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File 131178014560.jpg - (42.05KB , 400x580 , jisatsu-saakuru-suicide-circle_html.jpg )
9442 No. 9442 [Edit]
I don't think we had a movie thread yet so I wanted to ask, does /tc/ watch movies? What was the last one you saw? Have any good recommendations or favorite genres? Do you like american, european or asian cinema?
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>> No. 40612 [Edit]
Do you have a list of movies that you're going to watch throughout the month?
>> No. 40665 [Edit]
I watched Tampopo. It's about a truck driver helping a woman, who runs her late husband's ramen shop, to make good ramen. You could also say it's about food in a general, or something romantic like that.

People have described Tampopo as a "ramen western". As somebody who is neither familiar, nor drawn to that genre, I can't speak to that. I will say that the plot is simplistic, in an old-timey sort of way. There's also many side-plots that have nothing to do with the main one. It kind of randomly goes on tangents.

I get that's it's one of those movies that breaks "rules" and people like it for its style. I get that. The most interesting parts of the movie for me had to do with the details of ramen making, which is not the main focus.

So overall, I feel lukewarm.
>> No. 40698 [Edit]
File 166569834153.jpg - (110.27KB , 630x788 , __hatsune_miku_vocaloid_drawn_by_wokada__22d491fdb.jpg )
>This documentary is given a lot of credit for starting the 80s fitness craze and making body building mainstream. You could argue that's had a net negative impact on society.
Not nearly as negative an impact as the prevalence of corn syrup and fast food, clearly. In 2018, ~74% of America was overweight or obese. That's 3/4 of the population, that's fucking INSANE. Can you imagine it, only 1 in 4 people even being not above normal, let alone skinny or fit? And no, you're not "mostly healthy" at "only an overweight" BMI, that's horseshit. I've seen a lot of people say that and I've looked into it, regardless of fat or even muscle weight, the raw weight of the body puts a direct and measurable strain on the heart and skeleton, which is why bodybuilders experience some of the same issues with health that overweight or obese people do -obviously to a lesser extent, because their body is otherwise much healthier-. It's just fucking wild to me, I've been around an 18-19.5 BMI ever since highschool and despite being almost 30 have not gained a single pound. The idea that 3 in 4 people are genuinely fucking fat is so disgusting to me. And it's just normal now, if you're not at least a little chubby people look at you like there's something wrong with you. I've been to doctors to ask questions about improving or increasing my appetite and they just look at you like you're an alien. I think I'm losing my mind, this shouldn't be right. The fact that of those 74%, a full 42% were just straight up obese blows my god damn mind. Did you know 1 in 8 2-5 year olds is OBESE? Not overweight, OBESE. That jumps up to 1 in 4 highschoolers. This is sick, it's heinous that soda companies haven't been hung for their crimes. This is worse for the nations health than smoking a pack a day, I guarantee it. Jesus.

Sorry, I guess thinking about the idea of bodybuilding somehow having a negative impact when the nation is in such dire straits, is a little absurd to me.
>> No. 40921 [Edit]
I think Tangled is a great movie but everytime i mention it people just make fun of me.
>> No. 40938 [Edit]
Last movie I saw was Bullet Train. A movie that takes place on a train going from Tokyo to Kyoto. Wasn't a half bad movie, but it really stands out that for a movie taking place in japan, few of the characters are Japanese. The train also seems to only have two employees, both of which eventually just disappear like the train is operating itself or something. It's not a very smart movie but it's entertaining enough.
>> No. 40939 [Edit]
The disney movie? If so, what particularly do you like about it? From what I recall it's not bad for a western movie (I thought the frog was cute), but I wouldn't say it's particularly memorable plot-wise. Visuals-wise it was pretty impressive though from a computer graphics perspective, Disney is usually at the leading edge here, their siggraph submissions are always neat.
>> No. 41034 [Edit]
Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is the best Shrek movie since the original Shrek.
>> No. 41042 [Edit]
About a month ago, I watched Bones and All. About 2 natural born cannibals(kinda like vampires) who fall in love. Premise isn't exactly original, but the execution was serviceable. The themes about self-acceptance were kind of interesting, but somewhat confusing in this context given that suicide is pretty much the only good option for these people.

Post edited on 11th Jan 2023, 10:11pm
>> No. 41049 [Edit]
File 167356246311.gif - (4.07MB , 600x336 , tumblr_99441cb6ab09d4b9a109e2bea1b748a8_ebca9dad_6.gif )
I watched the Hugh Jackman Les Miserables hollywood musical movie adaption, after seeing the World Masterpiece Theater anime version.

