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File 165460003041.jpg - (382.84KB , 602x878 , 62163145_p0.jpg )
39794 No. 39794 [Edit]
What are some things that really bug you?
Things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!
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>> No. 42267 [Edit]
It's not, the consequences to your health are more severe than just a few less years lived. It raises probability of basically every health issue across the board.
>> No. 42275 [Edit]
You haven't lived until you've eaten a tater tot casserole straight out of the oven.
>> No. 42276 [Edit]
"A hotdish or hot dish is a casserole dish that typically contains a starch, a meat, and a canned or frozen vegetable mixed with canned soup."
"Hotdish secured its popularity during the Great Depression, when grocery budgets required creative preparations for cheap foods, and the popularity continued into the rationing during World War II."
Checks out.
>> No. 42352 [Edit]
File 170851857462.jpg - (734.01KB , 1280x1815 , 20240225.jpg )
Everything seems to upset me these days..
>> No. 42353 [Edit]
i have a similar issue. i use other imageboards all the time and my day inevitably gets ruined. but then i'm not in a good enough mood to do anything fun, so i keep browsing imageboards and the cycle repeats...
>> No. 42355 [Edit]
File 170855995961.jpg - (920.93KB , 1254x1771 , 09dad5354d5db1357af605b882c9f5d5.jpg )
The discrepancy between human-readable, and unique file names, has some very annoying consequences. When you right click an image and select "save as", the default name is specified by the url. Urls though have no way to specify a filename that's different from what's stored on a server. So what ends up happening is that everything you save is named something meaningless, like a unix time stamp, unless you go through the trouble of renaming it.

The anchor tag has partially solved this issue with the addition of the "download" attribute, but the image tag has no such attribute. 7 years ago, adding something like this was suggested, but nothing has come out of it.

I thought I figured out a work around: include # in the filename, followed by a unique identifier. The url would contain %23 (code for #) to refer to this file, but it and everything after wont appear in the "save as" prompt because it'll sort of confuse it with the fragment identifier. This works in firefox, but not chrome. The other options are to place every file in a uniquely named folder, or do some kind of server-side scripting, but that seems massively inefficient.

edit: adding a url parameter to the image;s url, and setting the content-disposition header in nginx based on said parameter($args variable), seems to work

Post edited on 21st Feb 2024, 4:47pm
>> No. 42375 [Edit]
File 17093523482.jpg - (310.54KB , 1280x978 , 72475c24798d6b343f02b2fa6e6c332f.jpg )
When translations get uploaded to exhentai, but not the original. Whoever does that has the original, it would only be a tiny bit more effort to do so, and it would benefit everybody, but they don't. It's so basic a courtesy that costs nothing, how would anybody not think to do it? What the fuck?

Post edited on 1st Mar 2024, 8:06pm
>> No. 42376 [Edit]
There might be some slight ethical argument that since the majority of a Japanese artist's revenue would be from Japanese subscribers, posting the untranslated version would have a larger impact on their revenue than posting the translated version.
>> No. 42377 [Edit]
As it turns out, the particular gallery I was looking for did have its raw uploaded, but was taken down by that irodori piece of shit

I will celebrate when he dies and his "company" disappears from this earth.
>> No. 42400 [Edit]
You may be able to find it on here, assuming you haven't already looked:
>> No. 42401 [Edit]
I've already torrented it from elsewhere, but it's good to know a site like that exists.
>> No. 42404 [Edit]
File 170972844561.jpg - (384.01KB , 1000x1414 , __original_drawn_by_xiaobanbei_milk__20acc077e48f8.jpg )
The need to provide your identification for (online services) everywhere these days. I'm trying to book an accommodation for airbnb and they have mandated that it is necessary to verify my identity and I'm having doubts on whether I should proceed. Perhaps I'm being paranoid but I've never liked to put myself on the 'radar' and yet it seems like it's almost mandatory that you would have put your face up on the web to access a variety of services nowadays. I wish people valued anonymity more though I understand that in many cases these things are done in the name of security. I suppose it ultimately comes down to trust and altruism. Sometimes you can't have nice things because there are people who will exploit certain freedoms at the convenience of others.
>> No. 42405 [Edit]
In a lot of cases I think it's unnecessary and invasive, but I think trusting one's home to a stranger requires them to put forward their face a little for the sake of building the trust necessary for it.
>> No. 42440 [Edit]
File 171082200543.png - (2.65MB , 1283x1920 , e774cf939ea1ec449c1786a39ec835df.png )
Update, I now have an even shallower 23 inch desk, but I decided to give the 27 inch monitor another go, this time keeping browsers and other stuff in windowed mode. It's still uncomfortable. Watching a video in full screen has me rolling my chair back, and afterward I have to roll inward. It's ridiculous.

