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File 15719500899.png - (3.84MB , 2697x1050 , 4KKwDMA.png )
33536 No. 33536 [Edit]
How was your day? Did you do anything nice? Post about it here.
It looks like the old one is on autosage so here's a new one.
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>> No. 36642 [Edit]
>You shouldn't worry about us english-only peasants.
You're right, I shouldn't even bother. I'm basically God. Thanks for resolving this inner crisis of mine, since I was losing sleep over confidence in my own divinity.
>> No. 36791 [Edit]
I listened to the Gunslinger Girl OST. I'm in tears.
>> No. 36803 [Edit]
File 160640181160.jpg - (0.97MB , 1000x1000 , 1fa328f7f80ece996ea5387fed326110.jpg )
I had a "conversation" with someone in the replies of a comment on an End of Eva ost video over the course of a few days. It kind of reminded me why I disable comments and how little value there is in talking to most people. These comment sections are all like a bunch of people circjerking over how well adjusted they are and how wonderful their worldview is.

Original comment:
>This was such a well made movie. I wish more people could see the optimistic meaning behind it instead of looking at it shallow in a depressing way. Its message is inheritely optimistic. It's about accepting the "AT fields" that exist in our psychology and we protect ourselves with, but behind them are just people who want to be accepted. The human instrumentality is the "Koombaya" everyone comes together idealism, but that it may not be as you hope. Our reality is accepting that we have these barriers and it's apart of what makes us human, and that we must strive under our own will (Not communism or forced koombaya) to come together as a species. And it starts with each individual accepting themselves first, and from there being able to also accept others. From here you can come together.

It's a pretty message, but it's really not true. There's no intrinsic value to the way we are or live. All this positivity stuff is just a way of compensating for not being able to change things by pretending that there is something intrinsically good about people's inability to fully understand one another. I have no doubt that society will reach a blockade where humans as they are now can go no further.

Some other guy replying to me:
>See now that's the beautiful thing with Evangelion. Hideaki Anno even said that they leave the message vague enough that it's open to individual interpretation. With that being the case, I think everyone's EVA experience is unique in a sense.

I think how people interpret it depends on whether they actually have a mental abnormality or not. Most people feel bad from time to time, but if they're both capable of it and actually enjoy social interaction, they'll obviously agree with the message as it's stated. Since Eva, Anno has become happier in his personal life, but his creative output has worsened.

Eva failed to get otaku "out of their shells" because its message didn't account for some people being more content while isolating themselves. Since quarantine started, I've never been happier. People like that are universally shunned or made fun of. Interacting with others isn't worth "improving yourself"(changing yourself) by society's arbitrary metric of improvement.

Plus, the characters, for all of their flaws, are still more appealing than most people in real life.

>Well while I don't necessarily agree with you, my point still stands. If that's how you interpreted it, that's the way you see it. It's like the Rorschach test.

You could make a case that Charlotte's web is an anti-abortion story. Eva isn't unique in that people can construe whatever themes they want from it. The actual message Eva tried to convey isn't that obscure in my opinion, regardless of how mysterious Anno says it is. My "interpretation" of the message is probably almost the same as yours, what's different is how I feel about that interpretation.

>And that's your interpretation. Everything can be subjective dude, that's all I'm sayin.

You should consider saying more than a trite "everything is subjective" point.

>I'm more so trying to politely end this conversation because it's going nowhere.
>Plus, I have nothing to discuss with someone as close minded as you.

"Plus, I have nothing to discuss with someone as close minded as you." Apparently you've figured out that I'm too much of close-minded person to be worth discussing anything with after reading a few paragraphs I wrote. If it's so easy to figure people out like that, I wonder what the point of instrumentality was? Very interesting interpretation.
>> No. 36804 [Edit]
I don't really see what you were arguing about.
But I don't really see what are people arguing about most of the time. At some point I just see words words but no meaning. I don't know if it's a fault of our language that makes people fall into vicious dialectic circles or I'm just dumb and I don't get what people are talking about.
>> No. 36805 [Edit]
File 160640885744.jpg - (342.69KB , 1429x2148 , 5909f3fe272a8abae7f7e12b33e3dd8a.jpg )
Basically I wrote a dissenting opinion on a popular comment and someone who agreed with the general consensus went out of their way to tell me everybody has a different opinion. I tried actually discussing this difference in opinion and why people would feel differently about the same thing, but he kept dismissing my attempts by repeating "everything is subjective". When I called him out on this directly, he ironically called me closed minded to justify not saying anything else.

