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File 14675761555.png - (21.98KB , 140x128 , sitefrontnew.png )
29194 No. 29194 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you have music on while using your pc and browsing the tohno?
I'd like some nice, calm music to have as background
I really have no idea how to find new stuff though
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>> No. 42448 [Edit]
>> No. 42503 [Edit]
File 171205444744.gif - (85.86KB , 220x157 , 20240000.gif )
Korpiklaani - Ievan polkka
>> No. 42625 [Edit]
File 17162074561.jpg - (76.01KB , 450x675 , 20240519.jpg )
SANDY MARTON - Camel By Camel
>> No. 42627 [Edit]
What's your favorite genre, OP?

File 161386928162.jpg - (469.58KB , 600x732 , __original_drawn_by_pon_cielo__67d225955d1fb31e45f.jpg )
37742 No. 37742 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Have your tastes in otaku media changed over time? How has it changed? Are there specific works that are influential in defining/changing your tastes? Do you have specific quirks or patterns pertaining to how you enjoy otaku culture?
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>> No. 42522 [Edit]
File 171283770193.jpg - (139.09KB , 850x1275 , 20240415.jpg )
I still like catgirls
>> No. 42617 [Edit]
I hardly consume any fiction at all anymore.
I kind of force myself to read some manga and watch some anime now and then just so I don't forget my Japanese.

Don't play video games anymore, except puzzle games on rare occasions.

I'm just bored with it all I guess.
>> No. 42618 [Edit]
Out of curiosity, and if you're willing to share, how old are you?
>> No. 42619 [Edit]
I'm in my 30s

File 132010033174.jpg - (650.36KB , 1200x1531 , 18f6bbb82d9aeb721db77cdf643ede78.jpg )
11220 No. 11220 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
They say you learn something new every day. Let's see if that statement is true!

ITT post something new you learned today. Trivia knowledge is more than welcome.
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>> No. 42608 [Edit]
File 171567989718.png - (1.69MB , 2559x1390 , dalle3 icon set.png )
you can now make your own icon themes with ml-based image generators.
25 years ago I would've loved this.
>> No. 42609 [Edit]
Today, I learned about a preschool in Sweden called Egalia that seeks to eliminate gender roles. Children are encouraged to play with whatever they want. They are not forced to dress in certain ways. They are free to express themselves in whatever way they want. Staff is trained to remove preconceived biases regarding a child's behavior and instead view them as their own individual.

>We don’t want to deny the biological sex. It is the gender we are working with. And the most important part is how adults relate to the children. Research shows that gender determines how children are approached - already as a crying baby. – We think we are free, but whenever we make suggestions it is almost always something within the gender category. . .
>For example, when a girl is observed to be shy, this situation is attributed to sex, and it does not raise any concerns. However, when a boy is observed to be shy, it is considered that something is wrong.
>Similarly, it has been observed that while teachers tried to comfort a crying girl they tried to avoid a crying boy. Rajalin stated that “[a]fter we had been filming and observing each other, we understood that it's not the children we have to change, it's ourselves” (Scott, 2017). After watching the recording, gender pedagogues interviewed teachers and directed questions such as “Why do we treat children differently?”, “What can we change?”, “Why is it important that we change this?” (Lind-Valdan, 2014, p. 226).

I also learned that a dyad is another word for a group of two people.

This is so neat. Thanks for sharing.

Post edited on 14th May 2024, 11:50am
>> No. 42610 [Edit]
Should also be coupled with [1]. But approach "equality" in this sense seems like a fine thing, it's just that most of the west has decided to serve the ends instead of the means and force uniform distributions even if such distributions are not actually natural. Probably if boys could like cute things without being made fun of (c.f. bronies) then the "transgenderism" stuff would not have been widespread.

>> No. 42611 [Edit]
>We think we are free, but whenever we make suggestions it is almost always something within the gender category
>So to be free we make genders equal
That's what happens when you have no wars to fight, so you decide to free yourself from reason at all. Reason and thinking hurts, you know?

File 14684198062.png - (367.14KB , 648x626 , akka.png )
29221 No. 29221 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
How do I stop fapping so much?
I spend too much time sitting in front of the monitor and then it just happens
I don't think this is healthy, I need to stop
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>> No. 42601 [Edit]
Yeah I've had the same thought, and I might have even posted about this on another thread. MLP:FiM is the closest thing to CGCDCT/SoL anime that the west has to offer, and if someone didn't have any exposure to anime (which is less plausible these days but is quite likely in 2010 when the show first aired), it's easy to see how one could become a "brony".
>> No. 42603 [Edit]
>MLP:FiM is the closest thing to CGCDCT/SoL anime that the west has to offer
I used to watch a kid's cartoon called Sarah and Duck with my younger cousins thinking it could be a SoL anime with a few changes. I have to admit the character designs are cute.
>> No. 42604 [Edit]
i came to this same realization when i watched a video rebeltaxi made way back in the day about why my little pony had so many adult fans
>> No. 42606 [Edit]
Right on the money. It's why the first two seasons are considered to be its prime as well. It leaned more into silly than the cute as a CGDCT would but it gave off that cozy, almost healing wibe the same. That was one aspect, the other big one was the excellent main character who routinely called out that very nonsense and silliness that would happen around her, who was also in contact with an equally aware but far less cynical superior.

