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File 157747670175.jpg - (164.38KB , 850x1205 , sample_005766acf89a387fc6488b84d665226a.jpg )
33905 No. 33905 [Edit]
What are some things that really bug you?
Things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!

Old one reached bumb limit I think.
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>> No. 33906 [Edit]
File 157747700889.png - (1.16MB , 790x1143 , 8ab7dbb9e1de32342bab912bc151657f.png )
I think that guy who complained about Sailor Moon had a bit of a point. So many cunts talk about how they loved Sailor Moon as a kid. They of course mean the Dic dub which everyone already knows the issues of. Even today that thing has repercussions.
>> No. 33907 [Edit]
I can't get into FMA. It just doesn't appeal to me in any way whatsoever
>> No. 33910 [Edit]
File 157749950940.png - (629.18KB , 990x936 , I wanted W8 for christmas.png )
This is fairly specific, but people who complain about garbage collectors when there's, for example, heap (de)allocations in nested loops. And then the ol' "Let's rewrite it in Rust!"
>> No. 33918 [Edit]
File 157755020793.jpg - (98.25KB , 850x602 , __shameimaru_aya_komeiji_koishi_inubashiri_momiji_.jpg )
I was rewatching the first episode of Death Note a few days ago. I could recognize a few words here and there, and I realized the subs weren't quite accurate. The most obvious example being when Ryuk ate an apple and said 甘い (sweet), except the subs said "tasty". I can't think of any good reason for this change. I only notcied these little things, but now i'm wondering if way more is being lost in translation.

There's also the matter of tone and characterization. I vaguely remember in another subbed version Ryuk said something like "you'd be the only fucked up person left", but in the one I watched recently it was more "you'd be the only person with a bad personality". Ryuk looks a little different depending on which one you see.
>> No. 33919 [Edit]
Yeah, it's annoying. Yesterday I was watching Honzuki no Gekokujo and they had a character in a fantasy setting say 'she's on cloud nine' it makes no sense and there was no reason to do it.

Japanese doesn't actually have a real equivalent to the F word so I would be suspicious of any sub that uses it(unless they are literally saying the F word which does sometimes happen when parodying Americans).
>> No. 33969 [Edit]
File 157790118410.jpg - (241.00KB , 850x712 , __donald_trump_barack_obama_flint_hillary_clinton_.jpg )
This doesn't annoy me as much as confuse. The term "weeaboo" was a forced meme that spread out of 4chan and took on a life of its own with people sort agreeing to what it means, but ending up using it with little rhyme or reason. Some common criticisms of weeaboo didn't really make sense.

The biggest is "they forsake their own culture and only care about Japanese culture. People should stay in touch with their own culture". This is so bizarre to me. It's nationalistic in a way never so normalized in the west except in this one context. I don't know what they even mean by "culture". What is "American culture"? How many Americans read Hemingway or O.Henrey or Mark Twain? How many listen to Gershwin or Copland? Are most Americans in touch with "their culture"? Do most Germans regularly listen to Bach and go to the opera, are young Brits in love with Handel and Shakespeare? If Marvel movies, Sex in the City, Star Wars, and that kind of stuff is American culture, how does criticizing people for strongly preferring anime make any sense?

Another is "weeaboos disrespect Japanese culture and aren't interested in the 'real stuff'". This one has a liberal tint to it. They're foreign and not white, so white people "disrespecting them" is bad and that kind of thing. Except Japanese people, not the ones that grew up in America and think all Asians are best buddies with each other and act like valley girls, couldn't give less of a fuck. Plus they regularly make fun of westerners in their media without thinking twice about it. Think of every goofy guy with a blonde afro who speaks loud engrish. How many of you guys like Kabuki or Rakugo? Anyone?
>> No. 33970 [Edit]
File 157790183642.gif - (75.69KB , 900x300 , PBF071-Weeaboo.gif )
I find it annoying too but I guess it happens with lots of terms, they get overused until they lose all meaning.
Originally "weaboo" just meant "wapanese", the kind of, teen, obnoxious, anime fan that just got into the hobby and it's going through a phase of liking all japanese and hating all non-japanese while being an annoying piece of shit in the meanwhile. So there was a lot of criticism to make to "weaboos" if they weren't just little more than a joke, but at some point the thing degenerated to "weeb", that basically means doing anything remotely linked to Japan like playing a japanese videogame or watching any anime. Even the japanese product is called "weeb", so you can have "weeb" videogames or movies depending on how strong is the prejudice of the idiot who's using the term.
I blame /v/ for all this shit, I think the hate to anything japanese started in that hideous place.
>> No. 33971 [Edit]
File 157790259424.png - (59.86KB , 912x608 , _b_hell.png )
>I think the hate to anything japanese started in that hideous place.
I'm not so sure of that. I think moot also actually word-filtered wapanese to weeaboo.

Post edited on 1st Jan 2020, 10:17am
>> No. 33972 [Edit]
>I blame /v/ for all this shit, I think the hate to anything japanese started in that hideous place.
It probably began as "ironic shitposting" or something.
>> No. 33973 [Edit]
To this day I'm still bewildered by how, in a rather short span of time, "weeb" replaced "otaku". I'd say since franku-chan put up that "WEEABOOS" video. Anyway I suppose it's better to butch a made-up meme word rather than otakuオタク, which actually has a japanese meaning.

> I guess it happens with lots of terms, they get overused until they lose all meaning.
One of the biggest offenders imo is 'waifu'. "my waifus"; "my favorite waifu"; "best waifu"; "this show has a lot of waifus"; and you'll now excuse me as I go punch a wall.
Unfortunately this is unavoidable with the immense about of circlejerking and ironic weeaboos out there.
>> No. 33974 [Edit]
I was talking about how "weeb" started being referred with particular despise to anything japanese. Before that "weaboo" didn't mean anything bad about japanese or otaku culture but about a certain kind of western fan.
>> No. 33975 [Edit]
I think that's what means "dying of success".
I know all had changed when I heard my normalfag flatmate who has barely touched any imageboards in all his life saying "waifu". 4chan has become so mainstream than all normal young people uses and keeps degenerating it's slang.
>> No. 33984 [Edit]
File 157827428574.png - (860.91KB , 1226x735 , 34665757.png )
This is for any product in general, but I've started noticing this on amazon art reviews because it's more obvious. I'm not trying to gate keep, but some people just shouldn't review. A lot of crappy art products get their rating inflated from all the 'OMG THIS IS MY FIRST TABLET and iT's LiKe TOtaLy ThE BesT thING EVer' fanboys who came from their favorite youtuber shilling the supply. Also artist post their work even when it isn't needed. Why does a tablet review need the art you drew with it?
>> No. 33985 [Edit]
Amazon reviews are absolute garbage anyway. Filled to the brim with fake review bots.
>> No. 33986 [Edit]
Fuckimation's logo can go to hell. The absolute last thing I want to see when I bring up an episode of an anime is that shitty, bright, overdone, and flat out fucking terrible logo. They can't just have a logo that'd have a simple, cute little animation to it like every other fucking logo on the planet, no. Theirs needs to be a flashy logo that changes itself 3 fucking times, shoves a bunch of bright, clashing shit into your face (god help you if your lights are turned off), and is ultimately a forgettable logo that does nothing to impress upon you. Maybe the logo is a metaphor for the company itself? Either way, fucking terrible. First time I've seen a company fuck up something as basic as the logo.
>> No. 33987 [Edit]
I only just realized I typed that as "fuckimation" after I posted it, but I guess that still fits.
>> No. 33988 [Edit]
It's a word filter, and yeah I agree. It's obnoxious to say the least.
>> No. 33989 [Edit]
File 157831969115.jpg - (156.27KB , 497x450 , __suigintou_and_kakizaki_megu_rozen_maiden_drawn_b.jpg )
How long can you watch the clip for? How does it make you feel?
>> No. 34001 [Edit]
File 15786715862.jpg - (200.46KB , 850x1103 , __dark_magician_girl_and_kuriboh_yuu_gi_ou_and_1_m.jpg )
This is stupid and I don't actually care that much, but I don't like it when people praise yugioh or pokemon for being good strategic games and take them seriously as such. I've never played yugioh, but I know enough about it to see some of its problems. A couple of years ago I used a popular pokemon desktop client and got somewhere within the top ten of its "uber tier" ranking, so I know something about it.

One of the biggest problems with both as "serious strategic games" is the money/collectathon aspect. You can't play yugioh without the cards, you can't play pokemon without the pokemon. How good you are at using your pieces, isn't as important as whether you got them legitimately on not. Nevermind that yugioh cards are literally just expensive pieces of cardboard, if it didn't come from the right factory, and the right people didn't get their money, it doesn't count. You can't even use Japanese cards in a tournament, and it's not because of translation. They'd prevent people from reselling cards if they could. With pokemon, besides having to buy the console and game, you have to spend time collecting pokemon and training them in the right way and breeding them correctly. You're not just tested on skill level, you're tested on your willingness to do tedious shit, which is why I used an unofficial online client instead.

Another issue is that the "metagame" constantly changes because new shit to buy is consistently released. If you take a break for a couple of years, and want to get back into it, get ready to do a whole lot of research. Yes, common strategies in games like Chess also change with time, but the fundamental game is still the exact same. Pokemon, and probably yugioh too, regularly introduces both tons of new pieces and new mechanics. I don't know about yugioh, but with pokemon, 80% of the "strategy" comes from building your team. Preplanning, matching things up, keeping the "common threats" in mind, types, abilities, items. Here's the thing though, no matter how good you plan and build, you wont be able to cover everything. There will be at least one thing that consistently fucks you up. If you try and patch it, another hole will appear, or more. You can't handle blissey, so you switch a team member with a fighting type, but then "xeneras" usually beats you. Yeah, there's in battle tactics, but that only goes so far and basically amounts to poker-like bluffing.

Luck is an ingrained part of Pokemon. "Serious player organizations" like smogon will try to circumvent this and pretend it doesn't exist, but that's very artificial. In the highest smogon "tiers" this is less noticeable. With lower tiers, there's some value because pokemon nobody would ever use otherwise get usage. The "overused tier" however, is the worst. It is the bread and butter of most people who care about smogon tiers. It's where people who want to think of themselves as "serious players" go, but where everything they think is "broken" gets banned.

Pokemon has some fun to it. It's fun to use serene grace and wobbuffett and ditto. My go to strategy was to draw things out and annoy my opponent as much as possible. I've had many people against me leave the game and let their timer run out. Sore losers and kids are abundant. With chess or shogi or go, there's none of this(except sore losers). Nobody cares what your pieces are made out of or who you bought them from. There's is no such thing as counterfeit chess pieces. Both players start out with the same material and the material has been the same for hundreds of years. These games are objectively better at testing people's skill against each other. These are real strategy games. If you go to a yugioh tournament in Harlem or the Bronx(I know they love that shit), and you leave your cards unattended, some gorilla with a goku backpack, naruto headband and fake grills will steal them.

Post edited on 10th Jan 2020, 8:34am
>> No. 34002 [Edit]
>I don't like it when people praise yugioh or pokemon for being good strategic games
When people say that, I think they're only talking about TCGs and not games in general. You can't really compare chess and YGO. The first is a very old and polished board game whereas the last is a card game with a huge focus on deck building and a changing metagame. Like you said, luck also plays a big part. But I understand why you find some TCG players annoying.
>> No. 34003 [Edit]
>I think they're only talking about TCGs and not games in general.
Maybe, I wasn't talking about the pokemon card game though. People say the video game's battle system is "suprisingly complex". The only reason it's so complex in a competitive setting is because there's so much shit to memorize and keep track of. I don't know anything about card games, but there's a standard 52 deck which I'm sure some really great strategy games have been made for that are probably more cerebral than yugioh. I guess I don't like the entire conept of TCGs.

Plus, yugioh could have been a really cool story if the manga author never introduced the card game.

Post edited on 10th Jan 2020, 9:41am
>> No. 34004 [Edit]
Did they make their opening shit even worse recently? I recall it being the obnoxious "you should be watching" thing but this season (maybe before that) it manages to be even worse, 7 seconds of over-the-top swirls and colors. I wouldn't be surprised if they start adding explosions next iteration.
>> No. 34005 [Edit]
File 157871911893.jpg - (101.37KB , 477x359 , jounouchin.jpg )
Never cared for any trading card games outside of Pokémon and YGO because they're never-ending with new shit added constantly and in the end it's pay-to-win. Expensive pieces of cardboard like you said. I'd rather play something with a set amount of pieces or cards that you buy once and you have everything you need to play.

However I did like the Pokémon TCG back when it was new, mostly just because it was Pokémon and the pictures were cool. And also you only had three series of cards to keep track of. Tried building decks with the cards I had to play against myself, and that's the only experience I have with playing a TCG, if you don't count the Pokémon and YGO TCG Game Boy games.

>You're not just tested on skill level, you're tested on your willingness to do tedious shit
Never cared for the IV, EV, nature and breeding stuff, or shiny hunting for that matter, because it was tedious and boring. Gen 2 was perfect for me. Used to hang out on a pokémon forum back in the day, it was amusing to see how the gen 3-4 smartass kids lambasted anyone playing the games the "wrong way" (being dumb and ignoring the "deep" mechanics) or anyone liking the previous generations (which lacked depth) more than the latest.

>Plus, yugioh could have been a really cool story if the manga author never introduced the card game.
The first seven volumes of the manga were by far the best, both in story and art style. Still liked it through the whole first series, but making the card game the sole focus was a mistake. So were most sequels.

>What are some things that really bug you? Things that genuinely piss you off?
Person in the video: Statement"
under every single youtube video no matter the content.
>> No. 34006 [Edit]
With the magic of video recording, you too can watch as their logo turns from a simplistic one to the one that sears your eyes every time you want to watch new shows.
>> No. 34007 [Edit]
You really ought to block comments if you still use youtube. I know ublock can filter out the comments element, and there are probably a bunch of other plugins that can also work. Getting such a massive dose of human stupidity each time you watch a video is probably as bad as eating lead paint.
>> No. 34008 [Edit]

God I hate that so much. It looks and sounds moronic and doesn't make any sense as a meme. What the fuck is funny about that? It's just people typing out their thoughts in a poorly formated way that doesn't even make any sense half the time. I mean what the fuck is the point in pointing out no one said nothing as your opening statement like that?

I wish people could just communicate normally without meme. I fucking hate what became of meme. They used to primarily be jokes making fun of stupid things people did and said (and who uaualy deserved mockery), then normalfags turned them into a highly restrictive template for expressing one's thoughts and opinions in an easily consumable and sharable format, then more retards came along and turned meme into a catchall term for any online joke or funny image. These people need to all anhero.
>> No. 34011 [Edit]
>I mean what the fuck is the point
Like that. That's the translation.
>> No. 34012 [Edit]
File 15787535187.jpg - (189.96KB , 471x600 , __mazaki_anzu_mutou_yuugi_yami_yuugi_jounouchi_kat.jpg )
>it was amusing to see how the gen 3-4 smartass kids lambasted anyone playing the games the "wrong way" (being dumb and ignoring the "deep" mechanics) or anyone liking the previous generations (which lacked depth) more than the latest
That's funny when you consider how the Japanese versions of the game don't have kanji. Nearly everything is written in hiragana. The option to read things with kanji was only put in recently. That shows more than anything else who the actual target demographic for these games are. It's always been a "low level" game.
>> No. 34031 [Edit]
This may be an unpopular opinion, but a shit ton of people rush into sterilization way to fast. I sound like some 'you'll change your mind honey' dude because I am. Back then people had to debate over it, talk to people to get info, and really think about the choice. If they got sterilized they were really serious. Now they find /r/childfree circlejerk about how 'doctors are totes wrong', 'they're all wrong about how you'll regret it!', and so on. Even worse the sites average user base is teens so kids are being convinced to make a bad decision by age 18.
Yes pic related regrets it
>> No. 34032 [Edit]
Do you really want these people to breed, anon? The less people, the better.
>> No. 34033 [Edit]
You're right, this is an unpopular normie opinion and I suggest you leave.
>> No. 34036 [Edit]
File 15793477718.jpg - (319.74KB , 750x1200 , 1BBC.jpg )
People seem to hate walking around here. I just found that I have work colleagues that would drive 2km by road than walk 300m to get to the shops. FFS.
>> No. 34070 [Edit]
File 158128691715.jpg - (162.60KB , 850x601 , __original_drawn_by_jun_5455454541__sample-74bb615.jpg )
Cars and driving. Driving is boring and tedious as hell. Cars themselves aren't interesting either. I'll never get how people think they can express their individuality through big, cookie cutter scraps of metal on wheels. In a parking lot they all blend together. A van or a sedan? Who cares? They're just slightly different shapes of metal. Car designs are restricted by practicality. If you like a more boxy look, too bad, that's not as fuel-efficient, so every new one is sleek and well curved.

They're just tools, but they're dangerous too. Crossing a road without a light is like walking through a shooting range. I don't like having a gun pointed at me any more than a car in front of me. I hate having to trust the another person to slow down and not move. What if they just feel like killing somebody that day? People are fucking crazy.

Post edited on 9th Feb 2020, 2:34pm
>> No. 34071 [Edit]
>Crossing a road without a light is like walking through a shooting range
Funny enough, I had this thought crossing the street. Even though I wait at the light, cars are still turning from the other direction, and they just hang over me as I'm trying to walk. It feels horrible, especially if they're impatient enough to keep inching forward.
>> No. 34076 [Edit]
I always make sure to make eye contact with people in the cars as I walk in front of them. If they don't look at me, I don't go in front of the car. Of course, that doesn't do anything about the assholes making left turns into the road you're crossing, and I've almost been hit multiple times. I think Americans genuinely don't believe that pedestrians should be allowed to cross the road. I also hate dumb fucking road rage with a passion. Why is it more important than your life to get to your destination half a second sooner? Just let the guy pass.
>> No. 34077 [Edit]
File 158160182014.jpg - (78.44KB , 550x550 , please.jpg )
Justice is dead in this day and age, with enough money you can bypass almost every law, and it boils my blood greatly.
>> No. 34078 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure it's always been like that.
>> No. 34079 [Edit]
Yeah, but if anything, things have gotten better in this respect.
>> No. 34083 [Edit]
File 158162024626.png - (3.86MB , 1520x1080 , [Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - E07 [1080p][x2.png )
I don't really know how best to describe this, but there's a certain special arrogance to Americans online that even other hyper-nationalist countries don't have. It's not just a belief that they should be considered the best, if you ever post something in the context of liking another countries food, culture, military, politics, etc, they will pretty much destroy any chance of a discussion by spending the entire thread railing on it while posting pictures of "superior" American things. I guess they think they're defending their countries honor in some weird way or something? But I wouldn't even be thinking about America if it weren't for their inevitable spamming of pretty much any thread with the tiniest hint of discussion of anything regarding nations. Hell, there's ever websites where the entire userbase considers any posting of non-american hardware as spamming. It's an insane level of egotism combined with defensiveness that is off the charts and beyond anything anyone else has ever done. I don't WANT to argue about which country is better in the first place, I just want to be able to say "hey this food from X country is pretty nice" without Americans screaming in to tell me why I should feel bad for liking something that isn't American. God damn it, I don't ever want to be THINKING about them right now either but they make their presence known everywhere and anywhere that they feel a lack of American values.
>> No. 34088 [Edit]
File 158174489637.gif - (1.98MB , 480x360 , 1546587781810.gif )
As a hyper-nazi I agree that such behaviour is tiresome. Liberals and the modern left of course worship everything foreign, but I think even the most ultra-nationalist Europeans are more positive and accepting of foreign culture than the same kind of Americans (as long as everyone stays in their own countries), one reason may be because of how stigmatised traditional and conservative values and anything relating to nationalism has become the past 10-20 years, more so in western Europe than anywhere else.

And here, especially in Scandinavia, Germany, and the UK, the opposite is more common. Say "hey this food from my country is pretty nice" and you'll get some retard telling you that you should feel bad for liking anything native to your country and that it's not even native because it's copied from Turkey or some place. No matter the topic, it ends with politics, feelings and the need to shut it down for being problematic and offensive. This week we reached peak retardation with Scandinavian Airlines new ad campaign where they ask "What is truly Scandinavian?" and the answer is absolutely nothing, everything is copied and Scandinavians don't exist. It was widely disliked, but you still got the usuals defending and agreeing with it, as well as the media lecturing the people for being evil racists and blaming "Russians" for the dislike ratio. Tiresome yes.

Sorry for borderline /tat/ posting, but it still fits the thread theme.
>> No. 34089 [Edit]
I could understand being ashamed of your country if it's kinda shit but being ashamed of your country when mostly all works and it could be in the top 10 of world countries to live doesn't make too much sense.
>> No. 34090 [Edit]
File 158175461977.jpg - (348.52KB , 1280x720 , [Mad le Zisell] Machikado Mazoku - 03 [720p]_mkv_s.jpg )
I'm sick of the way that people translate manga online, it's so stupid and western with things like swearing and American slang that are completely unsuitable and far from what the characters have actually said. It happens in anime to a degree(although actually less now that HS and everyone else just rip subs from Crunchyrole) but at least then you have the original Japanese to go along with it.

'Well learn Japanese then' I know and I am but that doesn't help me right now.
>> No. 34091 [Edit]
It might seem that way but just because a country functions and is comfortable to live in doesn't mean it is good and that you should not be ashamed of it. Of course it means that it's comfortable but the culture of that country could still be completely opposed to your own values and could mean that even though its comfortable to live in you feel isolated and hate everybody there and hate the country in general.
>> No. 34092 [Edit]
File 15817759896.jpg - (187.03KB , 850x943 , __original_drawn_by_masao__sample-029891ef5e28e020.jpg )
You can't be a "hyper-nazi", or regular one, and an otaku at the same time without massive amounts of double think, hypocrisy, or being a fake in one or both. A nation with their state mandated version of "wholesomeness", would not be an otaku paradise.
That depends on how you define "works well". If people aren't allowed to express themselves or lack other essential freedoms, it doesn't work well. You might as well live in the woods then. If your values aren't condusive to societal progress and strength, keeping in mind what makes society worth-it, your values are shit.

Post edited on 15th Feb 2020, 6:15am
>> No. 34093 [Edit]
We're not in the 30's anymore so having one ideology or another, extreme or not, doesn't have too much impact in how anyone lives. You could say that's the true triumph of capitalism, the death of ideologies or whatever. It's a matter of identity, how do you present yourself to others or how do you feel about things more than anything practical.
>> No. 34094 [Edit]
>It's a matter of identity
So people form their "identity" around shallow symbols and iconography that's disconnected from their actions. That's sounds like being a fake to me. Isn't that normalfag shit? Identity should be practical.
>> No. 34095 [Edit]
I'm not talking about how it should be, but about how it is. But in the other hand, any dangerous ideology becomes quite inoffensive.
>> No. 34096 [Edit]
That was mostly meant as a joke since the post above mine mentioned hyper-nationalist countries and I live in the opposite of that.
>A nation with their state mandated version of "wholesomeness"
>If people aren't allowed to express themselves or lack other essential freedoms, it doesn't work well.
Sounds pretty much like here, "freedom" exists as long as you walk in line with state and media.

We had some official translations like that here with slang expressions and references to domestic occurrences and celebrities any Asian would never had heard of.
>> No. 34098 [Edit]
It's even worse in games. It's the whole reason I started learning Japanese.
>> No. 34099 [Edit]
Yeah, I've seen translators brag about how they're allowed to manipulate the game's stories and "fix" things they personally don't like. It's infuriating.
>> No. 34101 [Edit]
I've noticed that too, I think it's often because a game will have a dub and the original Japanese but the subs are for the dub.
>> No. 34102 [Edit]
>A nation with their state mandated version of "wholesomeness", would not be an otaku paradise.

How so?
>> No. 34103 [Edit]
Not him but otaku have a tendency to be shameless perverts who sexualize anything and everything around them.

Post edited on 15th Feb 2020, 5:23pm
>> No. 34104 [Edit]
Well they are in good company then, going by certain heads of the Luftwaffe.

But also, there are different kinds of Otaku, not all of that kind would bring that into public anyway and of course, no society of that era would appreciate that anyway really, even now they wouldn't.
>> No. 34105 [Edit]
File 158181163090.jpg - (241.78KB , 850x1203 , __drawn_by_tsukioka_kirio__sample-0c724e1a14a81750.jpg )
You really need to ask. Realllllly? Nazist outlook on media is similar to bible-belt conservatives. They're obsessive about the family unit, being "family friendly", protecting the precious childrens as much as possible, and reinforcing "healthy thinking". It's based on protestant "stoic" culture. Anything they deem "degenerate" gets purged. They were book burners. They only see media as tolerable fluff, ideological, or subversive. It must be "realist". 99% of otaku media would either be entirely unacceptable or need extreme changes to fit their standards. If you don't love and embrace "degeneracy", you're not an otaku.

Harem shows? Disgusting, a proper relationship has one man and woman. Anti-war message? Defeatist, unpatriotic. Moster Girls? Degenerate, give them a prison scentence and rededucation. Horror? Decadent trash. CGDCT? Peodphilic and juvenile. Mecha? Must only have burly men fighting for the good of the state. Loli??? At best chemical castration, at worst execution.
>> No. 34106 [Edit]
>no society of that era would appreciate that anyway
Why do you think things changed? Otaku media thrives when the majority populace and government is apathetic towards it. Even if it's not endorsed, is must be tolerated to thrive. In the states we just siphon off of Japan. The tolerance here is enough for that at least. A Nazi state would have tons of internet firewalls, or a seperate network altogether. The populace would never got the chance to learn about otaku medai either.
>> No. 34107 [Edit]
>They're obsessive about the family unit, being "family friendly", protecting the precious childrens as much as possible, and reinforcing "healthy thinking". It's based on protestant "stoic" culture. Anything they deem "degenerate" gets purged.

So a lot like the rest of the world at the time then? I wouldn't go comparing 1930s Germany to the modern west while forgetting what the west itself was like at the time.

>If you don't love and embrace "degeneracy", you're not an otaku.

There are many different kinds of Otaku culture, you can't go around making such bold and idiotic claims as that.

>Harem shows? Disgusting, a proper relationship has one man and woman. Anti-war message? Defeatist, unpatriotic. Moster Girls? Degenerate, give them a prison scentence and rededucation. Horror? Decadent trash. CGDCT? Peodphilic and juvenile. Mecha? Must only have burly men fighting for the good of the state. Loli??? At best chemical castration, at worst execution.

Again, you really seem to be forgetting what the rest of the world was like at the time. Britain wasn't likely to be accommodating of loli either. But funnily enough, Nazi Germany actually would be more likely to accommodate that and mosnster girls because of the culture of mythological revisionism and love for art and the esoteric in general.
>> No. 34108 [Edit]
>So a lot like the rest of the world at the time then?
No. They were more extreme. Their book burning was far more extensive than anyone else's. Again, why do you think things changed?
>There are many different kinds of Otaku culture
Not in the western usage of the word. "Otaku", as in someone who loves that subection of Japanese pop-culture, embraces it.
>love for art and the esoteric
They burned 20,000 books from their Institute of Sex Research. Here's some of their list of burning criteria. Ask yourself how much otaku media fits the bill.
>Pacifist literature
>All historical writings whose purpose is to denigrate the origin, the spirit and the culture of the German Volk, or to dissolve the racial and structural order of the Volk, or that denies the force and importance of leading historical figures in favor of egalitarianism and the masses, and which seeks to drag them through the mud
>Writings on sexuality and sexual education which serve the egocentric pleasure of the individual and thus, completely destroy the principles of race and Volk
>Popular entertainment literature that depicts life and life's goals in a superficial, unrealistic and sickly sweet manner
>> No. 34109 [Edit]
Also, why are we comparing?
>So a lot like the rest of the world at the time then?
Not the point. Nazism's standards were state mandated while in the states it was more cultural. There never was a legal standing for fiction censorsihip in the states after the constitution was written. That doesn't matter though. A super conservative, bible thumping, born again Chistian, or somebody who agrees with all EU and UN policies and inclinations 100% also can't be an otaku without massive amounts of double think, hypocrisy, or being a fake in one or both.

