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File 165460003041.jpg - (382.84KB , 602x878 , 62163145_p0.jpg )
39794 No. 39794 [Edit]
What are some things that really bug you?
Things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!
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>> No. 39796 [Edit]
Wire grass trimmers. Here where I live the noise goes on day after day and they also dont give much fuck about cars and windows and people. I know there are countries where they are regulated but in this post-communist shithole, there is none.
And I hate the fact that all the insane noise is seen here as perfectly fine. All the wood-cutting and grinding and drilling and kids on bikes and quads. Its one reason I like winter more.
>> No. 39798 [Edit]
File 165460886492.png - (487.67KB , 561x951 , f774e01eb8d3ee03fc2704060c6646513926eba7.png )
At least they serve a mostly benign purpose, making the grass look orderly and nice and they're really effective at that. If you dislike trimmers I would like to know your opinion on one of the dumbest machines I've ever seen; the leaf blower. Literally a machine built for flinging shit, garbage and debris up in the air at high speeds. That's all it does. I've seen people using one of those and then using a rake afterwards because a leaf blower does nothing right but noise and flinging shit up in the air. It's so amazingly innefective I can't believe it's a thing people buy. Rakes are better in every way and they actually sound very nice. Not as nice as a broom brooming pavement, that sounds best but a rake sounds good, too.
>> No. 39801 [Edit]
File 165462223451.jpg - (500.29KB , 1600x1200 , shrine.jpg )
I dont dislike them, I dislike how people use them. Most could use a push mover that is more quiet and doesnt send stones flying into cars windows and peoples faces but they use the wire thing even on totally flat surfaces because I dont know why.
Leaf blowers are not that popular here yet (fortunately) but I see them occasionally and it kind of feels like distopia. Like, will we have a machine for every single thing eventually?
>> No. 39839 [Edit]
I used to them for mowing the lawn, but that's because I am afraid of lawn mowers. The issue is that it just cuts grass and then leaves it there, that keeps it down but it doesn't look brilliant. So now I have a push powered lawn mower.
>> No. 39844 [Edit]
Is the rake inferior to the broom for leaf sweeping in all types of ground? I think the rake only beats the broom when it comes to to sweeping hard-ish fruits on grass. These would be fruits that got bitten by animals and fell on the grass, so you would want to throw them away, but a broom would send them rolling aimlessly, while the rake holds them in their place. However I tried doing this a few months ago, and the fruits were a little soft and the rake was too hard on them, so I decided to pick them by the hand. I don't know if I'm missing something, but rakes don't seem very effective.
>> No. 39849 [Edit]
I used my trimmer for the first time today after getting some string in the mail this morning. Noise bothers the hell out of me too, but I use an electric battery powered trimmer and mower. They don't make half as much noise as the gas powered ones most people around here use. I swear those things you can hear from a block away. They also come with the benefit of being able to start and stop them easily, no need for yanking away at a string. Who knows, maybe they'll grow in popularity for your area. Batteries for these things might be pricey, but buying and storing gas in containers can be a pain.

I've seen people do that, and yeah I don't really get it. I specifically got mine to cut areas that are hard or impossible to reach with my mower. I tested it out a little on flat spots I missed with said mower, and found it sucks at that, hard. I pretty much ruined some spots doing that, taking the grass down to the dirt because it was hard to judge the height with the thing.

Post edited on 13th Jun 2022, 2:08pm
>> No. 39850 [Edit]
I don't care what you like, who you like, how you like it.
What I don't like, is having what you like constantly shoved in my face. I don't need to know or want to know what you get off to anymore than you want to know what I get off to. I don't take "pride" in my sexual interests, plaster it on flags and march down the streets announcing it to the world. Keep it to yourself, whatever it is, the way any civilized person would.
>> No. 39851 [Edit]
Things that bother us are a good target to realize our attachments. Unchain yourself from expectations. That's what I try to do. Sorry, I'm preaching.
諸行無常 色即是空。
>> No. 39852 [Edit]
Maybe it's because I'm a shut-in(probably), but I hear people complain about this MUCH more than I see what they're complaining about.
>> No. 39853 [Edit]
I follow political shit because it's fun, and I can attest that it's pushed by massive corps, institutions, and government. Or at least it is in the States.
Though I think this discussion is more suitable for /tat/ than here.
>> No. 39854 [Edit]
File 165517900134.jpg - (1.03MB , 1800x2523 , f376d6bfe09ede7a22799a9ee7af7167.jpg )
I'm not saying this about you, but your post got me thinking. While my view is that the vast majority of people, including myself, are "insignificant", they can still live an enjoyable life. So it makes more sense for a person to focus on that, instead of things they don't like and have no control over.

Image board, armchair pundits, are like vampires. Not only do they spend time doing the opposite of the above, they try to make others do the same. They do it under the pretense of an end goal, but there is no end goal. I am 100% certain it doesn't exist. It's a delusion. In 50 years, they wont be remembered by anyone, like everyone else wont be, except they'll have spent their limited time making each other miserable, for no reason what so ever. I guess a false of importance and control.

They can waste their lives like that. I don't want to be sucked into it though.
>> No. 39856 [Edit]
People enjoy different things, and one can have more than one interest or hobby. That's all there is to it.
>> No. 39862 [Edit]
It would be nice to be able to completely block light from coming inside my room in an elegant manner. I suppose I can hang blankets and do some makeshift but it looks so depressing and ugly that way. Installing effective blinds costs money. I don't want to be in a cave 7 days a week but sometimes I do feel like spending the day in the dark. I supppose I can shut my eyes wrap a blanket around my head but then I can't the computer monitor.
>> No. 39864 [Edit]
You can do it yourself, it doesn't cost that much money. Get one of the wrap around curtain rods (should be around $20), and then a blackout curtain (depending on window size, may be anywhere from $40 - $50).
The other option is to get that blackout cloth you install via suction cups, but honestly that seems more of a hassle to install/uninstall every time than the curtain rod solution.

Also be aware that to synchronize circadian rhythm, you need to be exposed to light after you wake up (ideally it would be outdoor light, but since most people here probably don't spend much time outdoors then even having the blinds up is valuable). Similarly using the computer in low light will contribute to myopia (or more specifically, lack of exposure to bright light is one of the contributing factors. Not known if this is still true outside the critical adolescent period, but then using in dark will also accelerate any existing myopia that you already have since in darker rooms you end up having to move the screen closer).
>> No. 39874 [Edit]
Homeless people. I just wanted to get some fresh air and relax on my shitposting bench as I often do on my late night walks. I was going to sit there for a few minutes and make a few low effort posts somewhere, but some homeless man was sleeping on the bench across from it.
Damn those homeless. So selfish and inconsiderate. I weep for the lost property value.
>> No. 39880 [Edit]
I hate that all modern things are designed to fail within a few years. Even fucking computer mice will fail within a year (including those overpriced gamer mice) all because they use shitty Chinese metal. And I'm not joking about that - 99% of all mice use switches manufactured by Omron, and it's been a known problem for about a decade that they end up failing within 2 years because the spring/bistable switch ends up either oxidizing or bending.
>> No. 39896 [Edit]
File 165642637135.jpg - (51.81KB , 525x700 , 3b3d622d5c1626c71ab9843d7f476189.jpg )
Jewelry is dumb. I've had it explained to me many times by my mom how jewelry is supposed to enhance a women's appearance. At best, I understand it on an abstract level. It can look nice on its own, or maybe even catch my attention(rarely), but it doesn't really make the woman look better, just richer.

The most interesting jewelry tends to not even be the most expensive, which are pretty much just wearable containers for a massive stone(s). I can't relate at all to getting excited over being given jewelry as a gift, like you've seen in a thousand western movies and tv shows. It doesn't perform any real function. It's not even clothing, which is a lot more noticeable.

At the end of the day, an attractive women dressed in rags will always be more appealing than an average rich woman whose decked out with fashionable clothes and has jewels strapped to their body and protruding from holes in their ears. Maybe I'm weird for thinking that, or maybe jewelry is less about catering to men and more about boosting their own ego and status among other women. So all in all, it's kind of disgusting to me.
>> No. 39897 [Edit]
I don't mind it.
It can be symbolic or add interest, I used to wear a pentagram necklace when I was going through my witch craft chuuni phase and then a Thor's hammer necklace when I was going through that phase. I'll probably get more jewellery but just something that does not mean anything.

I have brought my sisters jewellery for Christmas as well, like a Norse wrist torque and a cool looking deer necklace. If you were to have two identical girls in identical clothing, then the one with the Norse wrist torque would look better I feel. As for diamond rings I would compare them to something like a Rolex(yes a Rolex technically has a function but nobody buys them for that). I don't think they are as interesting as a Norse torque or a pocket watch, but I think that given two identical people one with one without then the one with would still look better, but yes it's really just for status. But then if you can comfortably afford something like that then I don't see a harm in it.
>> No. 39898 [Edit]
>one with would still look better
I wouldn't buy a rolex regardless of my income level. In my view it's old fashioned.
>if you can comfortably afford
Thing is, I bet most jewelry is purchased with the money people other than the wearer earned. The culture of it gets on my nerves most. It's decadent and evil, and I'm not saying that as a religious person. Winning a women over, by buying them excessively expensive things, is glorified prostitution, and I resent how normalized that's become. A person with no interest in jewelry is more virtuous in my opinion.

Post edited on 28th Jun 2022, 10:03am
>> No. 39899 [Edit]
Don't let the customs of the world bother you anon. On this day and age, indifference is the closest thing to freedom we have.
>> No. 39900 [Edit]
It doesn't make sense to me either. I also don't understand why woman do piercings for the purpose of wearing more jewelry.
>> No. 39901 [Edit]
>I have brought my sisters jewellery for Christmas
That's very nice of you, anon. It's nice to have a decent relationship with your siblings. It's very good for your mental health, too, I've noticed. I hope you got a nice present as well.
>> No. 39903 [Edit]
I don't like the English language. If I could go without hearing it ever again, I'd be happier for it. I have nothing pleasant to associate with it and it flows very poorly in comparison to other languages.
>> No. 39904 [Edit]
It's my mother tongue, so I'm biased, but I like how "straight forward" English sounds. No frills I guess. A lot of songs I like are in English too.
>> No. 39905 [Edit]
I'm a native speaker as well. I still don't like it. I prefer Spanish. It's a little more fun to speak. Not that I'm fluent or anything, but I know enough to piece it together and give poor replies.
As for music, I don't really care too much about lyrics. I like interesting or pleasant sounds. As such, language doesn't matter.
>> No. 39906 [Edit]
I'm a native English speaker, but I think it's just ok. It's not really elegant or classy, but it gets the job done I suppose – by virtue of it being an amalgamation of romance and germanic languages, it's relatively flexible and you can basically toss in whatever and it ends up sort of working out. I don't think it's good for songs though, because the pronunciation seems a bit too harsh to me (maybe it's all the consonants?). On the other hand

There's also probably a bias though where you're used to your native tongue so any other new language will seem more attractive.
>> No. 39909 [Edit]
I like it but I hate it when it's spoken by Americans and Australians.

What I like about it is how diverse it is. Because it borrows from so many other languages everything can be said in multiple ways giving many different atmospheres and styles.
>> No. 39914 [Edit]
I think american english and australian english are worse than british english when it comes to accent and spelling, but some of the specific words from american english sound better to me. And then there's cases like "knowledge" which turns to "acknowledgment" in american english and "acknowledgement" in british english.
>> No. 39915 [Edit]
I think -yze suffix works better than -yse suffix since otherwise z ends up being underused.
>> No. 39917 [Edit]
I really hate American English words. They sound so dumb to me.

For example fall instead of autumn or ass instead of arse or armor instead or armour. Fall sounds like something a caveman would say, an ass is a donkey and armor is a bastardization. I can't think of an American word that sounds better and even the way the language is used with the same vocabulary is not great. In the same way they sound like cavemen when they turn autumn into fall, they also sound quite simple when they use phrases like 'it's cold out'.
>> No. 39918 [Edit]
Autumn comes from French. British English has its own stupid and childish words. Like saying lift instead of elevator. Anyway, both me and Tohno are Americans, so watch this "they" language. Who do you think you're talking to? You sound like a homosexual, bitter europoor when you show disrespect like that.

Post edited on 30th Jun 2022, 10:03pm
>> No. 39919 [Edit]
Many English words come from French.
Lift and elevator mean the same thing.
I know where Tohno is from but that is irrelevant. He's not going to ban people for speaking poorly of his nation and he would be a pretty poor admin if that was the case. After all it's not like this is a website for American patriotism and American culture.
The fact that you would even bring that up and that you then follow it with 'who do you think you are talking to' is absurd. What are you trying to say? That because you come from a specific country I have to treat you like a special snowflake and not say anything negative about your nation or you will tell the admin on me?
>> No. 39920 [Edit]
>Lift and elevator mean the same thing.
Fall and autumn mean the same thing.
>What are you trying to say?
You're rude and pretentious. Despite putting on sophisticated airs, you don't understand the most basic level of tact. You know you're not amongst fellow snobbish, up their own ass europoors, so why do you act like you are?
>> No. 39922 [Edit]
>The word autumn (/ˈɔːtəm/) is derived from Latin autumnus, archaic auctumnus, possibly from the ancient Etruscan root autu- and has within it connotations of the passing of the year.[15] Alternative etymologies include Proto-Indo-European *h₃ewǵ- ("cold") or *h₂sows- ("dry").[16]

>After the Greek era, the word continued to be used as the Old French word autompne (automne in modern French) or autumpne in Middle English,[17] and was later normalised to the original Latin. In the Medieval period, there are rare examples of its use as early as the 12th century, but by the 16th century, it was in common use.

They don't mean the same thing, probably. But also, while it is a borrowed word it is not borrowed for fall(the action) so it does not have the same connotations that using fall as a replacement for autumn has. The word Autumn is solely used for the season, we would never say autumn is the season where the leaves autumn off the trees. Fall(the season) however, does have tha cannotation becuase it is used in that context so it can easily be seen as caveman's English.

>You're rude and pretentious. Despite putting on sophisticated airs, you don't understand the most basic level of tact. You know you're not amongst fellow snobbish, up their own ass europoors, so why do you act like you are?
So in other words I am just acting exactly how you are? Well not exactly, I'm not also saying people aren't allowed to have negative opinions on where I come from and doing so makes them snobbish and pretentious. And what's even more ridiculous about all this is that you attacking me for insulting your nation while at the same time you certainly have no qualms in insulting the nations of others. Quite hypocritical I would say.
>> No. 39923 [Edit]
>They don't mean the same thing
They do, because language is arbitrary and words mean what people agree upon. Literally nothing else is needed for a word to mean something.
>The word Autumn is solely used for the season
The word lift is not solely used for elevators. If your problem is with how fall sounds, and not insignificant, arbitrary etymology only insufferable pedants would care about, lift is no better. If your issue does stem from etymology, you're even worse than I thought.

>I am just acting exactly how you are?
When I insult you, I acknowledge your presence, do so directly, and it's a response to something. You said "they" in reference to a group of people, to that same group of people.

Post edited on 30th Jun 2022, 11:22pm
>> No. 39924 [Edit]
Oh really? Then who agrees that autumn means fall(the action)? Go on, who?

Lift relates to what a lift does, which is of course the norm regarding the nomenclature of objects that have been invented in recent history. I am responding to you on a computer so named because it computes. This should not be applied retrospectively to all things or anything really. The reason we name new objects like that is because there isn't another name available and there aren't really any other ways to name then.

>When I insult you, I acknowledge your presence, do so directly, and it's a response to something. You said "they" in reference to a group of people, to that same group of people.
I'm Australian, notice how I did not feel the need to attack >>39914 nor did I even mention that I was Australian until now. I really don't see how me being Australian makes his point less valid or means that he has no right to his opinion. I certainly don't see why I personally should be so invested in what he thinks of my country. Even if I did somehow feel the need to defend my country, if he does not like how we speak then calling him a homosexual European would be unlikely to change his mind or result in anything constructive at all.

What else should I refer to Americans as? Am I not using the right pronouns? Are the Americans as a group not to be refereed to as they/them? It really does not matter whether you are a part of the American people or not I will still respond to them as they because that is how it is done. I am not criticising how you speak as an individual even if what I say about the Americans as a whole applies to you as well, I am referring to Americans as a Group.

Post edited on 30th Jun 2022, 11:37pm
>> No. 39925 [Edit]
An elevator elevates. Lift is just lift. The word hasn't been changed at all. If it was lifter, that would be different.

>I did not feel the need to attack >>39914
Neither did I, because they were polite.

>Are the Americans as a group not to be refereed to as they/them?
Not when you're talking to them/in their presence. That applies to any group. And it should also be obvious that it's better to separate the language from the people who speak it when criticizing the language, you know, context. If you really didn't know that, maybe I was wrong to take issue with what you said. I assumed we all have the same basic understanding of politeness.

Post edited on 30th Jun 2022, 11:50pm
>> No. 39926 [Edit]
It relates to the same thing. In this case elevator might be the slightly more apt word but only slightly so. It's nothing like the Autumn to fall comparison.

>Neither did I, because they were polite.
Just like how you were polite as well? It would not matter if he was rude. That's not going to make me feel the need to defend my country any more that it would if he was polite nor does it mean he therefore has not right to dislike our accent.

>Not when you're talking to them/in their presence. That applies to any group. And it should also be obvious that it's better to separate the language from the people who speak it when criticizing the language, you know, context. If you really didn't know that, maybe I was wrong to take issue with what you said. I assumed we all have the same basic understanding of politeness.
Did you storm Normandy? Did you send HIMARs to Ukraine? I don't know maybe you did but the proper way to speak of it would be they stormed Normandy, they sent Himars to Ukraine.
Additionally, you may notice that the post I replied to with 'they' did not state they were American so 'they' would have been the correct word even by your own logic. Unless you now think anytime Americans are mentioned you and Tohno should be addressed as third party instead. This of course would get ridiculous quite quickly, even in the context that we have hear. I don't know if Tohno says Autumn or fall, it would have been silly to say 'In the same way they sound like cavemen when Tohno and his patriotic friend turn autumn into fall'. I would be making assumptions and addressing two individuals when I am actually referring to the group.

>I assumed we all have the same basic understanding of politeness.

>You sound like a homosexual, bitter europoor when you show disrespect like that.
>You're rude and pretentious. Despite putting on sophisticated airs, you don't understand the most basic level of tact. You know you're not amongst fellow snobbish, up their own ass europoors, so why do you act like you are?

Well apparently not, I would not call that being polite. But then language is clearly not your strong point so maybe that is your understanding of being polite.
>> No. 39927 [Edit]
File 165666637015.png - (11.13KB , 97x97 , blub.png )
Strive towards peace, fellow travelers.
>> No. 39928 [Edit]
Instead of
>In the same way they sound like cavemen when they turn autumn into fall, they also sound quite simple when they use phrases like 'it's cold out'.

You should have just said
>'It's cold out' also sounds quite simple.

I don't like having to be among people like you who are casually rude. Why would I want to talk to people who think they're better than me because they're pretentious, snobby pedants?

Post edited on 1st Jul 2022, 6:43am
>> No. 39929 [Edit]
And you are not casually rude?

>You sound like a homosexual, bitter europoor when you show disrespect like that.
>You're rude and pretentious. Despite putting on sophisticated airs, you don't understand the most basic level of tact. You know you're not amongst fellow snobbish, up their own ass europoors, so why do you act like you are?

Might I also add that even if you think I am rude that rudeness is nothing on the level of your own as is clearly evident. Not just here by the way but in your general demeanour, if you look at my post you will find that I never actually insulted you personally until my last post where I said that language was not your strong point. Now it could be said that I have been snarky but again, that is nothing compared to you who has been quite rude and insulting form the very start and continue to be in every post while having the gall to then try to attack me for being rude. It's absurd.

>Why would I want to talk to people who think they're better than me because they're pretentious, snobby pedants?
I don't know, if that is what you think of me and you are question why you would do such a thing then why are you? Maybe this is improving your language skills?

As an aside, the word pretentious is a pet peeve of mine, well not the word but how and who it's most often used by. Funnily enough the word pretentious is most often used quite pretentiously as has been the case with your usage of the word. Because of course by accusing somebody of being pretentious the implication is that they are somehow pretending to know something they don't, acting in a way false manner that is not true to them or some other form of idiocy and by implying that you are also implying that these do not apply to you hence why I say it's the people that use the word that are the ones that are pretentious.

Post edited on 1st Jul 2022, 7:23am
>> No. 39930 [Edit]
>And you are not casually rude?
Not casually. I do it with intent.

>why are you?
You're on the same website, and there isn't that many other users.

>by accusing somebody of being pretentious the implication is
My implication is that a pretentious person assigns a false significance or depth to something or someone. You go on and on about etymology like it's so important and justifies your tastes when it's not and doesn't. You could say autumn means "when it gets cold and dry" by the article snippets you posted. You ignore that fall was previously used in British English, and more often than autumn. You also ignore that the word harvest, in reference to that season, predates both in English. None of it matters in the first place, and you only pay attention to the parts which support your tastes. That's pretentious.

Frankly, I like fall(and harvest) more because it has an obvious connection to the rest of English. Autumn has its roots in Latin, but is more distant and remote. Language isn't more "sophisticated" when farther abstracted. You probably like the origins of words to be more esoteric because knowing the origin makes you feel "learned", like any other useless trivia.

Post edited on 1st Jul 2022, 7:43am
>> No. 39931 [Edit]
And yet you still attack others for being less rude than you are...

>My implication is that a pretentious person assigns a false significance or depth to something or someone.
And who is it that decides what has a false significance or depth? Whoever thinks they are the one deciding that sounds quite pretentious.

>You go on and on about etymology like it's so important and justifies your tastes when it's not and doesn't.
Well it is important, if you are going to argue about langauge then you had best know the details on what you are arguing about just like if you are going to use the word pretentious then you had better know what it actually means.

>You could say autumn means "when it gets cold and dry" by the article snippets you posted. You ignore that fall was previously used in British English, and more often than autumn.
Yet it's not now.

>You also ignore that the word harvest, in reference to that season, predates both in English.
I have not ignored it, it was never brought up. Harvest is fine, well it was fine maybe not now. For an agrarian society naming a season after the defining event of the season makes some sense. It does not really make sense now as it's no longer relevant to the majority of people.

>None of it matters in the first place,
Then why are you arguing about it and why are you so defensive about it?

>and you only pay attention to the parts which support your tastes. That's pretentious.
Not really, I have addressed every part you brought up, even the part that you brought up in your head then attacked me for not addressing. That's also not what the word means.
>> No. 39932 [Edit]
>That's also not what the word means.
>expressive of affected, unwarranted, or exaggerated importance, worth, or stature
Ignoring details that undermine your argument is a means of exaggeration. Your argument is that "fall" is somehow a base perversion of the english language.
>they turn autumn into fall

Post edited on 1st Jul 2022, 8:22am
>> No. 39934 [Edit]

>expressive of affected, unwarranted, or exaggerated importance, worth, or stature
So not.
>you only pay attention to the parts which support your tastes. That's pretentious.

>Ignoring details that undermine your argument is a means of exaggeration.
Not really, I also don't think you know what is meant by 'exaggerated importance', it refers to a person exaggerating their own importance, not the importance of a point in an argument.
>> No. 39935 [Edit]
>it refers to a person exaggerating their own importance
That's only the most common usage. There's no rule that says it can't be used in another context. A movie can be pretentious.

You said
>they turn autumn into fall
You ignore things which go against this insulting narrative.

Post edited on 1st Jul 2022, 8:30am
>> No. 39936 [Edit]
I'll try to simplify this.

To be pretentious is to pretend to be something, the clue is in the word.
>expressive of affected, unwarranted, or exaggerated importance, worth, or stature
As you can see, that would be pretending, one is pretending to be important to have worth or to have status. But he does not or at least not to the degree he is pretending, hence the affected, unwarranted or exaggerated part.

It can be used in another context but not the one you are using. A movie could be attempting to come across as being an insightful commentary on the human condition or something like that but fail and so it's pretentious, it was pretending to be something that it was not.

If somebody was to ignore a point in an argument to exaggerate their own point as you talk about, that is not pretending to be something.

>You ignore things which go against this insulting narrative.
Ignore what? If I'm ignoring something then it's in your head because you have not mentioned it.
>> No. 39937 [Edit]
>A movie could be attempting to come across as being an insightful commentary
>ignore a point in an argument to exaggerate their own point as you talk about, that is not pretending to be something
That's pretending the argument is true and insightful.

>Ignore what? If I'm ignoring something then it's in your head because you have not mentioned it.
You said, directly, Americans changed the word autumn to fall, and insinuated this says something negative about Americans. They didn't do that. And even if they did, it wouldn't say anything negative about them. Who are YOU to decide that's a downgrade?

>Fall sounds like something a caveman would say
Okay, everything you've said sounds like something a pretentious snob would say.
>> No. 39938 [Edit]
It's pretending no such thing. Somebody could ignore a point in an argument that was a farce to begin with.
I think trying to use the word pretentious so liberally would only lead to ridiculous statements as well. 'The stick insect is pretentious because it's pretending to be a stick'.
'the child is pretentious because it's pretending what it says is important'.

>You said, directly, Americans changed the word autumn to fall, and insinuated this says something negative about Americans. They didn't do that.
Oh that is what you are so relied up about, because I said turn Autumn to fall instead of use Fall instead of Autumn. You are really reaching here.

But for what it's worth what I quoted before(it was from Wikipedia) about Autumn said it was in common use by the 16th century, implying that by the time the Americans revolted most of them probably were using Autumn not fall, so they probably did change from using Autumn to using fall rather than use fall from the early middle ages uninterpreted until now. But it hardly matters anyway, the pint is that the Americans use fall not Autumn.

>Who are YOU to decide that's a downgrade?
Who are you to decide who is a pretentious snob or a 'homosexual europoor'. Who is anybody to decide what language is better than another? Who is anybody to decide any such thing? I have my opinion and I voiced my reasoning behind it.

>Okay, everything you've said sounds like something a pretentious snob would say.
Who are you to decide that? Particularly when you barely knows what the word means.

Post edited on 1st Jul 2022, 9:14am
>> No. 39939 [Edit]
>Who are you to decide that?
I have my opinion and I voiced my reasoning behind it. I'm confident many other people would agree with me, which is where language gets its meaning. I have nothing else to say.
>> No. 39940 [Edit]
File 165669570384.jpg - (79.65KB , 787x900 , __original_drawn_by_mattaku_mousuke__cb16cfe109fff.jpg )
I don't get why some artists do this. They make the closest thing to the observer appear less clear and sharp.
>> No. 39941 [Edit]
If you imagine that it's being captured through a camera, isn't such a thing possible if you play with depth of field?
>> No. 39942 [Edit]
Yes, I guess so. I hadn't thought about this possibility.
>> No. 39949 [Edit]
Or it's point-of-view with the viewer being a farsighted ojisan
>> No. 39954 [Edit]
It's to draw a certain aspect of the image into focus. Like would be done with a camera as was mentioned.

Having said that I don't know that there was much point doing that with this image.
>> No. 39955 [Edit]
Yeah that particular picture isn't a very good application, since the fingertips are at about the same z-depth (give or take two inches) as the feet but only the latter are blurred. It can be applied thoughtfully though.

What's more annoying to me is deliberate chromatic aberration, which is nausea inducing and has few legitimate uses. There was even an entire show (Miru Tights) which seemed to revel in adding this to every frame.
>> No. 39979 [Edit]
Youtube Shorts.

I never really paid attention to it but I opened one and it opened it in some kind of scroll mode where you watch one and then scroll to the next.
I hated what I was seeing but I still scrolled down to see what was next for about 45 minutes to see what things were there. They were mostly really dumb short videos and I hate them, the only good videos were the odd Ukraine war clips but many of those were bad as well.
One Issue I have with them is that the majority of the, even the Ukraine war clips, have that really huge bass music often being mixed in with rap. God I hate that.

Half of them seemed to be highly sexualise in some way or another. Like one that kept coming up was a girl that would pose in net skirts or other see through skirts and then wave her bottom around.
There was a ballet girl that would do things like that, there were US, Israeli, German etc female soldiers making selfies and other things, there were girls doing all kinds of sexual things. There was some dumb clip where a guy appeared with a light sabre and text showed up saying saying 'pull the panty aside' and then another appeared with a light sabre and text saying 'rip off the panty' and it would go on like that like it was a competition about that kind of thing.

It was just dumb and there was something about it that shocked me. I guess it was the awful music, the girls doing poses everywhere, the dumb memes and everything else combining into a mess of awfulness and the idea that this is what society likes now, this is what society is now.

Things like this happen more and more these days. These events where I interact with mainstream society in some way and I am just shocked by it, shocked and disgusted by what we are becoming.
>> No. 39981 [Edit]
Youtube is trying to compete with tiktok in the market for 5 second long videos people with social media induced adhd crave. They at least have the courtesy to label them, so they're easily avoidable.
>> No. 39982 [Edit]
Got banned on both wizchan and lainchan. Confuses me and enrages me because I didn't break any rules. I guess people hate my opinions and me as a person no matter where I go. I'm thinking about abandoning all chans and just living for studying things and enjoying entertainment in my solitude.
>> No. 39983 [Edit]
Well I guess you just broke rule 15 here as well. Maybe you're a natural-born maverick, anon.
>> No. 39984 [Edit]
I thought that referred to only people who came bursting in here with "HIU GUYS I'M FROM 4CHON, WHAT'S UP??" tier posts/threads, not to mentioning which imageboards you use aside from this site. Whatever.
But the annoying thing is I didn't break any rules on either lainchan or wizchan. It's just that the mods there disagreed with what I posted or how I posted it for some reason and that's enough. Well, like I said I plan on going full hermit anyway. There is no free speech anywhere on the internet, it seems to me. You say one wrong sentence or a turn of phrase and somebody will get upset and triggered and will ban you from their little echo chamber instantly. It's like everyone hates people who have slightly different opinions from them. I just want a place where I can discuss things freely and can argue/debate actually without fear of some tyrannical mod banning me for things I didn't even do.
>> No. 39991 [Edit]
Lainchan will ban you for literally anything. I've gotten absolutely benign posts (asking for an anon to clarify his question on one of the technological boards) and about a day later, banned.
I wouldn't take it too much to heart since the bar for "quality posts" there is arbitrary.
>There is no free speech anywhere on the internet, it seems to me. You say one wrong sentence or a turn of phrase and somebody will get upset and triggered and will ban you from their little echo chamber instantly.
What gets me is that a lot of other imageboards claim they are free speech and then go ham with the ban hammer. imo If they were more honest about what sort of views and content is encouraged then I don't think many would have a problem when they remove posts.
>> No. 39993 [Edit]
File 165736551937.jpg - (18.83KB , 184x184 , 21412511.jpg )
Parents won't stop fighting the entire day, every single day. So sick of the noise. If only I wasn't incapable of going outside.
>> No. 39995 [Edit]
File 165737837463.jpg - (32.27KB , 400x400 , 1618213111230.jpg )
There's nothing more awful than living with people who fight with each other all the time, specially couples. Apparently this is normal behavior and any healthy relationship has to include an high dose of arguing and screaming at each other. And I can testify it's certainly common, every single couple I had the misfortune to live with did it frequently.
Personally, if any person seem to start the habit of screaming at my face I will try to cut all contact and indefinitely after the second or third occasion at most. That's why I'm an absolute weirdo.
>> No. 39997 [Edit]
Shrinks say it's a sign of "passion". If that's what passion is, I don't want it.
>> No. 39999 [Edit]
Yeah, I noticed lainchan has a fascist moderation team, so to speak. Even though in their introduction to the site they write that free speech and discussion is encouraged and everyone's opinions are respected there and that they hate banning anyone...What a hypocrite chan that is. In my case I suspect their problem was either that they found my posts to be "anti-humanity" and "anti-women" or just generally too pessimist for their taste. The userbase would have been fine, there were a couple of posters that agreed with my views and we could have got a decent discussion going but the moddess stepped in.