I liked the anime, which seemed to focus more on the girl that the main character adapted, and I haven't read the book but from what I've heard the anime did a good job adapting the source material, so the movie was gling kind of fast paced and missed lots of things, which is understandable considering the runtime compared to a 50 episodes show.

I'm not a musical knower and the songs didn't really click with me, still was funny to see them in suspenseful situations singing at each other instead of shouting.
>> No. 41078 [Edit]

There has.
There is a movie called "Her", you should check it out.
Also Bicentennial man
>> No. 41079 [Edit]
This movie I think will resonate with everyone on this internet establishment.
It's called "Rent a Pal".
>> No. 41081 [Edit]
File 167423640749.jpg - (166.81KB , 436x552 , c1a33e5a0645a9fde9db85f62a3e1802.jpg )
I noticed movies with a "lonely man" type main character always have them be middle aged and goofy in an "aw shucks" kind of way, even when they're the villain. And they don't have normal jobs either. They're never just cynical and jaded. I know it's probably to make mainstream audiences sympathize with them, but I don't see myself in these characters and find that "narrative" condescending.
>> No. 41084 [Edit]
>I'm not sure if there's ever been a Hollywood movie where ai and robots are the main focus and portrayed positively.
Aside from the previous mentioned movies, off the top of my head (not looking stuff up)

Short circuit
Iron Giant
Iron Man (Jarvis)
( Not a movie but also; Knight Rider. )
Debatable but one might be able to include Robocop.

You might also find I Robot interesting, as it involves prejudice against robots. I haven't seen the remake TV serise for that mater but I think the modern west world might involve issues of ethics with ai/robots. The movies on the other hand were indeed just pissed off murderbots tired of being (literally)fucked with
>> No. 41087 [Edit]
File 167437932486.jpg - (99.15KB , 981x848 , up all day.jpg )
I watched Dracula today, as in the original. Thought it'd be interesting to see where it all started. To see where all the remakes, parodies, references and famous lines come from. I had no idea the character of van helsing was even in it. Always figured he came later to spice things up as a monster hunter of sorts. I also thought most of it would take place in and around his castle, not just the intro. I guess they figured it'd be cheaper to make an excuse to film most of the movie in a producer's house(guessing). The movie starts with what I assume is a realtor(maybe notary) taking some estate documents to Dracula at his castle, who then turns him into a servant and off they go to London to kill some flower girl then harass his new neighbors for 80% of the movie.
Not long ago I watched the original mummy and wolfman and much like those I found half the film is people sitting around talking. The runtime felt twice as long as it was. Things feel very slow paced, with many details being painstakingly explained for audiences that are either idiots or aren't paying attention. For instance, the scene in which van helsing notices Dracula has no reflection, I just knew they were going to repeat that shot 3+ times in case viewers missed it, and they did it something like five times one after another. It's kind of funny I guess how older generations needed things explained to them like this, in contrast to modern films in which key details that might be very important later on, are shown for just a second. Things happen so quickly in modern films... I guess that's just how audiences today are trained, it allows for twice the amount of story and content to be packed into the same runtime, but it does also make these older films that much more relaxing. If I wasn't watching it in a simulated VR theater, I probably would have been distracted by a million things while watching it.
Effects ranged from cheesy to mostly clever editing. There's a lot of use of fake bats on strings but it's the performances that really sell things, which aren't bad for the most part. The ending very very abrupt, almost like a "screw it time to end this bitch".
I also found it interesting how van helsing basically just looks at a victims blood and is like "yup, you got vampires", and people mostly just go along with it. There's really just one guy who doesn't go along with it, but even he falls in line after a two minute conversation telling him to stop being an asshole.

