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File 156448371879.jpg - (121.22KB , 1080x1185 , 2018WPi.jpg )
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I drink coffee. What's your drink of choice?
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>> No. 36190 [Edit]
File 160176665226.jpg - (20.15KB , 474x316 , 20201018.jpg )
Cafe Latte
>> No. 36191 [Edit]
Chun-li looks like she's masturbating.
>> No. 36318 [Edit]
File 160258001234.jpg - (114.37KB , 1024x682 , FX.jpg )
That time of the year again?
>> No. 36407 [Edit]
File 160349037632.jpg - (19.01KB , 474x266 , VG.jpg )

File 134575630513.jpg - (64.06KB , 336x447 , ponderings.jpg )
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Ponderings general 2. Post things you've thought about.

Previous thread >>15685
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>> No. 36401 [Edit]
This idea of forcing oneself to be satisfied and grateful for an objectively shit life is fucking insulting.
>> No. 36405 [Edit]
It's probably just tokiko again.
>> No. 36406 [Edit]
>Have any of you tried keeping a gratitude journal with successful results
Tangential, but I once took an "MBA" class as part of a tedious humanities requirement. What I got was two hours a week of pure, concentrated bullshit – the kind you'd find at fluffy ted talks. We covered the whole lot of insanity: from how myer-briggs types can be used to determine "leadership styles" to how you should keep "gratitude" in mind as you deal with conflict resolution.
(And we had as an exercise that gratitude journal bullshit, which ended up being 100% fabricated nonsense).

The only thing I ended up learning from that class was that mba should stand for master bullshit artist.
>> No. 36455 [Edit]
You're generally correct. However, I've been trying to develop sufficient pattern recognition for years, but I've yet to achieve moderate success therein despite doing many problems and exercises. Am I being limited by my intellect, or is there something yet to be done? (I hope your studies go well, by the way. Calculus is enjoyable for those whose minds are capable.)

I'm learning calculus III in preparation for an actual class, and using a textbook (Stewart) that will probably be required by that institution. However, I've been using other, and older, textbooks for alternate viewpoints on matters I could not grok. I'll see about utilizing older textbooks as per your suggestion.

>blame the bourbaki group
I will read more about this later, but from my cursory reading they seem outputting to say the least.

>Also, it's quite possible that your foundation in single-variable calculus is not as strong as you think it is. It might be beneficial to go over it once using a different (preferably older) textbook.
I'd like to think that's not the case as I've aced both of my former calculus I & II classes. But something is clearly wrong. Perhaps academic standards have fallen more than I thought.

File 15719500899.png - (3.84MB , 2697x1050 , 4KKwDMA.png )
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How was your day? Did you do anything nice? Post about it here.
It looks like the old one is on autosage so here's a new one.
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>> No. 36317 [Edit]
File 160255598328.jpg - (93.96KB , 400x566 , long title.jpg )
Sometimes I want to watch this anime again or read the manga just to watch something that at least tries to have a mom be cute and a major character instead of just being a sexually frustrated whore but then I remember the horrible twintails girl. It annoys me that she's a major character because she never shuts her damn mouth or has much of any redeeming qualities. I haven't hated a character this much since D.W. from Arthur.
>> No. 36319 [Edit]
File 160260269366.jpg - (359.56KB , 1400x984 , sample-cbf38efb514ddb9e5197a713a04e6c0b.jpg )
A week ago I watched the Made In Abyss third movie since the blue only recently came out. Forgot to post about it before. I liked it quite it a bit even though one of the characters felt kind of "cheap". I hope season 2 comes soon.
>> No. 36323 [Edit]
Had my hair cut the other day and she really took off more than I'd like. Now it looks funny because it's a shrunken version of what I wanted. It'll grow out and be fine but in the meantime it really sucks.

