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File 159584697096.gif - (228.33KB , 1000x1000 , 20200816.gif )
35526 No. 35526 [Edit]
Which other imageboards do you go to?
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>> No. 35527 [Edit]
None really.
>> No. 35528 [Edit]
File 159585809996.png - (1.33MB , 800x1147 , 1532665610391.png )
I check occasionally. Used to use uboachan, but it's become pretty shit.
>> No. 35532 [Edit]
>>35528 just needs a push; same with wizchan
>> No. 35533 [Edit]
Last time I saw wizchan it was both fast and garbage, seems like it already got a push but for the worse.
>> No. 35534 [Edit]
A few boards on what is known as the "webring" these days. A bunch of 8ch spinoffs that are forever stuck in the swamp of infighting.
>> No. 35536 [Edit]
You can't fix a shitty owner.
>> No. 35541 [Edit]
Is 420chan worth trying?
>> No. 35542 [Edit]
Sure, if you like hanging out with braindead lefty drogados.
>> No. 35547 [Edit]
As far as I know wizchan bans people like me and only welcomes those engaging in fantasy monk role playing contest for the title of 'true wizard'.
>> No. 35548 [Edit]
That's true, I got banned like that. Most funny thing is I suspect the "true wizards" were 20 yo or younger laughing their asses off of a few 30 yo virgins.
>> No. 35549 [Edit]
420chan is insufferable. Their average IQ is probably like 10 points lower than on other imageboards. Maybe it's because of the sustained drug abuse over the course of decades.
>> No. 35550 [Edit]
The fact that wizchan has a /b/ board (which is probably the most active board on the site and has the quality you'd expect from a /b/ tells you everything you need to know about their main userbase).
>> No. 35551 [Edit]
I only use wizchan for the anime board because I like to share my thoughts on whatever I'm watching, sometimes I also use the hobby one to share my figures. Anything else is not worth browsing because they immediatly get angry if you don't pretend that you're a virgin purely by choice.
>> No. 35552 [Edit]
Tohno-chan has an anime board. Why use two?
>Anything else is not worth browsing because they immediatly get angry if you don't pretend that you're a virgin purely by choice.
How does that ever come up in conversation?
>> No. 35563 [Edit]
>How does that ever come up in conversation?

It's the only thing you can talk about since literally everything else in existence is "normalfag shit".
>> No. 35593 [Edit]
Uboachan has been dead for close to a decade. I don't lurk wizchan, but wasn't there a huge controversy with data-mining and ownership transferal there?

I'm not the person you're responding to, but the rate of posting on /an/ (and Tohno-chan as a whole) is not sustainable enough to be my only source of information. The posts here are more insightful and well-spoken than other imageboards, but that comes at the cost of being able to essentially 'finish' the board once all 24 pages are read because new threads are a rare occurrence. Either way it's better than the alternative, since larger imageboards have zero quality control and their /a/-equivalent boards are almost always filled with children and secondary otaku.
>> No. 35618 [Edit]
File 15968676365.webm - (4.17MB , GP.webm )
Except this one, right?
>> No. 35621 [Edit]
>> No. 35632 [Edit]
Nevermind. There's only 2 stated rules, but the mods use unwritten rules too. They don't even have the courtesy to tell you why were banned. Avoid.
>> No. 35633 [Edit]
>They don't even have the courtesy to tell you why were banned.
I've noticed this is common practice even among established companies. The explanation/justification for it is to avoid making it easier for ban evaders to ban evade.
Which I think is fucking stupid. The whole point of having rules is so people follow them, and if someone who was previously banned decide to follow the rules then what's the problem?
>> No. 35634 [Edit]
File 159708045070.jpg - (72.58KB , 909x900 , 7ee401f7938739cdf1421a05e0368dd5.jpg )
>what's the problem?
Elitism. I see "gatekeeping" as a good thing generally, but it's one thing when there's detailed rules and people get told which they broke, it's another when there appears to be no rules, but certain things are implicitly off-limits and you get banned if you don't "feel the vibe" correctly and act accordingly. An imageboard's demographic and stance on certain things should be transparent.
>if someone who was previously banned decide to follow the rules
I don't even know if it's permanent or not.

