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File 169669948053.jpg - (308.05KB , 1920x1080 , 2023-10-07 18_52_54-Greenshot.jpg )
41807 No. 41807 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Tohno-chan, please explain this to me. I want to know so I can be a better person. Some of the H stuff I come across while playing VNs, ...I find it disturbing. I know I can always just skip and ignore, but it makes me wonder, how can it be that I play VNs for healing and moe and the story, while other people seem to play it for all that additional filth. Never understood this, I like characters the way they are while others like the very same characters only when they know what, you have seen it. Feels like a sort of dissonance to me. Is it a japanese thing that I'm just not meant to understand? Is it a business thing like all-ages and ecchi stuff has not enough paying customers? Please give me knowledge. (Sorry if I insulted any fans of H stuff, it was not the goal.)
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>> No. 41824 [Edit]
I think sex scenes in this context are seen as a capstone for many: it's an expression of upmost love and trust between two people, and it consummates the efforts of the protagonist and reader, especially if the path to get there was arduous.
>> No. 41825 [Edit]
This is really what it comes down to. I don't understand why there seems to be such opposition to it.
>> No. 41826 [Edit]
I feel like there are better ways to represent it, especially since many sex scenes don't havea much thought or work put into them. I understand the point you are trying to make but I feel it is a very lazy way to do that and the effort would be better spent putting together a more unique scene with the girl, since many sex scenes in the are very similar. This has sorta gone off-topic from OP's original point though. I will say I don't really see much of this type of stuff in moege, nor do I see much fetish stuff, it is typically reserved for more "mature genres".
It's like how seinen and josei are more likely to have the heroine be promiscious or have other type of filth in it like rape, whereas shsoujo is typically more pure, but sometimes an author makes a crappy story.
>> No. 41828 [Edit]
You're overlooking another component. Tied to the emotional aspect of love is the physical side, which sex scenes satisfy in addition to the former. Again, it's the culmination of love and desire with the character that the reader and protagonist doggedly pursued.
Plus, they don't have to be lazily written, that's just what the writers feel they can get away with; it's not necessarily the result of having ero-scenes.

File 161657022977.jpg - (1.06MB , 1203x1543 , dd6c4cad8439a42de40ed0e740ca6f0a.jpg )
37957 No. 37957 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Are there any character archetypes you are fond of or would like to see?
I like pure girls with dark skin and light hair. The resemblance to gyarus while having a very different personality is refreshing and the dark skin adds an exotic bit of excitement with the personality making for a strong amount of moe. It's even better if they're busty girls.

Post edited on 24th Mar 2021, 12:56am
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>> No. 37986 [Edit]
How about Soranowoto?
Maybe the upcoming Girls Front Line anime?
There's also Valkyria Chronicles, which has mixed gender armies.
>> No. 37987 [Edit]
File 161677988359.jpg - (216.73KB , 850x601 , sample_ceb119781ae2c3aab08a2e65f4bbf14f.jpg )
Soranowoto and Aozora Shoujotai look interesting. Something that feels grittier would be good. I guess there isn't much of a market for that kind of thing.
>> No. 41792 [Edit]
File 16959566733.png - (836.24KB , 516x1383 , 192021095057102.png )
i love yandere characters, loli characters, and otaku characters. i'm always really happy when they appear in something i like, especially if it's some combination of the three. my dream is one character that combines all three archetypes, somehow.
i wish yandere characters were more common in general, it feels like it peaked with Yuno Gasai in Mirai Nikki.
>> No. 41793 [Edit]
>i wish yandere characters were more common in general
Same. That deep unquestioned love and devotion... It's inspiring.