At least I won't have to get a haircut for another ~4-6 months.
>> No. 36365 [Edit]
File 160307848636.jpg - (129.72KB , 1948x1423 , 9b6c65da9a1c17c2b01e8e22df6f2bad.jpg )
I want to think that I'm finally recovering from the slippery slope of breast sizes I fell into but I still find myself looking through the "gigantic_breasts" tag on gelbooru. I know what I like and want for daily life, a woman with a more slender body and graceful mannerisms to accompany it is very beautiful to me. Not only that, but it can go very well with the kind of soothing personality I prefer. But I can't help but enjoy the idea of such unrealistically large breasts that I can bury my entire head in, watch bounce with each step she takes, or drink the endless supply of milk from. Not to mention I just like the look of it.
"Thicc" is not a preference I would consider refined and as such I'm ashamed to like it. It's very dedicated to a raw sexual appeal and I doubt how well it works outside of being completely nude since large enough proportions can get to a point where clothes does little to enhance the body's beauty.
Part of why this is a problem for me is because I've let a character I created, who I will not post, and like to draw often be subjected to this slippery slide. The last few pictures I have drawn of her are ones where I decided to scale back her proportions as such excessive ones really change the impression someone can get from looking at the character before they learn more about them and I haven't been an exception to this. But unfortunately it's hard to go back from what I found myself liking, regardless of how good or bad the reasons may look. It's probably silly to lose sight of the identity of your own character but calling it silly doesn't solve the problem. I would like to change my preferences back to where they used to be but I don't know if I can just condition myself to have certain preferences.

File 159584697096.gif - (228.33KB , 1000x1000 , 20200816.gif )
35526 No. 35526 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Which other imageboards do you go to?
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>> No. 36231 [Edit]
What makes it terrible?
>> No. 36234 [Edit]
It's nothing like Samachan. It goes against the few things Samachan tries to enforce.
>> No. 36244 [Edit]
It's run by the same cali, druggie normalfag as uboachan.
>> No. 36351 [Edit]
File 16029150153.jpg - (67.51KB , 1080x681 , FX.jpg )
That comment made me chuckle.

File 160124398683.jpg - (151.31KB , 1400x912 , little shit.jpg )
36079 No. 36079 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Love them or hate them, what are your thoughts on hololive and vtubers?
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>> No. 36267 [Edit]
Are you sure they're not just a part of the "culture" of normalfags who pretend to like anime?
>> No. 36269 [Edit]
Only the western ones. Look on futaba. there is a faction of actual japanese aniota that love this shit.
You just feel like that because they're popular.
>> No. 36282 [Edit]
File 160237279441.jpg - (55.29KB , 500x500 , 1565656645347.jpg )
It's funny how polemic vtubers of all things are. They're harmless if you're not an idiot who throws money at them.
>> No. 36350 [Edit]
File 160291496092.jpg - (149.29KB , 1200x922 , FZlash.jpg )
>hololive and vtubers
They're just fun fluff; I leave them on in the background if I feel like it.

File 160141560488.jpg - (96.81KB , 700x535 , kaguya_dualmonitor.jpg )
36129 No. 36129 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How long have you been on the internet? What are your best memories? How have your internet habit changed? Do you enjoy it nowadays? I would like this thread to be an open discussion to this beautiful yet flawed place that we all inhabit.
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>> No. 36219 [Edit]
File 160195995310.png - (3.40MB , 1220x1400 , QNTK3694.png )
You didn't miss a whole lot, there were some fun times and a different attitude to the net but the vast majority was porn/game trading, excessive flaming and spam.
Media wasn't as easy to come by either so secondaries ran rampant in 2D circles.
>> No. 36283 [Edit]
>How long have you been on the internet?
Well I first started using it sometime around 2000, when I was 8. But during that time I was rarely allowed online (mom would always say "no, I'm waiting for a friend to call", but I imagine she just didn't want me running up the bill). The few times I could get online, all I really did was look up cheat codes and play flash games.

