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File 15719500899.png - (3.84MB , 2697x1050 , 4KKwDMA.png )
33536 No. 33536 [Edit]
How was your day? Did you do anything nice? Post about it here.
It looks like the old one is on autosage so here's a new one.
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>> No. 38346 [Edit]
They're like $100 a day mind you to rent. But yeah, I've been trying to fix things up on it here and there, but seems like it never ends. I just keep discovering more and more issues.
>> No. 38347 [Edit]
File 162242227735.jpg - (2.20MB , 3033x2456 , 533961114904c910ad93f58b35320574.jpg )
Honestly, It'd probably be cheaper to go motel to motel on a road trip, and you don't have to worry about utilities. In concept, it sounds like a cool idea to combine your vehicle with your lodging, but buying something with such a small self-life relative to its cost and so many maintenance costs doesn't seem worth it at all. I looked it up, and some hotels are less than $50 per night. The cost of (ineffective)repairs you just did could have bought you twenty nights. How long have you been on the road?
>> No. 38348 [Edit]
I think it's been well over 7 months now since we packed up and left our home. We went right to the first and only park in the area that would take us though, rather than living off grid for free. That place was about $650 a month + electric, which was generally about $60 on average. Our mortgage was $850, plus utilities, but we also rented out a room for $400 a month so it wasn't a huge savings. Far as I know the majority of RV parks come with water/power included in the costs, but can be very expensive. The service I'm using at the moment is $400 a year with electric and water included. It can be very worth it if you play it smart, which we haven't been so far.
I gotta agree though, all in all it hasn't really seemed too worth it. The only real benefit is taking your stuff with you that can't fit in a car, or that would be a pain to unpack and repack over and over. In vegas you can get rooms for as low as $40 a night. From here on out though, we're likely going to be sticking to camping out in parking lots, sides of roads, ect Far as I know the path we're taking doesn't have a whole lot of infrastructure ahead.
>> No. 38351 [Edit]
Not sure where else to post this, so I'll post it here.
I've decided to take an extended vacation from certain things that I normally do every day. I'm not sure exactly how long this will last, but I'm planning on it being a while. I've developed certain attention draining habits over the course of my now 2 years of hikkikomorism, and many of them leave me unhappy and unsatisfied with myself, to the point where I've begun contemplating suicide on a regular basis. I'm hoping to replace these unfulfilling, meaningless, timewasting and attention destroying things with things I'll be much more happy doing on a regular basis.
Tohno-chan is among these websites, although it's hardly the place I waste the most time on (usually Youtube or spacing out to music tends to shave hours off of my life) it's enough of a distraction that I feel the need to stop visiting it entirely. I like this place, it was a huge departure from 4chan and 8ch, both of which I had gotten increasingly tired of, but in the effort to focus myself it's a place I'm going to have to stop browsing.
I can't imagine anyone would really care except for me, but if there's someone else who feels overwhelmingly distracted by internet-related factors, just know you're not alone.
>> No. 38353 [Edit]
File 162247601547.jpg - (77.60KB , 419x648 , d67bd4f2ea43153716b0d887b66a31ef.jpg )
If you're reading this, you're not doing as you planned, but I'll assume you will. Stopping bad habits isn't like flipping a light switch. There's a reason you wasted your time on those things in the first place. Until you address the root cause of bad habits, you'll constantly be struggling against the urge to go back to them, and when you break eventually, you'll give up and say it was impossible from the start. So do a little bit more thinking about that.
>> No. 38368 [Edit]
I'd like to leave too, but that would completely cut me off from the experience of other people.
Like I learnt a couple posts above that fuel can go bad, and I warned my mom since she didn't know either and the car has been parked for a while. It's not the first time I come across a useful bit of info like that, which wouldn't occur to me to search for directly.
>> No. 38405 [Edit]
File 162398753940.jpg - (4.57MB , 4608x2592 , DSC_8538.jpg )
last night I decided to spend the night next to the boarder separating Nevada and Arizona, near the Hover dam. Figured we'd check it out in the morning. This was a mistake. The heat, while a little less than the Vegas area, made it hard to get more than 3-4 hours of sleep. All the same, went to check out that dam place. My mom got paranoid about leaving the rv alone and already saw the dam thing so she stayed behind with the rv, which worked for me. I took some dam photos from the dam bridge which had a good dam view, then drove over the dam thing with my car to get some more dam photos.
Before anyone asks: NCR

