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File 147475335878.png - (93.54KB , 378x399 , 1470895088699.png )
29517 No. 29517 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you have any recurring fantasies or daydreams?

In high school I often fantasized about talking down a school shooter, thinking up scenarios where we traded extended, edgy dialogue. Now I daydream about being a great writer, although I've barely done any creative writing.
>> No. 29518 [Edit]
I daydream about winning the lottery every week I buy a ticket. I know it's seen as an absolute waste of money to buy lottery since the odds of winning the grand prize is astronomical... but for €2 I get to spend a full day or two thinking (and when I go to sleep, dreaming) about living a happy life surrounded by everything I could ever possibly need or want... a life of ultimate comfy. I know it's just a fantasy, but I think €2 it's a great price to feel joyful once a week. Sure, someone will say "But anon, you can dream for free", but it's not the same, there is no way (for me at least) to fake the delusional expectation.

Post edited on 24th Sep 2016, 3:26pm
>> No. 29519 [Edit]
File 147475954695.jpg - (1.26MB , 2149x3021 , (C80) [MeltdoWN COmet (雪雨こん)] フランの.jpg )
These threads remind me of those
"A question

OP's reply to that question"
posts with a cropped version of this picture.
>> No. 29530 [Edit]
File 147485407861.png - (439.61KB , 583x867 , l59n8DS.png )
I used to have a lot of fantasies about being some kind of hero that would save a bunch of people. It was more like the Zelda games and Ocarina was one of my favorites, I used to self-insert and fantasize all the time before I fell asleep about being in Link's role. I would do the sidequests, go through the dungeons, interact with Navi, all that cringe-worthy garbage. When I was not playing video games those were some of the only times I ever felt important and capable. In my dream world I was somebody who could feel useful and valued, somebody who can actually do something good. I still fantasize things like that to this day but it's harder because I don't have the attention span like I used to so I get sidetracked.

Pathetic. Just pathetic.

File 147453834794.gif - (0.98MB , 500x629 , aca260895f83319808d828abd537f1e81ad2864f_hq.gif )
29489 No. 29489 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What triggers you?
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>> No. 29511 [Edit]
shitty 4chan threads on tc
when i see one, i know i'm probably going to have to look at some attention whore self bumping his wonderful thread for most of what remains of this decade.

not sure what i like less, people who make shit quality threads on tc or self bumpers

Post edited on 24th Sep 2016, 2:06am
>> No. 29512 [Edit]
People who complain about the quality of threads.
>> No. 29528 [Edit]
File 147483630124.jpg - (170.26KB , 600x600 , 1425951321557.jpg )
Obese people telling anyone whose body isn't ball-shaped that they need to eat more.

dislike post -> report it and move on
>> No. 29529 [Edit]
File 147485168120.png - (118B , 16x16 , hide.png )
There is also this

File 143622479334.jpg - (766.87KB , 2048x1536 , qzlHsCS.jpg )
27208 No. 27208 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
The old one has been on autosage for a long ass time, guys. Make a new one already. Old thread: >>24879
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>> No. 29516 [Edit]
>On a very unrelated note, I'm practically living on Twitch now. Orz
What does that even mean? You stream yourself 24/7 or something?
>> No. 29525 [Edit]
Oh, no. I'm not even sure if I'd be able to do the streaming thing and do it consistently enough to build a fanbase that would want to watch me play video games. What I meant by that is that I spend every day watching streams. I mean, with me being NEET, I could stream for hours every day if I felt like it and play video games all day everyday like I already do. I could probably do it if I had the proper equipment to stream gameplay from my devices.

I pretty much just go there to watch games that interest me and spam cute emotes of cute 2D girls that are available on a third party addon because they're free.
>> No. 29526 [Edit]
Which games do you search streams for?
>> No. 29527 [Edit]
Well, I don't really search for the games themselves as I'm willing to see anything new and interesting. Then again, I do for some reason watch the Food and Bob Ross streams way more than I should. I also sometimes go into the creative section and watch people draw stuff or make something interesting, or play an instrument. However, I do follow a few people that are entertaining to watch like Vinesauce and Cirno_tv, with the former being more of a normie jabroni while the latter feels like he wouldn't be too much of a stranger on this site, even if I have noticed some normie tendencies.

