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File 159584697096.gif - (228.33KB , 1000x1000 , 20200816.gif )
35526 No. 35526 [Edit]
Which other imageboards do you go to?
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>> No. 35527 [Edit]
None really.
>> No. 35528 [Edit]
File 159585809996.png - (1.33MB , 800x1147 , 1532665610391.png )
I check occasionally. Used to use uboachan, but it's become pretty shit.
>> No. 35532 [Edit]
>>35528 just needs a push; same with wizchan
>> No. 35533 [Edit]
Last time I saw wizchan it was both fast and garbage, seems like it already got a push but for the worse.
>> No. 35534 [Edit]
A few boards on what is known as the "webring" these days. A bunch of 8ch spinoffs that are forever stuck in the swamp of infighting.
>> No. 35536 [Edit]
You can't fix a shitty owner.
>> No. 35541 [Edit]
Is 420chan worth trying?
>> No. 35542 [Edit]
Sure, if you like hanging out with braindead lefty drogados.
>> No. 35547 [Edit]
As far as I know wizchan bans people like me and only welcomes those engaging in fantasy monk role playing contest for the title of 'true wizard'.
>> No. 35548 [Edit]
That's true, I got banned like that. Most funny thing is I suspect the "true wizards" were 20 yo or younger laughing their asses off of a few 30 yo virgins.
>> No. 35549 [Edit]
420chan is insufferable. Their average IQ is probably like 10 points lower than on other imageboards. Maybe it's because of the sustained drug abuse over the course of decades.
>> No. 35550 [Edit]
The fact that wizchan has a /b/ board (which is probably the most active board on the site and has the quality you'd expect from a /b/ tells you everything you need to know about their main userbase).
>> No. 35551 [Edit]
I only use wizchan for the anime board because I like to share my thoughts on whatever I'm watching, sometimes I also use the hobby one to share my figures. Anything else is not worth browsing because they immediatly get angry if you don't pretend that you're a virgin purely by choice.
>> No. 35552 [Edit]
Tohno-chan has an anime board. Why use two?
>Anything else is not worth browsing because they immediatly get angry if you don't pretend that you're a virgin purely by choice.
How does that ever come up in conversation?
>> No. 35563 [Edit]
>How does that ever come up in conversation?

It's the only thing you can talk about since literally everything else in existence is "normalfag shit".
>> No. 35593 [Edit]
Uboachan has been dead for close to a decade. I don't lurk wizchan, but wasn't there a huge controversy with data-mining and ownership transferal there?

I'm not the person you're responding to, but the rate of posting on /an/ (and Tohno-chan as a whole) is not sustainable enough to be my only source of information. The posts here are more insightful and well-spoken than other imageboards, but that comes at the cost of being able to essentially 'finish' the board once all 24 pages are read because new threads are a rare occurrence. Either way it's better than the alternative, since larger imageboards have zero quality control and their /a/-equivalent boards are almost always filled with children and secondary otaku.
>> No. 35618 [Edit]
File 15968676365.webm - (4.17MB , GP.webm )
Except this one, right?
>> No. 35621 [Edit]
>> No. 35632 [Edit]
Nevermind. There's only 2 stated rules, but the mods use unwritten rules too. They don't even have the courtesy to tell you why were banned. Avoid.
>> No. 35633 [Edit]
>They don't even have the courtesy to tell you why were banned.
I've noticed this is common practice even among established companies. The explanation/justification for it is to avoid making it easier for ban evaders to ban evade.
Which I think is fucking stupid. The whole point of having rules is so people follow them, and if someone who was previously banned decide to follow the rules then what's the problem?
>> No. 35634 [Edit]
File 159708045070.jpg - (72.58KB , 909x900 , 7ee401f7938739cdf1421a05e0368dd5.jpg )
>what's the problem?
Elitism. I see "gatekeeping" as a good thing generally, but it's one thing when there's detailed rules and people get told which they broke, it's another when there appears to be no rules, but certain things are implicitly off-limits and you get banned if you don't "feel the vibe" correctly and act accordingly. An imageboard's demographic and stance on certain things should be transparent.
>if someone who was previously banned decide to follow the rules
I don't even know if it's permanent or not.

