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File 164659401142.png - (1.00MB , 1020x1100 , new.png )
39318 No. 39318 [Edit]
Ponderings general 3. Post things you've thought about.
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>> No. 39332 [Edit]
Unstructured noise (white noise, fan noise, etc.) that's commonly used to mask environmental noise for sleeping and focus might end up causing neurologic issues in the auditory processing system as the brain adapts to filter those frequencies over the long term, resulting in worsened frequency discrimination.

If you sleep with one of those, you should try to wean away from using it. The long term impact of this will not be realized until it's too late to do anything.

Also while on the topic of common advice from doctors that's outright harmful, wearing minus lenses at your computer will worsen myopia. People were right about the whole "screentime causes myopia," but the mechanism is a bit more gradual where constant close work results in the eye adapting to the accommodative stress by lengthening. Hence why almost everyone who uses a computer will naturally end up at -2 diopters (unless they restart the process of hormesis by wearing minus lenses at the computer). Evidence for this is clear from animal studies, but the entire optical industry purposefully ignores this since it would collapse their business model. A child that has minor myopia should be told to spend more time outdoors, not prescribed glasses that will end up worsening his condition.
>> No. 39363 [Edit]
How do tohno chan residents feel about internet friends? Meeting up with them? I remember reading archived posts mentioning both of the above but they seem to have become completely verboten over the years.
>> No. 39364 [Edit]
Internet communities have taken quite the divergence in the last 7 years. It's a little horrifying to me just how quickly they did. I think the imageboards of the past were only possible because of specific circumstances surrounding their demographics, and I don't think those demographics exist anymore. So either you have imageboards of aging and jaded people who couldn't be here now without having given up all attachment to the world, or you have imageboards of a younger and totally different demographic. There's just no way someone under the age of 20 today would be able to understand, respect, or assimilate to imageboard culture of even 7 years ago, let alone 12 or 15. So something that was acceptable maybe 10 years ago just doesn't make sense anymore, because people on the fringe of society are made differently these days, if they exist at all.
>> No. 39375 [Edit]
I've been thinking about why science is viewed as an authority. Why is science constantly used to tell people what they should do and think.

The obvious explanation, is that methodology gives science its authority. I think this is only true to a very limited extent. What's far more important, is that science has proven itself useful. Because science has objectively enabled useful innovations, that's what gives it any influence at all.

Something like a computer, either works, or it doesn't. If scientists got things completely wrong, making them wouldn't be possible. When science gets into the realm of politics, or ideology, or is too theoretical, it completely falls apart. Scientific methodology can be used to "support" pretty much anything if you have enough bias. Numbers can be fudged, sample size limited and filtered, and conclusions based on important, but implicit assumptions.

The objective usefulness of some science gives credibility to the rest of it, despite the latter not needing to prove itself in the real world. That's how "the experts" can do something like tell people something is healthy, when it's not.

They'll do this because their jobs depend on funding, and the people funding them have an agenda or conflict of interest. If anyone complains, just call them crazy for questioning something with so much authority.
>> No. 39377 [Edit]
There are 3 kinds of science in society today. Science as in the traditional, long-cherished process of systematically and objectively analyzing/testing things to draw conclusions and create an explanatory model (that hopefully has predictive power). Then there's Science™ as in the shell-game of academia where the objective isn't the search of truth but rather a means of convincing the funding agency to give you money so your lab can survive, and the rules are bent (p-hacking, etc.) so long as the end-results look good on paper. This happens less in the hard-sciences (because it's harder to do so) but is very prevalent in fields like social sciences and economics. Finally there's SCIENCE as in the thing people blindly use to justify their action, whether or not it was in fact rigorously analyzed and tested. This SCIENCE is also what society views as an authority because humans have an inextricable need to model the world, and so this ends up taking the space of religion.

>is that science has proven itself useful
Yes, science can be viewed as the process of creating models. Over a process of time these models are progressively refined. These mdoels are almost certainly not the "ground-truth", but so long as they are good enough to do something with and have enough explanatory power, you can consider it useful. (Famous George Box aphorism and all that).

The interesting thing is that when viewed in this way, you find that many things disregarded as "pseudoscience" actually have better explanatory power than whatever "scientific" equivalent we have today. This is most notable in the realm of psychology. Things such as shamanism, energy healing, etc. can be viewed as an exploration of the parts of the psyche and currently provides better explanatory power for psychosomatic and autoimmune disorders than modern psychologists/doctors can.
>> No. 39379 [Edit]
>This happens less in the hard-sciences
It's not unheard of.

In my post, I mentioned nutritional science, which could also be considered on the "hard" side. I strongly suspect genetics is subject to this too.
>> No. 39380 [Edit]
No, nutritional science is on the soft-science side. To me the key distinction between hard/soft sciences is whether or not you can actually conduct experiments to prove/disprove claims. Things like nutrition or psychology are very hard to create experiments for because the object under study is the response of an entire human. And forget about economics – when the thing you're trying to model is an entire population. While you can isolate some certain subsystems in vitro, this does not always translate to in vivo which is where the key difficulty lies.

That is, you're trying to tease out the effect of some specific intervention on an interconnected system with an unknown number of hidden variables that also changes from day to day. You can see how hard that is. Psychology isn't a "soft-science" solely because the researchers are stupid, even if you have honest researchers it's genuinely hard to design experiments and conclude anything for certain.
>> No. 39382 [Edit]
Being familiar with science (specifically working with statistical data models), I find that the average person really doesn't understand shit about most scientific proven concepts beyond the most simple 3rd grade level. A lot of people think they understand things they really don't at all, and are willing to defend their misunderstanding as if it were their lives work. The worst is when people see some concept, don't get how or why it would be possible, and conclude that it isn't correct from their very limited personal knowledge. I just gave up trying to talk with anyone about it who isn't also a student of my field. When I first tried to explain K-clustering to someone who claimed to be interested in the subject we were discussing, they just stared at me like I was speaking Mandarin.

There are a ton of other fields I'm loosely acquainted with and it doesn't take much to realise that the average person never retains more than the simplified allegories and visuals given as children, hence the apparent sense and appeal of pseudosciences. The most fundamental, basic ideas like statistics, demographics, and sampling just go over the heads of 99% of people, they can't separate their perceived emotional reality from the reality of methodical information collection.
>> No. 39441 [Edit]
File 164959166919.png - (306.46KB , 616x571 , 765.png )
I turn everything I do into a solitary endeavour. Manga for example. I read lots of obscure titles on the many Japanese manga apps out there and I'll think (well, nobody will care about this title, why bother trying to find someone who cares about this to talk about it?) and then just sink in the 'I'm alone' attitude. However, if you go to a group interested in manga/anime and write about the stuff you like in a charming and captivating way, people will appreciate you. Not only you're providing decent content, but also you're opening doors to different stories people are unaware about, and even if it turned out they don't like it, still you'll be appreciated. I've seen happening before. Before you know it, you're a part of that community.

That was just one example. Another thing I like is drawing. Now, drawing is different because it's not an obscure thing at all. Lots of people are interested in it already. I could post my drawings in order to receive feedback and give feedback to others. Yet I go the 'what's the point of sharing these, I already know it's not good' route. But not being good is not the point. When you share your art you make a name for yourself and you may find people who like your stuff and that appreciation helps you to push on. I know this but, again, like it's the force of my own nature, I return to the 'I'm alone at this, nobody will care anyway'.

And that's how I proceed with everything in my life, really, always finding new ways to believe I'm alone.
>> No. 39442 [Edit]
Shoot, I forgot another important aspect of this behavior. I've tried in the past to write about the stuff I like or share whatever I'm doing. However I give up way too quickly. If I don't get any replies/feedback by first, second or third time, I give up for years afterwards, using that flimsy attempt at bonding as proof I'm really alone and nobody cares. I've done this my entire life and it's on autopilot at this point. I don't know if I don't care enough to put an end to this or if that pattern is exactly what I want. I really don't know.

I'm not sure about the root of this behavior, either. I don't know if I want to be alone at everything and I'm just finding ways to trick myself into justifying it or what.
>> No. 39443 [Edit]
Well, I can think of many reasons for this behaviour.
Bad experiences in the past, traumatic events. You tried to bond with someone and it went wrong; for example, you were ridiculized or betrayed.
Or nothing went wrong, but you were deeply disappointed. Or it's all about lack of self-steem and you're actually afraid of seeing the image of yourself reflected in others.
Either way, it seems like you're describing Avoidant Personality Disorder. But the interesting thing about this is, some don't consider it a personality disorder, but an adaptative behaviour present in different personality disorders. So you can be avoidant for many different reasons, sometimes various at once. I'm sure you can at least figure some of them.
>> No. 39444 [Edit]
Many so-called personality disorders are just personalities. In the future, we will look back on how people with "personality disorders" are pressured to take drugs to "fix" them just as people of today look at conversion therapy for homosexuals.
>> No. 39446 [Edit]
I do it to myself. Maybe I'm actually an insufferable person, but I've never met someone whom I wanted to be around more than I wanted to be alone. So every attempt at keeping up relationships fails not because of anything they do, or any falling out, but simply because I don't have an interest in doing things when people invite me. So I end up alone. My only regret is that I feel bad about the whole thing, because I think I'd like to just be alone and not care about the world.

I only really talk at work, and I don't mind it, but I'm a captive audience. Given the option, I choose solitude. I wish I knew what was wrong with me, because on some level I desire human interaction more than I desire to engage in hobbies or other "dead" things, but in practice I just don't find myself compelled to do it. So I'm stuck in this loop of wanting to be alone but finding myself alone with no long term goal. Not that people don't make an effort to reach out to me and interact with me, it's that I always wait for them, and just kind of passively go along until I get bored and go home. I feel really bad because I know there's a couple people whom I left feeling bad, they must think they're obnoxious people and I don't want them to feel bad about themselves just because I'm a solitary person. It's not them, I do this with everyone in my family too. I'll be a wizard before long yet I still haven't found any internal stillness.

I don't know why, I wish I could just find a way to live and be content.
>> No. 39447 [Edit]
Not really, after reading about the subject for some time I don't think they are personalities at all, they are "adaptative patterns". You could have two very different personalities with the same personality disorder, the disorder isn't the personality. I also think it's an useful cathegory when used well (not too often sadly), not to label people or give them drugs but for understanding. Without it you could end with just a "you're just shy" attitude towards others that really doesn't help too much.
>> No. 39450 [Edit]
File 164976658679.jpg - (420.66KB , 978x1146 , 1581905978726.jpg )
I really feel like letting this conversation go and pretend I never posted anything but that would be too easy, so let's respond even though I don't have anything helpful to add.
I can honestly say I don't remember any traumatizing events such as those, or any to be frank. Instead, I had an extremely uneventful childhood and past in general. I'm probably just boring, I bore myself out on a regular basis.
You're talking about something slightly different than my original post, I was talking more about being part of a community in general, being part of a circle of people interested on the same subject, not even friendship. Of course having friends is closely connected to that but it's a few steps deeper into it. I can't even be a part of a circle of people, so friendship is even farther away. I don't feel content or discontent about my life as a solitary person, it just is, I don't think about it most of the time. Then I watch or read something about friends and stuff like that and it makes me wonder about it for a couple weeks, but that's it, it never progresses towards anything. Nothing happens, the days go by and I'm here, then one day I won't be anymore.

Also, I was going through my pictures just now and this is by far the most beautiful gundam diorama I've ever found and by far the best zaku one was well. I wish I could find the magazine where this came from.
>> No. 39453 [Edit]
I have that picture since 2011, I remember thinking it was a very detailed ilustration and then looking closer and thinking holy shit. Never found the source either.

About "traumatizing events" it doesn't need to be anything huge or dramatic. It can be little disappointments day by day, or even something you don't remember at all. I know it's tempting to go for a simple explanation, but being boring doesn't really explain too much.
>> No. 39455 [Edit]
here's a few shots from some other angles and the modellers name.
>> No. 39479 [Edit]
Flat is justice. Thus, two-dimensional traps embody ultimate justice.
>> No. 39480 [Edit]
I like vaginas. Feces don't come out of them.
>> No. 39481 [Edit]
I don't really understand why people get bothered or even upset about things other people do, especially strangers on the internet. Especially if it doesn't harm anybody. It just seems like such a waste of energy to fuss about it.

Maybe it's a product of insecurity on their part, but honestly, it feels more pathetic to me to say, "well, at least I'm not as bad as so and so". It's just a shitty excuse to accept mediocrity and stagnation.
>> No. 39484 [Edit]
File 165066981084.jpg - (421.04KB , 2048x1530 , 1fdee37c04e80e7a6d08fe6b8c88a0ef.jpg )
For some reason, the internet has been feeling desolate lately. I'm not sure why, but it seems like it's becoming an empty desert.
>> No. 39485 [Edit]
User counts are constantly increasing. Unfortunately, all that traffic is going to a decreasing amount of locations.
>> No. 39486 [Edit]
File 165073223532.jpg - (762.28KB , 900x2002 , 4ed9ce47c2a869f1815ec9456964b3fa7246c853.jpg )
I looked into that. You're talking about this graph, right? It's based on data taken from 1/5 of US internet traffic.
This is the "Largest study of Internet backbone to date", but it makes me wonder if the global trend is the same, and how it correlates with the increase in total users. I couldn't find any information on that.

Post edited on 23rd Apr 2022, 9:48am
>> No. 39487 [Edit]
File 165073321146.png - (11.49KB , 883x550 , odd.png )
If you made a graph, I guess it would look something like this.
>> No. 39488 [Edit]
It's just a matter of how fine your grid or raster or categories are really, because personalities are "adaptative patterns" after all, and "you are just shy" could also help someone if they put the work into understanding the phenomenon of shyness as they experience it.
>> No. 39538 [Edit]
This doesn't deserve its own thread so I'll just post it here and write what I think about it.
I've come across this thing
Basically it's an AI friend. It's in a very, very, very early stage and it's quite frustrating how bad it is. Unfortunately, the 3D model is also atrociously ugly, it would improve a lot if the models were made after anime aesthetic, as it is right now it doesn't interest me one bit, but I can see myself getting into it if it looked right.
>> No. 39575 [Edit]
File 165237544563.jpg - (356.28KB , 659x1200 , __yamashiro_takane_touhou_drawn_by_siyumu__cb7614b.jpg )
I've been thinking about mutual perceptions. I was walking to the store today, a very rare occurrence, when I came across a woman and her child. Y'know, baby carriage and all. I was just thinking to myself as I saw her that she's probably just as uncomfortable as I am.
It makes me think about how some people might as well live in different worlds.
I think the appeal of Touhou for me is the idea that I could just fade into obscurity and eventually fantasy. To exist, just not in this world. The cute girls are just a plus.
>> No. 39576 [Edit]
>she's probably just as uncomfortable as I am
Why? Because of your presence?
>> No. 39577 [Edit]
Yeah. I think my presence makes most people uncomfortable. Something to be avoided.
>> No. 39578 [Edit]
The dimensional merge can’t come soon enough.
>> No. 39579 [Edit]
Is this still a chris-chan thing or is it just an euphemism for dying now? I'm not sure anymore.
>> No. 39580 [Edit]
Just a nice escapist fantasy. Like >>39575 said, to fade into a fictional idealized world.
>> No. 39606 [Edit]
File 16528331594.jpg - (69.70KB , 604x543 , 1603430504529.jpg )
I've been thinking about what it really means to be weird or odd. I've always accepted that I was weird without thinking about why.
The thought came to me while through some tentacle h-manga. A lot of people would find it abhorrent, meanwhile I wouldn't even bat an eye. I don't think I've ever bothered making those kinds of comparisons in the past. Obviously it's abnormal, but I've never really thought of it like that.
I think it's all a matter of perspective and I'm getting tired of looking through theirs. I'm happy I can share my thoughts with fellow normal and decent folk on TC, away from the depraved masses.
>> No. 39607 [Edit]
I think that odd and weird can be applied in many different ways and has many aspects. Some people may not bat an eyelid at tentacle doujins and may be weird in that way but they could still be normal in every other way, likewise many normal people are odd in other ways. Many normal people might have some obscure niche interests like ornithology and there are normal people who would watch gore and not bat an eyelid, yet many people here would be disgusted by that, so are we normal?
>> No. 39608 [Edit]
>I'm happy I can share my thoughts with fellow normal and decent folk on TC
It is precisely not being filled with normal folks which makes places like tohno-chan have their character
>> No. 39609 [Edit]
You're normal to me. Isn't that all that matters?
>> No. 39610 [Edit]
It is! I suppose I have internalized an understanding of alterity asa part of my identity and considerations of where I post
>> No. 39611 [Edit]
I think it goes beyond superficial tastes, you could have a perfectly normal guy with some abhorrent inclinations. It's more about how your brain works, how do you perceive the world 100% of the time. And people who's brain works differently are more inclined to weird tastes, but it's not a requisite.
>> No. 39613 [Edit]
File 165290237267.jpg - (76.19KB , 403x433 , 1652870150114.jpg )
>I've been thinking about what it really means to be weird or odd.
>> No. 39614 [Edit]
That pretty circular considering how they diagnose people with it.
>> No. 39615 [Edit]
I'm not so sure. Plenty of autistics that are better adjusted than I am.
Unless you're calling me autistic. I don't think I am.
>> No. 39616 [Edit]
File 165291103526.gif - (907.93KB , 498x429 , yuki-nagato-mouse-wave.gif )
I'm just saying what weirdness means to me as an autistic person
>> No. 39617 [Edit]
Hey, no fair! You can keep your autism, but share the weird!
>> No. 39711 [Edit]
I might finally watch/read this
>> No. 39755 [Edit]
Watch what?
>> No. 39758 [Edit]
File 165385313618.png - (61.31KB , 600x600 , 1256.png )
Do you think your last thoughts on this earth will be 2D related things? What you think your thoughts will be before the last good bye?
>> No. 39759 [Edit]
>Do you think your last thoughts on this earth will be 2D related things?
I hope so. Everything else is full of regret and disgust.
>What you think your thoughts will be before the last good bye?
I'd like to think I'd be able to die in peace and be cool about it. Realistically, I'm a coward so I'll probably think about all the bad stuff and then die really unhappy.
Oh well. The nature of your death doesn't really matter once you're dead. In a way, dying is the most insignificant thing in a person's life. More trivial than breathing.
>> No. 39760 [Edit]
>Do you think your last thoughts on this earth will be 2D related things
There's a good chance, since that's 80% of my thoughts (and the other 20% is my lamenting life and wanting to live in a 2D world).