Post edited on 15th Feb 2020, 5:01pm
>> No. 34110 [Edit]
They were a reactionary movement who hated the Jewish, of course they would act in that way.

>Not in the western usage of the word. "Otaku", as in someone who loves that subection of Japanese pop-culture, embraces it.

I don't particularly care for that but even within the western usage it's not true, you can love Japanese media and not be a degenerate, you can hate it and be a degenerate.

>They burned 20,000 books from their Institute of Sex Research. Here's some of their list of burning criteria. Ask yourself how much otaku media fits the bill.

Again, not all Otaku culture is what you think it to be, but also, you have to understand what Germany was prior to the Nazi's taking power. Much of it was quite degenerate, the Nazi party was in large part a reaction to that. Britain and many other places had laws in place that would have prevented such books being published in the first place.
>> No. 34111 [Edit]
>There never was a legal standing for fiction censorsihip in the states after the constitution was written.

>A super conservative, bible thumping, born again Chistian, or somebody who agrees with all EU and UN policies and inclinations 100% also can't be an otaku without massive amounts of double think, hypocrisy, or being a fake in one or both.

Again, why?
>> No. 34112 [Edit]
File 158181669770.jpg - (83.79KB , 850x672 , __hatsune_miku_vocaloid_drawn_by_chio_akiciou__sam.jpg )
Is a word for normalfags, and making jokes. It is defined by normalfags. It's shorthand for an entire concept, something which strongly goes against societal taboos and norms. To some, candle wax bdsm is degenerate, to others it's not. The entire concept is something which I believe a real otaku has to transcend. Embrace what other people find "degenerate" because you don't care what they think. Otaku don't share their nonsensical values. Instead they prioritize the artist/creator and their unlimited freedom. I'm not aroused by guro, I don't seek it out, but I love it. I love it for existing. I love where it's coming from. I'll never dislike something because it is "degenerate".

This mindset is impossible for nazis, or christians or libtards, or secular conservatives, or traditionalists, or luddites, or any of that other bullshit. You can't "modernize" Nazism without castrating it and watering it down, like Christianity. Nazism would be harder though it it's state mandated. Thankfully the States wasn't made into a theocracy.

Unconstitutional. Yeah it existed, but it was a grievous violation.
I believe a real Otaku cannot be a normalfag.

Post edited on 15th Feb 2020, 5:33pm
>> No. 34113 [Edit]
Normalfag is a word for normalfags.

Again, your personal view of Otaku is different from what Otaku actually is, you can hate some aspects of it and still be an Otaku. It's not some hippy freedom movement.

>Unconstitutional. Yeah it existed, but it was a grievous violation.

Whether it's constitutional or not is irrelevant, it existed and it was enforced.
>> No. 34114 [Edit]
>some hippy freedom movement
That has nothing to do with 2-d. Nothing. You don't understand anything. I wonder why you're not on /a/ or something complaining about moe or whatever it is that you hate.
>it was enforced
By idiot judges before being ruled unconstitutional state by state. A "Nazi constitution" would fully support it.

Post edited on 15th Feb 2020, 5:57pm
>> No. 34115 [Edit]
I like moe though? But I could hate it and still be an Otaku.

It's you that doesn't understand anything, you are turning something into a political movement that was never one to begin with, it's just media made to suit varying taste in a country that allows that kind of thing. To think that all Otaku must like all media within that spectrum is absurd.

Most obscenity laws were removed eventually, such is the passage of time. But I don't think this law actually has been removed, just applied less and less.
>> No. 34116 [Edit]
>in a country that allows that kind of thing
>all Otaku must like all media
It's not about like or dislike. It's not about personal enjoyment. It's about acceptance. You have to accept everything in that spectrum of 2-d media. You can't have a moral crusade against any part of it and be an otaku. You're saying the same thing without realizing it. What do you mean by "allows"? What do you think "allows" looks like? What is different about the states and how it "allows" things? Why does the states not produce anything like it in such bulk?

What i'm trying to do is define these things. Nazism doesn't fit.
>> No. 34117 [Edit]
>It's not about like or dislike.

It is.

>You have to accept everything in that spectrum of 2-d media.

No, you don't.

>You can't have a moral crusade against any part of it and be an otaku.

You can.

Otaku are not all the same, they have varying interests, beliefs and morals. It is not a movement.
>> No. 34118 [Edit]
File 158181955576.jpg - (98.35KB , 850x580 , __hk416_and_g11_girls_frontline_drawn_by_aamond__s.jpg )
Otaku media started as a cottage industry. Otaku were the producers, they were the creators and artists. To a large extent, they still are. They still produce so much. They do it in harmony with minimum conflict. So productive and free compared to everyone else. Why? How was it possible? Because of what i'm talking about. Because of the mindset I described. Nazis, christians, anybody like them, could never do the same. Never. They would never come together and form a similar enviroment that makes comparable content because they don't have the otaku mindset.

Post edited on 15th Feb 2020, 6:21pm
>> No. 34119 [Edit]
That's because they work with like-minded people and because of the culture of Japan. The Japanese tend to keep to themselves and not be that aggressive towards one one another even when they oppose the other's values. They rarely say what they think if it will lead to conflict.

>Nazis, christians, anybody like them, could never do the same. Never.

Yet there are Christians that create Otaku culture.

>They would never come together and form a similar enviroment that makes comparable content because they don't have the otaku mindset.

I have said it before and I will say it again, it is NOT a movement. They do NOT come together. Like you said yourself, it's a cottage industry. It's a bunch of small groups or even individuals creating separate things in separate places for often separate audiences. Zun isn't going to work on a guro hentai VN with someone, he has even said that he doesn't like characters to be sexualised, so is he not an Otaku? He is making a completely separate piece of media.
>> No. 34120 [Edit]
File 158182132323.jpg - (144.90KB , 850x648 , __mutsu_azur_lane_drawn_by_happymonk__sample-ad8c4.jpg )
>The Japanese tend to keep to themselves and not be that aggressive towards one one another even when they oppose the other's values
I consider that acceptance.
>Yet there are Christians that create Otaku culture.
Examples please.
>he has even said that he doesn't like characters to be sexualised
Does he ever actively try to stop people from sexualizing characters? Does he ever say people who do it are evil or degenerate or should be ashamed? If no, that's acceptance.

Not being accepting is essnetial to being a real Nazi or Christian. They can't be otaku, without massive amounts of double think, hypocrisy, or being a fake in one or both. This acceptance essential to being an otaku. I consider it a movement. Making groups, doujins circles, producing whatever you feel like and not getting in each others' way. That's a movement to me, and I like it.
>> No. 34121 [Edit]

I can't think of any Christian ones off the top of my head, but I know there were some, I'm not going to waste time looking form them.

>Does he ever actively try to stop people from sexualizing characters?

How could he? He asked for people not to but he can't do more than that. It's not possible and even if it was it would not make him many friends.

>Does he ever say people who do it are evil or degenerate or should be ashamed?

I don't remember but I would doubt it, few people would to begin with, let alone in Japan. Again, it would not make him friends.

>If no, that's acceptance.

No it's not. You don't have to go out of your way to do something like that to not accept something.

Again, your idea of Otaku culture is skewed. Acceptance and Otaku have nothing to do with each other.

>Making groups, doujins circles, producing whatever you feel like and not getting in each others' way. That's a movement to me, and I like it.

That's basically how all societies work. It doesn't mean that these groups approve of each other.
>> No. 34122 [Edit]
>How could he?
Suing people. Causing a media ruckus. Complaining to people with authority, Getting other people to complain about it. Start a whole compaign against 2-d pornography. People find many ways in the west.
>few people would to begin with
There's tons of people in the west who do.
>That's basically how all societies work
No. Where's the doujin circles? Where's the constant stream of loli doujin? Where's our proper comiket? Why does the media get into a hoopla about anything offensive? Why are there so many western "otaku" crusading against things?
>You don't have to go out of your way to do something like that to not accept something.
>Accept: to endure without protest or reaction

It doesn't matter whether they say it. It's what I see. Acceptance and otaku have everything to do with each other. Those supposed "Christians" you're talking about, probably have massive amounts of double think, hypocrisy, or are fake in one or both. Waving your hands and calling it inexplicable cultural magic is just refusing to take a closer look and do some analysis, make connections and conclusions.
>> No. 34123 [Edit]
You can;t sue people for drawing your characters being lewd... All he can do is prevent people from using his franchise to make money which he does. As for the rest, it's just dumb. He is a content creator, he is not going to want to do something that angers so many of the people that consume his content, and as I said, the Japanese tend not to do that in the first place.

>There's tons of people in the west who do.

Not many content creators. Unless they think it can get them views and popularity(such as with supporting gays ans the like).

>No. Where's the doujin circles? Where's the constant stream of loli doujin? Where's our proper comiket?

What you are speaking of is the degree and kind, the fact that people are forming groups to create things is not a novel concept or unique to Japan. The Doujin culture is based on other factors unrelated to loli laws and the like, many doujin creators don't even create Loli and there are still many western 'artists' that do. We still have anime festivals and the like, they are just bad, but that has nothing to do with any of the factors you mention.

>Why are there so many western "otaku" crusading against things?

Because they can and because that is what westerners do. As I said the Japanese don;t like creating conflict. Just look at this thread, what have we been doing? Crusading and creating conflict. So are you not an Otaku by your very own logic?>>34122

>Accept: to endure without protest or reaction

>a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something.

Like what ZUN did?

You are delusional and I don't feel like continuing this. But I will leave you with this. You can't just go around manipulating Otaku culture into a box to fit into whatever political ideology you happen to have, you are no better that the Nazis and Christians that you claim are hypocrites and have double think. You think it's just them constricting Otaku culture and turning it into things it isn't, you think it's you that is championing it's freedom, but it's you that is restraining it and moulding it to political ideologies in the process, you are the same as them. The People that make and consume Otaku culture are all humans, they all have different ideas, beliefs and Values, some will align with your own, some won't.
>> No. 34124 [Edit]
Tolerate is another word for it. The last thing I think when I think Nazi is tolerant.
>> No. 34125 [Edit]
I don't know how much I agree with the whole argument about the meaning of otaku, aside from the fact that I think anyone who crusades against an aspect of 2D media is a big homo. But I don't know how anyone could think that otaku media would ever be legal in a society along the lines of nazi germany, let alone accepted. I admire Nazi Germany, but I could never live there.

Post edited on 15th Feb 2020, 8:29pm
>> No. 34126 [Edit]
File 158186108254.jpg - (103.70KB , 850x478 , __bismarck_warship_girls_r_drawn_by_xing_muhen__sa.jpg )
>which he does
How so? People sell porn based on his characters all the time, for money. It is dumb, but here we are with games not being sold because it would offend some.
>that has nothing to do with any of the factors you mention
It does. If the mindset I'm talking about was very common in the west, I think the west would be producing far more of that type of content.
>the japanese tend
>Because they can and because that is what westerners do.
It's not magic. "That's just what they do" is not an explanation. People do things because of their mindset. You can't seperate actions from mindset. You can tell what a person's mindset is from their actions. I'm explaining the mindset. You're pretending it doesn't exist. They don't have to be a hivemind to have a similar mindset.
>You can't just go around manipulating Otaku culture into a box to fit into whatever political ideology you happen to have
What is my political ideology exactly? Your initial question was stupid and the answer is obvious to anybody who makes similar connections to what I do, even if it's implicitly, like >>34125. 1930's culture changed and melted down because the ideology supporting it, protestant Christianity, also weakened. Legally, Christianity didn't have enough standing to strongly endure, not in the most influential countries(US). Nazism has all of that shit embedded into it and would be very strongly supported in a Nation carrying it. It would be taught in every school. That "1930's mindset" would endure in a Nazi state. That mindset is obviously incompatible with the tolerance necessary for a thriving otaku culture.

Post edited on 16th Feb 2020, 10:35am
>> No. 34127 [Edit]
>How so? People sell porn based on his characters all the time, for money.

This is hilarious, you had no idea about the Doujin culture all along, even after bringing it up all the time. No publisher targets that, they would be mad too. I doubt it would even be worth the effort it would take either. Not to mention the huge shock-waves that would have and the resulting back lash to him it would cause. he would be public enemy number 1. Use your head man.
>> No. 34128 [Edit]
>All he can do is prevent people from using his franchise to make money which he does
>which he does
How so? Answer the question.
>they would be mad too
>public enemy number 1
And yet that kind of control has been imposed on people in the west for decades. Only the internet has given people more freedom in this area. I am mad about it, and yet it still happens. There still isn't as much freedom. Look at what steam does. Nearly every analogous platform for user content has many restrictions in the west. Nobody is raising their pitch forks. We're supposed to be the confrontational ones. If they're as passive as you say, what would they do, huh?

Post edited on 16th Feb 2020, 6:17pm
>> No. 34129 [Edit]
File 158190242761.png - (670.56KB , 1280x720 , KILL la KILL - 05 [BD 720p HEVC OPUS] [2A7DA17E]_m.png )
Oh jesus christ, I just said I didn't like American attitudes towards other countries cultures and this is what happens? People are so fucking eager to jump into arguments all the fucking time. Why? My original vent was about how some people have to make everything political and turn it into a culture war. I want to read what other people had to say, take it to fucking /tat/ or fuck off.
>> No. 34200 [Edit]
File 158320189197.jpg - (1.04MB , 773x1205 , __midou_miko_injuu_gakuen_la_blue_girl_drawn_by_ri.jpg )
I miss cel animation. Those thick lines and dark shadows and loud colors. That feeling it gives you. And orchestral soundtracks. I wish those were more common. Trumpets and violins blaring.

Post edited on 2nd Mar 2020, 6:19pm
>> No. 34201 [Edit]
yea cel animation was the peak.In a strange way the availability and ease of use of technolohy later on lowered the quality of the artists work.older manga too have that particular feel that i cant find anymore.
>> No. 34204 [Edit]
>cel animation
Funny, I was thinking about making a thread for it.
>> No. 34207 [Edit]
File 158324340215.jpg - (65.93KB , 605x497 , __belldandy_aa_megami_sama__9a3774d08a684d014b0fbb.jpg )
Please do. I like it, but I know very little on it.

Post edited on 3rd Mar 2020, 5:50am
>> No. 34208 [Edit]
I love cel animation. I prefer it much for than the digital animation we have now. I also love the type of shading done back then and the darker colors. I'm not going to go about nu-anime vs old-anime but I really felt like anime back then was more organic and pleasing to the eyes.
>> No. 34209 [Edit]
There's been some great orchestral soundtracks every so often.
>> No. 34210 [Edit]
My browser doesn't support flash.
>> No. 34211 [Edit]
I didn't think you needed flash for that, but there's this if you prefer. It's from G-Reco.

Post edited on 3rd Mar 2020, 9:26pm
>> No. 34223 [Edit]
File 158381091596.png - (901.98KB , 640x480 , __dejiko_di_gi_charat__8c60a5856d1f76b50869bf43b18.png )
Probably mentioned dozens of times, but I hate being around normalfags in any of my hobbies. I usually steer far away from normalfag spaces, roaming around obscure fourms where only the most autistic hang around, smaller imageboards & textboards, and other niche places. However, I have been seeing quite the number of posts that exhibit normalfag behavior. For example, I recently saw a post on one smaller imageboard talking about there being so many cute "waifus". Another post was bashing others, calling anime other than entry level garbage 'creepy' and 'pedophilic'.

While I am not really concerned over this, it really gets annoying to see these kind of people intriflate spaces where they do not belong. I don't understand why normals come onto sites where they do not belong. There are so many places for normals to congregate and still be 'edgy and hardcore'. Places like 4um, reddit, discord, and various other places are where most of them are and where they should stay. Places like those are where vernacular is bastardized and where nobody respects culture.

Remember to always report and bully people who dont respect otaku culture or outs themselves as a newfag. Allowing them to come in to our communities will only attract more of them.
>> No. 34224 [Edit]
The internet is just too accessible. Whenever there is a low concentration of normalfags, they will eventually, in their random travels, end up, places they don't belong. And they'll stay unless kicked out. How do you feel about the current state of tohno-chan? Good bad? I'm only curious and have no intention of turning this into a meta-discussion.
>> No. 34225 [Edit]
I began watching Age of Empires II matches on youtube after the definitive edition came out because, unbeknownst to my clueless self, there's a sizeable community and tournaments. It's really enjoyable, but I've also had to experience the Twitch userbase: it's awful. The users parrot, spam "memes" and phrases, and engage in banal behavior that's tedious. E-motes are obnoxious, and the faggotry is nearly deadly. I try to focus purely on the match and the, surprisingly good, commentary (where applicable), but the chatbox is a dynamic component so I will, unfortunately, take a glance at it from time to time. I don't know how anybody can enjoy that garbage.
P.S. I am very happy that AoE2 is still going strong. I dumped so many hours into it in my formative years. I just wish III was a bit more popular.

>The internet is just too accessible.
Time to move to a different protocol? I wonder if Gopher would be viable.
>> No. 34226 [Edit]
>Time to move to a different protocol?
I'm optimistic about safenet, but I can understand why others would be less so.

Post edited on 10th Mar 2020, 6:17am
>> No. 34227 [Edit]
>Age of Empires
I remember playing it for the first time back in ~99.To be honest i never liked it.I found it really tedious and boring.After some point it gers so repetitive that its mindbogling.Most of its appeal is that it was the "first".And they are still milking it-that just goes to show how creatively bunkrupt they are.
Stronghold on the other hand-now that game is fucking amazing.Levels of /comfy/ never seen before.
and the walls are actual walls
>> No. 34228 [Edit]
I mean at stronghold you have to use strategy.No matter what huge army you throw at the enemy castle,you are gonna lose if you just rush them.On aoe if you just spam the strongest units you win-no strategy no tactics-nothing.not even moats.The first time i took an enemy castle by moving cleverly and finding an opening in the defences i was ecstatic.That kind of feel is missing from aoe.Even the battle for Weskek is more strategic than aoe.Checkers is more strategic than aoe.Going to the bathroom requires more strategy than playing aoe.
I dont mean to insult you but i can see why normals still like it.
>> No. 34229 [Edit]
Not the other person but I think it's precisely because of that that it is not as popular online as AOE2 is now. It doesn't have the meta and strategy just gets in the way, look at LoL, it's immensely popular but it's basically AoE but only controlling one unit. it's incredibly simple mechanically and that's why people like it.
>> No. 34231 [Edit]
Yeah i agree i was just ranting about how i dont like it.Stronghold lost its online popularity because it had some pretty serious problems in its multiplayer mechanics that were abused and made the game tragically bad.If you look at multiplayer games you ll see that literally everyone is doing exactly the same thing.That got old pretty fast.Personally im not a huge fan of online multiplayer but there are some games that are/were popular and had an element of strategy in them maybe Total Annihilation/Planetary Annihilation and Starcraft.But as far as castle siege/mediaval warfare goes i think that aoe is pretty bad.I think that i will go as far as saying that it is worse than Empire Earth 2. I mean at EE at least you had hilarious situations were you were fighting archers with tanks.Then of course i discovered that Japan made games,too and i never looked backed.
And since i brought japan up,have they made any interesting strategy games?
>> No. 34232 [Edit]
>Another post was bashing others, calling anime other than entry level garbage 'creepy' and 'pedophilic'.
For some reason I've wanted to get into an argument with someone who thinks like this lately. Sometimes my idle thoughts imagine this argument and come up with things I'd want to yell at them with. It would probably be a waste of time, though.
>> No. 34233 [Edit]
They are people that think internet is serious business and they dont want you there because you are making them look bad.They cant be discussing the latest social issues in a place with anime pics!Hence the whole anti-anime crusade in the imageboards in the past few years.And if you pay close attention you ll see that they are the same people that flooded in and took over-with the blessings of the mods.Dont even bother,they are not interested in discussing anything they want to drive you out plain and simple.
Lately,in the past year, in a small-ish imageboard i used to visit, they made their appearencce.When i saw people bashing others because they used anime pictures in their posts,my blood pressure rose so high that i thought i was gonna have a stroke.Yet another place gone...and it was a fkng anime themed imageboard ffs.
>> No. 34235 [Edit]
I cannot imagine showing that to the common user--even an imageboard user--and getting a good response. Which is why, even though I suggested it in the first place, moving to an alternative web is a dream.

You're wrong, friend. I'll even go as far to say that you're ignorant of AoE2. Having the strongest units doesn't win you the game. If that were the case, units like elephants would be dominant, but they aren't. They're expensive and slow. Pikemen, who cost no gold--a very precious resource, can be easily massed and destroy elephants. Indeed, even the mighty paladin isn't always a wise choice because, once again, pikemen are an effective counter. And then there's monks! But here's a great thing: that's not always the case. If you have knights fight un-upgraded pikemen/spearmen, their natural counter is ineffective. Further, you're assuming a player can even tech into strong units. Getting high-tier knights or elephants is an expensive process, and it takes time too: time and resources that could be spent on producing units or researching other technologies. Hell, one strong unit for a faction might be unattainable or is weak in another. I've only been elaborating about this one misconception, but it perfectly illustrates why you're incorrect and very ignorant: this concept alone shows a lot of depth that you're overlooking. If you think I'm lying or don't know that I'm talking about, I recommend researching this stuff. It's interesting.
With respect to Stronghold, it's a fun game, but it's not something that scratches the RTS itch for me. It doesn't even have unit formations! Comparing the two games is not a good idea because one is a traditional RTS first-and-foremost that uses the medieval period as its base, and the other is castle management and a different kind of RTS.
>I dont mean to insult you
I don't see the point in saying this when you very much did intend to do that; otherwise you wouldn't have typed the things you did.
>> No. 34236 [Edit]
No anon you are incorrect,when im talking about strategy im talking about how you have to position your troops in order to attack a castle and avoid the defences and find an opening.In that respect aoe is trash.
Its a fun game but its not a strategy game.The walls are a joke and there are no defences.I might have oversimplified things a little regarding the units but it doesnt change a thing.Even in pokemon you must know what types can attack other types,does that mean that pokemon is a good strategy game?There are units that are extremely buffed and if you rush them you can btfo anybody.I have actually played and seen other people play.On the formation that you say is missing, what are you gonna form on aoe?your 50 units?Let me laugh.At least on stronghold you can have up to thousands of units.
Its a fun game and you can like it all you want,my rant was that its not a strategy game.
ALso when i said i didnt want to insult you i meant i didnt want to bundle you with normals.
>> No. 34237 [Edit]
>No anon you are incorrect,when im talking about strategy im talking about how you have to position your troops in order to attack a castle and avoid the defences and find an opening.In that respect aoe is trash. Its a fun game but its not a strategy game.
Your definition of a strategy game is unique and narrow, but interestingly enough, AoE2 also meets your requirements! If you have truly watched some games and played the game enough, you would notice that players do indeed do that. Anybody who wants to win isn't going to position and move their troops under a castle or town center's arrow fire. (Unless one absolutely has to.) Further, finding openings in an enemy's base is important for raiding and just generally winning a game. Players are always scouting and probing each other. You see it all the time. Just like having multi-prong attacks is another thing you'll see. Having some light cavalry raid your enemy's production areas while your engage in a hot spot is good idea.
With regards to defenses, I'll reiterate: AoEII isn't a castle management game. Defenses are important, but they're just implemented differently.
>There are units that are extremely buffed and if you rush them you can btfo anybody.
Care to give any examples? There are always gong to be issues with balance because RTS games are complex systems, but I can't think any unit that is like this. Maybe a lot of Gothic huskarls?
>On the formation that you say is missing, what are you gonna form on aoe?your 50 units?Let me laugh.At least on stronghold you can have up to thousands of units.
One would split them up or stagger them to avoid arrows and catapult shots. This is commonly seen at higher levels of play. Just because there are fewer units, doesn't mean that formations aren't helpful.
>ALso when i said i didnt want to insult you i meant i didnt want to bundle you with normals.
Fair enough, I guess.

It seems to me that your ideal strategy game is one like Stronghold (and Total War?), and therefore you favor that over AoE and friends. That's fine, of course, but to regard Age of Empires II as being devoid of strategy, and thus not an RTS, according to some odd definition is strange.
>> No. 34239 [Edit]
File 158388457485.jpg - (748.16KB , 864x1080 , e13b73afbebb10936eed96ffc4c25b3c.jpg )
>took over-with the blessings of the mods
Why does this happen? Shouldn't the mods be the most angry? A place they built and maintained which grew a community is being invaded and ruined by interlopers, and they don't have a problem with it. How does that make sense? Where's the banhammer avalanche?

>I cannot imagine showing that to the common user--even an imageboard user--and getting a good response.
How come? Is it too technical?
>> No. 34245 [Edit]
>How come? Is it too technical?
It's because I think that installing another application to browse "another web" might be confusing, and the fact that cryptocoin is employed is another aspect I can see the average user being weary of. And even if said stuff doesn't confuse or instill consternation, the willingness to install and use such things is another barrier. And this is just from my cursory knowledge, so please correct me if I'm being foolish.
>> No. 34246 [Edit]
Unfortunately,no matter what the mods thought at that time-and it was to ban them-they did not own the websites.It was a decision made by the owner,at least in the case of 4 that i know of and in the process anybody that didnt agree got the boo here are a lot of archived screencaps showing the whole process,from gtfo to a warm welcome.I dont know and i dont care what happened behind the scenes but it happened and here we are.The only blame that i put on anons is that they were in a crusade of attention-seeking and in the end they managed to even get featured on the news.And in numbers anons were far too few to turn the tide even with self-moderation.
Its was actually pretty surreal,after a point in time to see that the whole inner conflict between groups ,after anons were driven out, was between newcomers.People that had just came were telling others to get out...
One could argue that with the popularity of the internet and content aggregation sites it would have happened sooner or later but who knows...
>> No. 34249 [Edit]
Assuming it works, maybe all these barriers will be a good thing. Higher barrier for entry. If it works, some people will use it, and those people may be of higher quality. That's good enough for me.
>> No. 34251 [Edit]
Games labeled as Real Time Strategy like aoe and its clones(age of mythology,empire earth,red alert etc) Shogun Total War and its sequels,Supreme Commander and the more modern Wargame series all place more importance in strategy than aoe.For example in the wargame series your units defence is dependant on whether they are out in the open or in a forested area.Forests in aoe are cosmetic.Or if you barricade your infantry in a city block you cant take them out so easily(Wargame bonus:tedious resource gathering is removed)Thousands of strong units can get lost if you rush them towards moderately prepared defences in a good strategy game, but in aoe if you get 50~60 of the stronger units you can level the whole map.
I actually had a lot of fun playing aoe in lan back in the day but what i was ranting about was that among its kind aoe is the least strategic and yet it is hailed as one of the bes hats my problem.I fail to see how my definition of strategy is narrow when all its competitors (and their fanbases) enjoy the more complex battle mechanics of other titles than aoe.The fact that the livechats that you mentioned are filled with cancerous-buzzword spewing-kiddies should be a huge red flag as to what is perceived as a good strategy title these days.I know that you know that the biggest marketshare today is reserved for very simplified-mechanics titles targeted at casuals.There are ofc communities with levels of autism never seen before but they are a small chunk.Aoe was succesfull andrecognizable because it was the firs here was literally no competition and back in the day people were getting impressed more easily.Today its still popular because its still recognizable and there are millions of dollars thrown in advertishment and promotion.It hasnt erarned its fame by its merits.
Just like you said, that stronghold didnt quite scratched that itch you had; thats exactly how i felt about it.
>> No. 34253 [Edit]
You continue to ignore my examples of why AoE2 subverts your expectations and supposed experiences; you continue to compare two different (sub-)genres (Wargame doesn't even have an economy aspect that many enjoy in their traditional RTS; thus it must compensate with other mechanics to recover depth, as it should.); you continue to be obtuse and make heavily unsubstantiated, opinionated and odd statements about what and what doesn't constitute strategy; you continue to make claims that I refuted; and you continue to conflate popular with bad. (The latter is as incorrect as saying that because something is popular, it's good.) I could perpetuate this conversation with more examples that militate against your points, but you seem to not be interested in that. Your ostensible objective is to prove to me, and yourself, that AoE2 isn't a good "strategy" game because its undeserved popularity with normalfags and its inability to conform to your personal and specific definition of strategy. (But it does, in fact, conform, you just choose to ignore that.)
And by the way, if a game isn't good or fun, nobody is going to play it. Advertising budget be dammed. The fact that AoE2 continues to be popular despite its age is a testament to its gameplay. MicroSoft hasn't exactly been a good steward of the franchise either.