A lot of fake "conversation" is subtext and ego battles. There really was no point to his first reply except to dismiss me "nicely"(in a roundabout way). He might have even done it subconsciously. He never intended to talk to me.
>> No. 36806 [Edit]
>"everything is subjective"
Post-modernism is deleterious garbage.
>> No. 36807 [Edit]
File 160641600221.jpg - (209.13KB , 627x800 , ktz070217.jpg )
Post-modernism gets a bad rap because of politics and how easy it is to abuse, but it can work really well in fiction. Shiki and No Country for Old Men are two of my favorite examples of post-modernism being used correctly. It can create a type of atmosphere and feeling you can't find elsewhere. It's just another tool in the creative toolbox. I like post-modernism more than modernism actually.
>> No. 36809 [Edit]
File 16064287739.jpg - (596.40KB , 1434x1200 , Konachan_com - 284215 sample.jpg )
The moment you try to argue with people on social media sites that have a 'social validation' point system with likes/upvotes, disikes/downvotes is the moment that you have failed. These people aren't looking for a means to discuss and ruminate over their belief systems, but rather, they are looking for social accredation, or clout from others to help them fill in their little bubble of self-esteem. TLDR; they are seeking attention.

Most people though don't care about arguing about the semantics of their thoughts anyways. It seems like the guy you were talking to just didn't want to 'waste' his energy on arguing. Try not to argue in a youtube comment section alright? Great waste of time.

I don't think your statement was closed minded by the way. I feel like the guy you were replying to was the closed minded one. Never did you discredit the initial comment you were just giving a differing sentiment towards the interpretation. I felt that the guy replying to you thought you were being antagonistic and attacking his viewpoint.
>> No. 36810 [Edit]
File 160643216637.png - (226.73KB , 600x540 , angry sumika.png )
I've gotten into too many pointless arguments on YouTube comments that just ended up resembling the Spongebob "It's not my wallet" meme.
>> No. 36811 [Edit]
>It seems like the guy you were talking to just didn't want to 'waste' his energy on arguing.
What's odd is that he was the one who intitated it. I left my first comment with no intention or expectation of a discussion/argument. I can't relate to why someone would start a conversation and then just drop it right after.
>> No. 36814 [Edit]
It's because, he probably made the false assumption that you were gonna leave it at that. People are surprised when their arguments are challenged.
>> No. 36887 [Edit]
File 160689945835.jpg - (187.97KB , 1280x756 , 20201220.jpg )
So tired, just wanna lie down & sleep. Zzzzzzz.
>> No. 36889 [Edit]
File 160692476056.jpg - (529.16KB , 1400x938 , 48f2a1d3f7a5101de697f693b5e10c8d.jpg )
Me too except I want to do it forever.
>> No. 36893 [Edit]
File 160697863313.jpg - (268.74KB , 1500x1060 , a89e0b5bb2c0c0463fb5e33c37ea44df.jpg )
For the first time in a long time I will go to sleep earlier than I normally do. Good night.
>> No. 36913 [Edit]
File 160710668066.jpg - (2.23MB , 850x2404 , sample_7594399d09f23645dd1333f833745be0.jpg )
I found out about this website,, which has reviews of porn websites. Suprisingly, there's no ads on it. A pretty weird concept to begin with since most people can probably figure out if they like a website or not just by looking at it for a bit, which is faster than reading a review. Pretty much every website seems to be rated 4 or 5 stars too. It presents itself as everything being written by one guy, who loves going on porn sites and talking about them, but after a few minutes, you see some inconsistencies. The writing style is a little different on each review and some websites have more than one review. The stance on hentai is also inconsistent. Some articles say he loves it, other say he doesn't. Most of the reviews are focused on praising the subject matter with only slight, surface level criticism and have a mostly cordial tone with a bit of inoffensive dude bro humor mixed in. This gelbooru review stood out to me though.

