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File 15719500899.png - (3.84MB , 2697x1050 , 4KKwDMA.png )
33536 No. 33536 [Edit]
How was your day? Did you do anything nice? Post about it here.
It looks like the old one is on autosage so here's a new one.
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>> No. 39150 [Edit]
I like to work in a dark room. Following from that, my monitor's brightness is low, so having another light source would be nice.
>> No. 39151 [Edit]
File 164281659254.jpg - (10.61KB , 159x174 , [AK-Submarines] GIRLS und PANZER der FILM v2 [835F.jpg )
>I like to work in a dark room ... so having another light source would be nice.
Like a lamp...?
>> No. 39152 [Edit]
Lamps make dark terminal themes hard to see.
>> No. 39153 [Edit]
I know a solution that.
>> No. 39154 [Edit]
A lamp would be too much. Even then there would be no good place to put it.
>> No. 39155 [Edit]
No, there's always a good place to put it. Right now I have mine on a $10 ikea table, but in the past I had it on the floor. It's basically always on, but it's pointed away from me, towards the floor if I need it darker and towards the ceiling I want it brighter. Having some sort of ambient light on whenever I am on the computer has contributed to significantly better sleep quality and overall health. In the future society will view the introduction of dark themes with disdain, just as we view displays of unhealthy hedonism present in past generations.
>> No. 39156 [Edit]
I'm not surprised this devolved into a spiel of a midwit, but I am disappointed.
>> No. 39157 [Edit]
At least I'm not the guy buying god damn backlit keyboards.
>> No. 39159 [Edit]
Ideally you want the ambient light when you are working to be diffuse, have a color temperature/brightness that tracks with the outside. This means that ideally you would have ~6500k full-spectrum diffuse lighting indoors (or even better yet as much sunlight as possible) during the daytime, and slightly dimmer ~2700k during the evening.

Monitor brightness and color temperature should be adjusted the match that of the room, but just a tad dimmer and warmer. I think part of the reason behind the dark theme fad is because they don't know how to adjust the monitor color temperature (by default it's almost always too blue) or brightness. (That said, I use the dark theme only in the IDE because there you're not usually _reading_ stuff but rather grokking the general structure and call-flow for which color-on-black helps.)

Microsoft's "sculpt' ergonomic keyboard has been the best I've found, and the only one that fits the criteria of contoured, numpad-less, and non-mechanical switches.
>> No. 39161 [Edit]
I like dark themes for their aesthetics, and it's a nice chance of pace to switch from a light one to a darker one and vice versa.
>> No. 39167 [Edit]
Have you ever gotten physically sick from reading stupid stuff online?
>> No. 39189 [Edit]
Yes, whenever a political topic arises on a tech forum. It's as if everybody collectively decided to be retarded, and it makes me quite ill.
>> No. 39190 [Edit]
To be fair, even if you liked political talk, tech sites are probably the worst audience for it given its a highly social topic on sites browsed by humourless aspies
>> No. 39191 [Edit]
You don't find posting xkcd for the billionth time to be the peak of comedy?
>> No. 39192 [Edit]
To me what's annoying about seeing politic talk in a tech forum is that the same people who suddenly seemed rational and willing to have nuanced discussion on even unorthodox topics on tech (will suddenly devolve into tribal screeching when it comes to unorthodox political opinions. It's for that reason that I used to occasionally browse 4chan's /g/ where at least the latter wasn't an issue, but but lately finding any good technical discussion there is like finding needle in a haystack.
>> No. 39193 [Edit]
Probably because it's easy to emotionally detach from tech talk. "Should people use this protocol" is a lot less inflammatory than "should we commit genocide against x group". "Unorthodox" political opinions tend to involve group politics.

