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File 166488577074.jpg - (45.38KB , 720x507 , 1616595275203.jpg )
40621 No. 40621 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I'm so tired of health issues.
It feels as though if it's not one thing, it's the next. There's always something impacting me healthwise to lower my enjoyment of life.

How do you manage your health? Do you have a diet? Do you stay active?

I'm an insomniac but I also deal with horrible teeth related issues like abscesses and gum disease, I get sick very easily, suffer from heartburn daily, and recently I have a horrible pain in my lower right abdomen.
It's all tiresome.
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>> No. 40789 [Edit]
/ot/ - Oji-san Talks
>> No. 40790 [Edit]
Just a fair warning for your health in the future; fat is pretty much a set and done thing weight wise so don't allow yourself to trick yourself into think you're not fat "enough", the chubbiness wiggle room is already accounted for by most countries bmi scale to begin with. And vice versa never let yourself become convinced you're not skinny enough. I had a problem with this as a young adult. 190lbs is already getting fairly bad for anyone 6ft or under. The average guy who isn't a bodybuilder has little reason to be above or below 150-160lbs.
>> No. 40795 [Edit]
File 166749330066.png - (96.23KB , 1162x1706 , program.png )
Follow up:
I like to use hand grippers. I have a light one and set of 100lb, 150lb, and 200lb. I'm now able to close the 100lb one about 4 times. Will start doing this program so I can progress.
>> No. 41302 [Edit]
Lately my right hand hasn't been able to open and close smoothly. My middle and ring finger sort of "pop" somewhere in between. Wonder if it is an issue with the joint or the muscle.

File 166095331977.jpg - (213.09KB , 920x906 , __mononobe_no_futo_and_soga_no_tojiko_touhou_drawn.jpg )
40295 No. 40295 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
General thread on the Go board game. Resources, disucssion, anything.

I myself have been playing it for about a month now and have a 13k rating on OGS

Useful pages:

This is a tool I like that turns sgf files that records game moves into a gif

I've mostly been playing 9x9 games, which is much more approachable than 19x19, and every beginner should probably start with. At this point, I probably need to start doing formal study to continue improving at a reasonable pace.
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>> No. 40302 [Edit]
File 166104671729.gif - (9.39KB , 230x230 , budgie win 2.gif )
Game I won against a bot. I'm just showing off games I won, but whatever.
>> No. 40449 [Edit]
GO seems to be a simple enough game to play...
>> No. 40651 [Edit]
OGS sucks, I stay all day trying to find someone to play with, and when it finally connects it's some motherfucker who takes 10 min per move.
>> No. 40652 [Edit]
I guess you have a bad time zone. Also, you can set the game length to "Normal" instead of correspondence, to avoid people taking a long time.

File 152963376791.jpg - (37.42KB , 930x523 , phone.jpg )
31640 No. 31640 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
People think tech is getting better. CPUs are faster, storage is cheaper, internet connections are faster. But I think it's getting worse.

I feel like the internet has lost its charm. It used to have a magical, positive, wild-west feel to it. Now it seems so commercialized, and you also have to be careful about what you post, since there's always a new flavor-of-the-month outrage issue.

Every site tracks you. Privacy is dead. You're expect to put more and more info online, yet there are tons of huge data breaches all the time.

If you post something that isn't politically correct, even if it's really mild, there are people who will try to doxx you, swat you, get you fired, publicly shamed, and so on. Twitter is especially bad about this. You can make an off-hand comment once and then a legion of angry people will try to ruin your entire life.

Everything is increasingly politicized now too. And now people who are at any political extreme will say shit like "everything is political" and "ignoring issues is tone deaf" so they're trying to convert neutral people to one side or another. The whole "you're either with us or against us" mentality is bullshit, but it's more pervasive than ever before.

But not just that, the internet is everywhere. It's not just confined to desktops and computer rooms. People are always on their phones. If you do or say something someone doesn't like, they can instantly record you and put it online, getting their followers to harass you.

But even aside from people harassing you, I just hate how everything gets posted online. You hang out with someone, then they take a selfie and you're in the background so your picture is online. Instantly. Maybe I don't like the way I looked at that particular moment. Maybe I don't want everyone knowing where I am and what I'm doing. But photo etiquette has shifted from it being rude to taking photos of people to being rude if you object to having your photo taken. It's like people think that you can't just hang out or go somewhere without documenting proof that you did it. People are creating their own dossiers. The NSA doesn't even need to exist. People are willingly posting all the intimate details of their
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 40457 [Edit]
>Overpopulation is mostly an issue among brown-skinned cockroach people, and they'll probably never listen to that messaging.
That's a problem I'm... willing to help solve, whether they like it or not.

