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File 160701227643.gif - (9.86KB , 81x81 , 716063541727199282.gif )
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hello tohno chan
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File 14741887356.png - (276.80KB , 704x396 , vlcsnap-1815501.png )
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Fact is, sleep takes up a large fraction of anyone's life. Have a comfortable bed & a large fraction of your life is excellent.
Please tell me ways to improve the quality & volume of my sleeping.
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>> No. 29524 [Edit]
I've been sleeping on the floor for about a year now.

At first it was because my family got a bad case of bedbugs and we didn't have the money to buy a new mattress.

I started to like it so I never got a new one. It's actually not that bad. Tried to find some actual research on it but just came up with advertisements and bro-science.

I found a few things claiming mattresses are actually bad for you because they slowly wear your back down. Seems like it might be bullshit but i lines up with my experience so I've rolled with it.

Another great sleep aid is a program called f.lux. Takes a while to get used to but makes you want to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Post edited on 24th Sep 2016, 8:51pm
>> No. 29600 [Edit]
Buy goose down, some plain white bed or simple sheets, and a cheap sewing machine. If you can figure it out, this is the ultimate in comfy.
>> No. 35747 [Edit]
Consistent sleep schedule is important.
>> No. 36911 [Edit]
File 160708729344.jpg - (20.46KB , 474x266 , 20201206.jpg )

File 160489070816.webm - (149.72KB , keyboard_typing.webm )
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Given that many people here likely have a lot of spare time (and especially with recent circumstances, even those who attended uni or had fulltime jobs are probably in front of a computer as well), what do you spend your days doing? Is most of it spent in front of the screen, flitting between imageboards and anime-watching? Or do you prefer to engange in more physical hobbies?
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>> No. 36752 [Edit]
Very broadly, I bike, think, game, and watch anime/YouTube/one or two western shows as hobbies. Biking is the only exercise I like since it's something I can do fully alone at my own pace with very minimal social interaction. If I ran/jogged, I'd be slow enough that people could justify stopping me to talk, and while talking is not my preference I am weak-willed to others initiating it.

And thinking, I think, is an important thing to do often. I don't consider myself wise or anything but I do think thinking makes me wiser. I think while biking but not while doing anything else active since I get too distracted to think.

But on a typical day it's mostly just the gaming and watching YouTube videos.
>> No. 36753 [Edit]
File 160598561868.jpg - (2.13MB , 2000x3700 , 4chan_2019_top_100.jpg )
You coming back to it shows some semblance of tenacity along with the fact that there must be some incentive to you doing this. Focus on that incentive. And if you consider drawing as a hobby or a profression, technically, you are an artist. The fact of the matter is, are you a good, skilled artist, or a bad one? Like everything else in life, if you want to get better, you have to keep pushing forward.

And, regarding you lack of ability to write, I'd reccommend reading some literature. Everyone boosts their vocabulary through reading things, and you may find yourself able to articulate yourself better if you engaged in some of your time in a book. I personally recommend reading some classical literary fiction. Something like War and Peace, and maybe Don Quixote. I don't like contemporary fiction as much, but some reccomendations I have include books like A Confederacy of Dunces, Lord of the Rings, etc. etc. Here's a guide from 4chad /lit/ too if you'd like.

Really, read just about anything and you'll soon find yourself to be more expressive about your thoughts. And really reflect on what you read to. Don't go skimming through things.
>> No. 36783 [Edit]
I don't know why I never liked literature too much.
I can read a lot, as long as it's not fiction.
But to read a novel requires me to have a particular interest in what that novel talks about. I have read Hess, Sartre, Proust, the classics, mostly bored me to death or didn't interest me enough at best. I end thinking I could be reading a non-fiction book about real things instead. I think it's a lack of interest in the medium for what it is, while I can take comics or movies and appreciate them in a deeper level.