In moé anime terms: Imagine a series around a small tsundere who hates being called cute, making a vlog about how grown up she and her friends are to their fun-loving mom who still has her inner child.

File 156780600874.gif - (872.63KB , 346x360 , computer_screen.gif )
33182 No. 33182 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Sort of a hybrid between the book club and "post something new you learned." Post any interesting essays, articles or prose you've stumbled across on the internet.

I'll start:
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>> No. 42593 [Edit]
This is the 1st season. Enjoy!!
Part 1:
Part 2:
>> No. 42594 [Edit]
I didn't know internet archive actually backed up the contents of youtube videos.
>> No. 42598 [Edit]
File 171545793617.jpg - (59.63KB , 850x624 , anzutired.jpg )
Sorry for the ramble but I remember watching the first part of that (and gaki no tsukai in general) like 4 years ago and I stopped because some retard brought too much attention to it on jewtube and I ended up drifting away from japanese comedy for a bit.
Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. I've had times where I wanted to search for a YTP I used to watch many years ago, and I've had like a 2/10 chance in finding a working backup on Wayback machine is still good to use if you're searching for "lost" media like I was.
>> No. 42599 [Edit]
I don't like japanese game shows, but Tantei Knight Scoop has really interesting stories and with the Tantei-san being a comedian, it has humorous story telling.

File 164882824951.png - (2.93MB , 2500x2500 , ffee1e0ae3c5b52a5e3c5fa6079a3e99.png )
39421 No. 39421 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
It's that time of year again! April fools day!

Have you found anything interesting?!
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>> No. 42499 [Edit]
File 17120015537.jpg - (645.03KB , 2983x4096 , GJ4faVoaAAA9W1U.jpg )
My interpretation was that this year's theme was about annoying stuff in websites. Like anti ad-blockers the big cookies disclaimer, and naturally the complementary video ads, that often show up in these sites.
>> No. 42500 [Edit]
Ah I see, it was meant to be a video ad. I forgot those were a thing... (also the adblock thing was also used 2 years ago I think, but it doesn't matter because I always forget it's april 1st anyhow and have a solid moment of confusion)
>> No. 42501 [Edit]
File 171201962257.jpg - (365.99KB , 1250x2048 , GJLsELvXsAEmO8A.jpg )
Didn't last long.
>> No. 42502 [Edit]

Yup, pretty much that. Would have added more and maybe done something more original but between a recent cross country move and a new job, things have been a bit hectic here. I still wanted to try and find 'some' time to do something at least. I've seen a lot of websites these days have a lot of obnoxious garbage obscuring half the page. News letter popups, cookies notices, tech support and AI chat window popups, auto play videos of streamers/reviews that follow the screen and more. Just terrible annoying designs everywhere now.
Honestly me and the mods debated a bit about what video to use, if any. Didn't want to play some 3DPD ads so I figured a PV might make some sense.

File 159584697096.gif - (228.33KB , 1000x1000 , 20200816.gif )
35526 No. 35526 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Which other imageboards do you go to?
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>> No. 42485 [Edit]
Whats the worst he can do on a text only board? Post ascii street fighter text art?
>> No. 42486 [Edit]
Which surely contributes as much to those places as his street fighter images on imageboards.
>> No. 42487 [Edit]
File 171157289447.png - (31.90KB , 1440x786 , cammy shiftjs.png )
>ascii street fighter text art
I'm disappointed there's not more of that.
>> No. 42488 [Edit]
Here's some:

File 164659401142.png - (1.00MB , 1020x1100 , new.png )
39318 No. 39318 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Ponderings general 3. Post things you've thought about.
321 posts and 54 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 42477 [Edit]
>not everybody feels a need to socialize
True, and those people aren't having exchanges on imageboards.
>> No. 42478 [Edit]
File 171145990299.jpg - (271.38KB , 500x500 , __takagaki_kaede_idolmaster_and_1_more_drawn_by_sa.jpg )
What are you implying? I doubt people who post on imageboards do so with the main purpose of satisfying social needs. Talking to someone on voice chat doesn't feel satisfying either. I've taken breaks from IBs just because and it didn't make a difference besides giving me more free time to do anything else.

