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File 146082394454.png - (33.24KB , 452x102 , 4rd.png )
28872 No. 28872 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What's a suitable automobile for the tohno-chan veteran?
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>> No. 38640 [Edit]
Now go one step further, have a bicycle you use more than your cheap car.
>> No. 38662 [Edit]
I would definitely ride my bicycle more if it werent for three good reasons:
1. Its dangerous as fuck to cycle in this country
2. Severe tendonitis flare ups from holding the bike handles
3. The places I need to go are too far away to cycle
>> No. 38744 [Edit]
After moving from the west cost to the Midwest, I've started to understand why so many people I meet online dislike driving. The road designs are moronic, with major roads cutting right though small towns with speed transitions and limits that don't match the styles of the roads. I got my very first speeding ticket in some inbreed hick town because of this. With properly designed roads you shouldn't have to constantly scan for limit signs, which here look almost exactly like road markers. Major roads should have consistent speeds and go around cites, not into them. This creates a very stressful driving experience. These roads are also packed full of driveways to homes and businesses, stop signs, and on ramps placed in ways that make it impossible to see oncoming cars. Yesterday while driving I actually saw a sign that said 60mph because of a curve up ahead, and about 20 feet ahead of that was a sign that said 70mph. This is what happens when you let sister fuckers design your infrastructure.
>> No. 39419 [Edit]
As a tepid defense, I think most small towns set around highways were built after the highway was established. There are at least half a dozen in Florida comma United States that I know for certain came around because people saw tourists driving between important cities and thought they could scrape some income from them during pit stops. Not to mention commuting from small towns.

Still a very unintelligent design, but at this point short of destroying all the infrastructure I think we're stuck with it as it is. And one could make the case if we're destroying the infrastructure to begin with there are better options than spamming roads.

File 160004669631.png - (1.56MB , 848x1200 , 0c3ae8fc8a5db505993082cea2664102.png )
35910 No. 35910 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What is your favorite hair color?
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>> No. 37262 [Edit]
yamato nadeshiko?
>> No. 37273 [Edit]
File 16099034074.jpg - (41.25KB , 720x540 , yaya.jpg )
The blacker, the better
>> No. 37332 [Edit]
File 161028583743.jpg - (46.63KB , 600x800 , 20210117.jpg )
Anone ano ne~
>> No. 38684 [Edit]
File 163132271332.jpg - (114.12KB , 850x777 , Clipboard02.jpg )
Taste the rainbow

File 160955329719.jpg - (721.33KB , 4958x4437 , dumbness rankings.jpg )
37243 No. 37243 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
can anyone here explain why being "smart" enough to get a "good" job requires so much more instruction than being dumb? shouldn't smart people just be smart enough to figure things out for themselves without needing to receive instruction until they're over 30 years old? how come people who fix cars for a living require so much less instruction than scientists and doctors do before they're done being schoolchildren? seems paradoxical
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>> No. 37245 [Edit]
> how come people who fix cars for a living requires
There's a bit of a false dichotomy here. When you say "fix" are you referring to an entry level mechanic like you'd find at jiffylube or a skilled technician that does private servicing for high-end vehicles? There's a world of difference between the two: the former is basically "routine" maintenance where you follow a checklist. The latter might require a higher skill level that comes from years of experience in the field, being able to intuitively debug the root cause of issues (but I'm not a mechanic and I hear that modern cars are basically digital black-boxes anyway so this comparison might not be very good). Nonetheless the point stands: you're comparing two different things – I suspect if you look at the high-end of trades jobs you'll see that even though they might not necessarily receive formal education they still do an equivalent amount of time learning and training. That is, a master crafstman is in a completely different league than someone who just took woodworking in highschool.

Now going to your particular examples
> receive instruction until they're over 30 years old
>so much less instruction than scientists and doctors do before they're done being schoolchildren
Until "over 30 years old" is exaggerating quite a bit. I don't know anyone who actively receives post-college education for over 10 years after they graduate (assuming they graduate at ~20). Usually the "scientists" in question will switch from receiving instruction to doing research, and the PhD programs (which might indeed end up taking about 8 years or so) are mostly focused on this research rather than receiving education. Still, the reason why large amount of undergraduate and graduate coursework is needed is because it takes a large time to get up to speed on the breadth and depth of background knowledge needed for these fields. You aren't going to be able to research in Inter-universal Teichmuller Theory without having a solid footing in number theory, which can take several years to master. But this is research-focused stuff. Most people doing practical things in $BIG_CO will not need anywhere
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 37246 [Edit]
Most of college is figuring stuff out on your own. The classes are just for credit so you can get a degree from a place with a solid reputation. If you're lucky, the professor or TAs are good for answering questions, but that's certainly not a guarantee. If you think it's easy, try self-studying 4+ difficult subjects at the same time and getting to a semi-proficient state in all of them within three months.

