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File 143622479334.jpg - (766.87KB , 2048x1536 , qzlHsCS.jpg )
27208 No. 27208 [Edit]
The old one has been on autosage for a long ass time, guys. Make a new one already. Old thread: >>24879
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>> No. 27209 [Edit]
I'm about four days into a month long vacation right now. It's cold as fuck, and thus extremely uncomfortable, I'm bored beyond my mind and cannot life a finger of motivation to do anything other than stay at home in bed browsing imageboards and useless sites all day long. I feel depressed and I wouldn't mind not waking up tommorow, and I bet the rest of my vacations are going to be exactly how it has been so far.
>> No. 27210 [Edit]
An average day off. Slept in, woke up feeling okay, started feeling like crap in the afternoon, and now I've calmed down.

I need to stop stressing over "IRL" matters like my job situation so much,
>> No. 27212 [Edit]
It been such a long time since I had sweet stuff, my hot chocolate which I remembered being mildly sweet is now overwhelmingly sweet. I don't know if this is a natural or a reflection of my dietary choices.
>> No. 27213 [Edit]
Make sure you eat properly, or at least eat something. The thing I find with depression is that you can't be bothered getting out of bed to eat, then that causes you to have even less energy and feel even worse. I get headaches if I don't eat for a couple of days.
>> No. 27214 [Edit]
File 143628830872.jpg - (182.15KB , 475x720 , 926905.jpg )
I drank a forty and a 32 ounce beer last night because I celebrated the fact that I don't owe anyone any money anymore.

A reason to celebrate, sure, but I don't want to drink alcohol anymore. I thought that I was getting better, but it turns out that relapses are common. I feel like a dumbass, even though it really could have been a lot worse.
>> No. 27219 [Edit]
File 143633108394.png - (572B , 300x300 , tree in winter.png )
I think I got a defective cinnamon stick. I'm chewing on it like I normally would but it doesn't taste like cinnamon at all.
>> No. 27232 [Edit]
File 14364105583.jpg - (19.69KB , 500x394 , wq.jpg )
Let's try this again!

I've recently started seeing a Psychologist, referred by a Psychiatrist I saw. The Psychologist is female, and from what I can tell she is not very good at her job. Or perhaps she is, as egotistical as this sounds (believe me, it's intended the opposite), simply not equipped to deal with a patient like me. This woman, a small town specialist, seems to be more used to dealing with 16 year old girls, fresh from a weekend hospital stay for signs of small cutting after being jilted by an ex-lover. Her mannerisms are patronizing, and she talks a lot. Ordinarily talking a lot would be ideal, but she wastes time. She seems to waffle on and on, to the point where I found myself fairly agitated during yesterday's session, finishing her drawn out explanations of simple exercises and ideas for her in rushed, irritated tones. She also forgot my name at the end of the session, her notekeeping was less than adequate (she found herself forgetting key events I'd made sure to highlight at her request during the previous appointment for future discussion) and she seemed to lack the appropriate agency with which to decisively correspond with my Psychiatrist regarding my treatment. She asked me at the end of the session what I wanted her to say to the Psychiatrist.

I could probably deal with all of this if it weren't for her awful sense of humour. She's like a spinster clown in a hospice. But getting in to see this woman was a months-long ordeal I'd rather not go through again. I'm just going to ride it out and hope I get prescribed Adderall or something.
>> No. 27233 [Edit]
Do you still browse /jp/?
>> No. 27235 [Edit]
I went to go turn in my resume at a store because their website said they were hiring, but the person on duty said that they weren't. Defeated in less than a minute.
>> No. 27237 [Edit]
File 143648763232.jpg - (410.44KB , 1584x1188 , 1433290164835.jpg )
I do still browse the jay, not often as I used to but I still do.
>> No. 27238 [Edit]
And the illusion that you will meet nice people and make friends?
>> No. 27240 [Edit]
Gelbooru is down.
>> No. 27241 [Edit]
File 143650242929.jpg - (176.90KB , 703x1024 , 1433806843645.jpg )
I understand my ear pro better now why some people don't like it. Its not because its shit but rather the way it handles sounds. Instead of filtering out the loud sound removing it. Rather the microphone picks it up too and lets you hear it at a lower decibel which is still loud but not damaging.
>> No. 27243 [Edit]
I found out that the little sweets I used to enjoy as a kid were called Koala Yummies. They're currently called Koala's March and I ordered some from Amazon along with some other sweets because why not.
>> No. 27250 [Edit]
I talked with my mother today, my brother has some (serious) problems with the degree he's doing (read: he's doing jackshit) and she's worried. She's has a lot of problems and this is the last one for her, she doesn't like her job any more but she doesn't want to quit because the plan was for her to leave it to my brother.

It made me remember all the time I wasted when I was doing my bachelor, the fact it took me 5 years instead of 3, and all the other related things. It feels horribly, what's worse is that I can't go back and fix it.
I told my mother if I can do something to help but she said no, and that I should go on with my own life. I'll hug her and be depressed all day.
>> No. 27256 [Edit]
File 143667696130.jpg - (1.75MB , 2918x2000 , 140846.jpg )
I sent off the last 24 orders of my patches yesterday. It took the mail guy a total of 20 minutes to get through all of it and I got a receipt little over 2 feet long. Today it felt good to wake up and not have that fat stack of letters stare at me.
>> No. 27268 [Edit]
File 143694162558.jpg - (55.38KB , 600x600 , 1433782603868.jpg )
the past 4 years I've shut my self off from the world in order to avoid what I'm experiencing right now. Haruhidamnit why now of all places. This was not supposed to happen this way. I should have done my share of the work, come back, act akward the entire time, sleep then leave the day after but no I just had to forget about acting akward and unsociable the entire day. Fuck now I got people interested in me in record time (<12 hours) and now my week is dedicated to being with them. Hell one of the girls even likes me to the point of sharing meals and walking together. I'm digging myself a normal person hole with an excavator and I can't get.out of it.

I apologise for blogging but I feel this might be my final post on this site with the way things are going.
>> No. 27269 [Edit]
wow drama
>> No. 27270 [Edit]
Rather nervous about my final riding exam tomorrow. I've got a Japanese lady from 1986 sitting in my garage which keeps me focused, but I still feel the pressure. To top it off, the lessons got me into a 'small' debt. A motorcycle might make it easier to find an alright job, though.
>> No. 27292 [Edit]
I bet half of the items in your house were made by a 14yo Chinese slave
>> No. 27293 [Edit]
who gives a shit who makes your dishwasher
>> No. 27297 [Edit]
Korean products are lower quality.
>> No. 27298 [Edit]
Yes, Korean and Japanese appliances are shit. We all know Europe makes the superior products.
>> No. 27299 [Edit]
>Europe makes the superior products.
Kill you to buy american?
>> No. 27301 [Edit]
Japanese appliances are on par with European.
>> No. 27302 [Edit]
Don't bring /pol/ into tohno-chan, thanks.
>> No. 27303 [Edit]
This is but an innocent conversation about consumer appliances.
>> No. 27304 [Edit]
Too bad now everyone makes their products in China with cheap underage slaves and cheap poisonous plastic.
Go to any big store and you won't see much "Made in Germany", or Switzerland etc.
We need fascism once again.
>> No. 27309 [Edit]
Today my mother bought a led light bulb and put it the living room. I was amazed by how they light up the entire place. I did some research about it, and apparently the japanese men who invented this received a Nobel prize for it.
>> No. 27310 [Edit]
File 143761889117.jpg - (543.50KB , 1920x1200 , 1405791185995.jpg )
I got my new dive mask today. Its higher volume than expected but I like the aesthetics of oval style masks more.
>> No. 27312 [Edit]

The kazoo is an elegant instrument
>> No. 27313 [Edit]
I've a test tomorrow and I'm shaking, I spent the day studying but I realized there is still so much stuff I don't know. Fuck I'm panicking hard, feeling like not even showing up. Please god let it be a hail storm tomorrow
>> No. 27314 [Edit]
Me too. I didn't even study today. Or ever, for that matter. It's frightening how blazingly fast a day can pass.
>> No. 27326 [Edit]
Desu is an anagram of deus. Coincidence?
>> No. 27329 [Edit]
File 143801869948.jpg - (132.21KB , 727x619 , ayy2.jpg )
I have been playing riichi on Tenhou pretty much nonstop for three days now. I didn't knew a single thing about riichi back then, but now I've already memorized all the yakus and tiles and sequences of dora indicators. I've even won a game whilst knowing what I was doing. It's a very addicting game after a while.
>> No. 27331 [Edit]
I've been thinking about this lately, What do you guys think of a measurable intelligence such as IQ, or intelligence in general?

Personally, I think IQ is a very small indicator of how smart a person is, and a even smaller indicator of what a person is capable of, it angers me when some people believe they're superior to others just because "My IQ is at least 25% higher than yours". Sure we can tell if a person is smart or not if we get to know them well enough, but if we know a person that much then we probably would find some qualities enjoyable about him other than intelligence that would've made us want to know him and hang out with him so much.

Even if IQ is valid, I'd rather hang out with the nice guy with a IQ of sub 90 than the dickwad with an IQ of 140. Intellegence is all about how you use it, not how much you have, famous people like Shakespeare, Einstein, etc. never were popular because they were smart, but rather because they did/made/said things that changed the world as a result of how smart they were.
>> No. 27332 [Edit]
File 14380340477.png - (27.46KB , 342x980 , Untitled.png )
While it's not something to obsess on, I'd say it's a valid indicator overall.
The people who couldn't get past the stone age usually score 80 points or less while at the top you have places like Italy, Switzerland etc.
Also singapore but everyone knows those chinks cheat.
>> No. 27333 [Edit]
thats because the test wasn't invented by those people. its like dropping a bunch of Jewish guys in the middle of Somalia.
>> No. 27334 [Edit]
File 143804332013.png - (46.79KB , 1350x625 , AverageIQ-Map-World.png )
The test used was invented by europeans, but asians seem to be the best at it.

This is Flynn's test, it only takes into account the natives' IQ. ie, australian test was given to the abbos.
All the places in the 70IQ area in this map were stuck in living with mud houses and the like before the European came to give them civilization, or attempted to.
Is it really just because it wasn't made by their people that they scored so bad in an intelligence test?
And how could they hope to make a test of their own, if they couldn't even figure out the wheel and are still stuck in living in such an underdeveloped way?

Post edited on 27th Jul 2015, 5:29pm
>> No. 27335 [Edit]
lol, australia
>> No. 27336 [Edit]
Okay, so lets drop a bunch of Chinese people in Australia 40,000 years ago. You think they'd be able to build a better civilization?

Actually that experiment has already been done since the Australian Aboriginal people originally came from Asia.
>> No. 27337 [Edit]
>You think they'd be able to build a better civilization?
>> No. 27338 [Edit]
They're completely different ethnic groups/lineages. Think Papua New Guineans vs Indonesians, Taiwanese aborigines vs Taiwanese or Ainu vs Japanese. Maybe they came from Asia but they're not asian in the sense that they're related to the main ethnicities living in east asia right now.
>> No. 27339 [Edit]
But those people all came from the same place originally; we are all the same species. The difference between groups is due to where they ended up. People on mainland Asia took a different route because they had many different people to trade with, animals/plants to domesticate, fertile land that allowed agriculture to develop and cities to be built.

Imagine aboriginal people meeting Europeans for the first time and administering an intelligence test based on their own culture and the challenges of their geography. They might conclude that Europeans are dumb because they don't know how to find water in the desert or build a canoe.
>> No. 27340 [Edit]
Europeans building the best 'canoes' is how they came to conquer the world.
>> No. 27341 [Edit]
China had better ships but the Pacific was too large for them to cross
>> No. 27342 [Edit]
I had an IQ test recently, something about determining if I had the autism or some such nonsense. It didn't seem like it had any sort of memory testing on it. As such, I did fine. My working memory works fine, but two minutes later, I won't remember shit. The supposed intelligence measured is useless if you can't remember anything...
>> No. 27343 [Edit]
I'm thinking about picking up drawing as a hobby again. There's just so much different and new porn I want to see but nobody has drawn or will draw it ever. The only thing that stops me is knowing I'll need to put so much effort and time into it to get to the leve I want to be.
>> No. 27346 [Edit]
File 143823138735.jpg - (539.52KB , 2560x1440 , route_1_0278 (1).jpg )
Working on my terrible global ratio. I'm up from .34 to .78 now but shooting for a higher than 1.0 ratio. Feels good man
>> No. 27347 [Edit]
Ah, I know what that's like. I didn't like my ratio being that low so I left myself seeding very often and eventually got my ratio to +100.0 . I'm not sure if I can check the ratio on Deluge or if it even has a kind of system that tries to throttle my download speed for not seeding, but I like to seed either way since I like helping out other people since I was also helped out by other people.
>> No. 27350 [Edit]
I had another dream about work again. It's starting to get to the point where my one ultimate sanctuary where I'm safe, my bed, is being violated. I don't know what to do.
>> No. 27355 [Edit]
File 143832416624.jpg - (2.51MB , 4128x3096 , IMG_20150730_175432.jpg )
Well, I just got a cat.
>> No. 27356 [Edit]
Tonight's blue moon really does light up the night

Cute cat dude
>> No. 27357 [Edit]
Cute. What are you going to call it?
>> No. 27358 [Edit]
Nightmares don't necessary mean problems. Sometimes I dream awkward stuff and realize not until later what it meant, if at all. Yesterday I dreamed about some association were computer scientists taught undertakers how to operate computers, enabling them to control their incinerators.
>> No. 27362 [Edit]
Nice, but holy shit learn how to post images dude.
>> No. 27372 [Edit]
File 143856503289.png - (446.41KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_2015-08-02-18-17-53.png )
I know I be moved further down as the week goes on but damn does it feel good to be 11th place especially after all my fuck ups right before.
>> No. 27374 [Edit]
I've waited 3 months for my mom to visit so she can clean the house. Finally!
>> No. 27375 [Edit]
It's not hard to do it yourself!
>> No. 27376 [Edit]
File 143871624380.gif - (904.25KB , 500x532 , 1413642432412.gif )
It's very, very hard.
>> No. 27377 [Edit]
I love to clean. Last week I cleaned behind my washer and dryer. I can't wait for the weekend, I'm gonna clean so hard.
>> No. 27378 [Edit]
Serial killer detected.
>> No. 27383 [Edit]
You're not the first person to say that about me.

I haven't killed anyone yet but I do love reading about serial killers. Israel Keyes is my favourite.
>> No. 27384 [Edit]
Albino, huh. Is it deaf already? Looks a little scrawny as well.
>> No. 27385 [Edit]
You're just jealous of its whiteness.
>> No. 27386 [Edit]
My fucking chest/heart hurts, but I know for sure this isn't the result of strong physical pressure, it's actually emotional pressure, but goddamn does it feel real. It's amazing how closely physical and emotional pain are.
>> No. 27387 [Edit]
I got drunk out of my fucking mind, threw up and passed out on the floor while trying to crawl to the bathroom. Woke up with my hair soaking up the vomit and an angry stomach.
I also called my mom before passing out but she had a sleeping pill and didn't hear me. Guess she's gonna have to clean again, oops. At least she's not angry.
>> No. 27388 [Edit]
Almost all politicians sound terrible on paper and great on the podium.

Fuck, I am terribly weak to human wiles.
>> No. 27391 [Edit]
I know that feeling. At its worst it feels like something is squeezing your heart and it really hurts, but the emotional pain still felt stronger than it when I felt it.
>> No. 27396 [Edit]
You should probably visit the other anons never cleaning their rooms.
>> No. 27398 [Edit]
Who's going to wear the maid uniform in that relationship?
>> No. 27399 [Edit]
Tohno-chan bros seem to be pretty high on the legitimately insane spectrum. I'd be careful.
>> No. 27400 [Edit]
Today is my birthday, but I'm more excited for tomorrow, our anniversary together! I can't believe it's going to be a year already, I can recall when I first fell in love like it was yesterday. I think I'll save what else I have to say for tomorrow, I can't wait!
>> No. 27401 [Edit]
Happy birthday.
>> No. 27402 [Edit]
Happy birthday.
>> No. 27403 [Edit]
File 143933747230.png - (24.64KB , 228x239 , 1437975147864.png )
Found more stuff in my room thats not mine and my bed smells like someone else again. I wish people would consider this room mine instead of like a bathroom, but I guess that just how it is right now.

You doing anything to celebrate?
>> No. 27404 [Edit]
What is the story behind your lack of privacy?
>> No. 27405 [Edit]
File Could_.swf - (3.50MB )

Not an interesting story. I got in a fight with my dad so my relatives felt guilty or something about not being able to do anything and as a way to make up for it they decided to swoop me up while I was looking for a place to sleep. So here I am 2 months later occupying their "guest bedroom" while I save up to get out.
>> No. 27406 [Edit]
Happy Birthday!
>> No. 27407 [Edit]
Wow, thanks a lot guys! I didn't do anything special for my birthday but I did save up some foods and a drink to celebrate the 1st year anniversary I've been in love with her for today. Currently waiting for some privacy, can't wait!
>> No. 27410 [Edit]
File 143943784693.png - (86.43KB , 720x1280 , the future is in my hands.png )
I looked at my data usage, only to find that apparently, my phone visited the future briefly. What is even going on? There are several things that annoy me about this phone (Galaxy S3), and this is only the most recent thing. Another is that for some reason, when playing music via Bluetooth, it doesn't always send the song metadata or something, although that might be a problem with the receiver. When using the newest version of Spotify, Bluetooth crashes between every song, so I had to download an older version from not the play store (as far as I can tell, you can't download old versions from there), so I hope that that program isn't doing bad things. The default browser is shit; for some reason sites are occasionally convinced that I have JavaScript disabled.

This might be an issue with the carrier, but one time a text message wouldn't download until I restarted the phone. Another time, I tried to make a call and it said something like "not registered on network," and I had to restart.

Also, the home button feels a little recessed, I think a piece of sand got in there or something, and I find out that the only way to remove the button to clean it is to remove the entire screen, held into place with adhesive fashioned from the jizz of ten thousand nerds, and essentially requires destroying the screen to remove it. I guess making one of the few mechanical parts of your phone goddamn impossible to clean is a good idea?

Also, hidden locations that do specific things are pretty frequent, it's like UI designers actively loathe the user. Surprise! Touching here while a video is playing changes the volume. No, you can't delete part of your data usage history. No, the default keyboard doesn't have arrow keys, if you want to edit something, you'll slide your grubby fingers all over the text trying to get it into place.

This is my first smart phone, are they all this much of a mess?

Post edited on 12th Aug 2015, 9:08pm
>> No. 27411 [Edit]
File 143943880719.jpg - (297.85KB , 717x717 , 1432353591407.jpg )
I can't seem to pull myself to leave the room so I haven't drank or eaten anything today. Am I going down a road I shouldn't?
>> No. 27414 [Edit]
Starving yourself is a very bad and stupid thing to do. I did it when I was pretty depressed and all it got me was being sick and getting weight from overeating afterwards.
>> No. 27416 [Edit]
File 143952483869.png - (446.85KB , 850x786 , 1434063008129.png )
Its all so weird. I looked out the tiny crack in the curtains right before the flash happened and looked at my computer right before it lost power like I knew it was going to happen.
>> No. 27417 [Edit]
File 143953068168.jpg - (99.63KB , 998x810 , 142683891929.jpg )
Walking home from buying some fast-food cause I can't cook, I seen this guy walk out of his car to use an ATM. Leaving both the keys in and the door open, as I was walking by someone cut me off, jumped in the guy's car and drove off. Almost hitting me.

A cop then drove by, seeing all that happen he just phoned dispatch and kept driving off.

I just sighed and kept walking home.
>> No. 27418 [Edit]
You should've jump in the car with him and start a new life of adventures and fun.
>> No. 27420 [Edit]
Getting arrested and brutally raped to death doesn't sound like fun.
>> No. 27421 [Edit]
It takes all types
>> No. 27422 [Edit]
File 143959848355.jpg - (554.62KB , 1023x723 , 1335819261410.jpg )

If it was someone like Marisa behind the wheel I would of for sure.
>> No. 27425 [Edit]
Leaving his car like that was just asking for trouble.
>> No. 27426 [Edit]
File 143961339450.png - (312.30KB , 389x386 , 1435901235737.png )
It appears my internet connection depends on the time of day as during work hours I easily get 200Kb upload but on a friday night like this I can only get 3Kb at most. Kinda sucks
>> No. 27429 [Edit]
File 14397552458.jpg - (36.87KB , 444x800 , 1439643238440.jpg )
God, I hate sundays so much. It's the one day of the week that takes the longest to pass and I always have to spend them all doing nothing from morning till night on the computer browsing imageboards. I wish sundays would stop existing.
>> No. 27430 [Edit]
I'm going insane !!!!!!
>> No. 27431 [Edit]
File 143979408950.gif - (407.09KB , 431x415 , 1421782918796.gif )
Me too!!
>> No. 27432 [Edit]
File 143979866046.jpg - (75.71KB , 650x811 , 1400191404484.jpg )
Killed two porcupines tonight. Never thought I'd have a legitimate complaint about hollow point rounds.
>> No. 27433 [Edit]
Thank you for the concern.

I've been coding in Python! It's fun stuff. Yesterday, I took a nap in a graveyard and listened to roommates' problems while chatting on IRC.
>> No. 27457 [Edit]
File 144012955763.png - (547.52KB , 649x720 , 1399356703328.png )
I tried mountain biking today with a wallyworld bike. I left the mountain bruised, battered and with a new nickname "one pedal wonder". I'll stick to using on my own two legs and not to use cheap shit.
>> No. 27472 [Edit]
File ronald_sexy.swf - (5.15MB )

I've started looking at a bunch of flash videos because I wanted to catch up on whatever I've missed out during the last 6 months to a year.

I've found a few interesting things, I found out that Zone is still making videos, and I found a flash where some people were making Japanese girls say inappropriate things in English.

I guess it was okay and stuff. The experience is kind of reminding me that I do need to wander around the internet a bit more often to find some interesting things since I've been very detached from everything as of late.