As for wizchan, they thought I wasn't virgin enough for them, even though I am a 25 yo virgin. In one thread discussion about masturbation habits came up and I described how I started masturbating at 13, using my sister's dirty panties. They banned for breaking rule 2 which forbids people from mentioning that they want to have sex or that they had sex, I ask, how was my post a violation of that? I wrote to the wizchan mods that by this logic they could ban anyone who says he masturbates. They didn't even bother to explain how they think I broke rule 2.

Yes, things would be better if they had a clear set of rules and explaining what kind of posts they want to see on the chan exactly. But this whimsical, unchecked mod autismo is just too much.
>> No. 40000 [Edit]
File 165738165338.jpg - (20.38KB , 184x184 , 4927125d3abdca4c64ff781286bd4dede1aff40c_full.jpg )
It is very awful, yeah. Especially when you get pulled down to the middle of it and everything, also. I think that behaviour is normal, as in it's normal that people act shitty, but it's definitely not healthy. Shrinks and anyone of that sort are all retarded.
My parents pull knives on each other though, so, I'd like to see them trying to call that healthy, lol.
I hope you've managed to get away from those kind of people.
>> No. 40001 [Edit]
>they write that free speech and discussion is encouraged and everyone's opinions are respected there
It's cognitive dissonance. This sort is very common on imageboards because the people there feel restricted by mainstream and social media. So on the surface they adopt a stance which enables them, but they aren't really committed to. The imageboards which are really committed to "absolute free speech" are all spam and shitpost cesspools.
>> No. 40004 [Edit]
My parents used to yell at each other every single day they were in the house together when I was younger, and I'm pretty sure it messed me up. I don't really think about it much now, but I'm pretty thankful they barely ever fight these days.
>> No. 40007 [Edit]
I don't feel like I belong to this world at all. Never felt like it now that I think about it. At this point I'm quite sure any sense of belonging people experience are only illusions. Everyone is locked into his own ego and perspective. Any attempt at genuine empathy or understanding of others is bound to fail. Ordinary people doesn't realize this and they can live a relatively happy life, thinking communities are real and not just spooks. Nietzsche said madness is rare in individuals but the requirement for any sort of group or community. He was right.

Yeah, it's depressing. Either shitposting or mods who abuse their power, usually no middle ground.
>> No. 40008 [Edit]
File 16574711031.jpg - (2.57MB , 2241x3389 , bdh.jpg )
What world you belong to then? Your use of language and the feelings you're sharing are very understandable to me and I definitely belong to this world. I'll be bold here and believe I know your own feelings better than you know them yourself, and I'll say what really happened is you can no longer deny you're part of this world. It's actually a matter of not liking how you're inserted in it. Desolation is very much a part of this world, I know that much. Also I think believing happiness comes from some sort of delusion is not a good way of seeing happiness, as you may come to believe you're above being happy, which nobody should be for their own good. I know you didn't say this but your post seem to imply it.
>> No. 40010 [Edit]
I don't belong anywhere. My existence here is something that never should have been. My place is in Hades or just plainly non-existence. Certainly not here. Had several suicide attempts in the past. I feel out of place everywhere in this world and can't connect to anyone. This can be both a good, elevating feeling but also crushing and paralyzing at certain times.

I think the mere fact that we are having this conversation in the first place, the fact that we need to define more clearly what each of us means is proof enough that humans can't understand each other. You may think you understand me perfectly and vice versa but that's impossible. Language itself is imperfect. Our communication is flawed. We are islands in the ocean miles away from each other.

I don't think happiness is always the result of delusion but most of the time it is. Especially in the case of the average man.

I understand what you mean when you say I just don't like my place in the world but honestly I'm clueless about where my place is. Like I said, I don't feel I have any place in this life. I don't believe in other dimensions or higher/lower realms so I think my subconscious is just telling me to seek death/non-existence ASAP.
>> No. 40012 [Edit]
File 165754173265.jpg - (96.34KB , 500x696 , Utagawa Hiroshige - Tōkaidō as Potted Landscapes.jpg )
A sense of belonging is not an illusion. At least not anymore of an illusion than the sense of not belonging. If we're locked inside our perspectives like you said, the same applies both ways. The fact we can have this conversation to me is evidence we can understand each other. Perfection is not something that exists and we shouldn't despair on its absence.

The number of perspectives we can take on this life are virtually infinite. There's necessarily a perspective out there for you to find comfort in this life. You didn't find it yet, but increasing the sense of desolation by forcing your way into believing you don't belong anywhere and feeding on tragic figures like Nietzsche is probably not how you'll get there. This is quite obvious but you should focus instead on things that might lead to your happiness, not finding ways to justify your misery.

It might be something long-term like learning to play an instrument or a second language, or it might be something that will last for a week or even a single day, it depends, but you should pursue something that will bring you some joy in life. I'll give you an example. Yesterday I spent the whole day gazing at the illustrations of an artist, Mr. Hiroshige. He did these amazing potted-plant scenes which I really love. I recently bought a plant myself and after going through some instructions I'm taking care of it with considerable success. Looking through these I'm now considering to try to make a bonkei myself. It might not be much, but it's enough to keep me happy and busy for the next few days, who knows, maybe longer. If you suspect you're clinically depressed, then you should seek medical attention, if you haven't.
>> No. 40013 [Edit]
I had gone to various doctors through the years but I found their advice to be nothing more than simple common sense, things I already thought about myself at some point or another. Yes, get a job, go among people, etc. It makes sense. But in practice they aren't as enjoyable, to me at least. All I was diagnosed with is serious depression. They gave me pills but all they did was to make me high energy. They didn't take away the emptiness, they didn't take away the sorrow, the pain. They didn't give me something to live for. They didn't give me strength to endure life. In psychiatry ward too, I felt like the odd one among all the relatively functional and social people like drug/alcohol/sex addicts and even the genuinely crazy people seemed more normal in some ways than me. So anyway, I stopped taking medication and going to doctors. They can't understand me, they are functional people who read about some conditions in text books but they don't know anything about them personally. Honestly, I question even the usefulness of psychiatry and psychology, they seem like fake science to me, considering everything is labeled a personality disorder basically at this point.

There are things I enjoy in life, I don't have a problem with that. I like my hobbies. Maybe way too much. I think my hobbies are 50% the reason I am still alive, the rest of the 50% is my family. But when the pain and sorrow come I can't do anything. They hit hard and crush me. I don't think I violate the rule by this because she isn't my gf and we never even met, we just wrote to each other online for months. She lives near me and I am forced to face the fact that she is married to a subhuman 90IQ guy because he has money. I like her, love her, never loved anyone else in my life except her. She would be perfect for me, both in terms of looks and personality. She is 17 years older than me and I am pretty sure she likes me too but is too afraid to start an affair behind the back of her husband. She lives a couple of kms from me and I can't even meet her nor can I talk to her any longer because we had an argument. So nowadays this is one of the most painful things for me, I think about this thing day after day and can't forget her.

I don't really read philosophy much anymore, got disillusioned by the whole thing. I searched and searched for some wisdom but never found that much of it anywhere. I type out my thoughts and feelings into a txt file from time to time so I have something else to do when I am bored of reading and watching things.
>> No. 40014 [Edit]
File 165756121122.png - (645.60KB , 500x704 , Utagawa Hiroshige - Tōkaidō as Potted Landscapes.png )
So that's the issue. TC is not the place to talk about 3D romantic aspirations anon. I wouldn't be able to give you any insight about those things anyway. I'll just tell you I really doubt a person with a husband, married for money and old enough to be your mother to be perfect for you. At least she has the insight of not talking to you anymore. Don't pursue this, you would only ruin the lives of 3 people, yours included. This situation looks wrong and even dangerous. I hope you can muster the strenght to walk away from it.
>> No. 40015 [Edit]
>A sense of belonging is not an illusion
>There's necessarily a perspective out there for you to find comfort in this life.
Pessimistic philosophies would differ. Under that viewpoint, there's an inherent contradiction where finding "comfort" is only possible if you fool yourself, but usually the kind of person who asks these questions is interested in analyzing the world so isn't going to be satisfied with that. Zappfe basically states it better than I can. He doesn't really give any prescription though (nor do I think one is warranted), so what you do with that knowledge is up to you.

>It might be something long-term like learning to play an instrument or a second language
All of those are ultimately ways to pass the time. In my opinion, if you subscribe to pessimist philosophy (which for your own sake if you're not already familiar with you should refrain from looking into, for breaking the veil of life is a one-way door) then the only "prescription" is to try to find opportunities to set aside consciousness and pass the time. You might think that at first glance this sounds similar to some buddhist philosophies or whatever but it's really not – it is a point-blank acceptance that the evolution of consciousness and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race (to borrow kacyzinski's phrasing), and that if you're not willing to kill yourself (which is hard to do because it directly fights with our core biological instincts) the next best option is to spend time like a mindless animal. Zapffe mentions some of these techqniues (isolation, anchoring, distraction, sublimation), and sublimation/distraction/isolation are probably the best of these techniques. Note that I make no mention of "Meditation" here (with a capital M because that's how the entire world seems to perceive its weight significance), but at the end it's really just another technique to bide the time. Getting absorbed in a video game, or absorbed by watching anime is just as good for that purpose.

But it's unfortunately really hard to remain in such an "autopilot" state permanently, and when you're no longer immersed in an activity the brain's default mode network activity resumes and you're thrust back into that contemplative existence.
>> No. 40016 [Edit]
Yes, I know this isn't the place to discuss this in detail, just thought I'd mention it since it is related to my depression very much and technically I don't have a romantic life or gf or wife, the most we did was texting and flirting online. I never met her irl. Aside from this, she was my only friend. And I am the reason we don't talk anymore, I said lots of mean and unwarranted things to her. I regret it so much, I didn't expect any actual romance out of it, but she was a friend too and well, I'm lonely. I don't think I can get over her, ever.

I think the question is: is it worth it to be happy at the cost that comes with the buddhist or stoic way of life? I used to respect ascetic philosophies and schools of thought which were concerned with reaching some state of calm tranquility. But these days, I don't think they are the satisfying answer. Man was made to suffer. It's evident by how much effort, self control and practice is required in order to reach ataraxia/nirvana. I don't think it is worth it, to close off your sense perception and to become a statue or rock. Rather live as an actual human, deriving real joy from life and even experiencing crushing sadness/suffering too instead of living in a plastic calm. I feel the tragic hero archetype closer to me than the ascetic monk ideal.
>> No. 40017 [Edit]
File 165757756818.jpg - (92.92KB , 563x800 , 2.jpg )
I'm sure they would differ, as pessimistic philosophers have to believe to have reached the ultimate truth and that truth is terrible. They have to believe that otherwise they wouldn't be pessimistic philosphers. Is that right? Correct me if I'm wrong but you seem to adhere to this when warning me not to read about pessimism for it cannot be outmatched. As if nothing can beat it, for it's the 'real reality of things'. But if you don't believe in an ultimate reality about human existence, then any ultimate truth any thinker may find, beautiful or terrible, can easily give way to a million other ways of seeing life, all it takes is a gentle push. That's how I feel about pessimism, it comes and goes like any other thought, it's not special or any more solid. Of course for a pessimist it is special and more valid and that's where we would part ways I suppose.

I view pessimism the same way I view people whipping themselves. I think I just don't have a core belief for pessimism to take root. I simply don't believe a single value for human consciousness and experience can be reached. And honestly when I think about it, it sounds like what a religion would strive for, and if it comes to that I rather be a Buddhist than a pessimist. For obvious reasons, for one, I find it silly to believe happiness is a delusion but sadness isn't. It should go both ways and Buddhism is closer to it. Then Buddhist art is beautiful and pessimists are 3D and ugly. I'm joking, but not completely. But ultimately being a pessimist is to dig yourself into a hole, this is what I believe. To use your intellect to undermine the authenticity of happiness is such a weird, unrewarding form of martyrdom. It's also rather irresponsible as contriving ideas to linger in desolation and misery might lead people who are lost in life to be even more miserable, it's not a compassionate act, which I think should be preferred.

I apologize in advance if I made any wrong assumptions regarding your thoughts on this matter.

I understand you're hurt. I don't know how old you are but you strike me as very young and it might be too rash on your part to believe so firmly time will not heal your wounds. Continue to live, you might be pleasantly surprise. A tragic hero lives for himself and his own pain, that's why his tragedy is magnified and it feels even worse. Don't you think tragic heroes are tragic because ultimately they take themselves too seriously? In contrast, ideally, a monk will withhold his own enlightment to be a positive force in the life of others. You don't close your perception, instead you turn it toward others. No one is enlightened until every single person is enlightened. Compassion is above even Nirvana. If you made friends before, you can do it again, I'm sure there are many people in this world wishing to have a friend, just like you are.
>> No. 40018 [Edit]
>pessimistic philosophers have to believe to have reached the ultimate truth and that truth is terrible. They have to believe that otherwise they wouldn't be pessimistic philosphers.
Yes that's tautologically true, those who didn't subscribe to that philosophy wouldn't be pessimistic philosophers.

Despite its name, subscribing to a pessimist philosophy doesn't mean you're resigned to unhappiness though (although it does so happen that those who are depressed are more likely to undergo the line of thinking that leads them to this philosophy). Zapffe himself wasn't exactly depressed (at least from what I could see, it's a bit hard to find stuff about him since not much was translated) and spent his time climbing mountains and doing photography. Same for other artists as well. To subscribe to pessimism only requires one to abandon the notion of doing things with some grander purpose beyond yourself, and avoid engaging in the act of self-deception as you continue your existence. There's no reason why you can't still watch movies or write poetry if that's what you like, so long as you recognize that it's ultimately just another means of biding time. Maybe this is closer to nihilism than pessimism, I don't really know since all the philosophical ramblings are ultimately just word salads.

As for happiness vs. sadness, I see both as just byproducts of consciousness which is the real root issue. So in that sense neither are "real". But both of those are loaded words, I prefer to see it as satisfaction vs. dissatisfaction, and it's far easier to end up in the latter state than the former, so there is an asymmetry in that sense.

To me the issue with buddhism is that they invoke the notion of rebirth. If you remove that, then it's not really too far off from the above. With any non-material elements removed, the notion of "enlightenment" really just seems like the state of the lack of consciousness. Not necessarily death (although that would count as one form), but a state where you manage to shut down all higher-order cognition and basically revert to an animal-like state, operating only on instinct. In such a state there is no emotion, no turmoil, you live only "in the moment" as it were. It is of course impossible to survive in the modern world under such a state, which is another part of the paradox.
>> No. 40020 [Edit]
> It's also rather irresponsible as contriving ideas to linger in desolation and misery might lead people who are lost in life to be even more miserable, it's not a compassionate act, which I think should be preferred.
(Addendum to previous post):
I also fundamentally disagree with this. It's the same reason that talking about suicide is verboten. It is based on the presumptuous belief of an optimistic bias towards life and that people who question this view are "wayward children" who must be corrected. Of course I perfectly understand _why_ this behavior arises, it's a form of social self-preservation. But if you're going to put on a pretense of believing people have independence, then you should treat them accordingly and not withhold information, allowing them to come to their own conclusions.
>> No. 40021 [Edit]
File 165758897460.png - (626.26KB , 453x836 , 地蔵菩薩来迎図.png )
I actually agree with you, I wouldn't want pessimists to be banned or forbidden to think and say whatever it is they want to say, that would be absurd. I prefer people to be able to say whatever it is they want to say much the same way I prefer to be allowed to express how I find a line of thought to be irresponsible like I just did. In regards to >>40018 there are many things I disagree regarding what you think Buddhist enlightenment is like, comparing it with reducing yourself to instinct, death, shutting down brain faculties and lack of consciousness, which doesn't have any support on any Sutta I've read nor in any common sense assumption you can make by having any biographical knowledge about Buddha. Animals, the dead and people asleep are not considered enlightened in anyway and Buddha continued to be a normal adult making full use of his brain for over 40 years after reaching enlightenment. But I feel like I would get preachy and long winded trying to explain what I think Buddhism is, besides I'm nobody of importance, you can read any sutta or sutta commentary by actual monks and scholars on the internet if you like and they're a better use of your time than any post I could make. I would just be parroting them anyway.
>> No. 40022 [Edit]
>Animals, the dead and people asleep are not considered enlightened in anyway
Forget about what the texts consider as enlightened for a moment, why wouldn't you consider animals as enlightened? It's only man that sits around worrying about things, contemplating existence, the right way to behave, issues of ethics or morality, and suppresses its desires. Animals don't do any of that (*). They probably do have some rudimentary thoughts (although what you define as "thought" becomes fuzzy since our only frame of reference is ourselves. I imagine animal "thought" is basically just how they interpret raw stimulus) but it's not structured in the form of our own thoughts.

But with humans thought is intertwined with knowledge and experience, and this gives rise to long-term planning, reasoning, recognition, etc. It's a double-edged sword though. Animals certainly don't exist in a "desireless" state – if they feel hungry they go out and kill prey – but there's no higher-order reasoning associated with it. Whereas with the human, it's ironically that meta-self-awareness that is what makes you realize a desire is a "desire" and is something that you try to suppress in line with societal views.

If you eliminate consciousness, there's no problem to be solved in the first place. Dying, living, etc. wouldn't really matter in that case. Of course this is only possible if you accept a materialist viewpoint that there is no spirit or soul or whatever.

(*) You might say that you don't do any of that, in which case I congratulate and envy you. But the fact that religion and spirituality exist – people concerning themselves with the "best" way to live to achieve some goal (which they delude themselves into thinking will be something like "permanent tranquility") indicates that there's a non-trivial fraction of humanity who are victims of their own consciousness.
>> No. 40023 [Edit]
File 165762800045.jpg - (109.05KB , 564x966 , 菩薩.jpg )
I understand the term enlightened as a higher level of awareness. Diminishing, destroying or mutilating your tools for awareness is not enlightenment, not in my view, nor in any Buddhist context I'm aware of. To be clear, enlightenment to me is a way of being more aware, not less.
>> No. 40024 [Edit]
Awareness of what though? It's still a bit of a vague word. Once this state of enlightenment is reached, how do you expect your experiences will differ from how they currently are. Eliminating consciousness is in my opinion precisely that form of enlightenment where your experiences become unfiltered – with consciousness eliminated, thoughts and knowledge no longer get in the way of raw experience. That is to say, you can look at a table without needing to tell yourself that it's a table (that is to say because you no longer access knowledge, you won't even have any idea what a "table" is. To you, it would just be another flat looking thing). All your actions become are unmediated without the meddling of thought, simply responses to stimuli.
>> No. 40025 [Edit]
File 165765971351.jpg - (95.70KB , 555x798 , 觀音.jpg )
Awareness of the world around you. It's not vague but it does depend on what traditions of thought you find yourself in, same with everything I suppose. If you want a Buddhist metaphor for it, it's like sharpening a blade. The process of enlightenment is a sharpening of your awareness. You're telling me you threw the blade in the river and is calling that sharpening a blade. We have a term to act unfiltered, it's instinct, also one for the end of consciousness, it's death. You want to call it enlightenment, I wouldn't. If you're a pebble, then you're impervious to all suffering. Is that enlightenment? It's being a pebble. Enlightenment is not being impervious to suffering, it's how you deal with suffering while being aware it exists.
>> No. 40034 [Edit]
Sakurazaka46's new song came out. K-pop is a disease and it needs to be contained. Making idols do hip-hop breakdancing, are you fucking kidding me? Hot garbage. HOT GARBAGE! BOO! BOO! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
>> No. 40035 [Edit]
From what I can tell based on my limited knowledge, Buddhism and eastern religions in general are all about reaching a HIGHER state of awareness, like the buddhist poster here says. Awareness of what? Of ideals and laws. The enlightened monks and gurus keep all the laws of their religions, which usually place a big emphasis on not hurting anything around them. Even if they suffer much and die an early death, they try to live a moral/virtuous life and to be someone who keeps all the laws. The ideal of buddhism is exactly ultra-self-control and being super-conscious, not the opposite.

What the other, pessimist poster says is enlightenment is the opposite of buddhist enlightenment. It is a state where instincts rule and direct everything you do. That is wild, non-epicurean hedonism or egoism.

I am 25. I don't know if getting friends is worth it anymore. I got rejected and ignored by others so much that quite frankly I hate humans. Whenever I meet or am forced to interact with anyone irl who isn't part of my immediate family I go on the defensive and start behaving in passive-aggressive ways. There is only so much pain/bullying one can take from the community before he becomes anti-social completely. I feel pity for those who are outcasts like me and people who can't defend themselves or get bullied by society like homeless people or semi-autist/aspie loners. Probably because I see myself reflected in them. But the majority? God, I do hate them so much.

I'm not that much of a sceptic as you are. Life might be one big illusion but it feels real and we perceive it as real. It doesn't matter from which angle I look at this world, it is just horrible. All the suffering and horrors outweigh the good things easily. I can't pretend that this world or existence is okay or fun.
I don't think being a tragic hero needs to be all about seriousness, there are certainly times in life when one can only laugh at all the stupidity and cruelty or even at himself. In fact, the fun times only increase the forces of suffering when they come again. I do have compassion, to tell the truth I think even more than most people have nowadays. But my compassion is egoistic, I feel sorry for those who are like me only.

This world, I'm tempted to believe at times, was created by a gnostic evil deity. It is just perfect ground for suffering and horror.
>> No. 40036 [Edit]
File 165772919769.jpg - (6.73MB , 4247x3307 , Touhou Momiji 16.jpg )
I quite like this world.
Even if I dislike the people in it and dislike them more as time goes on and society get worse. I see no need to befriend them in the first place so it does not matter much.

I like the world itself and I don't need to have friends to enjoy that. If I could live by myself and watch anime and read books, I would be happy.
>> No. 40043 [Edit]
There are times when I feel like that too. Then life steps in and slaps me hard across the cheeks to remind me not to get too comfortable. Poverty, illnesses, accidents, disasters, little troubles here and there and I realize even if you don't have to put up with the retarded things of others, life is still very hard and merciless.
>> No. 40047 [Edit]
File 16577951393.jpg - (2.50MB , 1861x1108 , 70079329_p0.jpg )
summer not fucking off already
cause its 40 degrees and when i wake up im soaked in sweat and its really uncomfortable
plus i havent showered in over a month so i guess it makes that case worse
wouldnt be a big deal in the winter
also literally cant go outside while its summer that sucks too
although theres that school starts back up once summer ends so never mind guess i need it to stay here
>> No. 40049 [Edit]
If you don't have ac, and it tends to be cooler at night, I'd strongly recommend a window fan. No installation is needed, you just open a window at night, put the thing there, and cool air will blow into your room.
>i havent showered in over a month
That's gross any time of year, anon.
>> No. 40050 [Edit]
The concept of "influencers". It's such a bizarre and creepy "cultural phenomena". How anybody calls themself one with a straight face is a mystery to me.
>> No. 40052 [Edit]
I hate tan lines. I have a very defined one on my arm between paper white and pasty. I'll just have to stop wearing a shirt outside.
>> No. 40053 [Edit]
It seems like something that started out as a sort of pseudo-derogatory term, I have no idea when or why people started to refer to themselves as such seriously.
>> No. 40054 [Edit]
They look pretty nice on 2D girls at least.
>> No. 40055 [Edit]
Sure, but most things do.
>> No. 40056 [Edit]
I thought of it more as a doublet of influenza, a viral disease, and then again 'viral' is a synonym for trending.
>> No. 40064 [Edit]
People loitering in parking lots. I went to the store as I sometimes do, and there were a ton of kids hanging out in the Waffle House parking lot. They were blasting music too, but surprisingly it was Slayer and not some sort of rap music.
I don't get why they'd go some place that was open. There's a shopping center across the road with big empty parking lots. Dumb kids.
>> No. 40065 [Edit]
Going out into the street in a group and listening to loud music...what's the good in this? I don't get it. Is it some mating ritual normal people do?
>> No. 40067 [Edit]
Not much to get I guess, usually people like to be out and about with friends and usually they also like music. It's also easy to understand people are usually annoying, and most of the time they don't even want to be, it's just the end result of them being themselves (and you being you).
>> No. 40069 [Edit]
But why can't they just go to a club or hang out at one of their houses? What is the fun in blasting loud music in the street, annoying others? Seriously, I want Covid restrictions to be back because of things like this.
>> No. 40071 [Edit]
My theory is that it's because it gives them a false sense of importance and control.
>> No. 40074 [Edit]
>why can't they just go to a club or hang out at one of their houses?
My guess is that they were in school on their summer break or something. Too young to go anywhere social, live with their family so they can't do it at home.
Still, they had better options than a small parking lot with traffic.
>> No. 40080 [Edit]
Does anybody know any practical way to identify an insect/bug? There was this gross thing in my desk, I tried all descriptions but nothing comes out.
The creature looked like a cylindrical very small, near half a centimeter, very slow bug. It was very hairy and had hairs sticking out from every inch of its body.
Does somebody recognizes this thing?
>> No. 40081 [Edit]
Sounds like a maggot or caterpillar. Knowing your location would help.
>> No. 40082 [Edit]
And a picture.
>> No. 40083 [Edit]
South America. I live 10 min from the Atlantic Ocean. I never gets below 20 degrees in here.
>> No. 40130 [Edit]
I really hate to see people getting upset because someone did something weird. For example, if someone were making a sexdoll and they wanted to share, most places would give responses along the lines of "WTF, kill yourself". While I might not want to make one myself, I really find it interesting how one would go about doing it and the resources they use. Sure, it's not "normal", but isn't it kind of cool? It's a real project, that requires real solutions to real problems. It could even be applied for something "normal" like making Halloween decorations or something.
That's just one example, but really, I think people are missing out for stupid reasons. There's a lot you can learn from even if it wasn't applied in a way that you approve of.
>> No. 40131 [Edit]
Eh. That's why places with "normal people" should be avoided when sharing anything.
>> No. 40132 [Edit]
Well, I certainly wouldn't share in those places. It's just a little sad when I see it, even if it's rare these days.
>> No. 40133 [Edit]
>Sure, it's not "normal", but isn't it kind of cool?
For me personally, I just feel a strong twinge of sadness when I see stuff like that. It's heartbreaking whenever people find themselves turning to dolls as a substitute for the genuine human connection that they've either given up on having or have never believed they could achieve. Not to be all melodramatic or anything, but it's probably a sign of deep cultural malaise too.
I don't understand "normal people" lashing out in anger over it, though, but "normal people" these days seem to get angry at the pettiest things.
>> No. 40134 [Edit]
>genuine human connection
Doesn't exist, and people who fall for this are deluding themselves. My only qualm with sexdolls though is that they're in the uncanny valley. 2D is perfect precisely because it exists as a platonic ideal-type abstraction. Anything you try to bring into the real world is going to be imperfect, and sexdolls exist in that in-between realm where it's trying to reify something that's best left in the realm of ideas.
>> No. 40135 [Edit]
>turning to dolls as a substitute for the genuine human connection
I'm convinced "genuine human connection" only exists in fiction, or is exceedingly, exceedingly rare. Relationships in real life are either very limited in their intimacy, transactional, or based on deceit(or a combination of the three).

People crave relationships in spite of this because of biological imperatives. Where do you get your source of emotional gratification?

>I don't understand "normal people" lashing out in anger over it
It's an existential threat to their value system.
>> No. 40136 [Edit]
By "genuine human connection," I literally just mean "not uncanny valley dolls." I'm not exactly setting the bar very high, lol. I know modern relationships have serious flaws of their own.
I just can't help but feel that twinge of sadness for people turning to inanimate objects for what they can't have in real life. I'm not even criticizing them for doing it, really, just expressing my own gut feelings on the subject.
>> No. 40137 [Edit]
I don't really care. If they want to do that, they should go for it. I was mostly talking about the construction. There's plenty of ways to rig up a skeleton and emulate flesh, depending on how accurate you need it to be. I like to see how people bring their ideas to reality, especially if it involves unconventional methods.
>Anything you try to bring into the real world is going to be imperfect
I agree. I'm happy with the fictional things I love as they are. No form of replication can be perfect, but I think it's okay to try if you can accept that. Think of a child drawing something they like. It's probably far from the source material, but isn't it still nice?
>> No. 40138 [Edit]
Oh yeah, the construction side of things is probably interesting if it's a well-made doll. Not disputing that.
>> No. 40139 [Edit]
File 165897832146.png - (398.94KB , 1000x1021 , e911a7896b1c4ae17b02734b690df0a4.png )
>I literally just mean "not uncanny valley dolls."
Aside from appearance, they're better than people in a few important ways.

>modern relationships have serious flaws
I don't buy this blaming the modern world thing. Have some things gotten worse? Sure. Were things ever good in the past? I don't think so. Idealized depictions of love have been around for hundreds of years. In real life though, human nature makes such things impossible. It's a not a consequence of culture.

>people turning to inanimate objects for what they can't have in real life
I'll ask again, what do you turn to? You're separating yourself from "those people", so you must have an alternative.

Post edited on 27th Jul 2022, 8:33pm
>> No. 40140 [Edit]
>idealized depictions of love have been around for hundreds of years
Indeed, it's a common trope in romance novels that people fall for the idealized version of a person, and the difference between that facade and the real person leads to friction that ultimately leads to the downfall of that romance. Real-life relations are necessarily founded upon a basis of deceit and treachery because people selectively expose themselves to the other – real people are selfish and self-centered at heart, but people conceil this.

Why bother falling for a facade of a "real person" when you might as well avoid the act of self-deception and find comfort in a fiction that you at least admit is fiction.
>> No. 40142 [Edit]
Platonic ideas are not 2D, they're 4D you fool! The 3D realm is a reflection of the 4D ideas, and 2D art is a reflection of a reflection, twice removed from reality. The philosopher that you're looking for to justify 2D art is schopenhauer.
>> No. 40144 [Edit]
>Platonic ideas are not 2D, they're 4D you fool
I've never actually read plato, I guess you're referring to his ramblings on allegory of the cave stuff where he probably would refer to the world of forms as some forth dimension that the real world is merely a slice projection of. I don't subscribe to the theory of forms stuff, I only meant to use the term "platonic ideal" as a metaphor.

Thus by 2D being a "platonic ideal [of] abstractions" I meant that
1) thoughts/ideas can be made flawless by fiat, i.e. you can conceptualize your ideal scenario that maximizes your personal value function
2) Media (art, books, shows, etc.) are basically a way to transfer ideas from the author to you. It just so happens that mangaka have mastered the art (moreso than their western counterparts) of distilling the essence of emotions we tend to find satisfying (friendships, romance, lust, etc.) and conveying those ideas in a form that you can readily adopt yourself.
>> No. 40145 [Edit]
File 165899401373.jpg - (318.34KB , 1920x1278 , z_5f83eb1101602-20667909.jpg )
I understand what you meant. I just wanted to point out that strictly speaking the kind of 2D adoration that takes place here is schopenhauerian, not platonic.
>> No. 40185 [Edit]
Carpeted floors. In a house, except for rooms where things get cleaned or cooked, the floor should be made of wood, or something else that's hard but not plastic. And then if you want, you can put a rug on top of that. Carpeted floors are the devil.
>> No. 40187 [Edit]
I don't mind carpeted floors or floorboards, but what I hate are floors that are on top of a concrete slab which is how houses are built in my country now, so a carpet is pointless because the floor is still hard and so are floorboards.
>> No. 40189 [Edit]
The casting of non-athletic actresses as physically strong characters. Meanwhile, most actors in such roles are practically contractually obligated to take steroids.
>> No. 40190 [Edit]
First person games on console. The controls feel really awkward and imprecise. They also don't let you change the FOV, so it feels really cramped. I don't know how I did it in the past. Out of necessity I suppose...
>> No. 40211 [Edit]
File 166002409524.jpg - (310.67KB , 1024x1024 , __houraisan_kaguya_touhou_drawn_by_hanadi_detazo__.jpg )
4/jp/ sucks. Laugh if you want, but I tolerated until recently everything because it felt a little sad to leave. I don't know why, but only recently it's become clear that I haven't been having any fun posting there. I like another /jp/ far more.
I wanted to try and make a change, but that was a very ambitious idea to say the least. I learned it was fucked from the start. Otaku Culture is too broad of a topic to please anyone. I've seen complaints about TC for having a large amount of boards, but I think it was a great choice. I don't think there is a better place on the internet for anonymous discussion than TC. The fact that it is as fast as it is, as well as the age of the site means that there is a higher than average concentration of people with experience and knowledge of the topics it covers.
TC is the most best and wonderfullest website evar!
>> No. 40212 [Edit]
Yeah I think it's a bit hard for one person or even a handful of people to make any kind of change (for the better) in places with that many people. Your efforts can easily be drowned out by people who put in no effort.
>> No. 40213 [Edit]
File 166002521697.jpg - (96.91KB , 530x707 , __kamishirasawa_keine_touhou_drawn_by_iwamoto_zero.jpg )
I did start a nice thread. I'm considering continuing it, even if it isn't super popular. Maybe /jp/ sucks, but I want to give those poor bastards that have stuck around for some time something to enjoy every once and a while. Maybe some of the new blood can enjoy it too.
I think maybe I can take pride in it, even if 4/jp/ sucks. While I might not be as active there as I once was, at my heart I am an otaku. I will discuss my interests in better places while trying to get those young and new people into those older things.
4/jp/ may be dead, but I'll give my best to teach the young and new posters a taste of otaku culture beyond touhou (not that it's bad, but I think a lot of kids think that's all there is these days).
Yeah, I think getting older won't be so bad if I can provide guidance to the young.
>> No. 40214 [Edit]
I'm of the opinion that it's futile. Unless they're young children, people tend to find out things they want to know on their own. This even applies to word of mouth since people choose who they spend time with. I'm saying this as one of those "young people".
>> No. 40215 [Edit]
I'm young too, and what I've come across is word of mouth as well. I'll admit I'm slow to get to things, especially after spending 5 or so years without remotely decent internet access. I guess I just want to spark interest. I used to be extremely picky, but I'm pretty happy with most things I consume these days. I imagine someone out there is the same as me, that they want to catch up on the best of yesteryear like I did. Even today, I rarely watch any current anime or read anything new. There is just so much to catch up on.
I really wish I had okay internet those 5 years, but at the same time, I wonder if I'd be no different from most young folk. I'm pretty satisfied with my shitty 2014 culture.
>> No. 40269 [Edit]
File 16608351987.jpg - (262.92KB , 1938x1550 , b4a788915e4436c0dac973c2e630d568.jpg )
Hipster "music genres". My theory, is that the music industry and amateaur music, is so oversaturated, people think if they can't become prominent in a genre most have heard of before, at least they can become "prominent" in a genre invented last thursday. So new ones are constantly being invented for this purpose under false pretenses.