You can't deny we have populations too large to be supported by pre-industrial agriculture, and that's what concerns me. I don't personally think, based on how our societies structure our economies, that this state is sustainable in the long run. Not because of fuel or food or whatever, but because our allocation of resources is horrific. With current technology we could probably hit 100 billion if population momentum was great enough.

The real problem that keeps me up at night is this: so many natives in first world countries ( middle-upper class whites if I'm being honest ) are being paid or employed for positions that do not contribute to the production of directly useful goods and services. I don't think it's a bad thing to have upper or middle classes, or for them to be wealthy enough to live like this, so don't take me the wrong way. My problem is that it seems we're justifying employed positions of do-nothing work just to make sure the upper and middle classes retain their lifestyle. Retail workers selling goods made of imported materials, office jobs selling nothing, construction workers building nothing but new housing units to trade on the market. This isn't productive, to me. I'm concerned by how many jobs seem to produce so little actual value. I haven't done the math, but it seems pretty obvious to me that a tiny minority of the population is actually producing value and the rest are just moving product around or doing tiny amounts of work at a high price, in so many creative ways.

I just cannot imagine that having millions of people pushing cereal boxes around and building essentially cardboard houses is a good idea. There's no way I could be convinced that what we have right now specifically in the U.S. is a truly efficient economy. So much money just seems to go to keeping people alive, and doing jobs that don't actually produce a si
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 40458 [Edit]
We would not be able to house 100 billion people, not for any length of time anyway. As it is we are running out of resources, we will run out of fossil fuels one day, maybe not soon but one day and there are not enough resources to actually transition to green energy using the methods we are now, we could mine all the Uranium and it still would not be enough to power us, we don't have the rare earths to build the batteries and such we need either.

But I don't mean to be alarmist. These things sound bad but they are also the kinds of things that will sort themselves out in the long run. It's natural that when a resource starts to run out more is done to properly manage that resource. If the metals it takes to build a mobile phone become scare, prices of phones will go up meaning people stop buying a new one every year, phone makers start treating them as long life products and the cost of these metals will make recycling more viable than mining. We are in a time of abundance, a time of consumerism and we are only slowly coming to realise that this time will end one day, maybe not in our life time, but one day.

A sudden agricultural collapse won't end humanity, little realistically could at this point. Even the asteroid that wiped out non-Avian dinosaurs would not wipe us out, so long as a handful of people survive somewhere we will bounce back.

Most the useless jobs you mention are not actually useless, we need more houses and we are in a service economy so a lot of the jobs people have are based on selling things. We don't need many people to do any of the real, tangible work. Land is finite and modern technology allows small numbers of people to manage large amounts of land. People don't want to work in factories and where it's possible we offshore it, automation is bringing it back but that also is because small numbers of people can work large factories. And sure we do have useless jobs but that is because we live in a time that allows that, society would not have to coll
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 40613 [Edit]
I quit browsing imageboards until now not long after I made this post and a few others here. This was a devil's advocate post of mine that I made out of boredom to see what the reaction would be. Also, I found the thread quite dull compared to semi-similar threads on other places that had deep and interesting replies, so I wanted to see if making that post would have any impact. I think it was potentially worth it solely for learning about the lying flat movement. I might've never known about it if not for making that post.
That being said, my real stance is way off from the one I espoused there, though I wouldn't call myself anti-tech either. I would guess that we live in a dying world (it feels that way to me), maybe with a few cyberpunk elements thrown in, and if it is as such, we might as well enjoy it.
Broadly speaking, technology gives people tremendous conveniences but has the potential for annihilation of its system through something like a nuclear war or engineered pandemic (or maybe sci-fi disasters like an AI one).
I don't feel that concerned about the future for the simple reason that it would make no sense to feel concern if there is little or nothing that I can do about it, especially since the societal future is unknowable. If society is destined to collapse, then it will collapse, and if it is destined to become more dystopian, then it will be dystopian.
I'm okay with the internet being as is. It's an improvement on my life if I mainly use it to order books rather than lurking all sorts of small sites.
I used to think that life in the past would probably be better, but now, I am skeptical. Of course, if some time period is unambiguously bad, then I could say that I would want to avoid it, but otherwise, it would be a difficult decision. For example, would I rather be alive today or in the 19th century? But where in the 19th century, born into what country, what region, what class, what family members, what lifespan, what jobs available, et cetera?
As for "progress," I think it's mainly the elites nowadays who believe in that dream (no surprise there). I would assume that most of the lower and middle classe
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 40614 [Edit]
> semi-similar threads on other places that had deep and interesting replies
What are these other places?

