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File 159584697096.gif - (228.33KB , 1000x1000 , 20200816.gif )
35526 No. 35526 [Edit]
Which other imageboards do you go to?
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>> No. 38579 [Edit]
Last I checked (about a year or so back) 22chan seems like it had potential to be good (not being yet another lynxchan-based 8chan spinoff is a good start), but none of the existing threads on boards I'm interested in (/a/, science/tech, and /so/-equivalent) there felt conducive to discussion); and that too the supposed /so/-equivalent /yu/ felt a bit too much like /r9k/ for my taste.
>> No. 38583 [Edit]
File 162786014625.png - (865.95KB , 594x747 , t844849.png )
Guess. Go on, try, guess. As if that actually would be hard!
>> No. 38584 [Edit]
Is there an image board themed around mai melody?
>> No. 38622 [Edit]
Alrighty then.

That seems very specific...
>> No. 38624 [Edit]
File 162890287366.png - (150.65KB , 1465x854 , screen.png )
The new address
>> No. 40443 [Edit]
Wizchan is a weird place. The /hob/ threads have a semblance of coherent discussion and hint that intelligent people do inhabit it (e.g. the math and programming threads have decent beyond-high-school-level discussion), but all other boards seem to be a dumping ground with a terrible signal-noise ratio. It feels like there's potential for it to be decent, but there's zero moderation so it ends up being a free-for-all.
>> No. 40444 [Edit]
I spent some years on some of the well-known places when I was younger until I started to feel that it was doing me a lot more bad than good, eventually found small imageboards and liked the atmosphere, been on and off the internet for a long time but to sum things up I'm mostly a lurker and occasional poster only in small places (mostly TC, sometimes lain and sushi).

What happened feels like a cycle, back in the day imageboards had a relatively small user base keeping things alive, there was a sense of community and a developing culture around it, time passed and things moved to the era where the internet gained both mainstream accessibility and popularity, traffic peaked and the quality of content declined, ruining many board's culture and inspiring the creation of smaller sites.
Now regarding the present it seems like a lot of people that used imageboards because of a fad are moving onto social media sites for good, and the younger generations are getting hooked to those places too, leaving imageboards behind.

Personally I feel that the most important thing on any board is to preserve it's culture and never forget it's roots.
>> No. 40468 [Edit]
there were a couple that i used to lurk but i never have time any more

>how do you not have time to check an imageboard a couple times a day?
I got a job and started getting very invested and very busy. to the point where i could no longer participate in any threads or games or events anybody in the community planned. checking the site because self inflicted sadness because all i would ever see are threads i missed, inside jokes i was no longer privy to, and even if i spent time trying to catch up id just get pulled away by work again and the cycle would restart. now after years it feels like the community has moved on and ive been completely forgotten, and all the friends i thought i made have forgotten about me

maybe one day ill be able to go back.....
>> No. 40601 [Edit]
File 166460784563.jpg - (840.26KB , 2377x2880 , 4chan_19_birthday.jpg )
Even though it's pretty bad now, most of us made good memories there. I like this year's ceremonial artwork, though not because of what it's referencing, but due to it being a rather simple affair depicting simple fun.
Next year, 4chan will be turning twenty, which will feel weird. But goodness, TC is getting up there too, and I can only hope it will also see two decades of existence.
>> No. 40637 [Edit]
File 166493931984.jpg - (262.46KB , 644x901 , rip_moot_2015.jpg )
I have a neat domain ( name I snagged last year that I was thinking of using to create my own board, but it turns out the fuckers want me to pay almost triple what I initially paid to renew the domain this year.

So I'm letting it go, though the idea of creating a board my own way is still in the back of mind. A bunch of other ghost town imageboards already exist of course, but I still haven't found the right one with the right culture, with the right people, seems most admins are shitheads (probably because they originate from the cancerous tumour known as 8chan). Tohno-Chan is the closest approximation but it bothers me that the software is old, there's no https, it's hard to browse etc.

I wish we could work something out and get this community up and running again (I don't use IRC anymore so I don't know what the general feeling of people here is, sorry). Just my opinion.

Did this go down? It's not working for me.

I still visit there daily because nowhere can you find instant discussion on any topic like that. I've been fleeing the more popular boards because they started getting infected. Even /a/ is kinda shit now.

Also I recently came upon but it's more of the same /jp/-style lolsorandumb no substance posting.
>> No. 40638 [Edit]
I snagged a domain that could probably resell for a lot, but have been paying $20 a year to renew it all the same. Maybe it's just the domain service you're using? Have you considered transferring and parking it with someone else?
>> No. 40639 [Edit]
>it's hard to browse
What do you mean?