>Alright, faggots, I ain’t one to be jerking off to gelbooru animated cartoon bitches, but once in a while, even I like to shake things up. So today I’m bringing you a review on a goddamn hentai site. For you fuckers living under a rock, hentai is basically Japanese cartoon porn. Imagine jerking off to bitches from Pokemon, except with potential for some unbelievably sick shit, and you get the general idea.

> is referred to as an “imageboard”, although to me it just looks like a big ass search engine for hentai. Gelbooru is pretty fucking famous, and the reason why is because it uses a tag system so you can easily find the sick twisted pics you’re looking for. With over four million pictures of girls and boys ranging from extremely questionable young to saggy-ass-titties old, not to mention all kinds of weird creatures and fetishes, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for. More on the tag system later.

>Gelbooru’s been around since 2007, and its legion of slanty-eyed weeb users continues to grow every day. You’d think with their tiny ass peckers, they’d grow tired of jerking off, but apparently, them zipperheads are just as horny as I am. The site was built off the source code of another famous website that’s since died out, and Gelbooru is now the world leader of hentai bitches.

>When you first go to, you might get fucking disgusted. Between the full-screen ad raping the entire background and the masturbatory counter of how many images they have as shown by some anime cunts holding up signs, you might wanna turn around and never come back. But once you actually type something into the search bar and click SEARCH, you’ll find something far easier to swallow.

>So let’s say you type in “taint”, like I did. Right away, you’ll see a bunch of pics of cartoon bitches’ taints, just like the uploaders had tagged their pictures. That’s right- for every picture you see on Gelbooru, the degenerate loser uploading it made sure to point out that a “taint” was in the goddamn picture. Isn’t that goddamn convenient?

>On the left, you’ll see a shitload of “tags”. These are popular tags that were used in other photos. I’m looking at shit like 2girls…alcohol…arm support…”blue kimono”? These Gelbooru freaks make me sick. Anyway, you can enjoy browsing around these random tags if you’re bored or feel the need to get inspired for your session.

>First, the tag system is all about specifically finding what you want. That means that Gelbooru rejects vague ass terms that it considers too basic or too generic. For example, if you search “bitch”, you get to an error site. You search “cunt”, you get an error. You search “slut”; you get an error. As a man who appreciates the basics, this made me pissed off.

>But like I said, I get it. Once I successfully jerked off and let my brain start working again, I realized that this is why Gelbooru became popular. It really encourages the uploaders to make good tags, and the system stops retards from clogging up the search with stupid content. You have to get used to using underscores a lot. That’s ___ <- this shit, in your tags. Like you can’t search “Tifa Lockhart”, but you have to use “Tifa_Lockhart”. It can get confusing.

>Whatever, if you are a loser who likes jerking off to cartoons all day, I’m sure you have zero life and can learn and master this system. Arigato to you faggots.

>There’s also some other weird things which I’ll quickly go over. First, apparently, you need to be a member to do some more complicated tag searches. It’s free to join, though. Second, they have this weird Wiki that is just random as hell. Again, this is some weeb inside-joke community shit that these Gelbooru nerds love to jerk off to even more than pictures of cartoon girls getting fucked by a cartoon starfish.

>Also, for you sick fucks, there’s a shitload of lolicon. For those who don’t know what that is, good, don’t you ever fucking learn. I just felt compelled to mention this because, apparently, it’s a big reason why is famous.

>Also, like I said before, the tag system at needs some getting used to. When you use tags incorrectly, you get sent to a bizarre error page talking about some chickens or some shit, and then some message telling you to “check your blacklist”. I didn’t know what the FUCK this shit was talking about, so I ended up having to Google it to figure out what was going on. I still don’t know exactly what the FUCK this is, and no, I ain’t gonna learn. It just wasn’t intuitive. BUT AGAIN, I get that they have a reason for this shit. Weebs are degenerate sick fucks, but they are smart.