I'm not actually utilizing the extra space, it's just getting in the way. Even if I had a deeper desk, I'd need to massively scale things up for text to be legible on account of my bad vision, rendering the larger size completely pointless.

The most frustrating part is that colors and sharpness ARE better on this thing. That's all I want.
>> No. 42446 [Edit]
I hate that the west has noise and loud speaking as well as lights being turned on everywhere as part of it's culture. It's like people are programmed to avoid being quiet and polite, feels like quiet places with dim lights are a thing of the past.
>> No. 42447 [Edit]
File 171089398675.jpg - (2.75MB , 1600x2243 , 1710173928101.jpg )
>feels like quiet places with dim lights are a thing of the past
Have you tried going to a library or church? Maybe fancy lounges are like that too...

Post edited on 19th Mar 2024, 5:20pm
>> No. 42449 [Edit]
File 171093977871.jpg - (800.69KB , 2057x2383 , 04b74e95da571701463f7c5e8580d0a4.jpg )
>feels like quiet places with dim lights are a thing of the past.
Sometimes I like to imagine myself as the owner of an establishment like a cafe or similar. A quiet, warm place where to have breakfast or where to seek refuge after a sudden downpour. I don't know how economically viable it would be but I do appreciate quiet places where people try not to inconvenience one another and just relax doing their own thing
>> No. 42450 [Edit]
File 17109417929.png - (6.21MB , 2863x4047 , __kafuu_chino_hoto_cocoa_kirima_syaro_tippy_tedeza.png )
I was surprised when I learned of the existence of snack bars in Japan (¨sunakku¨ if you want to google it). They are small bars specifically designed to create a pleasant atmosphere where you can enjoy your drink and talk with someone else (or not); Other places like Izakaya also have their own pleasant traditional elements to them. I had seen them in anime, movies and games before but I didn't know that their purpose is to be relaxing. All the anime with ¨foodie¨ elements in them are interesting too, there are many but I have a strong bias for Love is like a cocktail, Dagashi Kashi and Gochiusa. Traditional coffee shops in the mornings are the most relaxing type of restaurants in the west I can think of.
>> No. 42455 [Edit]
File 171108163112.jpg - (294.62KB , 1222x1747 , 42748239.jpg )
I was watching some old anime OPs on YouTube and ended up reading some of the Japanese comments, and their reminiscing really got to me. Otaku culture, or whatever you want to call it — just the community spirit surrounding the media in general — seems to be gradually fading away, both in western & eastern communities.

Back then people didn't have to necessarily agree with you or understand you, but they didn't outright deny you either. There really was a sense of community and shared passion for the media that was shared among everyone (hell, 同人 for example outright means same person/kindred spirits). Nowadays it just feels so uptight, stiff, arrogant ... people look for the smallest thing to disagree with somebody on and make the entire discussion about that, with things frequently devolving into silly bickering. It's not enough to just enjoy something, discuss it with others, and accept that others may not like it as much. Instead some silly form of social hierarchy has to exist, despite everyone sharing the same underlying passion...
I'm not saying disagreement is inherently bad by any means, since that's a large part of where good conversation comes from. A person shouldn't be 'denied' just because of that, though; disagreement and a shared sense of camaraderie aren't mutually exclusive.

Maybe I'm just getting older and jaded since I'm already older than nearly anybody I meet online nowadays. I'm sure somebody who reads this will think people were just as unfriendly back then, but that wasn't my experience at all.
I guess I just miss that sense of camaraderie. Otaku media wasn't widely accepted by society, but in exchange it felt like such a more enjoyable time.
>> No. 42457 [Edit]
File 171108227215.gif - (3.95MB , 540x405 , 8219583915edd4d1f59333a0bc00cb2d.gif )
>people look for the smallest thing to disagree with somebody on and make the entire discussion about that, with things frequently devolving into silly bickering
My impression was that's a westerner thing. Has it spread to Japan?
>Otaku media wasn't widely accepted by society, but in exchange it felt like such a more enjoyable time.
It's like a bottle of white wine. If you pour it into an ocean of piss, the wine loses its value.
>> No. 42472 [Edit]
File 171133075792.jpg - (962.11KB , 2764x2659 , F8ROksjWYAAVr9M.jpg )
When anime studios do not release songs from anime. I watched the Junk Boy some days ago and it had some great citypop songs, but Madhouse decided to not release them in any media whatsoever. So for one of the songs - Tsuki no namida - the only record there is of it lasts around 40 secs and it has the protagonist talking about his sexual desires over it. Such an amazing song but no way to hear it in full. I searched vgmdb, anison, anidb, soulseek, youtube and nothing. It shows up, but there's no record of any release. Even tracked the singer and tried to find it among collection style albums, but nothing.
>> No. 42492 [Edit]
File 17116663385.png - (111.55KB , 1824x936 , foobar2000_prick.png )
I've been messing around with music players ever since deciding to use a dedicated one. There's this foobar2000 extension I wanted to use(to add S98 support), but it only works on the 32-bit version, while I had installed the 64-bit one. I can't find the source of that extension either to try recompiling it.

