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File 160506324537.jpg - (130.81KB , 1023x600 , Blaking news.jpg )
36646 No. 36646 [Edit]
Thread for otaku related news.
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>> No. 36647 [Edit]

Looks like this might be the final nail in the coffin for arcades.
>> No. 36648 [Edit]

Akihabara's Adores becomes the latest victim of the times.
>> No. 36698 [Edit]

Literal Kusoge.
>> No. 36699 [Edit]
File 160558236618.png - (308.41KB , 1400x1400 , 737fcc9700f642b7043429105140a9a2.png )
I hope it becomes massively popular. Like the kind of popular to rival touhou or other mobile "games" that flood pages upon pages of boorus such that half of any given tag you search is filled with art of that game and it takes the internet by storm.
>> No. 36700 [Edit]
File 160558253021.jpg - (345.18KB , 1023x600 , forbidden news.jpg )
If you insist on posting fanart of that "anime" at least make it something actually cute next time.
>> No. 36707 [Edit]
You're 3 posts late. Everyone is staring at you silently, judging.
>> No. 36866 [Edit]
File 160682179083.jpg - (521.75KB , 1250x716 , __akiyama_mio_nakano_azusa_hirasawa_yui_tainaka_ri.jpg )

I guess Ritsu is a boy and Azusa didn't make the cut.
>> No. 37656 [Edit]
Magnitude 7 earthquake near Fukushima. Largest one in quite a while now (I think the last time one >= 7 hit was ~2014). Hopefully this isn't the prelude to an ever larger one.
>> No. 37657 [Edit]
Can't believe it's been 10 years since that incident, hopefully this will be all there is to it.
>> No. 37669 [Edit]
Isn't that exactly what was being discussed in >>37656?
>> No. 37672 [Edit]
Sorry, I forgot how to read.
>> No. 37711 [Edit]
From what I've been seeing, didn't look like they were nearly as prepared as they should have been.
>> No. 37998 [Edit]
File 161703714118.png - (704.31KB , 770x513 , image0.png )
The ship Ever Given, which has been clogging up the Suez Cana for the past week, has finally got free. People here might find this interesting because it means delays on a lot of over seas shipments.
>> No. 38000 [Edit]
Best image I have seen to this matter, it genuinely made me laugh.
Thank you for this.
>> No. 38001 [Edit]
File 161705343777.jpg - (77.98KB , 850x631 , __ever_given_evergreen_marine_corporation_drawn_by.jpg )
They did make some fun images out of this, haven't they?
>> No. 38002 [Edit]
Has it already been a week? Time's flying these days.
>> No. 38242 [Edit]

Over-Time's time is over.
>> No. 38306 [Edit]
>> No. 38307 [Edit]
That sucks. I was really looking forward to the recent developments.
>> No. 38308 [Edit]
He left notes behind. People he instructed will probably continue it if only because it's so profitable.
>> No. 38309 [Edit]
So it's finally happened..

Hopefully it will live up to expectations but there is no denying that it will be different without him at helm. Disappointing since I've been following the manga for so long.
>> No. 38311 [Edit]
If it does happen at least you can hopefully look forward to a more cohesive publication schedule.
>> No. 38313 [Edit]
File 162155563673.jpg - (163.46KB , 751x1100 , guts 1 .jpg )
I wish this was a prank. I can't overstate my sorrow of receiving this news. I got into the Berserk manga many years ago, when I was around 15. From the moment I read it, I knew it was one of those experiences that would mark me for a lifetime. My own childhood was a nightmare in itself, so I clang to Guts as my role model. A man who defied all the odds, who fought with unspeakable monster despite being a human, a man who rose above the struggle. Every time I felt bad I would think of Guts, and face the struggle again. This very night, I was awoken by a repulsive nightmare, and thought of him. Yet, I came to my home site to find about such sad news. I spent all day crying. I never met or talked with Miura-sensei, yet I cried as if I lost a dear friend. I am devastated. He was so young, and such a genius.
To have created such a generation-spanning story, with amazing art and characters would have been an achievement in itself, but Miura went further. Guts is not merely a character, he is a role model. Today the world is bereft of a master artist and a superb storyteller. And all I can do is treasure the gift this man gave us, from the other side of the globe, and keep it in my heart forever.
RIP Kentaro Miura, you will be thoroughly missed.
>> No. 38369 [Edit]

A large chunk of the internet went offline, because some random user changed his settings.
>> No. 38374 [Edit]
File berserk.mp4 - (36.44KB )

>> No. 38718 [Edit]

Matsudo police department's public relations video was removed after receiving backlash from Japan's feminist group for featuring a character that was deemed too sexual for wearing serafuku with skirts that are too short and exposed midriffs.
>> No. 38720 [Edit]
File 163235427012.jpg - (852.71KB , 2694x4096 , 1d6c3cc3f4e974657d4f709b93af7b9b.jpg )
Most of, if not all of the replies seem to be from people bewildered or mistakenly attributing it to traditionalists.

Seems to me like the first stage of this cancer. At the US's stage, this sort of thing has been so normalized that instead of advocating for it, swarmy leftists pretend cultural, de-facto censorship doesn't exist, or is only attributable to conservatives.

