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File 131178014560.jpg - (42.05KB , 400x580 , jisatsu-saakuru-suicide-circle_html.jpg )
9442 No. 9442 [Edit]
I don't think we had a movie thread yet so I wanted to ask, does /tc/ watch movies? What was the last one you saw? Have any good recommendations or favorite genres? Do you like american, european or asian cinema?
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>> No. 35346 [Edit]
Speak for youself. I probably wont watch any netflix exclusives though.
>> No. 35405 [Edit]
How about crunchyroll originals?
>> No. 35406 [Edit]
Crunchyroll. CG animation. Club Music. LN adaptation. No thanks x 10000000. I don't think it's a crunchyroll original though.
Japanese Trailer

Post edited on 4th Jul 2020, 7:26pm
>> No. 35428 [Edit]
I finished watching Richard Jewell [], which is about the eponymous Richard Jewell and the writings concerning him.
Mr. Jewell detected an explosive device that was placed on the premise of Centennial Park (of Atlanta) during the 1996 Summer Olympics; by doing so, he saved lives and obviated more injuries. Initially, he was called a hero, but due to erroneous and downright pernicious behavior by the FBI and the media, he became a villain. While never arrested or even charged for being the malefactor, Mr. Jewell, his mom, and friend(s) were mercilessly harassed by greater powers. They were designated as the 'bad men'; so they must be the perpetrators. Eventually, thanks to his lawyer, he was exonerated. Still, this man's reward for doing the right thing was ridicule, assaults on his appearance and living arrangements, and having his and his mother's life be violated.
Blind deference to authority or the mob's opinion is foolishness. This movie and the writings upon which it's based are just another example.
>> No. 35447 [Edit]
If you like Japanese horror movies I recommend Marebito (稀人) from 2004. To this day I think it's the most unique and atmospheric J-horror movie out there, despite its low budget. It's influenced by Lovecraftian motifs among others.
>> No. 35494 [Edit]
>> No. 35497 [Edit]
Unecessary sequels are almost as bad as unecessary remakes.
>> No. 35516 [Edit]
File 159574287363.gif - (67.33KB , 122x114 , 20200816.gif )
Agreed on that.

LoL 10-min hero animation
>> No. 35545 [Edit]
Morty's Ji-chan

>> No. 35657 [Edit]
>> No. 35711 [Edit]
File 159791408970.jpg - (37.12KB , 474x711 , RLL.jpg )
Kung-fu fighting Nazis
>> No. 35712 [Edit]
Is TENET any good?
>> No. 35727 [Edit]
File 159799747497.jpg - (464.95KB , 600x851 , Street Mobster 20-8-2020.jpg )
I'm having an august with yakuza eiga. It's an old passion of mine I had mostly abandoned in last years, but even after all this time I can still get into it easily. It's a genre with the most interesting history, in the 60's most yakuza movies were romantic and idealistic , in the 70's they started to be gritty and realistic, in the 80's the genre declined and in the 90's it recovered and turned into a receptacle of all kinds of cinematography, experimental, poetic, gory, comedic, all was allowed. I don't think there's an equivalent with any other gangster genre, yakuza movies had an incomparable production with hundreds of titles every year.
Also it's nice to catch all references that you can find in anime.
>> No. 36297 [Edit]
I watched the original The Evil Dead. I understand as to why it's a cult classic, but I found the preponderance of gore to be boring.
It's October; anybody else watching horror movies? Anything you particularly liked?
>> No. 36298 [Edit]
The first one was nice for what it was, but it's the second that really sets it apart I think.
>> No. 36305 [Edit]
I enjoyed all three of them. I used to watch a lot more films before anime started taking up all of my attention, but those were some of my favourites I watched.
The Thing remains a personal favourite of mine.
>> No. 36307 [Edit]
>all three of them
Nice to see people are pretending the remake never happened.
>> No. 36310 [Edit]
File 160249451194.jpg - (353.90KB , 960x1353 , house-md-web.jpg )
I have a presence in my mind, living with me, and it's totally into horror stuff, it's been insisting we should be watching more movies so I will have to do something about it at the end of the month, I've been thinking about Vincent Price or something more classic since we already watched most of the good 70-80's movies.