I think I will try to draw soon, your post helped me to decide, really.
>> No. 36886 [Edit]
File 160689810872.jpg - (41.71KB , 850x850 , 20201220.jpg )
Thinking of DEATH

File 16048220026.jpg - (886.98KB , 2160x3840 , ECvPXQMUcAA4j4f.jpg )
36602 No. 36602 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What are your thoughts on this no touching yourself for a month thing? Do you take part in it, or do you think it's stupid?
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>> No. 36865 [Edit]
don't look at spoilers if you don't wanna get spoiled.

drawbacks of a full body doll:
- much more expensive (I bought my hips for 60 bucks; a doll with limbs, face, hair etc. will set you back 1000 or more)
- more difficult to clean, generally much higher maintenance (I've talked to some Real Doll owners and this is a huge issue. Life-sized dolls are basically out of the question for me until we have sex robots with enough AI autonomy to clean themselves)
- can't easily hide it when people come over
- has a creepy face, look up "uncanny valley." Creepiness gets worse as she accumulates scratches and dirt.
- non-zero chance that it will be possessed by demons and murder you
- when you put it in the trash eventually, people will call the police on you for trying to dispose of a corpse.

I'm just looking for something I can thrust my peepee into and do some fun cardio on, not something to simulate female companionship.
>> No. 36867 [Edit]
Yeah, Mantak Chia stuff. The practices he outlines in Cultivating Male Taoist Sexual Energy in particular. I had done some energy work prior to delving into his stuff but I honestly wasn't ready for it. If I remember right Chia gives a lot of warnings but I didn't listen.

I don't think it had any lasting effects since I quit doing it. It's something I'll return to once I really get my sexuality under control.
>> No. 36873 [Edit]
This is mostly true, but I still want to get one all the same because you can't dress up a torso in cute outfits.
>> No. 37344 [Edit]
>Fapping is like a drug. Drugs every once in a while can even be good for you.
Well obviously the type of substance matters; I think a better analogy is to chocolate: it tastes sweet and is fine to eat once in a while but don't eat it for every meal. If one really wants to improve their mind/body though, they'd probably see more of an effect from cutting out alcohol or improving their diet. Either way there's not much point to living like an ascetic unless you're on some spiritual path.

File 160506324537.jpg - (130.81KB , 1023x600 , Blaking news.jpg )
36646 No. 36646 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Thread for otaku related news.
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>> No. 36699 [Edit]
File 160558236618.png - (308.41KB , 1400x1400 , 737fcc9700f642b7043429105140a9a2.png )
I hope it becomes massively popular. Like the kind of popular to rival touhou or other mobile "games" that flood pages upon pages of boorus such that half of any given tag you search is filled with art of that game and it takes the internet by storm.
>> No. 36700 [Edit]
File 160558253021.jpg - (345.18KB , 1023x600 , forbidden news.jpg )
If you insist on posting fanart of that "anime" at least make it something actually cute next time.
>> No. 36707 [Edit]
You're 3 posts late. Everyone is staring at you silently, judging.
>> No. 36866 [Edit]
File 160682179083.jpg - (521.75KB , 1250x716 , __akiyama_mio_nakano_azusa_hirasawa_yui_tainaka_ri.jpg )

I guess Ritsu is a boy and Azusa didn't make the cut.

File 145828599188.jpg - (89.98KB , 600x840 , 9d8e5d3f27be332f34b0fa79984560d1.jpg )
28568 No. 28568 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is it my imagination or does it seem like the non-narutard part of the english anime community has been slowly dying over recent years?
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>> No. 36828 [Edit]
I said he was cool before he was cool.
>> No. 36829 [Edit]
Being into anime before recent times doesn't make someone cooler in the eyes of normals. All they care about is the here and now.
>> No. 36848 [Edit]
You were the kid who took jokes literally, huh?
>> No. 36849 [Edit]

File 156780600874.gif - (872.63KB , 346x360 , computer_screen.gif )
33182 No. 33182 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Sort of a hybrid between the book club and "post something new you learned." Post any interesting essays, articles or prose you've stumbled across on the internet.

I'll start:
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>> No. 36538 [Edit]
File 160433728818.jpg - (69.35KB , 500x500 , 1547321873545.jpg )
A while back I found a list of passwords for databases we had access to in my middle school. I thought it would interesting to see what articles they had on anime. Here's a few interesting and amusing choice quotes.

>Goku may fly over you this weekend, Sanji will offer a tasty dish and one of Naruto's kunais might come zipping through the air. It's a good thing I brought my kids to work because I'm really not sure what all that means. The boys tell me these and other characters from the world of anime will fill downtown starting Friday when Florida's largest anime convention kicks off at the Tampa Convention Center.
>The boys are excited, but me? I'm just waiting for The Flintstones convention. …
>About that iPhone hype. Unless it comes with a direct connection to the man above, I don't think you should call anything the "Jesus phone."