Post edited on 10th Aug 2020, 10:30am
>> No. 35664 [Edit]
Anime about GateKeepers
>> No. 35689 [Edit]
File 159769423038.jpg - (63.46KB , 629x1000 , __iwakura_lain_serial_experiments_lain_drawn_by_na.jpg )
Since I'm an Spanish speaker I use Wired-7. It has some Lainchan vibes and I find it pretty high quality compared to other Spanish imageboards.
>> No. 35690 [Edit]
Are you posting in /tower/ too?
>> No. 35691 [Edit]
File 15977020303.jpg - (64.50KB , 604x604 , 1595200811447.jpg )
Haven't posted there in months. Why do you ask?
>> No. 35692 [Edit]
Sorry, don't mind me.
>> No. 35701 [Edit]
Bad-girl Biribiri is hawt. Should be a vodka bottle edit though. Haha.
>> No. 35744 [Edit]
File 159816228215.jpg - (91.08KB , 850x478 , 20200823.jpg )
I just want a anonymous forum where people are mostly polite....
>> No. 35769 [Edit]
Posting slowly is preferred here...
>> No. 35770 [Edit]
Samachan but it's gone now.
>> No. 35775 [Edit]
I really miss Samachan, wish it didn't go under but damn.
>> No. 35776 [Edit]
File 159854644610.jpg - (418.82KB , 850x485 , sample_f769884f6d2607cb8134bcb4a2caad64.jpg )
I looked at it a few times. The range of potential discussion topics was too limited for my taste.
>> No. 35777 [Edit]
File 159854916625.jpg - (90.69KB , 800x900 , __kemomimi_chan_and_inochi_no_kagayaki_original_an.jpg )
Me too, there have been no other sites like it.

That's a plus for me, less is more. Nice picture btw.
>> No. 35978 [Edit]
File 160069335665.jpg - (70.44KB , 1920x1080 , ZL.jpg )
35978 is new...
>> No. 35979 [Edit]
Looks like 8chan spin-off #3434234
>> No. 36026 [Edit]
File 160094674818.jpg - (34.73KB , 433x183 , 20200913.jpg )
8-chan is gone, man.
>> No. 36053 [Edit]
>> No. 36159 [Edit]
that's like that one kid trying to say his yugioh counterfait cards were the real deal
>> No. 36160 [Edit]
File 160150428922.png - (182.96KB , 506x642 , 70d7f580dbe93aa4479cbc9893b6adcc50fa740e.png )
Splitting up a userbase that had fewer than 500 users must be tough.
>> No. 36217 [Edit]
Is this any good?
>> No. 36218 [Edit]
Most of its userbase migrated to sushi. At the same time I'm glad they shut it down if they didn't enjoy it anymore.
Everything outside of /dqn/ is extremely slow. /dqn/ depends on person to person.
>> No. 36220 [Edit]
/iaa/ and /net/ (internet addicts and internet culture) respectively are of decent quality. But yes they're quite slow.
>> No. 36221 [Edit]
That's a terrible site and I'm not sure "most" of the userbase migrated there.
>> No. 36222 [Edit]
I don't understand why both /net/ and /iaa/ exist except that they both have mid 2000s posts on them that are weirdly prophetic.
Never used it, but thats what I heard.
>> No. 36231 [Edit]
What makes it terrible?
>> No. 36234 [Edit]
It's nothing like Samachan. It goes against the few things Samachan tries to enforce.
>> No. 36244 [Edit]
It's run by the same cali, druggie normalfag as uboachan.
>> No. 36351 [Edit]
File 16029150153.jpg - (67.51KB , 1080x681 , FX.jpg )
That comment made me chuckle.
>> No. 37230 [Edit]
File 160947886629.jpg - (236.67KB , 1070x884 , a1.jpg )
>> No. 37431 [Edit]
7chan. It's pretty fucking terrible, but at least it has an actual board, not just a bunch of immobile esoteric topic-logs.
>> No. 37493 [Edit]
File 16120808161.webm - (526.04KB , frezzy.webm )
That I am...
>> No. 37556 [Edit]
An interesting collection of boards there. I like zzzchan's /r9k/ as well. Looking at, I remember that it's a site I visited once and bounced off immediately. I detest that posting style of /r9k/ polluting an /a/ board where you have this pervasive sentiment of "Wah, I don't like anime anymore and it's anime's fault", people applying anti 3DPD logic to all of 2D, and just in general people who hate anime talking about anime. I visited wizchan's /a/ some time ago and immediately bounced off too, should have seen that coming. One of the reasons zzzchan's /r9k/ is a decent place is that they don't talk much about anime.
>> No. 37559 [Edit]
File 161257281696.jpg - (775.45KB , 2065x2850 )
>pervasive sentiment of "Wah, I don't like anime anymore and it's anime's fault"
I think that started somewhat recently. (Or recently for me, at least. My perception of time is messed up.) I don't appreciate it either but I can tell him and the other angry guy is probably just the start of the board's decline while the mod or admin will probably stand by and do nothing as usual or drag their feet for anything.
>people applying anti 3DPD logic to all of 2D
I might have been one of those people. I know for sure I made the post about main characters getting bullied by the girls for not being perfect. Not sure what else you might mean though and I'm not sure why anti-3dpd would be bad on imageboards when they probably need it now more than ever.
>One of the reasons zzzchan's /r9k/ is a decent place is that they don't talk much about anime.
I've thought about posting about it there myself but I don't trust I won't get shouted at over something minor. Their /r9k/ has had a habit of getting into arguments often and I just don't want to deal with someone laser focusing on a single minor point.
>> No. 37560 [Edit]
>>37556 seems like it could have had potential if it was managed properly, but every other post on their is about 3D. Wizchan's /a/ equivalent is at least on-topic but the shows that get threads there don't overlap with my taste and I generally detest the wizchan userbase anyway.
>> No. 37561 [Edit]
File 161257360542.jpg - (325.41KB , 849x1200 , c5c5acd2904753add766ff10a2c39a68.jpg )
I checked it out. Most anons there seem like perpetually pms riddled, self-deprecating assholes with some pol shit mixed in. It's ironic that people who call themselves robots complain so much. What's the appeal?
>> No. 37563 [Edit]
Not him but I didn't find that r9k much appealing either (in fact at this point I'm wary of any r9k board since the topics discussed either devolve into discussion of 3D (all the while they loudly proclaim not to be a harbor for such discussions), or discussion of normalfags (while occasional discussion is fine, threads solely focused on how "superior" they are to normalfags are inane). And the fact that it's yet another lynxchan instance was already a bad sign (the "feature" that allows for attaching multiple images to a post is a great way to absolutely kill discussion and turn threads into imagedumps) ).

