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File 152963376791.jpg - (37.42KB , 930x523 , phone.jpg )
31640 No. 31640 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
People think tech is getting better. CPUs are faster, storage is cheaper, internet connections are faster. But I think it's getting worse.

I feel like the internet has lost its charm. It used to have a magical, positive, wild-west feel to it. Now it seems so commercialized, and you also have to be careful about what you post, since there's always a new flavor-of-the-month outrage issue.

Every site tracks you. Privacy is dead. You're expect to put more and more info online, yet there are tons of huge data breaches all the time.

If you post something that isn't politically correct, even if it's really mild, there are people who will try to doxx you, swat you, get you fired, publicly shamed, and so on. Twitter is especially bad about this. You can make an off-hand comment once and then a legion of angry people will try to ruin your entire life.

Everything is increasingly politicized now too. And now people who are at any political extreme will say shit like "everything is political" and "ignoring issues is tone deaf" so they're trying to convert neutral people to one side or another. The whole "you're either with us or against us" mentality is bullshit, but it's more pervasive than ever before.

But not just that, the internet is everywhere. It's not just confined to desktops and computer rooms. People are always on their phones. If you do or say something someone doesn't like, they can instantly record you and put it online, getting their followers to harass you.

But even aside from people harassing you, I just hate how everything gets posted online. You hang out with someone, then they take a selfie and you're in the background so your picture is online. Instantly. Maybe I don't like the way I looked at that particular moment. Maybe I don't want everyone knowing where I am and what I'm doing. But photo etiquette has shifted from it being rude to taking photos of people to being rude if you object to having your photo taken. It's like people think that you can't just hang out or go somewhere without documenting proof that you did it. People are creating their own dossiers. The NSA doesn't even need to exist. People are willingly posting all the intimate details of their
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>> No. 32962 [Edit]
I wouldn't worry it. As long as boards dedicate themselves to niche interests and hobbies, the mainstream won't care, and people will be left in peace.

You shouldn't be surprised. Most people are ignorant about imageboards--even the ones who pride themselves in being "internet savvy." This wouldn't be a problem, of course, if it weren't for the fact that they talk about imageboards as if they were some authority on it. Reading some shit article from some shit publication doesn't make one knowledgeable about a myriad of websites, their culture, and their users. But, since these people have to have an opinion, and it has to be heard, they start typing their diatribes and their loquacious posts.

I remember /tech/ being good on one point, but I didn't use it often.
>> No. 32966 [Edit]
>I remember /tech/ being good on one point, but I didn't use it often.
8chan boards were decent in the first or so years but /tech/ very quickly got filled with paranoid extremists and paranoid criminals.
>> No. 33014 [Edit]
File 156602895017.jpg - (146.91KB , 850x1203 , ly.jpg )
Is 8ch still off-line?
>> No. 35560 [Edit]
Mobile smartphones gave internet to anyone anywhere and people are stupid.

File 15773695755.jpg - (671.42KB , 1024x724 , summer001.jpg )
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sorry, accident, delete pls

Post edited on 26th Dec 2019, 6:40am
>> No. 33899 [Edit]
File 157737292041.png - (2.26MB , 1920x1080 , donki.png )
How amusing.
>> No. 33900 [Edit]
File 157737711177.gif - (5.20MB , 480x270 , life.gif )
>> No. 33901 [Edit]
I left in the middle, please post it somewhere else, I would like to read it.
>> No. 35553 [Edit]
File 159618839740.jpg - (18.33KB , 340x270 , il_340x270_1234956709_lwrl.jpg )
I will be hijacking this thread for the purpose of consulting a disgusting health issue.

How do you deal with ingrown hairs?
I noticed an itchy bump in my groin yesterday. I thought it was just a pimple but today I took a closer look and there's four of these ingrown fuckers in one spot. They appear to sit under the skin surface in one swollen red bump, 10x5mm size.
I had a clean needle so I decided to pick at the spots where hairs appear to be trapped. I wiped it with alcohol and tried to break skin in each of these places, no idea if this will do anything good. I can't tell if I hit the right spots either. I think I did but I'd have to break my spine to take a closer look at it.
I put some generic antibiotic ointment on it, slapped a bandaid over but it's an awkward place so it barely sticks.
Do you think that will, uh... do the trick?

