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File 164659401142.png - (1.00MB , 1020x1100 , new.png )
39318 No. 39318 [Edit]
Ponderings general 3. Post things you've thought about.
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>> No. 41609 [Edit]
File 169093025586.jpg - (158.96KB , 850x583 , toolarge.jpg )
I thought about that comparison. When you're asleep, you're still alive though. Your brain does stuff and you have dreams.

I not trying to bum anyone out. This has just been eating away at me for a couple of days now.
>> No. 41610 [Edit]
Your mistake is thinking that you are anything special when alive, or that there's a "self" in the first place. There is no continuous self, only memories and thoughts.

> I think dead people are no different from rocks and dirt.
An alive person is only "alive" in the sense of being able to respond to stimulus. Your "sense of self" is not what makes one alive.

>I think nobody really has the answers, just distractions and comforting delusions.
Most people refuse to accept the answer, so they cling to dualist philosophy or supernatural beliefs. In fact they don't want to accept it, because they think they'd be giving up something and they enjoy being intertwined with their experiences. The only point of meditation is to get one to realize that there's a distinction; once you realize that, anything beyond is pointless (and in fact counterproductive, since there's nothing else to achieve). It's really not complex or deep, but for some reason people overcomplicate it. Once you realize it, seeing people debate the idea of p-zombies is hilarious.
>> No. 41611 [Edit]
>I think it'll just be a nice sleep.
It cannot be the same, because you always come out of sleep and the continuity of self remains unbroken. Nor can it the same as whatever state you get into during "meditation", again because the continuity remains. I think maybe the closest thing you can do is to realize that there is no self (either first by recognizing and then disassociating from inner dialogue, or by whatever other means you want), and then once you intuitively understand there is only a body that responds to stimulus and stored memories, there's nothing magical or fearful about death. Supposedly some buddhist traditions had people visualize their own deaths and burials until they got the idea, I guess maybe it's for the same reason.
>> No. 41612 [Edit]
What do you think about "self" being an emergent property? Sure it can be broken down into parts, but does that really mean there isn't a whole, or that the whole has no value? It seems like your solution is to deem the experience of being alive an "illusion," and therefore not worth preserving.
>> No. 41613 [Edit]
>experience of being alive an "illusion"
Not sure what you mean. Your experiences are not an illusion, because they are real experiences; if you hit your hand on the door, that's certainly a real experience. Maybe by the "illusion" stuff you mean the "sense of self" that people have? I would not say that's an illusion because people do genuinely claim to have one, but it's more of a false shadow. You can identify a self with your thoughts if you want, and in doing it's "real" (at least in the sense that you genuinely think that there is a self-conscious "you"). But there is a mode of living where there is no such strong association. (Very few people can break it entirely, practically the best you can hope for is to just loosen it a bit).

That's what I meant by people refusing to accept it. They like associating a coherent self with their thoughts, because they think it makes life "meaningful". I guess there's nothing inherently wrong with this, but one can see that most people don't actually seem to be content with this, because they still crave answers for questions of meaning, fear death, etc. (And it's also not really their own "self" at all. 95% of their "self" is a product of society, as you can clearly see by how people all seem to parrot the same opinions). If you want to have that association, fine, but then seeking answers on death is akin to trying to find the answer for a problem you brought about on yourself.

>What do you think about "self" being an emergent property
That goes to the question of "why" humans have the capacity to form this persistent self-image while other organisms do not. Saying it's an "emergent property" is a meaningless answer that doesn't tell you much. What gets lost when you try to break down an "emergent phenomenon" into parts is the structure, and that structure is the key. That's something for the scientists to study. Either way, what that structure is is not really relevant for your functioning in day to day life. Maybe it's useful if you want to create some AI-type stuff.
>> No. 41614 [Edit]
File 169093834551.jpg - (3.33MB , 3508x2023 , c05826c954d66d819c85f0cf6730d034.jpg )
>because they think it makes life "meaningful"
I don't know if that's the reason. I think it's something people are naturally inclined to do. My thoughts are separate from yours, so they're not shared. Many thoughts take a form that's similar to our 5 physical sense. The "narration" in my head sounds like how I perceive my own voice.