Post edited on 5th Feb 2021, 5:23pm
>> No. 37565 [Edit]
/r9k/ is a board about nothing really. It was like that from its inception. No other board has as much of an identity crisis.
>> No. 37566 [Edit]
r9k was originally spawned out of one of the xkcd guy's suggestions, right [1]? It's hilarious in retrospect how wrong that hypothesis was. The space of "garbage discourse" is so vast that just preventing duplicate lines isn't enough. Also if none of the r9k spinoffs implement the filtering then there's not much point calling it r9k in the first place.

>> No. 37567 [Edit]
File 161257605331.jpg - (131.88KB , 1600x1500 , staring cat.jpg )
>what's the appeal
A place for robots to post at all without being 4/r9k/.
>> No. 37578 [Edit]
File 161267946116.png - (658.68KB , 990x1015 , ATUI3899.png )
NEET very rarely posts about 3D, and are mostly joking because they are usually very playful there and know how to self-moderate. The bigger issue with it is that it gets only handfuls of posts a year, which is fitting for the userbase.
/dqn/ is an acquired taste. 4-ch is pretty notable for it's relative immortality compared to its contemporaries.
Oh, man, those first few general interest threads when 8chan went down were real fun. Don't know if it's still fun like that. Seeing how anemic the userbase of that webring is depressing.

Robots are a whole other discussion, they can be chill but a whole lot of things come with them, good and bad and it's interesting how polemic wizardchan is among western imageboard fans.
>> No. 37582 [Edit]
I'll lurk their /r9k/ just because I would like to find a decent /r9k/ again. I actually thought the original discussions of how an extreme "outcast" group had been created in a certain generation was pretty interesting. I feep pike there's a pretty small window of time between maybe 2000 and 2010 where people hitting puberty had a chance to just become complete social dropouts in a way that you don't see anymore. It's weird how kids don't even have a chance of not being accepted by some group to some degree now. I wonder how much the internet taking over every aspect of life had to do with it. I see all these discords where even the biggest autist teenager can find people, and it amazes me. When I was a teenager I just didn't have anyone and that was that. I don't resent it, it just amazes me. I'm aware that in the 80s and 90s it existed but there was no great awareness of it outside of close hobby circles.
>> No. 37584 [Edit]
>there's a pretty small window of time between maybe 2000 and 2010 where people hitting puberty had a chance to just become complete social dropouts in a way that you don't see anymore
No, some people like myself still choose not to join any group because they feel too alienated, don't want the obligation, and don't enjoy that type of interaction in the first place.
>> No. 37586 [Edit]
>It's weird how kids don't even have a chance of not being accepted by some group to some degree now.
Man, no. You take one look at social media and every single person ever created is at each other's throats for no reason. Groups are more focused on who they kick out rather than who they let in. Everyone going "Wow we as a group are so accepting of people we like" is a front and they're bullshitting.
>> No. 37589 [Edit]
The originality bot concept works better for chats than for imageboards, since chat messages tend to be smaller in size, their chance of being unoriginal is infinitely higher.
With imageboard posts being anywhere between 10 to 10000 symbols long, the chance of being unoriginal, unless you're doing it on purpose either to spam or to repeat some stale meme is nigh-on 0, meaning it has no real effect.
Maybe if you made the bot a lot more complicated, so instead of just banning posts that are 100% the same, it runs each post through a ML-algorithm that measures content similarity to older posts would work better, but the sheer amount of resources that'd consume make it impractical for now.
It's not even efficient spam prevention because programming spambots to add some random word in the middle somewhere is trivial.
>> No. 37591 [Edit]
>sheer amount of resources that'd consume make it impractical for now.
Actually I think classical NLP techniques as well as "older" (relatively speaking) ML techniques can compute semantic similarity (it also goes under the name "paraphrase identification") fairly cheaply. You can see an overview of all the known techniques here [1], but clasically you could do something like tfidf, and traditional ML would be just using word2vec or similar word embedding and then using any vector similarity metric (probably the most bang-for-buck in terms of accuracy vs compute requirements).