Post edited on 30th Jan 2022, 8:19am
>> No. 39194 [Edit]
File 164356969285.jpg - (253.01KB , 880x1829 , margin_history.jpg )
I decided to try out margin trading, and put up 100 Euros as collateral. I ended up making more than 1000 Euros by figuring out a strategy to extract money from some guy's trading bot and spending the Sunday manually trading shit back and forth.
>> No. 39195 [Edit]
Nice. I made some money on NFT's just by receiving some NFT's for free some years ago. With all this talk about NFTs now I hope the price is gonna go up.
>> No. 39196 [Edit]
what kind of NFT? Like, pictures or something?
>> No. 39197 [Edit]
File 164357251698.jpg - (333.56KB , 2048x1152 , 411427852111985e2e3414275a1fa214.jpg )
Why would you expect tech talk on a guro board?
>> No. 39198 [Edit]
I wish /g/ was about guro. That'd be an improvement.
>> No. 39199 [Edit]
I love nuns.
>> No. 39211 [Edit]
Something like that, but only small money was made.
>> No. 39373 [Edit]
How has TC been holding up recently?
>> No. 39376 [Edit]
My 17yo dog just passed. She was sick for the past 7 months with kidney failure. Took her to the vet couple hours ago and there was nothing left to do but to reduce her suffering with euthanasia. She was breathing and then she was still, and she will be still forever now. That was it. They let me carry her to another little room and then I left her there for cremation. We just go from sadness to sadness, trying to keep it together whatever way we can and then it's our turn.
>> No. 39378 [Edit]
>trying to keep it together whatever way we can
A pet tortoise might outlive you.

Post edited on 20th Mar 2022, 1:11pm
>> No. 39388 [Edit]
File 1631735514390.mp4 - (275.64KB )

Im very sorry you had to go through that. Death is never an easy subject to deal with and even pets can feel like a monumental loss. Take solace in that the suffering has ended and try not to equate it to our own mortality. A memorial site might help you grieve.

I got choked up reading and writing this, im thinking about you for what its worth.
>> No. 39449 [Edit]
This afternoon sucked. My mother forced me to go the filthy place known as the bank, all to get a fucking kid's credit card, that i can't even use, and has no real money on it. This fucking piece of garbage doesn't even have my name correctly on it. The finger reading crap of the machine couldn't read my finger, probably because it was used to the disgusting fat and disgusting skin tones of the region commoners. In the end an specimen of this sample known as the scum on mankind and his piece of shit equally fat and ugly wife kept chatting with the attendant, while my paranoid mother kept insisting that the message "credit card unlocked" was not clear enough and wanted a vocal confirmation from the crooks who work at this hellish institution. I kept trying to hurry this disgusting couple by making "tsk" sounds with my mouth as loud as possible while looking around. It worked, the filthy scum went back to their dung-holes were they came from, the crook in charge gave my mom confirmation that the cattle-card was a go. In the car, my mother accused me of interfering with the all benevolent finger reading machine, by "hitting it with a finger". I called her out, and say the absolute truth, that that shithole was a filthy place filled with disgusting people all dirty and they and their disgusting fingers had messed up. She stopped the blabbering and left me home.
>> No. 39461 [Edit]
File 164987249679.gif - (36.10KB , 96x96 , cat move.gif )
Heh. I have no money, no education, no employment history, aging parents and my room is a complete mess. Yet I spend the whole day working on this silly gif animation. If life avoidance was something people admired, I would be king of the world.
>> No. 39462 [Edit]
Pretty cool. How did you do it?
>> No. 39463 [Edit]
sounds like you could do art commissions.
>> No. 39464 [Edit]
File 164988892279.png - (8.80KB , 864x198 , Untitled-1.png )
Asesprite anon. It's super easy to use. First you do your base drawing. Keep everything in its separate layer so you can edit details quickly. Once you're done, draw the frames.
Thanks. I should try that.
>> No. 39605 [Edit]
I've been spending the day on updating my anime archive with supposedly better (and bigger) versions. It's kind of exhausting.
>> No. 39659 [Edit]
Whelp, looks like I left off a good ways back there.

