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File 157183294873.jpg - (148.60KB , 850x478 , __love_money_rock_n_roll_drawn_by_arsenixc__sample.jpg )
33525 No. 33525 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Let's talk about every terrible thing Netflix has done. Purely as a service, it's a mediocre, roundabout way of getting access to shows. There's some committee of people deciding what gets hosted and what doesn't, which is almost entirely decided by market demand rather than quality. Good movies get booted to make room for cape shit. You also have to wait a year longer to watch new seasons of shows that already aired, even if the season is being hosted in another country. The monthly rate for streaming has gone up over the years. Streaming as a paid service is also ridiculous because if you're paying money for data, you should have unlimited access to that data.

With that out-of-the-way, the more important issue is with Netflix's goal of controlling the anime industry, at least in the west(for the time being). Buying up streaming rights is one thing, but from a cultural standpoint, they want control too. They make live action adaptations and new dubs with changed translations to control the image of these shows. They get exclusive streaming rights to new shows while they're in production, which means they will definitely get some level of creative control, which inevitably means censorship and ideological injection. This kind of things actually is a slippery slope. People who cheer and get excited when they announce the next show they'll butcher are so naive I can't believe it. I'm dreading their Ghost in Shell reboot.

Post edited on 23rd Oct 2019, 5:19am
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>> No. 35583 [Edit]
Carole & Tuesday anime stuck in Netflix jail.
>> No. 35584 [Edit]
A fate that befits such a westernized series.
>> No. 36608 [Edit]
Ep9 agrees
>> No. 42117 [Edit]
File 170367438871.jpg - (152.83KB , 850x1137 , 20231228.jpg )
Having everything on Netflix is better than the dozen streaming services we have now. Ugh.

File 148263660523.jpg - (94.45KB , 800x600 , 64e.jpg )
29767 No. 29767 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Joyeux Noël
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>> No. 29784 [Edit]
You may wanna visit the world trade center while you still have the chance. Also, get a good PC and mine the shit out of bitcoin once it becomes available. Oh and if you can try to invest in apple products, their cordless phones are gonna become really really popular (don't ask me why, hell if I know). You'll thank me latter.
>> No. 36925 [Edit]
File 160714927483.jpg - (60.34KB , 1000x550 , sea1.jpg )
Is her birthday on Xmas day or something?
>> No. 37130 [Edit]
File 160869993528.jpg - (27.42KB , 230x255 , 20201227.jpg )
Merry Xmas 2020
>> No. 42113 [Edit]
File 170367304470.jpg - (69.97KB , 674x712 , 20231228.jpg )
Boxing Day 2023 was lit except for the sudden percipitation.

File 148132913292.gif - (2.31MB , 540x360 , 1481235423479.gif )
29736 No. 29736 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What is this website about?
Where did it start? Is this a chan specifically for NEETs?... isn't 4chan the same thing? Please explain
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>> No. 42082 [Edit]
Thanks. It's interesting to know we still have a tiny presence out there. I didn't mean to imply no one was donating anything, I do appreciate it.
>> No. 42083 [Edit]
Don't listen to this suspicious guy. tohno-chan has fallen. Billions must uguu.
>> No. 42087 [Edit]
I didn't feel that there was any implication about donations. I hesitated before adding anything about that because I didn't want it to come off as lame and fishing for compliments, so I just tried to make a little Christmas instead.
>> No. 42089 [Edit]
I think it's a fun idea in theory. I spent a little bit of time on /tea/, I would check it once a week or whatever and just post random stuff. But yes, it is very clearly a clique that knows each other, and that turned me off of it.

It feels inevitable because the userbase is small. If you could find something with 40-50 users instead of the (what feels like) 10 who use /tea/ regularly, it might be more tolerable.

File 170264568115.png - (9.54MB , 3142x3150 , __ichijou_hotaru_koshigaya_komari_miyauchi_renge_k.png )
42045 No. 42045 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
So I was wondering if a book could inspire feelings of moe and comfort just like manga and anime do. I'm talking about slice of life stories made purely for the sake of it. Books like Anne of Green Gables or Heidi aren't exactly moe, but they have this slice of life/comfort element I would like to achieve on prose. Think of it as a written version of K-On! or Non Non Biyori, something both moe and comfortable. Not only a slice of life but also something cute, something moe. I tried writing a really short story using what I consider to be a moe style. This text was originally written in Spanish and I translated it to English for the sake of sharing it here. Please forgive whatever typo or grammar error there might be and let me know if you like it and if you would consider it as moe.