>Did this go down?
The new url is:
>> No. 40640 [Edit]
Forgot to mention, I like the polling board on kissu, I think it's a fun idea.

I'm using Maybe it's because of the .cool TLD? Which one are you using?
>> No. 40641 [Edit]
In my case it was the .moe version of a very well known website that I got when those first became a thing. Not sure if they'd support .cool but try 101domain com.
>> No. 40642 [Edit]
> the software is old, there's no https, it's hard to browse
None of these are material issues.
>> No. 40643 [Edit]
File 166494084243.jpg - (2.12MB , 1920x2100 , 4chins versus Tohno.jpg )
Looked it up on that website it's only about 5-6 dollars going by other .cool domains. I could pay the money, it's not about that, it's just throwing money away which I don't like and they upped the price.

>What do you mean?
I guess I just got too used to using 4chanX. On TC you have to browse the old way with the index, catalog browsing doesn't matter because the boards are slow anyway. I mean it's not necessarily bad, I know people like that, but having 4chanX is just too good to pass up and it works on other board software based on Tinyboard.
>> No. 40644 [Edit]
*5-6 dollars cheaper I mean.
>> No. 40645 [Edit]
I assume you're referring to inline threaded reply with 4chanx? That's only really useful for high-velocity boards. For slow boards replies are mostly linear anyway so there's little benefit. TC has preview on hover which is sufficient.

And 4chanx is implemented client-side anyway, I'm not sure why board software matters here.
>> No. 40646 [Edit]
>inline threaded reply with 4chanx
I'm not sure what you mean. Maybe I missed it all these years but there's no image preview on hover only post preview, right?

Anyway, I know TC users are reluctant to change which is why I wanted to make my own thing, I'm not trying to change people here. TC is fine as it is if people want it that way. Part of the reason I still use 4chan even if the userbase there now is a bunch of ford drivers and low IQ fecesbook rejects who vomit /pol/shit everywhere. I have nowhere else to go.
>> No. 40647 [Edit]
>I still visit there daily because nowhere can you find instant discussion on any topic like that.
Ditto. Thing is, 4chan is often one of the better places for certain topics. Because your other choices are going to be reddit or discord channels, which are somehow always worse.
You just can't win.
>> No. 40648 [Edit]
/pol/ is one of the few places where you can go to read and discuss the non-mainstream view of things. It's terrible snr, but still occasionally has quality posts so still remains the best place I've seen for this kind of stuff.

/a/ is a mixed bag, depends very much on the specific show and time of day. Generally for actual discussion of shows I have seen better posts on reddit, but there's something fun about the stream of consciousness type posts on /a/ as you go through airing shows.
>> No. 41032 [Edit]
>the non-mainstream view of things
There's more than one "non-mainstream view of things". /pol/ only offers puerile contrarianism, jew conspiracy theories, and astroturfing.
>> No. 41301 [Edit]
File 168033865274.jpg - (121.60KB , 1276x768 , 20230301.jpg )
I sometimes post on textboards...

It's raining now...
>> No. 41304 [Edit]
File 168037187594.png - (1.00MB , 2810x2810 , 1679399459697202.png )
same anon
>> No. 41367 [Edit]
their views on politics (/pol/) are very mainstream
>> No. 41522 [Edit]
File 168706893136.jpg - (90.33KB , 735x1050 , Clipboard01.jpg )
Voidchan is offline? doesn't connect...
>> No. 41523 [Edit]
File 168707614697.png - (141.48KB , 502x263 , STOP.png )
voidchan has been voided
>> No. 41533 [Edit]
I sometimes go to's /soy/, but I can never stay very long there
>> No. 41536 [Edit]
Ew, what an atrocious site that is.
>> No. 41537 [Edit]
It's all the posts you've filtered from 4chan, all concentrated in one place! I have no idea why you'd want to browse it or what they even discuss though.
>> No. 41539 [Edit]
Guess it's a good reference point to determine the degree to which your imageboard is shit.
>> No. 42379 [Edit]
File 170936829227.jpg - (126.69KB , 850x1202 , 20240304.jpg )
I go on textboard these days. Images distract me too much these days.