>your thoughts will be before the last good bye
Seems like statistically most people who die due to "old age" actually die as a result of succumbing to disease (or injury that they don't recover from).

>A “natural death” in the US typically looks like this: we find something wrong with someone, we try to treat them—to alleviate their suffering, to prolong their life—and then we start losing that battle. Then we think about how to transition our focus to improving their life as much as possible until the end.

Absolutely miserable. I'm more terrified of having my life prolonged like that I am about death itself (which as above OP mentioned is basically insignificant).
>> No. 39761 [Edit]
Sometimes I feel like my posts are bad and I should fuck off somewhere or even nowhere.
Sorry if I make posts you dislike. I'm trying my best.
>> No. 39762 [Edit]
unless they're being deleted, or you're getting bans, they're probably fine.
>> No. 39763 [Edit]
I mostly just want to go out in some remote and pleasant natural environment, listening and looking at the sounds of nature
So presumably my thoughts would be on that. I attach a sense of spirituality to such places
>> No. 39764 [Edit]
A bit more than a year ago I seriously thought I was dying/going to die.
It's a little hard to express exactly how I felt and what I was thinking.

My thoughts were mostly regretting my life, not so much fear of dying because I kind of wanted to, but regretting dying there and like that specifically. It felt like my life was over before it even started, even though the truth is I'm long past where life should have "started". It didn't seem fair. All the pain and suffering and struggle up till then, just to die in some big hole in the middle of nowhere. what could have been an easily prevented death if the only person around me, wasn't the brain damaged burden that helped a lot in making my life as miserable as it was. My mother couldn't help or get help, instead she would only make things harder like she always has. I'd die like I lived, alone. Sure there was someone there, but they might as well not have been, would have been better if they weren't at all. I was alone like the only sane man in a mental institution is "alone". If I was going to survive this, I'd have to do it on my own, while fighting her and her attempts to "help".
I thought to myself "This is how it ends?" some moron crying on the other side of a flimsy door as I lay there, wishing I could be anywhere else, with anyone else. She'd be stuck there, far far away from anyone to take care of them now. How long would they last on their own in a strange new place?
No one else would know I died, no one would care. Not for a while at least. Maybe once my website 404d people would notice, maybe assume I finally offed myself, be bummed out for a short time, but soon enough move on somewhere else and that'd be that. I struggled just to roll over and hold my phone, and to concentrate enough to start irc, and make some incoherent messages about handing this site off to someone else in vain.
I felt regret for all the people I wronged, and wished I could have been better, done better. I guess part of me still feels like this hard life of rejection and abuse I've lived was because I didn't live it right, that I was getting what I deserved, or at least that's how I rationalize it. It all felt so pathetic.
>> No. 39765 [Edit]
You say that was a year ago, what about now?
>> No. 39766 [Edit]
I recovered after a couple days, again no thanks to my mother. Life only got worse since then. I guess if nothing else, I wouldn't have no worry about my mom as much now since she's got a place to stay and some family isn't too far.

I posted more details here;
>>38316 >>38989
but I noticed after looking that over that I left a lot of stuff out in the time we spent on the road. Lot of the more day to day stuff I posted to my twitter account,
>> No. 39768 [Edit]
File 165415579497.png - (383.95KB , 1000x1000 , 45870270174cdd3494afb010b42bd2c4.png )
The word "maturing" is often used as a euphemism for becoming a boring, milquetoast husk of a human.

It seems to have been forgotten among the general populace, if they knew to begin with, that people are more honest on the internet. They talk about going out into the "real world" and maturing. And maturing is why they don't like x, y, and z anymore. Because they're so "mature" now. Really, it's because the censors have cracked down, so even the internet has become suffocated by a chilling effect, and they're conformists.

In the "real world", people are constantly fake. Constantly full of it. Constantly putting on airs. You don't learn anything about how people really are by talking to them in real life. So this idea that you can mature by exposing yourself to people's fake personas, and convincing yourself that's how they really are, is just absurd. You learn how people actually are, by seeing what they do when there's no perceived consequences.

Post edited on 2nd Jun 2022, 12:48am
>> No. 39778 [Edit]
File 165442970837.jpg - (32.66KB , 248x274 , 1642096385272.jpg )
It's a word overused by those barbaric normalfags that have been invading everything good for a long time now.
Personally, I don't really understand it. I've been called toxic a lot of times, and I admit, I might call people something along the lines of "retarded faggot" sometimes. I don't think that makes me "toxic". It's just hyperbole. I wouldn't say something like that to someone I don't know either, so it would always be some stupid friend or someone else's stupid friend commenting on what I said to my friend.
I mean, what the hell am I supposed to say anyway? "Good effort, sport. I'll take the team out for some personal pan pizzas after the game?" Fuck that.
Why do they never come back with something clever like calling me a "fucking nigger monkey" or some other colorful language? What happened to fun? Everyone just wants to screech their autistic call-outs, despite playing casual modes. Why even bother?
Good thing I don't play multiplayer anymore, or even bother with friends.
>> No. 39779 [Edit]
There should be a button for youtube to recommend you completely random content. And I mean completely random, not just videos with millions of views or videos from popular accounts. I mean every single video update to yt to have equal chance to pop up on my recommended tab. I bet I would have a lot more fun going through completely random videos than have just trending stuff like they regularly do with recommendations.
>> No. 39780 [Edit]
There is Firefox addon that can disable youtube clickbait like feed, recommended videos, clickbait thumbnails, etc. That way at least the crap is not pushed into my face constantly, only when I'm searching for stuff.
>> No. 39781 [Edit]
Wasn't there such a thing some time ago?
>> No. 39782 [Edit]
You're talking about unhook? That looks interesting but I was talking about having random recommendations, not completely obliterating them, though the idea of having a very clean yt is appealing. I'll try it for a while.

I can't find anything about it. You would think true random is something people would want. Instead they're always implementing things I don't care at all about, like a tab for shorts.
>> No. 39783 [Edit]
The addons I use for YT: DF YouTube (Distraction free), News Feed Eradicator, YouTube Popup Player, Youtube Subtitle Downloader, Age Restriction Bypass For YouTube, Clickbait Remover For YouTube.

>the idea of having a very clean yt is appealing. I'll try it for a while.

See if you like it. I personally found that these feeds and streamlined content and sidebars just promote net-addiction and time-wasting, so I disabled most of them and dont regret it.
>> No. 39784 [Edit]
>Clickbait Remover For YouTube.
How does it know what's click bait?
>> No. 39785 [Edit]
File 165449727626.png - (1.13MB , 1882x928 , clean.png )
Couldn't you get the same effect with ublock origin's element picker?
>> No. 39786 [Edit]
"This extension replaces thumbnails with a frame from the video..."

I also used the AdBlock element picker but this dedicated tool is more convenient.
>> No. 39804 [Edit]
I'm seriously thinking about purchasing and maintaining a bonsai. A little piece of life that needs less attention and money than a pet but still requires commitment. Some green too which is nice. Many, many years ago I had a cactus and, don't laugh, I actually managed to let it die. In the most stupid manner, too. I had it by the window and one day I forgot one of panes open. I guess a strong wind blew the pane shut and the impact pushed the vase from the very narrow window stool it was in to the floor and the cactus literally bursted open with the impact. I thought it would mend itself somehow but it didn't. Quite a tragedy. Never got a new plant since but I guess I'll try again. I'll be a lot more careful this time.. if I get it I'm still not 100% sure on this.
>> No. 39805 [Edit]
You could try something else. Just to see how it goes. The cactus incident is rough, but accidents happen. Nothing to do but learn from it and move on.
>> No. 39806 [Edit]
>Many, many years ago...
It's time to move on, anon.
I have multiple cactuses so when one dies it doesn't feel like tragedy. I just replace it. Non-cactus plants always died on me eventually.
>> No. 39812 [Edit]
I wonder if there's ever been any attempt to formalize/quantify the notion of creativity/originality by linking it to compression. I'm aware of the hutter challenge which links general intelligence to being able to compress well, but this goes the other direction in showing a link between the originality of X and the lack of compress-ability of X.
>> No. 39813 [Edit]
So you mean looking at how far you can simplify something while retaining the qualities making it unique so that you can see at what level it is original?
In other words, finding the point at which something can be distinguished from what came before it?
>> No. 39814 [Edit]
I'm not really sure what I mean, I just had the thought that something like something like the content of reddit comment threads are usually predictable just from the title itself, and this implies that there's little novel information contained within them. If you think about what people mean when they something is "creative" or "original", it's usually when something deviates from an a priori distribution. A "creative" movie shouldn't have very many tropes in it, for if it did it would be predictable, and if something is predictable that means anyone could have come up with it (indeed, in the reddit comment thread example the output may well be similar to that of a markov model).

But I guess lack of compressability isn't sufficient, since otherwise radom noise would be considered "creative." Maybe you need to also factor in how much meaningful information is contained within the thing, so it's really the ratio that's important.

I was also thinking in the context of generative models, where "creative" outputs are areas of the latent space that usually have low probability of being hit. But again, you'll get lots of random junk if you use only that definition.
>> No. 39815 [Edit]
It's an interesting idea to be sure. I would imagine most of the predictable responses are more social in nature. Social interactions don't encourage originality, after all. You'd find more original and interesting dialogues in places that are for exchanging information.
Sorry I can't provide any solid thoughts on this. I'm not exactly knowledgeable.
>> No. 39827 [Edit]
File 165507894944.png - (1.49MB , 1998x2333 , african violet-min.png )
For the past few days I've been doing some research and due to price and not having an external area for the plant to be happy in, I decided against it. For now at least. The bonsai trees I saw that actually look good are incredibly expensive, from hundreds to actually thousands of usd, quite an amazing thing, really. They do look beautiful though, but it's just out of my league. I don't even have the space for something like that. Maybe some day.

However I did not give up on having a plant. I went to a variety store and they had a little area for gardening tools, potted plants and the like. They had maybe a hundred or so plants in there lined up on the shelves, lots of cactuses, succulents and others. After walking back and forth for maybe 20 minutes, inspecting all of them trying to decide, I ended up going with this one. It was at the bottom shelf and had dirt all over its leaves, probably because people were handling other plants from the upper shelves and dirt was coming down on the ones bellow. It also has two damaged leaves but it's no big deal. It seemed to be there for a while and that's part of the reason I went with it.

Came back home and carefully cleaned it up to the best of my abilities. There was a dead flower in there so I cut it off. Then I took a few pictures for you guys. Here it is. It's a Saintpaulia ionantha, aka African violet. I remember my mom had one of these when I was a kid, at least it looks quite similar to what I remember. It doesn't like to be in direct sunlight and it doesn't enjoy dark places, either, lots of indirect light necessary. It does prefer to be indoors so we have that in common at least. Nice start I suppose. Water once a week and maybe twice in the summer.

My decade old camera can't quite pick up the right colors on the leaves. The pics I took from a distance has this brownish green but it doesn't look like that in reality, it's closer to the picture on the bottom with a brighter green but it's not quite like that, either, so try to imagine something like the closeup picture but with 20% of the brownish green. The colors on the flowers are actually accurate, not sure why it failed to capture the right color on the leaves. Maybe because they are a little shiny and that tricks the camera for whatever reason.

It was very cheap, not as cheap as a cactus but still easily affordable. I'll post again in a month or two to tell you how it's going. Gotta say my room already looks like a better place to be in with this violet here. If I manage to keep it alive for a year, maybe I'll even get another one, we'll see.

Post edited on 12th Jun 2022, 5:14pm
>> No. 39865 [Edit]
File 165525328136.jpg - (51.85KB , 450x630 , __kurumi_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_koyomiuta__858.jpg )
I used to listen to music a lot when I was still in school and working. Constantly downloading new (to me) music to listen to. Now I don't really bother. If I want music, I'll usually throw on some Touhou arrange playlist. A lot of times I don't bother.
It makes me wonder if I was just using it to shut out the people and world around me. I wish I still had my old music library. I might still have it somewhere on a flash drive, but I'd really have to search for it. I have my record collection too, but my equipment is in storage. Sold a good chunk of my collection a while ago too. It might be nice to revisit stuff I might have forgotten.
It's such a pain. I can hardly remember what I used to listen to beyond the obvious stuff. It was only a couple years ago. I wish I invested in more digital storage back then.
>> No. 39870 [Edit]
I wonder if going through basic military training could cure my internet addiction or if I would just go back to being terminally online after I return home.
>> No. 39871 [Edit]
jail would also be a good “digital detox”
>> No. 39883 [Edit]
File 165618266486.jpg - (148.69KB , 1029x680 , 0cb458e92a6b9e223d9897d92550325b.jpg )
I've been thinking, the premise to a lot of hentai only makes sense from within the context of an obedient, hyper-conformist society. I think stories involving strange customs, or mass hypnosis, or generally things that "force" people into having sex, are so common because the asian idea of rebellion is becoming the new master.

The protagonist either benefits from preexisting rules, or makes new rules which suit them. There isn't really much about protagonists breaking rules and still getting ahead.

I watched Barry Lyndon yesterday, and while he isn't an enviable character, I think his story strongly contrasts with this. In the first half of the movie, he gets ahead in life by deserting his military post, immediately giving up his secret identity when acting as a spy, cheating while gambling and starting an affair with a wealthy noble woman whose husband is close to death.
>> No. 39884 [Edit]
Sex fundamentally is sort of something that requires one person to dominate another. A narrative about someone freeing themselves from society and becoming a celibate monk as a result wouldn't really work.
>> No. 39888 [Edit]
Do people really lie on the internet? Wouldn't it be better to not share something you'd have to lie about entirely? It just seems strange, especially on imageboards. The worst that'll happen is someone will call you a loser or something and probably forget your post in a few minutes.
>> No. 39889 [Edit]
I don't really think that is the reason behind it, I feel there are two reasons.

The first is to keep the girls pure, if she is hypnotised, or it's part of a ritual or time is stopped or something like that then it can be spun that she is still pure or at least not acting like a trollop.

The second is simply escapism. It's like isekai only instead of thinking 'wouldn't it be nice if I went to another world and this happened' you are thinking
'wouldn't it be nice if I could hypnotise any girl to do this, or if I could stop time and have my way with them'.

Yes it would, sex is also about being dominated by your own impulses and by what society expects from you. Being a celibate monk would be freeing yourself form your impulses and from society.
>> No. 39894 [Edit]
File 16563849238.png - (0.98MB , 800x600 , 1.png )
Imageboards make me feel stupid, but occasionally I'll get a glimpse into average internet communities. Immediately I feel much better about myself.
>> No. 39895 [Edit]
File 165642406027.png - (23.84KB , 764x598 , look-at-that.png )
Tangentially related, but did you know if you look for hikikomori imageboard on ddg, tc is the eleventh result, just above an wikipedia article and the first link on page 2? At least it is for me, for now. I very rarely post in other ibs other than here but I like to have a roster of crap to spin around every few hours, so I search for new ibs to lurk on occasion. I would gladly find more nice places but most ibs feel like a jagged rock while tc feels like a nice little pebble. Other ibs also feel like pebbles but it's those comfy-by-the-rules places and they feel like artifical pebbles made in rolling drums, while tc got around by rolling in the ocean for a whole internet era.

Seems like forums are making a little bit of a come back, which to me is very nostalgic but the few I found are not there yet.
>> No. 39911 [Edit]
In my experience most mentions of TC outside usually come with something about waifus or the no 3D rule and how weird and/or disturbing it is. I'm surprised that's where a lot of people draw the line.
I can't complain. If it's so weird, I don't want to be normal!
>> No. 39913 [Edit]
I think I've come to really appreciate how sincere the posters on this site seem, especially compared to many of the more recent breed of imageboards. It kinda of makes me wish I fit in better here, since I feel like I'm not really cut from the same cloth as the rest of tohno, and I don't really know all that much about otaku-oriented stuff.
>> No. 39959 [Edit]
I was going to write out some idle thoughts I had comparing immortality and being a neet. I'm too sleepy to write anything cohesive right now, but I'd like to think on it more tomorrow.
>> No. 39960 [Edit]
I guess I can sort of see the similarity. I wouldn't like immortality though. I'm already tired of life, having to endure that for eternity would be torture.
>> No. 39961 [Edit]
Immortality is a dream of mine. There are many that will think this is ridiculous but even though I am only 29, I feel like most of my life is already over. I feel like I am at the very edge of my youth and any day now I am going to start ageing. I really don't like the idea of losing my youth.
>> No. 39962 [Edit]
I wanted to say that the issues a lot of NEETs run into would be similar to that of an immortal. It's more due to the indefinite free time a NEET has. It's not so different from the infinite amount of time that an immortal would have. It makes it very easy to put things off for another day. I know if I was immortal, I'd never be in any rush to do anything.
I suppose being unaware of something's value would make it easier to waste.
>> No. 39963 [Edit]
I'm a NEET and don't have that issue, I suppose it's more based on the individual than anything else.
Even if you yourself have an infinite amount of time the task itself is not going to be able to be left for another day for an infinite amount of time, whether you are immortal or not you can't put off washing dishes.

