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File 15719500899.png - (3.84MB , 2697x1050 , 4KKwDMA.png )
33536 No. 33536 [Edit]
How was your day? Did you do anything nice? Post about it here.
It looks like the old one is on autosage so here's a new one.
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>> No. 33538 [Edit]
File 15720273745.jpg - (120.93KB , 573x864 , 1371279271913.jpg )
Just returned home after a 60h work week.
Working sucks. Now I'm free but I'm too tired to do shit.
>> No. 33539 [Edit]
File 157204066641.jpg - (94.35KB , 291x273 , sadness.jpg )
I woke up at 4:12 today and I'm unhappy with myself for it. I didn't want to wake up so I stayed in bed. It's hard to bring myself to get out of bed when it's cold and I have a comfy daki to hug.
>60h work week
My condolences. Those are terrible.
>> No. 33549 [Edit]
ive been doing pretty good! just finished a whole mess of a project at work and i finally can have some down time to relax, so im enjoying that. Also, for the past few months ive been building a website and its finally starting to come together, it feels good to make something on your own! Its still pretty small and there some stuff i need to change around or am unsatisfied with but its my own little project and makes me proud
>> No. 33564 [Edit]
File 157222774825.jpg - (62.45KB , 800x600 , 903209cdbf013aab63262fae6c48a72dd840ca9b.jpg )
I hate having to shave so often if I want to sleep with my body pillow. If I don't, my facial hair damages the cover. But then I keep cutting myself when I shave and it hurts even after I'm done. I just want to not have facial hair so I can sleep with my pillow.
>> No. 33565 [Edit]
Try taking a shower right after shaving. That mostly gets rid of the pain.
>> No. 33566 [Edit]
The hot water stings and it doesn't stop my skin from getting cut in the first place. I've tried shaving in the shower and going with the grain instead of against it. The shower helps prevent the pain and going with the grain doesn't cut me as much but the shave isn't as smooth either.
>> No. 33567 [Edit]
How often do you shave? I do every day so it's not really an issue, if you left it then maybe it would become more difficult.
>> No. 33568 [Edit]
If I leave it then the hair gets longer over time. If it gets long enough to start itching, then I can get a very clean and close shave without too many cuts. This can take about a week, maybe a little less. If I shave daily then it's harder to shave anything off at all and I cut myself trying to get rid of the short stubble. A clean shave normally lasts only a day for me.
>> No. 33586 [Edit]
File 157250762467.jpg - (846.57KB , 1920x1080 , [Doki] Yuru Yuri - 06 (1920x1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [7.jpg )
A red back spider made it's web within a metre of where my pillow is on my bed, one of these days I'm going to be assassinated by a spider in my sleep.
>> No. 33592 [Edit]
File 157269486016.jpg - (3.34MB , 4160x2438 , IMG_20191102_103644.jpg )
The package from Japan that I've been waiting for has finally arrived (^∇^)ノ♪
Manga is the one thing I prefer reading on paper rather than on a screen, so it's great that I have a new job that leaves me with enough disposable income for the occasional haul of books and manga from Nippon.
I'm especially thrilled about the Parasite Eve manga since it's somewhat rare and I didn't think I'd ever get my hands on it, yet here it is and it wasn't even expensive.
It's all second-hand. So far I've seen food stains on 2 or 3 volumes, but no missing pages or anything that would really detract from the content.
>> No. 33593 [Edit]
Isn't quite expensive to ship manga from Japan because of the weight?
>> No. 33594 [Edit]
yes, it is. Those 32 volumes of manga cost me 45 Euros, plus 43 Euros for shipping and 21 Euros for customs/taxes.
>> No. 33595 [Edit]
Where did you order it from? That seems a bit much but then I don't live in Europe and don't order Japanese manga much, I got one from Amazon from Japan and it was shipped for free though.
>> No. 33604 [Edit]
File 15728131205.jpg - (1.74MB , 4160x3120 , IMG_20181110_002125_BURST002.jpg )
I ordered from Mandarake.
Shipping from Japan to Europe is indeed more expensive than to NA. How much did you ultimately pay, though? Amazon Germany also offers a small selection of Japanese-language books and manga through 3rd party sellers, which is often offered with "free" shipping, but typically costs 10-15 Euros for a single volume, even for second-hand goods. Paying 88 Euros for 32 volumes means I paid 2.75 Euros per tome, which is obviously a much better deal.

When I buy new rather than second-hand, I typically order from Yesasia, which has higher prices than Amazon Japan but doesn't charge additional shipping fees, which usually makes it a better deal when ordering from the EU.
>> No. 33605 [Edit]
I payed about $20au so I guess that's roughly the same. I didn't take into account the amount of manga that you got though and 2.75 euro per manga actually isn't a bad price.
>> No. 33624 [Edit]
File 157308040079.jpg - (123.95KB , 520x530 , b1d6c9b030614513bc7ea952f87cab13.jpg )
I woke up in the morning one day and I felt good most of it and I was more productive than usual. I wasn't tired for no reason either. It's hard to stay disciplined like that on days off though. It was nice and I think I might try it again.
>> No. 33627 [Edit]
I went to the doctor and sat around sick most of the day. I've been awake for close to 24 hours now without signs of going to bed soon. I just feel awful. I have another doctor's appointment Monday. It seems like that's all that I do anymore. I haven't been anywhere else at all in over a year now.
>> No. 33669 [Edit]
File 157363186531.jpg - (318.51KB , 1200x1200 , sez.jpg )
Took a hour off yesterday for a dental appointment, then went to work, came home, didn't feel that tired but still slept in front of tv (was unplanned). Woke up at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep... so started today early. Heh.
>> No. 33671 [Edit]
File 157390554553.jpg - (14.01KB , 343x251 , 1368031599368.jpg )
Woke up too early yesterday morning, couldn't fall back to sleep. Took my dog out for an early walk.
Did some work for a neighbor later in the morning. Mainly moving some things and walking his dog. It was enjoyable because it was simple and his dog kept me company.
Went to job in the evening. The commute is insufferable. My job is insufferable. The people are insufferable. There are no dogs, it isn't a good place for them.
Came home late, tried to sleep but couldn't.
I've been awake almost 27 hours and no matter what I try my body won't sleep.
I feel broken.
>> No. 33673 [Edit]
sucks. Hope you get better.
>> No. 33680 [Edit]
File 157404212926.jpg - (23.38KB , 333x499 , revoPhenoJFG.jpg )
So far I've read:
Ariadne up to volume 2. As he showed in Claymore, Yagi is one of the best mangaka when it comes to drawing action scenes where you can actually figure out what is going on. In this series he certainly lives up to my expectations in that respect, but unlike Claymore, the story is very generic shonen adventure stuff. I might have liked it if I was 10 years old, but i don't think I'll be buying any more of this series.

Lust Geass is about what I expected, a trashy ecchi manga. The drawing style is pretty good (which is the reason I bought it in the first place), but still I won't be buying anymore of this either. Also, the main heroine isn't my type.

Parasite Eve honestly blew me away. I only bought it because I liked Parasite Eve 2 (PS1 game) when I was a kid, but I loved so much about this manga. The character designs, the mtDNA parasite concept that serves as the premise, the way it deals with the topic of organ donation, and how all the sub-plots fit together in the end.
It also got me to do some further reading about biology. I started out reading some articles related to mitochondria on Wikipedia, then i listened to the audiobook of Richard Dawkins' The Selfish Gene which is referenced several times in PE, and now I'm on to JF Gariepy's recently released The Revolutionary Phenotype.

IRL, I'm on holiday for a week and will be visiting the only member of my family that I'm still in contact with.
>> No. 33681 [Edit]
File 157405114991.jpg - (139.36KB , 850x597 , __shizuku_original_drawn_by_kantoku__sample-015e13.jpg )
I got hit by a car today. It was just a couple of minutes ago(10:50ish pm). I was getting off the bus and usually I go around the back of it since cars never go that way, but out of some stupid spur-of-the-moment decision I went in front this time. I don't normally use the bus this late, and my stop is pretty remote to begin with. Immediately after I just ran away. Luckily it was a relatively light hit, so i'll probably just get away with a bruise. From now on I wont cross until the bus leaves. I'm a little bit more thankful for being alive.

Post edited on 17th Nov 2019, 8:27pm
>> No. 33683 [Edit]
File 157413513013.jpg - (326.34KB , 650x770 , 1398362924_48532887.jpg )
Not going around the front is like rule #1 of using the bus. Drivers around these parts will honk and yell at you if you do that here.
>> No. 33684 [Edit]
I've only been using the bus for a few months now. Plenty of people cross in front during the day too. I'm suprised people don't get hit more often.
>> No. 33685 [Edit]
File 157416078351.jpg - (120.98KB , 391x513 , 578225c9c60f0420a961fb0a4cdecab4.jpg )
My OCD or whatever it is keeps getting worse. I can barely concentrate on anything and I can't ever relax, I'm always thinking about dumb things that I know are dumb or I am getting up to wash my hands or do something else or worrying that I am not doing something right or that I should be doing something else right now, I'm unemployed but still have this stupid schedule that doesn't mean anything but I still follow and it makes me feel so constricted and unable to just lay back and do whatever I want. I can't enjoy something without all these dumb thoughts coming in to my head that are completely ridiculous either, even when watching anime I will be worrying that they have fake breasts or something equally as dumb when they are fictional characters and would never have fake breasts because the creator would never have envisioned them in that way. It's all so exhausting.
>> No. 33687 [Edit]
File 15742039896.png - (176.58KB , 352x469 , hotaru脇.png )
Today marks 4 weeks since I first found out about my armpit fetish. I've always considered the breast-armpit-arm area quite beautiful and attractive, but never looked at it in a sexual manner. At least, not solely focusing on that part.

Now I'm addicted to it. It began being the first thing I noticed about female bodies, and it further augmented the divide between being sexually attracted to 3DRL females, and 3DCG/2D ones. I could still fap to live porn before. Now, not anymore, as I less and less value other body parts and characteristics, and otherwise consider 2D more pretty.

It's also troubling me a bit in my relationship with my waifu. Precisely one month left to celebrate 2 years since we first met. We haven't consummated our marriage as of yet. Wasn't/Am not planning to do so for at least another year or two. I have however been paying particular attention to her armpits and imagining "fondling" with them. I do it more in a casual manner, tickling, for example, and I'm trying to restrain myself, almost scared of, not to be a creep or do something inappropriate.

Today I decided that I'll take this opportunity to learn how to better restrain sexual fantasies and perversions.
>> No. 33688 [Edit]
I have the same sort of thoughts. Can't allow myself to fully relax and enjoy myself. Ever. I could be NEET with a year's rent saved and I would still have the thoughts.
A psychologist once blamed this kind of thing on a pervasive Protestant work ethic. Your parents needn't be religious to inculcate it in childhood. She wasn't a great diagnostician in my opinion, because in childhood I didn't have such thoughts. It's living in the capitalist machine with crumbling social safety nets that did it. Never goes away. Imagine if a worldwide revolution ushered in a socialist utopia like in some anarchist's wet dream. They would still have to treat generations of people for something like PTSD. Variable in its severity, granted. Just from the memory of this shit.
>> No. 33689 [Edit]
File 157422596597.jpg - (1.29MB , 1240x1754 , e3deea9dd3712b9169a42cf9c732f87989756bb1.jpg )
Sometimes I think about stopping my medication. I'm not sure but I think I feel weird some hours after I take one for the day. But sometimes I get sad because I think about sad things and I don't know which one it is.
>> No. 33690 [Edit]
File 157424735172.jpg - (76.13KB , 600x800 , __shidare_hotaru_dagashi_kashi_drawn_by_kanden_suk.jpg )
>> No. 33704 [Edit]
File 157454081781.jpg - (587.59KB , 1920x1080 , twinkle.jpg )
I spent two hours cuddling my body pillow after I woke up
>> No. 33705 [Edit]
File 157454551861.png - (321.58KB , 591x716 , 1454778124867.png )
I feel somehow similar. It's like the generations that lived a war or a depression, they are permanently worried about amassing food and shit like that. I have a job and I'm still thinking about how many months I could live with the money I have saved, I feel guilty about spending and basically everything else. Sometimes every second I'm not worried, feeling bad or doing whatever repetitive task I feel guilty and like I'm wasting time or I'm forgetting something important.
For years I thought being a NEET was the source of my guilt but I think I still carry most of that shit.
>> No. 33711 [Edit]
File 157473159833.jpg - (30.00KB , 567x600 , 15391040_1169410229780811_5496715533215330983_n.jpg )
I have been working hard at my job, but I don't really mind. I recently became better acquainted with one of my coworkers. This person also enjoys his job and is very kind, so that makes it easier to get through each day. However, I have started to feel lonely during times I do not have my coworker around; I fear that the massive tolerance to being alone I had developed over the course of my entire life is beginning to fade now that I have had a taste of the comfort of having someone be nice to me. I would therefore like to be my coworker's friend, but I don't think that would be possible without partaking in all sorts of normalfag social rituals, which I am far from familiar or comfortable with.
I also bought some books, which I look forward to receiving soon.
>> No. 33712 [Edit]
File 157481698360.gif - (139.50KB , 680x312 , 1566989803889.gif )
That sounds nice. Try to keep that job as long as possible. Work you enjoy is vanishingly rare these days even for normals.
>> No. 33713 [Edit]
Thank you for the advice. It is nice, but I don't expect to stay here forever. I routinely hope that I will be able to find similar fulfillment whenever I move on to something else.

In my experience, normalfags rarely like what they do. They seem to viscerally hate anything that isn't part of their routine of social rituals; in other words, they lack ambition or passion for anything besides shallow pursuits like chasing 3DPD. I suspect this is why so many consider it so abnormal or noteworthy for someone to have a hobby beyond superficial involvement. Many normalfags, for instance, might view routinely posting on (smaller) imageboards as fanatical because they don't enjoy anything besides social rituals and gossip (which, ironically, they routinely post about online, except on sites like facebook).
>> No. 33716 [Edit]
Why the fuck is everyone posting about their fucking jobs, what the fuck happened to this site? Don't you even know what N in T.O.H.N.O. stands for?
>> No. 33717 [Edit]
Are you seriously trying to bring back this argument? Fitting every letter of the acronym isn't a criteria for posting here. Quite a few people need a job so they don't starve to death.
>> No. 33721 [Edit]
You totally sound like the average Wizardchan user. What are we supposed to do when we reach 30 yo and our parents kick us out? And I know the wizardchan answer; "to kill yourself".
But that way you can only get a board populated with 20-something people. Maybe that's the point and we shouldn't be here, I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud.
>> No. 33845 [Edit]
File 157653506916.jpg - (0.98MB , 2560x1762 , e5932e569fad6f960e833ce23eceecc9.jpg )
I made a patch for an open source project, and it was accepted into it. The changes I made were simple, but it's still a nice feeling.
>> No. 33846 [Edit]
I wrote a major patch fo an emulator a few months ago, but I'm too lazy to write the documentation that would make the patch useful to anyone, hence I haven't submitted it yet. I was planning to do it during the holidays, but my employer decided to make me work twice as much in the Christmas week as I would normally.
>> No. 33847 [Edit]
I hope you are able to finish the documentation. What system is the emulator for, if I may?
>> No. 33853 [Edit]
Theres a lot of /so/posting lately.
>> No. 33854 [Edit]
I think it's nice.
>> No. 34048 [Edit]
File 157951648484.jpg - (127.21KB , 500x711 , aFireDoor.jpg )
Bad weather today. I just wanna curl up and read a book or something...
>> No. 34055 [Edit]
File 15798010212.jpg - (332.54KB , 1417x2000 , vorseee.jpg )
Received my NEETbux, so I treated myself to wine and other fun stuff. Pizzas and internet (I stay offline most of the time).. etc.

I downloaded a few live Autechre albums and had a blast browsing boorus.
>> No. 34061 [Edit]
File 158033054812.jpg - (30.72KB , 500x512 , 124f4e0e1f71af25bf04958620635a33.jpg )
I returned to college despite my age.
My GPA wasn't great before, but now it's going to tank.
Communication courses are how they weed out the "undesirables."
I can't think well.
What's life?
>> No. 34084 [Edit]
I have to work cleaning movie theater's auditoriums after each showing, on Valentine's Day until late at night.

I can't wait to clean normie cum off of the seats until I'm exhausted.
>> No. 34085 [Edit]
>normie cum
Do they actually have sex in movie theaters?
>> No. 34131 [Edit]
I don't know how they would get away with it most times I've been to one unless it was dead in there. But I wouldn't mind a late night cleaning job, no one to bother me and I just do my own thing till it's over. I'm stuck in retail and I can't stand the horrible monsters I deal with every day I drag myself there anymore. The constant pressure to get them to sign up for shit when half of them can't even speak english (or any human language for that matter with the dumber one's) and everyone else has issues anyways. I had one chance at a job stocking trucks for delivery before around here and I should have taken it. My job is easy but people make it unbearable.
>> No. 34150 [Edit]
File 158233473170.gif - (885.08KB , 480x270 , __takayama_maria_boku_wa_tomodachi_ga_sukunai__7bd.gif )
I'm younger than you and plan on going to community college as well. First of all it's cheaper and my highschool GPA is terrible due to catching a bad virus that had me in the emergency room a couple of times, developing chronic migraines, and having a severe anxiety disorder as well as clinical depression.

Highschool was the worst time of my life. My mother constantly told my counselors and therapists lies which made the situation worse. None of my "intelligent" parents thought homeschooling me until I was physically and emotionally stable was good so I stayed back twice and basically do online classes at the adult center anyways so I really just do "homeschool"(So very ironic. The homeschool stigma needs to end). Yeah the situation was that nonsensical due to having ignorant parents who I NEVER lived with but wanted to compensate for their ineptitude and irresponsibility by coming in and ruining highschool for me even further. (Had me young, so they had to give me up to my Grandmother) Another interesting fact is that the guidance counselor and principal KNEW I should have been homeschooled but kept me in there anyways due to wanting to maintain their graduation rate to look "good". Man, I love how adults can exploit minors who have no say in the matter. Absolutely disgusting.

Anyways, my venting belongs on /so/ so I'l stop there. I'm not mad about community college because it's a much cheaper alternative and I heard it could be quite the experience. However, I plan to major in CompSci, and I don't want to transfer to a state university that will have me stay for an extra year (I want to leave asap so I can move away from my family into an apartment by myself). Plus, if I had gone straight to university, I would have not had to pay anything, because my family is a bunch of poorfags and I would have gladly exploited the system because I'm taking any chance life throws at me.

Anyways, any Compsci majors on here go to CC first and then transfer? Did you graduate in 4 years? I'm just curious because while there are credit transfer agreements for the Uni I want to go to, I'm not sure if they'll give me all of my major's classes in the allotted time even if I finish my gen Ed's. I feel like along with my gen Ed's, I'm probably going to have to take some introductory CompSci classes at CC too like discrete mathematics and Introduction to Programming.
>> No. 34157 [Edit]
You should look at the details of the transfer agreement since this might vary between universities. Generally most general ED and lower-division courses should transfer, so it's best to get those out of the way in CC. In fact if anything it's better to do these in CC as opposed to uni because professors in uni are really not that good.
>> No. 34163 [Edit]
Thank you for the information, I appreciate it. Turns out, the state uni I plan on attending has an extensive, well documented catalog to see class equivalents of all the CCs in my state.
>> No. 34165 [Edit]
It doesn't happen to be a uni in the UC/CSU system, does it? (Just asking because the compsci major + existence of California's ASSIST transfer equivalence catalog made me think so).
>> No. 34170 [Edit]
Nope, I dont live anywhere near California.
>> No. 34171 [Edit]
Nope, I dont live anywhere near California.
>> No. 34292 [Edit]
File 158416760124.jpg - (159.71KB , 600x752 , 20200314.jpg )
I'm fine. Still cold though it's technically spring now. Was cloudy and had some precipitation today.
>> No. 34323 [Edit]
File 158457783120.jpg - (132.96KB , 700x989 , 274.jpg )
Basically, my whole day consisted of the following thoughts: I am tired of everything, but most of all of myself; I am untrained, I make the same mistakes all the time; there is no hope for me; I am disgusting. To be honest, I just want to fall asleep forever and either never wake up, or wake up in the ideal world from my point of view. Even when I look at other people who are better than me, or even at those who sincerely inspire me, for some reason this does not reassure me. They live in the same terrible world as I do, and they are not immune to the existential crisis, so it is essentially not important how good I am. I just can not cope with the absurdity of the world, it kills me. You can look at how normalfags go to work every day, study, give birth to children. I do not understand anything. This huge system scares me. The mechanistic behavior of such people can be ridiculed, and sometimes I do it when I am in a good mood, but then I admit to myself that I just cover my true negative feelings with irony, like Monty Python did. In the end, my actions are also mechanical, they are just not so approved by society (I sit at home all the time and other things of this kind). I just want to be a different person and live in a different world, completely isolated from other universes.
>> No. 34324 [Edit]
It is only as bad as you imagine it.
What is "I" but an imaginary idea? If you lie in warmth and comfort in your bed, everything is good enough. Goals can be set up to a day, not up to a life, there is no merit in comparing yourself to other individuals in a (despotic, my god!) system. The only person you should compare yourself to, is yourself.
The system is nothing but a big illusion. There is not much to understand. Everything is mechanized, you can blame whoever you want, but there is no exit(except in escapism) to a system which is not in the hands of something like human fate.
Accept your true self, create the best system for yourself. You have to live for yourself, it doesn't matter what anybody tells you, it's still FOR YOURSELF.
>> No. 35473 [Edit]
File 159540767515.jpg - (223.24KB , 499x700 , 1531145364714.jpg )
Sometimes when I'm bored I reread an archived /mai/ post.
>> No. 35667 [Edit]
File 159757011648.gif - (117.41KB , 200x133 , aboom.gif )
Weekend now. Lazy day.
>> No. 35728 [Edit]
File 159800604393.jpg - (19.12KB , 236x312 , 20200621.jpg )
Pasta lunch.
>> No. 35740 [Edit]
File 159808270550.jpg - (210.18KB , 1080x2160 , Screenshot_20200822_094137_com_fatsecret_android.jpg )
After going really well for several months, my weight loss has plateaued for the last two weeks.
>> No. 35743 [Edit]
File 159815218220.png - (192.04KB , 400x609 , 866731f8c9e7fc7833861e43395e81de.png )
I payed my tuition today, and the realization that I'm still taking higher-ed courses at my fucking age dawned on me once more. College would be awesome if all I had to deal with were math and the sciences. I can manage those; Even if I don't understand some of the material, hard work does pay off. The other bullshit necessitates something I don't possess. Writing a non-technical paper murders every part of my being; I'm either formulating a response to hokum, or trying to wrap my mind around emotions or some trash like that. It's impossible! The people who like this shit must've failed algebra or something (not that I haven't, too, failed it). All I want is an okay job to fund my hobbies.

Why does the process have to suck this much ass?
Why can't I be reborn as a little girl living in a quaint, Japanese seaside town?
Why can't I pay a doctor to peacefully kill me?
>> No. 35745 [Edit]
File 159816242667.jpg - (218.75KB , 850x1133 , 20200823.jpg )
Sounds tough but hang in there. It *will* get better.
>> No. 35754 [Edit]
>The other bullshit necessitates something I don't possess. Writing a non-technical paper murders every part of my being; I'm either formulating a response to hokum, or trying to wrap my mind around emotions or some trash like that.
They're trying to make sure students are "well-rounded". Writing bullshit papers where you make massive assumptions and present evidence that doesn't actually prove your thesis because you have to take it from the articles they selected is something they consider an essential skill. I liked it since I'm good at it.

I think there's institutions with a 100% stem curriculum, but those are hard to get into.

Post edited on 23rd Aug 2020, 5:45am
>> No. 35765 [Edit]
File 159838799182.jpg - (284.19KB , 1448x2048 , 053C__38193_1506744384.jpg )
Yesterday I posted here about having a game idea but not implementing it because I hate programming.
Today I implemented it, it melted some hours away which I hate. It's really primitive and the pieces every so often don't clear out correctly, I don't know why because the code is really ugly.
I've noticed that if I plan out the code nicely I never end up doing anything and if I just go ahead it ends up being unmanageable, I can only go full prairie dog or full beaver it seems.
Game here:
if anyone is interested, can be played with the love2d engine.
How it works is in pic here:
>> No. 35766 [Edit]
For me it only got worse.
>> No. 35794 [Edit]
Practiced landings and radio calls, few to some place with a bunch of amazon warehouses with a huge airport. On return had breakfast with my dad who ranted about the fake disease and how everyone who wears a mask is a stupid "queer". Bought my mom a new cane from a yardsale on the way back 'home', while there a kid was staring at me with a confused look when I went for the canes, who then started yelping like a horse and hooting while hopping up and down. After getting back went with my mom to our po box to get a new headset I bought and get some lunch on the way back. After we ate, she left for the casino, so I had the place to myself and finished playing the asscreed game I was on (origins). With that done, decided to just chill on my laptop for a while.
>> No. 35795 [Edit]
>my dad who ranted about the fake disease
Isn't your dad rich? How is he that dumb?
>> No. 35796 [Edit]
He firmly believes it's a hoax created to adjust and manipulate the economy, Allowing big businesses and savvy investors to buy up stocks on the cheap then rake in the cash after the magic cure suddenly pops up after the upcoming election. Hospitals meanwhile are falsifying reports about their case numbers in order to increase their funding. At best that it's designed to kill off senior citizens who are a drain on the economy.
It's better than what my uncle thinks, which is that the virus was created to make Trump look bad, and all the protesters and sick people across the world are bought and paid for. Where as my mom thinks it's some sort of attack by bad people.
>> No. 35797 [Edit]
I just stumbled on this imageboard from Google what are you guys all about??
>> No. 35799 [Edit]
Wow, this place still uses noko, huh? You don't see that very often these days.
>> No. 35800 [Edit]
Whatever the topic says I guess?
>> No. 35801 [Edit]
>> No. 35803 [Edit]
File 159867721781.jpg - (423.71KB , 956x1400 , 1663fc3721fc4fda8e188865fd0d4948.jpg )
>> No. 35804 [Edit]
Places like 4shit did away with the email field all together.
>> No. 35805 [Edit]
File 159867902368.png - (627.08KB , 1000x1000 , c337eb9142be6d3fc02c910a6742b82f.png )
Yes, this is what we're all about.
>> No. 35806 [Edit]
We're in the middle ages. Those dumb believes are a symptom of something else, the end of civilization, the ultimate crisis. When the experts and organizations are into absolute idiocy the ordinary people will be lost and try to fill the void with something else.
Sometimes I wonder what is the stupid shit I believe myself without being conscious of it.
>> No. 35811 [Edit]
I have been feeling guilty about neglecting slower imageboards but I often have nothing to add. Its a catch-22.
>> No. 35812 [Edit]
>but I often have nothing to add
Merely posting a screenshot of an anime you're watching is enough.
>> No. 35892 [Edit]
File 159989887280.gif - (47.27KB , 200x100 , 20200920.gif )
Monster Girl Doctor is such a cheap, wish-fulfilment anime. I can't stop watching it...
>> No. 35938 [Edit]
File 160019034451.jpg - (245.96KB , 610x551 , 9b968148e836fe15be6b1b5d24f4e276.jpg )
I wanted to post on /vn/ about some visual novels I read but it looks like there are only threads about classics, good VNs, and type-moan, so I don't want to make a kuso thread for what is probably a kuso vn.

Post edited on 15th Sep 2020, 10:21am
>> No. 35939 [Edit]
File 160019125037.png - (961.55KB , 1280x720 , meguri3.png )
A kuso VN is still a VN. The board really needs more activity.
>> No. 35940 [Edit]
File 160019190862.png - (883.68KB , 1841x1841 , thumbs up.png )
Then I will later post about Kukkoro and Nin Nin Days if I still have the energy for it.
>> No. 35943 [Edit]
I went for a walk by the sea at night. It was nice and I might make a habit out of it.

