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File 154470410588.png - (237.74KB , 704x396 , akira.png )
31894 No. 31894 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
all those cute anime girls we're watching today were probably born in like 2005 or so. don't that make you feel old?
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>> No. 32581 [Edit]
File 156277366814.png - (1.09MB , 1050x770 , chaoschild dictionary.png )
While it's true that "anime" means animation in general, they use the loanword cartoon (カートゥーン) to mean comedic animation from the US and Europe. Gekiga also isn't the same, as it refers to a particular more realistic style compared to the more stylized Tezuka style illustrations popular at the time, and is a dated term anyway.
>> No. 32582 [Edit]
Nah, like any other dumb girl they'd simply latch onto men and have those guys take care of them for life.
>> No. 32583 [Edit]
File 156277874049.jpg - (326.98KB , 827x1169 , FD9377A5-AE61-429D-97F2-3A47CA32E58D-34557-00002E2.jpg )
Osaka would probably get hit by a car before that could happen.
>> No. 32615 [Edit]
What changed about the western fanbase so much? It was always filled with morons that made low quality posts and memes (called fads at the time, like demotivational posters) but just the format of low quality posts changed, instead of moronic wapanese teenagers spamming misspelled posts with dongers its just the same shit but with the current climate of memes and low quality posts. I think you all just grew up.

File 156179123974.jpg - (38.75KB , 640x640 , 14647852964190.jpg )
32444 No. 32444 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
I don't know where to put this since i think /fb/ is gone now but this discussion deserves its own thread. Why are there people on here bragging about their happy lives relationships and sexual experiences? i thought this was a website for social outcast and losers not normalfag anime fans there literally is no need to humble brag about experiences because it upsets other users and i get that this website is dead but it seems like tohno doesn't care about this place anymore because he is now letting normalfags in and allowing users to shitpost and be sarcastic when this isn't that other chan i feel like i don't fit in anywhere and just want to leave the internet for good.
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>> No. 32515 [Edit]
Why are you even asking them? Why do you think they'll be convinced by anything you say? They are a failed normalfag, and a very bitter one at that. They value "social acceptance" (sex) and family and whatever the fuck else and think the zombie masses "have it great it life". Some people are a waste of time and that's why this thread should be locked.
>> No. 32516 [Edit]
This. No more normalfag apologism. No more what ifs.
>> No. 32517 [Edit]
>> No. 32519 [Edit]
Yeah screw it I'm locking this embarrassment of a thread.

And no I'm not deleting the bingo thread, lighten the hell up.

File 145603937636.jpg - (117.78KB , 596x569 , dWmci8h.jpg )
28363 No. 28363 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
If you win you lose.
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>> No. 32447 [Edit]
I would say that people that follow norms are the norms, that includes using language like 'normalfag'. It is adopting language to fit into the norms of a group.
>> No. 32448 [Edit]
That's a good point. There's probably a lot of people suffering an agonizing existence despite whatever you can see on the surface. Most of them are probably mentally ill though.
Everybody, with the possible exception of a few exceptional individuals, is a conformist to some extent. We're designed that way. The difference is how niche the group we choose to conform to is. A couple of teenagers could decide to start dressing in all black to be different from the "preps and jocks" but eventually other people will do the same and they're just going to start copying each other. When I say normalfag, that's shorthand for a concept which people here are all familiar with. Using "norms" or "normies" instead is conforming to a less niche group.

Post edited on 29th Jun 2019, 6:35am
>> No. 32453 [Edit]
>Thats a good point There's probably a lot of people suffering an agonizing existence despite whatever you can see on the surface. Most of them are probably mentally ill though

Normals do not suffer because they have it great in life.
>> No. 32454 [Edit]
When did I say normals? Some people could live a typical life and not be normal.

Post edited on 29th Jun 2019, 9:38am

File 155983258548.jpg - (71.30KB , 640x925 , 1559138556589.jpg )
32362 No. 32362 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you go out of your way to buy physical media these days? I recently purchased a PlayStation 2 to play games off of the HDD port and realized that it can also play DVDs. Both DVDs and older (but not retro) video games sell for literally pennies but hardly anyone bothers. Does piracy make physical media irrelevant? I would start collecting but my fear of disk rot destroying my collection years down the line is stopping me, which I suppose is another argument in favor of digital media.

What do you think?
>> No. 32363 [Edit]
Manga I do because I prefer reading physical copies and I want to encourage the market. If I am getting a game that I want on Console then I will try to get a physical copy of that too.
>> No. 32365 [Edit]
File 155993954989.jpg - (90.97KB , 1024x768 , 147517231880.jpg )
I still collect some physical media but it's much more about having it there to be admired rather than actually bothering to use it. A lot of games from my childhood are simply unusable now and I don't have the slightest clue as to why since so far as I can tell they were stored in nearly ideal conditions. Not in the sun, not with 2+ discs per case, not blazing hot or cold...