Post edited on 22nd Sep 2021, 4:45pm
>> No. 38742 [Edit]
These "groups" all have their day in the limelight japan, considering nothing happened with the constantly doomposted olympics, it's just a one off thing usually. Look at the replies.
>> No. 38786 [Edit],2707.0.html

They're shutting down...
>> No. 38789 [Edit]
There's already plans for a new wiki. Not that big of a deal
>> No. 38790 [Edit]
File 163423315083.jpg - (2.47MB , 1549x2266 , __sevenger_and_windom_ultra_series_and_1_more_draw.jpg )
>> No. 38791 [Edit]
Have any of you given Starlit Season a try? How was it?
>> No. 38796 [Edit]
File 163455522011.png - (543.26KB , 600x848 , 17305398f6dad31460fa489b448db793.png )
It makes me very happy to see IM@S return to full retail releases, and especially to see the 765 girls back and I may purchase it just to support full games like this. But these games are too complex for my level of Japanese. Hopefully with it having the series seminal PC release there will be a translation eventually.
>> No. 38805 [Edit]
File 163460124231.png - (0.98MB , 760x4957 , RIP Cure Dolly.png )
I can't believe Cure Dolly sensei is dead. I loved her videos, and I think she was the best youtuber when it came to explaining japanese language. She was very kind and replied to pretty much every comment even on older videos. She was cute, had a very pleasant way of speaking and looking back she was a pioneer of Vtubing as well. Her lessons helped me a lot.
Love you forever, Cure Dolly sensei. I will miss you very much.
>> No. 38807 [Edit]
I never understood the choice of the robotic voice (which I personally wasn't a fan of), and given that the videos could usually be summarized in 1 or 2 sentences I think blog posts would have been a better medium. That said, the videos were still pretty helpful.
>> No. 38810 [Edit]
I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you're doing OK.
>> No. 38812 [Edit]
Why did they write it like whoever was behind this project was just some robot that kinda broke down? Are they even actually dead?
>> No. 38814 [Edit]
If you haven't listened to her videos, that robot voice was the entire schtick (thankfully most videos has captions so you could just read the transcript). I guess it's not too different from the vtuber thing (not using your real voice + being personified by a figure).
>> No. 38815 [Edit]
I'm heartbroken by this too. I probably would give up on lerning japanese if not for her. She was so genuine. RIP
>I never understood the choice of the robotic voice (which I personally wasn't a fan of),
>Why did they write it like whoever was behind this project was just some robot that kinda broke down?
She never mentioned it but you can tell she's an old old lady. The way she talks and references she makes in her videos don't indicate a young person. She also had her book published by some weird press connected to 90's lesbian spanking cult (I won't be getting into details, but cure dolly lore is really deep)
She always larped as robot in her videos, must been big into RPG and fantasy in general. She definitely lived in her own world at least all her internet presence points so. Even on her private(?) channel (木の子チャンネル) she larps as a cgi fairy.
I believe person behind Dolly is either dead or in really bad condition. She went on hiatus on yt half year ago due to health issues that made her unable to make videos anymore and moved Cure Dolly project to text form on patreon (for free mind you).
>and given that the videos could usually be summarized in 1 or 2 sentences I think blog posts would have been a better medium. That said, the videos were still pretty helpful.
I personally find them charming, but at the same time I make summaries for every video and look up stuff in my notes instead if I need to refresh my memory. Also she sound better at 1.25x speed
>> No. 39165 [Edit]
File 16431266015.jpg - (31.08KB , 547x277 , Manga-anime-character-how-to-draw-art-software-pro.jpg )

This is ingenious.
>> No. 39807 [Edit]
File 165471181450.jpg - (219.59KB , 1358x2048 , __guts_and_casca_berserk_drawn_by_natsu_sanri__ab5.jpg )
>> No. 39808 [Edit]
Good luck to him. I only recently read Berserk. To think something I read in a matter of weeks was planned out 30 years ago and still isn't finished...
>> No. 39811 [Edit]
When I saw this soranews post on the homepage I was got very anxious. Thinking it could be about Berserk. I was eagerly waiting for some kind of statement in the one year grief anniversary, but when there was no news I got worried. It's so refreshing to hear this news, really warmed my heart and made my day. I am very happy with this development, and am very excited for the new chapters to come.

Post edited on 9th Jun 2022, 11:29am
>> No. 39892 [Edit]
So, the new Berserk chapters are out. What are your thoughts?
Personally, I was very excited which only added to my immense disappointment with this. The art is nowhere near Miura, at times it even looks like the art from a amateur doujin artist. I don't even know where to begin.
The first pages show a Puck completely different from Fantasia Puck, no chubbyness or goofyness, as if the artists hadn't even read the previous chapters. The animals of the island were okay, but the background art was SEVERELY lacking in these chapters, in some pages there was NO BACKGROUND AT ALL. Everything looks grayer and much more simpler, as if some AI had filled the empty parts left, no more of that beautiful almost gothic eye for detail. The other character who suffered from this was Griffith. He no longer looks feminine or as if having come from a shoujo manga, just a regular muscular long haired dude. Many panels are bad, with some of them, like the necklace breaking being almost impossible to discern what was going on. The transitions are horrible. No contrast. But all this isn't even the worst, the dialogue and build up is completely gone. We just had a couple of amazing chapters with build up and lore and great dialogue and poignant scenes, and them this fucking thing shows up. The scenes here look as if they came out of a very amateurish battle shounen, no dialogue at all, just a couple angry faces "AAHHHH, take this" or something like that. These two chapters reveal less information or detail or beauty than a single page from any of the previous chapters. My disappointment is immeasurable. At least Duranki looked great, this is awful. I think it's going to be like this from now on, the absence of dialogue or character development will be blamed on "not fleshing out", and they have this insane schedule which would be impossible during any time of Berserk publication, there will be more rushed chapters like this soon. Oh, well, for me Berserk ends at 364, that's it.
And some parts, like the flashy eye dark face they tried to do don't even look as if part of the same body.