VNs both seem to be dying and having a sort of renaissance, I see more translations and discussions in the western side of things than ever before but most new releases seem to be pornographic in nature. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but still.
Key making a mobile game was sad to see as well.
>> No. 35944 [Edit]
File 160025557062.jpg - (463.77KB , 1048x899 , 1048px-Solifugo_XIX.jpg )
It's getting noticeably chilly. People complain about summer a lot on imagebords, but i'll take heat over cold any day.
>> No. 35945 [Edit]
>People complain about summer a lot on imagebords
most of those people are either fat or live in very warm countries.
>> No. 35947 [Edit]
>most new releases seem to be pornographic in nature
You mean as in being outright nukige?
>> No. 35948 [Edit]
It's easy to stay warm in winter. It's impossible to cool down in summer.
>> No. 35949 [Edit]
File 16003501596.png - (1.01MB , 1970x1130 , fe568bf263e4e9a7ccd59baad63f6c4e.png )
Some months ago I took off the pillowcase from my daki and replaced it with the plain white one I had sitting around from Artscow. It's not as soft or smooth and it doesn't make me want to stay in bed as long nor does it help me fall asleep easily. I don't like the flaps it has on the sides either, I don't know why they thought that was a good idea. The pillowcase is also too small so it compresses my daki.
But even with all of my complaints I'm happier. The smaller pillowcase keeps my daki firmer and the sturdier fabric makes it so that I don't have to keep a skin-smooth shave every night for fear of ruining the delicate fabric like before. Now because I don't have to shave as frequently I'm not cutting myself almost every time because I'm not forced to shave against the grain and I can let it grow out for a while to let my skin heal. I don't have to maintain myself to a detrimental degree like before. A part of me misses being able to look at a pretty face on my pillow but in the dark of night my imagination can be put to use.
>> No. 35950 [Edit]
My thoughts exactly.
>> No. 35954 [Edit]
The nice thing is that's prime walking season. It's boring but good for you. Easier if you live rural since there's less people to bother you.
>> No. 36033 [Edit]
File 160096171559.jpg - (123.42KB , 669x900 , 4e6c22f6cd67d4acc2d6e0df45749c04.jpg )
I tried making a pure redhead character but it's really hard to imagine them as such. They keep turning into a slut in my mind and I hate it.
>> No. 36034 [Edit]
I've heard there are a number of stereotypes associated with redheads, but never anything specific. Is being a slut one of them?
>> No. 36035 [Edit]
File 16009660901.png - (1.70MB , 1072x1500 , lap pillow with redhead elf nun.png )
I'm pretty sure someone will correct me later but based on my limited experience I've noticed these personalities are most common on redheads:
>slut - a variation of this is sometimes the lesbian bishojo
>violent - often a delinquent
Obviously, exceptions exist and I probably missed some but those are the ones I've noticed so far.
>> No. 36036 [Edit]
File 160096818022.jpg - (259.39KB , 717x1000 , f656db2c5111e7130ddb9d152b85a00f.jpg )
I think country bumpkin is another common one.
>> No. 36037 [Edit]
Nobody is more of a slut than purples! though im probably having Eiken associations.
>> No. 36038 [Edit]
I think this is because of your mind and not because of redheads.
>> No. 36046 [Edit]
File 160098692675.png - (1.79MB , 1280x1920 , redhead 2.png )
I'm pretty sure it is but I don't know what to do about it.
>> No. 36057 [Edit]
Just having big boobs doesn't make you a slut!
>> No. 36059 [Edit]
( ゚ -゚) I have been feeling very bored recently. So I read the news. Without talking about the politics, is protesting over any social issue worth the risk to public health to you?
>> No. 36060 [Edit]
>is protesting over any social issue worth the risk to public health to you?
Nope. It's not worth anything at all to me. I know that other people will never want what I want. Trying to convince them would be pointless and self-destructive.
>> No. 36061 [Edit]
Doesn't seem like it. Far as I can tell peaceful protests rarely make any difference until they turn into riots. It's only then that anyone in positions of power start to pay attention, but once it gets to that point you might be putting your life in risk. I think it comes down to how much you care about the cause and if it's worth the possible sacrifice.

Post edited on 26th Sep 2020, 1:42pm
>> No. 36062 [Edit]
>Far as I can tell peaceful protests rarely make any difference until they into riots
as for why it's "rarely" rather than never, let me bring up a counter-example.

German chancellor Gerhard Schröder had already promised George W. Bush in private that he would go to war with Iraq if the US decided to invade; but always the opportunist, the millions of Germans who went out in protest against the war convinced him that promising peace would be the only way for him to win the upcoming election against his warmongering opponent Edmund Stoiber.
End result: Schröder won and kept Germany out of the Iraq war. Since this had ruined his personal relationship with the Zionist power structure in the West, in order to enrich himself he made Germany's energy supply dependent on Russia in exchange for the opportunity to retire into a cozy but well-paid position in a company run by one of Putin's cronies.

Please keep political discussion in /tat/.
>> No. 36064 [Edit]
Pointless, irrelevant, masturbatory post. If you have any sense of shame, delete it.
>> No. 36065 [Edit]
While it's a little more political than I'd like to see here, I'd say it has a point in showing that non-violent protests can work. Even if it could have used some trimming down.
>> No. 36066 [Edit]
Oh these fiery but 93% peaceful protests will accomplish something alright. It won't be what they want though. Let them keep accelerating, I'm ready.

Looks like you got lost on your way to twatter.
>> No. 36067 [Edit]
I apologize for bringing up politics. I wasn't talking about the effectiveness of protests, I was just concerned about the spread of covid amongst demonstrators.
>> No. 36068 [Edit]
File 160115314376.jpg - (104.58KB , 626x1022 , 77891668ba7139d8c903de7d5752ca8f.jpg )
>Looks like you got lost on your way to twatter.
I'm willing to bet you use twitter or some "alternative" more than me or most people on tohno-chan. You don't even know what to be ashamed of.
>> No. 36069 [Edit]
Nothing wrong with Pawoo!
>> No. 36070 [Edit]
In this climate? No. It really only hurts your movement in a way as well. I don't think the US ever introduced proper lock downs anyway but here they did and for many it really smarts to see people on the street protesting and then a few days later to be locked down for a fortnight. I'm not going to name names but there are movements here that have been increasingly angering the average citizen by doing things like this and by blocking traffic and I don't think it helps there cause.

It's simply irresponsible.
>> No. 36071 [Edit]
I'm from California. Our mayor announced a "lockdown" but no one really knew what it meant, so everyone took it to mean we should buy guns and TP. We had a mandatory curfew for one night, but that was only because of the partly unrelated riots. A lot of businesses were asked to close, but enforcement is pretty poor to say the least. Due to a horrible system (intentional or not) in which people are punished by being made to pay fines, those with a lot of money don't need to obey any of the politics if they don't want to and it doesn't hurt them much. In some cases, businesses stand to earn so much in profit they can stay open and pay fines as part of the operating costs. An example being a gym my dad has become obsessed with (I make fun of him for having a crush on the owner), Said gym had it's power shut off by the city, but they installed a solar system, they were made to pay $1000 a day in fines, but being the only gym in the area still open they were making four times that a day. The city also cut off their water but no one seemed to care.
>> No. 36072 [Edit]
I tried to spend time with my parents today. It was fun but I ran out of things to say rather quickly but tried to listen and make chit chat to be good company.
>> No. 36077 [Edit]
That's hilarious.
>> No. 36099 [Edit]
File 160128439740.png - (271.21KB , 800x800 , 1546262014065.png )
I just realized that pictures start with 16*... now. Can time just slow down?
>> No. 36118 [Edit]
File 160139987083.gif - (185.87KB , 112x112 , 079ad3e29f9d09ea40d0c2e767c37065affc88b1.gif )
Time passing wouldn't feel so bad if we weren't fixated on the past.
>> No. 36128 [Edit]
File 160141532468.png - (1.36MB , 1920x1080 , 1571172811587.png )
I have been trying to become a norm, to "grow up" and stop being a parasite on society.
The shit I see on social media is sickening, and not for the reasons they want you to be sickened. How do people do this?
>> No. 36130 [Edit]
I think there's a laundry list of problems with modern society, is there any part in particular you're referring to?
>> No. 36132 [Edit]
Going on social media is not the path to paying for your living expenses. You also don't need to be a normalfag to have a job. I'm only saying this to set the record straight.
>> No. 36137 [Edit]
File 160143011256.png - (408.60KB , 582x627 , RMEK6161.png )
I don't want to be an outcast if I re-enter society, I want to be aware of what my peers are into and doing.
As cliche as it is to say, both sides of issues live in these bubbles of warped reality where everything is far worse than it actually is, and the other side is the cause of said issue. People are so much more hyped up about everything than I remember when I dropped out, its almost kind of amusing that a shut-in is more grounded in reality than some people these days.
>> No. 36138 [Edit]
File 160143486846.jpg - (65.25KB , 850x935 , sample_b5897d84e036190566c1ea39496dc463.jpg )
>I want to be aware of what my peers are into and doing
You've completely lost your mind then. There is nothing to anything they are into or are doing. It is entirely soul-devouring, mind-numbing bullshit, 100%. That's what their head is filled with; that's what they choose to prioritize and spend their time on. Being an outcast is the best thing you can possibly do for your mental well-being. When it comes to other people, all you have to know is how to deal with them and not stand out too much. If they don't cause you any problems, that's the optimal position to be in.
>> No. 36140 [Edit]
Not using social media doesn't make you an outcast, or unaware of your peers. Especially if the sort of sites you're using are asinine shit like Facebook or Twitter. You're essentially subscribing to the hugboxes of the insane like that, the sort of people who think shouting into the white and blue void will make a difference in their lives. I'd argue there's 0 correlation between integrating yourself into society and using those awful sites.
Despite what people are led to believe, Twitter is very much just a loud minority of the general populace.
>> No. 36141 [Edit]
Okay, thank you. It's making me reconsider trying but if they are not important it doesn't sound as bad.
I will need to think about this!
>> No. 36143 [Edit]
I tried to warn you but you looked away. None of that "growing up," "being a productive member of the yadda yadda yadda" shit is real. These are just some of the tools they use to make you a warden of your own prison. You chose to walk the path of an exploitable NPC.
>> No. 36146 [Edit]
All humans enjoy socializing and exercise, I am trying to receive an education so that I'm not working a job I hate.
I don't think having empathy and wanting my father to retire when he should is becoming any of that.
I won't derail the thread any more than I have.
>> No. 36192 [Edit]
File 160179340185.jpg - (748.27KB , 810x1045 , 8f57051694259bcc824bb0846dc27256.jpg )
I went to Aldi today and I bought a bottle of almond milk pumpkin spice latte instead of the starbucks one they have because the almond milk was cheaper. I didn't like it and the pumpkin taste doesn't feel like it was strong enough. I think it was store brand or something. I'll buy the starbucks one again next time or hopefully I'll find cheaper bottles of pumpkin spice latte at other stores.
>> No. 36207 [Edit]
File 160193542075.png - (414.33KB , 836x1200 , crying zenobia.png )
Lately I've been enjoying cute crying faces. I like to fantasize about bullying a cute girl in various ways like bringing her weight into question or pinching her cheeks for minor mistakes until she cries so I can savor her cute crying face. I'm worried that at this rate I'll become a sadist despite never having had such a fetish before. There are probably much worse fetishes I could have but I still don't like the idea of being a sadist. Maybe because I wouldn't want to have a masochistic whore as a waifu. I can even maybe get used to it and tell myself it's not too terrible but then I remember that I have a strong love for injury moe and I get worried again.
>> No. 36208 [Edit]
>can savor her cute crying face
That's a slippery slope to enjoying ryona.
>> No. 36209 [Edit]
I know, that's why I'm worried.
>> No. 36210 [Edit]
Sad crying and in pain crying look different.
>> No. 36211 [Edit]
File 160193988037.png - (539.09KB , 1120x1120 , deba36287f06443c8de3e66e54cb92c55f6c8f92.png )
There are worse fetishes to have than Ryona.
>> No. 36225 [Edit]
>> No. 36226 [Edit]
>> No. 36227 [Edit]
Insects are not worse than ryona.
>> No. 36228 [Edit]
At least these two don't imply trauma or violence.
>> No. 36230 [Edit]
I don't get why and how anyone could enjoy something like that. I'm literally unable of understanding it.
>> No. 36232 [Edit]
That's probably just what fetishes are, I don't understand majority of fetishes and even more so bizarre ones like >>36226. The bigger question for me is why fetishes exists in the first place.
>> No. 36235 [Edit]
People like novelty and strong emotions often get mixed up in people's heads. Pity, revulsion, embarrassment and anger can get mixed with arousal. When people get excited about something, because it's novel and causes strong emotion, they get some kind of thrill out of it. People can get addicted to that thrill and form aberrant patterns of thought. Maybe some people have a predisposition for some things too. People who are more conformist or have weaker emotions/sex drive probably don't have as many fetishes.

Post edited on 6th Oct 2020, 1:53pm
>> No. 36236 [Edit]
>People can get addicted to that thrill and form aberrant patterns of though
One might also get slowly acclimated to a certain level of "perversity" and thus seek something even more extreme in order to recreate that comparative thrill. This may not be true for all people though (owing likely to different susceptibilities as you mentioned)
>> No. 36238 [Edit]
There's nothing wrong with 2D ryona. The only reason why it's controversial in the first place is because it hits too close to home for certain people.

Don't delude yourself, those are just as depraved if not worse. I don't know why people get hung up on having a moral superiority over fetishes of all things.
>> No. 36239 [Edit]
I'd agree that any controversy is unwarranted, especially given that no one (*) seems to complain about RPG games or whatever where you kill enemies. And psychologically humans in the past have probably been acclimated to far worse considering that tribal warfare was not uncommon.

That being said, while I used to "enjoy" ryona – where my liking for it mostly stemmed from the "injury moe" aspect of tending to and caring for a damaged stranger – after seeing a sketch of a character whom I adored being beaten up, I realized that I really wouldn't want her to be subject to pain in the first place.

(*) Well aside from that minority that will always find a reason to complain about something, be it nudity or violence.
>> No. 36240 [Edit]
Purity must be protected, reality and 3D is ugly as it is and I believe that ugliness should remain in that realm. I don't agree with 2D ryona but that's my personal point of view.
>> No. 36242 [Edit]
2D can be anything. That's what makes it great.
>> No. 36245 [Edit]
It's pure evil then.
>> No. 36248 [Edit]
>Don't delude yourself, those are just as depraved if not worse. I don't know why people get hung up on having a moral superiority over fetishes of all things.
Firstly, I merely took issue with that list. Secondly, by stating their level of depravity, you are asserting your moral superiority. Further, if one thinks that shit-fixation is as bad or worse than violence, then I am awfully perplexed.
Regardless, I agree with you that people should just let others' fetishes be--especially so when we're talking about the 2D realm. I enjoy both ryona and prolapsing. Who gives a fuck?
>> No. 36250 [Edit]
You people have no fucking idea what you're talking about. I personally fap to all these fetishes, and have been fapping for years to most of them. Scat, vore, body fluids, snuff etc. You name and I fapped to it. To this day I miss Gurochan. And I fap to all these(except guro because it would be gore) in 2d and 3d. The times when I would masturbate myself to them seem like a distant paradise, the innocence of youth. I would empty all my bank account just to be able to return to that state of innocence. I struggle a lot with lust, even today I'm just back from hours of late night fapping. I can't stop. I fap to some things you may consider even "worse" but are not there. Sometimes I fap to all of them at once, like a girl using you as a toilet them hard-voreing you and digesting you out. Full tour. This was innocence. Hardly can I do that anymore, because a year or so ago the FALL began. I fell into a world of sin and depravity. Of guilt and shame like other anon said here. I literally complete those iceberg charts of fetishes and cannot see any fetishes from the FALL there. They alone could make a whole new chart. I was innocent and didn't know. Enjoy your scat, your body fluids, your vore of all kinds, your violence. Because this period of innocence is gonna end someday, and you will know the true meaning of degenerate.

>> No. 36255 [Edit]
Out of all the fetishes that exist, I don't understand why people like gross shape-less insect things especially when mammals are very aesthetic if you like non-humans.
>> No. 36256 [Edit]
It's not about the insect. It's pretty much the same as an alien fetish. It's exciting because it's so bizarre. Insects don't have an expression and seem emotionless.
>> No. 36257 [Edit]
File 160216473849.png - (2.25MB , 1920x1080 , riri2.png )
Sorry, I meant >>/r/15
I apologize for the inconvenience.
>> No. 36258 [Edit]
Heh, I had forgot about this rule. But then this entire discussion is against it anyway. What the hell does "Do not pass go" means.
>> No. 36259 [Edit]
Nevermind, I found out the meaning.
>> No. 36260 [Edit]
It is a legendary post that should be noted by all anons diving into fetishes.
>> No. 36315 [Edit]
I think they gave me The Coof. Goodbye, cruel world.
>> No. 36317 [Edit]
File 160255598328.jpg - (93.96KB , 400x566 , long title.jpg )
Sometimes I want to watch this anime again or read the manga just to watch something that at least tries to have a mom be cute and a major character instead of just being a sexually frustrated whore but then I remember the horrible twintails girl. It annoys me that she's a major character because she never shuts her damn mouth or has much of any redeeming qualities. I haven't hated a character this much since D.W. from Arthur.
>> No. 36319 [Edit]
File 160260269366.jpg - (359.56KB , 1400x984 , sample-cbf38efb514ddb9e5197a713a04e6c0b.jpg )
A week ago I watched the Made In Abyss third movie since the blue only recently came out. Forgot to post about it before. I liked it quite it a bit even though one of the characters felt kind of "cheap". I hope season 2 comes soon.
>> No. 36323 [Edit]
Had my hair cut the other day and she really took off more than I'd like. Now it looks funny because it's a shrunken version of what I wanted. It'll grow out and be fine but in the meantime it really sucks.

At least I won't have to get a haircut for another ~4-6 months.
>> No. 36365 [Edit]
File 160307848636.jpg - (129.72KB , 1948x1423 , 9b6c65da9a1c17c2b01e8e22df6f2bad.jpg )
I want to think that I'm finally recovering from the slippery slope of breast sizes I fell into but I still find myself looking through the "gigantic_breasts" tag on gelbooru. I know what I like and want for daily life, a woman with a more slender body and graceful mannerisms to accompany it is very beautiful to me. Not only that, but it can go very well with the kind of soothing personality I prefer. But I can't help but enjoy the idea of such unrealistically large breasts that I can bury my entire head in, watch bounce with each step she takes, or drink the endless supply of milk from. Not to mention I just like the look of it.
"Thicc" is not a preference I would consider refined and as such I'm ashamed to like it. It's very dedicated to a raw sexual appeal and I doubt how well it works outside of being completely nude since large enough proportions can get to a point where clothes does little to enhance the body's beauty.
Part of why this is a problem for me is because I've let a character I created, who I will not post, and like to draw often be subjected to this slippery slide. The last few pictures I have drawn of her are ones where I decided to scale back her proportions as such excessive ones really change the impression someone can get from looking at the character before they learn more about them and I haven't been an exception to this. But unfortunately it's hard to go back from what I found myself liking, regardless of how good or bad the reasons may look. It's probably silly to lose sight of the identity of your own character but calling it silly doesn't solve the problem. I would like to change my preferences back to where they used to be but I don't know if I can just condition myself to have certain preferences.
>> No. 36517 [Edit]
File transcript.pdf - (57.50KB )

Yesterday I helped an h-doujin translation despite not knowing Japanese after somebody who claims to be a typesetter contacted me. In the end it was probably bullshit instigated by a troll. Here's a transcript of our messages and how I figured it out.

It's so bizarre I'm not sure what to think about it.

Post edited on 31st Oct 2020, 10:41am
>> No. 36518 [Edit]
He was probably a troll
>> No. 36519 [Edit]
Woah I thought the url of uploaded files had the timestamp as the filename. How does this preserve the original filename?

That aside, what a strange conversation. Reading through those questions makes me feel like I'm taking the SAT again (read a half-page of text, answer a bunch of questions about what is meant by some quoted portion). It doesn't strike me as a "troll" in the conventional sense, because he clearly put some effort into typing up those questions and I don't see what he would get out of it ("teehee I made some random stranger analyze hentai" doesn't really some that risible).

Post edited on 31st Oct 2020, 1:53pm
>> No. 36520 [Edit]
Literally every image and mp3 is the same on tc. Are you also messing with me?
>> No. 36521 [Edit]
File 160417776880.jpg - (194.87KB , 1280x720 , reading.jpg )
No, consider this image. Its filename is "reading.jpg" but when uploaded, the filename stored on the server is derived from the unix timestamp at time of upload.
>> No. 36522 [Edit]
I see what you mean. It doesn't happen to mp3 or pdf files, so I guess that just happens to images for whatever reason.
>> No. 36524 [Edit]
File transcript.pdf - (143.46KB )

You're right - that raises the question of what happens if someone uploads another pdf with the same title.

I guess it actually overwrites the original. (Also apologies for overwriting your transcript, please re-upload that since it's a good read).

I guess that's how you find a bug! Tohno can you look into patching it? It should be an easy fix I think. While the fact that it can be used to overwrite others' uploaded files isn't really too significant considering it hasn't been abused so far, I think the greater danger is that since files are stored in a per-board namespace you can accidentally overwrite another thread's files unintentionally.

Post edited on 31st Oct 2020, 2:10pm
>> No. 36525 [Edit]
File punch.pdf - (69.91KB )

jpg converted to pdf
>> No. 36526 [Edit]
File punch.pdf - (74.18KB )

Different jpg converted to pdf with same name. My guess is it'll just link to the first one.

I think it also depends on the user's cache. When I click on either one, it sends me to the orignal, but when I click on either one in a different browser, it sends me to yours. Also, I don't think tohno knows anything about bug fixing. He's said as much in /fb/ before.

Post edited on 31st Oct 2020, 2:17pm
>> No. 36529 [Edit]

Post edited on 31st Oct 2020, 2:51pm
>> No. 36537 [Edit]
File 160419736598.jpg - (759.14KB , 850x602 , sample_96722e7fe6ebd0994a16a47ab01b8ba4.jpg )
They've replied to me.

>The "translator" says he has a specific serialization but, conveniently, doesn't name it. So you appear to be correct. :P

>Thanks for your reply, and for the suggestion.

>> No. 36558 [Edit]
Doesn't this mean that image-uploads can also experience a timestamp collision (although very unlikely?). I skimmed through vichan source and didn't see any locks/mutex preventing it (it just seems to write the file to a directory via imagemagick writeImage), and since php is fork-per-connection there's the possibility of concurrent writes.
>> No. 36562 [Edit]
File 160453099459.jpg - (779.12KB , 903x1244 , 6f1456566043d0d9075361556b378b83.jpg )
I watched the third episode of the Yuuko bullying show hoping to give it another try and maybe see why everyone likes it so much. I just remembered why I dropped it in the first place. It's fine and good but I really don't like the comedy, it feels kind of mean-spirited since so many jokes are at the expense of Yuuko. I just feel bad for her watching it.
>> No. 36563 [Edit]
> it feels kind of mean-spirited since so many jokes are at the expense of Yuuko
Yeah Shamiko is indeed a pitiable character, but at least to me the balance of the jokes never swung too far in the "mean-spirited" direction. It was clear that Momo cared for shamiko and vice-versa (unlike gabriel dropout, for instance), which usually softened any jokes at her expense.
>> No. 36565 [Edit]
I'm not that poster but I share the same view as you, I can stomach Machikado Kazoku but Gabriel Dropout is just painful to watch.
>> No. 36585 [Edit]
She's somewhat pitiful but things get better for her as it goes. I think it's nice to see how her life is noticeably improved by her relationship with Momo as time goes on.
>> No. 36586 [Edit]
i tried out manjaro xfce today. i think it looks quite nice out of the box.
>> No. 36587 [Edit]
File 160471320954.jpg - (377.06KB , 2508x3541 , 37e8af58368782f1b47f15fe58f794e7130962e79f4ee04013.jpg )
i'm high. i installed vimium on brave, it's super comfy even thouugh i don't use vim i'm familar with vim shortcuts. i've been talking with 2 girls over on tinder, they're cute. how was you day/night/whatever, anon?

fuck off with your tinder shit
>> No. 36588 [Edit]
Funny, the day before yesterday I installed Manjaro's KDE flavor. But yeah, their XFCE looks quite good.
>> No. 36589 [Edit]
File 160472464553.jpg - (143.89KB , 1456x650 , bc4d7abe1716812a5ad4260663ca4356.jpg )
I commissioned an artist and after the second time I asked for changes to the sketches they sent me they haven't replied. It's been more than a week now so I think they dropped my commission. A friend told me sometimes they take a long time but I would have assumed they would at least keep in touch. A week after I asked for those changes I asked them if they are still working on it or if they dropped it but it's been a few days since I asked and I received no response to that either. Maybe I asked for changes one too many times and they got fed up with me or maybe I'm just impatient. I feel like I have no way of knowing since I don't normally commission artists. Pic not related.
It's nice to know mods actually are actually awake on this site.
>> No. 36592 [Edit]
Do you pay before or after receiving the drawing (or is it like an escrow situation?)
>> No. 36593 [Edit]
The way they have it work is I pay after receiving the finished product.
>> No. 36594 [Edit]
Then it's possible that he thought you were too picky or otherwise had some bad feeling. It seems like a large risk on his end to collect payment only after finishing the final product. I don't know if that's standard for commissions, but I've heard that for (software) freelancing most people usually request a percentage upfront.

Post edited on 6th Nov 2020, 10:20pm
>> No. 36595 [Edit]
It once took me over 4 years to get an artist to do my commission.

If I had to guess they're probably busy with school or some shit. It's always "finals" this "midterms" that with 20somethings on the internet. They'll likely prioritize that and ignore everything else.
>> No. 36596 [Edit]
I've heard artists actually prefer that people be picky and precise in what they want. They don't like having to do guesswork while making something the client probably wont want.
>> No. 36597 [Edit]
File 16047526575.jpg - (163.98KB , 1080x1080 , 7617203.jpg )
this is >>36587 , sorry if i ofended anyone with my comment. needless to say i was pretty high, lmao. don't take my tinder comment as a sign for a normie takeover or whatever, i've been lurking this and other small imageboards for a long while now. love this place, even though i don't really post.

I'm pretty sure you haven't lurked long enough.
>> No. 36599 [Edit]
Oh yes, rub it in my face why don't you. I hope you die.
>> No. 36601 [Edit]
In my experience, the delivery rate for commissions is directly correlated to how complicated your request is and how familiar the artist is with what you want. Every illustration I've requested is usually worded something to the effect of "I'd like you to draw (waifu). The composition and pose is your choice." I pay upfront and don't contact the artist until it's finished. Even then, I still only have a 60 percent success rate because it's an obscure character from an old series.
>> No. 36636 [Edit]
I wanted to translate a game for some people, but it turns out that my translations are unnecessary, unwanted, and have only had an adverse effect on the people who play. It wasn't an incredible amount of work, but it was enough of an effort for me to be incredibly disappointed when the only thing people think of my translations is that I'm an amateur who only ever breaks shit due to a script issue I didn't even know existed.
This isn't even mentioning that people don't give a shit about my hand translations when they don't care about the difference between them and terrible edited machine translations, and that most of the text I translated would never be seen by anyone anyways, either since it's impossible or because it's buried so far down in a dialogue tree that they'd never bother going to look for it.
I was doing it as a volunteer, so really the only thing I really had to look forward to was people being happy about it, but it seems like I'm not really getting that sort of reaction and never will. All it's really done is put stress on me since I've always been worried about how it would be received, and quality checking, but then it just turns out that I did the one thing I wanted to avoid doing which was breaking the game and making everyone hate me. It's demoralizing, annoying, and it seems my existence isn't even needed anyways, so I'll just forget about it before I start to harbor unnecessary resentment towards certain people there.

So, with that, I suppose I have free time to translate something else. Any ideas? Preferably something that doesn't involve breaking a script I can't even read and wasn't told the existence of. Maybe a novel or manga or short video or something.
>> No. 36638 [Edit]
You shouldn't worry about us english-only peasants. We're entitled and jealous. I'd recommend just enjoying your understanding of Japanese. I would appreciate it if you translate this , but it's way too much of a Herculean task for me to ask you to. Translating random images on boorus might also be good like this one I can't ask you to do that though.
>> No. 36639 [Edit]
Not him, but there are phone apps that can translate text. They're not perfect but they give you a general idea of what's being said.
>> No. 36640 [Edit]
I know what ocr is. It's still not nearly as good as being able to understand something as soon as you see it.
>> No. 36641 [Edit]
Translating shorts is fun (especially if you're able to acquire the JP script), and you can just chuck them on nyaa. There are lots of random unsubbed things, for instance machikado mazoku minis. But reciprocally it's not going to have a large or very appreciative audience. And doing timing can be a pain (I haven't done timing myself, since the one time I collaborated someone with someone on a series he took care of the timing. And we had access to the JP script so poor listening comprehension wasn't a factor).

Another impactful thing you can do is translate ED/OPs. Even for popular shows these can often be missing (especially for full versions). It's also very easy to do, and you can have a bit of fun in coming up with good sounding English equivalents for phrases. And JP lyrics are also easy to find.

There's also a /sub/ board here on TC. It'd be neat if that was active again.

Post edited on 9th Nov 2020, 6:56pm
>> No. 36642 [Edit]
>You shouldn't worry about us english-only peasants.
You're right, I shouldn't even bother. I'm basically God. Thanks for resolving this inner crisis of mine, since I was losing sleep over confidence in my own divinity.
>> No. 36791 [Edit]
I listened to the Gunslinger Girl OST. I'm in tears.
>> No. 36803 [Edit]
File 160640181160.jpg - (0.97MB , 1000x1000 , 1fa328f7f80ece996ea5387fed326110.jpg )
I had a "conversation" with someone in the replies of a comment on an End of Eva ost video over the course of a few days. It kind of reminded me why I disable comments and how little value there is in talking to most people. These comment sections are all like a bunch of people circjerking over how well adjusted they are and how wonderful their worldview is.