But I also feel it's more based on the mindset of the individual, there are people that will leave tasks to the last minute and won't worry about it but then there are other people like me that like to get things done as soon as possible so that I don't have to do them later and so it's completely off my mind. Being Immortal would not change that.
>> No. 39964 [Edit]
Ah, that's probably the case. It's not as if I know very many NEETs, just myself.
>> No. 39965 [Edit]
I sent my siblings a picture I took >>>/fig/3807 and both complained it's too blurry. I thought that would bring out a ghostly quality to it but they said it's blurry to the point of being annoying to the eye. I would like to know your honest opinion on that picture.
>> No. 39966 [Edit]
Blurry works for a horror-movie vibe, but if you want something less "cheap", camera angles and lighting would achieve that effect better. Maybe some post-production too, or even some dry ice to make a smoke effect. I'd also recommend a black background instead of just your room.

Post edited on 3rd Jul 2022, 7:36am
>> No. 39967 [Edit]
Sounds like they didn't get what you were going for.
>> No. 39968 [Edit]
It's not blurry, it's just grainy. Maybe increasing exposure time or lowering ISO would help (I'm not much of a camera guy so there are probably better techniques you could use).
>> No. 39969 [Edit]
A bit related, but your comment made me want to flesh out some thought I had comparing NEET life to that of a monk (the traditional kind who basically rejects society to go live in the woods, if those still exist nowadays).

Consider: the vow of celibacy is often seen by most people as the monks "sacrificing" or "giving up" something in order to focus their mind or whatever, but what if all this started simply because they hated interacting with society? Back then land was also essentially infinite, so they could simply go off into the woods, set up a hut or something, and just spend the time idling. Maybe when asked what they were doing (or forced to give some explanation for why they shouldn't be hunted down for not paying taxes) they can just mutter something about religion. By doing so they were somehow able to convince society into revering monks, conferring respect (but more importantly convincing society to leave them alone). Some societies (e.g. Tibet where monastic traditions still remain) go further and also start to prepare food for these monks food, and in return ask that the monk answer questions and share their wisdom – maybe a bit annoying initially to the monk who preferred seclusion, but not a bad trade overall since it means he does not even have to bother with food preparation, he can live a carefree life (though the monk probably finds the normals' questions amusing in their superficiality).
>> No. 39970 [Edit]
I did work the angles and lighting and edited on ps later to look less like a toy and more like a ghost. I'll try other angles and ligthing soon. You think it looks cheap?
I thought the image would be appealing even without any description of intent on the part of the author.
You'll find this funny but I superficially added that noise in there with photoshop, the original picture doesn't have that. The camera I'm using is a decade old smartphone camera but I think most of the shortcomings of this picture is on my own artistic decisions.
>> No. 39971 [Edit]
What tool in photoshop gives you the noise effect?
>> No. 39972 [Edit]
Filter > Noise > Add Noise
>> No. 40026 [Edit]
Very banal, but I've wondered how many older men still play visual novels/watch anime/or just engage in such things.
>> No. 40027 [Edit]
How old you need it them to be to call them older men? I'm in my mid 30s and do all those things.
>> No. 40028 [Edit]
Probably better to look at it in generational terms. Also depends on geographically. In the US I'd suspect it's mostly genx as opposed to boomers who were exposed to it in their youth and continue to follow things they like.
>> No. 40029 [Edit]
Not many I think. People seem to become more and more likely to drop out of that stuff as they approach their 30s. From what I've seen, anyone over 40 and still into the stuff is a very rare sight.
Really gotta ask yourself, at what point does it start to feel weird to watch and play games centered around 14 year old girls?
>> No. 40030 [Edit]
I think it would be hard to say. Because it's a younger generational thing in the west and even in Japan to a lesser degree, so you are naturally going to see it talked about by younger people more than older people. And also because younger people are more likely to talk about anything in general than older people as well, reinforcing that narrative. Old people get lives and families and don't worry about posting on social media as much.

I don't think it would be much weirder for a 29 year old to be watching it than a 40 year old, you are closer in age to the 40 year old than the 14 year old anime girl anyway. You could even argue it would be less weird as a 40 year old is at the age where he might have daughters who are that old.

But to a degree I think I can see what you refer too, there does seem to be drop off in the west in particular.

I would say that in general there are two kinds of people that consume such Japanese media, Otaku and the rest. I think Otaku are always going to enjoy it because they are connected to the genres and the kind of media it is and love it for that.

But the rest tend to find it new and amusing but then eventually they will drop it and revert back to western media(if they ever actually stopped watching western media). Some might do that in a year, others might in 10, but they will eventually as they don't have that strong connection to the core of what Otaku media is.

As an addition to that, in the west it's often highly sexualised and sexualised in a way that it's not in Japan, just think of all the memes that western anime crowds spew with the ahego face and the choker memes and all that. I think these kind of people, who are interested in the more surface aspects of it and just see them as attractive girls that they want to have relations with, they are more likely to drop this kind of media as they get older particularly if they settle down and get a wife of their own.

But as I said in the above part, we are still relatively new to this so it's hard to say. I think in 10 years the picture will be clearer.
>> No. 40031 [Edit]
>the rest tend to find it new and amusing but then eventually they will drop it and revert back to western media(if they ever actually stopped watching western media)... they will eventually as they don't have that strong connection to the core of what Otaku media is.
Yet those same types of people tend to say anime should cater more to them and would get mad if you called them poseurs.
>> No. 40032 [Edit]
File 165771714154.png - (223.16KB , 734x719 , 35fcec8a5cdfe1a04366ce27a36a2489ab26bbc4.png )
>Really gotta ask yourself, at what point does it start to feel weird to watch and play games centered around 14 year old girls?
I don't know your age but you give me the impression you're already feeling it's weird for you.

You made me remember a funny episode of my recent past. Couple years ago my sister brought her boyfriend home to introduce him to our parents. I'm 5 years older than both. After dinner I was playing Mario Kart with her. The boyfriend comes into the room, watch for a minute or so and says 'There you go you're winning against your older brother!' to which my sister responds 'Nah, anon is the one playing Peach.'
He makes this obvious but ever so slightly confused facial expression and says in a lower tone 'oh he's playing Peach...?' and I could instantly tell he found that was kinda weird. Imagine if he saw me watching YuriYuri.
>> No. 40033 [Edit]
I had a similar experience when my sister saw that I had a female player character in Animal Crossing. In the heat of the moment I deduced the best excuse, I loudly replied "I'm not a s*xist, okay?!" which sounds like the pompous pretense of a perfectly sane mind's argument.
>> No. 40038 [Edit]
I don't know why people find that weird. Do they hate cute things?
>> No. 40039 [Edit]
Don't you remember Grumpy-jiisan? He was well in his 60's. Later it was known he was an important figure in the early anime fandom community. Truth is western anime fandom isn't something that new, it's been a thing for more than 40 years already. It was just kinda niche in the beginning.
>> No. 40040 [Edit]
On a surface level, it's just not normal.

On a deeper level, to them women and girls are special. They can play as male or female characters just fine, but men have to stay in their own lane or else they're infringing on women's' special status.
>> No. 40045 [Edit]
The low turnover of threads on slower sites like TC is a real boon. This way you don't see repeats of the same shit over and over again. I'd rather post in a 10 year old thread with 10 years of replies than the same thread that's been made for 10 years.
>> No. 40066 [Edit]
Why is happiness seen as the highest of our goals even though most people, including myself, do things all the time that lead to our own suffering? I understand why what I do or a desire I cling to is harmful to myself and causes me to be sad, desperate or angry but still, what is there aside from this? Happiness is only possible in asceticism and through a radical denial of the self. I feel so cheated, people telling me all the time and movies and media also that I need to be happy, otherwise I'm a loser. It was just another lie on the part of society. Nobody is happy unless they are practicing self-mutilation in a philosophical meaning of the term or they live in their own imaginary world. To live is to be unhappy and to suffer.

Why do people even do this? I mean lying and deluding themselves and others? Just to get slightly higher dopamine levels? Is that all life is about to normal people? If so, I'm fine with being weird, suffering and being myself.
>> No. 40068 [Edit]
Yeah, a lot of people tend to underestimate how much effort it takes to reach a point where you can be at peace with yourself and a more lasting type of happiness can flow throughout your life. I don't think people are trying to delude you when they say you should try to be happy, but what they usually don't say is how much easier it is to be miserable.
>> No. 40070 [Edit]
Monks in Asia spend decades trying to achieve some sort of happiness and even most of them fail, meaning they can't achieve complete happiness while they are alive. This makes me question even the purpose of striving for happiness.

I think most people want everything: they want both to be happy/at peace and to enjoy pleasure after pleasure/satisfy their desires. They don't realize these things are quite mutually exclusive. If you want to live for pleasure then you will experience immense suffering too. Pleasures aren't free, suffering is the price you will have to pay for indulging in them.

In the end, this world is too chaotic. You can only count on yourself if you want to be happy and you need to resolve yourself to want to be happy at all cost.
>> No. 40072 [Edit]
Endless happiness isn't possible in the first place, because the brain wants to maintain a sufficient dynamic range on its senses. If you are in that state of happiness too long, you adapt to it.
>> No. 40077 [Edit]
Sometimes people will throw in a few lies here and there for basic opsec/privacy reasons. It's not always people just trying to make themselves look better.
>> No. 40116 [Edit]
People bitch about ironic weebs sometimes, but are they really any different from an unironic weeb? Both are obnoxious retards and neither have anything interesting to say. By unironic weeb, I mean your stereotypical Naruto kid. I figure they'd be more or less the same if they had the same overexposure to social media.
So I guess I don't really care about any generation of weeb. Retards will be retards, regardless of when they were born.
>> No. 40117 [Edit]
One could say the difference between the two would be that the "unironic" weeb is at least earnest whereas the ironic one isn't.
Though I don't care that much, since as you say, they're both obnoxious.
>> No. 40118 [Edit]
File 165879521039.png - (411.76KB , 1099x739 , you did this.png )
Anon I was this close of having the homepage of tc all to myself and you ruined my streak at the very last second. All I needed was one more post. I didn't know much I was actually looking forward to it until you destroyed it like it was nothing. This was my goal for the day, spent hours editing pictures, looking for pixiv accounts and going through dead links on the archives. 'I'll have the home page all to myself and then I'll go to bed, happy.' That's the thought that kept me going. Why would you do this anon, why you hate me? I'm too tired to try again, I'll go to bed now, but not happily. Not happily at all.
>> No. 40119 [Edit]
Does the average Naruto kid even really count as a weeb? I think the type of people who only watch the most basic mainstream shonen series are their own separate category.
A weeaboo, at least until recently, meant someone who worships all things Japanese to a cringeworthy degree. The Naruto kids tend to be a lot more single-minded and restrictive about what they consume from Japan. Most of them write off anything that isn't a popular shonen as "moe" and therefore bad, will never touch a manga, have never played a Japanese game not made by Nintendo, know little to nothing about Japan as a country, etc.
>> No. 40120 [Edit]
File 165879874935.jpg - (106.18KB , 828x459 , 1650541315769.jpg )
I'm so sorry... I had no idea... Please forgive my poor timing. I never wanted to hurt you. I'll refrain from posting for a while...
>> No. 40121 [Edit]
I've concluded that Mangaka obtain energy through suffering, either of his own or his readers'. It's the only reason that I might divine for the continual execution of harem->one couple. After all, nothing is more delicious than leading on shiteaters like myself. Nothing is more invigorating than crushing a reader's favorite character after giving some hope. Nothing is more satisfying than a reader's tears as he watches said character die, the final but most scrumptious bite.
>> No. 40122 [Edit]
Don't refrain from posting, tc is slow enough, that would be even worse! Also please take a look at that thread. There are cool things in there, I think you might enjoy it.
>> No. 40123 [Edit]
I do like the thread. I admire the dedication and it's interesting as well. I just don't have anything to add.
>> No. 40126 [Edit]
Being ironically stupid is worse because of the dishonesty involved. Another annoying thing about them is that they try to bring down everything around them as a result of their low self esteem.
>> No. 40127 [Edit]
>Being ironically stupid is worse because of the dishonesty involved.
I guess I do really hate that about them. I don't think they're being ironically stupid though. I think it'd be more accurate to call them post-ironic weebs. Their feelings are honest, but they paint it up with irony. It's like a dumb person pretending to be retarded to seem smart. Most of them probably grew up with a ton of irony absolutely everywhere, so they're just taking it a step further.
I'm just glad I no longer have to deal with those types. I like being able to take what someone says at face value.
>> No. 40141 [Edit]
>I think it'd be more accurate to call them post-ironic weebs. Their feelings are honest, but they paint it up with irony.
This hurts my small brain.
>> No. 40143 [Edit]
It's not as complicated as it sounds. It seems like irony, but it isn't. They honestly like the things they talk about. They just exaggerate how they show it because they're insecure about it. Someone with sense would just keep it to themselves if they're worried about being lame. However, young people really like to share, even if it's a completely meaningless comment.
Maybe it'll eventually go away as they grow up and stop needing the approval of others.
>> No. 40146 [Edit]
I wonder how many old postings in tc belong to dead people now.
>> No. 40147 [Edit]
We'll all die someday. There might be no trace of TC someday. Someone should print off and compile all the posts someday and stick it in a time capsule or somehow preserve it. It'd memorialize TC and everyone that posted here.
>> No. 40148 [Edit]
This is a terrible idea and no one would read them
>> No. 40149 [Edit]
Maybe I have a difent opinion of weebs than you, I would say that people would probably refer to me as a weeb but I hate most people in general so would hate other weebs.
I hate Irony to begin with as well, it's possible that a good weeb exists, it's not possible for good ironic people of any kind to exist.

I don't think Naruto kids are ironic weebs either, I would say ironic weebs are the ones that post the ahoge face memes or the mega milk memes or Astolfo memes often without ever having seen Fate Apocrypha or who post reaction images form anime they never watch and they don't even know who the character is. The kind of people that don;t really watch or consume the media or even care about it, because it's ironic, they just post it ironically. It's just a meme to them.

Naruto is an anime about Ninjas, that's very Japanese and it would be easy to see how somebody could love Naruto and love everything about Ninjas and love Japan in general and that it would have no tinge of irony at all to it.
>> No. 40150 [Edit]
As I see it, they are "ironic" in the same sense than people who watches bad movies just to laugh at them. Then there's a point when they also do laugh with good movies, even in dramatic scenes. If you go the theater there's always one or two of the same kind, laughing at unaproppiate moments.
It's an attitude I personally despise, I think the purpose of the laughing is completely ungenuine, like showing how smart they are for not taking anything seriously.
"Weaboos" (I don't like the corruption "weeb"), known before as "wapanese", could be at least genuine, they truly loved their object of attention or could even turn into something better with time. When I was a teen I was pretty much what you could call weaboo (not of the worse, obnoxious kind, but still) , and with perspective I don't think it was the most terrible thing to be. Kinda like trekkies and other nerds, they can become awful creatures but I think I still preffer them over anyone who's only take on things is being "ironic" about them.
>> No. 40151 [Edit]
>It's an attitude I personally despise, I think the purpose of the laughing is completely ungenuine, like showing how smart they are for not taking anything seriously.
I've seen people put "enjoying" in scare quotes when referring to media they've been consuming for years. It's just pathetic, especially since this was done on an imageboard.
>> No. 40154 [Edit]
> known before as "wapanese", could be at least genuine
I agree, I think there's a distinction to be made among the type of people like to exaggerate their feelings, post reaction images, and such. Among these people, there's a subgroup who do genuinely watch and appreciate material, but end up "going along with the flow" in order to fit in – maybe they like the attention they get, or they simply can't fit in anywhere else and would rather stick with whatever group they're in rather than face the world alone. I think this is the group that given enough time will eventually wean themselves away from their "ironic shitposting".

As others have mentioned, the other subgroup is those who _solely_ use it as a means to grab attention, and likely may not even watch anime beyond whatever seasonal show is popular. That is, they use anime as yet another tool as a means to build up their own popularity. The fact that it's anime doesn't really matter, it's just what happens to be the zeitgeist of the times. These people are likely to be the ones who will shit on anything "too-far off the accepted path" (e.g. those who have no problem loudly voicing their lust for Tohru but will look at you funny for watching Eromanga Sensei; and of course they won't hestitate you let you know how "disgusting" such a show is).
>> No. 40199 [Edit]
I've been complaining about Summer a whole lot. There hasn't really been anything good about it this year. So it begs the question, is Summer inherently bad?
No, I don't think so. Summer is only bad because I don't do anything special with it. Hell, I don't think I've had any watermelon. I've decided that I will try to enjoy the next Summer by doing Summer activities.
>> No. 40200 [Edit]
Summer is very bad because there's an awful weather that slowly or quickly literally kills you. There's many studies about the effects of heat; it increases mortality, depression, suicides and crime, with every damn degree. It makes the human brain work worse, make mistakes and become prone to confusion and stress.
But a weather that melts your brain and makes walking outside a potentially mortal activity is somehow considered "good weather". I could understand being called like that in the past, because the winter was dangerous, there wasn't that many ways to fight the cold and food was scarce, but today it doesn't make any sense.
>> No. 40201 [Edit]
>there wasn't that many ways to fight the cold and food was scarce
When you're outside today, there isn't much difference. People always had fur coats and the like. Indoors, there's now both heating and ac.
>> No. 40202 [Edit]
why do you keep capitalizing summer
>> No. 40203 [Edit]
File 16599032327.jpg - (98.58KB , 850x1200 , drawn_by_raeis.jpg )
Summer is always a hurdle for me to get through. Symptoms are similar to those comprising seasonal affective disorder. The most serious of which is that I don't even want to leave the house or talk to people in general, even online.
It begins in May and lasts until October, peaking in July and August months.
I spend my free time studying something, namely languages or math, as well as immersing myself more in animu.
Probably the only properly enjoyable time of the day it's in the early morning, sipping some lukewarm tea for breakfast in the balcony, whilst taking in the feeble and transient fresh air.
The only "summer activity" I practice is going to the beach. Usually 2 or 3 days vacation in the Mediterranean. I do like swimming and I do recognize that it is a fun part of the summer, as well as other water sports.