Being in twitch chat is an interesting experience as well. If the right people and content are there, it just becomes really fun, especially if you're knowledgeable about what is being played. Also, depending on who you're watching, you can use the BTTV/FrankerZ emotes to spam cute 2D girl emotes, even if they won't be seen all the time because of how it works, but people should still be able to know, if they know, that phrases like WanWan is the dancing Momiji .gif.

File 14741887356.png - (276.80KB , 704x396 , vlcsnap-1815501.png )
29473 No. 29473 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Fact is, sleep takes up a large fraction of anyone's life. Have a comfortable bed & a large fraction of your life is excellent.
Please tell me ways to improve the quality & volume of my sleeping.
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>> No. 29481 [Edit]
I think the problem is that I bought one that doesn't flip over. I've tried sleeping on different ends on all different four corners, but nothing seems to have helped. Now where ever I try to sleep, I just roll into the sag, and it's only been a year or so. I'm highly disappointed and frustrated because this is the third mattress I bought in the last three years.
>> No. 29483 [Edit]
Where have you being buying your mattresses? I think you have been severely ripped off. I got a 10-inch-hight memory foam mattress for like €800 a couple of years ago and it's still perfect (and can be flipped over but I didn't have to so far. I've been gaining weight like crazy, to the point I'd consider myself morbidly obese now... and still no issues.
>> No. 29484 [Edit]
I think part of the issue is that i spend an abnormal amount of time in my bed. Whenever I'm watching anime or tv or something I do it while laying down in bed, and a lot of time i browse the internet from my bed as well.
>> No. 29524 [Edit]
I've been sleeping on the floor for about a year now.

At first it was because my family got a bad case of bedbugs and we didn't have the money to buy a new mattress.

I started to like it so I never got a new one. It's actually not that bad. Tried to find some actual research on it but just came up with advertisements and bro-science.

I found a few things claiming mattresses are actually bad for you because they slowly wear your back down. Seems like it might be bullshit but i lines up with my experience so I've rolled with it.

Another great sleep aid is a program called f.lux. Takes a while to get used to but makes you want to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Post edited on 24th Sep 2016, 8:51pm

File 146576035742.jpg - (54.69KB , 636x358 , eDyXpSR.jpg )
29121 No. 29121 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you guys enjoy any non-anime shows?
11 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 29189 [Edit]
Not since the end of the fourth season it's not. I don't think it's a coincidence that the quality of the dialogue fell off a cliff the moment they ran out of books to adapt.
>> No. 29500 [Edit]
Yes but you wouldnt know about it since you're all fat americans
>> No. 29513 [Edit]
Half the site is European.
>> No. 29523 [Edit]
File 147476816744.jpg - (138.89KB , 639x1000 , USA wins again.jpg )
Its an unfortunate phenomenon, but people from lesser nations are often jealous of Americans. These are the types of people who buy in to nationalism, they mistakenly connect their own identities to the neurotypicals who actually run the show and they feel the need to take out their anger at their own smallness and insignificance and blame all their problems on others. So instead of trying to build themselves up in to what they really want (a nation better than America) they cloud their thought processes with anger and stay small and insignificant.
This guy was trying to discuss his favorite domestic TV shows, but all he could get out was "I hate America", his shame at his own weakness pollutes his brain so much that he has difficulty communicating effectively.

File 136459909389.jpg - (266.92KB , 750x1081 , KAMINA_APROVED_by_Kamina_x_Simon.jpg )
21334 No. 21334 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
After seeing the immense popularity of the what bugs you thread, I decided that I would make a thread for people to post all the awesome things (big or little) in life that simply make you happy. I understand Tohno-Chan has a lot of gripes and resentments, but we cant all be negative all the time. After all, what is negativity if we have nothing to compare it too?

<-- Obligatory Kamina Pic Related

Post edited on 29th Mar 2013, 4:42pm
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>> No. 29406 [Edit]
Being understood, and understanding and agreeing with someone else.
Getting something, especially concepts, in order.
Playing badminton.
Big and healthy pines.
>> No. 29410 [Edit]
File 147304213156.png - (1.56KB , 225x225 , cards.png )
Having a cigarette and coffee in the morning
The rain at 3am
>> No. 29435 [Edit]
>> No. 29502 [Edit]
File 147467000981.jpg - (136.49KB , 1024x640 , 1452037163480.jpg )
My room.
Despite living solo in apartment, my room is my kingdom.
Its a maximum comfy,well equiped room.
I can endure whatever I have to as long as it means Im coming to my room.Just knowing that my world and my girl await me in my room gives me strength to come through just about anything.