Newer, fancier techniques would be using BERT to do the embedding.

>> No. 37613 [Edit]
Text-only board
>> No. 37630 [Edit]
File 161303730053.png - (212.62KB , 300x378 , FXJY3047.png )
It feels like 4-ch shot up in relevancy with the imageboard crowd last year or so.
Maybe because they're dropping like flies, and 4-ch is immortal, or maybe it's just interest in textboard sites and 4-ch is the fastest English one.
>> No. 37725 [Edit]
Cos text is cheap in terms of band-width
>> No. 37726 [Edit]
Ah fuck, I hope 4-ch doesn't get overrun.
>> No. 37727 [Edit]
Dont worry about it, most never stay because of the slowness, and /img/ is always eh to bad.
>> No. 37799 [Edit]
Asides from a board on, i just sort of bounce from place to place. Most places are shit and the ones that are good have little to no activity to sustain them. I regrettably still post on 4chan because I can't bring myself to sign up for a forum just for a relatively obscure hobby.

Honestly if 4chan had died before 2010 I think imageboards would've been in a much better place right now. Everywhere seems to be dead or dying unless you're userbase is made up of the type of people who use 4chan/8chan.
>> No. 37806 [Edit]
File 161442594412.jpg - (10.91KB , 342x194 , 20210314.jpg )
bugmenot or use a throw-away email.
>> No. 37836 [Edit]
File 161466422877.png - (19.60KB , 963x140 , the jump into meatspace.png )
>Everywhere seems to be dead or dying unless you're userbase is made up of the type of people who use 4chan/8chan.
Aside from sites aimed at society withdrawals like this one, I think pic related is why.
Do you all agree?
>> No. 37838 [Edit]
It's bullshit. People find time to pay attention to the news and "social issues". They find time for their social gatherings. They find time for their kids. They find time for their social media. None of these things are even half as engaging as posting on imageboards. For a person to keep up with a board and post once daily takes no more than half an hour. It's not an issue of time, it's an issue of culture.
>> No. 37839 [Edit]
I would agree with >>37838 it's about culture. Recently a board I used to browse(merorin) that had been online for probably almost 10 years shut down out of nowhere as the owner decided to use the server for a game with his friends and was embarrassed by the site. One could see the change leading up to that moment however, first it was kind of like a cross between an /int/ and /jp/ but as time went on people started posting frogs, talking about American politics, talking about their work life and other normal topics until by the end it was just a few people blogging about work and posting the latest 4chan memes. The admin must have decided he can blog and post frogs somewhere else and that the /jp/ origin of the board was an embarrassment to him. /what/ died recently as well due to culture also, spamming had changed the board to the point that it was no longer usable.
>> No. 37841 [Edit]
It's partly true but only because people who are both "smart and older than 21" (where I assume "smart" here means "wants good discussion and not just jokes/image macros") are few and far between. Maybe this is a biased perspective, but it's rare to find any good discussion places online; for some reason people have just accepted the shift to short-form, walled off mediums (with maybe few stragglers perhaps still clinging to usenet & bbs). So it's only natural that among that small subset even fewer care about engaging in imageboards.

I remember my disappointment when what I thought was a Yuyushiki-centered chan turned out to be yet another /jp/ spinoff. Although I do hope that any merorin successor is called dondurma.

