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File 140707601054.jpg - (421.19KB , 2000x2000 , 1407070987054.jpg )
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Because the last thread,, is now on auto sage.
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>> No. 38754 [Edit]
File 163361676838.png - (1.27MB , 1352x4096 , bbzf4ajok0s71.png )
>> No. 38792 [Edit]
File 16343901405.jpg - (1.33MB , 2048x3060 , tumblr_62f2e7803298108b8e0e73ccde91be42_5ca1e267_2.jpg )
>> No. 38884 [Edit]
File 163609785799.jpg - (95.72KB , 850x723 , a00000001.jpg )
>> No. 38916 [Edit]
File 163646311243.jpg - (31.01KB , 308x540 , tamamo outfit.jpg )

File 154850220657.jpg - (1.67MB , 3840x2160 , 152203.jpg )
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Are there any weeaboos who post here? Seen any neat jap stuff lately?
The emperor is retiring in a few months, that seems pretty exciting.
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>> No. 38665 [Edit]
>somewhat reminds me of PS home on the PS3
I was going to say that too but I thought it was just me.
PS home had those virtual demo/promo booths for new and upcoming games, some of which being pretty detailed with most opting to use a retextured default room.
I can only assume most third party devs saw making those booths as too much of a bother. Was a nice concept, but far too ahead of it's time. They really should have held off on it and launched it with the ps4, rather than half way into the ps3's life cycle.
>> No. 38671 [Edit]
>Was a nice concept, but far too ahead of it's time
I agree, I'm not generally interested in MMO related stuff but I had a good impression of PS home.
>> No. 38913 [Edit]
File 163639588234.png - (1.75MB , 1433x1022 , 210728_nishikyusyu_design.png )
I had no idea that were was going to be a new Shinkansen line opening up in 2022. Only today I read about a commemoration in Isahaya.

Apparently it's called the West Kyushu Shinkansen and it will retain the nickname "Kamome" from the existing limited express from Hakata to Nagasaki. It will run between Takaeoonsen and Nagasaki and is scheduled to begin operations by the autumn of next year.

I knew about the Hokkaido Shinkansen expansion to Sapporo, the Hokuriku Shinkansen expansion to Tsuruga and the all new Linear Chuou Shinkansen but this one went completely under the radar and now I feel stupid.

Either way it made my day as I'm planning a trip to Japan probably in 2023.
>> No. 38914 [Edit]
They are very secretive about those things. I remember watching a TV program about trains the other day, they do trains in every nation. The Japan episode had the host going to the facility for train research or something, an immense facility apparently devoid of workers. He asks on of the few staff members who are there to talk to him "Where's everyone?". The worker says "That's secret." Then the host asks what are they doing on the east and west wings along with basic stuff that they are developing they guy says "All that is secret."
There's also the maglev thing. But it should take more time I think.
The program ended with the host going on a simulator of the shinkansen.

File 150476062530.png - (192.63KB , 639x669 , 4f8895b26cb11eb4b54a67d838e11cadcf918218.png )
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Do you have anything you like to do as a form of self-therapy? Something that makes things a little easier for you?
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>> No. 37368 [Edit]
Fyi they're running a promotion for another free Momoiro work. They even have english subtitles this time (hardsubbed only, sadly)
(My coupon said it expired in 2 days but I don't know how long they're running it for – It's even possible it's the same one you mentioned and I haven't noticed until now)

Post edited on 16th Jan 2021, 3:57pm
>> No. 37489 [Edit]
File 161198466010.jpg - (125.77KB , 690x488 , lev.jpg )
Talking & Walking solves a lot of little problems
>> No. 38826 [Edit]
File 163495474974.gif - (169.57KB , 250x361 , ak47.gif )
and writing
>> No. 38865 [Edit]
File 163588499029.jpg - (490.59KB , 1800x900 , ピアノガールのbirthday!.jpg )
>>35474 as well as indulging in whatever content in Japanese from books to train videos to reading the niyu-su. Furthermore, I often like to mix real life with this idyllic fantasy of living with my waifu in Japan. This would translate to going out as if strolling around during hanami, at night in a hot summer listening to the city sounds and crickets or, during the winter, taking a hot bath or cooking some japanese dish with her... It's cozy and fluffy and I don't feel like it's such an intense and out-worldly escapism as to negatively affect my daily life. Only the opposite.

I am very thankful for this ability to find joy in the mundane.