Original comment:
>This was such a well made movie. I wish more people could see the optimistic meaning behind it instead of looking at it shallow in a depressing way. Its message is inheritely optimistic. It's about accepting the "AT fields" that exist in our psychology and we protect ourselves with, but behind them are just people who want to be accepted. The human instrumentality is the "Koombaya" everyone comes together idealism, but that it may not be as you hope. Our reality is accepting that we have these barriers and it's apart of what makes us human, and that we must strive under our own will (Not communism or forced koombaya) to come together as a species. And it starts with each individual accepting themselves first, and from there being able to also accept others. From here you can come together.

It's a pretty message, but it's really not true. There's no intrinsic value to the way we are or live. All this positivity stuff is just a way of compensating for not being able to change things by pretending that there is something intrinsically good about people's inability to fully understand one another. I have no doubt that society will reach a blockade where humans as they are now can go no further.

Some other guy replying to me:
>See now that's the beautiful thing with Evangelion. Hideaki Anno even said that they leave the message vague enough that it's open to individual interpretation. With that being the case, I think everyone's EVA experience is unique in a sense.

I think how people interpret it depends on whether they actually have a mental abnormality or not. Most people feel bad from time to time, but if they're both capable of it and actually enjoy social interaction, they'll obviously agree with the message as it's stated. Since Eva, Anno has become happier in his personal life, but his creative output has worsened.

Eva failed to get otaku "out of their shells" because its message didn't account for some people being more content while isolating themselves. Since quarantine started, I've never been happier. People like that are universally shunned or made fun of. Interacting with others isn't worth "improving yourself"(changing yourself) by society's arbitrary metric of improvement.

Plus, the characters, for all of their flaws, are still more appealing than most people in real life.

>Well while I don't necessarily agree with you, my point still stands. If that's how you interpreted it, that's the way you see it. It's like the Rorschach test.

You could make a case that Charlotte's web is an anti-abortion story. Eva isn't unique in that people can construe whatever themes they want from it. The actual message Eva tried to convey isn't that obscure in my opinion, regardless of how mysterious Anno says it is. My "interpretation" of the message is probably almost the same as yours, what's different is how I feel about that interpretation.

>And that's your interpretation. Everything can be subjective dude, that's all I'm sayin.

You should consider saying more than a trite "everything is subjective" point.

>I'm more so trying to politely end this conversation because it's going nowhere.
>Plus, I have nothing to discuss with someone as close minded as you.

"Plus, I have nothing to discuss with someone as close minded as you." Apparently you've figured out that I'm too much of close-minded person to be worth discussing anything with after reading a few paragraphs I wrote. If it's so easy to figure people out like that, I wonder what the point of instrumentality was? Very interesting interpretation.
>> No. 36804 [Edit]
I don't really see what you were arguing about.
But I don't really see what are people arguing about most of the time. At some point I just see words words but no meaning. I don't know if it's a fault of our language that makes people fall into vicious dialectic circles or I'm just dumb and I don't get what people are talking about.
>> No. 36805 [Edit]
File 160640885744.jpg - (342.69KB , 1429x2148 , 5909f3fe272a8abae7f7e12b33e3dd8a.jpg )
Basically I wrote a dissenting opinion on a popular comment and someone who agreed with the general consensus went out of their way to tell me everybody has a different opinion. I tried actually discussing this difference in opinion and why people would feel differently about the same thing, but he kept dismissing my attempts by repeating "everything is subjective". When I called him out on this directly, he ironically called me closed minded to justify not saying anything else.

A lot of fake "conversation" is subtext and ego battles. There really was no point to his first reply except to dismiss me "nicely"(in a roundabout way). He might have even done it subconsciously. He never intended to talk to me.
>> No. 36806 [Edit]
>"everything is subjective"
Post-modernism is deleterious garbage.
>> No. 36807 [Edit]
File 160641600221.jpg - (209.13KB , 627x800 , ktz070217.jpg )
Post-modernism gets a bad rap because of politics and how easy it is to abuse, but it can work really well in fiction. Shiki and No Country for Old Men are two of my favorite examples of post-modernism being used correctly. It can create a type of atmosphere and feeling you can't find elsewhere. It's just another tool in the creative toolbox. I like post-modernism more than modernism actually.
>> No. 36809 [Edit]
File 16064287739.jpg - (596.40KB , 1434x1200 , Konachan_com - 284215 sample.jpg )
The moment you try to argue with people on social media sites that have a 'social validation' point system with likes/upvotes, disikes/downvotes is the moment that you have failed. These people aren't looking for a means to discuss and ruminate over their belief systems, but rather, they are looking for social accredation, or clout from others to help them fill in their little bubble of self-esteem. TLDR; they are seeking attention.

Most people though don't care about arguing about the semantics of their thoughts anyways. It seems like the guy you were talking to just didn't want to 'waste' his energy on arguing. Try not to argue in a youtube comment section alright? Great waste of time.

I don't think your statement was closed minded by the way. I feel like the guy you were replying to was the closed minded one. Never did you discredit the initial comment you were just giving a differing sentiment towards the interpretation. I felt that the guy replying to you thought you were being antagonistic and attacking his viewpoint.
>> No. 36810 [Edit]
File 160643216637.png - (226.73KB , 600x540 , angry sumika.png )
I've gotten into too many pointless arguments on YouTube comments that just ended up resembling the Spongebob "It's not my wallet" meme.
>> No. 36811 [Edit]
>It seems like the guy you were talking to just didn't want to 'waste' his energy on arguing.
What's odd is that he was the one who intitated it. I left my first comment with no intention or expectation of a discussion/argument. I can't relate to why someone would start a conversation and then just drop it right after.
>> No. 36814 [Edit]
It's because, he probably made the false assumption that you were gonna leave it at that. People are surprised when their arguments are challenged.
>> No. 36887 [Edit]
File 160689945835.jpg - (187.97KB , 1280x756 , 20201220.jpg )
So tired, just wanna lie down & sleep. Zzzzzzz.
>> No. 36889 [Edit]
File 160692476056.jpg - (529.16KB , 1400x938 , 48f2a1d3f7a5101de697f693b5e10c8d.jpg )
Me too except I want to do it forever.
>> No. 36893 [Edit]
File 160697863313.jpg - (268.74KB , 1500x1060 , a89e0b5bb2c0c0463fb5e33c37ea44df.jpg )
For the first time in a long time I will go to sleep earlier than I normally do. Good night.
>> No. 36913 [Edit]
File 160710668066.jpg - (2.23MB , 850x2404 , sample_7594399d09f23645dd1333f833745be0.jpg )
I found out about this website,, which has reviews of porn websites. Suprisingly, there's no ads on it. A pretty weird concept to begin with since most people can probably figure out if they like a website or not just by looking at it for a bit, which is faster than reading a review. Pretty much every website seems to be rated 4 or 5 stars too. It presents itself as everything being written by one guy, who loves going on porn sites and talking about them, but after a few minutes, you see some inconsistencies. The writing style is a little different on each review and some websites have more than one review. The stance on hentai is also inconsistent. Some articles say he loves it, other say he doesn't. Most of the reviews are focused on praising the subject matter with only slight, surface level criticism and have a mostly cordial tone with a bit of inoffensive dude bro humor mixed in. This gelbooru review stood out to me though.

>Alright, faggots, I ain’t one to be jerking off to gelbooru animated cartoon bitches, but once in a while, even I like to shake things up. So today I’m bringing you a review on a goddamn hentai site. For you fuckers living under a rock, hentai is basically Japanese cartoon porn. Imagine jerking off to bitches from Pokemon, except with potential for some unbelievably sick shit, and you get the general idea.

> is referred to as an “imageboard”, although to me it just looks like a big ass search engine for hentai. Gelbooru is pretty fucking famous, and the reason why is because it uses a tag system so you can easily find the sick twisted pics you’re looking for. With over four million pictures of girls and boys ranging from extremely questionable young to saggy-ass-titties old, not to mention all kinds of weird creatures and fetishes, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for. More on the tag system later.

>Gelbooru’s been around since 2007, and its legion of slanty-eyed weeb users continues to grow every day. You’d think with their tiny ass peckers, they’d grow tired of jerking off, but apparently, them zipperheads are just as horny as I am. The site was built off the source code of another famous website that’s since died out, and Gelbooru is now the world leader of hentai bitches.

>When you first go to, you might get fucking disgusted. Between the full-screen ad raping the entire background and the masturbatory counter of how many images they have as shown by some anime cunts holding up signs, you might wanna turn around and never come back. But once you actually type something into the search bar and click SEARCH, you’ll find something far easier to swallow.

>So let’s say you type in “taint”, like I did. Right away, you’ll see a bunch of pics of cartoon bitches’ taints, just like the uploaders had tagged their pictures. That’s right- for every picture you see on Gelbooru, the degenerate loser uploading it made sure to point out that a “taint” was in the goddamn picture. Isn’t that goddamn convenient?

>On the left, you’ll see a shitload of “tags”. These are popular tags that were used in other photos. I’m looking at shit like 2girls…alcohol…arm support…”blue kimono”? These Gelbooru freaks make me sick. Anyway, you can enjoy browsing around these random tags if you’re bored or feel the need to get inspired for your session.

>First, the tag system is all about specifically finding what you want. That means that Gelbooru rejects vague ass terms that it considers too basic or too generic. For example, if you search “bitch”, you get to an error site. You search “cunt”, you get an error. You search “slut”; you get an error. As a man who appreciates the basics, this made me pissed off.

>But like I said, I get it. Once I successfully jerked off and let my brain start working again, I realized that this is why Gelbooru became popular. It really encourages the uploaders to make good tags, and the system stops retards from clogging up the search with stupid content. You have to get used to using underscores a lot. That’s ___ <- this shit, in your tags. Like you can’t search “Tifa Lockhart”, but you have to use “Tifa_Lockhart”. It can get confusing.

>Whatever, if you are a loser who likes jerking off to cartoons all day, I’m sure you have zero life and can learn and master this system. Arigato to you faggots.

>There’s also some other weird things which I’ll quickly go over. First, apparently, you need to be a member to do some more complicated tag searches. It’s free to join, though. Second, they have this weird Wiki that is just random as hell. Again, this is some weeb inside-joke community shit that these Gelbooru nerds love to jerk off to even more than pictures of cartoon girls getting fucked by a cartoon starfish.

>Also, for you sick fucks, there’s a shitload of lolicon. For those who don’t know what that is, good, don’t you ever fucking learn. I just felt compelled to mention this because, apparently, it’s a big reason why is famous.

>Also, like I said before, the tag system at needs some getting used to. When you use tags incorrectly, you get sent to a bizarre error page talking about some chickens or some shit, and then some message telling you to “check your blacklist”. I didn’t know what the FUCK this shit was talking about, so I ended up having to Google it to figure out what was going on. I still don’t know exactly what the FUCK this is, and no, I ain’t gonna learn. It just wasn’t intuitive. BUT AGAIN, I get that they have a reason for this shit. Weebs are degenerate sick fucks, but they are smart.

>When you send your users to an error page, clearly explain why the FUCK they were sent there. I know you weebs like to have your secret little circle jerks and shit, saying shit like “Fujiwara from Kitonasabe Ko Intei is the most kawaii~~ senpai!!” and then looking down on a normal person for not understanding what the FUCK you just said. Still, for a website, this attitude ain’t the best. It makes Gelbooru unwelcoming and unintuitive. Fuck you! Also, cool down on the ads.

>In typical weeb fashion, is the kind that you can tell is smart and well-designed, but also has a very inclusive nature to it that can make it hard to breakthrough. It’s just like a fucking anime. At first, you just watch it like what the FUCK is this shit, but at some point, it clicks, and then you start getting into it and learning all the weird mumbo-jumbo zipperhead shit that you were calling faggotry five minutes ago. That’s what this fucking site is, and it is the best at it. Have fun, and don’t forget to commit seppuku after for being such faggots who can’t even jerk it to a real girl.

My theory is that the site makes money off paid reviews and is actually written by multiple people who try to follow a style guide, one of which was drunk or on meth or something when he wrote the above review.
>> No. 36914 [Edit]
I just read like one paragraph and I think I got cancer.
>> No. 36917 [Edit]
>When you use tags incorrectly, you get sent to a bizarre error page talking about some chickens or some shit
I think this guy has brain damage if he doesn't know what that means.
>> No. 36941 [Edit]
File 160753275262.jpg - (121.92KB , 1031x867 , 3131a88d8bcff6d157108a52ec7f56eb.jpg )
Follow up to >>/so/26201
I couldn't sleep last night either. I started trying at 11pm, only a little earlier than usual. I don't think it was from stress, not consciously at least. I cleared my mind and kept it clear for prolonged periods. I could actually feel my body starting to become rigid, but my mind didn't enter that point where I no longer felt awake. How much I would have liked to close my eyes and open them again to see daylight. Towards 6am, my memory is fuzzy, so maybe I actually slept 1 to 2 hours.

My plan is to drink chamomile tea(no caffeine), brush my teeth after eating instead of right before bed, and reading beforehand too. If that doesn't work, I might try pink noise and if this goes on for a week I'll see a doctor or resort to sleeping pills. I hope people eventually pass out from being tired; I wouldn't want to die from this.
>> No. 36943 [Edit]
File 160760442562.jpg - (207.90KB , 850x588 , sample_00977ad2111cb33b2342fcb15e54a675.jpg )
It worked.
>> No. 36949 [Edit]
I had some trouble again last night, but following the advice I read did seem to help. There was periods I was stuck in the first stage of sleep(where you still feel awake, but really aren't completely), usually I would quickly, without even realizing it, transition into deep sleep, but it didn't happen for some reason.

Whenever I noticed, I would get out of bed and just sit in a chair, staring into a wall and "try to stay awake". After three times, it seemed to work. I also never looked at the clock. This was definitely less painful than the second night.
>> No. 37184 [Edit]
Boring day. Can't go anywhere cos car is in the shop.
>> No. 37248 [Edit]
File 160962661174.gif - (1.26MB , 460x728 , juggler.gif )
I've taught myself juggling last year, and during today's training session I've become proficient at a new pattern, the 423 (not pictured; search for '423 juggling' on youtube if you want to see some variations of it).

I'm also teaching myself some new knots to tie (I've only ever learned how to tie my shoes as a kid and that was it), and I just ordered myself a set of transparent locks and a bunch of lockpicks because I want to learn lockpicking.
>> No. 37249 [Edit]
File 160963733120.jpg - (1.60MB , 1000x1500 , 7fdda76eb2d6fe1c10f9bfd3780c874f.jpg )
Tying knots and picking locks. Wonder what that could be used for.
>> No. 37250 [Edit]
File 160964901523.jpg - (235.54KB , 850x1260 , 81f1bf1ede40f7a0943fbfa50204d5c2.jpg )
Mysterious, isn't it?
>> No. 37251 [Edit]
Nice. Does the lockpicking works on most locks? I tried to learn it before and couldn't open. Most tutorials on youtube seem to all open the same kind of lock, that you don't see around here.
>> No. 37260 [Edit]
Not him, but yes I think almost any lock can be picked open, but for weird ones you might need more specialized tools. I've seen the YT channel LockPickingLawyer mentioned frequently and while he doesn't do tutorials on technique, he shows that a wide variety of locks (from the common pin tumbler to the fancier disc tumbler/detainer) can all be successfully picked open.
>> No. 37278 [Edit]
Looked at forums today, fun novelty that they’re still going.
>> No. 37279 [Edit]
File 160994429243.jpg - (911.23KB , 850x1246 , sample_c8deefe341b66847a1598b758045a4e2.jpg )
I've had the misfortune of posting on a forum for three days now. Massive time waste and since anonymity is something I take for granted it fucking sucks when that's removed.
>> No. 37280 [Edit]
It depends on what is being discussed I think, aside from super niche topics most forums are just people asking for help or piracy links.
I imagine it's worse on large gaming forums where drama is common.
It also feels weird when there are like 6 people there who have been posting for years and have families and shit.
>> No. 37281 [Edit]
File 160995490656.png - (134.59KB , 383x413 , 1571517740030.png )
Even with how bad forums are, they still are better than the alternative. They're another place for non-social media hangerons and we should be thankful they still exist.
>> No. 37282 [Edit]
I love this artist.
>> No. 37300 [Edit]
File 161006878777.jpg - (1.14MB , 1892x1928 , IMG_20210107_133453.jpg )
another one just arrived.
>> No. 37333 [Edit]
File 161029611453.png - (42.80KB , 600x884 , 478q582594.png )
I'm back to my parents house for a while. They live in an upper class gated community. It's your typical suburbian Mcmansion enclave where everyone has a guy just to take care of the lawn. People do look healthier around here, I wonder if there's anything to do with the lack of city smog. Lots of families with kids. Lots of well trimmed pets everywhere. My siblings all moved away to very far away places and I'm the only one left around, but that's not the reason I'm here. The matter is financial, I want to save some money and there's no way I can do that paying rent, groceries and utilities. Or anything really. My parents are kind to me and I don't need to foot any bills while staying here. It's been years since I lived with mom and dad but now I'm back again.

Today for the first time in 5 years I walked mom's pet dog. It's a nice change of scenery. Before, I was living in a heavily urban, heavily grey and somewhat decadent part of a megalopolis and here everybody has a front yard 4 times the size of my entire apartment, rather the apartment I rented for a couple of years. There's a lot to look at, walking around this place. I like prying inside people's homes through the usually oversized front window everyone has for some reason. Probably the same architect for every single construction. So much junk people have in their homes, specially inside the garage. So far I have spotted ping pong tables, expensive bycicles, tons of kid's electric vehicles, all sorts of sporting and fitness gear, pool cleaning tools, like those long leaf rakes. There are so many of those. How many leaf rakes do you really need? Tons of leaf blowers even though the gardening people aroung here bring their own equipment. And of course the vehicles themselves, all expensive (except my parents car that is, we came to live here before it was cool.)

Anyway so I was walking the dog and coming the opposite direction a family of 4 (mom and dad, a 3 or 4 yo girl and a 6 or 7 yo boy). I dislike walking around here because it's one of those places where everyone feels compelled to greet each other. Then there's the matter I had a dog with me, which means you'll likely have to stop because kids always want to pet the dog. And so I was going through these thoughts and preparing myself to have small talk since it was too late to turn around and go the opposite direction without looking like a weirdo (though I have done this before). Few seconds later, of course, the kid comes running to pet the dog.

This kid though is not satisfied with petting, he wants to take the leash, too. I might add right now that this is a 15 yo dog that is very afraid of kids. Anyway I let the kid have the leash and walk a few steps back and forth with the dog. I start looking at the parents. They're actually around my age which is always interesting to see. How people with the same time on this earth as you can end up having such a different existence. For example, how they can even afford to live here? Did their parents bought the house? Did they inherited? Or they simply are so good at making money that they can afford to buy or rent a 7 bedroom house?

How is it like to have wife/husband and have small kids? They look pretty happy. Even to the point of looking idiotic, no offense intended. Do those people have friends? How is it to have those people as friends? Disregard that, how is it to have friends at all? As I finish to walk around the block, I see where they live. It's actually just 4 houses down from my parents'. Two unecessarily enormous vehicles parking at the driveway. I don't even know how to drive. Right now I'm looking at the window and I can see the tip of that family's roof. How is it to have a life that is not this one, that's where I always end up at. I guess we can never really find out.
>> No. 37334 [Edit]
When my grandparents from the soviet union came to visit almost 20 years ago, they were shocked by how none of the houses have fences around them.

>he wants to take the leash, too. I might add right now that this is a 15 yo dog that is very afraid of kids. Anyway I let the kid have the leash and walk a few steps back and forth with the dog
That's seriously annoying and dangerous. You're not wrong for calling those parents idiots.
>> No. 37336 [Edit]
>How people with the same time on this earth as you can end up having such a different existence.
This is something I wonder too. I'd just like to pop into other people's head for a moment to see how they think and make decisions. Time has given me a glimpse of that but... I'm very curious about what actually goes on inside other people's heads. I can only know them filtered through my own perceptions.

That seems to be the case for forums that've been around for a while. Just a place for old timers to circlejerk.

Could always be worse. Could be discord which combines the worst aspects of a forum and a chatroom into one.
>> No. 37353 [Edit]
File 161058703682.jpg - (185.84KB , 768x1284 , 84938412_p0.jpg )
I read through Guin @ グイン's profile and liked a lot of their Arknights webcomic panels. It's really cute and hits the spot for the kind of comedy I like and have been needing lately and then I found a couple of other Arknights artists I like who make art I really liked in some other ways. But now pixiv thinks I like Arknights and it's slightly annoying.

Post edited on 13th Jan 2021, 5:21pm
>> No. 37365 [Edit]
Today I felt very nauseous after eating breakfast. I went to the toilet and started to vomit, but nothing would came out. The fact is, I'm a serious emetophobe. This is my greatest fear. I have feared it for most of my life. My entire OCD probably stems from this fact alone, performing rituals to guarantee that I won't puke. And then it evolved into a whole weltanschauung. I began to unconsciously do magick stuff, I had created a entire magickal system to keep me from vomiting. All this time I avoided incountable things, just to keep myself safe. Not just overeating and writing or comsuming any form of media that contains words or imagery of it. Any time someone would vomit, I would trace back what I did the past 24hrs of different, and whatever that was, I would stop doing it. I began to have thoughts of associating two apparently unconnected things with nausea and vomiting, and would stop doing that too. Just the past days I wanted to order a book, and I give it a try reading a pdf, the book looked pretty good, but it had the word vomit in one chapter. I couldn't bring myself to order it. Well now I felt nauseous.
When writing on tohno-chan I would avoid writing things such as "I'll" "will" "still" "skill" because they have the ill part in it.
I would spent days doing literally nothing, in fear that doing anything would provoke retaliation from some kind of fate, causing me to vomit. Weirdly enough, when the nausea subsided I felt light, felt kinda free. I had done nothing that could possibly have broken those invisible rules, yet it happened to me. Who could have caused that? I am now convinced it was the Holy Guardian Angel. He was tired of waiting for myself to get out of this situation, and he sent to me my greatest fear, so that I would wake up. I must cling to this newfound feeling, this fearlessness. I can not go back to that dark cave I exited just now.
Who would have thought I could even write such a post containing this many trigger words? But here I am, and I hope to be able to do all those things I avoided all those years. Time to face the truth.
>> No. 37366 [Edit]
You should have talked about this way earlier. There's so many thing worse than vomiting. Vomiting is sexy and a reminder of our shared humanity. Are you afraid of being a vulnerable human being?
>> No. 37367 [Edit]
>You should have talked about this way earlier.
Yes, that's true. Today is the only day that I felt brave enough to type this. Despite considering talking about this phobia here, I was terrified of the thought of just making the post.
>There's so many thing worse than vomiting.
That's also true, but if you would ask to my younger self, about 7 or so years ago, whether he would rather die or vomit, I can guarantee he would have spent a considerable amount of time pondering, no matter how ridiculous this may seem.
>Vomiting is sexy and a reminder of our shared humanity.
As for the sexiness of vomiting, in the one hand I would say is very scary and dirty and terrifying, but on the other hand despite my phobia I confess I have looked at videos of woman puking with extreme arousal. Vomit porn is very sexy to me. If it was a man or someone very ugly I would find it repulsive, but if it is a beautiful woman, I would be aroused by it. It happens often, this fear/sexy arousal response with phobias. Fear and desire go hand in hand. I remember from some emetophobia resource site, a sizable amount of emetophobics are emetophilics and vice-versa. And it is a humbling act, he who vomits can not do so standing tall, he must lower himself or even get on his knees.
Are you afraid of being a vulnerable human being?
Yes, a lot.
>> No. 37373 [Edit]
File 161103578418.jpg - (291.03KB , 1600x875 , 26fa65eaa1d70f20168d8c20b2300b73.jpg )
Some while ago, I think a few weeks or month or two, I finally worked up the motivation to dust my room. It wasn't all at once, and it took a while, but I did it. It was a little nice to have some videos on in the background while I cleaned my room since it was time-consuming. It was a little nice to fantasize about being a cute 2d maid while I did it. But sadly not but a few days to a week after I did it then dust started showing up again. I don't know if that's normal or my room is just really dusty.
>> No. 37374 [Edit]
File 161105999491.jpg - (43.28KB , 640x480 , 1519096935024.jpg )
>How is it like to have wife/husband and have small kids? They look pretty happy. Even to the point of looking idiotic, no offense intended.
Because part of being happy seems to be living on autopilot and not listening to your internal voice, most people just dive in with the social norm.
>Do those people have friends? How is it to have those people as friends? Disregard that, how is it to have friends at all?
They are more acquaintances for most people. Having real friends is like having a sibling, and it's a give-and-take relationship that should be positive for both partners. Not just someone you exchange pleasantries with frequently.
>How is it to have a life that is not this one, that's where I always end up at. I guess we can never really find out.
There are some people who pretend to be different people to cope with things, but unless reincarnation and souls and all that are real, we will never really know but it's not hard to see the perspective of others.
>> No. 37375 [Edit]
File 161106024186.png - (457.30KB , 500x600 , 1539711159142.png )
I sometimes wonder if I'm a schizoid, or if I'm just doing the first year psychologist thing and thinking I have whatever I read.
>> No. 37376 [Edit]
Sometimes I wonder if there's such a thing as an "schizoid" and it's just another one of artificial labels without a real meaning.
>> No. 37377 [Edit]
I see it more as a phenomenon rather than the mental/personality disorder it is perceived as.
>> No. 37378 [Edit]
>> No. 37379 [Edit]
In a way, I think the "schizoid" is a consequence of the modern world. That is not to say it is a completely unique modern phenomena but a situation perhaps exacerbated by it. Most schizoids doesn't seem to see the condition as being in conflict with their self-image and think of themselves as rational, as opposed to more severe forms of mental illnesses such schizophrenia. Perhaps then the schizoid becomes a problem because it is inherently incompatible with modern society but ironically and in parallel I would also add that the modern world are increasingly changing in a way to accommodate the schizoid with the many forms of escapism available.
>> No. 37380 [Edit]
I think it's more compatible with society now than ever before. Before being a loner meant death in most cases. Now you still would have a harder time than social butterflies, but you probably wont actually die.
>> No. 37381 [Edit]
You might be right although it's probably difficult to actually quantify and likely dependent on where in the world you live in. I'd like to argue that people with schizoid tendencies in the ancient past might have more "choice" but I'm probably wrong.
>> No. 37382 [Edit]
File 161112885151.jpg - (55.05KB , 864x1008 , 14e0460743c4291be5602cbee98f9e74c29777e8.jpg )
I don't think schizoid only means asocial, I thought you also had to have a rich internal fantasy world, hence the schizo- spectrum thing?
>> No. 37383 [Edit]
>is a consequence of the modern world

In which ways?
It makes me think of;
Decadence of a particular civilization.
Failure of natural selection.
>> No. 37384 [Edit]
I'm diagnosed as one, and yeah I don't view it as a problem. I view it as a solution that as you've said helps in a world that might otherwise leave me in despair. I can be content in solitude, where as all those forced into it at the moment seem to be suffering. For me, being quarantined just means free time to explore games movies anime and other hobbies. Fame is unappealing and seems bothersome. wealth is only as good as what it gets you, and I feel little desire for over priced luxury items which exist only to make a person feel superior than others. Romance isn't very appealing and the current state of the average person makes it even less so. The various closers and restrictions out there now mean little to me personally, but I do understand how it's all hurting normals. I might not be able to feel things the way they do, but I understand they're suffering, I see it a lot as these more weak minded people struggle to cope with current situations. As I watch those near me break down mentally, and in some cases physically, I find I can do little more than hope for the best before returning to my internal fantasy world as some put it, as attempts at more are typically fruitless.