>When you send your users to an error page, clearly explain why the FUCK they were sent there. I know you weebs like to have your secret little circle jerks and shit, saying shit like “Fujiwara from Kitonasabe Ko Intei is the most kawaii~~ senpai!!” and then looking down on a normal person for not understanding what the FUCK you just said. Still, for a website, this attitude ain’t the best. It makes Gelbooru unwelcoming and unintuitive. Fuck you! Also, cool down on the ads.

>In typical weeb fashion, is the kind that you can tell is smart and well-designed, but also has a very inclusive nature to it that can make it hard to breakthrough. It’s just like a fucking anime. At first, you just watch it like what the FUCK is this shit, but at some point, it clicks, and then you start getting into it and learning all the weird mumbo-jumbo zipperhead shit that you were calling faggotry five minutes ago. That’s what this fucking site is, and it is the best at it. Have fun, and don’t forget to commit seppuku after for being such faggots who can’t even jerk it to a real girl.

My theory is that the site makes money off paid reviews and is actually written by multiple people who try to follow a style guide, one of which was drunk or on meth or something when he wrote the above review.
>> No. 36914 [Edit]
I just read like one paragraph and I think I got cancer.
>> No. 36917 [Edit]
>When you use tags incorrectly, you get sent to a bizarre error page talking about some chickens or some shit
I think this guy has brain damage if he doesn't know what that means.
>> No. 36941 [Edit]
File 160753275262.jpg - (121.92KB , 1031x867 , 3131a88d8bcff6d157108a52ec7f56eb.jpg )
Follow up to >>/so/26201
I couldn't sleep last night either. I started trying at 11pm, only a little earlier than usual. I don't think it was from stress, not consciously at least. I cleared my mind and kept it clear for prolonged periods. I could actually feel my body starting to become rigid, but my mind didn't enter that point where I no longer felt awake. How much I would have liked to close my eyes and open them again to see daylight. Towards 6am, my memory is fuzzy, so maybe I actually slept 1 to 2 hours.

My plan is to drink chamomile tea(no caffeine), brush my teeth after eating instead of right before bed, and reading beforehand too. If that doesn't work, I might try pink noise and if this goes on for a week I'll see a doctor or resort to sleeping pills. I hope people eventually pass out from being tired; I wouldn't want to die from this.
>> No. 36943 [Edit]
File 160760442562.jpg - (207.90KB , 850x588 , sample_00977ad2111cb33b2342fcb15e54a675.jpg )
It worked.
>> No. 36949 [Edit]
I had some trouble again last night, but following the advice I read did seem to help. There was periods I was stuck in the first stage of sleep(where you still feel awake, but really aren't completely), usually I would quickly, without even realizing it, transition into deep sleep, but it didn't happen for some reason.

Whenever I noticed, I would get out of bed and just sit in a chair, staring into a wall and "try to stay awake". After three times, it seemed to work. I also never looked at the clock. This was definitely less painful than the second night.
>> No. 37184 [Edit]
Boring day. Can't go anywhere cos car is in the shop.
>> No. 37248 [Edit]
File 160962661174.gif - (1.26MB , 460x728 , juggler.gif )
I've taught myself juggling last year, and during today's training session I've become proficient at a new pattern, the 423 (not pictured; search for '423 juggling' on youtube if you want to see some variations of it).