File 160489070816.webm - (149.72KB , keyboard_typing.webm )
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Given that many people here likely have a lot of spare time (and especially with recent circumstances, even those who attended uni or had fulltime jobs are probably in front of a computer as well), what do you spend your days doing? Is most of it spent in front of the screen, flitting between imageboards and anime-watching? Or do you prefer to engange in more physical hobbies?
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>> No. 38606 [Edit]
Outside of the already mentioned imageboards and anime I've been indulging in the wacky world of conspiracy theories and boy has it been quite a ride I just learned about the one about meat stations and how they're black markets for human meat in China and South America. It's the reason why some missing persons cases are never solved, allegedly of course.
>> No. 38607 [Edit]
Oh I should mention that I don't read into those to mock them it's just a means of insight for understanding how others view our reality. My post kinda came off like I was being mocking.
>> No. 38821 [Edit]
Me again. Still making coffee and watching YouTube, but I've been playing games more often lately.
Metroid Dread is very good.
>> No. 38822 [Edit]
Interactivity is healthier than just consuming.

File 151513228726.png - (74.55KB , 452x102 , dn2.png )
31259 No. 31259 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
the link to the ever growing collection of TC banner images went away recently, so here it is again
anyone who wishes to add to the collection is probably welcome to present any entries in here, but don't push your luck
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>> No. 35595 [Edit]
I like it; thank you for redoing it!
>> No. 38803 [Edit]
File 16345816049.png - (60.44KB , 452x102 , yuyuko banner capped.png )
I made this, tell me what you think.
Also, I'm pretty sure every banner in this thread with the exception of OP's has not been added.
>> No. 38804 [Edit]
Looks very nice. I'm not sure how you'd contact Tohno to get these added. I do remember seeing >>31300 in the banner rotation (and indeed one can manually verify this since the banner is chosen locally via client-side js). The bocchi one doesn't seem added though (perhaps that's befitting of bocchi).
>> No. 38809 [Edit]
My bad yo, I'll have them added by the end of the night.

File 163217168253.jpg - (199.82KB , 1516x2048 , 0a4f8bd412c0ec7ad58d75d4c0ed7d2c.jpg )
38707 No. 38707 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What's with the deal with eating food alone in the bathroom? Wouldn't the smell ruin the meal?
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>> No. 38738 [Edit]
At my high school there was a big campus that was totally open at recess and lunch so I'd usually find some corner away from everyone to eat in. Then when I was done with my food I'd move to the library so I could read on a beanbag chair.
>> No. 38741 [Edit]
I always thought it was meant to be a visual joke in media.
>> No. 38748 [Edit]
I always wished my school had a library.
>> No. 38752 [Edit]
I didn't eat in the bathroom, but I would retreat there during lunch or other blocks of time I would have had to be around my classmates. In junior high, we were assigned seats in the cafeteria for lunch and morning assembly, and since I didn't want to be around the vile people at my table, I would sit in the bathroom until we were sent to class. Apparently a bunch of teachers got angry that I was doing this, so I got yelled at and was prohibited from going to the bathroom at those times again.

I spent most of my lunch periods in the library during high school. It was pretty good; usually pretty quiet, opportunity to read a book while waiting for class to resume. However, there were instances where people would follow me in there with malicious intentions, forcing me to find somewhere else to hide.

File 146082394454.png - (33.24KB , 452x102 , 4rd.png )
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What's a suitable automobile for the tohno-chan veteran?
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>> No. 38640 [Edit]
Now go one step further, have a bicycle you use more than your cheap car.
>> No. 38662 [Edit]
I would definitely ride my bicycle more if it werent for three good reasons:
1. Its dangerous as fuck to cycle in this country
2. Severe tendonitis flare ups from holding the bike handles
3. The places I need to go are too far away to cycle
>> No. 38744 [Edit]
After moving from the west cost to the Midwest, I've started to understand why so many people I meet online dislike driving. The road designs are moronic, with major roads cutting right though small towns with speed transitions and limits that don't match the styles of the roads. I got my very first speeding ticket in some inbreed hick town because of this. With properly designed roads you shouldn't have to constantly scan for limit signs, which here look almost exactly like road markers. Major roads should have consistent speeds and go around cites, not into them. This creates a very stressful driving experience. These roads are also packed full of driveways to homes and businesses, stop signs, and on ramps placed in ways that make it impossible to see oncoming cars. Yesterday while driving I actually saw a sign that said 60mph because of a curve up ahead, and about 20 feet ahead of that was a sign that said 70mph. This is what happens when you let sister fuckers design your infrastructure.
>> No. 39419 [Edit]
As a tepid defense, I think most small towns set around highways were built after the highway was established. There are at least half a dozen in Florida comma United States that I know for certain came around because people saw tourists driving between important cities and thought they could scrape some income from them during pit stops. Not to mention commuting from small towns.

Still a very unintelligent design, but at this point short of destroying all the infrastructure I think we're stuck with it as it is. And one could make the case if we're destroying the infrastructure to begin with there are better options than spamming roads.

