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File 152434146967.jpg - (732.76KB , 1529x1080 , Cup Hatsune (L·βō).jpg )
31525 No. 31525 [Edit]
Since the old request thread has been gone for quite some time now, would it alright to make a new one? I've been trying to re-find the picture in which a guy tells a story beginning with a high school orchestra performance. He talks about how he imagined his waifu, Kagami Hiiragi, being in the audience and how they talk and spend time with each other after returning home. It has a picture of Kagami gently smiling in it, but I otherwise remember it only consisting of small black text on a white background.
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>> No. 31558 [Edit]
File 152477944865.jpg - (195.64KB , 743x1155 , That's love man.jpg )
>> No. 31561 [Edit]
Thank you so much. I really enjoy reading the thoughts and experiences others have concerning their beloved, and this one left a strong impression on me.
>> No. 31563 [Edit]
That's very heartwarming. I hope that anon is still as happy with her.
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