File 155118309774.jpg - (139.95KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Net-juu no Susume - 07 [720p]_mkv_s.jpg )
32034 No. 32034 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you think the youth of our current generation is spoiled by having a limitless amount of media content instantly available to them at a moment's notice?
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>> No. 32080 [Edit]
Technically, yes, but YouTube comments were never known for their quality.
>> No. 41689 [Edit]
In some ways yes, in other ways no.
On the one hand they can get by on easy mode using google and bots to solve all their questions, cheat on their tests, order whatever they want, and find anything they want including things that they aren't supposed to have access to like porn. It's convenient and easy, but that also makes people lazy, weak minded, and leaves them helpless the moment you cut the internet connection.
It also seems to be over stimulating people. With so many options, it's hard to focus on any one thing. It's hard to hold the attention of anyone growing up with all this constant noise.
They don't know what to believe or what to trust with information being piled onto them, which really screws them up. This also robs them of shared experiences with people of their own age, due to people being so divided. But that's a bit of a different matter.
Just look at how miserable and depressed they all are. They have a million of voices telling them what to think and do and how to live, with no idea which ones to trust, a million lives to compare their own to. A million distractions they can't indulge in without neglecting the most of everything else out there. The internet should have a hard age limit, and I'm talking like 18+ to use it. Minors aren't supposed to consume alcohol or Tabaco because it can cause physical issues with a still developing body. Why isn't the same consideration given to their mental health?
The writing is on the walls but no one wants to acknowledge the inconvenient truth, that it's all doing far more harm than good for those who aren't mature enough to handle it.
>> No. 41692 [Edit]
I think a curated network should be created in the case of the general internet being age restricted, for educational purposes. Kids whose parents heavily regulate their computer usage end up computer illiterate.
>> No. 41782 [Edit]
So youre saying we have to restrict and monitor access to the most powerful tool the free people of this planet have ever seen because of the possibility of a trivial threat to the well-being of children?

Which government agency did you say you were with again?

File 167091445239.jpg - (186.33KB , 1920x1080 , Bang Dream S01E09_mkv_snapshot_02_28_[2020_07_14_1.jpg )
40936 No. 40936 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Stuff you bought, ordered, or just hope to get someday.
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>> No. 41729 [Edit]
File 169311706735.jpg - (0.99MB , 4032x3024 , DSC_1172.jpg )
Bought one of those random assortment packs of Japanese candy. It was like $20 for a pack, which might be a bit much if it was in japan but for something imported I can't complain. the same stuff would probably come out to twice as much if bought from a local Asian market.
Reviews made it sound like it ranges from gross to great. should be interesting to see how it pans out.
>> No. 41730 [Edit]
I've been thinking about doing something similar but with snacks instead of just sweets. Do let us know how it goes.
>> No. 41731 [Edit]
Funny that they still have candy cigarettes.
>> No. 41743 [Edit]
File 169327706277.jpg - (1.06MB , 1500x1125 , DSC_1175.jpg )
They're kinda chalky lemon flavored sticks that dissolve quickly. I think it's funny the packaging says "We support your No-smoking"

File 132644911135.jpg - (2.89MB , 2502x3500 , d46191e6482739ee0b4b3e6987e38b9c.jpg )
12292 No. 12292 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
what are some things that really bug you?
things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!
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>> No. 41709 [Edit]
What about all the Japanese artists?
>> No. 41712 [Edit]
I guess they're fine, but I'd still be willing to lose them if it meant getting rid of everyone else on the site.
>> No. 41718 [Edit]
File 169291087859.jpg - (313.65KB , 1378x2039 , E1fxwf1VgAI_And.jpg )
This seems like an absurd stance to take if you passionately enjoy 2D media created in the 21st century. Think of all the mangaka, the animators, the writers, the illustrators, the musicians, the voice actors, the game developers, etc. who would be gone.
Hell, even Tohno has a Twitter account. >>41151 What would happen to TC?
>> No. 41774 [Edit]
Obviously we'd hire a necromancer and have him reanimate tohno. Can't have him enjoy the boundless wonders of the afterlife while we suffer in our meatsacks.

