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File 158621271580.png - (256.21KB , 640x357 , torri.png )
34522 No. 34522 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you hold any spiritual beliefs? The subject has been on my mind a lot lately, particularly since having watched Your Name and Weathering With You. I read a bit about Shinto, and I suppose if anything I'm a bit sympathetic to it and similar kinds of beliefs that hold there is not a distinction between matter and spirit. The Greek notion of logos or pneuma is actually pretty similar in this regard.

Of course a difficulty is that I have never experienced anything that I would call spiritual, which could lead me to believe in a spiritual side of life.

Kind of related video:
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>> No. 34530 [Edit]
I hold the belief that at a rough level there is some sort of collective conscious, and like you mentioned that >there is not a distinction between matter and spirit.
>> No. 34542 [Edit]
If there's no disctintion between matter and spirit, what is matter at all? See Berkeley.
>> No. 34632 [Edit]
Belief is something you choose for yourself, anyone can have spiritual beliefs if they want to. Since spiritual beliefs necessarily defy conventional logic, its impossible to disprove them convincingly and since they require faith, proving them convincingly negates the spiritual element. Until the airplane was invented, its was generally considered a given fact that birds could fly because god made them that way. These days we generally believe that birds can fly because of aerodynamics and evolution, but almost none of the people who hold those beliefs have studied either issue in detail. Most of the people who believe that birds can fly because of aerodynamics and evolution believe so because they trust "the experts". "The experts" function as the priests of the system of belief for most people, because those people have faith in "the experts". For most people the idea that birds can fly because of aerodynamics and evolution because "the experts" say so is fundamentally a spiritual type of belief, its not one based on learning, experience or observations, its a belief based on trusting their priests. Taking all that into account, there are probably a lot more people who hold spiritual beliefs than there are people who will admit that their system of beliefs is based on faith.
Its not out of the question that one day "the experts" will fully discern the functional mechanisms that make DNA work the way it does and they might understand how one very small core molecule governs the life of a person and determines their character and characteristics and then they'll be telling us all that souls were real all along, just like what those stupid old religious texts have been saying for thousands of years.
>> No. 35489 [Edit]
File 159562269934.jpg - (108.38KB , 768x1024 , 147706131_53546f1a21_b.jpg )
I'm really superstitious.

File 159213838637.jpg - (211.50KB , 850x602 , __original_drawn_by_ninopachi__sample-a3ed151cb3e5.jpg )
35309 No. 35309 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What do you look for in an adaption? Adaptions of books, visual novels and other long form media can almost never be one for one in a tv or movie format. Trying to do so inenvitably leads to failure. Instead, an adaption has to condense the plot, but beyond that is has to make other decisions about what to focus on. Because an adaption can't be a recreation of the original most of the time, it's usually better for it to focus heavily on a few things, either from the source material, or something of its own. As many characters as need be can be cut out and more than half of the plot thrown out the bin, if this is done well and the adaption stands well on its own.

However, adapations can pick bad things to focus on. I feel this is when things are dumbed down for accessibility and spectacle, usually though action. Lord of the Rings is a good example of this. I watched the movies first and later read the books. I didn't think the books would be the kind of thing i'd be interested in, but I was blown away by how compelling they were. It was more of a page turner than anything I've read before actually. It felt written with intelligence.

The movies changed the personalities of multiple characters, added in a horribly idiotic, cliche conflict between two of the main characters which was not in the book, and spent most of the run time on battles, which was definitely not what was most important to the book author. Many things were taken out, but they were not replaced by something of equal value. When subtely and nuance are stripped, rather than replaced with other subtleties and nuance, I think that's a downgrade.

Post edited on 14th Jun 2020, 5:41am
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>> No. 35316 [Edit]
An animated TV adaptation of LOTR would be really nice, assuming it isn't also the "manufactured tension" crap. The episodic format would give way to being able to adapt more than a strict feature-length movie would be able to as well.
I think there actually was an animated adaptation of LOTR at one point though I've never watched it.