Post edited on 27th Jun 2022, 10:28am
>> No. 39893 [Edit]
File 165636169368.jpg - (317.62KB , 1000x894 , 834ee09360956085b9680e60e0b548e1.jpg )
Well, that's disappointing. Part of me blames Miura. The man had over thirty years to finish his story. That's longer than I've been alive.
>> No. 39902 [Edit]
File 165646532935.jpg - (87.08KB , 634x656 , scene_034a_by_thesakuradoll-d72lafz.jpg )
that's one more thing I like about Claymore, another long-running dark fantasy story: it actually has an end, and a pretty satisfying (if somewhat illogical) one at that.
>> No. 39985 [Edit]
Shinzo Abe's been shot, likely dead.
>> No. 39986 [Edit]
>> No. 39987 [Edit]
Yes, he's dead. Shot by ex-Navy man with a home-made gun. They are not sure why yet, the shooter said something about targetting a religious leader who was meant to be there but the police think he is talking nonsense and might be insane.
>> No. 39988 [Edit]
You wake up one day thinking there'll be a bunch of things for you to worry about but you don't know you're free from the chain of life and there's nothing to worry about anymore.
>> No. 39992 [Edit]
crazy times
>> No. 39994 [Edit]
File 165737797294.png - (291.73KB , 762x766 , 320.png )
I feel sorry for Abe even though I wouldn't piss on any of my country's politicians if they were on fire. Japanese politicians bring me memories of my student times, in a way they felt more akin to manga characters than real people, even if they were, most probably, a bunch of bastards like in most places. "Richard Gere" Koizumi, "alien" Hatoyama, Taro Aso the otaku. Most of them actually appeared in manga. Legend of Koizumi had them all, obviously. Abe wasn't as colorful as some of them but I had to admire his exceptional resilience for a japanese prime minister.
>> No. 39996 [Edit]
Slightly ironic he never had children, but it wasn't a conscious decision.
>> No. 39998 [Edit]
Was it though? Did he ever actually advocate that? It seems to me that it was always just a meme.
>> No. 40009 [Edit]
Kazuki Takahashi has died.
His body was found near the coast of Okinawa, in snorkeling gear, and having been bitten by some sort of marine animals. The coast guard has started an investigation.
Yugioh was a precious memory of mine, one of the first mangas I started collecting, and it had a big influence in me.
RIP to another legend from my childhood.
>> No. 40037 [Edit]
File 165773280652.jpg - (117.89KB , 1192x670 , tetsuya_yamagami_assassinates_shinzo_abe_by_chip59.jpg )
The shooter is a hero.
>> No. 40051 [Edit]
Further authopsy shows drowining as the cause of death, he was travelling all alone.
>> No. 40073 [Edit]
I feel exactly the same way. Hate how fast world changes.
>> No. 40075 [Edit]
I mean at least he showed the world that draconic gun control policies don't actually prevent gun crime
>> No. 40076 [Edit]
Last year there were only 10 criminal incidents involving firearms in Japan. How much lower you need it to be to call it 'good' gun crime prevention?
>> No. 40273 [Edit]
Did you guys heard about this new JAV law? Apparently the conservatives in Japan are now concerned about the young women going to JAV and are making new laws to make it better for them to receive payments if they cancel their contract in the very beginning or something. But apparently is says the minimum age is lowered from 20 to 18. But I thought there were lots of 18 year olds in JAV videos, is the dvd lying about their age? I read some articles on this new law but couldn't really make it out what it is about, many doujin artists are protesting it and also many girls who work as JAV actresses. If someone who knows more japanese than I do could read about and explain it better I would appreciate.
>> No. 40276 [Edit]
>many doujin artists are protesting it
I wonder why they care. I'm not into JAV myself.
>> No. 40456 [Edit]
Shinichiro Kobayashi, the promo and BG artist for the '97 Berserk Anime, passed away recently.
>> No. 40494 [Edit]
File 166370369760.png - (87.04KB , 636x708 , pixiv emoji month.png )
It's pixiv emoji month, apparently.
>> No. 40495 [Edit]
Nobody could finish Berserk other than Miura himself, it's sad that he passed before finishing his work but that's just how things are and nobody can change that. I think it's better to forget about it and try to move on.
>> No. 40514 [Edit]
they should leave it permanently under loli tag only
>> No. 40841 [Edit]
Apparently pixiv fanbox can no longer host rape/loli/guro content, thanks to credit card processors?
>> No. 40843 [Edit]
this is why cryptocurrency is needed
>> No. 40844 [Edit]
Crypto has similar points of failure in the brokers that facilitate the buying and selling of Crypto and there is nothing wrong with the currency in this case either just the means that it is being moved.