You could take any adjective and any noun, and invent a new music genre. How about "cold jive". It's uuuuuugh high-pitched club music with christmas bells. Yeah, that deserves its own genre designation. Or how about "garbage gyrate". It's club music, but it sounds really bad on purpose.

The people that like this crap are 99% of the time pretentious and mentally ill, like any other kind of hipster. It's all bullshit and I can't stand it.
>> No. 40271 [Edit]
File 166084261666.jpg - (308.30KB , 1528x1016 , Seto_Rika.jpg )
What, not a fan of "deep progressive electronic gyaru trance?"? It consists of synthesized music sung exclusively by gyaru girls mesmerizing you with their VJ skills.

It's so niche you can't even find it on [1] or [2]!


Post edited on 18th Aug 2022, 10:11am
>> No. 40280 [Edit]
File 166085571295.gif - (23.28KB , 850x429 , 4881ad7e6826eeb2dce218ee3f49e4e2.gif )
"Modern" board games. There's people constantly coming up with new games that have contrived systems with cards and pieces and all kinds of overly complicated mechanics, and usually a luck component. So you have to learn all these rules and shell out like $50 for a proprietary board game. Plus there's some lore tacked on. It appeals to this little niche of people who endlessly eat up the same high fantasy nonsense.

So you're paying all this money to play and learn games probably nobody will know or care about in 50 years. That's a tough sell, and they know it, so in every other way they play it safe. Even though there's all this artwork attatched and these custom figurines, there's no sex appeal in any of these games. Nothing that would offend your mom or people on reddit. So the one thing that could appeal to me isn't there.

I think western high fantasy nerd, male feminists are a pretty big part of the market for these things, and that's reflected in how samey and lifeless these games are. I've hated every person I've met in real life like that. There's also the kind of boring, prudish faggots that post of /tg/. The people that design these games are so proud of themselves too. I've been on their forums. They take themselves very seriously and they have conventions and shit.

And then there's board and cards games meant for average people, which are intentionally easy and have a large luck component. I don't like any of it.

Post edited on 18th Aug 2022, 1:57pm
>> No. 40346 [Edit]
Light switches with dimmers.
Mine in particular has a really bad design, it's a slider right beside the light switch itself. After a while at normal brightness it'll cause my light to flicker at a just barely noticeable frequency. Any dimmer and it always will. Maybe it's better without what is presumably the cheapest one that could be installed when the house was built.
This of course isn't my only issue. I just hate dim lights in general. I either want light or no light with no in between. Even if I did, a singular ceiling light is not enough to provide a pleasing dim lighting. Candles and lamps are infinitely better.
Would dimmer light switches really sway someone's opinion in buying a house? Or maybe it's just a cool extra along with other useless stuff to make it feel "modern"? Just seems like more shit that will go wrong someday.
>> No. 40347 [Edit]
Are you using an LED bulb? If so, it is most likely an issue with both the bulb and the dimmer. Allow me to weave a tale:

Back in the day where good old incandescent bulbs were used (and in terms of light quality these are the gold standard, by definition the reference of blackbody spectrum), dimmers could be simple and basically only needed to throttle the current to the bulb, and physics took care of the rest. A variable resistor suffices for this, although of course this disspiates energy in the resistor itself so is ineffecient.

To make this more efficient, it was found that instead of playing with current, we could effectively do some PWM modulation, and hence we got TRIAC/leading-edge dimmers. Note that Unlike the variable resistor dimming which still supplied a smooth current waveform, with triac dimming you get a choppy current. But incandescents still don't care because thermal inertia smooths things over. Note that you could also chop out the trailing-edge of the waveform (trailing-edge dimmer), but for some reason this was not as widespread (probably easier to build a circuit for leading-edge chopping?).

Now you get to LEDs. These were made to spite on mankind and ensure we would never enjoy good quality lighting. Not only do they have terrible CRI and an unnatrual spectrum (consider that we evolved with fire, which incandescents sort of mimic – deep reds and infrared region – compared to LEDs which have almost no deep red in their spectrum), and manufacturers cheap out on components leading to 120hz flicker, but they cannot be easily dimmed.

Due to their on/off nature, lowering current doesn't work so the only solution is PWM dimming. Now it's possible to implement this right such that it's practically unnoticeable by doing the PWM'ing at a very high frequency, but considering that manufacturers won't even throw in a smoothing capacitor to reduce 120hz rectifier ripple you can bet they're not going to do that.

So that means to get our LED to dim we have to hook it up to a leading/trailing-edge dimmer, not a variable-resistor dimmer. But it's not that simple, because recall that an LED diode itself is driven by direct current, so all "LED bulbs" are really a package of driver circuitry which does AC->DC rectification plus the bare diode. And the whole point of rectification is to turn a choppy incoming signal into a stable dc output, so the chopped up waveform from leading/trailing edge dimming is just going to be turned into a dc signal. So this means that we need another circuit before the rectifier that integrates the signal over time to find the dimming level, then uses that to PWM the driver.

So put together, in order for an LED to dim correctly we need:
* A circuit before the driver to integrate the signal and determine the intended dimming level
* A non-shitty rectifier which can rectify a noisy signal to a stable DC
* A PWM'ing circuit which PWM the bulb at high frequency based on the computed dimming level

And just to make things worse, once the rms voltage of the input waveform drops low enough, it's harder to achieve a stable output voltage (unless you throw in some large capacitors), and so most LED bulbs hooked up to a dimmer won't dim properly on the lowest end.

(Do note that most bulbs probably do have multiple independent diodes that can be turned on/off to achieve "coarse" dimming)

So to go back to your question, if you want the best experience with a dimmer, you should use an incandescent or halogen bulb. If you want to use an LED, you must also use a dimmer that it's been tested and verified to work with. The only ok-ish consumer bulb I've seen that does dimming sort-of-decently is the Philips Warm Glow bulbs, which include multiple sets diodes at different color temperatures. But they don't have good enough CRI, so they're still worse than halogen.
>> No. 40348 [Edit]
High-cri LEDs are thing it seems. There's even "LED filament" models.
>A CRI score of 95 or above is considered very high, and indicates that a light source will make objects appear very similar to how they would look under natural lighting conditions.
95 out of 100 doesn't sound terrible to me.

Post edited on 27th Aug 2022, 11:32pm
>> No. 40349 [Edit]
File 166166918466.jpg - (75.31KB , 534x245 , Incandescent vs LED bulb diagram.jpg )
I actually have one of the waveform led bulbs. I can confirm that there's no flicker (but these bulbs are non-dimmable), and 95 CRI is indeed among the best LEDs you can purchase as a consumer (yujiled is another). [Although the heat sink on the bulbs is a bit questionable (which is another cost cutting measure that all manufacturers take), I wouldn't expect these to last more than 3 years].

But the deep-reds are still lacking. Look at R9, it's still only ~85-90. Realistically you're probably not going to notice a visual difference (unless you live in an art gallery) between r9=85 and r9=95, but the fact that no current LED replicates the deep-red spectrum (700nm+) should not be ignored. For instance, apparently this spectrum of light does have impact on retina mitochondrial functioning [1]


Post edited on 27th Aug 2022, 11:53pm
>> No. 40350 [Edit]
File 166167327875.jpg - (13.68KB , 252x252 , 3456356782.jpg )
I really didn't anticipate such a reply, but yes, it probably is an LED bulb. I'll check tomorrow when I can do something about it.
Thanks for the post. It is surprisingly interesting.
>> No. 40352 [Edit]
They have an article about R9 CRI too, so they are looking into it at least. Also, I don't personally value the ability to dim a light.
>Below is a typical LED spectrum compared to the reference source (daylight). There is a very notable lack of red light emitted by the LED at wavelengths past 600 nm.
>CRI R9 is a very important metric because many light sources will be lacking in red content, but this fact will be hidden due to the averaging out of CRI calculations which do not include R9.
>CRI utilizes the CIE 1960 uv color space, which is skewed in a way that exaggerates color differences in the red region of the chromaticity diagram. Since CRI is a calculation that quantifies color differences between a light source and a reference source, a larger calculated color difference will result in a larger decrease in the R score.

Post edited on 28th Aug 2022, 8:47am
>> No. 40357 [Edit]
File 166181551256.jpg - (437.37KB , 800x650 , ad6bf2e0126edb39151cb31573d6b304.jpg )
I feel like complaining about random computer desktop stuff, so that's what I'm going to do.

There's too many ui frameworks and the "cross-platform" ones all suck. GTK is especially egregious. Every single GTK application is infected with that god awful, lobotomized file picker with no thumbnails, even on Windows. To think GTK was developed to make a photoshop clone. QT is hardly better. Dolphin has thumbnails sure, but they're blurry. It pisses me off.

Other problem with Dolphin. When you click on an image, in the bottom information bar, it'll tell you how large the file is, but it wont tell you the image's dimensions. That's so fucking stupid. They added some dumb option to get this information by displaying image dimensions underneath all images' names. Or something like that. I don't really remember except that it's not in the bottom, file information bar where it should be. And of course if you use Ubuntu or Debian you'll have to wait before getting that "feature" or go through some pain in the ass to update KDE without the package manager.

Icons are too big in KDE. Especially on a smaller screens it's a god awful waste of space. So you've got to choose if you want legible text or acceptable usage of your screen real-estate. Or you can set some lopsided bullshit that makes fonts 20px or something. If scaling wasn't so fucked up on linux and they didn't make the icons so needlessly bloated maybe this wouldn't be a problem.

Windows doesn't have any built-in command line utilities. Basic stuff like diff and time are missing. Powershell's auto-complete sucks. You can't filter past commands, an extremely basic, useful feature. You have to hit the up key like fifty times. There's some stupid convoluted work around that's not integrated with the up key at all. It should be exactly like zsh where you just type things in, press up, and past commands are filtered. I don't know how the powershell developers didn't think of this. I wonder if they've never used zsh. Maybe they were so up their own ass, they didn't think to try and see how other shells do things. You can't alt-drag windows in Windows, so dealing with a borderless application is cumbersome. You've got to press alt+space, and select the move option to move the thing.

Post edited on 29th Aug 2022, 4:30pm
>> No. 40359 [Edit]
There's a linux rants thread on /navi/ that you might be interested in perusing (or have already perused) which talks about the state of the linux gui at great length. As for windows, powershell is actually neat in theory, as an exploration of how CLI can move past passing text between programs to passing formatted objects which makes it possible to build more powerful pipelines (instead of e.g. having to parse the stdout to get the first column). But powershell kind of stopped at WIP theory stage and they never bothered to add the ux polish (like zsh). And no one really bothers writing powershell modules so unlike linux where there's a rich cli ecosystem, every thing is just kind of half-baked on windows. So much so that they probably gave up themselves and now just push WSL if you want to do anything cli.
>> No. 40361 [Edit]
File 166198007470.jpg - (281.79KB , 940x1085 , d088ca6f48e9a5b74ee8bc4a80884f1f.jpg )
Artists who do mostly erotic, highly sexual stuff, but never actual sex. Especially when they dabble in a fetish I have, Kafun being one example. Also artists who used to draw more risque stuff, but dialed it back over the years.

I don't really get it, but I'm inclined to believe artists do this as a way of maintaining some kind of mainstream "legitimacy" and that annoys me to no end. Either that or they have some weird, personal hang ups. This is a big part of why I want artists to be replaced by machines.
>> No. 40363 [Edit]
File 166198262247.jpg - (599.83KB , 3880x2740 , ie.jpg )
I think the most hilarious example of this is that the person who drew those browser girls used to draw guro.
>> No. 40368 [Edit]
File 166201156013.jpg - (50.28KB , 1280x640 , lTOviQy258A.jpg )
I'll take their word on the skewed cie color space making it harder to go from r9=90 to r9=95 than it is for other colors (although I don't really understand their reasoning, reasoning about color spaces always make my head hurt). Although even without invoking the notion of color space, simply by looking at the spectrum of LEDs you can see how it's very hard for them to represent the deep-red region. In principle if we had phosphors that could somehow remit light in this region it wouldn't be an issue, but I guess no one has come up with them yet. I recall the last advancements in LED lightning technology were the violet-pump LED (compared to traditional LED which emit blue light then rely on phosphors to absorb/remit into other colors) but that hasn't made it's way to general consumer LEDs yet (the only two companies that produce these are Soraa and Seoul Semiconductor [*], both of which claim to achieved R9 of 95 which is pretty impressive).

[*] And apparently a chinese company called "Smart Eco Lightning" according to the russian lamp guy on budgetlightforum who is a wealth of information. According to him there recently are full-spectrum bulbs with a significant deep-red & IR region, as in the attached picture. He calls these "StarLike" but hasn't revealed the actual company that manufactures the COBs. It might possibly be [1] although it's not really relevant unless you care about details of supply chain. Sadly I doubt we'll see this until another 5 years considering high-CRI bulbs are only just becoming mainstream.

>> No. 40369 [Edit]
I don't know about the first example but I can understand the latter. Peoples tastes and goals for their art change over time.
I don't think there's really any point to drawing the same concept years on end even if you don't actually enjoy it anymore, just because it's what you started out with.
>> No. 40370 [Edit]
Maybe they find that distasteful? Or they prefer erotica to sex? Just let them draw what they want.
>> No. 40371 [Edit]
>Peoples tastes and goals for their art change over time.
For the worse usually. On a time graph, it'd make a hill shape. Somehow what they enjoy becomes more pedestrian and safe.
I can't force anyone to draw something. But I can judge them. I'd call finding it "distasteful", a weird ,personal hang-up.

Post edited on 1st Sep 2022, 8:29am
>> No. 40374 [Edit]
File 166215318497.jpg - (492.52KB , 1200x960 , a1007ce42a7f8b5fcbb523c800d46fd8.jpg )
I've collected a few thousand images. Mostly from boorus, but also from an assortment of other places. I've never had an organization system except keeping them in folders with about 200 files in each, making new ones as needed.

A lot of the time, even when I know I have an image, I'll look for it on a booru just because I know it's faster, which is frustrating. So I thought I'd try to start adding tags to my image files. JPG supports this, at least on windows, PNG doesn't. Okay, well there's a program that fixes that.

Thing is though, it's not transferable to others(unless it's a JPG which already supports tags), so the (very tedious)work I put in can't benefit others. And I can't benefit from it either if I want to transfer my files to a new os install(unless there's a way to export that information).

This whole thing is just terrible. Yeah, I've heard of Hydra, but that doesn't integrate with the rest of your system. You're putting another, separate layer on top of the system, which I find messy and unsatisfying. I like using the built-in file explorer to explore my files.

This got me thinking about desktops in a more general sense. Really, all image formats should support tag meta-data. And that's not even talking about other types of files. Ideally, the image creator would tag the file, and then nobody else would have to do that work again, unless they want even more specific tags. The assumption should be that people will download a lot of image files, and they'll want to search for them, and there should be a built-in system which enables that. Users would then form certain standards on their own.

I think most of the good things about desktop operating systems where invented in the 90s and early 2000s, when people mostly needed computers as an isolated work-station. As the internet became more important, it started to subsume functionality that used to belong to host machines. It's even begun to encroach on the concept of local storage. So most niceties that exist on desktop operating systems, are relics of a bygone era, and aren't going to be further developed. Instead of the OS changing in ways that utilize the internet so users can more efficiently communicate and share information, it only changed in ways to further connect users with companies, which are always middle-men between users.

Smart phones are the most degraded form of computer in terms of empowering the user, and that's the direction I think desktops are going. And if you think Linux is capable of innovating the desktop, something can't innovate if it hasn't figured out the most basic things, which it hasn't and never will. At best, it can create superficial ui trends and poorly integrated, half-baked, non-standardized layers to put on top of the base system.
>> No. 40375 [Edit]
File reply.pdf - (35.28KB )

TC's WAF is preventing my response from posting, so I've had to attach it.
>> No. 40377 [Edit]
File 166217392811.jpg - (228.18KB , 800x700 , 4cc557dbd0ac7cd08030273ee1043916.jpg )
Thanks for going through the trouble.
>I try to use the filename as a form pseudo-tagging
This would not work well as something everyone does. Something like a booru couldn't use this system without producing monstrous and or repetitive file names.
>as you mentioned exif isn't really standardized (png support is poor)
If it were standardized, it would be cross-platform though, wouldn't it?
>each file has a list of tags stored in the kMDItemUserTags xatr of the file, and there's an index built on top of it
If I add tags to a file in OSX and upload it somewhere, when another OSX user downloads it, will they have access to the same tags? Because not being able to do that is what's most bothersome to me.
>take a look at WinFS
Interesting. It seems similar to BFS.
>I believe the argument from W3C for rejecting it was that it's too tightly coupled to SQLite
W3C are corporate pawns.

Post edited on 2nd Sep 2022, 8:04pm
>> No. 40378 [Edit]
>If it were standardized, it would be cross-platform though
Yes, but at this point png and jpeg are in too wide use so they can't be standardized. I don't know offhand if they included metadata as a first-class citizen in the newer formats like webp or not.

>will they have access to the same tags?
Good question, short answer is no. Longer answer is that the extended attributes are stored in the resource fork of a file inode, while most programs will only care about the data fork. So if you upload an image to a server, only the data fork gets copied. OSX does try to be a bit clever about this though: 1) if you copy a file to another drive whose file system supports extended attributes, osx will copy the resource fork along with it. So if you share files the old-school way via a physical drive, things will work. 2) If you create a zip file, or copy files to a filesystem without extended attributes, OSX simulates the resource fork by created a hidden data file [1]. So if you upload a zip file, things will transparently work.

>BFS file system?
You're referring to BeOS? Yeah it seems a bit similar to that, although I'm not too familiar with it. I get the impression WinFS focused a lot on the relational aspects, especially having a first class schema and relational support with the intention that user-applications would persist tabular data directly in this format directly to the disk (in effect, the filesystem would take the place of sqlite). BeOS's file system seems more like HFS's extended attributes on steroids, where querying and indexing is moved from the userspace layer down into the actual file system.

>> No. 40379 [Edit]
>but at this point png and jpeg are in too wide use so they can't be standardized
Why? How would adding a standard break anything?
>> No. 40380 [Edit]
You're right, I was thinking adding exif to png would require changing the file format in a non-backwards compatible way, but the format already includes support arbitrary metadata chunks (just not in a standardized fashion), so it wouldn't require any file format changes.
>> No. 40381 [Edit]
File 166220568398.png - (763.47KB , 750x895 , Touhou Alice 029 Bk Drink.png )
I have several folders for categories but I also label the images as I save them. You can create your own tag system as well, so one I have is bk for images with books in them, then I can just search in the folder search bar for x character bk if I wanted.

It's not ideal though, because I have to decide what tags I want to add and if I wanted to add them all like in a booru then I would have a huge filename and every image I saved would be a pain. But in general it works. Often I also change how I organise them by adding a new tag or changing a tag so I have to go through and change every image which is a pain and I still have not done for most images.
>> No. 40382 [Edit]
File 16622180857.png - (1.38MB , 1700x1156 , 7eb003e8325619aae6b13326871db77d.png )
These are all more problems with trying to use the filename, but the biggest to me is still that no one else can benefit from that work. You upload anything to tc for instance, and name is destroyed basically(yeah, it's next to it, but that's still a pain in the ass). And nobody knows your abbreviation system. Metadata that describes an image, should definitely be separate from the name of the image.

Another thing about hydrus, it doesn't have any folder structure. It entirely replaces folders with tags. I strongly believe they can and should co-exist.

Imagine if in boorus, when tags are edited, the image's own metadata is edited. So when you download it, the image has all those user-added tags. And also imagine, if the file picker were enhanced, so that you can edit tags while saving an image. This would be like a step forward in human evolution.

Post edited on 3rd Sep 2022, 8:25am
>> No. 40383 [Edit]
>(yeah, it's next to it, but that's still a pain in the ass).
Some imageboards have the option to download as the original filename.
By the way I kinda disagree. I think looking for the picture you want in a sea of pictures you didnt remember downloading is half the fun. You always revisit images you forgot about.
>> No. 40384 [Edit]
I am this fucking close to snapping. Its my bitch fucking whore of an aunt again. This midwestern whore is now messaging me annoying the fuck out of me trying to get me to travel with my narcissists bastards of my parents. Not only do I have severe airlpane phobia, to the degree that I have reccurring nigtmares for days preciding an airplane travel, i fucking hate travelling with my parents. theses motherfuckers are so fucking condescending, if i were to travel with them again i would jump from the airplane midflight from the emergency door. i shoulda have moved out, but now i have no money and no job, i will move out soon, somehow, and then disappear, never contact anyone again.
>> No. 40402 [Edit]
I hate how fast everything breaks these days. New things end up needing replaced within a year or so, but I have a cheap mouse that I've been using for over a decade at this point that mostly functions as intended.
Now it may have to do with the fact that I generally buy cheap shit, but I'd really hate to buy something "high quality" for it to fall apart just as fast. I don't care about cool functions and customization, just something that'll last a while.
Maybe I'll just buy something before I need to so that I can do research beforehand. Seems like the smart solution.
>> No. 40442 [Edit]
I might have bitched about this more than once, but I really hate people that don't lurk.
>> No. 40452 [Edit]
I made the mistake of lending my xbox 360 to someone years ago. It didn't work when I got it back.
I'm not entirely sure what happened, but now that I cracked it open, it fucking stinks, there's mystery residue, and mold. My guess is an animal pissed on it or something.
>> No. 40453 [Edit]
I never liked staying over at my aunt's house because she has a dog that would piss on -everything-. Not exaggerating, if he could piss on it he would. So I wouldn't be surprised.
>> No. 40469 [Edit]
File 166351830916.jpg - (336.11KB , 850x1078 , 1583760673302.jpg )
My relatives are insufferable.
>> No. 40470 [Edit]
I wonder why most people dislike their relatives
>> No. 40471 [Edit]
I believe any two people can have an amicable relationship if their interaction is sufficiently limited. How much so depends on how compatible the two people are. Relatives have no choice but to interact often.
>> No. 40472 [Edit]
They're people that we might have little to nothing in common with, but are forced to interact with for a significant amount of our lives. It's not like friends we can walk away from, partners we can break up with, or coworkers we can gun down. For better or worse we're typically stuck with family.
>> No. 40474 [Edit]
File 166355905738.jpg - (81.67KB , 629x446 , __suigintou_rozen_maiden_drawn_by_ktl_kuoting__1d1.jpg )
I was talking to an old friend earlier, and got roped into communicating with other friends of theirs.
Sickening. Horrible experience. I just wanted to play a fighting game for a few rounds without too much conversation. Not that I mind conversation, but there's nothing to talk about with those people. They know nothing and they don't care to learn for themselves.
I may be a miserable loser, but at least I have more than superficial interests.
>> No. 40475 [Edit]
Do you think your old friend is any different?
>> No. 40476 [Edit]
He isn't, but he is more acutely aware of things to avoid.
Goes out the window in a group dynamic of course.
>> No. 40477 [Edit]
If Suigintou approaches you in her trunk. Does that mean you have junk in the trunk?
>> No. 40479 [Edit]
>things to avoid
Do you mean topics to avoid while talking to you?

Post edited on 19th Sep 2022, 4:10am
>> No. 40482 [Edit]
More or less. Things like memes or whatever is popular at the time. Totally lost on me. Otaku topics are the worst. Especially when those people start having a dick measuring contest about how much of a "weeb" they are. I don't participate at all because I'll just come off as an insufferable faggot for no reason at all. I can only take so much talk about "anime waifus" and who watches the most hentai. What's the point?
I always find something else to do when I start losing patience. I have more fun on my own anyhow. This is why they're old friends.
>> No. 40483 [Edit]
File 16636091353.jpg - (403.42KB , 1080x1072 , Screenshot_20220919_133622.jpg )
People who can't understand the value of corporate backing. Pic from the comments on an article about Fuchsia.
>> No. 40484 [Edit]
Are you saying that corporate value is a positive or negative benefit? Corporate backing is a negative. Google isn't an entity interested in pushing forward OS research for altruistic reasons, they're interested in making money. Fuchsia is both an engineer retention project as well as a fallback for Android that allows them to control the entire ecosystem end to end. It's dead the moment the ad empire comes crashing down and google has to cut all non-essential projects. Basically, it's one reorg away from extinction.
>> No. 40485 [Edit]
He's trying to be a salesman, if nothing else.
>> No. 40486 [Edit]
>Are you saying that corporate value is a positive or negative benefit?
Positive, because without corporate backing, the project is dead in the water. This applies even to Linux within its common use cases.
>Google isn't an entity interested in pushing forward OS research for altruistic reasons, they're interested in making money
The exact same could be said for AT&T. Profit tends to be a hell of a lot better of a motivator than altruism.
>it's one reorg away from extinction.
And if that doesn't happen, they'll have produced something actually good because they have the required resources. I don't use desktop Linux and I never will. What I want is something that's POSIX-compatible, has a sane gui ecosystem, is more open than MacOs, and a sizable number of developers use. Fuchsia has actual promise of meeting all of these criteria. Redox has 0 chance. Linux has 0 chance.

Post edited on 19th Sep 2022, 3:45pm
>> No. 40487 [Edit]
I mean really. I think people like you live in a communistic/anarchist fantasy that's drowning in mediocrity and duct tape. I want no part in it, it makes me sick.
>> No. 40488 [Edit]
And even if Google (for example) were to dissolve, the experience and knowledge accrued by those working on the aforementioned projects will simply be leveraged by those individuals for another firm, themselves, an open source initiative, and/or something else. (Not to mention the capital and other resources will be released for other uses too.)
>> No. 40489 [Edit]
I can't tell if you're naive or just haven't actually had real-world experience with the stuff Google chucks out from their walled garden (or perhaps moated castle is a better metaphor). All their open-source projects fall into 2 (non-exclusive categories): potentially cool things that they leave to bitrot because it's a gimped version of their internal software that a) often makes assumptions that won't hold up outside their edenic monorepo b) is poorly documented and c) often leaves out the actually useful parts. Bazel and grpc fall into this category. Now this shouldn't actually be taken as a huge negative point, all things considered they can be pretty useful, but you're kidding yourself if you don't believe that you're always treated a 2nd class citizen when you use these tools.

The more relevant point is that the stuff they chuck out is more "source available" rather than actually open-source in the communal contributions accepted sense, because no one outside google can meaningfully influence the direction of the project. And google's best interests are almost certainly orthogonal to yours. Do you believe that they develop Chrome out of the kindness of their hearts to push the web forward? Why do you think they're trying to ram down manifestv3 which will hinder adblockers and content scripts? If you believe otherwise you are deluding yourself - go read the chromium bug tracker and tell yourself with a straight face that chrome is a "community project".

>The exact same could be said for AT&T.
Invalid comparison. Bell labs would never occur today because it'd be run by short-sighted MBAs that don't have long-term vision. Again you're joking if you think Google is a modern equivalent. They can't even maintain enough focus to put out a single chat app without a reorg killing things in the middle. DeepMind is really the only notable example I can think of, and even then that was an acquisition. And even their recent efforts here have been slacking: they basically got beat to the punch in image gerantion by OpenAI's dalle2 (who isn't actually open), and because they never bothered to release a trained model they got beat to the punch again by Stable Diffusion, which is something you can actually make use of immediately.

>they'll have produced something actually good because they have the required resources
Sure, right after they manage to produce a functioning chat app.
> is more open than MacOs
If they ever do manage to put out something, it's going to be exactly like chrome and android. An "open core" that you can't really call your own in any meaningful way unless you want to spend your days rebasing your local patches against upstream and rebuilding (your patches will never be accepted upstream; it also normally takes a full team of engineers to maintain a non-trivial chromium fork in sync with upstream) coupled with proprietary bits that you won't have access to (GMS on android; drm libs, sync, and translate on chrome).
>> No. 40491 [Edit]
>you're kidding yourself if you don't believe that you're always treated a 2nd class citizen when you use these tools
Why should I care? I use Windows on a day to day basis. Why do you think that's my top priority?
>"community project".
I do not care. Source availability is good enough for me. That is already an upgrade from windows. GTK is supposedly a "community project". Look how that turned out. Not only is it closed to outside contributors, it's also shit.
>An "open core" that you can't really call your own
I can't call Windows my own either, yet I still use it. So again, why should I care?

You're completely blind to the fact that other people may not have the same priorities that you do. Your whole argument boils down to "Google bad" and soothsaying.

Post edited on 20th Sep 2022, 7:57am
>> No. 40492 [Edit]
>I may be a miserable loser, but at least I have more than superficial interests.
If you think about it, that's what makes you a loser. In their eyes, probably.
>> No. 40493 [Edit]
You just might be right. I'm pretty boring, as the only things I have to talk about aren't things others want to talk about. What is interesting to the average person anyway? Their soft-core porn dramas and making money?
>> No. 40496 [Edit]
Indeed. It's been a frequent thought of mine that you can go hard into your hobbies, seriously. Like, you can become the Michael Jordan of your hobby with regards to the doggedness and work ethic that you apply to it.
But not all hobbies yield accolades and prestige and respect.

So yeah, it's not merely an unwillingness to have superficial interests that marks you as a loser. It's that honest pursuit, combined with the fact that it's in a hobby that's unpopular or not respected.

It's not easy to get rich, but the guys that work hard on making money in the finance sector are absolutely not seen as losers like an e-sports competitor would be.
>> No. 40497 [Edit]
E-sports competitors are supposedly pretty well regarded amongst newer generations; at least they're well known. But the guy who has obscure knowledge on plastic chairs [1]? He gets dismissed as a laughing stock.

I like your hypothesis that while one can spend time gaining expertise in any domain, respect and status is only conferred onto him by people in a certain group if that domain is aligned with the group's interest. For instance, the fact that there exist broadly popular or desirable like "money" or "sports" means that to the general population, sports players or businessmen are well-regarded. For something like e-sports which is a topic that has harsh demographic divides (well-regarded in younger generations, not so much in older ones) respect is likewise mixed. The more obscure the hobby, the smaller the group of people interested in it, and so the less likely he is to be respected.

