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File 131178014560.jpg - (42.05KB , 400x580 , jisatsu-saakuru-suicide-circle_html.jpg )
9442 No. 9442 [Edit]
I don't think we had a movie thread yet so I wanted to ask, does /tc/ watch movies? What was the last one you saw? Have any good recommendations or favorite genres? Do you like american, european or asian cinema?
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>> No. 21582 [Edit]
I'm The Leader Of The Human Survivors In The Future, I Sent My Own Father Back In Time To Impregnate My Mother, My Stepfather Is A Time-Traveling Killer Robot, And My Mother Is In A Mental Hospital?!
>> No. 21583 [Edit]
>> No. 21881 [Edit]
File 136860975263.jpg - (115.17KB , 550x413 , idioterne.jpg )
Recently watched "The Idiots". Not incredible but, Dogme limitations and all, it definitely shares Lars's unforgivable touch. Might watch "Breaking the Waves" sometime soon to finally complete the trilogy.
>> No. 22523 [Edit]
File 137464205792.jpg - (75.39KB , 373x536 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Mega bump!

I'm sure some (most) of you already knew this, but Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a wondrous thing for gaining some perspective on truly bad cinema. If you've ever wondered what the worst movies ever made were really like, you can watch along with lab subjects Joel/Mike and their robots as they are subjected to the baddest of bad films endlessly on board a Satellite of Love. For science.

Here's a clip show featuring the film 'Skydivers', which I watched today. It was certainly one of the better films featured on this show and I'd still only give it a 2/10 at best.
>> No. 22751 [Edit]
File 137690959534.jpg - (265.37KB , 700x1008 , rogueassassin_poster.jpg )
Rogue Assassin

Average action movie with a tweest .
I love J.Statham and J.Li but unfortunately they were not a dream couple in this movie as intended to be.

Post edited on 19th Aug 2013, 3:57am
>> No. 23071 [Edit]
File 138207498532.jpg - (127.92KB , 1047x1572 , escape_from_tomorrow_poster-.jpg )
Escape from Tomorrow.
It's a fantasy horror movie filmed at Disney World and Disneyland guerrilla style without Disney's permission. what more could you ask for? Thats what I thought at least, but it turned out to be very Juvenal and overall disappointing. still interesting to see what they could get away with, and what they couldn't and had to use green screens for. Not sure if I'd recommend it.
>> No. 23072 [Edit]
File 138207631579.jpg - (597.39KB , 1200x907 , whatever it takes.jpg )
Fitzcarraldo, by Werner Herzog (the first I've seen of him). A very moving story about following a dream, crazy as it shall be, and never giving up. Cinematographically is simply brilliant. The performances were outstanding. It's a damned fine piece of cinema, in every way; I got genuinely moved.
>> No. 23180 [Edit]
File 138387611611.jpg - (82.29KB , 800x382 , the-act-of-killing.jpg )
I watched The Act of Killing. It was double as scaring since it relates way too much with my own country's situation (another shithole). I had to spend a day and a half without leaving my bed except for peeing, sleeping all the time, to try and come to terms with it. My total loss of hope in humanity is now only comparable with my hope in cinema and the power of fiction to finally make us change... someday.
>> No. 23182 [Edit]
File 138389101814.jpg - (128.32KB , 800x600 , Ef 103.jpg )
>> No. 23228 [Edit]
File 138437845236.jpg - (349.55KB , 1104x1500 , holy_motors_xlg.jpg )
Holy Motors

A very random film about films with the lead actor Oscar(Denis Lavant) acting in the streets of Paris in various disguises. If you want a quirky french film this might be for you.
>> No. 23329 [Edit]
File 138609704588.jpg - (28.58KB , 270x400 , Her2013Poster.jpg )

I couldn't help but notice the parallols between this and waifuism.

Opinions, brohnos?
>> No. 23332 [Edit]
It's the future, my man.
It's the only way to be.
>> No. 23335 [Edit]
Oh wow, I never get excited for 3DPD movies anymore but this one looks worth my while. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the opportunity to watch it.
>> No. 23336 [Edit]
I'll be sure to check it out.
>> No. 23365 [Edit]
It looks like it will at least have some good moments, but I also get the impression that it could be one of those cloyingly cute and quirky movies that just leaves you wrinkling your nose at the end. Even if that ends up being the case, it definitely looks worth watching to me. I loved the line in the trailer where the OS says "How do you share your life with someone?"; having been a pretty normal and social person myself at one point, that pretty much sums it up. I'll probably have a lot to relate to.
>> No. 23416 [Edit]
After giving it a second though I'm really surprised they'd make a movie like that. There couldn't possibly be any way something like that would do well at a box office. It would be almost insulting to take a date to it, awkward to take friends or family, and embarrassing to see it alone. Just a glance at the comments on that video shows it really puts off normals.
>> No. 23429 [Edit]
File 138792178028.jpg - (42.49KB , 600x411 , lars.jpg )
Tomorrow will be the premier of Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac...

