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File 160506324537.jpg - (130.81KB , 1023x600 , Blaking news.jpg )
36646 No. 36646 [Edit]
Thread for otaku related news.
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>> No. 36647 [Edit]

Looks like this might be the final nail in the coffin for arcades.
>> No. 36648 [Edit]

Akihabara's Adores becomes the latest victim of the times.
>> No. 36698 [Edit]

Literal Kusoge.
>> No. 36699 [Edit]
File 160558236618.png - (308.41KB , 1400x1400 , 737fcc9700f642b7043429105140a9a2.png )
I hope it becomes massively popular. Like the kind of popular to rival touhou or other mobile "games" that flood pages upon pages of boorus such that half of any given tag you search is filled with art of that game and it takes the internet by storm.
>> No. 36700 [Edit]
File 160558253021.jpg - (345.18KB , 1023x600 , forbidden news.jpg )
If you insist on posting fanart of that "anime" at least make it something actually cute next time.
>> No. 36707 [Edit]
You're 3 posts late. Everyone is staring at you silently, judging.
>> No. 36866 [Edit]
File 160682179083.jpg - (521.75KB , 1250x716 , __akiyama_mio_nakano_azusa_hirasawa_yui_tainaka_ri.jpg )

I guess Ritsu is a boy and Azusa didn't make the cut.
>> No. 37656 [Edit]
Magnitude 7 earthquake near Fukushima. Largest one in quite a while now (I think the last time one >= 7 hit was ~2014). Hopefully this isn't the prelude to an ever larger one.
>> No. 37657 [Edit]
Can't believe it's been 10 years since that incident, hopefully this will be all there is to it.
>> No. 37669 [Edit]
Isn't that exactly what was being discussed in >>37656?
>> No. 37672 [Edit]
Sorry, I forgot how to read.
>> No. 37711 [Edit]
From what I've been seeing, didn't look like they were nearly as prepared as they should have been.
>> No. 37998 [Edit]
File 161703714118.png - (704.31KB , 770x513 , image0.png )
The ship Ever Given, which has been clogging up the Suez Cana for the past week, has finally got free. People here might find this interesting because it means delays on a lot of over seas shipments.
>> No. 38000 [Edit]
Best image I have seen to this matter, it genuinely made me laugh.
Thank you for this.
>> No. 38001 [Edit]
File 161705343777.jpg - (77.98KB , 850x631 , __ever_given_evergreen_marine_corporation_drawn_by.jpg )
They did make some fun images out of this, haven't they?
>> No. 38002 [Edit]
Has it already been a week? Time's flying these days.
>> No. 38242 [Edit]

Over-Time's time is over.
>> No. 38306 [Edit]
>> No. 38307 [Edit]
That sucks. I was really looking forward to the recent developments.
>> No. 38308 [Edit]
He left notes behind. People he instructed will probably continue it if only because it's so profitable.
>> No. 38309 [Edit]
So it's finally happened..

Hopefully it will live up to expectations but there is no denying that it will be different without him at helm. Disappointing since I've been following the manga for so long.
>> No. 38311 [Edit]
If it does happen at least you can hopefully look forward to a more cohesive publication schedule.
>> No. 38313 [Edit]
File 162155563673.jpg - (163.46KB , 751x1100 , guts 1 .jpg )
I wish this was a prank. I can't overstate my sorrow of receiving this news. I got into the Berserk manga many years ago, when I was around 15. From the moment I read it, I knew it was one of those experiences that would mark me for a lifetime. My own childhood was a nightmare in itself, so I clang to Guts as my role model. A man who defied all the odds, who fought with unspeakable monster despite being a human, a man who rose above the struggle. Every time I felt bad I would think of Guts, and face the struggle again. This very night, I was awoken by a repulsive nightmare, and thought of him. Yet, I came to my home site to find about such sad news. I spent all day crying. I never met or talked with Miura-sensei, yet I cried as if I lost a dear friend. I am devastated. He was so young, and such a genius.
To have created such a generation-spanning story, with amazing art and characters would have been an achievement in itself, but Miura went further. Guts is not merely a character, he is a role model. Today the world is bereft of a master artist and a superb storyteller. And all I can do is treasure the gift this man gave us, from the other side of the globe, and keep it in my heart forever.
RIP Kentaro Miura, you will be thoroughly missed.
>> No. 38369 [Edit]

A large chunk of the internet went offline, because some random user changed his settings.
>> No. 38374 [Edit]
File berserk.mp4 - (36.44KB )

>> No. 38718 [Edit]

Matsudo police department's public relations video was removed after receiving backlash from Japan's feminist group for featuring a character that was deemed too sexual for wearing serafuku with skirts that are too short and exposed midriffs.
>> No. 38720 [Edit]
File 163235427012.jpg - (852.71KB , 2694x4096 , 1d6c3cc3f4e974657d4f709b93af7b9b.jpg )
Most of, if not all of the replies seem to be from people bewildered or mistakenly attributing it to traditionalists.