>> No. 40499 [Edit]
>I do not care. Source availability is good enough for me.
But you literally said a few posts back

>is more open than MacOs
So if you're OK with having source available that you can't really take practical advantage of, why don't you use osx then? XNU is "source available" just like fuchsia. And in both cases the valuable userspace parts are either going to be closed source or like gtk aren't going to accept community contributions anyway. And given that you aren't going to upstream your changes in either case, I'd argue osx is actually better from a "less of a time sink" perspective because it's easier to monkey patch things at runtime to incorporate your personal changes (selectors are unlikely to change) compared to having to rebase your personal patch set and recompile each time. So going by your very words, you have a strictly superior option that meets all your criteria:
>something that's POSIX-compatible, has a sane gui ecosystem, and a sizable number of developers use

If your complaint is that osx lacks the necessary drivers to run on your hardware, then a) there's hackintosh and b) there's no guarantee that fuchsia will have "proper" support for those drivers either (because ultimately it's up to vendors or 3rd party hackers).

Post edited on 20th Sep 2022, 4:16pm
>> No. 40500 [Edit]
>XNU is "source available"
That's just the kernel. Maybe if you took a little peek at Fuchsia' documentation, you'd realize the amount available is much higher.
Literally all of it is open source thus far. To use it, you literally have to build it from source. Considering how the gui part is my biggest issue with Linux, this is a major difference to me.
>you have a strictly superior option
According to your soothsaying.
>there's no guarantee that fuchsia will have "proper" support for those drivers either
I can buy new hardware. Considering Fuchsia's design, and the Chromebook model, it's much more likely that I'll have more options in hardware than Apple provides.

Post edited on 20th Sep 2022, 5:46pm
>> No. 40504 [Edit]
>What is interesting to the average person anyway?
In my experience, what's interesting to them is other persons. It's all social, the rest are just pretexts to engage in social activities.
>> No. 40505 [Edit]
The average person might argue they are interested in both the subject matter and the social aspect, and also say they wouldn't engage in the most popular of "pretenses" for a reason.
>> No. 40525 [Edit]
I wouldn't say I hate people, but god I hate interacting with them.
They're all so needy, demanding, emotional, lying, manipulative...
>> No. 40536 [Edit]
File 166411341679.png - (134.56KB , 1118x780 , imabi.png )
People who don't understand the importance of typography and efficient use of space.

I got this email from the Imabi guy after telling him why his website's formatting sucks. I'm not on a smart device, I'm on a laptop with a 14 inch screen. And I don't care if the problem with the massive left margin is caused by the template; the template fucking sucks. Use a different template. Or don't use a template, and spend a bit of time figuring out the the html and css needed to make a non-stupid format.

On top of that, he uses the formatting as his way of keeping track of updates. I've never heard of such an incompetent and backwards way of doing that.

These response emails, or as I call them, excuse-mails, drive me fucking nuts. It's never their fault. They never actually change things to not be stupid after you go through the trouble of telling them why the way they do things is stupid. Every time.

Post edited on 25th Sep 2022, 6:44am
>> No. 40537 [Edit]
File 166411456590.png - (687.76KB , 1896x936 , webdesign 2022.png )
I feel calmer now.
>> No. 40538 [Edit]
I took a look at the site, and That huge space on the left really sticks out. I think it wouldn't be so bad if the page at least looked centered with even gaps on both sides.
>> No. 40544 [Edit]
You didn't attach the email you originally sent, but from the way you're responding you seem like an utter prick. If you're so annoyed by content that someone has typed up and is providing for free, why not create your own userstyle and apply it locally. Since you're a CSS wizard, it should take you only 10 seconds to do and you never have to worry about it again. People like you are the reason why some people dread open sourcing things, because people will believe they're entitled to support and bugfixes and start complaining if you don't drop everything you're doing and address their use-case. If you hate his website so much, why do you keep using it? Surely there are other japanese guides you could use.

And let me prempt a comparison with the linux community. What you did is just complain, and he has every right to brush you off. Even if you had sent him applicable CSS, he still has every right to reject it because you have no way of knowing how his backend is even configured. I.e. he may be using one of those website builders that may not even allow you to deviate from a custom template. If you've read through the linux kernel mailing list, you would know that patches are welcomed (although at times it can be a bit hard getting to the right person) even for obscure architectures. On the other hand, the most infamous case is the gtk community and the filepicker, and there despite people providing patches the maintainers refuse to even do code review. (Note that it would be quite a different matter if they performed a code review and stated that it couldn't be used in current form due to X reasons, e.g. interacting poorly with Y or causing regression on Z).
>> No. 40546 [Edit]
I'm honestly just happy if a website provides links and minor function to all the content it intends to provide. It does look like shit, but if it works, who cares?
>> No. 40548 [Edit]
>you seem like an utter prick
I don't care how I seem, dumbass. This is the venting thread.
>Since you're a CSS wizard
I'm not. I've used CSS, but that doesn't make a "wizard". I also think making local styles is a waste of time.
>start complaining
I'm complaining here, not to him. Because that's what this thread is for.
>why do you keep using it?
I don't.
>he has every right to brush you off
And I have the right to call him an incompetent in this thread. How hard is to understand that?

Why are you provoking me for venting in the venting thread? Fuck off.
>> No. 40550 [Edit]
Tablets being used in professional settings.
I went to get my eyes checked yesterday, and I found it jarring that tablets were used for so much. I really couldn't imagine having to use one for work. It just seems frustrating and inconvenient compared to a desktop computer set up specifically for work. Really, I can't understand how someone could tolerate having to use a touchscreen on some retard proof device that even a toddler could operate. Then again, I guess that's a point in favor of tablets. Better for those simple jobs even the dumbest person can handle.
That just makes me wonder... Why are desktop computers seen as too complicated for a lot of people? They're pretty simple, and with a bit of guidance or research you can do just about anything on them. Some of the language might be new, but again, it isn't hard to figure out when everything is labeled.
>> No. 40551 [Edit]
>Why are desktop computers seen as too complicated for a lot of people
They offer too much freedom for most people, in the sense that the set of all possible actions that can be taken at a given time is not constrained or clearly indicated upfront. Compare this to a smartphone where at any time the list of things you can do is very clearly limited.

Or more concretely, on a smartphone the number of abstractions you need to understand in order to use it is limited. There's no concept of a window, no concept of a file, what a user needs to understand about an application is limited (click the square to go into the captive world), and once in the application the only inputs possible are limited to clicks and swipes, and almost all actions are non-destructive so even a monkey can manage to find his way around.

That said I think a tablet is OK and perhaps even well-suited for field use in medical professions since most of it is just recording things down, or looking up patient info, which is the kind of repetitive simple task that smartphones excel at.
>> No. 40552 [Edit]
>That said I think a tablet is OK and perhaps even well-suited for field use in medical professions since most of it is just recording things down, or looking up patient info, which is the kind of repetitive simple task that smartphones excel at.
I suppose that's true. Really any job where a lot of data needs to be gathered and recorded without a dedicated work space. Personally I'd prefer to use pen and paper, but a device would be cheaper and faster in the long run.

As for the rest of your post, you're right. I was going to write a response to the rest, but it boils down to hating smart devices and how annoying those limitations are for me, someone outside their targeted market.
>> No. 40553 [Edit]
Do you think the limitation is inherent with the form factor, or merely a product of current mobile operating systems? At least with a rooted android phone you used to be able to run linux in a chroot (termux) and have unrestricted access to the underlying filesystem and hardware. At most I ended up using this for some basic automation (e.g. turn on airplane mode at night) though, trying to do anything more involved was bottlenecked by the soft-keyboard.
>> No. 40554 [Edit]
For me, personally, it was always the OS. My main issue was always an inability to access the file system. As a teen, I used to be heavily limited in what I could do at home on my computer, due to a complete lack of internet access. And so I had to rely on an iPhone to download anything. I found a decent method to do so, as iPhone apps don't necessarily follow the same philosophy as their OS. I think it was VLC that lets you download and whatever file and afterward you can access it from your computer. I don't really recall the specifics.
Eventually I got an android, after convincing my mother that iPhones suck and aren't very good for my needs. It was way better and didn't need a bunch of tricks and work arounds to use how I wanted. Even then, I found that it lacked settings that would help me get around some issues that came up, but not long after I got internet and mostly stopped using my mobile device outside of family phone calls, and when I can't be at my computer, checking websites and music.
My needs were pretty simple all in all, so I can't speak on doing any actual modifications.

Of course, the soft-keyboard is an issue, but if I'm not mistaken, you can connect an actual keyboard to android devices. You're probably out of luck on iOS, but that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. I think a solution could be to provide another key, similar to how the shift key works, except it memorizes a set number of inputs to use simultaneously. An optional additional page to the keyboard for keys you can't find otherwise would be able to provide more functionality if needed. Additionally, a sort of extension repository could help provide more advanced users a way to get more use out of their mobile device without "compromising" any part of the device. Obviously, such a thing would never be provided in any meaningful capacity, but it would make for an okay middle-ground for those that want to do more, but don't want to make significant modifications. It could also prevent curious retards and children from permanently damaging their device by making a back-up before enabling those extensions and having a way to restore that back-up on starting it up.

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>> No. 40571 [Edit]
File 16643786206.jpg - (1.16MB , 3000x3000 , bc397bc57644df2729342f4493f215ee.jpg )
So I stumbled upon the fact that Mac's file explorer, finder, really sucks. There's no address bar, no button to go up a directory, no option to make new files, or open folders in a new window. Basically it's gimped garbage.

The alternative people usually point to is called Pathfinder, which is not free and has a subscription model, which is as absurd as it sounds. It's been around for a really long time too.

My conspiracy theory is that Apple takes a cut in exchange for not breaking their shit. Apple knows it can't just not include a file explorer, or make it a paid feature. That would be too egregious. So instead they have one that's really garbage, but most mac users will still tolerate. The ones who wont, will be willing to pay for a solution. So Apple can make money on the side by creating a market for alternatives and exercising their power over said alternatives.

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>> No. 40572 [Edit]
File 166438415984.png - (53.28KB , 1576x547 , ode to the address bar.png )
A demonstration of the address bar's flexibility.
>> No. 40573 [Edit]
> There's no address bar
Hit cmd-shift-g (Go > Go to Folder) and you can type in a unix path in there. You can even rebind it to cmd-L if you prefer to match the browser. If it's not already enabled "View > View Path Bar" is also useful since it gives you breadcrumbs at the bottom. Put together, this effectively gives you the functionality of an address bar. I don't recall if go-to-folder is prepopulated with the current path or not. If it's not, then I guess to copy current path you'd have to use one of the workarounds described below. For drop-down menu of path there is also a separate path toolbar button you can add. But yeah this isn't ideal, having the functionality spread between different components.

The rest of the points are valid and I personally really miss the ability to right click and create new files on stock osx. You are probably already aware of these, but there are workarounds to accomplish the things you mentioned:

>no button to go up a directory,
You can hit cmd-up to do this. If you want a button though, you used to be able to drag applications to the title bar so there's probably a really kludgy workaround where you create an application that either sends cmd-up keypress or uses scripting bridge to send the relevant event to Finder, then just drag that application to the menubar. I believe newer osx also has support for "finder extensions" which can also add toolbar icons, which would be another way of achieving the same thing (compared to dragging an app to the toolbar).

> no option to make new files
I can see several options here. One is the toolbar button approach [1]. If you want it in the right-click context menu, tHe less elegant option is to create a service (e.g. in Automator) and enable it as a folder action. Then you will be able to right click (note this only works when right clicking on a folder itself) and have an option to run the script. The more elegant option, which only works on more recent osx versions, is to use a finder extension, maybe something like [2].

>or open folders in a new window
In Finder > Preferences there is an option to open folders in tabs or windows. Set it to open in window, then right clicking a folder will give you an option to open in new window. You can also do this via cmd+double click. If you want to switch temporarily between them, holding option when right clicking will allow you to switch between the two. Similarly you can option+cmd+double click.

And of course the nuclear option if you are willing to disable SIP on more recent os versions is to use something like TotalFinder or Xtrafinder which directly code-injects into the finder process and can do everything you requested.

>It's been around for a really long time too
On OS9 the finder used to be even worse. This is a hill that some (e.g. Siracusa) will die on, but to me what used to be the spatial finder [3] is atrocious. It maybe makes sense for someone who's not comfortable with the abstraction of files, but I don't need that. Getting rid of the spatial finder in favor of a regular file explorer is in my opinion the only good thing they've done with the finder since OS9. Unfortunately even though they didn't go far enough, and the fact that the finder remembers view preferences per-folder is I think a legacy of the spatial finder. Nothing annoys me more when things suddenly jump from list view to icon view because I happened to switch to icon view one year back in a specific subfolder. And the discoverability of the way to override this behavior is atrocious. Buring this in "View > View Options" is a diagrace. And if you want to set a default column width to use everywhere? Apparently you hold option while dragging the column, which has got to be the most obscure behaviors I've ever seen. (Finder has a ton of obscure shortcuts. Did you know cmd+shift+period allows you to toggle hidden files? Cute, but this appears no where in the menubar which defeats the whole purpose of having a menubar.)

Ah yeah I've heard of pathfinder, they've been around for a relatively long time too. I didn't know they switched to a subscription model though, that's really scummy. The issue is you can't really get rid of the finder on osx because it's so deeply integrated into everything. For instance its code is invoked as part of the save panel xpc.

>My conspiracy theory is that Apple takes a cut in exchange for not breaking their shit
It's simpler than that: finder is a huge sprawling legacy codebase full of tech debt. Have you ever disassembled finder binaries? It's a complete mess, and the finder binary isn't even where the bulk of the logic is, it's spread across DesktopServices as well. It was one of the last apps to make the carbon -> cocoa transition (I think maybe even some parts still link against carbon). I don't know why a file browser requires so much complexity, but this gives me the impression it's just a giant toxic pit no one wants to touch, and they're not going to spend the manhours on a greenfeld rewrite because what they have now is "good" enough". Certainly not given that the software division at apple is currently dominated by the ios team and osx is in perpetual maintenance mode.

> for not breaking their shit
There's nothing to break really, they're not using any reverse engineered apis here.


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>> No. 40574 [Edit]
>Hit cmd-shift-g
I know you can do this. It's stupid, and worse. And it doesn't provide the features I listed here >>40572
The file explorer is a mouse oriented application. Some shortcuts are nice, but not for this.
>"View > View Path Bar"
This doesn't let you edit the current path, it only shows you the current path. It takes up the same amount of space, but has less than half the functionality.
>Put together
One ui element is better than two. One ui element that does both things is more efficient. The Window's address bar is the correct way, not multiple, hidden elements.

>You are probably already aware of these
I am. Third party ones are liable to break over time.

>You can hit cmd-up to do this.
In windows, you can do this with alt-up. Having options is nice.

>Nothing annoys me more when things suddenly jump from list view to icon view
I like this feature. In my picture folders, I want thumbnails. In my document folders, I want details. You're right though that turning this off should be easy.

>But yeah this isn't ideal
Wrote my post before I saw you added this.

Post edited on 28th Sep 2022, 11:42am
>> No. 40575 [Edit]
>Third party ones are liable to break over time.
The finder extension api has been stable since its launch, so at least the ones using those should not break in the near future (amusingly I recall this api was added solely because apple was fed up with dropbox reverse engineering the Finder, and they couldn't introduce SIP otherwise. Probably one of the rare cases when a company had a large enough userbase to force Apple to adapt rather than the other way around.)
>> No. 40576 [Edit]
Actually come to think of it, I think the notion of the "spatial finder" is indeed where the fundamental split comes from.

The windows approach to the file explorer is a path-centric one (there's an obvious parallel to internet explorer here, and I recall some early windows version even tried to unify the two). This may have grown as a natural evolution of DOS.

On the other hand the OS9 spatial approach is some sort of workspace centric one, where the path is not explicit but implicit in the stack of windows you have open. In the transition from OS9 to osx they moved away from the spatial aspects, and bolted on some features to at least give you a sense of the explicit path (breadcrumbs at the bottom), and forward/back navigation. But the thing is they never really fully embraced path-centered navigation because you never have direct ability to manipulate the path (except via cmd+shift+g), so Finder is stuck in some sort of weird hybrid world.

Even today you can actually sort of simulate spatial finder by going to (View > Hide Toolbar) [which often randomly triggers when mounting disk images for reasons I still can't understand] which shows how they effectively just bolted on a forward/back button to the OS9 file manager, made things open in the same window, and shipped it. I believe this is also why Finder is unique in that it's the only application that can't be quit directly from the dock. It inherits the spatial metaphor legacy that the finder isn't merely a way of browsing the filesytem:

>In the days of classic Mac OS, the Finder was the interface--and, by extension, was the computer. When people raved about the Mac's "ease of use" (especially back in the days when the Mac was home to the only mass-market personal computer GUI) what they were really raving about was the Finder. Applications may or may not have had pleasing, usable interfaces, but they were clearly "not the computer." Applications ran on the computer. You launched applications, and then quit them. The Finder was what you saw when all the applications were closed. There was no closing the Finder. To close the Finder meant to turn off the computer. The Finder was the computer.

I can understand why it was appealing, but to a power-user this just seems like an attempt to hide an abstraction.

Another good link on spatial vs non-spatial:

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>> No. 40577 [Edit]
File 166440624658.jpg - (109.08KB , 593x825 , daf8e902b5891cd753942e6c856ef303.jpg )
>The finder extension api has been stable since its launch
So something like will still work even though it hasn't been updated in years? If that's the case, they did something right.

I find it ironic that the OS which stuck with POSIX felt the need to obfuscate things from the user more. And to add insult to injury, they backpedaled in a half-assed way. So much for being artful and "cultured".

>to a power-user this just seems like an attempt to hide an abstraction
The normal-user, "power-user" dichotomy annoys me when it goes this far. What a file and directory is should be taught in elementary school. It's like calling people who can read "book power-users", because they read more than picture books.
>> No. 40578 [Edit]
Neat app, I didn't even realize that existed.

>will still work even though it hasn't been updated in years
That was created before the finder extension api was introduced in 10.10. Moreover the finder extension api is limited in what it exposes, which is only the ability to add badges on folders, toolbar buttons, and context menu items (basically what dropbox would make use of).

So the app you mentioned cannot be implemented on top of the finder extension api. But that leaves the question of how they actually did it. At first I thought this was via process injection, but it actually seems to use the accessibility apis (which are very rich on osx) to detect when you click on the titlebar of Finder (which already displays the current directory) and uses that to activate a path bar overlay. Very very clever, and this method is robust enough to still work on modern versions, although because the height of the titlebar changed in 10.14 or something it no longer aligns exactly.

>I find it ironic that the OS which stuck with POSIX felt the need to obfuscate things from the user more
OS9 didn't support posix though? For OSX they did move more in the direction of path-centric as I mentioned, they just didn't expose the path as a central UI element.

> What a file and directory is should be taught in elementary school
I think spatial finder made sense when most people had not been exposed to computers yet, so this abstraction helped "common people" understand. But today it's not needed and can even serve as an impediment as it is a leaky abstraction.
>> No. 40579 [Edit]
File 166441495615.png - (253.02KB , 600x600 , 21978959_p0.png )
>OS9 didn't support posix though?
Really? I assumed having BSD roots would make it so.
>> No. 40581 [Edit]
File 166442347041.jpg - (131.44KB , 900x671 , os-eva.jpg )
Mac OS before X was a totally different thing. The UNIXy bits came from NeXTSTEP (along with Mach and to-be-Cocoa and so on, though much was replaced or modified before ending up on what became OS X), which Apple bought to serve as a much-needed better foundation for their operating system after their previous in-house attempts (pink, copland) getting caught in development hell and going nowhere.
>> No. 40589 [Edit]
Smart TVs.
I have a Samsung smart tv and it is awful.
The software is horribly slow to the point it is difficult to use, not that I ever want to do more than switching inputs.
The display itself is questionable, the refresh rate seems to be unsteady sometimes. Depending on what I'm doing with the TV, the display will briefly freeze every few seconds. This might be a software issue.
I can't seem to configure most of the settings. I wanted to see if I could disable some features in hopes it improve performance, but it doesn't seem possible.
The TV sucks. I rarely bother trying to use it since I'm usually at my desk, but I'd much rather have a more practical TV rather than a giant turd sitting around.
I really just don't see any purpose to it. Yes, you can stream stuff without anything more than the TV, but today's Blu-Ray/DVD players can do the same while probably letting you save enough on the TV to make up for it's price.
>> No. 40591 [Edit]
Did you know that if you ever connect a smart tv to the network, it will send metadata on what you are watching so you can be targeted with ads? Even if you're not using one of the smart apps, it will use ACR to identify the content being played.
>> No. 40592 [Edit]
yeah I'm not a fan at all either. I don't use any streaming services so all that clutter is pointless to me. They have this annoying tenancy to have as few buttons as possible on the tv itself, so you can't adjust things worth a darn without the remote and have to use really obnoxious combos with the 1-2 buttons they give you. If it's connected to the net, you might get ads via the tv itself. For some reason they don't like switching to new signals the way non-smart tvs do.
I don't know but it's possible you might have just gotten a cheapo crap smart tv though. The thing with cheap crappy tvs is they're always crappy regardless of the era they come from, while at the same time high quality TVs from ages past will still be noticeably high quality.
Even if you put the smart garbage aside, I think it's safe to say an average $1500 TV from ten years ago will still be better in quality than a $300-400 TV from today.
>> No. 40593 [Edit]
I don't have any issue with mine. But then I don't use any of the smart TV functions, I use my PC and PlayStation on it.
>> No. 40594 [Edit]
Same, except I only use the usb port to watch stuff I torrented. I have an LG one.

Post edited on 30th Sep 2022, 5:54am
>> No. 40597 [Edit]
What's one more thing spying on you? I don't bother connecting it to the internet. If I use the TV for some reason, it's usually to play on a console or some other device that can do everything the TV does, and far better.
>They have this annoying tenancy to have as few buttons as possible on the tv itself
I'm pretty sure my TV has no buttons at all.
>it's possible you might have just gotten a cheapo crap smart tv though.
Yeah, mine probably is pretty cheap. It was a random gift from my mom, probably intended as a sort of bribe. For most purchases, quality isn't really considered by my parents. It has caused a lot of headaches through the years.

It makes me miss my old TV that I had for 10 years or so. It wasn't anything special, but it was perfect for my needs. Unfortunately it stopped working some months ago, probably from rough treatment over the years. I wonder if you can even find new non-smart TVs now. I'd imagine you can with a bit of extra effort, but with a quick glance, it all seems smart. I wish there was more of a market for things without tons of useless features.
>> No. 40650 [Edit]
G-g-guys, I think anhedonia is starting to set in. I get bored as fucked with everything really easy. What to do?
>> No. 40653 [Edit]
Can you give concrete examples? I can try to say what worked for me, but it depends very much on your particular circumstance. Do you feel there are things you still want to like and just can't enjoy anymore?
>> No. 40654 [Edit]
Yes, I feel like i am starting to lose it. There are anime and manga and books and music I want to experience but everyday i become less capable of enjoying things. I lose track of time in a mental daze. Everything ruins my day. It feels like i have to wait for the 1 in a 1000 chance of having a day my mind works normally.
>> No. 40664 [Edit]
File 166519783212.jpg - (44.76KB , 496x310 , anime-girls-k-on-akiyama-mio-don-t-say-lazy-wallpa.jpg )
I hate how people treat this word like it's an excuse for itself, like it's not a bad thing to be lazy but instead it's normal and cool and perfectly alright (It's not).
You see this shit all the time. "haha I would have done it but I'm lazy lol"
That's not an excuse, and not something to be proud of. being lazy is not a good thing. You wouldn't say something like "I would have done it but I'm a a worthless piece of human garbage." That's all I'm hearing when people call themselves lazy.

I've been seeing something similar lately with the word "bitch". Where women call themselves a bitch like it's it's cool. "Yeah I'm a bitch, deal with it or fuck off." I'd ask if they know how disgusting this makes them look, but I think they don't care.

Neither of these are good traits, and people should stop acting like they are. That's not going to happen of course because these people will just surround themselves with similar minded people.
>> No. 40667 [Edit]
File 166534015710.jpg - (55.02KB , 453x724 , 10296904a.jpg )
I don't get why normal phone stands are all so poorly designed. The most common design uses a U shape on the front to rest your phone in, but if you use a shell on it or just have a thicker than usual device, it's not going to sit in that slot. The weird thing is, Acrylic phone stands (the ones that often come with anime characters on them), they don't have this issue. They're a much more basic design with a flat surface for the device to rest on, making them compatible with pretty much everything.
>> No. 40669 [Edit]
I had one that was a literal chair. It was a beach chair with the "movie director chair" style. It was made a long time ago when cellphones were smaller, so it doesn't work for the new generation of cellphones.
It was also regulatable. You could leave it at a near 90 degrees angle, or recline it to a near 45 degrees angle.

Post edited on 9th Oct 2022, 11:57am
>> No. 40671 [Edit]
I must be missing something, what's wrong with just laying the phone on a table? Also less chance of it being knocked off that way
>> No. 40686 [Edit]
I got new glasses today. I fucking hate them. I let my mother pick them out because I don't care how I look, but they are uncomfortable.
I've chosen to wear my more standard safety glasses as they are much more comfortable.

I really hate glasses as a fashion item. I don't care about fashion, I just want to see decently. I should be able to get free glasses if I get some ugly state approved frames.
>> No. 40687 [Edit]
I'm assuming you are myopic/nearsighted? If so you should not wear your glasses for close-work, only wear them when necessary (e.g. driving).

Also letting someone else pick the frames is a mistake, putting aside the style there are certain measurements such as temple width that need to be chosen to fit a certain individual. I.e. not all frames will fit well on all people.

Post edited on 11th Oct 2022, 8:50pm
>> No. 40688 [Edit]
>If so you should not wear your glasses for close-work
I can't do much without my glasses as my eyes are especially bad. I don't wear them when I don't need them, but I need them for most things. My eyesight is really bad beyond about a foot from my face.
>letting someone else pick the frames is a mistake
Yeah, I just wanted to get things over with. Fortunately, my eyesight didn't change much in the past two years, so my old glasses are good enough. I'll try to get used to my new glasses, but I'll stick with my old ones if I can't.
>> No. 40689 [Edit]
> My eyesight is really bad beyond about a foot from my face
I'm guessing your prescription is around -3 then (inverse corrective diopter is focal length in meters). Assuming you spend most of your time at the computer, in order to prevent myopia from worsening you should NOT be wearing -3 diopter lenses when at the computer because then you're essentially overcorrected for the screen distance. The reason why this is bad is because several causative animal studies and population-wide correllative studies in humans have shown that the eye responds to long-term accommodative stress via axial elongation.

Assuming a screen distance of 2feet = 60cm, you should actually be wearing -3 + 1/(0.6) = -1.3 ~= -1.25 lenses when working at the computer.

Use this information however you wish (myopia worse than -2 means that it's not as simple as ditching glasses at the computer and you instead need to order reduced powers, which means you'd either have to convince your optometrist or order it online).

(Note that you'll also see online some people claim to have reversed myopia. While I believe it's in principle possible, it's likely very hard to do so unless you are both young and spend significant time outdoors. Much easier to prevent myopia from getting worse than it is to reverse it. Some combination of the above as well as the brain "learning to deconvolve" [often denigrated as "blur adaptation"] is likely responsible for the improvements people self-report).
>> No. 40692 [Edit]
Apparently google doesn't even show you results if they're deemed to be non-fresh (i.e. wasn't crawled during their last crawl) even though the site itself may still be alive and valid. I knew google's ranking had gone to shit, but this is the first time I'm seeing them actively hide a result that they know exists. Bing (and DDG) don't seem to purge their index as actively so I'll make it a point to use them as well from now on. I feel like a large part of the long-tail internet is now completely unsearchable just because google deems it "out of date."
>> No. 40693 [Edit]
Interesting. I recently learned the amount of results it displays when you search for something means nothing. you can only go back like 30 something pages before that number of results changes and it won't let you go back any further, and this is for any search.
>> No. 40694 [Edit]
For searching the long-tail internet, you might want to try
Some downsides are that Marginalia doesn't support non-ASCII queries and that both tend to give irrelevant results for more specific or obscure queries, I think Wiby moreso.
If you want a metasearch engine, you can try using a public Searx instance or setting up your own private one.
>> No. 40695 [Edit]
> results it displays when you search for something means nothing.
This at least makes sense, since it's far easier to propagate up the number of matching documents than it is to retrieve a specific range. I suspect that number is indeed accurate in terms of the raw number of documents in their index that match the query, but as you noted they won't serve anything beyond page X (~page 40) because it is computationally prohibitive to iterate over long posting lists. This doesn't mean that they don't exist in their index, if you use a more specific search query you'll be able to find it, so the number is still useful. As far as I'm aware this limitation has always existed, it's just that maybe they recently lowered the threshold.
>> No. 40696 [Edit]
Yup I'm aware of those two (thanks for sharing though), but I'm using long-tail in the sense of few inlinks and matches very specific keywords, and so is therefore unlikely to be included an any index that's not as comprehensive as Google's. So while marginalia is great for exploring, it's not necessarily great when you want to find specific information.

Or to put it concretely, Marginalia is great when you have a search term X that is "general enough" (e.g. "anime X review") and you want to filter out the corporate-blogspam laden noise you'd see on mainstream search engines. On the other hand, if you have a search term "X" which you know matches only 2-3 documents on the entire Internet, Marginalia's crawls are unlikely have to reached those specific websites. On the other hand, Google's index almost certainly does contain this website if it was ever publicly discoverable (inlinks may no longer exist, but the website itself may still be alive). It used to be the case that Google would actually return these documents, now they just seemingly filter out anything that wasn't crawled within the last year.
>> No. 40699 [Edit]
What happened to a screen and an antenna set? Jesus.
>> No. 40700 [Edit]
File 166570017198.png - (4.52MB , 3500x2500 , __shigure_and_shigure_kai_ni_kantai_collection_dra.png )
I personally only jack it to single or set images of girls, either wearing arousing/erotic clothing and/or nude, usually and preferably in the process of undress. I almost never watch actual porn or read actual hardcore hentai, it's visually unappealing and is usually ugly to look at. There's something about just appreciating the female body as a visually aesthetic set of shapes that's way more erotic to me than sloppy, messy sex scenes. Dunno why, but it probably has something to do with why I'm a volcel.
>> No. 40701 [Edit]
>either wearing arousing/erotic clothing and/or nude
I see this as like only eating appetizers.

>it's visually unappealing and is usually ugly to look at
To you, I find it arousing.

So, to each their own.
>> No. 40702 [Edit]
Ecchi is the best.
>> No. 40703 [Edit]
>>either wearing arousing/erotic clothing and/or nude
>I see this as like only eating appetizers.
I think what you're not getting is that the majority of it is fueled by my imagination and the picture is just the subject that my imaginations are based on, so any gratuitous hentai or porn could never surpass what I can imagine in my head, and what visually looks much more aesthetic. I could never just observe someone else having sex in such a visually grotesque way.
>> No. 40704 [Edit]
If I wanted to rely on my imagination, I wouldn't need any more inspiration than I already have, and it would basically be the same as hentai, except fuzzier and less defined since it's only in my head.

I suspect you're more devoid of empathy than I am if you need to imagine yourself to be aroused. That seems abnormal to me to be honest.

Post edited on 13th Oct 2022, 10:03pm
>> No. 40705 [Edit]
>any gratuitous hentai or porn could never surpass what I can imagine in my head
i agree, the best masturbation material for me is what i can recall from sexual dreams immediately after waking up. even if i can barely remember what it was that had me so aroused, or if what im picturing is paradoxical, its still 100x better than porn. i find that everything i imagine in general is better than the "real thing". neither smoking nor drinking lived up to what i had imagined it was, hell even emotions are better in a way when i imagine them. i could feel a profound sadness when contemplating a situation in my head but when it actually comes to pass i feel nothing. maybe hard drugs or psychedelics will break this pattern of my imagination being better than reality, but i dont plan on trying those any time soon.
>> No. 40706 [Edit]
So do you still watch anime or play games? If so, just imagine something better.
>> No. 40707 [Edit]
File 166577226444.png - (474.49KB , 1024x1024 , 75c8e83f88b4d332129b60b000ba665e.png )
I was re-watching the "cool girl" speech from Gone Girl. The gist being that women pretend to be someone they're not, and pretend to like things they don't actually like, to appeal to men's "unrealistic expectations". This was spoken by the movie's psychopathic, murderess villain. In the comment section, it was mostly woman after woman saying how accurate it is and how much they agree with being angry at this dynamic.