File 167879369975.jpg - (364.38KB , 850x1289 , sample_c987c78720d783b9c417d3de4b590963.jpg )
41254 No. 41254 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I don't know where to make this thread, I'll end up making it in the otaku board. So I wanted to talk about cyberpunk with you guys because it's my favorite genre.
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>> No. 41584 [Edit]
File 168972432016.jpg - (200.09KB , 1500x731 , bladerunner.jpg )
>complaining about the lead character in some cyberpunk work being a police officer
Seriously? That would discount Blade Runner too.

edit: Armitage III too. Cops are a common occupation for cyberpunk protagonists, so whoever that was doesn't know what they're talking about.

Post edited on 18th Jul 2023, 4:54pm
>> No. 41585 [Edit]
Exactly! It annoyed me a lot which is why that kind of opinion stuck with me for so long. I don't understand it at all.
>> No. 41586 [Edit]
File 168977502812.jpg - (169.23KB , 735x1200 , PKD_Valis.jpg )
I loved cyberpunk when I was younger.
The funny thing us that even though cyberpunk tends to be dystopian in nature, the actual reality we're in is shaping up to be much worse in some respects than most of the cyberpunk media you saw 30, 40 years ago.

My favorite PKD book is Valis, which explores in great detail the philosophical and religious ideas which underpin his cyberpunk books, but contains only trace amounts of science fiction.
>> No. 41588 [Edit]
File 168995109456.jpg - (511.90KB , 1614x2297 , MV5BOGMwYTk0MTYtNzkyNC00YmQ4LTliNmEtZDFiNTU3MTMwMG.jpg )
I feel kind of indifferent about cyberpunk as a genre these days, because really we're basically living a world with much of what was imagined in cyberpunk media in the past. I mean, we're not at the level of cyborgs or brain-in-a-vat level of tech. But you could easily write a cyberpunk narrative set in the modern world.

You should try watching some stuff from the noir genre OP. I really like series directed by Shuko Murase myself. I also just finished the first season of Psycho-pass, and it was phenomenal

File 157577727342.jpg - (226.27KB , 850x645 , __original_drawn_by_ymr__sample-ee3eb5142cfd4e3e14.jpg )
33794 No. 33794 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I started learning Japanese, well I already did, but took a couple of months off and am now getting back into it. Same story you've heard a million times, whatever. I made the "mistake" of learning all N5 words outside of context because I thought that would be more efficient and I didn't feel like doing worksheets. On one hand, I'm still familiar with all that vocab, on the other hand, learning it in tandem with grammar would have been better. Anyway, I'm not interested in speaking. My goal is fluent literacy. I wanna read something like Saya no Uta smoothly and with crystal clear understanding, really enjoy myself. How difficult would that be? I'm willing to shoot myself in the foot in another area of the language to expedite this specific goal.

I've learned a bit more about the "Japanese Learning Community" and came across AJATT. I find it to be weird and kind of culty. Look at this

It's so bizarre to me. These guys are completely obsessed with perfectly replicating a "native speaker". Use all the right pitch accents and all the right expressions without ever deviating so no one can tell the difference. I started comparing this approach with how English is spoken. Different people say words differently. Some people talk in a sing-song sort of way, others like they're always asking a question. Maybe it sounds dumb or annoying, but I'd never say they're speaking English incorrectly. Every person probably has their own quirks and I like making up my own expressions and getting a little creative. Is Japanese really so uniform between every person(with the same dialect)? What about people with accents? Not only are accents acceptable in English, they're desirable in some cases. My parents have an accent, yet i'd still say their english is perfect.

Imagine if I made a video responding to a German guy trying to speak English in the "perfect way" with no accent or anything "nonnative", and I paused every few seconds to point out some slight inaccuracy in how a word is spoken. How weird would that be? You'd think that German guy is misguided and w
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 41240 [Edit]
If you have time to eat, and sleep, and bathe, you have time to memorize less than 100 characters(hiragana + katakana).
>May I ask how you achieved that?
First, he learned the hiragana and katakana.
>you could transliterate things to romaji if you really wanted
The only thing romaji is good for, for language learners, is learning the kana. What you're suggesting, is incredibly inefficient for an adult who knows how to read in one language. It's better to leverage those skills rather than pretend you're some kind of infant.
>> No. 41241 [Edit]
>> No. 41288 [Edit]
File 167993533940.png - (60.52KB , 1666x724 , march_2023.png )
March progress. I add cards regularly, but don't review consistently enough. My daily amount has been mounting.