(Also I'd love if Hobbits/Halflings were properly done as monstergirls. Always seems like nips are confused as to what to do with them and dwarves, so you have a lot of different versions that aren't quite as good as your pic.)
>> No. 35320 [Edit]
File 159230423647.jpg - (49.48KB , 463x559 , 1537441486281.jpg )
There was the Bakshi movie, then after that some less known sequel and a Hobbit adaptation, both for TV. The first movie (the only one I watched) isn't great, it's rotoscoped, it looks weird and the characters designs aren't particularly nice.
Like most of Bakshi works is a mixed bag, not particularly well animated and maybe with some interesting ideas, problem is his syle worked a lot better with underground stuff than with something classic like Lotr. Still, it had the best cover art ever and I wouldn't say it's awful or anything.
If something I would have liked to see some OVA adaptation, Lodoss War or Wizardry style, I think the first 90's were a good time in anime for classic fantasy settings.
>> No. 35415 [Edit]
File 159414523847.gif - (49.67KB , 640x400 , 2c55744f878690ff55c3d59524b3a722.gif )
I wish literature was adapted into visual novel format. Solaris for instance would be a great pick. I liked the book quite a bit. The soviet movie gets a lot of praise, but I think I'd hate what they did with the visuals and atmosphere compared to what was in my head. Solaris had depressing romantic elements, but it definitely was not a romance. A VN would capture the feeling I'd like very well and contain all the interesting technical parts that would be cut out of any other format. A one to one adaption would be possible, as in every single line in the book being in the VN, just with pictures and music added. Bram Stocker's Dracula would also be a good choice. I wonder why this idea hasn't caught on?
>> No. 35418 [Edit]
>I wonder why this idea hasn't caught on?
I like it but VNs are already something niche. Lack of h-scenes may turn away even more people

File 148062549128.gif - (175.92KB , 600x413 , FC58-TDF-KJ-Sukeban3-01.gif )
29712 No. 29712 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
For me it's this.
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>> No. 29717 [Edit]
File 148071685789.jpg - (203.75KB , 1024x768 , 3ab23d570d617604ce6d50c2e979def7.jpg )
Beat me to it, opened the thread in a new tab to post it, then I forgot about it for a couple of hours, heh. Long skirts are really good.

This is very nice, too.
>> No. 29724 [Edit]
Dark blue
The top part is short and the skirt is calf-length
white trim and bow and ankle socks or black stockings with loafers
>> No. 35390 [Edit]
Oarai Girls High's Se-la-fuku
>> No. 35391 [Edit]
File 159332383689.jpg - (126.07KB , 850x678 , 20200628.jpg )
White & Green.

File 147670277636.png - (487.91KB , 769x738 , anime girl.png )
29608 No. 29608 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
/ot/ could just as easily stand for "on topic"
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>> No. 29678 [Edit]
So what topic are we on then?
>> No. 29687 [Edit]
looks like anime girls to me
>> No. 29741 [Edit]
I like oppai.
>> No. 35389 [Edit]
Oh pie! Old 𝞹!

File 159304415188.jpg - (489.53KB , 636x900 , 1542165215178.jpg )
35362 No. 35362 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Shougi. Let's play shougi. Let's talk about shougi. I think it's harder than chess.

Basic rules
Intro to castles
Rudimentary strategy
Essential tactics
Essential principles
Mating problems
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 35363 [Edit]
Do you know any good shougi video games?
>> No. 35364 [Edit]
The first link is a pretty nice web-computer ai with different levels. Piyoshogi is a really nice mobile app.
>> No. 35365 [Edit]
Here's a quick comparison of chess vs shogi rules:

File 159266792778.jpg - (429.98KB , 850x850 , sample_66e1e79ff70be74a5b0851524339b57a.jpg )
35335 No. 35335 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is nerd/otaku culture materialistic? In tech related boards, the amount of discussion about consumer goods is always consistently high. People feel the need to be elitist about stuff like calculator models or laptop models. Exhaulting the benefits thinkpads have other other laptops (i'm typing this on a thinkpad myself) and stuff like that. When you think about it though, isn't it all just plastic crap? These are just tools, it'll all be dust one day, so why obsess over it? Whatever works works. Why waste money and space on decorations either? Why is it necessary to express your enthusiasm for things by buying stuff that takes space? Is materialism and an obsession with physical products and collection an inherent part of these cultures?