I noticed the car was starting up a little funny, and got some concerns. Getting back to the rv, we prepped up to move on, but the car wouldn't start, and we couldn't push it onto the tow hitch. Was gonna jump start it but managed to get it to turn over with one last try. My mom followed in the car to the first rest stop, where I hitched it up and we drove for a hour more to a place called Kingman Arazona, which had a rest stop I wanted to spend the night at, but found it was closed when we got there (thanks google maps) so we went to a gas station just down the hill from it. They had an over sized parking lot. Asked if I could spend the night there (while buying a dream catcher from them, for some favor) they said sure. While there I got the battery replaced in the car ($150)., and had lunch. The road was so noisy we decided not to stick around there. So while buying my mom some tylonal at the same gas station I asked if I could use their water spout to fill up my tank a bit, since it was on empty and I thought it'd be nice to take a shower. the adapter they had on it got stuck and cut up my hand trying to remove it. the shower itself was like a sauna. I couldn't rig up the car with one hand so my mom followed me again in spite of being in very bad shape. we got to a massive truck stop around 7pm, shaving 30 minutes off the time to our next campground. which is still 4+ hours away. The temps here are decent, all be it windy. mostly just hoping no one gives us a hard time as we're the only rv here among 50+ trucks. also, typing this was of course a bitch with the hand thing.
I was tempted to return the dream catcher I bought, since I'm clearly in a nightmare.

Oh and the repairs ended up being about 3k for the rv. but they discounted me $130 for the trouble.
>> No. 38594 [Edit]
Random, but I was listening to a podcast where they mentioned Parasite Eve as soon as I read it in your post. Weird case of synchronicity or whatever.

I wish I had a lot of disposable income, because the cost to benefit ratio with manga is just sad. One volume can cost like $10-15 but you'll be finished with it in half an hour easily. I'm not someone to re-read things so it's just a shame.
>> No. 38595 [Edit]
This is the opposite problem to me. Whenever I have to do math, my head won't think. I just get 'foggy' and restless and want to run away from it.

But if I have to analyse an argument, a piece of writing, or use emotional/weighty language I get perfect marks and it's the easiest thing in the world.
>> No. 38601 [Edit]
>But if I have to analyse an argument, a piece of writing, or use emotional/weighty language I get perfect marks and it's the easiest thing in the world.
Do you have tips or resources that helped you in doing so? The person writing this post is incapable of what you consider easy.
>> No. 38602 [Edit]
Just spew out opinions and never doubt yourself. Also draw connections anywhere and everywhere. Writing in English class has next to nothing to do with the truth, it's just stating your opinions really confidently and with a superficial veneer of evidence.
>> No. 38603 [Edit]
This seems like the academic version of shitposting.
>> No. 38604 [Edit]
When I used to write essays for literature classes, I basically thought of it as a game – the objective was not necessarily to properly "analyze" the work, but to convince the teacher/prof that you were able to draw out some great insight/connections – basically "shitposting" as you mentioned

In fact even beyond literature class, most flowerly writing is more style over substance. The aim is to always make things seem more impressive than they are with the careful use of language. _That's_ the skill you should be mastering, not analyzing literature or presenting arguments (the former of which you won't use at all, and the latter of which can be honed on imageboard flamewars). Even in academia, most reports are basically one page of actual material expanded out to 12 pages [1] of filler to fit journal requirements, and using jargon designed to make things seem more impressive than they are.

[1] For some brilliant satire on this sad state of academia, see the YoloV3 paper: It's probably one of the few seminal ML papers that folks from a non-ML background can readily understand.
>> No. 38605 [Edit]
File 162863025052.png - (154.64KB , 613x648 , better question.png )
>see the YoloV3 paper:
Link's broken, but only because of that period at the end.
>> No. 38608 [Edit]
Honestly, I don't like this conclusion. Researchers have an obligation to be amoral in my opinion.
>> No. 38609 [Edit]
I wouldn't quite say "amoral" since there clearly are ethical boundaries, especially in security research, but the issue of morality as applied to machine earning field is a bit murky water, The notion of "ML fairness" in just another thinly veiled manifestation of sjw stuff.
>> No. 38610 [Edit]
There should be guidelines while doing the research, but the subject matter shouldn't be limited. I'd rather researchers barrel forward without thinking about the "larger impact" of their research.
>> No. 38617 [Edit]
File 16287610465.jpg - (71.90KB , 1520x1080 , 1616574551682.jpg )
It was awful. I have a drunken, belligerent roommate who threatens everyone else in the house and screams until 4am. The police and the landlord do nothing. This has been going on for 2-3 years.