If I had to put into words what I want, it's for things to not change, and to know for sure that they wont change.
>> No. 41617 [Edit]
Of course it won't be the exact same, but I think it's the closest it gets. I fall unconscious a lot lately and I feel like it's likely what death will be like in nearly every way other than the waking back up part.
Sure, your brain is still doing a lot of shit when you're passed out if not more, but as far as your consciousness goes, can't be so different.
>> No. 41618 [Edit]
>I fall unconscious a lot lately
that doesn't sound healthy
>> No. 41624 [Edit]
I've realized that I had my phone on mono audio for years. Just about everything sounds way better now. I wonder about a lot of songs now and what little details I've missed in the sound.
>> No. 41627 [Edit]
File 169120143480.jpg - (664.46KB , 850x604 , size.jpg )
update: It's about the fifth day that I've been stuck on this. Tried all sorts of optimistic trains of thought. I guess it's better now since I'm not freaking out like I was, but it's still hanging over me like a cloud. What's most annoying is how it started from a random thought I had while lying in bed at night.

It's not just about myself. I think about all the people I know dying, and wonder whether they're bothered by that. Even apply it to fictional characters. Like, do they ever doubt if what they do is worthwhile? The alternative of laying in bed and waiting in despair is obviously not preferable, but still.

Post edited on 4th Aug 2023, 7:12pm
>> No. 41704 [Edit]
I was thinking earlier about how you'll sometimes read that you get used to being alone. While true, I've certainly gotten used to it, I didn't realize then that it doesn't mean it gets less lonely. Getting used to a condition doesn't mean it ceases to exist.
It's a simple thing, but sometimes it's the simple things that are hardest to understand.
>> No. 41706 [Edit]
i like image board. especially the ones with good weaboo-ish aesthetic.
>> No. 41744 [Edit]
File 169329419455.png - (1.34MB , 1920x1080 , middle schooler.png )
A screenshot from Code Lyoko. This character is like 13. What a trip. The Frenchies had some balls in 2006.
>> No. 41745 [Edit]
Goodness, I forgot about this. I recall it being good as a young lad too.
>> No. 41759 [Edit]
Berserk doesn't have very good action/fight scenes. There are individual panels and pages that look good, but there's often a lack of "continuity" (for lack of a better word) between panel that make these scenes unsatisfying to read through, in my experience. I think this is one of the main reasons why Berserk's anime adaptations are notorious for their poor animation: they simply don't have much to work with from the source material. I should probably give some examples, but it's been a while since I've last read Berserk and there aren't any I can think of off the top of my head. This is just a sentiment I know I've had while reading it in the past.
>> No. 41761 [Edit]
I really liked his fight with the fairy girl. Thinks it's the best one in Berserk.
>> No. 41763 [Edit]
File 169375701911.jpg - (471.83KB , 595x842 , __minami_mirei_and_dorothy_west_pretty_and_1_more_.jpg )
Could one acquire mathematics "intuitively" by exposure alone - just like a language, I wonder?
>> No. 41764 [Edit]
I think for some people, but not most. You don't really need math to survive and it doesn't really have a social aspect.

Post edited on 3rd Sep 2023, 11:47am
>> No. 41765 [Edit]
Yes and no. Exposure will make you more likely to acquire math, but that's not specific to math. Someone who's exposed to music since childhood will probably be a better musician than someone who just started learning, both because of the duration and also because repeated exposure allows for layered understanding.

But the faculties we have to acquire language likely will not help in acquiring mathematics, because the core of mathematics is abstraction. As a child when you acquire language, there are actually two conceptual hurdles: one is to understand that things can be symbolic in nature (see [1]), and once you understand that then all that remains is learning which symbols are associated with which words, and the grammar of how you can compose symbols. We can see that the former is actually learned fairly quickly, it's the latter which takes quite a long time to master.

But with mathematics, the level of abstraction is much higher. It's all well and good to spend a few months learning about the number system, how numerals can abstract out counts of quantities, how you can operate on them via multiplicative and additive transforms. But mathematics goes further: we have these whole numbers, can we complete them so we can have inverses? Now that we have some abstract operations we can perform, let's throw away the concrete numbers themselves and study solely those operations: what structure do we see in those operations (group theory/abstract algebra). You have these abstract objects called "sets" or "groups", without caring about the specific group what structure do you see in the relation between _these_ objects (category theory).

Basically compared to the abstractness of math, human language is no comparison.