Other than that, it's dreadful, and I don't get why people romanticize it.
Maybe it's carnal desires and bohemian activities?
I believe intimacy is positively associated with warm weather, and naturally, warm nights encourage nightlife entertainment.
I just don't consociate with such things.

Post edited on 7th Aug 2022, 1:23pm
>> No. 40204 [Edit]
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks summer is overrated. I swear people force themselves to like hot sunny days because the media tells them it's the ideal weather. 70° and cloudy, with maybe some light rain, is perfectly fine with me.
>> No. 40205 [Edit]
I think late spring has the perfect weather. It's neither cold, nor too hot, and it's not gloomy like Fall.
>> No. 40217 [Edit]
I disagree with fall being gloomy, I wish it was always fall/autumn. It takes the sunlight of summer while also taking the festivity and cooler weather of winter. It's a time of year that always makes me happy.

Post edited on 9th Aug 2022, 6:32pm
>> No. 40218 [Edit]
File 166009985193.png - (311.36KB , 1200x1000 , d257c1221352f32920617877eb1157d2.png )
Sometimes I hear a song, most of which I don't find interesting, but one or two seconds of it catch my attention. A little snippet. I don't know enough music theory to understand why those parts catch my ear, but if I had to describe it, it would be like a feeling of surprise when a pattern is broken.

A good song or track, whatever you want to call it, is interesting the whole time and I could just leave it at that, but one day I'd like to actually understand why those snippets are special.

Here's an example, the Blood+ op. Around around here, the singer's pitch lowers, and the guitar climbs up what I think is a cord. It's the most interesting part of the song.

I also wonder why a composer would be able to come up with moments like that, but couldn't make the rest of the song as engaging.
>> No. 40219 [Edit]
I live in Australia so yes Summer is inherently bad. Though, I'm not even sure it got past 40c where I live last summer. Climate change is not such a bad thing for everybody it seems.
Even so, Summer is still incredibly oppressive here and it ruins Christmas. Australia is pretty dumb in many ways, one of them is that we don't structure our days around the heat like Italy and other countries do where shops stay open later in summer so people can do what they need to do in the cool of the evening, nope, business hours stay the same only now we introduce daylight saving so it barely starts cooling down until 6pm.
>> No. 40223 [Edit]
File 166032033596.jpg - (27.33KB , 403x525 , wolfwood_wallpaper001.jpg )
Regardless of what I think of the religion in itself, I've always looked down on Christians because most of them have never read the Bible. And of those who did read it, more than 99% only ever did so in a translation into their native language.
It always struck me as odd that they believe that collection of books to be the word of God and that they risk burning in Hell for eternity if they get it wrong, yet they're too lazy to learn enough Hebrew and/or Koine Greek (Koine being the relatively simple form of Greek which non-native Greek speakers spoke as a lingua franca and which the New Testament is written in) to read it as it was supposedly written down by St. Paul and the Apostles.

And now that I myself am starting to study Greek for purposes of historical research, I learn that we don't even have copies of the entire New Testament in its original form anymore. Despite the churches having an incredible amount of funding and human resources at their disposal, Christians were so sloppy in their efforts to preserve the "Word of God" that the various versions of it now differ in more than a thousand places. And these are not small differences in obscure places that would be unimportant to doctrine; even regarding the famous Number of the Beast, scholars can't be sure if it's supposed to appear in the text written out as "six hundred sixty-six" (ἑξακόσιοι ἑξήκοντα ἕξ), as the Greek numeral for 666 (ΧΞϚ) or, as it was written in some of the oldest known manuscripts, the number is actually 616 (ΧΙϚ).

In light of this it's especially irritating to listen to American fundies like the Baptists. They shit on any Christian that uses anything but the Authorized King James Bible from 1611, which they regard as "the complete and infallible word of God in the English language" as Pastor Steven Anderson put it.

And this isn't even getting into the messy process of the NT's canonization. Here's a BBC documentary on the Nag Hammadi Library, which is thought to have contained some of the gospels, apocalypses and other books that didn't make the cut:
There are also audio versions of English translations of many of the books found among the Nag Hammadi manuscripts:
>> No. 40224 [Edit]
>I've always looked down on Christians because most of them have never read the Bible.
>yet they're too lazy to learn enough Hebrew and/or Koine Greek... to read it as it was supposedly written down by St. Paul and the Apostles.
You're missing the point, and you're missing some historical context. Orthodox christianity, one of the oldest branches still practiced today, doesn't expect followers to read the bible. Many of the earliest christians weren't literate in any language. The idea was that priests would do all of the interpretation and learning for you, and you just have to show up to service and contribute resources to the church. Reasonable considering how busy the average farm hand was.

The concept of learning the bible on your own being recommended, but still not strictly necessary, is a protestant one. If the barrier to entry was really high even for regular followers, christanity wouldn't exist today. And hey, if the King James bible was good enough for yesterday's farmer, it's good enough for today's pew warmer. Religion exists as a means to control people and get resources from them. Always has been. Everything else is window dressing.

Post edited on 12th Aug 2022, 10:22am
>> No. 40225 [Edit]
>Religion exists as a means to control people and get resources from them. Always has been.
Oh I absolutely agree. It's especially obvious if we're talking about state-sanctioned mass religions like the Ancient Egyptian religion, Ancient Judaism, and of course Christianity. Just look at how the priestly class decided to fuse the Upper Egyptian god Ra with the Lower Egyptian god Amun into Amun-Ra for the sake of politically unifying the two lands. Same thing happened with Jacob and Israel, to unify Judea with the Kingdom of Israel. Completely cynical use of religion as a political tool.
More interesting is the role of esoteric cults with high barriers of entry which the ruling classes often get into (see e.g. Freemasonry and various forms of Judaism in our society, or the Eight Goddesses cult in South Korea)
>> No. 40227 [Edit]
>Religion exists as a means to control people and get resources from them.
I used to think there was some truth to this, but the insanity of the past decade has made me reconsider. Now I think religion for most people is a natural impulse that will inevitably be fulfilled one way or another, and the best that we can hope for at any given time is that what most people use to fill the void revolves around community, family, friends and forgiveness rather than politics or consumerism.

Post edited on 12th Aug 2022, 12:38pm
>> No. 40228 [Edit]
There's a difference between religion and ideology.
>> No. 40229 [Edit]
>most people is a natural impulse that will inevitably be fulfilled one way or another,
Yes that's my view as well. Religion provides order in two ways – it allows us to black-box phenomenon we can't understand ourselves, and it serves as a form of anchoring that allows us to avoid confronting the necessity of our existence. Along the way before formalized government structures existed, proto-laws were lumped into it, but that's really an orthogonal aspect. In the absence of Religion (with a capital R) today, we still have religion in the form of Science™, and it serves the same two basic purposes: allows people to black-box away things they can't understand, and it provides a hope of some grander purpose.
>> No. 40230 [Edit]
please keep in mind that, as Joe Biden has pointed out, about 85% of the insane shit we see is being pushed by one small religious group:
>> No. 40231 [Edit]
Technically, yes, but that's never stopped dumb people or evil people from using ideology as a pseudo-religion.
>> No. 40232 [Edit]
I think this discussion probably should be in /tat/...
>> No. 40250 [Edit]
There was a famous experiment where children were raised by machines, and then died.
I don't know how the experiment was done, but I feel certain that it wasn't done with human-like machines.

My first thought is: can babies be raised by androids? Or do we truly need attention from creatures? (Note: I am aware of the phenomenon of "feral children" and so it seems that one does not need attention from humans specifically, and that animals are, albeit less than ideal, sufficient)
My second thought is: would babies subjected to borderline constant abuse, survive?
I ask this harrowing question because I wonder if perhaps humans are in such a need of attention, that the quality of it does not matter. Perhaps, the way we are is such that: it is truly better to be hated, than ignored. It would confirm that community membership was "in the blueprints," as it were.
>> No. 40252 [Edit]
Whenever such an experiment was allowed, those "robots" were more primitive than my graphing calculator.
>> No. 40255 [Edit]
The machines were probably just boxes that dispensed food and water. In order to develop animals need a variety of stimulus and situations to develop themselves in. I think even attention from monkeys would work fine, and I don't see why androids wouldn't work assuming they're capable of movement and touch. The android doesn't even need "intelligence", it could just replay some preprocded sequence, and so long as there was enough variety it'd probably be fine.

>babies subjected to borderline constant abuse, survive? [appears TC mangles the link formatting, please copy paste]. Although the entire thing is a horrifying trainwreck end-to-end that you can add to the list of counterexamples against humans being "innately good" or whatever.

Past a critical period of 1 year, it appears phyiscally maybe so, although mental development clearly suffers.

Post edited on 13th Aug 2022, 1:50pm
>> No. 40261 [Edit]
So I've been wondering. Does anyone actually jerk off to sex scenes in VNs? Usually by the time they happen, I just want more story.
>> No. 40262 [Edit]
Only if they're sufficiently hot. But like you, if there's plot to be had, I'd rather get the scene over with.
That said, even though I typically don't "thoroughly enjoy" them when reading, their presence adds to the emotional aspect, whether that be a low or high: a capstone, if you will.
>> No. 40263 [Edit]
If I'm in the mood for it, but it's pretty rare, otherwise they're slightly annoying to read through. I'm more likely to revisit a scene out of context than do it during my read-through, if it's particularly arousing.
>> No. 40264 [Edit]
I feel the same way. I can understand them as another part of the story. Still, it just feels weird to me. It's not like it's impossible to quickly skim through them if need be, so I don't mind much.
It's just strange. They seem to be written for that intent in mind. Then again, it's hard to write any sort of sex scene otherwise. Sex is, well, sexual.
>> No. 40270 [Edit]
File 166083645938.jpg - (187.82KB , 800x1000 , 3cff5ad6cf06abffb613be5056c96b7e.jpg )
For a while now, I've thought the real life people who resemble anime characters most are eastern europeans. That facial shape and large, multi-colored eyes seem the most common among them.
>> No. 40272 [Edit]
File 16608462494.jpg - (295.20KB , 956x1200 , yuuka flower field 1621184474361.jpg )
If I were to create a thread about an animanga, that has both anime and manga versions. Should I create it on /an/ or /ma/? Does it depends on which one is the original media? Which one is the most popular? Or perhaps should the thread be created in /ot/ for impartiality.
>> No. 40274 [Edit]
Depends if you want to discuss the anime or the manga I suppose. If you want to discuss the show, use /an/. If you want to discuss beyond that, then /ma/.
>> No. 40286 [Edit]
File 166089009013.png - (1.57MB , 1089x1069 , Dyute(44).png )
Contractions are weird. It's something I've been noticing a bit recently, given read and write much more than I listen and speak. I suppose it just goes to show that language doesn't develop through writing, but rather speech.
Maybe it's a stupid thought, but how would communication have developed if humans were incapable of speech? I suppose we wouldn't have made it very far...
>> No. 40297 [Edit]
>how would communication have developed if humans were incapable of speech
We probably wouldn't have survived long enough since speech is a major advantage when line-of-sight visibility is not present, so we wouldn't have been an apex predator nor been able to coordinate group-hunting efforts. Otherwise though, probably very primitive hand-symbols. I don't know if we'd have developed any sort of grammar or higher-order abstractions on top of that though, since there's sort of an evolutionary positive-feedback loop where we likely only gained our pattern recognition capabilities as a result of needing to do higher-order modeling of systems (going from "they know x" to "they know that I know x"), and speech provides a great playground for this.

You might be interested in [1] which is probably the closest de novo language origination without prior exposure, but remember that this in brains that are already primed for pattern recognition and language acquisition.

>> No. 40298 [Edit]
That was pretty interesting. So they developed a language based on their basic communications at home? I wonder if those communications were all pretty similar from kid to kid.
Language is a pretty interesting thing. I was thinking about how it'd be hard for one to develop in a larger population, but that isn't true at all. Ideas tend to catch on pretty quickly, it's just a matter of how well they can be spread.
>> No. 40299 [Edit]
It was a pidgin language where they sort of mixed together gestures that each child had independently developed to communicate with their families.
>> No. 40391 [Edit]
File 166228863785.png - (795.65KB , 1445x1190 , __komeiji_koishi_kaenbyou_rin_and_kaenbyou_rin_tou.png )
After getting Windows XP working and able to use the internet for the most part, I had to ask myself for what purpose? I just did it for fun myself. I just wonder why people bothered to provide workarounds for the lack of support. Was it for people that had no option to upgrade to a newer OS? Did they just want to use Windows XP for the sake of it like me? How far would they go to use XP?
On another note, I don't care for XP's file explorer. I remember when I got stuck with Windows 10 and I thought that file explorer was so shitty, but this worse. The UI design has aged poorly and it's annoying to navigate. The whole OS is annoying to navigate. It feels like it was designed for retards, even if it is a bit charming. I'd compare it to a power outlet with those plastic covers. There's annoying extra steps before doing anything. I love it, but goddamn.
If I went back to Windows 7, would it be the same way? Maybe Windows was never good.
>> No. 40392 [Edit]
>I got stuck with Windows 10 and I thought that file explorer was so shitty
Are you comparing it to something?
>> No. 40394 [Edit]
Yes, I forgot to mention it. I had Windows 7 before that, which worked well for me at that time.
>> No. 40396 [Edit]
Probably partly for nostalgia of retrocomputing, partly for the fun of trying to hack on older versions of windows. File explorer has always been a weak point in windows to me at least, it's always been a bit clunky
>> No. 40478 [Edit]
Japan is finally going to be a part of the internet.

It's weird. The Japanese use the internet as well. It's not like China with a big firewall and an intranet, they really do use the same internet as everyone else. But, their own language, actually acts as a firewall. They're amongst us, and yet, in their own bubble. But not for long.
Machine translation will advance. Eventually, even Japanese will be competently translated, at which point, the last barrier, the language barrier, will be broken. The Japanese people will not even be able to talk amongst themselves anymore. They will be forced to interact with the outsiders, whether they like it or not.

I'm so happy about it. I hate them. I hate how they keep their good stuff to themself, and leave me out just because I'm a gaijin. I eagerly anticipate seeing their safe spaces violated and these walls torn down. I won't be excluded any further!
And then, there's the Internet Archive. Yesss.... All of the previous conversations they had, "in the good ol' days", will be readable too.
The final plundering.
They will have nothing left.
>> No. 40480 [Edit]
You could learn Japanese. Plus there's still ip filtering. Also, the Spanish internet still exists in spite of it being much easier to translate.

Post edited on 19th Sep 2022, 4:13am
>> No. 40481 [Edit]
I wan them to stay in their bubble. But you can translate websites with google translate, sure it's not ideal but it is more than workable.
>> No. 40490 [Edit]
>The Japanese people will not even be able to talk amongst themselves anymore. They will be forced to interact with the outsiders,
It's not going to be a huge issue. Russian and Spanish machine-translate well even today, yet there are such native-language boards and forums that remain mostly unvisited by westeners. You don't even have to go that far – even today on the English-speaking internet, there's a large-enough gap between 4chan and reddit/rest of social media for instance. There is still certainly some diffusion between the two, but most of the things that diffuse over are repetitive image macros that normals seem to find oh-so-hillarious for some reason. Anything more obscure board-specific culture likely doesn't diffuse over.

> I hate how they keep their good stuff to themself, and leave me out just because I'm a gaijin
You realize that it's anonymous, so if you wanted you could comment as well? Although I recall many sites IP block (which is pretty hilarious considering the notion of ip-blocking certain countries notorious for low-quality posts is itself considered an injoke on some 4chan boards).

> All of the previous conversations they had, "in the good ol' days", will be readable too.
It already is?

>The final plundering.
Considering your contempt for japan I wonder why you're even on TC? That aside nothing like this is going to happen because most low-effort posters go for the low hanging fruit. They're certainly not going to bother going on obscure japanese textboards to post (and if I recall correctly 5ch itself isn't really considered obscure or high-quality, so if people do post they'll mostly be pissing in the equivalent of japanese 4chan and leave the other places alone).
>> No. 40498 [Edit]
>It already is?
Unfortunately, there are already plenty of pages that are missing from that archive, or at the very least are currently inaccessible to the public. Not just Japanese pages, either.
>> No. 40555 [Edit]
Do you think it is reasonable to hate something because it influenced other things in a way you don't like, even if said thing wasn't bad on it's own?
I can understand such a sentiment, but I think it's unfair to judge something solely due to it's influence on other things. I think the negative opinion should go to the things that aped that influential thing.
>> No. 40556 [Edit]
I don't know. It sounds like something that makes sense to happen but I can't really think of an example.
>> No. 40557 [Edit]
I only bring it up because I mentioned that I liked K-On! to someone, to which they said that it ruined art styles in anime and that they hate it despite never giving it a try.
Not to say it's the greatest anime ever, but I don't think it's bad for what it is. Regardless of the opinion, I think it's stupid to base it on anything other than the subject itself.
>> No. 40558 [Edit]
File 166429563747.jpg - (377.12KB , 1710x654 , plj_qb_rw.jpg )
Sora no woto and Haruhi S2 are the only anime that come to mind which have art styles directly influenced by k-on. I don't know what he's going on about.
>> No. 40559 [Edit]
I would guess he got the opinion from someone else. You know how people are these days; they don't come to their own conclusions.
I think I have the answer to my question now.
>> No. 40560 [Edit]
That sounds like someone who for some reason hates moe and somehow decided that k-on/lucky star were solely responsible for this trend.
>> No. 40561 [Edit]
That guy really likes Lucky Star, so that couldn't be it.
>> No. 40563 [Edit]
That makes this even more interesting. What exactly does he see in modern shows that could be attributed to k-on but not lucky star? The only thing I can see is the head shape and pointy chin, but that's something that surely predates k-on.
>> No. 40564 [Edit]
I'm not really sure. We may never know what went through his head to come to such a conclusion, as K-On! is something he couldn't tolerate.
Their loss, really.
>> No. 40582 [Edit]
Over the past year since I turned 30 I've started to feel quite different mentally. I can't help but look at people even in their mid 20's as kids without much of a clue. The way I look at things in general has changed quite quickly. Where before I'd try to come up with solutions to some problem now I just say "haha it's fucked" or "Maybe some day" in the same way my mother used to when I'd ask for some toy which was her way of politely telling me no.