It wasn't until 2004 that I could get online consistently and I started trying to take part in communities. Mainly gaming forums for what few games I had. Of course, being 12 among a group of 15+-year-olds, it was only natural that I made a massive ass of myself. So after a few tries to fit in somewhere, I just kept to myself until stumbling upon 4chan via YTMND (which in turn I found through the Wikipedia article on Sonic the Hedgehog) in 2006.

>What are your best memories?
Having spent most of my time on imageboards, that's where all of the best memories are. Even then I don't know if they're all that good. I remember my first day on 4chan pretty clearly, there was a motivational poster thread on /b/ that immediately got hijacked into a porn dump. I won't say what kind it was, but I'll just say it was like nothing I'd seen before and I came buckets several times. Also hung out on small chans' /i/nvasion boards, was a good place to vent my teenage frustration in the form of raiding other people.

I guess other good memories would be getting into new games and the occasional new anime. But with my computer being the 1998 toaster it was, "games" only meant SNES JRPGs and Doom WADs, and "anime" just meant whatever I could find on streaming sites. I lurked a few forums for the stuff I enjoyed, but I never posted on them since I was too shy. Looking back, I feel like I should have tried to be a part of those communities, I probably would have been driven to pursue the artistic passions I had back in my teens. Without the support of having friends, all I could really do was just dabble occasionally in code and music, never really getting anywhere.

>How have your internet habit changed?
Well I stopped using 4chan. I still use imageboards frequ
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 36312 [Edit]
Been around since the late 90s.
My best experience was a small non-English BBS with quite a nice community. I still miss friends from there, but it died quite suddenly when the admin went to Iraq and didn't come back so most people didn't connect up again.

As far as I'm concerned, the clearnet is as good as dead. It's been overrun by the social media hordes that spread like a plague and who complain about anyone that's different, which gets sites taken down (see: 8chan), net infrastructure companies (DNS-providers, hosts, anti-DDOS...) are banning sites at random and it's accepted by their other customers, and giant quasi-monopolies eat websites. Forums have been killed by Reddit, IRC/Mumble by Discord, webrings by Google, personal websites by FB...
I'm moving more and more to darknet stuff, I2P, TOR, hopefully gnunet at some point. There's still more interesting things there and less of that centralization stuff that's killing the clearnet.
>> No. 36313 [Edit]
> My best experience was a small non-English BBS with quite a nice community. I still miss friends from there, but it died quite suddenly when the admin went to Iraq and didn't come back so most people didn't connect up again.

I'm sorry to hear that, online communities just going down with no backup means of communication is always a tragedy.

File 157626160784.jpg - (100.15KB , 850x600 , __original_drawn_by_matataku__sample-1b6a9d6e80b78.jpg )
33825 No. 33825 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What would you do if the world got fucked? A calamity which doesn't kill everyone, but severely disrupts the going ons of the world. I'm asking just in general and for a more specific scenario. If the yellow stone super volcano erupts, the entirety of North America would become completely uninhabitable and the released smoke would affect the entire planet in varying degrees of severity.

There would be very little warning, but probably enough to go somewhere if you're lucky. Your two main options would either be South America, where it would be warm but you'd have to deal with many locals and other refugees, or East Asia, where you could manage to stay alive, but it would be extremely cold. Or you could just die.

Post edited on 13th Dec 2019, 10:32am
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>> No. 35897 [Edit]
Oh fuck off, "skeptic".
>> No. 35898 [Edit]
Go back to I Fucking Love Science, you uneducated gullible shit.
>> No. 35899 [Edit]
If you knew what you were talking about, you would explain yourself instead of dismissing something with "bad science" and "fairy tales". You didn't reply to >>35506 because you don't know what you're talking about. Blind skepticism doesn't make somebody intelligent.
>> No. 36308 [Edit]
File 160248613692.jpg - (101.50KB , 1280x720 , stalkercampfire.jpg )
Makes me feel like STALKER, I like it.