I think there was a similar issue with Patreon and so then people moved to other platforms, I'm not sure if they still work, otherwise other platforms would be needed or you could just send them money directly from your bank account or through some kind of proxy platform(I hear that Twitter wants to introduce accounts that you could use to send money to other places and each other that but then we hear a lot of bollocks about Twitter).
>> No. 40884 [Edit]
File 166975961320.jpg - (584.57KB , 1280x1280 , sdg1665916260469457.jpg )
>Crypto has similar points of failure in the brokers that facilitate the buying and selling of Crypto
the book publisher and the podcast platform have been banned from a number of Jewish-owned crypto exchanges (in addition to being banned from using paypal, credit cards and bank accounts), but they can still process crypto payments because crypto exchanges are technically not needed. It's only financial regulation that will eventually necessitate crypto exchanges.
>> No. 40886 [Edit]
Bitcoin transactions are by definition trackable thanks to the immutable merkle list that is the blockchain. So the moment "real world" resources are linked with the transaction it's trivial for the glowies to trace things. Something like Monero is supposed to solve that issue although I have not read too much about it.
>> No. 40887 [Edit]
File 16697736115.png - (816.14KB , 576x960 , sdg1665784169933671.png )
>So the moment "real world" resources are linked with the transaction it's trivial for the glowies to trace things.
"Glowies" is defined as government agents. That's not what we're talking about here.
We're talking about private Jewish institutions like Paypal and Coinbase imposing their metapolitical agenda on you by selectively refusing you service when you're trying to buy or sell books or other media content they don't like. Crypto gives anyone the power to boycott institutions like that because transferring money across the network is something anyone can do for extremely low fees (less than $0.01 for a Monero transaction, about $3 for a Bitcoin or Ethereum transaction) and mining crypto can be done by anyone who has access to electricity and decent hardware, whereas building a payment service in the traditional financial system requires billions of dollars just to get started. All you need to do is to find a merchant (yes you can buy real goods directly with crypto) or exchange that will take your crypto and doesn't give a fuck about your tastes and politics.
>Something like Monero is supposed to solve that issue although I have not read too much about it.
Monero does solve this issue as well as other issues that someone like you who knows close to nothing about the topic hasn't even thought of yet, and is accepted by both of the businesses I mentioned. Only problem here is that the government may simply decide to outlaw privacy-preserving and permissionless cryptocurrencies like Monero, under the guise of fighting drug trafficking or whatever.
>> No. 40888 [Edit]
>yes you can buy real goods directly with crypto
A small minority of real(and digital) goods.
>> No. 40889 [Edit]
>under the guise of fighting drug trafficking or whatever
Same for cash. Fuck the Treasury and Fed.
>> No. 40891 [Edit]
>mining crypto can be done by anyone who has access to electricity and decent hardware
Not since a few years? Bitcoin is decentralized in theory, in practice a few major pools dominate so they could coordinate to do a 51% attack if they really wanted. Still probably less likely to ever happen than a bank taking advantage of its customers though.
>> No. 40893 [Edit]
File 166983800428.jpg - (268.98KB , 768x1280 , sdg1669757341313676.jpg )
- The biggest silver and gold bullion retailers (SD Bullion, JM Bullion, CelticGold) all accept crypto payments. So you can buy silver/gold coins from them, which can be sold for cash in the local fiat currency at any coin dealer or pawn shop around the world.
- There are plenty of dealers that offer gift cards for stores like Amazon in exchange for crypto, which can be used to buy just about anything

I hate it when people who know almost nothing about a topic speak about it with such a cocksure attitude.
Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency. There are thousands of different tokens, and hundreds of coins with independent chains. Many of the proof-of-work coins are designed to be ASIC-resistant and can be mined using ordinary CPU's and GPU's, including Monero, Ravencoin, Flux and many others.
>> No. 40894 [Edit]
>you can buy silver/gold coins from them, which can be sold for cash in the local fiat currency
Goalposts, you're moving them. That's not "directly" buying something with crypto. In practice, crypto is fiat currency with extra steps. Using those, "thousands of different tokens", adds even more.

Post edited on 30th Nov 2022, 12:57pm
>> No. 40897 [Edit]
File 16698478413.png - (517.98KB , 512x832 , sdg1665801710074054.png )
>Goalposts, you're moving them.
No. You wrote that the "brokers" (exchanges) are critical points of failure similar to the payment processors in traditional finance. And I proved that this is not true. You can either buy goods directly on the internet at the thousands of businesses listed at, or buy one fungible good and sell it for cash in your local currency, all without your crypto ever touching a centralized financial institution.

The amount and variety of goods that are available for direct purchase with crypto is entirely dependent on your jurisdiction. In countries where crypto is outlawed and the government is relatively strong, it's hard to buy anything with it at all. In countries like El Salvador where Bitcoin is the national currency, you can buy anything at any major retailer with Bitcoin. In places with weak governments and failed national currencies like Lebanon, Venezuela and parts of Africa, crypto may get you further than the local fiat currency.

>In practice, crypto is fiat currency with extra steps
You yourself said that there's "nothing wrong with the currency" and it's just the method of transfering value that is the problem.
The fact that the businesses I mentioned cannot use fiat-based services like paypal, amazon pay or credit cards to transfer value from their customers in exchange for goods but can use cryptocurrency to do it is concrete proof that crypto goes a long way of solving the problem.
>> No. 40898 [Edit]
>including Monero, Ravencoin, Flux and many others.
Exactly what we need: hundreds of shitcoins half of which are likely scams.

Bitcoin has value, but only as a hot potato to use for intermediary exchanges in situations that are deemed "too risky" by central processors. Risk isn't necessarily just controversial content, central processors won't touch anything with high historical rates of fraud. Bitcoin "solves" that issue, but it's the customer who ends up losing in that case. Also the ability to perform a chargeback is quite useful, which is why crypto[currency] will likely never be used for anything "mainstream": in the majority of cases people do indeed trust the central processor more than the recipient. If I'm buying a vacuum cleaner part from some random online store that looks like it's run out of a closet in the midwest, I'll take the peace of mind given by the central processor anyday.