I did find this incredible flash just now, however. I love it. I know that people here don't like Kancolle, so I'll put this old Ronald flash that I was reminded of during my time awake during these last hours.
>> No. 27473 [Edit]
I currently hate myself intensely, to the point that I cannot stand being around myself. I've enrolled myself into a small kind of scholarship in my university where I have to correct exercises and then help students with their mistakes in class. I don't know how I didn't noticed that this would clearly not work since I have to stand in front of fifty people and deal with them, but I ended up taking this up. I did my first day of this yesterday and I believe it was truly a trainwreck. Now I feel horrible about myself and the prospect that I shall have to repeatedly shame myself in public every friday morning. I wish I could dissapear right now.
>> No. 27492 [Edit]
It's raining!
Also I ate some melon and now my stomac hurts.
>> No. 27493 [Edit]
I pulled an allnighter to study but ended up doing jackshit.
>> No. 27496 [Edit]
GNFOS and Merorin have gone. All the other /jp/ spin offs are to slow so I am spending allot of time refreshing pages and being bored.
>> No. 27498 [Edit]
My hours have been cut pretty hard at work. Last week I had 7.5, and this week it's only 4. Usually I go in for 12 hours a week. I need to escape this retail hell and find a less stressful job with more stable hours.
>> No. 27503 [Edit]
File 144045959230.png - (544.21KB , 1024x603 , 1426103256940.png )
Working on decensoring an ECM swf scene. So far I've got 4 of 6 frames done.
>> No. 27504 [Edit]
That series with the pink haired girl, big tits and semi-elf ears?
I really like that artist
>> No. 27505 [Edit]
File 144046407976.jpg - (1.61MB , 1240x1754 , C79ポスター.jpg )
Thats the one. I wish his mosaics weren't such a bitch to remove since I'm having to redraw everything it touches in photoshop.
>> No. 27506 [Edit]
that 2nd part sounded kind of salty let me rephrase it. His mosaics remove all details in parts of his drawing so I have to fill in that missing part with my imagination in photoshop which takes a while to do.
>> No. 27518 [Edit]
File 144059984452.gif - (1.99MB , 1024x768 , 03_sc02a.gif )
Isn't this uncensored enough? Who cares about smoother pixels
>> No. 27519 [Edit]
I was already hard as diamond, but then I noticed she cut off his shota balls to keep him around as an obedient slave
Now my dick has become something much harder than any diamond could ever hope to be
>> No. 27524 [Edit]
File ECM_scene_1_uncensored.swf - (672.32KB , ECM scene 1 uncensored.swf )

I'm also doing it because I have nothing else to do all week
>> No. 27525 [Edit]
That looks shitty.
Just leave it alone and stop wasting your time.
>> No. 27526 [Edit]
I wasn't expecting it to be a mona lisa or anything good in particular but it was something to do other than anime, games, and imageboards.
>> No. 27529 [Edit]
It's not bad actually, it looks like what things like that are supposed to I guess so it's good.
>> No. 27551 [Edit]
Today I panicked because I fear for my future.
>> No. 27552 [Edit]
That's everyday for me.
>> No. 27553 [Edit]
My parents found out my brother lied about how many uni exams he passed, 5 in 3 years. Things could get ugly.
>> No. 27565 [Edit]
I signed up for the maximum number of classes per semester and I am holding a part-time job.

I really like all of my classes, but the stress is already building up two weeks in. I wonder how people with actual social lives manage to pull this off.
>> No. 27567 [Edit]
Is it happening yet?
>> No. 27568 [Edit]
File 144159372072.png - (337.38KB , 600x450 , 1426846448697.png )
Just a week or two more.
>> No. 27569 [Edit]
are u gonna steal her panties?
i will buy
>> No. 27576 [Edit]
Felt pretty good today. A lot less stressed about my work and job situation. Tomorrow is going to suck though, since I work 1:30-7. Going to be murder on my feet, and since it's not quite a full 6 hours, I don't get a lunch break; Just a regular 15 minute break.

I guess this is payback for having worked only 4 hours last week.
>> No. 27580 [Edit]
File 144169189643.jpg - (167.17KB , 800x760 , 1436982141010.jpg )
Its been about 3 months since I started and now I finally got rid of all 100 of them. I almost miss having that pile on my desk.
>> No. 27589 [Edit]
I jerked off three times and now i'm going to sleep because I have class in a few hours
>> No. 27597 [Edit]
I'm eating melon again while watching yodelling videos. Life is good again.
>> No. 27607 [Edit]
I have found religion for the first time in my life it seems. Been visiting church and taking part of some local activities lately. Feels way better than staying apathetically at my place all the time.
>> No. 27610 [Edit]
File 144204846143.jpg - (144.98KB , 1119x623 , Johnny 0.jpg )
Jesus Christ.

This is the third time I've masturbated and came in the day (I've felt the pleasant relief alright), but none of them have I ejaculated, not a single drop. I actually had an UTI recently and didn't recover fully even after taking cephalosporins; now, after the first test of a series I have to take, I seem to have prostatitis...

I might be really fucked up this this time.
>> No. 27612 [Edit]
My doujinshi collection is turning into an expensive habit.

At this point, I will probably just start buying NSFW material also.
>> No. 27614 [Edit]
I've started studying all the basics of mathematics again, all the way from pre-algebra to third year of highschool mathematics, so that I can study university level calculus to understand some things of my field of study. I really love studying these things as they held an amazous magical image for me since they are complex and I could never do them since I hadn't studied them when I needed to. Just solving basic high school algebra functions or trigonometry exercises makes me really proud of myself.
>> No. 27615 [Edit]
That's nice. I always wanted to do that, and I urgently to do that, but no willpower during breaks and no time when classes are going on. That and the thought of someone seeing me studying that material troubles me deeply because then I'd have to admit I have no mastery of even the simplest concepts, let alone the ones I'm supposed to be studying right now.
>> No. 27623 [Edit]
I know how that feels all too well. I've been using a very good free site for it (Khan Academy) that I recommend if you want to do it. They have classes and exercises from all the most basic of math all the way to calculus. I'm also kind of ashamed to be studying this now, so I just do it at home and keep it a secret until I match the knowledge I should have.
>> No. 27630 [Edit]
I'm truly glad for you.
>> No. 27632 [Edit]
File 144233549773.jpg - (171.41KB , 1125x627 , hiki 6.jpg )
OK. Three days later, after some more attempts, I still can't ejaculate at all.

I guess I'm done for.

Thursday I'll get the results of my tests.
>> No. 27634 [Edit]
I have the feeling that I'll finally need to buy a new laptop. I've been using a second hand one that mother ended up not wanting, and it has been overheating and becoming ever slower. Soon I won't even be able to watch an anime in 480p without having the computer turn off on me. I just don't want to spend the money on a new machine though.
>> No. 27635 [Edit]
Look around for a disassembly guide (a video or whatever) and clean the dust out, put some new thermal paste in there and who knows how much longer it'll last you
>> No. 27643 [Edit]
I defragmented the disk and tried to clear as much garbage as possible, and it seems like it got somewhat better now. I'm not very computer savvy, so I don't know much about opening up my computer. I will try it if it the problem persists.
>> No. 27645 [Edit]
You definitely need to open it, clean it up an replace processor's thermal paste or get someone to do it for you. It's a normal maintenance procedure that all laptops must go through at some point.
>> No. 27648 [Edit]
File 144264655545.png - (117.11KB , 292x314 , 1419429679372.png )
While searching for something to get off to I came across a picture of two girls that were a few grades below me while I was in school. The part that bothers me the most is they're no older than 16 and their asses are already making rounds through the imageboards.
>> No. 27651 [Edit]
Different person here, but I need to clear out the dust from the heatsink on my laptop. Ive been blasting compressed air through it, but its starting to not work in terms of getting the dust out.

The problem is that its an HP laptop and they design the heatsink to be behind everything else, so you have to take apart the whole laptop to get to it. I'm not very experienced at it and the few times I opened a laptop I ended up breaking it so I'm scared to attempt the thing.
>> No. 27655 [Edit]
File 144272815891.jpg - (2.96MB , 4320x2432 , IMG_20150918_213511199.jpg )
It's happening. I talked to her a few hours ago and I will see her tomorrow morning as well.

Not possible only pair is the one she's wearing.
>> No. 27661 [Edit]
I feel like I'm on the most detached moment of my life right now. I feel completely afloat the entire day, as if I couldn't grasp anything at all. I feel away from people and from events around me, and I honestly can't tell what I have been doing so far or will do in the future.
>> No. 27662 [Edit]
The most amazing thing is how much better you're at writing English now.

Keep us posted.
>> No. 27667 [Edit]
I know that feeling. Don't worry it'll go away eventually.

I think its just you at this point but Je suis american. I will admit my first few posts about this were whiny and I would like to reword them however I believe I am past the point of no return on them. Also I have no idea how the edit button works.

Anyway I ended up talking to her mother and father a lot more since her brother (I think?) was right on her heels most of the time and had this pissed face. Odd thing is I thought he was Italian when I first saw him. Though when I did get the chance to talk to her I tried to avoid topic of modeling since everybody and their mother probably has talk to her about it. She said hi Im (asian name) nice to meet you anon. Then she said shes finished with modeling and is now focusing on college. Also about being settled in at new York.

Sorry pal she just wasn't that interesting in person and I got more caught up in talking to other family about business management and stuff.
>> No. 27673 [Edit]
Oh well. I guess the Light Novel will have to wait.
>> No. 27676 [Edit]
I have class in one hour and haven't gotten any sleep, this is gonna be funny.
>> No. 27758 [Edit]
I have been feeling depressed recently as I have become more and more conscious about the state of my life, and my inability or lack of initiative to change things. I've been feeling like doing nothing at all most of the time and panicking about everything the rest of my day.
>> No. 27760 [Edit]
I've grown a lot more anxious and I hate myself a lot more than before, what's going on? My life is only getting better from here and yet my heart aches from crippling anxiety and I constantly have hateful thoughts of myself over the meaningless shit in my life. I can't even browse my once favorite places and have to avoid certain places and discussion because I'm scared of what they have to say, I don't want to exhaust myself with a huge debate again, even if it is on the internet. God, what is happening?
>> No. 27761 [Edit]
>cause I can't cook
You can. Just read some stuff up on the internet. Most of it is pretty easy and it's much cheaper than buying fast-food which is important if you don't have a steady income.
It can also taste much better.
>> No. 27762 [Edit]
File 144367303679.png - (66.88KB , 165x384 , 1418565934165.png )
I'm absolutely terrified of the inevitable job interviews I'll have to accept.
>> No. 27763 [Edit]
This is more of a Q3 2015 report than a daily one:
One of my teeth feels like it is going to fall out.
I have been cycling through antidepressants trying to find one that works, no luck so far.
I am trying to improve my diet but I'm too lazy to eat most days so I have ordered something similar to Soylent.
Finally I have put in my application and should be returning to university next year.
>> No. 27769 [Edit]
File 144381883081.png - (2.15MB , 1080x1920 , tmp_18584-Screenshot_2015-10-02-12-56-401653972182.png )
So I was bored and went to the app store out of boredom and saw Potion Maker on the front page. I ended up getting it because I saw the tag for Potion Maker on a booru while looking up pictures of Morrigan Aensland because I saw one of the girls (Tia) dressed up as Morrigan.

Anyway, the loli asked this and I just loved it.
>> No. 27773 [Edit]
I played that for a bit but got bored of it after two minutes. It's cute sure but it felt extremely pointless and repetitive which is really saying something for a mobile game.
>> No. 27776 [Edit]
Try bupropion/Wellbutrin! It was great for me.

I hope your dick gets better, bro
>> No. 27779 [Edit]
I think he is going to start me on agomelatine, I will ask about trying bupropion in combination with that. I've got to find something that works because I've been sleeping the days away for years now and completely laid waste to my life.
>> No. 27781 [Edit]
My grandfather died at the age of 92 today.

After doing his morning exercises, he went inside, had my grandmother make him his Sunday milkshake, and while he was drinking it he just closed his eyes and stopped living.

While most of my family is heavily upset, I think that was quite the positive note to end one's life. I don't feel like I missed anything vital, since I've heard all of his stories multiple times already, and I spent plenty of time with him in the last few years.

However, my Grandma, who is going through the early stages of dementia, is having a hell of a time, and I can only feel it will get worse for her.
>> No. 27782 [Edit]
I wonder if thats possible. Just deciding to die like that, and dying. I couldnt do that if I tried.
>> No. 27783 [Edit]
Well, what probably happened is that after the exercise his blood pressure went too high or too low, knocking him out, and then his heart just stopped beating.

Nothing of note happened recently, so I don't think he decided to die. He just did.
>> No. 27784 [Edit]
How do you commit suicide efficiently/painlessly if you don't have money of your own and you live with your parents?
>> No. 27799 [Edit]
File 144448129446.jpg - (23.94KB , 480x320 , 1431024998424.jpg )
I spent a whole week without internet and was pretty productive with classes and with my art, there's internet at my uni so I can use it there for basic things such as mails, messages and posting my shit.
Since I got internet at my place i've been VERY unproductive and i'm starting to get depressed again.
Now I know what I must do. I think this is going to be my last post here, i'm glad I came across this place during my short NEET phase (it's been almost a year now) because I made a very good friend.

Bye bye tc.

Post edited on 10th Oct 2015, 5:50am
>> No. 27801 [Edit]
Dishonest? That's exactly what every company/business ever has done since forever. If you ever bought something from a local store it's been marked up from it's original value to make that store a profit. The only exception being items sold at low costs to draw in customers in hopes they buy the other more expensive stuff too. The real question there is if it will make money like you said. It's true weeaboos will willingly overpay for Japanese garbage (it's the principle j-list is built on) but you have to make sure that you can sell the stuff for a high enough mark up to make up for amazon/ebay fees on top of ebay fees and payment processing fees. Then you have to be mindful of competition selling the same items. If you can sell them items at a high enough price to clear the fees but low enough to beat out the other guys then you're good to go.
>> No. 27803 [Edit]
Going to be starting a college course tomorrow. Fucking terrified because I haven't left the house in 5 years and have no idea what teenagers are life, my clothes are trashy and old and I don't even own a phone. I'm going to die.
>> No. 27805 [Edit]

I managed to find something with my limited Japanese that is somewhat rusty since I haven't practiced or went over any of the Kana in a long while.

I still can't be assed to study Kanji.
>> No. 27806 [Edit]
File 144470599067.jpg - (122.85KB , 666x720 , 1435701219298.jpg )
we are in very similar predicaments. i wish us both luck!
>> No. 27807 [Edit]
Kanji is in my opinion one of the most interesting aspects. It isn't really as hard as it may seem, they do make sense and there's a lot of shit repeating, so after a little bit of time, it'll be much easier to learn new characters.

Also with programs like rikai, Kanjitomo, ITH etc. it takes almost no effort to look up characters, I really don't want to imagine what a pain in the ass Chinese and Japanese learning must have been.
Just don't let yourself get overwhelmed, start with some interesting furigana stuff if you haven't already and learn the characters on the go.
>> No. 27814 [Edit]
Id like people to discuss manga more on tc.
>> No. 27815 [Edit]
I'd hate to kill the current Japanese language discussion going on in the thread, so please continue warmly despite my post.

I bought some cheap bourbon tonight, Old Crow. It's as good as I remember.
>> No. 27818 [Edit]
I've started reading a whole lot more manga recently, but I don't tend to discuss it in Tohno-chan because /ma/ is too dead.
>> No. 27821 [Edit]
I've sort of been taking a break from reading manga for some reason despite liking it more than anime, but I might go back to reading it eventually.

Lately, I've just been feeling too busy to read it aside from One Piece for some reason.
>> No. 27822 [Edit]
Why did you feel the need to spoiler One Piece
>> No. 27823 [Edit]
I felt a little bit of shame admitting that I still read One Piece. Not enough shame to stop myself from saying that I do, but enough to spoiler it.

It's pretty stupid now that I think about it.
>> No. 27830 [Edit]
I turned 27 yesterday. All downhill from here now.
>> No. 27832 [Edit]
Happy birthday, Anon.
>> No. 27834 [Edit]
Happy late Birthday!
>> No. 27837 [Edit]
People not liking manga just because they were made by Koreans, or Westerners, or whoever, this is just silly.
>> No. 27838 [Edit]
I am way too young for my hair to be falling out.
>> No. 27839 [Edit]
File 144589802046.png - (270.89KB , 1166x688 , seedmanc_tumblr_com slash myseiyuulist.png )
Finally finished a component of my potential future alternative to MAL for seiyuu.
This one allows to search for anime based on a list of voice actors starring in it. For when you only care about 2.5D.

Making a service without a server while learning AngularJS and Bootstrap was an interesting experience.

That said I should really start watching Cross Ange now. Wonder if it's anything like Symphogear.
>> No. 27841 [Edit]
Didn't really mean it, but if I talked about real people any longer someone could have became triggered or probably already was.
Do people really hate seiyuu though? I would have said I'm more interested in them than anime itself if I knew Japanese well enough to follow them, but that's not the case.
>> No. 27842 [Edit]

>That said I should really start watching Cross Ange now.

You really shouldn't. I doubt you'll have any respect left for Nana by the time you'll finish it.


>Do people really hate seiyuu though?

I don't think we do, I'm confident some of us like talking about them. Almost all of us are interested in their voice acting and their voice acting alone, though.
>> No. 27845 [Edit]
I enjoy talking about VAs, but only their roles and stuff.
I have no interest in what they look like, their personalities, their love lives, or anything of that nature.
>> No. 27846 [Edit]
Voice acting is the only thing that makes characters alive though.

Anyway, what's that about Nana in Cross Ange? Is the character lewd or something?
I just found out it has all the stars in it, even Chihara Minori in addition to the three in the screenshot. Although experience tells me sometimes all stars cast is used to balance out really bad anime and vice-versa (promising titles voiced by rookies).

Post edited on 28th Oct 2015, 3:19am
>> No. 27847 [Edit]
File 144602773619.png - (419.80KB , 540x900 , 9303268.png )
>> No. 27848 [Edit]

That and it's literally the worst anime I've ever seen, and I actually have some confidence in my power level.
Nana's voice acting was fine but it was really hard not to hate the character she voiced.
>> No. 27850 [Edit]
Saying a seiyuu is 2.5D because she create voices for anime and game characters is like saying artists are 2.5D because they create the artwork and design the characters.
>> No. 27852 [Edit]
Hating 3D girls is the same as hating 2D girls since 2D were created after and because 3D ones exist and attract us.
>> No. 27855 [Edit]
That doesn't change the fact that 3D pig bitches are all trash.
>> No. 27856 [Edit]
2D normies are still normies though.
>> No. 27858 [Edit]
Even if they were created after, they are idealized forms and perfect because of that. There is no equivalent in real life.
Also not everyone is attracted to 3DPD, buddy. And people who like 3DPD don't automatically like 2D. Hating 3D girls isn't hating 2D girls. The difference is huge.
>> No. 27865 [Edit]
My grandpa died. I don't really care, in 25 years of my life I don't think I've seen him more than 30 times, he could have not existed at all and nothing would have changed.
What's surprising for me is how bad my mother took it, she always said she hated him and couldn't wait for him to die.
>> No. 27866 [Edit]
>she always hated him
Why though? Why did she hate him? I think it's worth noting that love and hate are two sides of the same coin.
It could be however, much like the cries of the teenage girls over the death of the introverted, quiet, nerdy loser who literally nobody gave any fucks about when he was alive, that she's simply crying in response to a reminder of her own mortality. All of the bonds she's formed in life, everything she's hated and everything she's loved, it will all die by the hands of time and now, once again, she's not allowed to look away from it.
>> No. 27869 [Edit]
He was a scary man with serious anger issues, bad enough that my mother picked a university far away from him and never came back, seeing him only on occasions like Christmas.
I don't know, I thought she hated his guts and would have been happy to see him dead, as bad as this sounds.
>> No. 27870 [Edit]
I'm uncharismatic.
>> No. 27871 [Edit]
Oh no, its Tohno!
>> No. 27872 [Edit]
My father is a scary man with serious anger issues, and I have more or less emotionally and mentally shut him out of my life now (because he is going to remarry when he promised my mother on her deathbed that he never would).

Looks like me and yo' mama got something in common.
>> No. 27873 [Edit]
>> No. 27874 [Edit]
File 144670370464.gif - (495.48KB , 500x443 , 1395954453529.gif )
For some strange reason I have been getting random outburst of energy, I just spent 2 hours cleaning my apartment. It's 1AM and now I feel the need to go for a jog but I don't think I will.
>> No. 27876 [Edit]
I'm stuck in my room and it taking forever to get out.
>> No. 27877 [Edit]
Call 911?
>> No. 27878 [Edit]
Is your name Weston Parker, and are you involved, affiliated, or in cahoots with The Goodmen?
>> No. 27879 [Edit]
Hows your tendonitis?
>> No. 27880 [Edit]
How's your anti-nepotism sentiment?
>> No. 27881 [Edit]
Not that serious, I just slipped and dumped a box of tacks that I had gotten for my new corkboard and the light wasn't on so I had to minesweep my way out.

I feel like I should know where that's from
>> No. 27882 [Edit]
I see. I guess familial bonds are a really complicated thing. Even when they're that shitty, there's always that irremovable feeling of love for this person and wanting the best for them. You can drown this feeling out with hate but you can never truly extinguish those flames.
>> No. 27896 [Edit]
File 144744796014.jpg - (114.94KB , 1109x795 , depressing.jpg )
I've started watching Serial Experiment Lain two days ago. I don't know what the fuck is going on so far, but I hope to find out sooner or later.
>> No. 27910 [Edit]
I got banned on an MMO so I sent an appeal saying unban me or I'll kill myself and they called the police and sent them to my house using the billing information. Now they have printed-out logs of the e-mails and everything I did on the game and needless to say my parents are pissed.
>> No. 27911 [Edit]
wow, did they at least unban you?
>> No. 27912 [Edit]
Nope. Still banned, forever.
>> No. 27913 [Edit]
Jesus, what a bunch of massive fagots. What game is it anyway?
>> No. 27915 [Edit]
>> No. 27921 [Edit]
You should've just posted a cute girl on the /so/ thread.
>> No. 27924 [Edit]
I really,really want to hug a ww2-era warship or pat her bow if she's a destroyer.
>> No. 27950 [Edit]
I want to do that too!

They're all so cute and I want them to all be happy!
>> No. 27995 [Edit]
I finally did it! I don't even know how long it took me, but I finally got SAND MARINE!

It feels like my soul hurts from doing that Hell level stage after so many times and having RNG screw me over with the luck based coin drop.

It sucks, but I think that I'll need Wrath Allen since I've heard that he can mow down KoF units like nothing, so I'm going to need to go back for this. It's only 1 million coins, so I might be able to do it, and if SAND Marine can kill Sol, it might be a lot easier for me.
>> No. 28000 [Edit]
File 144906274473.jpg - (196.04KB , 1040x720 , virtual xp.jpg )
I changed laptop and I'm having to run a virtual machine to use an old scanner.

Watching this screen once again really brought me back.