>> No. 41777 [Edit]
"Return to tradition" types don't know what civility is. During a lot of the time periods they romanticize, being insulted by someone was grounds for killing them in a duel, yet these people go out of their way to be as obnoxiously abrasive as possible.
>> No. 41781 [Edit]
Possibly a dumb thing.
One of my parents works at a fast food restaurant. The management really doesn't want them to leave because they have a really hard time finding help. I've seen help wanted signs outside of every fastfood place I've driven past for a long time now.
It has me wondering now. What happens when these places can't find anyone? like at all? I don't think I've seen any that have been closed down, which in retrospect seems a bit odd considering no one likes to work at them. You'd think surely every now and then you'd see one or two that stay closed till they can hire some people. Maybe this has happened but I haven't seen it yet. Even after covid when these places struggled the most to hire people, they'd always have 1-2 people, they'd simply be drive in only. What happens if a chain really can't find a single person willing to work there? Do people from other locations get forced to work there?
Have you guys seen any closed down because of lack of staff?
>> No. 41786 [Edit]
Sageru is an important factor in the health of an imageboard. Proper usage correlates with higher quality discourse.
Nothing novel, but it's something I think about often when I'm lurking other boards besides tohno-chan and a few others.
>> No. 41861 [Edit]
File 169881654549.jpg - (531.35KB , 2039x2894 , 67c326acfc1b173f9afb4819c3888e40.jpg )
You ever notice how regardless of the place and topic, you'll find insufferable elitists anywhere? Today I went on /x/ for the first time ever, and I kid you not, there's people who are elitist about their belief in ghosts, and call anybody who doubts their existence "midwits".
>> No. 41862 [Edit]
That's standard parlance for 4chan though; going on /x/ and saying that there aren't ghosts is like going on /pol/ and saying that maybe the jews aren't so bad, the board basically exists for the sake of those with opposing viewpoint.
>> No. 41863 [Edit]
>call anybody who doubts their existence "midwits"
That's not even the proper usage of the term.
>> No. 41864 [Edit]
There is no correct usage. It's code for "nobody is allowed to have an opinion on this except 'experts'". Only elitists use it.
>> No. 41866 [Edit]
Incorrect, friend. You should take a breather.
>> No. 41867 [Edit]
I am ashamed to admit, but I spent a significant portion of my life caring far too much about the opinions of posturing elitists.
Some years ago on 8chan, I, sucked into /pol/'s paradigm, decided to spend time on the communist-board of the site, in order to study their documents, so I can better immunise myself against their arguments. Then, I observed something that was, to me at that time, unthinkable:
(Paraphrasing) "Nazis want to own their wife, because they're insecure, so they think that if she's free to select other men, she won't come back."
That's right. A man is insecure for wanting his wife to be faithful to him. Now, I know enough about this "private property" stuff to see why they think this, but I was still taken aback by it, and still am years later. It's basically become the cornerstone of my current paradigm: You can always flip an insecurity argument.
Nazis can argue that a communist doesn't demand fidelity because he's insecure that she wouldn't be "faithful" without this freedom.
Communists can argue demanding fidelity is due to insecurity for the reasons I stated.
The strong can say that the smart work on their brains to compensate for lack of braun, and the smart can argue vice-versa.
Atheists will say "Christians are afraid of the dark."
Christians will say "Atheists are afraid of the light."
You can always flip an insecurity argument. All insecurity arguments do, is coax you into internalising the values of the one making them.
Have you seen that YouTube video: "goblins will see you teleport and say 'he can't afford a steed'"?

This is still a resounding epiphany for me that I frequently reflect upon and remember. I suppose it's a natural offshoot of moral relativism, but I, too invested in pride, could not see this for the longest time.

So, going back to you: Everyone's an elitist, and everyone who opposes an elitist is insecure.
>> No. 41892 [Edit]
first off, the majority of posts on 4chan are made by bots. just spreading the word in case youre unaware.
second, what the fuck happened to lurking? yes, some people really do just need to shut up. be MADE to shut up, by any means necessary really. the hostility is intentional, its to get you to either fuck off or actually educate yourself on the bare minimum of board culture.

youre absolutely insane if you think your opinion (having been on the board for ONE DAY) is equivalent to that of someone whos been posting there for years. it just isnt. shut the fuck up and listen to those who have been there longer than you, have more knowledge than you, and have been through the exact same surface level arguments your dumbass is about to make.