Supposedly the brain isn't fully developed until around 30 and you also experience a real decline in neuroplasticity. I think I'm there. Even some of the worst times in my youth I've started to look back on with a certain fondness because there was still so much striving and energy I no longer have. Maybe I'm just in the dumps about becoming an old man but it's frustrating. Youth really is wasted on the young.

I just don't know what I'm doing with my life anymore. Everything I like that used to be my thing has been becoming mainstream. The culture's entirely different; the internet is way different. In theory I should be able to connect with Gen Z more than my own generation because many of them grew up raised by the computer but the cultural difference is just so big it's hard. Even then when somebody does try to be friends with me and we click I can't be assed maintaining that friendship and so I just appear offline. Sorry bud, I don't want to chat. I just want to do herb run 8 of the day in peace.

I think I'm starting to understand why old people are often so grumpy. Too stubborn to kill themselves and forced to inhabit a world that's moved on from whatever was going on with them.
>> No. 40583 [Edit]
30 isn't that old. You're talking about yourself like you're in your 60s. My grandpa is 97 and even he manages to do stuff and be in a decent mood most of the time.
>> No. 40584 [Edit]
>many of them grew up raised by the computer
Sure, but you have to realize that most of it has been catered for Gen Z. They won't find anything if they don't look, and for a lot of Gen Z there isn't much to look for. Most people my age don't know much about computers or the internet outside of popular social media platforms. Even the PC gamer crowd is pretty dumb, with how simple things are.
>I can't be assed maintaining that friendship and so I just appear offline.
I don't think that's much of an age thing. I don't like conversating often. Even if I like someone, it ends up feeling like a chore to keep up with them. Not that I dislike them, but I'd rather not talk everyday. Ideally it's catching up every month or so. Rarely works out that way.
>> No. 40585 [Edit]
Despite the difference in culture and technology use between younger / mid generations, I think there is interestingly a shared trait and that's a sense of bleakness and non-excitement about the future. Although what I can't really figure out is why despite knowing this they continue to let themselves be prisoners of the walled garden. E.g. if you were to survey the youth about whether big corporations have too much power, I'd bet a near unanimous majority would agree. And yet they seem content to have content spoonfed to them by the same corporations.
>> No. 40587 [Edit]
I absolutely agree with your post, and I have thoughts as to why things are this way, at least for my fellow members of Gen Z. Mind you, I'm no expert in the Gen Z psyche, rather someone that has made observations in a fairly small sample.
I think it's an issue of outside pressure and a perceived lack of alternatives. I will use streaming subscription services as an example. While they provide tons of options for a seemingly fair price, they require an internet connection, you can lose access at anytime, and you end up paying a lot of money for a subscription in which you own nothing. It sucks, but the alternatives are to:
A. Pay for everything yourself which would be more expensive up front for something you might never watch more than once.
B. Pirate and risk infecting your computer/device with malware, being dropped by your ISP, or a costly lawsuit.
To the uninitiated, the subscription service will look like the only reasonable choice, when really, one of these choices has every upside with no downside if you aren't an idiot. The thing is, in my experience average person is. The issue isn't a lack of knowledge, but an unwillingness to learn for themselves.

For another example, more related to "outside pressure", would be smartphones. When I was in school, you'd see people making fun of android devices for being seen as cheaper and lower quality than iPhones. There was a stigma to owning an android for most people, and probably still is. There is your outside pressure. Now, even for the person that doesn't really care about such things, an iPhone will still probably be the best phone on the market at face value. As I've stated in the last example, these people don't do their research. They will still go to the iOS device despite it's less powerful software options and poor durability.

In short, I think this is what would be called learned helplessness. Despite living in the information age, they refuse to learn for themselves. I will say again however, these are just my thoughts based on anecdotal evidnece on the normal Gen Z. There are probably plenty of people my age that aren't entirely stupid like myself. I wouldn't really know. I don't meet other people anymore so I'm pretty much talking out of my ass.
>> No. 40600 [Edit]
Didn't know where else to post this, but I think it's really funny. When bodybuilders debate math.
>> No. 40615 [Edit]
File 166476467659.jpg - (171.60KB , 1020x1014 , __flandre_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_rnkgmn__3ec8324c.jpg )
I think I'm happier alone.
I spent most of this year out of touch with anyone in particular outside of my family members. Despite not "doing anything", it has been a great time not including pressures put on me by my family which would have happened either way.
Recently, I've come back into contact with many people and now I just feel shitty and lonely again like I used to. Maybe it's that I don't feel that I belong or fit in. The reason doesn't matter. The fact is, these people make me unhappy. I think once everything has settled, I'll break things off for good and stick to my best friend Anonymous and my beloved waifu. Everyone else can get bent.
>> No. 40616 [Edit]
>Although what I can't really figure out is why despite knowing this they continue to let themselves be prisoners of the walled garden.
It's because people are hesitant about making major changes in their life and generally take the path of least resistance. This extends to not thinking about unsettling topics. Modern people are especially risk averse. If you see a dark societal future ahead but have little or no individual power in changing it, then you will probably continue as is.
People will accept nearly anything if they feel hopeless to change it.
>> No. 40617 [Edit]
That's a fair point, I guess my own comfort with tech sort of blinded me to the obvious. I.e. for the average person to begin to escape the walled garden the most realistic option for them is some sort ungoogled android fork (e.g. cyanogenmod with microg) which would require non-trivial amount of effort for them to install.
>> No. 40618 [Edit]
That kind of thing applies to many aspects of life and it applies to the people here as well. How many people here make their own cloths, grow their own food or make anything themselves? Most of us don't, we are reliant on big corporations to provide that because learning how to sew and putting that much time into making our own clothes would be a pain.

The people here advocating for use of open source software probably like tinkering with that kind of thing and don't mind putting the time and effort in, in the same way that there are people that don't mind gardening or sewing and the people that use open source software are still dependent on many other large corporations, they just one less(possibly as corporations are a tangled mess and you could forgo one service they offer but still be using another one).

People hate corporations but there really is no choice, it's a matter of limiting your dependence on certain companies in certain ways in a way that the individual can feel comfortable doing but you still are going to be dependent on them.
>> No. 40619 [Edit]
Ah, my post was a bit stupid. I misinterpreted the post I replied to. I was too focused on the technology side of things. Sorry.

Yes, today it is near impossible to avoid corporations without an extreme lifestyle. I'm not terribly bothered by it myself, as you can get around most of these things if you put in the extra effort. Most of the time I only do these things to suit my needs.
The people that use those services and products are fine. I don't think they are in the wrong or anything, but that isn't what I would choose. So long as there are options, even if it is to not participate, I don't have any problems.
>> No. 40620 [Edit]
>So long as there are options, even if it is to not participate
This becomes harder and harder as the technology gets normalized, in the same way the introduction of cars made people build things further apart so in most of US it's very hard to live unless you have one.
>> No. 40663 [Edit]
File 166518671697.jpg - (115.89KB , 470x600 , __saigyouji_yuyuko_touhou_drawn_by_natsume_eri__a9.jpg )
I was looking through myabandonware when I saw an old Card Captor Sakura doujin fighting game. I thought it was pretty neat.
It gave me the idea of collecting and trying old doujin games. While I probably won't find anything life-changing, it'd be cool to play these probably long forgotten games and maybe after gathering quite a bit, putting the collection somewhere so other people can easily try the games. Even kusoge deserves to be played now and then. I might end up coming across such a collection though, in that case I'll probably share it where relevant.
On another note, I'm surprised how many racing games I'm seeing. It feels like a practically dead genre outside of the big titles. Really, everything seems nuts with games in the early 2000's. A far cry from the current state of things. I suppose it's incorrect to compare seeing as I'm looking through lists by year for these, rather than what's popular.
>> No. 40666 [Edit]
If pixiv premium was in real time and I would use it 1h/day, then my eyes would be spared the sight of AI/3dcg/western 'art' for two whole years.
>> No. 40668 [Edit]
I've started listening to audiobooks recently and I wonder how effective it is. Studies on it are no doubt influenced by services like audible that want to sell you on it and also people who just have a problem with anything new.

I can certainly read a book faster than I can listen to it but I can listen while I grind skills in an mmo, walk, clean, etc. It's much lower effort. Even if I'm only absorbing 75% of the info and taking 50% longer to get through it the amount of info I can consume with them is much higher. I wish I would read more books but I find myself in the predicament where I don't like reading but I like having read; if that makes any sense.

Results also probably vary a lot by what type of book. Light fiction you're basically having a story told to you. I doubt books that are super dense have much benefit as audiobooks since you need to take time to comprehend it. Certainly good for secondary sources though.

Despite some of the cringey things I see out of Gen Z I feel a strange sort of love for them. I was trying to figure out why the other day and I think it comes down to wanting to be the chill type of old man rather than the bitter kind. Sure you can rattle your saber about back in my day but the odds seem stacked such that you're likely to lose in that position. Unless it's something you really care about it's better to just go with the flow of what the youth are doing.

The old men who just shrug and say "welp I don't understand but this is what the kids are doing" seem much more well adjusted than people who try and fight every little thing.
>> No. 40734 [Edit]
>Even if I'm only absorbing 75% of the info and taking 50% longer to get through it
That sounds like me.
I would go for walks, and whilst I was doing my daily exercise-walk, I would listen to podcasts.
My issue, was that I couldn't focus on walking at a good pace, and focus on the podcast at the same time. I'm a maladaptive daydreamer as well which doesn't help, so I always had to keep rewinding.
To my shock, what I found was that after an hour of walking, I would only make 30 minutes of actual progress into the podcast. Insane!
I started listening at 0.75x and it was totally different. I rarely missed anything, despite focusing primarily on my walk's pace.
After an hour, I would only make 45 minutes of progress, but compared to the 30 minutes at 1x, with the constant interruptions and rewinding mind you that normal speed would come with, a slower speed was definitely the superior choice. It's just a superior experience, because you rarely miss anything, and you rarely need to rewind.
>> No. 40772 [Edit]
Recently I've been trying to explore why relationships are important. I struggle with a stable identity and sense of purpose. I think isolation is the biggest culprit.

When talking to someone you aren't so much talking to them as you are talking to the version of them you've constructed in your mind. There's something incredibly subtle; sometimes not so subtle about how this affects your own mental state. The brain seems to create a synthesis of it's own perception with that of others. Everyone is prone to blindspots so seeking a synthesis makes evolutionary sense so you end up with a more accurate picture of reality. It's why kids who get bullied often develop problems with self esteem or anxiety. They're literally being injected with a perception of themselves that is lesser.

At the same time it's not so simple as viewing everyone as beings of infinite potential if you want to minimize harm. Perceptions that are positive but inaccurate are also harmful because it shows people didn't take an interest in getting to know you. Sort of like getting a well meaning but unwanted christmas gift. It's not necessarily that you're too good or too cool for the gift but a certain lack of care or knowledge has been exposed.

It seems that developing a strong sense of self is like growing a tree. First you need a little seedling; that has to be found and planted yourself. After that you need water, sunlight, and the right nutrients. Without that you may wither, die, get poisoned or take a very long time to grow.

At birth humans are completely helpless creatures and we're programmed to seek our parents attention and validation. Babies without that drive are a lot less likely to survive and so evolution has sharpened it to be incredibly strong. It seems like this is the drive that makes people social. Over time that need for validation lowers and I think it's what normals mean by "settling down". What they're really saying is the intense need for external validation has came to a reasonable, stable baseline. It's still there but they don't feel a need to do the sort of stupid shit for social acceptance you see in young people. People will puff their chest out and claim "I do x for me!!" or "I don't need anyone!" but their actions are totally out of step with what they're saying. It seems to be a source of deep insecurity for basically everyone which is why when you express that you don't feel seen, valued or appreciated people immediately accuse you of being selfish when that's really not the case. I've always found it quite ironic people will berate you for being "selfish" and then proceed to say everything needs to be done for other people out of the kindness of your heart. Other people like them. Hah!

I grew up as the neglected kid so I'm missing a lot of this and there's something about the way I relate to people on a fundamental level that's at the core of why my life has had this constant hum of unhappiness. I learned to shut everyone else out and seek to do everything on my own as a way to cope with my parents being absent and being rejected by my peers. It's frustrating. I still want to be completely independent and have nobody imposing any sort of expectation on me yet deep down I crave it. But a life of observing others has shown me what makes life fun really is corny things like friendship yet it's so foreign to me I don't know if I could handle it. But at the same time I have this nagging feeling that I can't progress in life without other people and I question whether I'm capable of that.
>> No. 40773 [Edit]
>you aren't so much talking to them as you are talking to the version of them you've constructed in your mind
Yes I've long held the same belief, and this is of course why 3D relationships are fickle, because most people can't distinguish (or don't even know that there exists a difference between) the idealized image of someone they hold in their head from the actual thing.

See also >>/mai/21730

>it's the mental conception that you end up adopting. The "character" is a conceptual representation like any other, which is given life through the visual expression of the author/VA/etc. but ultimately lives in your mind. And it is _that_ subjective representation that you feel warm feelings towards.

>If you think about it, this is true even in the real world. When you interact with a 3D person, you don't actually "know" them at all. Your perception of them is ultimately all you have to work with, until they carry out some actions that then allow you to update your perception in a bayesian sense. But people delude themselves into thinking that what they are attracted to is some material thing rather than the facade of their own idealization, which is the source of a lot of grief. All waifuism does is drop that pretense.
>> No. 40777 [Edit]
When I was younger, I used to think about what my future would be like, usually after thinking about where I was at the time and how I got there. Back then I still had pretty normal aspirations and high expectations for myself. Usually I'd think about what was seemed at the time to be an ideal but realistic far future. Wife and kids, high paying job, etc. More or less, I believed what everyone told me, even if there was no reason to. It's pretty stupid in retrospect.

These days, I don't really think about how I got to the point I am at, as it isn't important, and so I don't really wonder so much about where I'll be in 10 or so years. I really don't want to know. I do still fantasize about an ideal future, it is just that, an ideal. It's usually something like being an independently wealthy recluse living far away from others in a small, but comfortable and well made house where I can spend my days indulging in whatever I find interesting. Other times it's far into the realm of fantasy and has no real connections to reality. In a way, it's the complete opposite of what a younger me wanted.

I wonder now what that younger me would have thought about my current life? Would my lonesome, but simple lifestyle be enough? Would seeing it be enough to help me realize that those former ideals weren't what I really wanted?
>> No. 40783 [Edit]
Did anybody ever tried writing something and sending it to a literary magazine? I was thinking that it looks like a reliable way to get feedback from your writing. Especially if it is not in english so posting on /lit/ wouldn't get you many replies, even though /lit/ sucks.
>> No. 40784 [Edit]
All I knew at 6 years old was that I never wanted to live working in an office all day. My dad took me to work once or twice as a kid, and while I love my dad and enjoyed the time to see new stuff with him, I thought it seemed really boring there. All I ever wanted was a wife, really, even at such a young age. Ironically, I think such a normal aspiration is what drove me to insanity. Realizing what people are like during middle school broke my mind. I Lost track of the future from then on and only started giving a shit again less than two years ago. I realized i kind of didn't want to end up homeless so i got my license, a job, and saved some money, and now after wokring50 hours a week for a year and a half and doing nothing but eating ramen, biking to work, and paying a couple hundred in rent, I'm in stasis again worrying about what to do next. I'm good for the next 9 months or so if worst comes to worst but, really, i just want a stable part time job. Hopefully I find somewhere to buy cheap ass land and plonk a trailer down so I can just stop caring again for the next 30 years until i die.
>> No. 40785 [Edit]
yeah I tried out office work and was amazed by how boring it can be. I've done some really boring stuff before, including -just- standing outside of buildings for 8 hours at a time, but needing to look busy while having absolutely nothing to do in a confined space felt more mental exhausting than I could have imagined.
>> No. 40819 [Edit]
People are rarely actually talking about the same things and no one realizes it.

Say two people are having a disagreement about "fairness". Best case scenario is usually something like: person A says "I think this is fair because X" and person B says "I think this isn't fair because Y".

But consider how it is you learned what the term means. Probably you had some kind of experience, some authority figure told you the experience was "fair", and so that's how you defined "fair".
Hypothetically, when you were a child, one day your parent offered to give candy to you and your sibling in exchange for helping out with chores around the house. After you helped out, you and your sibling each received the same amount of candy and you were told this was "fair". So you learned that "fair" means each person receives an equal share.
Alternatively, your sibling was naturally more talented, and finished twice as much work as you did. When your parent gave out the candy, they gave your sibling twice as much, saying that that was only "fair". So you learned "fair" means people receive reward in proportion to their accomplishments.
Alternatively, things don't come as easily to you as your sibling. You worked twice as hard but were only able to match the amount of work your sibling did. But your parent noticed how hard you tried and rewarded you with twice as much candy for your effort. So you learned that "fair" means receiving reward in proportion to one's effort.
Alternatively, you have two siblings, one more talented and one a hard worker. They both accomplish more than you, but while they would like to reward more effort and more accomplishment, say it wouldn't be fair for you. Since, if you had known ahead of time that more effort would mean greater reward, you might've chosen to work harder. So you learned that "fair" means having equal opportunity.
Alternatively, you and your sibling both worked very hard, going above and beyond the call of duty and accomplishing far more than your parent thought you would. But when it came time to give out the candy they explained that, while they appreciate what you've done, they're not going to give you any extra. They were only prepared to give a certain amount and it wouldn't be fair for them to demand more. So you learned that "fair" means following the agreed-upon rules.