Post edited on 20th Jan 2021, 9:04am
>> No. 37385 [Edit]
>I understand they're suffering

Think about it, like, they suffered for the few months of not going outside, while we suffered for a lifetime of being forced to go outside.
>> No. 37387 [Edit]
Autist =/= schizoid.
>> No. 37388 [Edit]
Yes, and?
>> No. 37389 [Edit]
I think society is at the point where the common conception of natural selection needs to be reviewed. There's no guarantee that nature will select for any one particular trait, only that those who survive, survive. If a certain trait starts growing in prevalence, that doesn't mean natural selection failed, it means that the world is no longer the same one where such a trait would be a fatal flaw. So when people talk about natural selection, they REALLY mean that they wish the world still selected particular qualities. Remember that there is only one rule of nature: those who live will live on and those who die will die off.
>> No. 37390 [Edit]
File 161119477348.jpg - (237.87KB , 868x1228 , 35766d59eea13de723dc68bd9d38d607.jpg )
There's no point in questioning that. Most of society's common conceptions are actually wrong or only half-true. The general populace doesn't even know what a theory actually is.
>> No. 37391 [Edit]
Not really, modern times do not select for different traits thus meaning that natural selection has to be reviewed rather it enable other traits to continue being passed on. For example, we have many illnesses and diseases that could not be treated in the past that now can be, so type 1 diabetes had no treatment until insulin was invented and therefore anybody with it was going to die before 36 years old. The fact that we now have insulin and the people with type 1 diabetes can live longer healthier lives and thus are more likely to reproduce does not mean that natural selection is selecting that trait to be spread but that there is no longer a medical reason for it to be suppressed. Nature is not enabling this or encouraging it, we are.
>> No. 37392 [Edit]
But that is natural selection. Natural selection doesn't mean being selected by nature as in "the uncivilized world", it simply means the process by which the environment a creature lives in filters out the ones who, well, die. Nature also isn't some conscious driving force that prefers to be a certain way, it is simply a description of the state of our environment. Extinction is natural, asteroid impacts are natural, and humans and tools are natural. We have changed the world, that's why the world selects differently. There's no "mother nature" fighting back or trying to stop humanity or some bullshit. We ARE the driving force in nature at this time, so nature now selects for what is useful to human society.
>> No. 37393 [Edit]
Think about it like a bunch of rats being experimented in a lab, with all kinds of external conditioning, some scientist deciding what rats survive or not over arbitrary reasons. You could say that's also natural selection because, well, the humans are also natural beings and all that, but it doesn't really make too much sense.
>> No. 37394 [Edit]
You would call that "playing around" with the parameters of natural selection. Again there's a pretty common misinterpretation of what natural selection is due to the wording, it doesn't mean it the way people think it does. I think a lot of people think about how a wild animal has to fight against wild things and other forces to make it to adulthood, but if you put humans in that situation at this point, on purpose, how is that any more natural than putting rats in a lab? What's really going on is that people think different traits should be selected against, and that's more a result of peoples minds not having caught up with the technology we created. But natural selection is at play here and it's because the environment changed that the selection process changed. As for schizoids and autists they do tend to not reproduce, which is pretty understandable. For the greater percentage that do now than they did before, well, that's probably because some of the pressures of our previous environment don't exist, not in the same way. That's still natural selection at work, we're not cavemen anymore and this isn't the cave-world anymore.
>> No. 37395 [Edit]
I do not believe two wrongs make a right. The irony wasn't lost on me however when this all started, I admittedly found it rather amusing at first seeing people forced to live the way I try to live. I didn't expect it to drag on this long however and quickly grew to feel sorry for them. They might not have much sympathy for us, but to have none ourselves makes us no better.
>> No. 37396 [Edit]
Natural selection is a life form selecting or suppressing certain traits due to environmental pressures. If the lab was set up in a way whereby say, white mice were killed for whatever reason like by a cat that could only see white then yes that is kind of natural selection even though it was created by us, they are going to adapt based on this artificial environment. However, in the modern context this is not true because we are not actually encouraging or suppressing these traits like the Diabetes I mentioned, if culturally we had an adoration of diabetes and therefore that trait was highly desirable then yes it would but we do not, it is a trait that just sits in the gene pool unaffected by natural selection at this point(well hypothetically, as with any disorder it is still a disorder so the effected might have lower self esteem or have been raised in unusual circumstances so would still be slightly less likely to reproduce).
>> No. 37397 [Edit]
>it is a trait that just sits in the gene pool unaffected by natural selection at this point
I wouldn't use the word unaffected because it creates a false image of the problem. It simply isn't being selected for or against. I would argue, slightly against, but to a diminished degree because the environmental pressures have shifted.
>> No. 37398 [Edit]
People can't fuck kids anymore. The raising of age of consent might have had some kind of effect. In chimps, lower status males mate more often with younger females. That entire avenue of reproduction has been mostly closed off in modern society. There's no arranged marriages either. I would say that slowly, casual social skills are being more heavily selected towards. Something like diabetes would never be selected against in an uncivilized environment because it's too unlikely or takes too long to manifest. As long as the person manages to reproduce, that trait gets past on. There's plenty of things which don't kill the person fast enough to prevent them from reproducing in the wild.

Post edited on 21st Jan 2021, 4:26am
>> No. 37400 [Edit]
File 161129135667.jpg - (110.39KB , 1280x720 , [Erai-raws] Major 2nd (TV) 2nd Season - 19 [720p][.jpg )
Relatively recently, I've been incapable of any substantive activities, and today is no different. My eyes are pointed at my monitor, but VIM continues to display nothing but its splash screen. As usual, in hopes to disrupt this monotony, I rest in my bed while finishing a bittersweet manga; read a VN; contemplate the confluence of my previous choices. Nothing changes, but truthfully, there was never such an expectation.
>> No. 37410 [Edit]
File 161132417670.jpg - (324.08KB , 707x1000 , 9959482f67b50d62c58ca9aa3acf3029.jpg )
>I do not believe two wrongs make a right.
They don't but I'm not in any rush to feel any kind of sympathy to the sadistic, ignorant, instinct and greed driven creatures that are normalfags. As far as I've seen, heard, and known, they get off on hurting people. Why then should I sympathize for creatures who only hurt the environment and people around them? As far as I'm concerned any consequences they've suffered are a result of their sins catching up to them though not giving them their full due punishment.
>> No. 37411 [Edit]
File 161132488692.jpg - (237.46KB , 1061x1488 , b9bd2767ae0a58cb4fad0a4783a36132.jpg )
That's like blaming a scorpion for stinging someone. It's fine not to sympathize with them, but acting like this is some kind of justice is hypocritical. Are they creatures, or are they responsible for their own actions?
>> No. 37412 [Edit]
>That's like blaming a scorpion for stinging someone.
Well, they do. I certainly wouldn't carry a Normal Driver across the river.
>> No. 37414 [Edit]
File 161138270918.jpg - (1.39MB , 2000x1600 , 249be9ad5c8711ad79e34d2c7b4118a8.jpg )
>That's like blaming a scorpion for stinging someone.
The normalfag does it for fun.
>> No. 37415 [Edit]

When I mentioned that it wasn't in the sense that justice was made and I was satisfied because of that, I don't believe in such a thing, that sounds like Elliot Rodgers kind of bullshit to me. I just found some psychological satisfaction, if something. I've been told all my life how weak and incapable I was for not being good outside my comfort zone, even after being forced to it and taking enormous efforts, now that the rest of the people have to spend a merely few months outside their particular comfort zone they just go like it's the end of the world and endless cry over it. So I can help but feel a little smug about it, but it's not a moral stance or anything. Actually the whole idea came to me because a podcaster I follow (not a weirdo but not a turbonormal either) just mentioned the irony of the situation and how the extroverted could experience for once what the introverted experience in their entire lifes.
>> No. 37449 [Edit]
Homunculus is getting a live-action adaptation, not sure how I feel about that. The director is responsible for the Ju-On series and whilst the choice for the main lead isn't the worst, I'm not sure he fits Nakoshi's character and profile all too well. I'm quite annoyed with Netflix constantly bankrolling unnecessary adaptations and reboots of Japanese medias as well as acquiring licenses of decent IPs. Everything they've funded so far has been thoroughly crap as far as I'm aware.
>> No. 37450 [Edit]
>a live-action adaptation
>not sure how I feel about that
How do you not know how to feel? The two options are indifference and anger.
>> No. 37451 [Edit]
It can only be anger then.
>> No. 37454 [Edit]
>>37365 here again.
Since I made that post, the exact FUCKING THING happened both last week and today. Last thursday I woke up in the middle of the night around 2 AM, I wasn't really sleeping anyway, and it happened. Then today in the morning, around 11:20 AM.
I feel very nauseous but when I puke nothing comes out, and then I feel normal again. There's also nothing else beside this nauseous feeling. I've been thinking about what could have been causing it. I think it could be masturbation. I remember that insane-tier addicts get to point of having these side-effects, almost like a hangover or something. The problem is I have no idea of how to solve this. What can I do to stop this insatiable, self-destructive urge to masturbate?
>> No. 37455 [Edit]
Exercise lowers libido.
>> No. 37456 [Edit]
How many times do you fap per day? I don't remember having nausea because excessive fapping, more like psychological effects like feeling disgusting. What I've been feeling lately is nausea and difficulty breathing when I'm sorrounded by two persons or more.
>> No. 37457 [Edit]
Tried that and cold showers, libido remains the same.
Normally, only once. Sometimes one day yes other not. The problem is I edge my way to end, instead of doing many times a day, I end doing it once but it takes a lot of time. I didn't meant exactly that the amount of times was causing that, more like the psychological effects of post-fap lucidity and regret. Also the material I use just gets worse and worse, I want a way to soft it down.
I need some kind of hobby, that preferably can be done any time of day, and doesn't include a computer.
Sounds like you having agoraphobia or something.
>> No. 37459 [Edit]
It doesn't seems too bad, unless you can fap for hours and hours like in the fapping olympics or something. I fap a lot more times.
Material can't be worse than what I use sometimes, at some point you get used to it and don't really think about how fucked up it's all.
It sounds, like you said, something mental, related to guilt.
>> No. 37465 [Edit]
I don't see the connection between the nauseousness and the masturbation. Only thing I can think of is testicular torsion, but I'd imagine that you'd probably know if that were the case.
>> No. 37468 [Edit]
File 161183169262.jpg - (222.93KB , 1200x1548 , 1573606194928.jpg )
I've also suffered from problems with porn/fapping and I don't think trying to lower your libido is the best solution. For me the addiction is rooted in trying to escape sexual shame. Learning to sit and "just be" with sexual desire has been a lot more helpful. You're always going to have to deal with sexual desire because people are just horny idiots by nature. It's hard to explain but once I really started to allow myself to have sexual thoughts the addiction lessened. My libido is actually higher now but I engage with it in a way that's more healthy. Like I'm very attracted to Roon. Sometimes I'll see a picture of her or use her in a fleet ingame and feel aroused. My pornified brain would automatically take it as a cue to jerk and fighting that urge becomes a battle. But if I just sit with it and even focus in on something specific I want to do to her in that moment the urge loses some power. It's helped soften a lot of my fetishes too. This sort of sexual fantasy is a lot more loving and realistic. Instead of conflating sex with power you're conflating sex with fun and love.

I still have a problem with binging but doing this has shown me the most progress. Your post made it seem like you might have some of the same underlying issue of shame going on. Good luck anon, shit's hard. At the peak of my addiction all I did was fap and sleep. I had headaches all the time. Physical sideffects to porn addiction are a very real thing.
>> No. 37472 [Edit]
> in trying to escape sexual shame
For me masturbation and pornography was used as an outlet for my dissatisfaction and frustration with the world. I enjoyed guro and ryona because seeing a helpless, crying girl somehow was the mental (and visual!) equivalent of a punching bag that relieved stress. The actual masturbation was really more of a side-effect and I'd often just browse boorus looking at these pictures without even bothering to masturbate.
>> No. 37474 [Edit]
>unless you can fap for hours and hours
I actually can't tell how long it takes, I lose track of time while doing it, also I normally break it in periods with intervals of rest between them.
>Material can't be worse than what I use sometimes,
I wouldn't be so confident.
>related to guilt.
Indeed, this seems to be the case.
I remember reading some letters from the 1800's dealing with this, I believe it was a correspondence made by Richard Wagner. Also I searched around and found this
>the addiction is rooted in trying to escape sexual shame.
Seems to me that it is some sort of (anti-)escapism wherein one tries to deal with uncomfortable thoughts and realities by sexualizing them. I will try your advice.
>Instead of conflating sex with power you're conflating sex with fun and love.
I hope to get there.
I will try my best, thanks for the advice everyone.
>> No. 37476 [Edit]
Different anon. I started when I was around twelve with 3d videos. Before that I would just look at porn. Almost immediately after I gravitated towards 2d shota and incest. It was exciting, but I never felt guilty in the slightest. I can't relate to that feeling. Maybe it's because my family is secular.
>> No. 37509 [Edit]
>>37454 here again, I figured out the problem. Turns out that I developed a lactose intolerance. This feels very weird, since I've been drinking milk and eating dairy based products for years, and never felt a thing. It looks like in the past few days I started drinking milk at night and that ended up surpassing the limit of dairy based products my body could handle, so my body had to reset or something, and now I will not be able to ingest those kind of foods. For at least a month it seems. Problem is, my whole diet was based on this, now that it is no longer available, I don't know what to do. At night I get weird hunger pangs. I feel like this new diet is not as nourishing as the old one used to be.
So, it will take around a month to my body to get to it's normal level of lactose production, until then I will have to figure out what to eat.
>> No. 37510 [Edit]
>until then I will have to figure out what to eat.
You should still be able to eat milk-derived products like cheese. And yogurt seems to be easier to digest even for those with lactose-intolerance. There's also the various alternate-milks (almond, etc.)
>> No. 37511 [Edit]
File 161230367676.png - (905.90KB , 952x1024 , Spoiler Picture.png )
I entertained the idea of saving up money to buy a sex doll. I don't know how long that will take but I feel like the sooner I can do it the better since it probably won't be long until the soys in power have that banned or something. But I have a few reasons not to buy one as well.
For starters, their faces look kind of creepy. There are anime sex dolls out there that just have anime styled faces but they aren't as common and sometimes don't look very good. Even so, it's something of a solution to the face problem, at least. The main problem is the weight. I've heard they can get really heavy and it isn't likely that I would even be on this board if I was a particularly strong person. I heard some guys who can lift heavy weights still struggle to carry them. The easier fixes are to use some kind of dolly or even a wheelchair, the latter which I might like because I think disabled girls are cute, but you still need to pick them up off of whatever you use and set them down on something like your bed or your couch. The other easy fix is to get a shorter doll but I'm a tasteless individual who likes very large proportions on women, height being one of them, so I don't know if I want to settle for so much less than what I find attractive if the product I'm buying is meant to be attractive to me.
Another problem might be that it might make me feel even more lonely. The doll I buy will probably be more than just a sex doll, I'll probably have fun dressing it up, having dinner with it, keeping it by my side when I do fun things, and having it sleep with me like some kind of dream partner. But much like a daki the awareness of what it really is will never go away and I'll always be aware of just how much of a cope it is which might make me feel worse over time.
There are probably more issues I don't know about but the ones I can think of off the top of my head are pretty strong deterrents for buying one. Maintenance would be a hassle but I can at least work into the habit but the others take much more work to improve on like having to lift to get strong enough to pick her up or not letting the fact that it's a doll bother me.
>> No. 37512 [Edit]
queen Victoria would sleep with a cast of her dead husband hand, so if anyone gives you shit about it bring that up.
>> No. 37513 [Edit]
File 161231223922.jpg - (125.84KB , 850x744 , sample_6085e1809f6abe2775400d197c9a47e3.jpg )
>it isn't likely that I would even be on this board if I was a particularly strong person
You need mental purification, not a sex doll, anon.
>> No. 37514 [Edit]
How much do they weigh compared to a real person of the same size? Is it more?
>> No. 37515 [Edit]
Mine's around 30kg and has the proportions of an Asian woman. If you want larger, yours would probably be closer to 35kg or so, but it wouldn't increase that much since the skeleton would just get a bit longer and that's where the weight lies.
Heavy, sure, but if you've ever lifted a big sack of rice at the wholesale place, you can lift it. It can get a bit unwieldy during action, but nothing too complicated. Btw, every sex doll maker I've looked at has the weight of their dolls written somewhere on the website. You can test if you can carry them easily, just buy a lot of rice and an old person-sized dakimakura. Measure rice by weight, fill daki, carry. Dolls tend to be easier to carry because they've got a metal skeleton so they don't sag as much.
I've got a DSDoll, the faces there are fine, as long as you go for an Asian one. Their European ones tend to look like a macho with a wig though, and they absolutely do not help you with customs, so expect a two-week daily email chain with DHL to get it through (if you make sure to state that you're a private person importing it for hobby purposes, they're a lot more helpful).
As for maintenance, make sure to get a doll stand. Usually this means you take off the head and hang the body from a hook on a stand. That means you can wash and powder without having to slug around 30k of weight. Also, make sure to wear a condom to help prevent mold.
>> No. 37516 [Edit]
File 161236797556.png - (2.79MB , 1320x860 , 1513310286794.png )
I had the same thoughts for some time. Didn't see weight as a big deal, though I'm probably weaker than you they can't weight like a real person or anything. Problem is how expensive they are, the shipping would be complicated, and it's not something you can really have unless you live by yourself. Then moving would be a pain too.
They opened some sort of doll whorehouse in my city not too long ago, and though I had my hygienic doubts I thought about trying, but it was quickly closed because it attempted against women rights and some bullshit. It even appeared in the newspapers and it was a little scandal for a short time. It would have been nice to try just to see if it was really my thing.

About maintenance, I remember some guy full of money that got bored of doing it and just bought a new one everytime their dolls were too used. Then he was afraid of throwing the old ones to the trash since anyone seeing him disposing of them would suspect he was getting rid of a corpse. Really funny stuff.
>> No. 37517 [Edit]
> just bought a new one everytime their dolls were too used.
Probably still cheaper than a 3DPD.
>> No. 37518 [Edit]
Decided to check out of curiosity and found this video on their website.
Seeing the doll's head bulge out when they put the dildo inside her mouth gave me a very depressive feeling for some reason. Sex dolls always made me feel a little sad (both for the guy who buys it and I feel sorry for the doll itself, go figure) but this video really made me extra miserable. Whoever edited that must know what I'm talking about because the music he decided to use is definitely not a happy tune.
>> No. 37519 [Edit]
They look uncannily off. Like the weird feeling you get from kigurumi. I've thought about getting a doll but then I realize that a simple onahole would probably be better.
>> No. 37520 [Edit]
File 161238200744.png - (1.27MB , 1280x720 , asahina.png )
I don't like the direction this thread is going.
>> No. 37521 [Edit]
Onaholes are nice, but it's quite different from actually being able to feel hips and ass and boobs and kissing, or stripping her slowly piece by piece. Hell, handholding even. It's less of a comparable experience that you might think.
There's also anime and fairy models from some manufacturers, if that's more to your taste, but you have to be careful depending on where you live because they tend towards being quite petite.
It's not for everyone, I'll say that much, but if you're the type of person that lives more in his head than in the "real" world, then they're great.
>> No. 37522 [Edit]
I can't speak for others, but I prefer to look at them less like sex toys and more like life sized dolls. I mainly want one to have fun dressing it up in pretty outfits because I like cute fashion but I'm not into cross dressing. It would also be nice to use for a lap pillow or have them take the place of a daki. Maybe even to just have at my side when playing videogames or watching anime/movies. Almost like having someone there without having an actual person over (I don't mix well with real people).
>> No. 37523 [Edit]
What are you talking it? It's hilarious. Get a sense of humor.
>> No. 37524 [Edit]
File 161240558080.jpg - (109.37KB , 1024x768 , d319172312332bbbf9dbd782ea58c349.jpg )
Dunno why. I've seen conversations about sex toys get de-railed into stuff much less related from the original topic. This is extremely tame even without comparing.
>> No. 37525 [Edit]
If they weren't so expensive and I didn't live at home I'd consider one for these reasons, though not for it's intended purposes, that'd be too much work and would not be worth it. Plus most are ugly as shit. The doll pictured in >>37516 looks nice, but looking through the DSDolls above I have to agree the Asians look fine, but the whites and the negress one all look like trannies.

It's depressing AND hilarious.
>> No. 37526 [Edit]
File 161241452851.jpg - (1.00MB , 2227x3003 , EtSmJMBVkAcSsiu.jpg )
Some dolls just look too 3DPD in my standards. At least the realistic ones.

That said, I'd like to get a ball-jointed doll.
>> No. 37527 [Edit]
File 161246013678.jpg - (1.27MB , 973x1576 , 1ba37f965add8468df47e4d7eca2ff67.jpg )
I got into another pointless argument, this time with somebody on mal in a bad thread. This guy in particular got on my nerves for some reason and I kind of suspect he was a troll. I can't stand the fake sophisticated thing.

>Anime isn't considered for adults these days because the execution is bad and the writing is childish. You can find a lot of dark teen fanfiction on the internet but all of the dark elements don't make it any less childish. Japanese anime is better when it comes to the actual animation (usually), but western "anime" has better writing and execution (usually). Romance doesn't need sex. Adults consider a romance that relies on sex (erotica) to be trashy. Popular at times, but trashy. Romance is about the up and down of emotions and portraying that. (insert disney Hercules clip)

Your post is even more embarrassingly ignorant than op's. Anime isn't a genre. Hentai isn't either. And stop watching dubs.

>Dark means "more mature" but not always "adult". You can see this nuance in stuff like Australia's rating system which has an MA15+ rating. (The MA 15+ rating was introduced in 1993, to flag content that was too strong for the M classification, but not so much so that the content should be restricted only to persons over the age of 18. - Wiki) Attack on Titan is dark and has killing, but receives the 15+ AU rating

Australia is a free expression hell hole and their example shouldn't be followed. "Nuanced" rating systems are just an economic tool used to discourage certain content.

>The function of the rating system is irrelevant. I'm pointing out that there is a difference between something being mature and still aimed at kids (teens) and something being mature but aimed at adults.

>Literature makes these distinctions as well, though it has more to do with the protagonist. You have young Adult (typically 13-17), New Adult (typically 18-20 something), and adult (anything above). A young adult book, generally has a different tone and style than a new adult book.

>Keep in mind that this isn't to say one is worse than the other, but saying something is meant for adults just because it uses dark themes is not taking into account how the writing and execution also play a factor. So, going back to my original point, (in my opinion) anime isn't largely considered for adults because the writing and execution aren't done for adults (adults being early 20's and higher).

And somebody who's an anime enthusiast doesn't care about how non-fans perceive it. Seinen exists and specifically targets an older demo. Plus "maturity" is a false god and stifles free expression and enjoying "immature" things. Westerners think all anime is "for children" because of economic and cultural factors crippling animation in the west as a medium. That and people willfully being ignorant of foreign attitudes. You're a putz and you don't belong.

>Lmao. The OP himself cares. I'm providing reasoning. I just want good anime. I don't care what other people think of it, but I personally want fantasy/isekai anime that has better all-around quality.

>Also, my Disney example is evidence agianst your economic and cultural reasoning. I can also add DC and Marvel to the list. Additionally, I could point to the popular animes that are universally renowned like basically anything produced by Studio Ghibli. Adult westerners have a negative perception of most foreign anime because of how they are executed, not some cultural bias.

>When I show my Dad a lot of anime, he laughs and says it's better than most movies or tv shows. Want to know why? Because I show him the good stuff (mainly in the form of action). But that's only in snippets or compilations. It's hard to find a show that can entertain an adult all the way through because the other areas are lacking (writing/execution). Another reason is that a lot of animes are largely helped by the Japanese voice actors and dubs are rarely able to capture the same energy (imo), though some like DBZ were actually helped by their dubs.

For a westerner bitching that anime doesn't meet their fine art standards, capeshit and Disney's ugly, water-downed fairy tales don't make a good argument. Most movies are bad, but people don't say "movies suck". Anime is an entire medium, but your oh so mature and intelligent adults don't think of it as such generally. Instead they spend their time on more sophisticated things like syndicated sports and crime dramas. "Universally renowned" anime is praised so much because it's inoffensive and child-friendly. Nobody cares about Monster except people who already like anime.

>You sound so silly. There are plenty of animes that meet my standards, just most fantasy/isekai don't. Art isn't the only quality to a good anime, just like it isn't the only quality to a good video game (which is why I still enjoy older rpgs). How am I saying "anime sucks" as a general statement, when I literally pointed an anime that I like. That's not the only one you know.

>Also, people absolutely do say movies suck. Sounds like you are stuck in a bubble. Go ahead, type it in Google, "Movies suck".In addition, Princess Mononoke is universally renowned, I believe. Just old, however.

"How am I saying "anime sucks" as a general statement"
"Anime isn't considered for adults these days because the execution is bad and the writing is childish"
Okay, backtrack and ignore most of what I wrote. Princess Mononoke is about half as well known as Spirited Away and Ponyo, if that, and made way less money in the US. Critics liked it, but it's not what most people think when they think Ghibli. Googling "Movies suck" returns mostly results complaining about Hollywood or "modern movies", not people saying that about the entire medium.

>Yes, but in your context, you are making it seem like I'm saying anime=bad. As if I'm saying something being anime cannot be good simply because it's anime when my follow up is providing animation that has superior execution than what you normally see in current anime. My statement is simply saying, most anime is poorly written and executed, thus not well received by adults. Though I will admit, it can be read as a general statement, so that's my fault. Most people usually don't need the #notall. People do say movies suck, the google search easily proves that. You just apply the #notall to them, but decided not to apply it to my statement so you can argue whatever it is you're arguing.

>Princess Mononoke came out in 1999 (US). Spririted Away made more money, but that's not to say Princess Mononoke was not its own success, and you can even say Princess Mononoke paved the way for the success of Spirited Away. Doing rough math, it made 7x its budget which is comparable to the Matrix but it's certainly no Lion King. Regardless, being universally renowned is not about the profit, it's about the reception. How it is received by a wide audience and whether they liked it or not.

Something can't be "universally renowned" if it's not well known. It was watched by anime fans and arthouse viewers on release, not the general public. Princess Mononoke is only as well know as it is because it was made by the same studio behind My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service and Spirited Away, not the other way around.

Your entire premise that adults like things based on how "well written and executed" they are, and they wouldn't like things that don't fit that bill, is extremely moronic. There's a million and one examples that prove that's not the case.

>You really want to argue about Princess Mononoke? It came out before Spirited Away. Allow me to just paste the snippet from Google. "Box office. Princess Mononoke was the highest-grossing Japanese film of 1997, earning ¥11.3 billion in distribution rental earnings.

>That's not my premise. I said (and let me quote this time), "Anime isn't considered for adults these days because the execution is bad and the writing is childish." and "Japanese anime is better when it comes to the actual animation (usually), but western "anime" has better writing and execution (usually)."

>I didn't say adults like things based on how well-written and executed they are. I said if you want an anime to be considered for adults it has to be well-written and executed. Serious themes can get lost in an animation (whether Japanese, American, or whatever) if the execution is not done right. There is an inherent softness to drawings that has to be overcome, an inherent softness to colorful worlds, and an inherent softness to animated characters since it is more difficult to make them show emotion, especially subtle. So, because animation has inherent softness, it's more difficult for an adult to take it seriously regardless of the theme. It NEEDS to be executed right and/or written well. The execution involves things such as music, color palette, transitions, settings, voice acting, etc. Some animation that keeps the inherent softness (like Disney films) heightens values, such as music, to a level that even adults can appreciate.

>A rape in anime can come off as a depiction of real-world issues or hentai based on the execution. It's hard to make that error in live-action. Crying in anime can come off as cringe or actually sad, based on the music and voice acting. In live-action, it's mainly the actor that sells it.

>If you are an artist, you have to choose the best medium to tell your story. Anime is an uphill battle for telling adult-themed stories. It takes skill from both the writers and the animators. Something that was dark and gritty as a manga can come out like a kid show when animated if not careful. Terra Formars season one vs Terra Formars Revenge is a good example.

The performance of Princess Mononokoe in Japan is entirely irrelevant. People there don't "not consider anime for adults". Anime and manga for every age group is produced. When you say the reason anime isn't seen as "adult" is because its execution isn't up to par, that obviously implies that being "well-written" is a prerequisite for being seen as "adult".

Now you bring up animation's supposed "inherent softness". I disagree with that notion. There's no "inherent softness" to animation and you only perceive that as such because you were conditioned to see animation as inherently childish. You have a western perspective. Don't treat it like fact. "it's more difficult for an adult to take it seriously" is nothing but skewed bullshit.

Either you're a troll or you're an idiot. Keep watching your /co/ shit and fuck off.

>Imagine this hostility in a forum that talks about SJWs not being able to handle stuff. lmao. You are honestly making yourself look foolish trying to deny one of the most popular anime films in history. I've also been watching anime my whole life. You say an anime fan doesn't care if someone thinks it's for adults or not, but it really seems to be getting to you.

>Anime has inherent softness. Sorry, you refuse to believe reality. It takes effort/intention to make anime look as gritty as the real world. Older anime was better at having rough styles but now, it's too soft as if they aren't trying to add a real-world feel. This is a good style if you want to do a mature theme, as was the first season of Terra Formars.

>The problem is that even that intentionally styled aesthetic pales to the grit that live-action can capture, simply because it's live-action. The dirt on people's clothes, their wrinkles, their sweat, the dust that erupts when someone disturbs an old room.

I care when somebody masquerades as a fan, but sees anime being more beautiful than real life as a negative. Being more beautiful adds to emotional impact. Part of why I watch anime is so I don't have to look at disgusting 3dpd. You worship ugliness and you don't belong. Back of the bus.

>The softness can be a good thing, but it's not when a soft theme isn't your goal. You have to make some conscious decisions to overcome that softness. Now, if you're making a Disney movie, that softness helps add to the fairytale.

>It's not one-sided. Live-action has its limits and often looks terrible when it tries to adapt an anime, especially an anime that has supernatural elements and powers. Live-action has to overcome its limitations and make conscious decisions, just in a different way, however, they often fail to do so. I don't have to bring up the Dragonball movie, do I?