Post edited on 30th Nov 2022, 3:06pm
>> No. 40899 [Edit]
File 166984909417.jpg - (223.15KB , 850x601 , too_large.jpg )
>You wrote that the "brokers" (exchanges) are critical points of failure
Not me. I only posted >>40888 and >>40894
>El Salvador... Lebanon, Venezuela and parts of Africa
Packing my bags right now.
>You yourself said that there's "nothing wrong with the currency"
Nope again. The real advantage I can see with crypto is there being no middleman between the giver and receiver of currency. As soon as there is any middleman, the same problems that fiat currency has will apply to crypto as well. But crypto is not nearly wide-spread enough to be useful without middlemen. Cyrpto can't fix pixiv's problem. Most loli artists are nothing like "". They either don't know how, or have no interest in dealing with crypto without an exchange.

>If I'm buying a vacuum cleaner part from some random online store that looks like it's run out of a closet in the midwest, I'll take the peace of mind given by the central processor anyday
Was thinking about this, and I agree.

Post edited on 30th Nov 2022, 3:09pm
>> No. 40901 [Edit]
neither TRS listeners nor counter-currents customers (or even the people who run C-C) are particularly tech-savvy. One sells books with historical facts that our rulers would prefer to not be known by the public, the other sells subscriptions to racist podcasts. They're less nerdy than your average hentai enjoyer. They learned how to use crypto because they had to, not becausr they're tech enthusiasts.

>crypto is not nearly wide-spread enough to be useful without middlemen
Thus every business that does accept it makes it more useful and contributes to solving the overall problem.

The flipside of chargebacks is that it's often used to defraud small businesses and individuals. I remember reading an article about how a lot of people who do digital art have to deal with fraudulent chargebacks on their commissions all the time, and don't have the money, time or wherewithal to defend themselves against it.
>> No. 40902 [Edit]
>They learned how to use crypto because they had to, not because they're tech enthusiasts.
Never said they where. Cyrpto(especially without an exchange) attracts politically motivated, and or anarchistic people. This does not describe pixiv artists, and (good)creatives in general. They wont get on board the schizo train. That's what I meant by
>Most loli artists are nothing like ""

Post edited on 30th Nov 2022, 4:18pm
>> No. 40957 [Edit]
File 167118318228.jpg - (91.01KB , 1074x805 , FkEVENpUYAA2rV_.jpg )
Donki is changing their mascot.
Why not change it to a windmill?
>> No. 41383 [Edit]
File 168312322053.jpg - (6.64MB , 5016x3541 , cb6fb73816d4daeef923d150168d9169.jpg )
Mappa founder fears China will take over Japan's Anime supremacy

Worrisome article. I don't believe China will actually manage this. A) They'll never have real creative freedom B) Listening to Mandarin for extended periods is like inserting drills into your ear canals. What I'm worried about is that he's right about Japan's animation industry being in danger due to a lack of young, well-educated talent.

Personally, I believe AI is the key to animation in the future. Not like it is now, but in more advanced, flexible form. I'm still worried though.
>> No. 41384 [Edit]
fuck the chinese, the koreans and AI taking over animation, same for oversees anime
>> No. 41385 [Edit]
Japanese animation will start declining hard profits and relevancy-wise because getting into animation is for morons who actually think that taking twice the amount of time for half the potential salary of a STEM degree is a good investment.
In fact that's more or less the same thing with every creative field. Shit job with shit bosses forcing you to work crunch every day to push out a shit product that people hate for being rushed even though you worked your ass off to even make it exist. It's happening to Japanese animators as much as it's even happening to videogame developers and CG artists, and as these fields dry up in new talent as people wise up to the bullshit that happens the production companies will just reach out to cheap shitholes to produce everything instead of making the jobs any better. To some extent you're already seeing this in anime, where whole shows are being produced by the people who would've just been the in-betweeners, and AI is only going to make the quality of these shows worse.
>> No. 41386 [Edit]
>AI is the key to animation in the future. Not like it is now, but in more advanced, flexible form. I'm still worried though.
That seems fine to me, I mean AI is ultimately just another tool. So long as the output is better than flash animation, I don't really care if the animation was done by humans or with the help of a tool, in the same way I don't care if it was drawn completely freehand or digitally, augmented with photoshop.
>> No. 41387 [Edit]
File 168313840985.png - (66.81KB , 500x500 , 7ee015fdd4dc76cdfdf1f473146283d5.png )
>morons who actually think that taking twice the amount of time for half the potential salary of a STEM degree is a good investment
STEM degrees always paid more, and this was never a secret. Some people are talented at art, and not everyone follows where the biggest paycheck is. If those people are morons, thank god for morons. Why would you insult the people who make what you love? Or are you the type who thinks no good anime came out since 2006-?

This is the right attitude.
>> No. 41388 [Edit]
what good anime after 2006?
>> No. 41389 [Edit]
See the anime recommendation thread on /an/.

The craze to get into CS is justified, because for a long stretch of time it genuinely was one of the best career fields to get into with respect to risk vs reward and return on profit. The IQ barrier is not as high as physics or math, and there are an order of magnitude more jobs available, you don't have to be stuck in academia, so it's almost a no brainer if you are moderately technically skilled.
Of course some of that is changing now, with LLMs the barrier of entry is reduced and the difference between an "average codemonkey" and the output of an LLM is pretty much indistinguishable.