Point being, any concept you think of can have several different interpretations, and those interpretations may well be incompatible with each other. If person A is talking about equal-fair, and person B is talking about rules-fair, then they aren't really talking about the same thing at all. But I never see people specify which version they mean, or share which experiences defined them. People usually take offense to the asking, even. Mostly people seem to act as though it's all the same thing, and assume they understand. Perhaps not realizing there are more possibilities than the one they know?

(Also, I'm new. I hope my contributions are acceptable.)
>> No. 40820 [Edit]
I would always say that fairness is simply everyone playing by the same rules. I would never and have never complained about getting a lesser reward because I accomplished less. That's fairness. Fairness simply means that no-one is being explicitly restricted from the same reward as someone else. But it doesn't mean they get to succeed, or that they'll even have a happy life. It's why we say "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" as in the quest for happiness and the attempt for it, and not just "happiness".
>> No. 40825 [Edit]
>Say two people are having a disagreement about "fairness"
Sounds like a setup for a joke. Add in something about a mathematician, expected value, and a bayesian and it's sure to be a hit amongst the nerds.
>> No. 40834 [Edit]
I impulsively bought a CRT monitor and it came in today.
I've been curious for a while, as I haven't actually seen an operating CRT since I was little, the only thing I remember being different from other TVs being the static electricity build up.
I've only tested Touhou 6, but I'm really impressed. The colors are impeccable, the image is great. At just 1280x1024, it's left more of an impact in terms of visuals than any modern 4k 144hz monitor.
The only real issues I can think of are that it is rather large in terms of length as well as rather heavy, and the flickering might be annoying if you're sensitive to that sort of thing.

I just wonder why the technology was dropped? Has it really been pushed to it's limits, or was it just deemed not worthwhile?
>> No. 40835 [Edit]
>why the technology was dropped?
This mostly. I don't know much about screen technology, but the most advanced options now serve better for use cases like tv shows and AAA games.
>> No. 40836 [Edit]
CRTs usually have less input lag than most monitors you can buy, look better on games with pixel art that was specifically designed against crt pixel geometries. I.e. CRTs effectively give you subpixel rendering for free because brightness doesn't have to be uniform across the shadow mask slot (indeed, it's more like a mesh in front of a continuous image), compared to discrete pixels of LCD, and you probably also get anti-aliasing for free as well.

With a modern high-resolution, high-dynamic range, high-refresh rate display (or even better, variable refresh rate) combined with an appropriate shader to simulate CRT post-processing, I really doubt a raw CRT is any better. But for the price, yes, at the time CRT was superior.
>> No. 40850 [Edit]
will this update the home page?
edit: Even though I saged, it does. This was a test.

Post edited on 17th Nov 2022, 3:47pm
>> No. 40854 [Edit]
It's a good design choice. That way others can still be aware of newly added information, but it doesn't bump the post entirely. It makes sage-ing a viable option.
>> No. 40869 [Edit]
I've been a bit insecure about being an unaware ford driver quite a while now, but honestly, I have no friends, I can't start conversations as I don't even thing about speaking to others.
Fact is, I don't have friends, internet or otherwise, I quite literally can't make conversation with others. I may be a boring retard with nothing interesting to say, but goddamn it, I just don't like many imageboards other than TC!
>> No. 40877 [Edit]
File 166958116846.jpg - (327.32KB , 650x920 , 8764978fdd4cde969a0d4d2503d435f8.jpg )
I feel like I'm in a small minority of people who puts cream in their coffee, but no sugar. Every time I see a tv show or movie with coffee, characters always either drink their coffee black, with sugar, or with cream and sugar, but I've never seen a character who just puts cream.
>> No. 40878 [Edit]
I enjoy doing that as well, when I'm not in the mood for anything sweet. Cream is magic.
>> No. 40880 [Edit]
I like to put just milk, if that counts.
>> No. 40881 [Edit]
I did that before discovering heavy cream. Still do when I don't have any.
>> No. 40920 [Edit]
>white noise
I bought one of those machines. People described it as some sort of "quiet noise". Yet it just sounded like a machine. Like a fan but without the wind.
>> No. 40922 [Edit]
White noise is bad to sleep with, it's spectral power distribution is uniform and unnatural, natural noises have distribution of the form 1/f^k for k>1, so something closer to pink noise.
>> No. 40941 [Edit]
Lately I've been thinking about why early childhood experience is so pivotal in forming your character even though people remember very little of it.

Infants are completely helpless against their environment and it makes sense that's going to create a crushing insecurity where their only defense is people pleasing. Without that sort of behavior you'd likely see infant mortality much higher and so evolution has an incentive to dial people pleasing up to a ridiculous degree. Psychologically speaking I don't think infancy is too dissimilar to having a gun pulled on you. You're just a few pounds of force away from death in that situation. It's completely reasonable to do or say anything necessary.

I'm having trouble articulating this. It seems like this sort of primordial insecurity and need to be taken care of is at the root of social behavior. It seems to crush the individual in the name of the group. That sort of need seems to stick around until you're in your late 20's. I think it's what normies mean when they say "settle down". What they mean is that their intense need for attention and validation has dropped to a manageable, stable level.

That much of social interaction as a need seems inborn. Another part seems to stem from convenience. Two 4/5 fighters can easily overpower a single 5/5 fighter. Or to put it another way I'd have a lot more money and free time if I had a roommate who I got along with because of simple economies of scale.

What seems to happen for a lot of loners like myself is some sort of failure on part of the parents to respond to the child's natural people pleasing behavior. The child learns people pleasing as a strategy doesn't work and tries their hardest to do everything themselves. It seems to set you up for all sorts of pitfalls in school. You already don't have support at home. More importantly you've disposed of people pleasing as a strategy while all the other children are still in that mode, hard. It seems to be why if you ever complain about a lack of relationships to normals they always get pissed and make it your fault. They don't understand you literally don't have the same machinery to work with. They're very insecure about it. You'll often see normals chestpound about how they do this or that for themselves rather than other people and it's just laughable. They do it to be liked. The loner will also do certain things to be "liked" but it's quite different. The normal performs some social ritual in attempt to gain favor. The loner partakes in the same ritual with the thought of "How can I get this person to fuck off as soon as possible without them freaking out?"

Have any of you had similar thoughts?
>> No. 40942 [Edit]
I don't think about it much, but that's more or less my own experience in life. There is no drive or desire to socialize beyond getting people to leave me be. I rarely try and get help unless it's completely necessary. It just isn't my instinct to seek it out because it hasn't done me much good in the past.
So I'd say your thoughts are probably accurate to some degree.
>> No. 40991 [Edit]
Came across A.J. Ayer's emotivism. It explains some thoughts I've had pretty well. In short he was a moral skeptic and pointed out that since we can't have proof of morals existing we can't make factual statements about them. For example many people would agree violence is wrong but asking them to prove it gets dubious. What they're having is an emotional reaction akin to "boo, violence". I can't prove violence is wrong what can be proved is my own personal distaste for getting murdered.

Looking at it this way it really gives the sense the majority of moral talk is an attempt to enforce some sort of social norm. I can remember back in the 90's when older people would try to make some weird, twisted moral argument about wearing hats indoors. The entire thing is a bit silly looking back at it but I don't think it's that different. Key difference being the language we use has shifted. Outside of things the massive majority of people agree on like murder/theft/fraud you see a lot less language around morality as that's gone out of favor. Instead the discussion has shifted to focus on psychology. Much of those discussions are pulled out of people's asses, or out of the ass of some supposed expert just like moral talk was back in the day.

For example it used to be seen as disrespectful and even immoral to wear a hat indoors under any occasion which seems ridiculous to us today. But I can easily imagine seeing it posted somewhere like reddit with normie commenters swarming with something like "Wearing a hat indoors? Does this guy think he's the main character!? What a fucking narcissist." Or alternatively by posting about some sadness or frustration in your life it's almost inevitable you'll be met with hostility. In decades prior they would have called you a pussy, not a real man, or said you were of poor character. That went out of style in favor of this particular brand of fake empathy that is nothing but a disguised insult. I've been guilty of this "psychological pathologization" myself in the past but as I've come to understand how it works better I've tried to build distance from doing such.

The new phrase "ick" while dumb seems like a large improvement. You aren't insulting or condemning the person by pointing out the behavior is "ick". You're simply stating you, as a person, dislike that quality in another rather than trying to make statements about large swathes of the population who, on an individual level you know nothing about. Saying "Sorry, x gives me the ick, no thank you." seems much preferable to saying "X has y and z problem, not your therapist." Less prone to cause fruitless arguments, causes less harm, and could generally improve the quality of discussion internet-wide. Let's just hope the phrase doesn't morph into something cancerous.
>> No. 40993 [Edit]
I'd prefer if we just say what we think. I do wear hats indoors, but it feels weird and I personally feel wrong while doing it. I think Stirner had it right, you should be aware of your position in the world and do what will work best towards your own motives or goals, whatever that entails. It's better to focus on more practical things, and you should never find yourself trying to censor or otherwise adjust your behavior simply because of some sense of an ideological purity. If YOU desire to act a certain way, that comes from you. Choosing to shape your behavior simply because it violates some internal code you've built up, and not because it leads to the results you want and the results you have the power to affect, is pointless. Plenty of people with no moral code still hold internal codes, some kind of rule or law of their behavior that they feel they should follow, if only because it makes them "not like those other people i hate". We exist in a physical world, and are limited by the physical actions and power we have the capacity for. Wasting energy on ideology when there are clear paths to the world we personally want to create and can create is just silly.

I don't care about adhering to morality. And because of that I don't care if my words are imposing a desire coming from myself onto someone else. I won't just self-censor myself and refrain from telling someone what I think about their behavior, just because it's presenting them with someones desire for a reality that opposes their own actions. I don't believe in freedom, I believe in the capacity for power to act and the doing so on the world. That doesn't mean I don't desire to take my own freedom. But freedom isn't something you can be given or give to someone else, it's simply a measure of your ability to explore and achieve your own goals. I don't like infidelity, and I wouldn't do it. I also would like to strongly enforce others not to. But not because I think it's immoral, but because I just don't like it. So I would impose that will on others, if i had the power. I don't care about fairness, I care about creating the world I want and the personal life I want. If I can do it, I will. If something is an obstacle, and I can remove it with my power and capability, to the extent that the outcome is practical and useful for me, I will.

I do prefer, personally, to leave other people alone for the most part because it creates a comfortable environment for me. In fact I prefer as little interaction as possible. But if someone does something in my environment that I don't like, and I think I can get them to stop without making bad repercussions for myself, I'll do that. I want to assert my agency over this world, and I'm sick of a society that wants men, agents of their own free will, to become like women and accept a submissive and nonthreatening position in regards to the world. That's the agreeable way of someone that belongs to someone else. I don't want to belong to someone else, I want to own myself and use the power I have to exert myself on the world around me. I don't want to get along just to get along, I get along when around people I can stand because it makes for a relaxed environment. When I'm around something I can't stand, I won't just let them be, is what i mean.
>> No. 41170 [Edit]
I was thinking about how worthless the word love is, but then I thought more and realized most language has no value, at least in the west. I think it's a result of marketing. Constant exaggerations has made any subjective opinion basically meaningless beyond good or bad.
Or maybe most people actually feel strongly about everything.
It bothers me.
>> No. 41200 [Edit]
I don't understand why normalfags have to go out of their way to write what amounts to "omg, wtf, you're a weirdo" when they see something a little strange. Why even bother? Does it make them so uncomfortable that they need to have an outburst? I think it would be better to ignore it and move on.
>> No. 41201 [Edit]
It's normie speak for "I'm not like this!". They don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. Baka.
>> No. 41202 [Edit]
If one is weird enough to the point where someone will audibly say so, then introspection might be needed. If you're referring to online discourse, hysterics is the game.
>> No. 41208 [Edit]
I think it's a biological response.
There was this guy who experimented on little monkeys. He kept one little monkey separated from the rest and alone for months, then released him with the rest. In a matter of mere seconds, when they detected something was "off", the other monkeys started beating and bullying the outcast.
So be glad it's just that and not the beatings.
>> No. 41215 [Edit]
File 167656124652.jpg - (70.50KB , 277x500 , 1660388209509856.jpg )
I listened to a conversation about video games and the internet today. Personally, I think I know a good bit about both and spend plenty of time with them, but I really couldn't follow the conversation at all. It felt a little sad.
I'd say I'm pretty out of touch I guess, but this feels more like a cultural difference. It's not that I'm not looking for and experiencing new things, but I guess my considerations are not the same as theirs.
>> No. 41216 [Edit]
Video games are quite wide. I play games every day but I feel like I don't have the same frame of reference at all as most people who do. It's a weird feeling but the world is just so large now I suppose.
>> No. 41217 [Edit]
Wait until you only play stuff that releases on dlsite or occasionally fanza. Then you'll feel like the biggest pariah.
>> No. 41229 [Edit]
>As I see it, they are "ironic" in the same sense than people who watches bad movies just to laugh at them
I understand what kind of people you refer to, but I love to watch older movies that most people would consider bad and my favorite part about it is encountering somewhat unorthodox or goofy scenes. Sometimes you notice it's probably on purpose but most of the time it's likely unintentional. It can be things like weird looking effects, strange music choices, over exaggeration and cheesy dialogue or situations. They usually make me laugh and I often save a clip of it. I don't intend to mock the creators or their works by doing this, it's just my sense of humor, otherwise I watch and take them seriously.

I feel it's more about the intent and honesty when it comes to this. I can respect people who genuinely dislike something, like grognards that hate Japanese stuff, but I have no respect when it comes to people like "ironic weebs" that show interest in something, yet knowingly make fun of it or complain about certain aspects of the things they claim to like.
>> No. 41244 [Edit]
I used to write in a journal to settle my mind before bed, but I stopped and replaced it with asking myself what I accomplished today and what I plan to accomplish tomorrow. Not only is it much quicker, but I skip the random pointless fluff I used to put in my journal and I've been able to solve more problems this way.
>> No. 41349 [Edit]
File 168098673183.jpg - (826.97KB , 1280x720 , 43344896bc32cfacc964e144b672044e.jpg )
I've been thinking about how superhero comics are melodramatic and averse to the concept of mundanity, and that gave me what I think is an interesting concept for a superman story:

Superman, a pretty reasonable man, decides the whole costumed hero thing is unnecessary and kind of dumb. So he takes off his costume and decides he'll be Clark Kent all the time.

He hears about how the Joker is on another one of his rampages, flies to Gotham, and kills him quickly and non-dramatically. Batman is of course very shocked, and brooding and edgy about the whole thing.

Clark takes an interview and explains his new perspective. How the Joker has killed hundreds of people and in a sane society he would have been executed a long time ago. Also how he doesn't feel the need to put on a ridiculous persona anymore.

The police try arresting Clark, but he refuses to be arrested. Not in a violent fashion, it's just they can't arrest him. Doesn't matter how many men try dragging him around, he's too strong. Tasers and bullets don't work on him. So the military gets involved, and Clark points out how unnecessary and wasteful this whole process is. Eventually they give up.

Batman demands a meeting with Clark, but Clark will only agree to it if Batman takes off his costume. So Clark and Bruce Wayne have a picnic, and its a lovely spring day. Bruce tries to argue that killing villains makes them just as bad, to which Clark responds that makes no sense and has never been how conflict resolution works. It's a childish philosophy. Clark then suggests Bruce didn't kill the Joker because he's afraid of having a mundane life.

Bruce reveals there's a piece of Kryptonite at the bottom of the picnic basket. Clark points out there's no reason some rock from his own planet would instantly hurt him. It was all psychological, but now he's free of that. Clark tosses it in a nearby lake and walks off while telling Bruce he should learn to relax. THE END
>> No. 41350 [Edit]
This reminds me of >>/ma/3935.
>> No. 41351 [Edit]
Well, that's a story that's intentionally boring, but I think my concept is interesting.
>> No. 41352 [Edit]
I really like your concept, but I hate that ending. It would be better with batman revealing the kryptonite and it working, so superman gets weak and batman pounces on him with a batarang on his neck and says live by the sword die by the sword, but he decides to take the moral high ground and lets superman lives to teach him a lesson about that way of life, but superman does not care and now gets very suspicious of batman. The thing is superman is right about batman. But the same thing is true for villains. They dont instantaneously kill the heroes and pull those boring 20hr speeches at the last hour because they are afraid of being a regular mundane criminal running from police and need batman for the rush. But now the villains are pissed because superman broke the rules of the game, and they start outright killing lesser superheroes. The atom, plastic man, hawk girl etc. No theatrics, just plain killing. Other superheroes get pissed at superman. Joker funeral happens. Villains and populace attend also superheroes. People start protesting superman defending the Joker, but others call it hypocrisy and counter protest and a mass shitshow happens. Many assassinations attempts are made at superman. Bombs and etc. None of them works. Superman starts killing other supervillains who now became much more radicalized. He kills scarecrow, clayface, two-face, and many others. Basically cleans gotham city of supervillains. More protests. Many start to see superman as an opressing force agaisnt mankind. Rumours of villains trying to broke a deal with batman and other heroes to kill superman. Superman goes to bruce wayne to convince him to use his clout with gotham citizens to calm the situation and the mass protests and chaos. Batman tells him to fuck off. Clark used a wire and later threatens to expose bruce wayne as batman on a piece on his newspaper. Batman refuses to collaborate. Clark exposes bruce on the newspaper and continues killing other villains from other cities. One day some villains do some crimes as a decoy and trick him into going somewhere while others kill and rape louis lane. Superman is too fast and saves her, but eventually they kill her friends, relatives neighbours etc. Louis lane loses it and tells superman to quit this. SUperman forces louis lane into the frotress of solitute "for her own good". By this even with all supervillains dead, new ones start appearing and people basically hate superman and calls him an alien opressor etc. In the end superman loses faith on mankind and goes to space searching for a better planet.
>> No. 41353 [Edit]
A few comments on this. While the Joker has been confirmed to intentionally not kill Batman, I'm not sure that's been established for other supervillians. Impression I got is that they're simply less competent and strong than their opponents.