In an ideal world, exams in these subjects would be publically available for people to take so they can get a free, but respected degree and the elitist middle man and textbook mill would be unnecessary.
>> No. 37269 [Edit]
Dumb people are confident. Normies mistake confidence for being "right". See Dunning-Kruger effect.
>> No. 38683 [Edit]
50% of people are dumb; there's a lot of dumbness in the world.

File 16282398304.jpg - (98.17KB , 1280x720 , E4cOIw6WQAI7bGF.jpg )
38588 No. 38588 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
post interesting and unique websites outside the mainstream big sites
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>> No. 38659 [Edit]
File 16299650376.png - (314.19KB , 640x360 , Moka_Hoto_Holding_Forth_for_Atari.png )
>> No. 38664 [Edit]
That's great thank you for sharing.
>> No. 38672 [Edit]
>> No. 38680 [Edit]
Here's a webapp that uses an ai to make 2ch style ascii art:

Combined with this website that makes pictures into line art:

You can render pretty much any image into this format. Formatting the output text anywhere else is a bitch though.

Post edited on 10th Sep 2021, 2:41pm

File 149128350479.jpg - (17.25KB , 200x238 , 72906a90afb300176779e2bc4604c220_jpeg.jpg )
30052 No. 30052 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you do it?
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>> No. 30108 [Edit]
Could you have picked a crappier image? Great fucking job buddy.
>> No. 30109 [Edit]
Maybe they're a mobile user? No need to be rude.
>> No. 30112 [Edit]
To be fair, it is a very shitty image.
>> No. 38667 [Edit]
File 163012091665.jpg - (95.54KB , 1024x634 , _ariete.jpg )
Replace it with something else.

File 162891485392.jpg - (110.16KB , 640x800 , dont ask me silly questions I won't play sill.jpg )
38626 No. 38626 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Does tohno-chan like riddles?
Fire away if you got any (but remember to spoiler the answers if you choose to include one.)

There is a thing that nothing is, and yet it has a name. It's sometimes tall and sometimes short, joins our talks, joins our sport, and plays at every game.
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>> No. 38649 [Edit]
Feed me and I live. Give me drink and I die. What am I?
>> No. 38650 [Edit]
File 162939703193.jpg - (256.82KB , 541x619 , 2397591_p0.jpg )
An alcoholic.
>> No. 38651 [Edit]
I can't help but think googling answers defeats the point.
>> No. 38661 [Edit]

File 160437873988.png - (182.83KB , 800x650 , nano.png )
36543 No. 36543 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Let's say that for whatever reason you can never use the internet ever again. Everything you have is still there, but you can't download or stream anything new. What do you do to pass the time and keep busy from now on?
15 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 36567 [Edit]
>I like the custom icons.

Most of them are from a huge pack of icons you can easily find. But lots of obscure OVA's and weird stuff are made by me, when I had most folders with icons but some without them I felt the need to have them all the same, and with folder growth it became some sort of autistic fixation, there's shows without even logos of any kind and I still made icons for them. I learned to properly use GIMP only because of this weird obsession.
>> No. 38448 [Edit]
I would drop the internet and go read books, learn a new skill, and start doing more things with my waifu. Maybe I would become a productive member of society
>> No. 38639 [Edit]
File 162928624135.jpg - (64.46KB , 680x602 , 05.jpg )
Do gardening or raise some hens
>> No. 39035 [Edit]
Like the other anon >>36554 I got various media archived so I will be good for a long while.

File 156853049185.jpg - (381.73KB , 850x1300 , fuko.jpg )
33244 No. 33244 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I tried to create this thread in /fb/, but that board got locked again so I'm putting it here instead.
This thread has been created for the express purpose of making outrageously offensive, greedy or even technologically impossible demands on the TC staff.
My own opinion on this issue is that /mai/ should smell like strawberries and I feel like whomever is responsible for failing to carry this out should compensate me financially for the service level deficiency.
13 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 33297 [Edit]
/ot/ should be accompanied by a 24/7 radio audio stream that it just two people reading out all the 'tangents' on the board.
>> No. 33298 [Edit]
You could do it with TTS, but there isn't enough post traffic to keep it as a continuous stream unless you loop them.
>> No. 33308 [Edit]
The stream could primarily play music but have breaks where the posts are read aloud.
>> No. 38618 [Edit]
File 162877832059.png - (66.51KB , 452x102 , banner kagami kuro.png )
Everytime the Kagami Kuro banner appears, she comes out of the screen screaming "DOOOOOUTEEEEEEEEI" and kicks anon right in the balls.