"elitist" is not an insult. some people really are better than others, thats reality.
>> No. 41893 [Edit]
>youre absolutely insane if you think your opinion (having been on the board for ONE DAY) is equivalent to that of someone whos been posting there for years
It's not a forum. Part of anonymity means it doesn't matter how long you've posted on a board for. There's no evidence that you or anybody else didn't show up last Thursday. The "lurk more" meme comes from /b/, because nobody feels like explaining the same dumb in-joke hundreds of times.

>"elitist" is not an insult. some people really are better than others, thats reality.
You believe in ghosts, don't you?

Post edited on 9th Nov 2023, 6:45pm
>> No. 41894 [Edit]
File 169958602668.jpg - (145.66KB , 500x1200 , averagefaggotonx.jpg )
>Part of anonymity means it doesn't matter how long you've posted on a board for
yeah so long as you dont act like an insolent newfag, which you apparently cant refrain from doing. sure you COULD suddenly arrive at a board and start making quality posts, but you didnt did you? the bar isnt very high on /x/ either, you arent expected to know everything about the occult and paranormal, loads of people are happy to share what they know with you.

>You believe in ghosts, don't you?
not relevant
>> No. 41895 [Edit]
>There's no evidence that you or anybody else didn't show up last Thursday.
The evidence would be whatever you happen to post. If I were to post to TC as if I were posting to 4chan, you and everybody else would infer that I were new here. And it just so happens that the substance of one's posts is oft a function of one's time spent on a board.
>> No. 41896 [Edit]
File 169963172216.jpg - (414.90KB , 2900x4096 , 350b1c7e3904b58942fdddf6d59cdd3c.jpg )
>you didnt did you?
I didn't post. Some guy who's apparently a physics major made a thread asking if there's any hard evidence for spirits, which discounts eye witness testimony. Fags were giving him shit just for that. If he was telling the truth about being a physics major, I'd bet he's far more intelligent than the average /x/ user.

Elitists like to insinuate that they're more innately intelligent, but in arguments they list off books they read on a subject, like that gives their opinions more weight. Nobody argues like that when it's about math or science. Whenever the topic isn't bullshit at its core really, which you don't have to be an expert to realize.

I don't see what's so hard about "don't be an arrogant cunt, especially about stupid bullshit, have some humility". If I were talking about furries or something, which I'm sure there's elitists among, I bet you'd agree with me.
>> No. 41899 [Edit]
>don't be an arrogant cunt, especially about stupid bullshit, have some humility
has anyone ever told you youre autistic? no i mean really, this goes beyond regular ignorance and stupidity. like christ, "WHY ARE THEY GETTING SO WORKED UP ITS JUST STUPID BULLSHIT!???". i dunno man, they must be LITERALLY retarded, thats all we can conclude if were being honest right? why else would they be so hostile to a PHYSICIST after all? dont they know hes smarter than all of them combined, jeez some people gotta get a clue!

you cant let it slide man... go back there and set the record straight, make those fools ADMIT they dont have any real, HARD evidence.
>> No. 41900 [Edit]
You're obviously taking this very personal. You write like someone from 4chan, so why don't you fuck off back there?
>> No. 41901 [Edit]
File 169968540394.jpg - (148.60KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tat.jpg )
Let's all cool off with some Mountain View.
>> No. 41902 [Edit]
lmao, sorry who just got back from browsing 4chan?

anyways, no, just because im insulting you doesnt mean im personally offended. you legitimately come across as autistic, theres nothing left to be said. come to terms with that reality sooner than later so you can avoid getting mocked in the future.

>> No. 41903 [Edit]
> who just got back from browsing 4chan
Last week, on Halloween.

I know you're a regular poster there. It's blindingly obvious. And I know you're not a regular here. I'm going to keep posting on tc how I feel like, and you can fuck off back to 4chan, where all the other bullshit experts are.

Post edited on 11th Nov 2023, 8:30am
>> No. 41911 [Edit]
you tarnish 4chan's reputation >:(
>> No. 41914 [Edit]
All the time. Thing is, restaurant business is always very thin margin and cutthroat so even if a location closes down, others will buy it since all equipment is already in place. They might not even change the name of the business. The most resilient ones are Asian/Indian because it's basically extended family working there. This applies to large franchises too.
>> No. 41929 [Edit]
that makes sense
I never thought about it that way
>> No. 41959 [Edit]
File 17014677927.jpg - (381.16KB , 1920x2707 , IMG_0002.jpg )
M3 has come, and 8gb is still the base, for laptops and the iMac.