Seems to me like the first stage of this cancer. At the US's stage, this sort of thing has been so normalized that instead of advocating for it, swarmy leftists pretend cultural, de-facto censorship doesn't exist, or is only attributable to conservatives.

Post edited on 22nd Sep 2021, 4:45pm
>> No. 38742 [Edit]
These "groups" all have their day in the limelight japan, considering nothing happened with the constantly doomposted olympics, it's just a one off thing usually. Look at the replies.
>> No. 38786 [Edit],2707.0.html

They're shutting down...
>> No. 38789 [Edit]
There's already plans for a new wiki. Not that big of a deal
>> No. 38790 [Edit]
File 163423315083.jpg - (2.47MB , 1549x2266 , __sevenger_and_windom_ultra_series_and_1_more_draw.jpg )
>> No. 38791 [Edit]
Have any of you given Starlit Season a try? How was it?
>> No. 38796 [Edit]
File 163455522011.png - (543.26KB , 600x848 , 17305398f6dad31460fa489b448db793.png )
It makes me very happy to see IM@S return to full retail releases, and especially to see the 765 girls back and I may purchase it just to support full games like this. But these games are too complex for my level of Japanese. Hopefully with it having the series seminal PC release there will be a translation eventually.
>> No. 38805 [Edit]
File 163460124231.png - (0.98MB , 760x4957 , RIP Cure Dolly.png )
I can't believe Cure Dolly sensei is dead. I loved her videos, and I think she was the best youtuber when it came to explaining japanese language. She was very kind and replied to pretty much every comment even on older videos. She was cute, had a very pleasant way of speaking and looking back she was a pioneer of Vtubing as well. Her lessons helped me a lot.
Love you forever, Cure Dolly sensei. I will miss you very much.
>> No. 38807 [Edit]
I never understood the choice of the robotic voice (which I personally wasn't a fan of), and given that the videos could usually be summarized in 1 or 2 sentences I think blog posts would have been a better medium. That said, the videos were still pretty helpful.
>> No. 38810 [Edit]
I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you're doing OK.
>> No. 38812 [Edit]
Why did they write it like whoever was behind this project was just some robot that kinda broke down? Are they even actually dead?
>> No. 38814 [Edit]
If you haven't listened to her videos, that robot voice was the entire schtick (thankfully most videos has captions so you could just read the transcript). I guess it's not too different from the vtuber thing (not using your real voice + being personified by a figure).
>> No. 38815 [Edit]
I'm heartbroken by this too. I probably would give up on lerning japanese if not for her. She was so genuine. RIP
>I never understood the choice of the robotic voice (which I personally wasn't a fan of),
>Why did they write it like whoever was behind this project was just some robot that kinda broke down?
She never mentioned it but you can tell she's an old old lady. The way she talks and references she makes in her videos don't indicate a young person. She also had her book published by some weird press connected to 90's lesbian spanking cult (I won't be getting into details, but cure dolly lore is really deep)
She always larped as robot in her videos, must been big into RPG and fantasy in general. She definitely lived in her own world at least all her internet presence points so. Even on her private(?) channel (木の子チャンネル) she larps as a cgi fairy.
I believe person behind Dolly is either dead or in really bad condition. She went on hiatus on yt half year ago due to health issues that made her unable to make videos anymore and moved Cure Dolly project to text form on patreon (for free mind you).
>and given that the videos could usually be summarized in 1 or 2 sentences I think blog posts would have been a better medium. That said, the videos were still pretty helpful.
I personally find them charming, but at the same time I make summaries for every video and look up stuff in my notes instead if I need to refresh my memory. Also she sound better at 1.25x speed
>> No. 39165 [Edit]
File 16431266015.jpg - (31.08KB , 547x277 , Manga-anime-character-how-to-draw-art-software-pro.jpg )

This is ingenious.
>> No. 39807 [Edit]
File 165471181450.jpg - (219.59KB , 1358x2048 , __guts_and_casca_berserk_drawn_by_natsu_sanri__ab5.jpg )
>> No. 39808 [Edit]
Good luck to him. I only recently read Berserk. To think something I read in a matter of weeks was planned out 30 years ago and still isn't finished...
>> No. 39811 [Edit]
When I saw this soranews post on the homepage I was got very anxious. Thinking it could be about Berserk. I was eagerly waiting for some kind of statement in the one year grief anniversary, but when there was no news I got worried. It's so refreshing to hear this news, really warmed my heart and made my day. I am very happy with this development, and am very excited for the new chapters to come.

Post edited on 9th Jun 2022, 11:29am
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