But the dirty secret is that 99% of these programming jobs are useless churn. Someone spends weeks writing accessibility tools for cripples in czechslovakia, and they get paid order of magnitudes more than someone drawing a heartfelt manga, even though the latter arguably has a much wider impact than the former. Sadly salary is not proprotional to real-world impact, nor is it even proportional to basic needs (since farmers get paid peanuts). I don't really know what it is proportional to, since by any metric you can think of you have fields overpaid for work while others are severely underpaid.
>> No. 41390 [Edit]
I'm not insulting them, hardly, they're very dedicated for the job they do, perhaps some of the most dedicated people out there. I'm just writing it in the way I imagine most people thinking of going into the animation industry look at it, especially these days. That dedication gets them very little material reward and the well for personal satisfaction is drying up for a lot of people.

If you're not completely and utterly dedicated to animation, something that's becoming harder and harder overtime, then even a mediocre job would serve you a lot better. Not hard to imagine why Japan is having a problem where new talent won't enter the industry, there's literally nothing there for them.

AI's not going to be used properly because the people in charge of the industry don't care about art, they care about reducing the budget even further so they can get more potential profits. The only reason they wouldn't use AI is if for some reason it wasn't profitable, but even then producers are often so up their own asses that they'll probably try to force it.
>> No. 41391 [Edit]
>AI's not going to be used properly because the people in charge of the industry don't care about art
That's the tension between studio/producer/director though? The studios might just want to churn out low hanging fruit, but someone down the line surely does care, otherwise niche anime would never be greenlit in the first place.
>> No. 41392 [Edit]
Guy with all the money: we will use AI for all the backgrounds because hiring someone to do it is expensive.
Animator with artistic intent: No, it will make backgrounds look horrible and disjointed!

Guess whose opinion wins out. Anime loves its budget cutting techniques and doesn't care if it effects the product too much. The reason anime is the way it is in the first place is due to experimentation with budget cutting techniques that heavily effected the quality of the overall animation.
I don't think AI is actualy at a useable level for animation though, it might not stop them from trying but there's a lot more that'd go into a background than just drawing it. As for the animation itself, even the best AI animations are just automatic rotoscoping that's horribly flawed so that's not going to get put anywhere serious anytime soon.

As for just adding AI into a 'workflow' where a background artist would work on an already made AI picture, I can't see it being any more effective or worthwhile than plain photobashing, and instead it'd probably become even more of a pain in the ass. If he's just taking inspiration from a picture then he still has to draw the entire thing from scratch meaning it'd take about as much time.
>> No. 41393 [Edit]
File 168316070142.jpg - (1.04MB , 1500x2000 , 7e6bc3473d078bd148c41ad5ac062e1c.jpg )
>As for the animation itself, even the best AI animations are just automatic rotoscoping that's horribly flawed so that's not going to get put anywhere serious anytime soon.
I give it 15 years, which is pretty good.
>> No. 41574 [Edit]
File 168936986364.jpg - (46.24KB , 1200x675 , F09aVlYaUAAsYt7.jpg )
Illusion has died.
>> No. 41575 [Edit]
The cycle is finally broken.
Sentimentality aside, this is nothing but good news since, hopefully, any talented people who worked there can be more optimally utilized elsewhere since it's been clear for a long time that Illusion has always under-delivered.
>> No. 41636 [Edit]
Some or all of the staff seemingly formed another group shortly thereafter. And to nobody's surprise, it's another character creator.
AA3 never.
AG4 never.
>> No. 41638 [Edit]
I've heard rumors the whole thing with Illusion dying was just a means to rebrand themselves and but some distance between them and some of their less than popular older games.
>> No. 41671 [Edit]
Guess that makes sense. I'm surprised anybody would give a hoot since it's been a while since they released one of their rape sims, but even normalfags buy their (recent) stuff these days.
>> No. 41737 [Edit]
File 169320381813.jpg - (62.29KB , 696x392 , 20230815-20729-header-696x392.jpg )
>Famous Japanese illustrator accused of using AI generated art, proves claims false with evidence
>> No. 41738 [Edit]
Thanks for linking, very cool to see the layerwise breakdown like that. Also somewhat erotic to see the base layers...

Soon there'll probably be models to decompose a work back into layers though, and then all hell breaks loose.
>> No. 41772 [Edit]
File 169432124816.jpg - (38.89KB , 680x366 , F2j7Gs_XoAA8y0S.jpg )
27% of voice actors in Japan may quit due to 'hellish choice' with new invoice system
>> No. 41794 [Edit]
Bad news for people who used discord like a personal media host. It seems Discord is going to start deleting old files, likely to cut down on a massive amount of wasted space on their servers.
>> No. 41816 [Edit]
Crunchyroll Settles in Class Action Suit Regarding User Information Privacy
>> No. 41817 [Edit]
The offense doesn't seem as bad as the title implied, or at least what I expected anyway. But I'm for whatever deprives CR/Sony of money.
>> No. 41836 [Edit]

Looks like twitter might be seriously considering charging people to make new accounts.
>> No. 41837 [Edit]
I don't see any problem with this. It's $1 a year. In what scenario would someone want to be an active poster on twitter but be unwilling to fork over a dollar?