Plus there's just the question of size. A single book or DVD doesn't take up much space but when you have hundreds of them it really starts adding up. Every PS2 game ever made takes up a lot of shelf space, on a hard drive though? It's only 2tb. With the price of storage right now that's not bad at all. Hard drives aren't without their faults (the possibility of something wiping them, ransomware, bitrot, failure) but almost all of those problems can be checked for or avoided altogether. And all of that juicy, juicy content in such a compact form. Hell, you've probably already got a computer with excess bays, you won't even notice the extra object in your home.

All that considered there really isn't a point anymore outside of stuff you really like, want to support, or things that hold sentimental value. But for that you don't even need to buy the actual show, you could buy something arguably more useful like a fig. Outside of books and a few games from my childhood I'm at the point where I literally can't see any point in it.

File 155885019834.jpg - (129.66KB , 883x904 , bb26809dd7081c3a5bd02df0c8eea36bf4e8e603_jpeg.jpg )
32340 No. 32340 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Seems you can buy bully insurance in Japan in the event your kids get bullied in school.
>> No. 32341 [Edit]
File 155885935353.gif - (224.72KB , 269x360 , kana.gif )
what do you do when you secretly hire the local bancho to bully your kid so you can split the insurance payouts with him, but then he turns the tables on you and teams up with the kid to get the whole insurance check plus sweet revenge for the kid
>> No. 32342 [Edit]
That was the first thing that I thought about upon reading this, but it seems they only help with legal fees so you'll probably need to prove you're hiring a lawyer.
>> No. 32343 [Edit]
Perhaps it’s a preventative measure.

File 155829131899.jpg - (120.88KB , 500x500 , anime question girl.jpg )
32317 No. 32317 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Why do people enjoy talking about themselves so much?
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>> No. 32330 [Edit]
Self-disclosure is gratifying, and makes the part of your brain that reacts to having sex or taking drugs active, albeit in a smaller way.

On here, people probably just can’t relate to anyone else and enjoy having similar company
>> No. 32331 [Edit]
Maybe they don't have anything else to talk about so that is easy for them. Plus there is a feeling of value that is implied by somebody wanting to have you talk about yourself.
>> No. 32332 [Edit]
My guess is due to living in a culture that increasingly encourages sociopathic and narcissistic tendencies, particularly in first world countries.

Shut-ins and NEETs live in their own bubble so it's difficult to talk about things outside of it, if they haven't experienced it and/or are far behind their peers. But I believe the divide between experience for those who aren't ones and those who are isn't all that great. Everyone else just sugarcoats themselves more. It's a society of always trying to make yourself look good.
>> No. 32334 [Edit]
I don't think it's even a modern phenomenon necessarily. Time to talk about myself: my grandmother and most of her remaining friends are off the charts self-absorbed by today's standards. People enjoy this narrative of cultural decay: "things suck now because of social media, the internet, television, radio, books, ..." but I'm firmly in the human nature camp. Although Western culture is ostensibly individualistic, and technology can enable and amplify expression of both good and bad tendencies.

File 155799603121.jpg - (86.55KB , 1024x512 , chiitan-delete-ban-twitter-02.jpg )
32306 No. 32306 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
On may 14th Chiitan’s official twitter accounts were all deleted with the exception of their English account after some feud with the talk show host John Oliver.
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>> No. 32309 [Edit]
Additional accounts aside from the main one have been suspended, now.

A theory popped up on online forums stating that the Chiitan account owners might have tried to be cute and set the birthdates to "0 year old", which caught attention of Twitter's rule enforcement team.
>> No. 32310 [Edit]
What a strange headline.
>> No. 32311 [Edit]
File 155808930511.jpg - (64.66KB , 600x429 , gangsta pillowcase.jpg )
normally i use and mention of the word headline to throw down some corduroy pillowcase jokes, but seeing someone try to blatantly abuse /tc/ to help pimp their social media status on twitter and facebook or whatever other ntggernet site really just pisses me off.
>> No. 32312 [Edit]
>seeing someone try to blatantly abuse /tc/ to help pimp their social media status
It's something to talk about. Pull your head out of your ass and make some topics yourself if you have a problem with it.

File 155595880712.jpg - (648.89KB , 950x805 , 29b8b9cffe7249afa245b77cbb94f78b.jpg )
32264 No. 32264 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do the Japanese celebrate Easter?

Post edited on 22nd Apr 2019, 5:19pm
>> No. 32265 [Edit]
I don't know about the Japanese but I sure am celibate on Easter. Hahaha, sorry.
>> No. 32266 [Edit]
Ha, that's the same thing I thought.
>> No. 32267 [Edit]
File 15560004726.png - (3.15MB , 1096x1502 , 8f559ebe1597eaa21464c50d0da559dc.png )
No, they celebrate Eastest.