File 160004669631.png - (1.56MB , 848x1200 , 0c3ae8fc8a5db505993082cea2664102.png )
35910 No. 35910 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What is your favorite hair color?
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>> No. 37262 [Edit]
yamato nadeshiko?
>> No. 37273 [Edit]
File 16099034074.jpg - (41.25KB , 720x540 , yaya.jpg )
The blacker, the better
>> No. 37332 [Edit]
File 161028583743.jpg - (46.63KB , 600x800 , 20210117.jpg )
Anone ano ne~
>> No. 38684 [Edit]
File 163132271332.jpg - (114.12KB , 850x777 , Clipboard02.jpg )
Taste the rainbow

File 160955329719.jpg - (721.33KB , 4958x4437 , dumbness rankings.jpg )
37243 No. 37243 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
can anyone here explain why being "smart" enough to get a "good" job requires so much more instruction than being dumb? shouldn't smart people just be smart enough to figure things out for themselves without needing to receive instruction until they're over 30 years old? how come people who fix cars for a living require so much less instruction than scientists and doctors do before they're done being schoolchildren? seems paradoxical
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 37245 [Edit]
> how come people who fix cars for a living requires
There's a bit of a false dichotomy here. When you say "fix" are you referring to an entry level mechanic like you'd find at jiffylube or a skilled technician that does private servicing for high-end vehicles? There's a world of difference between the two: the former is basically "routine" maintenance where you follow a checklist. The latter might require a higher skill level that comes from years of experience in the field, being able to intuitively debug the root cause of issues (but I'm not a mechanic and I hear that modern cars are basically digital black-boxes anyway so this comparison might not be very good). Nonetheless the point stands: you're comparing two different things – I suspect if you look at the high-end of trades jobs you'll see that even though they might not necessarily receive formal education they still do an equivalent amount of time learning and training. That is, a master crafstman is in a completely different league than someone who just took woodworking in highschool.

Now going to your particular examples
> receive instruction until they're over 30 years old
>so much less instruction than scientists and doctors do before they're done being schoolchildren
Until "over 30 years old" is exaggerating quite a bit. I don't know anyone who actively receives post-college education for over 10 years after they graduate (assuming they graduate at ~20). Usually the "scientists" in question will switch from receiving instruction to doing research, and the PhD programs (which might indeed end up taking about 8 years or so) are mostly focused on this research rather than receiving education. Still, the reason why large amount of undergraduate and graduate coursework is needed is because it takes a large time to get up to speed on the breadth and depth of background knowledge needed for these fields. You aren't going to be able to research in Inter-universal Teichmuller Theory without having a solid footing in number theory, which can take several years to master. But this is research-focused stuff. Most people doing practical things in $BIG_CO will not need anywhere
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 37246 [Edit]
Most of college is figuring stuff out on your own. The classes are just for credit so you can get a degree from a place with a solid reputation. If you're lucky, the professor or TAs are good for answering questions, but that's certainly not a guarantee. If you think it's easy, try self-studying 4+ difficult subjects at the same time and getting to a semi-proficient state in all of them within three months.

In an ideal world, exams in these subjects would be publically available for people to take so they can get a free, but respected degree and the elitist middle man and textbook mill would be unnecessary.
>> No. 37269 [Edit]
Dumb people are confident. Normies mistake confidence for being "right". See Dunning-Kruger effect.
>> No. 38683 [Edit]
50% of people are dumb; there's a lot of dumbness in the world.

File 16282398304.jpg - (98.17KB , 1280x720 , E4cOIw6WQAI7bGF.jpg )
38588 No. 38588 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
post interesting and unique websites outside the mainstream big sites
2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 38659 [Edit]
File 16299650376.png - (314.19KB , 640x360 , Moka_Hoto_Holding_Forth_for_Atari.png )
>> No. 38664 [Edit]
That's great thank you for sharing.
>> No. 38672 [Edit]
>> No. 38680 [Edit]
Here's a webapp that uses an ai to make 2ch style ascii art:

Combined with this website that makes pictures into line art:

You can render pretty much any image into this format. Formatting the output text anywhere else is a bitch though.

Post edited on 10th Sep 2021, 2:41pm

File 14675761555.png - (21.98KB , 140x128 , sitefrontnew.png )
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Do you have music on while using your pc and browsing the tohno?
I'd like some nice, calm music to have as background
I really have no idea how to find new stuff though
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>> No. 36909 [Edit]
Ah, the sound of silence.
>> No. 37294 [Edit]
Baka Mitai
>> No. 37916 [Edit]
Boards of Canada has some nice tracks.
>> No. 38668 [Edit]
File 16301212141.jpg - (114.46KB , 684x1000 , DeathpactAngel2.jpg )
Randomise and let's go!

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