File 14741887356.png - (276.80KB , 704x396 , vlcsnap-1815501.png )
29473 No. 29473 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Fact is, sleep takes up a large fraction of anyone's life. Have a comfortable bed & a large fraction of your life is excellent.
Please tell me ways to improve the quality & volume of my sleeping.
11 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 35747 [Edit]
Consistent sleep schedule is important.
>> No. 36911 [Edit]
File 160708729344.jpg - (20.46KB , 474x266 , 20201206.jpg )
>> No. 38581 [Edit]
Try a buckwheat pillow. I recently got one and it really helped my neck pain and I think I sleep more deeply. The key is the ability to mould it to your desired position, and then as you shift throughout the night it's very easy to adjust the pillow to maintain support.

Modern mattresses are a scam. They use foams that are basically designed to break down in 2 years, so you're forced to keep buying them. Notice how it's basically impossible to buy the "traditional" basic innerspring mattresses of yore (which you can get 10-15 years out of by flipping over and rotating once in a while). And the memory foam ones will heat you up at night, since you're basically sleeping on insulation.

After doing a lot of research, the best option seems to be just going to costco or some other brick and mortar shop (NOT a mattress store, which have also interestingly all become conglomerated and owned by a single company) and buying the cheapest, firmest mattress with springs you can tolerate. The key is to get one that has springs and also the thinnest amount of foam possible. You can always add foam yourself, but you can never replace foam on a mattress that has it built in.

Do you sleep on your side or on your back? Sleeping on the floor would be torture for me since it means all the pressure is concentrated on my hips and shoulder.

You can also try a futon if you like sleeping on the floor. Also the Chinese supposedly have very hard beds. In terms of whether it's better for your back, it's generally true that if you sleep on your back then a firmer surface is better. So yeah sleeping on a carpet or padded floor is probably fine; but I think sleeping on bare har
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 38582 [Edit]
Spring mattresses are uncomfortable and loud in my experience. I associate them with old people and the convertible sofas you find in hotels.

File 145938960325.png - (158.02KB , 2289x1744 , qm6LYfd.png )
28733 No. 28733 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is Loli/Shota allowed here? It's technically illegal.

I deleted my stashes all a long time ago out of paranoia.
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 38419 [Edit]
File 16241648383.jpg - (106.40KB , 1000x1600 , MTG21.jpg )
So if you draw a murder of underaged fictional character, that's legal. But if you draw a underaged fictional character doing it, you go to jail. That's USA for you.
>> No. 38420 [Edit]
>if you draw a underaged fictional character doing it, you go to jail
No, not really. In the US, that's not the case. People have been arrested who just so happened to also have loli, or they've been arrested for importing a lot of physical media. I've never read a case about an artist being arrested.
>> No. 38505 [Edit]
Not really no. We have a lot of fucked laws but loli/shota is in a strange gray area and prosecution for it is exceedingly rare. People have been arrested crossing the border into Canada with it though.
>> No. 38556 [Edit]
File 162690157040.jpg - (218.43KB , 1308x1931 , 1565939023854.jpg )
The legal grey area of it sometimes bothers me, but I do things that are more commonly prosecuted like extensive piracy and it doesn't as much. The law on it changing is sometimes what haunts me though. I'm not a lolicon, but I do enjoy /ss/ even though for me it's more about the height difference and penis size.

That map is either bait or severely outdated as well, Canada is known for enforcing their laws on this. (But if you rape a native woman, you're good).

File 147763559728.jpg - (84.68KB , 480x270 , chiaki_teruterubouzu.jpg )
29631 No. 29631 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
i hung one of these in the window a week ago, but its still raining.
do these things only work in japan or do i need to put batteries in it or what?
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 29634 [Edit]
If anime has thought me anything it's that teru teru bozu aren't all that effective. According to anime a much more reliable strategy is to find someone who's sad and cheer them up.
>> No. 29635 [Edit]
Try folding it properly next time
>> No. 29640 [Edit]
You probably need a 2D one since 3D anything is never as good as 2D. Probably also needs to be made by a 2D loli at that for full potency.
>> No. 38418 [Edit]
As effective as singing "Rain rain go away"

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