TV Overdose for Kids- 2009
>I still get nostalgic whenever I come across kiddie shows on television.For example, I pine for old good carrot-munching Bugs Bunny and perky Woody Woodpecker. The fast-paced Japanese animated shows called Anime, in my book, are too realistic and mere imitation of violent adult action movies. Some of the casualties of modern animation were characters that my generation grew up with.
>harsh-voice Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse with his merry gang of Minnie Mouse, Pluto and hare-brained Goofy, truly kid stuffs. These wholesome shows of my childhood have now been replaced by Astro Boy, Voltes V, Mazinger Z and other androids battling mechanical monsters out to take over the world.As always, the shows always end up with the hero and the villain trying to annihilate each other in a flurry of lights, colors and grating synthesized sounds. Great for kids, but unfortunately, bad for their education.
>Research shows that exposure to this type of programming increases the risk of aggressive behavior and at the same time, desensitizes children to violence. Studies on links between TV overdose and child development and value
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 36539 [Edit]
File 160433763385.jpg - (200.49KB , 850x602 , 1547322369108.jpg )
>To save paying $100 plus per tape, fans would drive for miles to the paltry number of stores stocking anime. They'd tape it, duplicate it, then send it back. It was Gunbuster's success that triggered a flurry of releases, Tatsugawa says.
>More Americans got excited by anime in 1993, when the Fox Channel Network aired a remake of the Power Rangers, says Innes. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was an instant hit and created an anime frenzy.
>What might hold all this back is pornography and violence. Compared with American cartoons, the miniskirts, bare bottoms and flirtatiousness on some anime can look a bit smutty. Tatsugawa says that part of this might be different cultural values. While Puritan American mothers might balk at boys pulling off girls' shirts on an anime show, Japanese moms might be shocked by Itchy blowing up Scratchy on The Simpsons.
>But the biggest hurdle of all might be the presence of Xrated anime porn. The weird adult anime available in video stores in the US and in Japan is something that companies like Pioneer, Bandai and Viz Communications want nothing to do with. Tatsugawa thinks mainstream companies will react the same way. If you have AOL Time Warner and Disney getting behind anime, the last thing they want is for American mothers to second-guess their anime purchase, Tatsugawa says. "That would crush the industry here." When Japanese manga and anime come to American shores, the content can seem a little raw or risque to American readers. Viz Communications has tweaked the content of manga it handles to suite American tastes; Jason Thompson, editor of the new Enghsh-version of Shonen Jump, offers some examples.
>"We removed a two-page sequence where Misty, the lead female character for Pokemon, was bathing in a hot spring. Where the women's clothing was too revealing, we had to make the swimsuits larger and changed the shape of their bodies so they were less provocative (i.e. less chesty).
>"In Dragon Ball Z, which Viz has been publishing in English since 1998, one of the characters, Gohan, was
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 36540 [Edit]
>Voltes V
What country or year was that? 2009 doesn't seem right. Very strange.

Post edited on 2nd Nov 2020, 9:51am
>> No. 36798 [Edit]
Manuals are boring... what?

File 150356852525.png - (11.81KB , 350x300 , 5a99bd89bc00022940954e903eb15d6121b8718e.png )
30438 No. 30438 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What relaxing things do you like to do, Anon?
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>> No. 36486 [Edit]
File 160399891847.jpg - (58.83KB , 500x576 , 362f41310849329c874828bf4cbc610f.jpg )
>> No. 36487 [Edit]
That's only going to make the problem worse as time goes on.
>> No. 36792 [Edit]
File 160636565066.jpg - (121.58KB , 1302x933 , akan2.jpg )
You could be on to something; drive at night to late-night diners could be worth the effort.
>> No. 36795 [Edit]
You could always move to a small city where people bike/walk instead.

File 160584759284.gif - (169.34KB , 400x299 , spin spin sugar.gif )
36728 No. 36728 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you think it's possible to feel nostalgic for things you've never personally experienced?
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 36736 [Edit]
The closest term I know of to that feeling is saudade, though nostalgia doesn't require personal experience to be felt.
>> No. 36741 [Edit]
One of my main methods of escapism was being nostalgic for particular periods I wasn't alive in.
>> No. 36743 [Edit]
But of course. Case and point:
>> No. 36744 [Edit]
Saudade is one of my favorite words/emotions. It complements nicely with the "mono no aware."