Edit: Also I believe the fact that you didn't specify the post was meant to play devil's advocate ultimately stifled discussion since the tone of the post ended up coming off as dismissive and not conducive to fruitful back-forth discussion.

Post edited on 2nd Oct 2022, 3:58pm

File 160141560488.jpg - (96.81KB , 700x535 , kaguya_dualmonitor.jpg )
36129 No. 36129 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How long have you been on the internet? What are your best memories? How have your internet habit changed? Do you enjoy it nowadays? I would like this thread to be an open discussion to this beautiful yet flawed place that we all inhabit.
17 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 36313 [Edit]
> My best experience was a small non-English BBS with quite a nice community. I still miss friends from there, but it died quite suddenly when the admin went to Iraq and didn't come back so most people didn't connect up again.

I'm sorry to hear that, online communities just going down with no backup means of communication is always a tragedy.
>> No. 40603 [Edit]
File 166463829337.jpg - (419.15KB , 1600x1200 , 132314513374.jpg )
>How long have you been on the internet?
Complex question. I first experienced it on the PCs at school in 2004. After that I started going to internet cafes to play Runescape on and off.
In 2010 I could use my laptop in highschool to browse mostly anything, since I found proxies and whatnot to circumvent the school restrictions. I got into Wikia/fandom communities especially and small weeaboo YouTube communities.
I had the internet connected at home properly in 2011-2012. I discovered 4chan a matter of months after that and became obsessive about it.

>What are your best memories?
The Shazbowl, uncovering certain memes for the first time, reading things like Encylopedia Dramatica, making friends and forging communities.

>How have your internet habit changed?
I used to download a plethora of things back in the day with no VPN, was just generally very lax with internet security. More recently I've thought more seriously about that sort of thing, but I still don't know much and I probably make a lot of mistakes. I don't really browse 4chan much anymore, /v/ is an absolute shithole for example.

>Do you enjoy it nowadays?
Unsure. It's just still 'there'.
>> No. 40605 [Edit]
>How long have you been on the internet? How have your internet habit changed?
I did not grow up with a computer so as a kid all I used the internet for was playing flash games on school computers.
We got one when I was 16 but I still did not participate in online communities, my cousin told me about torrent sites so I used the internet for that, that did lead me to anime wallpapers which lead me to Konachan, anime in general and 4chan and thus imageboards. I was about 19 then. A lot of my online habits have been slow to form, I did not start using Youtube until a few years ago when I was 26 or something like that and even then I did not have a Youtube profile for years, I would just open a tap on my browser with every channel I liked.

>What are your best memories?
Discovering things for the first time and delving into them, whether that is a new tag on Geelbooru, or a new website about things I like.

Probably my best imageboard memories would have been of early 8chan /jp/ and /int/. They were fairly varied in the people there particularly /int/, like there were two desu posters that would have interesting discussions with me about things like the Prussian-Austrian war and I had another conversation with some guy about whether Hong Meiling was a cannibal or not, they are probably the only three posters that I have ever really liked. Well I mean that sounds bad but it's just that on imageboards like this I don't know the posters as individual posters, we don't use flags so a post could be made by anybody they don't create personas, so people can make good posts but I would not attribute them to one person. But anyway, then I left to do some IRL overseas stuff and when I came back they were gone and 8chan lost all it's appeal to me.

>Do you enjoy it nowadays?
I guess I still enjoy it or I would not be on it. It gets worse over time and I find it harder to find places that I feel comfortable in or to feel comfortable on the internet as a whole. I post on Tohno and Kissu, Tohno is fine, but Kissu has issues but is the best I can find like it, both sites together don't fill the things I want them too, they don't have the kind of discussion about the kinds o
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 40609 [Edit]
>How long have you been on the internet?
It depends on what you'd consider being "on the internet". I've been using computers and the internet since I was a tiny, pants-shitting child. My memories are practically nonexistent, I only really touched flash games on sites I probably got help with from my family members. A few years later I'd have my own computer where I was a little more independent because I probably learned to read. Primariy looking for porn because the teachers told us not to do so multiple times. It was around that time I stumbled onto 4chan. That would have been late-mid 2000's. I didn't pass the homepage because I saw a ton of words and not boobs. It just seemed like a boring site to my elementary school brain. Aside from porn I also lurked video game forums a bit, used youtube, and played flash games.
That was basically all I did until 2014 when I started using imageboards, and what a shitty time to start it was.