Things were pretty bad there, it was getting really hard to take it anymore.
The phone thing I mentioned here >>38990 went into effect, I started to panic but an online friend sent me one of his old phones that would work after the 3g shut down thing. It still really sucked because I couldn't keep using my phone's internet connection on my laptop, since these companies want you to pay extra for tethering and disable in on unrooted phones. I recall trying to see if I could upgrade my phone plan to allow for 10gb of hotspot a month, and as soon as I did they disabled my phone for not being paid up that month. See, the plan costs $10 more a month than the one I was already on, so they took this to mean I was $10 short. Since they disabled the phone I had no way of paying. I tried calling AT&T since it was the only number I 'could' call, but they put me on an endless hold. I jumped in my car and drove to the at&t store, which was of course closed. But was able to use wifi in the area to get to their website on the phone and pay the extra $10 that way. I later broke down sobbing uncontrollably on the floor.

Tried calling up various ISP that might service the area, and found none did. Went to the local branch for the only cable ISP in town I knew of the following sunday, they weren't my first pick because they have datacaps on top of subpar speeds, but didn't seem like I had many other options. They were closed. I went back the following day. They were closed then too. Somehow I didn't notice they were closed on Mondays as well. I got an ad in the mail for satellite internet making all these claims about the price and speeds and what not. I called them up, and was told after asking the rep like three times that they had no datacaps. So I signed up with them. It was a 2 year contract, with this early cancelation fee of $400 that would go down by $15 every month. I really wasn't in the best state of mind at the time, and could have probably been sold a bridge. But I figured if we used it for just a year, that fee would be $200 and it'd still be cheaper than the local cable company.
The service they signed me up for was called Hughesnet. At this point, I'm convinced the company is a huge scam that only exists to trap customers in these horrible contracts and screw them when they get the system installed and find out just how terrible it really is.
My speeds were insanely garbage. As it turned out, they have a 10gb data cap, and after that they slow you to a crawl, but leave you on a connection that they can "technically" say is a an unlimited data internet connection. Sure enough they pulled that on me when I tried to cancel. Needless to say, 10gb is jack. I'd use up 10gb in a day or two like nothing. After hitting their datacap, the speeds were so slow that the ISP's own website would time out.
During this time I learned it was possible to tether mobile internet from an unrooted phone after all with an app called PDANet+. Speeds were much better on that, and I could go back to using my phone carriers' dataplan like before, all be it with the new phone I had, and in as convenient of a way.
I spent some time looking into my ISP and how to get out of the contract, made some plans to try and get out of it without paying the fee. From what I gathered, most methods seemed to involve talking a rep into cutting you some slack, but in talking to a rep about it, it became clear they weren't gonna budge. I had heard that telling them you're moving to an area they don't cover is one way to get out of it, but the guy I spoke with didn't care and told me to pass my service onto a friend. He even started getting angry at me when I told them that wasn't an option. I hung up right then and there and tried again and got someone a tad more reasonable, who was able to at least get me $50 off the fee. I figured that was probably as good of a deal as I was gonna get. I've been using the tethering thing since, keeping two phones on me everywhere I go now. The speeds aren't great, and lately have been pretty bad in fact. 30 seconds to load a 300kb image at times. But it's still better than what I got with hugesnet.
>> No. 39663 [Edit]
>satellite internet
Has atrocious ping and relatively low bandwidth, as you unfortunately found out the hard way. The only reasonable option here is Tesla's starlink I think, but that's not really generally available yet. Still, you could try signing up and hoping that they are in your area soon.
>> No. 39665 [Edit]
>The only reasonable option here is Tesla's starlink
I'm not rich, I'm not even working. I don't know why people keep recommending this. Is this some new meme? Because $600 down with $110+ a month doesn't feel "reasonable" to me.
I don't work from home, rarely do online gaming, or use streaming services. slow speeds can be annoying sometimes, but I don't need a google fiber grade connection either. The reason why datacaps bother me so much is because I'm one of those weirdos who still downloads and stores games and video. Sometimes they take a while to download, but once they do it's fine. I watch/play what's available, or plan ahead if it's something I want to watch the same day. when using xdc, I find that if I start watching an anime ep once it's around 50-60%, and it might finish as I watch it. My speeds do seem a little random though, there's been times when it's been slowed to a crawl recently, but it also seems to get pretty decent past 1am. When I signed up for my phone plan they explained I had 20gb of normal data speeds per month, then once I hit that it gets slowed down if the local network is busy, which I guess is what's happening here. On my trip across the country I rarely noticed it get slowed down, but here I guess a lot of people are probably on the network due to the lack of alternatives.
>> No. 39666 [Edit]
I meant "reasonable" as in "only satellite service worth its salt," not necessarily reasonable in a financial sense. I think it probably will drop over time, or they'll introduce different pricing tiers. For its current pricing tier though Starlink is actually on par with most residential ISPs, cnosidering that 200 MBps Comcast is around 120 or so. Considering their claimed overall goal is to provide coverage to 3rd world countries as well, they probably will eventually come out with lower tier pricing plans once they have enough financial leeway to make this sustainable (which could very well be never, considering Tesla situation).