Tried graded readers, and will continue to do so, but the ones I can understand are kinda boring.
>> No. 41442 [Edit]
Jap a little rusty but knew enough to order for the specials on the blackboard. The english translation was a little broken. Heh.

File 147580537050.png - (37.65KB , 445x150 , quality evening.png )
29589 No. 29589 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Look at all this entertainment I have! The first week or two of every anime season are great, even if you drop most of the shows you check out, they still deliver that 22 minutes of first episode to amuse you.
What other periods of time are regularly worthwhile?
>> No. 41402 [Edit]
New anime season is best? I agree.
>> No. 41434 [Edit]
>The first week or two of every anime season are great
I really enjoyed the first season of Demon Slayer. It was honestly the first series I've seen in a while I thought I could marathon if I actually wanted. But it really fell off afterwards, and I haven't bothered to catch up with the Swordsmith Village Arc
>> No. 41436 [Edit]
>the psychedelic guide to preparing...
>flip flappers
I wonder if these two downloads were related.
>> No. 41437 [Edit]
Feels like just yesterday I was looking forward to the first episodes of new shows and now they're on their 7th or 8th. Time slips away too quickly.

File 160765290027.jpg - (49.23KB , 850x425 , __eve_original_drawn_by_chihuri__sample-41a6b3de6c.jpg )
36944 No. 36944 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
It's winter time. It's that time. Short days, snow, cold, dry air, holidays, the stilling of life and expansion of nothingness. How does it make you feel?
38 posts and 18 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 41242 [Edit]
We fuckin died to the japs in the first round and we will NEVER make an appearance again! STRAYA MATE!
>> No. 41294 [Edit]
How's them subs coming along?
>> No. 41404 [Edit]
File 168346347664.jpg - (1.26MB , 4032x3024 , 9BE02FA5-8542-4691-A4C1-F0B8E9402C26.jpg )
Hot coffee solves everything
>> No. 41410 [Edit]
I wanna go somewhere cold. Move to a place that actually has 4 seasons instead of this depressing shithole where it's always hot. It's middle autumn and is just like a hot summer day, I am shirtless, underwearless, using only very short and thin shorts that are so loose and tiny that they leave my genitals exposed and the fan is a top speed and it's still impossible to stand the heat. It's my limit, every year this shithole gets hotter I can't take this anymore.

File 152434146967.jpg - (732.76KB , 1529x1080 , Cup Hatsune (L·βō).jpg )
31525 No. 31525 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Since the old request thread has been gone for quite some time now, would it alright to make a new one? I've been trying to re-find the picture in which a guy tells a story beginning with a high school orchestra performance. He talks about how he imagined his waifu, Kagami Hiiragi, being in the audience and how they talk and spend time with each other after returning home. It has a picture of Kagami gently smiling in it, but I otherwise remember it only consisting of small black text on a white background.
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 40655 [Edit]
File 166507704113.jpg - (27.01KB , 400x600 , angel.jpg )
I request a hi-res version of this picture and information on the artist, please.
>> No. 40656 [Edit]
File 166508775495.jpg - (261.12KB , 1060x1500 , 65517dfea5370e0f4e91476ee2af9d3d20cd64a3.jpg )
>> No. 40657 [Edit]
File 166509988391.png - (1.37MB , 900x1271 , camera hime.png )
Arigatou gozaimasu.
>> No. 41409 [Edit]
File 168382791598.jpg - (89.72KB , 512x640 , desk.jpg )
I request pictures of Kuroki Tomoko sleepy-faced, yawning or waking up with her left side closer to the viewer like pic related. I need this for reference.