File 151463055737.png - (531.18KB , 564x800 , 143656387370.png )
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>> No. 34080 [Edit]
>> No. 34086 [Edit]
>> No. 34391 [Edit]
File 158507595936.jpg - (219.60KB , 361x434 , 2a385a15aff7cf84ed69df20ca413cea-imagejpeg.jpg )
>> No. 35521 [Edit]
File 159574402335.jpg - (231.90KB , 850x1089 , 20200802.jpg )
何? なに?!?

File 146082394454.png - (33.24KB , 452x102 , 4rd.png )
28872 No. 28872 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What's a suitable automobile for the tohno-chan veteran?
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>> No. 31779 [Edit]
One that people won't try to rob you of. As long as you take care of it.
>> No. 32765 [Edit]
File 156419078781.jpg - (55.91KB , 800x450 , sys.jpg )
Want some tofu?
>> No. 32790 [Edit]
File 156428941817.jpg - (76.96KB , 565x423 , 3C8ADD70-DBC8-4FEE-8AA5-78F34E7FD0D1.jpg )
Subaru Vivio. Yui Nee-san’s car from Lucky Star.
>> No. 32929 [Edit]
File 15653462806.jpg - (107.90KB , 1500x804 , Kkk.jpg )
Mach 5

File 156249923665.jpg - (165.38KB , 1362x765 , 1321775359252.jpg )
32524 No. 32524 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
tanabata celebration
>> No. 32525 [Edit]
moe power
>> No. 32718 [Edit]
File 156397737095.jpg - (81.55KB , 751x1063 , DMT.jpg )
I <3 you 24/7.
>> No. 35514 [Edit]
I hate JULY

File 156580656878.jpg - (159.81KB , 500x625 , 3813BFB2-31E5-40A6-83B4-2F9A756A9628-171-00000001F.jpg )
32990 No. 32990 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you feel about english songs in anime sountracks? What about songs actually made by western musicians? Stand Alone Complex has a lot of them and some are better than others. Berserk's bad op is another example. Made in Abyss's entire sound track was done by an australian team and I think they did a very good job, with the exception of two atrocious tracks featuring pop singers.
I generally dislike anything that reminds me too much of what plays on the radio. I'll never understand the "cool factor" english has for people that don't speak it natively.
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>> No. 35006 [Edit]
File 158969498343.gif - (20.22KB , 150x150 , 20200517.gif )
LAIN OP ~ Duvet by BOA.

99 Luftballoons
>> No. 35017 [Edit]
I don't really care what language a song is, to me lyrics are just a different form of instrument and their meaning is only tertiary to how they sound in their song. If they are a good "instrument" then it's fine by me.
>> No. 35018 [Edit]
I like this interpretation. Baroque music used the human voice like any other instrument, demanding vocal techniques you wouldn't see as much later one.
Vivaldi: Agitata da due venti
>> No. 35499 [Edit]
Stick to Japanese

File 151641183288.jpg - (254.86KB , 1024x768 , observatory.jpg )
31344 No. 31344 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you know any nice places to visit in Japan?
Especially anime related places.

I plan to go to Japan this year and try to find some less touristy places to go to.
The thread will most likely still be up so I can post some pictures I make.

Does any one recognize the place in this picture?
7 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 31360 [Edit]
File 151666184746.jpg - (632.75KB , 1920x1280 , 20170408013516_IMG_2252.jpg )
>Yes. Go to Kyoto or Nara. Get your ass out of the city. Don't spend more than a few days in Tokyo (make sure to spend a couple of hours at Akasaka and the imperial gardens, but otherwise avoid the concrete jungle, it is basically like any other big city in the West just in Japanese and with a lot more people crowding the place), the rest of Japan has a lot more character.
We plan to stay at last a week in the Kyoto area and get a 14 day railpass to visit some more remote places.
I have never been in any city outside of Europe, I don't know how much I'll like Toyko but I'm not a fan of big cities anyway.