«Cicadas sing in the distance as we get closer to the cottage. It's just my mother and me in the family car. The landscape presents itself elegantly bathed in sunlight. I've put on a white sunhat . I think I look cute wearing it. It's going to be a hot day, I can feel it. Mom smiles at me, and I smile back. It doesn't take long for us to arrive. Our plot among the mountains invite us to enjoy ourselves and all the nature around us. I think my grandma planted tomatoes in the garden. I think next year we'll plant watermelons.

It doesn't take long for Alice to pay me a visit. She shows up unannounced, as usual, and asked if I wanted to hang out with her at the lookout point. Of course I say yes. We hop on our bikes and head up to the old dirt pathways offered to us by the hills.

"Watch out for the stones on the path!" I tried to warn my dear friend, but it was too late; she had already fallen.

I offer her help to get up. She looks at me like a scared puppy, with teary eyes, and apologizes for the trouble. I place a hand on her shoulder and try to cheer her up. Once her sorrows dried up, we continue on our way.

It wasn't hard for us to reach the summit. From there, you can see everything. My grandma's cottage, the village with its red rooftops and belfry, the birch forest... I wanted to take a photo, but I left my camera at home. I think my friend noticed and burst into laughter. I smile at her and start laughing too.»
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>> No. 42056 [Edit]
File 170288641654.jpg - (179.56KB , 962x1102 , 1594230482878.jpg )
>Cute visuals tell you what it's all about
Yeah I agree visuals are better at capturing the moe esence.
>Alice's personality also feels inconsistent. Is she the sensitive type, or the boisterous type?
Honestly didn't think much about it, just made her up according to what was needed. Maybe if I choose a set of character archetypes like they do in manga/anime it could be more coherent.
Are there CGDCT light novels? As in, only slice of life of cute little girls with little to no plot.
>Moe in a way can be considered the evolution of that, just that instead of farmers we have CGDCT
Yeah I absolutely agree.
>I would add more focus on details to give more life to the feeling you want to transmit, like the moe visuals that we all know and love
Thanks for the tip, I tried to add as little detail as possible to not over-saturate the text, but it's true that with little to no details it feels a bit shallow. So I will add more details and more focus on the cuteness next time.
>> No. 42057 [Edit]
File 170288716789.jpg - (591.00KB , 1861x1893 , 7a104fbc590c990203736bf9c82bd008.jpg )
>Are there CGDCT light novels? As in, only slice of life of cute little girls with little to no plot.[]=52

All either manga side stories, or alternative versions of a manga.

Post edited on 18th Dec 2023, 12:15am
>> No. 42064 [Edit]
File 170318079613.jpg - (243.31KB , 1600x805 , s-l1600.jpg )
it's neither moe nor slice-of-life but there's a novel version of shinsekai yori i'd like to read but apparently there's only a fan translation and not physical media
>> No. 42070 [Edit]
You're probably aware of these errors, but you use very inconsistent tense in you writing.
Allow me to show you.

>She shows up unannounced, as usual, and asked if I wanted to hang out with her at the lookout point.
You begin the sentence with present tense but the second part of the sentence uses past tense. This really throws off the mood of the story.

File 158386768932.jpg - (158.92KB , 980x1104 , 77ac96dd2ef86c4518ba9e61cd2485c2.jpg )
34234 No. 34234 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
What are your thoughts on it? Do you care? Has it affected you at all?

I know a lot of people are probably sick of hearing about it by now, but I thought it'd be interesting to get TC's point of view on it and see what you guy's think.
271 posts and 39 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 41195 [Edit]
I got vaccinated twice (Pfizer and Moderna) and didn't have any adverse effects apart from a sore arm. Though I suppose it could've been pure luck.
>> No. 41196 [Edit]
Seems to vary by the lot number, see howbadismybatch. Not sure if that effect is from questionable QC or just standard population density effect though.