I'm also teaching myself some new knots to tie (I've only ever learned how to tie my shoes as a kid and that was it), and I just ordered myself a set of transparent locks and a bunch of lockpicks because I want to learn lockpicking.
>> No. 37249 [Edit]
File 160963733120.jpg - (1.60MB , 1000x1500 , 7fdda76eb2d6fe1c10f9bfd3780c874f.jpg )
Tying knots and picking locks. Wonder what that could be used for.
>> No. 37250 [Edit]
File 160964901523.jpg - (235.54KB , 850x1260 , 81f1bf1ede40f7a0943fbfa50204d5c2.jpg )
Mysterious, isn't it?
>> No. 37251 [Edit]
Nice. Does the lockpicking works on most locks? I tried to learn it before and couldn't open. Most tutorials on youtube seem to all open the same kind of lock, that you don't see around here.
>> No. 37260 [Edit]
Not him, but yes I think almost any lock can be picked open, but for weird ones you might need more specialized tools. I've seen the YT channel LockPickingLawyer mentioned frequently and while he doesn't do tutorials on technique, he shows that a wide variety of locks (from the common pin tumbler to the fancier disc tumbler/detainer) can all be successfully picked open.
>> No. 37278 [Edit]
Looked at forums today, fun novelty that they’re still going.
>> No. 37279 [Edit]
File 160994429243.jpg - (911.23KB , 850x1246 , sample_c8deefe341b66847a1598b758045a4e2.jpg )
I've had the misfortune of posting on a forum for three days now. Massive time waste and since anonymity is something I take for granted it fucking sucks when that's removed.
>> No. 37280 [Edit]
It depends on what is being discussed I think, aside from super niche topics most forums are just people asking for help or piracy links.
I imagine it's worse on large gaming forums where drama is common.
It also feels weird when there are like 6 people there who have been posting for years and have families and shit.
>> No. 37281 [Edit]
File 160995490656.png - (134.59KB , 383x413 , 1571517740030.png )
Even with how bad forums are, they still are better than the alternative. They're another place for non-social media hangerons and we should be thankful they still exist.
>> No. 37282 [Edit]
I love this artist.
>> No. 37300 [Edit]
File 161006878777.jpg - (1.14MB , 1892x1928 , IMG_20210107_133453.jpg )
another one just arrived.
>> No. 37333 [Edit]
File 161029611453.png - (42.80KB , 600x884 , 478q582594.png )
I'm back to my parents house for a while. They live in an upper class gated community. It's your typical suburbian Mcmansion enclave where everyone has a guy just to take care of the lawn. People do look healthier around here, I wonder if there's anything to do with the lack of city smog. Lots of families with kids. Lots of well trimmed pets everywhere. My siblings all moved away to very far away places and I'm the only one left around, but that's not the reason I'm here. The matter is financial, I want to save some money and there's no way I can do that paying rent, groceries and utilities. Or anything really. My parents are kind to me and I don't need to foot any bills while staying here. It's been years since I lived with mom and dad but now I'm back again.

Today for the first time in 5 years I walked mom's pet dog. It's a nice change of scenery. Before, I was living in a heavily urban, heavily grey and somewhat decadent part of a megalopolis and here everybody has a front yard 4 times the size of my entire apartment, rather the apartment I rented for a couple of years. There's a lot to look at, walking around this place. I like prying inside people's homes through the usually oversized front window everyone has for some reason. Probably the same architect for every single construction. So much junk people have in their homes, specially inside the garage. So far I have spotted ping pong tables, expensive bycicles, tons of kid's electric vehicles, all sorts of sporting and fitness gear, pool cleaning tools, like those long leaf rakes. There are so many of those. How many leaf rakes do you really need? Tons of leaf blowers even though the gardening people aroung here bring their own equipment. And of course the vehicles themselves, all expensive (except my parents car that is, we came to live here before it was cool.)

Anyway so I was walking the dog and coming the opposite direction a family of 4 (mom and dad, a 3 or 4 yo girl and a 6 or 7 yo boy). I dislike walking around here because it's one of those places where everyone feels compelled to greet each other. Then there's the matter I had a dog with me, which means you'll likely have to stop because kids always want to pet the dog. And so I was going through these thoughts and preparing myself to have small talk since it was too late to turn around and go the opposite direction without looking like a weirdo (though I have done this before). Few seconds later, of course, the kid comes running to pet the dog.

This kid though is not satisfied with petting, he wants to take the leash, too. I might add right now that this is a 15 yo dog that is very afraid of kids. Anyway I let the kid have the leash and walk a few steps back and forth with the dog. I start looking at the parents. They're actually around my age which is always interesting to see. How people with the same time on this earth as you can end up having such a different existence. For example, how they can even afford to live here? Did their parents bought the house? Did they inherited? Or they simply are so good at making money that they can afford to buy or rent a 7 bedroom house?