> This is what you're looking for.

This one is nice. I don't recognise most places though.

>Have only been to the various Lucky Star locations in Saitama and Ooarai (twice) so far. First is a little bit depressing since you can see how its popularity is fading (quite literally, the flags in Satte or whatever you call them almost have no color anymore), second is still going well (they really know how to promote it).

The Lucky Star locations are a bit remote but I hope I can find time for it.

Ooari is from that one Girls and Panzer Episode?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 31600 [Edit]
Images are up
>> No. 33839 [Edit]
Fallout Fukushima
>> No. 35496 [Edit]
Eva tour

Haruhi & more


File 158621271580.png - (256.21KB , 640x357 , torri.png )
34522 No. 34522 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you hold any spiritual beliefs? The subject has been on my mind a lot lately, particularly since having watched Your Name and Weathering With You. I read a bit about Shinto, and I suppose if anything I'm a bit sympathetic to it and similar kinds of beliefs that hold there is not a distinction between matter and spirit. The Greek notion of logos or pneuma is actually pretty similar in this regard.

Of course a difficulty is that I have never experienced anything that I would call spiritual, which could lead me to believe in a spiritual side of life.

Kind of related video:
2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 34530 [Edit]
I hold the belief that at a rough level there is some sort of collective conscious, and like you mentioned that >there is not a distinction between matter and spirit.
>> No. 34542 [Edit]
If there's no disctintion between matter and spirit, what is matter at all? See Berkeley.
>> No. 34632 [Edit]
Belief is something you choose for yourself, anyone can have spiritual beliefs if they want to. Since spiritual beliefs necessarily defy conventional logic, its impossible to disprove them convincingly and since they require faith, proving them convincingly negates the spiritual element. Until the airplane was invented, its was generally considered a given fact that birds could fly because god made them that way. These days we generally believe that birds can fly because of aerodynamics and evolution, but almost none of the people who hold those beliefs have studied either issue in detail. Most of the people who believe that birds can fly because of aerodynamics and evolution believe so because they trust "the experts". "The experts" function as the priests of the system of belief for most people, because those people have faith in "the experts". For most people the idea that birds can fly because of aerodynamics and evolution because "the experts" say so is fundamentally a spiritual type of belief, its not one based on learning, experience or observations, its a belief based on trusting their priests. Taking all that into account, there are probably a lot more people who hold spiritual beliefs than there are people who will admit that their system of beliefs is based on faith.
Its not out of the question that one day "the experts" will fully discern the functional mechanisms that make DNA work the way it does and they might understand how one very small core molecule governs the life of a person and determines their character and characteristics and then they'll be telling us all that souls were real all along, just like what those stupid old religious texts have been saying for thousands of years.
>> No. 35489 [Edit]
File 159562269934.jpg - (108.38KB , 768x1024 , 147706131_53546f1a21_b.jpg )
I'm really superstitious.

File 159213838637.jpg - (211.50KB , 850x602 , __original_drawn_by_ninopachi__sample-a3ed151cb3e5.jpg )
35309 No. 35309 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What do you look for in an adaption? Adaptions of books, visual novels and other long form media can almost never be one for one in a tv or movie format. Trying to do so inenvitably leads to failure. Instead, an adaption has to condense the plot, but beyond that is has to make other decisions about what to focus on. Because an adaption can't be a recreation of the original most of the time, it's usually better for it to focus heavily on a few things, either from the source material, or something of its own. As many characters as need be can be cut out and more than half of the plot thrown out the bin, if this is done well and the adaption stands well on its own.