Have you also looked at providers/MNVOs that explicitly offer unlimited data+tethering? I think google fi is one, although I have not read the fine print to see if "unlimited" is actually unlimited.
>> No. 39667 [Edit]
So to continue on the house thing. I was able to get enough of the tile in the end, and matching too.
The floor installers eventually did end up getting the tile installed and finished, and did a crap job of it. For all the trouble of getting the right stuff, they placed a lot of it unevenly, and again blamed the tile. It sticks up pretty high in some places to the point where a person could trip on it if they're not paying attention. They left the transitions unfinished (where the tile meets the vinyl flooring), and made it seem like it would be no biggy, but as it turned out they left too small of a gap in most places and way too big of a gap in one. I was eventually able to chisel out the vinyl to get the transition strips in though. A few weeks after the floor was finished, my mom went to go live with her sister and start a job out there while I stayed at the house to finish up work on the house. It was nice being alone, and without her around I was able to fix my diet. Everyday I'd have a light breakfast, then spend the day working on the house, stopping only for a short meal break, then go back at it till sundown. I figured the sooner I get this place fixed up and looking good, the sooner we could list it for sale and leave.
I started getting into the routine of browsing local yard sales as a means of getting away from the house, because I couldn't stop working while I was there, but it was also to see what the competition was like, see how people in the area model their houses and such. For the most part, this time period wasn't so bad.

My mom would come by to visit every other weekend with my aunt who drove, sometimes bringing materials. The last time they did this was when they brought me a door to swap out an old one with. They got stopped by the local police for going 7mph over the limit and my aunt wasn't carrying proof of insurance or a license either. Added up to more than $600 in tickets, which I had too pay because she couldn't figure out how.
After that, some distant family learned that we sold our house in California and found out where we live thanks to the magic of the internet. I got a panicked call from my mom telling me as much, and that they might be dropping by that weekend. She recommended pretending I wasn't home, or calling the police if they show up. She wouldn't tell me what they wanted. They showed up on a Friday. I answered because I thought it'd be during the weekend, and when they asked for my mom I told them I didn't know her. They came back a little latter, I ignored them. These people started begging everyone they knew for photos of me and my mom, and became convinced they had the right address and that I was indeed their aunt's son. They came back again the following Sunday. I ignored them, but they wouldn't go away and they started questioning neighbors from the looks of it. I really didn't need any of this bs. I ended up learning from my aunt that these people signed a land contract with my mom for a small plot she has in Guatemala, and just wanted to see if she was dead yet so they could claim it. They also started telling people I killed her for "the money" when they found she wasn't there at the house the first time. My mom wanted to avoid contact with them, but because of that mess ended up having to bitch them out and tell them off.