>Admitting that anime has to overcome its softness is not an insult. It's something for anime producers to keep in mind. Adding music can help make up for that. Some change the style for particular scenes (sometimes for budget, sometimes artistic, and sometimes both). Some play around with transitions and shots. In other words, execution can make or break an anime and its reception.

"it's not when a soft theme isn't your goal"
Wrong. Saying the same thing over and over wont make it true. Some of my favorite rock hard, throbbing anime has a moe art style. That adds to it, not subtracts. The contrast between moe and dark elements creates greater emotional impact than live action shit. Empathizing with a 2d character is easier too.

The vast majority of adults are morons who consume the dumbest, least creative, most play it safe shit possible. You try to blame that on some inherent short-coming of anime because you're a fake fan. Anime wont change for your up your own ass, "mature" taste and that's a good thing. Last reply.

>Then you are delusional. Can't admit to the success of Princess Mononoke but want to call others fake fans. Yeah. Okay. Glad that's your last reply so you can stop embarrassing yourself.
>> No. 37528 [Edit]
Australia? really? That country should only be used as an example of what to avoid. When it comes to anime & manga it's the most closed minded backwards place out there.
>> No. 37529 [Edit]
You say it's pointless anon, but I doubt you realize how pointless it really is. Everytime you feel like responding to shit online, imagine that you're not actually helping curb the shit, you're swallowing it instead.
>> No. 37530 [Edit]
>Everytime you feel like responding to shit online, imagine that you're not actually helping curb the shit, you're swallowing it instead.
That's a good way of putting it. I'd like a larger pool of people to engage with, but arguments are the only form of engagement possible with most people besides idle chit chat.
>> No. 37531 [Edit]
what do you do for a living?
>> No. 37532 [Edit]
File 161247439920.jpg - (963.12KB , 1400x960 , 1465395060169.jpg )
I think I posted that but I can't be completely sure because alzheimers.
Anyway, I worked amd keep working as a receptionist in a multinational. I used to work 12h per day some days and weeks but I stopped taking shit and I'm trying to avoid it at any cost. That makes everyone hate me but fuck them.
Before that I worked in a hotel 80-90 hours/week, now that was a living hell.
>> No. 37533 [Edit]
why did you have to work such extreme hours?
>> No. 37536 [Edit]
There's this obnoxious, mind-numbing ignorance to his posts, as if he knows just enough about what he's talking about to form an opinion on it but not enough for that opinion to make any sense. He takes such a surface level look on everything, not considering any of the obvious factors or contradictions to that look. I find that most of the MAL people I've seen do this, although I don't browse MAL that often at all. They feel obligated to take a pretentious view on everything, presuambly to avoid looking like a rabid "weeaboo" although they end up looking ten times worse. It's impossible to like a show if it's too childish, except if it's a childish show made by this popular studio that's well known by everyone, then they're obligated to like it.
The worst parts tend to come when they act like they know anything about animation, anything about the hard work that people put in to the production of the shows they're talking about. It's something that's incredibly easy to overlook, especially if the animation is well-done, which is why I assume he had to rely on box office numbers instead of his own intuition to understand why Mononoke was liked. His talk about "softness" in animation is completely void, it's as if he doesn't understand animation in the slightest. It's true that more detail requires more effort, but such detail can spin in any such direction. He assumes that this 'softness' is the lazy way out, since he's a mouthbreather with no experience or understanding of animation. You can put just as much, if not even more effort into something designed to be 'soft' in style as you can into something gritty.
I'm not sure if it applies to him, but another thing I've occasionally noticed among MAL or other anime reviewers is a lack of understanding of the target audience of the shows they're watching. Having an elaborate review is one thing, not realizing that the show you're reviewing is targeted at children is another. For an example, this would be as if someone was reviewing Scooby Doo as a piece of horror fiction designed for adults, and then criticizing its supposed shallowness.

I'm honestly surprised someone can be an anime fan all their lives and hate every last bit of it, but in the same vein it's something I expect from one of these pretentious queers who try to justify their escapism at every single bend by trying to argue that it is or should be their vague definition of "art" or "more adult like". Same shit happens in video games too.
Perhaps the crux of it all is that liking things makes you more vulnerable to be criticized, so they avoid this by only ever liking things that everyone else likes too.
>> No. 37537 [Edit]
This is tangential, but I'm surprised that MAL hasn't been able to better capitalize (not in the monetary sense, but in the "functionality" sense) on all the user-data they have. For instance, I've noticed that issue you mentioned
>lack of understanding of the target audience of the shows they're watching.
when skimming the reviews of shows that I've planned to watch, and it's astounding how many are from people who self-proclaim to dislike the genre and then give it a low score (this is particularly bad with cgdct shows; yes the fact that "nothing exciting happens" is the point of it. But the nuance between shows is what that "nothing" consists of).

This could be partially mitigated if they provided a way to weight reviews based on how much their watch history overlaps with yours. And more generally I don't know why they haven't been able to make use of people's watch lists to give better recommendations. Now while it's true that recommendation systems are challenging to get right, a simple SVD as was seen in the Netflix Prize challenge can get you most of the way there. Even just clustering users based on any similarity metric would work.
>> No. 37538 [Edit]
>I'm surprised that MAL hasn't been able to better capitalize (not in the monetary sense, but in the "functionality" sense) on all the user-data they have.
Kind of hard when you don't have a shit-ton of money to cover server costs. The other option being making their site slower and heavier on the user-side of things.
>> No. 37539 [Edit]
When workmates couldn't make it I was the one and only substitute. All this have teached me some non intuitive truths about work relations; being receptive to help and nice is really detrimental and goes against your interests and how people see you.
>> No. 37540 [Edit]
File 161250043689.png - (12.77KB , 310x272 , 1580645391213.png )
Who the fuck has discussions in MAL of all places. I don't understand. I can't understand.
>> No. 37541 [Edit]
Boredom and controversial subject matter.
>> No. 37542 [Edit]
In the 10+ years I've had an account on mal, I've posted maybe 3-4 times in the forums, felt pretty pointless. I also tried talking to people via profile comments/messages for a bit and found most of the users are retards.
>> No. 37543 [Edit]
>I also tried talking to people via profile comments/messages for a bit and found most of the users are retards.
This is true for any sufficiently large community whose gates are open.
>> No. 37544 [Edit]
>lack of understanding of the target audience of the shows they're watching
>when skimming the reviews of shows that I've planned to watch, and it's astounding how many are from people who self-proclaim to dislike the genre and then give it a low score

This is something I think about it often. How good are you at picking a title to watch. I consider being able to peruse, inspect and select a media you'll enjoy to be something of an art form in itself. Knowing exactly what the show is, where you stand in relation to it and your expectations towards it plays a huge part in your ability to enjoy it. In fact, if you get really good at this game, you can enjoy bad shows because you watched them at the right time. There's lots of fun to be had on trying to pick the right title at the right time just by looking at the cover and reading a short synopsis.

I'm convinced this is more related to the delusion people have they're the only intelligent person that happens to be perpetually surrounded by morons.
>> No. 37545 [Edit]
File 161253344517.jpg - (83.50KB , 806x554 , 956dcb814648a0f3f2a13c5680f65d90.jpg )
What's the deal with 2006 and popular anime? Haruhi, Death Note, Black Lagoon and Ouran Koukou Host Club all aired then and I don't think anything since has surpassed those in terms of popularity on the internet. For some reason, 2006 is the "defining year" or something. Did some bizarre event happen in 2006? Maybe it's just in my head.
>> No. 37546 [Edit]
File 161253895210.jpg - (1.48MB , 4000x4000 , DlENUwr.jpg )
What bothers me from MAL scores is how they are so low in OVA's and old anime that isn't the typical entry level stuff, at least compared to seasonal shit. Stuff like Dragon's Heaven, Black Magic or Madox barely have a 6 or less. Someone told me it was because they priorize plot over anything else so short action OVA's were at disadvantage but then I read how they say they suffer from "bad animation" (some of those OVA's are not only good but even excellently animated) and I just knew they don't have a clue about what they are talking about, besides being blind.
>> No. 37547 [Edit]
I haven't used MAL in many years, but even back then I found the forum both too big and filled with too many users either being the pretentious queers mentioned above or some kind of early version of the ironic weeb. I can only imagine what it's like now. Sometimes I miss the list function because I'm senile and can't remember how many episodes I've seen.

I feel the post-2012-14 stuff has surpassed. Sword Art Online, Jojo, One Punch Man, Konosuba, Re:Zero, Tokyo Ghoul, whatever else they're called.

2006 was probably the peak year of mangamania in my country, though it was never really a mania and never really mainstream, we mostly got shounen and a few shoujo and South Korean manwha, and a majority of incomplete series. There was a nice MAL-like community back then, but it got shut down along with all the series being cancelled at the end of the decade. While poor sales were mostly blamed, "hate speech" and "bullying" on the forums were also. Miss those days, but I'm kind of glad they're over because it would've turned to shit sooner or later anyway.
>> No. 37548 [Edit]
>they say they suffer from "bad animation"
They can't handle cell animation and people conflate old with bad. I will say that stills from Dragon's Heaven remind me a bit too much of the 70s, which is a style I find ugly irrespective of anything else.
>> No. 37549 [Edit]
I hardly ever hear about them. I can't even remember when I would have heard of or seen an image of one of those last, probably a few weeks ago in a thread about live action remakes. I would say many animes have surpassed them in terms of popularity, Kemono Freinds, Fate, Yuru Camp, Yuru Yuri, Precure(thought that is seasonal I guess), Madoka, Girls und Panzer, Lucky Star, ReZero, Konosuba, JoJO(whether you like it or not) etc, that's just from the top of my head. I see all of these anime mentioned much more than the ones you talked about.

The most highly rated anime on MAL is Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood(or it was last I checked) so I would not read much into it.
>> No. 37550 [Edit]
File 161254111264.jpg - (132.73KB , 850x587 , sample_ef7bfa662b8aacca5e9c363ed6a97852.jpg )
To me those feel more like passing trends while people will be talking about Death Note til the heat death of the universe, so I guess it's just my perspective.
>> No. 37551 [Edit]
File 161254794634.jpg - (53.22KB , 714x538 , ce2a81ebf8aeba4fbbc933cbcc887109.jpg )
Do you find Moebius ugly?
>> No. 37552 [Edit]
No. I like surrealism and illustrations. I wouldn't call his work pretty though and the pulp sci-fi aspects seem dated. I think his style works best as stand-alone drawings since they're too saturated and lacking in clean simplicity to form an entire world around in my opinion. Maybe they could be called suffocating. Dragon's Heaven could have looked more modern while still having that motif too.

Post edited on 5th Feb 2021, 10:24am
>> No. 37553 [Edit]
>To me those feel more like passing trends
A lot of those series are a decade old. Madoka had its 10th anniversary. Hell, the Fate anime aired in 2006. A big aspect of it is who things become successful with. The elephant in the room is KnY which is successful with people who don't watch other anime for instance.
>> No. 37554 [Edit]
>I'm convinced this is more related to the delusion people have they're the only intelligent person that happens to be perpetually surrounded by morons.
You have countless examples of popular things getting overrun with idiots who should have been gatekept. You should draw a line on how much of a contrarian you're willing to be.
>> No. 37555 [Edit]
>shit-ton of money to cover server costs
Except MAL is a mostly static site, so a simple caching server (or CDN if they don't want to maintain their own) would be sufficient. But they apparently don't seem to use one since the site goes down seemingly every other week instead of degrading into a read-only mode.
>slower and heavier on the user-side of things.
I guess one upside from their lack of resources is the fact that their site is still mostly lightweight and simple rather than the bloated JS messes of kitsu/anilist/etc. The aforementioned changes on weighted ratings would be more of a backend change though; I don't see why it would make the site heavier from the user-side.

>select a media you'll enjoy to be something of an art form in itself
There's a certain satisfaction to be had when you hit the bulls-eye in the game of picking shows. It requires good knowledge both of yourself as well as genres; that said, you're right in that it's more of an art-form than a science since even after considering all the available information it's more of a subjective hunch. Even more satisfying is to find a "conventionally unpopular" show, an experience akin to finding an undervalued stock I guess.

I also like to keep a sort of mental topological map of how all the shows I've seen relate to each other. That way when evaluating new shows the game becomes one of trying to predict where it would land in that map and how well I've liked similar shows (I suppose it's in essence "seeing what shows are similar to it" but keeping that global picture in mind tends to help with this).

>surpassed them in terms of popularity
I don't think shows like Kemono Friends, Yuru Yuri, and Yuru Camp are in the same league of popularity as something like JoJo or Konosouba (in the US at least). There likely exist a significant number of people who have watched JoJo or Death Note but have not heard of Kemono Friends; on the flipside I think it's rare that anyone who has watched Kemono Friends would not have heard of JoJo.
>> No. 37569 [Edit]
I don't know, many of these are years old or more and I hardly ever see people talking about Death Note, if ever.

They are appreciated by different circles, you are right though. This makes it hard to say what really popular and liked anime and thus often talked about anime would be because it changes by circle. But yes while fans of Kemono Friends may know of Jojo, this is because of the more obscure nature of Kemono Friends(amongst the main stream) they are likely to know more anime in general, but they still don't talk about Jojo much(naturally as they are different types of anime).

This probably relates to my above reply a bit, it may be that he frequents particular sites where people do talk about these kinds of anime for some reason. I just never see that myself.
>> No. 37576 [Edit]
File 161267871590.png - (62.43KB , 201x245 , MVIL7060.png )
I am not shocked by the dumb exchange, which you shouldn't even engage with as gaijins are usually dismissed as pirates despite what imageboard fearmongerers tell you, what I am shocked about however is that people still use MAL's forums, or forums to talk about anime at all.
I thought Reddit and Discord killed everything like that, now I'm curious what's left and still active. I remember someone mentioning something about LunarAnime/AnimeSuki a year or so ago here.
>> No. 37577 [Edit]
File 161267894492.jpg - (31.54KB , 300x436 , tiger mask.jpg )
On a lighter, cooler note I have discovered the world of puro, it rules.
Can't really go into much here because of the 3D nature of it, but it feels very much like the 90s and early 2000s anime days we all miss dearly.
>> No. 37592 [Edit]
I never went on AnimeSuki, but I remember people used to shit on them in the past. I also remember someone mentioning it here not too long ago and seeing people registered during the 2000's still posting when taking a look on the forums.
Most if not all of the forums I went on are long dead and removed, either to inactivity or just turning to shit due to people ruining them.

Where to start and what to check out? I'm into sumo wrestling myself, next tournament is a month away so might as well.
>> No. 37595 [Edit]
File 161276106570.png - (78.66KB , 1253x380 , Baka-Updates wishes you farewell.png )
>but I remember people used to shit on them in the past
They were known as like casual weaboo back in the day I think (similar to Gaia I recall), but people actually miss those types now, and they're surprisingly active still for what they are.
The issue with forums like that is if they aren't abandoned they become a club for old-timers, and it's awkward if new people join.

I think there are still some sakuga forums active though, with some going as far as to call them good.
ANN of all things still has a forum, but it's mostly full of people posting threads and not replying, also seems to have a userbase of pretentious snobs. In fact, most of these database sites have forums and IRC channels, YMMV, I haven't checked them all out.
Anime torrent trackers all have forums too, with AB being reasonably active but a lot of people are afraid of saying the wrong thing and risking their tree. The others like BBT are like what I mentioned, filled with veterans talking off-topic and probably have met IRL.

Most that I remember have either been overrun by spam or taken down, not that many of them were worth reading because back in the day everyone and their mother had a forum for this. I suspect userbase rot is the culprit.
>> No. 37596 [Edit]
File 161277256810.png - (16.21KB , 317x317 , 1610845786507.png )
90's AJPW and 2000s NOAH are good places to start with puro. 2015 and 2016 NJPW are probably the height of that if you prefer.
There are torrent packs easily available.
>> No. 37616 [Edit]
got the vaccine today,
side effect a slight tingling on my tongue and general feeling of malaise with some cold sweats.
>> No. 37617 [Edit]
File 161292727836.png - (742.65KB , 860x1214 , bc86edac38b43a5d18a75c66ee8c91cc.png )
What kind did you get? mRNA(2 shots) or the John Hopkins(1 shot) one?
>> No. 37619 [Edit]
Good luck with not dying anon.
>> No. 37620 [Edit]
You got Bell's palsy syndrome
>> No. 37621 [Edit]
I got the pfizer vaccine, which is one of the two that uses the mrna technology.
>> No. 37623 [Edit]
>mrna technology.
I don't know if it's just the kerning on the font I'm using or bad eyesight but that read as "mma". I also hadn't realized that there were two independent mRNA based ones: biontech and moderna. All this time I assumed it was shared research between the two. together.
>> No. 37626 [Edit]
I heard some bad things about that one(from Russian sources so take that how you will), we are getting that one in my country as well. I won't take it if I don't have to though, there have been so few cases here that I don't see it as worthwhile. I am yet to even wear a face mask.
>> No. 37628 [Edit]
>there have been so few cases here that I don't see it as worthwhile
Where the hell do you live?
>> No. 37631 [Edit]
South Australia. I just checked, we had 606 cases so far.
>> No. 37658 [Edit]
File 16132917087.png - (2.15MB , 1137x1062 , helping the lost girl.png )
I finally made an nhentai account. I should probably use g.e-hentai instead but the last time I did there wasn't always seeders for the things I wanted to download so I just had to save the images manually. It's too early for me to say whether or not it's better overall, and I likely won't prefer it over g.e-hentai but the two doujins I torrented were at least very quick unlike g.e-hentai where I can sometimes be lucky to make any progress at all through torrenting. I'm not happy to admit that pressure was the motivation behind this decision since this country is so censor-happy and I don't want a repeat of the pornhub incident so I want to stock up on the doujins I like just in case something bad happens. I'll likely be chipping away at the long list of bookmarked doujins I have by torrenting them all but perhaps with a slight bit of urgency by doing so daily. Though if there is one thing that I would definitly like nhentai to have it's a blacklist.
>> No. 37659 [Edit]
I've always used "". It's pretty lightweight and seems to have all the needed features. The booru counterpart "" is great too.
>> No. 37661 [Edit]
nHentai parasitizes off of exhentai. When something is uploaded to exhentai, that's where nhentai gets its copy from(I've seen this in real time). That means exhentai gets stuff faster. Not only that, but exhentai has artist cgs(basically a colored, computer doujin) and pixiv collections(including fanbox stuff) while nhentai doesn't.

Hitomi also parasitizes off of exhentai. It at least has artists cgs, but the search function is extremely slow for some reason and english translations of certain things have mysteriously disappeared off of their website for stuff like Maron Maron cgs.

Both have a better built in image viewer than exhenai's obsolete, cumbersome one, but to call them "better" than exhentai ignores the massive value its community has in actually uploading to the internet and commissioning translations.

Post edited on 14th Feb 2021, 6:32am
>> No. 37663 [Edit]
Yeah I assumed that was implicitly well-known. Although calling them "parasites" seems a bit derogatory. "Mirroring" would work just as well, and while uploaders are important I don't see any harm being done by mirrors that make the uploaded content more widely available. After all the end-goal of the uploader is to share something with the web.
>> No. 37667 [Edit]
I don't see the harm in it either, but asking which one is "better" assumes they're even comparable to begin with.
>> No. 37685 [Edit]
File 161344453979.png - (4.53MB , 1447x2047 , 私が作ったホットミルクをどうぞっ.png )
A few days ago when I was driving to work I saw a billboard celebrating the Lunar New Year and a truck that said "China Post". It wasn't the first billboard advertising it and when I came back home steam had a Lunar New Year sale. I don't think I remember a Chinese holiday having been celebrated before but I hope, and strongly doubt, that normalfags are seeing it and asking questions.

Post edited on 16th Feb 2021, 9:18pm
>> No. 37686 [Edit]
One could see it as a china take over, but another might think rat = plague, where as bull/cow = bull market (a good thing).

...but yeah no, china's culture has been infiltrating ours for a while now. In mainstream media (film/tv) it's blatant how we've been pandering to them and including them in everything.
>> No. 37687 [Edit]
File 161344700063.jpg - (530.78KB , 850x994 , sample_f18d51a065de476dd1761cc29c811607.jpg )
It's time to bow down to your new overlords.
>> No. 37688 [Edit]
I wish our new overlords didn't have such an ear sour of a language.
>> No. 37690 [Edit]
They've been doing Steam Lunar New Year sales for a while now.
>> No. 37692 [Edit]
I disagree about the Chinese taking over. Its likely there is just a racial enclave nearby you. There are plenty of Koreans and Indians living here and similar things happen with that.
Stop saving samples.
>> No. 37693 [Edit]
I have a small drive, so no.
>> No. 37694 [Edit]
Sex drive? Hard drive?
>> No. 37696 [Edit]
Solid state drive.
>> No. 37698 [Edit]
>I disagree about the Chinese taking over. Its likely there is just a racial enclave nearby you. There are plenty of Koreans and Indians living here and similar things happen with that.
It looks like a glowie found us.
>> No. 37699 [Edit]
File 161351784382.jpg - (47.87KB , 400x500 , 1568299628052.jpg )
I listened to political talk today. I feel nauseous. How do people live like this?
>> No. 37700 [Edit]
Different anon. There used to be a large Chinese supermarket near me that closed. I know somebody who's a teacher and they've noticed that as the indian student body grows, the east asian body shrinks. I think that's how things go.
>> No. 37701 [Edit]
File 161352214142.png - (161.29KB , 1141x829 , __houraisan_kaguya_and_teruyof_touhou_drawn_by_hos.png )
Why subject yourself to that?
>> No. 37702 [Edit]
Well we only accept Chinese as students for money and if Indians are willing to pay then no need for Chinese. And we have all of the talk going around of Chinese infiltration of the education system so even more incentive not to have them.
>> No. 37704 [Edit]
File 161353973583.png - (2.14MB , 3028x2000 , aa67505d123611cc9aa7ba04c319960d.png )
The only reason I can think of is that maybe they fell for the "these times" meme and feel the urgency that motivates them to keep up with the news. Of course, they're always misinformed and what they think boils down to replacing jews and chinks with trump supporters and incels for scapegoating.
>> No. 37705 [Edit]
File 161357145732.jpg - (53.65KB , 761x699 , LEAP7975.jpg )
I have noticed the imageboard crowd is moving to textboards.
>> No. 37706 [Edit]
What is the point of a text board? It's just an imageboard with less features.
>> No. 37707 [Edit]
It forces people to make slightly less shitty posts and prevents spam a bit. They can't use the power of images to communicate emotions responsibly, so they either over rely on or abuse it and make awful posts. On a textboards that's not an option. They can still make awful posts, but there's less incentive to.

Post edited on 17th Feb 2021, 6:28am
>> No. 37708 [Edit]
It self-selects the audience to people willing to read for one. Text-boards also have the benefit of being easier and safer to run (no CP spam at 3am and a call to the FBI right after).
Another benefit is that they can be fully accessed with text browsers like lynx or w3m, which makes it trivial to read at work for the more techy crowd (managers don't read terminal text as a general rule).
The vibe is just different. People tend to put more effort into what they write because there's no shortcut available. To try to be funny on an imageboard, you can post a meme (ancient or new), to be funny on a textboard you actually have to write funny text.
>> No. 37709 [Edit]
I don't the like the idea of people putting in more effort because they're forced to through absent features. The "vibe" being better doesn't make up for not having pictures. Techy anons tend to be snobbish too in my experience.
>> No. 37710 [Edit]
It replaced religion. I assume it gives people a sense of belonging and hope and all that jazz. Thankfully a lot of people dropped it when the election ended.
>> No. 37713 [Edit]
>less shitty posts and prevents spam a bit
Ironic considering how much DQN culture pervades many of the textboards.
>> No. 37720 [Edit]
Then I'm just glad to have assurance that the filter is working as intended.
>> No. 37721 [Edit]
Yes, and pigs are glad not to have humans rolling around in the muck with them too. If text boards are so superior, why would people who like them ever bother with imageboards? They can just stay in their pen and circle jerk about bloat and text editors or whatever.

Post edited on 18th Feb 2021, 4:40pm
>> No. 37722 [Edit]
Where are these supposed textboards with high quality content? Tinychan/FSF has low quality conten; schemebbs is meh (/prog/ is ok I guess but I don't care much for lisp in particular; I get enough of that on the orange bar site); savoq and spin-offs are as terrible as you'd expect for actual discussion. In fact the only textboards with occasional good posts I've managed to find are 4-ch and letterbox, but even the latter has lost some luster lately.

Overall unless I'm missing something textboards in the western sphere are no better than imageboards quality of content-wise. I suppose you could say that the worst textboards are better than the worst imageboards, but considering that all you've really done is swap images for ascii art that's not saying much.

I do agree that in general allowing too many images can derail threads though. It's for this reason that I hate all the lynxchan clones since the ability to attach multiple images per post means that every thread becomes more of an image dump.
>> No. 37729 [Edit]
I hope you're doing okay.
I have deep anxiety about getting a vaccine, specifically the long term effects, if I die I want a brain hemmorage.
>> No. 37730 [Edit]
It annoys me that people always dismiss vaccine skeptics as some sort of "anti-science" hillbillies, as if "science" was some sort of religious of absolute truth. I personally don't question the efficacies and benefits of vaccines, but modern vaccines aren't just the weakened/inactivated viruses that they originally were. You have to worry about cross interactions with the body's own proteins (many of which we probably don't even fully understand yet), and there's a fine line between stimulating the immune response and overstimulating it.

Similarly I don't know why people make fun of those who believe harmful effects of cell phone radiation/wifi/5G. Yes it's non-ionizing, but that alone doesn't guarantee safety; for instance, hypothetically if the body/brain made use of weak low-frequency signals for signaling/etc. then it's possible that an externally imposed EM field could either interfere or resonate with it. It hasn't even been a generation since the widespread prevalence of these things.
>> No. 37734 [Edit]
>It annoys me that people always dismiss vaccine skeptics as some sort of "anti-science" hillbillies, as if "science" was some sort of religious of absolute truth.
To avoid getting into /tat/ territory, all i'll say is "believe in science!" is the new "Because God said so!"
>> No. 37758 [Edit]
one other side effect that seemed to happen a week later was neck pain right below my jaw (inflamed lymph nodes possibly?) which went away in a day.
>> No. 37783 [Edit]
The text/imageboard split is real: disallowing something, like imageposting, can be a feature. In more recent times, people pushing gemini/gopher also claim that and I see it as a parallel to early 2000s "textboard" purism. Complete with gopher being old and unintentionally primitive.
The phpBB vs. forced anonymous "shiichans" also differ in more than a registration. Not only did phpBB instances encouraged registration, but also early from the start building a personality: various badges & stars, titles ("this person is a supreme expert / veteran member / Orc captain") etc. - this goes far beyond "tripfagging".
While it is true that all these software is of one general type, that doesn't completely refute the "medium is the message" type of theory.
>> No. 37837 [Edit]
File 161466475254.png - (127.41KB , 489x424 , 1565019816326.png )
>Where are these supposed textboards with high quality content? Tinychan/FSF has low quality conten; schemebbs is meh (/prog/ is ok I guess but I don't care much for lisp in particular; I get enough of that on the orange bar site); savoq and spin-offs are as terrible as you'd expect for actual discussion.
Textboards pop up every day, there seems to be a bit of a buzz about them with the small userbase left for these sort of sites, there are things like txtchan and overtext that attempt to catalog them. They are popping up on different protocols too. Tinychan and boards of that ilk are considered talkboards and not textboards.
>In fact the only textboards with occasional good posts I've managed to find are 4-ch and letterbox, but even the latter has lost some luster lately.
letterbox, unfortunately, had most of its userbase scared off by a spammer, that's probably why the userbase has gotten worse.
>> No. 37854 [Edit]
took the second dose of the vaccine , side effect: felt like i had the flu with a low grade fever, went away the next day though arm soreness persisted for a day longer.
>> No. 37856 [Edit]
Apparently that's a common issue (some say Moderna vaccine is more likely to elicit pain after second shot). Not even close to a medical researcher but in general second shots are known to trigger stronger immune responses (spiking serum antibody levels)), and I'm guessing that's what is eliciting the adverse reaction. The same would probably happen if a previously infected person took the vaccine.
>> No. 37858 [Edit]
I have a heart condition and qualified to get the vaccine early but was too much of an anxious wreck to actually go there. I don't know if I regret it or not. I mean I already get the flu shot every year because of said heart condition. When my doctor finds out I didn't get this thing he's going to have a field day lecturing me like I'm fucking 6.
>> No. 37927 [Edit]
My monitor has reached the point where it is burning images into the middle of the screen, not permanently yet but still. It annoys me even more as this was not a cheap monitor and I have already had issues with them. It's a 1440p gaming monitor that I got about 3 years ago, I actually got a different model 1440p fist but the corners had such white light that I sent it back for a refund, even this one is not ideal in that regard but better. I also don't like the anti-reflective coating on modern monitors, it makes images grainy. Oh yeah, two pixels are dead on it too, one died early on and the other maybe after a year.
>> No. 37928 [Edit]
I only ever had the cheapest, small LG and Acer ones and they all lasted without issues way longer than that. That sucks. Do you have money to replace it? That always seem to be the most important thing at the end of the day.
>> No. 37929 [Edit]
Before this one I used to have one made in 2007 that was not even 1080p but the screen was glass and it never had any major faults.