Actors insist that it's not an erotic movie and, knowing Lars, I totally believe them. I expect traumatic unsimulated sex and/or prosthetic genitals, haunting cinematography, shocking performances and horrifying messages. With luck, it could be as misogynist as Antichrist...

I can't wait.
>> No. 23479 [Edit]
>> No. 23496 [Edit]
File 138897548525.jpg - (375.03KB , 968x726 , 968full-aguirre -the-wrath-of-god-screenshot.jpg )
I just watched Aguirre, the Wrath of Haruhi. Klaus was fucking amazing on this one; he somewhat reminded me to Johan Liebert (you know, with that thing about being the last standing man, reigning over the emptiness); it also contributed that Klaus really used to fuck his daughter. What a picture, what a face, what an actor he was.
>> No. 23498 [Edit]
File 138897669668.png - (58.53KB , 423x299 , (Anna Karina) on women 0.png )
Sometime ago, I watched Anna Karina's entire filmography with Haruhiard.

It was impressive, in several ways. I wanted to talk about it specifically to you but the text became huge (might post it someday in other place). Let me just say for now that Anna in Haruhiard's films wasn't a woman as much as some improved feminine being, like an automaton or a doll: a screen artifact, a quasi 2D-promoted beauty by the means of cinema which is, in the end, montage in action, animation as well. Anna's hyperfemininity, just like brute feminism, was no product nor vindication of women's agenda but of man's.
>> No. 23499 [Edit]
File 138897759446.jpg - (28.12KB , 576x416 , erloser.jpg )
BTW, I also watched Jesus Christus Erlöser: a live record of Klaus' monologue, reciting his version of the Gospel (as he fights the endless heckling). It was breathtaking too; that time, I thought I might've finally started to understand the valu of the character of Jesus Christ (he wasn't a glorification of the losers; he was the hope of mutual understanding between men that keeps dying on every attempt). I was utterly moved.
>> No. 23521 [Edit]
Hey, I don't know if any other Brohnos have seen this movie >>23329, but I thought I should report in about it, as I was excited to see it and just came back from seeing it so my mind is pretty fresh.

It about met my expectations (which were pretty high). It was very well done and was shot very well, and built the relationship in an organic way. There was one scene that made a lot of normals leave the theatre early on which made me laugh (it's sex related if you don't want to read): Theodore was having phone sex with a random lady (this is before he bought/met Stephanie) and she started telling him to strangle her with her dead cat. It was originally presented as a (somewhat) erotic scene but as soon as the animalistic nature of it was made clear that it was disturbing. There were direct comparisons to a later scene, which was must more genuine, which was nice. I could relate to a lot of what was presented in the movie as somebody with a waifu. There are some things that I should warn about though, I think (they are spoilers but I'm trying to be vague): The ending is bittersweet, there is a lot of sex (both erotic and uncomfortable but usually the latter), implied NTR, and while the movie generally is positive towards AI/human relationships, it also doesn't shy away from its drawbacks. Anyway, I don't particularly care about such things but I wouldn't be surprised if it was nominated for an Oscar.

I don't want to give too much away but it certainly isn't cloyingly cute. At least I didn't find it that way.
>> No. 23522 [Edit]
File 138959012097.jpg - (59.26KB , 270x400 , Her2013Poster[1].jpg )
Why havent you guys watched this film yet? Its such an original and never been done before story, I'm surprised any person could have come up with such an idea.
Thankfully Alex Jonzestein could come up with it, and be nominated for twenty awards by his friends in Hollywood, where such talent can be recognized.
This is one for the history books.
>> No. 23523 [Edit]
File 13896084979.jpg - (385.71KB , 506x709 , belladonna.jpg )
Kanashimi No Belladonna

I can't decide if I love it or hate it... but I can't possibly ignore it.
Except from the epilogue, which was totally retarded, it was pure genius.

Post edited on 13th Jan 2014, 3:34am
>> No. 23524 [Edit]
File 138960856127.jpg - (414.91KB , 579x2622 , Kanashimi no Belladona.jpg )
>> No. 23525 [Edit]
I'm eager to see it, but I never go to theaters.

I just seem to have found a torrent. If it goes well I'll share my thoughts later.

