wonder cause I never seen it before. The result of dissecting one of my old favorite energy drinks and making my own perfect one out of the main stars of the show.

Fun fact: I also learned that most of the edgy, intense stimulation is coming mostly from the tyrosine and far too much B vitamins. The only exception is Redline, that stuff is insanity in a bottle and I don't care to get to the bottom of it. I had a love/hate relationship with it over the years though.
>> No. 34173 [Edit]
Energy drinks, green tea, medium roast black coffee, beer. I dont drink anything else. It all depends on the occasion.
>> No. 34179 [Edit]
Water, side from tea sometimes but not much. Few times a week at most. Black tea tastes better than green.

File 158262778178.png - (1.96MB , 950x1337 , 15589c000f48ba0e702502d7339cbb77.png )
34174 No. 34174 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What do you think japan and it's culture would be like today if it stayed out of WW2?
>> No. 34175 [Edit]
It would only delay the inevatable, it was a threat to the US, Britain and USSR so it was always going to be taken out at some point.

But assuming it never happened for some reason or that it had just not happened yet. It's really hard to say but I would think it would turn out a lot like China is now. Of course the ideology is different but it's still a strong and authoritative party running an Asian nation. It's still going to have that typical Asiatic brutality and pragmatism(although it would soften over time as it has in China) and it's still going to try it's best to compete in the global market. Although the military will have more say and there will be more of an emphasis on Japanese culture and values.
>> No. 34176 [Edit]
>although it would soften over time as it has in China
Except tehnology would be utilized to restrict people in ways never possible before.
>> No. 34177 [Edit]
It's heading that way now already. I don't think japan would do anything China is not already doing or planning to do in that regard.
>> No. 34178 [Edit]
File 158265415378.jpg - (666.99KB , 1256x2000 , 1474959007559.jpg )
Living in a country that "stayed out" of WWII I can say it meant lost decades and being isolated and oblivious from the world. Sometimes a huge defeat is what a country needs to unleash it's potential.
I think Japan would also could had been an isolated country, with their allies defeated and a fucked up regime and ideology, until the US would have taken some interest because anti-communist policies in Asia. So decades lost too.

File 15719500899.png - (3.84MB , 2697x1050 , 4KKwDMA.png )
33536 No. 33536 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
How was your day? Did you do anything nice? Post about it here.
It looks like the old one is on autosage so here's a new one.
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>> No. 34163 [Edit]
Thank you for the information, I appreciate it. Turns out, the state uni I plan on attending has an extensive, well documented catalog to see class equivalents of all the CCs in my state.
>> No. 34165 [Edit]
It doesn't happen to be a uni in the UC/CSU system, does it? (Just asking because the compsci major + existence of California's ASSIST transfer equivalence catalog made me think so).
>> No. 34170 [Edit]
Nope, I dont live anywhere near California.
>> No. 34171 [Edit]
Nope, I dont live anywhere near California.

File 155900762817.jpg - (291.27KB , 850x1190 , 2E918CAA-C96C-4741-A0D4-3AC03A39A1D6-2279-0000025F.jpg )
32344 No. 32344 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I've been thinking about starting my own image board for a while now, but I don't really know how to go about it. I'm not talking about software and I don't think there's any non-technical guide to it. There's aspects of tohno chan I like which don't seem easy to replicate. For one, the lack of shit that most imageboards are flooded with. How would I advertise my image board without attracting "those" kinds of people? If I advertise on other people's boards, that's also basically spam, so it might bother mods and give a bad impression. How does tohno chan do it? Every new board I've seen spam for has been filled with nothing but cancer and most don't make it past three months.