A couple weeks back my mom ended up moving back in because the job was tiring her out and she was starting to butt heads with my aunt. My aunt got a small taste of what I've had to live with, and one of her solutions has been to repeatedly whistle to my mom when she needs something.
But now she's apparently bored out of her mind, and hitting up the local casino again because of it. She blew more than $500 just the other day. She's due to head back next week with my aunt which would be nice.
The house is currently listed for sale, but the agent says we're asking too much for it. In two weeks we've only had two people look at it. We bought it for 115k, and put more than 10k into it. I figured 150k would be a fair price to ask, but my mom was insistent on 160k. Meanwhile, the house we almost bought, but that my mom begged me not to buy, was relisted for sale for 40k more than what it sold for at the same time we bought the one we're in now and it's since been sold, apparently without -any- repairs or upgrades at all.
The agent had some good buyers he wanted to show our house the weekend after we signed up with him, but I forgot to unmute my phone after going to a movie so I didn't hear his calls or texts, and ended up missing out on those buyers who ended up signing off on another house they were shown the same day. Ever since then it feels like the agent has been annoyed at us and less interested in working with us, but it could be my imagination.

The week of my birthday rolled around, so I decided to finally get around to unboxing my old desk top pc that I had been lugging around with me since this all started. I set the thing up and... it wouldn't turn on and stay on. It's hard to put into words the type of disappointment I had then. seemed like the cmos was the most likely issue, but even with replacing it the pc wouldn't stay on. Turned out there was an issue with one of the sticks of ram, and swapping slots around seemed to resolve it. Shortly after that I got my htc vive unpacked and set up too. Really wish I would have done it sooner. VR would have helped a lot during some of the more difficult parts of this move. But yeah, that's where I'm at now. Sitting in a half empty remodeled house, waiting for it to sell so we can start the next phase of this shit show of a life.
Recently an online friend has been trying to help me with getting a job with them in their area, something that would pay well and let me put all this mess behind me, maybe start a life of my own, but so far that hasn't been going too well. spoke with a couple people over the phone but haven't gotten an interview yet. whole thing feels like a bit of a long shot.

ah, yeah. Does sound like the only good satellite solution if satellite is your only solution. I was just thinking about that though with the 3rd world countries. It seemed weird, because the people who would need this service the most, are people who probably can't afford it. As is, seems like the sort of thing that well off people are signing up for just for the fun of it. People who do have other options, but are treating Tesla like the new Apple.
I did look into dedicated services a bit, and learned that it's apparently really popular with RVers. apparently there's even dedicated wifi routers made for exactly this. I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be living here., but seeing as these things are month to month I think, I guess it wouldn't hurt, but I've also been trying to stick with my current setup to make up for the money lost to that satellite internet thing.
>> No. 39769 [Edit]
File 165421761414.jpg - (56.23KB , 337x233 , Son_of_Godzilla_Minilla.jpg )
I watched one of the recent hollywood godzilla movies. It was shit.
I don't really know why it's hard for people to grasp what makes Japanese media good.
>> No. 39770 [Edit]
They suck up Japanese IPs and ideas, but they understand most American audiences want something different from what most Japanese audiences do. It's profit driven.

If they really wanted to replicate Japanese media, they'd hire Japanese people to make it for them.
>> No. 39771 [Edit]
>They suck up Japanese IPs and ideas
Early kaiju movies use formulas appropriated from western monster movies. Godzilla in particular is strikingly similar to The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. I watched after reading the wiki on it years ago when I was going through kaiju films myself and many of the things you think it's Godzilla are very much copied from 20k. Specially some of the city destruction shots and those army stand offs scenes are close to identical.
>> No. 39772 [Edit]
>I don't really know why it's hard for people to grasp what makes Japanese media good.
It's not easily learned. It's a matter of sensibilities.
>> No. 39789 [Edit]
File 165454563527.jpg - (1.25MB , 987x1400 , ebd1373635119231bc09207872be150a1e30cb76.jpg )
Had to do groceries today and there was a huge line at the cashier. Spent about 20 minutes in there just looking at the people inside the supermarket. People are so ugly, so incredibly ugly. Seems like they got even uglier than before but then I remembered most people are not wearing masks anymore so maybe that's why they look worse.
So I stopped my writing right after I wrote the last sentence and did some googling. I'm not dreaming, there are even studies suggesting people find other people more attractive with masks on. I agree. I read one article suggesting it's because we associate masks with caring and medical professions but I completely disagree about that part. IMO it makes people more attractive because it covers their ugliness more. I'm not saying I'm beautiful btw, on the contrary, I wear a mask outside because I can hide my own ugliness and I'm introverted so it makes me feel psychologically safer to have something covering my face. Now masks are socially accepted, nobody looks at you like a weirdo for wearing them and I'm taking full advantage of that. So that's good at least. Between the mask and the inevitable fogged glasses I'm able to cover pretty much all my face except the forehead, which is nice.