Post edited on 18th Oct 2023, 12:30am
>> No. 41838 [Edit]
I think it creates a real privacy issue.
>> No. 41839 [Edit]
You never really had any privacy using twitter in the first place.
>> No. 41840 [Edit]
don't really care the sooner it dies the better localization would be
>> No. 41841 [Edit]
There's a real distinction here, and such remarks aren't substantive.
>> No. 41842 [Edit]
English translation has been a cesspit of terrible decisions since the 1980s. Don't hope for anything there.
>> No. 41843 [Edit]
>it dies the better localization would be
What's the connection between twitter and bad translation/localizations?
>> No. 41844 [Edit]
I'm not the one who made the claim but I assume he refers to how localizers hang out on twitter. But as I said they've been like this since before Twitter was even a thought in someone's brain.
>> No. 41860 [Edit]
Nooooo, Japan can't be affected by the hyperminimalist trend too!
>> No. 41865 [Edit]
I haven't thought about that for a while but it didn't end up happening thanks to backlash. Donpen survived.
>> No. 41868 [Edit]
File 169889140284.jpg - (29.59KB , 321x512 , ad.jpg )
Just gonna drop this here.
>> No. 41869 [Edit]
This is my kind of advert. I'd go to WcDonalds in Japan if I could.
>> No. 41956 [Edit]
Studio trigger will be coming out with the hottest anime of the year.
>> No. 41957 [Edit]
File 170143612599.png - (134.88KB , 596x573 , Screenshot.png )
Here's something that people can look at so that they don't need to follow your link to twitter.
>> No. 42010 [Edit]
File 17019638163.webm - (2.24MB , animateAnyone.webm )
AI animation is a thing now
>> No. 42011 [Edit]
that dance is cute. Once the model for this gets released, someone needs to go full-circle and do it on the motion-captured data from the [A]ddiction dance (
>> No. 42012 [Edit]
So is it like automated rotoscoping?
>> No. 42013 [Edit]
Kind of, as I understand it's an evolution of controlnet diffusion image synthesis technique; except now instead of only generating a single image, you generate an entire clip with temporal stability. So you can effectively do automated rotoscoping by extracting source movements via motion capture, then using this method. If it works well enough, I could imagine this being used in shows that currently switch to full 3DCG. That being said 3DCG animation has become a lot better these days, d4dj was it entirely and it was never too jarring.
>> No. 42017 [Edit]
File 170210391856.png - (39.17KB , 424x300 , GAmCv9IaMAEjiDf.png )
The future is now.
>> No. 42023 [Edit]
File 170215572167.jpg - (72.52KB , 1000x563 , jf9zlfn4mt.jpg )
Anime creators・17% feel they have become depressed・Inquiry by an NGO

Last year the Japanese Animation Creators Association added items about health to its survey, which obtained 429 responses. Of these, 17% answered that "there's a possibility of having developed a depression or emotional disorder". Additionally, 68% said they felt mentally fatigued and 66% felt physically fatigued.

A female worker said crunching is commonplace at her company. It isn’t rare to work overnight almost every week, leaving only 30 minutes to be at home. She keeps shampoo and towels in her office, so she doesn’t have to go home. Nevertheless, there not being nap rooms available, she sleeps in her chair or in a sleeping bag to meet the deadlines. She describes: “I continue to work as an animator because I find it rewarding, but I’ve come to see many people succumbing to mental illness up close.

The Japanese Animation Creators Association (日本アニメーター・演出協会) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving working conditions for workers in the anime industry.
>> No. 42024 [Edit]
I recall reading something about how the economics of anime production are set up so that the production committee ends up effectively limiting the total budget of shows in order to maintain their claim over revenue.

I wonder if there's some chart somewhere that shows of every dollar earned in revenue from a show, how it ends up being distributed.
>> No. 42025 [Edit]
It's how every company works. The people doing the real work get little credit and even less compensation.
>> No. 42078 [Edit]
Thats kinda neat
>> No. 42124 [Edit]
File 170374083126.jpg - (23.79KB , 451x316 , no moe for you NEXT.jpg )

>As of December 26th, 2023, on pixiv's services, certain posts and works with content that may be deemed unsuitable by certain countries and regions will be subject to display restrictions in those locations.
>> No. 42125 [Edit]
Yeah I remember seeing this weird popup. It seems setting JP location gives you the least restrictions, and for now it's not actually geo-gated.

Post edited on 27th Dec 2023, 9:24pm
>> No. 42244 [Edit]
Kyoto District Court sentenced Shinji Aoba to death in Kyoto Animation arson murder case
>> No. 42338 [Edit]
So Japan just dropped from 3rd greatest economy to 4th. They said on tv that Japan's rate is pointing towards a recession and the yen just collapsed. Can someone explain me how this shit happened? I remember Abenomics had Japan's deflation turned into a controlled micro-inflation, so I can't grasp how the drop is being blamed on inflation and "not spending". Did Abe's successor did away with Abenomics? Is there something I am overlooking?
>> No. 42339 [Edit]
>greatest economy
I don't think there's any correlation between these rankings and quality of life at all. The "state of the economy" is all just numbers they fabricate that don't reflect reality. And when they can trigger recession and inflation at will just by manipulating interest rate, why would you believe anything they say?
>> No. 42340 [Edit]
To add to this, one just needs to look at the formula used to compute the go-to metric for assessing nations' respective economies, GDP, to observe its meaninglessness.
>> No. 42342 [Edit]
That may be true, but the yen dropping is still a real thing that will probably directly affect the lives of many a japanese. But more importantly, like we both said, the japanese ministers controlled the economy through a system of causing a micro-inflation to prevent the actual deflation of the economy, so why would they "allow" this? If you look at the news there is a bunch of stories about Germany's economy minister saying that Germany is doing really bad, so it's not like Germany is on the rise. Nevertheless I'm not inclined to dismiss this and equate economy and news as equally worthless. I believe economy to be a real science, but as always the news reports I found were incredibly shallow and did not explained a thing.
>> No. 42343 [Edit]
> system of causing a micro-inflation to prevent the actual deflation of the economy, so why would they "allow" this
Because you can't keep interest rates low forever?