First of all, the idea of somebody pretending to like things I like, angers me. My interests are part of my identity, so somebody pretending to share them is a violation of my identity. Second of all, NOBODY forces them to put on an act like that. This made me see 2 double standards.

1. It's always said that women are "allowed to have preferences". But men aren't apparently. Their preferences are instead called "unreasonable expectations". Who gets to draw the line between a preference, and an "unreasonable expectation"? I think it's completely arbitrary, and you could easily say women have "unreasonable expectations" of men.

2. It's always said that men aren't "entitled to anything". But apparently women are entitled to men's attention and acceptance and relationships with them. When women manipulate men into liking them, that's a sign that society has a problem. When men do the same, that's a problem with men and they did wrong. Men are supposed to accept women for who they really are, but men should "work on themselves" to appeal to women.

It's bullshit. Most people are too stupid and hypocritical to connect these dots, especially women. And that's infuriating. I don't think it's a matter of moral right and wrong. I believe there is a fundamental conflict between men and women because they are different. The want different things, and they like different things. Anyone who says they're the same is a deluded liar. There is no reconciliation. People just pretend there is because they have no other choice.

Post edited on 14th Oct 2022, 11:34am
>> No. 40708 [Edit]
>First of all, the idea of somebody pretending to like things I like, angers me. My interests are part of my identity, so somebody pretending to share them is a violation of my identity.
Yeah, I hate this. It's part of why I don't bother with people anymore. It isn't just a woman thing. It's one thing to try and get along with others, it's another to fake enjoying something to get closer to someone. Such people are too heavily focused on social environments that they never stopped to think or experience anything for themselves, they only do things for the social aspect. Either way, people like that make me uncomfortable.

>Who gets to draw the line between a preference, and an "unreasonable expectation"?
It's subjective, but I can't help but think the idea of an "unreasonable expectation" is the result of someone getting upset that they feel you look down on them despite them seeing you as an equal or lower. Alternatively, it could be used by a guy to justify their own low standards. Basically, it's just idiots getting upset over something that doesn't impact them in any way. They take it personally and need to shift that blame onto the other person.
I think it's fine to have really high standards if you accept it probably won't happen.

>When women manipulate men into liking them, that's a sign that society has a problem. When men do the same, that's a problem with men and they did wrong.
Yeah, it's stupid. It's the same deal as the last double standard. Nobody wants to accept that they're unappealing. Nobody wants to be responsible for themselves being alone.

>Anyone who says they're the same is a deluded liar. There is no reconciliation. People just pretend there is because they have no other choice.
Unfortunately, there are more than enough men willing to enable this, even if it isn't really good for anyone. For me, it doesn't matter much.
>> No. 40709 [Edit]
>except fuzzier and less defined since it's only in my head.
You're fucking with me right? How shit is your memory cortex?
>> No. 40710 [Edit]
Not the anon you're responding to, but aphantasia might explain the differences here.
>> No. 40711 [Edit]
Do you think what's in your head is exact? Try tracing a picture you have in your mind then. Seeing something in front of you, is different from imagining it. And this hostile reaction is confirming what I thought about your empathy.

I don't have aphantasia. I just understand that memory and imagination are imprecise compared to actually seeing things.

Post edited on 14th Oct 2022, 5:23pm
>> No. 40712 [Edit]
> memory and imagination are imprecise compared to actually seeing things.
It's not binary, some people supposedly do have very vivid "mind's eye" such that they can even superimpose imaginary objects on top of real ones almost like a floating hologram or something. Or so they claim...
>> No. 40713 [Edit]
>Try tracing a picture you have in your mind then.
I do it all the time when drawing. How would you be able to draw if you couldn't replicate an imagine from your mind? Does your brain just not retain information?
>Seeing something in front of you, is different from imagining it.
Sure, but it's not like you can't visualize the details. Did you never jack off to the memory of a classmate? Or walk around in your backyard as a bored kid imagining stories and scenes in your head?
>And this hostile reaction is confirming what I thought about your empathy.
You've been weird about it from the start, and I personally start feeling massive amounts of anxiety when talking to someone that seems incapable of comprehending the things I'm saying, or whose experience is so strikingly different from mind.

I don't think I have an unusually vivid imagination, I don't think anyone could ever visualize literal hologram floating images, but if you mean looking at an object and comparing it in your head to something else you've seen from a visual standpoint, I would assume that's pretty standard memory. How else would you even handle situations that require reflection on previous events or things that you've seen?
>> No. 40714 [Edit]
I've been struggling with this for a while now, it's caused me a lot of depression. I almost killed myself when I first realized I would never get that "real" feeling of experiences back.
>> No. 40715 [Edit]
That applies to both genders, people fake interests to fit in all the time, men pretend to like what women like all the time as well. Though not all do on both sides.

I don't know about women being allowed to have preferences while men are not. This sounds like bitter 4chan speak. Same with the idea that women are allowed to be entitled but men are not.
>> No. 40716 [Edit]
>How would you be able to draw if you couldn't replicate an imagine from your mind?
Craftmanship. What's in your mind, is a loose guide. Making it appear on the canvas is a process that requires knowledge, practice and often references.
>Does your brain just not retain information?
Fuck you.
>Did you never jack off to the memory of a classmate?
No. That's beneath me.

The only times I've jacked off with my imagination is when I remembered "hardcore" hentai, and I only did that because I didn't have access to the actual images.

>Or walk around in your backyard as a bored kid imagining stories and scenes in your head?
I did, but I would never consider that better than an anime.
>You've been weird about it from the start
Because you insulted something I like, and that pisses me off. You did it twice, even after I was polite and said "to each their own". Your imagination is NOT better than the pornography I enjoy, in any way what so ever.

Post edited on 14th Oct 2022, 9:13pm
>> No. 40717 [Edit]
Stop this, "there are no double standards" bullshit. Yes there are. I don't care how it sounds. I refuse to police what I say online based on how it "sounds". Fuck off with that.
>> No. 40718 [Edit]
I don't even masturbate to images. Anime art is just that to me, art. I like to look at it and can appreciate nude, clothed and even images with sex in them if they are done tastefully.

I pretty much always do it mentally or maybe sometimes reading a doujin. But I think that these thinks might be dependent on how often somebody does it.
>> No. 40719 [Edit]
You are letting what the internet rants about dictate how you see the world. This is an issue with many things these days, sure there are some women on the internet who probably do rant about that so then some men pick that up and rant about the rant that these women were ranting about and then you end up with these ranting echo chambers detached from reality.
>> No. 40720 [Edit]
File 166580808932.jpg - (763.11KB , 2404x1260 , QnATaIo.jpg )
And what "should" a person base their views on society on if not the most widespread and active place for public discourse? This "nothing is real, everything is subjective, everybody is an individual who can't be categorized in any way" shit is post-modern nonsense.
>> No. 40721 [Edit]
Reality probably, not the rantings of biter, desperate and lonely men or bitter, desperate and lonely women.
I never said people can not be categorised, they can. Just as the people with the views that we speak about can be categorised.
>> No. 40722 [Edit]
In reality, you're limited by your location, the tiny pool of people you interact with, and social norms directing people to be less honest than they are on the internet. How is that more reliable at giving you a "big picture"?
>> No. 40723 [Edit]
Join us next week on TC as we discuss other facets of human qualia such as the "inner voice", face blindness, and spatial memory.
>> No. 40724 [Edit]
File 166580946736.png - (21.46KB , 500x750 , crappy drawing.png )
>Craftmanship. What's in your mind, is a loose guide. Making it appear on the canvas is a process that requires knowledge, practice and often references.
Sure, but that's more about skill and transferring knowledge than it is about the ability to understand the image itself. For example, here's a fairly quick and crappy drawing of a person I imagined standing in front of a view from a hike I saw a week ago. It's not a good drawing, because I'm not a good artist, but it gives a good idea of the picture in my heard, which is way clearer for me than this end result it. I never saw the person, although I've seen people in long dresses before, and obviously I'm not up on the ridge. I don't take pictures because I see them as an insult to the view, to nature, and my own memory.

>I did, but I would never consider that better than an anime.
I guess that's where we differ, because often times I find myself imagining a different ending or way a scene would go in an anime and liking the results a lot better. I've always wanted to be a director of a movie or something but I'm afraid that the end product wouldn't live up to the concept in my head. For me, the ability to manipulate and view the story from any angle makes it a lot more engaging than just sitting and observing. Ideally I'd like to have an interesting or happy life too but that genuinely feels too much like observing to me than my daydreams do.

>Because you insulted something I like, and that pisses me off. You did it twice, even after I was polite and said "to each their own"
You're taking my dislike of hentai personally? Seriously? I'm going to give my honest opinion on it, which is more a reflection of my tastes than the quality of the work. For what it's worth, I think it's well crafted, it just visually disgusts me and that's for me personally. I'll say that, and it's not an insult to you, or even an insult to hentai. It's like saying you dislike clam chowder while knowing there are plenty of people to whom clam chowder tastes very good. Personally I love clam chowder but I know some people who don't, I wouldn't consider it an "insult" to my love of clam chowder. I thought we were just sharing opinions here. None of this is intended to be an insult, I'm just responding genuinely.
>> No. 40725 [Edit]
You are limited by all that on the internet as well, it's a series of echo chambers and when they interact they are not interacting sincerely and only to insult the other and to try to prove themselves right.
But reality is bigger than just what you can observe in your limited surrounding, you can even use the internet to observe reality. However, 4chan and twitter are not reality or a means to observe reality.
>> No. 40726 [Edit]
>I find myself imagining a different ending or way a scene would go in an anime and liking the results a lot better.
Not the anon you're responding to, but this is orthogonal to "minds eye" visualization. Even people with aphantasia can assume the hypothetical and reason about future or non-existent circumstances. As I glibly noted in the previous comment, the whole subthread stems from people talking past each other in conveying and understanding others' subjective experiences. Aphantasia has auditory parallels as well, and for such a person the concept of "earworm" tunes would be completely foreign and he'd think others were insane. Likewise for the concept of inner-voice (or lack thereof, or in the extreme multiple inner-voices, etc.)
>> No. 40727 [Edit]
I doubt that the original anon has aphantasia, I just find it baffling that someone wouldn't be able to find arousal from their own imagination. Even when I would read hentai or watch porn in the past I would typically extrapolate from the existing scene in ways that allowed the imagined scenarios to actually target my arousal. If I was just using purely visual medium without any "add-on" thoughts, I think I probably couldn't become aroused. In fact, thinking about what COULD be done is probably the arousing part of it to begin with. Looking at a girl and imagining removing her clothing, feeling her, letting your senses encounter her, thoughts of those kinds of things are what make seeing a pretty girl arousing to begin with. Just seeing it and doing nothing with it in your mind would be boring.
>> No. 40728 [Edit]
>I doubt that the original anon has aphantasia
It's not a binary condition though, I'd assume that those with weaker minds-eye are more likely to enjoy stronger visual stimulus, and vice-versa. It's also not a rare phenomenon, it's just underreported because of the nature of qualia. I wonder if there's a correlation between liking (or disliking) fiction novels and degree of aphantasia, and whether the opposite correlation exists for television. There are likely clear correlations between art talent and minds-eye visualization ability, but I wonder if the opposite correlation exists for mathematics (that is, to compensate for lack of direct visualization aphantics learn to abstract in other ways (e.g. symbolic manipulation) which could benefit them in this field).
>> No. 40729 [Edit]
File 166583766316.png - (6.11MB , 3024x4032 , view.png )
>I don't take pictures because I see them as an insult to the view, to nature, and my own memory.
This is a picture I took because I thought it looks interesting and I acknowledge the limitations of my memory.

When a real life location is used in an anime, I would bet they use photographs as references most of the time.

Post edited on 15th Oct 2022, 5:43am
>> No. 40730 [Edit]
File 166583865449.jpg - (815.51KB , 700x957 , 3472b3521314ef1bc89099dc5de262bd.jpg )
When I'm aroused, I don't feel like exerting mental effort. That distracts from my arousal. Visuals are already enough for me, so I don't need to do anything else. And I'd also rather have something to actually touch than just imaging it. Trying to imagine it would frustrate me, because the effort required would constantly remind me that it's not real.

When I was in middle school, I experimented with these things, and these are the conclusion I came to.

I can enjoy a fiction novel, but it has been a while since I've read one.
>> No. 40738 [Edit]
I appreciate the picture, it's a nice sky. I wonder, now, does the value of pictures lie in our ability to share something with someone else? Maybe they do. I have to wonder how much of our technology exists because we wanted to tell other people things.
>> No. 40740 [Edit]
File 166594760315.jpg - (609.98KB , 889x1000 , a8d36fa4df67ff62385e12ec40b38240.jpg )
A lot of languages have clusterfuck toolchains, at least on Windows. Go is how to do it right. You install one thing, and you have it all. Then you use one command, "go", to compile and get libraries.

Rust, on the other hand, requires visual studio's "build tools". When you use Rust's own installer though, it'll direct you to the full visual studio installer. Both are massive as hell. Even when you only install the build tools, including some windows sdk bullshit you need, it takes like 10gb, and an annoying "open in visual studio" button appears in file explorer's context menu, which requires editing the registry to remove.

I'm sure there's a very complicated justification for why it it's like this. I hate it though. Rust is billed as a mature C++ replacement. So it should not require a bunch of bloated, Windows, C++ cruft to use.

Haskell too. On their website, it lists 3 programs you need to install to use the language. GHC for the compiler, cabal-install, for getting libraries I guess, I'm not really sure, and Stack, "a cross-platform program for developing Haskell projects". Why? Do I NEED all of these? Is "GHCup" a competitor to Stack? It's confusing. Why not just put the bare minimum together and call it Haskell? Here's your Haskell_setup.exe.

The "Learn you A Haskell for Great Good" book recommends installing it through the "Haskell Platform", but that's been deprecated.

Here's a github issue from this April that mentions this problem
I get the impression that the "Haskell community" is full of people who argue about stupid things and lack pragmatism. There's nothing to discuss. Make it simple.
>> No. 40742 [Edit]
>Go is how to do it right.
Except for its insistence on hijacking your home directory to install go modules there. Did they ever fix that?

>Rust, on the other hand, requires visual studio's "build tools"
It might have to do with rust relying on the platform linker (which on windows you can only get by installing vs studio), whereas go has its own toolchain. This isn't the fault of rust, it's a fault of windows for not providing a minimal CLI-only version of build tools like you can get on *nixes or mac.

>Rust is billed as a mature C++ replacement. So it should not require a bunch of bloated, Windows, C++ cruft to use.
As mentioned above, it's a problem with windows. You don't have this problem on other machines. I believe rust compiler relies on llvm, which is pretty much the gold standard.

>. GHC for the compiler, cabal-install, for getting libraries I guess, I'm not really sure, and Stack, "a cross-platform program for developing Haskell projects"
It's not necessary to install the latter two, or at least it wasn't back when I dabbled with it, so they're technically independent. The suggested installation pathway may still want you to install those other two though, which I'd argue is bad because if I'm just playing around with haskell and never going to install any 3rd party packages I don't need cabal. If you're on a *nix it's trivial to just apt install only the ghc compiler, if you're on windows you're on your own because no developer really bothers packaging for it. Install it under WSL maybe.

>is full of people who argue about stupid things and lack pragmatism. There's nothing to discuss. Make it simple.
I don't really see it as worse than the python or javascript communities here, everyone wants their own package manager. Try python and you're bombarded with pip vs pottery vs pipx vs virtualenv vs. whatever.
>> No. 40743 [Edit]
One thing I appreciate about D is the ease in setting things up. For the reference compiler, there's an installer, and for the LLVM-based one, it's just unzip, add to PATH, and go.
>> No. 40744 [Edit]
>Did they ever fix that?
It's been a while since I've used it, but I never had a problem with the actual home directory being filled. Maybe a sub-directory in it, but that doesn't bother me.
>it's a fault of windows for not providing a minimal CLI-only version of build tools
I'll give you that. Haskell though provides instructions for using MSYS2 to build GHC. It seems you can do this with Rust too.
>Try python
Python has a rich standard library, whereas Haskell takes the opposite approach, as far as I've heard.
>> No. 40753 [Edit]
TC is small enough that I recognize the regular posters, and the lurkers that pop up to leave in-depth replies. I don't like recognizing them though because then it breaks the illusion of anonymity and objectiveness since I can recall if past interactions with them have been favorable or not (and I grow to dread reading posts by those whom I have grown to dislike. On the other hand if you're one of the lurkers who make quality posts, then I thank you since that's the only reason why I bother refreshing TC).
>> No. 40754 [Edit]
I'm upset at how the two boards that I liked the most (on other websites) are dead. I have no online or real-life friends, and I enjoy it being this way, but it is frustrating when I no longer have anyone to converse online with over imageboards who I can relate to, and it is beyond frustrating to open my favorite video games only to see the player count having dwindled ever more. Even though I barely type in the chat, I pick up on the personas of people in co-op video games, feel a relation to them, then become frustrated when they no longer play. Even with the ones I hate, I would sooner join a server with them on it than one full of strangers.
My own habits begin to confuse me. I repetitively check boards where no new posts are being made, and I open up co-op game after game trying to find a good server when there is none.
>> No. 40755 [Edit]
File 166612164758.png - (1.04MB , 1366x768 , pls explain.png )
Can someone explain me why I could not riichi here? The mahjong board would not accept my image due to its size.
>> No. 40756 [Edit]
File 166612180043.png - (1.08MB , 1366x768 , pls explain 2.png )
Second image.
>> No. 40757 [Edit]
For some reason sonic pest repellents are legal, even though they put out 100+ dB in the VHF/ultrasonic range which can damage hearing, and these likely don't even work for their intended purpose. Fuck the people who install these in their yards. And same for motion activated strobe lights, presumably for the same purpose.
>> No. 40758 [Edit]
>motion activated strobe lights
That's some serious cunt bs there. Normal lights can at least denture trespassers, but that just sounds obnoxious for everyone living in the area.
>> No. 40760 [Edit]
The way trannies conduct themselves. Their anime profile pics add insult to injury,

rational person:
>The thing that I most enjoy about contributing online is that nobody needs to know who I am unless I want them to... I never need to be judged based on irrelevant characteristics because I can choose to not reveal them, or pretend that they’re other than what they actually are.

>This is an appalling thing to say. To suggest that people hide who they are and that they are members of minorities, in order to avoid harassment and abuse? ... Suggesting such a thing is inappropriate and disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

What does being a minority have to do with a pseudo-functional jvm language????? Why would that ever come up???????

edit: the "controversy" surrounding ZIO's leader is apparently also overblown bullshit. Why am I not surprised.

Post edited on 20th Oct 2022, 11:43am
>> No. 40761 [Edit]
in the west (mainly US) the concept of "anonymity" is so unknown that it's actually scary for them. It'd mean they'd have to swallow their ego, which is something they could never do, because their whole life revolves around being self-centered.

Post edited on 20th Oct 2022, 11:49am
>> No. 40762 [Edit]
Because they, this person and people like him, are political foot soldiers, suffering social contagions. It's annoying, but I do feel bad for them.
>> No. 40763 [Edit]
the rake is curved so it scoops and punctured the leaves while a broom is soft and straight which makes you need to strain harder to gather all the leaves
>> No. 40768 [Edit]
>What does being a minority have to do with a pseudo-functional jvm language????? Why would that ever come up???????

Because they are absolutely, cripplingly desperate to be validated for their choices. I don't like to generalise but typically these types of people make their trans identity effectively their entire identity ... It's not a whole lot different to the types of people we used to call wapanese back when, when everything they have to say revolves around that one facet of their existence.

Difference being that trans people have the traction / social awareness behind their movement that they have actual power and influence
>> No. 40774 [Edit]
>types of people we used to call "wapanese" back when
Were you not called wapanese back then? Right now it seems that you are making fun of what used to be the "wapanese" back then and that the "we" you were part of was outside of the "wapanese" group, which is interesting since you are here.

I agree with your point but why would you make fun of wapanese on an otaku imageboard?
>> No. 40775 [Edit]
Konnichiwa senpai :3

Not that anon, but I don't blame people for making fun of overweight, furry, naruto cosplayers with a delusional infatuation with Japan.
>> No. 40776 [Edit]
Also not him, from what I know and have seen, Wapanese is lobbed not at actual (Western) otaku but those who merely imitate the lifestyle in an obnoxious and ignorant way.
Of course, its modern incarnation is bastardized and liberally applied.
>> No. 40780 [Edit]
Flicking/strobing flashlights.

When I buy a flashlight (or torch for the euro trash) I just want it to turn on and turn off. Is that so much to ask for?
Instead the norm seems to be to make flashlights cycle functions. The one I have next to me at the moment for each button press is
On > off > dimly lit> off > flash/strobe > off
I keep accidentally turning on the strobe mode with this damn thing.
Before this I bought a portable flood light which took this issue to the next step. It had the same cycling functions on a single power button, but it had dedicated red and blue LED for it's strobe mode. So I guess whenever you were going to work on something, you had a random chance of making it look like the cops were on your ass (and if they saw that, they might likely be)
I wish people with epilepsy would sue flashlight makers and make them stop this shit.
If nothing else, products should put disclaimers on the packaging so I can avoid this crap. The last flashlight I bought, holy hell, I was actually trilled to find that when I pressed the button it lit up, and when I pressed it again it turned off, and did that again when I pressed it again. How crazy is that? A flashlight that just turns on and off! What will they think of next?
>> No. 40781 [Edit]
I don't know if they still make them, but the ones with an on/off switch that moves up and down (like a physical switch, not a button you press) should avoid the strobe modes.
>> No. 40792 [Edit]
Email mailing lists. I'd love to have a cleanly curated email inbox but it's seemingly impossible. It's like every time I buy something from a new website I get a million emails if I don't see whatever tiny box I forgot to check. I just cleaned out 4000 fucking emails of spam from my personal gmail account and I don't have the heart to sift through my mindspring account. I just want to keep emails from my family, first-use account info from particular companies or websites, and any emails from friends or people reaching out with real information to pass on. I just fucking hate how mail works, paper or digital. I'm a neat freak and it's driving me insane.
>> No. 40793 [Edit]
File 166749097537.png - (102.26KB , 1308x1480 , huuuuuuuuh.png )
CRXN. I think it's a hypocritical project. "We aim to create a more open Internet available to everyone"... except it's centralized, and they have rules which can be enforced arbitrarily to kick people off of the network. You can't have it both ways, cocksucker.

Post edited on 3rd Nov 2022, 9:00am
>> No. 40794 [Edit]
What in the flying fuck.
>> No. 40796 [Edit]
Those aren't mailing lists, that's just spam. Actual mailing lists are mostly dead now (except mostly for kernel development where LKML still reigns, and it's used in large tech companies).
>> No. 40797 [Edit]
It pisses me off when pixel art/low color images are converted into lossy formats like JPEG or MP4. Aside from the compression artifacts ruining the image, you don't even get the file size benefits.
>> No. 40798 [Edit]
Just work at a pixel size 8 times larger than what you normally do (i.e. 1x1 virtual pixel = 8x8 actual pixels). Then jpeg should technically be lossless!

Edit: Forgot about subsampling, make that 16x then, or configure your jpeg encoder to not subsample

Post edited on 3rd Nov 2022, 7:12pm
>> No. 40799 [Edit]
I don't do it myself because there's no reason to when even unoptimized low color PNGs/GIFs are smaller than the most "lossless" JPEG/MP4 setting, but a lot of clueless artists and incompetent tech companies keep doing it.
>> No. 40803 [Edit]
Cute stuff is great, but I find that only Japan really does it well (and maybe other Eastern cultures, but I'm not familiar enough to say). Western attempts feel off-putting at best and often creepy. Everything from stuff that's marketed to children (and by extension to the normalfag manchild that watches Disney) to corporate flat-art.
Makes more sad than mad, actually.
>> No. 40804 [Edit]
File 166762882577.jpg - (494.27KB , 3543x2126 , f583a30d306c2d190e888dd248aa4313.jpg )
How about kermit?
>> No. 40805 [Edit]
sesame street used to be pretty good before they went and elmo-fied everything. I wouldn't say it's cute in the "moe" sense, but it's at least _not uncute_ (modulo big bird), in that I wouldn't mind watching it. See also >>37127.
>> No. 40806 [Edit]
Just noting in case it's helpful for anyone that Yandex's index seems to include and surface these obscure sites. Their ranking for non-exact searches is a bit poor, but for exact searches in quotes they're able to pull up this long-tail. The only shame is that I keep having to fill out a captcha every 5 searches, but at least it's an older text-only recaptcha-style one. It's long been commonly held knowledge that their reverse-image search was superior, and I guess now they have the edge for text as well.
>> No. 40807 [Edit]
File 166769241532.jpg - (126.41KB , 728x905 , __hina_ichigo_and_satou_lilly_rozen_maiden_and_1_m.jpg )
Not related to this discussion, but my sister was talking about how Elmo is African-American or whatever. Dumbest thing I've ever heard.
I get the idea behind it, but it feels really out of touch with the children that would be watching Sesame Street. Kids that age don't care about race. They look at Elmo and think he is their monster friend on the TV. Even if it is or isn't true, the fact that the idea exists is pathetic. Parents or whoever just want to pat themselves on the back because they AREN'T racist and they're raising a kid to not be racist. That's all bullshit though. If they actually wanted to do that, they'd stop being fixated on race and forcing it everywhere when it isn't relevant. Ultimately they're still looking at things with an "us vs. them" point of view and pushing it on to their kids. It'd be better to let the kids notice for themselves.
A lot of modern parenting is stupid bullshit like this. It's all masturbatory trash for the parents at the expense of the child. It all misses the point entirely.
>> No. 40808 [Edit]
I forgot where I read this, but essentially what I remember is that Elmo wasn't supposed to be a positive role-model, Elmo represented the selfish, childlike part of the psyche. Children may be able to relate to the character in that sense, but ultimately the episodes were supposed to show how naively listening to this part of psyche doesn't lead to long-term favorable outcomes. Somewhere along the way this got twisted and Elmo became the main character when it was never supposed to be that way, and in doing so the entire thing crumbles.

I can sort of see how one might squint at that and come to the conclusion that Elmo's an african-american or something, but it's a twisted and indirect conclusion at best.
>> No. 40809 [Edit]
I think the whole concept of a never-ending children's show is questionable, in terms of providing a positive influence. If the show never ends, the characters can never grow.
>> No. 40810 [Edit]
You can have characters grow in a show that doesn't end, but it won't be episodic in nature.
>> No. 40811 [Edit]
If elmo matured though, he'd also lose his purpose for existing. The audience is constantly changing, and haven't seen the older episodes.
>> No. 40812 [Edit]
If a character has to grow then the character was flawed to begin with, if a character is good the they should stay the same.
>> No. 40813 [Edit]
If a character never grows, then why even have a story? You effectively end up with a slice-of-life, but even good slice of lifes are distinguished from bad ones by character growth.
>> No. 40814 [Edit]
I wasn't expecting a post concerning the cuteness of Western art v. Japanese|Eastern art to turn into this, but that's why I love imageboards.
>> No. 40815 [Edit]
Actually I'll amend my statement, by "character growth" I'm not necessarily referring to growth in the traditional sense but the character learning, reasoning, or reacting to novel situations. Depending on whether or not the show is episodic those reactions might be integrated for the next episode, but even if they're not in the span of that single episode "character growth" is sufficiently established.

Even in a comedy show where you can argue there's no actual "growth", a large part of the humor comes from characters organically interacting and this necessarily requires some characters to have imperfect knowledge (in the economic or game theoretic sense) of a situation. This structure is naturally imposed by the linearity of time. Much (arguably all?) humor comes about from discrepancies in the knowledge shared by the characters to that which is known or expected to be known by the viewer's own model of the characters.

Even if you have a hypothetical show where all characters have perfect knowledge, this knowledge is necessarily revealed to the viewer piecemeal, and so the situation remains the same as above.
>> No. 40821 [Edit]
File 166792624061.png - (0.98MB , 3436x2308 , chika plane.png )
Youtube fucking telling me that my daily upload limit has been reached.
>> No. 40828 [Edit]
what do you upload?
>> No. 40830 [Edit]
I've downloaded some anime eps, by torrent. Near the end many episodes have the audio getting cut during the ep, and random points in the video.
I need a better place for anime torrets, this one I got from nyaa.
>> No. 40831 [Edit]
It's possible it's a bad encode. Which show is it, and which is the release you downloaded?
>> No. 40832 [Edit]
Initial D. I got from the all seasons pack on nyaa, but I was only using it for the fifth stage. I deleted those files and got another release anyways.
>> No. 40833 [Edit]
>It should be exactly like zsh where you just type things in, press up, and past commands are filtered
Apparently you can do this. Not sure why it isn't the default.
Set-PSReadLineOption -HistorySearchCursorMovesToEnd
Set-PSReadLineKeyHandler -Chord UpArrow -Function HistorySearchBackward
Set-PSReadLineKeyHandler -Key DownArrow -Function HistorySearchForward

Post edited on 12th Nov 2022, 11:05pm
>> No. 40839 [Edit]
Air tools suck.
I use a lot at work and due to the height I'm doing work at, the excess air blows up my nose along with dust and whatever else. Everyday after work I end up with a really dry nose and a lot of crusty snot build up. It also smells really bad.
I might start wearing a mask just to avoid this and breathing in who knows what.
>> No. 40840 [Edit]
Yes, you should be wearing a respirator in that case. I'm surprised your workplace doesn't provide one for you, seems like an osha violation
>> No. 40849 [Edit]
Central heating and cooling.
Not all rooms need the same heating or cooling so some end up never being comfortable at all. I'd rather just suffer through having to use normal window AC units and space heaters.
It's November for fucksake. I shouldn't be waking up because I'm too hot under my blankets. Alternatively I have to wear warm clothes in the summer or I'll be uncomfortably cold in my room.
I'll just open my window and hope to not get bitched at for it. Enjoy some "fresh" air.
>> No. 40852 [Edit]
I wonder if I typed this post, I had the same thought yesterday, down to waking up because it gets too hot. You could try closing the vent (usually there's a little switch that allows you to close up the grate), but that just creates a really annoying high-pitch noise due to the blockage, and for me the main issue is during the night when I can't open and close the door to manually mix the air so I end up feeling uncomfortable. Also I get yelled at for using the space heater because it's more expensive than the gas-powered central heater.
>> No. 40857 [Edit]
My room's vent doesn't have the movable slats, so to close it I'll usually have to take the vent out and put a shirt under it. Works well enough and doesn't make noise. I'm sure it'd work even better with something with more insulation than a tshirt.
>> No. 40882 [Edit]
Individual leven runs of an old and relatively obscure android japanese danmaku game that was really popular in 2015-2016 but has long gone off the app store, still it is possible to see youtubers uploading their runs every 4 weeks or so.
>> No. 40907 [Edit]
Why are people who comment "poggers" allowed to have a account, but I don't?
>> No. 40908 [Edit]
Because nyaa is abandonware. As I said in another thread I think at this point it's a net harm to the community in entrenching stagnation: people have gotten used to a central place to look for things, so they don't even bother exploring elsewhere. I.e. if it's not on nyaa it doesn't exist to many people. I think it's also one of the reasons no one does fansub these days, even if they created it they wouldn't be able to upload it.
>> No. 40909 [Edit]
>they don't even bother exploring elsewhere
What's your alternative? Private trackers? That's a bad solution.
>> No. 40910 [Edit]
>What's your alternative?
For distributing content? There are other anime trackers, but none as popular as nyaa. Or xdcc, etc.

But that's not really what I'm saying: having a popular centralized public tracker is perfectly fine and convenient, the issue is that Nyaa isn't actually public: it's public in terms of leeching, but private in terms of who can upload content. And not even "private" in the private-tracker sense; as far as I understand they simply disabled the mechanism for signups altogether. So this is really the worst of both worlds.