You could watch Hausu, if you haven't.
>> No. 36314 [Edit]
Would anybody here recommend Scanners?
>> No. 36316 [Edit]
I just watched Scanners, so now I can recommend it. It's kind of cheesy and the main actor isn't great, but it's fun, unique and has a few genuinely unnerving scenes.
>> No. 36358 [Edit]
I watched The Cabin in the Woods expecting the typical, but it turned out to be a parody-thing. And it was decent. Very amused by the need for countries to create their own slasher situations. Japan's attempt was quite amusing. Who knew JS' were that hard to kill?
>> No. 36451 [Edit]
Watching THE WITCHES (2020) which is loosely based on the novella by Roald Dahl. Starts Anne Hathaway as the Grand High Witch.

Saddest scene in THE WITCHES (1990) movie;
Also Angelica is turning from Morticia (Addams Family 1991) to Grand High Witch(John Wick 3).. brrr
>> No. 36482 [Edit]
File 160396042674.png - (382.27KB , 640x480 , GPWY5633.png )
Professional wrestling feels like a Tomino anime without the music.
I kind of like it.
>> No. 36796 [Edit]
File 160636977021.jpg - (96.56KB , 1600x900 , akan1.jpg )
Sky Fighters / Les Chevaliers du ciel (2005)
A French version of Top Gun.
Neat way of the bad guy disabling the protagonists' Mirage fighters by denying them an airborne refuelling.
>> No. 36835 [Edit]
File 16065762366.jpg - (569.28KB , 965x710 , dc20895e80a6510c84178aee4a11aabc.jpg )
I watched The Thing yesterday and it was fun and interesting. From a biology standpoint though it makes no sense. The alien can infect somebody with a single particle apparently, and it's super adpatable, but it doesn't release spores like a mushroom for some reason even though if it did, that would be game over and infection would be a lot more subtle and risk free. It also makes little sense that it could "digest", or whatever it does, an entire person in way less than an hour and there's seemingly no waste product. The organism assimilates another species' cells and replicates them so well the immune system has no reaction and the dna is the same, but it's also somehow different from the orignal cells in some vague way and the orignal person dies.

As a survival strategy, it's hard to imagine why a micro organism would choose to expend the energy replicating large, complicated beings who don't reproduce that efficiently and need to consume a lot, when it could just replicate other microorganisms and be millions of times more successful. As a bioweapon, it doesn't make much sense either because again, no spores, and testing a person is really simple. If you just have cameras all over the place and people wear hazmat suits it doesn't work.
>> No. 36836 [Edit]
As much as I loved the movie, I agree that it doesn't make a ton of sense. One could argue that many life forms don't make sense, but at the end of the day it's more about watching these people break down while not knowing who they can trust in a completely unprecedented situation. The mystery, the atmosphere, the effects and so on are what really sell it I think.
>> No. 36838 [Edit]
File 160659079746.jpg - (944.46KB , 849x1183 , 5afb5d8eb468ecdd5df43dedee516708.jpg )
Sound design is an underappreciated part of the enjoyment too. This little moment is really satisfying because of the sounds used. The soundtrack and use of silence is also great.
>> No. 36846 [Edit]
File 160662020555.jpg - (264.72KB , 845x1200 , 20201129.jpg )
Action scenes alone do not make a movie.

Crazy Samurai Musashi: hold my sword while I reach for my switch-blade...

This movie supposed to be a totally different film, call “Ken-kichi”. Tak was going to make a one single take action with just 10 mins. That project was canceled because the director dropped out. Tak still wanted to make a movie because he has been practicing samurai sword fighting and shit for an year with a his stunt team. Everything was already set up and booked. The equipment and staff was all good to go though so Tak has decided to make a movie with one long action movie since they were all there anyway and wouldn't have the chance to shoot something like this ever again. They didn’t have a time to make write much of a story (and it shows), so they did the minimal and focused totally on the action sequence. Tak was director in the time. Yuji Shimomura directed only first part and last part.
Rather then fully properly choreographing everything they instead kinda ran the action sequence a bit like a cross between a absurd mutation of a sparing match and the worlds most lopsided larp battle ever created. The stunt dudes were more or less instructed to just sort of come at Tak and attack like they actually wanted to hit (with the exception of the dudes that just run at Tak with their arms raised to get cut down), and Tak would use simple defenses and well practiced but relatively simple attacks of his own to dispatch them. Again much like they all did during training and sparing during the lead up to the production.

>> No. 36910 [Edit]
File 160707054296.jpg - (132.14KB , 850x1250 , sea2.jpg )
Anyone watch any anime movies like Goblin Slayer: Goblin Crown?