This led me to a realization, Foobar2000 is closed source, and after looking into it, the reasoning for why is completely asinine. Pic rel shows how much of an arrogant fuck the dev(Peter) is. It only works on Windows, and despite how incompetent Peter thinks everybody else is, I bet in the almost 20 years since he wrote that shit, it would have been ported. ARM is also right around the corner. Who knows when, if ever, it'll get ported to that.

Winamp and its successor, Wacup, have the same issue in their insistence on being closed source. Architecture and OS specific extensions are also generally an awful thing that needs to die. I like the minimal UI of these, but the culture around them is antiquated and disappointing.

edit: this is in a similar vein to winamp
edit2: Foobar2000 does have an ARM version. I imagine plugin support for it is lacking though.

Post edited on 28th Mar 2024, 9:51pm
>> No. 42493 [Edit]
File 171182717526.jpg - (235.11KB , 700x572 , 67152562_p11.jpg )
coming back to this post because it keeps happening. It occurred to me that is more common for gen A and a fragment of gen Z to believe characters who are a little odd or weird MUST be autistic or ¨autistic coded¨ (cringed writing that) because it has been slightly normalized in the world they are growing up. Them wanting to have an easy explanation for why they are a little different from others and wanting to relate to characters in fiction is understandable, and I'm not a fan of tough love but categorizing everything and themselves as autistic prematurely without real knowledge of the diagnosis and its history isn't the solution.
Again, I had to stop myself to not make this rant political or incite distasteful discussion.
>> No. 42509 [Edit]
File 171219374814.jpg - (27.81KB , 306x235 , tumblr_9443fd24a6157ecf01a478b906bf7551_1c4f47a5_4.jpg )
I'm tired of the things I grew up and was ostracized for liking being co-opted and perverted and ruined by normalfags. The pandemic really was the final blow but it had been getting bad since like 2012 probably. I fucking hate that niche otaku interests from the 00s prior are mainstream now I'm sick of these sick freaks liking them the wrong way and for the wrong reasons.
>> No. 42510 [Edit]
I really loathe "true crime" communities. They spend their time obsessing about mass murderers and serial killers, yet, they constantly have to find strange ways of justifying why they have this interest. Interestingly, they'll complain about them seeking attention, but continuously insult and name them as if that somehow isn't giving the perpetrator what they want. It's not really productive, and it is stating what everyone already thinks. Somehow, "true crime" also has a tendency to turn people into armchair psychologists. People will make a lot of blanket judgements and diagnoses. They become experts on random disorders which they only tangentially know about. There's also the tendency to assume that any odd behavior is a sign that a perpetrator is trying to fake an illness, whether it be physical or mental. The amount of misinformation is unreal. It seems like some kind of weird emotional knee-jerk reaction. Despite them trying to morally justify their interests, it doesn't change that by mentioning it, they are giving the perpetrators what they want, and they are effectively bringing back the victim's pain, preventing anyone from moving on. Plus the problem I have with a lot of "true crime," related media is that a lot of the real details are distorted and fictionalized to hell and back.