File 156978298967.jpg - (226.78KB , 850x638 , __gold_red_typhlosion_blastoise_charizard_and_etc_.jpg )
33327 No. 33327 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What has been your personal experience with Pokemon? I started with gen 4, and I have good memories of it for that reason, but it's not my favorite. I think generation 2 was the peak of everything good about Pokemon. The atmosphere, the music, the adventure. It was intended as the last entry into the series and it shows. Everything after the second generation has been an artificial extension increasingly made out of an interest in profit rather than passion.

A lot of people feel that the franchise has gone down hill, but I disagree with their reasons. It's true that the creatures have become more over-designed and the overall art style has become less inspired and the legendary monster concept has been cheapened, but that's not the biggest issue in my opinion. The problem is that it became international. You don't really think of Pokemon as a jrpg, right?

The franchise's success practically forced gamefreak to tone certain things down for a larger, global audience and especially western sensibilities. Then they started accomodating more and more to the point where the game's aren't even set in places based on Japan. The cultural roots of the game have been uprooted and when playing the games you feel it. You feel that it was intended to please everybody across the world. No more forest shrines and kimono wearing girls. No more buddhist temples. No more anything that could upset a parent. No where is this shift more clear than in the anime. The themes of the games aren't particularly tied to Japan either now. Gen 1's technological focus and gen 2's nature focus came from a place relevant to the creators, so it felt like it had some weight to it.

tl;dr: The franchise isn't bathed in Japanese aesthetics and/or sensibilities anymore, so it feels soulless.
29 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 41365 [Edit]
File 168181428281.jpg - (111.53KB , 850x1063 , 20230419.jpg )
Pokemon is for kids but that first OP in nihongo still slaps hard for me.
>> No. 41366 [Edit]
Started with red, also somewhere around y2k, and loved it to death.
Being a kid, completely ignorant of the way technology works it seemed like anything was possible.
I remember that an NPC somewhere around Pewter city said that Diglett can build entire caves, and I was absolutely convinced that this meant I can do that in game and build my own tunnels to other cities. Tried out a lot of stuff, but unfortunately nothing ever worked.
Also always tried to find a way beyond the fences or other barriers limiting the areas, because there was always something visible beyond them that looked like there's entire areas there you could visit if only you could find a little hole, somewhere the designers forgot to put a fence.
The thing was just magic, especially with all the rumors floating around, like glitch city, or that you could find mew if you left the game on for 100 hours and then the truck blocking the way at the dock of the M.S. Anne would go away. Actually I was more interested in exploring the area behind the truck than I was in getting mew.

Then I got crystal as a gift and the day/night cycle blew me away. The game was damn immersive, and at some points even managed to scare me.
The strange radio transmission creeped me out enough that I'd avoid them when playing at night.
Now that I think about it the game had a bit of an eerie feel in general.
Lost the cartridge eventually, then ended up with another from who knows where and then lost it again, which pisses me off to this day. The translucent case always fascinated me. Now they're expensive as fuck.

Then I got ruby, and later emerald. Played that generation for a couple of years, well into high school actually, and tried my hand at making custom roms, without much success. They really upped the immersion with that one, adding base building, different weather and biomes, growing of berries, etc.
I guess that was my favorite gen of all, precisely because of that.
Also the great music. Pokemon designs were nice too.
LG/FR was a step backwards in that regard iirc, and I never ended up getting it, only borrowed it from a friend, though I did still enjoy it.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 41368 [Edit]
File 168211773754.jpg - (1.93MB , 1414x1000 , 9096c5718ffc04ef7b8d44d4cfe7e2df.jpg )
If you ever want to play a Pokemon game you haven't before, I would recommend gen 4 or 5. They're pretty good. melonDS is the best DS emulator.

>Neither Gen 3 nor Gen 1 had that strong of a Japanese theme though, did they?
Not really in Gen 3, but Gen 1 had themes and aspects relevant to 90s Japan, like I mentioned in the OP.
>> No. 41430 [Edit]
I loved G4 since it really did have an air of mystery to it, but it took a bit of time to adjust its comparatively slow pacing.

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