I still wonder why Universal hasn't done more lately with this treasure trove of IP they have. They screwed up their first try at a cinematic universe, then just gave up it seemed. Over the decades they've barely touched some of these characters and stories. Smart thing to do would have been to do good quality remakes for their original characters and only include little hints of them being in the same universe. something like ten years back they tried to make van helsing into a badass (Universal) monster hunter, which could be a neat way to bridge things together if done right, but with how studios are today they'd probably do it all wrong.
The recent Invisible man movie was great, that wouldn't really work well as a shared universe thing but so be it. Better to have great stand alone films than crap connected movies.
>> No. 41088 [Edit]
File 167440268364.jpg - (331.13KB , 1629x853 , bf29bf5f826b85b8f10ce2a05c69b206.jpg )
>I watched Dracula today, as in the original.
You'd be better off reading the book. Every popular adaptation butchers it. It deserves a complete, episodic adaptation. The book is like a whole adventure with a great, dramatic ending to boot.
>> No. 41090 [Edit]
You're right, that'd probably be a good idea.
>> No. 41092 [Edit]
I'd also recommend the 1993 Francis Ford Coppola adaptation. It's not a replacement or anything but as a film its extremely beautiful and makes amazing use of the medium. With the sole exception of some overdrawn fire, every effect is in-camera. Lovely music, set design and atmosphere too. It also includes many things that tend to be excluded from adaptations although it does add several things that makes it more of a romantic tragedy than the original.
>> No. 41273 [Edit]
File 167941966251.jpg - (590.27KB , 800x1000 , Elly_full_131697.jpg )
Since other anons had success with this I decided I might try it as well. I am looking for a movie I can't remember the name of.
The movie is set in the Far East, most likely China, but maybe Japan. The most similar movie to this I have watched is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sword of Destiny. In the medieval Far East setting, it is like the Warring States era or something. There are many clans and they fight among themselves. The mc is from one of these clans and get together with other people to search for something (a treasure maybe?). There is a scene where they try to cross a room, but things start shooting from the walls, like a trap.
On other scene a girl that was involved with the mc's party gets captured by some villain and he is standing behind her, and snakes start slithering from inside his long sleeves, and enter her mind through her ears, and retrieve some information in this way.
I watched this around 14 years ago at least. It's a colour movie.
>> No. 41274 [Edit]
ChatGPT suggests:

* "House of Flying Daggers" (2004) is a Chinese movie set in the Tang dynasty, which features several warring clans and a romantic storyline. There is a scene where the main characters try to cross a room filled with hidden weapons, and another where a character's memories are extracted through her ears.
* "Hero" (2002) is another Chinese movie set in the Warring States period, which also involves different clans and their conflicts. It has a famous fight scene set in a room where the environment changes constantly. However, there are no scenes with snakes.
* "The Myth" (2005) is a Chinese movie that involves time travel and treasure hunting, and features a scene where a woman's memories are extracted by a snake-like creature. However, it's not set in a medieval context, but in the present day.
>> No. 41275 [Edit]
Two more suggestions, "Kung Fu Hustle" and "The forbidden kingdom"

Post edited on 21st Mar 2023, 12:00pm
>> No. 41295 [Edit]
File 168026328533.jpg - (909.13KB , 3000x3000 , 20230331.jpg )
The Beast (1988)
A cruel yet sad tale about a Soviet tank crew in Afghanistan.
>> No. 41297 [Edit]
I watched Lars and the Real Girl today. I've been aware of it for a long time, and found it interesting based on the subject matter.
It was kind of funny at first, especially the scene where the old lady was asking Lars about why a handsome man like himself was still single. I've lived that one more than once.
I started losing interest pretty quickly, as Lars' situation was a lot different from having a waifu. There was still a bit that could be taken from it though.

All in all, it was an okay film. Kind of funny, kind of sad.
>> No. 41355 [Edit]
Stop feeding the Virtual Satan!
>> No. 41356 [Edit]
Running an LLM persistently is daemonic.
>> No. 41357 [Edit]
File 168124771981.png - (8.85MB , 2398x3401 , toohotfortc.png )
I love satan.
>> No. 41405 [Edit]
Hail Satan. Hehe
>> No. 41485 [Edit]
Gonna watch JOHN WICK 4; hope it ends well.
>> No. 41501 [Edit]
The last movie I watched was Apocalypto.

It was pretty good, but you have to turn your brain off while watching it because so much of it is just illogical.
>> No. 41504 [Edit]
>I pitied them for having to go to such lengths and inflict such tortures on their own countrymen in order to protect their civilization
Absolute heroes.
>> No. 41567 [Edit]
come to think of it, I have watched very few theatrical anime movies, I mostly watch anime TV shows and OVA's.

I donpt own a TV and I rarely watch more than one or two live-action movies per year, but I do watch a lot of documentaries and interviews.
>> No. 41632 [Edit]
File 169138118841.jpg - (29.59KB , 500x393 , c7bdf4fd0c21911db2fe0c9651c58d36.jpg )
I watched Oppenheimer. It was a typical blockbuster. Very sensationalist and what not. The thing about academics, is that the most interesting part of their lives is probably whatever they study, but you can't have that be the focus of a movie. So movies about them instead focus on their(likely exaggerated and based on a lot of conjecture) tumultuous personal and inner lives. If you've seen Imitation Game or a Beautiful Mind, you know what I mean by this.