Post edited on 3rd Apr 2024, 10:28pm
>> No. 42515 [Edit]
I know it's ironic to say this, but I think a strong interest in it is indicative of a pathological desensitization to media. I've watched true crime videos, and out of all of them, the dissection of police interrogations was the most interesting, but it gets really repetitive quick. Unlike in books and movies, real life criminals are by and large vapid, piggish husks. The only "appeal" I can see in combing over their depravity is it being "real".
>> No. 42517 [Edit]
>the dissection of police interrogations was the most interesting
I never really liked those. I prefer to just watch the raw interrogation footage and come to my own conclusion.
>Unlike in books and movies, real life criminals are by and large vapid, piggish husks.
I agree. They're never these super smart Patrick Bateman types. I almost wonder if the stereotypes portrayed in movies end up meme-ing their way into real life. Kind of like the CSI effect.
>> No. 42531 [Edit]
File 17131273381.png - (2.03MB , 1056x1500 , 76354058_p0.png )
I've always liked moe and cute characters and the older I get, the more I have to conceal my love for cute things.
People get weird ideas about you both online and irl if they see that you are a man into cute things so I keep myself to myself and talk about my other interests with ford drivers. Years ago, at some point, I realized I was going to have to ¨earn¨ my right to like them and started acting different (more serious) and varying my interests to avoid misunderstandings; Horror movies, rock/metal music, weight lifting and sports, for example. I'm watching anime again after a long break this season and feeling refreshed. It's not like I'm forcing myself to like different things but I wouldn't have felt the need to tweak my personality if society didn't judge people like me so harshly for no reason. In the end, that feeling of moe is what makes me happy the most, I can't help it.
I'm more into the creepy/horrorxcute aesthetic recently because I find it comfortable and it happens to be more acceptable to like, minus the gore.

Post edited on 14th Apr 2024, 2:07pm
>> No. 42532 [Edit]
I'm tired of feeling lost.
>> No. 42533 [Edit]
File 171336930173.jpg - (354.41KB , 1447x2047 , Illustration_of_Futaba_Sakura_from_Soejima_Shigeno.jpg )
i've noticed this for a while now; i keep seeing it with otaku characters as well, and that really bothers me. it feels like the definition of autism keeps being expanded to the point where having a hobby and/or being socially inept in some slight way makes you mentally deficient now.
i do think it's just simply because a lot of those types in people get very, very attached to a character, and want more of their own traits to be superimposed onto said character, because you also see this with people insisting a character is gay or trans or whatever, and while i'm definitely not one to judge, a lot of these types of people are not only really fucking annoying, but they also take personal offense if you point out that they're wrong and blame the media itself for "bad writing" (putting it lightly, they also tend to use some term ending in -phobic) when they are proven to be wrong. they also get really mad when you're sexually attracted to a character for reasons i don't quite understand.
i miss when people just liked a character and didn't have to bend over backwards to find a reason to justify it to themselves. it kind of reminds me of how fujoshi just stopped existing partially because a lot of them convinced themselves that it was somehow wrong to be into the thing they liked, but they still liked it deep down, so a lot of them just outright started calling themselves gay men just to justify it.
>> No. 42534 [Edit]
I guess autism and femininity(whether in a man or women), is a bad combination.
>> No. 42536 [Edit]
It's a larger symptom of the ongoing fetishization of disabilities. Being an average joe just doesn't have as much social cachet anymore as being an "autist", a "transgender", or whatever other labels people invent for themselves these days to make them stand out. Probably that is itself a result of the fact that they realize life is shit, but see how much social effort is spent on these labeled groups and think it'll somehow help; and if you are chasing social clout, it is the rational move to attach yourself to those groups. But this is a self-perpetuating problem, such labeled groups only retain their special distinction so long as labels are drawn and things are tagged: so there is an incentive to keep labeling and setting up a dichotomy between things that are and things that aren't, reframing everything in terms of identity politics.
>> No. 42538 [Edit]
Agreed, I'm a little ashamed of my feminine taste in anime. It's not only SoL but also shoujo, yuri and romcoms written by women that I've watched the most of.
>> No. 42540 [Edit]
>it feels like the definition of autism keeps being expanded to the point where having a hobby and/or being socially inept in some slight way makes you mentally deficient now.
I agree. I was considering making a post about this a while ago, but I didn't get around it. However, I've noticed this thing, too, on imageboards, where anyone who puts more than minimal effort into something is called "autistic." Sometimes, I wonder if calling it "autism" doesn't just mean, "I am too retarded or lazy to read a post that is beyond three sentences." This is also done to anyone who puts any effort or passion into a hobby - it simply becomes "autism." I think it encourages people to lobotomize themselves and reduces the amount of thoughtful discourse. I think it is going to make it easier for imageboard users to become displaced by AI.