Or Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train?
>> No. 37069 [Edit]
File 160843117292.png - (630.09KB , 720x1080 , 92b1f1c3819f5944968e26e95c51fa5f.png )
I rewatched American Pyscho today. Great movie. The presentation really stands out and it's a shame the director doesn't seem to have done much else of note.
>> No. 37185 [Edit]
File 160919292838.jpg - (242.41KB , 850x1511 , QG.jpg )
Could have easily fade to black like this:
>> No. 37855 [Edit]
File 161489743760.jpg - (209.95KB , 1024x1024 , 2d4026341cb8eb1afde9f4d45629ef01.jpg )
I watched Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. It was a mixed bag. Nice concept, impressive visuals and acting from the two leads(Joel and Clementine), but shaky execution. Neither of the romantic leads were likable or all that interesting. It's easy to imagine people like this existing, but whether you'd want to watch a movie about them is questionable. Way too much time was spent on the memory eraser people, possible because they couldn't think of enough content for the main plot. The memory eraser people were also unbelievably negligent and unprofessional, to the point of it seriously affecting my enjoyment. I did appreciate the uncommon amount of honesty during parts of the film, but the ending was far too convenient and sappy for my taste.

It's ambiguous whether these people have grown after their memory wiping or regressed and that muddles the theme as to whether such a procedure is a good thing or not. Other aspects of the movie point to it being bad, but Joel's possible, subtle character change after confuses this. Possibly unintentionally, the movie sort of makes the version of Clementine which exists in Joel's head more appealing than the real Clementine. When imaginary Clementine goes "off script" in his head, my impression was that she seemed more caring and charming.
>> No. 37874 [Edit]
The last movie I saw was The Banana Splits Movie, and Willy's Wonderland before that. Both are five nights at Freddy's ripoffs. Willy's Wonderland was a god awful lazy mess and was the bare minimum of what could even be called a movie. It has a well known actor for the lead roll, in which they go 'try hard' mode to make him seem like the ultimate badass. The main character never says a word at any point. At first I thought he was portraying a silent game protagonist, but in the end I think it was to save money on paying him for lines, and it could have even been that he didn't want to have to learn any lines for this horrible movie. It has an amusing gimmick in which the protagonist isn't the least bit phased or surprised by the killer robots, and in turn kills them effortlessly. I found this very unexpected and was very curious to see where they were going with it, along with his need to consume an energy drink and play pinball at regular intervals, he even ditches the lead female at one point in the face of a killer robot so he can go drink and play more pinball. ...they never go anywhere with it though, never explain why any of this is the way it is. I thought for sure he was some sort of monster hunter, that maybe he pretended to be stranded in this small town specifically to kill these monsters because of some personal vendetta, but no. He's just some random guy with super human strengthen who's completely unphased by killer robots. Aside from that, everything was crap. The set looked like crap, the robots looked like crap, the writing was crap, the effects looked like crap. But because the main actor is a human meme, the movie has far better ratings than it should with people deciding they love the movie before even seeing it.
The Banana Splits Movie was much more competently made, like they actually bothered to put some effort into it. It made little sense that the characters are robots in this one, since its a kids show where the characters are always played by actors in suits, but obviously they did that because of the five nights thing. How and why they go insane and start killing people doesn't entirely make much sense either, only one of them seemed to get a bad update/patch, and they start going nuts before it's revealed the show's being canceled, and for no reason one of them is semi-good and decides to fight the others? It's a bit whatever though. Doesn't need to make perfect sense, it's "fine" for what it is.