There isn't a lot of action, which is usually what Christopher Nolan does, so instead there's some sciency light shows and a lot of loud music, like constantly. There's almost no quiet in this movie and it kind of got tiresome.

You can break it into three parts, Oppenheimer's younger years, his time working on the Manhattan project, and him going through a sort of trial rigged to rid him of his security clearance because of political reasons. The third part stretches quite a bit. The movie really could have been an hour shorter.

I didn't feel like I really knew what sort of person Oppenheimer was by the end. The impression I got was that he was a wishy-washy, neurotic man without any real convictions, but maybe that's as good of an idea that anybody has. The movie is very grandiose in its simplistic message about how you should think about the consequences of what you do. I feel like it's lacking in nuance, and ironically enough, humanity.

Post edited on 6th Aug 2023, 10:12pm
>> No. 41633 [Edit]
I'm not going to watch it, but I'll just imagine there's some big dramatic scene that culminates in that infamous line "now I Am become death, the destroyer of worlds".
>> No. 41634 [Edit]
You hear that line like 5 times.
>> No. 41635 [Edit]
Should have watched Barbie.
>> No. 41637 [Edit]
I watched it. I went in expecting a light hearted comedy. What I got was preachy feminist propaganda from a creator who seems very out of touch with reality.
>> No. 41639 [Edit]
File 169142560174.jpg - (89.09KB , 480x640 , 2f9d0598b94372fec46966cc281ebd26.jpg )
I talked about the trailer with my mom(who's from eastern Europe). She pointed out how before Barbie, dolls didn't look like runway models, and that it's kind of weird for little girls to be playing with adult women.

The "point" of dolls is for little girls to practice being mothers by imitating their own, which is why they traditionally look like girls or babies. The original Barbie, is in a sexy one piece swimsuit. Consider that juxtaposition. Barbie, is an adult women, so she's instead something for little girls to imitate.

Mattel has "done harm" by changing the paradigm like this, and got tons of money in the process. Now, they're riding the feminist bandwagon and making more money as punishment. It's like if gas companies made an Inconvenient Truth.
>> No. 41640 [Edit]
You're supposed to watch it for the Kenocracy and ignore the ending.
>> No. 41641 [Edit]
I like how Einstein is framed like a marvel movie cameo.
>> No. 41642 [Edit]
That's basically the intro to the movie, explaining much of what you just said. One of the trailers is also pretty much just a shorter version of that same scene. They justify it by saying playing with baby style dolls gets boring after a time. They don't comment on why they would or should want an adult doll, or what makes it better, but present it instead as the natural next step to take. The movie says a lot of things but doesn't back any of it up, it's a lot of "because reasons", from the dolls to the world they set up to the plot to the feminist rants they go on, it's all "because shut up that's why"
>> No. 41643 [Edit]
>gets boring after a time
It's almost like they're biased or something.

>The movie says a lot of things but doesn't back any of it up, it's a lot of "because reasons"
Well, you don't have to make sense to rake in over a billion.
>> No. 41657 [Edit]
That's certainly one way of looking at it, but I'm not sure if it's the right way.
>> No. 41724 [Edit]
I mostly held off saying anything because it seemed like nearly everyone I knew who saw it seemed to love it, unironically.
I thought the problem was with me for not enjoying it. I went in wanting to enjoy it, and I did think it was cute and fun for the first 20 or so minutes, but almost everything from then on was just terrible. The logic of the film was all over the place, nothing made any sense, it wasn't particularly funny and the full audience I was with didn't seem to think so either. From the moment they enter the real world everything felt cheap, poorly thought out, and poorly directed. There's two main musical numbers and the chorography for one of them was kinda bad.