Normalfags have to do loads of weird mental gymnastics to justify their own hobbies and interests that may cause the herd to view them in a negative light. It's funny as fuck and pitiful, to be honest. "It's shitposting even if you're ironic." I think that this quote can also be applied to "ironic weebs." No matter how much you want to sugarcoat something, it remains that you are still doing that thing.
Mental health diagnoses are also a means of social justification. Not a millionaire at 20 who fucks pretty bitches every day? This example is hyperbolic, but the bare message is that society puts emphasis on milestones, and despite people saying, "Everyone has their own timeline," it is most certain that society does judge people based on whether they have met milestones at certain times despite them becoming difficult to achieve at those desired times due to how our world is currently set up. See how prevalent diagnoses are in the school system. We have to stay with the pace of a society that is quickly moving, and it is simply not natural. I almost think that humans aren't designed to function like this. "Muh autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety!" can be an easy way out, and, recently, young people are conditioned to it into a young age. They are encouraged by their peers, by their teachers, and their parents to self-pathologize. It is also aggravated by a lack of community. "Touching grass" is no longer realistic because smartphone apps have embedded themselves into daily life. Social media becomes intertwined in the lives of young people daily, and refusing to take part in it can lead to ostracization. There is no way to concretely develop an identity this way; it is artificial. Thus, in a desire to feel accepted and to sate the social discomfort of not living up to societies standards, they resort to labeling themselves, showing off labels as if they were charms on a bracelet.
>> No. 42545 [Edit]
Gaslighting, particularly very feeble attempts are an instant dealbreaker for me. At that point, I want nothing to do with someone like that and promptly cut them out. Wild how people will glue themselves to people like this for years.
>> No. 42569 [Edit]
File 171403066781.png - (228.24KB , 702x1024 , 661884d53ffc9d93701a8b55ad1fbc73.png )
There's too many aging, millennial cunts who'll use "zoomer" like a pejorative; as if people can control when they're born and there's anything productive in generational antagonism. Geriatrics like that should kill themselves already and rid of the world of their bitterness. If there's one thing I've learned from them, it's to never put anyone down just for being younger than myself.
>> No. 42570 [Edit]
i think im going to kill myself today. i was never meant to be born in this world and i cant bare it anymore.
>> No. 42571 [Edit]
Why specifically today though?
>> No. 42572 [Edit]
That's the type of adult I used to hate the most when I was younger before gen Z gained relevance and I still feel the same way.
Another similar vent: I like Miyazaki's movies but he is out touch as a person.
>> No. 42573 [Edit]
I don't think that the old ragging on the young is any generation-specific thing. But, coming from their side, I can see their criticisms, and I agree with many of them. But no generation does not have their issues. They have their issues, as well. I see your frustrations. I remember the feeling of dismissal I felt when I was younger when older individuals would discuss my generation.
I hope you are being hyperbolic. I never really understand why young people prematurely start labeling people as old when they are quite far from it. I have particularly noticed this with Gen Z, and it does not seem to be in jest, either.
>> No. 42574 [Edit]
File 171410108894.jpg - (469.46KB , 1315x1854 , __saparmurat_atayevich_niyazov_mc_axis_drawn_by_ix.jpg )
>I hope you are being hyperbolic
I am.
>> No. 42607 [Edit]
File 17156788379.jpg - (139.81KB , 792x720 , everyday.jpg )
I am once again declaring my severe distaste for the incessant besmirching of "waifu," reducing it to the base definition of "attractive anime girl." And I'm not even a waifufag.
T-to-the-C is the only place where trivializing such language is greeted with a public execution. While I've come to harbor some reservations concerning abnormalfag behavior throughout the years here, this is nonetheless a comforting aspect.
Thank you, Tohno, and my dear users for not relenting.
>> No. 42612 [Edit]
File 171593026770.jpg - (70.09KB , 800x717 , pptppk.jpg )
I thought we were having a discussion until the other person got defensive and started throwing not-so-subtle insults at me. I could have kept going but I don't like arguing on the internet. There is a difference between arguments and discussions and I try to only engage with people who seem reasonable.
one thing I like about TC is how anons are able to agree to disagree most of the time. even if I'm only lurking and don't have much to contribute, I'm learning something new reading others’ posts.
>> No. 42613 [Edit]
Debates are simply not worth having if there is no commonality undergirding the point of contention. Neither party should subject themselves to such a wasteful endeavor when the outcome cannot be changed. And on places like imageboards, most observers will just think the participants as annoying anyway. (Thank God for /tat/.)
Insulting one another is rather a blessing since it signals the futility of the interaction, saving everybody's time, and cuts right to the heart of the matter: the goal isn't persuasion (though it's welcome); it's dominance; it's the friend-enemy distinction. Such sincerity is welcome.
>> No. 42614 [Edit]
>if there is no commonality undergirding the point of contention
... you can notice it right away and stop arguing. But yes it is much easier to stop when it gets down to insults than when both parties try their hardest to be nice and "argue" in good faith
>> No. 42620 [Edit]
File 171607332495.jpg - (257.96KB , 809x1200 , F-ZG6ombQAMXFak.jpg )
I'm in the market for a drawing tablet, but the process of choosing one has been awful. I have this ancient Wacom bamboo fun, and Wacom is the only brand I recognize. But their current products are either priced obscenely, or have a smaller active surface area than what I have now(which I don't want to downgrade), or both in the case of the intuos pro small.