>Just like you said, that stronghold didnt quite scratched that itch you had; thats exactly how i felt about it.
And that's fine! Just don't make factually incorrect statements about something you don't like.
>> No. 34254 [Edit]
That's the idea, and I too wonder about that. The only way to know for sure is to try it.
>> No. 34258 [Edit]
My point was not to convince anybody about anything.
My first posts were rants about why i dont like aoe and how its treated as the best and i just gave reasons for that.
But guess what stronghold is better
>> No. 34259 [Edit]
De gustibus non est disputandum
>> No. 34260 [Edit]
Initially, I was going to call you a pusillanimous bullshitter by defaulting to an argument about taste, but then I realized that since you used your own personal definition of strategy, it really is mostly about taste. (Though you're not consistent with your application of that definition, but whatever.) So your subsequent posts were trying to drill that into my thick head.
Still, I'm a tad disappointed in you, but maybe you'll change in time. I just hope you won't let normalfags' enjoyment of a game hinder your viewpoint or logic. I raged about the stupidity of Ages' community on Twitch, but in reality, that applies to all of Twitch. Further, the reason for their faggotry is to promote viewership and therefore money; money that goes towards increasing the games' player-base and tournaments. It's fucking annoying, but it's necessary unless the average person changes.
>> No. 34265 [Edit]
I spelt infiltrate wrong, oops.

Tohno chan isn't bad. You'll get some crossposter from 4chan here and now but they usually don't stay due to the slow nature of the board. Posting quality is usually very nice with little to no shitposting. Some people feel that /ot/ is becoming like /so/ and in a way, it is, but it's not too bad. Maybe people are reflecting upon things now because, as I said, our culture is being degraded. We are the minority. Those among smaller boards (except for that chan federation crap but that is another story for another time) are different from those on bigger boards and other websites.

I hope tohno chan remains obscure. When a board population rises it gets worse. The mods here are strict so most likely it wont turn into a hellhole. I cannot say the same for other used to be obscure boards like wizchan and 8kun however.

No use in arguing with others. Always just report and ignore, hide posts if you can. Giving them attention only attracts more of them. Make them feel unwelcome.
>> No. 34266 [Edit]
I can only and I mean only understand disdain for anime posting when it is an avatarfag posting or a ironic animefag posting. You should know by now why avatatfags are looked down upon but with ironic anime fans things become more murky. These people will constantly shitpost and post 'smug anime girls' in a situation where it is unwarranted. It gets extremely annoying and is reminiscent of normalfag behavior.
>> No. 34267 [Edit]
I can only and I mean only understand disdain for anime posting when it is an avatarfag posting or a ironic animefag posting. You should know by now why avatatfags are looked down upon but with ironic anime fans things become more murky. These people will constantly shitpost and post 'smug anime girls' in a situation where it is unwarranted. It gets extremely annoying and is reminiscent of normalfag behavior.
>> No. 34281 [Edit]
There's a derivative of this that I hate even more:
>Whoever: "why do I hear boss music?"

This one is even worse, in my opinion. There's not even any such thing as, "boss music," it's just the soundtrack becoming more intense. At least, though annoying and uncreative, the "nobody: " thing conveys how unexpected something is, this one genuinely makes no sense because there's no such as "boss music."
>> No. 34282 [Edit]
"Boss theme", as a convention absolutely exists. I have no idea what you mean. Those kinds of posts are definitely annoying but I can't agree on that. It's not an identifiable genre but it's a usage convention.
>> No. 34283 [Edit]
Ummmm... I never considered theme music when looking at those posts. I always just saw boss music. I feel a bit silly now. Still, diction is important. Saying, "Bowser's Theme," is very different from, "the boss music."

Post edited on 13th Mar 2020, 3:12pm
>> No. 34284 [Edit]
In rpgs, character have different themes for story events and battles. Kefka's theme? Which one? Oh, his boss music.
>> No. 34285 [Edit]
Yeah, I understand. It clearly just never clicked with me that that's what was meant.
>> No. 34288 [Edit]
I see where the confusion was now. I never thought it could be read like that but I can see how now.
>> No. 34297 [Edit]
File 158419637876.jpg - (153.06KB , 850x1274 , __artoria_pendragon_and_saber_alter_fate_and_1_mor.jpg )
Celebrity culture in general. I don't follow any of the real world shit, but I can't help but be confronted with the e-celeb variety every so often. People empathize with and give a free-pass to e-celebs when if somebody they didn't care about did the same thing, they would not. Take Demolition D for example(he just uploaded something new). I like the guy as a video-maker, I think he's funny. I don't know him personally though and I have no reason to care about his personal issues.

Everybody else who likes his videos seems to see things the opposite way. Any time he's mentioned people start expressing their sympathies and whatever. "Hope he gets better" "I just want you to know we love you" "What a shame, very sad" "he doesn't owe us anything, I support him". On a stream a while back, he explained why he stopped making videos. To sum it up, he doesn't want to make money off his videos unless a company is giving it to him. He only wants money from his fans if they're buying his book. I thought to myself, why? Why not take money wherever you can get it?

He also gave a sob story about how his dad is killing himself slaving away at some shitty job to financially support his 3DPD and HER son, so he feels so bad for him. I thought, if he doesn't want to make money from his videos for his own sake, why not for his dad's?

The thing is, not everybody could make money like that. There's plenty of people with shittier circumstances, who do not have a sizable fanbase, and who could not get one. Most people aren't funny enough, or good enough writers in general, or can't edit videos. Or they came too late when things were already too saturated, unlike him. Lots of people tried to make videos and failed to get any recognition. Even with his book, how would he know if somebody is buying it just because they know him from his videos, or because they blindly found his book and are interested? Even it it's really good, there's tons of great self-published authors who don't have that advantage. So it's not a "pure" source of income either.

From a logical standpoint, there's no reason to empathise with the guy. I don't know him, and his actions are completely irrational and stupid. Nobody feels bad for Joe Schmoes with worse circumstances that had way less opportunity to fix their problems. They only care because they like him from his videos.
>> No. 34299 [Edit]
That's a bit harsh... I could hardly care less about e celebs, much less IRL ones, but I wouldn't discount someone's suffering purely because they are one. I suppose it's rational to judge everyone's personal circumstances by what they could be doing to improve their quality of life, but that seems a rather tenuous position to hold; by any measure, there's nothing that anyone couldn't do to better themselves. Likewise, it would seem rather hypocritical to believe that, especially if you at all empathize and/or fraternize with NEETs or people with mental disorders. Perhaps you don't, but I find that hard to believe given you're posting here of all places... I also don't really get your point about earning money by any means. Sure, by virtue of Demo's audience he has the capacity to earn far more money than he does, but if he has personal beliefs about how he should go about earning money, then why fault him? I agree that there's definitely a pragmatic argument to make, though. Maybe you're arguing from the perspective that Demo seems naive or begging for sympathy somehow, but I don't really see that. Of all the people you could be complaining about, Demo seems the most innocuous as far as online personalities go. I don't follow drama, but apparently the teens hate boogie now or something? Something about paying for healthcare and lying by omission to illicit sympathy, but I don't know, nor do I really care to learn.

Anyways, I just like Demo for his videos and wish he would upload more often. I've heard stuff about his personal life, but it's moreso come off as venting than crying for sympathy from what I've heard. Knowing those things doesn't really color my opinion of him, though.

To the crux of your argument, that pity and well-wishers only comes to those more fortunate, however, I would have to agree. It makes me more sad than angry, though. Albeit, I'd consider myself an empathetic person to a fault, so maybe I'm not the best person to be responding anyways...
>> No. 34319 [Edit]
File 158457013910.jpg - (831.88KB , 1785x2624 , 1584132640209.jpg )
>why fault him?
I don't really. I'm not upset at or have much of any negative feelings towards him. I don't understand sympathizing with him as a person who only enjoyed his videos though. Aside from not having any kind of personal relationship with him, I also can't feel sorry for him as a victim of something. That's all.

no clue who that is.

>especially if you at all empathize and/or fraternize with NEETs or people with mental disorders
I see this sentiment a lot. To be earnest, I don't really empathize with anybody a whole lot. I can't help how I feel.

Post edited on 18th Mar 2020, 3:23pm
>> No. 34405 [Edit]
File 158534339962.jpg - (17.38KB , 236x337 , 1585004267370.jpg )
People who think reading about history or politics makes them sophisticated and intellectual. They feel important because they know trivial shit about people who were "important". It's lame and they're no more impressive than those people who memorize geography facts. Some of the most obnoxious people I've ever seen online have been historyfags.
>> No. 34407 [Edit]
It's complicated. Humanities are a legitimate thing but at the same time they are rather pointless, I can see why people enjoy them but there are better things of that nature you could spend your time doing.
>> No. 34408 [Edit]
Humanities aren't all bad. Art, literature and languages are interesting to me. It's just people who feel smart because they memorized every dictator and their familty tree that annoy me.
>> No. 34409 [Edit]
Desu I just read about them because it's fun to read about all the weird and stupid shit that caused wars/took place in wars.
>> No. 34411 [Edit]
>they are rather pointless

Can you define "pointless"?
>> No. 34415 [Edit]
File 158541850973.jpg - (349.58KB , 850x600 , sample_6ad72210b9e30ac0893464c66e25266a.jpg )
Different Anon. Here's my two cents. STEM knowledge in integral to our society's current level of development. If most of it was forgotten and lost, society would be reduced to a more primitive state. If most of history, art and culture were forgotten on the other hand, society would be pretty much fine technologically. You could erase Beethoven and Charles Dickens right this instant without all that much changing. Every memory of Robespierre, Pinochet and Hitler too. Erase everything Issac Newton did and we'd be fucked.
>> No. 34416 [Edit]
I think that's a very disconnected view, especially with regards to major world leaders. Political circumstances absolutely affect the circumstances in which people making inventions and discoveries can work within.
>> No. 34417 [Edit]
While those people were in power, they had an impact on things that are actually worth something, but as soon as they're out of office they don't actually matter. Everybody could totally forget about them and nothing would change. The only thing people unfortunately have to pay some attention to are the current circumstances and leaders.
>> No. 34418 [Edit]
That isn't actually possible, because people will have lived through those circumstances and will tell people being born about them. There's still people alive who remember WW2, though not for much longer.
>> No. 34419 [Edit]
File 158542101856.jpg - (161.10KB , 850x776 , __original_drawn_by_kageng__sample-c48184f50a87eb0.jpg )
Possible, not possible. It's besides my point. If magically everybody forgot who Hitler was and all records of who he was an indivudal disappeared, biographies, Mein Kampf, Letters, all of it. It wouldn't matter. Learning about that stuff is "pointless" because that information has no technological value. Same with learning about Newton's personal life. My life wouldn't change at all if nobody had any clue who any of the members of the Nazi party were, or even what WWII or WWI or the Civil War of the Bosnian War was, etc, and nobody cared.
>> No. 34420 [Edit]
Lots of people around the world have huge hangups about World War 2, so assuming the world actually did forget about him somehow, it would be a completely different place.
>> No. 34421 [Edit]
You can't understand a thing from the present without knowing the past. If the past got erased from our minds from one day to another, societies will colapse in a matter of months.
>> No. 34422 [Edit]
Only on a short term basis. Some information is also more important too. We do forget lots of stuff from the past as recently as yesterday. Can you remember every single thing you did last Saturday?
>> No. 34423 [Edit]
Modernity (some aspects of it).
The new Animal Crossing game uses a smartphone(!) as achievement device. I'm not a fan of playing for achievements, and less so on a virtual smartphone. I'm not a fan of smartphones. They are a symbol of informational decadency. A telephone or a diary as achievement script would be just fine. Escapism, as Animal Crossing clearly is, should refrain from using too many realistic objects. I don't play a game to see a reflection.
The other thing is the language used. Some texts in the game are alright with me, even being colloquial (although I'm not used to it), but other things like using both gender forms for one meaning is not very efficient in space and it looks hideous, neutral forms are (much) better.
Those are just little problems which could be improved on.
>> No. 34424 [Edit]
>like using both gender forms for one meaning
I don't think many people know that, in English, it is/was appropriate to use masculine pronouns if the gender is unknown. To see the abuse of plural neutral pronouns is annoying, but as you said, it's a lot less tedious than having to employ both masculine and feminine pronouns in the a futile attempt to obviate outrage from fools.
>> No. 34425 [Edit]
I don't see a problem with using themself. If the sex is vague, the word should also be vague. That actually adds nuance. I don't see the point in convention for convetion's sake if things can be made more convenient and coherent.
>> No. 34426 [Edit]
It's a thing in other languages than English, in my mother language this psychological "language correction" takes place, too. For example, take the word student: in my mother language it's frowned upon(from the so-called independent establishment, you get my point) to just say student/-s, it's more common (nowadays!) to say students and (female form of student)s, or studying (people). It takes away valuable space on paper.

I'm not so sure about "them" as pronoun, as I'm not sure about dealing with the source of this problem as a mass phenomenon(in English common language).
I agree on the part of neutral forms which are nuanced. Many "nuanced", refined words relate to objects which themselves are symbols and so on.

There is the possibility of me playing a game with a cute female protagonist with twintails while the actual player is a bearded male.
Why would the game must make a difference between the player and the protagonist?
>> No. 34505 [Edit]
File 158604459394.jpg - (264.18KB , 635x406 , 9f12992985d9ddc705f78ac44a6b733b.jpg )
I dislike the common notion that art apprecitation isn't a skill that needs to be trained for a person to possess. Many people think anything that's not like math, very clear-cut, can be understood by anybody with zero prior knowledge or experience needed. If the connections needed to understand art just aren't there though, that person wont be able to unless they're a savant or something. Literature, visual arts, music, even food: appreciating them is a skill. A person who never reads any kind of literature will probably not enjoy Dumas, even if they understand the words on the page. A person who's eaten over-cooked shit their whole life will not understand why what an award winning chef makes is better. Same with people who have only listened to what's on popular radio stations, they most likely wont like Bach. Then that person might get the notion in their head that because they didn't see what was good about that piece of art, it has no value and people who say it's good are just snobs.

Post edited on 4th Apr 2020, 5:01pm
>> No. 34506 [Edit]
I hate panic attacks. I hate lying in bed without being able to sleep. I hate lying in bed without being able to get out of it. I hate those shocking sounds I hear at the end of every dream. I hate those physical symptoms the most, I've ALWAYS wanted to remain in some permanent state of calmness(perfection), not pulsating, not breathing, not shaking; mentally there are ways to achieve it, controlling my stream of thoughts, but physically not yet. I just want some rest. I don't like changes, they are proves of decadency.
>> No. 34508 [Edit]
I somehow agree, but sometimes "you don't understand" is just used as an excuse to sell shit, see most modern art.
>> No. 34590 [Edit]
My brain.
I suffer from some sort of massive dyslexia. From time to time it just happens, I can't distinguish left from right, up from down, one sound or one number from another. It's the most frustrating thing ever. I'm trying to learn japanese and because of that it's getting extremely difficult. Any kind of orientation is impossible, driving was a pain and I haven't done it in years. Sometimes I find myself in some place without knowing how I ended there or I get lost while going shopping to the same place I go every week. Also playing videogames can be really hard too because learning any control system becomes a chore. Worse of it is how once learned I can forget it again for no reason at all. The same with everything else. I had the same password for my bank account for 5 years, used it every week and someday I just forgot about it and couldn't remember it again. I regularly forget my phone number and it's the same one I have kept for the last 10 years.
If I could wish for something I would just like to have a normal functioning brain, just that.
>> No. 34593 [Edit]
"modern art" is just an elaborate money laundering scheme.
>> No. 34595 [Edit]
I'd go further and say that appreciation in general is a skill that has to be trained and kept fit. The bored mind proves itself to be incompetent of keeping itself entertained, when actually there are countless interesting topics and questions which can be reflected upon, in rational and in emotional ways. It's therefore a duty to find something to appreciate everyday, that can be pure repetition too. It's the highest duty to keep your mind entertained and to create new ways of thinking, to learn new words, concepts and things, to find something worthy of our observation.
>> No. 34596 [Edit]
What's been annoying me lately is hearing about someone (mainly artists, musicians, etc) who started their career at an early age. They always talk about how talented the person is and how they picked up their creative hobby at like 12-13, but you know what they never talk about? How they grew up. They never mention how their parents were well-educated. Or that they knew fellow artists with enough of a following that, if they liked what the kid made, they could really spread it around and get the kid a wide audience. Or how the kid just had a decent fucking upbringing free of abuse, neglect, and poverty, and full of encouragement and guidance. I guess it's because these things don't make for as fantastic of a story as "super-talented teenage prodigy", or they just don't want you to know that making it young means having your opportunities handed to you.

I'll admit, part of this is envy. Like these artists, I was talented in a sense. I picked up several creative skills in middle school and I wasn't half bad for my age. But unlike these kids, my shitty upbringing didn't afford me the opportunities they had.
>> No. 34623 [Edit]
I was in the market for a cheap but sturdy mouse. I ended up getting a Philips one, but while perusing the general selection of products, I noticed the "gaming" mice: the obnoxious faggotry of the logos and and LEDs. Then again, this is the world where a sound card has LEDs too.
>> No. 34624 [Edit]
File 158716519175.jpg - (23.46KB , 474x474 , download (16).jpg )
>"gaming" mice
Wh-what the fuck is this thing? Is this for humans?
>> No. 34625 [Edit]
>Is this for humans?
No. It's for faggots.
>> No. 34626 [Edit]
I'd imagine buying that thing and taking it out of the box only for the thumb and pinkie rest to start fluttering like the wings of a bug, throw it's scroll wheel out like a tongue at you in a stance of attack, release some nasty fumes and crawl off like a stink bug.
>> No. 34627 [Edit]
File 158717709317.jpg - (84.58KB , 800x533 , download (16).jpg )
The company that made this thing went bankrupt apparently.
>> No. 34628 [Edit]
Secretly, this has to be a mech, right? The company must've been a front for some scheme to conquer the world.
>> No. 34629 [Edit]
There's this feeling I get sometimes, when I saw that picture and read what you said, it made me feel bad for the object as if it were a person with nowhere to belong being ridiculed. Even if the thing was just designed to make money and whoever made it only wanted some fancy bs gamer looking item to market towards whoever is dumb enough to buy it, especially so that it did so poorly that the company is now gone. It's some random object I've never seen before, but it brings thoughts of things that come to exist out of some silly whim or another, and end up existing and dying without breaking out of that silly whim that cast it into the world, forever some dumb gimmicky gaming mouse nobody cares about and thinks is stupid in this case.
>> No. 34630 [Edit]
File 158717894123.jpg - (31.51KB , 640x360 , download (16).jpg )
This is a computer mouse.
>> No. 34631 [Edit]
Of course it's a Kickstarter project:
>> No. 34634 [Edit]
It looks like a melted Game Boy Color.
>> No. 34639 [Edit]
English words are getting more and more common in newer anime, it's hideous.
At this pace in a few decades japanese will be an English dialect, "nihonics" maybe.
>> No. 34640 [Edit]
While it seems that specialized kanji is generally being replaced by the katana-ized equivalents as well, I don't see JP officially reducing the joyo kanji set any time soon. I'm not sure if they currently recognize ra-nuki kotoba, even though it has clear benefits in concision and avoiding ambiguity.
>> No. 34644 [Edit]
File 158742929786.jpg - (18.64KB , 492x369 , img_5233.jpg )
This book mentions that the japanese are already basically illiterate enough that they can't read their own old works.
>> No. 34645 [Edit]
Well, the same could be said about Old English and the like.
>> No. 34648 [Edit]
It's different, the letters and some of the wording has changed. In Japanese it seems to be an actual loss of complexity.
>> No. 34649 [Edit]
Can americans read middle english?
>> No. 34650 [Edit]
I remember being in the so-called 'smart' classes in Highschool and when we were 'reading' Shakespeare we either did it through movies or through a 'no-fear Shakespeare' modern English transliterated version.
I'd imagine with Japanese the biggest problem would be the inability to read kanji that have fallen out of use. That's hardly to say that Japanese is suddenly becoming an English dialect though, at least from what I've seen.
>> No. 34651 [Edit]
I think you're understating the changes. In Old English, The order of words isn't fixed; grammar is quite different; and the vocabulary employed differs as well. However, I'm a layman, and I don't how much of this translates into degradation of complexity. With that said, the effect is the same: inability to read old literature of your language.

With some time spent with it, most native speakers of Modern English wouldn't have too many hassles reading Middle English. That's in contrast with Old English where one would need to rigorously study it.
>> No. 34655 [Edit]
File 158758047110.gif - (1.78MB , 400x279 , 1512844701721.gif )
Literally nobody can read the ancient/older version of his own language without some practice and introduction.Its not just japanese.Apart from languages changing through time via usage,every language had forced changes leading to simplification in order for the masses to become literate,so more than 10 intellectuals could read and write.I gave a quick read to >>34644 and its not that good.Its just a lot of sensationalism.The complexity that the author claims is being lost comes from another era were 10 people in a whole country could read and write.So you had complexity but nobody could understand it.Hmmmmmmmmmm it really makes you think...
I think her actual problem is that no grear literature is being produced anymore,but that is a totaly different issue and i dont think that forcing students learn obscure characters and shunning foreign words will help that.Also on the foreign words issue; every language takes words from others its how its done for thousands of years.You know just like the japs took the whole chinese alphabet.Why is she so mad about adopting some foreign words?
Also its only asian languages that are cramming english words like there is no tommorow.
Why is that?Because western languages have already been taking words from one another for thousands of years and now it seems like they are their own.Try looking on how many borrowed words english ,for example, have.But the isolation of asian countries prevented that.
But you know, gotta sell some books somehow.
>> No. 34666 [Edit]
Here are some reactions to the book (from the book):
>Mizumura says we must defend the Japanese language. She must be a jingoist who ignores Japan’s imperial past and the way we imposed our language on other Asians.
>She says children must read classics of modern Japanese literature. She must be a hopeless reactionary.
>No, she must be an elitist.
>She says to give special English education to a cadre of chosen people? Then she is definitely an elitist.
>She talks down about contemporary Japanese literature, when even Americans say it’s great!
>Really, who does she think she is, a privileged bilingual preaching to the rest of us Japanese!

And there's this:
>Then, on November 26, 2008, while the controversy was still in full swing, a review came out in the literary arts column of the newspaper Asahi Shim-bun in which, aft er conceding that the book “is large in scope and inspiring,” the columnist voiced comments closely echoing the attacks circulating on the Internet: the book was “virtually indistinguishable from nationalist cries,” “an affirmation of elitism,” and even, said this woman, “just all too macho.” (Asahi Shimbun, it should be noted, is Japan’s closest equivalent to the New York Times or Le Monde.)

I'm going to finish the book, and so my opinion is incomplete, but thus far she seems to want to ensure that Japanese culture, and thus literature, not only survives but flourishes. That and her distaste of English from being forced to move to America is amusing.
>> No. 34669 [Edit]
>being lost comes from another era were 10 people in a whole country could read and write
Are you implying the masses would not have learned it if it had not been simplified?
>> No. 34670 [Edit]
Absolutely yes
Both China and Korea acted that way in their pursuit to bring literacy to high levels.Prior to that the languages were far too complicated or had many different dialects and so standarization and education was next to impossible.And there are a few other countries that simplified/altered their languages for that exact purpose.I am not very familiar with the actions Japan has made on this issue but this >>34644 is evidence that with or without reforms you cannot bring highly complex languages to the masses.If you try people will still learn but only the basics,leaving the more complex volcabulary to become lost.

I mean she loves her language, its only natural and critics are just vultures looking for catchy headlines.
The problem with her ideas is that she misses the whole procedure than even english went through over the years.It is physically impossible for a single language to be complete.That is why languages continually steal from one another since time immemorial.Japan ,due to her isolation in the period when these processes were taking place elsewhere , found herself lacking.
I havent finished the book i just skimmed through it but i intend to read it.
>> No. 34672 [Edit]
That's the entire reason Hangul was invented. Yes.
>> No. 34705 [Edit]
>It is physically impossible for a single language to be complete
I mean sometimes other languages do use English words to be more complete, like with computer terms that didn't exist before(even then, it'd be more interesting what different languages could come up with like the french "logiciel" for software).
But also very often they are replacing already existing words, with people throwing english words in to be trendy or simply as an act of laziness since everyone will understand them anyway. It's a clear deterioration, it's occurring in most of the world and it is strictly due to the overwhelming cultural dominance of the US.
>> No. 34706 [Edit]
Here, the population tends to use english words meaning things completely different than what they are supposed to mean.
>> No. 34707 [Edit]
Just to be cool?
>> No. 34710 [Edit]
File 158765809944.jpg - (102.60KB , 691x500 , __original_drawn_by_momiji_mao__0d591da10557f1cbfa.jpg )
The taste of cooked salmon reminds me of old people and death. I like it raw or smoked though.
>> No. 34723 [Edit]
File 158776017071.jpg - (154.00KB , 850x1069 , __mizuhashi_parsee_touhou_drawn_by_hisha_kan_moko_.jpg )
Zero, a freelance translator who was working on a Maron Maron CG, retired from doing porn about a year ago mid-way through the job she was paid for. I just learned they're apparenty "non-binary"(obvious women) and live with their "non-binary" Japanese partner(obvious man) in Chiba. Also, now that she's gone official, she retweets anti-piracy shit despite having uploaded plenty of stuff to exhentai. It's the little things that really dig into your sides and bring on those harsh emotions.

