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File 167290873474.jpg - (325.84KB , 1280x960 , Konachan_com - 38416 air kamio_misuzu summer.jpg )
41016 No. 41016 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
2D has made me soft and feminine. Not just 2D alone, but avoiding western media and idiocy in general. Always had my soft side but now it's overactive. Most people IRL or on internet are more badass than me. (including gays, women, lesbians, etc) I dont feel intimidated, Im just alienated, and I don't like what Im turning into. Not sure if 2D healed me or infected me. Anybody in the same boat? what can I expect at this rate, and what can I do to damage-control?
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>> No. 41290 [Edit]
File 168018256549.jpg - (119.30KB , 913x1278 , IMG_20230330_152230_006.jpg )
I find that 2D turns me into a more peaceful and relaxed guy. I like to take it easy and be as comfortable as I can. I understand what you meant too. 2D girls are so pure, inocent and femenine it's impossible not to get in a mood where elegance, feminity and even nostalgia could merge together. It happens to me as well, and there's nothing wrong with it. I think it can help us not to become lazy, dirty and brutish. Understanding your femenine side could lead to becoming a better, more balanced man. I wouldn't have developed a taste for retro and comfy stuff if not because of the 2D. Here's a pic I took a few weeks ago. Rewatching Anne of Green Gables. I could write an entire essay about this anime and what it means to me.
>> No. 41298 [Edit]
File 168028493798.jpg - (948.09KB , 3816x1073 , ghibli.jpg )
>soft and feminine
I think the adjective that better describes it is "sentimental". A lot of japanese media's like this. Ghibli and slice of life anime, games like Animal Crossing or Ocarina of Time. It’s not necessary softness, I think it’s more about allowing yourself to be vulnerable, but also carefree. That’s because these media remind us of childhood, with their tolkienesque pastoral landscapes, harmonical living with nature, comfy plot about people just living their life, slowly, one day at the time. Even western people who spent their childhood in big cities can still appreciate it, since there was also a lot of older western cartoons that were similar.
>> No. 41299 [Edit]
Great post, and I agree.
>> No. 41318 [Edit]
"Mono no aware" is I think the term?

File 16803741388.jpg - (280.64KB , 1920x1080 , FsdN8GOaUAAHEyf.jpg )
41307 No. 41307 Locked hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What you playin atm?
>> No. 41308 [Edit]
Just finished playing advance wars 1.
>> No. 41311 [Edit]
The GBA game?
>> No. 41312 [Edit]
Yes, played it on mGBA. It was fun. Some missions were particularly hard (Mighty Kambei). Maybe I'll play the war room maps now. It's kind of a bummer that the game does not allow you to replay the missions, nor show exactly what are the requirements for each rank.
My fav CO's Sami.

File 168037390711.jpg - (86.81KB , 1280x720 , [Ohys-Raws] Reiwa no Di Gi Charat - 01 (BS4 1280x7.jpg )
41305 No. 41305 Locked hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Anything anime related can go here!
>> No. 41306 [Edit]
File 168037398465.jpg - (126.70KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Frame Arms Girl - 01 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
I'm okay with this.
>> No. 41310 [Edit]
File 168037633655.png - (187.59KB , 327x328 , rin squinting eyes.png )

File 16773438835.png - (73.71KB , 401x401 , 1675565936796194.png )
41227 No. 41227 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What would you do?
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>> No. 41231 [Edit]
Years ago there was a fire in an old ladies house close to where I lived. Everyone was standing around doing nothing, just watching. I took the garden hose and started spraying down the fire that I could reach, when I put it out on that side I then took the hose to do the same thing around the front. Once the real fire fighters showed up, I was gone.
I 'want' to help people, to do good things, but we live in a society that makes that hard or punishes people for trying. I took care of the fire, but what if she decided to sue me for water damages in turn? Or trespassing? Vandalism? I didn't know, and I didn't want to find out.
>> No. 41232 [Edit]
I admire your attitude and actions, I think that's the right way to go about it. Saw a バカップル touching the ice on a large pond with their feet once, while I was having some tea a couple of feet away on a bench. The guy decided to stomp it to test out its strength and of course fell into the ice cold water. I stood up and got ready to help out if necessary, but his companion managed to drag him up so I sat down again and laughed internally at the whole spectacle, as the guy cursed himself for being stupid.
>> No. 41252 [Edit]
File 167872023127.png - (652.96KB , 619x817 , meme.png )
What would you do?
>> No. 41253 [Edit]
I'm in the comp sci program already.