The other brands, are all unfamiliar and Chinese. The price difference is insane, but I don't want to take any chances or make compromises. Features don't matter to me, it just has to be rock solid. Basically, I wouldn't want to regret putting that money towards something I could have spent on something actually good.

Xencelabs was ostensibly formed by former Wacom employees, but while their prices are much lower, not many people use them and I don't really know what to think. Worse, I saw someone say the report rate on their Medium pen tablet is a mere 40Hz, which is less than half of the Bamboo fun I have and completely absurd. I can't find anything that would support OR contradict this though. They don't include report rate or pen resolution in their specs, which is infuriating. If you're asking $250 for something, give me all the fucking numbers. Wacom does, and so do the Chinese brands like Huion. Omission of information deducts 5000 points on its own.
>> No. 42621 [Edit]
Maybe a used ipad pro?
>> No. 42622 [Edit]
I'd rather get a used Wacom.
>> No. 42623 [Edit]
I'll share my experience with drawing tablets in the past 6 years and my views on the market. My focus will be on two chinese brands that I've had a fair amount of experience with. I hope this helps you in your search. But if you need a tablet for professional work, then my experience won't provide you with valuable information I think. My experience is as a hobby artist.

As far as I could tell, there was somewhat of a drawing tablet boom some years ago where several chinese companies tried to break into the market and compete with wacom. Most significant of these companies were Huion and XPpen. At first their products were way cheaper than wacom's but despite that they were of decent quality.

In 2018 I bought a Huion H640P for around $60 on ebay, it served me until 2021. The tablet itself worked well but I dropped the pen on the floor quite a few times and it started giving unwanted input which made me drastically lower the sensitivity on the tablet and its surface got very badly scratched, other than that the tablet seems sturdy, it works even scratched as it is and I don't think it would get scratched had I not lowered the sensitivity.

In 2021 I bought an XP-pen Artist Pro 15.6 refurbished from ebay for $250. This seems to have been a flagship model and seems to be of high quality, today it still works perfectly and pen also works normal despite having dropped it many times. I don't know if they still make this tablet as they used to.

Last year I bought another XP-Pen tablet; XP-pen Artist 22 for 400 euro on the official XP-pen webstore, this was on a black friday sale with 100 euro off (regular price 500 euro). This was a disappointing experience as when I bought it it had a weird defect where the brightness of the tablet would subtly change every 10 or 20 seconds and it would flicker a bit sometimes. I got a replacement for that, it had a same problem and a 2nd replacement had the same problem again. I settled with that and kept it. As far as I checked, I don't think error is on my end as the problem occcurs on different power outlets and devices (PC, laptop and smartphone) so to me that just seems like lack of care and low quality control from XP-pen.
(XP-Pen customer service was good but regardless, they sent me a defective tablet thrice)

My own research and experience gave me the opinion that somewhere around 2018-2020 brands such as XP-Pen and Huion were building loyalty and in that brief period there were cheap and quality tablets on the market. Now Huion is expensive and XP-pen lowered the quality of their products as far as I can tell. I don't have experience with apple products but I personally would not get one unless I had too much money. I would not trust that newer wacom tablets haven't lowered their quality as well, higher price does not mean higher quality in my experience.

I think you will be taking a chance no matter what brand or tablet you choose. I was bothered in the same way before I purchased my third tablet. If I can give you advice I would say; buy something that is in a price range in which it would not hurt you if it was flawed in some way. If you can't afford it to not be perfect, then it is probably too expensive. I also had good experience with refurbished products, as good as new but you can get it for lower price. Anyways, that's just some NEET tips. I hope this helps you in your search for a new tablet.
>> No. 42624 [Edit]
Thanks. I'll probably get a used Intuous Pro Medium off Ebay. Wacom sells them directly and the reviews indicate they only have minor cosmetic flaws, which would accumulate over time if I bought one new anyway.
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