Post edited on 26th Mar 2024, 6:43am
>> No. 42480 [Edit]
File 171147793795.jpg - (5.01MB , 2480x3508 , 112409314_p0.jpg )
Maybe you'd disagree, but I think there's a difference between socializing and communicating, the latter being what people do on imageboards. While there is a social aspect to communication, exchanging information is the primary goal of communication, while socializing uses exchanging information as an excuse to be around others.

Posting on imageboards also lacks properties I consider intrinsic to socializing:
It's not in real-time, so you're not "with" anybody while you do it.
Everyone is anonymous, so you aren't forming or maintaining connections.

I can see why someone who hates "social interaction" would avoid imageboards; if they're simply disinterested in socializing, I don't see why they wouldn't use imageboards as a source of information or place to self-express.
>> No. 42482 [Edit]
File 171151157422.gif - (46.60KB , 400x353 , 1702490760776574.gif )
I had this game i thought about making and its an arena fps game. I know that they are dying but this idea could revive it if i can make just right. It would have some sort of a loadout system but does not restrict the player from getting all the weapons, your starting weapon can be changed instead of starting with a machine gun, you can start with a shotgun or lightning gun. I also want grenades to be in the game, i got the idea from DOOM 2016, the best idea i had was a sticky grenade and a landmine.

File 156911474031.jpg - (52.00KB , 630x630 , proxy_duckduckgo_com.jpg )
33275 No. 33275 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
This is the ONLY official Tohno-chan holiday pie baking thread. In this thread: Bake pies, share recipes, show pictures, and tell stories all relating to your hand-crafted, baked holiday pies.
13 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 42378 [Edit]
File 170936805144.jpg - (21.31KB , 474x315 , 20240304.jpg )
Clafoutis. Can you make a simple pancake batter? If you can, bake it with chopped fruit. Ta-dah, that's clafoutis.
>> No. 42428 [Edit]
File 171003636858.jpg - (51.96KB , 518x550 , GZ.jpg )
French baked goods lose to Italian baked lasagne.
>> No. 42453 [Edit]
File 171104617362.jpg - (4.77MB , 4128x3096 , banana cake 20240207_172831.jpg )
Banana and cinnamon cake, taste pretty good.
>> No. 42489 [Edit]
File 17115805947.png - (751.23KB , 661x638 , Ami1.png )
And both fall before greek pastitsio.

File 170547833267.jpg - (2.68MB , 2920x4096 , 85bf10e96c61eb16eef425c26bff6230.jpg )
42226 No. 42226 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Let's have a whole thread about FAILURE and DISAPPOINTMENT. What are some projects that you followed for years that never amounted to anything. Ones were you were hoping, waiting for so long, just for the moment to come when you realized "this is never happening", or "this is garbage actually".

I want to talk about the Pokemon Special Animation project. There's a Pokemon manga called Adventures. It has a darker tone than pretty much any other Pokemon media, so it was fairly popular in the aughts, and in 2010, some westerners decided they were going to make an anime adaptation of it.

12 years later, this is the end result:
For comparison, here's a Japanese fan animation made by one guy in 2 months:

They made a forum
There's auditions on there, for voice acting and animation. I remember a fairly well-known symphonic composer was interested in doing the music at one point. They saw Japanese fan animations and somebody said something like "this fires me up. We gotta compete with this". At one point, they made an okayish intro, as an "April Fools day joke" and an animated video asking for donations or something. Those seem to be lost to time. The end result speaks for itself.

I just don't understand it. How can one guy make 2 minutes of not phenomenal, but serviceable web animation in 2 months, and these people spend 12 years making a sub-12 minute slide show? So much time and energy spent on bikeshedding, for that. This was part of my childhood.
>> No. 42430 [Edit]
The pacing on that is just grueling, wow. For contrast, I can totally see myself rewatching the fan made OP. That entire episode? Not a chance.
>> No. 42433 [Edit]
26 seconds of animation
>> No. 42434 [Edit]
Like anything good related to (c)rap, it's stolen from somewhere else

File 14754279284.jpg - (103.32KB , 1280x720 , tomoko-kuroki5 (1).jpg )
29537 No. 29537 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
So the new admin at 4chan is struggling financially with the site (ads are now gone)
And /a/ is having talks of where to migrate to if the site goes down for good , people are name dropping your site a lot
I'm not sure if this is wanted or unwanted but I feel you should at least be aware of it .
43 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 42253 [Edit]
Lurk and learn, or fuck off.
>> No. 42344 [Edit]
Aw I thought this was a new thread.
>> No. 42349 [Edit]
Were you excited or dismayed?

Post edited on 20th Feb 2024, 5:04pm
>> No. 42421 [Edit]

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