This is a bit /tat/ territory here, but something I noticed in The Banana Splits Movie, which in turn made me realize it was also in Willy's Wonderland, is this bizarre push to normalize mixed race relationships in modern mainstream media.
In The Banana Splits Movie, I didn't notice until near the end when it was revealed the white step date was cheating on his wife with a black woman. It came across as a bit strange, even if it's hardly unheard of for white men to like black women. I'm sure as hell not one to judge. But then it got me thinking, the teenage son in the movie was hitting on a black woman too. He himself looked possibly half arab, which I guess would imply the mother's previous husband was brown. The younger white brother meanwhile was paired up with a black girl. Then there's a side couple with a asian girl dating a hispanic man, and another brown man with a white daughter.
One of the two main characters in Willy's Wonderland meanwhile had mixed parents, and among the side characters there's a couple made up of a black man and a white woman.
I hate to sound like a racist here, but I really do wonder why they feel the need to do this. It reeks of agenda, but to what end I have no idea. What do these studios get out of doing this? Do they think depictions of mixed race relationships will make their movies more popular and therefor more profitable? Unless you're some sort of alien, or completely out of touch with reality, it should be obvious that people tend to stick with members of their own race. Not always, but generally. Hollywood on the other hand seems to think everyone on earth hates their own race and has a hard on for anything different. I wouldn't even call this a bad thing, it's just weird that they do this, really really weird.
>> No. 37875 [Edit]
I don't know why you would subject yourself to Five Nights at Freddy's, let alone ripoffs of it.
>> No. 37876 [Edit]
File 161522867029.jpg - (327.72KB , 535x1598 , dnujeFZL_o.jpg )
The Banana Splits movie was okay, it had some cool kills which you don't see that much anymore, I don't know if gore-heavy media has went underground or is just out of fashion. Pic tangentially related. Gory horror movies are kind of graded on a curve these days anyway because of that, shame, they're some of the only 3D media that makes me feel. Willie's Wonderland is a RLM tier movie that was probably a write-off, these sort of things are just more prominent now because there is no bargain-bin for digital media.

The race thing doesn't have any sort of agenda, it's just corporate boardroom casting that want to have almost every race in the target audience be in the movie to feel included and avoid controversy, in most movies anyway.
>> No. 37878 [Edit]
Never played the game and probably never will, but I thought the concept was amusing. I also like seeing movies based on games, even if indirectly based on games. Maybe I'm a gluten for punishment, but it's interesting to see how they translate (or fail to as is often the case).

Maybe that's all there is to it and I'm reading too much into it. It's just that it feels really weird when it's not just say, an asian family or a black family, but father a pairing off of people who in reality likely wouldn't be together. Here and there isn't so bad but when there's so much of it, especially in one place, it really starts to becoming distracting and pull me out of the movie. It's like in old films where they had 30+ year olds playing kids and teen. It doesn't bother or upset me, it's just inappropriate and therefor strange.

Anywho, yeah I was surprised by the effects in the splits movie. I was expecting some off camera deaths, cut aways, maybe some dummies losing their heads out of focus at best. Hell, the first death with the over sized lollipop seemed like it was going to be that way, since they immidetily cut to the robot holding the thing with off camera screams, but then they cut back to the guy and double down on the scene instead. Similarly, the magic act where they saw the guy in half, it looked like it was going to just be some syrup on a fake looking blade with a bunch of screaming and nothing more, then they go and open the box...
Some of the deaths did look pretty bad though. Like the cliche death with the security guard who was somehow standing perfectly still with his severed head still balanced perfectly in place without dropping a bit of blood until he was touched. I've seen that done far too many times and it makes me roll my eyes every time. Although I suppose the detail did make up for that a bit.
and yeah, it was because of RLM that I decided to watch these. It makes their videos more enjoyable when I've seen what they're talking about myself beforehand. That and I like to form my own opinion to then compare with theirs. I'm on the same page as them 9/10 times, but I don't always agree with everything they say and have enjoyed movies they've hated and vice versa.
>> No. 38025 [Edit]
HOT FUZZ (2007)
Still good.
>> No. 38234 [Edit]
Sponge on the Run

>> No. 38236 [Edit]
>Maybe I'm a gluten for punishment
Wheat do you mean? It's not like you were bread to just loaf around all the time. Watch too many half-baked movies and your mind will be toast. I'd be leaven them alone and saving my dough.
>> No. 38243 [Edit]
Saw a movie called Palm Springs last night, since I'm in the area for the time. Had no idea what to expect since I don't like reading summaries or watching trailers. Last thing I expected was a Groundhog Day style movie. It was pretty neat, from edge of tomorrow to happy death day, it's a neat concept which can be very fun to play around. This movie made it into a rom/com with two people stuck in this loop thing together. There's a third guy in there too who acts like an antagonist of sorts, but he doesn't really do all that much and is gone for 90% of the movie. Didn't really even seem like the characters had a whole lot of motivation to end it compared to similar stories, but I guess the moral was about moving on with life and all that jazz.
>> No. 38310 [Edit]
Why would anyone ever want to end a groundhog day scenario?
>> No. 38312 [Edit]
If you're an artist working on a multi-day project, you'd never be able to finish.
>> No. 38425 [Edit]
File 162424517583.jpg - (105.82KB , 838x1199 , db61f8766e8c3e5fc030895aa6541d88.jpg )
I watched Terminator 2 yesterday for the first time. I enjoyed it, I liked the action scenes, but I had a few problems that I didn't with the first one, mainly the world and sci-fi parts.