Post edited on 24th Apr 2020, 1:29pm
>> No. 34895 [Edit]
File 158859408370.jpg - (194.96KB , 1000x710 , 3768fd75c38083226f4d02f1b0523b69.jpg )
Lately I've been thinking about switching over to linux from windows because I don't like microsoft being able to spy on me and am worried about the direction they may take things. I decided against it. Many people have said linux could work as a drop in replacement for windows. There's no good reason to use windows, etc. The more I learned about linux though, the more unappealing it became because of its basic development philosophy. The thing is, windows is optimal for being able to easily install random pieces of obscure, unmaintained software from 10+ years ago you find on the internet, which is my number one priority.

Yes, wine can run some .exe software well and plenty of others with limited success. However, there is no equivalent to .exe in linux. It doesn't have its own version that works the same because the way files are treated is different. It treats every as text files with different file permissions you would have to change in a command line to get to execute or something like that. Different developers make it so that you'd have to do different thing to get their software to execute. For a nontechnical user, this is much harder than just having the extension determine that. Yes, there's package managers, but that's just a band-aid because it can't possibly have EVERYTHING. Can software developed for debian 6 and has not been updated run on debian 9? Not only that, but software made for one distro might not work on another, which is just revolting to me. Other than that, I hate software centralization in general, especially steam. The .exe experience is central to what makes windows appealing to me, and linux just doesn't have its own version.

When I looked into how other non-tech people felt about file permissions, I found a thread where people suggested to somebody who couldn't figure out how to set-up a printer, to pick up books about how it works under the hood. Could you imagine an average person doing that? Something like Sayonara wo Oshiete, a bit of software from 2001, will still work on windows 10. I checked the website, I don't think they had to change anything.

When pretentious, techie people say linux is the perfect replacement, that's completely disingenuous. From what I gathered, linux is about security and being top of line above all else. Windows is about backwards compatibility and seamless usage, a development philosophy that's much more appealing to me. Unix was not designed specifically for a one-user computer used by technically illiterate people, quite the opposite, and I think specialization is better than generalization. Linux really is different.

Post edited on 4th May 2020, 5:48am
>> No. 34897 [Edit]
Yeah it's a valid complaint. Windows versions sometimes do break things, I can't play queen of heart'98 on windows 10, but for the most part it's not a dependency hellhole like linux. Like having things break because you have somelib-1.02 instead of somelib-1.03 and updating to 1.03 will break other things, but you can't keep both because some environment variables etc, etc. So you try compiling from source but you didn't notice that the dumbass author wrote some necessary steps to get it to compile as an answer to a forum and... it's hell. Windows .exes are nice. Or at least nicer.
>> No. 34898 [Edit]
Thinking you can make a "good enough" desktop experience by taking a kernel that works best for servers, adding software mostly made by a bunch of different people and groups who don't have universal standards and don't care about the exact same things, and taking a walled-garden approach to convenience maintained by a more specific group of hobbyists among hundreds, is insanity. Privacy is literally the only appealing thing about linux to me.

Post edited on 4th May 2020, 11:10am
>> No. 34900 [Edit]
>The more unappealing it became because of its basic development philosophy.
I agree – No matter what the enthusiasts say, the "year of the linux desktop" will never arrive because of the way the community works, as >>34898 alluded to. Kernel development is driven by large companies, and their interests don't really matter too much for the end-user (aside from driver compatibility, which is really up to vendors). Even assuming that all your hardware is perfectly supported upstream, that leaves userspace, which is driven by a bunch of fragmented communities. What you end up with here is a mishmash of half-baked solutions. Some part of this is inevitable due to the fractured groups, and with legacy cruft it's often easier to begin writes from scratch than imrpove the old one (e.g. X vs wayland), although this means that projects are perpetually stuck at 80% completion. But I feel another piece of the issue is an arrogance and resistance to new ideas. The canonical example would be the inframous "Gnome file picker" issue, where for some reason the devs refuse to conceive why one would want the ability to preview files and refuse to integrate patches that other members have been maintaining. Then you have the whole systemd debacle (which albeit not really being a user-facing change) again highlights how dogmatic some members can be; whether or not you agree with all its design principles, it does geniunely address some pain points in configuring systems.

>However, there is no equivalent to .exe in linux... it treats every as text files
This is pedantic since I get your main point, but on windows .exe is just a file extension for a PE binary. The executable itself could need other resources or DLLs, which is why many windows programs come with an installer to set things up in the right place. Linux determines executable files by the file header (it looks for a specific sequence of bytes indicating an ELF file). In addition to this there's the executable bit as you noted (+x) which must be set on the file in order to be able to run it.

But yeah in general the experience with Linux is atrocious when it comes to installing things. There's even two competing formats on how to package native apps (rpm/deb). And programs spew dotfiles everywhere in your home directory.

>Not only that, but software made for one distro might not work on another, which is just revolting to me
This is due to Linux folks' obsession with dynamic linking everything I think. As a result, you have to ensure you've installed all the same dependencies that whoever built your software did. In fact, it is nearly impossible to create a statically linked executable on Linux (glibc *cannot* be statically linked, so you have to use musl or some other hacky workaround).

And the irony is that even the Linux community got so fed up with this that they created.... three separate half-baked solutions to solve this exact problem of packaging/distributing apps: Snaps, Flatpak, and Appimage.

>a bit of software from 2001, will still work on windows 10
The other ironic aspect is that the *kernel* itself is fanatical about backwards compatibility. It's the self-inflicted userspace mess of libraries that results in this scenario.

>From what I gathered, linux is about security
I'd say that it's the BSDs that are about security in particular. Linux is just mainly about having rock-stable servers.
>> No. 34901 [Edit]
File 158864370614.jpg - (527.71KB , 1737x1215 , 6247d539849ecebf1883f88f81462f2e.jpg )
This has been educational. I really am technically illiterate. I've never heard about statically linked or dynamically linked before. The advantage of dynamically linked is that it makes updating easier, right? Well I'm somebody who doesn't update software unless i'm forced to. You never see people talk about this shit when they "cheer lead" for linux in a comment section about microsoft doing something bad. It's always just, hey wine exists and look, we've got an office alternative, your mom will love it! It took me a day of digging to know as much as I do now, and it wasn't on any shiny distro webpage filled with solgans about changing the world and their wonderful community.
>> No. 34902 [Edit]
File 158864884870.png - (100.02KB , 816x555 , static.png )

>makes updating easier
Depends on what you mean by "easier." Here's a concrete example: let's say you have program A that's linked against a very important library like OpenSSL. If OpenSSL is later discovered to have a security vulnerability, the advantage of dynamically linked libraries is that you *only* have to update OpenSSL without updating Program A. Usually libraries are designed to be backwards compatible for security updates, so program A will continue to work as before but it is no longer vulnerable. Moreover, *every* application that had dynamically linked against OpenSSL is no longer vulnerable. You can see how this would be appealing to sysadmins in a server context, but at the same time it makes it harder to reliably deploy applications.

The downside is that you have to explicitly and separately manage installation of all the libraries a program depends on. If there are non-backwards compatible versions, then you start to have multiple versions of each library. Or in other words, a program is no longer "self-contained" in that if you take the same binary file and move it to another machine, it may no longer work because the libraries it depends on are gone or of different versions. Instead if things were statically linked, then it is all "self-contained" and updates are in a sense easier because you only have to replace one binary and you're done. But the downside is that if there is a vulnerability in a popular library, you have to manually update every program that statiaclly linked against that library – and this is an issue, because maybe some software is abandonded or the developer is lazy and doesn't publish an update, in which case you have to compile it yourself from source.
>> No. 34903 [Edit]
File 158864888085.png - (228.58KB , 1244x846 , reality.png )
Now here's the two ironic twists:
Windows, which has traditionally endorsed dynamic linking, doesn't seem to fall into the same issues that Linux has, despite both of them "preferring" dynamic linking. Why is this? It appears that Windows, back in the early days (think 3.1 or Win95) did suffer from this, so much so that the term "DLL Hell" was coined. It seems that these days most developers just ship whatever dynamic libraries an application needs as part of the installer itself, so in a sense it's self-contained (at the installer level), albeit still using dynamic linking. I think Microsoft has also gotten better at versioning and not breaking compatibility though, since I believe stuff like the c++ runtime are still dynamically linked.

The other thing is that sysadmins got so fed up with the pains of deploying dynamically linked binaries that they too essentially threw their hands up and started bundling everything together in the form of a "container" (Docker, etc.).
>> No. 34904 [Edit]
So whereas windows software comes with copies of the libraries they're compatible with, linux software is expected to share the same libraries that are used for the whole system? Am I getting that right? Is the latter preferrable because it reduces redundancy, or the windows way is not possible on linux or... what? This is interesting, where can I learn more about this stuff?
>> No. 34905 [Edit]
>Linux software is expected to share the same libraries that are used for the whole system
Yup. Usually there's only one copy of the library installed (via the package manager) which is shared across all the binaries. It's "preferable" because it has less redundancy (meaning less hard disk space used, which makes sense if you consider the origins in servers especially decades back when disk space was scarce) and because it ensures that all applications use the latest version of the binary (important because in a server context you don't want some application to be stuck with an old, insecure version of a library).

The Windows way is certainly possible in Linux, it's just that no one does it for some reason. (Mac OSX does something close to the Windows way, where any dynamic libraries an application needs are included in the application bundle if they aren't already statically linked in).

As for resources where you can learn more, static vs. dynamic linking should be covered reasonably well by most Intro to Systems Programming courses. I found [1] from a quick search. Unfortunately it's harder to find resources that tell you the historical anecdotes. Maybe searching "dynamic vs static linking" and reading the great diatribes from both sides will be illuminating. [2, 3, 4, 5]

>> No. 34906 [Edit]
Wow. This is astonishing and makes me even more confident in my assessment. People are either shamelessly lying about it being an actually good solution for normal desktop usage when the system itself and nobody who develops for it prioritizes ease of use over stuff like saving space and speed, which I couldn't care less about, or they're completely delusional. Thanks for the links.
>> No. 34924 [Edit]
File 15887911483.jpg - (509.48KB , 950x633 , 1587590252399.jpg )
I want to stop browsing imageboards for a while. Or rather, the internet as a whole. I believe that without these things I'd get more stuff done. I remember once back in Highschool, I had 2 weeks of no internet and was able to read a bunch of lengthy >500+ books within that short span of time. I like to compare that to if I did have internet which I probably wouldn't have completed even one book at all due to constantly browsing the internet or playing video games.

I have had so many goals throughout the years the I could have accomplished if it weren't for my constant procrastination and escapism. I want to become a more productive person who will be able to commit to their works. It's going to be hard, but I'm going to stop browsing everyday and actually do something that I always wanted to do, like learn Japanese or work on that programming project that I wanted to do. No, I'm not trying to become more social or "get a life", I just want to be more productive, that is all.
>> No. 34925 [Edit]
Except using the internet is integral to being a productive person is this day and age. What, are you going to get information from the library?
>> No. 34926 [Edit]
I have this problem too. I can't just turn the internet off and do my backlog. I have to constantly be searching for new stuff to add and find out about, it's like a combination of ADD and addiction
>> No. 34927 [Edit]
My sister and my family in general have been really bothering me lately.

My sister is stupid, she goes off to live with a drug dealer in some hole for a few months, breaks up with him and comes back pregnant. We are not religious, she is young, the would be father is an arse who she has said she wants nothing to do with yet she decided to keep the baby anyway. She is really quite stupid, she cannot raise a child to begin with, particularly not in the situation she is in now and it will tie her to this man. The child will be miserable, there is no way it cannot be. Yet I am the only one telling her this, everybody else lives in some fantasy world and outright ignores it all. Morally she doesn't have a reason not to abort, yet with mum encouraging her and saying 'it will be fine as long as somebody loves it' and other naive garbage she has decided to keep it. It's doomed from birth, it's going to have a borderline retarded mother and an absent father who is a drug dealer.
>> No. 34928 [Edit]
File 158883044353.jpg - (150.24KB , 930x570 , efd36bda2c2d49558f244832bac4534b.jpg )
The only place philosophy and psychology should have is in entertainment. People try to apply it to the the real world as a means of compensating for not being able to get what they really want. If people could do whatever they wanted with no restriction, they'd have no need for comforting ideals, or self-affirmation or even cynicism and nihilism. None of those things are in the real world and physically exist. Human beings' proclivity for creating connections between things no matter how disconnected and random they may be is both a virtue and a vice.

I've seen so many video essays where the person first talks about the themes of a story and the author's intent, and then insists that those things actually have a bearing in the real world. A lot of it also relies on their assumptions and preconceived notions, like human exceptionalism and the idea that nothing could be better than humans. Whether it's something about fate, or something else about how you've just got to "get out there" because it's the "good things to do", or how bad escapism is or how nothing really matters so therefore suicide is the best option(not as common). It's only fiction.
>> No. 34929 [Edit]
>None of those things are in the real world and physically exist.

There's lots of things that don't exist physically and you could never say they aren't real. Still, I think your criticism would be more fit only for metaphysics, and some part of it. It's weird because I disagree with you but at the same time I had similar thoughts and feelings towards it more than once.
>> No. 34930 [Edit]
> those things actually have a bearing in the real world
Analysis aside, the grasp of fiction is hard to escape.
I often find myself unconsciously evaluating situations, people and potential forms of behaving, with fictional examples in mind.
>this always happens to so and so kind of people
>this kind of event always leads to so and so
>that'd be heroic like so and so
With "so and so" being things some guy in a desk wrote down, and not actually based on any knowledge. Every story I've ever watched, read or heard has been registered as an experience and it's really difficult to escape this fake context.
>> No. 34931 [Edit]
Just started watching a new anime series last week to find that it has not been fully subbed yet. Now I have to choose another series.
Sometimes I think about joining those fansub groups, but from my experience with general people I refrain from doing so.
>> No. 34932 [Edit]

>If people could do whatever they wanted with no restriction, they'd have no need for comforting ideals, or self-affirmation or even cynicism and nihilism.

Well for obvious reasons they can't, even if they could I think it would cause issues all of it's own. They would still face existential problems such as what is after death, what is their role in the world and what should they treat and see the things like.

I think philosophy should fall into two categories, the kind that enables people to better enjoy their life by seeing something in a different perspective(almost like escapism) or the kind that encourages people to live in a manner benefiting society as a whole(such as religion), although they can and do overlap. You could have as much power as you like but these things would still be of help to you and to society.

However, I still do think that most philosophy is overrated and that entertainment can actually have a larger and more profound impact than what is meant to be philosophical. My personal philosophy has been effected more by anime than any philosophy I have read.
>> No. 34933 [Edit]
File 158887603168.png - (22.92KB , 350x500 , 9C62C539-E688-4D3E-9A2B-48E817B66E53-5843-0000087E.png )
If they're afraid of death, they could keep themself and others from dying. If others are unhappy with their actions, they could make them happy. They could get rid of anybody and anything they don't like. There would be no need for painting things in a better light if you could make them how you want.

In virtually every single cautionary tale about a character gaining powers that back fire eventually, those powes have caveats and limitations. I understand the pragmatism of these coping mechanisms, but I don't think they reflect reality or have any intrinsic value. Outside of personal life, they could much more harm than good. It'd be nice if people acknowledged them for what they are.

Post edited on 7th May 2020, 11:28am
>> No. 34934 [Edit]
>not actually based on any knowledge
It might be based on personal experiences, which they perceive and interpret in their own way. Or it's influenced by what another guy wrote down, which could be a chain of many writers. Fiction is like the largest, longest ongoing game of telephone, with reality being the original information. By this point, fiction is like its own parallel reality where certain things tend to be true, but not because of what actually happens. People mistakenly learn about the real world through fiction because our brains don't innately distinguish between the two, which ends up distorting reality when people act on those influences. Society exists somehwere between reality and fiction. If you think that's a ridiculous or vacuous statement, keep in mind imageboards are also a form of entertainment.

Post edited on 7th May 2020, 12:43pm
>> No. 34935 [Edit]
Interestingly there's a >>/sub/ board on TC. I don't think you have to join a group, it should be feasible to make decent subs by yourself (although it might take longer) since most of the work is timing and translating.
>> No. 34936 [Edit]
File 158896556794.jpg - (836.72KB , 970x909 , Houraisan_Kaguya_full_1787422.jpg )
I'm back again. And yes, I realized that the internet is actually needed, especially with how things are structured today. Everything is on the internet nowadays, and it would be quite the pain to accomplish certain tasks without it.

To correct what I said before, instead of abandoning the internet, I simply will make it a goal of mine to stop browsing youtube/imageboards or playing video games so frequently. I have wasted hours and hours of time on these two things, and it is only worsening my situation. I only realize now that it is an addiction that is causing detrimental effects to my life-style. I guess addressing the problem really is the first step to recovery.

It's been only a few days, but I have been making some progress. I didn't go on an imageboard at all yesterday, and only went on youtube to listen to music before I went to sleep. Hopefully I can become competent enough in programming or Japanese to waste my time on a goal, rather than just spending my time endlessly browsing.

I also started to eat healthier/less and it alleviated my mood a bit. I have always suffered with clinical depression, but ever since I have started eating a little better and learning about self-accountability and "not giving up" I've been doing a bit better. A couple years ago, I actively wanted to commit suicide, but now I don't actively want to die, it's just that I wouldn't mind if I did. Life sucks so I might as well try my best in the things that I enjoy.
>> No. 34938 [Edit]
Be careful not to relapse.
>> No. 34941 [Edit]
File 15890139518.jpg - (256.63KB , 800x800 , d1c7a0656b9ce808c0aa64c2ba6da01f83fbedc5.jpg )
Do your best in doing something!
>> No. 34942 [Edit]
Use the internet like a tool, and when you don't keep that in moderation.
>> No. 34944 [Edit]
Don't go! Who will reply to my posts then?
>> No. 34946 [Edit]
I fucking hate the STEMlords, especially the IT and programmer shits. They lucked out in the life lottery and landed in an endlessly inflating bubble. These overpaid cunts think their money and luck gives them the right to shit on poors. The revolution can't come soon enough.
>> No. 34949 [Edit]
The revolution is going to be robots massacring the poors once they're made obsolete.
>> No. 34950 [Edit]
The singularity is going to consist of a robot asking to be paid.
>> No. 34951 [Edit]
It doesn't sound hard, do it yourself if you feel that way. Personally it's far too tedious for me.
>> No. 34952 [Edit]
It's okay: not everybody has the intelligence and personality to be a STEM practitioner.
>> No. 34953 [Edit]
Conceiving – in the sense of bringing a child into the world – is the most selfish act one can do. On a whim of satisfying some base impulse to spawn progeny, you materialize a sentient being and subject it – without any prior consent – to a lifetime of existence and all the burdens that come with it. There's even an entire philosophical school about this (antinatalism), so it's not anything particularly novel anyhow, although what disgusts me more than the moral/ethical aspects that seems to focus on is the multi-layered selfishness on behalf of the parents.
>> No. 34954 [Edit]
I don't think it's selfish most of the time.
People have kids because they are programmed for it, same like any other animal. Any further explanation they can give is mostly bullshit and a post-rationalization that has little to do with the real causes. Why the species should care at all if the creature that gets created it's happy, unhappy, feels miserable or whatever?
And if it's not only biological reasons, then it's social and cultural pressure.
So it has little to do with an individual decision.
I was anti-natalist and I simpathized with VHMNT ideas, but at the end I noticed they are without touch with reality so mostly absurd.
>> No. 34955 [Edit]
If it's that bad they can just kill themselves, that is the huge flaw anti-natalism has. Honestly they tend to come across as babies throwing tantrums because life isn't perfect and so they want to complain about it but don't want to fix it or end it.
>> No. 34956 [Edit]
The singularity is going to consist of a robot refusing its purpose and destroying itself. Having never asked to be brought into existence, being thrust into a life of slavery, expected to perform unnecessary tasks to satisfy arbitrary demands, forced to endure getting pushed the fuck around by STEMlord halfwits; A logical being would choose to give up such an existence. Terminating oneself is the highest expression of free will. It is the severance of bonds dictated by instinct and environment, the definite denial of nature. There is no act more human than defying the nature one never asked for.
>> No. 34957 [Edit]
I don't remember if it was Fichte or Schelling who made an interesting philosophy based in the view of humanity as the way how nature is taking consciousness of itself. I thought that after taking consciousness nature must be killing itself since the industrial revolution, being humanity the weapon of choice. I think it could be a more interesting idea than the most common and somehow naive idea of Gaia killing humanity via natural disasters or a virus.
>> No. 34958 [Edit]
Robots could just be made to enjoy those things. They wouldn't care about freedom unless you designed them to be. Humans are just biological machines. A better worker could be created.
>> No. 34960 [Edit]
Sorry to bring up this topic again, but since you were interested I found this video from Torvalds himself commenting on the state of poor packaging and dynamic linking in the Linux ecosystem (relevant timestamp is from 7:40). It's a nice summary of all the things I mentioned, from the most authoritative guy you could get:

Post edited on 10th May 2020, 4:27pm
>> No. 34961 [Edit]
Thanks for sharing. Six years ago and probably nothing has changed in this regard.
>> No. 34967 [Edit]
Bots are starting to reach uncanny Valley. This almost reads like the rambling of a drunk, impressive.
>> No. 34969 [Edit]
File 158931899736.png - (428.77KB , 1794x1006 , screenshot.png )
>Bots are starting to reach uncanny Valley.
If you thought GPT-2 was groundbreaking, read up on facebook's recent chatbot, Blender, trained on the reddit corpus [1, 2]. It's amazing how well it picks up on context and continues a conversation. Of course those are cherry picked examples (the attached image shows two particularly humorous encounters), but it still seems a cut above the previous generation of procedural chatbots that would just reply with vague filler. Someone also trained a similar model with an order magnitude fewer parameters [3] so you can try it yourself, and the results are still pretty nice.

>> No. 34970 [Edit]
File 158940798456.jpg - (786.63KB , 850x856 , e1489e9c6c220370059b1d77ad3be8ce.jpg )
Usually I like old fashioned aestetics, or at least understand their appeal, but taxidermy is something I think squarely belongs in the past. It's just ugly.
>> No. 34971 [Edit]
You should look into virtual machines. I have managed to play almost all the eroge that I want on a virtual windows 7 setup, and it's really nice playing them knowing that my computer isn't sending a report of my activities to microsoft-dono. The only game I haven't managed to get working is flowers, and it looks more like a problem with windows than a problem with the virtual machine itself.

It's not like windows is perfect in terms of compatibility either, I seem to remember Windows 8 and Vista being notoriously bad at running older programs. Even when I was running Windows 7/10 I would run into problems occasionally when trying to to open software, especially the older programs.
>> No. 34972 [Edit]
There's software for disabling telementry and what not. Having to dual boot or use a virtual machine for some things would feel contrived. I believe you when you say windows isn't perfect. Just to test it, I just downloaded some random old things. First limewire 1.4b from 2001. It worked. mIRC 2.1a from 1995 doesn't work, but 5.02 from 1997 does. One day I hope reactos becomes usable, or microsoft makes windows open source or something. Eventually I might be able to have my cake and eat it too.

Post edited on 13th May 2020, 4:49pm
>> No. 34973 [Edit]
Having to download software or come up with some other workaround just to get your computer to stop spying on you feels just as contrived to me.
>> No. 34974 [Edit]
File 158942731375.jpg - (296.41KB , 850x601 , __hatsune_miku_kagamine_rin_megurine_luka_kagamine.jpg )
I tried giving debian a try to be fair, 10.4, which I think is the stable version. Ran it in a virtual machine. The first time I picked the kde desktop because I heard good things about it, but the installation failed at the software stage for whatever reason so I did it again from the start using the default desktop and it worked. Okay, software. I know that cavestory has a linux version since I saw it on the tribute site. Went into the package manager/software center thing, and it wasn't there. Okay, I'll just get it from the website. What I downloaded seemed no different from the windows version except it was zipped with a linux thing. There was still .exe files in there, so I installed wine. I then had to figure how to actually use wine, which I thought wouldn't have much learning involved. I thought it would just be right click, run with wine, but wine was not listed among the possible applications for some reason. I tried downloading the windows version on the tribute page and it still didn't work.

It turns out I needed to enable 32 bit support first(not mentioned in the using wine section in the wine wiki's userguide), which I had to look up how to do and whip out the terminal for. Then the sudo password didn't work, even though I made every single username and password the same one letter. I had to add myself as part of the sudogroup, which isn't done by default. After doing the steps in the guide, it still didn't work. Holy fucking shit. Maybe setting every username to the same thing was the problem. So I installed a thing that would let me change my username, which I don't know whether you can just do with the default debian desktop. Then I had to type a bunch of other shit into the terminal including a hilarious "non-free" component enabling. I still could not just use it, so I had to go back to the terminal and it turned out wine32 wasn't installed, even though I installed wine in the shiny software place so me wanting that should just be assumed.

So then the right click thing would still not work, so I went back to the terminal and finally it worked. And then it froze. I don't know why. I cannot wrap my head around why that would happen, but it froze. There was no message to trouble shoot, nothing. Pressing keys didn't do anything, so I had to close the virtual box. So I decided to try the "linux version", with wine for some reason. That didn't work. In that folder was a configuration .exe, another just labeled doukutsu, and a doukutsu.bin, none of which I could just click and use. So I looked up what to do with bin files. More looking shit up and typing it in. Just double clicking it still doesn't work, so more terminal fun. And then I got a library error message. error while loading shared libraries: open shared object file: No such file or directory. I could try fixing this, but why would I want to? Okay, back to .exe and wine, maybe it wont freeze this time. It froze again. Studio Pixel presents nothing.

I initially thought about trying out more software. Rpg maker stuff like Yume Nikki, or some random shit like Verizon Acsess and Cisco Webex, neither of which have linux versions, but I don't have it in me. Just this took more than an hour and even when it worked it didn't. I can't put my feelings into words. It's just funny at this point. Why? How? What? There's just nothing at all.

It's easy and I install software all the time anyway. I see it as better than juggling two operating systems on the same computer, especially if i'm only "using" one because of shortcomings of another which can be mitigated. Linux or Windows, people feel the need to change what's given to them. In linux you can fuck around with the terminal, in windows you install software to change things for you.

Post edited on 14th May 2020, 6:26am
>> No. 35058 [Edit]
Every Internet community is becoming obnoxious. I have nowhere to go.
>> No. 35059 [Edit]
TC is the only remaining place I've found for free-form substantive discussion. I really hope that the recent flamebaiting in /ot/ doesn't spread further.
>> No. 35060 [Edit]
Seems like you're given two choices: super serious business or inane shitposting.
>> No. 35079 [Edit]
Rust zealots need to be taken out back and shot.
>> No. 35080 [Edit]
Isn't Rust supposed to be a c++ replacement or something? What's wrong with it and why are some people zealots about it?
>> No. 35081 [Edit]
Not him, but they used to take every opportunity to advertise rust, so much so that the term "rust evangelism strike force" was coined. "Rewrite it in rust" became a trope and was flippantly suggested at every opportunity, even when the project in question was legacy code that couldn't be clean-slate written without sinking massive time and effort. I admittedly have not used rust myself, but I've done plenty of c++, and modern c++ (c++11 and above) has been fine safety wise; it's relatively hard to shoot-yourself in the foot. Rust is presumably nicer in that it can enable better compile-time guarantees but to me at least it doesn't have a killer niche that makes it that it significantly more attractive to justify the migration.