The marketing for the movie is all lies and misdirection.
Once the characters enter the "real" world, they enter the world as the writer really sees it. As soon as she arrives, Barbie gets cat catcalled by construction workers and her ass slapped by some frat dude. For some reason she and ken get instantly arrested when she hits the guy back, and released just as quickly. It doesn't take long to realize the writer of the movie is very out of touch with reality. They also get arrested for stealing clothing, which they keep and wear for the rest of their stay in the real world.
From there Barbie meets the girl she believes to be her real world owner, who rips into Barbie for "setting back the feminist movement 50 years", which I thought was interesting.
This bitter and hateful girl gives Barbie a hard time for being a stereotype, Barbie who is cheerful and happy with who and what she is, is supposed to be in the wrong here? The movie says one thing but shows another. This 'could' lead to some meaningful messages about real female empowerment, about girls not being ashamed to be girls and owning it instead, taking their strength and power from their femininity rather than rejecting it or being embarrassed by it. I don't care what anyone says, being a sad angry bitter lonely depressed moody girl that looks like a gender natural blob doesn't exactly say female empowerment to me, that's cowardice, that's sour grapes from someone that wishes they could have half the confidence of Barbie. Barbie is a girl, and proud of it, she has nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of. She's bubbly and friendly and wears bright pretty colorful clothing that complements her, she's happy and successful and some women just can't stand that. Women that are out of shape, wear drab loose fitting ugly cloths that don't stand out and hide their bodies. They aren't proud of who they are, they hate themselves and feel insecure. They don't want to improve or better themselves because that takes too much effort, instead they project their issues onto everyone around them, blaming the world for all their problems. To them it's men and patriarchy holding them back, not themselves. Its your fault she's fat, it's your fault her job sucks, it's your fault she doesn't feel like the princess she is. They're like spoiled children that cry and throw fits when things aren't going their way or the world isn't revolving around them, and people put up with it to keep the peace. Women like that are pathetic, they're the ones holding women back not the other way around.
If it wasn't for the rest of the movie I might think this is what they were going for with the scene, but it clearly isn't and was just setting the stage. The company behind these toys doesn't want to risk stepping on anyone's toes, they just want to tell women what they want to hear. You then see sour grapes girl's mother go on a rant later on about how Barbie should be dull bland and "normal", not a role model or something to aspire to but a reflection of the miserable people in the real world, she should be dragged down to the level of real people and that's exactly what happens by the end of the movie as if it's a good thing? Congratulates, you spread your misery like a virus, I hope you're proud of yourself?

While Barbie is busy getting shit on for not being miserable and pathetic as real girls, ken discovers the patriarchy (no, really). and to his amazement, people actually treat him like a human in this world. He studies up on what he can, and returns to Barbie land to spread the patriarchy there too.
Barbie gets escorted to Mettle HQ, where she meets with the guys in charge, makes an issue about there not being any women in charge (God forbid guys work their way to the top), and runs away when they try to stick her back in a box.
She along with sour grapes girl and her mother which is apparently barbie's actual owner and the reason Barbie has been having issues lately, all head back to Barbie land to find the kens ruined it and turned it into some frat party where Kens rule everything and the barbies all worship them. Which makes me wonder, if women are so much smarter and more capable then men and so much more fit to rule their world, how was their world taken over so quickly and easily?
Well, the main Barbie gets kicked out of her house and nearly gives up hope, but they discover that when the mother complains about female problems, the barbies that loved and respected the kens get deprogramed. Personally, I thought a lot of what she was complaining about was universally relatable, but of course they spin it to be women only problems. The people who wrote this trash obviously think men just live perfect lives or something, like having a penis grants you instant access to the best paying jobs in the world without having to work for it. Well they deprogram all the barbies with feminist propaganda (literally snatching them up and sticking them in a van to listen to the mom character rant about how much life sucks), then they turn the kens on eachother by pretending to like them, then pretending to like different kens. Because the writers think men are just that simple minded. This is to keep them from voting on an election which would put kens in an actual position of power. I guess this is their idea of a fair democratic system? The end result is they fix Barbie land by reverting it to essentially what it was at the beginning. The narrator even says "maybe someday the kens can hope to have the same level of say in this world as women do in the real world"
It was another funny case of being shown one thing but told another. See, when Kens ruled things, for better or worse everyone was happy. The Kens were happy and so were the barbies by their side. The movie thinks it was the wrong type of happy however, which is why they need to be de-programed. One barbie says the experience was like taking a vacation from her brain. So they "fix" things by making sure only the barbies can be happy, which I think reflects on the real goals of feminism. It was never about equality, it's about domination and some insane desire for revenge for what social was like 80 years ago. These women who never had to live in that time period are hell bent on punishing men who never benefited from that time period, all while acting like they speak for all women when in reality most aren't that bat shit crazy.

