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File 152943974985.png - (169.81KB , 750x750 , 1514515602818.png )
31635 No. 31635 [Edit]
A lot of people talk about visiting Japan, but if you had the option to full on move there, would you do it?
>> No. 31636 [Edit]
I'd love to, but my concern is I don't think I'd be able to find work there. Not everyone can be an English teacher after all.
>> No. 31637 [Edit]
It would depend entirely on what living there would entail in terms of assumptions on the situation but it'd be interesting. I don't harbour any ideas of it being half as idyllic as all the escapism and/or photography paints it as but it's an interesting place and I wouldn't be opposed to the idea. I have actually applied for work there before but my qualifications tend to push me in other directions so they were more spinning the wheel than realistic attempts.
>> No. 31638 [Edit]
I've entertained the idea, especially after having been there. The problem is having to work.
>> No. 31639 [Edit]
Not being able to understand what people say would sure make dealing with them easier, so sure why not.
>> No. 31641 [Edit]
Not Japan, but I've gone to China before and I'm probably going back again soon.

Not really. A language barrier can make things like going to the store harder. You can get by without speaking the language, but it's not easy.

You might not have small talk with people, but there will be situations when you have to look up images on your phone to show someone what you mean, or you might even have to awkwardly do charades to try and get the message across. Those are both things I did in China.

People will also treat you differently for looking different and speaking a different language. Sometimes it can be cool to get extra attention, but sometimes it sucks. When I was in China, at least in the more remote areas as opposed to the big metropolitan cities I went to, people would call me "laowai" when I walked past, take pictures of me without my permission (they were trying to be sneaky but I could see it anyway), etc. People make it very clear that they are aware of how different you are. It can make you self-conscious at times.

Japan is more expensive in China, but I also noticed that people in China would charge you more money because they assume all foreigners are rich. Locals pay cheaper prices. You can always try to haggle, but you won't always be successful. And even if you do haggle, like getting a "150" yuan item down to 50, it might only be worth 20.

Oh yeah, and toilets are different too. Squat toilets are really awkward and take a while to get used to.

When you study abroad in a foreign country, first you have a honeymoon phase, where everything is new and cool. Then that dies down. Then you get culture shock, where you're stressed out by the differences, like different language, packed subway system, bathroom difference, high population density and a lack of personal space, people staring at you, and stuff like that. After a while, you get used to it, but you'll be glad when you get back to your home country.

People don't realize just what makes up culture. It's more than language and food and media, that's for sure. There are so many little things that you take for granted, or just don't think will be different in another country. But they are. And they will bother you.
>> No. 31643 [Edit]
When you put it like that, it sounds worse, but if course that's china, not japan. A lot of what you mentioned, like people ripping you off becuase you are a foreigner, is just standard third world shit. And really, if one has the money to travel to such a country on their own will and not out of necessity, they are indeed correct that foreigners are weathier. Japan, at least the way it seems from what I gather, is more americanized than other asian countries, not to mention the people being well off. I wouldn't once think of traveling anywhere else in asia, even if it were free.

Post edited on 21st Jun 2018, 10:22pm
>> No. 31681 [Edit]
Having a closer proximity to otaku merch isn't reason enough for me to move to a foreign country permanently. Other than that, what real benefit would moving there hold?
>> No. 31682 [Edit]
I see two benefits to moving to Japan. Firstly, because of my continual exposure of it through media, Japan makes me feel comfortable. Secondly, I can fully cut myself off from my family. Once I have enough money, I'm going to move out and never talk to my family again. I'm not obligated to stay anywhere, so I might as well live in Japan. I'm already learning Japanese because of hentai and I'm already in Asia, so moving to Japan won't be a big culture shock.
>> No. 31683 [Edit]
I do consider moving to Japan in a few years.
The main problem is that Japan isn't very immigrant friendly. To move there you basically need to find a job before you go there or marry a Japanese woman.
They only want people that pay taxes.

But learning Japanese is a good first step.
>> No. 31686 [Edit]
Serious question, is it really that you like Japan that much, or is it more that you just dislike your current living situation and you want to escape?
>> No. 31688 [Edit]
It's both. I do not like my current living situation, and I want to escape. When that time comes, it'll be when I have enough to move where I want. Since I can move anywhere, I might as well pick the country that I feel the most comfortable.
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