Post edited on 20th Jun 2020, 8:46am
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>> No. 35339 [Edit]
File 15926725474.jpg - (128.52KB , 611x808 , yuu.jpg )
It's not that hard to understand. We like cute things. The normal world and the things in it aren't usually cute. Having cute things around improves the general mood. Personally having figures of certain characters makes me feel like someone I like is there looking for me. I also like robots because they look cool. It's just nice to return from the normal world and see all that conforming your own microcosmos and bringing good memories. It's an human impulse from old, the ancients liked to have sculptures or pieces of art around, this is pretty much the same.
>> No. 35340 [Edit]
Maybe. I never saw it that way. I think a figurine would remind me that it's not real. When they're behind a screen, I feel distanced enough to believe in and feel for them. They look alive because they move and speak and fit in their wold. A figurine though would take me out of that. If they're a product, mass produced for consumption and made out of artifical substances, they can't be alive. Well, whatever.
>> No. 35341 [Edit]
File 159267650019.jpg - (85.06KB , 683x1024 , 1590754203766.jpg )
I feel quite the opposite about it. I like articulated ones so I not only can touch them but pose them or try new accesories. It's an interaction you don't have with anime or manga, if something it makes the characters feel more real. There can be mass produced but there's still some artesany on them, they are detailed, painting is hand made and you can display them in creative ways.
And let's not talk about plastic kits, you can build them and if you like more, personalize them in any way you can imagine.
I want to get into dolls some day, I see them as the ultimate physical experience; you create them following your tastes, you can make clothes for them or buy hand made clothes from others so you have infinite variety, you can take them outside and they almost feel and look like real.
>> No. 35342 [Edit]
> In tech related boards, the amount of discussion about consumer goods is always consistently high
I think that's just 4/g/ (since a large userbase is going to devolve into what's most accessible for the general population and that's consumerism.). Lainchan's programming board is more focused, and >>/navi/ has had a lot of good quality discussions.

File 158800606858.png - (86.12KB , 484x522 , 1582036994771.png )
34798 No. 34798 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Which theme do you use on tohno-chan? I like vndb as I tend to browse at night and bright themes hurt my eyes in the dark, but sometimes I switch to Pseud0ch for the comfy textboard vibe. How bout you?

Imageboards themselves are otaku culture so this counts.
8 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 34947 [Edit]
> using an userstyle to change the theme to pseud0ch or vndb.
You don't need a userstyle you can do it purely via a userscript that sets the cookie if it doesn't exist.
>> No. 35326 [Edit]
pseud0ch because I like bricks.
>> No. 35329 [Edit]
Much like the others, I use the default because of auto-deleting cookies, but I'm quite fond of the Lain one.
>> No. 35399 [Edit]
Same here, I like this one so I don't mind at all.

File 158785547199.jpg - (267.29KB , 1023x699 , 32367938327_0c0a0a194b_b.jpg )
34738 No. 34738 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Why is whenever people compare Anime to cartoons normalfags always end up with something like "What about Disney?" or "Disney inspired Anime"?

Are they blind? look at this production cel of a feature Disney movie, even seasonal Anime has better production values overall, also did is the claim that Anime = Disney bullshit? Dinsey only inspired Osamu Tezuka to a dregree with fucking Bambi of all things, that cant account for all anime.
80 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 35300 [Edit]
I think it's simply due to a difference in goals and aims. The Japanese seem to desire to take the real world and polish it into something as beautiful as possible whereas the west wants to take the world and exaggerate it and parody it as much as possible to the point it becomes grotesque. Body types are a good example of this, an anime body is usually drawn in a way that would work and be attractive in real life or at least would very nearly work, but western art exaggerates it to the point where it would not work and would be disgusting, indeed it's disgusting even as art.
>> No. 35301 [Edit]
File 159205184015.jpg - (263.43KB , 1000x1000 , box-art-panzer-dragoon-japon.jpg )
I think there's great western art, just see the french who sometimes were greatly appreciated by the japanese. So it has to be something else;
Maybe it's because animated art it's depreciated in the west, maybe it's an american thing or maybe it's a thing related to our days of cultural decadence. Personally I don't understand most modern cartoon aesthetics, like how all CG movies use the same generic, ugly style. Maybe we're just degenerating.
>> No. 35302 [Edit]
File 159205324276.jpg - (186.93KB , 800x641 , 81adb887b74a79cd7acdd1c46fa1d565.jpg )
I asked my parents once what they thought about animation and why animation can't have more adult themes. Their response was to keep insisting that animation inherently had less "weight" to it and they can't take it seriously or feel immersed in what they're watching unless it's live action. When I asked how come Japanese people can make and appreciate more mature animation, my mom said it was an aberration and that it's because they're "children at heart".

Post edited on 13th Jun 2020, 6:02am
>> No. 35312 [Edit]
Today you wouldn't hear that too often about animation, but still similar things about particular genres, countries, or entire media like videogames.
I think it all can be resumed in "old dog doesn't learn new tricks" with some inherent racism.
Also what you said made me remember of the old "how you can fap to that? it's just a cartoon".