File 155246839721.jpg - (117.79KB , 1200x1200 , arbys-lolicon-waifu-mascot-chibi-01.jpg )
32150 No. 32150 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Arby’s has created a chibi character mascot with an “#ArbysWaifu” hashtag.
Retards on twitter are calling it pedo and racist and so on. What do you guys think of this?
23 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 32174 [Edit]
How is that not enough? A large corporation is exploiting the waifu concept on main stream media and OP was asking how people with waifus feel about that.
God forbid we give the waifu board a bit of activity and show the board doesn't have to just be people talking endlessly about their personal waifu, nah we have to go and toss this into the catch all board that already gets plenty of posts while screwing up all the post replies in the process. Thanks a lot.
>> No. 32175 [Edit]
Isn't it just one twitter post? I hardly consider that mainstream media at all, considering that maybe a few thousand people maybe saw it. Not like it was being shown in ad campaigns on TV or something. It's pretty obvious what most people here think about others misusing the word, some dislike it and get annoyed while others don't care much. The discussion is mostly about the other aspects of it, bashing corporate marketing BS and how people on other parts of the internet view it in other ways as the OP mentioned pedo/racist/whatever.

Post edited on 24th Mar 2019, 10:55pm
>> No. 32177 [Edit]
File 155351710996.jpg - (295.08KB , 1600x977 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I get really triggered when people misunderstand art like that.
Thanks for making the explanation short too, I was about to write a giant rant trying to clarify why the classic ("western") way of art training is the correct way but that's unnecessary I guess.
>> No. 32178 [Edit]
I don't think they are even claiming to give a shit about otaku subculture. The moe subculture has become an internet meme and a lot of normalfags are changing their twitter pfps to cute anime girls for brownie points on social media. Arby's saw this was a new trend and jumped on it.
The point I am trying to get at is that no one really gives a fuck about otaku subculture anymore except us and other small internet communities. This is all a game to them, especially to Arby's considering that they can make money off of being "hip with the kids".

File 155099291810.jpg - (42.14KB , 640x480 , 1234960124545.jpg )
32033 No. 32033 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is anyone willing to work on the translation of the 5th and 6th volumes of Seikai no Senki now that it's no longer in hiatus? I'm interested in restarting this project and editing if necessary. I can provide raws for both volumes.

If you're interested, you can either drop a throw away email here, contact me on the tohno-chan IRC, or just register on baka-tsuki and add yourself to the project.
>> No. 32039 [Edit]
File 155123466988.jpg - (46.28KB , 640x480 , 1325036188929.jpg )
Editors are also badly needed. Everything after Chapter 1 of Volume 4 is mostly unedited to my knowledge, and from Chapter 5 on the style changes completely. Right now I'm working on editing Chapter 1, and when I get to Chapter 5 I'll standardize it so it's all the same style at least, but it's slow work alone.

You don't need an account to edit, but if you want credit you can make one. If not, then just hit edit and get to work. Here is the project for anyone interested.

File 154198002320.jpg - (65.64KB , 500x556 , 1540632639491.jpg )
31833 No. 31833 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Where do people with autism fall into the whole world of imageboard otaku and hikki? It seems even most people on a site such as this would make the assumption that the posters are, biologically, normal humans. For someone who is unable to work, I'm afraid it's a little hard to relate to the idea that all otaku must eventually give in to the world of normals. I quite literally have no choice between the hikkineet life and starvation while homeless.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 31910 [Edit]
There is literally nothing special about people with autism that are above low functioning autistic folks. I'm 100% confident and certain I'm a high functioning autistic person and I'm not that much different from non-autistic people. You just interpret the world and situations slightly different than other people and may have some sensitivities to sound, touch, and visuals.
>> No. 31911 [Edit]
On most NEET/hikikmmori imageboards I find its usually a contest to see who can have the most fake diagnoses. They seem to think the more debilitating the mental illness,the more "hikki" you are.
>> No. 31937 [Edit]
>I'm 100% confident and certain I'm a high functioning autistic person
Yeah, you and every other ford driver posting on imageboards. Nowadays everybody seems to think they have autism. It's not just "social anxiety teehee". Even high-functioning autism makes it impossible to perform tasks most people consider normal.
>> No. 31942 [Edit]
yeah we all know that being damaged is moe as all fuck, but i wish those people want to talk advantage of damage-moe would just put on an elbow bandage or an eye patch instead of talking about themselves on the internet contsantly. i shouldn't even bother mentioning that someone who fakes an illness and then wears it on their sleeve for attention would fit the profile of a self-centered sadistic narcissist rather than an autistic.

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