I'm so old.
>> No. 28004 [Edit]
I used to have a huge problem of just putting all my images together. Sorting through them would be impossible now, it's literally gigabytes of images. I've resolved to make a new images folder, with categories like "cool stuff" "cute stuff" "lewd stuff" etc., and just rename my old folder as "Archive". There was a bit of a transitional period, but I'm so glad I did it. I do still look into my old folder for stuff to add to the new ones from time to time.
>> No. 28010 [Edit]
my friend from tohno chan keeps ignoring me
>> No. 28011 [Edit]
Ah, it's 5AM. I'm glad that I finally managed to find something to distract myself with since I had a horrible time yesterday just trying to get through the day/night.
>> No. 28057 [Edit]
Me too
>> No. 28065 [Edit]
Today I started learning to play Red by King Crimson. I always thought it was a really overrated piece because of just how often it's played live and covered despite not being their most impressive work by far, but as it happens it's just really fun to play.
>> No. 28066 [Edit]
i want to increase my charisma stat irl
>> No. 28067 [Edit]
Did some upgrading on my computer today. More RAM, a modular PSU to replace the old non-modular one just to make cable management a bit more bearable, and an extra hard drive.
>> No. 28074 [Edit]
File 14499219452.jpg - (359.57KB , 1134x787 , 493a404db2634bae80caae1c73afc6f3.jpg )
tohno-chan is dying
>> No. 28075 [Edit]
File 144993288873.jpg - (491.93KB , 800x960 , 00a6565b0b1f4a3ad9ee6507b46a0d9d.jpg )
It's not dying, it's just sleeping.
>> No. 28076 [Edit]
File 144996313616.jpg - (13.14KB , 192x253 , G.jpg )
My dog died yesterday.
I loved her.
>> No. 28079 [Edit]
Dang that sucks. I'm sorry to hear that. How old was it?
>> No. 28081 [Edit]
>> No. 28083 [Edit]
But I just woke up.
>> No. 28084 [Edit]
Well today I cried at an insurance commercial.
>> No. 28085 [Edit]
I don't blame you. Those commercials show a very sweet and idealised version of reality. One can get emotional seeing these things.
>> No. 28087 [Edit]
File 145003099120.jpg - (103.92KB , 494x894 , 1413849189577.jpg )
Same here
My pc's psu burned so I had 2 weeks without it and that time I was really productive and happy.
When they delivered a new psu and I started idling on my pc all day again, I returned to being really Depressive and felt sick all day.
Well, Internet FTW
>> No. 28089 [Edit]
I can't believe social anxiety is classified as a mental illness these days. When my friend said he had a mental illness because he had social anxiety I was just filled with disbelief, he had to go to therapy and that did fuck all for him because it's clearly a scam. I know it's been tried and true but goddam the corporations will do anything to make money if they can get away with it.
>> No. 28090 [Edit]
Well, feeling anxious is social situations is nothing abnormal, but if it gets to the point where it severely affects your everyday life it can be classified as a disorder.
>> No. 28091 [Edit]
I know, that's not my point, the same could be said for anything. It's just that anybody who displays behavior considered not normal or ideal can be classified with a mental illness. Sorry for not making myself clear.
>> No. 28095 [Edit]
I went in to see a therapist and the receptionist handed me a form asking how you're doing, have you been sad lately etc. and there was a space to fill out your preferred pronouns & gender identity.
>> No. 28097 [Edit]
Maybe it's an acknowledgement that this is an issue that only affects and concerns those with a severely diseased mind.
>> No. 28098 [Edit]


another form os slavery, why do you enjoy making sociopaths richer?
>> No. 28102 [Edit]
File 145014500740.png - (344.36KB , 868x792 , Ivanka-chan.png )
Today I watched the news and misread the slogan on one of those Trump hats as "Make Anime Great Again."

I'd vote for that.
>> No. 28103 [Edit]
rff hng hrff mmmghhooo
>> No. 28120 [Edit]
Anyway, so I'm downloading 50 GBs worth of Queen's Blade. I can't really do much but wait for it to finish, even though it is at 88% complete as of right now.

Here's a bit of coincidental weirdness that actually occurred a few minutes ago: I was playing the Metal Slug mobile game and got an ad for a game called Clash of Cuties. I saw big tits and clicked on it. I was surprised, but the first thing that I saw when I looked at the pictures were the fact that the characters are pretty much Queen's Blade characters, just with different hair colour or clothes. However, in the screenshots of the actual gameplay has them wearing the clothes they wear in the series.

At least the game isn't wrong about them being QTs.
>> No. 28146 [Edit]
They're little more than glorified daycare centers, so yes they are that bad.
>> No. 28149 [Edit]
People who dont read and dont care about school won't know about these things.
>> No. 28151 [Edit]
I need to take it easy
>> No. 28152 [Edit]
File 145121635237.jpg - (260.75KB , 886x858 , 1434738971813.jpg )
why do normies think loli is CP but violent movies aren't murder?
>> No. 28153 [Edit]
I ate some sushi that I bought from the supermarket and it made me sick. I had to go home from work at lunch. I tried to sleep it off, but became overcome with the urge to vomit and ran to the bathroom. I didn't make it to the toilet, however, and first vomited all over my hands and arms in an attempt to catch it and not get it on the carpet. Then, I almost made it to the toilet but vomited all over the floor in front of it and in a pile of dirty clothes. Then I knelt in my vomit and threw up all over the toilet seat and in the toilet for a while. I was pretty gross so i took a shower, but now I feel feverish and too sick to clean up the mess. I live alone so if I die they'll only know when they come to evict me.

M-Merry Christmas, Tohno-chan.
>> No. 28155 [Edit]
To me it isn't the same thing, since no child is hurt when it is drawn. But nonetheless, I never willingly look at it. I prefer grown women.
>> No. 28156 [Edit]
Good mornafternoonight, Tohno-chan
>> No. 28157 [Edit]
Normals are fucking stupid that's why.
>> No. 28158 [Edit]
File 145126913413.png - (187.73KB , 418x479 , (成年コミック) COMIC LO 2015年6月号.png )
There are two things that make people stop thinking, those are sex and children. Combining them creates a worse effect.

But loli or whatever name you want to call it is porn of drawn children (see the connection?). And who likes masturbating to children? That's right, pedophiles. And people hate pedophiles, so they hate what they masturbate to. All people think is that they are masturbating to drawn little kids, it doesn't matter if you like real kids or not, it's assumed you do, which is probably right in most cases.

Loli is illegal in a lot of countries, and people make moral judgements based on there laws. If they started banning movies just for violence, people would agree with the decision and assume 'it must be so bad they had to ban it'. It's also funny that the judgement of 'drawn child pornography' or whatever, is characters under the age of 18, so that is not just loli. It also include girls that are older high school students.

Anyway, this topic is incredibly old, and nothing can be said that hasn't been said before. I wish kids got smarter with time so they don't repeat the same shit again and again. Most things can be figured out with a little thought. Yes, the answer is usually 'people are irrational', but you don't have to run away and get people to agree with you. Or you can think, 'lol their so dumb, im right' and laugh it off.
>> No. 28159 [Edit]
My parents are gonna get divorced and my dad already decided that my mom will get the house & most of the money...
>> No. 28160 [Edit]
Before my parents got divorced my mom declared bankruptcy and then she moved into a house with her boyfriend. My dad was forced to live in a 24 foot travel trailer.
>> No. 28171 [Edit]
I used to see that a lot back when I had a job. Now, it has been almost three years or so.
>> No. 28172 [Edit]
I wish I could go back in time and live in 90s Japan
>> No. 28174 [Edit]
I reached a new level of pointless, and put translated Niconico comments on a Youtube reupload.

>> No. 28175 [Edit]
You and I both.
>> No. 28176 [Edit]
File 14514513834.jpg - (59.97KB , 480x360 , image.jpg )
I played with my visiting relatives' kids the entire day. I had a lot of fun and joy but I can't shake this empty feeling i'm having right now.
>> No. 28177 [Edit]
Did you play with their genitals?
>> No. 28178 [Edit]
Kimmo? This isn't Tinychan. Go away.
>> No. 28180 [Edit]
I don't bother with doing any of that because I hope that I don't wake up in the mornings.
>> No. 28183 [Edit]
fhrrr ngg ghrrrru hgoooghh
>> No. 28184 [Edit]
File 145162899039.jpg - (118.16KB , 1920x1080 , 1333173203146.jpg )
Happy New Year... or so.
This year, for better or worst, I'm going out.
>> No. 28185 [Edit]
I just learned that a very close friend I used to have in middleschool and highschool, whom back then I admired immensely, died last wednesday and was buried today... and I couldn't care less.
>> No. 28186 [Edit]
Suicide is for cowards.
Become a NEET.
>> No. 28188 [Edit]
I meant out of my room, to live, at all cost.
>> No. 28189 [Edit]
Going out of your room is for normies, do the other thing.
>> No. 28190 [Edit]
That's a childish and irresponsible advice. Not that I'm wanting to discuss it with you, though.
>> No. 28191 [Edit]
Finally got all the required materials so I can start painting, or realistically speaking completely screwing up, my first model kit soon.
>> No. 28192 [Edit]
Good luck with it.

My own garage kits are still waiting in their boxes after like 4 years. Maybe this one.
>> No. 28193 [Edit]
So what exactly are your plans? Have any goals? What caused the change?
>> No. 28194 [Edit]
File 145170248763.jpg - (145.46KB , 1092x618 , the will to live.jpg )
Finally finishing my thesis and getting my degree, apply for a master (I'm already on it) and get a scholarship while on it. That should give some money and options for at least a few more years.

My mother is one step away from getting cancer. My aunt isn't very good either. There's no way I could survive without them the way I'm now. Years ago I thought I'd just kill myself after they die; but now I don't think I want to... and that's enough. For as long and deep as you look for it, there's no real good reason for living, none at all, at any level; so, I finally understood that it's a pure act of the will, a choice, and that's what constitutes its ethical value. Now I believe it's ok to fight for living. Anno was right.

Post edited on 1st Jan 2016, 6:47pm
>> No. 28195 [Edit]
File 14517080507.jpg - (310.43KB , 1024x768 , 111264574392.jpg )
I think a lot of brohnos would benefit from adopting a pragmatic and stoic mindset. Good luck!
>> No. 28196 [Edit]
File 145171220696.jpg - (186.20KB , 728x1095 , keep_struggling.jpg )
Living for the sake of living is good enough for me. I don't need petty reasons, reasons come and go. I do what I do because I can do it.
>> No. 28199 [Edit]
ummf hmmmohff frroog
>> No. 28202 [Edit]
I've started to get Google ads in Japanese from how much time I spend on japanese sites.
>> No. 28204 [Edit]
Use uBlock Origin?
>> No. 28205 [Edit]
File 145210757424.jpg - (26.04KB , 400x400 , 1377751316883.jpg )
I've been playing an MMO lately. I joined a guild when I got an invitation out of nowhere. It was fun to watch these people talk for a few days until one of them tried talking to me. They offered me help in advancing my character to the next job. They took 10 min or so to gather me items, but then told me to do the rest on my own. I gathered the rest of the items over the next 3 days despite not really wanting to job advance my character to begin with. After I finished gathering all the materials I told the person who helped me that I was going to level up a different character instead, as I would rather have used the materials on a different character. They started yelling at me "after i spent all this time helping you!! I even bought some of the items!!"... fun ruined instantly. I uninstalled the game.

tl;dr 3d whores
>> No. 28206 [Edit]
That is why I always play MMOs where I don't have to interact with anyone. I'd rather explore a virtual world by myself than to deal with any bullshit like that.
>> No. 28221 [Edit]
This morning, the sky was golden and pink.
I loved that.
I wish it could have lasted forever.
>> No. 28222 [Edit]
I found out today that a local grocery store sells re-ment miniatures!! Theyre in the impulse buys at the bottom but theyre kind of overcharging for them, 8 dollars a box.
>> No. 28237 [Edit]
Insomnia's a real bitch
>> No. 28241 [Edit]
I fell on my ass and made a snow angel.
>> No. 28242 [Edit]
I've had a bad week. First my laptop audio went bad so I decided to assemble a computer and install debian. I'm not into computers so it's not really enjoyable. It's just stressful. But the story isn't over. There was no audio in debian. I spent two days trying to fix it while learning how to use linux shell. I have no fucking idea. I've given up. I'm going to give my entire computer to my father's acquittance and ask him to fix it (and tell me what he did).

It's really annoying. It feels like I've been working a stressful job but I'm not getting paid and I'm wasting time I could be doing things I want to do. I just want to take it easy.
>> No. 28243 [Edit]
did you unmute it in alsamixer?
>> No. 28245 [Edit]
This might be a stupid question but are you sure it's not a hardware issue? speakers might not be plugged in correctly or there's a problem with the jack?
>> No. 28246 [Edit]
Haha, linux and sound are not the best of friends in my experience as well. It's always some little thing, but it's never magic

I got a bunch of electronic components the other day for a little board a friend wants. Tomorrow I'm going to go back to the store for a real breadboard / some kind of casing. Hopefully it works as it should
>> No. 28247 [Edit]

Okay, I did it. It's a real basic solution, I think. I think my motherboard was too modern. I had to update the kernels. But I fucked up my Debian install so much I tried mint to see if audio would work. It didn't. But it showed it was a common problem in both (also, I noticed that ubuntu had more help for more basic things). While I was searching I found out that some audio problems could be solved by updating the kernels to 4.2. And I found out that mint has a GUI to update kernels with. So it was easy to do.

I'm just going stick with mint for the while. It has the image of a baby os but I think that's fine for me, right now.

It took two and a half days. But it works.
>> No. 28253 [Edit]
That actually is pretty funny.
>> No. 28257 [Edit]
File 145394454427.jpg - (747.52KB , 2448x3264 , 9sUazCb.jpg )
I stayed up until 4 in the morning because I wanted to be polite with my neighbor downstairs and his friend. His apartment was a mess, but he seemed to have a lot of high-tech stuff. I tried to show them vaporwave, but by the second song (Purity Boys by Blank Banshee) they said that they didn't like it; that it was "too sad". They then showed me videos of punk rock; the music videos were awesome and had a lot of symbolism, but I think that it went over their heads and they just danced to the lyrics. I don't dislike punk rock, but they all sound the same. Same thing with Neutral Milk Hotel.

His friend unironically showed me a video of Justin Bieber and said that he was awesome. And this is a guy around my age (early 30s). Admittedly, Bieber is a talented vocalist, but I would never willingly listen to him. Just all the bling and the scantly clad women and the partying in those videos. People actually take that seriously; they genuinely feel that pop music is real life. Prolefeed, more or less.

I only got up four and a half hours ago, but I feel like I've been up all day. It is nuts. I don't regret hanging out with that guy for an hour or two (he seems nice), but it just reinforces how weird I am, I guess. At least I can pretend to be interested in other people's shit.
>> No. 28260 [Edit]
It makes finding someone who likes the same things even more enjoyable. I have yet to find anyone I can share my love of Maurizio Bianchi with.
Also, what's that in your image?

Today I discovered that Soylent makes me gassy. I also discovered Performing Musical Interpretations Of The Paintings Of Paul Klee by The National Gallery.
>> No. 28261 [Edit]

It is t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 and Silver Richards - 夜遊び. It is pretty good.
>> No. 28271 [Edit]
File 14541065302.jpg - (58.12KB , 600x450 , 0.jpg )
Cooked some pasta which turned into a delicious yakisoba.
I've been listening to the same songs since monday, will probably drink some liqueur tonight and maybe pick up steam on legend of heroes sc again from where i left on chapter 3.
I was also searching for the image i posted of a loveliver saying he'd die for Yazawa Nico, only to realize mods deleted it.
Probably because it was 3DPD on /mai/, i'm relatively new around these lands.
>> No. 28273 [Edit]
Sorry and thanks for the heads up. I thought it would be alright since it was from a comike.
>> No. 28281 [Edit]
File 145428351180.jpg - (66.75KB , 357x500 , image.jpg )
Read this and felt kinda bad. I can easily see why people see this as the best version with it's bitter realism(more than the anime/manga), not-so-qt Misaki, and Satou's drug usage contributing to his neuroticism.
>> No. 28282 [Edit]
How good was it?
And where does he get the money for the drugs?
I heard that it's a really impressing book.
>> No. 28285 [Edit]
Can't say I found it impressive but it's a worthwhile quick read on the author's fictionalized personal struggle with hikikomori/neetdom. The few characters in the novel serve to provide opportunities for better reading into the protagonist's state of mind and don't get too much characterization themselves.
>where does he get the money for the drugs?
His parents send him a progressively diminishing fund every now and then which he sometimes uses on "legal" drugs.
>> No. 28290 [Edit]
Starting taking these 200mg caffeine pills is the best decision I ever made. I can concentrate on what I need to do for hours at a time without getting distracted. I finally feel like myself again. I guess what I'm really trying to say here is

                               , ,ィ     _
                                  ! {    ,ィ !l  , -、
                               丶丶. - ‘,┼/- 」i
                                 /  ,__>丞 =≠ ` <
                                 /   ´¨ ̄    ̄≧、 ヽ ヽ
                                /    /   .! ,           ',  ∨   , ァ
                        _    /     /  , ! { i  、  !  、  ',   ',  / ー―-,
                   _ -―' 丶   !   /! l斗i i ハ', .i.トx.lヽ !  l  レイ  ‐  ィ
                   ーニ. -‐.>-、 i./.i  l .L!  l ハ  / l .l ∨   ,ィ>¨ニ_T ´
                       ̄i:/ , ィ`トハ  .l  __`    ̄  ´  i   / >xzzェ/
                        \ィ´ y'.ィ\.',=≡≡     ≡≡= ノ , /    ,ィ
                         \ {( i.  l xxxx  __  xxxx∠ィ /    .,ィ.ノ
                          \丶 丶    l   }  /  ,.イ    / (_
                           、-'   _> _ ゝ ' _/ ィ イ'   /,、__ノ
                             ̄ レ´、iハ/ハ', Ttテ .八/ィリ  /ゝ-                               「i
  (⌒丶、_/⌒!                          \.l. \Y y,ィ  l  /                                    , -、 .! l
.  \      く                           ト、  >、. ̄.ノY´                                 ー ' .i !
r―  '      ヽ  γ 、                       ハ ', o ol  l.  ∨                               r、        ,' i
ゝ _  ィ⌒ヽ   / 八   `  <               ,' l   l  l.  ∨_                         (二)  ! !     l ノ
  _    / ./    >、    .}               ,'、,' °゚ ! ハ , .ィ´ 、`i        ___       , ァ  r‐, ./ i  ィ_⌒ヽ ´
 {  ー‐ '  /       ノ  ノ         , -、    / />-.-┴テ´',. ヽ、 >/   }  r ´   ィ  , --、  , ' /  ¨ /  ,'   'ィ_ノ
 ゝ--  <      > '   /     _ > ´ ノ γ⌒, l  .l  .l  ∨  Y,/   /   _ 二二    ー ' , ' /    {  ノ
         γ  ̄    ィ⌒ < γ ´     ィ    ー イ_/^il  i^i__r 、ィ//   〈 r ´    _  ィ   ./  /      ¨
          ー- <__>   , )ー フ  /´         l/ ノ `/ !  l  ',ー、_.ノl ∨>‐┐ l       /  /
             ゝ、   く    /  ./       > '  .ィ  ./  l.  l   ∨   l   ∨  l  l       し ´
                 ー‐ '  ./  ノ    r  ̄    //!  i  /  ∧   l   ',   }.   l ,'
                       ̄     L ,,,,,, ィ≦//」 ゝ '    ゝ '    ー '    ゝ'
                                 ̄ ̄

>> No. 28295 [Edit]
Isn't it by definition child porn? Not criticizing loli or lolicon or anything like that, but it depicts children (assuming they don't bypass that with the infamous "I'm X years old but look like I'm 12!" cliche) having sex. Just because it's drawn doesn't really make it any different.

Although I have a bit of a bias because in my country Loli is treated like real life CP and you can get arrested for it.
>> No. 28309 [Edit]
File 145489243016.jpg - (187.87KB , 512x384 , 142962280989.jpg )
That 4:3 monitor gave me a wave of nostalgia for my old NEET cave I used to have at my parents' house. Fuck, I miss that time. I miss just waking up every morning with no pressure or obligation to do anything and spending days on end exploring old sites and playing Dwarf Fortress. Those days are never coming back.
>> No. 28315 [Edit]
Just because it's drawn, it's completely different.
>> No. 28316 [Edit]
You know, i was never into loli but i've always found SD characters cute since i was a kid, i think this was my slippery slope to get somewhat into it.
Lately i'm kinda seeing the appeal of lolis, i think it's all about innocence and pureness. Most doujins/mangas like comic LO, involve bro/sis or people really closely related and most of it is consensual. So i can see why it would be popular, since things like innocence and love in real life are extinct, only rational for people to migrate to fiction.
However, i see why lolicon is bad and dangerous, for the old otaku it may not make sense but for the "new" otaku, it does.

Some "otakus" are unable to distinguish between fiction and reality, some even plaster fiction INTO reality. This is where the danger lies in and why i can see a plausible explanation as to why loli was banned in some places.
One day he'll fap to LO and the other he's on known pedo hideouts, unable to tell the difference between fiction and reality, always wanting more to satisfy twisted desires.
Fapping to a fictional story has no implications, it's all art, drawings, whatever you may want to call it. However, fapping to CP is another story, the poor kid you see is already broken for life and you're supporting the monsters who did this to him/her. You're basically telling him to continue destroying other kids minds and lives. May you rot in prison then.

If i had a 3DPD and she confessed to me she was a shotacon/lolicon i would be fine with it, but only if she was an otaku like me.
Last thing i fapped involving a loli was "Before the festival" and i felt heart-warmed by it at the end, this is how loli doujins should be, not some disgusting works i've seen around where they get raped by some creepy guy. I don't know you but even if it's fiction it doesn't sound right to me to fap to the suffering of others. If it's a somewhat cute tale with a happy ending it's alright but things like rape involving lolis or NTR i just can't. Even if it's fiction, i need to draw a line for my personality, and i don't support this.
>> No. 28320 [Edit]
Some of you guys are alright.

Don't come to tohno-chan tomorrow.
>> No. 28323 [Edit]
>> No. 28327 [Edit]
I'm getting to a point where I just don't care anymore about my life and future. I wish it would all just end all of a sudden.
>> No. 28328 [Edit]
If you find the walkthrough to this part, let us know. I want off this shitty MMORPG.
It sucks now that i've learned it's Pay-to-Win so far into the game.
I've been scammed all along.
>> No. 28331 [Edit]
Reading and posting on 4chan these days is such an alien experience. It doesn't even feel like it did in 2012. I used to complain years ago that all the unique board cultures had become watered down to some flavor of /b/-lite, but there aren't even distinct board cultures at this point. There is absolutely no sense of community, and all reference points to "old 4chan", even 4chan of 2011, have been severed. Sometimes I wonder if most of the people posting there are even over 18; There aren't even whiny, overdone meta posts like there were in the past. The posts there read like some redditors who read /r/4chan for a while and decided they understood what made the site great was greentext and reaction images, with no appreciation for some of the actually cool history or lurking. I don't want to play up the whole 'whiny oldfag' schtick because I don't think there's any glory in staying on an imageboard for ages, but I feel like I honestly just overstayed my welcome. I wish this stuff didn't matter to me as much as it does, but I guess that's what I get for not having friends for years.
>> No. 28332 [Edit]
4chan went to shit when it started getting mentioned in mainstream media, most notably because of the whole Project Chanology thing. It turned unsalvageable soon afterwards.
>> No. 28341 [Edit]
Does anyone want to learn to program?