T-1000, the antagonist of Terminator 2, is noticeably better at social interaction than the T-800. It is also capable of disguising itself as any adult person with no mention of a time limit. Despite this, its methods are essentially the same as the T-800's: find target, mindlessly pursue them as violently as possible. He even slowly walks at people he's about to kill instead of running, even though he's not big and plodding like Arnold. There's no reason the T-1000 couldn't have imitated John's teacher and kill him at school. A smaller model that could imitate animals would probably be more effective too. Just waiting until he comes home at night and killing him then would also have been smarter.

The T-1000 doesn't utilize his disguising that much even with his MO. He seems to favor a particular shape, even though that gives his target a clear cue to look out for. Plus, there's cameras everywhere. Changing his appearance constantly would also add to the horror element in my opinion. This could have been a consequence of the special effects or production though. I guess assassination techniques aren't part of Skynet's database. The T-800 would also be a pretty useless protector if Skynet were to try a more slower, subtle approach, unless it planned on taking John off the grid in the case of no imminent attack.

I didn't think about this sort of stuff when watching the first movie because it was clear it's a quirky, 80s horror/action flick. Simple fun. All this stuff is whatever in that context. Terminator 2 felt like it takes itself more seriously. Now there's a budget. I've had more time to digest the setting as a consequence of it being a sequel. The techno-phobia was more on the nose this time too, which was most noticeable when Sarah lectured Miles about what it's like to be pregnant or something. This is ironic coming from a James Cameron flick, a director who's now more concerned with cgi technology than anything else.

The T-800 learns the value of human life and how to be nice and self-sacrificing though, which conflicts with this message, so I'm not really sure what to take away from the movie except "value human life", which is as simplistic as it gets. Terminators are plainly stated to have no sense of self-preservation, but apparently Skynet does have one for some reason. Both of these things call Skynet as a character, and by extension the setting into question. Lastly, I don't really like kids in movies and this was no exception.

As a side note, I'm not sure if there's ever been a Hollywood movie where ai and robots are the main focus and portrayed positively.
>> No. 38426 [Edit]
While I can understand your issues, I think they do have some justifications. Not trying to be a contrarian mind you, just giving my two cents.
The T-1000 didn't know john or his life well enough to pretend to be someone close to him. It was dropped into this alien world with very little information to go by. I think taking the form of a cop was the most logical thing to do as people trust them, give them access to restricted areas, and provide them with information upon request as we saw. Besides, the T-1000 'does' later try the more intimate approach when he kills John's mother and takes her place, but as we saw, it might be able to imitate their appearance and voice, but will screw up on details it has no way of knowing, like with the dog's name.
The idea of using a small animal makes some sense, but that would have more restricted access. people would try to kick it out of any building it goes into. It wouldn't be able to as easily use human tools and machines, would have less liquid metal to work with, and might be easier to take down in a fight.
The walking instead of running could simply be because it knows it can take a weeks or even years to take out the target, as long as john is 'eventually' killed it doesn't mater.
I think the constantly changing form thing would be a good idea, but for all we know maybe the t-1000 locks in it's first form as it's default setting which it always reverts back to?
But yes they're kinda silly and full of issues that become more apparent with the squeals and thinking more about them. The very act of sending a robot back in time itself seems silly. As they pointed out in a RLM review of a recent entry in the series. You wouldn't make a robot cockroach and send it into an infested house to kill every roach one by one, would you? No, you'd gas the damn thing. As such, it makes a lot more sense for skynet to send nukes back in time (covered in flesh if need be), or some kind of killer virus.
Speaking of covering things in flesh, they 'could' have taken weapons back in time with them if they just shoved it up their ass. Works for prison.

>As a side note, I'm not sure if there's ever been a Hollywood movie where ai and robots are the main focus and portrayed positively.
They're uncommon since hollywood and western culture has a raging hate boner for those things, but they do exist.
'Her' was a movie about a man falling in love with an AI, who doesn't turn out to by a homicidal killing machine.
Iron Giant is about a boy befriending a huge alien robot. Similarly there's short circuit.
Walle, a pretty great pixar movie about a nice little trash compacting robot of the same name.
A.I. and bicentennial man, are about androids who wish to become more human.
you've also got the droids in starwars, and for what it's worth Data in startrek.
>> No. 38428 [Edit]
File 16242514918.jpg - (517.96KB , 1002x715 , f392ba27951863d9560b7fa8daaa3ce8.jpg )
>just giving my two cents
No, I get it.
>he kills John's mother and takes her place
After chasing him with a truck and learning another terminator is trying to protect him.
>but that would have more restricted access
Squirrels have actually caused large power outages because it's so hard to keep them out of places.
>it knows it can take a weeks or even years to take out the target
Plenty of time to do research on John and his surroundings.
The movie is what it is, an action flick. I wouldn't say its bad for not thinking about these things. These are just minor gripes.