How is it like to have wife/husband and have small kids? They look pretty happy. Even to the point of looking idiotic, no offense intended. Do those people have friends? How is it to have those people as friends? Disregard that, how is it to have friends at all? As I finish to walk around the block, I see where they live. It's actually just 4 houses down from my parents'. Two unecessarily enormous vehicles parking at the driveway. I don't even know how to drive. Right now I'm looking at the window and I can see the tip of that family's roof. How is it to have a life that is not this one, that's where I always end up at. I guess we can never really find out.
>> No. 37334 [Edit]
When my grandparents from the soviet union came to visit almost 20 years ago, they were shocked by how none of the houses have fences around them.

>he wants to take the leash, too. I might add right now that this is a 15 yo dog that is very afraid of kids. Anyway I let the kid have the leash and walk a few steps back and forth with the dog
That's seriously annoying and dangerous. You're not wrong for calling those parents idiots.
>> No. 37336 [Edit]
>How people with the same time on this earth as you can end up having such a different existence.
This is something I wonder too. I'd just like to pop into other people's head for a moment to see how they think and make decisions. Time has given me a glimpse of that but... I'm very curious about what actually goes on inside other people's heads. I can only know them filtered through my own perceptions.

That seems to be the case for forums that've been around for a while. Just a place for old timers to circlejerk.

Could always be worse. Could be discord which combines the worst aspects of a forum and a chatroom into one.
>> No. 37353 [Edit]
File 161058703682.jpg - (185.84KB , 768x1284 , 84938412_p0.jpg )
I read through Guin @ グイン's profile and liked a lot of their Arknights webcomic panels. It's really cute and hits the spot for the kind of comedy I like and have been needing lately and then I found a couple of other Arknights artists I like who make art I really liked in some other ways. But now pixiv thinks I like Arknights and it's slightly annoying.