>I believe economy to be a real science
Macroeconomics is the exact opposite of a science, in every sense of the word. At least with soft-sciences like psychology you can still perform some randomized trials, good luck doing that with the entire economy.
>> No. 42356 [Edit]

>but the yen dropping is still a real thing that will probably directly affect the lives of many a japanese
Actually, it doesn't really have to. If you as a nation are self-sufficient enough (not too heavily dependent on imports), then your daily living expenses probably haven't changed. Although fuel is probably the exception you can't get by without, and that's likely indexed against USD, but the net effect is not as severe as if the entire economy was import dependent. And on the flipside you have US which is doing well by the numbers but if you ask people everyone will tell you that prices for groceries have skyrocketed. Thinking about economics too much makes my head hurt with how arbitrary everything is.
>> No. 42357 [Edit]
>Macroeconomics is the exact opposite of a science, in every sense of the word.
The Nobel prize in economics and its consequences have been a disaster for the profession and the populaces who are subject to the self-masturbatory mathematics that took over economic science.
>> No. 42374 [Edit]
File 170925419494.jpg - (2.90MB , 1500x2153 , GHVIcNtbkAAnjyb.jpg )
Hidamari sketch is celebrating 20 years since its first publication in Kirara
>> No. 42411 [Edit]
File 170989173626.jpg - (2.02MB , 2894x4093 , __bulma_sage_priest_lunch_norimaki_arale_and_2_mor.jpg )
Toriyama Akira has passed away.
>> No. 42438 [Edit]
Japanese Illustrator and Animator Mutsumi Inomata has passed away
>> No. 42467 [Edit]
File 171129882460.jpg - (142.01KB , 1500x1125 , 9e05b122bdac5f3260d5dd5524c94650.jpg )
Report about the drawings attempted by a mostly blind man who had his vision fixed in his 50s
>> No. 42506 [Edit]
File 171216677924.png - (417.48KB , 552x658 , Engage Kiss - S01E12_mkv-[00_10_15_532].png )
Visa and Mastercard are now "temporarily" unavailable as payment methods on DLsite. There are still workarounds, like using JCB with Discover or American Express, or buying points off-site with PayPal. Nonetheless, it certainly kills the convenience for not only foreigners but Japanese citizens as well.

P.S. If you would like to discuss any political angles, please do so on /tat/.
>> No. 42507 [Edit]
>like using JCB with Discover or American Express
I must have had a stroke when typing this, I meant to put, "like using JCB, Discover, American Express".
>> No. 42508 [Edit]
Good enough reason to get an amex card.
>> No. 42511 [Edit]
I'm scared of credit cards, so I don't buy anything online.
>> No. 42512 [Edit]
You can pay in cash and get a prepaid visa gift card which is functionally equivalent to a debit card. It's possible this is no longer accepted at most ecommerce sites now though precisely because of it makes tracing impossible and governments don't like that.
>> No. 42513 [Edit]
>prepaid visa gift card
It should be noted that many if not most of these sorts of cards cannot be used to conduct foreign transactions.
>> No. 42514 [Edit]
File 171221593611.png - (36.03KB , 1046x97 , img.png )
Interesting. Was gifted prepaid visa once. Went to register it, and it came up with this page asking for all of this info. A prompt like this showed up. This was not one of those greendot cards, either. Don't know if you can just put in other info in there. But it looks like there might be a risk of losing access to the funds if they do ask to verify it. It was pretty standard. Also what >>42513 says.
>> No. 42516 [Edit]
File 171225857580.jpg - (174.41KB , 1500x1500 , 52aa5b7c3f739.jpg )
The Know Your Customer (KYC) laws are certainly a scourge from the privacy-focused consumer side. Ofc the payment processors have amassed too much power already what with bullying/censoring shops that don't meet their agenda, but I suspect even they can't deflect all formal investigations on laundering and funding sanctioned regimes/VNSAs.
>> No. 42526 [Edit]
File 171304850290.jpg - (226.63KB , 1181x1500 , GLDLFpqWMAAaACt.jpg )
Miku expo 2024 was a bit of a mess this year. The innerweb is buzzing with complaints and mockery at the use of a TV screen instead of a hologram projector.
>> No. 42527 [Edit]
File 171305146928.jpg - (103.80KB , 581x600 , 2b5aadc4f9d70594e5a08fba0ca09a59.jpg )
Wonder if that's why Coachella's live steam had comments disabled.
>> No. 42528 [Edit]
looks like the quality was absolute garbage.
>> No. 42605 [Edit]
File 171557285578.jpg - (28.05KB , 320x512 , Capture.jpg )
>> No. 42640 [Edit]
As if I couldn't dislike the Dodgers more!
>> No. 42642 [Edit]
This is kinda amazing. It's funny to see this kind of stuff has gotten so popular and wide spread in western culture. 10+ years ago you wouldn't see anything like this.
>> No. 42644 [Edit]
I know baseball lost its place as America's most popular sport, but this is some serious desperation.
>> No. 42649 [Edit]
What's crazy is that the MLB still makes absolute bank. But in any case, I find these attempts dubious since, even though I like 2D stuff, if I were to watch baseball, I don't want to see it in this context. Rather I'd be interested in appealing to the magic of going to the ballpark with your dad. But that's more difficult to achieve given a few factors at play.
At the very least, however, they can stop stripping the distinctive features of the American & National leagues.
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