I always wanted to try teaching.
>> No. 28342 [Edit]
The truth.
>> No. 28345 [Edit]

I noticed that started getting weird around the beginning of 2013. That was when I left. Even /jp/ wasn't worth hanging around for anymore. I simply felt that I got too old for it.

I'm still on here and 420chan, but that is a different story.
>> No. 28346 [Edit]
I always wanted to learn it, but I can't imagine that I would have the time to put the necessary effort into it right now.
>> No. 28348 [Edit]
What languages are you wanting to teach?
>> No. 28349 [Edit]

Any one, I imagine someone wanting to learn has a target language they want to use. Maybe Lua if they don't have any in mind? It's a great language and used a ton as an extension language in video games. But it also might be a bad starting point for how lax and error-tolerant it is. I could teach C# since it's strongly typed and the littlest error is picked up by the compiler. But it's also really verbose and I don't want to scare people with it's syntax. I'd definitely go with C# if it weren't for the syntax, but then again it was my first language so maybe I'm just underestimating people.

There are better languages to teach, of course, but you gotta start out with a language that already had a billion questions about it asked on stackoverflow so you can easily troubleshoot instead of getting hopelessly stuck and giving up.
>> No. 28350 [Edit]
I'm quitting my job next week and will be NEET until I can find something else. On one hand I am relieved because the hours were making me a miserable husk of a human. On the other, I feel guilty for being unproductive and continuing to leech off my parents into my mid 20s. Any ideas on how to feel less shitty and focus on the positives?
>> No. 28351 [Edit]
Escapism. Have fun with 2D qts, dude.
>> No. 28352 [Edit]
What point would there be in receiving suggestions when you're likely Dysthymic?
>> No. 28353 [Edit]
Probably a good idea.

I mean maybe. Doesn't mean I can't figure out how to deal with it or feel better though.
>> No. 28354 [Edit]
Sometimes I think it's a waste of a lifetime how I don't become invested in literally anything so far in my life.
>> No. 28355 [Edit]
Study. And exercise.
>> No. 28356 [Edit]
File 145584261036.jpg - (29.10KB , 800x488 , 198bdsehmuhrnjpg.jpg )
Train, say your prayers, and eat your vitamins, too.
These are all the things us maniacs do.
>> No. 28357 [Edit]
Good idea. I was thinking of taking the CompTIA A+ exam so I can study that. I can also walk on the treadmill, and when it warms up, walk outside.
>> No. 28359 [Edit]
File 145586535560.jpg - (98.99KB , 500x1220 , 11203849230.jpg )
Whatever you do, just make sure you keep that ball rolling. Try gradually reading a few pages from a book every day likely recommended off a high school language arts syllabus if your attention span's shot. Maybe watch a film or two from /tv/'s "art film" charts if you're looking for alternative forms of escapism.
>> No. 28361 [Edit]
File 145592867772.jpg - (96.63KB , 640x480 , 1436620888015.jpg )
I fucking hate people sometimes. It's not my problem I did my job correctly like the construction workers who built auschwitz. Don't blame me blame the guy who hired me.
>> No. 28362 [Edit]
I just finished a obscure-ish 20-hour RPG which I enjoyed thoroughly, but now that's it over I feel so sad and empty inside. The characters and story really grew on me, at least the ending was well done. Another thing irritating me was because I didn't log in until after I finished the entire thing, the achievements I earned were not record, so now it registers as if I have no achievements at all, like I didn't even play the game.

Thankfully I still have the game save data showing all my progress and hours recorded, and my own fond memories of the game.
>> No. 28366 [Edit]
I slept for a while in the afternoon and woke up feeling like I missed some important event.
>> No. 28392 [Edit]
seems that way...
>> No. 28396 [Edit]
File 14562948796.png - (742.55KB , 1384x1496 , 1435754947797.png )
I cofounded a gang today.
>> No. 28397 [Edit]
is it a moe gang?
>> No. 28401 [Edit]
Sounds like the start of a manga or anime.
>> No. 28406 [Edit]
File 145638219163.jpg - (185.25KB , 1920x1080 , wallpaper4.jpg )
We're a bunch of cute girls doing cute illegal things.

Lol one of my older posts was commented that it sounded like a LN. Hopefully some fun stuff comes out of it.
>> No. 28407 [Edit]
>>28350 Here,

NEETdom begins in 50 minutes. Wish me and my waifu luck.
>> No. 28408 [Edit]
I'm glad I don't know where to even buy them, I have 1000 English rips on my computer now.

I'm selling shit on eBay so I can be NEET-rich again. I hope I can get a swag~ass loli figure.
>> No. 28410 [Edit]
I'm so fucking lazy. Just one day of work drains me out. Fuck work I'd rather be NEET.
>> No. 28419 [Edit]
What manga is that from?
>> No. 28421 [Edit]
>> No. 28430 [Edit]
File 145710985547.jpg - (258.43KB , 800x860 , unrelated.jpg )
Why must cute girls in cute girl anime die when they are killed?
It ain't right.
>> No. 28432 [Edit]
If cute girls are being killed in the anime that you watch, then you're watching the wrong ones.
>> No. 28433 [Edit]
This. Almost all anime have at least a couple token cute girls. You should learn how to better spot anime that will take a dark or violent turn, it's really not that hard, it's almost always very obvious.
>> No. 28435 [Edit]
You're right. Sometimes however, the cutest smiles are sadly not found in perfect worlds without danger. Not to mention adaptations of somewhat loose source material that may or may not be dark depending on how it's done.
>> No. 28469 [Edit]
I found out Natsumi Jonjoh, the person who drew Fujoshi Rumi, never got a serialisation after 2005. Now I'm depressed.
>> No. 28490 [Edit]
That's really sad. Fujoshi Rumi is quite good.
>> No. 28491 [Edit]
Funnily enough it was your post that led me to pick it up.
>> No. 28604 [Edit]
>> No. 28605 [Edit]
That's just how he is, don't worry. He probably hates himself more than he hates anyone else anyway.
>> No. 28612 [Edit]
File 14584469088.jpg - (77.00KB , 372x480 , ayu.jpg )
I still have this saved.
>> No. 28613 [Edit]
So how's the neet life going?
>> No. 28696 [Edit]
A month has passed (more or less). I've been feeling a constant un-ease in the back of my mind due to lack of employment and a fear for the far off future (I could in theory live off of my parents for the next 20 years until they die). I've been slowly getting better at beating back the negativity though. I've got my job application in at a handful of places but nothing has really came forth.

My parents are pushing for me to apply for ANYWHERE, even reatail or fastfood just so I have something, and that "I can't sit around all day doing nothing." I don't disagree, but physically I am very weak, and I worked retail for almost a year and it damn near killed my feet.

Aside from unemployment blues and some parental pressure, things aren't bad. My home situation has usually been good.
>> No. 28737 [Edit]
wow, no wonder I don't like going outside during the day. Direct sunlight makes me physically sick. Looking back, it always did that, but it was very subtle and I just thought it was car sickness. But it's gotten worse, and today I tested it by blindfolding myself in the sun. I just sat out there for five minutes and I lost my appetite and had to run the areas of my body that got the most sunlight under cool water.
I'd almost be proud of that from a hikki standpoint if I wasn't afraid that I might have SLE.
But if I don't then that's pretty cool that I'm literally intolerant to the sun. I'm like a hikki legend.
>> No. 28877 [Edit]
Apparently I'm able to name around 140 kancolle girls,according to an online quiz.
Kinda surprising, considering I have terrible memory and don't really play the game.
>> No. 28885 [Edit]
I joined a guild in wow, a couple of weeks ago. I have to say it did wonders for my social skills, now I am getting less and less scared of interacting with people without the anonymity protection.
The problem now is that people are too nice, too understanding. They help me, they tolerate me being bad, I can't deal with this, I constantly feel like I don't deserve this. "I want to quit because people are too nice", who has ever said this? I do.
>> No. 28886 [Edit]
That's the opposite of the experience I had with MMORPG guilds. Joining them is often mandatory for mid and endgame content, so I really had no choice- but almost all of them were just loaded with attention whores, drama, and established member circle-jerks to the point where I'd usually end up turning Guild chat off until it was time to actually do something.

I'm happy you found a good one, Anon.
>> No. 28890 [Edit]
I'm glad you found such a supportive social group. Be nice back to them, and you won't have to feel guilt.
>> No. 28925 [Edit]
While I was shopping, I overheard a family talking in Hungarian. I'm half Hungarian myself, and I considered going over and talking to them, but I had no idea what to say so I didn't in the end.
>> No. 28929 [Edit]
I had a friend who was Hungarian years ago. He had a Polish last name, though. He used to do this thing where people would ask him to say something in Hungarian, and he got so sick and tired of it that he would say "You take a horse cock in the ass" as a joke, and no one would know anything about it. The funny thing is that I knew about that insult years prior; I'm oddly pretty knowledgeable.
>> No. 28951 [Edit]
I have a similar experience with Mandarin. I can somewhat understand what people are saying if they come from Manchuria, but my own "accent" can be indecipherable, since I stumble on the tones.

If someone is speaking Japanese, I can usually pick up on what they are talking about even better than with Mandarin, but since I have little experience forming sentences, yet alone talking, I usually keep quiet.

Even with knowing "Erhua" Mandarin and Japanese, it still more often than not that I encounter people speaking something indecipherable, which could be anything from Korean to Cantonese. I simply can't parse it.
>> No. 28977 [Edit]
File 146218684142.jpg - (158.27KB , 996x832 , あにめドゴですが.jpg )
I learned English and Japanese so I could read and listen to media in those languages, not so I could talk to people. When I'm not at work, I hardly even talk to people in my native German.
I did eventually end up speaking both languages fluently, and at work I've become the guy who handles Japanese and Anglophone customers when they call, which makes the job a bit more interesting. But for years I was perfectly content with just playing my weeaboo video games and browsing my American nazi websites without ever talking to anyone in those languages IRL.
>> No. 28979 [Edit]
>I did eventually end up speaking both languages fluently
How? "End up" sounds like you've learned it passively without much effort, you said years but how many did it take you?
I'm almost exactly in the same position (imageboards about chinese cartoons instead of nazi sites though), so I'm wondering if I should start learning actively how to form sentences and express myself in Japanese or keep doing pure recognition.
>> No. 28985 [Edit]
I made a neat list of the 6 people I need to call/send a mail to, ranging from asking when a ladder I ordered is coming to a university professor. I will not contact any of them, but at least it made me feel more tidy.
>> No. 28986 [Edit]
File 14624219073.jpg - (149.33KB , 440x600 , LusteArtwork.jpg )
English: I was taught some English in school, stuff like "I am from Germany," "the classroom was noisy," etc. but not enough to hold a conversation or read a book.
I became fluent mostly by reading playing text-heavy video games (i.e. WRPGs), as well as reading lots of linux man pages and other tech-related stuff. I still spoke with a very thick German accent at the time, but that problem resolved itself when I marathoned a bunch of American TV shows.

Japanese: Mostly ゲーム and 少年漫画, combined with heavy use of a 国語辞典 and a willingness to study a few thousand 漢字.

>"End up" sounds like you've learned it passively without much effort
Well, how many people do you know who learned their native language by doing lots of fill-in-the-blank worksheets when they were toddlers?

>you said years but how many did it take you?
Being addicted to Morrowind for a year is what got me from shit-tier English to fluency.
As for Japanese, after 6 months of hardcore immersion I was able to read something like Death Note and understand most of it, after a year I was able to watch your average shounen or moe anime (not so much stuff like GitS SAC or Tatami Galaxy) and understand basically every word of it, and after about 1,5 years I was happily discussing the latest weeaboo shit on 2ch.
I forgot much/most of my Japanese due to losing interest in anything Japanese for several years, but lately I've been getting into it again.
>> No. 28987 [Edit]
File 146242366355.jpg - (218.93KB , 1280x853 , 5304b6d27bb2f192cf93d05af2bade37.jpg )
>I'm wondering if I should start learning actively how to form sentences and express myself in Japanese
In my experience, forcing yourself to talk/write in the language you're learning mainly makes you internalize the mistakes you make. My English was actually a lot better and more natural-sounding before I started posting on message boards.
Not to say you shouldn't express yourself at all, but let it flow naturally, and always make sure you get a lot more input than you produce output. You wouldn't believe how many fucking Turks I have to talk to who were born in Germany but can barely communicate with me because they spend all their time watching Turkish TV channels and only bother with German when they have to get important stuff done, like filling out welfare applications.

Studying grammar rules is useful for refining your knowledge of the language, but not so much for learning it from scratch.

Talking to yourself in the language helps with mastering pronunciation if you do it right, but it's a habit that, once learned, is hard to get rid of again. Occasionally I was given some pretty weird looks when I was riding the bus and mumbling incoherent sentence fragments in four different languages.
>> No. 29055 [Edit]
File 146339945893.jpg - (90.21KB , 305x303 , 1463395307302.jpg )
>> No. 29072 [Edit]
File 146387922135.png - (160.23KB , 1232x651 , characters-image.png )
I saw the Angry Birds movie today. Decent kids movie with good production values regarding animation, voice acting etc.

It's also full of racism and anti-immigration propaganda, just like I had expected hoped.

Can recommend. Also play the game if you haven't yet, it's pretty fun. I recommend either the first installment or the Space and Star Wars editions.
>> No. 29073 [Edit]
Sorry for the late reply, didn't realize that you've posted. Thank you for the answers.

>Well, how many people do you know who learned their native language by doing lots of fill-in-the-blank worksheets when they were toddlers?

>and after about 1,5 years I was happily discussing the latest weeaboo shit on 2ch.
That is really impressive. I've started learning about 2 years ago and can understand most games/shows without problems but I've never bothered with creating sentences myself and I'm sure that I'm shit at it except maybe basic stuff.

>In my experience, forcing yourself to talk/write in the language you're learning mainly makes you internalize the mistakes you make. My English was actually a lot better and more natural-sounding before I started posting on message boards.
Makes sense. I think TV and games also did much more for my English than the years in school despite having a pretty good teacher/education in my opinion but I also think that my English conversation skills would still be a lot worse if it weren't for message boards.

>Not to say you shouldn't express yourself at all, but let it flow naturally, and always make sure you get a lot more input than you produce output.
I don't worry about the last one, I'm convinced that I will always have more input than output.

>You wouldn't believe how many fucking Turks I have to talk to
I do.

>Talking to yourself in the language helps with mastering pronunciation if you do it right, but it's a habit that, once learned, is hard to get rid of again.
Thanks, I'll try that. Don't really care about it becoming a habit. I think I'll also start browsing 2ch and Futaba regularly.
>> No. 29091 [Edit]
File 146474882423.jpg - (525.71KB , 2560x1440 , 0e5358902fd6b1d3106e507f0c0d15a5.jpg )
Every time I play Artificial Academy, it invariably turns into beta Harem MC simulator.
One generic male PC and a class of cute incredibly attractive girls who all unavoidably end up orbiting around said pc but for some reason when the possibility of lewd things finally comes up I always feel oddly awkward/guilty/unready/beta and avoid it, despite it being the sole reason I'm playing in the first place.
>> No. 29094 [Edit]
>after 6 months of hardcore immersion
What did that entail?
>> No. 29095 [Edit]
File 146491957824.jpg - (51.31KB , 400x400 , yRcKclU.jpg )
I tried cutting myself a few days ago while I ate breakfast. It was the first time in years I've done it, I used the tip of a filet knife to do it, just the palms of my hands. It hurt and I was too weak to even properly cut through the skin so it ended up being simple scratches. I'm pretty disappointed in myself that I wasn't strong enough and I was told not to do it since it's a slippery slope. I think I know what they mean, I want to do it again today but I'm trying not to. It's another one of those days when I just feel horrible and I'm thinking about suicide. I hope that I can will myself to keep cutting until I can start using razors, the last time I used one I remember it hurting really bad but it's a lot easier to use than a kitchen knife. Hopefully some day I can move on to cuts on the wrists. It's pathetic that cutting is one of the few things I actually enjoy, it's probably why making friends is so difficult for me.

I miss the rush I would get.
>> No. 29097 [Edit]
A guy in my Boy Scouts troop talked about Naruto for his public speaking badge and I overheard his mother talking about making him a Minecraft-themed weighted blanket.
>> No. 29099 [Edit]
What was your reaction to that?
>> No. 29103 [Edit]
So I decided to try one of the new pokemon games and saw that there was an option to keep the text in Japanese. I had heard that the text was kept simple since its a game for kids and thought that I could probably learn from it since I know Hiragana and Katakana, and I'm having a blast reading through it and getting a bit of practice in case I've forgotten any. I am seeing a few words that I recognise so I can get a rough idea of what I'm being told a decent amount of the time.

Maybe learning kanji will be a little less boring if I learn a bit more.
>> No. 29113 [Edit]
Somehow I've managed to form acne on my wrists, hands and forearms.
>> No. 29119 [Edit]
I'm on midyear break now. I was really looking forward to it -- going back to studying made me wish for free time because I no longer had any. Now that I have free time again I remember I don't really want to do anything. I ended up lying in bed all day yesterday. Today I went out to get food. Might get drunk this evening.
>> No. 29132 [Edit]
last post for a while
>> No. 29147 [Edit]
I sleep too much.
>> No. 29149 [Edit]
>> No. 29173 [Edit]
I miss WoW so much. I can't to afford to play it these days, but every now and then Blizz emails me one of those free 7 day offers and I give it another shot. I always end up hating what the game has become and wishing all the more to play it again as it once was. 2007-2009 was by far the best time of my life and back then I spent just about every waking hour playing WoW. It feels sort of silly to miss a video game so badly and to value time spent playing it so highly but it made me genuinely happy.
>> No. 29176 [Edit]
File 146679250771.gif - (1.29MB , 401x409 , 1294249880504.gif )
why don't you find a Vanilla / TBC / WotLK server anon? There are a lot of active, stable servers out there. Here's a TBC server that was recommended to me, but I haven't played it myself. Here's the statistics for players online:
>> No. 29177 [Edit]
I've tried playing on loads over the years but they're always in various stages of broken, the community is generally awful, and they're prone to suddenly disappearing one day because of admin drama or a cease and desist notice. They're just not the same.
>> No. 29183 [Edit]
>>28407 Here,

NEETdom ends in 11 hours. New job. I'm happy to finally be employed again, but my anxiety is kicking in and making me insanely nervous.
>> No. 29186 [Edit]

Don't worry too much about it. You might get used to it.
>> No. 29187 [Edit]
Thanks. I had a pretty okay first day. My schedule is gonna be inconsistent for the first 30 days, but if it can stabalize to have at least one weekend day off, I'll be happy.
>> No. 29193 [Edit]
Apparently, Android first time setup after a factory reset automatically uses data if you choose to configure WiFi later.
Not even a day since getting a smartphone and I have almost ten dollars of data overcharge for 2 mb automatically used by google services, since I don't have a data plan.
>> No. 29202 [Edit]
File 146787258033.jpg - (162.49KB , 604x543 , 8aSVzq7.jpg )
I got the body pillow I ordered in the mail recently and it feels soft and kind of comfy, not perfect but it will do. It makes me sad sometimes that I'm wrapping my arms and legs around a pillow instead of a person on many nights. Sometimes I think that if I did that with a person they would think I'm feeling frisky when I'm not or that I'm clingy and they would get angry/scared/suspicious/etc. so it doesn't always feel so bad. My back also feels better and real people aren't that soft.
>> No. 29203 [Edit]
real person would be hot and smelly anyway.
>> No. 29204 [Edit]
File 146788169673.png - (567.17KB , 895x1085 , bf1b87a3dfff9a50e6093dee0800b558.png )
relationship goals
>> No. 29205 [Edit]
Another day in which I accomplished absolutely nothing. I am so fucking angry with myself, but I know tomorrow will be the same. How long can it continue like this?
>> No. 29206 [Edit]
I think I've finally learned to accept myself today. It's a great feeling. At the same time I feel a bit bummed out over that my views and ideas of the world slowly start to align with what I was taught as a child by older people. It's disappointing really. I wonder if anyone else noticed this?

I recently had to start working which has been fine so far. People leave me alone after the initial trying to be friendly phase. The only problem is sleep, really. Can't keep a normal sleep schedule and skipping sleep make my anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations worse. If I can last another month I will have enough to survive for a while again.
>> No. 29211 [Edit]
File 146812603351.jpg - (74.08KB , 645x914 , 1164266629530.jpg )
Wow this board is still alive. I haven't lurked since 2011.

This is awkward. I feel like I should have something more important to say. I hope nobody committed suicide.
>> No. 29212 [Edit]
File 146812698069.jpg - (145.55KB , 800x600 , 1287016938261.jpg )
God there are posts I made 5 years ago still up. I feel like crying. Why does time goes so fast?
>> No. 29213 [Edit]
They really would be. It's a bit gross to think about, actually.
>> No. 29218 [Edit]
It's worse on the other site, the one that I started this on.

It was a different time and yeah it was a short while ago and yet feels so long. Ugh.
>> No. 29245 [Edit]
aaaaAAAAあああああああーーーー! My browser lost all the tabs I had open when I restarted my computer, and now I don't remember what I had open.
>> No. 29257 [Edit]
Reporting in again. The job itself isn't awful, but the schedule is shit because it's still technically retail. Last week I worked four 10-hour shifts, and this week will be the same. My days off are scattered about as well, only by some miracle I was off Saturday and today, but I work next Saturday. If I continue to have shit schedules/days off I'm going to ask to be reduced from 40 hours a week to 30 hours. If that doesn't work, I'm going to quit.

Jobs suck.
>> No. 29260 [Edit]
I deleted a ton of my backlog on sites like MAL and Goodreads.

Feels a lot more managable having ~150 in queue on each. Most of the ones I deleted I'll never watch or read anyways.

It's probably bullshit but I think it'll get me to actually read more.
>> No. 29261 [Edit]
I never had the problem of having backlogs of games, anime or manga, but I do have the problem of bookmarking pages. Deleting a vast amount of bookmarked shit that I wasn't ever going to go back to anyway always feels like an almost physical relief, and it does get me to read the ones that actually interested me in the first place.
>> No. 29262 [Edit]
Sounds tough. I hope things get better for you.
>> No. 29267 [Edit]
I had to do the same thing at one point. Most of it wasn't even that interesting or useful. Started deleting it if I didn't get to it within a couple of days.
>> No. 29268 [Edit]
>I never had the problem of having backlogs of games, anime or manga
How? There's so much I want to play/watch/read. On imageboards I always hear of new, interesting stuff most of which part of a bigger series, that I generally prefer to get into by release order, so I already have a small backlog for a specific title I want to get into because I need to get to know all the ones before it.
I have a lot of bookmarks too but I order them in thematic/board folders so they don't bother me much.
>> No. 29296 [Edit]
The battery on my laptop made a popping sound, and now I'm pretty sure that it is more or less dead and can't hold a charge.