File 156013906623.jpg - (1.19MB , 2049x754 , subs.jpg )
32371 No. 32371 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I miss the days when fan subs were still a real thing.
15 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 35397 [Edit]
The internet is pretty good for it. Lots of places to find Japanese writings and audio.
>> No. 35398 [Edit]
File 159341993863.jpg - (21.52KB , 229x173 , 1483178485034.jpg )
Sure, but that's not exactly "forced to use it in real world practical settings". And then there's the kanji, if you don't grind it you're just going to see walls of text everywhere, exposure or not. I learned english by exposure in all facets of my life including work and I still have an awful level after too many years, I just can't imagine doing the same with japanese considering it's phonetics and writing system.
Maybe she's right after all.
>> No. 36299 [Edit]
File 160246489040.png - (158.22KB , 983x655 , horriblesubsiskill.png )
Since horriblesubs is kill now, we might see a reemergence in fansubbing.
>> No. 36300 [Edit]
Other people are doing their work better than they did. Don't bet on it.

File 151416502777.png - (948.84KB , 1040x800 , ea3ae1104fe0bf0341f8697a77e182675d045bb4.png )
31113 No. 31113 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
You are on death row and you get one last meal. What will it be?
21 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 36003 [Edit]
>> No. 36025 [Edit]
Indonesian nasi
>> No. 36075 [Edit]
File 160120129920.jpg - (61.77KB , 1389x610 , 20200927.jpg )
Soft fluffy jiggly cheesecake
>> No. 36185 [Edit]
File 160168662737.jpg - (211.80KB , 1580x951 , 20201018.jpg )
Seafood paella

File 160004669631.png - (1.56MB , 848x1200 , 0c3ae8fc8a5db505993082cea2664102.png )
35910 No. 35910 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What is your favorite hair color?
14 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 35966 [Edit]
But I don't like tsukkomi tsunderes. And she's taken anyway.
>> No. 35975 [Edit]
File 160068951288.png - (437.81KB , 640x480 , [Doremi]_Ojamajo_Doremi_Dokkaan!_02_[FF9E86BE]-00:.png )
Either of these two.
>> No. 36078 [Edit]
Twin braids are nice.
>> No. 36085 [Edit]
Double french braids are the sign of a slut!

File 160090828814.jpg - (335.04KB , 800x1120 , 1122b0c56c060aa33f06792ae9204dc2.jpg )
36012 No. 36012 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Describe 2020 to someone living in 2010
4 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 36029 [Edit]
2020 is overhated. A little pestilence here and some civil unrest there and people act like the world is ending when western civilization has been through far worse.
>> No. 36040 [Edit]
I guess it depends in what country you live in, but in some it hasn't been "a little pestilence" but the most devastating year since the last war they were directly involved. We're talking about GDP getting fucked between 10-15% in one year, that's absolutely nuts. Of course some countries will recover fast but others will lag for decades, if they ever recover. It could also be the year of the beginning of an enormous change in geopolitics and how the world power is distributed.
>> No. 36041 [Edit]
I'm not the person to be talking about the geopolitical ramifications of it with, to be honest. I was more talking about the severity of the actual pandemic, the death rate of the virus is very low compared to things of the past.
I was also just talking about how people on social media bitch about every year like it's the worst ever.
>> No. 36043 [Edit]
Your life will pretty much carry on as is while all the normal people freak out about not being able to go out and get drunk for a few months. The economy will go to shit but since you're not retarded with money (and lucky) you won't really notice that either outside of some "free" money showing up in your bank account.

Its been a good year for me but a lot of it's down to luck. I saw the freakout over corona coming with how Italy went and planned ahead. When everyone else went grocery shopping I already had everything I'd need for over a month. A lot of normal people lost their shit in isolation. It took them down a peg mentally and helped my self image.

Yeah, the economy has been the real thing. I've been learning more about finance lately and it really seems like the govt is pulling all sorts of tricks to keep the economy afloat until the election.

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