Post edited on 13th Jan 2014, 2:26am
>> No. 23527 [Edit]
Here are my thoughts on it: >>/mai/14178
It was brilliant. The music was delightful too.
>> No. 23568 [Edit]
American offers high quality fx and a lot of stuff from many genres, i cant even name all the movies i like. but as for Asian, my favorites are battle royal, my way (people didn't like it but i thought it was dami masterpiece), and I've heard good things about the movie hard boiled, but can never get around to watching it. Asian movies can be extremely good. i've never seen anything good from Europe, though.
>> No. 23604 [Edit]
What an awful post.
>> No. 23620 [Edit]
The only thing missing from it is a couple of commas spaced out on each side. Like here , for example.
>> No. 23868 [Edit]
File 139599663793.jpg - (26.16KB , 604x254 , the tree.jpg )
I saw it the other day with my mom.

It was absolutely brilliant, we both loved it.

It is layered, though, and my guess is that many idiots out there will take it for a feminist movie. It is not, rest assured; it aims elegantly but directly against feminism's main fallacy: to think that it is correct, even heroic, to act in some way and demand it as a fair right "because it is what men do"... instead of realizing that such behavior is precisely what was ethically despicable about men and human beings as a whole, rendering those "feminist" women and men as hypocrite pigs.

Oh! and you gotta love the visual homages (Balthus) and all the beautiful references to mathematics (Fibonacci), music (polyphony), botany, fishing... together with the reminder that erudition by itself, just like victimization, are no indication of moral height; that goodness is a choice: the choice of not being scum while being perfectly able to be so.

So, once again, I salute Lars. Doubtlessly the best director alive that I have knowledge of.
>> No. 23869 [Edit]
Hidoi ne. I wonder what stirred such bitterness within your essence.
>> No. 23884 [Edit]
Where to start at 5am...?
>> No. 23924 [Edit]
File 139755043195.jpg - (64.85KB , 580x821 , musa-the-warrior-movie-poster-2001-1020476500.jpg )
This is an excellent film, both for the realistic war strategy and the character development.
>> No. 23930 [Edit]
Korean film with the Flying Daggers woman?... ok, might give it a chance.
>> No. 24519 [Edit]
File 140489091089.png - (903.31KB , 640x480 , shot0047.png )
Just watched Sayat Nova/The Color of the Pomegranate. It's an interesting format, full of beautiful imagery, but without knowledge of the life of the poet who inspired the film it's really hard to interpret much of anything(doesn't help that's next to nothing about him in english).
>> No. 24627 [Edit]
File 140616406331.jpg - (888.21KB , 2500x1447 , 6e7ae2b1f1d7d64969404fb4609e9b59.jpg )
I watched The Garden of Words today. It was very beautiful, and I highly recommend it to everyone.
>> No. 24671 [Edit]
It has been sitting on my drive for some months now. Decided to watch it.
Looks really good, and that Kashiwa Daisuke soundtrack. Only the credits song made me chuckle really bad.
Didn't understand crap, however. Will probably rewatch with english subs later.
>> No. 24672 [Edit]
File 140655800983.jpg - (189.43KB , 1920x1080 , 21095792348762345.jpg )
I didn't had understood it completely as well until the second time I watched, which was immediately after I first ended it. Indeed, almost every side of the production of Garden of Words deserves compliments, from writing to soundtrack composing, animations and voice acting. I wish there were more movies like it.

Post edited on 28th Jul 2014, 7:40am
>> No. 24674 [Edit]
The story was complete shit though, 5 centimeters per second was much more enjoyable because you could actually relate to the characters.
>> No. 24675 [Edit]
But I actually enjoyed the very simple story that they had with Garden of Words, and I also easily related to the characters and their problems. I have not seen Five Centimeters per Second, so I wouldn't be able to compare. I'm guessing this is just a matter of taste.
>> No. 24698 [Edit]
File 140660623260.png - (4.45MB , 1920x1080 , love sanctuary.png )
I agree that 5cm is still his best work but I also enjoyed Kotonoha and, argumentatively, I do not consider it a waste at all.

Those days I read some interview where Makoto mentioned that it was his first story about love as koi (as opposed to ai). He didn't add much more but, as I see it, if 5cm was about how those who gained consummate/mutual love (ai) and were meant to be as one can't possibly do so due to distance (understood not just as social alienation but as the world's irreducible spatial and temporal dimensions), Kotonoha deals with the motionless and timeless quality of love as pure longing (koi) which, versus the fast and unstoppable rhythm of the industrial world, can only be experienced by the nurturing of rituals: the almost religious repetition of their pointless meetings, in the same place and only in rainy days, built an autonomous time that allowed them to escape and eventually overcome their respective states of stagnation. Additionally, nature is vitalized once again but now in a generous way: if in 5cm the snow and the seasons were implacable enemies of love (as the spring that came too late), in Kotonoha the rain and the summer serve as love's enablers and accomplices. Also, the teacher was damned hot.