But you can look at the graphs yourself for myocarditis rates in young males broken down by dose and manufacturer. 2x moderna is 6x rate of myocarditis compared to natural infection with the original strain.
>> No. 41423 [Edit]
My job finally stopped making us take tempt tests before we could enter the building.
>> No. 42068 [Edit]
There's an interesting study that seems to escaped the notice of even the critical-thinking parts of the covid-adjacent community. [1] shows that not only do the mrna-based vaccines mainly transfect _immune cells_ rather than muscle cells as was originally claimed, but that the translation-lifetime once inside these immune cells is prolonged by presence of TENT5A which readenlyates the poly-a tail that would usually become degraded over time. I think that this explains almost everything we've seen associated with the vaccine:

1) We know from Bruce Patterson's previous work that long covid (with the real virus) is associated with viral persistence in long-lived monocytes. [2] is an academic paper which corroborates this and shows the vaccine-generated spike protein can persist in a similar fashion. This now provides an explanation for why in some people this persistence occurs. Perhaps in some subset the readenlyation process occurs faster than the degradation process (maybe tent5a is replenished quicker), and so things get stuck in a loop that only ends when the cell itself dies. Some immune cells can be long-lived though.

2) The above likely also alters natural immune function, and the generated spike proteins possibly do further downstream damage.

3) This also explains the long-term igg4 buildup that has been seen 6months out from the mrna doses, since it would be a consequence of the unbroken translation process.

4) It might also explain the myocarditis, as immune cells basically go everywhere throughout the body, and from the above they might be dragging spike protein along with them doing peripheral damage.


File 151633048519.jpg - (19.84KB , 480x360 , sensei_no_ojikan-_doki_doki_school_hours_sub_-_13_.jpg )
31338 No. 31338 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
i can download anime faster than i can watch it, several times faster. the standard 1080 episode comes through in just a few minutes.
what good is the excess capacity doing for me?
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>> No. 41953 [Edit]
File 17013346314.gif - (1.15MB , 249x255 , 2023.gif )
tis better than streaming...
>> No. 41982 [Edit]
Arr... my hearties. Let's sail the bodacious sea.
>> No. 41991 [Edit]
It's very good to be able to download as much as I want with fast speeds. I remember circa 2010 - 2016 I was still getting 300kbs maximum on my internet, it was very rough.
Nowadays I get about 12mbs. I'm out of disk space, though.
>> No. 42042 [Edit]
Buy some HDDs; storage is cheap now.

File 160124398683.jpg - (151.31KB , 1400x912 , little shit.jpg )
36079 No. 36079 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Love them or hate them, what are your thoughts on hololive and vtubers?
116 posts and 22 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 39537 [Edit]
>most people would accept that FGO for example is part of the otaku subculture
I hope time travel is possible so that when rokos basilisk is eventually created it will torture the people who tolerated FGO for all eternity.
>> No. 40438 [Edit]
File 166254747789.jpg - (94.62KB , 946x946 , bmtg (2).jpg )
"Catch You Catch Me!"
>> No. 40779 [Edit]
After reading through the thread, I think this is most in line with how I feel about it. In complete theory I think the format has merits, but in practice it feels less like the best of both worlds (cute anime girls with interactive personalities) and more like the worst of both worlds (nonphysical girls with human personalities). Tacking on the fact that many of the people behind the mask are raking in money from gullible loners, without having any honest connection to any of them, makes it really hard for me to appreciate them. I think there is a realistic future (or an unknown present) where there are vtubers that focus more on building a genuine community but for now I'm inclined to see them as innocently harmful at best and predatory at worst.
>> No. 42041 [Edit]
File 170263357493.jpg - (60.69KB , 850x399 , 20231215.jpg )
Harmless fun but don't get addicted!

File 146597820910.png - (133.69KB , 650x672 , 4Ctjdwx.png )
29143 No. 29143 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What's yours?
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>> No. 37362 [Edit]
File 161070922373.jpg - (100.16KB , 640x800 , 20210124.jpg )
Motorbikes & coffee are my demons.
>> No. 41946 [Edit]
File 170125803432.jpg - (82.59KB , 850x850 , 20231130.jpg )
Bicycles are my vice.
>> No. 41979 [Edit]
File 170176314792.jpg - (162.92KB , 1945x1200 , 20231204.jpg )
Calendars and time-keeping
>> No. 42030 [Edit]
File 170247123094.jpg - (182.04KB , 850x1134 , 20231215.jpg )

File 170166507351.png - (1.11MB , 1372x1049 , 4a3dfebdf6ca456092db42977f57498a.png )
41973 No. 41973 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
A thread to discuss methods of archival and the things you have shared, or would like to share with the world.