I probably have a ton of things to do as well.
>> No. 29298 [Edit]
Which of these hard drives should I get?

I'm leaning on the 4tb one to not have to worry about space for a long while.
>> No. 29299 [Edit]
File 147038928526.jpg - (62.74KB , 560x781 , blog-fail-drives-manufactureX.jpg )
Not Seagate, but fortunately you have that covered. HGST/Hitachi drives are a bit more expensive than other makers' but the security is worth it. For some of us a hard drive failure is not much better than terminal cancer. I had a Seagate die on me once; never again.

If there is one thing you should not try to spare on it's health. And your PCs health is probably very important to you so don't try to save 20 bucks and put yourself in risk. I've done that mistake before.
>> No. 29300 [Edit]
Thanks. I really appreciated reading that. Things have been steadily improving. This week was weird, because I worked Sunday Monday, off Tues Wed, worked yesterday Thursday, and was supposed to work today, but was told I could stay home due to overstaffing. Now I work tomorrow Saturday at a super weird 8 AM - 4 PM shift (our store opens at 10), but I'm off Sunday, work M-F, off next week's Saturday.

Hoping I have the 14th and/or 15th off as well. Things are improving though. I'm not working anymore 10-hour shifts at least (yet). Basically just gonna tolerate this for as long as possible, until something less shitty comes along or I snap again and quit.
>> No. 29301 [Edit]
I know what you mean about Seagate being trash. I had one die on me a long while back and erasing so much that I had saved over such a long time. Thanks for the warning, and as for the being cheap thing, I've learned a long while ago that being cheap has its drawbacks.

Do you suggest one like: ?

If you know of any good ones, I don't mind getting any suggestions if you have any.
>> No. 29302 [Edit]
I've had different brands of HDD over the years and my Seagate drives were the only ones that died on me.
>> No. 29303 [Edit]
Sorry, I'd like to help but I'm not very knowledgeabe about this. I just know Seagate is shit, both by other people's stories, as well as having a Seagate die on me.
And looks like it wasn't just me, either. I've had one Hitachi drive for so many years by now and it's still fine, hence the recommendation. That's as far as I can go, though, heh. Good luck!
>> No. 29304 [Edit]
For that price, I'd say you should definitely get it (in comparison the WD passport ones, which I have, no problems though).
>> No. 29305 [Edit]
Oh, and I forgot, daily reminder:
Always several-places cloud-back up your non-downloadable files like music, docs and so on... Anime, series, movies, games, they can all be downloaded again. As long as the internet exists, someone somewhere will seed it... but that ultra rare reaction images folder might take a lifetime to put back together. Always backup, you never know when it might be already too late.
>> No. 29312 [Edit]
File 147082379336.png - (181.51KB , 500x666 , 000f046608ffc63b7d4836e4eb421bc9.png )
Thank you. I might just need that luck in hoping that the drive I get isn't defective in some way.

I did end up getting that one. Although, I do have a WD Passport and a WD Elements, and they both have been working well for the years that I've had them. WD is good, but I'm out of the loop and wanted input in case they've suddenly lost their touch or something.

That sounds like a decent alternative. However, I rather handle my own files and keep them close to me so that I can access them whenever I please and not have them disappear randomly because it happens to be copyrighted material or some such. Also, the hentai. I want my lewd drawings to be safe with my music and anime.

Thank you all every much for helping me out with this! I like it when I can get some input from you guys on this board, just like when I asked about the headphones a few years back a couple of times,along with maybe a few other things I can't remember too well. I'm gonna ask about some new headphones in a month or two when I get more NEETbux to spend.
>> No. 29313 [Edit]
What headphones did you end up getting?
>> No. 29315 [Edit]
It's all luck. I bought a WD elements six years ago and it failed in a month.

The only problem with local backups is that they are still vulnerable to theft and other physical threats. I run the same risks.

I'd also like headphones, but all headphones I've tried give me headaches after ten minutes and they are uncomfortable with my glasses.
>> No. 29317 [Edit]
File 147091491950.png - (677.47KB , 709x900 , 1e55c0304c2c439db5c46cddd6b815b9.png )

I do agree with it being about luck, and I know that there are still risks with having my data in a physical device rather than in a place where most people would be unable to touch it as easily.

Aside from that, I'm sorry to hear that about you your issues with headphones. That sucks, I really like using headphones and would find a way to work around that or something. Listing to music with headphones is just a huge pleasure. Sorry that I can't really help you with this or offer any solid advice.
>> No. 29318 [Edit]
I think I've doubled the size of my figure collection during the last six months.
>> No. 29319 [Edit]
File 147126027210.jpg - (172.51KB , 1448x2048 , sample_163daf6127efbf22b57d77161073e89a.jpg )
I ended up getting the hardrive in a bubble mailer, but it seems to be okay. I'm gonna leave some copied files on it and see if it breaks within the next couple of months.

I honestly didn't know if it was going to work when I saw that it had arrived in a bubble mailer, even if the box didn't look like it got dinged or damaged at all. I mean, who sends a harddrive in a bubble mailer?
>> No. 29320 [Edit]
Even though I'm young, I feel like an old person looking back at his youth and regretting having wasted it doing absolutely nothing but looking at stupid internet crap.
>> No. 29322 [Edit]
File 147134850698.jpg - (52.24KB , 500x536 , large.jpg )
I'm not that young anymore (I'll be 29 on 31.08), and I feel like I completely wasted my existence because I gave up. Sometimes I wonder how my life would be if I hadn't surrendered... Being NEET is great though.
>> No. 29323 [Edit]
I got my new laptop! It's a refurbished Dell Latitude E7350.
It's pretty good. The battery lasts the whole day (with moderate use), and the keyboard's really nice for typing on as well.
The passive cooling on Intel's newer Core M chips is a godsend. It's completely quiet and still, even at full load.
All in all, a very good laptop for $700.
>> No. 29324 [Edit]
Congratulations anon. Take good care of it. PCs are our friends.
>> No. 29325 [Edit]
I have finally decided to call the pest control. I waited because I am afraid of people, but today I saw a roach in the bathroom and I've decided I couldn't wait anymore.
>> No. 29326 [Edit]
I assume you're not calling pest control for a single cockroach. Right?
>> No. 29327 [Edit]
What's wrong with cockroaches?
>> No. 29330 [Edit]
How long have you been NEET and how are you sustaining it? I'm working again, but my thoughts turn back towards it frequently. I always had a niggling "what about the future?" thought while a NEET, but working has me stressed frequently. It's getting better, but...
>> No. 29332 [Edit]
I dunno, not sure I had much control over the matter.
>> No. 29333 [Edit]
File 147147103472.jpg - (419.36KB , 2500x1723 , 1443580546274.jpg )
I've been a NEET on and off (mostly on) since 2009, courtesy of German taxpayers. They're onto me though, since the benefits of having a kind puppyface, and a gentle, polite, harmless demeanour can only take me so far regarding leniency... and sooner (1-4 months) or later (12-18 months) I will have to find a job.

If I could ride this train forever at no additional reduction of dignity, I'd do it. But there are limits I won't cross for it (e.g. pretending to be legally insane, with all the trouble of faking symptoms).
>> No. 29335 [Edit]
As cliché as it may sound, you still have plenty of opportunities to do the things you want. Are you at least in good health?
>> No. 29337 [Edit]
Wish I could offer some advice but I'm not sure how NEET-bux work in Germany. I've considered filing for partial disability myself (I live in the US) due to my fucked up feet, but I would probably have to jump through hoops and hurdles, and still get declined anyway. They would probably say "Oh well you can work a desk or office job" even though there's very very few of those hiring in my area.

I guess maybe it's worth a shot sometime. I'd probably have to get some sort of doctor proof though, and I don't know how expensive that would be, unless they just decline me outright.

Either way, good luck man. If you end up finding work, hope you can mentally and physically handle it.

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>> No. 29339 [Edit]
Just how young are you?
>> No. 29355 [Edit]
I'm sort of considering getting a tulpa. I know that it's probably not too good of an idea for someone like me, but there's a chance that it could be perfect for someone like me.
>> No. 29356 [Edit]
As someone who's studied a LOT about Buddhism -- don't believe the lore, it's just creepypasta. The traditional "tulpa" is just a simple image you focus on as your mind enters a light form of trance to deepen it. A tulpa is just an imaginary friend, nothing more, nothing less.

You may as well just learn autohypnosis and interact with your waifu in 3d. or take certain drugs and have the same dream-like experience with less effort
>> No. 29363 [Edit]
Loser! I'm a loser!
>> No. 29364 [Edit]
Are you feeling sorry for yourself?
>> No. 29368 [Edit]
I woke up and went to the park to go for a walk thinking that someone might talk to me, but no one did. Then I went to the taco shop and got a breakfast burrito and just watched people order their food for a while. After that I went home and sat on the couch.

I decided to go to the library that I've never been to, but when I got there I didn't like the way it was layed out, because everyone could see what everyone else was doing, and I felt exposed like I didn't know what I was doing and everyone belonged except for me. I pretended to look at a book for a minute and just left, and sat in my car in the parking lot with the door open for a while.

Then I went to the other library that I know, but there were teenagers around the manga section, so I walked past it and pretended that I wasn't there for that, even though deep down I just wanted to meet someone to talk to about anime or something. Then I just left.

When I got back to my car the thought of going home made me sick, so i just started walking around town and left my car at the library. I walked several blocks one way, then crossed the street and walked back up the other side, then I decided to go a street over and walk back down, then come back up on the same street that I set down in the first place. Then I went home and sat on the couch for a while.

I went to the gym and messed around on some cardio machine for about 20 minutes and some girl looked at me and I felt pathetically like I wanted to talk to her, but then I just left because it was awkward.

Then I made dinner for myself and watched a little anime and went to bed after a glass of wine. I woke up at 2:00AM and started crying. I can't go back to sleep.
>> No. 29369 [Edit]
Where do you get the money to go out?
>> No. 29370 [Edit]
File 147252188144.jpg - (155.56KB , 600x464 , 093 - GyVEOcu.jpg )
>> No. 29374 [Edit]
Reporting in. Applied for a slightly better job where I would be working the front desk at a loan company. Answer the phone, take payments, that sort of thing. The pay is the same as my current job $9 an hour, but the hours are consistent 8:30 - 5:30, M-F, with actual benefits. The only downside is the commute is about 30-40 minutes one way but honestly if it means a stable schedule, I'll deal with it.

I have a solid shot at it because the loan company does business with my current company so I have some familiarity with their processes already.
>> No. 29375 [Edit]
That's neat. Consistency helps a lot overall.
>> No. 29376 [Edit]
>I walked several blocks one way, then crossed the street and walked back up the other side
I used to do that all the time.
>> No. 29377 [Edit]
I spent 7 years getting my B.Sc and now I wrangle hot dog casings for $4 an hour
>> No. 29378 [Edit]
I should hopefully find out this week. They want to fill the position ASAP because the guy is quitting next week.
>> No. 29379 [Edit]
I hope you get it, but don't be discouraged if you don't. Keep applying to different places. Someone will give you a chance.

Post edited on 31st Aug 2016, 9:36am
>> No. 29380 [Edit]
Sorry for the really late (and proper) response, but I just remembered this post and a solution for it! What about in-ear headphones? There are some that are shitty, but there are a few comfortable ones that might or might not slip out of your ears by themselves.

The only decent ones I've had were a couple of Zune in-ear headphones, though, so I don't have too much experience with this either.
>> No. 29381 [Edit]
Well, since posting I thought I'd try out headphones again. The two pairs of headphones I owned still hurt after an hour, but I bought another pair (HD 280 Pro) and they are not so bad. Slightly uncomfortable after several hours, but a lot better than my others. I also starting resting my glasses on top of the headphone padding. It's at a weird angle but it works.

I have tried in-ear headphones years ago but stuffing things in my ear feels weird. They were skull-something, a crappy maker anyway.

But thanks for your concern. Buying headphones for comfort is difficult, because even if you go to a store to try them out, you can't really tell what something will feel like after several hours. It's like buying a bed, or even a pillow.
>> No. 29382 [Edit]
The web is falling apart and the more time I spend on it the more I hate everyone on it. In the near future it'll probably be so overwhelmed by feral, psychotic normalfags and corporate and government control that it'll be almost unusable.
>> No. 29383 [Edit]
I actually might get a promotion (well, more of a side-grade really) to working inventory at my current store. There's a big project that's currently on-going and I've been helping with it a lot, and they are considering hiring another inventory guy. The team leader is really pushing for me to get hired, so it's a strong possibility.

Not sure what the exact pay or benefits would be, but I would have a stable M-F 8-5 or 9-6 schedule. So that, combined with the loan place, I've got some options.
>> No. 29390 [Edit]
File 147285279080.png - (511.81KB , 496x707 , 1457650844054-1.png )
I just realized the text didn't post. What I meant to say is I have a job interview in a few days and I have mixed feelings about leaving NEETdom. Well I had the interview and I got through to the next stage of the selection process but I'm still nervous about leaving my comfy neet life behind. I really like watching anime and playing vidya all day without having to worry about anything else and even though I need the money I'm not sure if that will be enough to get me through each day. Any tips for surviving boring office jobs?
>> No. 29404 [Edit]
The first few weeks might be stressful adjusting, but focus on getting your shit done. Ask questions if you don't understand something, but also don't stick your neck out too far. If you've got nothing to do, look busy. People will be easy on you for the first few weeks unless you burn the building down or lose a million dollars or something. Wouldn't be a bad idea to keep your phone handy too if you get bored.

Trust me, I know the feeling, but unless you're on permanent autismbux, NEETdom can be hard to sustain. Leaving the comfyness of no responsibilities sucks, but if you get your shit done at a job, you can go home and at least not think about it for the evening. I find that it's important to not think about work when you are at home. Try to avoid dreading the next morning. It's a problem I'm only now starting to get over.

Meanwhile, I actually got the promotion. No timeframe is set yet on when I will transition except "soon." Very soon. Like, it could be in 1-2 weeks soon. Soon, no more bullshit, chaotic, retail schedule.
>> No. 29407 [Edit]
So I live in an apartment with its own washer and drier and I had my clothes in the wash and then I came down to check on them and someone had taken them all out and put them back in the hamper wrong and they were still wet and this Stacy comes back in to add her soiled lululemon pants to the load and she was like
>oh were those yours? tee-hee!
Who even does that? Just wait your turn, lady.
>> No. 29408 [Edit]
This is why I always sit next to it and watch anime on my phone now. Clothes kept going missing.
>> No. 29411 [Edit]
Did you sniff them?
>> No. 29412 [Edit]
I want to put my penis into a vagina.

>> No. 29413 [Edit]
I'm so sorry. These urges happen from time to time, but take comfort in knowing that they'll cease once you die.
>> No. 29414 [Edit]
Have you considered masturbating?
>> No. 29416 [Edit]
Why should this user be banned for expressing an inherent human urge?
>> No. 29417 [Edit]
Not a mod / janitor or anything, but I assume probably because of "bringing attention to gender" rule.
>> No. 29418 [Edit]
Bad news today. Nothing major but it bums me out.
>> No. 29419 [Edit]
File 147321407711.jpg - (246.29KB , 700x827 , 1462732280000.jpg )
The following are unwritten rules of the site that I'll try and make clear for people who are having trouble lurking and adapting.

Try to avoid moronic behavior in general. Typos and misspellings are one thing, but try to avoid memes, what you'd like to do with your genitals, and senseless vulgarity.
>> No. 29420 [Edit]
you can't put something in a 2d object
>> No. 29421 [Edit]
Today I got a 100 year old book on Monads and went for a walk in the rain, ah... does anyone else like the rain? It's nice indoors and out... it keeps all the ford drivers away too, out mudding in the woods...

If you have to do public bans, your views on moderation are deeply flawed. In theory, a public ban is never necessary. Sorry to derail. you and me can always talk more about it on /fb/
>> No. 29423 [Edit]
Walks in the rain are nice. Most of the time rain makes me want to stay in bed though.
>> No. 29424 [Edit]
File 147332381546.jpg - (188.48KB , 1024x768 , CZDHbq0UoAAc_X-.jpg )
Someone asked why that poster was banned so I quoted the rules page. You can find it by clicking "rules" on the front page.

Please do start a thread on /fb/ explaining why you think bans should be kept hidden from the users. If you didn't want to derail you would have started a thread on /fb/ instead of posting it here.
>> No. 29426 [Edit]
Oh, yeah? Well, watch me go ahead and fill a 2D girl with my love!
>> No. 29436 [Edit]
I was on the island in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and this guy came on and insulted me in Japanese a bunch of times and kept using the angry emote and then left. The fuck?
>> No. 29439 [Edit]
File 147342284776.jpg - (115.52KB , 974x689 , 91d2d8f7f9715a0bf4c29335e5b10501.jpg )
That's people.
>> No. 29466 [Edit]
File 147391430665.jpg - (69.61KB , 450x600 , 0ad4c5fb957e12dc88f4c2e4e82e0bae.jpg )
I went to a Japanese buffet place and I ate sushi for the first time. Maybe the ingredients were sitting there for a while, but I only liked the sushi with the yellow fish on top and the one wrapped in pink seaweed. Then I ate a bunch of random stuff, including some chicken and some fried donuts.
>> No. 29468 [Edit]
Japanese restaurants are often actually owned by Chinese or Koreans and not actually Japanese.
>> No. 29469 [Edit]
[Not whom you replied to] What do you mean? Is it in general like that? How do you find out if a restaurant's owner is Japanese? What if the owner isn't but the chef / cook is?
>> No. 29470 [Edit]
>Is it in general like that?
It's fairly common, there are so many Korean/Chinese immigrants compared to Japanese and they know Japanese food makes the big bucks.

>How do you find out if a restaurant's owner is Japanese?
You'd have to ask to see him. Then I guess try talk to him in Japanese if you're not perceptive to the differences of Asian looks.
Maybe check the name.

>What if the owner isn't but the chef / cook is?
That would be a sight to behold given the majority of Chinese and Koreans hate the Japanese with fervour.
>> No. 29472 [Edit]
I have no been here in 5 years
Yet I've never removed this site from my top bookmarks
So what has changed?
>> No. 29475 [Edit]
Literally nothing. Welcome back though.
>> No. 29482 [Edit]
Still waiting on the promotion. Things have been hectic behind the scenes, with one manager on vacation, and another one quitting soon, so things are taking longer than I would like. But, based on the way things are going, this should all get finalized very soon and this week or next week will be my last week in my current role.

Fingers crossed, that the main manager doesn't flake or change his mind or something else shitty.
>> No. 29491 [Edit]
File 147456991659.png - (9.19KB , 444x132 , 609.png )
I guess I see why I lost the pages those tabs were on. Ehehe
>> No. 29492 [Edit]
I had more than 500 myself and decided to sort them a bit recently. A few folders can help a lot.
>> No. 29515 [Edit]
File 147472402711.jpg - (298.76KB , 1144x1410 , sample_a678ab2f110ab4e39af8d6a59d606585.jpg )
I'm kind of surprised that there are a ton of covers to Drop Pop Candy. There's even some undertale related videos/pseudo cover videos.

On a very unrelated note, I'm practically living on Twitch now. Orz
>> No. 29516 [Edit]
>On a very unrelated note, I'm practically living on Twitch now. Orz
What does that even mean? You stream yourself 24/7 or something?
>> No. 29525 [Edit]
Oh, no. I'm not even sure if I'd be able to do the streaming thing and do it consistently enough to build a fanbase that would want to watch me play video games. What I meant by that is that I spend every day watching streams. I mean, with me being NEET, I could stream for hours every day if I felt like it and play video games all day everyday like I already do. I could probably do it if I had the proper equipment to stream gameplay from my devices.

I pretty much just go there to watch games that interest me and spam cute emotes of cute 2D girls that are available on a third party addon because they're free.
>> No. 29526 [Edit]
Which games do you search streams for?
>> No. 29527 [Edit]
Well, I don't really search for the games themselves as I'm willing to see anything new and interesting. Then again, I do for some reason watch the Food and Bob Ross streams way more than I should. I also sometimes go into the creative section and watch people draw stuff or make something interesting, or play an instrument. However, I do follow a few people that are entertaining to watch like Vinesauce and Cirno_tv, with the former being more of a normie jabroni while the latter feels like he wouldn't be too much of a stranger on this site, even if I have noticed some normie tendencies.

Being in twitch chat is an interesting experience as well. If the right people and content are there, it just becomes really fun, especially if you're knowledgeable about what is being played. Also, depending on who you're watching, you can use the BTTV/FrankerZ emotes to spam cute 2D girl emotes, even if they won't be seen all the time because of how it works, but people should still be able to know, if they know, that phrases like WanWan is the dancing Momiji .gif.
>> No. 29538 [Edit]
Is the site still full of hikkis and neets
>> No. 29539 [Edit]
>> No. 29543 [Edit]
I'm a NEET hikikomori, but I wouldn't know about everyone else.
>> No. 29548 [Edit]
I'm surprised that the owner of this website is so dedicated to keep it up after all this time. It's the only chan of merit now. Everything else is so utterly drowned in newfags and normalfags that despise animu and otaku culture that this is the only place that has the real old school /a/nons left.
>> No. 29550 [Edit]
Wow, thank you. That's really nice of you to say.
>> No. 29556 [Edit]
File 147552641379.jpg - (269.39KB , 822x855 , 1473.jpg )
Very interesting post to read at this point. I was just going through some 4chan archives to breathe in the older days for a bit. I'm a huge sucker for shit like that. Things seem to have become very self-conscious now, if that makes sense. I'm sure it happens anywhere and anytime, but communities seem to be building up, transforming and then disappearing faster and faster. It's not limited to just channel 4 or imageboards as a whole.

A lot of places I took for 'eternal' went away anyway, because naturally things happen and then they change. Honestly, I miss most of that stuff. It's not even my interest in japanese media that's still alive. Not at all, to be very honest. It's the memories of those ambivalent late-night anime marathons with a mind right in between exhausting depression and an unmatched kind of warmth and then the web addresses that lead to places that hit the sweet spot between normie and tryhard sekrit club where of course things weren't perfect, not even in retrospect, but they carried a homely vibe that's undeniable, at least from my perspective. I think most people visited more than just one site, and more than just one IRC channel and so on. Which one felt the most 'home', differs from person to person.

This is one of those places, but it's also part of a smaller group, a piece of internet that time seems to have overlooked a little, so far. From my experience those are rare. Things change constantly but even after a few years this place boils down to more or less the same and I'm glad about that. Especially since I remember that I could check out the front page once every 3 days and see no more than roughly 2 new posts. It seems more active now with the homepage feed full of posts from the anime board, once again, I'm glad. Certain others weren't so lucky. Even if they're still around activity completely dried up. The sites are floating around cyberspace like abandoned stations. IRC channels that are essentially idle 24/7 that make you remember your first day where you could barely keep up with all the new names and stuff to talk about. Where is everyone ?