So what started out as fun and lighthearted comedy, quickly turned into a very cynical nasty hateful agenda pushing piece of feminist propaganda that made for an all around awful experience. Women of course all loved it, but I was surprised to see how many men did too, it felt like we saw completely different movies.
The take away for men who went to see it, is supposed to be the "ken enough" meme that guys are rallying behind. A slapped on feel good message near the end of the movie meant to resolve the issues the main Ken faces. I'll admit that I might not fully understand it, but it sounds to me like a pretty shitty hollow message wrapped in good intentions. In Barbie land, ken is treated like garbage, like a reflection of how the writer thinks women are treated in our world. They have no say in anything, they don't have any jobs, they're belittled constantly, struggle and fight for even a bit of attention, I don't think they even have homes.
Ken's whole existence is pathetic, he lives in the shadow of Barbie. As one of the posters for the movie says "Barbie has a good day everyday, Ken has a good day when Barbie looks at him." He had nothing, just her. They're apparently dating but he's treated worse than a pet. He tried to fill the void in his life with a tough act and a random crap he picked up in the real world, but that didn't work.
The moral lesson at the end is, he should just learn to love and accept himself for who he is because he's "ken enough". The thing is, I don't think it's wrong to want some validation a little compassion, a little anything from the people around you, to know you mater to someone, that someone out there likes you or cares about you.
Not having that can be a very very miserable existence. Humans aren't robots, they have feelings and needs, including social needs. I think this demonstrates a complete and total lack of compassion or consideration from Barbie and all the women who repeat this kind of message. I'm not even sure if they really have good intentions, or if it's just a well disguised way telling you your problems are your problems, not theirs and to stop expecting anything from women because you aren't going to get anything. boohoo you're lonely? suck it up, you're a big boy, just be ken enough ;)
I don't think it's wrong to want to be loved, to be praised, to have your efforts recognized. Yet it seems in our modern culture, there's been this push recently to be entirely self sufficient and isolated, to not seek external validation and instead embrace yourself for who and what you are alone, alone being the key word there because you will in fact die alone, but that's fine because you're ken enough ;)
I think this sounds all well and good on the surface, this idea that you're fine the way you are, but besides missing the point if you go deeper into that life philosophy, I think you'd find it to be a very lonely way to live. I think in order to have a good balance in your life, you need to love and be loved, but what we're seeing is people(women) who can't love anyone but themselves, expecting others(men) to live the same way and be content with never being loved or cared for by anyone but themselves. Which is all well and good if you get love and attention just by existing like these women do, but they have no idea what it's like to be a man who does everything right but is still neglected and unwanted by all.
"Ken enough" feels on par with a rich person telling someone struggling in poverty to just stop being poor.
I've been seeing the message spread around a lot lately, and it feels like encouraging a very selfish and narcissistic unhealthy life style. One that risks alienating everyone around you if you convince yourself that the only opinions that mater are your own, which doesn't work when you live in a world with other people who have their own opinions as well.
like a lazy feel good message by people who just don't care about you and never will, you're not their problem, they just want to pat themselves on the back for setting you on the right course, or at least the course they think is right. It's not an issue of being Ken enough, it's an issue of being Ken enough for her.
The movie and this message both essentially say it's wrong to want to be loved, I say it's wrong to condemn people for wanting to be loved.

Post edited on 25th Aug 2023, 10:41pm
>> No. 41725 [Edit]
File 169299091471.jpg - (2.72MB , 2000x2982 , 336cf990b6c9c3f6953c6f8054042fcc.jpg )
This plot is actually worse than what I assumed. Makes sense though. It's what I pegged feminism to actually be about a while ago.
>in reality most aren't that bat shit crazy
They'll still go along with it though.
>I was surprised to see how many men did too
They've been conditioned to be servile and self-flagellating. If it's any consolation, this ideology makes women more miserable overall too.

edit: You can also pretend to be a woman and have the best of both worlds. The movie should have ended with Ken putting on a wig and declaring that he is now Barbie.

Post edited on 25th Aug 2023, 12:19pm
>> No. 42332 [Edit]
File 170778025979.jpg - (938.92KB , 1518x2135 , another_heaven_2000.jpg )
Sorry to necro, but I just watched Another Heaven 2000. It's kinda good, kind of reminds me a little bit of Cure 1997. I don't watch movies too often for whatever reason these days. I've just been listening to Luna Sea and ignoring my dad trying to get under my skin...
>> No. 42419 [Edit]
The Brothers Sun on Netflix. It's the American-Chinese triad family drama & experience that's entertaining for all.
>> No. 42476 [Edit]
>> No. 42479 [Edit]
>> No. 42504 [Edit]
NIMONA ~ it was fun and a little bit different.
>> No. 42554 [Edit]
Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire~ what a brain-dead movie but it's my jam.
>> No. 42555 [Edit]
I felt the same way with the first Transformers movie... which was 17 years ago.
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