File 14851056887.png - (512.28KB , 908x738 , 44100.png )
29901 No. 29901 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Apparently, you're supposed to listen to music in 44.1hz.
Computers are default to 48hz (standard for film and such) and without some research there's no obvious indication that this is how it's supposed to be.
With how much people listen to music, I feel I should have come across this knowledge sooner as it should be more common parlance. It's not hard at all to change either.
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>> No. 40586 [Edit]
Audio/video synchronization is a weird rabbit hole to get into. For video, most displays have a refresh rate of 60hz. If you have a 30fps video source this works nicely, but most anime is 24fps so some frames end up being repeated more than others in 3:2 pulldown. More advanced techniques here might involve frame blending or interpolation plus resampling.

Then you get to audio. Most soundcards will be configured to accept a given range of sample rates, and provide an audio clock to synchronize with (usually defaulting to 48khz). If your audio driver is smart it can switch the soundcard to the appropriate mode, otherwise it has to resample the input to the output (interpolating if necessary). I don't think either osx or windows dynamically set the sample rate of the soundcard [1]. The 44.1khz -> 48khz upconversion might technically introduce some artifacts depending on the specific filter used (because in the real world you are limited to finite impulse response filters), but I really doubt you'd be able to perceive any difference.

Finally you have audio/video sync. I don't really understand under what conditions this happens. In an ideal world if both audio and video clocks were stable and we are able to keep up with the clocks (the individual stream successfully plays independently without drops), then I don't think there would be any sync issues since you can just let them play independently. But in the real world I guess for some reasons if we cannot keep up with the clocks we are given (maybe we're doing some post-processing on the video so can't make it in time for the next tick) or maybe a frame can't be decoded at all, then we are at a situation where desync might occur if they played independently. So we have to tie them together, and the easiest naive solution is to just skip video frames as needed in order to match the audio (this works nicely if audio clock is 48khz and video is 24fps).

>> No. 40588 [Edit]
And then there's other things like the fact that just because you deliver samples to the soundcard at time X doesn't mean it gets delivered to the user (i.e. played_ at time X. There's usually some latency there, which will be higher for wireless headphones. So a good audio driver must also estimate the latency to the user, and then present this to the software so it can delay the video by the same amount. Similarly there might also be a lag between data delivered to the gpu and the actual display on the screen, which should also be factored in if you want the utmost accuracy.

So even if you don't have any fancy interpolation, getting A/V sync is non-trivial. The simplest case I think I can reason about is when you use the audio clock to drive things. If we assumed we had perfect speakers with 0 delay between soundcard and speaker output (speaker_latency), and 0 delay between sending audio samples and sending video frames (code_latency), then all we have to do is send a new frame every 1/fps sec. But to account for real-world delay, we actually have to end up waiting "1/fps + speaker_latency - code_latency" since a large speaker latency means we need to delay the video by the same amount, and conversely a large delay between sending audio and sending video means we need to hurry up and send video sooner.

Post edited on 29th Sep 2022, 9:56pm
>> No. 41218 [Edit]
Does flac or ogg sound better than mp3?
>> No. 41220 [Edit]
This is lossless compression, so theoretically this is as good as you can get to source.

Offers perceptual transparency at lower bitrates.

In practice you won't be able to tell a difference by A/B comparing lame 320k or v0 mp3 and a flac. (In fact v0 is slightly better than 320k as it allows better use of bit reservoir). And most times unless you play on some expensive setup you probably won't even be able to tell a difference between 192k mp3 and a flac. Most of difference will be in the high end of frequencies.

File 167390131251.jpg - (1.99MB , 4032x3024 , 8CA1947A-B111-4D86-8D2D-239BBFCC5D7E.jpg )
41058 No. 41058 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Just got out of rehab so I’m watching SEL with my nekos while drinking vodka to celebrate
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>> No. 41174 [Edit]
File 167602959319.jpg - (132.54KB , 810x683 , 2024.jpg )
>> No. 41197 [Edit]
Thank you for your unfunny twitter screencap
>> No. 41198 [Edit]
The annoying thing about the twitter screencap is that the comic illustrates its point perfectly well.
We can tell from the man's expression in the 3rd and 4th panels that the corporate banter "got too real" so there's no point in telling the viewer that unless they expect that people aren't going to read the whole image, which might actually be the case on a platform like twitter.

Either way, I don't understand saving it like that instead of just copying the original image over...
>> No. 41199 [Edit]
Over the years, I've learnt to just stop trying to understand it.