Post edited on 27th May 2019, 6:43pm
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>> No. 32697 [Edit]
File 156379571911.jpg - (307.57KB , 616x872 , 111106157ab97735cec36802b122a2f1.jpg )
Well it's kind of embarrassing to talk about since it's only an idea now. I'd theme it on saya no uta and have only a couple of boards. I'd want it to be more focused on content creation and being constructive, so I'd prohibit any posts complaining about personal life or the real world and any post x threads. A big part of it would be allowing most kinds of 2-d porn to be posted without spoiling it, regardless of context, since that's been something that's bothered me about the chans I've used in the past. I thinks loli is a great way of filtering certain types of people. Saya no Uta would be original and it can represent a lot of my ideals. Again, I can't be sure it'll ever really exist.
>> No. 32704 [Edit]
File 156392695667.jpg - (108.68KB , 1024x972 , cviper.jpg )
User filtering is the hardest, you want many users but you don't want lame-posters. That's a hard balance to achieve...
>> No. 34134 [Edit]
> But I never had any success because people would show up, see the nearly empty forum, and leave.
Another (possibly less ethical) solution to the issue of seeding initial posts is to just make them yourself. If I recall this is basically what Reddit did in their early days – the founders just posted things from accounts they made themselves and had it look organic. Doing this on an anonymous board would be even easier, and you get to shape the intended direction of the community in the process.
>> No. 34135 [Edit]
>had it look organic
If you're a one man band that's tough.

I came up with a good way of advertising. If you know moon runes, you can translate stuff and put your ads on the last page. You can draw specific people in that way too.

File 157527040413.jpg - (3.79MB , 5312x2988 , 20190820_154346.jpg )
33740 No. 33740 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
do you own any pets
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>> No. 33837 [Edit]
I prefer this to the french Brest chickens.
>> No. 34074 [Edit]
No, there once was both a dog and 3 chickens who laid eggs, but they got some kind of lice that was transmitted by pigeons who tried to nib on their food, and this lice was really light so it was carried by the wind and entered my mother's bedroom, that was the end of the chickens.
>> No. 34133 [Edit]
File 158211587991.jpg - (4.85MB , 4032x3024 , 20200219_190557.jpg )
chicken being naughty
>> No. 34136 [Edit]
What is it doing?

File 132010033174.jpg - (650.36KB , 1200x1531 , 18f6bbb82d9aeb721db77cdf643ede78.jpg )
11220 No. 11220 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
They say you learn something new every day. Let's see if that statement is true!

ITT post something new you learned today. Trivia knowledge is more than welcome.
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>> No. 34097 [Edit]
The 2 tone chime that is often heard in train stations throughout Japan is meant to guide visually impaired people to the ticket barriers.

In the following video, listen closely and notice how the chime gets louder as the videographer nears the stairs. Actually, you can see the speaker hanging from the ceiling, right in front the stairs at a low height.
>> No. 34100 [Edit]
That's a very clever and low-cost solution!
>> No. 34130 [Edit]
I think so. To make sure the barriers/doors are closed and secured. As per their "point an call" safety method, particularly in the shinkansen , the calls you'll almost always hear when departing:

出発ヨシ!shiyuppatsu yoshi! "Departure OK!"
安全ヨシ! anzen yoshi! "Safety OK!"

The melodies in this case help both crew and passengers realizing that the train is about to depart. There's a great video that explores this topic a bit more in depth on YT:
>> No. 34132 [Edit]
One of you deviant train likers needs to explain one thing to me.
See the sparks they're trailing at night?
How is the arc damage handled? I imagine pantographs are trivial to replace but how do they maintain the millions of kilometers of traction? Aren't the wires getting plasma torched crazy fast with heavy traffic like this?

File 157747670175.jpg - (164.38KB , 850x1205 , sample_005766acf89a387fc6488b84d665226a.jpg )
33905 No. 33905 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
What are some things that really bug you?
Things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!

Old one reached bumb limit I think.
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>> No. 34126 [Edit]
File 158186108254.jpg - (103.70KB , 850x478 , __bismarck_warship_girls_r_drawn_by_xing_muhen__sa.jpg )
>which he does
How so? People sell porn based on his characters all the time, for money. It is dumb, but here we are with games not being sold because it would offend some.
>that has nothing to do with any of the factors you mention
It does. If the mindset I'm talking about was very common in the west, I think the west would be producing far more of that type of content.
>the japanese tend
>Because they can and because that is what westerners do.
It's not magic. "That's just what they do" is not an explanation. People do things because of their mindset. You can't seperate actions from mindset. You can tell what a person's mindset is from their actions. I'm explaining the mindset. You're pretending it doesn't exist. They don't have to be a hivemind to have a similar mindset.
>You can't just go around manipulating Otaku culture into a box to fit into whatever political ideology you happen to have
What is my political ideology exactly? Your initial question was stupid and the answer is obvious to anybody who makes similar connections to what I do, even if it's implicitly, like >>34125. 1930's culture changed and melted down because the ideology supporting it, protestant Christianity, also weakened. Legally, Christianity didn't have enough standing to strongly endure, not in the most influential countries(US). Nazism has all of that shit embedded into it and would be very strongly supported in a Nation carrying it. It would be taught in every school. That "1930's mindset" would endure in a Nazi state. That mindset is obviously incompatible with the tolerance necessary for a thriving otaku culture.