>Actually, 8GB on an M3 MacBook Pro is probably analogous to 16GB on other systems
>People need to look beyond the specifications and actually go and understand how that technology is being used. That's the true test.
>Adobe recommends 16gb ram for Lightroom on both windows and mac
>As someone who has used the systems, I can report that 8GB is still probably too low for most people. Even if you’re not using high-end apps, Safari and Photoshop can use several gigs of RAM. But perhaps more importantly, if you’re buying a Pro machine, you should get more RAM than someone buying a MacBook Air.

There's a reason the second-hand market is flooded with base model MacBooks. The magic of vendor lock-in. As for people who literally only browse the web, they would be more than fine with a sub-$700 chromebook, which you can find models of that have an "analogous" 16gb of ram.

Post edited on 1st Dec 2023, 2:06pm
>> No. 41961 [Edit]
>probably analagous to 16GB of RAM
If any of what they were saying was true, they would post some sort of benchmark to show just how much the 8GB of RAM actually is in this laptop costing thousands of dollars. Apple is such a scummy company. Next thing you know apple is going to start selling downloadble RAM boosters applications to power up your RAM capabilities, 1k per GB of course.
>> No. 42435 [Edit]
>The lightweight laptops include no fans, relying instead on passive cooling to provide a silent computing experience.
>The external chassis hit 46 degrees at its hottest point.
>he M2 SoC had similar 'overheating' issues, but there is no evidence that they were able to reach the same extreme temperatures recorded on the M3 system

For the average user this doesn't matter much, but it's still funny.
>> No. 42474 [Edit]
File 171138524482.jpg - (890.64KB , 2894x4093 , __izayoi_sakuya_touhou_drawn_by_ahase_hino__dde18f.jpg )
I've been thinking about the perceptions other people seem to have of me. Even in adulthood, I get the nonsense about being the creepy silent type. Often people will go as far as to call me a psychopath or what have you. They certainly have a far more intimidating image than reality. It used to bother me to be viewed like that, but now I figure it's just as well.
In truth, I'm just a man that has learned to be "content" with just himself and enjoying his hobbies. Even if I did start socializing and expressing myself a bit more openly, I'd still have no reason to burden myself with pointless relationships. If that makes me mentally ill, then I do not want to be mentally healthy.
>> No. 42475 [Edit]
Many people struggle to wrap their head around the simple fact that not everybody feels a need to socialize, pursue a relationship, or whatever.
>> No. 42477 [Edit]
>not everybody feels a need to socialize
True, and those people aren't having exchanges on imageboards.
>> No. 42478 [Edit]
File 171145990299.jpg - (271.38KB , 500x500 , __takagaki_kaede_idolmaster_and_1_more_drawn_by_sa.jpg )
What are you implying? I doubt people who post on imageboards do so with the main purpose of satisfying social needs. Talking to someone on voice chat doesn't feel satisfying either. I've taken breaks from IBs just because and it didn't make a difference besides giving me more free time to do anything else.

Post edited on 26th Mar 2024, 6:43am
>> No. 42480 [Edit]
File 171147793795.jpg - (5.01MB , 2480x3508 , 112409314_p0.jpg )
Maybe you'd disagree, but I think there's a difference between socializing and communicating, the latter being what people do on imageboards. While there is a social aspect to communication, exchanging information is the primary goal of communication, while socializing uses exchanging information as an excuse to be around others.

Posting on imageboards also lacks properties I consider intrinsic to socializing:
It's not in real-time, so you're not "with" anybody while you do it.
Everyone is anonymous, so you aren't forming or maintaining connections.

I can see why someone who hates "social interaction" would avoid imageboards; if they're simply disinterested in socializing, I don't see why they wouldn't use imageboards as a source of information or place to self-express.
>> No. 42482 [Edit]
File 171151157422.gif - (46.60KB , 400x353 , 1702490760776574.gif )
I had this game i thought about making and its an arena fps game. I know that they are dying but this idea could revive it if i can make just right. It would have some sort of a loadout system but does not restrict the player from getting all the weapons, your starting weapon can be changed instead of starting with a machine gun, you can start with a shotgun or lightning gun. I also want grenades to be in the game, i got the idea from DOOM 2016, the best idea i had was a sticky grenade and a landmine.
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