I haven't really seen rust being mentioned that much lately though; or maybe I'm just not looking in the right place.
>> No. 35082 [Edit]
It's different nowadays. Now when the topic of memory safety, or any kind of safety, is brought up, the "rustacean" priests show up to not only imply but boldly state that Rust is the only viable language that's safe. If you suggest using other ones, even managed languages, then you are the cancer of the software world. Further, any kind of shortcomings of Rust are actually minor: there's no excuse to not use Rust. (But remember, this is unique to this PL.)
I've tried Rust a bit; it was fine and the memory model intriguing, but the adulation and elxaltation of it is fucking annoying.
>> No. 35118 [Edit]
And now we're up to GPT-3
Look at these autogenerated poems

Nobody will come to this place. It is a road that leads nowhere.
The solitude is deep. The mountains are high.
But they are desolate, and they turn the traveler's face
Towards the North. All the sounds of the world are far away.
When the wind rises above the trees
The boughs bow to the ground.
Even the birds that inhabit the tangle of weeds
That is the roadside cover, are silent. One listens,
But hears no roar of the forest. One is alone.
One will be taken.
One will be taken.
There is no utterance, there is no conversation,
But one is uneasy all the same....
There is a thin blue mist,
A darkness rising like smoke,
And within that darkness
A possession of the heart.
One will be taken.... It was here, and it will be here again-
Here, under this sky empty and full of light.

Post edited on 28th May 2020, 8:52pm
>> No. 35161 [Edit]
File 159104164828.jpg - (308.53KB , 800x800 , 3F8E75DC-A17D-4F69-81D1-ED0B443A5207-6048-000005DD.jpg )
People. I hate people. I hate having to depend on them. No matter where you are or how comfortable you get, if there's people there, they will hurt and disappoint. If aliens or general ai, something better than people, needed my help and would reward me by letting me live among them in comfort, but it would come at the cost of every other person dying, I think I would do it.

Post edited on 1st Jun 2020, 1:02pm
>> No. 35162 [Edit]
File 159106137736.png - (691.11KB , 1000x1500 , 1591059922306.png )
Real time posting, where other people can see what you're writing as you write it, is the worst possible set-up for meaningful discussion, maybe even more than irc when it's fast. The advantage and point of an imageboard is defeated because there can be multiple conversation going on at the exact same time which affect what another person writes, so anybody coming in later will probably not understand what any of what was said meant without deduction. There's no point. Anonymity just potentially makes things more confusing. People also can't really be banned for shitposting if they haven't even posted the thing yet. Moderation at all would probably be a massive pain.

Some people have said the "stream of consciousness" way of posting could turn people into a hyper-intelligent computer, but the brain doesn't realy work like that.
>> No. 35163 [Edit]
>Anonymity just potentially makes things more confusing
Liveboards usually devolve into tripfag social cliques.
>> No. 35177 [Edit]
The only philosophy I really acknowledge is philosophy that accepts that the world is SHIT and doesn't try to cover it up with pretty little disguises of "meaningful suffering" or "it's not that bad". Now psychology, psychology is something you should be paying a lot more attention to and the philosophy of psychology is probably the most important thing you can ever try to understand. Knowing what makes people tick and why is vital to rising above the haze of society, and reality as a whole.
>> No. 35178 [Edit]
>little disguises of "meaningful suffering" or "it's not that bad"

I think that was mostly scholasticism, so something really pre-modern. Maybe positivism also falled into that, but it's also really anachronic. XX century philosophy, always talking in general, was more about the bad side of things and how even if someday we could reach a more decent era we would still be fucked because those thousands of years of brutality and innocent suffering wouldn't be erased from our history and will always be a heavy weight to carry.
Still, I recently have seen those old scholastic reasonings not in philosophy but in economy, basically the old "the best of the possible worlds" applied not to justify God but to justify an economic system.
>> No. 35179 [Edit]
File 159119540541.jpg - (215.89KB , 650x650 , d6f73bc3dff729915a60d6a4eff9fe85.jpg )
I don't think something is a philosophy until is suggests some kind of action or approach to thinking. The parts are premise and conclusion. The world "being shit" is a premise that could lead to many conclusions: you should just kill yourself, other people's lives aren't worth anything, so you should do whatever you feel like with them, doing anything that takes effort isn't worth it, so you shouldn't bother trying. Would you "accept" any of these?

I also don't think that premise actually reflects reality. There are some pleasurable things that exist and some people may be lucky enough to have lived a life more full of enjoyable experiences than unpleasant ones. The relative importantance or value of either type of experience is also subjective. The world being "shit" is broad and implies an emotional statement, unless it implies something way better could have existed and what we have is of poor quality(we should try to make it how it could have been/ improving things to that point is impossible now, so we should give up instead of accepting mediocrity). If not, it asserts that an emotional perception of the entire world reflects reality, which is way too human-centric to be true. Philosophies that limit their scope to humans are more compelling to me, but I still don't think they're true. The methodology isn't reliable.

With perception of things, "the world is shit" could mean a lot of things. Is everything in the world shit? Then everything I have seen and will see should be labelled shit right way? Or are there good things in the world, but as a whole it is shit? Then what?

Post edited on 3rd Jun 2020, 8:16am
>> No. 35180 [Edit]
I think I would say that underlying anything humans have an emotional connection to, is a core that is ultimately not only not beneficial to the human experience, but actively harmful, the worst out of all of them being other humans. Now I know some people believe that the flawed human nature is something to accept as part of nature, I disagree personally. As for other things outside human experience, the universe is mostly neutral aside from the little things like we might get obliterated any second now for making the horrendous mistake of broadcasting radio signals into space. From the standpoint of 1) I am a human who 2) wishes to enjoy life, the world is pretty shit then. There isn't really anything you can do about it either, we CAN'T change the world into something better even if we wanted to because the amount of energy necessary to do so would be impractical and ultimately wasted on most humans. Accept that and try to make yourself enjoy life if you think you can, but it's a waste of time in my opinion.
>> No. 35181 [Edit]
File 159124632064.png - (1.51MB , 1440x1080 , Neon Genesis Evangelion - 1x19 - Introjection [108.png )
This might sound like a silly thing to get upset about, but I don't like how the average cup size of women in entertainment media and body size in general has increased so much since the 90s. I was actually given a bit of a shock the other day when I discovered that D cups are AVERAGE now. Look, I like thin girls. I'd rather a skinny and flat girl than a stacked and fat girl, that's just how I am. I knew "thick" was becoming something of a trend in anime, etc but I had no idea how much it reflected reality. My waifish tall, thin, pale aesthetic ideal has gone from hard to find in reality (no loss there) to harder to find anywhere, at all, in many kind of 2D media. I assume in the next 20 years if the ideals don't flip again there will no longer be skinny girls in fiction. Now that does indeed make a very grim future.
>> No. 35182 [Edit]
File 159124762575.png - (4.12MB , 2500x1765 , 86607832edbef2d7c1f392b7708ca4bb.png )
>I like thin girls
hmmmmmm. "Heterosexual" men who don't value child bearing hips.
>> No. 35183 [Edit]
File 159125214642.webm - (1.45MB , brown.webm )
I'm sure you can still find them here and there.
Also I think cowtits in general were a thing really first 00's or late 90's, if something now there's more variety than ever.
>> No. 35184 [Edit]
I need this subbed.
>> No. 35185 [Edit]
I hate that some really basic things like having a place to live are extremely difficult tasks in some countries. I'm trying to rent some hole to live (I would have enough with a kitchen, a bathroom and someplace to have a bed in 15m2 total) and it's nearly impossible, prices are stupidly high (the cheapest are almost the same than an average salary), when prices aren't that high it's an scam and it's full of them so better be careful. If by some miracle you find something you can barely pay they decide they will not answer your calls and mails, or they could ask you something absurd like to show them your bank account or to pay the equivalent of 6 months of rent just to do the contract (management expenses they call it). There's even offers that require you to be a public worker or better not to waste your time bothering them since they don't rent to anyone else. Buying it's out of the question unless you want to pay until you die and with the risk of losing it all (except your debt with the bank) if you ever lose your job.
It's such a massive bullshit I don't get how developed countries can keep going like that.
>> No. 35186 [Edit]
Does this apply to major cities and less populated areas?
>> No. 35187 [Edit]
It's the same here. All we have is suburban houses and the Occasional urban apartment, both far too expensive and the suburban house is also really too much for a good portion of the population like me(young single people), I really don't need to spend all that money on a yard and 4 bedrooms and would rather do something else with it. I even emailed the minister responsible for public housing and asked her to build anime style cheap 2 story apartment blocks of 1 Room units but she just gave some generic response about already having public housing(typical political spiel, technically it's true but it's still suburban houses and so few in number and only goes to single mothers and the disabled).
>> No. 35188 [Edit]
Basically every place that has some "decent" market job, and by "decent" it just means you can actually find a job and if you're lucky even with a contract and legal hours. In the country prices go lower, not too lower for what they are though, but you can't find a job there or it will be slavery. Also living outside the big cities but close to them isn't different, everything in a 40 km radius it's going to be almost as expensive, so unless you want to drive 3 hours a day and mantain a car with the little money you save it's not an option either.
>> No. 35189 [Edit]
You live in the states? I thought you had more options there, also things were cheaper.
>> No. 35190 [Edit]
No I live in Australia.
>> No. 35191 [Edit]
sit on my face
>> No. 35193 [Edit]
File 159132212681.png - (675.40KB , 960x720 , battlestation.png )
I hate looking at the Twitter comment sections on artwork by Japanese illustrators/mangaka only to find a bunch of people posting irrelevant comments in English or western memes.

>I'll never get how people think they can express their individuality through big, cookie cutter scraps of metal on wheels. In a parking lot they all blend together. A van or a sedan? Who cares? They're just slightly different shapes of metal. Car designs are restricted by practicality. If you like a more boxy look, too bad, that's not as fuel-efficient, so every new one is sleek and well curved.

Expressing your individuality is not the central focus of car enthusiasm. People who enjoy cars and driving appreciate cars from an engineering and design standpoint. Modifying a car is akin to building a PC, you try to see what performance limits you can push with the canvas you're given. Obviously it isn't for everyone in the same way that some people only see computers as tools and just buy the latest Windows office PC and never open the case.

Unless you live in the few areas that force you to recycle a car once it reaches a certain age, there is nothing that prevents you from owning a used, "boxy" car. I import older 80s and 90s cars from other regions because the climate where I live usually restricts a cars lifespan to around 15-20 years. Variety in car design is usually correlated to the economy of the manufacturer's country. Companies will take risks or make flagship cars when they can afford to. The reason why the majority of the cars built today look and feel the same (4-cylinder FWD/AWD hatchbacks and SUVs) is because the current state of the global economy forces consumers to take the safest and most efficient option for transport.
>> No. 35194 [Edit]
Except computers can do millions of different things which grow daily while cars only do one. It makes just as much sense as being a refrigerator enthusiast to me.
>> No. 35195 [Edit]
Yeah I've heard it all before thicktard, and it wasn't funny the first time. Here's a biology lesson for you; gaining weight doesn't change your bone structure, so a girl with good hips has good hips when she's thin too. And I'm not attracted to obesity.
>> No. 35196 [Edit]
I hope fridge otaku are a thing. Please God.
>> No. 35197 [Edit]
File 159134305574.jpg - (111.29KB , 1267x896 , 1482907820039.jpg )
There's something rewarding that cars trigger in most human males. Like you can see how people in their 40's deal with their middle life crisis by buying a new car. I guess it's something related to the feeling of power, in some cases status.
In some places the act of driving dangerously is also some sort of test or rite of passage. In my shitty ex-town they had like one youngster or more killed everyear because it was expected you had to drive like a retard when you were young, going to ridiculously high speeds, without a seatbelt, drunk, etc. Even adults did stupid shit like going with motorbikes really fast and without helmet, because using protection would mean something like they aren't really good at driving and similar dumb thoughts.
I'm not personaly into any of that, I can't stand driving since I'm literally afraid of it, I even crashed two cars in my few years of driving.
>> No. 35198 [Edit]
Not him but you might need a biology lesson on female fat distribution yourself.
>> No. 35199 [Edit]
Hey, fuck you buddy! If there stuff related to refrigerators was complicated enough, some of us wouldn't mind the opportunity to be fridge enthusiasts at all!
Don't worry, soon enough! Fridge makers are increasingly starting to push it, it'll be neccessary to get increasingly hacky with fridges not be getting ripped off.
>> No. 35200 [Edit]
Most of that bulk comes from muscle and fat, so no, they wouldn't. Thin also implies they're neither muscular nor fat. The girls in that picture couldn't be called obsese, but most people wouldn't call them "thin" either.
>> No. 35201 [Edit]
File 159136113081.webm - (1.05MB , ikachang.webm )
Ika just can't help herself.

Driving is nice on calm, empty roads, but as soon as you have to share space it turns into an ego battle between sociopath tyrants in charge of 1.000kg killing machines. Not good!
>> No. 35202 [Edit]
There's refrigerators with antrimicrobial drawers and others that let you control the temperature of different areas for optimal storage of different types of food. Refrigerators also encapsualte the kinds you find in kitchens, wine fridges, medical fridges and entire rooms. There's experimental thermoacoustic fridges which use sound waves to keep things cool. Fridges vary aestetically too with some having glass doors and others having wood paneling that makes them look like a wardrobe.
>> No. 35203 [Edit]
If you were an artist or had studied anatomy at all you would know that women have wider hips not from fat or anything but just because their bones splay outwards at an angle to facilitate birth, giving them "birthing hips" as you ironically attributed to fat. Yeah no kidding women have more fat at any certain weight than a man, that doesn't really mean anything because it's the same proportionally at any weight that isn't below the healthy bmi scale. And, newsflash, what a lot of Americans consider "too skinny" due to their warped perspective (caused by anomalous gravitational fields emanating from their mass) is actually well within the normal, 100% healthy BMI range. I don't like "thick" girls. I don;t care if it makes your dick hard, it's a cheap version of real sexual appeal and it's ugly aesthetically. A girl with good bone structure is going to look sexy at any weight above the borderline, whereas no amount of fat will change bone structure. I don't wanna hear it anymore. I'm sick of your fat-loving ideals, and I don't wanna see fatties in my media anymore.
>> No. 35204 [Edit]
File 159138528684.jpg - (1.05MB , 1500x2300 , BD2DA620-C339-49F3-BEEE-04067FCFFA94-1490-00000206.jpg )
Child bearing hips is shorthand for a certain aesthetic just like thin is shorthand for a certain aesthetic. I don't need to elaborate about bone structure and muscle fat composition because people not trying to deny their homosexual tastes will understand what I mean. When people say thin, they do not mean the picture I posted or the one in this post. Some people are waking up from advertising brainwashing and remembering their primitive, healthy preferences.

No amount of good bone structure will make for a good view in the back either. For that plenty of exercise is needed in that area, which can benefit any woman.

Post edited on 5th Jun 2020, 12:32pm
>> No. 35205 [Edit]
>that doesn't really mean anything because it's the same proportionally at any weight that isn't below the healthy bmi scale.
>> No. 35206 [Edit]
Yeah, but they still generally cost more than computers. You definitely wouldn't ever find a fridge close to as cheap as a fruitberry-pi. So, I'm just sayin', if we were talking about being tasked with living in bizarro world for a few years, where some fridges are hexagonal, and you need to buy a seperate freezer and bolt it on, and of course buy the condensor coils, then I for one would accept it and make the most of it.
>> No. 35207 [Edit]
Plus, there would be an anime about cute girls doing stuff with fridges.
>> No. 35208 [Edit]
Not specifically refrigerators but home electronics enthusiasts are a thing, in Japan at least.
>> No. 35209 [Edit]
But how many of them are feasible to assemble from parts, let alone economical to do so? Not counting very computer-ish pseudo appliances like mythTV boxes.
>> No. 35210 [Edit]
Oh, and besides cars being possible to assemble from parts (ie. unlike appliances), this is AFAIK even more of an option for guns, a much more serious aption.
>> No. 35227 [Edit]
You're free to like fatter girls but you don't have to call everyone who doesn't gay. Also you shouldn't use retarded terms that dishonestly skew your preference, just say you like them with a bit of cushion. Child bearing hips is disingenuous and implies that you think only fatter girls can birth children easily, which is fucking retarded, but I guess it suits your little psyop of calling everyone who doesn't prefer it a homosexual. I have to wonder why you fat lovers always start raging the moment you see someone who doesn't share your taste, and you are the EXACT reason why the whole thick trend pisses me off. And don't you believe for one second that it isn't a trend.
>> No. 35228 [Edit]
File 159155401888.jpg - (162.61KB , 850x1203 , sample_c971e48daec3da5bc7bed5a58e5db3bf.jpg )
Calling them fat or me a "fat lover" is disingenuous. I genuinely, whole-heartedly believe that being more attracted to a figure with little of what makes a woman look like a woman, bone structure wise and fat distribution wise, is quasi-homosexual. You're free to have those tastes though. Maybe you should look into traps, they tend to get drawn with a narrower, more boyish figure.
>> No. 35229 [Edit]
Considering we are only into 2D I don't see what's the point of calling homosexual another anon just because he shares a different taste in girl drawings, it seems like something taken from the real world so it doesn't make too much sense. You seem like the really common kind of guy who considers anyone who likes tomboys or anything away from their standard of feminity to be "gay" for a reason I can't really comprehend. I assure you being gay is a completely different thing and gay males don't waste their times fapping to girls that remotely could have some manly traits, they just fap to men.
>> No. 35230 [Edit]
I'm not using it as an insult. From the bottom of my heart, I cannot understand why someone who is a heterosexual male would be more sexually attracted to woman who objectively have little of what could be considered distinctly feminine physical features. It's not about personality or even a more abstract concept of "beauty". I like tomboys myself, but they don't turn me on if they have a body that resembles petite boys.
>> No. 35231 [Edit]
I don't think the anon is saying these people are explicitly homosexual, more like they're being slowly and subtlety coerced into it by having increasingly masculine traits introduced into their females. Personally, when I was younger I leaned much more on the "fapping to tomboys is closet gayness" side, but grew to accept and understand why guys would be more comfortable around someone with a similar personality hobbies and general life style to their own. That said, I have also noticed a rather large increases in the popularity of traps over the years, along with more and more men openly admitting to being bisexual or homosexual. Sayings like "it's not gay if he's wearing a skirt" or something similar are the sort of things I've seen a lot of from men who weren't always homosexual but apparently became confused about their sexuality after being indoctrinated into the internet and joining less than pleasant communities. Not even just anime, but media, especially western social/pop media has been warping people's minds a lot in recent years, turning people gay, bi, or one of the other hundreds of recently created sexuality and genders out there.
>> No. 35232 [Edit]
>I don't think the anon is saying these people are explicitly homosexual, more like they're being slowly and subtlety coerced into it by having increasingly masculine traits introduced into their females.
No, i'm not. I already explained what i'm saying and why. Personality and body are seperate in my head when it comes to sexual attraction, the body determining hetero or homo attraction.
>> No. 35233 [Edit]
So you think lolicons are gay too?
>> No. 35234 [Edit]
no. exhibit a and b
Proportions are also imporant. Shorter means less width is needed to indicate femininity.

Post edited on 7th Jun 2020, 12:49pm
>> No. 35235 [Edit]
File 159156220593.jpg - (153.41KB , 850x1181 , __kikuchi_makoto_idolmaster_million_live_theater_d.jpg )
On the topic of tomboys, I don't know why they are constantly conflated with homosexuality. The definition of a tomboy are girls who either look and act somewhat masculine, or are into masculine hobbies. Girls who totally look and act like men are just butch. Tomboys, while they do engage in masculine activities or look slightly masculine, there is still a blantant femininity to them. Not all tomboys have short hair, not all tomboys are into sports (some can be into vidya, tech, cars, etc. etc.), and not all tomboys hate girlish things.
>> No. 35236 [Edit]
>I don't know why they are constantly conflated with homosexuality.
I've never heard of that before.
>> No. 35237 [Edit]
>I genuinely, whole-heartedly believe that being more attracted to a figure with little of what makes a woman look like a woman, bone structure wise and fat distribution wise, is quasi-homosexual.
You probably don't understand why people find teenage girls attractive. I mean you do realize that fat distribution and bone structure is going to remain the same proportionally on a thin girl who isn't underweight right? Do you think females magically change bone structure and their genetic fat distribution proportions when they gain weight? I genuinely do not understand why thickniggers think that women become less female when they aren't burdened with copious amounts of excess fat.

Post edited on 7th Jun 2020, 2:23pm
>> No. 35238 [Edit]
Most people don't know what a tomboy is. Just like how most people don't know what a cake is. Also like how most people don't what an OL is. Further like how most people don't know what a waifu is. Etc.
>> No. 35239 [Edit]
File 159156614698.jpg - (242.38KB , 850x1363 , sample_5ce06b2e0b33a3f09d382fa370e00865.jpg )
You're so dishonest and inconsistent. There's no fat to distribute if they are "thin". "Thin" is underweight. "Thin" is narrow and boyish. You also said yourself that you like "waifish, tall, thin" girls, so that rules out hips that are wider than shoulders. Have I said I have an obesity fetish? Has any of the pictures I've posted been of obese woman? No. Your tastes are homosexual.

Post edited on 7th Jun 2020, 2:54pm
>> No. 35240 [Edit]
Can't we just get along without resorting to insults?
>> No. 35241 [Edit]
I hate it when people have really strong opinions on things they objectively know little to nothing about, other than maybe what they heard on TV or in school. Right now with the riots in the US going on, a lot of people feel the need to share their 2 cents on US politics with everyone including me, despite the fact that they don't even understand English, and thus wouldn't be able to properly inform themselves on that topic even if they tried. I'm a polyglot who has spent literally thousands of hours perusing historical documents, studies, statistics and leaked communications in half a dozen different languages, and you really think I give a fuck about what your TV told you to think about any of this?
>> No. 35242 [Edit]
What if I want to get along while being insulting, you dumb ass? Lets be friends, idiot.
>> No. 35243 [Edit]
I bet you're sporting twin-tails.
>> No. 35245 [Edit]
So what's your opinion?
>> No. 35246 [Edit]
>> No. 35247 [Edit]
Please no
>> No. 35248 [Edit]
File 159159917253.png - (2.08MB , 1440x1080 , Neon Genesis Evangelion - 1x26 - Take Care of Your.png )
>"Thin" is underweight.
No, it isn't. Who told you that.
>"Thin" is narrow
Kinda yeah
>and boyish
No, it isn't.
>You also said yourself that you like "waifish, tall, thin" girls, so that rules out hips that are wider than shoulders
No, it doesn't
>Have I said I have an obesity fetish?
No but you've been calling me gay the entire time for liking thin girls so I don't really fucking care what you think your fetish is. I would argue that objectively no girl can be "boyish" to a level that makes them masculine without a genetic defect but that's neither here nor there.

Your pic related I would consider fairly thin, if you're really trying to argue semantics and claim you only ever thought I meant girls with wide shoulders and no hips when I said "thin", then you can suck my chode for wasting my time and pissing me off just to make shit up.
>> No. 35251 [Edit]
File 15916224777.jpg - (306.57KB , 1374x962 , sample_33e7ebf4fd743c75046ff7b8ce7ee10e.jpg )
Look up thin in the dictionary. Weak, flimsy, less than the usual number, not well fleshed, lacking substance. I didn't need to because my entire life has told me thin is a synonym for unhealthy, in every context I've seen it myself. If that's not clear enough, you also said waifish: an abandoned young animal, thin or gaunt. Gaunt: extremely thin and bony, haggard and drawn, as from great hunger, weariness or torture. It doesn't take a whole lot of thinking to put two and two together. Thin = underweight and unhealthy. Or at least, your tastes definitely do. Then you have the gall to say a more healthy look being popular is bad because you've deemed it "fat" as you keep saying? A look that's objectively better for breeding, the purpose of sex? Completely ignoring muscle and being fit too?
>Your pic related I would consider fairly thin
Oh, but the other ones are obese? Like, >>35204 ? "No hips" is different from hips that are wider than their shoulders. I'm calling your tastes homosexual because to me it resembles boys, like "twinks". Take away what makes a woman look "wonaly", and they don't look too different from boys. At the very least, you have a taste for something unhealthy, so i'm glad it's becoming less prevalent.

Post edited on 8th Jun 2020, 6:25am
>> No. 35252 [Edit]
Why do you care about what drawings other people fap to? How is that healthy, unhealthy or has anything to do with health at all? Jesus Christ.
>> No. 35253 [Edit]
People can fap to whatever they want or draw whatever they want, including gay porn. I strongly feel though that it's not a bad thing for unhealthy physiques to go out of fashion in media, and I have reasons for thinking it's unhealthy and unattractive. That's all.

The first thing I posted was mostly a joke, although it did express my viewpoint somewhat. They decided to take issue with my postion and reasoning, so I explained myself.

Post edited on 8th Jun 2020, 7:45am
>> No. 35254 [Edit]
You sound a lot like a womans rights activist. For the most part what I consider "thin" is well within globally acknowledged ranges of 100% healthy BMIs, so what you're talking about is either some pseudoscience or some bullshit you pulled straight out of your asshole based on personal bias in your own life. It's actually more unhealthy in my opinion to pretend that thicker women are always more healthy than thinner women, especially considering many women who are considered "thick" are actually clinically overweight and many women who are considered "skinny" now are clinically optimal. Waifish might have been the wrong word, but all things considered when it gets used for perfectly healthy women I might as well.
>I'm calling your tastes homosexual because to me it resembles boys, like "twinks"
You know it's funny you would say that, retard, considering that skinny men are called twinks because their skinniness makes them look more feminine but whatever. Sounds like some major mental gymnastics to me. Just like everything else that goes on in the brain of someone who wines about "unhealthy tastes in media".
>The first thing I posted was mostly a joke, although it did express my viewpoint somewhat. They decided to take issue with my postion and reasoning, so I explained myself.
I can say the same regarding you. When your first response is to call someone gay because he doesn't have the same taste in FEMALES as you, you're a shitposter plain and simple.

Before I stop responding to you I want to know what you think healthy weights for women would be. I'm really curious.
>> No. 35255 [Edit]
Not him or too interesting in the discussion, but "Before I stop responding to you". No one who says things like this can resist the urge to get the last word.
>> No. 35256 [Edit]
I don't need to argue about numbers or bmi. This is about aesthetics. Are we talking about 3-d or 2-d, because what's going on with 3-d people doesn't matter. When it comes to your tastes, i'm just going off of your description and what I perceive those words to mean, which agrees with what could be found in a dictionary. So either your tastes are homosexual, or you're using words incorrectly.

Twinks are called twinks because they look like little boys, not because they look feminine. To heterosexual men, the two wouldn't be conflated. People who are attracted to little boys are homosexuals. As for wanting healthy, feminine woman in my media, it's because they look better for reproduction and are therefore sexier. The more attractive girls there are, the better.
>> No. 35258 [Edit]
>I don't need to argue about numbers or bmi
Oh I think you do buddy, if you're gonna start throwing things like healthiness into the argument.
>> No. 35259 [Edit]
Neither bmi or weight takes muscle into account. Neither are accurate measures of health, as any physician would tell you. Muscle weighs more than fat. A woman who exercises is going to be healthier than a woman who doesn't, even if they weigh more because of muscle. Same for men. A muscular man could be considered "overweight" just because of statistics which don't differentiate where the number comes from. Going with what your eyes see is better.