File 149948438434.jpg - (105.78KB , 1280x720 , Hinako_Note_-_08_[720p]_mkv_snapshot_08_56_[2017_0.jpg )
30284 No. 30284 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you think image board culture is dead? If so, can it ever be brought back?
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>> No. 41143 [Edit]
>I'm not sure if I'd go as far as to say this life style is anti-social
I think attributing any life style to imageboards is a mistake. As if life styles are the only thing worth talking about. Can't you talk about anime whether you're a neet, or a student or a "family man"? And why does having a family entail giving up who you are? That's not "moving on with your life", it's suicide. Of course dead people can't post. I refuse to acknowledge that as "progression".
>> No. 41144 [Edit]
>why does having a family entail giving up who you are?
I recently spoke with a former anon/waifufag who told me they dropped the otaku life style in spite of moving to japan (and getting married), which really left me wondering about this. When someone starts a family, it takes priority above all else in their life. Their time, money, attention, it all goes to that family. Even their very freedom seems to get lost most of the time. Just yesterday I overheard someone at the store talking about sneaking away from their wife for half an hour. I hear that sort of thing a lot. Sometimes it's people having to justify buying a game console to their partner, or just hanging out with friends. It makes me wonder if it's really worth it.
Meanwhile, there's a guy at work who seems to like (surface level) nerdy stuff, and never shuts up about his kid, so who knows? Maybe it's not impossible to find some balance?
>> No. 41146 [Edit]
A good chunk of it might just be demographics. People mellow out with age and there just aren't enough young people to bring that youthful spirit into the culture. Might just be the places I frequent but younger people seem to be the minority everywhere now. Online, real life. Dominated by millenials and older.
>> No. 41147 [Edit]
Young people still don't get that involved in online communities like people seem to think. They usually stick to large social media sites and interact with people they actually know.
Obviously, there are some around and they're noticeable because young people are foolish.

File 167263155870.png - (2.09MB , 1061x1500 , new years.png )
41001 No. 41001 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
A year has ended and a new one has started.
How was the last year for you? Do you have any regrets you wish you could have changed?
Is there anything you're looking forward to or wishing for in the coming year? Do you have any goals for it?
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 41010 [Edit]
Even though there was a lot of shit that happened to me, it wasn't a bad year for me. Even considering the fact that I live in a country at war.
>> No. 41031 [Edit]
I'm wanting to get out a bit more this year and start working on some writing. Nothing grand, just go out, sit in a coffee shop and hack away. It feels a bit pretentious but it helps me get more done. I'm not surrounded by so many easy distractions.

Same with getting more physical exercise. I get really broody when I don't move my body. It's kind of a hassle but I reckon it saves me time since I won't waste as much. Bodies need patched to require less upkeep.
>> No. 41052 [Edit]
File 167361269515.jpg - (58.10KB , 681x768 , a0 (1).jpg )
Be more a human doing. Cold made me lazy.
>> No. 41053 [Edit]
Rock bottom honestly,
Trying to take some steps to remedy that but who knows.

File 149516358187.jpg - (68.50KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Gabriel DropOut - 02 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
30157 No. 30157 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is it weird to not be obsessed with something? Online and off I keep encountering people who seem to have one track minds. All they know and all they ever talk about is is one or two things, in some cases people revolve their entire lives around these things. Everything from music, to gun nuts, to gear heads, to specific videogame franchises, or electronics brands. Is it normal for real people to be this two dimensional? Am I weird for not focusing one one or two things and learning everything there is to know about those things? Rather than exploring bits of everything out there?
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>> No. 30270 [Edit]
normal people are like that. NTs are not like that.
don't give NTs credit for being mental healthy, NTs are uniformly insane. no intelligent, thinking person could ever accept those extreme levels of conformity. only an idiot savant with the knack for gaining social acceptance could.
>> No. 30272 [Edit]
>> No. 30278 [Edit]
Neurotypical, probably.
>> No. 41044 [Edit]
Normal people only care about their finances and social lives enough to actively put effort into them, or a means to their end.

File 163217168253.jpg - (199.82KB , 1516x2048 , 0a4f8bd412c0ec7ad58d75d4c0ed7d2c.jpg )
38707 No. 38707 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What's with the deal with eating food alone in the bathroom? Wouldn't the smell ruin the meal?
20 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 40837 [Edit]
For lunch, the lunchroom was pretty crowded so I couldnt really sit alone. I'd just sit with the other rejects and we were pretty spaced out anyway. Then after I finished my food id go piss and this was a walk to kill time. I also hated being in class so I would utilize bathroom breaks to go walk around for 10 minutes. This was near the end of my HS days before I dropped out
>> No. 40838 [Edit]
I used to sit with a group of 7 people that included my cousin and a guy I went to primary school with(there were 5 people in my year level in primary school so we knew each other).
The guy that I went to primary school with was okay and my cousin is my cousin but I didn't like the rest. I would sit with them because I wanted to be one of the 'cool kids' and to become part of that group I did not want to look like a loser. This other group liked me but I am shy, the closer I got to them the more I got bored of them though, by year 11 I didn't bother even trying to get close to them and stopped sitting next to them in class.