Post edited on 28th Jul 2014, 9:21pm
>> No. 24701 [Edit]
Cool now I understand it better, thanks.
>> No. 26266 [Edit]
File 142374835263.png - (1.34MB , 1893x1032 , Screenshot - 12-02-2015 - 11:36:06.png )
Just watched Travellers and Magicians. It's a highly-acclaimed movie, directed by none less than a Lama, and one of the first to be shot completely in Bhutan.
Aaand to be honest, I don't quite know what the fuzz is all about. Typical story of an ambitious youth trying to flee his small town(well, rural village, really) for a shot at the american dream, interspersed with another typical tragedy about forbidden love. It's quite cheerful and pleasant to watch, I give that, but the two stories don't really relate the way it was intended and it's fairly mediocre overall.
I think the director was also aiming at some scenery porn, but I don't really think he managed to pull it out, apart from a couple shots none caught my eye as absolutely stunning or anything.

While plowing through the internet to find this movie I did stumble upon some more from the himalayan region, and others as from as far as Japan it seems, which caught my eye aswell. Hope some of them will turn out to be better.

The same director also has another film about two Tibetan refugee monks trying to obtain a television to watch the 1998 World Cup finale which sounds amusing. Reminds me of another entertaining docufilm, by the name "La gran final", I recently watched with a simmilar premise but covering the struggles of touaregs, brazilian indians and mongolian nomads to watch the 2002 final instead.
>> No. 27961 [Edit]
I saw a very long Japanese drama film about a month ago, I disliked it so much I don't remember the name. Relatively recently I watched the 1962 Lolita movie, it wasn't really particularly great, I remember the more it went on the less it made sense and the more confused I got. Someday I will watch the 90s remake, but meh. I also saw A Clockwork Orange, which I liked.

Post edited on 22nd Nov 2015, 7:11pm
>> No. 27963 [Edit]
Last movie I saw was Inside Out. I found it very 'okay'. Only saw it because it was brought up a few times among movie review channels I follow. Right from the get go I couldn't help but wonder what the movie would be like if the mc came from a dysfunctional family, rather than being a marry sue with first world problems. still, it was entertaining enough for a kids movie I guess.

Before that I finally got around to seeing ant-man, and found it pretty enjoyable. Story was a bit paint by numbers but they had some really neat and creative action scenes.
>> No. 28558 [Edit]
Is it just me or do the MCU movies feel less like 'movies' and more like big budget tv episodes of a long running series?
>> No. 29599 [Edit]
File 147599555958.jpg - (134.87KB , 600x380 , goemon5.jpg )
Two Japanese films I've seen are 'Goemon' and 'Dai Nipponjin'.

'Goemon' is a fun and well-done film to watch, background is Goemon is Japanese Robin Hood.
'Dai Nipponjin' is interesting, what I took from it is it's a film about the degradation Capitalism and the post-war period has done to Japan and the Japanese people. In particular, making them weak and greedy.
>> No. 31605 [Edit]
File 15272934539.jpg - (33.35KB , 1024x576 , Evacuation-of-DQar.jpg )
I find it a tad bit weird and slightly annoying how people keep treating the bombers in The Last Jedi like some sort of mistake. The common complaint is that bombs wold not be able to fall onto the target because there is no gravity in space. It's a shitty movie and I don't give much of a crap about starwars, but this is dead wrong and clearly so.
Maybe it's because I'm complete fucking brain damaged retarded moron, but the way these bombers work makes perfect sense to me, and I can't understand why no one else sees it.
An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. There's nothing stopping these bombs that are being ejected from the ship. As soon as they leave the ship they're being propelled by their own momentum -not gravity- . It's so simple to me but somehow everyone seems to fail to understand this. The reason the bombs fall while in the ship is because there's artificial gravity in the ship, it's what keeps people's feet on the ground, it's how that remote to release the bombs fell and was almost missed. Gravity inside of the ship pulled the bombs down towards the exposed bottom and momentum carries them the rest of the way. Did people expect the bombs to just stop the moment they left the ship or something?
Besides, the ship they were attacking was so massive that it might have had it's own faint gravitational pull anyway.
>> No. 31606 [Edit]
I've watched a ton of Sion Sono movies this past month. They're all really enjoyable, in one way or another. I think the ones I disliked the most were Exte and Strange Circus. Exte was kind of boring and the twist/ending to Strange Circus actually felt kind of anticlimactic.

His best one was Cold Fish imo. That movie was scary as hell, and I like to think I have a pretty high tolerance for horror. He said he wanted to depict "a feeling of complete hopelessness" and I felt that in the movie. It's chilling. I highly recommend it if you like horror/psychological stuff.

I also absolutely loved Love Exposure, it doesn't feel like a 4 hour movie.

His movies are just different.
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