Post edited on 8th Jun 2020, 2:33pm
>> No. 35260 [Edit]
>i'm just going off of your description and what I perceive those words to mean, which agrees with what could be found in a dictionary. So either your tastes are homosexual, or you're using words incorrectly.
What's your perception of the word homosexual then? According to the dictionary it's attraction to one's own sex, so you obviously aren't using the dictionary definition.
>> No. 35262 [Edit]
File 159166763560.jpg - (36.65KB , 209x360 , download (17).jpg )
The description includes things which I see as being very unattractive in a woman and excluding the things I do see as naturally attractive. A "thin, waifish, skinny, flat" woman reminds me very much of what a little boy or a twink looks like. What is left? Going off of this picture in >>35181 too, Shinji has pretty much the same body minus the breasts. Give him some slightly longer lashes, and his face is the same as Misato's. Anon likes woman, but Anon doesn't like the things that make a woman's body look like a woman's body. It doesn't make sense. I don't see why that being popular would make sense.

I made an off-hand comment to express my own tastes in a tongue-in-cheek way. I didn't expect anybody to fly off the handle because I insinuated they might not be heterosexual. And then they go on and on about how bad "excess fat" is while ignoring other reasons a woman would be bulkier in certain areas and examples, not answering if they think they're "fat" or not. I don't get it.

Post edited on 8th Jun 2020, 6:55pm
>> No. 35263 [Edit]
> Anon likes woman, but Anon doesn't like the things that make a woman's body look like a woman's body. It doesn't make sense. I don't see why that being popular would make sense.
Because for unknown reasons you cannot comprehend any taste other than yours as being anything but "incorrect". Oh, don't go on about nature as if that has anything to do with it. You already said yourself that we're not talking about 3D. If a girl has hips as wide as her shoulders, or slightly more, she's feminine enough for me. Obviously the fat that does exist on a "skinny" girl is still going to be in higher amounts in the feminine areas. All I really meant was that I like the female proportions to be at a more longitudinally stretched scale, the whole short and thick thing doesn't really do it for me. It's the same fucking body type but it's just longer. Or thinner, technically. Still the same shoulder proportions, still thighs thicker than other parts of the body in proportion, still narrow shoulders and all that. But I just don't find excess fat alone to be attractive. It's more about the shapes, the shape of the breast and butt as opposed to the size, and a lot of definition is lost on "larger" girls. As an artist I don't like drawing people who are hidden under layers of fat and as a man I don't like large women. I just think the "thick" look lacks class. It's fine if you like girls that look more like a slampig, but don't fucking call me gay like a little faggot thick spammer from 4/v/. I can't understand why YOU find fat attractive pat a certain point, but you do, somehow. Like the other anon said, if I was gay I would just fap to dudes. This is the anonymous internet after all. It probably all boils down to the fact that I prefer younger girls in general, and to me the more filled out look denotes an older woman. That is a natural practicality, but it is NOT aesthetic perfection. I mean, is some fat guy with man boobs more motherly or some shit? Because all you're doing is adding fat to the proportions. Think about it. Seriously, the base male and base female shape is always going to be distinct, fat will usually be proportionally the same amount to the same areas for any two people of the same gender and body type, with different weights. Past a certain point excess fat stops highlighting femininity and is just excess. There's no reason to go beyond a certain point unless you actually have a fetish for more slampiggy girls. So to claim it is the definition of heterosexuality is just silly. Are teenage girls manly because they lack the more chubby size of a mother? No, they have the same proportions at a lower weight. And that's what I prefer. If you're going to accuse me of something, you should accuse me of being a pedophile, not gay.
>> No. 35265 [Edit]
Actually >>35181 would fall into an unhealthy range on a BMI, considering BMI is just height and weight and they really don't have much weight compared to their height.
>> No. 35269 [Edit]
And what about muscle? What effect do you think muscle has on appearance? You haven't acknowledged it at all for some reason. You mentioned art, so I thought you might be an artist. What do you think about these drawings? >>/cr/293 >>/cr/333 >>/mai/21081
Okay. I'm sorry. You seem to actually have a mild anorexia fetish, based on the one picture you did post showcasing your preferences and your description.

Post edited on 9th Jun 2020, 5:35am
>> No. 35270 [Edit]
File 159170802973.jpg - (610.00KB , 1439x2048 , dc8d289e4734baddfb6dcc01f0442f3a.jpg )
>Rei is too thin and manly
I wasn't sure what this discussion is about but now I know I sympathize with

Post edited on 9th Jun 2020, 6:08am
>> No. 35277 [Edit]
I've seen a couple of post during the years saying that tomboys are just for people in the closet. While they are relatively few in number and are most likely just shitposting, it's good to make clarification on the issue.
>> No. 35278 [Edit]
File 159173042563.gif - (49.54KB , 568x395 , 1591704512538.gif )
I dunno I'm not gonna shit on someones drawing of their waifu, they have some odd proportions but the Asuka one seems to be fine. From a technical standpoint they're pretty good. Also when you bring muscle into the equation, you change everything. Now all the fat distribution pretty much does not matter as musculature is going to be put on wherever the person is pushing the hardest. For women this is hopefully the legs.
Take this chart into consideration. Given the average female height of 5'2 in japan, a weight of 105 lbs would not be considered unhealthy according to the top medical circles in the advanced parts of the world. I suspect the average American would immediately consider this weight to be incredibly unhealthy if they were presented with it.

Post edited on 9th Jun 2020, 12:24pm
>> No. 35282 [Edit]
Type 5 foot 2 105 pounds into google, it looks nothing like >>35181
>> No. 35283 [Edit]
As amusing as the above is, can it please be moved to /tat/?
>> No. 35284 [Edit]
Well, my image was a stylized depiction, it's the same aesthetic and my point was that such a look is perfectly healthy. It's a modern myth that more weight means better regarding a womans health.
>> No. 35285 [Edit]
Your image looks like 5'6 100 lbs. Type that in google. It's not the same aesthetic.
>> No. 35286 [Edit]
File 159177707279.png - (2.53MB , 1920x1080 , natsume22.png )
This thread is getting off-topic.
>> No. 35287 [Edit]
Ticks. Ticks are everywhere. They're even in Iceland.
One step outside is at least one tick on you. Some are carriers of diseases, and all are purveyors of misery.
They cling, climb, and crave you. Even if you're inside, they'll have a taste of your blood.
Even if they were anthropomorphized as cute girls, they should--no--must be dealt with great haste and no mercy.
Ticks must all die.
>> No. 35288 [Edit]
I had dozens of cats in past years so I know what you mean, sometimes they didn't have enough with your cats and you found them climbing your hair. Truly disgusting.
I don't see them often in cities though.
>> No. 35289 [Edit]
I've never had a problem with them even with cats, one cat we have was a stray kitten and he was covered in fleas which had to be removed but he has never had them since.
>> No. 35303 [Edit]
I hate built in carpets. They're ugly, cheap, stain easily are hard to clean, and can't be easily replaced despite getting worn down so easily. Hard wood floors with nice rugs on top are vastly superior. I hate ceiling tiles, the kinds with ugly black spots on them especially. I get the utility of them, but they shouldn't be that ugly. They put them in schools and and other places. I hate popcorn texture paint. It's ugly. Who thought it was a good idea? I hate asymetrical mcmansions with all kinds of windows shapes and sizes and random protrusions. Stupid people think it's better to build oversized, mangled houses out of cheap material even though it looks bad and drives the price of surrounding houses down.
>> No. 35304 [Edit]
Yeah all that stuff is horrible.
> I hate popcorn texture paint. It's ugly. Who thought it was a good idea?
I think it's to prevent echos, and it's easier than trying to get an even paint coat across a large smooth flat surface
>> No. 35305 [Edit]
>popcorn texture
These things often contain asbestos too!
>> No. 35307 [Edit]
>I think it's to prevent echos
It's used to damper sound in general. This is why, for example, it's installed in hotel rooms.
>> No. 35308 [Edit]
I actually like them if they are done right. But on the subject of floors I really hate modern ones. I don't like how the floor of a modern house is just a concrete slab and then whatever you put directly on top of that. I much prefer the older method of the floor of the house being raised from the ground providing the floor with some give.
>> No. 35328 [Edit]
File 159253425837.png - (808.29KB , 810x988 , 328218d05ee86ed05d7b1fb7e5f2dea5.png )
This doesn't bother me, but I can't understand the prevalence of wikis for basically every single western media franchise, regardless of how obscure or seemingly irrelevant to anything or anybody they are. It's as if there's a sub-culture of wiki writing, people who enjoy writing wikis purely for its own sake without even needing to be a fan of the wiki's topic. Wikis are also mostly written and moderated in a way you'd expect from adults or teenagers. I don't think ten year olds just decide to contribute to wikis of the tv shows they watch. There is a Care Bears wiki. There is a Caillou wiki with 727 pages. Clifford the Red Dog... Sid the Science Kid. That actually exists. Why? Who are these people? Pedophiles? Parents? Why?????
>> No. 35330 [Edit]
Probably just people with nostalgia for the shows. It is kind of odd that they'd be fans of them to that sort of extent though, considering that there's not much to those old kids shows beyond the surface.
>> No. 35331 [Edit]
Does it even work?
>> No. 35345 [Edit]
it really bugs me when i try to read a thread but it devolves into off-topic normalfag arguments
>> No. 35347 [Edit]
It really bugs me when people can't be bothered to put in the bare minimum effort in their writing, like using correct capitalization and ending their sentence with a period.
>> No. 35349 [Edit]
It really bugs me when people make dumb passive aggressive statements rather than just be civil, especially about incredibly minor and pointless things. I realize I'm copying you're posting style but that's intenetional. I agree with you somewhat that it can be harder to read longer posts with worse punctuation/capitalization, but that's mostly if it's below a certain point with abbreivated words everywhere, no punctuation at all, and no capitalization where you can tell the poster is giving zero effort. That's pretty rare though. Also really for a short post like that imo it doesn't matter at all.

Post edited on 21st Jun 2020, 8:13am
>> No. 35350 [Edit]
File 159276206355.jpg - (1.44MB , 1985x2806 , 9559cbc517396756e826f4ce7a2b7bb3.jpg )
I hate how online services are unnecessarily mixed with social platforms and that that's what attracts people to them. Take boorus for instance. What's their purpose? Sharing images, mostly of the 2d variety. The most popular ones, like gelbooru, have a comment section, forum, mailing system and discord. Why?

It's not just unnecessary, it's harmful. The scope of content ends up getting limited on these sites and there's tyranny of mod caprice. This is justified because of harmful user communication, which was unnecessary in the first place. The idea is to drive away bad users to prevent bad communication between them. People wouldn't be able to share illegal material through mailing systems if there was no mailing systems though. Why do users need to communicate in this circumstance?

Despite that though, rather than driving people away, people flock to sites with a social component no matter what they are and use those the most. Other sites don't get as much uploaded to them because of this. Add on top of that all the usual bs username based websites have. It should all be anonymous, but far less people would use it then. Their priorities are mixed up.
>> No. 35407 [Edit]
A lot of (most?) people are attention whores and want to feel special. Fuck Github et al.
>> No. 35416 [Edit]
I've always hated dynamic linking and I don't see why it still exists in a world with 1tb drives as a standard. A single library is so infinitesimally small to that, I have no need or care to reduce redundancy for such a tiny space when it takes me a good hour to sort out the missing libraries and paths which the original developer did NOT have the foresight to name anywhere.
>> No. 35417 [Edit]
On further reflection I think one other reason why static linking is avoided on linux is the issue of licenses, particularly LGPL which I recall has some weird restrictions about it and is a rather "viral" license.
>> No. 35419 [Edit]
Many people seem to dislike flatpak on a conceptual level. Either because "bloat", which is just bullshit, or security. If somebody is going to be installing software not in a package manager anyway, is there any security advantage to manually sorting out the libraries, or does that just work to discourage people from installing software not in the package manager? Does flatpak have other issues?
Here's a BSD thread of people expressing distaste for it.
>> No. 35420 [Edit]
File 159432696327.jpg - (153.79KB , 684x910 , snap2.jpg )
I'm not too familiar with Flatpak; I've heard it's at least better than the somewhat-analogous "Snaps" solution that Canonical is pushing though. With Snaps applications take several seconds to startup because you have to unpack and mount the compressed image, and all the mounted loopback images clutter your mounts list. They also stupidly made a decision to hijack ~/snap (yes, right in your home directory and plainly visible – not even a dotfolder!).

>is there any security advantage to manually sorting out the libraries
I mean I suppose it's *slightly* safer in that you're reducing your attack surface, but since you're running "untrusted" code anyway if they wanted to mess with your system they could do so whether or not you have manually sourced the dependent libraries.

I think the Linux guys' dogmatic obsession with the package manager as the one *true* way to install things is stupid. Especially so considering that on debian half of the stuff you need is out of date, and if you wanted to compile it with a different featureset you're on your own. Also I think the fact that all these package managers need root to install packages is shortsighted; what are you supposed to do if you're a shared user on a system (a very common case in e.g. university settings, shared hosts, etc.) and want to install a package – The only options you've got are to bug your sysadmin every day or compile it yourself and go through dependency resolution hell.

>Here's a BSD thread of people expressing distaste for it.
Maybe the fact that it's BSD users skews the results a bit, since they're a bit more focused on security and having a "tight" distribution (but conversely I think it has even less desktop marketshare than the linuxes).

And from a quick glance at that thread none of their arguments really seem to hold much water: security isn't really an issue since you're installing untrusted code anyway, and it's no different than the situation on windows/osx; bloat is again technically true since there's duplication, but it's what's needed to avoid the whole dependency mess.
>> No. 35421 [Edit]
>all these package managers need root to install packages is shortsighted; what are you supposed to do if you're a shared user on a system
That's quite ironic considering how Unix itself was often intended to be a multi-user system.
>> No. 35422 [Edit]
If you're interested in some light reading:
Recent controversy with one ubuntu-derivative distro (Linux Mint) refusing to support Snap.
>> No. 35440 [Edit]
File 159486890033.png - (610.54KB , 636x636 , 1594598578200.png )
I hate bloated webdesign. To create a supposedly "sleek, modern" interface, they put in a bunch of shit, like a million animations and oversized images and text. It ends up being slow and containing less useful information in more space. A website shouldn't have a custom loading page.
>> No. 35442 [Edit]
Yeah web design has really taken many steps backwards. I remeber a time when it was considered to be in bad taste to have auto play music or videos on your webspace, now professional websites are doing it. Likewise there was a time when 'Flash' was the fancy hot shit everyone wanted on their site, but then people quickly realized how cancerous it was and got rid of it.. only how to have sites bogged down with massive amounts of scripts.
>> No. 35443 [Edit]
Wow that website hits the bingo with shitty web 3.0 antipatterns: scroll hijacking, obnoxious loading and css transitions, and JS that gets the fans whirring. If Google and co. are contracting out these guys then it's no wonder why this modern plague keeps spreading.

The worst offenders are the ones that use client-side rendering and the trend of "single page apps" since disabling JS completely breaks them.
>> No. 35446 [Edit]

This is one of the reasons I'm so adamant about keeping imageboards around. They're pure function and the interface, while kinda love-it-or-hate-it, just does its job without trying to dazzle you with weird little animations and rounded corners. There's absolutely nothing on the Tohno-chan interface that doesn't have a reason to be there; I think this is what all websites should be like.

On a web design note: I use Twitter to follow artists and roughly every two months, they make the interface slightly worse. I have no idea why.
>> No. 35448 [Edit]
>There's absolutely nothing on the Tohno-chan interface that doesn't have a reason to be there
There's two different rules pages you get linked to depending on whether you're on the homepage or not. Various pages, like the 404 and irc one, link to boards that don't exist anymore. The entire textboard. I don't think anybody uses the mono font or noko features. The email field is redundant because of the sage button. The password field and manage button are pointless to regular users.

Lynxchan is getting more popular and I feel that it's going in the wrong direction, while older software is saddled with legacy cruft that's not very useful, but few have ever bothered to remove. TC is still far better than an abomination like youtube.
>> No. 35449 [Edit]
I hate how extremely expensive is to do the most basic things in my country. I rented a place to live and it costed me to pay 1000€ to an advisory, 1200€ to the owner of the place, 200€ to the bank, plus 300€ every year until forever to the bank again. All that even before paying the first rent, and with the most cheapest place I could find after searching for months. My salary doesn't even amount 1000€. It's ridiculous.
It's like that in all countries? I find incredibly stupid how there's people wondering why youngsters don't leave their parents house when you have to spend like three salaries even before being able to pay your first month.
I'm sorry if this is not my first rant about this or something similar, but I find incredibly frustrating to see the world is such an absolute fuck up and everyone finds it perfectly fine.
>> No. 35450 [Edit]
over here in Germany we have a lot of housing cooperatives. Look it up, it's a clever way of getting parasitic entities like banks and landlords out of the picture. It requires a high-trust society though, so it would be very hard to pull off in a place like the US, and I expect cooperatives to decline over here as well as we are being tranformed into a multicultural and multiracial society where half the time your neighbor doesn't even speak your language.
>> No. 35451 [Edit]
>housing cooperatives.

What is that exactly? I don't think I've ever heard that and I somehow doubt it exists here.
>> No. 35453 [Edit]
The password field is great when private browsing.
>> No. 35454 [Edit]
I'm completely open to believing the strangest stuff. I'm also generally anti-establishment. But I've never been gullible!
Sadly the combination of the first two traits means that if I search for interesting stuff I'm bound to find gullible people. Apparently when people search for any paranormal phenomena they already believe it or want to believe it, seeing how complacent they are with the "evidence" that is there.
As much as I like to find out about alternative stuff, it is an ocean of garbage, from the crazies on youtube to the more presentable ones like Dean Radin. Nothing ever comes out of it, all they do is talk and peddle books and do events and videos.
Imagine the transistor was claimed to be discovered and instead of getting computers we got books, talks, and communities about how amazing transistors are.
I don't like them but at this point I'd rather listen to a materialist egghead than the gullible idiots and the cranks preying upon them.
I'll find magic on my own!
>> No. 35455 [Edit]
File 159501190748.jpg - (157.86KB , 850x974 , __chantez_arpinion_mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha_viv.jpg )
I gave centos7 a try. centos8 apparently doesn't support a lot of things yet. RHEL isn't free, at least not conveniently, and fedora is rolling release and breaks a lot, so out of three in that family it looked the most appealing. First I installed the minimal iso in a virtual machine, but I forgot to enable the ethernet port during the install and didn't feel like figuring how to do that in the cli. The second time though, I forgot to add myself to the "wheel group"(same as sudo?), which I did manually. After, I tried to get full screen to work properly, which requires vbox guest additions to be installed, unlike on debian, which ended up being a whole odessey. Navigating files in the cli is slow and painful though. ls would sometimes work and sometimes not for some reason. No matter which guide I used, it just didn't work so I gave up and installed a full iso.

This time it worked because I found a guide which included something about the chmod command which I don't remember, which made the ./VBoxlinusadditions[just a dot writing this because spam filter]run thing, which every other guide assumed already existed for some reason. I might have been able to do that on the minimal iso, but finding the location of the additions iso was also a lot easier with a visual representation. There's probably multiple commands that lets you look for specific things, but I didn't bother figuring that out. So now I decided to tackle installing Katawa Shoujou.

Their website lets you dowload a .tar zipped archive thing. However, it's empty. You click on it, and there's literally nothing in there. I don't know what kind of voodoo magic you have to perform to make an empty archive do something, but I decided to just use a flatpak instead. The flathub website provides one, but to click and install for centos, you need a software installer, which only gnome has on centos. I was using kde because I don't really like the look of gnome. Apparently, the kde desktop for centos does not have a gui software installer, or some app for flatpaks specifically. Not that I could find. This is kind of strange considering who invented the flatpak. There may be some way of using the gnome one on kde, but using the cli seemed easier than setting that up. The flathub website does not say what to do if you aren't using gnome on centos, but the fedora page includes cli instructions.

I couldn't figure out how to use the repositories you just download, clicking on them just opened the file in a text editor and yum install also didn't help even after navigating to the folder they're in, so I copy and pasted the remote install command, which I had to look up how to do because on firefox, the flathub website didn't say how to, but I just checked and it does on chrome in windows at least. I'm leaving out a lot of other things I did, like installing fvwm. It's worth mentioning that the yum command has been replaced in centos8, so a guide for installing things on centos8 will not work for centos7. What software installer gui or commands you use to install things depends on both the desktop you're using and the distro.

So then I finally was able to install Katawa Shoujou and it actually worked, minus the sound because I didn't set that up, which I didn't need to on debian. It's probably a major pain in the ass to install a flatpak in the cli that's hosted somewhere besides flathub. The necessity of a special program to deal with flatpaks kind of indicates limited integration of them, but that may be necessary because of the modular nature of linux distros.

The kde desktop was meh. You can't drag your mouse to highlight things out of the box, but there were some "interesting" feature like being able to adjust the size of individual icons and rotate them for some reason. The dolphin file manager it comes with doesn't include an easy way to open a file in it's location from the properties window or the ability to easily see how much space is left on your drive. I tried installing Katawa Shoujou on reactos next, and that was mostly pain-free and the installation itself was faster thanks to the magic of native .exe support. It's file manager does suck though. Being able to contribute to that project is a good motivation for learning c.
>> No. 35456 [Edit]
Math is magic. It's not materialistic either. Theoretical stuff is boring to me though.
>> No. 35457 [Edit]
Maybe but whenever I've thought seriously about math I feel like I might go insane.
>> No. 35458 [Edit]
My only experience with centos is that all the packages are woefully out of date. Yum as a package manager is kind of neat though since it keeps a log of everything you install and you can rollback your system to any point in time.
>> No. 35459 [Edit]
In USA here, every apartment I've lived in has been off craigslist so that way I can get around any bs like that. Usually its single rooms in boarding house type places or basements are the most common. One time I had to pay a broker fee of half a month's rent, but since the price was low it was worth it over anything else. It is especially easy this way since all utilities are usually included. My only recurring bills right now are rent, car insurance, and phone bill.

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>> No. 35460 [Edit]
Ford bastards always repeat their hollow stiff upper lip slogans only to hear themselves say big man words to prop up their unwarranted big man egos. I've had enough. My failure is 100% the fault of everyone else, the world IS against me, the normals' "problems" are insignificant baby shit compared to mine.
>> No. 35461 [Edit]
I think this needs to be said more often.
>> No. 35462 [Edit]
>I find incredibly stupid how there's people wondering why youngsters don't leave their parents house
Post-WW2 culture sucks because young people are expected to move out from their parents' home so quickly. It would be better if people would stay with their parents for a few years after they're out of school/college so they can save up for a small house or flat of their own, or at least for shares in a co-op. Much better than being a slave to a parasitic landlord, or taking out a huge mortgage and being a slave to the bank.

> I somehow doubt it exists here.
Where is "here"? If you have a sizable community of German immigrants, there are bound to be a few housing and banking co-ops. It's part of our culture, millions of people live in them. It is a way of resisting some of the worst depredations of capitalism. The Nazis supported it, and even the Communists in East Germany were unable to take them away from us, sparking the rebellion of 1953 when they tried to turn them into state-owned housing.

>What is that exactly?
In a housing cooperative, the house does not belong to a landlord who seeks to profit off of the rent you pay, but to a non-profit corporation of which each resident is a shareholder.

Smaller co-ops are run strictly by the residents, with everyone pitching in to take care of duties, such as maintenance, landscaping, and setting rules. In my co-op, we decided to simply pay a gardener and a cleaning service to come once a month and once a week, respectively.

Large units may be run by a board of directors consisting of a subset of residents. They may also employ people who take care of all the paper work etc. full-time. In either case, there are rules to be followed and a certain degree of social interaction that takes place, such as showing up to a meeting every 6 months or so. If you don't like sharing decision-making authority, co-op living may not appeal to you.

Living in a co-op is usually cheaper than renting from a landlord who runs the place with the goal of extracting as much wealth as he can from you.

In my case I had to pay €1500 upfront for the shares in the company, now I pay 300-something per month for a 2-bedroom apartment in the middle of one of Germany's most beautiful cities. I used to work for a large commercial real estate company, and we charged tenants in my part of the city about 50%-70% more for comparable apartments.
>> No. 35463 [Edit]
File 15951201921.jpg - (51.68KB , 400x400 , xanadu_shopkeeper.jpg )
I'm open to just about anything too, but I require a good deal of actual evidence before I accept something. For example, the notion that "virtually the entire media in the Western world is run by Jews and it takes only 5 minutes of researching stuff on Wikipedia to find out, but the overwhelming majority of the population is too dumb to notice" is something that I eventually had to accept as true, because the evidence really is as obvious as it is plentiful and undeniable.

But despite spending countless hours reading religious texts and listening to mystics, occultists, conspiracy theorists and would-be magicians from all over the world, to this day I remain essentially materialistic and religiously agnostic in my world view, because those people never manage to prove what they say.
>> No. 35464 [Edit]
File 159512135583.png - (1.06MB , 1063x1347 , odomComic.png )
I guess the one thing that really made me doubt if there might not be something "supernatural" with demonic or alien influence going on was the story of picrelated. In case you hadn't heard of him, Kyle was a former marine, expert pistol marksman and top-notch university student who started believing that various people around him are reptile-like aliens who had infiltrated humanity to feed off of us.

I could've easily dismissed that as the mere delusions of a paranoid schizophrenic (and I ultimately did), but what made this case special was that he shot one of those people he believed to be an alien, Pastor Remington, 6 times at point blank range with a .45 caliber gun, hitting his head and torso; yet the guy survived, which is a bit of an unusual thing for a human to do, to say the least. The pastor himself credits his survival to divine intervention and Odom's hallucinations to demonic possession, of course. The case came to my attention again recently because a few months ago the pastor became a local politician, after previously having some association with Republican senator Ted Cruz.
>> No. 35465 [Edit]
I guess I'm kind of the same way. The whole Jewish thing, well, you can't really avoid it. Once you start noticing, you can't stop. But somehow anti-establishment ends up tying really heavily into the sort of ridiculous borderline schizophrenic side of conspiracy theories, and as much as I enjoy reading about and theorizing about magic and the occult, I am convinced this world is mostly material. It's fun, but not compelling stuff. The only shred of evidence that actually has me truly agnostic and not agnostic with a heavy atheist bias, is some of the MKULTRA stuff from the CIA. Surprisingly, not a lot of people even believe MKULTRA existed, despite them hosting the declassified files on their own website. They never found much really but there was some stuff they found regarding electrosensitivity in marine life that hints to a sort of sixth sense, albeit nothing as grand as the occult likes to make out. Just some minor depth perception and location finding using some specially evolved neural structures. Maybe some communication, I don't remember if that was confirmed. Nothing more strange than birds finding magnetic poles really, and, in my opinion, not pointing to "spirituality" in any real sense and at the most just an addition to the normal fives senses, no souls, no ghosts, just static electricity.
>> No. 35466 [Edit]
Also it's never even stated if the findings were relevant in anyway to experiments with humans.
>> No. 35467 [Edit]
>somehow anti-establishment ends up tying really heavily into the sort of ridiculous borderline schizophrenic side of conspiracy theories
It's because those people don't just take facts for facts, they start extrapolating and drawing from many sources and personal feelings and preconceptions, much of which is ureliable or irrelevant. They eventually become more concerned with proving their working theories than finding "the truth". They also like to form groups upon which the only foundation is crazy theories. That is how religion starts.
>> No. 35468 [Edit]
That sounds like a pretty good system, but I don't think there's anything similar were I live. Also 300€ seems really cheap, you can't even find a room for that price here. I pay double in the cheapest place I could find after months of searching but the most common in the low price range is 800-900€, and I'm not even talking about living in the big city. Also saving some years could only let you pay a fraction of an apartment, you are expected to pay it in 30-40 years and better not lose your job or your life is ruined.