Post edited on 1st Mar 2021, 11:25pm
>> No. 37842 [Edit]
It makes sense. Average imageboard has always been between 15-25 years old, older people leave at some point. But what happens if I can't or don't want to have a "real life"?
Lately I've been thinking about quitting imageboards completely. I never thought about it before but I can't help to notice I'm completely out of place and I don't get anything particularly positive from them. Mostly the opposite. But I spend lots of time in them, and it's not that easy to just do something else. Most of the time I'm extremely tired and imageboards are the kind of low effort activity I can do anytime. Even simply watching anime is too tiring for me. Also it's the only form of communication I have with other humans and the only time I can express my thoughts, and I'm a little worried about what could happen if I just cut it.
>> No. 37843 [Edit]
>But what happens if I can't or don't want to have a "real life"?
My thoughts exactly.
>> No. 37844 [Edit]
I don't want to leave, I really really don't, because I feel like I'll be leaving people behind. And for the most part, this is the only place I have, and it's the only place I've ever belonged. I simply don't have anywhere else to go.
>> No. 37845 [Edit]
Sometimes you can only have one place and nowhere else to go, but at the same time you don't really belong to that place.
Do we need imageboards?
I'm not sure. Cutting all communication is scary, I think we unconsciously relate that to death. But at the same time it's a frustrating, unfulfilling and depressing activity.
>> No. 37846 [Edit]
>it's not that easy to just do something else
Using ibs as your main online activity which probably also means your main activity in life is not the best idea. The fact you don't have energy even to consume entertainment puts you in a terrible spot. I don't think imageboards are the problem, not having anything else besides that is. But you probably already know that.

You're literally too tired to watch anime or you too bored?
>> No. 37847 [Edit]
Tired. I can't move from bed most of my free time. I fall sleep often too, and suffer lack of focus and headaches. I have lots of tbings to do, I used to build model kits, play videogames, draw, read, but I don't have the energy to do any of those often.
What other online activities I'm supposed to spend my time with besides imageboards?
>> No. 37848 [Edit]
File 161472105983.png - (778.50KB , 704x900 , 040f4be4f5f108abef01858789f769ac.png )
>And for the most part, this is the only place I have, and it's the only place I've ever belonged. I simply don't have anywhere else to go.
I don't even have that. It's just easier to pretend that I do belong here than anywhere else.
>> No. 37849 [Edit]
Sorry to state the obvious here anon but you might have some health issues that finding other online activities won't solve it. You already mentioned you can't even watch anime anymore. I mean if you were healthier, finding something online to enjoy would be easy. You said yourself you engaged in a lot of other hobbies before.
That said, any online activity would do. Anything that interests you. For example I read manga, watch anime and LPs of Japanese rpg maker games. It's not much but it keeps me going.
>> No. 37850 [Edit]
I have the same problem as him and physically I'm not so unhealthy that it should be physical. I think it's a form of chronic seasonal depression in my case, whenever it gets cold my brain just shuts down and I want to sleep all day.
>> No. 37920 [Edit]
>> No. 38007 [Edit]

Stop advertising this site you fucking faggot zoomers are cancer.
>> No. 38008 [Edit]
it is older than tohno chan
>> No. 38009 [Edit]

>> No. 38010 [Edit]
So is twitter and facebook.
>> No. 38016 [Edit]
Considering the thread topic is "what other imageboards" you visit, I don't think that he was advertising it.
>> No. 38027 [Edit]

No its 2channel in English.
>> No. 38028 [Edit]

We don't need refuges fuck off.
>> No. 38032 [Edit]
File 161782526482.jpg - (255.46KB , 1000x1000 , 0031e825b4ec7b41ee6785e2916d24bd.jpg )
Some good stuff, and even a bit of decent oc. Would recommend.
>> No. 38082 [Edit]
File 161872160219.jpg - (282.20KB , 1600x1067 , 2mtg.jpg )
This feels like a trap....
>> No. 38084 [Edit]
File 161872243513.png - (557.79KB , 2822x892 , screenshotl.png )
Is this enough proof it's real?
>> No. 38088 [Edit]
At what point in time was /what/ anything other than spam? To be fair, I stopped checking it a few months after it was initally created, but back then it was nothing but some schizo faggot spamming about how he wanted to have sex with /what/min. I'm surprised it even lasted this long.
>> No. 38207 [Edit]
>> No. 38558 [Edit]
I'm fascinated by 22chan and how it emulates the old internet. Really a blast from the past. Also they ban normalfags which is great.
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