It seems that monitor costs have gone down quite a bit now with monitors of the same spec being half the price(well slightly better even, mine was 144hz these are 165hz) and there are non-gaming 1440ps in the market too(there wasn't before really) so getting a new monitor won't be an issue I'll just have to hope it lasts longer than this one.
>> No. 37947 [Edit]
Just found out that you can buy self-heating sex robots with Alexa-style AI now, for a price that I could afford if I wanted to:

It can only move its head though. My point still stands that I won't get a sex robot until they're mobile and intelligent enough to clean themselves.
>> No. 37950 [Edit]
Two of my Siblings got tattoos on the weekend. I expected better from them, I always expect more from my family and then they let me down and yet I still somehow never see them for what they are. I guess this at least should stop now that they have permanent reminders of what they are attached to them.

Post edited on 22nd Mar 2021, 7:35am
>> No. 37951 [Edit]
Not that isn't disgusting, but like 100% of normals have tattos today.
>> No. 38004 [Edit]
what kind of tattoos did they get? I hope it's not something stupid like the name of a band or a Rick&Morty character.
>> No. 38005 [Edit]
It's mind boggling that people would willingly pay to have their bodies permanently defaced and look like a walking graffiti tagged building straight out a ghetto.
>> No. 38030 [Edit]
I could never afford that. Seeing rich people everywhere is so tiresome.
>> No. 38031 [Edit]
I feel like my body is decaying away.
>> No. 38109 [Edit]
I recently went down the rabbit hole of homeopathy, trying to read both sides of the matter. It's interesting that like you mentioned, the group against it is rabidly, fervently against even considering the possibility that it could work – the same who people who call anyone against vaccines misconstrue arguments to blindly label people as "anti-vaxxers."

That aside, here's a summary of the things I found

* Most randomized/blinded trials have used the same homeopathic "prescription" for all people in the test group. These studies have failed to find any evidence that homeopathy is better than placebo, and so the anti-group feels justified to scathe anyone who even mentions the word. However, this is completely disingenuous: "classical" homeopathy is explicitly about an individualized treatment; i.e. a "remedy" that is chosen individually according to "traits" of each person (after a psychiatric-like consulting session). There have been very few studies on so-called "classical/individualized homeopathic treatment," so at best what you can conclude from the body of existing randomized trials is that the over-the-counter "homeopathic pills" that they for some reason sell at e.g. Whole Foods are bunk. It's disingenuous to extend this to the individually prescribed version.

* The few studies that do consider individualized treatments show a mild benefit over placebo; the most famous of this was [1], and even the annoying "skeptic" groups don't fault the design of the study but instead proclaim that it just can't work with our current understanding, and so the study must clearly be bunk. Indeed, they even admit
>Somehow, homeopathy works when it's individualized, but it falls apart when it's consistent throughout the board
Considering that the whole point of "classical homeopathy" is the individualized treatment, then under their criteria no study would ever be able to convince them. (For the sake of completeness, I also found [2] which a review paper [3] considered "was a well constructed RCT (albeit slightly underpowered) which scored highly on methodological quality" and admits "interesting differences between groups were observed which suggests that homoeopathic remedies were affecting FM symptoms over and above the non-specific placebo effects." yet in the conclusion/abstract state that all had "serious flaws."). People should focus on trying to replicate these sorts of studies, but I doubt anyone will due to lack of funding and the fact that no one would risk their reputation for a positive result.

* On the flipside, the homeopaths don't do themselves any favors by clinging to the "water memory" explanation, which is luckily something that can indeed be experimentally checked and replicated. They'd be better off just explaining it away as an unknown cause. There are also some interesting parallels to the recent EmDrive experiments (which ended up being just measurement error); both are in seeming violation of our current understanding, yet no one threw stones at the EmDrive team for publishing their results.

* Interestingly, the types of conditions homeopathy seems to work the best for are psychosomatic ones, usually related to chronic pain. I'm reminded very closely of the work by John Sarno [4] whose theories about RSI/chronic pain likewise have various anecdotal proponents but which run contrary to the conventional understanding. This is probably fertile area for research, but again it's an area that no one would be willing to touch with a ten foot pole.

>> No. 38141 [Edit]
File 16197501726.jpg - (206.62KB , 1092x1200 , 8de531d1e7b1d0941c2fae5bfb3e5a0d.jpg )
It's getting hot. How do you deal with it?
>> No. 38142 [Edit]
That's what I'm a bit concerned about. We're supposed to start our cross country RV trip in a few days, and the locations we're heading to get extremely hot this time of year. I'm not overly confident in the ac units this rv has, they seem like they might break down any day.
>> No. 38146 [Edit]
Week back I picked up some busted joycons for like $10 or so, thought I'd try repairing them. Opened them up and found they were toast, water damage or something. they seemed practically unfixable with the motherboards being very corroded.
For the hell of it I sent them in to nintendo's repair center since they do free repairs on joycons with drift and similar issues. Wasn't until after sending them out that I saw their ToS say they don't cover water damage.
Today however I got a brand new set in the mail from them. So that was pretty rad I gotta say.
>> No. 38151 [Edit]
so where the fuck do we draw the line?
do we take flat earthers seriously?
do we take otherkins seriously? are we suppose drop all common sense on the astronomically small chance that maybe the guy actually is a dragon?
>> No. 38152 [Edit]
Well they symptom of a disease is the same for all so the cure according to the homeopathic method would be the same. The problem with individualised treatment is that it could lead to the treater cycling through different treatments until one works and saying that was due to the individual nature of it when it was actually some other ingredient in the treatment that benefited the patient but had no bearing on homeopathy.

The individual nature of the treatment itself would also have positive effects on the patient, the feeling that the patient is being treated individually and the attention the patient will get are beneficial to the patient, studies have shown this as well.
>> No. 38153 [Edit]
Well belief in homeopathy would be equivalent to belief in the fact that some sort of extra-material "energetic/etheric" component of the body exists (see also >>/tat/1262) [since if you assume that, then the assumption that it can be manipulated by water that's been shaken (and stirred?) which presumably also has some sort of "energetic" component isn't too far of a leap].

>so where the fuck do we draw the line
Since you're dealing with extra-material phenomenon, it's in the same class of things as "paranormal" or "magick". Some people swear it's real and that they've experienced it themselves, attempts to reliably replicate it fail, it doesn't have any purely material explanations, etc. But the interesting thing about homeopathy is that with a properly designed large-enough trial it should be possible to actually see an effect (or lack of effect). As I've mentioned before almost all the trials performed so far are on non-individualized treatments which isn't the issue at hand, and the few trials on individualized treatment have all had methodological issues, casting their conclusions of it being more effective than placebo as questionable.

>symptom of a disease is the same for all
I think "individualized homeopathy" doesn't consider only the physical symptoms but also the entire emotional/mental characteristics of the person, closer to a psychiatric evaluation. And a lot of issues such as RSI don't all manifest in the same symptoms (nor do they even have defined physical causes).

But yes applying the notion of homeopathy to acute physical illnesses (e.g. infections, cancer, etc.) is asinine (at best it does nothing since mild infections go away on their own; at worst you've killed the patient). And if there is indeed any value to be had in homeopathy for less defined chronic illnesses (e.g. "brain fog", chronic fatigue syndrome) then it'd be completely unrelated to its original "uses" of "curing" diseases in the 18th century.

>feeling that the patient is being treated individually
Yeah I strongly believe that the "personal attention" afforded by indivdualized treatment (a stark contrast to the cold, clinical treatment you traditionally receive in hospitals) itself is responsible for some positive effects (especially in psychosomatic cases). And studies have indeed shown that things like calling a patient post-surgery reduces the perceived pain levels.

>problem with individualised treatmeent... it was actually some other ingredient in the treatment
Well considering that their dilutions don't have any other ingredient I guess in that case it'd just be regression to the mean.

But either way, a properly designed study could mitigate this: have a large pool of people with some condition that homeopaths generally agree is a good fit for treatment (I've read chronic skin conditions like eczema are a good one, and this allows for quantitative measurement of improvement). Have your control (placebo) group and two treatments groups, (of course blinding as much as possible). Allow the "homeopathic" doctor to consult each person and decide on a remedy, and based on the group the person will either be given a placebo, the remedy that was chosen, or some other random remedy.

To reduce the number of variables, people would be prevented from going in for a "re-assesment", but to compensate I guess you could try to get some homeopath who has a track record in the community of choosing good remedies first-time around. Then at the end of the trial you compare the groups.

So while it should be theoretically possible to conduct such a trial, in order for it to be effective you need a large number of people – because due to the indivdualized nature of this it can't be replicated independently. I wish someone would do this to finally settle the question, but the homeopaths probably don't care since they're convinced of it anyway and the non-homeopaths don't care since they're convinced it can't work.
>> No. 38176 [Edit]
My grotesque blister finally popped around midnight, but cleaning it while moderating my cat's curiosity was quite the challenge.
Tangentially related, it's a shame night's reign isn't longer as my productivity is significantly higher when the sun is sleeping. Even as a NEET with relatively few distractions, merely the comfort derived from knowing that nobody will try to interact with you is like a warm blanket warding off the Winter's gelid embrace.
>> No. 38181 [Edit]
I'd like to see before/after pics, but I understand pictures of that would be against site rules.
>> No. 38245 [Edit]
File 162131436375.png - (1.05MB , 1499x1581 , e9f842723cc590f0db65067f2c598b88.png )
I watched one episode of Code Gay Ass before dropping it like it was on fire. I don't remember seeing a more messy and poorly thought out set-up or premise.
>> No. 38246 [Edit]
It's pure fun, however.
>> No. 38247 [Edit]
Jojo is fun. Onizuka is fun. Even Kill la Kill is pretty fun. That. That was not fun.
>> No. 38248 [Edit]
There's some really messy stuff later on but there's nothing wrong with the first episode or even most of the first season, really.
Don't be such a stick in the mud.

Post edited on 17th May 2021, 10:51pm
>> No. 38250 [Edit]
Way too many convenient happenstances, pointless mechs, stupid setting, unbelievable action(he should have been killed like five times, but wasn't), a ridiculous power, tonal confusion and way too fast pacing, were all problems. It's one of the messiest first episodes I've ever seen. I'm surprised it could get worse.

Post edited on 17th May 2021, 11:09pm
>> No. 38251 [Edit]
>pointless mechs, stupid setting
You don't even know anything about the setting yet, and the mechs are both important and cool. I don't really have much to say about this other than this is simply not made for you, although you picked a very lame way to express it. I don't know how you'd enjoy any action series if realism and happenstance are concerns.

Post edited on 17th May 2021, 11:22pm
>> No. 38252 [Edit]
File 162132039847.jpg - (123.22KB , 850x773 , sample_b46d3d818930ca0b60ad78e098231a6c.jpg )
>I don't know how you'd enjoy any action series if realism and happenstance are concerns.
It's not about realism, it's about how things are conveyed to the audience. It has to FEEL believable and natural. The first soldier who finds the mc just so happened to be his childhood friend(who we have no idea why became a soldier despite his circumstances), and decides to spare him. For sparing the mc, I remember he gets killed too, right then and there by his higher-up for some reason, so there's really no other point to that character existing. We barely see him before that, so it has zero impact. Come on, that's total bullshit. They confront the mc again after he runs away, and they don't just shoot him, they start talking, for no god damn reason. I hate that. A power that lets you effortlessly mind control others is also bullshit in its entirety. That's not fun. Seeing a character creatively utilize a limited power is fun, like in Death Note or Jojo.

From the first episode I know the setting is a strange, futuristic, but also for some non-specified reason, classical empire, with pompous, cartoon villains as leaders. That wasn't interesting or compelling to me in the slightest. So Japan is a colony, but it's also pretty futuristic and they don't seem to be suffering much at all, the main character is a regular student and their school seems perfectly fine and not horribly totalitarian. Except in some slum we barely see, where in the very first episode, a mass-killing is performed nonchalantly. That is some seriously egregious "story-telling". This is just the tip of the iceberg of problems I had. Mechs always need some story reason to be justified because on their own they're pretty dumb. Here, they're just there, because why not. I can only see myself tolerating it if I was still in middle school.

Post edited on 17th May 2021, 11:48pm
>> No. 38253 [Edit]
>It has to FEEL believable and natural
It doesn't. Code Geass is theatrical, not realistic. I'm not even going to address most of your other points because it's clear that you didn't pay attention and are making an insane amount of assumptions about things that are addressed in subsequent episodes, and in doing so smugly elevate yourself over the material you refused to engage with. You also keep citing entry level shows which further increases my suspicions. But one I can't let go is saying the Geass is a power without limitations. This is blatantly false. It has a range limit, a usage limit, and contextual flaws. CG isn't even one of my favourite series and it's one that's full of flaws born of rewriting things on the fly, but you're focusing on non-issues and assumptions.

Post edited on 18th May 2021, 12:10am
>> No. 38254 [Edit]
I have not seen Code Gease but I think that thinks do have to be believable to a degree or it becomes hard for the audience to actually engage with the show. For example if you were watching a show that was basically 100% believable and a character was in danger or mortally wounded then because of the realism of the show the viewer may actually feel that the character may die whereas if the character is in a show where there is no believability and the author just pulls random and nonsensical events out of the hat to save the character whenever he looks to be in danger then the audience just won't connect to it. They'll know that if it looks like the character is in danger an alien space ship will crash on the antagonist or that even if he does die it will actually have been his twin all along or a dream or they collected the dragon balls and so they will just bring him back. The audience just won't care.
>> No. 38255 [Edit]
File 16213350115.png - (83.25KB , 300x300 , 222211.png )
Unrelated to your post, but your image reminds me of an artist known as 4n. (not worksafe)
>> No. 38256 [Edit]
File 162134769733.png - (880.32KB , 1473x1828 , 2d9b929d931438d18b4324601146a477.png )
>Code Geass is theatrical
So is Death Note and Penguindrum. Neither of which has the problem of execution nearly this bad.
>it's clear that you didn't pay attention and are making an insane amount of assumptions
You can hand wave criticisms about literally any story. The "you didn't pay attention" way is the laziest means of doing that. I watched the thing, isn't that enough? What about Code Gay Ass requires the viewer to really soak in all the details? Is it really that sophisticated?
>entry level shows
Code Gay Ass is also an "entry level show". "Entry level shows" can be perfectly fine examples of good story telling, and most people can understand references to them. To say otherwise is to be smug and elitist yourself.
>This is blatantly false.
From the audience's perspective, he gets this power completely out of the blue, just out of thin air, and it's also just in the nick of time to save his life(when really he seriously should have been dead three minutes ago). Then, with no practice or any thinking, he waves his hand in the air and effortlessly gets out the situation with it. From the audience's perspective, this power is cheap and undeservingly solves issues it really shouldn't be solving. After that, I had no desire to keep watching and learn about the ACTUAL limitations of this power. The characters didn't entice me either. You said YOURSELF it gets bad. Well, I'm not surprised. It means my initial impression turned out to be useful and accurate. Audience conveyance is the absolute most important thing to good story telling.

Post edited on 18th May 2021, 7:25am
>> No. 38257 [Edit]
File 162135631571.png - (2.26MB , 1920x1080 , [CBM]_Code_Geass_-_01_-_The_Day_a_New_Demon_Was_Bo.png )
>From the audience's perspective, he gets this power completely out of the blue
This is exactly what I mean about not paying attention. It comes from CC, who has been established throughout the entire episode as a mysterious weapon of some sort, one that the Britannians would level a city to obtain. Her corpse is lying in front of him, even. If you can't connect the dots here that isn't a problem with the show, it's your problem. And it should seem powerful the first time he uses it, otherwise what kind of impact would it leave? Regarding knowing how to use it, it's an innate mental power, so obviously he should have some idea of what it entails. There's visual cues that indicate that he's been imparted with the knowledge. I said the show has its flaws but these are just extremely petty critiques.
>To say otherwise is to be smug and elitist yourself.
Admittedly it was a low blow.
>> No. 38258 [Edit]
>So Japan is a colony, but it's also pretty futuristic and they don't seem to be suffering much at all, the main character is a regular student and their school seems perfectly fine and not horribly totalitarian
I glossed over this earlier but this is also a big thing to misunderstand. That's a school for Britannian nobles, and has nothing to do with the living conditions of theJapanese Elevens. Lelouch is also Britannian.
>> No. 38259 [Edit]
File 16213580378.jpg - (157.95KB , 850x914 , sample_e5b03f9bf1e7bcb284c9a6f8aff98266.jpg )
>It comes from CC
No, that's not good enough. That's a plot explanation, which isn't what I meant. It FEELS out of the blue and too convenient, for a protagonist. The timing is wrong. Plot explanation =/= justification. He should have gotten those powers in a lower stakes situation. The whole first episode or two should have been about his daily life and/or him exploring these abilities, before having to use them in a dangerous situation, and it'd also be preferable if he gets into one in a more natural way than a complete accident. And again, the soldiers talking instead shooting was incredibly annoying. You said they really wanted CC, so why didn't they act more seriously? That's dissonance. These are soldiers, not high school villains.

The main character shouldn't know too much more than the audience either, especially about something that's also completely new to him like his power was(again, Death Note, which this is compared to often). The setting is also highly unusual, so the audience needed more time for it to soak in, so we can understand it and empathize with the mc's motivation and why he feels the empire is bad. The way that the empire is established as "bad thing" is too cheap and fast, like killing off the mc's childhood friend before we really know him, and some hollow exposition. That's extremely cheap. I wasn't given a reason to give a fuck. Bad conveyance. "Knowing" isn't enough to feel something.

>Britannian nobles, and has nothing to do with the living conditions of theJapanese Elevens
The difference between the two isn't given enough explanation. An episode to properly establish this shit would again, be very helpful. The beginning and his motivation makes him seem pretty Japanese.

Post edited on 18th May 2021, 10:16am
>> No. 38260 [Edit]
>He should have gotten those powers in a lower stakes situation. The whole first episode or two should have been about his daily life and/or him exploring these abilities
That's so fucking boring. That's like saying Gundam should have started with 3 episodes of Amuro practicing with the Gundam before the Zeon attack. That's not exciting at all.
>> No. 38261 [Edit]
I never watched Gundam or felt any inclination to. Gunbuster though did have a training episode, even though it was only 6 episodes long. That was a good decision.
>That's so fucking boring.
How? It's the setting. One of the most important parts of a story with a weird setting. If that's boring, your setting is bad. Made in Abyss did that really well. And how is establishing the main character's motivation and powers boring? That's the whole god damn point of anything that happens.

Post edited on 18th May 2021, 10:57am
>> No. 38263 [Edit]
>And how is establishing the main character's motivation and powers boring?
That's what happened and you ignored it because it wasn't a lengthy explanation in a lowstakes environment.
I'm just gonna stop here. You're a moron and you want things spoonfed to you before they happen.

Post edited on 18th May 2021, 11:16am
>> No. 38264 [Edit]
File 162136131922.jpg - (203.04KB , 850x900 , sample_a0a55d031da9694e4fca6daffeeee9a4.jpg )
No, you're a moron who likes crap made for chuunis and gets flustered when somebody explains why something you like is shit from episode 1.
>> No. 38265 [Edit]
And by the way, you can actually establish information while things happen. Assassination Classroom, we quickly learn who Koro Sensei is and why the students would want to kill him. We quickly learn what sort of personality he has and more about the students' low status in school, reinforcing their desire for prize money. They almost succeeding in killing him, but not in a way Koro sensei approves of, further establishing his personality. That's a good first episode.

Eva, we quickly learn about Shinji's personality, the world and his relationship with his father, implying his motivation. There isn't too many characters and the conflict Shinji is thrust into feels very natural. It's tight and uncluttered. Another good first episode.

There's no confusion, or annoying, unbelievable happenstances in those two.

Post edited on 18th May 2021, 11:41am
>> No. 38266 [Edit]
Code geass is not really sophisticated at all, but after reading this discussion it really might still be too sophisticated for you.
There's no confusion for most of the audience, just so you know, that's just you. Most people watching it kinda know that more details will come in later, they are not sitting there like you despairing that everything wasn't explained beforehand.
>> No. 38267 [Edit]
File 162137527016.jpg - (641.92KB , 900x1401 , b72fa29cdb69577f3f2d382d7fba545c.jpg )
I'm not the only one who thinks Code Gay Ass is total shit. The problem wasn't that everything wasn't explained in the first episode, the problem is that I didn't want to know anymore because of the order of events and annoying bullshit that kept happening. Absolutely nothing about it caught my attention in a positive way. It's also annoying that I have to keep repeating myself. If I was wrong, you or the other anon would have been able to address my complaints about the soldiers' behavior, childhood friend, or convenient, god mode activation. I know you're instead going out of your way to insult me because of your pathetic internet grudge.

I enjoyed Monster perfectly fine. If you think Monster is less sophisticated than Gode Gay Ass, you really are retarded.

Post edited on 18th May 2021, 3:03pm
>> No. 38268 [Edit]
> him finding his friend and soldier behavior
These types of coincidences are not notorious compared to other series. It's like complaining about the angel almost stepping on Misato and Shinji or Ryuuko cutting herself just right and landing on Senketsu, to give some examples of previously mentioned series. The enemies taking their sweet time to act is also not exlusive to code geass.
>god mode
He was given a power and knowledge on how to use it. Your complaints are empty.
>> No. 38269 [Edit]
>These types of coincidences are not notorious compared to other series.
It's true that other series have some of this stuff. I'm not asking for total realism or anything close to it. But for so many of these things to happen in quick succession, all on the first episode, totally put me off. Getting lucky in a physical situation isn't nearly as bad as a totally chance, seemingly illogical meeting in the protagonist's favor. My suspension of disbelief doesn't go that far.
>He was given a power and knowledge on how to use it.
I. Don't. Like. That. How many times do I have to spell it out? Given. He just knows. It just works. Perfect timing. I can't stand that crap. Why does he not like the empire again? What the fuck is his problem with the empire? What is his actual perspective on that? That's what a first episode is for. Maybe explain that BEFORE he declares a revolution?

Post edited on 18th May 2021, 3:43pm
>> No. 38270 [Edit]
>Given. He just knows. It just works. Perfect timing. I can't stand that crap.
The power and its extreme limitations that require clever use are a central part of the plot.
>Why does he not like the empire again? What the fuck is his problem with the empire?
Lelouch's opinions on Britannia are explained and are also a central part of the plot.
You'd have probably figured out both of these if you chose to watch after the first episode before deciding to call the entire plot nonsense. I don't really care if you find it boring or whatever but you should probably find some better argument aside from "I have severe ADHD and am incapable of following a story unless I know every moving part of it immediately." Makes you sound like some terrible MAL reviewer hellbent on making sure he's never called 'weeaboo'.
>> No. 38271 [Edit]
>Maybe explain that BEFORE he declares a revolution?
>My suspension of disbelief doesn't go that far.
>I. Don't. Like. That.
Great, this takes me back to my first post, it's an issue with you. Most of the audience doesn't have this issue. That's fine, it just doesn't drive most to these angry rants.
It's a good thing you weren't in charge of directing it, it sounds like it'd be ruined.
>> No. 38272 [Edit]
>The power and its extreme limitations that require clever use are a central part of the plot.
I can just quote my other posts. >>38256
>I have severe ADHD
So first I have boring taste, now I have ADHD.
Have you seen Monster? That also establishes things properly. The first episode actually tells me something substantial about the main character and entices me to watch the next one. I have, you know, a reason to care?

I'll concede that maybe it's not awful. I can't say it's all awful because I haven't seen it. But I do think the first episode is an abomination.
I can guarantee you I'm not the only one who dropped it after one episode.

Post edited on 18th May 2021, 4:01pm
>> No. 38273 [Edit]
>I can guarantee you I'm not the only one who dropped it after one episode.
Trivially true for any series. But code geass is notorious and well liked for good reason and this wouldn't be the case if changed to your tastes.
>> No. 38274 [Edit]
File 162138002182.jpg - (67.16KB , 626x834 , 9d5b5c7f538a9faafa7d4b61e14a0d31.jpg )
>But code geass is notorious and well liked for good reason
Well yeah, there's lots of kids with low standards who love shallow characters and power-fantasy. Bleach is also well liked for good reason.
>> No. 38275 [Edit]
You barely know anything of the series, so it is strange that you think what kind of standards code geass meets, after watching one episode. Though given your complaints I also don't think your idea of "standard" can be any good.
It's notoriety is more comparable to death note than bleach, you probably know this. I'd even say that the second half of geass is slightly less disastrous than that of death note.
>> No. 38276 [Edit]
File 162138115392.jpg - (282.81KB , 850x1341 , sample_70c86a7bd48f5c3a73874b0422dff01b.jpg )
My point is that being well liked doesn't guarantee something being any good. Lots of dumb kids can unflinchingly watch something that panders to them and decide it's the best thing ever. Those are the vibes I got, which is why I dropped it.
>Though given your complaints I also don't think your idea of "standard" can be any good.
So you think any anime I do like is bad? That's interesting.

Post edited on 18th May 2021, 4:40pm
>> No. 38277 [Edit]
>Those are the vibes I got, which is why I dropped it
>So you think any anime I do like is bad? That's interesting.
Or maybe you arrive at terrible and incomplete conclusions really easily.
I'll stop now too, you are nuts

Post edited on 18th May 2021, 4:49pm
>> No. 38278 [Edit]
>It's a good thing you weren't in charge of directing it, it sounds like it'd be ruined.
This is why I stopped bothering with him. His ideas for "improving" it all sound like it would be so much worse.
>> No. 38279 [Edit]
Stop posting sample sized images.
>> No. 38280 [Edit]
Oh yes, a slower pace and proper character introduction, which you'd find in plenty of other anime, are truly awful. How could I be so blind?
>> No. 38281 [Edit]
Yeah, Geass is top sunrise, with all that it entails. Removing the absurd high energy would be like making Shinji less pathetic in eva.
>> No. 38282 [Edit]
File 162138426551.jpg - (290.44KB , 1365x2048 , d431a942881864290f2bfc15ad500da5.jpg )
I looked it up, and apparently Lelouch Lamperouge is an assumed name of an exiled prince, and he has this whole personal backstory for wanting to destroy the empire. It's not because they kill his friend or implicit ideological reasons or whatever. Guess where they should have put this backstory, or at least alluded to it.
>> No. 38283 [Edit]
File 162138552436.png - (2.59MB , 1920x1080 , [CBM]_Code_Geass_-_01_-_The_Day_a_New_Demon_Was_Bo.png )
>> No. 38284 [Edit]
File 162138621755.png - (279.02KB , 804x521 , vibritannia.png )
Also. You can stop now.
As I said, too sophisticated.

Post edited on 18th May 2021, 6:09pm
>> No. 38285 [Edit]
File 162138677040.jpg - (39.15KB , 600x338 , a08e66e9b217248f3ab8b86ce9860ca2.jpg )
My bad. I forgot to watch the end credits, where all important background info is supposed to go.
>As I said, too sophisticated.
So you are retarded. My apologies.

Post edited on 18th May 2021, 6:16pm
>> No. 38286 [Edit]
I just posted an image of it being alluded to and not in the end credits. You are retarded.
>> No. 38287 [Edit]
Lelouch vi Britannia is just a name, or a title like "of Britannia". There's literally nothing alluding to royalty. The name of an empire isn't the standard last name for royalty, and even the viceroy we see a little bit has "la Britannia". That naming convention is stupid as hell too frankly. Well, you tried. It's funny that this started as me briefly complaining about a show, but fanboys couldn't accept that and started flinging insults.

Post edited on 18th May 2021, 6:46pm
>> No. 38288 [Edit]
My fault for continuing after realizing you really were this stupid. Should have stuck to my word.
>> No. 38290 [Edit]
File 162138943331.jpg - (3.10MB , 2407x3404 , 3899a30c067b41cdfaef498f93f1fe03.jpg )
You're a stupid waste of space. And you have bad taste. Remember, I'm not the one who started throwing insults, but I'll gladly give them back.
>> No. 38291 [Edit]
Stop acting like a child.
>> No. 38292 [Edit]
>and even the viceroy we see a little bit has "la Britannia"
Clovis? Yes, there is a reason for that. What could it be?
>> No. 38293 [Edit]
Prussia Viktor Albert is my favorite emperor of Prussia. British Victoria is my favorite empress.
>> No. 38294 [Edit]
Depends on the country but often royalty simply did not have last names. Nobles would be known by the lands they ruled. Same applies here.
>> No. 38296 [Edit]
File 16214003252.jpg - (99.98KB , 725x1024 , 9b88e1f6a043ff34913530ace22dbffe.jpg )
I would actually bet money that nobody figured out Lelouch was secretly a prince, and that his name is an alias which has the same first name as his real name for some reason, just from that one line on the first episode. Vi isn't a middle name either. Neither is La. I'm not crazy.