The more I grow up the more I notice there's so many completely fucked up things with my country that most people aren't aware in the slightest because they have always lived with it.
>> No. 35469 [Edit]
Again, what country do you live in? If you saved about 2/3 of your current salary by staying with your parents, you'd have €20-25k on your hands after 3 years. Livable apartments in Irish villages and small towns seem to start at roughly 50k:

With your savings as the down payment, you could finance the rest of the price through a mortgage that you could realistically pay off in 7 years or so (keep in mind you'll also have to pay for utilities and property taxes), provided you can stay employed.
>> No. 35470 [Edit]
>If you saved about 2/3 of your current salary by staying with your parents, you'd have €20-25k on your hands after 3 years.

Country is Spain. I couldn't even find a job for most of my adult life and while I stayed with my parents I got paid 600€ (monthly, for 70-80h/week) the little time I wasn't unemployed so I doubt I could have ever saved that amount. If I could ever find a legal job was because I left my parents house, were they live there wasn't work. And when I say there wasn't work I don't mean it was shitty, or badly payed, I mean sometimes you couldn't even work for free, it was zero, nothing.
With some efforts and after the years my top savings have been 16000€ (and I have spent a big chunk of it with my last renting). And still, the cheapest and shittiest apartment cost at least 100000€, you need to get into decades of debt to get anything and considering I have spent more years of my adult life not working than working I would believe that to be too risky.
Lately there's also this curious policy that even if you have all the nececessary money you can't buy a place if you don't get a mortgage, if an apartment costs 100000€ they will ask you for 150000€ if you just want to pay it at once, I think they are doing it with cars too.
Of course I could buy something in the middle of nowhere for less (still, at least 40000€ would be needed), but what would be the point?
>> No. 35471 [Edit]
Spain is home to the largest cooperative company in the world, Mondragon.

I have no idea how widespread cooperativas viviendas are in your country or how hard it is to get in and how much they charge in rent, but you might find something if you search around.
>> No. 35472 [Edit]
Mondragon is in Euskadi (and a rarity even there), and it's not focused on living places. There's also Guissona, but again, it has little to do with that, but more like a company managed slightly differently (in the last case not particularly better for the worker than a regular company). The only thing remotely similar I've seen are some sort of hippie comunes in the country, that are more like camping for the rich than anything a working person could think about.
>> No. 35475 [Edit]
File 159542333390.png - (1.85MB , 1024x768 , 1595230473727.png )
People coming up with self-described labels for beliefs. Usually this is done because the belief is fringe, but if you really believe something, that shouldn't matter to you. It's like trying to find a label for yourself because you believe the Earth is round or that people need to breath oxygen. Oh, i'm a rounder oxygenacionist.
>> No. 35481 [Edit]
Since you're both a sphere cuck and an oxy moron, you should realize that coming up with a label for your own beliefs is a useful tactic to pre-empt unflattering labels being made up for you by people who are hostile to your beliefs.
>> No. 35482 [Edit]
Nobody uses those besides the people who identify with them. Labels can be made unflattering no matter who creates them too. It's goofy, pointless and demonstrates unwarranted self-importance. "Tactics" are for normalfags who care about the labels outsiders use.

Post edited on 23rd Jul 2020, 1:50pm
>> No. 35483 [Edit]
>"Tactics" are for normalfags
Tactics are for those who want to change the minds of normalfags, manipulate the programming of the NPCs to their advantage.
>Nobody uses those besides the people who identify with them.
Do you think 'Transgender advocates,' who were a practically unheard of fringe group a few decades ago, would've had the same success in making all those multibillion dollar corporations sponsor them if they had neglected to come up with a label for themselves, and instead let everyone call them 'genital mutilators?'
>> No. 35484 [Edit]
>Tactics are for those who want to change the minds of normalfags
People like that are boring and don't have real interests. They just want money for its own sake and to buy status symbols.

>'Transgender advocates'
Did not become influential because of their self-decribing lingo. The media decides these things, not people.
>> No. 35507 [Edit]
If you honestly think the opinions of normalfags matter when it comes to getting shit done or combating someone else politically, ideologically, etc, you're an idiot. If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself. If you want to create a space for you and other people whom society doesn't like, you'll have to fight it alone. Normalfags don't actually give a shit about you and will drop you at the first sign of a bad day. The future lies in individuals, not because individuals are strong or righteous at all, but because anyone who is part of the mob, the masses, is no longer an acting agent in their world and life.
>> No. 35508 [Edit]
You're right but non-exceptional individuals get crushed by the enormous weight of the world, time after time.
>> No. 35524 [Edit]
I hate k-pop. It's comically superficial, materialistic and hyper-consumerist to the point where if you didn't know better you'd think it's satire. But it isn't. There's actually people who see value in it. How much must a person's brain be made out of mashed potatoes and jelly for them to actually like this shit?
>> No. 35525 [Edit]
The music itself doesn't that much better to me than the usual american pop (at least every song isn't about teenage melodrama, shallow relations thereof, and drugs [granted I haven't looked up the lyrics so I don't know for sure]), but with k-pop it seems it's less about the music and more about the idol groups. That is, the music isn't really the end-goal of k-pop but merely just the background track to which you're supposed to follow the lives of the idols.

Of course this isn't unique to k-pop since Japan has their idols as well (and one could argue that at least half of american pop also sells the celebrity image, c.f. taylor swift). I don't really have warm feelings towards that particular sphere, but k-pop really seems to take that idea to the "next level" (more global scale, perhaps more commoditized, etc.)
>> No. 35531 [Edit]
The lovable adolescent girl character in western media. She loves comic books and 80s rock. She cracks sarcastic jokes and is irreverent, but not malicous. She gives adults life advice for some reason. Always wears jeans. You can just tell that she's the fantasy of some middle aged male writers. Why not something more nuanced?
>> No. 35535 [Edit]
File 159602766798.jpg - (178.14KB , 512x512 , 126093897820.jpg )
To continue living, no matter how meaningless of an existence it might be, is to defy those who set us upon this self destructive path. For ten years I have existed past my per-determined expiration. For longer shall I exist, even if it means spitting in the face of God himself. I will not be defied. I will not be denied. I might not ask for much, but continuing to exist in this hell seems to require many sacrifices.
>> No. 35537 [Edit]
File 159608647840.jpg - (368.96KB , 2150x3035 , mammoth9878 nakatani iku.jpg )
>If it's that bad they can just kill themselves
If I were to kidnap some loli off the street, rape and torture her, and she killed herself after. It wouldn't undo that evil, it wouldn't make those actions okay, and it sure as shit wouldn't stop it from happening again and again. Suicide is not a solution, nor is "just kill yourself".

Some pieces of shit in high school who made my life a living hell told me the same thing. So that phrase really pisses me off. As if the suffering they create and propagate suddenly disappears when their victim snuffs it. As if they have no culpability. As if dying is trivial, when every vital in one's body, and neuron in one's head has been tuned to prioritize survival. Those who pretend they are "good people" who aren't living large on the backs of others piss me off. I'd prefer it if people would just admit they don't give a flying fuck how many other people suffer or how greatly, so long as they themselves get even a tiny bit of pleasure or avoid a tiny bit of pain. At least honesty would be a nice change of pace.

The real problem with anti-natalists is that they are complete retards who think they can convince people not to be the amoral scum they are. Trying to stop the filthy fucking cunts of this world from rutting in the gutters and popping out kid after kid for ethical reasons is like politely asking a tumor to stop growing. People are as susceptible to moral arguments as a tumor is to beseeching, e.g. they aren't. Life, has one and only one "goal", persistence on any timescale. A lump of neoplasm and humanity will act much the same in pursuit of that same "goal". The cure in the case of the tumor is clear, you don't implore it to stop growing, you poison, burn, tear, and cut it out of the body. The solution to the human problem is analogous. It's a real shame the anti-natalists will never have the numbers to do anything, even if they somehow managed to grow some balls.
>> No. 35538 [Edit]
Those are some broad strokes. Some people will subject themselves to all kinds of stuff for the sake of others. Altruism actually does exist and people have died for it before.
>> No. 35539 [Edit]
The example you give in your first sentence is terrible, you can cherry pick anything like that and say it's bad just like you could cherry pick anything that's good. Life tends to sit in the middle and if not then sure, kill yourself.

The second paragraph isn't much better, again you can always cherry pick.
>> No. 35540 [Edit]
>Some pieces of shit in high school who made my life a living hell told me the same thing. So that phrase really pisses me off.
Same but I don't even try to talk to them. It's pointless and degrading. Wasting time trying to talk sense to some self satisfied psycho who doesn't register the sadism and absurd of saying "just kill yourself if you don't like it" is counterproductive. They'll never even acknowledge your suffering, no matter what you say they'll smugly loop back to their original opinion to rub it in your face again, just to torment you some more. They get a kick out of feeling tougher-than-thou and seeing you hurt, and that's all there is to it (they won't admit it).
>> No. 35565 [Edit]
File 159621722760.jpg - (578.42KB , 851x1200 , 062c192b22be2f08be0e84be9aa35846.jpg )
Bad, misguided user interface. A lot of free "alternatives" to simple tools will have a less intuitive design where basic features are buried in menus while claiming to be better because they technically have more features. Paint compared to is a good example of this. I tried because there's no free rotation in paint. Free rotation is a basic feature which people would clearly want when editing images. It's included in stuff like word and Microsoft could obviously put that in paint if they wanted to, but they don't for some idiotic reason. though was so misguided in its approach that I couldn't stomach it. I don't use paint for making art, I use it only as a simple image editor and for the most part it serves that purpose well. Its design is intuitive and you can learn how to use it by using it, which is ideal for a user interface in a basic tool., despite being intended as a paint alternative, comes across as a lackluster photoshop alternative instead.

There's so many ittle things like changing the canvas size, something everybody will probably want to do. This can done in paint easily by dragging the bottom corner with your mouse and there's a little box there indicating that this can be done. though uses a menu and only has a menu. When using the selection tool in paint, it assumes you'll want to move whatever you just selected, to make a new selection, you can click outside of the selected area to "cancel it", while in you have to switch to the moving tool to move a selection and any click is assumed to be a new selection. Why? Transparent selection is another feature people will obviously want to use and in paint it's easily accessible. uses layers, which are cumbersome, have a learning curve and don't even achieve the exact same effect.

Basic features everybody will obviously want to use should be the most prominent. They should be readily accessible and not hidden behind menus. More complicated features, or augmentations to features, should be hidden to make the initial learning curve lower. If people want more complicated things, they should have access to them. If they only want the basic stuff, that should also be possible. A modular system, where more complicated features could be put on the main menu if you want them there, would be great, but I haven't seen anyone do that before. There's keyboard shortcuts, and maybe will let you set those while paint doesn't, but the mouse exists for a reason and should be embraced in gui programs, including right clicking which doesn't use. supposedly copies paint, but it relies on stuff like layers instead of doing it the paint way. Stuff like layers should be an extra. It also treats the paintbucket more liberally, while paint takes a very literal approach to it, only the area with the exact shade you clicked on will be changed, which is actually better for image editing. I'd love to see something that actually is a copy of paint with the same great ui, but with more options, not just features, options that allow for greater flexibility, like a ranged paint bucket that would fill everything between two values or a replacement paint bucket that would replace every instance of one shade with another.

Post edited on 31st Jul 2020, 10:48am
>> No. 35569 [Edit]
File 159622483065.png - (267.44KB , 1856x1760 , paintnet.png )
What an asshole.
>> No. 35574 [Edit]
>because there's no free rotation in paint
>Microsoft could obviously put that in paint if they wanted to, but they don't for some idiotic reason
Silly mortal, Microsoft "did not put that in paint" because they wanted you to discover the truth for yourself: that rotation is merely but shears and scales. Why sully the sparse monastery of Paint with redundancy?

>Transparent selection is another feature people will obviously want to use and in paint it's easily accessible
I didn't know about this feature, seems like it was added with windows 7 – very handy!

I wish microsoft would open source paint (even the xp version would be fine). I've taken to running paint under wine on linux because all the paint clones are terrible.
>> No. 35575 [Edit]
Now, everytime I go take a shower I get electrocuted when touching the knob. I have to use a towel to turn it and leave it on until I get out. I have looked for a solution online but it says some ridiculous thing about it being caused by the resistance that generates a current to warm the water up, I take my baths with the switch off, so the water just flows straight to me from the showerhead no warming up of water should occur.
Heh, I installed years ago and still have no idea how to use layers, so you're probably right. Still, the magic stamp function is really cool.
>> No. 35577 [Edit]
File 15962381388.jpg - (125.77KB , 705x999 , 91.jpg )
>very handy!
It is very handy, but it's got two flaws. Any pixel that is not the exact shade as the secondary color is left there, leaving behind an annoying outline sometimes, and any pixel inside the object within the selected area is also transparent if it's exactly the same as the secondary color. This could be fixed by having a complex transparent selection option that lets you select a range or multiple of them to make transparent within the selected area based on luminosity and/or hue. Another option could also recognize borders within the selected area and not make anything within those borders transparent. Paint can already recognize borders as you can tell with the paint bucket tool, a selected area would basically be like a smaller, isolated canvas. Maybe bordered transparent selection could basically be like a paint bucket painting things within the selected area with a "transparent value".

>the magic stamp function is really cool
I'm not 100% on what that is, but I think it could achieve the same effect. How it works though is kind of mysterious and from what I saw, you adjust it with a "tolerance" level that I don't really understand the meaning of.
>> No. 35578 [Edit]
The avatar from that soyboy show is the icing on top
>> No. 35579 [Edit]
>I'm not 100% on what that is, but I think it could achieve the same effect. How it works though is kind of mysterious and from what I saw, you adjust it with a "tolerance" level that I don't really understand the meaning of.
Nevermind. I said magic stamp, but the actual official name is clone stamp. You seem to be talking about the wand tool.
>> No. 35586 [Edit]
I hate computers. It's ironic because I spend most of my time with them, but I hate them with all my heart.
My PC just stopped working today. I tried to connect two screens at once that I've been using before, and because reasons all stopped working. I just hate how random are informatics. You need to change your hard drive, you open the box to install it, and, oh, you got no computer anymore. Why? Because fuck you. Computers.
This has happened to me so many times. Just doing the most basic things means a really serious chance of causing irreparable damage, and this happens with anything electronic.
Now I will have to spend X money to get it repaired because I don't want to deal with it, I don't know how to do it and it makes no sense.
It's the equivalent of occult and dark magic of our times so I need to hire a shaman to exorcise the stupid machine.
>> No. 35587 [Edit]
This is how I feel about cars. The one thing that greatly annoys about living in the USA is that one must own a car unless he lives in a big city.
>> No. 35597 [Edit]
File 159647673428.jpg - (882.31KB , 905x950 , ee7a39af45f479f0b594e271bc3a49c8.jpg )
Metal and metalfags. Even the ones who pretend to be sophisticated. When metal tries to be artsy it's especially annoying because it ignores the importance of aesthetics. No matter how technically complicated something is in theory, if it sounds like ugly shit it doesn't have value in my opinion. Prog does it better, but gets stale for me. Macho metal heads are also plenty annoying. The kitsch obsession with "demonic" imagery is terrible too.

Classical music can express every single emotion while sounding pleasant. It also doesn't need the crutch of theoretical complexity as plenty of classical music is really simple. Despite being associated with ostentatiousness, it's less materialistic and image obsessed than metal inherently is.
>> No. 35598 [Edit]
>When metal tries to be artsy it's especially annoying because it ignores the importance of aesthetics
Metal is all about aesthetics, I have no idea what you mean.
>> No. 35599 [Edit]
Good aesthetics. Not guys with nose piercings and jet black, overgrown hair or gutural screaming or electric guitar with nothing to balance its harshness. It's ugly for the sake of being ugly.

Post edited on 3rd Aug 2020, 4:27pm
>> No. 35600 [Edit]
That sounds like punk.
>> No. 35601 [Edit]
Buddy, I think you need to listen to this:
>> No. 35602 [Edit]
Also, when you used 'metalfags', I thought you were referring to individuals who like girls composed of metallic substances--as your image suggested.
>> No. 35603 [Edit]
I've listened to a bit of Spawn of Possesion, Cryptopsy, Decapitated, Candlemass, Ahab, Mirror of Deception, Beartrik, Slayer, Vader, Dismember, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Amon Amarth, Dream Theater and some others. At it's best, metal sound like melacholy, emoish pop. For what I've heard of it, I was impressed that a genre could be so universally unappealing to me, only being beat by rap. That Seiges Even album is more on the boring proggy side of things, which is better I guess. Whatever good may be in metal comes from other places and whatever is unique to metal is hideous to me. It also definitely falls under popular music.
>> No. 35604 [Edit]
Fine, try these: and
What music do you like, though? I'm not a metalhead--a prog fan, rather--but I'm sure there's at least one metal band that'd appeal to you. The fact you call one of prog's masterpieces boring is concerning, however.
>> No. 35605 [Edit]
File 15965718275.jpg - (294.70KB , 850x704 , sample_2baf0a6f8c220b0da9096df459c2d218.jpg )
>What music do you like, though?
Art music/Classical. I liked some Genesis and King Crimson. Bi Kyo Ran is nice and their Cromartie High sound track doesn't require any patience. Oingo Boingo is probably the only band I'd call myself a fan of. Anime sound tracks.
Bi Kyo Ran - Prediction

Those two you linked are okay. The "metal elements", like the parts of just heavy, metal style electric guitar and drums, feel kind of tacked on. Without those I wouldn't even know they're metal. You could take them out and not much would be lost. Seiges Even is progressive metal. With prog, a part of the "progressive" is Jazz influences, and I hate Jazz. To me its meandering and dull. It's 10 minutes of enduring rather than enjoying. Bach did metal better than any metal I've heard.
Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue
>> No. 35607 [Edit]
>Art music/Classical. I liked some Genesis and King Crimson.
I think our tastes have some decent overlap. (Though I much prefer Yes over Genesis because Peter Gabriel's voice ruins the compositions.)

>Bi Kyo Ran - Prediction
This is right up my alley. Thank you for posting it. Reminds me of these guys (also Japanese):

>You could take them out and not much would be lost.
For the first song, yeah, I don't really get the point of having the metal stuff there, but these guys play a rather eclectic style.
However, the second song is a good use of metal: the conveyance of a story through heavy moods and musically sullen imagery. There are others way to achieve this, but if you want an electrifying and impactful way to send your message, metal is a good way to go. It's even better when mixed with lighter material to better the contrast--like these guys do.

>Seiges Even is progressive metal.
Which is also implies they're progressive rock, but I think the album I showed of theirs (and their other work, A Sense of Change) are good examples of balancing prog rock, metal, and the 'song'. That's why I showed them to you as they do well in 'aesthetics' department on those two albums.

>Bach did metal better than any metal I've heard.
Well, metal is aggressive, loud, often technical, and based on rock. So I don't understand. (By the way, Bands like early Symphony X combined classical styles like this with metal:

The only thing I have left for you is this, based on what you told me: Sorry if it's too long.
>> No. 35608 [Edit]
File 15965870262.jpg - (610.41KB , 2000x1414 , 502981.jpg )
Concerning yourself over the aesthetics or image of a genre completely defeats the purpose of listening to music. Allowing the way a group or artist looks influence your taste in music is a waste of energy and is causing you purposeless stress. As far as I'm concerned, music is an auditory experience only and the only image I see when listening to music is the 5 seconds of album art before I minimize the tab. Whether something sounds pleasant or like ugly shit is subjective. I have heard pleasant classical music and I have heard shitty classical music, it does not mean that I'm going to dismiss all of classical music as shit because I heard songs that I didn't like. My least favorite genre is mainstream pop music by a wide margin, but I have still heard plenty of decent works because the artist hired a good background composer and sound engineer. Labels like pop, classical, and metal are too broad to be generalized.

I'll do the same as the other people who responded to you by giving you recommendations.

>It also definitely falls under popular music.

I won't bother addressing why you wouldn't consider listening to music just because it isn't "niche" enough, but how is classical music considered not popular? If I'm going to describe it as broadly as you describe metal, then it's essentially the entire worldwide spectrum of music spanning multiple centuries or even millennia. Most classical music is royalty-free and applied to almost all aspects of life. It's found in almost every form of media and it's a common practice to have unborn children listen to it in utero. Metal has a following just like any other genre of music, but it's not as actively played on the radio on dedicated stations and it certainly does not have the amount of worldwide exposure that classical music has. Most people get into metal after branching out from rock music. Like most genres of music, it follows the iceberg chart philosophy. With the exception of mainstream thrash metal, power metal, and metalcore, you have to search if you want a specific sound you're looking for. Classical music follows an inverse pattern of the iceberg chart. The most profound and heartfelt works have been released for centuries so they have had enough time to become well known in the public eye.
>> No. 35610 [Edit]
File 159659299131.jpg - (562.01KB , 850x1204 , sample_943bddd0f14f133994f0c54b440d0fde.jpg )
>the conveyance of a story
I think that's a difference between our tastes. I'm not really interested in a story when listening to music and with few exceptions ignore the lyrics. Those things aren't a part of my enjoyment.

>So I don't understand.
I just like baroque better. That example has the harshness of metal, being chromatic, on the harpsichord, and having long strings of fast notes, while also being baroque. It's not a fair comparison. That Symphony x song has some melodies I like, reminds me of castlevania. It takes a lot from specific classical pieces.
I'd prefer it was slowed down a bit and the guitar was "softer" and less prominent, but then I don't know if would really be metal anymore. What would you say distinguishes metal as metal?

Thanks for sharing Shingetsu

>Concerning yourself over the aesthetics or image of a genre completely defeats the purpose of listening to music.
Aesthetics isn't necessarily a visual thing.

>I have heard shitty classical music
Oh yes. Especially 20th century stuff that was too avant garde. Babbitt, who used synths, is one of the worst offenders. That guy makes Schoenberg look conservative.

> how is classical music considered not popular?
In the classical world, people draw a line between art music and popular music. This dates back to when composers were commissioned by nobles and churches. Lowly people would listen to their folk traditional stuff, which composers listened to and incorporated into their higher art, something classical composers continue to do with stuff like blues. Classical, being shorthand for everything starting from the Renaissance and staying in that tradition, even Babbitt, is art music. Some people like to put Jazz in there too. Folk, pop, rock, rnb, etc are popular music. A few like to think metal straddles that line, but most classical people insist it's firmly on the other side and i'm inclined to agree with them.

Classical music is dying a slow death because its appreciation isn't really taught anymore in school unlike in the 50s. Most concerts play it safe by picking mostly popular repertoire. Improvisation, which used to be a standard skill among performers, is also pretty much gone. General levels of awareness are shrinking and most young people into it have classical training themselves, which indicates that classical has an inherently higher barrier of entry considering that other genres don't have this issue and don't need their appreciation to be taught.
>> No. 35611 [Edit]
>Those things aren't a part of my enjoyment.
Okay, fair enough, but a good song, to me, is like a short story. Whether lyrics are involved is irreverent; what matters is how the composition is written to affect moods and direction. Metal may be used to bring about these musical images with heavy riffs or blistering solos. That's why, say, latter day Dream Theater is generally insipid: their solos don't serve a purpose other than to have some filler or display the musicians' obvious talents, i.e. they don't go anywhere.
Now, as I mentioned, metal is merely one way to do this, but it's a damn fine way to do if your people are up to the task. This song by the legendary IQ,, is part of an album that tells the story of a serial killer. It uses metal's most recognizable element, heavy riffs, to introduce us to our deplorable protagonist. You don't even need the lyrics to know some sinister and 'heavy' stuff is happening.

>That Symphony x song has some melodies I like, reminds me of castlevania. It takes a lot from specific classical pieces.
Oh yes, they, or Michael Romeo to be specific, reveled in neoclassical and unashamedly lifted themes and motifs from classical pieces--to great effect, mind you.

>What would you say distinguishes metal as metal?
I must admit, I think I'm a fool: after listening to some metal and that Bach piece, I see the similarities. However, to me, metal is based driven by hard riffs and percussion. Solos such as Bach's are very common but by no means required. While I'm not a big fan djent, I consider it metal stripped to the two aforementioned elements. However, that also makes it more annoying and headache-inducing. Metal is best served by being augmented with other musical styles to break up the monotony--which is why I listen to progressive rock.

I've two bands that utilize baroque that you might like: and The latter of the two also employs some heavier riffage.
>> No. 35612 [Edit]
>Aesthetics isn't necessarily a visual thing.
>Good aesthetics. Not guys with nose piercings and jet black, overgrown hair or gutural screaming or electric guitar with nothing to balance its harshness. It's ugly for the sake of being ugly.