I've heard about Her. Might check it out.
>> No. 38430 [Edit]
>Plenty of time to do research on John and his surroundings.
I think he/it was staring to, as shown with the cop asking around about john. I think the thing is once his target was found right in front of him, he said fuck it and went for the kill right then and there. The problem is, (I think) The t-800 can detect the t-1000 and see past it's shape shifting.
Knowing his cover was blown, the T-1000 might have come to the conclusion that a direct approach was necessary and went all in, the T-1000 might have found it mostly pointless to even try deception after realizing John had the T-800 with him, but tried with the foster mother anyway just for confirmation.
And yeah, I realize we're probably putting in more thought than the writers possibly did.
>> No. 38431 [Edit]
File 162434049548.jpg - (141.67KB , 500x500 , ce3f21747edcc1f25c2d0e1d51e76b4a.jpg )
I think the plan was to find John's house and "talk to him" there. Since he wasn't home, he opted to look for him instead of waiting for him to come back. So the approach and kill method seemed like the default this time too.
>we're probably putting in more thought than the writers possibly did
Yeah. I love cat and mouse stories.
>> No. 38432 [Edit]
Right, I forgot he went to his home first. I guess the idea was to just shoot him in the face the moment he came to the door, the way the T-800 did in the first movie with the wrong targets he killed.
>> No. 38462 [Edit]
File 162490115149.jpg - (816.53KB , 1800x2000 , 568cad0bf9b435dbde115782fe821b28.jpg )
I watched Alien 1979 yesterday. It was alright. The characters were really careless multiple times throughout, which was kind of annoying, but typical for horror. Ripley is noticeably more competent than everybody else. Despite being nearly two hours long, the plot is also pretty thin. The most interesting part of the film is H. R. Giger's visual input. I've already seen all of that imagery before, so it didn't have as much of a visceral impact as it could, and there wasn't that much of it in the movie either.

The xenomorph is an odd thing. The movie outright says its a perfect organism and an extremely hostile predator, but it relies on stealth and its prey freezing in fear. Ripley was even able to outrun one at the end. In a world were they can make androids indistinguishable from humans, it's odd that anybody would be interested in xenomorphs as a weapon given how they're depicted here.

As a vehicle for horror though, the xenomorph is pretty effective. Alien smartly keeps its appearances to a minimum. The slow, plodding scenes also effectively created tension, at the expense of eating up a lot of runtime.

Ripley is pretty interesting in that she's a western, competent female character who isn't obnoxious, lacking in humanity, or a mary sue. I read that the movie was written without having any sex decided for any character. This is probably the only way a character like Ripley as she is in this movie could be made.

I don't really want to watch the sequel, Aliens. What James Cameron felt like doing to a 70's sci-fi horror(making it an action flick) directed by somebody else, doesn't interest me. The premise sounds dumb and a sequel didn't feel necessary in the first place. After the first movie, Ripley is also established to be female, so that magic of ambiguous writing is also impossible here on out.
>> No. 38465 [Edit]
I particularly prefer the first one.
>it makes a lot more sense for skynet to send nukes back in time (covered in flesh if need be)
Yes, but that nuke would first have to be programmed to blow up. Skynet can't communicate with the Terminator after they sent it to the past, so they would not be able to blow the nuke up. It would be necessary to design a smart nuke capable of blowing itself after X time, but this can be complicated when dealing with time travel, or the time travel machine can be hard to operate and Skynet would end up nuking itself. Also, sending it in flesh with a lot of time to spare would call the attention of the populace and it could be defused first. Now, it's been a while since I've seen the movie but don't we know from Terminator 3 that Connor's 3DPD father who is army personnel and ends up activating skynet lives at a driving distance? I don't remember how far her father lived from their location. Nuking everything could kill him as well and prevent skynet from being activated. Also, if a nuke goes live the army personnel would suspect of treason within its ranks, or a spy network, and skynet could be put in the back burner.
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