I consider preservation and sharing equivalent to one another, because creating more copies is the most sure-fire method of preventing something from vanishing. On top of that, bit rot, mold, and all that nasty stuff, is increasingly making a reliance on physical copies downright dangerous.

On that note, I recently ripped an OS-tan desktop pet application from a CD-ROM. The cover has english text, but it's obviously Japanese and the files are from 2004. I suspect the CD is a re-release sold at an American convention, that may or may not be official.
9 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 42019 [Edit]
File 170214738894.jpg - (123.95KB , 800x533 , 53d2a6c79ba4d950cb81a280e0f59170.jpg )
You can buy 1tb SSDs for like $50, and 2tb SSDs for $100. SATA or M.2. So not really. When it comes to HDDs, I'm of the same opinion as Linus Torvalds.
>'Rotating storage is going the way of the dodo. How do I hate thee, let me count the ways. The latencies of rotational storage are horrendous, and I personally refuse to use a machine that has those nasty platters of spinning rust in them'
>"My primary requirement -- since CPUs are fast enough -- has been that the system be really really quiet, and that it has a good SSD in it. If our cat deigns to jump into my lap while I'm working, the loudest noise in the room should be the purring of the cat, not the computer,"

That was over 10 years ago, and since then, SSDs have gotten far cheaper and more reliable. The standard now is a lifespan of like 700TB of writing. Plus I also can't stand the noise an HDD makes.

Post edited on 9th Dec 2023, 10:44am
>> No. 42020 [Edit]
SDDs are worse for archival, they tend to fail more catastrophically. They are also not good for cold/offline backups. SSD endurance / write amplification is generally not an issue though, for a "normal" usage pattern it should last for ~30-40 years. I would not use it as a scratch drive however.
>> No. 42021 [Edit]
I just want to support the thread with a visible post.

My "archiving" goes as far as me saving videos that I find myself returning to. If I watch it again and again, I have a little folder of memories.
I've been a regular YouTube user for over a decade now, and there's been so many videos I've gone through phases of loving, but I can't remember them all because I moved on, and then forgot about them, so yeah, keeping a personal archive is something I do, but that's about it.
I save them on Google Drive for now, but I've recently become aware of the fact that Drive, and all Cloud Storage by extension, is actually not a good option for long-term storage. Just because Google will never die, that doesn't mean your files stored on Drive will never die.
>> No. 42022 [Edit]
>I save them on Google Drive for now

The more likely risk with cloud provider is that one day your account will get randomly suspended for mysterious ToS violation. Maybe one of the videos you archived had a slur, and their automated content detection didn't like it. Or maybe the background music in one of your videos was too similar to a famous anthropomorphic mouse song; banned.

File 16610848772.png - (6.35KB , 1200x800 , Flag_of_Japan_svg.png )
40310 No. 40310 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
any of you went to japan? can you t3ll us what've done? 1ny pics to share?
11 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 41981 [Edit]
If you don't mind bicycling, there's a rental bicycle service to get around Taipei.
>> No. 41984 [Edit]
File 170176834513.jpg - (843.64KB , 2785x1137 , IMG.jpg )
This was from my previous trip to Japan many years ago.

It's embarrassing but I don't know how to bike, it does sound nice however.
>> No. 41985 [Edit]
File 170176996868.jpg - (590.44KB , 2031x3952 , 928a5123cf613a335248a3c009a3de09.jpg )
>They protect the sea by cleaning it of any trash.
Never thought I'd see pro-human propaganda.
>> No. 41987 [Edit]
To be fair, the image was intended as a tongue-in-cheek and I had to crop out the other marine species for privacy reasons. It's also more reflective of the local area, the seas around is breathtakingly clean and thus frequented for scuba diving. The region is the real-life inspiration for Amanchu!.

File 170102653187.jpg - (115.29KB , 1920x1080 , 1700799206617272.jpg )
41935 No. 41935 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
do we have a discord server

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 41938 [Edit]
Those guys abandoned irc for discord.
>> No. 41980 [Edit]
Why do you want to use discord?
>> No. 41988 [Edit]
discuck is a botnet
>> No. 41999 [Edit]
Fuck discord, faggots who use it deserve to be datamined, spied on and groomed by letter organisations.

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