I wish that I had not bothered with trying to look cool and that I had just been myself and spend my lunch time in the library instead of sitting around people I don't want to be around, by the time I learnt that I had fewer classes and my car license so was not often at school for lunch.
>> No. 40845 [Edit]
i would just eat in the classroom if i was gonna eat in the first place. i only started bringing food to school in high school anyways, because i had one day of classes that was long enough for me to get tired. in college i just go out, buy some snacks, and eat on the bench in the corridor
>> No. 41007 [Edit]
In my final year of highschool, the Year 12 (final year) students had access to a microwave in the canteen that the other students weren't allowed to use.

It was unfortunately in an area where all of the popular kids hung out, many of which I went to primary school with. I remember approaching them and asking if I could use the microwave even though they were my equals.
I hadn't spoken to any of them in 3-5 years even though we had all grown up together. Shows how hikki I was at that point, I guess - I was barely going to school once a week.

Post edited on 2nd Jan 2023, 5:39am

File 154867410195.jpg - (110.56KB , 847x1075 , e27e0cc269eaf0ce8fea77a010037f708e31e243.jpg )
31977 No. 31977 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
I'm curious what you think of the whole subbing situation nowadays? I know fansubbing is pretty much dead but some botched translation has brought back the scene (GJM is the most prominent one coming to mind at the moment) to an extent. This was the first time in a while I saw drama about localized subs (I'm not gonna bother going into it, it was dumb) and the subber justified it by calling people complaining weebs and a whole shitshow about it. (shitflinging about nationality and politics, standard dumb flame war shit). I talked to someone who speaks Japanese and apparent Horriblesubs is fine for what they are, and if that's to be believed, I appreciate them for bypassing all the dumb "artistic" shit and TL notes, for forgoing all the drama involving subtitles and generally being good enough. I just realized though, most anime viewers are basically taking the meaning of the media with someone else's word. I wonder how often translators are deceptive and "liberally" interpret things, which eventually becomes direct influence over what the characters are saying or straight up guesses for whatever reason. I imagine people with no connection to Japan besides being wapanese wouldn't be able to speak it enough to even tell.
I'm quite curious to learn Japanese now and see how much changes.
What do you think?
61 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 38177 [Edit]
Sorry mate, I meant no harm, just wanted to poke a bit of fun at the argument.
>> No. 38200 [Edit]
Detecting people of the tribe is my super power. This ability was gifted to me for a reason and it was meant to be shared. Why, not using it to expose the works of the tribesmen would be simply immoral.

And what do the subbers and dubbers who do that have in common? Perhaps... strikingly well developed nasal structures?
>> No. 38201 [Edit]
Gen Fukunaga, the founder and president of Funimation, isn't jewish. So you're not even right about that.
>> No. 40801 [Edit]
For archival reasons, I've been going back over past subs back from when groups such as ddy were more active (and you could usually expect to see alternate subs for seasons). I think my general conclusion is that people have no idea how to evaluate anything

A decent chunk of sub groups just repackaged official subs with minor (but nonetheless positive) edits, and they get worshipped like they're the second coming of christ when the effort involved is about an hour's work. On the other hand you have some subgroups that put in an immense amount of effort with their subs and somehow end up getting pissed on (GG's joshiraku subs are my go-to example. I have no idea what they did to receive so much heat, those aren't low-effort subs considering they included both out-of-band TL notes and inline comments in the ass file). Then you have the groups that decide that "real" translations shouldn't make any reference to japanese terms at all, and so will mercilessly strip off any foreign word (sensei? No that's your "bossman". Yakuza? Nope, "gangster"). [*]

[*] Maybe someday given unbounded time I'll go back and re-edit the translations for my favorite shows. Sabagebu and Flying Witch are good low hanging fruit here, Anime-Koi did a pretty decent job on most of the lines (actually brining it closer to the original JP clause order) but missed on a few others which were worse than the original. And flying-witch had two separate groups (other than the official) make a pass, that'll surely be a fun diff party!

Probably the most annoying thing is that releases don't document the general changes they made, and most people aren't going to bother diffing subs so that's how these cargo cults develop (as an example, the commie subs for Yuyushiki are excessively demonized when as I think I might have written somewhere before they ultimately fixed a few isolated bad word translations, stripped honorifics, and maybe clobbered 1 [honorific-related] joke in total, which while not good is also not the order-of-magnitude fuckup you'd expect from hearing crowd sentiment).

As for localized vs. unlocalized, I think it's a false dichotomy. Unless you're translating poetry in 80% of cases you can usually do a literal translation p
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