Post edited on 16th Feb 2020, 10:35am
>> No. 34127 [Edit]
>How so? People sell porn based on his characters all the time, for money.

This is hilarious, you had no idea about the Doujin culture all along, even after bringing it up all the time. No publisher targets that, they would be mad too. I doubt it would even be worth the effort it would take either. Not to mention the huge shock-waves that would have and the resulting back lash to him it would cause. he would be public enemy number 1. Use your head man.
>> No. 34128 [Edit]
>All he can do is prevent people from using his franchise to make money which he does
>which he does
How so? Answer the question.
>they would be mad too
>public enemy number 1
And yet that kind of control has been imposed on people in the west for decades. Only the internet has given people more freedom in this area. I am mad about it, and yet it still happens. There still isn't as much freedom. Look at what steam does. Nearly every analogous platform for user content has many restrictions in the west. Nobody is raising their pitch forks. We're supposed to be the confrontational ones. If they're as passive as you say, what would they do, huh?

Post edited on 16th Feb 2020, 6:17pm
>> No. 34129 [Edit]
File 158190242761.png - (670.56KB , 1280x720 , KILL la KILL - 05 [BD 720p HEVC OPUS] [2A7DA17E]_m.png )
Oh jesus christ, I just said I didn't like American attitudes towards other countries cultures and this is what happens? People are so fucking eager to jump into arguments all the fucking time. Why? My original vent was about how some people have to make everything political and turn it into a culture war. I want to read what other people had to say, take it to fucking /tat/ or fuck off.

File 151513228726.png - (74.55KB , 452x102 , dn2.png )
31259 No. 31259 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
the link to the ever growing collection of TC banner images went away recently, so here it is again
anyone who wishes to add to the collection is probably welcome to present any entries in here, but don't push your luck
5 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 31300 [Edit]
File 151554200970.png - (50.15KB , 452x102 , cute little anime girl looking at her favorite web.png )
>> No. 31476 [Edit]
File 152223623460.png - (27.29KB , 452x102 , 2toneass.png )
>> No. 31647 [Edit]
File 153042801214.png - (52.35KB , 452x102 , 0091.png )
>> No. 34087 [Edit]
Some of these are good.

File 156780600874.gif - (872.63KB , 346x360 , computer_screen.gif )
33182 No. 33182 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Sort of a hybrid between the book club and "post something new you learned." Post any interesting essays, articles or prose you've stumbled across on the internet.

I'll start:
6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 33979 [Edit]
The Genetics of Sex Differences in Brain and Behavior
>In this paper, we will review sex differences in brain and behavior that are not due to the action of hormones secreted by the gonads—which has been the dominant mechanism associated with such differences—but from what we term `direct genetic effects.' These are effects that arise from the expression of X and Y genes within non-gonadal cells and result in sex differences in the functions of those cells.
>> No. 34069 [Edit]
File 158084194371.jpg - (182.53KB , 850x797 , __kokonoe_aya_original_and_1_more_drawn_by_enoko_z.jpg )
>The Japanese translation of "Lord of the Rings" by Teiji Seta and Akiko Tanaka may be regarded as one of the greatest translations in Japan.
>> No. 34081 [Edit]
Do you have the full text by any chance?
>> No. 34082 [Edit]
It appears it was a translated excerpt from "Tratado em que se contem muito susinta e abreviadamente algumas contradições e diferenças de custumes antre a gente de Europa e esta provincia de Japão." Even though it should be well out of copyright there don't seem to be any freely available versions. There's a preview on google books of some pages.

File 151463055737.png - (531.18KB , 564x800 , 143656387370.png )
31157 No. 31157 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
59 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 31283 [Edit]
どうやって日本語を話せるの? 難しい...
>> No. 31296 [Edit]
>> No. 34080 [Edit]
>> No. 34086 [Edit]

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