>What are your best memories?
I don't really have many memories. Internet was heavily limited in early 2017, and I didn't really have much fun until 2020 or so. It was alright at first, reading the epic screencaps, but outside of that, everything was always the same and anything new got immediately got old due to overuse. My best memories were pretty much all in the past couple years when I started focusing on small boards. /jp/ was also really fun for about a year. It was fun familiarizing myself with things I had occasionally seen over the years and digging through vague memories, probably from early youtube, flash games, and people I was around as a kid.

>How have your internet habit changed?
I don't waste as much time browsing these days. I still check often, but usually during whatever breaks I take. It's nice since this way I actually do stuff instead of being bored refreshing pages.

>Do you enjoy it nowadays?
Yes, but in a different way compared to how I used to. Nowadays it's less of a direct source of fun. More of a guide. I do still enjoy small boards. TC in particular is my favorite. It's a site I feel right at home at.

File 158593073047.jpg - (202.75KB , 850x1226 , __original_drawn_by_yuzuki_gao__sample-e749a5b9b61.jpg )
34491 No. 34491 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I'm out of the loop and I wanted to talk about this for a while. What's this "alt-chan alliance" thing and why is it bad?
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 34498 [Edit]
No, this is all on the public internet and there isn't anything illegal; it's just a bunch of imageboards all linking to each other.
>> No. 35296 [Edit]
Just a group of small (dead) imageboards who conspired to take down the remnants of 8chan and scoop up their users. It was an incredibly retarded plan that never would have worked and their plot was eventually exposed by the owner of
>> No. 35311 [Edit]
It was a thing centered around spacechan, getting jealous or scared or otherwise touchy about 420chan having the second highest popularity after 4skin. And so, seeing how 420 had quite a noticeable commited contingent of communists on its /pol/ (when it was there) or elsewhere, they wanted to have a distinct rival to all that.

So, spacechan did manage to actually muster a higher traffic /b/ than 420, naturally together with not having many other boards, in contrast to 420 where the users simply constantly ignored those boards and just posted on /high/ with grumbles that the other boards are to slow and shouldn't exist on "a board with only 50 users". But spacechan went to shit though, apparently due to one or two cohorts of "anallockman" flooding endless tranny pics, or some stuff very close, shortly after 420chan had axed its porn boards.

Oh yeah, 420 is of course is where the original transsexuality chan board, very ironically labelled /cd/, arose, until it tanked basically right upon the introduction of /lgbt/, which itself had some horrendously dramawhoring headcases, such as "Kayla".
>> No. 40604 [Edit]
It reminds me of when I browsed nuchan because the site owner, puddles I think, was rebelling against something that I can't even remember now.

I was in their IRC for a while but didn't say much. I wonder what those guys are all doing now.

File 160325044124.jpg - (178.30KB , 850x850 , sample_6f3cc870cc55734f66de0cdf5dff7b64a2d4b01c.jpg )
36373 No. 36373 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I like reading about cults. Their beliefs and practices aren't as interesting as how they change their members and what kind of people they attract. The parts of human nature they capitalize upon. Scientology is a "self-help" religion with typical self-help trappings. Everything is your fault, if something bad happens to you, it's your fault, etc. What's interesting about it is how it tries to "improve people" and what Hubbard considered improvement.

While it advertises itself as being all about "communication", they practice drills designed to remove their reaction to insults, yelling and the other person in general, to be able to disassociate at will and fake normalcy. Scientology is often described as lowering people's empathy and making them willing to do unscrupulous things. This "transformation" is flawed though in that Hubbard also had an interest in producing unquestioning slaves, hence the hypnosis and command following based "services".

Christian cults encourage a "keep sweet" personality. Never expressing negative emotions and being perpetually chipper. Cults use a lot of made up terminology to get people to think with specific worldview chosen by the creator. Cults are apart from society, but also give unique insight into it.

Post edited on 20th Oct 2020, 8:22pm
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>> No. 36561 [Edit]
There's probably plenty in Japanese.
>> No. 39431 [Edit]
I watched bad vegan the other day. It's not about a cult per say, but basically some crazy ex-military dude using cult-like techniques to brainwash an eminent raw-food cuisine chef and restaurant owner. I think some of you might appreciate it. The meat suit part is fucking hilarious.
>> No. 40191 [Edit]
Join my cult of silence
>> No. 40602 [Edit]
My friend whom I'm no longer in contact with went to a /fringe/ meetup once.
Apparently most people there were very stupid, which makes sense to me because he was not very smart either.