However, adapations can pick bad things to focus on. I feel this is when things are dumbed down for accessibility and spectacle, usually though action. Lord of the Rings is a good example of this. I watched the movies first and later read the books. I didn't think the books would be the kind of thing i'd be interested in, but I was blown away by how compelling they were. It was more of a page turner than anything I've read before actually. It felt written with intelligence.

The movies changed the personalities of multiple characters, added in a horribly idiotic, cliche conflict between two of the main characters which was not in the book, and spent most of the run time on battles, which was definitely not what was most important to the book author. Many things were taken out, but they were not replaced by something of equal value. When subtely and nuance are stripped, rather than replaced with other subtleties and nuance, I think that's a downgrade.

Post edited on 14th Jun 2020, 5:41am
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>> No. 35316 [Edit]
An animated TV adaptation of LOTR would be really nice, assuming it isn't also the "manufactured tension" crap. The episodic format would give way to being able to adapt more than a strict feature-length movie would be able to as well.
I think there actually was an animated adaptation of LOTR at one point though I've never watched it.

(Also I'd love if Hobbits/Halflings were properly done as monstergirls. Always seems like nips are confused as to what to do with them and dwarves, so you have a lot of different versions that aren't quite as good as your pic.)
>> No. 35320 [Edit]
File 159230423647.jpg - (49.48KB , 463x559 , 1537441486281.jpg )
There was the Bakshi movie, then after that some less known sequel and a Hobbit adaptation, both for TV. The first movie (the only one I watched) isn't great, it's rotoscoped, it looks weird and the characters designs aren't particularly nice.
Like most of Bakshi works is a mixed bag, not particularly well animated and maybe with some interesting ideas, problem is his syle worked a lot better with underground stuff than with something classic like Lotr. Still, it had the best cover art ever and I wouldn't say it's awful or anything.
If something I would have liked to see some OVA adaptation, Lodoss War or Wizardry style, I think the first 90's were a good time in anime for classic fantasy settings.
>> No. 35415 [Edit]
File 159414523847.gif - (49.67KB , 640x400 , 2c55744f878690ff55c3d59524b3a722.gif )
I wish literature was adapted into visual novel format. Solaris for instance would be a great pick. I liked the book quite a bit. The soviet movie gets a lot of praise, but I think I'd hate what they did with the visuals and atmosphere compared to what was in my head. Solaris had depressing romantic elements, but it definitely was not a romance. A VN would capture the feeling I'd like very well and contain all the interesting technical parts that would be cut out of any other format. A one to one adaption would be possible, as in every single line in the book being in the VN, just with pictures and music added. Bram Stocker's Dracula would also be a good choice. I wonder why this idea hasn't caught on?
>> No. 35418 [Edit]
>I wonder why this idea hasn't caught on?
I like it but VNs are already something niche. Lack of h-scenes may turn away even more people

File 148062549128.gif - (175.92KB , 600x413 , FC58-TDF-KJ-Sukeban3-01.gif )
29712 No. 29712 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
For me it's this.
3 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 29717 [Edit]
File 148071685789.jpg - (203.75KB , 1024x768 , 3ab23d570d617604ce6d50c2e979def7.jpg )
Beat me to it, opened the thread in a new tab to post it, then I forgot about it for a couple of hours, heh. Long skirts are really good.

This is very nice, too.
>> No. 29724 [Edit]
Dark blue
The top part is short and the skirt is calf-length
white trim and bow and ankle socks or black stockings with loafers
>> No. 35390 [Edit]
Oarai Girls High's Se-la-fuku
>> No. 35391 [Edit]
File 159332383689.jpg - (126.07KB , 850x678 , 20200628.jpg )
White & Green.

File 147670277636.png - (487.91KB , 769x738 , anime girl.png )
29608 No. 29608 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
/ot/ could just as easily stand for "on topic"
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 29678 [Edit]
So what topic are we on then?
>> No. 29687 [Edit]
looks like anime girls to me
>> No. 29741 [Edit]
I like oppai.
>> No. 35389 [Edit]
Oh pie! Old 𝞹!

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