Having this entrenched as the status quo means that while most people aren't going to notice anything wrong (after all, if the seasonal shows get ripped by the CR scrapers, they're all happy), what happens is that people who have niche shows, fansubs, etc. they want to upload simply can't do so. Now while they can upload it to the other smaller trackers, it's likely to die much sooner, and likely won't be discovered by many people (moreover I assume many people have seedboxes set to auto download content for certain shows).

The situation is worse for people who want to comment instead of upload (e.g. to post corrections of an existing fansub, etc.)
>> No. 40911 [Edit]
Messy environments in games and other media.

I hate it how there are so many games set in dreary and post apocalyptic worlds with ugly commie blocks and cheap houses everywhere. What about the nice places in the world? And also they never clean up after themselves even thousands of years after the apocalyptic even, they just live in filth that has been their since the dawn of time.

I also hate how people make things messy for no reason in general, like in a medieval setting they will cover the buildings in crime and make everything look bad.
>> No. 40912 [Edit]
File 167008040075.png - (41.93KB , 400x400 , 09429a5b878ab08068a5af41027cdb7f.png )
Language specific character encodings. UTF-8 was created in 1992. How much inconvenience and confusion has been caused by Shift JIS's existence? Changing your OS locale so certain text isn't gibberish, is absurd. Maybe there's some good, technical explanation for why UTF-8 wasn't immediately made universal, but my assumption is that myopia and poor communication is the real reason.
>> No. 40913 [Edit]
File 16700932615.png - (65.09KB , 256x256 , psx-smt1.png )
One clear advantage Shift JIS has over UTF-8 is that SJIS-encoded Japanese text takes up roughly 1/3 less space (2 as opposed to 3 bytes per kanji or full-width kana), which was more of an advantage back in the 90s when we had lower disk capacities and slower internet speeds.
At least Shift JIS is a common standard with plenty of software support. What's worse is software-specific character encodings for old Japanese video games. If you're trying to properly dump the text from an old game that encodes hundreds of kanji in some idiosyncratic order, you have little choice but to go through each used kanji one by one, eyeballing its pixelated glyph and manually mapping its code point to the correct code point in the target encoding. OCR can help, but it still isn't perfect yet and can only get you so far.
>> No. 40914 [Edit]
I converted some html files from Shift JIS to UTF-8. A 49 kb page became 68 kb. So yeah, there is a difference. Completely negligible now though. For server configuration, it's especially convenient when everything is UTF-8.
>> No. 40915 [Edit]
utf-8 is western centric in that it optimizes assuming most text will be in ascii, while CJK text get I think 3 bytes. UTF-16 is theoretically better in that it gives I think 2 bytes to most of the common western and CJK codepoint blocks, but in practice it's probably a wash. SJIS is also kind of nice in you can immediately distinguish half/full-width chars by byte size. Also obviously legacy systems.

But these are not the main issues, the main issue with utf's codepoint plane (whether it's mapped to 8 or 16) is han unification. They'll gladly add thousands of emojis but won't add different glyphs for different character variants. As a result, using shiftJIS encoding essentially guarantees the text will be displayed correctly on the receiving end, whereas you don't get that guarantee with utf. Forcing fonts is a workaround, and doesn't work for plain text.

Post edited on 3rd Dec 2022, 1:00pm
>> No. 40916 [Edit]
File 16701022702.gif - (957.24KB , 640x360 , animation.gif )
>assuming most text will be in ascii
Most text does fall within ascii's range. Especially when you include source code.
>using shiftJIS encoding essentially guarantees the text will be displayed correctly on the receiving end
Unless your locale isn't set to Japan. Or your text editor doesn't support it. In which case, it'll display complete gibberish 100% of the time.

>han unification
This sounds like a good thing to me. How much confusion does it cause? If people's issue with it is petty cultural disputes, I have no stake in that.

>UTF-16 is theoretically better in that it gives I think 2 bytes to most of the common western and CJK codepoint blocks
From Wikipedia
>UTF-16 is often claimed to be more space-efficient than UTF-8 for East Asian languages, since it uses two bytes for characters that take 3 bytes in UTF-8. Since real text contains many spaces, numbers, punctuation, markup, and control characters, which take only one byte in UTF-8, this is only true for artificially constructed dense blocks of text.[
>> No. 40917 [Edit]
Touchscreen displays. They're ugly, visually destroy any object they're placed on, feel gay to use and are gross in theory and practice. If you told people 30 years ago we'd all just be dying to rub our greasy grimy fingers over our fucking displays, they'd think we'd gone nuts. It also ruins and wastes space in every web design now that buttons and items have to be blown out so every boomers unwashed fat thumbs can press them. I don't care if it's cheaper, looks cleaner to normalfaggots, or whatever. It fucking sucks. Every time I see a car with an LCD or touch screen I want to kill myself. I hate how digital we've become in general and touchscreens are the final form of it all. Just plain disgusting.
>> No. 40918 [Edit]
>> No. 40919 [Edit]
I don't mind them but I do agree they are an issue in cars. Not only do I not see the need for it but they would be distracting and they also don't offer tactile feedback like buttons do, so changing volume or turning on the AC while driving would mean you physically have to look at it not just do it by feel.
>> No. 40923 [Edit]
File 167034384927.jpg - (108.34KB , 580x740 , 8331443c67d135135c1683fa768dcc72.jpg )
Emojis. If they belong anywhere, it's text messages. I'm not against pictograms, I like them. Text should be monochromatic though, which emojis aren't. Even the yin yang emoji is purple. Besides that, they have an infantile aesthetic. It's ugly and I don't like it.

There's plenty of unicode symbols that fit nicely with other text. So I have no idea why introducing a completely alien element, was necessary. Not only that, but preexisting unicode symbols are often automatically converted to an emoji, which is infuriating.
>> No. 40924 [Edit]
I wish book websites would give the length of books in words rather than pages. Saying a book is x amount of pages is pretty useless as a measurement. "Pages" can easily be shrunk or expanded by manipulating the size of the page, the size of the font, spacing, letting, etc. It's probably easier to get the page count but any recently released book is going to have a digital version where a computer can easily count the words.

It's particularly egregious with ebooks. It's already in a digital format and for some reason it'll display something like 18/2840. Each turn of a page will advance that number by 18. I don't know if there's a good reason for that but it's just confusing. Either show me how many page turns are left at my current display settings or tell me how many words I'm through.

Touchscreens in cars are a legitimate safety hazard.
>> No. 40928 [Edit]
I want to try out LaTeX. So I wrote a simple document, mostly copy and pasted, with some Japanese text added to make it more fun, and tried to get a pdf from it. What a cluster fuck. "This doesn't work". "That doesn't work". "Header not recognized.". "Undefined control sequence". "gofuckyoutself.cyl not found".

Looking up what to do, there is no universally accepted answer for how to deal with this. There's like 5 different ways of getting Japanese to work, which are differently named latex distributions, or maybe they're "formats". Lualatex being one of many. So I tried that, but it requires a bunch of other packages, and that still didn't work. Somebody suggested "texlive-full", which is over 6gb in size. It's ridiculous.

LaTeX is supposed to be simpler than wysiwyg editors, like word, but also widely used. So why is something this basic so difficult? Why can't its mainline distribution understand utf-8? Having a learning a curve is fine, but going from a VALID document to viewable result, should NOT be the difficult part.

Post edited on 10th Dec 2022, 1:26pm
>> No. 40929 [Edit]
Apparently I'm not alone on this.
>LaTeX's manpage is pretentious, condescending drivel with no indication of how to actually use the program.

>With LaTeX you need to read a textbook to learn how to make a table, then you google to know which external package you need, and then you google some more to learn the magical incantation you need to format it the way you need. Then you get a useless error message and you keep googling until you can tweak the incantation to its final form.

>To everyone suggesting it is a 'proffesional typesetting program' try to make a paragraph after an image have no indentation. It's impossible, even though it's the most basic typography.

>This whole hodgepodge of crap is what you get when you have absolutely no sort of standard and instead have a bunch of people do whatever the hell they want. There’s all sorts of packages doing god knows what to each other with no sort of hierarchy.
>> No. 40930 [Edit]
I just use whatever template the journal or conference provides. Works fine for me.
>> No. 40931 [Edit]
If you just plug and chug, anything works fine.
>> No. 40932 [Edit]
File demo.pdf - (4.05KB )

And look at this. Guess how long it took me to make this pdf file? Less than a minute. Get fucked. Works fine my ass. This works fine.
>> No. 40933 [Edit]
Update. I don't know why I got so enraged by this. Guess lack of patience. I did manage to make a valid ConTeXt file. On windows, ConTeXt doesn't work, because of some powershell bug. But on linux, it does. I don't know if actually using this on a regular basis would be worth it though.

\starttypescript [serif] [mplus2] \definefontsynonym [Serif] [file:mplus2.ttf] \stoptypescript \definetypeface [mplus2] [rm] [serif] [mplus2] \definetypeface [mplus2] [mm] [serif] [mplus2] \setupbodyfont[mplus2,12pt] \mainlanguage[ja] \setscript[nihongo] \starttext テスト \stoptext

>> No. 40954 [Edit]
The term "altchan".
It it feels dismissive of anything that isn't 4chan. While it might apply to the shitty "no rules" boards that seem to pop up every now and again, a lot of smaller sites don't feel comparable to 4chan these days.
>> No. 40960 [Edit]
Working with other people.
Often times they just get in the way or you have to rely on them to do something before you can do what you have to. Even worse is when they do something with good intentions and it just fucks you over.
I just want to focus on what I have to do and do it at my own pace instead of putting in more effort to drag someone else along.
>> No. 40962 [Edit]
I find it irritating that strings players don't seem to understand other types of music. I feel like there's a lot of potential there; bowed instruments can be way more expressive than guitar. But the attack is soft; anything rock or heavier should be played like every note is accented. Particularly when emulating anything with distortion, they should really be bearing down on the string until it starts growling. And they don't seem to have a good sense of rhythm. Like, I've only seen one cover of Through the Fire and the Flames where they both played the rhythm correctly and stayed on beat. I mean, it's a hard song, but why would you put up a video of it if you knew you didn't do it right?

Also it's annoying seeing ensembles that are (almost) entirely cellos. They're too close in pitch; there's no clear bassline setting the foundation and the melody doesn't stand out at all. They make six string cellos, if nothing else you could give the 'bass' a low F and the lead a high E.

And I'm disappointed that no one's done a cover of The Devil Went Down to Georgia with a modern, distorted, electric violin.

Post edited on 22nd Dec 2022, 4:06pm
>> No. 40963 [Edit]
File 16717559002.jpg - (230.65KB , 1600x1400 , bb9efeb62960b7d092861b1da0e064a4.jpg )
>strings players don't seem to understand other types of music
Strings aren't a "type of music".
>bearing down on the string until it starts growling
Decent, wooden instruments are expensive. String musicians are not going to risk damaging them, for good reason.
>And they don't seem to have a good sense of rhythm
Bullshit. To be good enough to play the standard, orchestra repertoire, you need a good sense of rhythm to play properly and keep together with everyone else.
>I've only seen one cover of Through the Fire and the Flames
Amateurs masturbating to a power metal song don't represent the average string musician, who has no interest in power metal to being with.

source: my mom's a classical violinist
>> No. 40965 [Edit]
>Strings aren't a "type of music".
I didn't say it was, that was implicitly referring to the type of music generally played by the strings section.

>not going to risk damaging them
Sure, even an intermediate violin might cost two grand, but snapping a bridge is hardly going to destroy the instrument. I'm sure it would be trivial to have a stronger one made if that became a problem, which I don't think it would be.

Possibly. In my experience they only need to be able to follow the conductor, and internalizing our own sense of rhythm was actively discouraged. But I didn't play past high school.

>who has no interest
Then that's not really relevant to the subset of strings players in other genres. At least, the genres I tend to listen to, which don't tend to include a "fiddle".

Mostly I feel a Viper or a five-string viola could more than adequately replace a lead guitar, and I'm disappointed to have not seen that done.
>> No. 40966 [Edit]
>Possibly. In my experience they only need to be able to follow the conductor, and internalizing our own sense of rhythm was actively discouraged. But I didn't play past high school.
Grade school music education is all backwards. Music is treated as an "activity" rather than something to appreciate, and kids are placed in an "orchestra", rather than taught on an individual basis. Musicians who play in real orchestras, have to get good on their own, before they can join one.

Post edited on 22nd Dec 2022, 5:49pm
>> No. 40967 [Edit]
You might be interested in this as the solo at 6:00 is performed by a violin and not a guitar:

>who has no interest in power metal to being with
>> No. 40968 [Edit]
Oh that's very interesting, thank you.

I concur about school music education being ass. I was never taught to actually understand music and I'm still bitter about that.
>> No. 40969 [Edit]
I don't find it interesting either. Very samey, a tacky fixation on sounding "epic", and overly long songs padded by tedious guitar solos.
>> No. 40970 [Edit]
>Oh that's very interesting, thank you.
If it's of any interest, the violinist is also classically trained.

That's fair: there's a lot of schlock out there. When I think of power metal, I think of the bands that would also be classified as progressive metal, and thus have more interesting elements. Symphony X comes to mind where they have your typical power metal songs intermixed with more ambitious compositions, and then there's Persefone's brand of progressive extreme-power metal.
>> No. 40984 [Edit]
I've never found metal to really sync with me in general, for whatever reason its just a different wavelength. Even as an angsty teen I preferred classic rock from the 60s - 80s or any of the myriad spin offs of rock from the late 90s and early 2000s. I just found that I couldn't get in tune with metal, it was too fast and repetitive in a way that I found boring. I much prefer the same kind of vocals over more melodic gothic rock or even hardstyle/hard trance tracks. It just feels out of sync with "my" internal tune.
>> No. 40995 [Edit]
I bought a mechanical keyboard after dealing with shitty membrane keyboards for a long time, and the one I bought has these stupid and useless keys on the side, I guess for more easy keys to press while playing games.
It's stupid. You either have stupid extra keys, or you're missing a bunch of keys to save desk space or something. Maybe I should just look a bit further into what I spend my money on instead of being stupid.
>> No. 41056 [Edit]
It bugs me I can't summon certain values from the ether without the input of other people. As an example faith is seen as a virtue that exists intrinsic to a person. But when you break down what makes a person have faith it doesn't have that much to do with the person themselves. Say I have a roommate that does dishes every night. Then it's easy to have faith that the dishes will get done daily. If you were to remove any religious connotation from faith it seems like structuring your relationships, expectations, and attitude in a way where things seem like they just naturally work themselves out.

Other virtues are similar. People tell you to chin up and be confident but when you break confidence down it seems to arise from being given a slow and steady drip of external validation. It's an extrinsic value we pretend is intrinsic. Many such cases.

I abhor the part of the human animal that requires other people to function but without them we get a bit untethered from reality.
>> No. 41125 [Edit]
My phone has a hearing protection function. It works fine and it's easy to disable. The issue is that it automatically reactivates after 24 hours.
Whoever decided it should be 24 hours must not have thought on it much. I think most people follow a general routine in their day and would want to bypass that function everyday at around the same time. Issue is, there's no way to reset the timer, so you'll have your music loud for a bit until you're busy, then out of nowhere the volume decreases. It's such a small thing, but damn if it isn't obnoxious.
I think the better solution would be to have it set to an 18 or so hour timer so you just have to disable the hearing protection before you start rather than it gradually getting further into whatever it is you're doing.
>> No. 41126 [Edit]
Modern smartphones have a ton of forced obnoxious features and settings under the banner of "for your own good". Thankfully there's ways around most of these. There might be an option for that hidden away in the settings somewhere, possibly in dev-mode settings (I'd need to know more about your phone model to be of any real help)
Alternatively, there are various apps you can use to get around it. I personally like an app called Macrodroid. With that you could program it to automatically restore the volume every 24 hours, maybe set it for midnight so you never notice. Keep in mind the free version has ads and limits you to one macro.
>> No. 41127 [Edit]
Its existence and functionality is probably due to lawsuits of the fear of them. Remember not to ingest the battery, anon.
>> No. 41128 [Edit]
File 167496299491.png - (560.58KB , 1000x753 , __reiuji_utsuho_touhou_drawn_by_uisu_noguchipint__.png )
Yeah, looking for it now, there's a really awkward setting for it. Rather than simply turning it off, you can turn on a custom limit and set it to max volume.
I never really bothered to check before because I don't usually think about it until it becomes an issue, and usually I don't have the time to mess with my phone's settings.
It's stupid, but at least my glorified mp3 player is a bit less annoying to use now.
>> No. 41133 [Edit]
"Sci-fi" written by people who don't have a genuine interest in science, tends to be either really unimaginative, or basically fantasy. The former takes the modern world, and applies "futuristic" decorations to it, without deeply thinking about the social consequences technology would actually have. Futurama is an obvious example. Its source of comedy is satire of the current world within a faux "futuristic" world. As sci-fi, it's insipid. Same with Rick and Morty.
>> No. 41156 [Edit]
File 167585765836.png - (738.65KB , 1366x768 , Screenshot from 2023-02-06 21-59-12.png )
I absolutely despise people who talk to themselves out loud, with or without cause to do so.

I'm not talking about somebody walking into a wall or forgetting something and going "oh shit" under their breath, but rather people who sit and have 'conversations' with themselves while others are around.
Nearly every single one of my housemates have done this. They'll just be sitting alone and all of a sudden they start speaking out loud about nothing. Just mumbling some sort of garbage.

It fills me with a hatred unlike much else in this world. It's almost as bad when you're in the same room, and then they say something so you ask what they said and they act like they didn't say anything. I can't even fathom doing this and it makes me want to hurt them very badly.

It's so inconsiderate. I can always hear them speaking to themselves even when I have my door to my room closed. My ears hear someone speaking out loud and I assume it must be something important so my anxiety goes up.

It probably doesn't help that I grew up with just my Mother who was quiet 100% of the time. When she spoke it was to me, that was it. So hearing somebody speak out loud for NO REASON makes me furious.
>> No. 41157 [Edit]
Hydrus Network.
Full booru-style tagging software for Windows with linux support that allows you not only to upload your tags for others but also to download full sets from other people with any tag you want.

Comes packaged with all online functionality turned OFF so it won't ever ping a single thing you don't want it to until you enable sharing/downloading/uploading.
>> No. 41158 [Edit]
I know about this. I don't use it because I already have a file system and file explorer. I don't want a separate layer to use instead of that. Hydrus also doesn't support folders. A lot of the time, I look through files for the sake of uploading them, but Hydrus is designed to not have access to a file's original location. It actually makes its own copy of every file you add to it from your file system. It's too complicated and not at all integrated with the system that already exists.

Post edited on 8th Feb 2023, 5:46am
>> No. 41159 [Edit]
I do that sometimes. Not when someone else is in the room though.
>> No. 41160 [Edit]
>I look through files for the sake of uploading them, but Hydrus is designed to not have access to a file's original location

Well, it's still handy because you can sort by tags instead of needing folders, and then just drag it from Hydrus straight into wherever you need it, such as to Tohno's 'File' section in reply.
>> No. 41161 [Edit]
It could be that they're missing internal dialogue and can't actually think to themselves without speaking out loud. I used to assume everyone had an internal "voice" they could "hear", but apparently it's not a universal thing. Some people "feel" their thoughts and others like perhaps the ones that piss you off, have to actually speak out loud in order to think.

There used to be a homeless guy at a library I hung out at that talked to himself loudly. I thought it was slightly amusing because of the random shit he said, but I can see how it can be annoying if you have to go through that stuff on a regular basis.
>> No. 41162 [Edit]
I do that sometimes but only do it when I'm alone, and even then I try not to be loud about it. Last thing I want is for anyone to hear it, and if there's even a chance someone might I won't do it. I apologies all the same.

It's not that I have no internal voice, it's that I have no one to talk to. Talking about your problems and thoughts on various things can be therapeutic and help release stress. I don't have anyone I can direct rants at, so I direct it at myself, usually just when driving.
>> No. 41163 [Edit]
I make sound effects when I do stuff. Usually only in private, bit sometimes I'll let out a "Wheeee" without thinking about it.
>> No. 41164 [Edit]
scrabble fucking sucks. is the most stupid game ive ever seen. i had never tried it before, i tried it today, and holy fuck its so fucking stupid. like, fucking kueh - a fucking malaysian cake - is a fucking word but ladin is not. how in the fuck.
>> No. 41168 [Edit]
>It's not that I have no internal voice
Didn't mean to imply that people that talk to themselves are all like that, just that it's a possibility, especially amongst those that do it in public.
>> No. 41171 [Edit]
Scrabble is a very fun game. I don't know how you played it, but the best way is with a 1-2 other people, an English dictionary and in person. If a word is uncertain you use the dictionary as the final arbiter.
>> No. 41176 [Edit]
Uninvited guests and the lack of common courtesy. A sibling of mine turned up at my door with their child without prior notice today and to top it off they casually waltzed into my room and rummaged through my stuff without the slightest consideration to even ask for consent. Completely ruined my day.
>> No. 41178 [Edit]
Certainly sounds horrible. Not sure how I would deal with something like that.
>> No. 41191 [Edit]
I hate that a lot of computer cases don't come with 5.25" slots. I don't think discs are so outdated and uncommon that it should be such a rare thing to come across.
I realize that I could just get a USB disc drive, but I don't have any good experience with them, and it feels better to have it be part of the PC itself.
I could just use one of my other, old PCs as a sort of overkill DVD player, but I don't have a set up that can acommodate that without it being a huge pain. I'm sure I could do something with networking to deal with it, but I've never been able to wrap my head around all that.
>> No. 41203 [Edit]
Lately I've had these little tiny flies flying around the house. I believe it's because my housemate keeps plants in the living room and kitchen and they're burrowing into the soil, so there's a never-ending supply of them.

Fortunately they're fairly easy to kill (just clap them into oblivion) but I'm still getting extremely sick of them flying around my face and sometimes even getting sucked into my nose when I'm breathing.

Hopefully in a few months when winter arrives they'll all die out...
>> No. 41204 [Edit]
Do you mean gnats? I had an infestation of them in my last house thanks to my mother and her plants. I fought like hell to get rid of them. I set off foggers in the house and left for a week at one point, and when I came back they were still going strong. I also got into the habit at one point of spraying down the plants once a day. By the end I moved them to the garage, covered the soil with mulch, sprayed them daily and I still couldn't stop them. Even kept fly eating plants near them for all the good those did. I wish you the best of luck anon.
>> No. 41205 [Edit]
"girl bosses" in western media. At the risk of going too political here, I'm tired of seeing female characters shoehorned into every lead roles, mainly when they're written in a way that makes no sense for the setting or story, or when they're overcompensating and trying way too hard to be big bad and tough. I just want to watch some decent movies or tv shows and all this political stuff injected into them takes me right out.
>> No. 41207 [Edit]
File 167646813254.jpg - (24.11KB , 300x330 , 34023.jpg )
That stuff stands out to me because similar things in anime have never bothered me. Maybe westerners' motivations for it seep into the work in a way that makes it unbearable.
>> No. 41209 [Edit]
Yes, I think they're gnats. I spray her plants too, when she isn't around. This housemate in particular is quite dirty, too. She leaves the dishes in the sink for days so it prevents me from doing my own dishes (which I either wash right after using them or hoard in my room for a few days at worst) unless I move them out of the sink. Then she has the audacity to act like I never clean, or maybe I just get that feeling off of her due to neurosis.

Either way, I'm sick of these stupid bugs. I'm going to have a word about it to her soon.
>> No. 41211 [Edit]
>> No. 41213 [Edit]
If your parents won't change it, Torrent movies till your ISP drops you.
>> No. 41214 [Edit]
They send a physical mail, so op's parents might not take kindly to that...
>> No. 41243 [Edit]
File 167812945216.jpg - (1.03MB , 1960x1400 , c39189e7e24a132dac015ec8b90f9f81.jpg )
I watched the first episode of the Nier Automata adaptation, never played the game, and it kinda ties back into this. I get that it's a drama, and there's a narrative purpose to the androids having human emotions, but from a logical point of view, it makes no sense for them to feel sadness, loneliness and fear. When looking up why they do, the answer was along the lines of "because anything intelligent enough ends up having emotions". This is just wrong in the real world and shows a kind of massive hubris. There's even humans that lack those emotions. So basically the story is a fantasy.

Post edited on 6th Mar 2023, 11:05am
>> No. 41245 [Edit]
File 167838552387.jpg - (435.16KB , 2500x1816 , 47f1f5fc84f5cfc837bc38d6b1590fc5.jpg )
I know this has been beaten to death, and as a topic it's pretty much been buried, but I'll talk about it anyway. By any metric, I can't see why video games would not be considered art. Why would some low-effort garbage produced by a jerk off, who thinks they're the art project, and exists purely for money laundering purposes, be considered art, but not something original that a team of people spent thousands of collective hours on, and has a meticulousness attention to detail and craftsmanship?

First argument, a matter of quality or complexity, holds no water. The bar has been set really low, and video games are far above that bar.

Second argument, that it's a product. So is a lot of art. Paintings get sold.

Third, it can be endlessly reproduced. So can digital art.

Fourth, that it's for children. Even assuming that's true(which it's not in a lot cases), can art not be targeted towards children? If a child can appreciate something, does that nullify its status as art?

Fifth, something about deeper meanings. Pure masturbation. See modern art again. And a lot of portraits have no meaning besides, here's a rich/important guy. Are those not art now? They're good enough for a museum.
>> No. 41246 [Edit]
My chinese rose looks like it is dying. Im so sad, despondent. I had this plant for years, it was the most beautiful plant I have ever seen, the roses would blossom in three different colours, white, pink and orange. it was my best friend. it was so beutiful, its beauty always held me optimistic during the tough times. I spent all morning using a sharp tool to get rid of the biggest cochineal infestation on the world on her. There was some green spots, but now i did that and watered and it is turning black. i dont wanna lose this plant. i love my plant, i really do. i love my plant.
>> No. 41247 [Edit]
The strongest reasoning against videogames as an art form, defended by Roger Ebert in it's day, makes reference to the game part; videogames are above all, games. That means rules, conditions of victory... something more akin to chess or competitive sports. So there could be art in videogames, but that didn't mean the medium itself should be considered an artform.
But I don't find the whole debate that much compelling...
>> No. 41248 [Edit]
I thought about that, only after making that post. It is the best argument BUT, there is interactive art.
>> No. 41249 [Edit]
Ice-Pick Lodge's games are undeniably art to me, not just in a story and audiovisual sense, but also with their meta commentary on gameplay. I.e "The Powers That Be" constantly playing around with the player like a little doll in a sandbox. Their easter eggs are top notch too and I'd also consider creative use of easter eggs to be an artful aspect in general.
>> No. 41266 [Edit]
>Grow in fertile, moist, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Provide good air circulation, and remove fallen leaves to help prevent disease.
I guess you need to buy a fertilizer, drill some holes at the base of the pot to allow excess water to flow out, put it in a sunny place.

Much of media mediums are used to shape public opinion, little by little.
i used to watch movies & animes with a naive eye of pure entertainment, with age I realized that nothing public is made with an innocent intention.
there are exceptions here and there of course, not everything is bad.
>> No. 41267 [Edit]
you should try to propagate a cutting to save it

roses are very sensitive plants that get sick and die easily
>> No. 41296 [Edit]
File 168027717823.jpg - (3.65MB , 4104x6029 , db09c7104c78e0f5b0a9eceebda0cf51.jpg )
I don't understand why gaymers consider "exclusives" to be a good thing. The concept exists because of 1. technical limitations that are irrelevant in the modern day 2. to fuck you in the ass as a consumer. You paid ~$1000 dollars on a device for the specific purpose of playing games, but something you want to play is only available on another ~$1000 device.

And then they debate over which console has the better "exclusives", and they've been doing that shit for over 30 years. Seriously?. They think exclusives mean they're getting a return on their investment, because people who didn't pay for that device can't play them. Fuck that. The concept should DIE. I almost think this was a divide and conquer strategy devised by console companies.

Post edited on 31st Mar 2023, 8:43am
>> No. 41322 [Edit]
It is relevant in the modern day though? The console architectures are different enough that porting a non-trivial game to run across them isn't exactly as easy as hitting recompile.
>> No. 41324 [Edit]
Okay, less relevant. It's not like any major console is as exotic as the PS2 was, with its MIPS architecture. Using Unreal or Unity is also pretty common now.
>> No. 41333 [Edit]
I hate networking. Whenever I try do do something with it, it never seems to work. It's confusing and unclear.
>> No. 41334 [Edit]
File 168052125516.png - (486.56KB , 1200x1145 , __komeiji_koishi_reiuji_utsuho_and_reiuji_utsuho_t.png )
I don't like talking about myself and I hate personal questions.
Some guy was talking to me at work asking questions, to which I gave vague answers to. I guess he didn't get the hint that I just didn't want to talk and kept pestering me. After giving a proper answer, I didn't get much in reply and he went on a moronic, unrelated tangent about some Netflix series or something.
Do people really just speak about things they're interested in to people who don't care at all? Do they not take others into consideration?
>> No. 41335 [Edit]
>talking to me at work asking questions
They don't really care about the answers to those questions, it's just a setup so they can segue into talking about themselves.
>> No. 41336 [Edit]
>Do people really just speak about things they're interested in to people who don't care at all? Do they not take others into consideration?
This happens even with non-normalfags (for lack of better term). I think people are just inclined to ramble at people rather than talk with them.
I've taken to just telling others straight up "I don't wanna talk I'm busy" or "Can you please be quiet". Others feelings and social points be damned.
>> No. 41337 [Edit]
More people need to do that. It's not even rude as you're signalling that the talker is boring and wasting time, which hopefully spurs him to be be interesting next time.
>> No. 41338 [Edit]
Whoever says the words "stochastic parrot" or "word prediction algorithm" in an attempt to sound smart needs to be clobbered.
>> No. 41339 [Edit]
Better waste most of HN then.
>> No. 41340 [Edit]
Yes, I indeed had the orange bar site in mind. The irony is that at this point their discourse is more predictable than the output of the LLMs they decry.

Post edited on 4th Apr 2023, 6:36pm
>> No. 41342 [Edit]
And where's n-gate when it's needed the most. "An internet loses its mind over a syscall. Threads debate back and forth over material taught in an undergrad os classes. The real effect of AI on tech workers seems to be getting them excited about C++."
>> No. 41361 [Edit]
I think the people who post nyaa comments must in fact be braindead. It's somehow _worse_ than modern 4/a/ at its worst, which is really quite an achievement.

If you want to lose half your braincells, see e.g. the comments on view/1661597 or 1660307.
>> No. 41362 [Edit]
It's already bad enough people abuse quoting on 4chan, but seeing it elsewhere truly is an experience to say the least.
Thanks for the cancer.
>> No. 41363 [Edit]
What I don't understand is that it doesn't take much effort to actually diff subs and sort out fact from baseless cargo-culting. Nearly every comment my eyes have the misfortune of stumbling upon on there feels like blind, willful ignorance; like the audiophiles who claim gold-plated wires sound "richer". You can like whatever you want and no one would give a shit if you kept quiet, but if you're going to go out and post comments, one should at least try to make claims grounded on something verifiable.
>> No. 41369 [Edit]
File 16823879366.png - (414.43KB , 1720x1358 , __tsujimoto_natsumi_and_kobayakawa_miyuki_taiho_sh.png )
LED and HID headlights.
I'm tired of being blinded by all these giant barges on the road, I'm tired of onboxious flickering headlights, I'm tired of blue headlights... Why is it that automobiles keep going in the direction of being better for the driver at the cost of everyone else? It's a pointless arms race where everyone loses in the end.
>> No. 41370 [Edit]
>Why is it that automobiles keep going in the direction of being better for the driver at the cost of everyone else?
Lot of drivers are selfish cunts. It's worth pointing out that some newer cars are including technology that auto dims the lights if they detect a car in front of you.
>> No. 41371 [Edit]
> newer cars are including technology that auto dims the lights
There's something better, adaptive headlight beam technology. Luxury European cars have had this for years, but US only finally allowed it a few months ago.