File 164573766370.jpg - (289.83KB , 2391x1251 , ukraine.jpg )
39258 No. 39258 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Russia declarations war on Ukraine.
39 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 40568 [Edit]
Well, I'm of the opinion that the US did it. The incentives are there
Regardless, I don't want to get nuked, anons: I haven't read enough manga; watched enough anime; read enough visual novels.
>> No. 40569 [Edit]
>I don't want to get nuked, anons
Unless you're in the ukraine or russia, I don't think there's any risk of this. Directly attacking any of the NATO countries would be a complete suicide mission, and despite media portrayal no world leader is genuinely irrational.

I wouldn't expect things to be completely a noop for the average citizen in russia. Given that US has signaled its intention to ensure russia will not intertwine with Europe, I can't really see any situation in which this ends favorably for Russia. At most they could cut their losses, but maybe they think they've already sunk so much resources into this and want to continue to some endgoal.
>> No. 40570 [Edit]
File 166433572783.jpg - (87.63KB , 1000x800 , __cirno_and_tanned_cirno_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_b.jpg )
>I don't want to get nuked
I'm always hiding behind no less than 12 proxies. In order for someone to nuke me they would have make a lucky guess.
You should do the same, to protect yourself from any sort of targetted attack, nuclear or otherwise.
>> No. 40590 [Edit]
Someone should tell Cirno she has skin cancer.

File 154850220657.jpg - (1.67MB , 3840x2160 , 152203.jpg )
31969 No. 31969 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Are there any weeaboos who post here? Seen any neat jap stuff lately?
The emperor is retiring in a few months, that seems pretty exciting.
55 posts and 19 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 40318 [Edit]
File 166110948875.png - (25.49KB , 165x163 , UD9A0Qw.png )
>I like japanese but am not japanese
That's a paddlin'
>> No. 40325 [Edit]
as a weeaboo I don't like normalfags going to japan but it's the way it is
>> No. 40530 [Edit]
Fukushima presents Samurai school
>> No. 40549 [Edit]
File 16641908709.gif - (1.30MB , 600x319 , 202209Z.gif )
Flick that katana.

File 157527040413.jpg - (3.79MB , 5312x2988 , 20190820_154346.jpg )
33740 No. 33740 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
do you own any pets
23 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 35823 [Edit]
Ducks. They can fly, swim and walk. The ultimate all-terrain animal; also more social than geese.
>> No. 35976 [Edit]
I owned a kitty which I loved, but she died of old age. I won't be in a position to own another pet for years because the house is too small and my parents are too old.
>> No. 40459 [Edit]
I want a sugar glider. Wheeeee...
>> No. 40473 [Edit]
We have too many animals. Big messy dogs and stupid cats. None are mine.
I'd like to get a frog maybe, or some other amphibian or reptile. Probably won't though. I doubt I'll be able to provide the best conditions for them.

File 149590925968.jpg - (577.01KB , 728x1024 , IoriTCG.jpg )
30170 No. 30170 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Iori's old hairstyle was better.
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 40331 [Edit]
It's a good memory of when mecha as a genre wasn't on life support
>> No. 40332 [Edit]
File 16613120633.png - (288.26KB , 608x1428 , Hida_Iori_full_3723008.png )
Inferior Iori
>> No. 40333 [Edit]
If you're into foreheads sure. For my money I prefer the newer style.
>> No. 40334 [Edit]
More like fiveheads amarite?

File 16611062952.jpg - (9.98KB , 126x112 , 20211119_092238.jpg )
40315 No. 40315 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I am interested in too many things, jumping from one interest to another, and never being able to settle down.

I have ADHD too, just for context and I take Zoloft as well.

Is it normal to be interested in so many things?
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 40319 [Edit]
Well, it may not be fully viable. I want to host a website but at the same time, I want to write screenplays. As a result, I feel like I've been going nowhere.
>> No. 40320 [Edit]
I don't see why you can't do both?
>> No. 40321 [Edit]
>want to host a website
Seems like rather low-hanging fruit. It's basically trivial to do so, the difficult part is finding content to put on there. And you said you like screenplays, so why not use that as the content as >>40320 said.
>> No. 40326 [Edit]
I'll consider doing something with it. Thanks for the advice anon!

Post edited on 22nd Aug 2022, 6:59pm

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