>>41304 appears to be dead?
>> No. 42381 [Edit]
File 17094064775.jpg - (70.97KB , 828x712 , born to 3.jpg )
aside from here and 4chan, i only really hang around hikari3. it's slow, but nice.
i used to use kissu a lot, but i don't know i'm just incompatible with them or if they're just weirdly hostile towards anything outside of their "clique", for lack of a better term, it feels like every post i made there was a wrong option in a VN. people would call me defensive over posts i thought were innocuous.
i'm relatively new to imageboards, i get really anxious about posting sometimes, but i'd like to find more places to talk about things, it feels like nobody online quite shares the exact same interests as i do.
>> No. 42383 [Edit]
File 170941112151.jpg - (3.84MB , 1414x2000 , 81429799_p0.jpg )
>i used to use kissu a lot, but i don't know i'm just incompatible with them or if they're just weirdly hostile towards anything outside of their "clique"
They're Canadian. Pretending to be nice is their MO. Surprised nobody has mentioned kakashinenpo yet.
>> No. 42384 [Edit]
I tried out kissu a few years back back when the migration away from 4chan's /qa] was happening. I don't really like any of the /jp/-focused forums, they're fun in small doses but it's not really "substantive" enough to attract good discussion. Also I will always be disappointed that merorin was used for yet another /jp/spinoff (and one of the more terrible ones at that) instead of the /ot/-esque, data-processing-club-inspired "in depth discussion of non-serious things" that it ought to have been.
>> No. 42385 [Edit]
>Also I will always be disappointed that merorin was used for yet another /jp/spinoff (and one of the more terrible ones at that) instead of the /ot/-esque, data-processing-club-inspired "in depth discussion of non-serious things" that it ought to have been.
I peaked at that and it's complete garbage. Why did you ever have any expectations of it? The mods are so dumb, they'll ban someone for doxxing, but not delete the post.
>> No. 42387 [Edit]
>Why did you ever have any expectations of it?
Because of the name. Surely a Yuyushiki-inspired imageboard would have quality posts!
>> No. 42399 [Edit]
File 170968664012.jpg - (760.38KB , 1213x750 , yande_re 301688 aikatsu! gun kiriya_aoi lm7 unifor.jpg )
I don't really use any other imageboards these days since none of them mesh well with me other than T-C. I've become far more asocial as I've gotten older, so it's probably just a personal thing.

>they're just weirdly hostile towards anything outside of their "clique"
You are correct. Many posters there seem to get strangely passive-aggressive at the slightest hint of a disagreement which I find strange. Isn't one of the central goals of discussing stuff to share different viewpoints? You can tell somebody they're wrong/explain your own opinion without devolving into childish bickering; not being confrontational all the time doesn't suddenly turn a place into a hugbox.
>> No. 42402 [Edit]
Not related to that imageboard specifically, but I've been on more niche imageboards for a considerable amount of time, and I'm always worried that there's some odd underlying discord clique that makes up the poulation of the board. Especially some of the ones that are considered more "loser" ones. Do they just choose to use these imageboards so they can make themselves "special" and "unique"? Why do people like this choose imageboards when they could be going on some website like Facebook or Instagram? They have a choice; I don't. Is there no way to escape normalfaggotry?
>> No. 42403 [Edit]
I also tried it out after migrating from 4chan's /qa/. 4/qa/ was only good relative to the rest of 4chan, it wasn't that great from what I remember. The fun part was getting an inside look at how the moderation of the site worked with a laid back /jp/ and off-topic theme. Kissu doesn't have anything to do with its origins other than meta and the mods are self aware of their passive agressive culture and inconsistent moderation. They brush off criticisms of it as if it's not their fault for not enforcing rules. It's only tolerable in small doses like you said.
Unless you have seen discord links or namedrops, there is nothing to worry about. It's obvious when that is happening in my experience.
>> No. 42412 [Edit]
File 17098929061.jpg - (171.17KB , 850x698 , 20240310.jpg )
Are there no active textboards anymore?
>> No. 42413 [Edit]
Does 5ch not count?
>> No. 42415 [Edit]
I meant an english-language textboard....
>> No. 42416 [Edit]
There are a few but none are good, and most are extremely small.
>> No. 42483 [Edit]
File 171153743628.jpg - (44.89KB , 835x400 , 20240331.jpg )
Which one?
>> No. 42484 [Edit]
So you can spam your shit there as well? Fuck off. You are cancer to every place you go to.
>> No. 42485 [Edit]
Whats the worst he can do on a text only board? Post ascii street fighter text art?
>> No. 42486 [Edit]
Which surely contributes as much to those places as his street fighter images on imageboards.
>> No. 42487 [Edit]
File 171157289447.png - (31.90KB , 1440x786 , cammy shiftjs.png )
>ascii street fighter text art
I'm disappointed there's not more of that.
>> No. 42488 [Edit]
Here's some:
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