File 147341243481.jpg - (96.01KB , 640x598 , gjSoYjh.jpg )
29437 No. 29437 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Which would you pick? Would having your memories remain intact or not with the red pill effect your choice?
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 29444 [Edit]
It is tempting to take the red pill, but the past is the past, and I need to move on. It is just being older by five years; I can use the money to look as young as I want, within reason. Unless if you were dying or very old, you'd be a fool to take the red pill, at least considering that you'd be missing out on a lot of money.
>> No. 29445 [Edit]
What if when you wake up 5 years later you're in the middle of WW3? I think OP's question in general is too unspecific.
>> No. 29446 [Edit]
I used to daydream about redoing childhood all the time until I realized it's not worth it. Even if I managed to get the chance to fix all my mistakes and return to my current age as a happier guy, I still don't want to have to deal with school, shitty abusive adult figures, being poor, living in the worst parts of town, having a slow computer with no internet, seeing tragedies happen all over again, having absolutely no one to connect with in the slightest (even moreso than the first time around)... the list goes on and on.

The present sucks, but at least it's not the past.
>> No. 29499 [Edit]
Blue of course. With $20,000,000 I can get my life in order very quickly.

File 147445265841.jpg - (827.38KB , 1440x954 , x6kU5V9.jpg )
29485 No. 29485 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Should governments make laws to protect people from hurting themselves?
>> No. 29486 [Edit]
>> No. 29487 [Edit]
From a non-moral point of view you could say some forms of self-harm (like drug abuse) disrupt the society as a whole. A sensible law-maker would seek to limit those kinds of self-harm.
>> No. 29488 [Edit]
Isn't that what speed limits and necessitation of insurance laws are about?
>> No. 29493 [Edit]
Speed limits are also there to prevent people from crashing into you, causing property damage, or traffic jams that effect everyone. Seat belt laws on the other hand force people to protect themselves.

File 146566519545.jpg - (127.00KB , 720x377 , XmMbNqq.jpg )
29114 No. 29114 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Gimme what you got.
13 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 29192 [Edit]
What do black guys have that's usually two or three times the size of a white guy's, and gets bigger every time they touch a woman?

Their criminal record
>> No. 29461 [Edit]
Why is Mexico's Olympic team so lacking?

Because everyone that can run, jump, or swim is already across the border
>> No. 29464 [Edit]
File 147370196113.png - (159.45KB , 480x396 , What's_her_name_again.png )
>Gimme what you got.
Pic related. No ban please.
I laughed out loud. Thanks.
>> No. 29471 [Edit]
I don't get it. that is her name!

File 140707601054.jpg - (421.19KB , 2000x2000 , 1407070987054.jpg )
24746 No. 24746 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Because the last thread, http://tohno-chan.com/ot/res/15686.html, is now on auto sage.
263 posts and 221 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 29342 [Edit]
File 147176351227.jpg - (44.23KB , 549x408 , farewell.jpg )
>> No. 29346 [Edit]
File 147185722584.png - (440.72KB , 674x450 , Sooks_says.png )
>> No. 29465 [Edit]
File 147371972337.png - (98.31KB , 590x540 , af36d2dba5994ca9177df99bc9c19d85.png )
>> No. 29467 [Edit]
File 147392066549.jpg - (915.87KB , 1400x960 , 68b4f4c919b7a0e5505b6ce2d869e3c6.jpg )

File 147363500435.jpg - (21.06KB , 325x300 , 9dbf97bcab6c2dd485ce4af2a80e59d5.jpg )
29458 No. 29458 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you believe in any conspiracy theoires ?
>> No. 29459 [Edit]
Can jet fuel melt steel beams?
>> No. 29460 [Edit]
I believe the Jewish death toll from the Holocaust was greatly exaggerated, and the truth was warped in some way. I don't claim to know exactly what happened, or that the entire thing was a "myth", but there are a lot of inconsistencies with what was reported about it.
>> No. 29463 [Edit]
I absolutely believe in "The Crown".
This too. Lot's of inconsistencies, and I say this as someone whose jewsish grandparents got BTFO from Germany. I could probably sue the German government for reparations, but the paperworks is incredibly tedious.

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