Could a large part of the chat be looking at the screen at the same time, every now and then, wondering why the rest doesn't talk anymore like they used to? That'd be delusional at most... Right?

Life seems to have started moving much faster as well. Leaving details in the middle, I suppose it's true to an extent that going along with everyday-life things can freshen a person up. It's not the end of the world like some say, nor paradise like some others say. High walls turn out to be curbs at most and old fears fade after trying something new. That said, it gets boring quickly. I consider it getting out of a shell of some sort: When you get out and see the big bad world was just a misinterpretation of reality. I felt very strong but it did draw my attention to something that suddenly went missing. Despite having felt very miserable back in the day, there are certain qualities to proper imageboard culture (is that an appropriate term? at least it'll do for now) that real life simply cannot compete with.

How does all this even connect? I suspect that there's some digital time-space compression going on, where real-life floods all but the furthest corners of the internet, turning parts into a mere extension of reality such as social media sites, rather than a self-contained digital place. Come on, how hard is it to find a few imageboards ? Once again, stuff like that always happened but I feel like the numbers were much different. Combining this with the natural flow of 'people and places come and go', I think I can put a finger on why I sometimes wonder, in spite of this website and others alike; Where is everyone ? Maybe the only right answer is realizing they are all still there, in what one may know as '97 which is 2006 for someone else, and 2010 for yet another person. Some things have always happened, some things are unique to just this time around. It's safe to say that it's a mix of both for us. I'll be sticking around here once again.

Where is everyone ? I need a drink.
>> No. 29558 [Edit]
File 147553694791.jpg - (540.41KB , 1890x1134 , 064 - rRSusYN.jpg )
My last remaining friend from real life has been ignoring my messages for 3 days now. I don't know what to do. How do you guys deal with the loneliness of being a hikki?
>> No. 29559 [Edit]
>> No. 29560 [Edit]
File 147554336766.png - (1.47MB , 1447x2046 , 59204004_p0.png )

It used to be that you could visit a unique, interesting site online every day, up until the late 00s. But when social media hit, the whole "online communities being lucrative" thing more or less took off, and now everyone is just a jumbled mass on a few main sites. Even a lot of fringe sites, such as 420chan, have become extensively normalized.

People online used to be a lot more interesting, too, and there was a bit more creativity and humor in things. Of course, there was always hostility, but it was mostly kept within small circles. Now, people in real life are humiliated by thousands of people online who they don't know, and never will. You've got to keep a low profile, in today's age. And I just don't like how everything became political; I guess that it was inevitable, but it just sucks all the life out of everything.

Since I'm growing more different by the day, and I haven't had an online friend in roughly three or four years, I don't care about connecting with random people. The less people online, the better, but good luck with all of that. I just see most people getting more stupid by the day.


I sort of had the same thing. One of my friends moved away over a week ago; I knew that friend for five years, and now that friend is practically gone forever. I only have two friends left, and I don't talk to them as much as I did with that one.

I'm sort of okay about it now, but for a while I was majorly freaking out. I just didn't know how to adjust. I'm not the kind of guy who can just make another friend, let alone replace them like objects. And even if I was, my interests are too weird and I'm too paranoid.

I thought that I could stand being alone. I can, but it is really fucking hard. I used to think that I knew how it was for you guys, and I sort of do, but I was like the "Lite" version, you know what I mean? I feel like an impostor; forgive me.
>> No. 29561 [Edit]
I don't really know much how to respond to that. These 12 years past by in a blink of an eye and I like others are only left wondering where everyone has gone or what went wrong. Was it the summer of 2007? Was it the Code Geass? Was it tripfag drama and generals? Or was it something more? How do you do and what are you all up to now?
>> No. 29562 [Edit]
>And I just don't like how everything became political


I can't believe the internet is so srsbusiness now. It's also full of these easily offended normalfags who obviously can't handle being on the internet. I was annoyed enough as it was when the whole "eurofag vs amerifat" thing started appearing on /a/ back on 4chan years ago, which never fucking existed before. I wasn't even aware there were posters from other countries back then nor did I or anyone else care or even ever bring it up but I think it was the creation of /sp/ that had to ruin fucking everything. Fuck them and their shit memes too. /co/ became a garbage board as well, the most disgusting easily offended neoliberal fucks invaded it. The only real escape now is to learn moonrunes and go to 2chan.
>> No. 29564 [Edit]
File 147556440889.jpg - (13.47KB , 1667x1000 , opaque couche.jpg )
I just learned that a color I love and have used heavily on drawings and clothes for years, is supposed to be the world's ugliest color.

They plan to use it on cigarette boxes, to discourage smoking. I shall smoke more than ever.
>> No. 29566 [Edit]
File 147556967853.jpg - (29.06KB , 619x437 , silk.jpg )
>A piece of internet that time seems to have overlooked a little.
I'm sure a lot of us feel the same way, specially since the older you are the more you're likely to reminisce. Every once in a while I'll check sites I remember having an account for, only to find it gone, with no trace, replacement or notice left behind... its members scattered forever. It's sad, but such is the nature of the internet, to be ephemeral... and it's a nature that I think should always remain, so it becomes the task of those who enjoy it to keep it alive.
I'm intrigued. As a HikiNEET I almost never feel unbearable lonely, at least nothing that participating in bulletin boards, hanging in an irc channel or playing online multiplayer games won't satisfy for a while. I enjoy being alone most of the time and I don't really like people that much. Best advice I can offer is to go out of your way to talk to others online, specially in community sites where you're more likely to find people you might end up meeting in person... like a board-games group or something similar. It mostly depends up to what degrees you consider yourself a hikikomori. If online-only will do, then just type in google "<interest of choice> community site / forum / board" and go from there.
Human interaction is deemed necessary, if not essential, for most people... and you'd need to be very introverted to dismiss chances to engage with others, even online.
I think, and have also read from others, that it seems the uprising of social media opened the gates of self-absorption and removed shame from attention-seeking, in all its levels. This affected boards, forums and similar sites oriented towards discussion or having a community... where now there is people actively seeking attention for the simple sake of itself. I do care about connecting with random people though; I force myself to interact with others to remind myself how different and varied people are... it keeps my head grounded and provides me with insight to attempt to be humble and grateful for the few joys life provides me. That way I keep my expectations rock-bottom-low and (hopefully) won't get disappointed with anything life hits me with.
Boredom and lack of conflict to align oneself with. When there isn't a serious issue to rally behind, people will apparently grow discontent with not being able to be part of something and will instead argue in favour of less important convictions and absorb an obsessive ideological proselytism, which used to be seen as despicable, or at least a trait that should be avoided.
Pic related is my favourite colour. I call it "dark turquoise green" but I have no clue what's its actual name.
>> No. 29576 [Edit]
I miss the good old days. Chans should have never been anything beyond anime.

Oh and your favourite colour reminds me of malachite.
>> No. 29586 [Edit]
I missed out on a ton of good anime, and now I can't get into the sequels or spinoffs because I've never watched the original. I couldn't find any batch downloads for Girls and Panzer aside from some RAWs that had everything and the movie. Orz

Unfortunately, I also have to deal with a shitty hurricane.
>> No. 29587 [Edit]
Likely speaking with the boss and other managers tomorrow. This transition has been slower than I would like, but things are in motion, and the key pieces are in place.
>> No. 29588 [Edit]
hope my florida brohnos are a-okay.
>> No. 29594 [Edit]
I'm a little ashamed to have revealed where I'm from, even if I don't have a name or much to give myself away, aside from my typing style, of course. Thank you for the concern, however! I appreciate it very much, even though you don't know me. I can't help but feel ashamed and embarrassed.

The hurricane didn't go through where I lived so it wasn't much more than just a really rainy day on my end. Although it could've been really bad if it had since the lack of power and internet would've been terrible, even if it likely would've destroyed my home.
>> No. 29613 [Edit]
Meh. Still haven't had a proper meeting yet. Baby steps though. I got my pay raise early, and likely this will all get finalized and my role will transition in October. My replacement should be coming in to start work any day now. Once they are trained and I get some more training, and we work out my schedule, no more bullshit.
>> No. 29616 [Edit]
I'm trying to make friends with this person, but he keeps ignoring me. I wasn't pushy at first, I sent one message to him on his blog and waited like 3 days without response when it was obvious he had been online since, and then I sent him another message apologizing for being weird and then I sent him a thing I wrote about this game we both like a lot but still nothing, not even a vague passive aggressive post or anything and its driving me FUCKING INSANE
>> No. 29618 [Edit]
maybe he doesn't want to be friends
>> No. 29652 [Edit]
File 147797258510.jpg - (216.71KB , 1200x750 , jBOlhNk.jpg )
Kids were outside trick-or-treating today. It made me happy to see people still celebrating Halloween, I was worried it was dying.
>> No. 29676 [Edit]
my mother was admitted to the hospital for an infection. it reached her glands and runs a risk of obstructing her airways. i really don't want my mother to die. she'll probably be fine. i will probably go visit her tomorrow. i didn't today because she was just admitted, and frankly it terrifies me, plus i didn't want to sit around the hospital for twelve hours. plus, i don't know what we'd talk about - i'm just a useless NEET who can't get a job and leeches from her and my stepfather. she'd appreciate it though, probably.

the past three months have been very chaotic. things just are not working out for my family. i need to find a job but can't. my life is going down the drain and all i really feel is apathy.
>> No. 29683 [Edit]
I feel you man, I also suspect my mother is ill since she is an obese alcoholic and has started saying things like 'i won' be around much longer'. Unfortunately I feel no emotional connection with her (or anyone for that matter) so I feel very guilty.
>tmy life is going down the drain and all i really feel is apathy.
>> No. 29688 [Edit]
I hope things get better for the two of you. Those are both awful situations, and while mine isn't quite as bad yet, I'm in a similar position.
>> No. 29691 [Edit]
I've been trying to pick up Japanese over the past few weeks. My hiragana is consistently getting better / faster, but I need to spend some more time with katakana, and actually learn the stroke orders so I can write and not just read.
I also got the anki app and a deck of radicals. About halfway through at this point, and if things continue as they have been I'll be grabbing the 2k kanji deck in about a week.
I actually didn't expect to be this excited. I've heard that it takes about six months to be reading manga, so if I don't lose motivation I could be there before summer.
>> No. 29693 [Edit]
File 147922918244.jpg - (16.28KB , 163x162 , IMG_20161115_185507.jpg )
Happy couples make me mad, especially after seeing my parents divorce.
I want to buy bunch of booze late at night, drift off somewhere and drink all of it. I can't believe my life and it's getting worse by each day, if I don't get a job soon I'll never hear the end of it.
>> No. 29694 [Edit]
File 147924868737.jpg - (28.84KB , 659x497 , 7z3SHLm.jpg )
The thread I have been hanging by are getting thinner, I don't know how much longer I can live with this constant self-resentment and fear. I know I don't want it to continue and nobody can help me even if they wanted to or actually tried. If anything, the people who truly want or try to help make things worse because of how illusioned they are with the world. They believe that it's impossible for a complete mess of a... thing to exist. They would sooner tell you to be grateful for the things you have and ignore the fact that whenever you get a smile on your face it's mere seconds to minutes until it fades away and it only gets worse over time. It's been getting worse for years now. I enjoy less things and my life is mostly media consumption to distract myself from the thoughts of suicide.

Simple tasks are only a source of embarrassment for me now. Anime only makes me jealous of the characters. I only want to be asleep all the time. I feel like I want some kind of help when there really can't be any. How can people say life is a gift when others just want theirs to end?
>> No. 29696 [Edit]
File 147927299124.jpg - (100.41KB , 371x379 , 1478759011101.jpg )
My grandmother tried choking me to death by pinning me to the ground in my dream last night.
I think I let out some comments about it in my sleep, but I'm not sure.
Why did I dream of this?
>> No. 29697 [Edit]
one of my new boots make a sound that resembles a dying cat every time i apply pressure on the back
maybe i damaged them. should stop taking off my boots in a lazy manner
>> No. 29699 [Edit]
>Happy couples make me mad, especially after seeing my parents divorce.

Take solace in the fact that the vast majority of 3D relationships today will end in the same way that your parents' did. Even if they're happy (or act happy, as young couples often make it a point to shower each other in histrionic displays of affection in public), odds are they'll be wrapped up in melodramatic bickering within a few days, if not hours.

The amount of misery that comes packaged with relationships far outweighs the pleasure (at least for males). It's nothing to envy. I know it's not much, but at least you're not one of those poor bastards that has to "ask permission" to do what you want with your free time.

Post edited on 17th Nov 2016, 5:44am
>> No. 29703 [Edit]
Yep pretty much. Though I do think that some (very rare) couples actually are happy together in the long term.
>> No. 29707 [Edit]
A couple of days ago I went for my required scheduled appointment with my therapist or psychiatrist or whichever one is the one that gives the shitty pills. At the end he told me to go outside and get a 3DPD.

Aside from that, I'm playing the new pokemon game. The new girls are QTs and I like them. ♡
>> No. 29723 [Edit]
Collectors have started calling me about the debt of one of my parents.
>> No. 29727 [Edit]
It doesn't hit you how cold winter is until you get accustomed to sleeping on a hardwood floor. Even with a thick blanket underneath it's really chilly.
>> No. 29731 [Edit]
My grandparents are, even at times where I tweak out, trying their best to keep me happy.
I wish they'd stop, because all I'm doing is pulling them down
>> No. 29734 [Edit]
Trying to curb my hatred towards Muslims.
>> No. 29735 [Edit]
Is there a reason why you have to do this?
>> No. 29738 [Edit]
Well, they are raping the white race into extinction, while we've done nothing of that sort to them, so yeah, it is an issue.
>> No. 29740 [Edit]
My throat hurts and scratches almost every week now.
>> No. 29744 [Edit]
トリコリコ Please!! is my favorite Aqours song.
>> No. 29751 [Edit]
Do you not love procrastinating despite knowing that you are just hurting yourself? and the more you procrastinate, the more you hurt yourself, the more you procrastinate.

I sure do.
>> No. 29752 [Edit]
Please leave me alone inner monologue.
>> No. 29754 [Edit]
For me it's more like "If I fail because of laziness at least I didn't fail because of a lack of ability".
>> No. 29755 [Edit]
I've been on break from university for two days, now. I was trying to give myself a couple days of doing nothing as a treat or something, but all it's done is make me bored and antsy. I can't wait to practice tomorrow, I have so much to learn by February.
>> No. 29766 [Edit]
Upgraded some more of my computer's hardware today. Now the only thing left from the original build now is the dvd drive.
>> No. 29768 [Edit]
I'm surprised that there isn't a single christmas post, but either way, Merry Christmas, guys. I hope you have/had good days.
>> No. 29769 [Edit]
With the way people here live, I doubt many people would even notice.
>> No. 29773 [Edit]
It's just another Saturday
>> No. 29775 [Edit]
A shittier sunday than normal.

I only needed to roll ONE goddamn thing on the gatcha and I got NOTHING of value. Fuck these stupid, shit changes!

I only wanted to be happy, but this shit luck of mine can't even do that. I should've known when my retard teammates couldn't even use whatever small amount of working brain cells they had to win that one game I almost won for them yesterday.
>> No. 29790 [Edit]
I thought about making a post about why I don't like christmas but decided against it. All it'd do is add to my confirmation bias and drag other people's moods down further, so I didn't.
>> No. 29799 [Edit]
happy new years tohno-chan and /ot/ and /so/ and /mai/ etc.

you guys are important to me, kind of. you're still just faceless words but i understand that you are sentient beings enduring a hellish existence on the planet earth. here's hoping next year will be less full of despair and simply better for the world at large.
>> No. 29802 [Edit]
I love you too, tohno!
>> No. 29808 [Edit]
Does Tohno like loli?
>> No. 29812 [Edit]
File 148347720077.png - (440.55KB , 800x629 , 1478178528967.png )
>here's hoping next year will be less full of despair and simply better for the world at large.
Normals sent us to hell but we're going even deeper...take back everything we've lost.
>> No. 29813 [Edit]
Got my orientation for a job tomorrow morning. Hoping this job isn't miserable. At the very least it'll be preferable to living under my parents boot. Sick of their bullshit.

Hear they have a high turnover rate but it was the best I could get after NEETing it up for so long. At least I'll get some space and have money to blow on vidya mtx. Hopefully.
>> No. 29814 [Edit]
Good luck on your job orientation. Is it your first job?

Jobs freak me out. I can't stand being around people. It's starting to bother my parents, and myself as well, I'm 22 and have only had one job. It's intensely pathetic. Have to look into temp agencies and stuff.

But yeah the job I had was terrible, I was anxious all the time and intensely scared my co-workers. It was a high-volume food service job, I was serving fake ethnic food to people. I hated myself for it. I hated the customers for eating the garbage we served them. I hated the higher-ups for buying into the weird cult-like training/brainwashing seminars they got sent to (no really: It was an awful awful 9 months. My digestive system took a hit and I felt sick a lot of the time. Now it's been nearly a year and I'm still a NEET, slowly getting addicted to an online video game. Pathetic, depressing, sad.
>> No. 29815 [Edit]
File 148350963337.png - (73.73KB , 276x208 , screenshot_310.png )
>Now it's been nearly a year and I'm still a NEET, slowly getting addicted to an online video game

It good to know that you seem to be recovering from employment, keep up with your NEET therapy and you'll be recovered fully before you know it. Do as much games, anime and lurking/posting on the internet as you can to speed the process.
>> No. 29820 [Edit]
File 148354809952.jpg - (112.69KB , 538x476 , co8d6Ka.jpg )
I tried punching myself in the head but it hurts a lot more than it used to. I guess it's because I haven't done it in a while.
>> No. 29826 [Edit]
I had one job before this one, years ago. Part of why I've taken so long to try and get out there again. It was assembly line packaging. You'd assemble cases and put DVD's in the slot, that sort of thing. Sounds easy but it's not given the speed you're expected to work at. And the whole time the teams performance is put on a big screen to shame you. Combine that with all the remarks from management about how "anyone could do this job" (as the whole line struggles, even the experienced ones) and it really took a toll. Eventually I just stopped showing up. So for this job I just pretended it didn't happen. They never paid me for that last week's worth of work; probably why they make it so unbearable, didn't get any training so it's not like they lost anything from me just walking out.

It doesn't help I started that job near the holiday season as a temp. Not my brightest moment.

I'm more optimistic about this job though. For one I intentionally waited until after the holidays to apply and I'm getting more training than I might expect which gives the impression they actually want people to stick around.

Shame about the seminar shit, seems like that's the snake oil of our day. Heard about some of these, they seem really corny. I can see why people would get drawn in though. It can be hard to tell who is and isn't legit, all in the presentation. Especially when they're desperate.

What sort of fake ethnic food? Always wondered how legit some places are. I suspect a lot of Italian places around me fake it. Kind of blended into the larger culture. Still good but I can tell a clear difference when I go to the annual Italian Cultural Festival in my area, most "Italian" restaurants don't hold a candle.
>> No. 29827 [Edit]
That packing job sounds horrible. Dunno how you lasted as long as you did bro.
>> No. 29829 [Edit]
When I remember something stupid I've done, under my breath I whisper "kill me" as a silent prayer to some unseen bringer of death
>> No. 29832 [Edit]
I know the feeling. I just try to forget about the memories, even if there are times when I get overwhelmed by the embarrassment.
>> No. 29882 [Edit]
My grandmother died about a month ago. I was the one responsible for her care for 4 months leading up to her death. That basically meant that I was around to help her with stuff around the house and make sure she got her pain meds. It was very difficult to watch the cancer get the better of her and watch her suffer extreme pain while all I could do was stand there because I had already given her maximum doses of morphine. Did I fuck up somehow? Was I not good enough of a caregiver and did she die sooner than she would have if it had been someone else? Why me I am the least competent of the family? I feel I am just barely able to keep myself from being consumed by despair. I was lucky to be close to her and live with her for free. It feel jarring though. Going from always keeping an ear out for if she called to doing fucking nothing. I feel frustrated too but I can't exactly pin down why.

I had to help out so much that I didn't have much time to ruminate and be depressed like I normally am, but now I do have time and I dread being alive.
>> No. 29883 [Edit]
>I was the one responsible for her care for 4 months leading up to her death.
If you didn't do a good job of taking care of her I doubt she would have lasted nearly that long dude. The fact it's 4 months and not 4 days is proof you did your job well.
I was placed in a similar situation a few years ago, and in my case the guy died just a few days after he was left in the care of me and my mom.
>> No. 29885 [Edit]
I think the original controller for the Nintendo GameCube is the nicest & most comfortable video game controller.
>> No. 29887 [Edit]
>> No. 29915 [Edit]
When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost 4 years ago I was told that I'd leave a healthy normal life and that it wasn't a issue, it wasn't until now that I learned that it actually IS issue, specifically for joining the army, now it looks like I have to actually go to college and waste a ton of money on useless programs I'm barely eligible to and won't even enjoy.

>> No. 29921 [Edit]
My dearest and oldest friend is leaving our hometown to go and travel with another friend.

I'm okay with it, but also a bit sad/wistful. Of course I can't do anything like that. I'll miss him a lot. I understand /tc/ hates people discussing people that they know, but I've known him for the past 9 years and I just want to vent a bit. I have a lot of love for you guys but he's like a brother to me. We did a lot together, it's definitely going to be weird without him around. I'll probably have to get a job and a reasonably self-sufficient life going.

Trying to keep the 3 rules Gurdjieff mentioned in mind.
>Wish first for the welfare of your parents
>Then for the welfare of your peer
>And lastly and only lastly, for your own welfare
>> No. 29923 [Edit]
Spring semester starts for me this Sunday, and I'm surprisingly prepared for almost all of the things I'll have to do to kick it off. If my practicing goes well tomorrow and Friday it'll be pretty great.
>> No. 29924 [Edit]
After just dabbling into pizzagate I wonder how deep and fucked up these satanic (for lack of a better term) pedophilic cults go.
>> No. 29926 [Edit]
Pizzagate is a false news report designed by alt-right wingers from Twitter, that was spread by fucking BuzzFeed, who wanted to disparage the Clinton campaign (not she needed to be disparaged, she's a terrible person and a liar - Trump is no better for the record but I don't want to get into that).

It was based around, obviously, satanic cult reports in the 80's/90's. I am fairly certain it's all absolute bullshit.

Look into Ted Gunderson, who kind of started this whole shtick. I'm inclined to not believe him after looking into his stories beyond the surface but maybe you'll have a different reaction. It's certainly compelling regardless of the truth.

The powers that be call this "perception management" - Altering public perception of an event to make it fantastical and surreal in order to make it that much less believable.