So yeah, ugly people. We're all ugly. Even the good looking ones are ugly, can't explain it. Also prices. Eveything is more expensive now. Another thing I noticed if how pets are now better dressed than their owners, better groomed, too. People are really letting it go, they dress so badly, like they just use their shitty stay at home clothing to go outside, don't give a fuck. On one hand I think people should wear whatever they want and nobody has anything to do with that. On the other hand however, now that so many people are doing it, it just make public places look shittier. Just an endless line of ill fitting jeans and stained t-shirts. At least I keep my clothing pretty clean and they actually fit. I don't want to contribute to the ugliness of this world, I want everything to be beautiful.

I mean I don't really mind on a rational level but society could really improve its aesthetic with a little bit of effort. We did it for the pets, we can do it for ourselves. Oh well, that's what you get for going outside, you end up thinking about things. The spaghetti was really cheap, they had a sale going.
>> No. 39791 [Edit]
File 165455535288.gif - (326.55KB , 500x280 , giphy.gif )
I got two pizzas for free today.
The girl who delivered them simply forgot to take my money.
>> No. 39792 [Edit]
Very nice!
>> No. 39881 [Edit]
File 165617021917.jpg - (379.14KB , 1200x342 , bloom.jpg )
I'm happy to say the violet is doing well. I think I found the right spot for it and it decided to blossom some more. The picture here shows the progress of the most well developed buds over a period of 2 weeks. I'm taking pictures every few days to check the progress. It's making me quite cheerful.
>> No. 39885 [Edit]
File 165621979030.jpg - (92.44KB , 850x625 , __onozuka_komachi_touhou_drawn_by_goback__sample-a.jpg )
I started playing Go a few days ago. Someone I know plays, so I got a physical set for $78. 18 x 18 inches, etched lines, comes with wooden bowls for the pieces. It has a nice feel to it. Taking captured pieces off the board manually is slower, but that's part of the charm too.

I've played a lot with AIs and been making some progress, but I really should read up a bit on strategy. Anyone here plays?
>> No. 39886 [Edit]
I lose miserably against even the easiest computer opponent at Go. But I admire how simple and elegant it is. There's basically only 2 rules (aside from the setup). It feels sort of similar to Hex in terms of long-term strategy of trying to block your opponent while making forward progress.

In terms of meta-game, I find it really interesting how despite being a much "simpler" game, Go is quantitatively harder (compared to e.g. chess, which I've never liked because it feels so artificial with a bunch of rules).
>> No. 39887 [Edit]
File 165622344131.jpg - (167.10KB , 1024x1408 , 2786e121b837a2d7f8be6dd181ecb056.jpg )
I've managed to beat the 12k rated bot here which is the second easiest it offers.
Never heard of Hex before. I've compared Go to wrestling before, and I think that's pretty accurate. Except you're more like an octopus than a person.

>despite being a much "simpler" game, Go is quantitatively harder
Complexity tends to coincide with being dumber from what I've seen. Yugioh is much more "complex" than chess in terms of mechanics, yet in the end, people use a few premade decks and have very few decisions to make during an actual game because the cards are so complex and have so many effects, they do 90% of the thinking for the player.

Meanwhile, in Go you have literally one action you can perform, but there's so many possible ways of doing that one thing it's kept people's attention for hundreds thousands of years.

Post edited on 25th Jun 2022, 11:05pm
>> No. 39890 [Edit]
File 165628609550.jpg - (106.54KB , 600x600 , Kanako(341).jpg )
I spent about two hours posting my waifu until I hit the image limit. Maybe it wasn't the best use of time, but it was fun and put a smile on my face.
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