Post edited on 10th Aug 2020, 10:30am
>> No. 35664 [Edit]
Anime about GateKeepers
>> No. 35689 [Edit]
File 159769423038.jpg - (63.46KB , 629x1000 , __iwakura_lain_serial_experiments_lain_drawn_by_na.jpg )
Since I'm an Spanish speaker I use Wired-7. It has some Lainchan vibes and I find it pretty high quality compared to other Spanish imageboards.
>> No. 35690 [Edit]
Are you posting in /tower/ too?
>> No. 35691 [Edit]
File 15977020303.jpg - (64.50KB , 604x604 , 1595200811447.jpg )
Haven't posted there in months. Why do you ask?
>> No. 35692 [Edit]
Sorry, don't mind me.
>> No. 35701 [Edit]
Bad-girl Biribiri is hawt. Should be a vodka bottle edit though. Haha.
>> No. 35744 [Edit]
File 159816228215.jpg - (91.08KB , 850x478 , 20200823.jpg )
I just want a anonymous forum where people are mostly polite....
>> No. 35769 [Edit]
Posting slowly is preferred here...
>> No. 35770 [Edit]
Samachan but it's gone now.
>> No. 35775 [Edit]
I really miss Samachan, wish it didn't go under but damn.
>> No. 35776 [Edit]
File 159854644610.jpg - (418.82KB , 850x485 , sample_f769884f6d2607cb8134bcb4a2caad64.jpg )
I looked at it a few times. The range of potential discussion topics was too limited for my taste.
>> No. 35777 [Edit]
File 159854916625.jpg - (90.69KB , 800x900 , __kemomimi_chan_and_inochi_no_kagayaki_original_an.jpg )
Me too, there have been no other sites like it.

That's a plus for me, less is more. Nice picture btw.
>> No. 35978 [Edit]
File 160069335665.jpg - (70.44KB , 1920x1080 , ZL.jpg )
35978 is new...
>> No. 35979 [Edit]
Looks like 8chan spin-off #3434234
>> No. 36026 [Edit]
File 160094674818.jpg - (34.73KB , 433x183 , 20200913.jpg )
8-chan is gone, man.
>> No. 36053 [Edit]
>> No. 36159 [Edit]
that's like that one kid trying to say his yugioh counterfait cards were the real deal
>> No. 36160 [Edit]
File 160150428922.png - (182.96KB , 506x642 , 70d7f580dbe93aa4479cbc9893b6adcc50fa740e.png )
Splitting up a userbase that had fewer than 500 users must be tough.
>> No. 36217 [Edit]
Is this any good?
>> No. 36218 [Edit]
Most of its userbase migrated to sushi. At the same time I'm glad they shut it down if they didn't enjoy it anymore.
Everything outside of /dqn/ is extremely slow. /dqn/ depends on person to person.
>> No. 36220 [Edit]
/iaa/ and /net/ (internet addicts and internet culture) respectively are of decent quality. But yes they're quite slow.
>> No. 36221 [Edit]
That's a terrible site and I'm not sure "most" of the userbase migrated there.
>> No. 36222 [Edit]
I don't understand why both /net/ and /iaa/ exist except that they both have mid 2000s posts on them that are weirdly prophetic.
Never used it, but thats what I heard.
>> No. 36231 [Edit]
What makes it terrible?
>> No. 36234 [Edit]
It's nothing like Samachan. It goes against the few things Samachan tries to enforce.
>> No. 36244 [Edit]
It's run by the same cali, druggie normalfag as uboachan.
>> No. 36351 [Edit]
File 16029150153.jpg - (67.51KB , 1080x681 , FX.jpg )
That comment made me chuckle.
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