People are just saying these things in retrospect because they're unwilling to accept my differing perspective. Wasting your time if you hate the first episode is dumb, and all I did was explain why I hated the first episode. What's wrong with that?
>> No. 38297 [Edit]
It's an invented name scheme, but there is a meaning to it and I think it should be pretty clear that it's some sort of grandiose title, especially given that the higher ups portrayed had similar ones. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with not being interested in the first episode, and I'm not asking you to continue. I just think your reasons are really stupid, and you mentioned issues that are entirely a matter of taste or just assumptions from thin air.
>> No. 38298 [Edit]
Kind of but not really. Nobility name themselves after the place they start their house not the place they rule now. The Hohenzollerens were very long ago formed in Hohenzolleren but went to hold many more titles and eventually of course one became Emperor of Germany, the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha were formed in the Duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha but went to hold more titles as well and the English branch would forgo the name entirely and name themselves Windsor after Windsor castle. So they all had last names, they were the name of the family they were from.
>> No. 38299 [Edit]
In France and Austria at least, nobles of sufficient rank would be called by their currently highest title in the style of "Count [Land], Victor von Herzogenburg", often shortened to just "Count [Land]" for simplicity's sake (unless the title changed hands recently)
>> No. 38300 [Edit]
It's the same thing you are just calling the person by their title instead of their house. For example queen Elizabeth I of England or count Robert I or Artois, Elizabeth 1 was a Tudor and Robert I a Capet.

Actually Robert was a bad example as he then created house Artois, that often happens with sons of kings inheriting titles like that or people who only have counties in general. But the Duchy of Austria was ruled by Babbenburgs and Habsburgs not von Osteriechs.

Post edited on 19th May 2021, 1:49am
>> No. 38301 [Edit]
Just to clarify, to the insults thing, because I always wonder about these internet arguments. It seems to me that you are just having fun attacking something popular and getting a reaction from it on the internet, as people do. I don't think you would have bothered posting about it with a lesser show.
If I'm wrong, and you are arguing sincerely and in good faith, then I genuinely think your posts and way of arguing are not of sound mind.
Either way the reaction you got was within reason.
>> No. 38302 [Edit]
Most people who do like it say they do because it's "super high energy and fun. It's not to be taken too seriously". Or they say it gets messy later on. Wouldn't it be stranger if this wasn't reflected from the start? Unless I'm clairvoyant or randomly guessed correctly based on nothing, I have a point. Other people just don't see the same things as flaws. Gaslighting someone because they say why they don't like something you like isn't within reason.

Post edited on 19th May 2021, 6:26am
>> No. 38303 [Edit]
You could guess the same 2 things about most series, they tend to go to hell after the first arch for some reason.
But whatever, I just wanted to make it clear that you didn't get these responses for not liking geass, but because even this last post of yours is pretty unreasonable(with the gaslighting bit and sudden knowledge on what most people like about this series you barely know anything about).
>> No. 38304 [Edit]
That's a very interesting link, I may even have seen some of his pictures posted before, or it was someone who also had a similar style. Thanks for sharing his works, anon.
>> No. 38305 [Edit]
>sudden knowledge on what most people like
>It's pure fun
>Code Geass is theatrical, not realistic
>Geass is top sunrise, with all that it entails. Removing the absurd high energy
>Tohno: It was very over the top, ridiculous, and silly at times for sure.
>Tohno: But for as stupid as it was, it was pretty fun.
>mal - This is an exciting and epic anime and it's over the top.
You're just looking for excuses to be an asshole. You don't get to decide what's reasonable or not.
>> No. 38315 [Edit]
I made pizza dough but the ambient temperature is too low for it to rise properly. I'll be making some lamb and pumpkin soup in a slow cooker and that will be ready in six hours. I'm about to make some sushi (makizushi type) and work through the tin of crab meat I opened for it a while back. Crab is far from my favourite seafood, but I have to get through it before opening the tuna and salmon tins.
>> No. 38316 [Edit]
Drove all day in the motor home we've living in yesterday. Was going from palm springs to vegas. There's a whole lot of nothing between those locations, pretty much just desert. Our RV crapped out going up a steep hill. Nearest gas station is 30 miles away in the wrong direction. 60 miles for one on the way. It was late and a coyote started stalking me as I tried to siphon fuel out of the car we're towing, which was a lost cause anyway since modern cars all have siphon blocks in them. AAA told me they'd charge me $1200 for a tow, and that's after what they cover. I'm fairly convinced it's a problem with bad fuel. For those who don't know, fuel which has been sitting around for about a year or more goes bad. I think the RV went from using the new fuel and hit the old, and lost all power. Towing a car probably didn't help much.
Couldn't sleep much, mostly stayed up waiting for the crack of dawn to see if disconnecting the car would help move the rv at all. Today's going to be a long long day...
>> No. 38321 [Edit]

How did this turn out? Traveling/living in an RV has been a sort of fantasy of mine, if I could drive.
>> No. 38322 [Edit]
Got about two hours of sleep that night due to the ackward placement of the rv and thinking about everything. Went out at the crack of dawn, tried to dump our water but couldn't find a good way to. Unloaded some stuff into the car to reduce the weight and just barely managed to get the thing moving. Drove about 40 minutes as my mom followed to the nearest gas station, in the opposite direction we were supposed to be going. Seemed like a safer bet since that was down hill and where the tow truck would have been coming from. Due to being so tired I spent $100 at the gas pump before realizing I was filling up with premium, this at a place where premium is $5 a gallon. Had breakfast at a little diner across the street ( this stop was pretty much just gas and food with nothing around for miles) took a nap, got up around 10am, then we spent the rest of the day driving. The rv was hitting max speeds of 30mph at points while Turing the cabin into a furnace. Had to get more gas two more times before we hit Vegas around 5pm. Google maps said it was two hours from that first gas station, heh. Of course, the rv wasn't done and stalled out in the middle of an intersection a block away from the parking lot. All the same, we got to the hotel. Felt disjusting and jumped into the shower right away. Wanted to hook up my switch to the TV in the room but of course we got a busted unit. Had a suppringly decent night's sleep and didn't need earplugs for the first time in months.
>> No. 38323 [Edit]
File 162200315018.jpg - (2.85MB , 2667x1500 , DSC_7698.jpg )
Day after that (yesterday) wasn't half bad at least. Slept like a rock and didn't really want to get up, but by around 10am I dragged my ass out of bed and to an ihop. From there went to this under rated casino called circus circus, it's a bit old and run down but has a huge arcade on its second floor built around a stage with free live shows. Normally when my mom gambles I stand on the side bored out of my mind, so it's nice being able to play around in my own way while she does her thing.
I knew I shouldn't have messed with claw machines, but when I saw they have some full of pokemon plush I couldn't resist giving them a try, and getting nothing (I really suck at claw machines). But I got what I was aiming for from the ticket exchange so it sort of worked out. Hung around fremont street during the evening. It's a city block long street with a video ceiling. lot of street performers and such too, one of which said I looked too serious/unimpressed and did a back flip in front of me followed by a "well??"
When we got back I called the hotel about the busted tv connection, and they decided to send someone knocking at 1am. All in all that was the only notable bad thing that happened that day.

Then today, I had to get up bright and early to drop off my RV at a mechanic. A short trip was again made twice as long by how poorly the thing ran, randomly deciding to not even move after stops. They said they'd get back to me around noon to 1pm with an estimate of how much it'd cost to repair. (I'm assuming it'd be at least 1k at this point)
Took an uber back, driven by a friendly Austrian who really floored it. I called the hotel again to tell them about the busted hdmi port on the tv, they said they'd send someone. Walked around the hotel pool just to take a look, Then decided to take a walk to new york for a slice of pizza, which is something I've done every time I've come here. After a long walk, I find the place is closed, along with nearly everything in the location. Asked around and apparently it was due to no running hot water but that they'd be up and running soon. So I killed some time at Hershy world. Bought some Mocha flavored kitkats. I couldn't remember what mocha even was. read the label more closely later and realized it was coffee, which I'm not really a fan of. I guess gochuumon was sitting in the back of my mind.
went back, got the overpriced pizza, and found they wouldn't take it off the $40 of free food monies I had. Checked afterwards and found you're supposed to tell them to bill you're room not give them your member card. decided to try out the pool's lazer river thing since it looked kinda fun. I'm not really a big pool guy but the pool was a big gimick for this hotel and it's for guests only, so figured I might as well try it. Looked up how things work with the pool online, seems they over charge for inflatables, of course. so I bought one twice and nice for half the price at a store on my way back. Got a lot of complements about it since I guess people weren't aware you could use anything other than the ones they sold there, I took a gamble on that. Tried not to spend too much time there since I was waiting on a call from the mechanic, as well as the techs who were supposed to fix the tv. I got back to the room and my mom tells me they never called and no one showed up, of course. The longer it takes them just to inspect the RV the more I grow concerned about the bill.
I call the hotel again, they tell me again they'll send someone out. Then we go out for dinner. I wanted to get something Japanese like the pos weeb I am, but anything Japanese is almost always just sushi, and expensive at that. Went to an irish pub instead. Was recommended some fried hard boiled egg things that I wasn't sure I'd even keep down, and lets just say I wasn't someone you wanted to stand around for the hour after that. Walked around a tad after that, but then my mom kept complaining about being tired so we went back to the hotel room. On the way I got in contact with the mechanic who tells me they finally got around to looking the thing over, but won't give me a price or idea of what's wrong till tomorrow morning. He seemed convinced the old bad gas was the main issue too.

>Traveling/living in an RV has been a sort of fantasy of mine, if I could drive.
The 'full timer' rv life has a number of pros and cons that people need to really think over before getting into it. For one, motor homes are pretty expensive up front, and expensive to maintain. Things seem to break on them one after another and RV specfic parts can be very pricey and hard to find. Repair shops for motor homes are as I've found, run by people who charge insane amounts of money, like $300+ an hour, and they expect you to book repairs months in advance. I wish I could say I was kidding. I've also learned that motorhome repair shops pretty much only work on the home part, and oddly enough usually don't touch the motor part. That means they'll fix your refrigerator or replace your microwave, but won't change your oil or swap out spark plugs. Likewise, I found that most mechanics are fine with working on motorhomes, just assume you needed special shops for em, go figure.
RV/trailer parks can often times charge as much if not more than apartments. The first place we found ourselves was a disgusting run down hellhole, the very image of a stereotypical trailer park, which charged $650 a month plus electric. It wasn't until a couple months there that I learned of a program called Thousand Trails, which is $400-$500 a year depending on promos. They let you stay as much as you want at any park in their system across the country with water and electric included. Catch is just that you can't stay anywhere for more than 14 nights in a row, and if you go more than 4 nights in a row you have to wait a week before using their system again, this is to keep people from living in the system.
We tried going to an RV park to wait out that week, which was pretty pricey at $200, even with a 50% program I also found called passport America. I spoke with a person there who told me he's been living at that park for about a year, and pays something like $1200 a month.
Funny thing is, we noticed when we got there an RV parked on the road to that park, it was there every night but left the day before we left. Obviously he was camping out for free. A lot of people do this, you just gotta find good places to hide out and not get trouble from cops. Even on the side of the road can work for a few days at a time, but cops will start to hassle you for more than that, depends on the location of course. We're planing on doing that once we leave the vegas area.
Another thing to keep in mind about RV parks, on top of being really expensive, they also discriminate more often that not. They generally have a year limit for motor homes, and won't accept any motor home older than 10-20 years old, depending on the park.
Sometimes they'll give you a pass if it's a rolling mansion, and sometimes people manage to make older RVs look new with upgrades and repairs, but for the most part this places a manufactured expiration date on motor homes, which of course sellers will never tell you about.
It's not like I don't get why they do it though, as mentioned with the first part we went with. They didn't care about the year or condition at all, and the place was a garbage dump for human trash as a result. These places are also basically charging you out the ass to live in a space no bigger than a driveway. "boondocking", where people camp/park for free, will likely come with a lot more empty space around. Can kinda seem like a no brainier in a way. I've read up on it and found that there's certainly a lot of public land out there you can stay on for free. Generally you shouldn't be anywhere more than 14 days, but if you find the right location you can probably fly under the radar and not being noticed by anyway and stay a good long while.
It's also worth keeping in mind that motor homes consume a huge amount of fuel, and leaving these things sitting to long can cause a lot of issues to build up. As one mechanic told me, motorhomes are meant to be driven. The fuel goes bad if left unused, the tires get flat spots and fall apart if left in the same position and in direct sunlight for too long. Oil goes bad too after a while. Batteries drain , lose their charge holding ability, and die. Roof seals go bad and start to leak. Then there's all the cosmetic issues with various parks getting sun bleached. Plastics get brittle, decals fade and peel, I've even noticed the wallpaper around windows gets stretched and distorted as heat causes window frame metal to expand and contract.
When we started this, it seemed like a great idea. Fill an RV with enough food and water ( and weapons) to last months, and go park in the middle of nowhere. Now I know it's not so simple. We're both pretty tired of living it the thing at this point, and the plan is to just sell it once we get where we're going. though I do think it wouldn't be half as bad if I was alone at least. My mom's been a huge pain in the ass dead and dead weight for most of the trip.
>> No. 38325 [Edit]

yeah much like packing up and living in a cabin in the woods, things are never as simple as they seem
>> No. 38327 [Edit]
File 162209270941.png - (54.35KB , 373x663 , Screenshot_20210526-121820.png )
Repairs to the RV turned out to be $2,250. This was for replacing spark plugs, coil overs, and dropping the fuel tanks to clean them out. Needless to say this seemed like a ripoff, even if it 'is' work we need to get done. also, whoever did the test drives for the rv drove like a drunk or something, because lots of stuff secured in place ended up as a mess. I called around a bit, looked up mechanics in the area, and found what I was looking for but didn't see before, a chain mechanic by the name of meineke. See, we're traveling across the country so any warranty at a small local shop would be worthless. So I took back the RV, paid the inspection fee, picked up our tow trailer on the way which I left at a parking lot associated with the hotel we were staying at, and left the rv with the mechanics. Then canceled our rv park reservation for today, moving the checkin time to tomorrow instead. Searched around for cheap motels/hotels, and ended up picking one which is right across from where we had the rv and trailer parked for a few days. Could have just left the trailer there as it turned out since it's part of this hotel too, oh well. Spent a few hours just hanging out in the room because we were both pretty exhausted mentally and physically.
But after that walked around town a bit looking for something to eat. Everything's pretty expensive though. One place I saw had $50 pizzas with $8 slices, wtf.
All things considered, the day could have been worse.
>> No. 38328 [Edit]
>One place I saw had $50 pizzas with $8 slices, wtf.
Wow. There is no pizza in creation that is worth $8/slice. Good luck on your trip, by the way.
>> No. 38343 [Edit]
The following morning turned out to be a bit hectic. When I went to checkout from the hotel we were at, I noticed my Driver's License was missing. I asked about it, they directed me to security which didn't have it. I called around every place I was at the night before, which wasn't many, and even went to the mechanic shop to search the RV before realizing the last place I had it, was when I dropped it into some weird box at the hotel during check in. So we went back, asked again and this time they decided to give it to me. That was super fun...

As for the RV, after dropping more than $1k on repairs it wasn't running any better. The shop said the fuel pump was bad too, but we already pushed our campground reservation back by a day. Decided to take it back as it was and chug along to the campground. Thing barely made it into our parking space.
Only note worthy thing to happen since then was entering an esports tournament and getting my ass handed to me.
>> No. 38344 [Edit]
File 162241252030.png - (34.49KB , 400x500 , 23154592_p0.png )
Wow, RVs are pieces of shit, huh? I'd rent a new one instead of buying.
>> No. 38346 [Edit]
They're like $100 a day mind you to rent. But yeah, I've been trying to fix things up on it here and there, but seems like it never ends. I just keep discovering more and more issues.
>> No. 38347 [Edit]
File 162242227735.jpg - (2.20MB , 3033x2456 , 533961114904c910ad93f58b35320574.jpg )
Honestly, It'd probably be cheaper to go motel to motel on a road trip, and you don't have to worry about utilities. In concept, it sounds like a cool idea to combine your vehicle with your lodging, but buying something with such a small self-life relative to its cost and so many maintenance costs doesn't seem worth it at all. I looked it up, and some hotels are less than $50 per night. The cost of (ineffective)repairs you just did could have bought you twenty nights. How long have you been on the road?
>> No. 38348 [Edit]
I think it's been well over 7 months now since we packed up and left our home. We went right to the first and only park in the area that would take us though, rather than living off grid for free. That place was about $650 a month + electric, which was generally about $60 on average. Our mortgage was $850, plus utilities, but we also rented out a room for $400 a month so it wasn't a huge savings. Far as I know the majority of RV parks come with water/power included in the costs, but can be very expensive. The service I'm using at the moment is $400 a year with electric and water included. It can be very worth it if you play it smart, which we haven't been so far.
I gotta agree though, all in all it hasn't really seemed too worth it. The only real benefit is taking your stuff with you that can't fit in a car, or that would be a pain to unpack and repack over and over. In vegas you can get rooms for as low as $40 a night. From here on out though, we're likely going to be sticking to camping out in parking lots, sides of roads, ect Far as I know the path we're taking doesn't have a whole lot of infrastructure ahead.
>> No. 38351 [Edit]
Not sure where else to post this, so I'll post it here.
I've decided to take an extended vacation from certain things that I normally do every day. I'm not sure exactly how long this will last, but I'm planning on it being a while. I've developed certain attention draining habits over the course of my now 2 years of hikkikomorism, and many of them leave me unhappy and unsatisfied with myself, to the point where I've begun contemplating suicide on a regular basis. I'm hoping to replace these unfulfilling, meaningless, timewasting and attention destroying things with things I'll be much more happy doing on a regular basis.
Tohno-chan is among these websites, although it's hardly the place I waste the most time on (usually Youtube or spacing out to music tends to shave hours off of my life) it's enough of a distraction that I feel the need to stop visiting it entirely. I like this place, it was a huge departure from 4chan and 8ch, both of which I had gotten increasingly tired of, but in the effort to focus myself it's a place I'm going to have to stop browsing.
I can't imagine anyone would really care except for me, but if there's someone else who feels overwhelmingly distracted by internet-related factors, just know you're not alone.
>> No. 38353 [Edit]
File 162247601547.jpg - (77.60KB , 419x648 , d67bd4f2ea43153716b0d887b66a31ef.jpg )
If you're reading this, you're not doing as you planned, but I'll assume you will. Stopping bad habits isn't like flipping a light switch. There's a reason you wasted your time on those things in the first place. Until you address the root cause of bad habits, you'll constantly be struggling against the urge to go back to them, and when you break eventually, you'll give up and say it was impossible from the start. So do a little bit more thinking about that.
>> No. 38368 [Edit]
I'd like to leave too, but that would completely cut me off from the experience of other people.
Like I learnt a couple posts above that fuel can go bad, and I warned my mom since she didn't know either and the car has been parked for a while. It's not the first time I come across a useful bit of info like that, which wouldn't occur to me to search for directly.
>> No. 38405 [Edit]
File 162398753940.jpg - (4.57MB , 4608x2592 , DSC_8538.jpg )
last night I decided to spend the night next to the boarder separating Nevada and Arizona, near the Hover dam. Figured we'd check it out in the morning. This was a mistake. The heat, while a little less than the Vegas area, made it hard to get more than 3-4 hours of sleep. All the same, went to check out that dam place. My mom got paranoid about leaving the rv alone and already saw the dam thing so she stayed behind with the rv, which worked for me. I took some dam photos from the dam bridge which had a good dam view, then drove over the dam thing with my car to get some more dam photos.
Before anyone asks: NCR

I noticed the car was starting up a little funny, and got some concerns. Getting back to the rv, we prepped up to move on, but the car wouldn't start, and we couldn't push it onto the tow hitch. Was gonna jump start it but managed to get it to turn over with one last try. My mom followed in the car to the first rest stop, where I hitched it up and we drove for a hour more to a place called Kingman Arazona, which had a rest stop I wanted to spend the night at, but found it was closed when we got there (thanks google maps) so we went to a gas station just down the hill from it. They had an over sized parking lot. Asked if I could spend the night there (while buying a dream catcher from them, for some favor) they said sure. While there I got the battery replaced in the car ($150)., and had lunch. The road was so noisy we decided not to stick around there. So while buying my mom some tylonal at the same gas station I asked if I could use their water spout to fill up my tank a bit, since it was on empty and I thought it'd be nice to take a shower. the adapter they had on it got stuck and cut up my hand trying to remove it. the shower itself was like a sauna. I couldn't rig up the car with one hand so my mom followed me again in spite of being in very bad shape. we got to a massive truck stop around 7pm, shaving 30 minutes off the time to our next campground. which is still 4+ hours away. The temps here are decent, all be it windy. mostly just hoping no one gives us a hard time as we're the only rv here among 50+ trucks. also, typing this was of course a bitch with the hand thing.
I was tempted to return the dream catcher I bought, since I'm clearly in a nightmare.

Oh and the repairs ended up being about 3k for the rv. but they discounted me $130 for the trouble.
>> No. 38594 [Edit]
Random, but I was listening to a podcast where they mentioned Parasite Eve as soon as I read it in your post. Weird case of synchronicity or whatever.

I wish I had a lot of disposable income, because the cost to benefit ratio with manga is just sad. One volume can cost like $10-15 but you'll be finished with it in half an hour easily. I'm not someone to re-read things so it's just a shame.
>> No. 38595 [Edit]
This is the opposite problem to me. Whenever I have to do math, my head won't think. I just get 'foggy' and restless and want to run away from it.

But if I have to analyse an argument, a piece of writing, or use emotional/weighty language I get perfect marks and it's the easiest thing in the world.
>> No. 38601 [Edit]
>But if I have to analyse an argument, a piece of writing, or use emotional/weighty language I get perfect marks and it's the easiest thing in the world.
Do you have tips or resources that helped you in doing so? The person writing this post is incapable of what you consider easy.
>> No. 38602 [Edit]
Just spew out opinions and never doubt yourself. Also draw connections anywhere and everywhere. Writing in English class has next to nothing to do with the truth, it's just stating your opinions really confidently and with a superficial veneer of evidence.
>> No. 38603 [Edit]
This seems like the academic version of shitposting.
>> No. 38604 [Edit]
When I used to write essays for literature classes, I basically thought of it as a game – the objective was not necessarily to properly "analyze" the work, but to convince the teacher/prof that you were able to draw out some great insight/connections – basically "shitposting" as you mentioned

In fact even beyond literature class, most flowerly writing is more style over substance. The aim is to always make things seem more impressive than they are with the careful use of language. _That's_ the skill you should be mastering, not analyzing literature or presenting arguments (the former of which you won't use at all, and the latter of which can be honed on imageboard flamewars). Even in academia, most reports are basically one page of actual material expanded out to 12 pages [1] of filler to fit journal requirements, and using jargon designed to make things seem more impressive than they are.

[1] For some brilliant satire on this sad state of academia, see the YoloV3 paper: It's probably one of the few seminal ML papers that folks from a non-ML background can readily understand.
>> No. 38605 [Edit]
File 162863025052.png - (154.64KB , 613x648 , better question.png )
>see the YoloV3 paper:
Link's broken, but only because of that period at the end.
>> No. 38608 [Edit]
Honestly, I don't like this conclusion. Researchers have an obligation to be amoral in my opinion.
>> No. 38609 [Edit]
I wouldn't quite say "amoral" since there clearly are ethical boundaries, especially in security research, but the issue of morality as applied to machine earning field is a bit murky water, The notion of "ML fairness" in just another thinly veiled manifestation of sjw stuff.
>> No. 38610 [Edit]
There should be guidelines while doing the research, but the subject matter shouldn't be limited. I'd rather researchers barrel forward without thinking about the "larger impact" of their research.
>> No. 38617 [Edit]
File 16287610465.jpg - (71.90KB , 1520x1080 , 1616574551682.jpg )
It was awful. I have a drunken, belligerent roommate who threatens everyone else in the house and screams until 4am. The police and the landlord do nothing. This has been going on for 2-3 years.

Normally he stays somewhere else but he's back and it's a nightmare. I can't even leave my room.
>> No. 38619 [Edit]
>This has been going on for 2-3 years.
How did that happen?
>> No. 38620 [Edit]
I guess paypal requires a cell phone number to log in now, so there's 20 dollars I'll never see again
>> No. 38630 [Edit]
File 162891982562.png - (5.08MB , 1679x2224 , 45b661f0829b00de9b3c155c6cf010e7.png )
My sleep procrastination has gotten progressively worse. It's now typical for me to go to bed after 5:00 am. Everyday I regret it, but when it actually starts to get late, I feel an irresistible urge to stay awake and on the internet. I actively look for more time wasting shit that I don't even really like.

It's inexplicable. The only explanation I can think of is that I don't have anything to look forward to on a day to day basis. There's nothing that would make me want to separate from my distractions. I've been overrun with negativity and dissatisfaction lately, so maybe I'm looking for some solution that doesn't exist, like I'll somehow stumble upon what I'm looking for.

Don't know what to do.
>> No. 38631 [Edit]
It's complicated. But I rent the house from a private group. The person in charge at the time is who let the bad roommate stay.

Then, someone else took control, and they want him out, but there's a seizure on evictions due to covid.
>> No. 38632 [Edit]
I'm in the same situation. Every time I try to sleep my sleep schedule and get up at 8am, I can only stay that way for two weeks before I go back to sleeping at 5am. I just look for more threads, more videos, etc.

The only thing that motivates me to wake up is, "I can have a cup of coffee in the morning".
>> No. 38633 [Edit]
File 162892121145.jpg - (102.62KB , 534x700 , aba916a4746fb6bad96852ef05e22b04.jpg )
Coffee is usually what my 1 pm breakfast is.
>> No. 38634 [Edit]
If you're having trouble with sleep hygiene, I would recommend not waking up with caffeine. You're basically teaching your body that no matter what you do, it's fine, since you'll just power through it with some coffee when you wake up. Not sure coffee in the afternoon is a good idea in general if you have problems with staying up real late.
>> No. 38637 [Edit]
File 162901381439.jpg - (561.22KB , 1080x1080 , __original_drawn_by_studiolg__15a1f8185d35aa6bdb2f.jpg )
I like pho.
>> No. 38638 [Edit]
File 162928610677.jpg - (63.38KB , 680x557 , 04.jpg )
Make sure you have veggies in your french-styled meat soup
>> No. 38641 [Edit]
You mean cantonese-styled.
>> No. 38642 [Edit]
Is that what Korean cabbage looks like?
>> No. 38666 [Edit]
File 163012089917.png - (198.13KB , 819x579 , 1630109196980.png )
I wasted my day lurking 4chan's /g/. It was mostly awful. Decided I had enough after pic related was posted and this exchange happened

>Sex. With Remi's butt.

>anal is for fags
>nakadashi inside the cooter

>dilate tranny; you will never be a woman.

I'm grossed out by anal myself, but on top of that there's not a single god damn reason what so ever for this "discussion" to be on a tech board.
>> No. 38669 [Edit]
I got the whole Azumanga Daioh manga series today so I am having a good day. Nothing else happened
>> No. 38670 [Edit]
/g/ hasn't been good for a long time.
>> No. 38743 [Edit]
Visited TC for the first time in a while, clicking around old boards I used to visit. I think I'll make this stay longer than the last. Surprised to see /tat/ is a board people make threads on and not just a pseudo ban/moved thread board.

I didn't do much else.
>> No. 38745 [Edit]
File 163299459467.jpg - (635.87KB , 1800x1273 , 0645b44e92b1cf54c9bd462e55a7fe5f.jpg )
My sleep schedule deteriorated worse than ever, I woke up like at 7 PM/19:00. I feel like a serial killer.
>> No. 38774 [Edit]
I started using filters on both gelbooru and exhentai. I sometimes worry about missing out on certain art but not having to see westerners trying to be funny and bugfucking respectively is well worth it
>> No. 38776 [Edit]
My whole 26yo life I've disliked porn and felt good about it (also felt a small sense of moral superiority, I'll admit)
Yesterday I laid down, randomly thought about it and I couldn't remember what I found to be so wrong and immoral about porn (2D, if I must clarify)
It feels so strange, feels like a part of me randomly died yesterday.
>> No. 38777 [Edit]
Were your parents especially against porn?
>> No. 38779 [Edit]
I don't think so, neither are particularly moralistic and it's not a topic we ever talked about.
If I had to guess I think I associated it as follows:
a)it's something regular people tend to do
b)regular people mostly suck
c)must be wrong then
>> No. 38782 [Edit]
File 163399646420.jpg - (673.17KB , 1400x2263 , zelda1.jpg )
Sexuality is the key to your psyche. Porn messes with your subconscious mind, and it gets a lot of people into strange perversions like NTR and furrydom, which in turn mess them up even more. Just look at all those guys nowadays who take estrogen and cut off their dicks because they think it'll turn them into women, or who dress up like a fox and get gangbanged by 30 men at a gay furry sex party. I'll bet you close to 100% of those people started out as heavy porn users.
>> No. 38783 [Edit]
I tend to agree and I have seen its negative effects on people and accept the correlation you are presenting.What surprised me is that I don't understand why it messes up the psyche, even though I thought I did.
>> No. 38784 [Edit]
Agree that there's a correlation, but just like drugs if there was no porn they'd instead find some other outlet for that psychological imbalance or missing aspect of their lives.
>> No. 38785 [Edit]
That doesn't explain how there's a huge uptick of that kind of thing at all, given that it's been around for so long. That strikes me as a scapegoat for a deeper, more sinister problem.
>> No. 38787 [Edit]
>> No. 38788 [Edit]
Linking someone the entireity of Industrial Society and Its Future is really intense.
>> No. 38797 [Edit]
File 16345566853.gif - (4.29MB , 842x595 , 654a042c79285f825e9764c707f154d6.gif )
765 makes me both happy and incredibly wistful at the same time
>> No. 38806 [Edit]
File 163460350419.gif - (189.94KB , 1023x1000 , つらら005a294e19aa4e7ab9315f0fd703aca2.gif )
All I'll say is that anything to do with sex has the potential to be traumatizing. That's why rape is a big deal even when no physical harm is done, that's why men value virginity in women. By watching porn you allow someone else to subliminally influence and even traumatize you. And the people who make the porn are uncaring at best, and deliberately malignant at worst.