See for an example
>> No. 41374 [Edit]
>It's worth pointing out that some newer cars are including technology that auto dims the lights if they detect a car in front of you.
God I wish I had this, specifically for high beams.
>> No. 41394 [Edit]
File 168323791213.png - (738.90KB , 1600x1200 , dc37b9637da82ca233e506598c5d4f37.png )
When people say machines will be unable to feel emotions, they like to bring up the chemical nature of humans'. Our emotions are caused by chemicals, hence they are "real".

I've been thinking, why does that matter? Both chemicals and electricity, are physical things that exist in the real world. Electricity is no more "fake". If the analog nature of chemicals is significant, electricity can also be analog. Our brain, just happens to use one and not the other for emotions.

There's nothing intrinsically special about the chemicals which cause our emotions. Pour cortisol on a rock, and it wont get stressed out. Chemicals aren't the emotions. Emotions are the effect chemicals have on the brain. I believe our brain, is a piece of machinery. So whatever we are capable of, a machine can be built that is capable of the same thing, even if through different means.

Post edited on 4th May 2023, 4:36pm
>> No. 41395 [Edit]
They can't help themselves, human exceptionalism and ego is hardwired. There's a reason very few people actually have undergone true ego death. All arguments about Chinese room, stochastic parrots, etc. effectively just end being argments against materialism.
>> No. 41396 [Edit]
File 16832421682.png - (1.73MB , 1254x2088 , ea3396fce9805364cbd5549073dc24c7.png )
Is wanting to marry an android a form of ego death?
>> No. 41397 [Edit]
One thing that is kind of annoying for me is how people tend to be messy even in public spaces. I work at a grocery store as a janitor and people tend to be slobs when they think someone else is going to clean up after them. One good example is the soup counter, where people leave spilled soup on the counter without attempting to wipe it up. Or the bathrooms. People somehow poop on the toilet and the floor. I don't understand how huge numbers of people turn into pigs.
>> No. 41398 [Edit]
I remember my days as a grocery store janitor. I don't miss them. Really, it is jarring how people manage to do some things you would see, but then again, you always hear horror stories.
If nothing else, it cemented my disgust at 3D women.
>> No. 41399 [Edit]
A lot of people are simply not reared well in relation to this, in America at least. I clean many things as part of my job, and I see baffling messes that can only be explained by inattentiveness, lack of manners, and/or drugs. Even the act of walking into a building with very muddy shoes is very rude and needless, but that thought never crosses the offender's mind. It'd be one thing of these events were exceptional, but they're not, as you two note.
>> No. 41400 [Edit]
File 168332269614.jpg - (255.50KB , 1536x2048 , 628c503f65db31713d49c4ac45f7f9fd.jpg )
I've been thinking more about this, and why exactly androids appeal to me. I realized it's all about control. It could be different for other men, but I suspect it boils down to this for them too.

Never has one person had complete control over another. You can't directly control what a person thinks. Gaining control over a person, requires a tremendous amount of effort and strife. There's a very good chance too they'll end up resenting you. There are also things nobody can change, like how a person ages.

With an android, you decide how they look, act and think. This is a natural thing to want. Looking at history, you can see how common it was for society to place women's lives on a track that exists for men's sake. This strongly indicates, that men have a natural desire for control. People just pretend otherwise. Even in the past, they decorated it, and made it about something else, like religion.

I've often seen guys looking at the past with rose-tinted glasses. They say the problem is with "modern women". I don't think so. I don't think dead bedrooms are a new phenomena. Things have always been just good enough to keep society going. The average person, allows society to control how they think.

Not that things aren't worse now in some ways. Dating is all about trying to influence women into liking you. Trying to influence somebody, is just a really inefficient means of trying to control them. Society, and so the average person, pretends this is not the case. They say it's about "getting to know them". And then in the same breath, they'll tell an unsuccessful person, "work on yourself", i.e. change themself to appeal to others. Doesn't matter if it's really who you are or not.

More relevant to this site, is the whole waifu thing. What is a waifu? A character with 0 control over itself, invented to appeal to an audience.

Post edited on 5th May 2023, 2:43pm
>> No. 41413 [Edit]
File 168404160265.png - (1.02MB , 1624x1626 , apple slave.png )
I can barely comprehend this shit. Irrefutable proof that apple is one big scam/cult for people who are willfully ignorant about computers, but want to use one as a status symbol. Complete insanity.

It's not even high end. Anybody with money who likes computers, builds their own, and they put a massive gpu in there that curb stomps anything apple offers.
>> No. 41414 [Edit]
>It's not even high end
You realize that this is unified memory shared between cpu and gpu right? What you have is effectively 24GB vram which is pretty much unheard for a laptop in that form factor. This isn't a case of apple just overcharging for a stick of ddr3 ram, this is actually materially different. Combine that with their arm soc which again punches far above the equivalents, and as a whole it is actually fairly reasonable.

There's plenty to criticize, but this isn't one of those cases. (On the other hand, the previous intel generation of MBPs had soldered on dram combined with a glued-in battery, which is basically inexcusable).

In fact it's people like you who annoy me. Before you criticize something you must first understand it. It makes sense to critique buying e.g. a desktop mac back when you could hackintosh something far better (the only question is whether the hassle is really worth the savings).

Edit: For unified dram I was referring to your bottom pic, the top doesn't seem to be that and is overpriced.

Post edited on 13th May 2023, 10:44pm
>> No. 41415 [Edit]
>You realize that this is unified memory shared between cpu and gpu right?
Why is the 2400 mhz ddr4 sticks they're selling just as expensive? See the top part of the image?

And how much more expensive is it really for Apple to add 8gb more of unified memory? What does it cost them? If they'll monstrously overprice one, why should I believe they wouldn't do the same with the other? It seems to them, 16gb of ram costs $400, regardless of what form it takes.

Post edited on 13th May 2023, 10:54pm
>> No. 41416 [Edit]
>See the top part of the image?
Right I edited a few minutes before you responded to clarify that unified mem is only for the M1 model. The one in the top image appears to be for the 2017 iMac which is probably going to be discontinued anyhow. That's overpriced, but you can use any off-the-shelf ram stick in that.

>And how much more expensive is it really for Apple to add 8gb more of unified memory
I don't know, talk to a supply chain analyst. There's probably some profit margin on there, but likely much less than the commoditized dram stick.

>If they'll monstrously overprice one, why should I believe they wouldn't do the same with the other?
I don't understand this criticism. Of course they're making a profit on it. Until there are other alternatives competitive with their arm soc that force them to drive the price down, they'll enjoy some higher margins.

But then again outrageous pricing isn't limited to one manufacturer in particular, how many "gaming companies" will mark up a product by $100 just because they included a few cents worth of glowy LEDs in there? Judging a core value proposition by cherrypick extremes is a fool's errand (if you want a hill to die on, why not choose the mac pro wheel kit or something).

It seems like you're entrenched in the absoluteness of your viewpoint and haven't made an honest attempt to understand why someone would purchase such machines in the first place. And moreover the statement that "Anybody with money who likes computers, builds their own, and the put a massive gpu in there" immediately narrows down your audience to one particular group, those of gamers (or I guess in recent years, people dabbling in ML [but ironically the m1 machines are actually really nice for inference on large models thanks to the unified memory]).

Post edited on 14th May 2023, 12:02am
>> No. 41418 [Edit]
>they'll enjoy some higher margins
Because of idiots willing to pay $400 for 16gb of ram. I don't care what form those 16gb take. If that price is actually justified by the manufacturing cost, I don't think it belongs in a consumer product. Keep it in the laboratory until you can get the costs down. In terms of performance, you can pay way less for more. If somebody needs a powerful machine, they should get a desktop anyway, not a 13" notebook.

>I don't understand this criticism.
Because you're a naive apple fanboy. It's a pattern of behavior. Did you buy one? Did you pay an extra $200 or $400? If so, you got played.

>because they included a few cents worth of glowy LEDs in there
As annoying at that is, I would say it's more innocuous. There's no false pretense that rgb directly results in better performance. An idiot looking at that customization page, who decides to pay an extra $400, has no idea what 16gb of ram should cost. Apple relies on people's vanity and ignorance.

>why someone would purchase such machines in the first place
I know people who own it. I know why they own it. Their customer base hasn't changed.

Post edited on 14th May 2023, 8:17am
>> No. 41428 [Edit]
File 168446241180.jpg - (2.14MB , 1700x2350 , __kanna_kamui_kobayashi_san_chi_no_maidragon_drawn.jpg )
The ignorant.
I don't like when people try to be an authority on topics they hardly know anything about.
What's worse is that you can't really do much about it. Often times they'll feel personally attacked and refuse to accept that they are wrong.
It's just too irritating for me, so I try to avoid it where possible.
>> No. 41429 [Edit]
The slow death of visual novels is bothersome as it is sad. I'd love it if somebody could throw some optimism my way, but it reminds me of the decline of the RTS base-building genre of games.
>> No. 41433 [Edit]
I really hate how bad the internet is now days. I wouldn't mind an online community to just talk about anime, shitpost, and the like. But even imageboards are almost all pure cancer
>> No. 41435 [Edit]
> I wouldn't mind an online community to just talk about anime, shitpost, and the like
Isn't that TC?
>> No. 41438 [Edit]
What is that you hate about it and what do you consider cancer? I for one consider shitposting to cause cancer, since it attracts actual shitty posters.
>> No. 41444 [Edit]
File 168504995948.jpg - (387.24KB , 1204x2048 , c59895af880209797a74b837a2f165ed.jpg )
>Clarisse McClellan is a teenage girl one month short of her 17th birthday who is Montag's neighbor. She walks with Montag on his trips home from work. A modern critic has described her as an example of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, as Clarisse is an unusual sort of person compared to the others inhabiting the bookless, hedonistic society: outgoing, naturally cheerful, unorthodox, and intuitive.

Oh how horrible. A non-conformist, female character, who has a positive influence on the protagonist. How dare men have unrealistic fantasies. All female characters must be as boring and shallow as real life ones.
>> No. 41458 [Edit]
Most anime which people think are good are actually bad.

Anime should be judged how good it is based on how right it is, as in right and wrong, instead on how much you liked it, so mainly how much dopamine and whatnot your brain released when watching it, which can happen for the worst and most irrational reasons.
With this metric the most important part of a show would be the plot: a straightforward love story with sane characters will almost always be at least equal to a sixty fps hand drawn incredibly well written isekai which is filled with sexual fan service. Of course, the writing, visuals, voice acting, directing and much more also matters very much but I believe that plot should still be the most important part.
With this in mind Tsuki ga Kirei is better than most anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Serial Experiments Lain, Shingeki no Kyojin, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Mushishi, Oshi no Ko, Death Note and many, many more. This way of judging how good something is by how right it is should also apply to many other mediums such as music, books, art and more
>> No. 41459 [Edit]
This is one of the dumbest posts I've seen in a long time. I hope you're joking.
>> No. 41460 [Edit]
This is what I genuinely think
>> No. 41461 [Edit]
File 168528132855.png - (390.89KB , 745x674 , 2266307e1f7adb98ef9c8d555d00a79a.png )
By that metric, Koi Kaze is the greatest anime ever.

Post edited on 28th May 2023, 6:42am
>> No. 41462 [Edit]
Some guy having a boring life and being sad, a scene of him getting charmed by a schoolgirl and an annoying character talking in an annoying manner and saying annoying stuff are the only things which have been shown up until 05:59 in the first episode, the only reason why one would continue watching this is in hopes that the schoolgirl shows up again, but for what reason would you look forward to that? This show is bad

Post edited on 28th May 2023, 7:22am
>> No. 41463 [Edit]
So you watched 6 minutes, and that's how you decided it's bad. Either you're a troll or a dumbass. That girl he meets is his sister.

Post edited on 28th May 2023, 7:44am
>> No. 41464 [Edit]
Assuming you watched this with no prior knowledge why did you watch past 05:59? A good show would be interesting with no prior knowledge
>> No. 41465 [Edit]
I always read an anime's synopsis before watching it. And it's not the anime's fault if you have the attention span of a housefly. I'm not going to reply again because regardless of whether or not you're trolling, which I hope you are for your sake, you have nothing valuable to say.
>> No. 41466 [Edit]
I am rewatching Hidamari no Ki, a rather slow paced show and find it just as interesting as when I first watched it.
Alright then
>> No. 41467 [Edit]
Mentioning Tsuki ga Kirei is pretty funny since that anime is beloved by the West.
>> No. 41468 [Edit]
File 168530248833.jpg - (373.97KB , 1005x1157 , 2chanime.jpg )
Is it really? Anyhow, Japanese people seem to like it as well, see pic and the ninth spot on anikore

Post edited on 28th May 2023, 12:36pm
>> No. 41469 [Edit]
Considering that it was well received by 4/a/ and MALfags, yes.
As for that ranking, very disappointing. Seeing Fafner that low makes me sad.

>ninth spot
Was that a typo, or am I reading that graphic incorrectly?
>> No. 41470 [Edit]
File 168530454358.png - (138.62KB , 817x655 , Screenshot from 2023.png )
Some anime have the same score so they are also ninth.
On MAL it is rated 8/10, on anikore 4/5, I think it is safe to say that it beloved by Japan as well
>> No. 41471 [Edit]
File 168531302476.png - (2.17MB , 1920x1080 , [S3rNx] Bocchi the Rock! 01 (BDRip 1920x1080 x264 .png )
>Anime should be judged how good it is based on how right it is, as in right and wrong
I think you should just stop watching anything, really. What a horrible attitude. Anime should be an escape from everything about the real world.
>> No. 41472 [Edit]
Yeah, I concede my point. Just expressing my displeasure in light of this, especially given Fafner's position.
>> No. 41473 [Edit]
File 168533737852.jpg - (74.99KB , 1280x722 , H26.jpg )
>Anime should be an escape from everything about the real world.
There's room for non-escapist works to exist alongside escapist ones, as well as for everything in between.

But this post did remind me of how jarring it feels when long-running works in which the passing of time has some overarching plot relevance retroactively shift their setting forward to the present day. Some examples are a recent Watamote chapter (特別編16 released in April 2023) set in Tomoko's first year mentioning Tik*ok, or how Honoka's calendar in episode 6 of Yama no Susume: Next Summit matches the year 2022 but doesn't line up with the year in Second Season (Heisei 26 = 2014) even though the latter also previously appears in Next Summit episode 3, a recap episode.
An example of a work that isn't guilty of this is the ongoing Hidamari Sketch manga, which, to my recollection, has forgone to this day any references to smartphones, LINE, etc.
>> No. 41474 [Edit]
Fair enough
>> No. 41475 [Edit]
>This way of judging how good something is by how right it is
I think this is a great way to make any internet argument immediately worse. People have been debating the nature of morality for at least a couple of millenia.
How bout this: I think Lain's art direction and soundtrack are morally good. Yep.
>> No. 41476 [Edit]
Bringing up what is right when arguing with people on the internet, something which you should not be doing in the first place? No wonder
>> No. 41478 [Edit]
>An example of a work that isn't guilty of this is the ongoing Hidamari Sketch manga, which, to my recollection, has forgone to this day any references to smartphones, LINE, etc.
>> No. 41479 [Edit]
That's not uncommon in anime. I think it helps a lot in keeping things from feeling dated. It's all pretty much timeless.
>> No. 41480 [Edit]
File 168557927825.webm - (711.68KB , drag_queen_chasing_a_child.webm )
After not bothering with Pokemon for 20 years, I recently started watching the new show and feel like playing one of the games.

After taking a look around, I quickly found out that over the years, more and more humanoid pokemon have been added, including one humanoid canine called Lucario who looks like something straight out of the portfolio of a gay furry artist.

Of course this shouldn't detract from the games and the anime, but it feels weird that this franchise I and all my friends were obsessed with for a solid one or two years of our childhood is not only completely infested with the weirdest fetishists in its fanbase, but the company seems to be actively catering to them.
>> No. 41481 [Edit]
That filename got a chuckle out of me.
Anyway, I guess it was inevitable as they needed more and more designs. There was a precedent, Mew-Two, of course, but it's really become prevalent. Heading down the Digimon path but with more cute than cool.
>> No. 41486 [Edit]
Annoying how seems to purge all uploads of an account if a single upload is DMCA'd.
>> No. 41488 [Edit]
I haven't seen any policy that they delete all uploads of an account, are you sure that is the reason? Also note that they "darken" not purge it (i.e. it's still available, but not searchable). You could try sending an email and asking if they'll reinstate the uploads.

Edit: It does seem to be the case, they will "lock" accounts if there are too many uploads which are copyrighted, without good quality metadata, etc.

Post edited on 1st Jun 2023, 11:26am
>> No. 41490 [Edit]
>Also note that they "darken" not purge it (i.e. it's still available, but not searchable). You could try sending an email and asking if they'll reinstate the uploads.
I've tried that before, but they just gave me a canned response. It's a great resource, but I personally wouldn't use it to archive things because of this.

I don't think they used to do this because I remember one uploader of older films getting banned a year or two ago, but most of the uploads were still accessible via searching. Recently I've had two uploaders of older Japanese media get "locked" with their accounts seemingly intact, but all uploads made inaccessible. Did find other uploaders with some of the same data that got "darkened", but this DMCA policy sucks.
>> No. 41491 [Edit]
That's quite unfortunate. I guess they're taking a more strict policy recently. I wouldn't think that old Japanese content would get DMCA'd though, usually it's only Hollywood that cares enough to trawl through the web looking for content to takedown.

I see other people have posted in the forum

and they've had their content restored, so maybe posting there is worth a shot? Honestly despite how valuable it is, internet archive has always felt like a one-man operation, and getting one of the admins to respond seems like luck of the draw.
I also found which at least has a bit more information on what would trigger locking.

Out of curiosity, can you post the canned response you got?
>> No. 41492 [Edit]
>I've tried that before, but they just gave me a canned response.
At least you didn't get your account deleted for contacting them about the supposed DMCA violation...
I don't really trust them as a foolproof archiving service after that. The mods can just remove shit willy nilly while claiming some public domain/open source upload is copyrighted. Not even going to get into my other personal gripes with them.
The uploaders are great though, it's just the moderation that sucks.
>> No. 41493 [Edit]
File 16856726998.webm - (53.37KB , sabrina_pokemon_giant.webm )
>I wouldn't think that old Japanese content would get DMCA'd though, usually it's only Hollywood that cares enough to trawl through the web looking for content to takedown.
Nintendo are absolutely obsessed with trying to purge the internet of roms of even the most obscure of their old games though.
>> No. 41494 [Edit]
Good thing the entire NES library is tiny and can be easily stored on just about anything. Even the SNES library isn't that big.
>> No. 41495 [Edit]
>I've tried that before, but they just gave me a canned response.
This is something that really pisses me off in general. As people are forced to become more and more reliant on big companies and automated systems, if and when things go wrong there's little help to be had, and the bigger they get the less they care about a few individuals having trouble with their services.
>> No. 41496 [Edit]
Cool to see them restore accounts, but it sucks to begin with that they do this. Should just remove the files requested for takedown and leave the rest alone, that I could accept.

>Out of curiosity, can you post the canned response you got?
I tried looking for it, but I guess I didn't save it. I was asking if they could unblock a subdomain of a Japanese hosting provider, which was used for websites by a lot of Japanese artists in the late 90s and early 2000s, but they just said something along the lines of "It was blocked after a DMCA takedown request". A different subdomain also used for websites on the same host is accessible, so I don't see why that whole subdomain would be blocked, which I did explain in the email. I might've had better luck if I posted it on the forum like those guys.

>At least you didn't get your account deleted
I don't have an account there, but this DMCA policy is making me hesitant of getting one though.
>> No. 41497 [Edit]
File 168571410926.png - (67.46KB , 400x400 , 5dc304b2-f84e-4c67-88ad-1fca51d88a52.png )
>I don't really trust them as a foolproof archiving service after that.
Why would you ever do this? There's no foolproof archiving period, let alone a service. Services can only be supplementary.
>> No. 41498 [Edit]
>A different subdomain also used for websites on the same host is accessible
Oh were you referring to wayback machine instead of individual uploads? I think they are indeed a bit stricter about that, maybe because it's more well-known. Yeah I believe they do the blocks at subdomain granularity, and what's even more annoying is that they will (or used to) retroactively enforce robots.txt so if the domain gets bought by someone else and he's a grinch, he can cause all previously archived content to be hidden.

Archiving is only useful if other people can find it though, which is where shines. They have a pretty good system for adding arbitrary metadata and tags to an upload, making it easy to find related content.
>> No. 41499 [Edit]
I did not say services aren't useful. They should not be relied on though. Reliability can never be one of a service's strengths because they have a single point of failure.
>> No. 41518 [Edit]
File 168692716978.jpg - (8.02MB , 1920x3413 , 90468039_p0.jpg )
I don't like how there's no distinction between remote fonts that come from an external source and "remote fonts" that are first-party. At least ublock origin doesn't distinguish between the two.
>> No. 41519 [Edit]
seems you just need custom filters for that, like here:
>> No. 41520 [Edit]
Well it's nice that you can do that, but it doesn't answer how a local font is anymore "remote" than an image served by the server. Conflating security with possible annoyance(file size, appearance, whatever) is really unsound in my opinion.
>> No. 41595 [Edit]
File 169030781170.jpg - (536.70KB , 1000x1000 , 266ff848a3bcf0b78ca80c62a4ff888f.jpg )
Smart TVs suck, and are a symptom of consumer's ignorance and laziness, which companies actively encourage. They're like all in one PCs, but worse, because at least Windows lets you install whatever you want, and you can change the os too.

You can't avoid smart TVs if you want to buy the highest quality screens. In a world with informed customers, most people would attach boxes with some modified android or linux on it to "dumb TVs"(giant monitors), and it would be like Roku except not shit. Screen companies would also stop making all of their new products "smart".

Recently, I struggled to play something off a usb stick that I inserted into my family's LG one. It didn't recognize the subtitles. Maybe it was the format of them, or the file having multiple subtitle tracks and the player can only handle one. I don't know. So I had to connect my laptop to the thing with an hdmi cable and play it on there. Maybe if I installed vlc or some shit, and "cast" it to the screen that would work, but why can't I just install vlc to the "smart" tv? Need I say more?
>> No. 41601 [Edit]
Yeah not a fan of them either, but to be fair when I've tried explaining my issues with smart TVs to people the typical response is "why not just keep it offline?" and honestly, that seems valid. As long as it's offline you shouldn't have to worry about stuff like spywear or ads or obnoxious apps, right? One could still keep it connected to external video sources same as a not smart TV right?
>> No. 41615 [Edit]
I seem to no longer be able to be happy for people making progress in their lives. I should be supportive of them but I secretly wish for things to go wrong so they can maintain their status quo as we all maintain that forever. Makes me feel like a massive asshole but it's true.
>> No. 41620 [Edit]
I had an interaction with somebody who uses weeb as an alias for "super" otaku, also implying ignorance of the definition of otaku. Oh, and apparently Japanese can be weebs too.
This isn't new or anything, but my rage sure is as I thought to be numb to this kind of foolishness by now.
>> No. 41621 [Edit]
I think that's an ordinary thing these days (or any days really). A lot of people are morons that don't know anything about what they claim to be interested in.
Actual otaku are rare, even if the things they are interested in start to gain popularity. It's not so much about the topic of interest, but the level of interest.
>> No. 41622 [Edit]
It's interesting how a term was abused to such an extent that it means almost the opposite of its definition amongst the masses.
>> No. 41623 [Edit]
I think "bitch" is another example of that.
>> No. 41625 [Edit]
how i cant do anything but lurk on most places, whether a board or an irc
i type something id like to say then instantly change my mind about posting it. just as bad at socializing online as irl for some reason
>> No. 41630 [Edit]
Vichan is garbage.
I lazily used the built in config editor and wouldn't you know it, it creates a log in the instance-config.php file so you know what's been done, but there's some issue or another with how it writes the comment so it gets displayed as plain text when using any .php script. I assume it's just a space before the "//", but I didn't bother looking too closely. I just know that it's fucking stupid and broken.
The config editor is there for morons, they should really make sure it works as intended.
>> No. 41631 [Edit]
"Hacker" comes to mind as another example. I think it's mostly inevitable that niche vocabulary bleeding into the mainstream tends to get it's meaning hopelessly distorted in order to fit a specific stereotype of what it's "supposed" to describe, like that.
>> No. 41644 [Edit]
File 169146266932.png - (150.89KB , 560x600 , mikan.png )
Really starting to feel like society and modern culture is just passing me by. I find it progressively harder to relate to people each day & keep becoming more reclusive. I don't particularly mind it, but it's a strange feeling somewhere between sadness & contentment ... feels like I wouldn't mind just disappearing somewhere remote or even outright going homeless, since dying wouldn't change much.
>> No. 41645 [Edit]
I might be going out on a limb here but I think everyone gets a bit of that as they get older.
>> No. 41648 [Edit]
File 169153272799.png - (472.86KB , 992x766 , 70a878722108125b5b8ef01608530361.png )
My house was built in the year 2000. After getting fed up with unusable Centurylink speeds, my family switched to Xfinity cable internet. The modem/router is located on the first floor, and my PC is on the second. On a good day, I get around 60mbps, but most of the time it's under 15mbps.

Almost every room in this house has at least one coax port, mine has 3, one of which is near my PC, so I started considering using a moca(Multimedia over Coax Alliance) adapter. But I don't think that port has internet since connecting the router to it didn't work.

I have no idea how the coax ports are wired. There's no box on the outside of my house, and in the basement, there's just a few unlabelled coax cables, way less than the number of ports, connected together in some indecipherable way. From what I understand, setting up "moca"(stupid name) can be seriously complicated depending on how your house is wired. Basically, it's a huge pain the ass, and even if it did work, you need an expensive adapter for every port. Moca isn't a standard feature of cable internet, so all these ports are useless. All this shit for the dying medium that is tv.

There's powerline, but I've heard lots of bad things about it. Given the distance from my pc to the router, I'm not confident it would preform better than Wi-Fi.

Post edited on 8th Aug 2023, 3:15pm
>> No. 41649 [Edit]
Your options are
1. WiFi as you've been using. Crossing 1 story is a bit tricky, but still quite possible with newer generation of mesh routers which use a dedicated backhaul. You should be able to maintain good bandwidth, but will take a slight hit on latency.

2. MoCa. As you noted this is a bit rarer to see. In terms of setup my understanding is that it shouldn't matter how the coax ports are wired so long as there's a path from the input jack to the output jack. I.e. since coax is literally just wire, if you blip voltage on one wire, it will be detectable on the others.

3. PowerLine; don't use this. It's terrible.
>> No. 41650 [Edit]
>mesh router
Maybe it's stupid and unfounded, but I don't want to use this for health reasons. Yeah I already use Wi-Fi, but I'd rather have less waves moving around.

>it shouldn't matter how the coax ports are wired
For all I know, the coax ports in my room aren't connected to the router's in any way. I also heard you need appropriate coax splitters. Pretty much every online resource says you need to know how everything is set-up ahead of time.
>> No. 41651 [Edit]
>Yeah I already use Wi-Fi, but I'd rather have less waves moving around.
If you're already using WiFi then the only difference using a mesh system is you add another emission source. Let's assume that you're currently using one wifi AP at the ground level, and with a mesh system you add another at 2nd story. In terms of radiation exposure, due to inverse square law the effect of the AP at ground level is basically negligible, so your impact is not much worse than the previous scenario where you were sitting on the ground floor. And in fact since WiFi is necessarily bidirectional, when faced with a weaker signal your computer must boot Tx gain to compensate. Which means having the repeater set up means your own computer needs to boost Tx strength less.

> the coax ports in my room aren't connected to the router's in any way
It shouldn't matter I think unless you have some sort of active amplifier in there (which is unlikely for most homes?), coax is just wiring. In fact it's better if it's not connected, since theoretically there's less interference. In such a case you may not need a splitter.
>> No. 41653 [Edit]
Lately the usual garbage has been creeping into an imageboard I frequent. What once was a board I enjoyed just irritates me now. It's difficult seeing a place just go to shit like that. Leaves a very bitter taste.
I push back from time to time, but it's futile and probably just makes me look like a sperg. I know I should just move on, but it's been the only constant in my life for so long.
>> No. 41654 [Edit]
>I push back from time to time
It all comes down to moderation. If they don't care, nothing can be done.
>> No. 41656 [Edit]
Does it happen to be /kind/?
>> No. 41658 [Edit]
File 169164837942.png - (523.06KB , 715x1000 , 2d21dafe14a0783e25b8add68a407592.png )
Update, after a lot of trial and error to figure out where coax cables in my basement lead, I managed to get moca working on one of the ports in my room, just not the one near my pc. So I have to run an ethernet cable across the floor in a diagonal line that crosses the door's path. Maybe I'll move my desk.

One third of the coax ports in my house are a mystery, and regardless of what combination of cable in the splitter and port I try, none work. Maybe they got damaged. All in all, it's been a pain in the ass and my right thumb and index finger are now sore. Speed is good though at 500 mbps.
>> No. 41659 [Edit]
That's the one.
>> No. 41660 [Edit]
If you have a multimeter you could just check cable continuity to map out how the coax wiring is done.
>> No. 41661 [Edit]
What happened to it? To be honest I was never a fan of that board, it felt like it was trying to "force" the comfiness.

I just realized it's called a coax(ial) cable because it's two conductors in one wire (sharing the same axis). Kind of obvious but I never realized it.
>> No. 41662 [Edit]
>If you have a multimeter
I do not. I tried every possibility available to me. If the port leads somewhere I don't know, a multimeter wouldn't help anyway.
>> No. 41663 [Edit]
>What happened to it?
New people coming in and not lurking or getting a feel for the board.
>it felt like it was trying to "force" the comfiness.
Maybe. Now I'm wondering if I have a proper view on the board. I mean, if I came across /kind/ as I am now and not as I was many years ago, I probably wouldn't give it a second look. Maybe I'm just forcing my own wants and biases on something I've lost touch with.
>> No. 41664 [Edit]
Last update:
I further narrowed it down and now I only don't know where 2 cables lead to. Because I found and mapped a port in the basement, I know there's fewer cables than above-ground ports.

My theory is that when this house was built, every cable led to an antenna on the roof. When the previous owners got cable tv, most, but not all of the above-ground ports got re-routed to the basement. In my room, for whatever reason, instead of rerouting the two ports already there, they added a third one(it's obviously newer than the other two).
>> No. 41665 [Edit]
Especially that person who writes everything in lower case is insufferable. He also uses stuff like ngl, fr, af, ppl, thb abd other disgusting speech. I am seriously considering abandoning ship. Have you already?
>> No. 41666 [Edit]
Well, shit. Don't drink and post fellas. And don't post without setting a password. Hopefully I didn't embarrass myself again now.
>> No. 41667 [Edit]
I won't reply further after this so to keep that board there, but I'll try to wait around until the current board makes it to one year old.
Unfortunately it's not so easy for me to leave.
>> No. 41668 [Edit]
File 169173394282.jpg - (54.67KB , 1192x670 , 53422345324623.jpg )
economy crashing where i live so i cant buy any of the food i like
>> No. 41669 [Edit]
Everytime there's a new game released in a series I like I'm always annoyed with how newfags immediately run to make retarded out of character memes about it for weeks and other low quality content. They'll drop it due to disinterest over time and then the fanbase is stuck with these fan characterizations forever. They don't even make sense half of the time. It's like they're fans of fandoms and then the actual fans have to deal with the aftermath.
>> No. 41670 [Edit]
It really is obnoxious, and I know it sounds silly, but I end feeling bad for the affected characters.
>> No. 41683 [Edit]
I know exactly what you're talking about because I saw this happen with ace attorney in real time. Although it definitely applies to just about anything now. I end up having to jump ship the moment I see it start. And it sucks returning to that thing, nearly 1 or 2 years later just to realize it's probably not going to be the same. But I end up hoping that eventually things might just calm down even if that day doesn't come at all.
>> No. 41710 [Edit]
People calling incest and straight shota "vanilla".
>> No. 41711 [Edit]
As one's tastes degenerate, those would seem relatively vanilla.
>> No. 41713 [Edit]
If it's pure lovey-dovey romance but with incest or shota as the theme, I don't see why not. That's what I always took that to mean.