Normally he stays somewhere else but he's back and it's a nightmare. I can't even leave my room.
>> No. 38619 [Edit]
>This has been going on for 2-3 years.
How did that happen?
>> No. 38620 [Edit]
I guess paypal requires a cell phone number to log in now, so there's 20 dollars I'll never see again
>> No. 38630 [Edit]
File 162891982562.png - (5.08MB , 1679x2224 , 45b661f0829b00de9b3c155c6cf010e7.png )
My sleep procrastination has gotten progressively worse. It's now typical for me to go to bed after 5:00 am. Everyday I regret it, but when it actually starts to get late, I feel an irresistible urge to stay awake and on the internet. I actively look for more time wasting shit that I don't even really like.

It's inexplicable. The only explanation I can think of is that I don't have anything to look forward to on a day to day basis. There's nothing that would make me want to separate from my distractions. I've been overrun with negativity and dissatisfaction lately, so maybe I'm looking for some solution that doesn't exist, like I'll somehow stumble upon what I'm looking for.

Don't know what to do.
>> No. 38631 [Edit]
It's complicated. But I rent the house from a private group. The person in charge at the time is who let the bad roommate stay.

Then, someone else took control, and they want him out, but there's a seizure on evictions due to covid.
>> No. 38632 [Edit]
I'm in the same situation. Every time I try to sleep my sleep schedule and get up at 8am, I can only stay that way for two weeks before I go back to sleeping at 5am. I just look for more threads, more videos, etc.

The only thing that motivates me to wake up is, "I can have a cup of coffee in the morning".
>> No. 38633 [Edit]
File 162892121145.jpg - (102.62KB , 534x700 , aba916a4746fb6bad96852ef05e22b04.jpg )
Coffee is usually what my 1 pm breakfast is.
>> No. 38634 [Edit]
If you're having trouble with sleep hygiene, I would recommend not waking up with caffeine. You're basically teaching your body that no matter what you do, it's fine, since you'll just power through it with some coffee when you wake up. Not sure coffee in the afternoon is a good idea in general if you have problems with staying up real late.
>> No. 38637 [Edit]
File 162901381439.jpg - (561.22KB , 1080x1080 , __original_drawn_by_studiolg__15a1f8185d35aa6bdb2f.jpg )
I like pho.
>> No. 38638 [Edit]
File 162928610677.jpg - (63.38KB , 680x557 , 04.jpg )
Make sure you have veggies in your french-styled meat soup
>> No. 38641 [Edit]
You mean cantonese-styled.
>> No. 38642 [Edit]
Is that what Korean cabbage looks like?
>> No. 38666 [Edit]
File 163012089917.png - (198.13KB , 819x579 , 1630109196980.png )
I wasted my day lurking 4chan's /g/. It was mostly awful. Decided I had enough after pic related was posted and this exchange happened

>Sex. With Remi's butt.

>anal is for fags
>nakadashi inside the cooter

>dilate tranny; you will never be a woman.

I'm grossed out by anal myself, but on top of that there's not a single god damn reason what so ever for this "discussion" to be on a tech board.
>> No. 38669 [Edit]
I got the whole Azumanga Daioh manga series today so I am having a good day. Nothing else happened
>> No. 38670 [Edit]
/g/ hasn't been good for a long time.
>> No. 38743 [Edit]
Visited TC for the first time in a while, clicking around old boards I used to visit. I think I'll make this stay longer than the last. Surprised to see /tat/ is a board people make threads on and not just a pseudo ban/moved thread board.