>if there was no porn they'd instead find some other outlet for that psychological imbalance
Yeah, like making lots of babies. Look up Peter Santenello's youtube documentaries on Hasidic Jews and the Amish. A lot of those hyper religious people have computers and even use the internet, but stay far away from TV and absolutely shun anything pornographic. The result? They all have huge families with anywhere between 5 and 15 kids. Of course they have their own set of problems, there's surely child and spousal abuse etc. happening, but the weird shit that's booming in mainstream society is just not happening in those subcultures.
>> No. 38808 [Edit]
>And the people who make the porn are uncaring at best, and deliberately malignant at worst.
That's true of 3D, but I don't think it's true of h-doujin authors or independent artists? There's a lot of care put into some of them, and it's as much an art form as any other.
>> No. 38811 [Edit]
File 163483544967.jpg - (404.65KB , 720x960 , 93250527_p0.jpg )
I saw a car with a Darling in the Franxx sticker on it. My personal disgust with the series aside, it sent me down a weird rabbit hole of memories related to the internet.
I remember that was finally my breaking point to stop using 4/a/, I haven't had the same passion for anime since, nor been active with most other westerners about 2d in general either. I wonder how different my life would be if DitF never happened.
>> No. 38834 [Edit]
File 163513375873.jpg - (1.19MB , 1920x1588 , cool_sunglasses.jpg )
I did something stupid and ended up staring at a cloudy sky for ~10 minutes wearing those colored filter goggles (the 3d viewing kind) before realizing it's probably not a good idea since the sun is behind those clouds. I don't seem to have any visible after effects or visible artifacts, but I'm worried I damaged my vision, My eyes do feel a bit tired or strained but maybe that's just nocebo. I'm going to do a quick literature survey of the dangers of staring at the sun to appease the ocd-ish health anxiety and get back.
>> No. 38835 [Edit]
Hm there's an entire section on wikipedia about this [1] which is a good starting point but still not detailed enough. It's actually surprising how hard it is to find literature on why _exactly_ staring at the sun is bad for you (as in what causes the damage). Is it the intensity of visible light focused at a point? The thermal effects? The uv radiation? Why is the danger supposedly heightened during an eclipse? Here's the summary of my research.

The injury resulting from "looking at the sun" is called solar retinopathy, and there's a related condition caused by acute uv exposure called photokeratitis. Solar retinopathy is effectively caused by a photochemical process where the high intensity light damages the cells of the retina (that is, it is not primarily a heat mediated reaction like a magnifying class cooking an ant, but just due to intensity of focused light). Higher frequencies of light are more likely to cause damage here, with UV light of particular concern (but not necessarily the only cause, as upper end of visible frequency is also sufficient). The related condition photokeratitis "snow blindness" is similar in that exposure to UV light can be cause, but in this the damage is via indirect/unfocused exposure which affects only the cornea rather than the retina .

Interestingly, having a relatively high degree of myopia can actually helps protect against the damage from the focused light. And during an eclipse, the surrounding darkness can not only cause your pupils to dilate but also allow you to stare at the sun longer than you normally would before experiencing pay.

>> No. 38838 [Edit]
File 163518406291.jpg - (2.17MB , 3000x3300 , a2694f3e56701d17b8f07f9d96e3d137.jpg )
Update to this post. Sorry for blogging, but I have to get this out there.
Right now, I'm taking three classes(Intro to Comp Sci, Multi Variable Calculus, and Physics 2) and it's half-way through the semester. While Intro to Comp Sci has been a cakewalk, since I already knew most of the material, I'm in danger of failing the others. I'm back on campus and I'm taking the minimal amount of credits, so I can't blame those things. It's because I haven't been putting in enough consistent effort. I do some work, so I'm not ignoring those classes, but it's just not enough.

At this point, I'm strongly considering switching to a Comp Sci major. I have a lot of the core requirements for a degree done, and the subject is engaging. It's frustrating as hell though. There's this sense of defeat. I think I hate myself. I hate how lazy and egoistical I am. I hate feeling inadequate.

I want to know these subjects. I want to be able to understand research papers. I want to make things and work with life and petri dishes and microscopes. Math and Physics are like these massive, 100 ft. tall steel walls from hell in the way. These subjects that I can't use to do anything with immediately, but I have to learn before I can get to that stuff. Is it just me? Am I not capable of learning these subjects, or do I not have the required work ethic? Or is at least some of it the college format, which kills an interest that might be there if I was learning on my own? I don't know. 3 months to cram 2+ difficult subjects so you can pass tests and then seemingly never use that information again.

I'd like to think later, on my own terms and pace, I can learn these subjects, but I just don't know if it's even possible. I know it's an excuse, but part of me feels like I've been cheated. I was never taught by anybody how to learn. I didn't have Asian tiger parents and I didn't have friends that could have rubbed good habits off on me. School was nothing but a series of impossible to fail slogfests. So hands off and indifferent.

I still hope even with a comp sci major I can do something related to the biological sciences. Any advice would be appreciated.

Post edited on 25th Oct 2021, 1:43pm
>> No. 38841 [Edit]
>hope even with a comp sci major I can do something related to the biological sciences
Look into computation biology? You'll need a strong founding in statistical methods and algorithms though, since things like HMMs or dynamic programming are the bread and butter of the basic algorithms in this field. It's less "biology" and closer to applied statistics though.

I'm not sure that you can escape calculus if you want to do biology. At least if you want to be a "good" biology – you don't want to end up like Mary M. Tai, and be the butt end of jokes about biologists who don't know anything about statistical methods or math.

If it's an option, you could always learn at your own pace and then re-enroll (in community college or elsewhere).
>> No. 38842 [Edit]
>I'm not sure that you can escape calculus if you want to do biology.
I made a typo. I passed Calculus 2, and now I'm taking multivariable calculus. Don't know how much of a difference that makes. If I switch my major, the only "strictly math" class I'd still have to take is linear algebra. I'm assuming discrete structures is somewhat different.

I want to learn at my pace regardless, but first get some kind of degree so I can be independent. Staying with what I'm doing now, I'd graduate in 2024 at the soonest. If I switch, I could get it done by 2023.

Post edited on 25th Oct 2021, 1:53pm
>> No. 38848 [Edit]
>If I switch my major, the only "strictly math" class I'd still have to take is linear algebra
It's an odd choice to teach multivar calc _before_ linear algebra. I think I may have posted a rant on this on another thread, but anyone who teaches it in that order is doing you a disservice and it's no wonder students don't end up understanding things well.

In fact linear algebra is crucial enough that it should be taught before calculus in my opinion. The importance of linear algebra isn't so much what you can do with it, it's that the fundamental ideas of basis and linear transforms are everywhere and if you internalize those then higher math becomes much easier to grasp. In fact, linear algebra is so useful and yet so "simple" (relatively speaking) that we often just approximate non-linear systems as linear and then analyze it that way.

Discrete math is another can of worms. Most students find it very jarring since it's really a hodgepodge of things that many students have not had prior experience to: combinatorics, proofs, number theory. Each beautiful subjects on their own right and very crucial if you're going down the theoretical CS path, but I question the value of it for everyday software engineers (except for basic modular arithmetic).

Also you said you were interested in biology, but what subfield? Biology is very wide, and it could be anything from molecular level things to evolutionary biology. Unless you want to spend time in academia though, most industry jobs will require probably more math than you would need as a software engineer.

Post edited on 26th Oct 2021, 5:33pm
>> No. 38849 [Edit]
Things still seem fine, so I suppose I'm in the clear for the short/medium term. I suppose there could always be minor damage that may not manifest for a long time (e.g. a blind spot too minor to notice) or increased long-term risk of cataracts or something but hopefully that's compensated by my never going outdoors anyway"

I did find some neat at-home tests you can take to check your visual field though:

Amsler grid:
Specvis: (seems basically as good as a test the optometrist would give you, it takes 15 minutes per eye though and you have to interpret the resulting heat map – dB close to zero means you have less sensitivity in that region).
Visual Field Plotter: Probably the best one to do, very easy to do albeit probably coarser than the others (it at least detects the expected blind spots).
>> No. 38852 [Edit]
>It's an odd choice to teach multivar calc _before_ linear algebra
It's funny that you say that. Linear Algebra is not at all a requirement for my current major or prerequisite for any of the classes I planned on taking. If I switch to comp sci, I'd take linear algebra since that actually is one of the prerequisite for classes I want to take like Brain-Inspired Computing.

Discrete math is a requirement for comp-sci students. It's also a prerequisite for the AI class I want to take.

>what subfield
I guess molecular level things.

Post edited on 26th Oct 2021, 6:12pm
>> No. 38853 [Edit]
>Brain-Inspired Computing
Is that basically supposed to be an ML course? Yeah you'll need both calc and linear algebra for that.

If you're interested in molecular, then isn't ochem a more relevant course to take?
>> No. 38854 [Edit]
>you'll need both calc and linear algebra for that
According to my university, I know enough calculus to take that course

>isn't ochem a more relevant course to take
Honestly, I don't have a set path in mind. I picked it out because it seemed interesting. If I learn ochem at some point, I think I'd rather learn it on my own considering how infamously brutal the class is.
>> No. 38861 [Edit]
File 163586562855.jpg - (135.71KB , 1010x1272 , 1635574945583.jpg )
Apparently my mouse died, so I'm caret browsing.
>> No. 38862 [Edit]
Install vimium and you can browse effortlessly with just your keyboard
>> No. 38863 [Edit]
Install vimium and you can browse effortlessly with just your keyboard
>> No. 38864 [Edit]
File 163587711299.jpg - (158.96KB , 878x1200 , war criminal.jpg )
That looks pretty good, will try soon. In this moment I have found an old mouse with a broken scrolling wheel and a broken left button, inverted the right and left buttons options and it works just ok.
>> No. 38866 [Edit]
The "vimium" name is misleading and put me off trying it for a long time since I'm not a fan of modal navigation. But it turns out at its core it's really just two things: an elegant mechanism for configuring arbitrary keybinds to DOM & tab manipulation, and a prebuilt interface for navigating links with the keyboard. The latter is a really clever idea, since I've always thought that pressing tab to navigate your way through the user interface is the slowest method possible.
>> No. 38880 [Edit]
File 16360550435.png - (325.64KB , 2312x2672 , lain abuse.png )
My adventures on xmpp have been disappointing to say the least. xmpp has some feature advantages since you can directly post pictures into it, and it's not commercialized like every other chat protocol besides irc.

I joined the one for

That was the most active by far. Most of the others I joined were totally empty. The only active "otaku one" didn't let me post and labeled me a "visitor", so I assume it requires approval or something. It's also strictly sfw.

Techfags with a fiery hatred for anime(probably compensating for something) and strong political opinions are some of the most insufferable people on the planet. What's most annoying is their tendency to appropriate otaku imagery despite their hatred or indifference towards it. I'm not sure what draws disagreeable, prudish assholes to freedom in technology movements.

Attached is a chat log.
>> No. 38881 [Edit]
"japanese are cringe" posted by "pretty good pony". Assuming that the nick wasn't chosen solely for the PGP pun, that's some irony.

>xmpp has some feature advantages since you can directly post pictures into it, and it's not commercialized like every other chat protocol besides irc.
There was a small golden window where both fb and gchat supported xmpp interop, before they realized that proprietary lock-in would generate a captive audience.
>> No. 38882 [Edit]
File 163606114780.jpg - (147.43KB , 945x945 , Serial Experiments Komeiji.jpg )
>I'm not sure what draws disagreeable, prudish assholes to freedom in technology movements.

It's a niche thing with an audience of either pretty normal people who just have worked with open source systems for a long time, or the strangest people you'll ever meet. I have seen people distance themselves from the FSF because of how many members there are actual, self-admitted communists and pretty outspoken about it. That being said, both have their assholes, they are just different types. The former types are some of the heads of prominent projects, so of course the culture would trickle down.

Also, in general, aside from Lain imagery being exhausted and overdone, it's a good idea to avoid things associated with it as well. Most people who employ it are tryhard "cyberpunk" retards who are all the same, or certain trogolodytes still clinging onto r/a/dio.

This isn't to say there aren't free software enthusiasts who do genuinely like 2D, the "otaku one" probably didn't let you post to keep like people in your pic out. In fact a lot of the real internet is either pure tech, a mix of 2d and tech (usually on textboards with both /prog/ and hobby boards and their surrounding communities like Matrix) or pure 2D.

In general the non-anonymous internet is a mixed bag though; it's high time more serious otaku learn Japanese as well. I know it's hard, but you'll be avoiding those types you mentioned and be able to have a better vacation there if you ever wish.

Sorry if I'm being preachy, there is some cool stuff going on with other protocols though including IRC, but don't expect them to be TOO active or they turn into the Discord cesspools you see though. The signal to noise ratio thing is still true.
>> No. 38883 [Edit]
>Sorry if I'm being preachy, there is some cool stuff going on with other protocols though including IRC
Yeah, I'd like to expand the pool of people I chat with, but it's incredibly difficult to find like-minded individuals.

Everywhere I try is either an actual ghost town, or really unpleasant, or I'd have to hide substantial parts of my values and tastes to fit in.

Post edited on 4th Nov 2021, 2:37pm
>> No. 38886 [Edit]
File 163611555093.png - (314.30KB , 800x800 , 21eaaa2726326c31f4799e20376fc6c6.png )
I am running out of places to go online.
>> No. 38888 [Edit]
File 163613287953.jpg - (69.13KB , 780x438 , 01625098123571.jpg )
I've been riding my bicycle around the city, and it's really stupid how drivers use hazard lights . It's literally just a "park anywhere you like" button. Countless cars double parked blocking the bike lane, but because they put the hazards on it's ok. I guess dozens of cars broke down in the bike lane today. What a coincidence.

I hate cars!
>> No. 38889 [Edit]
they actually have replaced the homepage's image with something less appealing. At least that's more honest.

Post edited on 5th Nov 2021, 1:42pm
>> No. 38890 [Edit]
At least you're not running into them, that'd be painful.
>> No. 38891 [Edit]
This isn't the first time I've heard it called a "park anywhere you like" button. It's pretty annoying, especially in front of businesses when I'm trying to get past and they decide to block the road in front of the building, just so some lard ass doesn't have to walk 20 feet to a parking space.
>> No. 38894 [Edit]
Me too. All I have left are a few small imageboards, that have little to no activity.
I miss being able to genuinely talk about anime, games, cooking, reading and so on.
What is still around is either trash, silence or dying.
>> No. 38896 [Edit]
I just checked my crypto portfolio and found out that I have been catapulted out of poorfaggotry into the lower middle class. I feel like such a moron for not getting into crypto sooner, despite having known about it for so long.
>> No. 38897 [Edit]
Good for you. I'm too arrogant to invest in crypto, even if people do make money from it the fact that it's basically just a meme turns me off.
>> No. 38898 [Edit]
>just a meme
So is just about everything these days, apparently.
>> No. 38899 [Edit]
Now imagine how it feels for someone who didn't get into it even while knowing about it.
It's frustrating to think all suffering that could have been avoided just by making the right, and not that difficult, bet. Makes you think about all the talking about effort and hardwork being the way to success.
>> No. 38901 [Edit]
I heard of Bitcoin when they were 0.01$ a piece and thought about dropping a thousand bucks on them, but decided otherwise because I thought governments would squash it for being outside their control.
Granted, it's unlikely I'd have held until they were tens of thousand, but I could've made a good profit there anyway.
>> No. 38902 [Edit]
File 163630575430.jpg - (2.78MB , 4870x6935 , 7c5436d889a99bc85f664c7ef2d8157f.jpg )
Here's some perspective, there are many many bets you could be making. Right now. There's no shortage of things to invest money into, especially things to do with computers. With a bit of research, I could point you in fifty different directions. Here's one right now
Why not invest money in that?

It's all gambling, barely one step above slot machines.
>> No. 38903 [Edit]
It's amazing how this can happen with billions supposedly online.
>> No. 38904 [Edit]
Crypto is absolutely not for the lower class. If you have A THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS to spend on internet gambling you're not the downtrodden little guy you think you are.
>> No. 38905 [Edit]
Take it to /tat/, faggot.
>> No. 38906 [Edit]
One thousand is not much, you can't by a house with it, you can't even get a deposit with it, it's like two weeks worth of a low paying job. And it's the poor that are more likely to throw that away on something like this in the hope that it could lift them out of poverty.
>> No. 38907 [Edit]
What do you guys think of Injective Protocol(INJ)?
>> No. 38912 [Edit]
File 16363942023.jpg - (501.00KB , 804x1295 , 93975960_p0.jpg )
I must deal with my browser tabs by either using bookmarks, downloading the content or uploading it somewhere. I have an awful feeling I could lose a lot if I dont do it soon.
>> No. 38917 [Edit]
File 163649917761.png - (1.28MB , 2673x3260 , xmr_wow.png )
When I wrote that post I was so happy that I was above $10,000, now I'm almost at $20,000. Once you actually have some money to play with, it's suddenly so easy to make more. I'll be buying some precious metals and equity so I won't ever be quite as poor again even if we get a big crypto crash like in 2018 or the government kills it all.

It's a lot more shameful for me because in my case, I actually understand Bitcoin, read the whitepaper and everything. I'm a true believer, I even spent time arguing in favor of Bitcoin online, telling others to get into it despite myself not having more than the few fractions of a Bitcoin that I got for free from the faucet. When I first came across Bitcoin in 2010 or 2011, it was immediately clear to me how revolutionary a permissionless and censorship-resistant monetary system that does not require financial institutions would be. I really don't have much of an excuse for not investing. Granted, from 2011 to 2014 I was in abject poverty and even homeless at times, but between 2015 and 2020 I spent about $400 or so on manga and video games. I should've bought some BTC, Monero and ETH with that money. I'd be a millionaire now.

>I thought governments would squash it for being outside their control.
I did also take that into consideration, as well as other possible problems like the key encryption being broken, or Bitcoin being simply discarded in favor of a similar project that does the same thing but better.
I actually thought about an investment strategy, which would've been to sell 50% of my stack every time Bitcoin does a 10x, that way I would've had a sizable stack even after several bullruns but never would have to live with the horror of seeing a million-dollar asset going to zero without having taken any profit at all. In fact, this is pretty much what I'm doing right now with all the projects I'm investing in.

On the contrary, crypto is actually the only worthwhile financial asset the lower class has access to, which is why they're currently trying to push all kinds of regulations to make it harder for non-rich people to access it. 10 years ago I could've bought 5 Bitcoins for $10 a piece, that would be worth $650,000 now. If you have a decent computer, you can also mine the coins, no money required other than for electricity.
Nowadays if you sign up with some crypto exchange like coinmetro or kraken, the minimum investment you can make is somewhere between $5 and $20, depending on what you're buying. Then when the coin you buy suddenly rises 60 times in value (like Kadena recently did), your $20 suddenly turned into $1200 and you're not quite as poor anymore.
For a lot of other financial instruments, you need hundreds of thousands of dollars to even get started with investing, or you can invest in some shitty savings fund run your bank that barely even gives you back what you lose through inflation.
>> No. 38918 [Edit]
File 163650111577.jpg - (6.71MB , 5200x3714 , bc00afd05cfa09ae9b5cca075b04fb80.jpg )
Playing games with your money sounds like a lot of anxiety-inducing work. For most things, you can't directly pay for them in crypto. So you have to constantly think about balancing your "invested money" and your immediately usable money. Funny how the most "useful" form of currency is also the one that always rapidly diminishes in value.

Crypto is most interesting to me as a means to pay for things without leaving any trace, which most coins can't do. Honestly, I don't know how to get into it. My laptop isn't good enough to run a Monero wallet.
>> No. 38920 [Edit]
I wish there was an about:tabs that just allowed you to copy off all the URLs.
>> No. 38921 [Edit]
I've been using a browser extension that more or less acts like that. It's called one-tab.
>> No. 38922 [Edit]
>I don't know how to get into
Try coinbase. Every once in a while they give you a few bucks worth of free alt coins. You can trade those for bitcoin or what have you.

This site meanwhile looks and feels more sketchy, but I've been using it for years without issue (so far). It gives you a tiny amount of free bitcoin once an hour.
>> No. 38923 [Edit]
Well, like I said, I'd rather detach my personal identity, but the first thing coinbase asks for is your name.

Coinbase also doesn't trade Monero, which is the main one I'm eyeing.
>> No. 38926 [Edit]
File 163655238637.jpg - (200.00KB , 800x1201 , monero_cyberpunk_anime.jpg )
>My laptop isn't good enough to run a Monero wallet
If you have a phone, you could use CakeWallet. In terms of anonymity it's a bit less secure than the desktop wallet though, so I wouldn't recommend using it if your life or freedom depends on it.
You can find shops that accept Monero on
If you want to get XMR anonymously and don't have a computer powerful enough to mine it, the best way is to get it from someone in your area listed on for cash or gift cards. is an exchange that doesn't ask for your personal data and lets you buy XMR, just know that Kucoin's support is pretty worthless if you run into a problem.

Coinbase is a terrible exchange with very high fees and a support staff that is both incompetent and needs a long time to respond to your inquiries. Kraken and Coinmetro are better alternatives if you're willing to provide some personal documents to prove your identity. If you don't like risky investments and don't mind profiting from usury, check out, you can just put your money on there and get interest on it, or buy PAXG (allocated gold) and get interest on that.

>Playing games with your money sounds like a lot of anxiety-inducing work.
Well I guess it depends on your mindset. The way I see it, your gains are unlimited while your losses are hard-capped at 100%, so the odds are pretty good.
Also, I don't put serious money into those meme shitcoins like VoldemortTrumpRobotnik-10Neko or whatever, I only put my money into things that I think actually have an underlying value.

>For most things, you can't directly pay for them in crypto. So you have to constantly think about balancing your "invested money" and your immediately usable money.
Not much of an issue, selling crypto on an exchange and having it sent to my bank account takes 10 minutes. Crypto is a lot more liquid than other types of investments. I always keep just enough fiat in my bank account to pay for bills and food, leaving thousands of dollars there would mean that I'm losing money due to inflation.
>> No. 38927 [Edit]
File 163656191888.jpg - (300.40KB , 850x1229 , toobig.jpg )
Would you recommend "cold storage" hardware wallets?
Ledger Nano S/X and Trezor Model T are two examples given on Monero's website.
>> No. 38943 [Edit]
File 163745945519.jpg - (2.54MB , 3219x4627 , 163744214126.jpg )
I got into an argument with the lokinet developer. Guy's a real tool, in every sense of the word.

Does lokinet actually have any worthwhile features nothing else covers?
>> No. 38944 [Edit]
I was programming today--steeped in projects--and was overcome with a headache (again). Hate to admit it, but I think it's too intellectually challenging for me. It's rather amusing in a way.

Love that image!
>> No. 38947 [Edit]
I have quite some sympathy for the guy, if he is who I think he is. If so, he's also the guy behind nntpchan and he's one of the three top guys behind i2pd.
He obviously cares about P2P but yeah, I'd count lokinet as the worst among these. I always assumed he needed money, so working on a project where he could get some made sense.
Could just be my natural tendency to distrust crypto snapps or whatever it's called. You see a lot of projects add crypto as a kind of unnecessary layer that just makes it harder to use. And I'm far from certain people will beat each other up over the right to pay 12k to make a constantly decreasing return of currently ~17.5% a year, plus currency fluctuations(see here for estimations of profit:
We'll see.
>> No. 38952 [Edit]
File 163751908215.jpg - (51.98KB , 390x600 , 88f.jpg )
>he's also the guy behind nntpchan
It's really weird that he makes his face and location publicly known. I didn't dig for that information, it's right on his github.
Edit: on second thought, it's not weird for p2p project contributors, but it is for those who involve themself with imageboard stuff.

I don't know if he gets paid in some way to develop lokinet, but I wouldn't be surprised if he is. Which would also explain why he gets so defensive about it.

Post edited on 21st Nov 2021, 10:38am
>> No. 38953 [Edit]
mighy just be something about your screen. Definitely use a dark background while coding if you don't do so already, use a monitor color profile with low blue light intensity, and try to keep the brightness relatively low but without making things too hard to see.
>> No. 38957 [Edit]
Thanks for the input! Alas, I've already done most of this besides the last one, but I'll give that a try too.
Being a decent programmer requires a 100+ IQ I think, so I'm probably just on the wrong half of the bell curve.
>> No. 38973 [Edit]
Blue light reduction is mostly just placebo. I mean reducing blue light in the evening is good for circadian rhythm reasons, and most displays have their white-point calibrated too blue anyway so reducing it to something more natural during the daytime is good. And I use dark theme myself just because it makes the syntax highlighting easier to see, but I don't see the point in going overboard and making every UI element you interact with dark like seems to be trendy these days.

More significant than those are the following:
* Ensure you have enough ambient light in your room. Especially during the winter where it gets dark early, you need a lot of light. Measure the lux during daytime with your windows open and try to match that (if you have a laptop you can use the inbuilt light sensor, or use your phone).

* Reduce brightness of your display. Most displays are too bright. I guess dark theme helps with this in an indirect way, but why not solve the issue directly.

* Take regular breaks (20/20/20 rule). I had to write my own break reminder software because I would get too immersed in things and go for 8+ hours without looking away. Also when you take breaks, blink more.
>> No. 38974 [Edit]
The psp and some (wireless only) controllers have always numbed my hands when playing.
As far as I've seen "science" tells us that the em waves from consumer devices are perfectly safe and do not interact with our biology.
Today I've tested with the psp and a controller just by holding them without using them and they only numb my hands when on. It's a bit puzzling, I haven't found similar experiences online.
>> No. 38975 [Edit]

Have anyone here ever used p2p marketplaces like this? Is it safe? Seems like it's possible to purchase cryptos without the need to provide your identity.
>> No. 38976 [Edit]
Sometimes this happens to me but only in certain positions. Perhaps it has something to do with blood flow.
>> No. 38977 [Edit]
I've successfully used bisq.
You can use amazon gift cards, face 2 face, cash by mail, etc. etc. to be anonymous, or be sensible, load it with a bank account, buy BTC, use BTC to buy monero, transfer monero to a monero wallet, and then use that monero (now anonymous through monero features) to buy BTC on bisq and with that you can then buy any other thing anonymously.
>> No. 38978 [Edit]
So if I buy Monero directly through an exchange like KuCoin, they'll know I bought Monero, but after that I'm good?
>> No. 38979 [Edit]
>> No. 38980 [Edit]
>the em waves from consumer devices are perfectly safe and do not interact with our biology.
I mean it's possible, and I hate that people always say "it's non ionizing radiation so it's safe" (non-ionizing radiation still could have the potential to cause damage by affecting other processes; we haven't found any body process that are influenced by external radiation, but considering how little we know about the body as a system it's not impossible that 24/7 exposure to the stuff might be responsible for some slight increase in some non-specific effect).

That said, it seems more likely the PSP issue is due to posture, hand position, muscle fatigue, or general fatigue associated with electronic device use (e.g. eye strain, neck, etc.)
>> No. 38982 [Edit]
I don't think my issue is position, what caught my attention is that it only happens with some wireless controllers and the PSP,and not wired controllers or the vita for example (if my em wave idea is correct, maybe this is explained due to the internal positioning or type of chips being different on the vita).
In the little tests I made I sat in my chair, placed my hand on it while not playing, turned it on until my left hand numbed and then simply turned it off and started feeling immediate relief. Of course this could be explained by a number of psychological biases or other flaws in my experiment, unfortunately double blinding this or whatever seems somewhat difficult.
>> No. 38983 [Edit]
Maybe it's the heat? Wired controllers would run cooler than wireless ones.
>> No. 38984 [Edit]
maybe. more tests pending
>> No. 38985 [Edit]
File 163803292794.png - (104.81KB , 624x528 , sad cirno.png )
What wireless controllers also cause this?
>> No. 38986 [Edit]