Post edited on 24th Aug 2023, 6:13am
>> No. 41720 [Edit]
File 169294100141.png - (1.04MB , 1894x952 , haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png )
What the fuck is this? Why am I being punished? Of course it's account specific. If they changed it for everybody all at once, they'll get shit for it. So instead they drip feed this eye cancer.
>> No. 41721 [Edit]
>> No. 41722 [Edit]
Invidious has a lagging issue, but yeah maybe I'll look into it.
>> No. 41723 [Edit]
I recommend using it with FreeTube, much faster in my experience and you can use one(?) instance for all media formats instead of switching between them to watch a video

Post edited on 25th Aug 2023, 12:57am
>> No. 41726 [Edit]
A small annoyance. I like to leave music playing, sometimes steams of videogame inspired music. Which means the same 3 zelda songs remixed to hell and back. I get it, they're not bad melodies, but these people should really try to broaden their horizons and explore a bit more of what's out there.
>> No. 41727 [Edit]
People who pretend to be black on the internet. They use ebonics and act in an irreverent, mouthy as fuck way. Write normally or shut the hell up.
>> No. 41728 [Edit]
Won't happen unless there's a culture shift, and such crap won't be considered cool anymore.
>> No. 41746 [Edit]
"mid" and "slop" make my brain rot.
>> No. 41769 [Edit]
File 169413745623.jpg - (447.58KB , 2048x1542 , bc07ea8abc1a30e22ffb82ca89832752.jpg )
Driving is bullshit, and highways especially are bullshit. We're gonna put people in little boxes that move at 50+ miles an hours, and they'll run past each other in these narrow lanes they can switch to and fro, and they're gonna enter this thing by using a temporary lane, from which they'll have a limited time to speed up and move into the adjacent one when the opportunity strikes.

Even if you don't make any mistakes, if someone else does, you might die, but you have to do it because it's the only way to go anywhere. So you also have to buy another type of insurance, maintain the car and keep it fueled. All this, to squeeze more money out of the populace, and because people didn't want to be shuttled amongst crowds with loud, dirty, dangerous ethnic minorities. What a great solution. On public transportation, people would have to deliberately kill you. Now they can easily do it by accident.

Post edited on 7th Sep 2023, 6:48pm
>> No. 41770 [Edit]
and "psued"
>> No. 41771 [Edit]
Why not leaves those communities or whatever you see those words in?
>> No. 41773 [Edit]
Not him, but I don't have much of a choice given the niches I'm interested in.
>> No. 41776 [Edit]
My guess is that you can't pursue this interests alone. Else why bother if this is possible, when it induces such a negative reaction within you?

On the other hand I am like >>41771 and being like that doesn't really help. It reduces the amount of places to visit to a handful.
>> No. 41787 [Edit]
It seems like more and more westerners are learning about common Japanese chord progressions and easy ways to make your songs "sound Japanese". Specifically stuff like the royal road progression and its variants. I've been trying to make music for years now, and seeing all of this is really demoralizing because I've been making frequent use of that progression in various forms and now it seems like there will be nothing to make my music stand out from everything put out by all of the other hack westerners. I've been lazily plodding along and dragging my feet to get something worth showing off to the rest of the internet, and I bet once I finally do, I'm just going to be labelled as a cancerous zoomer who's just doing "the J-chord meme" or something like that, even though I figured this stuff out for myself years ago. I feel like I missed my chance to have something semi-unique. I've heard no less than 3 songs on the radio in the past week that have used one of these chord progressions. I feel like I should just give up on making music and never bother again.
>> No. 41788 [Edit]
I know hindsight's 20/20, but why didn't you publish what you wrote as soon as you finished it? Even if think it's not "good enough" to show others, feedback can be helpful, yeah?

>I'm just going to be labelled
Wasn't this sort of insecurity why you never released any of your music to begin with? Also, if the only thing interesting about your music was "westerner using this chord progression Japanese people use a lot", I doubt it would have gotten that much traction anyway. You might as well copy Indian Ragas if mindless imitation was your plan to stand out.

At the end of the day, you should keep writing music if that's what you enjoy doing.
>> No. 41789 [Edit]
>why didn't you publish what you wrote as soon as you finished it?
That's the thing. Even though I've been at it for years, I really don't have anything that could be considered "finished" by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe a few really short (maybe a minute to a minute and a half) songs.
>Also, if the only thing interesting about your music was "westerner using this chord progression Japanese people use a lot", I doubt it would have gotten that much traction anyway.
Maybe that's what I'm really upset about. I'm starting to realize that there might not be any substance to what I'm making beyond that novelty value, and once you take that away, then there's nothing to really separate me from all of the shallow ford driver music artists out there. That's probably an exaggeration, but it's something that been at the back of my mind for a while, and it's getting harder and harder to ignore.

I've been thinking of making a music dump thread in /cr/ for a while, so maybe I'll stop being lazy and finally get around to it.
>> No. 41790 [Edit]
File 169574474215.jpg - (1.13MB , 1535x2086 , 4707c765d9e4a99e44f541d954d95d2a.jpg )
>there's nothing to really separate me from all of the shallow ford driver music artists out there
I'm of the opinion that you don't have to be a creative genius to make "good music". What separates random nobodies uploading boring crap to soundcloud, from the professional composers behind anime ops and other media's bgm, is 99% knowledge.

All you need is a few good ideas, they don't even have to be yours, and you can use technical knowledge to turn those ideas into a full-fledged piece of music. If you are a creative genius, you can compensate for your ignorance, but even then it's better to know what you're doing on a theoretical level.

I'm not a composer; this is coming from someone who's related to a classical musician and used to take piano lessons. Everything I know though, indicates that's how it works.
>> No. 41791 [Edit]
An easy way to jazz up your music is to cross over into other genres. Take jrock and add something to it like bluegrass or whatever other music you like.
Take Kansas for example, they took Midwestern hard rock and combined it with British prog rock to create something rather unique despite its components not being so.
>> No. 41813 [Edit]
For the past few days, I've been keeping my eye on a Beelink on Amazon. There was a $60 coupon that lowered the price to $140, which I "redeemed". I was waiting for Prime Day, naively thinking that discount would compound with the coupon. It does not, the coupon disappeared and the discounted price is $160.
>> No. 41904 [Edit]
File 169972550022.png - (132.98KB , 1274x904 , wheels.png )
Another gem.
>> No. 41915 [Edit]
File 170027554248.jpg - (252.53KB , 1200x1094 , e613d1b390f9dca5ac2f10371f99905e.jpg )
Was thinking about getting an external optical drive, for all my optical drive needs, like burning CDs and watching anime, if I ever got a Blu-ray of one.

Companies like ASUS still make external DVD drives, selling them for around $40. They also make Blu-ray drives that support UHD, but those cost around $100. 1080p Blu-ray has been around since 2006, and as far as I know, I don't really need UHD support since no anime is released at a resolution above 1080p. The only optical drives that support "normal" Blu-ray, but not UHD, are sold by random Chinese companies I've never heard of, and those are also like $40.

Why? Why haven't DVD drives stopped being made, and 1080p blu-ray become supported by the cheapest, baseline optical drive that any company makes? I don't want to buy some unreliable crap, but I also don't want to massively over-pay for capabilities I need because of ones I don't. It's all fucked up.
>> No. 41916 [Edit]
Optical drives are total nonsense these days, but the Chinese Blu-Ray drives work fine. I haven't had any issues with mine, anyhow. It is a internal laptop drive, but I figure it's probably not all that different from your usual external drive.
It's worth noting that Blu-rays have anti-piracy nonsense, so depending on how you watch them on your PC, it can be annoying to set up. VLC for instance needs additional files, and even then, it doesn't work 100% of the time.
Can't speak on how it burns discs, as I haven't had any reason to try it since I've had it.

It'd be nice if desktop cases still usually had 5.25" drive bays, but obviously it's a rather niche these days.
>> No. 41917 [Edit]
File 170032839686.jpg - (455.49KB , 1000x945 , 710f84f34407cbe00ef3886231565a28.jpg )
>It is a internal laptop drive, but I figure it's probably not all that different from your usual external drive.
If it's inside a recognizable laptop brand, I'd assume it had tighter quality control.

>so depending on how you watch them on your PC, it can be annoying to set up
Still rather do that than buy a playstation. Just as long as it works for anime, that's good enough for me.
>5.25" drive bays
I'm using an itx case, so that's definitely outside the realm of possibility. I could buy a separate tower that only has bays if I really needed that.
>> No. 41931 [Edit]
File 170086661248.jpg - (139.21KB , 750x1125 , 20231122.jpg )
Forgot optical drives and burning disc. External memory is cheap and convenient that it's easier to use usb drives. Buy a four park of a few Gbs each for sharing and a big one for backup storage.
>> No. 41932 [Edit]
Anime isn't sold on usb sticks.
>> No. 41933 [Edit]
It would be neat if they were.
>> No. 41939 [Edit]
File 170119667992.jpg - (33.77KB , 420x420 , 9a52b7fd6713c77dc0228b12f226a67c.jpg )
PC to PC file transferring via a wire, should be one the simplest, easiest things to do on a computer. But it's not, despite obviously being superior to transferring files to and from a middle man device. Somehow, this functionality hasn't progressed in decades. Your options are an ethernet connection, so if you only have one ethernet port, you can't be connected to the internet while doing it. There's special, USB-a cables you can buy, but these are old and have relatively garbage speed. USB-c probably could have fixed things, but it only has "thunderbolt over ip". That requires thunderbolt ports, and those have licensing bullshit, so they're not really a thing on AMD. What the fuck is up with this?
>> No. 41940 [Edit]
You can get a network switch; most routers have one built in. Just plug all your computers into the switch/router and you can network all of them together while keeping internet on all of them.
>> No. 41941 [Edit]
That's not very useful when one of those computers is a laptop and your house doesn't have rj45 ports. I could buy a switch, and connect that to the moca adapter in my room, but that's pretty sub-optimal. That networking is required at all is a problem in itself.

Post edited on 28th Nov 2023, 12:22pm
>> No. 41942 [Edit]
File 170120895411.jpg - (239.45KB , 800x600 , 8c8a88031ceadfb6905c09dc4f7a973f.jpg )
To expand on the consequences of this bullshit, for a device to be recognized as a "client", it needs to have a special USB-chip inside of it(I think an OTG controller). Most android phones do, which is why they can be connected to a PC via USB, and have files transferred to them.

Valve cheaped the fuck out, so the Steam deck can't be used like this. Even though it's ostensibly a "handheld", it behaves like a PC. Most consoles don't support this functionality, as an anti-piracy measure, but the PSP, which was released in 2004, did.

A handheld released in 2004 has basic functionality the Steam Deck doesn't.

Post edited on 28th Nov 2023, 2:43pm
>> No. 41943 [Edit]
The internet I grew up with is dead. You can't just search for thing and actually find it anymore. You're instead inundated with advertisements and garbage, and the garbage may not even have been written by a real person anymore.

The other day I was looking for a specific type of case, specified my search to the category I'm looking for, and the site un-specified my search just so it could show me a bunch of products I'm not interested in. It had what I was looking for too, and it just chose not to show me that.

Or today, I was trying to look up how 'octave pedals' work, for reasons. And all I can find is "The only [search term] you'll ever need!" nonsense. Like, I'm looking for something that will just lower all the frequencies that are routed into it. But apparently that's not how they work, and that doesn't make any sense to me, and I can't find an explanation as to why they're not like that. (or whether something like that does exist by another name.)
>> No. 41944 [Edit]
From quick searching, I assume that octave pedals work by internally resampling the signal: sample at half the rate, and you double the pitch. This is generally referred to as signal resampling.
>> No. 41947 [Edit]
I appreciate having a term to look up, I had no idea where to start.

But yeah, that's what I want them to do, and they don't. Apparently it's more like, they listen for the note you're playing, then synthesize a tone based on they think the note is.
For instance, they can get confused and play an octave of one of the overtones instead of the fundamental.
>> No. 41948 [Edit]
Actually yeah what you mentioned seems like it would be more useful for most musicians, since if you just pitch-scaled everything you'd also be scaling the overtones which most people don't want.

For true pitch-scaling/pitch-shifting (e.g. you want an intentional distorted sound), it seems like less of a general musician thing and more of a synth-type thing when you want a special distorted effect. The resampling approach I mentioned is easy to implement digitally but has the drawback of affecting speed as well. Implementing pitch-scaling while preserving speed for arbitrary shifts is non-trivial to do digitally. And it's really hard to do purely analog.

I think octaves may be a special case though where it can be done via analog circuits.

Probably if you are interested in having an actual device that does this (as opposed to the signal processing theory or wanting to do this in a DAW) the term you need to search for is pitch shifting/pitch shifter. These days with digital processing being trivial they can probably do non-octave shifting as well
>> No. 41949 [Edit]
'Pitch Shifter' is exactly what I was looking for, thank you.

If you're curious, I was wondering whether you could approximate the tone of a double bass (apparently coming from the very long strings) by tuning a bass guitar up an octave and then shifting it back down. The answer seems to be a definite 'maybe'.
>> No. 41950 [Edit]
Is this an electric guitar? I don't know anything about instruments but I thought with those the sound is all synthesized anyway (presumably there's a sensor somewhere that captures vibration of the string and synthesizes the appropriate sound). So shouldn't it be possible to make it sound like anything you want?
>> No. 41951 [Edit]
It's theoretical, I don't actually have one. But if you were doing it live it probably would be electric.
The sound usually isn't synthesized. Vibrations from the string produce an electrical signal either by having steel strings moving through the field of what is essentially an electromagnet, or by having a piezoelectric cell (creates a current when pressure is applied) somewhere on the instrument, usually under the bridge (directly under the strings). That signal routed into a speaker is what makes the sound.

In theory you could just synthesize whatever you want, and there are instruments that can act as a MIDI controller. But to my knowledge no one has been able to do that in a way that sounds realistic.
>> No. 41952 [Edit]
File 170133441229.gif - (512.38KB , 250x250 , 2023.gif )
Christmas? Bah, humbag. This year is a bad year for me and a lot of people like me.
>> No. 41962 [Edit]
File 170156748916.jpg - (493.95KB , 1076x2256 , 20231201.jpg )
2023 is a boring year and it's ok.
>> No. 41965 [Edit]
autistic people appropriating anime characters and calling them autistic.
Not many anime characters are made with mental illneses in mind. I've seen Japanese use the diagnosis "communication disorder" as an umbrella term, those characters are ok to speculate about. I also know the creator of Eizouken has ADHD.
What I don't like is when a character that is given shy moe tropes and characteristics is called autistic. In real life this is a recent trend and there's discussion about how is being overdiagnosed and making the actual disabled non-verbal autists harder to get taken seriously but it gets political so I'll end my rant here.

Tldr: please stop calling Yui Hirasawa autistic.
>> No. 41970 [Edit]
File 170157321473.png - (1.86MB , 1834x2216 , 54249f2a3f6bf268a3b312e1c7b6e7a4.png )
I've seen Renge called autistic. Kanna too. Pretty much any kuudere is at risk.
>> No. 41975 [Edit]
I've been struggling with internet issues for nearly a month and unfortunately I'm technically illiterate and even more so when it comes to networking that is making me feel completely helpless. I've had multiple visits by the ISP's technicians to no avail and had my modem/router changed(compulsory to use the ones provided by them and they largely waved off my complaints after the first visit until I initiated the replacement which costed me quite a sum of money) but the problem persists. At one point one of the technicians suggested that it might be necessary to reroute/reconnect the cables(reinstallation) but subsequently ruled it out since they claimed that the cables were still fine. They have largely struggled to pinpoint the crux of the problem during the visits but were ultimately resolved each time by them claiming to have wrongly configured my allocated bandwidth which resolved the issue temporarily for between an hour and a day, only for the speed to slow down to a crawl again gradually. My current uneducated guess is that there is indeed something wrong with the cabling or that they are throttling my speed; I've had suspicions of the latter from the beginning since my upload speed is unaffected and I am able to reach the marketed download speeds while downloading from google drive and only then. The last technician to visit also briefly mentioned something about there being a server/domain(?) problem at the central hq. If the problem really is due to them throttling then I can probably only wait it out and see if things improve before deciding if I should switch ISPs, otherwise I don't know if I should insist on getting my cables reinstalled. This ordeal is really taking a huge toll on me and I hope it'll be resolved soon, it's been dragging on for far too long.
>> No. 41977 [Edit]
>I can probably only wait it out and see if things improve before deciding if I should switch ISPs
They wont, and you probably should. If you're still on DSL(your router is connected via a phone jack), that's definitely sub-optimal. You'd be doing yourself a massive favor switching to cable, or better yet, fiber optic internet.
>> No. 41978 [Edit]
I'm actually already using fiber optic, which is why I'm a little reticent on switching yet and I've been with them for a good number of years with relatively little issues until now. I'm scheduled for another visit soon, hopefully things will work out this time.
>> No. 42006 [Edit]
File 17019370629.jpg - (140.43KB , 2000x1085 , Clipboard01.jpg )
Xmas songs on the radio should use some variety...
It's always the same dozen songs.
>> No. 42008 [Edit]
How about a Japanese staple?
>> No. 42009 [Edit]
I mentioned Yui but I made that post because I saw a kuudere character I like get called autistic
>> No. 42029 [Edit]
File 170245849484.jpg - (321.09KB , 1920x1080 , blonde slut with a santa hat.jpg )
I just want to hear those renditions played by orchestras or something. That said, Christmas songs are usually better than whatever is emitted in Walmart et al. during the rest of the year, and for that, I am grateful.
>> No. 42051 [Edit]
File 170268077813.jpg - (2.24MB , 4032x3024 , violence.jpg )
Is anyone else annoyed by side buttons on computer mice? The scroll wheel of the ancient one I've been using broke, so I bought a new logitech one. In most other ways I like it(not including it making my hand sweaty), but it has these hard, plastic side buttons that dug into my thumb because I have a fingertip grip.

I couldn't find anyone else complaining about this, so I assumed it was a weird ocd thing on my part and tried to get used to it... for all of 2 days before I said fuck it and violently attempted to remove them. I have a travel-size mouse as back-up, but yeah, lesson learned
>> No. 42066 [Edit]
Got the g pro wireless I ordered since posting this, and you know, I don't mind the side buttons so far. They feel a lot more natural.

Post edited on 21st Dec 2023, 2:43pm
>> No. 42092 [Edit]
File 170347569366.png - (2.90MB , 1834x990 , piracy rules.png )
I received a steam key for Skullgirls as a Christmas gift. I don't have a steam account and normally I'd have 0 interest in making one because I have nothing but contempt for Valve. Given the circumstances though, I tried making one using one of my gmail accounts.

Could not get through the google captcha. I tried about 5 times on both the desktop client and browser. Every time google would give me the clear, steam wouldn't. "Your response to the CAPTCHA appears to be invalid. Please re-verify that you're not a robot below." Wasn't using a vpn or tor or anything like that.

I am so sickened by their "we're the good guys" facade. Not only do they opt for google's captcha, when plenty of other options exist, they have the audacity to have a security system that's more obtuse and infuriating than my bank's website. For a fucking video game website. I bet if I somehow managed to get through that horseshit, they'd ask for a phonenumber next. I despise how so many games can only be purchased on pc through these cocksuckers.

Pic is the copy I pirated just out of spite. Too bad online versus probably doesn't work.

edit: making an account worked after flushing my dns, but the point stands.

Post edited on 24th Dec 2023, 8:25pm
>> No. 42093 [Edit]
Dont worry you are locked out of half of steam features until you spend some money anyway. They can go to hell to where they belong.
>> No. 42096 [Edit]
>you are locked out of half of steam features until you spend some money anyway
Same anon. Found that out first hand. Can't friend anyone.
>> No. 42097 [Edit]
Your point doesn't stand at all, really.
>> No. 42098 [Edit]
Tell me you're a valve fanboy without telling me you're a valve fanboy. The only reason I figured out to do that is a reddit post from 6 months ago. Having that problem is on them. Using google captcha is on them.

Post edited on 25th Dec 2023, 7:52pm
>> No. 42099 [Edit]
No, friend, you're just hysterical. The reality is things just werk most of the time, and unfortunately, you happen to run into a snag. Happens to every service, and why there are official and unofficial support channels, as you've noted.
>> No. 42100 [Edit]
Oh boy, I forgot which this thread this was. If the moderators want to delete my posts, that's fine with me. Let the man have his rant uncontested.
>> No. 42101 [Edit]
>Happens to every service
Some more than others. Pretty much any microsoft service is a colossal pain in the ass. Facebook too. I and people I know have stories to corroborate that. Amazon or DLsite, not really. Steam is on the microsoft side of the fence, and I'm not alone in feeling that way. There's definitely no excuse for using google captcha.

I see right through you. You are a valve fanboy, that's why you're defending them.

Post edited on 25th Dec 2023, 9:00pm
>> No. 42103 [Edit]
>edit: making an account worked after flushing my dns
I also do this exact kind of thing where I get stupidly mad and then find an easy fix and it makes me madder.
I was tryin' to get photos off my phone onto my computer and it didn't work and I go "What the HELL the only thing phones DO is take pictures and I can't even keep them this thing is USELESS" then my mom says "you can enable file transfer in the settings" and then it worked but now I'm annoyed. I want a real digital camera...

Anyway, Steam drops support for Windows 7 next week, I'm nearly free!
>> No. 42105 [Edit]
>The reality is things just werk most of the time, and unfortunately, you happen to run into a snag.
Not him, but you can say that for any service. The whole shtick of captcha-gating is that if you're a "normal" user who uses google services, accepts cookies like they're treats, doesn't do anything to defeat browser fingerprinting, then the services will work just fine. The majority of users are like that so they never notice any issue.

If you stray off this path: you are privacy inclined, or you use an older device, then you get served with the notorious undefeatable captchas of cloudflare and google. The infinite cloudflare captcha is particularly notorious: at least google will tell politely you that you're fucked at some point, the cloudflare captcha will just take you down an infinite time-wasting hole, never telling you anything except that you need to solve more captchas.

When you use a captcha-gating service, you're basically saying you don't care about anyone other than the average joe: fucking over people using screenreaders, people using older devices, people using non-mainstream browsers, privacy-minded people, and finally the unlucky people who just have the misfortune of sharing an IP that belongs (or used to belong) to someone in the former categories.
>> No. 42107 [Edit]
>you can say that for any service
Indeed, that's why I said it.

>The majority of users are like that so they never notice any issue.
>> No. 42108 [Edit]
>The infinite cloudflare captcha
In my case it's an infinite "checking to make sure your connection is secure"

I think your post sums up my feelings on the matter pretty well. I'm not hard core privacy at all costs, but I do use some out dated software and extentions that big brother doesn't like sometimes.
I think it's unfair and flat out unreasonable to not offer an alternative solution for the 1% of people this system fails for. Sure, 1% or even 0.01% might not seem like a big deal, but that's a LOT of people when you're talking about a million plus people. These companies have all lost their humanity long ago, they won't work with you and instead force you to work with them. If their oh so perfect system doesn't work for some random average joe, it's their problem that they get to struggle and fight with resolving. They get to spend hours upon days with unhelpful automated systems struggling to just talk to someone, anyone, about their honest mistake or simple error that any human could fix in a few seconds.
Sometimes you even hear about these unlucky people who trip some weird glitch or technical issue in the system and find themselves in high legal and/or financial issues not because they did anything really wrong but because they didn't fit perfectly into the machine, a machine with no sympathy or mercy that can't be reasoned with, bargained with, pleaded with, or convinced of anything. Even in cases where you're lucky enough to get in touch a real person, most of the time they're practically robots themselves, programed to read scripts and follow strict instructions to the letter, trying to reason with them can be like trying to reason with a zombie.
It sounds like something an old boomer would complain about, but these companies need to remember people aren't just numbers on a chart, something to be sorted and processed like an assembly line and discarded at the first sign of a defect. It's inhuman to treat people like this.
>> No. 42109 [Edit]
File 170363658078.gif - (2.25MB , 1414x2000 , 3e2c952f204f46bcc6a352a74a5380d8.gif )
Exactly nothing. They are cunts. Catering to "most people" isn't a defense. And didn't you say you'd shut your fanboy mouth up?

Post edited on 26th Dec 2023, 4:28pm
>> No. 42110 [Edit]
>And didn't you say you'd shut your fanboy mouth up?
I was replying to somebody else who quoted me, rage-kun. Take it easy.
>> No. 42111 [Edit]
Not agreeing or disagreeing here, but could you take it easy and maybe ease up with the borderline name calling? It's kind of childish. Your choice of imagery could use some work too, just sayin...
>> No. 42134 [Edit]
File 170389578140.jpg - (310.51KB , 2048x833 , 20231231.jpg )
I hate this world; any chance of a reset?
>> No. 42137 [Edit]
File 170395588331.jpg - (74.17KB , 930x844 , 1687967104078738.jpg )
Nope! Here is a cute image of Reisen.
>> No. 42138 [Edit]
More like delicious.
>> No. 42168 [Edit]
File 170469783718.png - (1.95MB , 2592x1480 , spot the difference.png )
Do these looks like the same product to you, because they're on the same Amazon listing.
>> No. 42172 [Edit]
Amazon is full of bootleg garbage now.
>> No. 42201 [Edit]
I wouldn't say this makes me angry, but I do grow tired of DMM requiring me to use a VPN so that I may support the great studios that provide us with visual novels. Meanwhile, dlsite just werks.
>> No. 42225 [Edit]
File 170544786620.png - (595.96KB , 1174x660 , f39c58c543abf0878ebb6b4f91a92c24.png )
The monitor market is too small, so it caters to a very narrow set of buyers. For most of my life, I've been using laptop screens. Nothing over 17 inches. Now that I'm on a desktop, I got myself a 22 inch, 1080p IPS display. I tried using a hand-me-down 27 incher, but it was really uncomfortable.

Everything was too small for my crappy vision by default, so I had to scale it up. But there was still the problem of feeling like I was sitting right in front of a tv. Everything wasn't in my field of vision like I'm used to, even when I moved half the stand off my desk that has 25 inches of depth, balancing it against the wall. I'm also used to maximizing most applications, especially the browser. If you do that with a huge screen though, even scaled to look fine, it takes way too much dragging for your mouse to get from one end to another. It's just sub-optimal, but that's the "work-flow" I'm accustomed to.

So what's the problem with what I have now? I want better colors and higher resolution. Even my laptop screen has better colors although that's also an ips. I'm willing to pay money for primo colors, but there aren't even any 24 inch OLEDs. Anything with new technology is 27 inches at the minimum, or a laptop screen, because that's what most people actually use, OR a portable monitor that's at most 16 inches and 1080p.

Maybe if I got a 27 incher and forced myself to use it for weeks, I'd eventually get used to it, but I really hated my short stint with one.

Post edited on 16th Jan 2024, 3:31pm
>> No. 42247 [Edit]
File 170650782814.jpg - (127.88KB , 850x998 , 20240129.jpg )
My co-worker. Shuddap and do your job. Sheesh.
>> No. 42255 [Edit]
File 170685645989.png - (1.66MB , 1280x907 , 53500988_p0.png )
I guess I always feel inept at social interactions and always assume the worst. I can't socialize well at times, especially with normalfags
>> No. 42258 [Edit]
File 170692090712.png - (1.12MB , 950x987 , 55cf271573a1a512d20ba7a8f1586979.png )
Midwesterners don't know anything about food. Anybody who gives British food crap, has never been to the American midwest. Ultra processed, fatty, boring slop. Lots of canned shit combined in bizarre ways. It's part of why they're so fat. Those tasteless fucks will put ranch or barbecue sauce on anything, including pizza. Italian is exotic to them, and many are afraid of fish. If they drank tea, which they don't, they'd boil the water in a microwave. For a gourmet, the midwest is one of the worst places in the world. Food wasteland.
>> No. 42259 [Edit]
From the foods that people in the west eat, I would die within a year, or at least would become mentally and physically wrecked very fast. I always wondered how can they eat all that crap and still do so fine? Can you just get used to it? Or is the healthcare so great there?
>> No. 42260 [Edit]
There's a reason why obesity is so high in america.
>> No. 42261 [Edit]
Obesity is still within the range of "fine". You just can't climb trees and what not. And maybe live a few years less.
>> No. 42264 [Edit]
Hello, I am in the midwest.
My sister seriously combines ranch and barbecue sauce and dips pizza rolls in it. I am so very sorry.
>> No. 42266 [Edit]
Don't try to justify it.
>> No. 42267 [Edit]
It's not, the consequences to your health are more severe than just a few less years lived. It raises probability of basically every health issue across the board.
>> No. 42275 [Edit]
You haven't lived until you've eaten a tater tot casserole straight out of the oven.
>> No. 42276 [Edit]
"A hotdish or hot dish is a casserole dish that typically contains a starch, a meat, and a canned or frozen vegetable mixed with canned soup."
"Hotdish secured its popularity during the Great Depression, when grocery budgets required creative preparations for cheap foods, and the popularity continued into the rationing during World War II."
Checks out.
>> No. 42352 [Edit]
File 170851857462.jpg - (734.01KB , 1280x1815 , 20240225.jpg )
Everything seems to upset me these days..
>> No. 42353 [Edit]
i have a similar issue. i use other imageboards all the time and my day inevitably gets ruined. but then i'm not in a good enough mood to do anything fun, so i keep browsing imageboards and the cycle repeats...
>> No. 42355 [Edit]
File 170855995961.jpg - (920.93KB , 1254x1771 , 09dad5354d5db1357af605b882c9f5d5.jpg )
The discrepancy between human-readable, and unique file names, has some very annoying consequences. When you right click an image and select "save as", the default name is specified by the url. Urls though have no way to specify a filename that's different from what's stored on a server. So what ends up happening is that everything you save is named something meaningless, like a unix time stamp, unless you go through the trouble of renaming it.

The anchor tag has partially solved this issue with the addition of the "download" attribute, but the image tag has no such attribute. 7 years ago, adding something like this was suggested, but nothing has come out of it.

I thought I figured out a work around: include # in the filename, followed by a unique identifier. The url would contain %23 (code for #) to refer to this file, but it and everything after wont appear in the "save as" prompt because it'll sort of confuse it with the fragment identifier. This works in firefox, but not chrome. The other options are to place every file in a uniquely named folder, or do some kind of server-side scripting, but that seems massively inefficient.

edit: adding a url parameter to the image;s url, and setting the content-disposition header in nginx based on said parameter($args variable), seems to work

Post edited on 21st Feb 2024, 4:47pm
>> No. 42375 [Edit]
File 17093523482.jpg - (310.54KB , 1280x978 , 72475c24798d6b343f02b2fa6e6c332f.jpg )
When translations get uploaded to exhentai, but not the original. Whoever does that has the original, it would only be a tiny bit more effort to do so, and it would benefit everybody, but they don't. It's so basic a courtesy that costs nothing, how would anybody not think to do it? What the fuck?

Post edited on 1st Mar 2024, 8:06pm
>> No. 42376 [Edit]
There might be some slight ethical argument that since the majority of a Japanese artist's revenue would be from Japanese subscribers, posting the untranslated version would have a larger impact on their revenue than posting the translated version.
>> No. 42377 [Edit]
As it turns out, the particular gallery I was looking for did have its raw uploaded, but was taken down by that irodori piece of shit

I will celebrate when he dies and his "company" disappears from this earth.
>> No. 42400 [Edit]
You may be able to find it on here, assuming you haven't already looked:
>> No. 42401 [Edit]
I've already torrented it from elsewhere, but it's good to know a site like that exists.
>> No. 42404 [Edit]
File 170972844561.jpg - (384.01KB , 1000x1414 , __original_drawn_by_xiaobanbei_milk__20acc077e48f8.jpg )
The need to provide your identification for (online services) everywhere these days. I'm trying to book an accommodation for airbnb and they have mandated that it is necessary to verify my identity and I'm having doubts on whether I should proceed. Perhaps I'm being paranoid but I've never liked to put myself on the 'radar' and yet it seems like it's almost mandatory that you would have put your face up on the web to access a variety of services nowadays. I wish people valued anonymity more though I understand that in many cases these things are done in the name of security. I suppose it ultimately comes down to trust and altruism. Sometimes you can't have nice things because there are people who will exploit certain freedoms at the convenience of others.