Are there sick fucks who torture people (including or perhaps even especially children) for their pleasure and may or may not be in positions of power that they abuse? Absolutely. Is the CIA kidnapping children and putting them through satanic ritual abuse? It's safe to say that I'm on the fence about that.
>> No. 29927 [Edit]
>wanted to disparage the Clinton campaign
>> No. 29928 [Edit]
It was picked up by BuzzFeed after they discovered the mentioned tweets. BuzzFeed was stupid enough to run the story.

Post edited on 3rd Feb 2017, 2:04pm
>> No. 29929 [Edit]
the cat in OP is female btw
>> No. 29930 [Edit]
I think I just slept for about 14 hours.
>> No. 29931 [Edit]
The point I think they were making is that the idea of a giga-leftist tabloid like BuzzFeed doing anything to attack the Clintons or associate with "right-wing" conspirators is hilarious, to say the least. It's like Alex Jones promoting the Clinton Foundation.

Either way, none of this political dreck belongs here. This post included.
>> No. 29939 [Edit]
I watched a bit of Yuri on Ice to see what the hype was about, thinking that it would be about figure skating lesbians as the name implied. I was disappointed.
>> No. 29941 [Edit]
File 148638461596.jpg - (665.46KB , 1280x1024 , billy-goat.jpg )
I just had to drink half a gallon (not hyperbole) of a barium sulfate mixture for a CT scan of my liver at the hospital.

An internet post describing the shit as "goat semen and chalk dust" is unfortunately very accurate. I could barely manage it without horking.
>> No. 29942 [Edit]
It definitely would've been talked about more on /an/ if it were about cute 2D lesbians, but not many cared for what it really was.

Apparently the op (or ED?) was decent or something? I remember some guy on some stream mentioning it and playing it to focus on the game he was playing.
>> No. 29948 [Edit]
It truly is awful stuff. The one time I had to drink that shit I couldn't keep it down at all, but then again at the time I couldn't keep anything but water down. Take good care of your gall bladder, kids.
>> No. 29952 [Edit]
I dreamt that NERV was real and that I released 2 pet rats into Tohno's house because I wanted to initiate conversation with him. Also, my grandparents ate pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and said it was pizza.
>> No. 29955 [Edit]
I need some sourcing help.

I saw a really cute poster of some anime series or maybe game series. Looked world war II inspired and colour scheme was sullen browns and purples with pale skin. It had three characters on it. A gakuran wearing boy with an officers hat. A serious looking girl in an victorian style bonnet. And another playful looking girl in an officers hat and a cloak with knee socks.

If anyone could help that would be cool.
>> No. 29956 [Edit]
If by 'purple' you mean blue, then I might know what you're talking about.
>> No. 29957 [Edit]
File 148716735964.jpg - (1.95MB , 2592x1944 , DSC08242.jpg )
found it
>> No. 29958 [Edit]
File 148717547557.jpg - (74.87KB , 426x600 , 2453167i.jpg )
That's not WWII, damn it man. That's the Taisho era.
>> No. 29963 [Edit]
File 148761686468.jpg - (408.39KB , 1024x1024 , 20161025_175022_HDR_1024x1024.jpg )
I couldn't find online the Sora no Woto patch so I ordered custom made a couple of weeks ago. Today I found it by chance on a site. I could have saved over 45 euros.

I am mad at myself, very mad.
>> No. 29966 [Edit]
Today I spent a lot of time thinking, I seem to find a lot of connections in things recently. Numbers seem to influence things, seemingly unrelated things seem to influence each other. Also I was thinking about how nice it would be to have friends
>> No. 29972 [Edit]
>seemingly unrelated things seem to influence each other
Carl Jung spent a lot of time thinking and writing about that same thing.
>> No. 29977 [Edit]
did you know that 99% of people who die in car crashes have eaten macaroni and cheese?
>> No. 29978 [Edit]
100% of people who eat macaroni and cheese will die.
>> No. 29979 [Edit]
Harem anime, but for children.
>> No. 29981 [Edit]
Harem anime is already for children.
>> No. 29982 [Edit]
I wonder if Tohno ever gets tired of playing internet babysitter.
>> No. 29983 [Edit]
Insects are so perfect and beautiful.
>> No. 29984 [Edit]
>> No. 29985 [Edit]
Goddamnit, I missed the fun.
>> No. 29992 [Edit]
This is cool, thanks anon.
Looking back, I think I was thinking too much, sometimes my mental state gets strange and I see patterns that aren't there, sometimes I even see things out of the corner of my eye but as soon as I look it vanishes. A couple times I even heard people whispering that weren't there. Couldn't make out what they were saying unfortunately, I'm sure it would have been something interesting. People that aren't real always say the most interesting things.
But anyway, coincidences really are strange and fascinating, we wouldn't exist without them right? That story about the beetle on that guys wikipedia page was very interesting. I need to talk to someone who knows these things and find out what's what
>> No. 29996 [Edit]
God, I don't even know what I like any more.
>> No. 29997 [Edit]
I bought a ps4 which showed up today, and I don't even know why I got it...
I was n64 kid on christmas levels of happy when I got my ps3, but the ps4 was unappealing when it lunched and it's still unappealing now that I got one connected to my tv. Could be because I became a PC gamer since then, could be because there's very few games for the thing that interest me, or could be the hefty price I paid for it ($600 for a 20th anniversary edition) but I'm pretty "meh" about it so far. Also doesn't help the seller neglected to mention some scuffs on the system, and that there's apparently some compatibility problems with my TV which makes the picture look like pixalated shit. The filmwear is too high to hack, and the specs are much better on the pro version making it feel even more useless. I'm not upset about buying it, I know I could probably flip the thing for $700+, it's just a funny feeling is all. I wish I could be as happy about it as I was when I got my ps1,ps2, or ps3, but instead I just don't care...
>> No. 29999 [Edit]
So I think that I might've found a somewhat decent app that can actually get my worthless brain to learn more than 10 Kanji. It has things to help learn how to draw kanji and a bunch of things to teach you what words are tied to or can be used with the kanji or something like that. It seems to have the bells and whistles needed to properly learn kanji, however it seems that only the beginner lesson {80 kanji) is available and you have to pay to unlock the rest of the stuff.

Anyway, the thing is called Japanese Kanji Study with some Japanese stuff written after a hyphen. This thing might actually be useful.

It costs 12 dollars to unlock the thing. That's quite a bit a shekels that the greedy jew that made this thing wants, but maybe its worth it?
>> No. 30000 [Edit]
I'm trying to play newgrounds games but there's a jumping spider on top of my monitor, staring at me.
>> No. 30001 [Edit]
Twelve-dollars is not much if it actually works. Can't expect teachers to teach for free, unless you like Communism.
>> No. 30002 [Edit]
File 148935607594.png - (215.58KB , 539x297 , 14 - uR8MMxt.png )
Are there really people who can sleep almost as soon as their head hits the pillow like I read in books or see in movies? There's often characters who fall asleep a lot in anime too. Is this a real thing? It always takes me at least an hour to get to sleep after I've gone to bed even if I'm really tired. Am I abnormal?
>> No. 30003 [Edit]
No, I think the norm is for it to take a while unless you're extremely tired. Popular mass media has a tendency to portray unrealistic depictions of average human life. Besides it makes for easier story telling to change how the real world works sometimes.
>> No. 30004 [Edit]
It shouldnt take more than 20 minutes. If its an hour you should look into improving your sleep hygeine.
>> No. 30005 [Edit]
Taking 20 minutes to fall asleep isn't uncommon, even for people with a strict sleep schedule and no history of disorders- and it's heavily dependent on the amount of fatigue they've built up on any given day.
>> No. 30006 [Edit]
File 148973332661.jpg - (1.08MB , 1200x900 , psp.jpg )
I was dead tired all day from staying up till around 5am because of a large mosquito in my room, then being woken up at 8am by my mom's friend's kids. Started coming down with a cold too. Then found out someone apparently broke into my car and stole the psp I built.
Looks like the parts alone are gonna cost me roughly $160 to build a new one.
>> No. 30008 [Edit]
I showed Spice and Wolf to a sort of weeby little girl today and taught her to search with tags on safebooru.
>> No. 30009 [Edit]
Give me some context on that one, captain.
>> No. 30010 [Edit]
I was supposed to watch her for a couple of hours and I saw her use Google Images for anime girl pictures and I asked if I could show her a better way to look for them, and she asked where one of the pictures was from and I said Spice and Wolf and she watched some AMVs of it on Youtube.
>> No. 30011 [Edit]
I'm watching a Power Rangers marathon on Twitch right now. I've been doing this for days now. I'm really enjoying it.

I'm at the end of Time Force and it got a lot better toward the end, even though I did miss a quite a bit of the season and series as a whole.
>> No. 30012 [Edit]
what the fick
>> No. 30013 [Edit]
That's a cool looking psp. What are some great obscure games for it?
>> No. 30014 [Edit]
Try moejong.
>> No. 30018 [Edit]
What did people even talk about in the 50's? I can't help but feel it was a far better time period for people like us. You can't talk to people today about anything but sex and alchohol. If you're lucky you share a similar taste in music but that's about as good as it gets.
>> No. 30021 [Edit]
Guess what people drank and had sex in the 1950s.
>> No. 30022 [Edit]
But I doubt it was the only thing talked about. And it was handled differently; taboo kept it from being something you were proud of. Now if you don't care for getting drunk to the point of vomiting and fucking random women you'll never see again you're a weirdo, an outcast, a pariah.

It's some Brave New World type of shit.
>> No. 30023 [Edit]
Same things that people do now I suppose. The current affairs, what people were up to. The War if your country took part in Korea, then you had television come in the mid 50s. That said, the 1950s aren't of a massive appeal for me fantasy wise. There wasn't the same economic boom here that there was in Europe and the United States. If I'm remembering right, we had food rationing until 1950 even.

1950s weren't that prudish. It's actually kind of the beginning period of that trend towards vulgar topics losing their taboo. You want that to start being unacceptable, you go for the 1850s at least and even that's pushing it in some parts of the world. A lot of the European cities were surprisingly open societies by then, and in the US by probably the 1870s you had people like Nellie Bly showing up.

Then you have the parts that are still like the old world. In Kazakhstan for example, even today if you go into the really rural areas, people won't talk about their family at all if they don't know you well. Superstition regarding the evil eye that still lingers in the remote parts.

I can't believe I had to edit this shit twice. That's the last time I post just as I'm about to fall asleep.

Post edited on 27th Mar 2017, 9:06am
>> No. 30024 [Edit]
People were drunk as fuck back then. In Casablanca (and other movies from that time) they're drinking in nearly every scene, they showed smoking and alcohol in children's cartoons, people drove drunk like it was nothing, there were popular songs about being drunk and men were almost always a little buzzed.
>> No. 30028 [Edit]

A lot of people have noticed that among the very old, the 50s were their favorite decade. I really don't know why. To me, it always seemed like it was a fake decade, although it was in between two major wars. My father glorifies the 50s even though he grew up among the hippy generation and became an adult in the early 70s.
>> No. 30029 [Edit]
File 149089319865.jpg - (364.72KB , 640x480 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I got a new bitch last night.
Her name is Aki.
>> No. 30031 [Edit]
I'm not normally a massive dog person, but that is a nice looking dog.
>> No. 30033 [Edit]
Is she still a puppy?
>> No. 30034 [Edit]
cute dog.
>> No. 30035 [Edit]
Maybe I just buy too much into the Norman Rockwell ideal. Still, it feels like things had to be different then looking back into childhood when people like my Grandpa were still alive. And I don't think my generation will change any as they age, or even gen x... you've got 40+ year old men rocking hair dye and going for drinks every weekend to distract them from reality. They don't have a clue how to fix anything, how to make anything. And they're so used to comfort. It's just sickening. I want off this ride.

Beautiful dog, makes me think of one I had follow me home last week.
>> No. 30036 [Edit]
>40+ year old men rocking hair dye and going for drinks every weekend to distract them from reality
This used to bother me, but now I think it's actually necessary. It is tragic that we seem to have lost the will (or maybe means) to have agency over our own lives, and that many people will go through life in a perpetual state of adolescence. However, the more people that disconnect from the system, the sooner it will change. I don't mean this in an anarchistic or communist way - the change could be that future generations will see us and be disgusted, driving them to become assertive and dignified in a way that we aren't. Or maybe it'll all collapse and we'll end up as slaves to the Chinese or whoever.
>> No. 30037 [Edit]
>> No. 30061 [Edit]
I've been reminiscent of the past, specifically from playing games made in early-mid 2000's (Touhou, A tale of two sisters, Kingdom Hearts, etc) it's hard to describe but it makes me kind of sad, as these are the games that have the most "heart" to them, they're innocent, like you can really feel the devs enjoyed making the game. They were from a time where you didn't have to worry about the world ending, no marxism, no threats of ww3, no PC bullshit, etc. Nowadays games and a lot of works in general just feel like they don't have a "soul".
>> No. 30062 [Edit]
File 149187946045.jpg - (86.37KB , 400x240 , 1489126400913.jpg )
Wish I wasn't allergic to cats.
>> No. 30063 [Edit]
Fuck, BakaBT went private and I can't remember my username and password for the account I made years ago.
>> No. 30064 [Edit]
Hey, funny, been having the same problem. They prune accounts after 11 months or so, if that gives you any solace. Apparently there'll be an official announcement tomorrow as to the state of things. I haven't heard anything yet but wild speculation.
>> No. 30065 [Edit]
>They prune accounts after 11 months or so
Yeah, that would probably explain it. I haven't logged in since 2013 from what I remember.
>> No. 30066 [Edit]
Has anything major changed with them?
>> No. 30067 [Edit]
Work sucks. How do I avoid giving into stress from a particularly bad string of days and avoid just up and quitting from it? Things have gotten better lately (better hours, overall less stress) but some days just fucking suck, and they make me yearn for when I was a NEET.

What do
>> No. 30068 [Edit]
>BakaBT went private
Oh fuck.
Actually, this might be good. It will stem the flow of normies. Still sucks for the rest of us, damn normies ruin everything they touch.
>> No. 30069 [Edit]
When that happens I just try to remember that I'm working towards a cute house on a nice piece of land. And that if I don't go through all this bullshit I'll never have it.

Thankfully I have hundreds of gigs of stuff already downloaded from them.

I'm surprised it took them this long though. They've always acted like a private tracker despite being public.
>> No. 30070 [Edit]
I keep getting NSA career ads on youtube.

Are they gonna come after me?
>> No. 30071 [Edit]
just stream your anime. It's not like it used to be, the streaming sites are less shady and add new episodes quickly and stream in like 720p.
>> No. 30072 [Edit]
I wish people would get over the streaming meme. and kissanime stream in 720p and it's fine. I don't have room to download anime (had 800mb of space just today and had to clear out my hdd) so I've watched tons of streaming anime. If it weren't for kissasian or crunchyroll tokusatsu would be pretty hard to find. Especially since the crunchyroll rips of the most recent Ultraman were no where to be found on nyaa for days and only had about 3 seeders each. I had to start downloading the Spanish release and get the sub track separately but that got tedious so I just streamed it.
>> No. 30073 [Edit]
Do you also wish everyone had good internet connection speeds, and wifi everywhere they go?
>> No. 30074 [Edit]
That's a good point, but the average person has decent enough internet. Even when my internet was getting really bad buffering for a few minutes worked fine.

As for that second part, I'm hikki so I've never really been without like that. I mostly mean for currently airing stuff too. Downloading movies are complete batches is usually the best way to go especially for older shows. Still thinking it's cancer because of quality is being ignorant.
>> No. 30075 [Edit]
>Still thinking it's cancer because of quality is being ignorant.
So you don't mind watermarks and yellow hard coded subs?
>> No. 30076 [Edit]
Then when the streaming site drops your show you'll never be able to see it again.

Storage space for hard drives is super cheap nowadays so it's better to just download it and have it forever.
>> No. 30077 [Edit]
Streaming still produces lower quality, even if the resolution is 720p.
Like, YouTube audio does not match 320kbs even at highest quality.

I didn't download madVR and ReClock for nothing.
>> No. 30078 [Edit]
That's really sad. Cats are very huggable animals.
>> No. 30079 [Edit]
Kissanime's watermark is tiny, barely visible in the corner and the subs are nice, smooth white text with a black outline.
>> No. 30080 [Edit]
I bought these little baby chocolate bunnies in gold foil, and I gave one of them to my pet cockroach. She looked so cute when she crawled up to it and felt it with her palps and antennae, but then I worried the chocolate might make her sick so I took it away and gave her kanten instead.
>> No. 30081 [Edit]
That's pretty cute. Cockroaches can live without their head for some time though, a little chocolate won't hurt her.
>> No. 30082 [Edit]
>When that happens I just try to remember that I'm working towards a cute house on a nice piece of land. And that if I don't go through all this bullshit I'll never have it.

Thanks. I do have a goal in mind, I plan to move in with one of my friends sometime in the next 6-12 months once his current roommate leaves. That's my main goal right now. The alternative is being forced to stay with my parents, which would honestly be fine, but they are moving across the country around the same time frame, and I really don't want to move so far away from my friends.

Honestly, if my parents were staying put or in the immediate area, the temptation to stay NEET would skyrocket... but that would just bite me in the ass in another 10-15 years once they got older.
>> No. 30083 [Edit]
So I was heading to bed in my dream when I hear a drumming sound outside that started off slow, some kids started screaming and the drumming got faster and louder until a explosion went off and I woke up in my bed with ringing in my ears.
At first I thought all that happened was real until a second later I remembered I have tinnitus.
The transition seemed so smooth.
>> No. 30084 [Edit]
File 149287910343.png - (1.20MB , 1280x738 , Yamcha.png )
After Dragonteam stopped subbing Dragon Ball Super, I kind of didn't know what to do since I didn't want to deal with getting subs from a shitty group, so I ended up not watching DBS for a long while.

After seeing DBS brought up an alarming amount of times earlier this week, I decided to get back to watching it, and thanks to some great people seeding the non-shitty versions of the subs, I downloaded everything and watched, like, 30 episodes or something. It was fun and I enjoyed it.

On an unrelated note, I seem to forget that it's 2017. I guess it just seems so irrelevant to me that I can't help it.
>> No. 30085 [Edit]
The new arc is decent. I had dropped DBS but started watched since then again and I haven't been disappointed (again) yet.
>> No. 30095 [Edit]
Society is going to be fucked way more than it already is with all this stuff happening. I just want to get enough money to live on my own and watch anime and play video games for the rest of my life. But life ain't so simple, I got burdens to take care of and what not.
>> No. 30096 [Edit]
Same. I'm hoping that by the time my parents pass, which will be probably another 25 years or so, I'll have inherited enough from them to basically retire early. It's not gonna be a lavish lifestyle, but enough to live in a not-shit apartment or rental, pay bills and food, and torrent anime and video games until I die.

That's the life I want.
>> No. 30097 [Edit]
Don't bother with renting anything, it'll cost more. Don't buy a house either; build one/get one built.

Something like what this guy did:

If you can handle the small space it can be done quite cheaply. Sure it'll earn you the eccentric label quite fast, but brohno's were going to do that anyways, and as for space, well, we've spent so much time confined to our rooms anyways it can't be much different right?
>> No. 30106 [Edit]
File 14937363715.png - (254.76KB , 704x400 , yeah.png )
I've been biking around traffic for the first time since I need to get a job and a bike is all I have. I fell over in the middle of street because I went to fast and turned wrong and was about to hit someones car. My hands hurts so fucking much. I wish I never had to go outside again. Watching NHK was a mistake I want to just live the way Satou does until I fall over dead from no food.
>> No. 30123 [Edit]
satou goes outside and has wacky adventures with his friends in every single episode of that show

that was back in the days before all anime neets were cute imoutuses
>> No. 30126 [Edit]
There's periods where he doesn't. Also currently reading the novel right now and it's much darker.
>> No. 30128 [Edit]
Nothing is stopping me from doing anything. I could run out into traffic or set all my belongings on fire or cut myself up until I'm nothing but mashed-up skin and blood and bones. I keep thinking about it and it scares me so much.
>> No. 30129 [Edit]
Went to Knotts berry farm today and took my mom. Posting from their train ride, place has free WiFi all around the park which is pretty cool.
>> No. 30150 [Edit]
I find it hilarious that it is now possible to create and play as your own Sonic OC in the new Sonic game.
>> No. 30222 [Edit]
Trying to find some alternatives to Steam for PC games, I searched around the Windows Store and Facebook Gameroom (I know).

My god, they are hot fucking garbage and it's fucking stupid. They're not even trying with the Windows Store anymore, only Microsoft games will ever be uploaded on that and Facebook Gameroom, oh man, the only single game that was worth playing out of the rest was a mindless zombie FPS that I enjoyed on mobile, but had to drop because playing an fps on a tiny screen with no controller is terrible. And guess what? It didn't even fucking work, the mouse wouldn't be recognized and this issue is impossible to fix for now.

Which brings me to another point, why are mobile game companies so against PC ports? There are some really nice mobile games that would be much better and more convenient had they'd be released on a PC, but they're nowhere to be found on a pc, some of them will even simply not launch if you're using a third-party program such as android emulators on pc.
>> No. 30223 [Edit]
>why are mobile game companies so against PC ports?
They probably think there's not as much money in it or that people would be less interested in buying them. Android games are often made for tiny screens which means remaking textures and images. They use touch interfaces that might not translate to mice, more so with multi-touch games. You've also got tilt to take into account too in some games. In some cases they're designed for vertical use on phones, try full screening something like that on a pc. Being on pc would make it easier to cheat/hack games too. For example I was able to give myself unlimited money and no wait times on some Jurassic park game using blue stacks + cheat engine. Made me realize just how shallow and lacking of content these games truly are when you take away all those horrible wait times. You can do it on mobile too, but it's a lot more tricky. It'd also be easier to create multiple accounts which could be an issue for some types of games. Some games make switching accounts a pain in the ass and might not even have log out options. In the case of Soccer spirits for example you have to uninstall the game and re-download/install everything if you want to log into a different account.

There are some ports out there however. Off the top of my head I recall seeing plants vs zombies (I think this is originally a mobile game???) on steam, Sono Hanabira and other VNs have also made the jump, all be it with horrible texture/image resolutions.

>some of them will even simply not launch if you're using a third-party program such as android emulators on pc.
Yeah android emulators are surprisingly shitty, but I found that bluestacks is pretty decent if you use an older version, disable updating, and block/uninstall their default launcher while using one of your own.