I didn't do much else.
>> No. 38745 [Edit]
File 163299459467.jpg - (635.87KB , 1800x1273 , 0645b44e92b1cf54c9bd462e55a7fe5f.jpg )
My sleep schedule deteriorated worse than ever, I woke up like at 7 PM/19:00. I feel like a serial killer.
>> No. 38774 [Edit]
I started using filters on both gelbooru and exhentai. I sometimes worry about missing out on certain art but not having to see westerners trying to be funny and bugfucking respectively is well worth it
>> No. 38776 [Edit]
My whole 26yo life I've disliked porn and felt good about it (also felt a small sense of moral superiority, I'll admit)
Yesterday I laid down, randomly thought about it and I couldn't remember what I found to be so wrong and immoral about porn (2D, if I must clarify)
It feels so strange, feels like a part of me randomly died yesterday.
>> No. 38777 [Edit]
Were your parents especially against porn?
>> No. 38779 [Edit]
I don't think so, neither are particularly moralistic and it's not a topic we ever talked about.
If I had to guess I think I associated it as follows:
a)it's something regular people tend to do
b)regular people mostly suck
c)must be wrong then
>> No. 38782 [Edit]
File 163399646420.jpg - (673.17KB , 1400x2263 , zelda1.jpg )
Sexuality is the key to your psyche. Porn messes with your subconscious mind, and it gets a lot of people into strange perversions like NTR and furrydom, which in turn mess them up even more. Just look at all those guys nowadays who take estrogen and cut off their dicks because they think it'll turn them into women, or who dress up like a fox and get gangbanged by 30 men at a gay furry sex party. I'll bet you close to 100% of those people started out as heavy porn users.
>> No. 38783 [Edit]
I tend to agree and I have seen its negative effects on people and accept the correlation you are presenting.What surprised me is that I don't understand why it messes up the psyche, even though I thought I did.
>> No. 38784 [Edit]
Agree that there's a correlation, but just like drugs if there was no porn they'd instead find some other outlet for that psychological imbalance or missing aspect of their lives.
>> No. 38785 [Edit]
That doesn't explain how there's a huge uptick of that kind of thing at all, given that it's been around for so long. That strikes me as a scapegoat for a deeper, more sinister problem.
>> No. 38787 [Edit]
>> No. 38788 [Edit]
Linking someone the entireity of Industrial Society and Its Future is really intense.
>> No. 38797 [Edit]
File 16345566853.gif - (4.29MB , 842x595 , 654a042c79285f825e9764c707f154d6.gif )
765 makes me both happy and incredibly wistful at the same time
>> No. 38806 [Edit]
File 163460350419.gif - (189.94KB , 1023x1000 , つらら005a294e19aa4e7ab9315f0fd703aca2.gif )
All I'll say is that anything to do with sex has the potential to be traumatizing. That's why rape is a big deal even when no physical harm is done, that's why men value virginity in women. By watching porn you allow someone else to subliminally influence and even traumatize you. And the people who make the porn are uncaring at best, and deliberately malignant at worst.

>if there was no porn they'd instead find some other outlet for that psychological imbalance
Yeah, like making lots of babies. Look up Peter Santenello's youtube documentaries on Hasidic Jews and the Amish. A lot of those hyper religious people have computers and even use the internet, but stay far away from TV and absolutely shun anything pornographic. The result? They all have huge families with anywhere between 5 and 15 kids. Of course they have their own set of problems, there's surely child and spousal abuse etc. happening, but the weird shit that's booming in mainstream society is just not happening in those subcultures.
>> No. 38808 [Edit]
>And the people who make the porn are uncaring at best, and deliberately malignant at worst.
That's true of 3D, but I don't think it's true of h-doujin authors or independent artists? There's a lot of care put into some of them, and it's as much an art form as any other.
>> No. 38811 [Edit]
File 163483544967.jpg - (404.65KB , 720x960 , 93250527_p0.jpg )
I saw a car with a Darling in the Franxx sticker on it. My personal disgust with the series aside, it sent me down a weird rabbit hole of memories related to the internet.
I remember that was finally my breaking point to stop using 4/a/, I haven't had the same passion for anime since, nor been active with most other westerners about 2d in general either. I wonder how different my life would be if DitF never happened.
>> No. 38834 [Edit]
File 163513375873.jpg - (1.19MB , 1920x1588 , cool_sunglasses.jpg )
I did something stupid and ended up staring at a cloudy sky for ~10 minutes wearing those colored filter goggles (the 3d viewing kind) before realizing it's probably not a good idea since the sun is behind those clouds. I don't seem to have any visible after effects or visible artifacts, but I'm worried I damaged my vision, My eyes do feel a bit tired or strained but maybe that's just nocebo. I'm going to do a quick literature survey of the dangers of staring at the sun to appease the ocd-ish health anxiety and get back.
>> No. 38835 [Edit]
Hm there's an entire section on wikipedia about this [1] which is a good starting point but still not detailed enough. It's actually surprising how hard it is to find literature on why _exactly_ staring at the sun is bad for you (as in what causes the damage). Is it the intensity of visible light focused at a point? The thermal effects? The uv radiation? Why is the danger supposedly heightened during an eclipse? Here's the summary of my research.

The injury resulting from "looking at the sun" is called solar retinopathy, and there's a related condition caused by acute uv exposure called photokeratitis. Solar retinopathy is effectively caused by a photochemical process where the high intensity light damages the cells of the retina (that is, it is not primarily a heat mediated reaction like a magnifying class cooking an ant, but just due to intensity of focused light). Higher frequencies of light are more likely to cause damage here, with UV light of particular concern (but not necessarily the only cause, as upper end of visible frequency is also sufficient). The related condition photokeratitis "snow blindness" is similar in that exposure to UV light can be cause, but in this the damage is via indirect/unfocused exposure which affects only the cornea rather than the retina .

Interestingly, having a relatively high degree of myopia can actually helps protect against the damage from the focused light. And during an eclipse, the surrounding darkness can not only cause your pupils to dilate but also allow you to stare at the sun longer than you normally would before experiencing pay.

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