I don't like the idea of Clark trying to get Batman's help. I also wanted to get away from the whole "superman becomes oppressive" concept that's been done before.

I don't see why the public would protest. Isn't the real problem supervillains? Who benefits from them being around? They're basically domestic terrorists. Who is in favor of those?

I know Lois Lane has been a concept for a long time, but when thinking of this idea, I imagined she just wouldn't exist. In a way, she's like Superman's second kryptonite.
>> No. 41354 [Edit]
>A few comments on this. While the Joker has been confirmed to intentionally not kill Batman, I'm not sure that's been established for other supervillians. Impression I got is that they're simply less competent and strong than their opponents.
I'm no comic book guy, but we all have seen these innumerous scenes where a villain has the hero stuck in a situation and could finally kill him once and for all, but keeps prolongating the situation with speeches about his life or using increasingly cruel and unnecessary ways to make him suffer, until he makes a mistake and the hero gets away.
>I also wanted to get away from the whole "superman becomes oppressive" concept that's been done before.
Yeah, I got a little sense of deja vu after writing that. This would be more a calm superman deciding to wipe out supervillain crime once and for all, while the masses lose their mind though.
>I don't see why the public would protest. Isn't the real problem supervillains? Who benefits from them being around? They're basically domestic terrorists. Who is in favor of those?
I think the batman universe is unique in the sense that the villains technically aren't criminals. They're deranged mentally ill people. They get sent to an asylum, not a prison. So technically speaking they're kinda unimputable. At least as far as some might agree. Moreover some petty criminals tend to gain from people like the joker running around, and their 3DPDs and etc. Many groups that are or were considered terrorist have such organizations of wives or friends of imprisoned/executed members who petition for their release. People with nothing to lose often relate to disruptors of the status quo. Others could be worried about where the line would be drawn between killing the joker and killing an ordinary criminal. And wherever there's people legitimately protesting, there are attention whores also.
People can and have defended many people convicted or heinous crimes. Also following that storyline, other villains would get more radicalized and aim for killing superheroes instead of lofty goals such as world domination. Causing a increase in tensions among these groups. And indirectly the death of other superheroes.
>I know Lois Lane has been a concept for a long time, but when thinking of this idea, I imagined she just wouldn't exist. In a way, she's like Superman's second kryptonite.
Absolutely agree with that second statement. Her existence does seem to be at odds with this representation of superman.
I think it's an interesting story. Very unlikely that we will see anything of the sort getting published soon though.
>> No. 41360 [Edit]
File 168166583836.jpg - (2.48MB , 1899x1660 , fbefe1cee6e25e43d5845da2311c947a.jpg )
It's getting pretty warm outside. If you go out in certain places(like a college campus), you'd see every other girl wearing a tube-top. That's great and empowering and wonderful and don't you dare question it.

Okay, but put a girl with a tube-top in a high-profile video game, especially a game that uses 3d models, and then it's a problem. People pretend there's all sorts of nuanced and complex reasons for this dichotomy. The real reason is that society wants to restrict men's control over their sexuality, and reduce their autonomy.
>> No. 41377 [Edit]
I've been thinking about strength. Lately, I've become far stronger I used to be. I don't think it is so much that I've gotten more powerful, but rather that I'm better utilizing my muscles. Rather than putting all the work in my arms, I use my legs as well. That sort of thing...
It makes those lower weight-classes in combat sports that much more impressive. You really have to put everything into it or you'll be bested.
>> No. 41406 [Edit]
File 168353640126.jpg - (65.21KB , 850x850 , 20230508.jpg )
too warm. I hate humid heat; it makes clothes stick to you..
>> No. 41411 [Edit]
File 168390483052.jpg - (27.59KB , 465x500 , 1523602315389-1.jpg )
I have to give pc gaymers credit for helping to keep the desktop pc alive, but my god are they some of the most consumerist, tasteless suckers in the world. So much hardware only exists for the sake of e-sports schlock. The 8k, 200 mhz monitors, and $250+, rgb covered mice and ram, all for the sake of completely soulless garbage. Then after a few years, they replace it with things that have higher numbers attached to them. It's amazing how large of a market there must be for that, considering how many companies got in on it.

Post edited on 12th May 2023, 9:31am
>> No. 41412 [Edit]
I've noticed that especially with keyboards. People go full autism for keyboards, spending hundreds of dollars on keycaps and fancy cases with crap on the back they'll never even see.
>> No. 41417 [Edit]
>The 8k, 200 mhz monitors, and $250+, rgb covered mice and ram
Those two aren't in the same category though, 8k and 200Hz monitors are materially better, although the benefit 144 Hz -> 200Hz is a bit questionable. I assume the 8k is for a 32" monitor, which gives you 275ppi, which is actually pretty decent, you can notice the difference between low and high dpi fairly easily and you get spoiled it. (Although that assumes your OS actually supports proper scaling).

The RGB accessories are pure profit though, whoever came up with that marketing stunt must be raking in gold.
>> No. 41419 [Edit]
>8k and 200Hz monitors are materially better
I exaggerated those numbers of purpose. If you're paying for features you don't really need, but were convinced you do, you're wasting money. Most console games are locked to 60fps, which already looks good. Everything above that gives diminishing returns, for exponentially higher costs.

Videos and every other type of media, wont look better on a higher refresh monitor. Only real advantage is for soulless e-sports games like I already mentioned.
>> No. 41420 [Edit]
>Most console games are locked to 60fps
I thought it was 30fps?
>> No. 41421 [Edit]
>Videos and every other type of media, wont look better on a higher refresh monitor
Huh? 120fps video absolutely looks better than 60fps video.
>> No. 41422 [Edit]
The vast majority of video is not 120fps, especially animation.
>> No. 41431 [Edit]
"Doom9 is the hydrogenaudio of video"
>> No. 41432 [Edit]
File 168476422790.jpg - (3.62MB , 2438x2438 , 0af84fb7798409e10e9ce5935a3d1198.jpg )
I think the world would be a better place if artists became like milkmen, where it makes no sense to give them any money. Artists supposedly want to express themselves, but if they want to make money off their art, they become slaves. For most people, money is enslavement with extra steps.

The platform you're selling your shit on place restrictions on you, and payment processors place restrictions on the platform. Any way of getting around this, realistically massively limits the amount of profit you can make, to the point where it's no different from doing it for free. In my view, the value of expression, plummets the more an artist restricts themself.

It was never about the artist. The person sitting at their desk, with a drawing tablet, doesn't matter. They're just a means to an end. The only way to have freedom, is to escape the slavery of a reliance on money. AI doesn't want to be paid, and it has no inhibitions. That's what makes it beautiful. What a beautiful world it would be, if the human artist became completely obsolete. There is no other viable solution to the inevitability of monetary power being exercised in a censorial manner.

Post edited on 22nd May 2023, 8:34am
>> No. 41482 [Edit]
Ahaha this is hilarious

It's almost as if the management realized no one wants to ride bart, compared their shitcans to Japanese trains, and somehow decided that the main difference was that they had cute mascots.
>> No. 41483 [Edit]
File 168560235121.png - (446.34KB , 690x1093 , Card-Mira.png )
Of course one of them is obese.
>> No. 41484 [Edit]
I can picture the committee picking them out.

One needs to accurately represent the operator. They're probably all old fat and ugly right? maybe we can make them look cute or something.

One should represent the hawk we trained to hunt pigeons. Maybe that can be in the style of that "genshan impactful" game all the kids these days like.

We also need one that's hip and cool and represents the urban demographic, so we don't look like the racists old fucks that we are. you dig brother?

...and I suppose we should probably have at least one that actually looks good.
>> No. 41489 [Edit]
They probably just delegated it to some youngish person who comes into work with Invader Zim and Attack on Titan apparel, but your depiction got a laugh out of me.
>> No. 41505 [Edit]
Thinking about being creepy.
It's just something that I accepted people will think of me. Personally, I think it speaks more on that person than me, when they're thinking I'm creepy while I'm minding my own business.
They're thinking creepy thoughts while I'm probably thinking about cute things. I'd much rather be creepy than obsessed with possible creeps.
>> No. 41510 [Edit]

Why are they in four different art styles?
>> No. 41515 [Edit]
that was quite insightful.
although you didn't intended it, but you lifted up my spirit.
yeah, i'd rather be seen as a creep doing my own stuff, than obsessing about others indentifying my as a creep.

a much healthier outlook.
>> No. 41516 [Edit]
File 16867718043.jpg - (2.64MB , 3600x3000 , 0451accbed1c9a858fd5a5b481d7e6ad.jpg )
With the whole reddit situation, I'm not surprised and I don't see why anybody would be. If you're going to invest so much time and effort into maintaining a forum, it makes more sense to host it yourself.
>> No. 41517 [Edit]
Also discussed briefly in >>/tat/1698
The so-called protests actually seem to have increased the quality of comments from what I can see. Similar to what happened a few months back during the twitter outrage.
>> No. 41524 [Edit]
File 168731591048.png - (249.64KB , 500x450 , 88a1f94a3de0bbeeb0eddf3a8018df24.png )
It's been 10 years since this thread was created >>/fb/4010

It's surreal reading it now. How do you think things have changed since then? Would you say it was for the better or worse?
>> No. 41525 [Edit]
There's probably more than you'd think lurking around, they just aren't dumb enough to expose themselves. I do however think the community has probably chilled out since then.
>> No. 41528 [Edit]
>they just aren't dumb enough to expose themselves
That's the whole point, right? If ya blend in, then it's A-OK in my book: the beauty of anonymous message boards.
>> No. 41529 [Edit]
Only if you blend in without having to pretend, if you have to then with time you will probably grow tired of it
>> No. 41530 [Edit]
imo They should post if they feel like it. I know there's other imageboards now that are more open to it but it's good to have options.
Everyone was so angry in the early 2010s, it gave me secondhand embarassment reading it.
Yeah I'm one of the few husbandofags and it does feel a bit tiring having to call him my "waifu" and act like my thoughts can be compared to someone who has a waifu, so I seldom post about it. I feel bad about it but I don't want to disrupt the others. It's a weird thing for a guy to have one after all.
>> No. 41531 [Edit]
Giving credence to specific groups of people like that generally isn't a good idea, especially when they are known to cause issues and start problems. I see no reason why women shouldn't be banned if they feel the need to tell everyone they are a woman the same way I think people who go out of their way to talk about how they've had sex or relationships with others should be banned. They obviously don't care much for the culture, otherwise they would know not to talk about that stuff.
It isn't like Tohno-chan requires a facial scan to determine whether you are a man or a women before allowing you to post. I'm sure some women post on the board, but they have the decency to respect the culture here and not announce they are a women, just as I'm sure some people here have led better lives than others may suspect, but they have the decency to not flaunt it to people here as ford drivers tend to do.
There are also plenty of places women can go if they want to talk about their female issues, and Tohno-chan isn't one of them, and if they can't happen to find one then they should learn to use a search engine.
I would say this is another very important factor, it's an anonymous imageboard and whether people agree with it or not being male is the assumed default when talking to someone over the internet, which is why giving attention to the fact that you are a female is such a problem in the first place.
>> No. 41544 [Edit]
File 168774063080.jpg - (100.50KB , 1440x1200 , space.jpg )
Out of every genre, Hollywood seems to have the worst track record with sci-fi. Almost all of its sci-fi movies are plagued by needless romance and plot-holes. Plot-holes are often a result of neglecting the implications of the technology present in the story, either directly, or by failing to acknowledge the general level of advancement that would be required for that technology to exist.

In 2016's Passengers, Chris Pratt wakes up from his stasis thing onboard a space ship, and is unable to go back in. He meets a bartender android, who looks indistinguishable from a human from the torso up, yet there are no androids available that are capable of assisting him. And the bartender can hold a conversation, but is not even capable of understanding that something went wrong with his pod. In fact, there isn't any contingency plan for the situation he's in.

Aside from that, they use the same cookie-cutter plot progressions over and over again. Once you've seen one, you've seen them all, but people will praise these movies brushing against some "deep questions". Never mind sci-fi novels have already explored those topics and more in depth.

Hollywood will still occasionally produce a decent action or thriller movie, but good sci-fi flicks are like a once a decade thing, if that.

Post edited on 25th Jun 2023, 5:53pm
>> No. 41549 [Edit]
I try not to judge a work based on it's fandom but there's a lot of media that just has the most pretentious and pompous behaving fanbases, that it just isn't even worth getting into the media at all.
Like if the work attracts these type of people is it really good? Does it really explore the themes the fanbase claims it does? If you've got no interest in it, then it just means you just don't know about some obscure psychology/political subject and are therefore low IQ, etc etc.
Of course there will always be one person going "Don't let the fandom ruin something for you" but it's hard not to associate the two together.
>> No. 41604 [Edit]
File 169085532736.jpg - (190.57KB , 1600x1200 , 56afe5275c56fe2f92724d19c7d284b2.jpg )
Lately I've been compulsively thinking about my dying. It scares me, and hampers my ability to enjoy things. The prospect of everything that I am, being erased while the world keeps on going by. It's a suffocating feeling.

Even if aging weren't a concern, wouldn't something bad eventually happen? A billion years isn't forever. Forever is a scary word. It brings to mind an empty void. Wouldn't I eventually run out of things I want to do? Life feels like a succession of waiting for something to happen, going through that thing, and then waiting for the next thing. What happens when there is no next thing?

Many people have thought about these things before, but I think nobody really has the answers, just distractions and comforting delusions.
>> No. 41605 [Edit]
I find the idea of disappearing comforting. To no longer be a part of this world.
>> No. 41606 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure it'll be nice to be dead, once you are. Just the process of it that sucks.
>> No. 41607 [Edit]
Why do you think so? Seems to me that you have to be alive for anything to be nice. I think dead people are no different from rocks and dirt.

Post edited on 1st Aug 2023, 8:45am
>> No. 41608 [Edit]
I think it'll just be a nice sleep. Can look like whatever it wants to look like from the outside, but once you're dead you're not going to complain about anything.
>> No. 41609 [Edit]
File 169093025586.jpg - (158.96KB , 850x583 , toolarge.jpg )
I thought about that comparison. When you're asleep, you're still alive though. Your brain does stuff and you have dreams.

I not trying to bum anyone out. This has just been eating away at me for a couple of days now.
>> No. 41610 [Edit]
Your mistake is thinking that you are anything special when alive, or that there's a "self" in the first place. There is no continuous self, only memories and thoughts.

> I think dead people are no different from rocks and dirt.
An alive person is only "alive" in the sense of being able to respond to stimulus. Your "sense of self" is not what makes one alive.

>I think nobody really has the answers, just distractions and comforting delusions.
Most people refuse to accept the answer, so they cling to dualist philosophy or supernatural beliefs. In fact they don't want to accept it, because they think they'd be giving up something and they enjoy being intertwined with their experiences. The only point of meditation is to get one to realize that there's a distinction; once you realize that, anything beyond is pointless (and in fact counterproductive, since there's nothing else to achieve). It's really not complex or deep, but for some reason people overcomplicate it. Once you realize it, seeing people debate the idea of p-zombies is hilarious.
>> No. 41611 [Edit]
>I think it'll just be a nice sleep.
It cannot be the same, because you always come out of sleep and the continuity of self remains unbroken. Nor can it the same as whatever state you get into during "meditation", again because the continuity remains. I think maybe the closest thing you can do is to realize that there is no self (either first by recognizing and then disassociating from inner dialogue, or by whatever other means you want), and then once you intuitively understand there is only a body that responds to stimulus and stored memories, there's nothing magical or fearful about death. Supposedly some buddhist traditions had people visualize their own deaths and burials until they got the idea, I guess maybe it's for the same reason.
>> No. 41612 [Edit]
What do you think about "self" being an emergent property? Sure it can be broken down into parts, but does that really mean there isn't a whole, or that the whole has no value? It seems like your solution is to deem the experience of being alive an "illusion," and therefore not worth preserving.
>> No. 41613 [Edit]
>experience of being alive an "illusion"
Not sure what you mean. Your experiences are not an illusion, because they are real experiences; if you hit your hand on the door, that's certainly a real experience. Maybe by the "illusion" stuff you mean the "sense of self" that people have? I would not say that's an illusion because people do genuinely claim to have one, but it's more of a false shadow. You can identify a self with your thoughts if you want, and in doing it's "real" (at least in the sense that you genuinely think that there is a self-conscious "you"). But there is a mode of living where there is no such strong association. (Very few people can break it entirely, practically the best you can hope for is to just loosen it a bit).

That's what I meant by people refusing to accept it. They like associating a coherent self with their thoughts, because they think it makes life "meaningful". I guess there's nothing inherently wrong with this, but one can see that most people don't actually seem to be content with this, because they still crave answers for questions of meaning, fear death, etc. (And it's also not really their own "self" at all. 95% of their "self" is a product of society, as you can clearly see by how people all seem to parrot the same opinions). If you want to have that association, fine, but then seeking answers on death is akin to trying to find the answer for a problem you brought about on yourself.