Post edited on 4th Jun 2017, 8:12pm
>> No. 30224 [Edit]
>Trying to find some alternatives to Steam for PC games
May I ask why? What do you find wrong with it?
>> No. 30225 [Edit]
File 149680256633.jpg - (527.86KB , 1200x900 , DSC02449.jpg )
Bought some decals for my car (shown on the right side of the pic). Went with some not so obviously anime ones (ie power-level concealing). The rather cool seller ( included the ones on the left for free which are mostly related and share that same concept theme. This really made my day, which has otherwise been pretty crap. Just makes me wish I had a nicer car to slap em on.
>> No. 30226 [Edit]
I'd be a little wary of adding the type-moon one. Someone might my scratch your car.
>> No. 30227 [Edit]
What makes you say that?
>> No. 30236 [Edit]
I need to write this to someone because I am going crazy here.
So basically I was waiting before an exam at my uni, and near the xerox machine I saw a copy of another exam I had to do that day. I left the building and called a guy to tell him the questions, telling him to not tell anyone else. When I was calling him, I think someone saw and heard me, and when I walked back in the copy with the questions was not there. When I finished the test, the professor said something like "the other students should be inspired by you" which literally doesn't make sense, and I spent the past 18 hours having paranoia attacks to the point of not sleeping.
>> No. 30237 [Edit]
>"the other students should be inspired by you" which literally doesn't make sense
Are you a good student? If no, maybe the teacher or someone who told them saw you seeing the paper and walking away... maybe that's all they know and nobody actually heard your conversation. Why not just ask the teacher (or mail them)?
>> No. 30240 [Edit]
My father's been emotionally scarring me again, I hate it when he fucking yells at me for making the slightest mistake and then patronizes me on the little details afterward. Sigh, more proof I'm better left alone anyway, can't wait to move out and have full independence.

At least I have places like these for my feelings, every time I let my emotions go with this family it always ends up being fucking worse. I'm rarely ever open about my own personal problems because every time I do they either don't understand and end up thinking even less about me (Did I mention it's SO FUN when your family almost has no hope in your future plans for reasons you don't understand).

I'm just surprised I can keep my emotions bottled up like this without snapping.
>> No. 30253 [Edit]
> someone who told them saw you seeing the paper and walking away
It could be that, or it could be that he knew about me doing 3 tests the same day. I didn't ask them because I was afraid of finding out, I'll know for sure the next week.
>> No. 30265 [Edit]
I want to go home.
>> No. 30268 [Edit]
What's up, anon?
>> No. 30311 [Edit]
though some about what i might post in the weekly report thread on saturday not telling yet
>> No. 30335 [Edit]
So when I woke up in the morning, my PC that boots from an 8 year old hard drive would not boot, it got stuck on a error that said "Repairing disk errors, this may take over an hour to complete". I let it wait for about 5 hours and it would still not complete, so I just assumed that, like all hard drives, it finally gave in, which I'm honestly surprised it lasted that long. I'm not sure if it's just the boot process that's fucked or the entire hard drive, I've yet to check that, but I already backed up most of the important files on the 2nd hard drive. However it still has some pretty special files I still need to backup.

I was generously given a SSD, with Windows 7 already on it, but I have to say, it doesn't feel the same, maybe it's because I've naturally grown attached to windows 10 and it's features, or maybe it's just the hard fact that all those years on those hard drive are going to be reduced to nothing. I've got this nagging, aching, sad feeling in my heart that wont go away. I've still got some work to do so I'll give a detailed update either soon today or tomorrow.
>> No. 30336 [Edit]
I'm sorry to hear that. Losing a hard drive is never easy. I've lost a few as well, including those with important files that I can't get back, so that pain is also known to me.

Hopefully it's just a little error and nothing is lost.
>> No. 30338 [Edit]
Hopefully the errors are just in the booting or OS sectors and you are able to recover what matters. Good luck.
>> No. 30339 [Edit]
It's been almost a year since I've been here last, but not a lot seems to have changed. It feels good. I may or may not have something seriously wrong with me, I'll be getting checked out next week. Depending on how that goes I may or may not be reporting how soon I'll be dying to this thread.
>> No. 30340 [Edit]
Thank you guys so much for your support, it means a lot to me. It was a very long, grueling and tedious 3 day process but in the end it worked out just fine!

When I was booting windows from the ssd and inserting the hard drive in, I was greeted with windows disk checking, the drive needed to be checked for consistency. After a 5 hour long process it was clear to see that the hard drive was pretty busted up. Disk Check found a lot of bad sectors within the hard drive and a ton of unreadable segments. So I didn't expect much when it was done the long process, but amazingly enough, the hard drive was entirely usable, the Users folder took a while to load and that gave me quite a scare, but eventually it was accessible and everything was intact.

So I backed up EVERYTHING of relevance into the hard drive, the games, the anime and manga I never read or watched again, art books, music, the save data for those games and my steam library, etc. I even backed them up into Google Cloud, just as another measure. All with no problems whatsoever, thank god.

I got a unused 1tb hard drive, installed Windows back on it, put the backup from the SSD into the new hard drive again without errors. Gave the SSD back to it's rightful owner and here I am, perfectly fine and relived. I will say that the hard drive served me well for the 8 years it was in use, lots of good memories in general. Back up your data folks, you may not be as lucky as me and instead one day it would just completely break with no way to recover those precious files.
>> No. 30344 [Edit]
I'm glad that you were able to access your files again. I do agree with you on backing up important things, you never know when something will just stop working and something you cared about in some way is lost with no way to recover it.
>> No. 30348 [Edit]
You should have just emailed Microsoft for their copy of your personal files.
>> No. 30350 [Edit]
Apparently, they're showing anime on Twitch for the next couple of days for some reason. It's Crunchyshit's stuff, but it's there and free.

Right now they're showing Bungou Stray Dogs. The only complaint about this that I have are the constant "breaks" that they take during a set amount of time or randomly when the episode is playing.
>> No. 30363 [Edit]
File 150128989973.jpg - (57.16KB , 393x391 , lion.jpg )
The Emoji Movie was released today in North America.
>> No. 30364 [Edit]
There's an emoji movie? How can that even work?
>> No. 30365 [Edit]
File 150129040019.png - (1.29MB , 1198x1196 , shibe.png )
>> No. 30366 [Edit]
File 150129510789.png - (207.49KB , 530x407 , [d i s g u s t i n t e n s i f i e s].png )
This is disgusting, good lord.
>> No. 30367 [Edit]
Goddamn smartphones were a mistake
>> No. 30368 [Edit]
I'm so glad I got rid of my smartphone and 'downgraded' to a regular old flip phone.
>> No. 30369 [Edit]
No, just Apple.
If you didn't need a smartphone, then neat, but stopping doing things because the normals do it too is just depriving yourself of joy. Smartphones are great tools and an almost necessity if you are amongst the unfortunates that need to get a job to survive.
>> No. 30370 [Edit]
>Smartphones are great tools
I bought one while being a NEET just because I wanted to play mobile games and try all the cool apps I've heard so much about. The appeal largely wore off after a month or so but I don't regret getting the phone, it's been very handy.
>> No. 30371 [Edit]
>but stopping doing things because the normals do it too
I didn't mean to imply that. I only ever used my smartphone for calling and texting and was never interested in anything else it could do. It honestly seemed like a waste and I never really understood why people feel they need to have their entire life tied to a single device. I would argue they are not a necessity at all for job seekers/employed people. If you have a device that can make phone calls and text, what more do you need?
>> No. 30372 [Edit]
>What more do you need?
A device that can play games and watch anime while on your way to work or your breaks so you won't kill yourself by having to deal with normals and the outside world?
>> No. 30373 [Edit]
Guess it depends. I can't do anything on my way to and from work since I drive myself and I can't take my phone into the workplace so it's not like I can play games or watch anime during lunch.
>> No. 30374 [Edit]
My sympathies.
>> No. 30375 [Edit]
Makes me appreciate them all the more when I get home and on weekends.
>> No. 30378 [Edit]
>I can't do anything on my way to and from work since I drive
What about audio books?
>> No. 30379 [Edit]
That I do from time to time, but I also just enjoy having some music playing. I don't need a smartphone to play music in my car though.
>> No. 30391 [Edit]
I did it! I managed to beat another One-Shot dungeon! I didn't get to kill the whale and had to fight some shitty thing called Drahklist, but I did it! Fuck you, Drahklist!

I never would have been able to do this without Diablos.
>> No. 30400 [Edit]
File 150242497638.jpg - (35.82KB , 500x424 , Dark stare.jpg )
Lately I've been worried that I might be becoming a lolicon, I don't know why or even how it could even start from anything but it worries me. I never even look at loli so I don't know where it could be coming from.
>> No. 30401 [Edit]
Why are you worried about being attracted to drawings?
>> No. 30402 [Edit]

It just feels wrong. I don't like it and I don't want to be that way, I never did and I never had any reason to think I would end up that way.
>> No. 30403 [Edit]
I had a phase where I was into loli and ss. The internet can normalize insane things for you, and if you're uncomfortable with that, then spend less time using it.
>> No. 30404 [Edit]

If I was the sort that could easily use the internet less I wouldn't be on this site to begin with.
>> No. 30405 [Edit]
It's just a drawing, there's nothing to feel bad about.
>> No. 30406 [Edit]
No addiction is easy to break, but any problem can be broken down into smaller problems and solved.

If you want to spend less time on the internet, I can give you solid advice.
>> No. 30413 [Edit]
File 150257298221.jpg - (0.99MB , 1062x961 , thinking.jpg )

What advice do you have?
>> No. 30414 [Edit]
Getting friend requests is really embarrassing! I might be pretty good at the game and sometimes pull off some pretty impressive things at times, but I'm not sure if I should be sent friend requests, especially since I don't accept them most of the time.

Mou, it's so embarassing!
>> No. 30415 [Edit]
File 150268248397.jpg - (46.75KB , 500x491 , bootleg.jpg )
I've been considering buying a bootleg fumo to take it apart and have pieces to help me know how to make a custom fumo myself.
>> No. 30416 [Edit]
Great idea Sid.
>> No. 30417 [Edit]
You have to start by adding something else into your daily routine besides just being on the computer the whole day.

I realized at one point that my entire life was being played out online. I broke it up into parts, but it was all on my computer. I might play games for a while, lurk 4chan for a while, and watch anime for a while. That's how I broke up my entire day.

You have to start bringing yourself back to reality one piece at a time. Start going for a walk every day. Mow the law once a week. Check out a thrift shop once in a while. Go to the library once a week.

The point is to add something small, piece by piece into your days that are not getting on your computer. I don't expect your first step to be getting a job, but that really is the final frontier. It gives you money and something that you feel obligated to do. It gives you a purpose.

After a while, you'll come to a point where you realize that your real life is in real life, and you'll feel happier because of it.
>> No. 30422 [Edit]
File 150325315077.png - (275.96KB , 450x600 , cVo3lS2.png )
anybody who has ever been in a relationshpi doesnt desrve too complain about beign ""unhapppy"
>> No. 30423 [Edit]
Wouldn't being in one make anybody unhappier by default? I'm sure that eventually people get tired of each other and then cheat on one another or whatever it is that 3D bitch pigs do.
>> No. 30424 [Edit]
People do tend to complain about relationships and talk of how freeing and fun being single is, but I think they're full of shit. People who say stuff like that are usually the kinds of people who enter into relationships to use and abuse their partner, then discard them when they've gotten what they wanted. If they really thought being in a relationship was so horrible they'd leave them and never go back. These people just want something to complain about.
I get where >>30422 is coming from. When you've never been in a relationship and you see ungrateful people complain about not being happy with it, it can feel like a starving African watching a fat American complain about their food tasting funny.
>> No. 30453 [Edit]
File 150372282026.jpg - (87.05KB , 422x600 , e61265fdae42eaf2576bffa30259fc315691b379.jpg )
You know your life is in a bad place when you are jealous of people who are in love with a fictional character.
>> No. 30460 [Edit]
You know you just insulted half the site here right?

Absolutely positively epic.
>> No. 30464 [Edit]
My depression right now is at it's worst, just when I'm trying to get my life together by attending college and getting a job at the same time, really makes me think.
>> No. 30476 [Edit]
So I spilled some alcohol in the sink while I was trying to disinfect some cuts and now my eyes feel a bit weird since I had to be in the bathroom for a few minutes to deal with the cuts. I know it's because of the fumes but should I be worried? Should I call someone? Or is this just normal?
>> No. 30477 [Edit]
Nobody can do anything by now. In future try to work in a well ventilated area, especially with a fan.
>> No. 30478 [Edit]
You're life is over.

Alcohol fumes are relatively harmless, they can cause your eyes to sting a bit though.

Post edited on 4th Sep 2017, 3:08pm
>> No. 30480 [Edit]
You'll be fine. Fortunately, the eyes (along with the tongue, iirc) are the fastest-healing parts of the body, so you have little to none to worry about.
>> No. 30485 [Edit]
I'm in a similar place right now too, it really sucks. Just when you can see things getting better, you start to climb out of the hole you're in and then BAM it hits you again but worse. For me the worst thing is that it ends up with me pushing away the people I'm close too just by existing, which then makes it worse. I am very thankful to have places like here and other online friends and websites where it's possible to speak to people who you can relate to.
>> No. 30487 [Edit]
So I bought a bootleg Sakuya fumo to make some modifications to but apparently the hair isn't held to the head by threads but glue. Is there any way I can remove it without having to practically destroy the head?
>> No. 30488 [Edit]
Can't you just cut off what isn't glued to the head, of the hair, and then you can hide the remaining hair with the new hair that you wish to add to it...?
>> No. 30491 [Edit]
I bet this is something most of the other users, including myself, should be doing -right- now. It's always "I'll do it tomorrow" until it's too late.
>> No. 30527 [Edit]
File 150568387749.jpg - (363.34KB , 768x1024 , hoodlum.jpg )
Yesterday was one of the hardest days I've gone through for band. I have work to do but I'm so blown, I've wasted the whole day so far. I'll just do a little more imageboard browsing and then I'll get started, I promise...
>> No. 30529 [Edit]
I'm so burned out of my dully repetitive and stressful office wageslavery, I basically drop in bed and can't stomache even more than 20 minutes of anime in the whole weekend. I've wasted it basically lying in bed trying to be as lonely as possible and in 7 hours from now it's back to it again. I just want to die.
>> No. 30530 [Edit]
File 150579169172.png - (375.92KB , 736x617 , Possible hair color.png )
ho w do i get rid of romantic feelings for someone?
>> No. 30532 [Edit]
File 150579380179.jpg - (67.97KB , 774x700 , 3d6e0850c25d5c041cc5214f5139434c740e5593.jpg )
>> No. 30534 [Edit]
File 150579617832.jpg - (129.70KB , 850x1048 , sample_3b82633f28e498301a1438d768724c79382504cf.jpg )
its ben on and off for years now ,more than five i think
>>benefit to ignore that
it breaks the waifu rules and i know for a fact she d doesnt love me back i just want to leave t hees e feelings behind alr ready i w ant it to stop
its kind of comp licated i cant say everything abot it becase the othr users wil get mada t me but she s so good to me and so perec t taht no one has stoeln my feelings and held themm since she did
>> No. 30536 [Edit]
File 150605407955.jpg - (145.98KB , 494x800 , 4dc9a4fefc1c56bb11a72d124bdfcecb27e64489.jpg )

i stil need help and i alre ady read the archivd /mai/ posts
>> No. 30537 [Edit]
I was called a slur by a random person in passing on my way home last night. Hopefully today will go a little better.
>> No. 30538 [Edit]
3D normie trash is usually incapable of being decent and tend to be shit.
>> No. 30539 [Edit]
I was freezing my ass off in a long line waiting for x-ray and I think some bitch not so sneakily took photos of me to document encountering a creeper or whatever. Not too sure about this time but it did happen to me before, what's going on in 3D heads to pull shit like this is beyond my imagination, hurts like a motherfucker.
And they label me a psycho, a piece of shit and an asshole.
>> No. 30540 [Edit]
Taking photos of strangers in general is fucked up.
Privacy really took a turn for the worse since that social media shit.
>> No. 30541 [Edit]
what a cunt I know that people will do that sort of shit just to post on social media and get attention and sympathy because now no one questions when a woman says that a guy is being creepy when she says that he is and what was the x-ray for?
>> No. 30544 [Edit]
Chest and hand. Had pneumonia but I had to wait so long for an appointment it went away. Punched a wall last year and my hand won't stop hurting, every retard doctor prescribes me ketoprofen gel but it doesn't help at all.
>> No. 30545 [Edit]
That sucks I hope you didn't get hurt too bad I know I broke my toe once kicking something and it hurt like hell.
>> No. 30546 [Edit]
>Punched a wall
>every retard doctor
Hmmm.... So, why did you punch a wall?
>> No. 30547 [Edit]
Even though I couldn't like the Luluco anime because any kind of romance makes me angry and spiteful, I really like the ED to it. The fact that the song comes with two pretty enjoyable remixes is pretty nice as well.

Also, funny enough, somebody just released a batch of the Luluco anime that has twitch chat's posts going through it like if it were a Nico Nico video. I wonder if I'll show up because I did watch a couple of the last remaining episodes and shitpost quite a bit.
>> No. 30604 [Edit]
File 150711887365.jpg - (0.98MB , 896x1250 , this.jpg )
This girl. This girl is everything that I like.

I would like to get killed by a cute girl like this. I'm honestly a jealous of Deku.
>> No. 30606 [Edit]
She's cute in a creepy way, and looks like a human version of those Nintendo squid girls.
>> No. 30625 [Edit]
today I did not mych
I genreallty have othing to posst here I jis t do wat you gotta do out in these streets
>> No. 30628 [Edit]
I went outside today, I was supposed to go to a uni open day but I got nervous and didn't end up actually going in. Outside is no fun, would not recommend.
>> No. 30633 [Edit]
File 150763791150.jpg - (781.24KB , 2048x1152 , feXFug7.jpg )
Been in the process of moving out of our old home. Not sure why I never posted about it here. Guess that's because I mostly blog on IRC about it, that and don't wanna attention whore too much here.
Today (technically yesterday since it's 5am at the time of typing this) I had to manage a small crew working on fixing up the new place and they yanked out some trees in our backyard. Had to go to a hardware store to return a power tool I bought so one worker could remove the paint from our pool and he broke the thing. I've lost count of how many times I've been to the homedepot and lowes. Feels like I've been almost everyday now for the past month. Not to mention hitting up the atm to withdraw the maximum I can every other day on average to pay these guys. Also had another guy today start work on fixing up our laundry room and guest bathroom which I had been using till today. The main bathroom has this huge mirror behind the toilet that makes me not even want to use that bathroom. Last thing I wanna see is myself taking a leak.
Anyways, been living in the guest room this past month among stacks of boxes and all my junk, with barely enough space for a cot and a small desk/chair I kinda have to squeeze into. My actual room in this house is a lot larger than my last one, just needed a bit of work before I could move in was all. Still missing a shelving unit for the closet for one thing.
This whole thing has been extremely stressful so far to say the least. Didn't help my mom sold our old house before we found a new one. Ended up having to find a place to stay at the very last minute. I planed on getting an RV much in advance but decided not to when my mom told me she had a place for us to stay in a pretty nice house/area. Then the day we move out she tells me she doesn't like the owner because they're too picky/neat&clean and instead tries to move us into this dump that looks like a crack den. I was like "fuck, no" upon seeing it, and because my mom refused to go to the other place, we searched around town and settled for renting a small room in a trailer (shown) that we shared for just over three weeks. During this whole thing three of our fish died (two just disappeared). I got them a small temporary tank but was a tad late it seemed. The remaining ones have probably been suffering just as much as us. I'm just glad I got my laptop. It was a bitch keeping up with current anime without internet access. I'd hang around places with free wifi and leach as much as I could. I can't wait till I can get my pc set up and all my figs unpacked. I just want this to be over with already...
>> No. 30635 [Edit]
File 150767501022.jpg - (210.77KB , 850x817 , __kagerou_and_shiranui_zhan_jian_shao_nyu_drawn_by.jpg )
Moving is always a pain I used to have to move a lot as a kid though I once you finally get everything unpacked and set up the way you want it the feeling is fantastic and I hope you get to watch some of the airing anime this season there are some pretty comfy shows.
>> No. 30637 [Edit]
File 150771671835.jpg - (541.27KB , 863x1250 , Togaexplainingherquirk.jpg )
She really does quite a bit.

She's a cute female villain with a cute smile and I can't help but like her.

Also, MHA is a lot better than I ever would've thought.
>> No. 30638 [Edit]
I was going through my closet earlier and found old CDs with backups I made of my 4chan folder years ago. It made me feel really bad. 10 years of my life wasted on imageboards. Leaving aside regrets about work and school (which you've probably read a million times by now) I think one of my biggest regrets is not making a single friend in all this time, I tried to but I was paranoid and stupid. Sometime in 2010 (I don't really remember) I tried joining the irc but left because everyone seemed to already know each other.
>> No. 30646 [Edit]
If you haven't finished already, then it will be just a little bit longer. Be strong. Soon you'll be staring at your gigantic collection of figs and merch like before.
Bummer, I thought she was just cute, but it's just a 3DPD-like insane girl. That annulled all appeal for me.
>I tried to but I was paranoid and stupid
You can always keep trying. Also the IRC is a collection of mostly strangers who lurk basically because they can. It isn't like some brotherhood or similar.
>> No. 30653 [Edit]
File 15079393578.jpg - (24.46KB , 500x375 , b79ea9e1a0fc2488a6927b0f539bcaaf.jpg )
I went out to eat at a nice restaurant today and the waiter immediately seated me in the 21+ section. I almost said "No, that's okay, I don't drink" but just went along with it.

It's actually pretty nice and quite obvious when you think about it. Restaurants with bars (usually sports bars) don't allow for drunken behavior and it selects for a better crowd. Generally a male-dominated thing; if women are present they're accompanied by a man. No crying children and the waiters usually double as bartenders so they're good at juggling lots of customers.

Maybe I should ask to go to that section from now on. Sure beats the crowds and the wailing children.
>> No. 30667 [Edit]
I got my laptop back from the shop today. They had to wipe everything and put a new body on it, but it's alive again. It was short notice and I wasn't able to save everything on a backup drive, but I still have most of my music tools, a lot of my internet/imageboard folder, and the desktop background of my waifu that I made. I'm confident I can rebuild.
>> No. 30668 [Edit]
I was anticipating not having electricity for a week but it looks like the media exaggerated how bad the storm was going to be and everything is fine.
>> No. 30669 [Edit]
File 15081738232.png - (447.41KB , 952x1000 , 13378f821f83d51e4ee79003b876e317.png )
I have noticed that recently the media has been trying to hype up natural disasters more so than usual and where I live even a simple storm might start calling for them to say there could be a flash flood or tropical depression though it might be the wave of hurricanes that have been coming through that have gotten them a bit paranoid or maybe it's just the way they love to bring out the worst in everything.
>> No. 30671 [Edit]
File 150820797368.jpg - (390.64KB , 1800x1230 , cb7ef218f408caa1eddbcc8511fffc6895b3f37e708a5461d5.jpg )
Money has run out. I have no food until the end of the month. And if things don't get better, monthly bills will be left unpaid. I'm not the type of guy to love food, but I'm feeling quite hungry already. This hole in the belly feels really awful. I'm afraid of how these next