Post edited on 13th Jan 2021, 5:21pm
>> No. 37365 [Edit]
Today I felt very nauseous after eating breakfast. I went to the toilet and started to vomit, but nothing would came out. The fact is, I'm a serious emetophobe. This is my greatest fear. I have feared it for most of my life. My entire OCD probably stems from this fact alone, performing rituals to guarantee that I won't puke. And then it evolved into a whole weltanschauung. I began to unconsciously do magick stuff, I had created a entire magickal system to keep me from vomiting. All this time I avoided incountable things, just to keep myself safe. Not just overeating and writing or comsuming any form of media that contains words or imagery of it. Any time someone would vomit, I would trace back what I did the past 24hrs of different, and whatever that was, I would stop doing it. I began to have thoughts of associating two apparently unconnected things with nausea and vomiting, and would stop doing that too. Just the past days I wanted to order a book, and I give it a try reading a pdf, the book looked pretty good, but it had the word vomit in one chapter. I couldn't bring myself to order it. Well now I felt nauseous.
When writing on tohno-chan I would avoid writing things such as "I'll" "will" "still" "skill" because they have the ill part in it.
I would spent days doing literally nothing, in fear that doing anything would provoke retaliation from some kind of fate, causing me to vomit. Weirdly enough, when the nausea subsided I felt light, felt kinda free. I had done nothing that could possibly have broken those invisible rules, yet it happened to me. Who could have caused that? I am now convinced it was the Holy Guardian Angel. He was tired of waiting for myself to get out of this situation, and he sent to me my greatest fear, so that I would wake up. I must cling to this newfound feeling, this fearlessness. I can not go back to that dark cave I exited just now.
Who would have thought I could even write such a post containing this many trigger words? But here I am, and I hope to be able to do all those things I avoided all those years. Time to face the truth.
>> No. 37366 [Edit]
You should have talked about this way earlier. There's so many thing worse than vomiting. Vomiting is sexy and a reminder of our shared humanity. Are you afraid of being a vulnerable human being?
>> No. 37367 [Edit]
>You should have talked about this way earlier.
Yes, that's true. Today is the only day that I felt brave enough to type this. Despite considering talking about this phobia here, I was terrified of the thought of just making the post.
>There's so many thing worse than vomiting.
That's also true, but if you would ask to my younger self, about 7 or so years ago, whether he would rather die or vomit, I can guarantee he would have spent a considerable amount of time pondering, no matter how ridiculous this may seem.
>Vomiting is sexy and a reminder of our shared humanity.
As for the sexiness of vomiting, in the one hand I would say is very scary and dirty and terrifying, but on the other hand despite my phobia I confess I have looked at videos of woman puking with extreme arousal. Vomit porn is very sexy to me. If it was a man or someone very ugly I would find it repulsive, but if it is a beautiful woman, I would be aroused by it. It happens often, this fear/sexy arousal response with phobias. Fear and desire go hand in hand. I remember from some emetophobia resource site, a sizable amount of emetophobics are emetophilics and vice-versa. And it is a humbling act, he who vomits can not do so standing tall, he must lower himself or even get on his knees.
Are you afraid of being a vulnerable human being?
Yes, a lot.
>> No. 37373 [Edit]
File 161103578418.jpg - (291.03KB , 1600x875 , 26fa65eaa1d70f20168d8c20b2300b73.jpg )
Some while ago, I think a few weeks or month or two, I finally worked up the motivation to dust my room. It wasn't all at once, and it took a while, but I did it. It was a little nice to have some videos on in the background while I cleaned my room since it was time-consuming. It was a little nice to fantasize about being a cute 2d maid while I did it. But sadly not but a few days to a week after I did it then dust started showing up again. I don't know if that's normal or my room is just really dusty.
>> No. 37374 [Edit]
File 161105999491.jpg - (43.28KB , 640x480 , 1519096935024.jpg )
>How is it like to have wife/husband and have small kids? They look pretty happy. Even to the point of looking idiotic, no offense intended.
Because part of being happy seems to be living on autopilot and not listening to your internal voice, most people just dive in with the social norm.
>Do those people have friends? How is it to have those people as friends? Disregard that, how is it to have friends at all?
They are more acquaintances for most people. Having real friends is like having a sibling, and it's a give-and-take relationship that should be positive for both partners. Not just someone you exchange pleasantries with frequently.
>How is it to have a life that is not this one, that's where I always end up at. I guess we can never really find out.
There are some people who pretend to be different people to cope with things, but unless reincarnation and souls and all that are real, we will never really know but it's not hard to see the perspective of others.
>> No. 37375 [Edit]
File 161106024186.png - (457.30KB , 500x600 , 1539711159142.png )
I sometimes wonder if I'm a schizoid, or if I'm just doing the first year psychologist thing and thinking I have whatever I read.
>> No. 37376 [Edit]
Sometimes I wonder if there's such a thing as an "schizoid" and it's just another one of artificial labels without a real meaning.
>> No. 37377 [Edit]
I see it more as a phenomenon rather than the mental/personality disorder it is perceived as.
>> No. 37378 [Edit]
>> No. 37379 [Edit]
In a way, I think the "schizoid" is a consequence of the modern world. That is not to say it is a completely unique modern phenomena but a situation perhaps exacerbated by it. Most schizoids doesn't seem to see the condition as being in conflict with their self-image and think of themselves as rational, as opposed to more severe forms of mental illnesses such schizophrenia. Perhaps then the schizoid becomes a problem because it is inherently incompatible with modern society but ironically and in parallel I would also add that the modern world are increasingly changing in a way to accommodate the schizoid with the many forms of escapism available.
>> No. 37380 [Edit]
I think it's more compatible with society now than ever before. Before being a loner meant death in most cases. Now you still would have a harder time than social butterflies, but you probably wont actually die.
>> No. 37381 [Edit]
You might be right although it's probably difficult to actually quantify and likely dependent on where in the world you live in. I'd like to argue that people with schizoid tendencies in the ancient past might have more "choice" but I'm probably wrong.
>> No. 37382 [Edit]
File 161112885151.jpg - (55.05KB , 864x1008 , 14e0460743c4291be5602cbee98f9e74c29777e8.jpg )
I don't think schizoid only means asocial, I thought you also had to have a rich internal fantasy world, hence the schizo- spectrum thing?
>> No. 37383 [Edit]
>is a consequence of the modern world

In which ways?
It makes me think of;
Decadence of a particular civilization.
Failure of natural selection.
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