File 158593073047.jpg - (202.75KB , 850x1226 , __original_drawn_by_yuzuki_gao__sample-e749a5b9b61.jpg )
34491 No. 34491 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I'm out of the loop and I wanted to talk about this for a while. What's this "alt-chan alliance" thing and why is it bad?
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 34496 [Edit]
Is this something like Freenet, where you're hosting other people's (potentially illegal) shit?
>> No. 34498 [Edit]
No, this is all on the public internet and there isn't anything illegal; it's just a bunch of imageboards all linking to each other.
>> No. 35296 [Edit]
Just a group of small (dead) imageboards who conspired to take down the remnants of 8chan and scoop up their users. It was an incredibly retarded plan that never would have worked and their plot was eventually exposed by the owner of
>> No. 35311 [Edit]
It was a thing centered around spacechan, getting jealous or scared or otherwise touchy about 420chan having the second highest popularity after 4skin. And so, seeing how 420 had quite a noticeable commited contingent of communists on its /pol/ (when it was there) or elsewhere, they wanted to have a distinct rival to all that.

So, spacechan did manage to actually muster a higher traffic /b/ than 420, naturally together with not having many other boards, in contrast to 420 where the users simply constantly ignored those boards and just posted on /high/ with grumbles that the other boards are to slow and shouldn't exist on "a board with only 50 users". But spacechan went to shit though, apparently due to one or two cohorts of "anallockman" flooding endless tranny pics, or some stuff very close, shortly after 420chan had axed its porn boards.

Oh yeah, 420 is of course is where the original transsexuality chan board, very ironically labelled /cd/, arose, until it tanked basically right upon the introduction of /lgbt/, which itself had some horrendously dramawhoring headcases, such as "Kayla".

File 146566519545.jpg - (127.00KB , 720x377 , XmMbNqq.jpg )
29114 No. 29114 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Gimme what you got.
10 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 29461 [Edit]
Why is Mexico's Olympic team so lacking?

Because everyone that can run, jump, or swim is already across the border
>> No. 35174 [Edit]
What’s the difference between a police officer and a bullet?

When a bullet kills someone else, you know it’s been fired
>> No. 35225 [Edit]
How do you get a nun pregnant?
Have an altar-boy fart in her cunt.
>> No. 35226 [Edit]
What do you call a black brain surgeon?

File 159041595240.png - (178.14KB , 348x286 , BugsBunnyNipstheNips_Lobby_Card.png )
35087 No. 35087 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How come there aren't any imageboards dedicated to American cartoons?
Not niche or obscure enough? Are American cartoons too popular with "the normies" to be enjoyable?
46 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 35156 [Edit]
>presumption that western animation is all crap
Did I say that? Winsor Mccay made nice stuff.
>the lone example of 4skin
There's also 8chan. And the second half of this thread. This website already has a purpose. "Doubting" why something not part of that purpose isn't more popular on imageboards here instead of a place where people care about that thing is suspicious. Your mannerisms are also suspicious. So why do you care?
>> No. 35158 [Edit]
File 15910199281.png - (151.39KB , 616x431 , bugs_bunny_origin.png )
If you don't want to hear about Jews, why do you post in a thread that is specifically about cartoons created by them? Virtually all American cartoons are produced by Jews, including the racist anti-Japanese war propaganda flick in the OP pic, see picrelated.
You probably never complained that one shouldn't discuss how Japanese cultural attitudes influence the content of anime, so why do you care so much when that same type of discussion is applied to Jews and the cartoons they produce? What makes Jews so special to you? Are you like >>35136 and hold some weird religious belief that a cartoon creator's background magically stops influencing his work when he is identified as a Jew?

>I'm just incredibly paranoid of all arguments which seem to lead towards presenting a "Western entertainment is political/Japanese entertainment is not political" dichotomy
>it often feels to me that the reason for criticizing a specific execution is fueled by the specific content/ideals presented.
Not sure if you were referring to me specifically, but as I openly said in >>35135 it's not so much that anime doesn't contain any political messaging at all, it's just that when it's there, it's usually non-Jewish in nature and doesn't bother me as much. BlazBlue for example made some thinly veiled references to the alleged human experimentation programs of Unit 731 and contrasted it with the nuclear destruction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. I notice this stuff just as much as I notice political messaging in Jewish media, but it doesn't bother me much because it's not an attack on me.
A more overt and specifically Jewish exa
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 35159 [Edit]
Lengthy political discussion aside, there's something gross about the style in jewish material that has disgusted me since before I even knew jews were a thing
>> No. 35160 [Edit]
File 15910214152.png - (1.42MB , 1280x720 , nana.png )
Political discussion belongs to /tat/ and this thread probably is a bait anyways, so I'm locking it.

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