File 156978298967.jpg - (226.78KB , 850x638 , __gold_red_typhlosion_blastoise_charizard_and_etc_.jpg )
33327 No. 33327 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What has been your personal experience with Pokemon? I started with gen 4, and I have good memories of it for that reason, but it's not my favorite. I think generation 2 was the peak of everything good about Pokemon. The atmosphere, the music, the adventure. It was intended as the last entry into the series and it shows. Everything after the second generation has been an artificial extension increasingly made out of an interest in profit rather than passion.

A lot of people feel that the franchise has gone down hill, but I disagree with their reasons. It's true that the creatures have become more over-designed and the overall art style has become less inspired and the legendary monster concept has been cheapened, but that's not the biggest issue in my opinion. The problem is that it became international. You don't really think of Pokemon as a jrpg, right?

The franchise's success practically forced gamefreak to tone certain things down for a larger, global audience and especially western sensibilities. Then they started accomodating more and more to the point where the game's aren't even set in places based on Japan. The cultural roots of the game have been uprooted and when playing the games you feel it. You feel that it was intended to please everybody across the world. No more forest shrines and kimono wearing girls. No more buddhist temples. No more anything that could upset a parent. No where is this shift more clear than in the anime. The themes of the games aren't particularly tied to Japan either now. Gen 1's technological focus and gen 2's nature focus came from a place relevant to the creators, so it felt like it had some weight to it.

tl;dr: The franchise isn't bathed in Japanese aesthetics and/or sensibilities anymore, so it feels soulless.
22 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 36714 [Edit]
They need to stop adding Pokemon; instead, refine what's already there.
>> No. 36715 [Edit]
File 160580201522.jpg - (201.41KB , 600x800 , 1ee1d87c166b4e7cc85020dc22156b1f58ab44447912f9571d.jpg )
I feel like after the DS games, pokemon is just so bland. It was always a cashgrab, but it's even more blatantly moreso now. It's souless, and even more expensive than before. But I'm glad I don't really play any more, because getting tied to franchises and companies are a bad thing.

Why do I believe it's souless? Well, it seems that the games are shorter and easier now so than before. I remember it took me a while to beat a game, but now, I could probably finish the main story line of one of the newer ones within a day. The stories aren't as intruiging as they were before, and what really irritated me the most was the new pokemon games on the switch being lazily made. They are made with the same engine as the 3ds games and look like low-effot higher-resolution versions of those. Then they have the nerve to charge tons of money for it- along with DLC.

All in all, I don't respect anyone who says they bought a new Pokemon game for other than the reason of it being 'Pokemon'. I feel like that's the only reason why these people buy these games.
>> No. 36718 [Edit]
Not to mention the mobile game (via Niantic) that's thinly-veiled datamining.
>> No. 36720 [Edit]
Disregarding that fact even, gacha is evil, and is made to prey on the mentally ill.

File 16030125945.png - (1.05MB , 1108x591 , 043ec30ad80c7c622b62bf2c94f65dc0.png )
36360 No. 36360 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Have you ever had anything you like be ruined in some way for you? What was it? How or why was it ruined?
5 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 36466 [Edit]
The Norse. I was quite interested in them when I was younger but over the last probably 5 years or more they have gone through such a butchering in every portrayal of them in every media(well actually maybe not anime so much) that they have become a joke. Nowadays every Viking in every game or movie is covered in tattoos, has a weird half shaved hair cut and wears something that I don't even know that I can describe what it is meant to be. It's just dumb, people pic these small details and then blow them out of proportion to being something that it never was, the Norse didn't even have a word for Tattoo and no contemporary European source ever mentions them having them, the only source to mention the is an Arab travelor talking about one group of Rus during a funeral ceremony, and the word he uses may not even actually refer to Tattos, it could be paint. Yet now every Viking looks like they come from some heavy metal band.
>> No. 36670 [Edit]
Coffee. Ruined by gate-keeping hipsters.
>> No. 36671 [Edit]
I've been playing the god of war reboot recently and yeah I noticed that. They really do look like a bunch of skin heads.
>> No. 36672 [Edit]

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