>What do you think about "self" being an emergent property
That goes to the question of "why" humans have the capacity to form this persistent self-image while other organisms do not. Saying it's an "emergent property" is a meaningless answer that doesn't tell you much. What gets lost when you try to break down an "emergent phenomenon" into parts is the structure, and that structure is the key. That's something for the scientists to study. Either way, what that structure is is not really relevant for your functioning in day to day life. Maybe it's useful if you want to create some AI-type stuff.
>> No. 41614 [Edit]
File 169093834551.jpg - (3.33MB , 3508x2023 , c05826c954d66d819c85f0cf6730d034.jpg )
>because they think it makes life "meaningful"
I don't know if that's the reason. I think it's something people are naturally inclined to do. My thoughts are separate from yours, so they're not shared. Many thoughts take a form that's similar to our 5 physical sense. The "narration" in my head sounds like how I perceive my own voice.

If I had to put into words what I want, it's for things to not change, and to know for sure that they wont change.
>> No. 41617 [Edit]
Of course it won't be the exact same, but I think it's the closest it gets. I fall unconscious a lot lately and I feel like it's likely what death will be like in nearly every way other than the waking back up part.
Sure, your brain is still doing a lot of shit when you're passed out if not more, but as far as your consciousness goes, can't be so different.
>> No. 41618 [Edit]
>I fall unconscious a lot lately
that doesn't sound healthy
>> No. 41624 [Edit]
I've realized that I had my phone on mono audio for years. Just about everything sounds way better now. I wonder about a lot of songs now and what little details I've missed in the sound.
>> No. 41627 [Edit]
File 169120143480.jpg - (664.46KB , 850x604 , size.jpg )
update: It's about the fifth day that I've been stuck on this. Tried all sorts of optimistic trains of thought. I guess it's better now since I'm not freaking out like I was, but it's still hanging over me like a cloud. What's most annoying is how it started from a random thought I had while lying in bed at night.

It's not just about myself. I think about all the people I know dying, and wonder whether they're bothered by that. Even apply it to fictional characters. Like, do they ever doubt if what they do is worthwhile? The alternative of laying in bed and waiting in despair is obviously not preferable, but still.

Post edited on 4th Aug 2023, 7:12pm
>> No. 41704 [Edit]
I was thinking earlier about how you'll sometimes read that you get used to being alone. While true, I've certainly gotten used to it, I didn't realize then that it doesn't mean it gets less lonely. Getting used to a condition doesn't mean it ceases to exist.
It's a simple thing, but sometimes it's the simple things that are hardest to understand.
>> No. 41706 [Edit]
i like image board. especially the ones with good weaboo-ish aesthetic.
>> No. 41744 [Edit]
File 169329419455.png - (1.34MB , 1920x1080 , middle schooler.png )
A screenshot from Code Lyoko. This character is like 13. What a trip. The Frenchies had some balls in 2006.
>> No. 41745 [Edit]
Goodness, I forgot about this. I recall it being good as a young lad too.
>> No. 41759 [Edit]
Berserk doesn't have very good action/fight scenes. There are individual panels and pages that look good, but there's often a lack of "continuity" (for lack of a better word) between panel that make these scenes unsatisfying to read through, in my experience. I think this is one of the main reasons why Berserk's anime adaptations are notorious for their poor animation: they simply don't have much to work with from the source material. I should probably give some examples, but it's been a while since I've last read Berserk and there aren't any I can think of off the top of my head. This is just a sentiment I know I've had while reading it in the past.
>> No. 41761 [Edit]
I really liked his fight with the fairy girl. Thinks it's the best one in Berserk.
>> No. 41763 [Edit]
File 169375701911.jpg - (471.83KB , 595x842 , __minami_mirei_and_dorothy_west_pretty_and_1_more_.jpg )
Could one acquire mathematics "intuitively" by exposure alone - just like a language, I wonder?
>> No. 41764 [Edit]
I think for some people, but not most. You don't really need math to survive and it doesn't really have a social aspect.

Post edited on 3rd Sep 2023, 11:47am
>> No. 41765 [Edit]
Yes and no. Exposure will make you more likely to acquire math, but that's not specific to math. Someone who's exposed to music since childhood will probably be a better musician than someone who just started learning, both because of the duration and also because repeated exposure allows for layered understanding.

But the faculties we have to acquire language likely will not help in acquiring mathematics, because the core of mathematics is abstraction. As a child when you acquire language, there are actually two conceptual hurdles: one is to understand that things can be symbolic in nature (see [1]), and once you understand that then all that remains is learning which symbols are associated with which words, and the grammar of how you can compose symbols. We can see that the former is actually learned fairly quickly, it's the latter which takes quite a long time to master.

But with mathematics, the level of abstraction is much higher. It's all well and good to spend a few months learning about the number system, how numerals can abstract out counts of quantities, how you can operate on them via multiplicative and additive transforms. But mathematics goes further: we have these whole numbers, can we complete them so we can have inverses? Now that we have some abstract operations we can perform, let's throw away the concrete numbers themselves and study solely those operations: what structure do we see in those operations (group theory/abstract algebra). You have these abstract objects called "sets" or "groups", without caring about the specific group what structure do you see in the relation between _these_ objects (category theory).

Basically compared to the abstractness of math, human language is no comparison.

>> No. 41777 [Edit]
"Return to tradition" types don't know what civility is. During a lot of the time periods they romanticize, being insulted by someone was grounds for killing them in a duel, yet these people go out of their way to be as obnoxiously abrasive as possible.
>> No. 41781 [Edit]
Possibly a dumb thing.
One of my parents works at a fast food restaurant. The management really doesn't want them to leave because they have a really hard time finding help. I've seen help wanted signs outside of every fastfood place I've driven past for a long time now.
It has me wondering now. What happens when these places can't find anyone? like at all? I don't think I've seen any that have been closed down, which in retrospect seems a bit odd considering no one likes to work at them. You'd think surely every now and then you'd see one or two that stay closed till they can hire some people. Maybe this has happened but I haven't seen it yet. Even after covid when these places struggled the most to hire people, they'd always have 1-2 people, they'd simply be drive in only. What happens if a chain really can't find a single person willing to work there? Do people from other locations get forced to work there?
Have you guys seen any closed down because of lack of staff?
>> No. 41786 [Edit]
Sageru is an important factor in the health of an imageboard. Proper usage correlates with higher quality discourse.
Nothing novel, but it's something I think about often when I'm lurking other boards besides tohno-chan and a few others.
>> No. 41861 [Edit]
File 169881654549.jpg - (531.35KB , 2039x2894 , 67c326acfc1b173f9afb4819c3888e40.jpg )
You ever notice how regardless of the place and topic, you'll find insufferable elitists anywhere? Today I went on /x/ for the first time ever, and I kid you not, there's people who are elitist about their belief in ghosts, and call anybody who doubts their existence "midwits".
>> No. 41862 [Edit]
That's standard parlance for 4chan though; going on /x/ and saying that there aren't ghosts is like going on /pol/ and saying that maybe the jews aren't so bad, the board basically exists for the sake of those with opposing viewpoint.
>> No. 41863 [Edit]
>call anybody who doubts their existence "midwits"
That's not even the proper usage of the term.
>> No. 41864 [Edit]
There is no correct usage. It's code for "nobody is allowed to have an opinion on this except 'experts'". Only elitists use it.
>> No. 41866 [Edit]
Incorrect, friend. You should take a breather.
>> No. 41867 [Edit]
I am ashamed to admit, but I spent a significant portion of my life caring far too much about the opinions of posturing elitists.
Some years ago on 8chan, I, sucked into /pol/'s paradigm, decided to spend time on the communist-board of the site, in order to study their documents, so I can better immunise myself against their arguments. Then, I observed something that was, to me at that time, unthinkable:
(Paraphrasing) "Nazis want to own their wife, because they're insecure, so they think that if she's free to select other men, she won't come back."
That's right. A man is insecure for wanting his wife to be faithful to him. Now, I know enough about this "private property" stuff to see why they think this, but I was still taken aback by it, and still am years later. It's basically become the cornerstone of my current paradigm: You can always flip an insecurity argument.
Nazis can argue that a communist doesn't demand fidelity because he's insecure that she wouldn't be "faithful" without this freedom.
Communists can argue demanding fidelity is due to insecurity for the reasons I stated.
The strong can say that the smart work on their brains to compensate for lack of braun, and the smart can argue vice-versa.
Atheists will say "Christians are afraid of the dark."
Christians will say "Atheists are afraid of the light."
You can always flip an insecurity argument. All insecurity arguments do, is coax you into internalising the values of the one making them.
Have you seen that YouTube video: "goblins will see you teleport and say 'he can't afford a steed'"?

This is still a resounding epiphany for me that I frequently reflect upon and remember. I suppose it's a natural offshoot of moral relativism, but I, too invested in pride, could not see this for the longest time.

So, going back to you: Everyone's an elitist, and everyone who opposes an elitist is insecure.
>> No. 41892 [Edit]
first off, the majority of posts on 4chan are made by bots. just spreading the word in case youre unaware.
second, what the fuck happened to lurking? yes, some people really do just need to shut up. be MADE to shut up, by any means necessary really. the hostility is intentional, its to get you to either fuck off or actually educate yourself on the bare minimum of board culture.

youre absolutely insane if you think your opinion (having been on the board for ONE DAY) is equivalent to that of someone whos been posting there for years. it just isnt. shut the fuck up and listen to those who have been there longer than you, have more knowledge than you, and have been through the exact same surface level arguments your dumbass is about to make.

"elitist" is not an insult. some people really are better than others, thats reality.
>> No. 41893 [Edit]
>youre absolutely insane if you think your opinion (having been on the board for ONE DAY) is equivalent to that of someone whos been posting there for years
It's not a forum. Part of anonymity means it doesn't matter how long you've posted on a board for. There's no evidence that you or anybody else didn't show up last Thursday. The "lurk more" meme comes from /b/, because nobody feels like explaining the same dumb in-joke hundreds of times.

>"elitist" is not an insult. some people really are better than others, thats reality.
You believe in ghosts, don't you?

Post edited on 9th Nov 2023, 6:45pm
>> No. 41894 [Edit]
File 169958602668.jpg - (145.66KB , 500x1200 , averagefaggotonx.jpg )
>Part of anonymity means it doesn't matter how long you've posted on a board for
yeah so long as you dont act like an insolent newfag, which you apparently cant refrain from doing. sure you COULD suddenly arrive at a board and start making quality posts, but you didnt did you? the bar isnt very high on /x/ either, you arent expected to know everything about the occult and paranormal, loads of people are happy to share what they know with you.

>You believe in ghosts, don't you?
not relevant
>> No. 41895 [Edit]
>There's no evidence that you or anybody else didn't show up last Thursday.
The evidence would be whatever you happen to post. If I were to post to TC as if I were posting to 4chan, you and everybody else would infer that I were new here. And it just so happens that the substance of one's posts is oft a function of one's time spent on a board.
>> No. 41896 [Edit]
File 169963172216.jpg - (414.90KB , 2900x4096 , 350b1c7e3904b58942fdddf6d59cdd3c.jpg )
>you didnt did you?
I didn't post. Some guy who's apparently a physics major made a thread asking if there's any hard evidence for spirits, which discounts eye witness testimony. Fags were giving him shit just for that. If he was telling the truth about being a physics major, I'd bet he's far more intelligent than the average /x/ user.

Elitists like to insinuate that they're more innately intelligent, but in arguments they list off books they read on a subject, like that gives their opinions more weight. Nobody argues like that when it's about math or science. Whenever the topic isn't bullshit at its core really, which you don't have to be an expert to realize.

I don't see what's so hard about "don't be an arrogant cunt, especially about stupid bullshit, have some humility". If I were talking about furries or something, which I'm sure there's elitists among, I bet you'd agree with me.
>> No. 41899 [Edit]
>don't be an arrogant cunt, especially about stupid bullshit, have some humility
has anyone ever told you youre autistic? no i mean really, this goes beyond regular ignorance and stupidity. like christ, "WHY ARE THEY GETTING SO WORKED UP ITS JUST STUPID BULLSHIT!???". i dunno man, they must be LITERALLY retarded, thats all we can conclude if were being honest right? why else would they be so hostile to a PHYSICIST after all? dont they know hes smarter than all of them combined, jeez some people gotta get a clue!

you cant let it slide man... go back there and set the record straight, make those fools ADMIT they dont have any real, HARD evidence.
>> No. 41900 [Edit]
You're obviously taking this very personal. You write like someone from 4chan, so why don't you fuck off back there?
>> No. 41901 [Edit]
File 169968540394.jpg - (148.60KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tat.jpg )
Let's all cool off with some Mountain View.
>> No. 41902 [Edit]
lmao, sorry who just got back from browsing 4chan?

anyways, no, just because im insulting you doesnt mean im personally offended. you legitimately come across as autistic, theres nothing left to be said. come to terms with that reality sooner than later so you can avoid getting mocked in the future.

>> No. 41903 [Edit]
> who just got back from browsing 4chan
Last week, on Halloween.

I know you're a regular poster there. It's blindingly obvious. And I know you're not a regular here. I'm going to keep posting on tc how I feel like, and you can fuck off back to 4chan, where all the other bullshit experts are.

Post edited on 11th Nov 2023, 8:30am
>> No. 41911 [Edit]
you tarnish 4chan's reputation >:(
>> No. 41914 [Edit]
All the time. Thing is, restaurant business is always very thin margin and cutthroat so even if a location closes down, others will buy it since all equipment is already in place. They might not even change the name of the business. The most resilient ones are Asian/Indian because it's basically extended family working there. This applies to large franchises too.
>> No. 41929 [Edit]
that makes sense
I never thought about it that way
>> No. 41959 [Edit]
File 17014677927.jpg - (381.16KB , 1920x2707 , IMG_0002.jpg )
M3 has come, and 8gb is still the base, for laptops and the iMac.

>Actually, 8GB on an M3 MacBook Pro is probably analogous to 16GB on other systems
>People need to look beyond the specifications and actually go and understand how that technology is being used. That's the true test.
>Adobe recommends 16gb ram for Lightroom on both windows and mac
>As someone who has used the systems, I can report that 8GB is still probably too low for most people. Even if you’re not using high-end apps, Safari and Photoshop can use several gigs of RAM. But perhaps more importantly, if you’re buying a Pro machine, you should get more RAM than someone buying a MacBook Air.

There's a reason the second-hand market is flooded with base model MacBooks. The magic of vendor lock-in. As for people who literally only browse the web, they would be more than fine with a sub-$700 chromebook, which you can find models of that have an "analogous" 16gb of ram.

Post edited on 1st Dec 2023, 2:06pm
>> No. 41961 [Edit]
>probably analagous to 16GB of RAM
If any of what they were saying was true, they would post some sort of benchmark to show just how much the 8GB of RAM actually is in this laptop costing thousands of dollars. Apple is such a scummy company. Next thing you know apple is going to start selling downloadble RAM boosters applications to power up your RAM capabilities, 1k per GB of course.
>> No. 42435 [Edit]
>The lightweight laptops include no fans, relying instead on passive cooling to provide a silent computing experience.
>The external chassis hit 46 degrees at its hottest point.
>he M2 SoC had similar 'overheating' issues, but there is no evidence that they were able to reach the same extreme temperatures recorded on the M3 system

For the average user this doesn't matter much, but it's still funny.
>> No. 42474 [Edit]
File 171138524482.jpg - (890.64KB , 2894x4093 , __izayoi_sakuya_touhou_drawn_by_ahase_hino__dde18f.jpg )
I've been thinking about the perceptions other people seem to have of me. Even in adulthood, I get the nonsense about being the creepy silent type. Often people will go as far as to call me a psychopath or what have you. They certainly have a far more intimidating image than reality. It used to bother me to be viewed like that, but now I figure it's just as well.
In truth, I'm just a man that has learned to be "content" with just himself and enjoying his hobbies. Even if I did start socializing and expressing myself a bit more openly, I'd still have no reason to burden myself with pointless relationships. If that makes me mentally ill, then I do not want to be mentally healthy.
>> No. 42475 [Edit]
Many people struggle to wrap their head around the simple fact that not everybody feels a need to socialize, pursue a relationship, or whatever.
>> No. 42477 [Edit]
>not everybody feels a need to socialize
True, and those people aren't having exchanges on imageboards.
>> No. 42478 [Edit]
File 171145990299.jpg - (271.38KB , 500x500 , __takagaki_kaede_idolmaster_and_1_more_drawn_by_sa.jpg )
What are you implying? I doubt people who post on imageboards do so with the main purpose of satisfying social needs. Talking to someone on voice chat doesn't feel satisfying either. I've taken breaks from IBs just because and it didn't make a difference besides giving me more free time to do anything else.

Post edited on 26th Mar 2024, 6:43am
>> No. 42480 [Edit]
File 171147793795.jpg - (5.01MB , 2480x3508 , 112409314_p0.jpg )
Maybe you'd disagree, but I think there's a difference between socializing and communicating, the latter being what people do on imageboards. While there is a social aspect to communication, exchanging information is the primary goal of communication, while socializing uses exchanging information as an excuse to be around others.

Posting on imageboards also lacks properties I consider intrinsic to socializing:
It's not in real-time, so you're not "with" anybody while you do it.
Everyone is anonymous, so you aren't forming or maintaining connections.

I can see why someone who hates "social interaction" would avoid imageboards; if they're simply disinterested in socializing, I don't see why they wouldn't use imageboards as a source of information or place to self-express.
>> No. 42482 [Edit]
File 171151157422.gif - (46.60KB , 400x353 , 1702490760776574.gif )
I had this game i thought about making and its an arena fps game. I know that they are dying but this idea could revive it if i can make just right. It would have some sort of a loadout system but does not restrict the player from getting all the weapons, your starting weapon can be changed instead of starting with a machine gun, you can start with a shotgun or lightning gun. I also want grenades to be in the game, i got the idea from DOOM 2016, the best idea i had was a sticky grenade and a landmine.
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