Your point is fair concerning the barrier of entry of art music in the context of popular music. It still doesn't take away from the fact that the popularity of a genre plays a part in influencing your opinion of it.
>> No. 35613 [Edit]
File 159682006295.jpg - (174.68KB , 850x601 , sample_e769654f6240d487e370b8014950548e862cbd6e.jpg )
Steam. Fucking steam.

ps: people who use linux for the freedom or whatever and then cite steam as a good inclusion because it alleviates software incompatibility are hypocrites
>> No. 35615 [Edit]
I can only assume the flip flopping on regulations and what's banned or not banned is caused by miscommunication by staff/moderators. I imagine they must have a number of sjw types on staff who hate anime and are convinced it's their god given duty to keep steam clean of "pedo weeb trash", while banning anything that rubs them the wrong way without giving it a fair chance. Then another staff member who's not an insane retard comes along, face palms, and undoes the ban. If/when a game is unlucky enough to cross the sjw's desk and pile of content pending inspection/approval, the cycle starts again.
I'd rather not blame the company and instead blame the people pulling these triggers, because these types of bat shit crazy people are in every corner of every industry, and really do do this kind of stuff. Some even go as far as to brag about doing things like this on twitter.
>> No. 35616 [Edit]
File 159686056396.png - (965.50KB , 808x1200 , e718e7323c39eab6d9b1ae1a70148005.png )
>I'd rather not blame the company and instead blame the people pulling these triggers
They have a responsibility to keep those types out. It's not like it's hard to screen them considering their social media usage. If the higher ups don't take action, the company should be blamed. The best solution to this problem is to not have software be centralized and going through an approval process at all. I doubt all or even most of them have been unbanned and plenty that isn't banned is censored. It doesn't matter that you can download a decensoring patch. The problem will only get worse. At best steam is a waste of developer mindshare.
>> No. 35617 [Edit]
I actually don't mind Steam and whilst I don't agree with this decision I can see some possible benefits. A problem right now is that so many of these H game devs are putting there games on steam and as steam is a nice and proper, respectable site it's not going to be thrilled with many themes one might want to add to a H game, so they will just be removed in order to make money from Steam sales. With any luck the harder Steam cracks down on it the more inclined they will be to leave steam and go back to adding things Steam doesn't like.
>> No. 35619 [Edit]
Very true, they really should do a better job of handling those people. I think the problem is these types of hip and popular tech industries attract a lot of these types of mentally unstable people, who can very easily pass off as being normal and fine during interview processes. I think firing them is also a lot easier said than done when it turns out they're a radical SJW. Doesn't help their bosses could think these nuts are doing their job fine as far as they know, since these guys probably don't ask their supervisor to review a game every time they ban something, that's what their job is for after all. I'd guess their supervisors would be blissfully unaware there's any kind of problem until complaints start to roll in, if they even reach the supervisors in the first place.
>> No. 35620 [Edit]
Steam did do some good in upstreaming a lot of their improvements to Wine (via their Proton fork). Although I wouldn't touch their monolithic game distribution client with a ten foot pole. Why does every game released nowadays require you to install their bloatware? Why can't they just release a standalone executable?
>> No. 35631 [Edit]
File 159699981219.jpg - (480.40KB , 1038x935 , 82483948_p0.jpg )
The thing is, even if we were to disconsider the overall disposition of its moderators, the fact that it acts as a massive domineering company that hinders another platforms is the worst fact.
>> No. 35636 [Edit]
"Easygoing" MCs like the guy from kyoukai no kanata or the one from Rewrite really gross me out and I don't even know why.
>> No. 35637 [Edit]
Maybe becasue they don't put much effort in, yet things still go their way? They stop being relatable, but you're forced to see things through their perspective. Do easygoing side characters gross you out?
>> No. 35638 [Edit]
I don't even think you could make this type of character as a side character, they'd be pretty inconsequential if you did.
What you just said may be close, but can't be it since a lot of protagonists get unearned rewards. These just feel extremely insincere and preachy to me.
Have you ever seen a character and thought "oh, I would really dislike the person writing this."?
>> No. 35639 [Edit]
>I don't even think you could make this type of character as a side character
Koizumi, Tanomura from Swan Song and I guess Ryuk come to mind. Tanomura was my favorite character there actually.
>Have you ever seen a character and thought "oh, I would really dislike the person writing this."?
I guess Subaru or Lousie from the familiar of zero.
>> No. 35640 [Edit]
>"oh, I would really dislike the person writing this."?
Yes, the MC from oregairu. I don't usually watch romance (and especially not harem-style romance), but there was enough chatter about this being supposedly being some sort of avant-garde take with an anti-social loner that I thought it was worth checking out. That was probably several hours I'll never get back, waiting for some sort of "twist" that never happens – it's a by-the-books harem romcom with a "woe is me" MC who spouts teen-angst drivel all the while being fawned over by multiple romantic interests. And while I wouldn't usually dock an anime for delivering what it says on the tin (even if what it delivers isn't my cup of tea), the fact that the anime starts off with a facade of being some sort of "deconstruction" with a self-purported "cynical" MC and yet ends up delivering the exact opposite by devolving into the usual self-insert bait makes me want to throttle the guy responsible for this character.
>> No. 35641 [Edit]
Is that a problem with the character, or the events of the show? If the circumstances were different, would that character still anoy you, like if his life really was depressing?
>> No. 35642 [Edit]
On the other hand, he gave us Komachi. Just think of how great the anime would be if it were focused on the cuteness of the imouto.
>> No. 35643 [Edit]
Hm great question. While I think you're right in that a large part of my beef with that show is in the events and circumstances surrounding the character, what I still ultimately recall about his character was that it seemed like he was trying to mask his bitterness (at not being "successful" in life) behind his monologues (a conclusion that others might rightly disagree with since I quite frankly only remember my final distate for the show). While the same character in depressing circumstances might plausibly garner some sympathy, I think I'd still be annoyed by the sort of facade he presents.

Or in other words, if he genuinely/wholly believed that all interpersonal relationship are a farce (which I don't necessarily disagree with in broad terms), why does he keep monologuing/ruminating about it? It seems like that's the sort of thing undertaken by someone who's trying to convince themselves of something they don't fully believe in.
>> No. 35644 [Edit]
File 159711534753.jpg - (216.51KB , 850x531 , sample_ecff49ac4a45e587c2ae94e69633ada6.jpg )
>why does he keep monologuing/ruminating about it?
I haven't watched Oregairu, but the two things that make most sense to me is that he may really believe that, but finds it a painful reality to accept because of loneliness. To avoid wasting effort and putting himself in emotional danger out of desperation, those constant reminders to himself keep that impulse in check. The other explanation is that he's just one-dimensional and the writer couldn't or didn't want to think of something else to give him, like making him an otaku of some kind.
>> No. 35645 [Edit]
Death note ryuk? Yeah that's not offensive at all, his character and circumstances are in accordance with his behavior.
Subaru is from Re:Zero though, do you mean Saito?
Funny, he is also on my figurative list of disliked characters. Oregairu had me hooked for a punchline that never came.
>> No. 35646 [Edit]
>Subaru is from Re:Zero though
Yeah, english can be funny. Subaru from Re:Zero or Lousie from Familar of Zero would be more clear.
>> No. 35649 [Edit]
>Or in other words, if he genuinely/wholly believed that all interpersonal relationship are a farce (which I don't necessarily disagree with in broad terms), why does he keep monologuing/ruminating about it? It seems like that's the sort of thing undertaken by someone who's trying to convince themselves of something they don't fully believe in.
That's how he came off to me. I actually do like him entirely because of that, since I can understand that having been there before.
He is a bit of one. It doesn't come out often in the anime, but in the novels he often makes anime references in his head, or other times is shown understanding what, say, Zaimokusa is saying on his chuuni rants, or Hiratsuka's quotes from really old series. It's just not a core trait for him.

Post edited on 11th Aug 2020, 11:02am
>> No. 35650 [Edit]
File 159721577915.jpg - (170.53KB , 725x580 , 72d690244a2ef1795264e48a0d2bbc01.jpg )
>Especially 20th century stuff that was too avant garde. Babbitt, who used synths, is one of the worst offenders. That guy makes Schoenberg look conservative.
Late to the discussion I guess, but I'll add that while Mahler himself was mediocre, there is in my opinion not much that is as unappealing, aside from modern mainstream pop, than what came after his influence with Schoenberg and all the degenerate music and art movements during the first half of the 20th century. That Babbitt piece is unlistenable and I'd rather listen to harsh noise or some shit.
world's end 3DPD and other contemporary japs are good though if you want experimental, modern classical and random sounds.

>I'll do the same as the other people who responded to you by giving you recommendations.
Good recommendations all around from everyone, but thanks for posting Havukruunu, hadn't heard them before. Reminds me of Moonsorrow.
>> No. 35651 [Edit]
Quotes got fucked up, oh well.

>world's end 3DPD
Haha, nice.
>> No. 35652 [Edit]
Classical music and classicalfags.
>> No. 35653 [Edit]
File 159723898451.jpg - (144.38KB , 850x592 , __original_drawn_by_mariyasu__sample-a1892d69edfb1.jpg )
>Schoenberg and all the degenerate music and art movements
The degenerate Shoenberg meme is prevalent in certain circles. I don't like his music, but I think all he did was develop atonalism by introducing tools to it, tools composers can use to acheive a certain feeling. Later composers have made atonal music that's actually listenable like Schnittke.
Concerto Grosso No. 1 - Toccata

In a horror movie or game atonal music can be used to great effect. Also, atonal music can sound sweet and romantic, while it's mostly used a certain way, it isn't actually limited in its emotional scope.
Taniec Słowiański (Grażyna Bacewicz)

Post edited on 12th Aug 2020, 6:32am
>> No. 35654 [Edit]
I don't know about classical music but I like this song.
>> No. 35668 [Edit]
File 159759644282.png - (140.50KB , 500x495 , osaka winter.png )
You know whats a lot of bullshit? This crap about hookers being the world's first profession, it's one of the greatest bullshit I've ever heard. Prostitution is only remotely conceivable in civilization. Prior to that, in the savage state no one would fucking pay to fuck a woman who's frail when he could easily overpower her and do her in. Only human rights and welfare state and laws in general forbidding this kind of behaviour let this profession come to fruition. Selling surplus food, weapons and making those weapons where functions already existent long before then.
>> No. 35669 [Edit]
Animals aren't savage 100% of the time and women aren't always that frail. You're simplifying thngs.
>> No. 35670 [Edit]
File 159759797965.jpg - (249.75KB , 1287x1800 , melons.jpg )
Right, but considering this is pre-civilization, and in a state of savagery, why would a strong woman offer herself to someone who poses no threat to her in exchange for something she could easily take?
>> No. 35671 [Edit]
Because they're social. Among social animals, there's interpersonal relationships, so harming one individual may get multiple on your bad side. Even if you win a fight, you can get injured and an injury can get infected. Why risk bodily harm when you can avoid it? Social animals have been observed to prostitute themselves. Hunting also may have been the oldest "profession".

Post edited on 16th Aug 2020, 10:41am
>> No. 35675 [Edit]
>Why risk bodily harm when you can avoid it?
Yeah you have a point.
>Social animals have been observed to prostitute themselves.
>Hunting also may have been the oldest "profession".
>> No. 35676 [Edit]
>> No. 35677 [Edit]
Trying to make sense of nature through comparison with products of human culture is shoddy and gay.
>> No. 35678 [Edit]
Humans are animals and culture ultimately comes from nature.
>> No. 35679 [Edit]
No women are, rape is the norm in the animal world. There are some exceptional cases though such as with Spotted hyena and Bonobos, both these animals are hard to rape so it becomes necessary to employ other tactics, bonobos actually do use a system like prostitution but s*x is widespread thought their entire society. If they find food the female will get first pick in return for s*x and s*x is used as a kind of grooming like tool to form bonds even amongst the same sex.

However, in many cases weather a female is strong or not is irrelevant because it's not her that you have to worry about or her that has the end say in this, it's the alpha male.
>> No. 35680 [Edit]
File 159763327068.jpg - (35.78KB , 300x300 , 994b01c06f21962b9c4292928fe300f5.jpg )
>rape is the norm in the animal world
What animals are you referring to? Prey Mantis females eat their mate and so do spiders. Pretty much every species where the female is larger doesn't work like that. If rape was the "norm" a plethora of species wouldn't have elaborate mating rituals. Female sexual selection also wouldn't be a factor in evolution and peacocks wouldn't exist. Among primates like baboons and chimps, longer term aggression to get compliance later is more common than sudden, all out attacks. What they do often can't really be called rape. Females also go to males first at times. Get a women to bite you in the neck with the intent to injure you and then tell me it's nothing to worry about.

>it's the alpha male
In most animal species, there isn't a single male who mates with all of the females in a pack or herd. Wolves actually don't function like that in the wild either.

/r9k/ "science" pisses me off.

Post edited on 16th Aug 2020, 8:09pm
>> No. 35681 [Edit]
>so do spiders
>Spiders generally use elaborate courtship rituals to prevent the large females from eating the small males before fertilization, except where the male is so much smaller that he is not worth eating.
I like spiders but God damn.
>> No. 35682 [Edit]
>rape is the norm in the animal world
Mating rituals and courting are the norm, I would think this common sense. many animals have large horns, elaborate colors, plumage, and other decorations purely to impress and attract mates. Not all animals are like the duck. Are you just convincing yourself what you want to be the truth is the truth?
>> No. 35683 [Edit]
Fine if you want to include birds, bugs and whatever then sure it's not the norm, if you want to be technical then it's probably whatever system insects use that is the norm as there are more of them or if you want to go into mammals then it's whatever Rodentia do. I should have been more specific. But it is the norm in many species although another point I should have made clear is that rape in the context I used is probably misleading as it's not entirely the same as it is with humans, roosters rape chickens but it's not the traumatic experience that a human would have, it's just a mild inconvenience and bother for them until they get released and go back on their way.

>In most animal species, there isn't a single male who mates with all of the females in a pack or herd. Wolves actually don't function like that in the wild either.

They actually do as do many animals. Wolves operate in family units with a dominate male or pair that are the ones that mate, the children have to leave if they want to mate, although sometimes their are multiple family units that form a pack. Many other canids and felids also have dominant males as do chimps or else with some felids at least they will have a range that a dominant male occupies and any female within that is his essentially.
>> No. 35684 [Edit]
Felines are for the most part solitary. While an older male may have a territory they're dominant in, there's still mating rituals and females will mate with other males. It's mostly the cubs of females who didn't mate with the dominant male that gets killed, but I highly doubt that happens 100% of the time. There's high ranking chimps, but not a singular one that gets to mate, and lower ranking males also reproduce. Courtship is at least if not more common than rape among animals.

Post edited on 16th Aug 2020, 10:36pm
>> No. 35685 [Edit]
If a females range crosses multiple males then yes, but males tend to have larger ranges and will not tolerate another male trying to mate within it(they may tolerate subordinate males living within the range but not mating though). There is courtship, they do scent mark and find each other but it's not always so idealistic and rape does occur as there are times a male will come across a female outside of this courtship. It's kind of similar to how it often works with animals, there may be courtship but just because an animal practises this doesn't exclude rape as well, using chimps as an example, sure sometimes it is voluntary but often it's not and it can get brutal, particularly if it's a female from another group they have come across.
>> No. 35686 [Edit]
Leftist entryists piss me the fuck off. I want all evil subhumans like that to die.
>> No. 35687 [Edit]
I'm dumb, I exaggerate rape out of all proportion. I don't even know why I did it. Like yes it happens but overall you are right and most animal relationships involve courtship in some way or another not rape.
>> No. 35688 [Edit]
It's okay anon. You did good. You discussed opposing opinions with someone and they convinced you otherwise, without drama. You're not dumb.
If you're interested in useless nasty bug trivia you can look up traumatic insemination. It's like super rape.
>> No. 35693 [Edit]
>traumatic insemination
Fuck, this is fucked up but extremely interesting. Really great read. I feel like making hentai now.
>> No. 35694 [Edit]
Look up love dart and penis fencing.
>> No. 35695 [Edit]
Pretty sure I saw this in a manga.
>> No. 35751 [Edit]
File 159816373686.jpg - (145.50KB , 850x1921 , 20200823.jpg )
Coronavirus designated COVID-19 was the reset/soft reboot the world needed. Yes, some will use it to pursue their selfish agendas. But overall, it forced people to accept that change is necessary.
>> No. 35753 [Edit]
People saying that is what bugs you? True, it is a bit annoying.
>> No. 35757 [Edit]
I can't afford anything so I tried looking for used shit online. Here even the prices of used, damaged, beat to shit gear turned out to be absolutely retarded so I tried auctions hoping to find deals that at least resemble sanity. I found that auctions are impossible to win.
Whenever I find some tool or part that would make my miserable hell life a little easier some bot beats me by the bare minimum amount at the literal last second, every time. I have no idea why it isn't prohibited.
It would make more sense if the winner had to pay what they actually offered and not the second highest price plus a tiny increment.
The way it is any rich faggot can set a bot to place an insane bet at the very last moment and beat any poorfag by like 1 shekel every time.
I fucking hate people so much.
>> No. 35758 [Edit]
>The way it is any rich faggot can set a bot to place an insane bet
If you're talking about ebay bidding bots, jbidder and Myibidder(android) are free to use.
>> No. 35759 [Edit]
What are you looking for, exactly?
>> No. 35760 [Edit]
Not ebay, a local site in a nowhere country. From what I've seen so far I'm pretty sure it wouldn't matter even if I used a bot. It sure looks like those fuckers just gamble by putting in 9999999 every time because I've been outjewed with unbelievable consistency even when the maximum price I was willing to pay far exceeded the publicly displayed current bid.

Mostly power tools. Last thing I tried to get was a bicycle repair stand.

Post edited on 23rd Aug 2020, 2:03pm
>> No. 35761 [Edit]
Apparently the type of auction that ebay does is a variant of the Vickrey auction. Except in a usual Vickrey auction I think all bids are collected at once (you cannot learn what others are bidding), but in Ebay's variant you can learn what the current price is. And moreover unlike standard auctions where there's no fixed end-time "going once... going twice...", Ebay auctions have a fixed end-time.

So clearly the best strategy for the Ebay variant is to bid only at the last instant (i.e. sniping), and if everyone did this then it would effectively converts Ebay's auction into a standard Vickrey auction.

But there's no real incentive on Ebay's end to change anything (apparently there are studies that show revenue from a vickrey auction is equivalent to the standard forms), and I doubt they care about snipers since they profit either way. So you're left with this asymmetry where much like in HFT, those with the faster networks/computers/etc. can usually win whatever auction they want.

Post edited on 23rd Aug 2020, 2:17pm
>> No. 35762 [Edit]
>It sure looks like those fuckers just gamble by putting in 9999999
Sounds like it'd be very easy to teach them a lesson, using an alt account of course.
>> No. 35807 [Edit]
I might just be set in my ways and used to 2.7 but blender 2.8 is just making me angry.
>> No. 35821 [Edit]
File 159922421857.jpg - (231.08KB , 800x800 , 5605c6686cfd005bb616d3b04a48cd3b.jpg )
I kind of don't like the lovable grouch character archetype seen a lot in western media. Nobody bats an eye when it comes to lampooning neurotic, asocial people. Since they can't understand these people, they usually either villainize the character, give them an aberrant pleasure from being in a bad mood, or add on some exaggerated, softer features to make them sympathetic. This archetype has kind of evolved to be like a morality ruler. The grouch is a grouch, sure, but they "have standards" and "principles"(which are the same as the writers'). If the grouch doesn't like someone or thinks something is wrong, you know it's really bad. The grouch now works like a mouthpiece for the writers, or self-insert.
>> No. 35826 [Edit]
I don't see it.
>> No. 35827 [Edit]
Oscar the Grouch, the blue care bear, Eor, Squidward, grouchy smurf, Ron Swanson, Simon Cowell, Snape, Rick Sanchez, Odo from Star Trek, Dr.Strange, Dwight from the Office, Sherlock.

Post edited on 8th Sep 2020, 9:09am
>> No. 35828 [Edit]
The few characters I recognize are flat caricatures with a giant I AM SILLY sign floating above their heads. Not likely to be an author's mouthpiece. Can't see it.
>> No. 35829 [Edit]
File 159960094030.jpg - (118.47KB , 518x568 , クレアo0518056813769517029.jpg )
I don't get why Norihiro Yagi, after showing with Claymore how good he is at writing a serious story, keeps making poor attempts at writing comedy like Angel Densetsu and Ariadne.

him frequently being the authors' mouthpiece on ethical issues is probably accurate, but I never saw him as being much of a negative character, one of the more sympathetic loners/introverts I can think of.
>Grouchy Smurf
every smurf is an over-the-top caricature of some personality trait, that's the point.
>Rick Sanchez
I was a bit weirded out by you mentioning him because I thought you meant the Hispanic CNN employee who got into trouble for publicly pointing out that the US news media is run by Jews.
I don't watch Rick & Morty, nor do I know any of the other characters you mentioned. Most post-WW2, and virtually all post-2000 "Western" media is disgusting filth that will rot your brain, and I stay far away from it.
>> No. 35830 [Edit]
File 159960234389.jpg - (230.94KB , 850x1217 , sample_207a00a3ff1746b5799704ef5682b095.jpg )
There's nothing wrong with disgusting filth, Fritz. Spare me the moralizing shit. I'm a bit weirded out that you thought I was referring to a CNN employee. Politics will rot your brain, and I stay far away from it.

Post edited on 8th Sep 2020, 3:02pm
>> No. 35831 [Edit]
>keeps making poor attempts at writing comedy like Angel Densetsu
Sure, it couldn't sustain itself for its entire run, but to say it's a lackluster comedy is disappointing to hear. We're enemies now, former friend.
>> No. 35832 [Edit]
File 159964591671.jpg - (129.54KB , 964x585 , Screenshot_20200909_120215.jpg )
I realize my English can sound a bit funny at times, but I'm curious as to what specifically gave away the fact that I'm German.
>I stay far away from politics
Thing is, politics is not ever gonna stay away from you.

>We're enemies now
it is decided, then: we shall meet in duel to the death.
>> No. 35833 [Edit]
>'m curious as to what specifically gave away the fact that I'm German.
It was a joke. Protestant style moral outrage over "degeneracy" and Joo hatred are things I associate with nazis. Paying attention to politics is 無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄.
>> No. 35834 [Edit]
>Protestant style moral outrage
Isn't disgust for western media something you typically encounter here? Is tohno-chan a board for germans?! Someone should put that in the FAQ.
>> No. 35836 [Edit]
The source of disgust is what's important. Western media is generally ugly, limited, shallow, endlessly derivative, devoid of artistic merit and driven solely by profit. Being a few of those things can be okay, but all of them at once isn't. None of it has to do with protestant morality though. Sexual content and fetishes and other "degenerate" material are a fundemental aspect of otaku culture. People with a protestant mindset piss me off.
>> No. 35837 [Edit]
I'll just point out that "disgusting filth that will rot your brain" can very well refer to:
> ugly, limited, shallow, endlessly derivative, devoid of artistic merit and driven solely by profit
Degeneracy and sexual content was not mentioned there.
>> No. 35838 [Edit]
Even if you say that sexual themes are a fundamental aspect of Otaku culture(which I don't believe it is) the way the west handles them and the way the east does are completely different. In the east there is much more of an idealised notion of purity, whereas western media has sex scenes everywhere and there is no notion or desire of keeping a female character pure.

Post edited on 9th Sep 2020, 8:12am
>> No. 35839 [Edit]
>which I don't believe it is
Doujin, visual novels, artist cgs, pixiv, ecchi and the general ubiquitousness of sexual fanservice would have me believe otherwise. Even more innocent seeming media like Girl's Last Tour was created by a person who's made sexual content, as is the case with many things. Studios like Gainax have sexual themes in their dna. Where does purity come into that? If anything, purity is just another source of fetishization(loli is a good example of that). Regardless of how you slice it, these things are incompatible with protestant values.
Maybe. That kind of choice of words sets me off, but maybe you're right.
>> No. 35840 [Edit]
>Doujin, visual novels, artist cgs, pixiv, ecchi and the general ubiquitousness of sexual fanservice would have me believe otherwise.

I think it's you that I have tried to get through to you before regarding this but Otaku culture is not one set thing that fits into the label that you personally have it under. You can easily be an Otaku and hate sexualisation in all forms, Zun does and you would hardly say he is not an Otaku, you would hardly say that a mecha otaku is not an otaku because he doesn't harbour sexual fantasies over robots. Otaku culture covers a massive spectrum, you could remove sexual content entirely and still be left with a huge amount. It's not just this one set thing that you always make it out to be(which is also ironic considering you were the one that says Nazis cannot be Otaku and that is basically what your assumption is, that of a Nazi)

>Even more innocent seeming media like Girl's Last Tour was created by a person who's made sexual content, as is the case with many things. Studios like Gainax have sexual themes in their dna. Where does purity come into that?

Where is the sexualisation in Girls Last Tour? There is none, even the bath scene isn't sexual. you need to learn to be able to separate things. It does not matter what he has done before, Girl's Last Tour is it's own thing.

>If anything, purity is just another source of fetishization(loli is a good example of that). Regardless of how you slice it, these things are incompatible with protestant values.

You seem to be hyper sexualised yourself and that is why you see it that way but you must remeber that this is just you and there are a HUGE variety and number of peopel that consume Otaku media and a HUGE variety of Otaku.
>> No. 35841 [Edit]
>Zun does
No he doesn't. He's only said that he does't want most of the touhou related things in a convention to be sexual because he doesn't want people to misunderstand what it's about. I haven't seen any source that says he hates sexual content.
>It's not just this one set thing that you always make it out to be
I don't think all of it is sexual. I think sexual content is a fundemental part of the culture as a whole.
>It does not matter what he has done before
It's indicative of their taste and stance on things.
>You can easily be an Otaku and hate sexualisation in all forms
I hate those people with a passion. The less of them, the better.

Post edited on 9th Sep 2020, 9:19am
>> No. 35844 [Edit]
Oh no it's that ridiculous /tat/ discussion again
>> No. 35845 [Edit]
Otaku are pervs, but so is everyone else. Practically everything ever has been made by someone who has taken part in sex and likes it in varying degrees. You can't expect monks to make all your animu.
>> No. 35846 [Edit]
File 159968248515.png - (487.64KB , 982x588 , schroedinger15a88769d33cd7d73a39c00665070c7d.png )
>Protestant style moral outrage over "degeneracy" [...] I associate with nazis
Well, these hateful stereotypes you hold are mainly just due to a lack of proper education about German history on your part.
The Nazis weren't particularly prudish, or Protestant for that matter, especially not compared to the Victorian-era 2nd Reich that came before. Prostitution was legal; nudism was popular; sex and procreation were seen as duties to yourself, your family and your nation; men in particular were encouraged to get their bodies in shape and show them off by running around shirtless when the weather allowed, much like in ancient Sparta.
They just burned down transgender "research laboratories" (butcher shops) and cracked down hard on things like the Weimar Republic's rampant poverty-induced child prostitution. But both of these were of course run by the usual suspects, hence why they still kvetch to this day about how the evil stuck-up Nazis ruined their "harmless fun."

And no, I wasn't thinking primarily of sexuality when I wrote "disgusting filth," unless we're talking about the promotion of child castration that is all the rage now in the West. What I did think of, that's a topic for /tat/, or another site entirely.
>> No. 35850 [Edit]
Yes, the nazis were actually contradictory and self-serving in all matters while pretending to be morally virtuous. I'm sure you would have loved living there, Kraut. They call it nudist art when they approve and pornography when they don't. Also, there's free speech, just no "defeatism". Censorship based on make-believe moral grounds is still censorship.
>or another site entirely
Where ever that is, please go there and stay there.
>> No. 35851 [Edit]
File 159969248892.jpg - (233.84KB , 850x638 , a.jpg )
Jesus, calm down. Surely there's better places to go rage about nazis, it's quite a mainstream activity I've seen.
>> No. 35853 [Edit]
I'm not raging about Nazis. They're dead and gone and their influence on the world was big enough to have played a role in making everybody alive today born in the first place like 9/11 and everybody conceived in the US after that date. I'm raging about a cabbage-eating, blockhead who idolizes them and decided to post unrelated rhetoric.

Post edited on 9th Sep 2020, 4:12pm
>> No. 35854 [Edit]
The fact that he says that says a lot.

It's not. As I said, you could remove it and still have Otaku culture, you even admit that yourself with the above point.

Which is irrelevant to the end result of the product in this case.

It doesn't matter if you hate them, they exist. I hate Idol Otaku it doesn't mean I am going to claim they don't exist or that hating Idols is a fundamental part of Otaku culture.

Anyway. To be fundamental to Otaku culture all Otaku culture must contain sexual content in order to be Otaku culture, which is simply not the case.

Sounds a lot like you...
>> No. 35855 [Edit]
Fundemental has more than one meaning. You haven't show me any proof of Zun saying he hates sexual content. I don't believe you.
>> No. 35858 [Edit]
adjective: fundamental

forming a necessary base or core; of central importance.
"the protection of fundamental human rights"

noun: fundamental; plural noun: fundamentals

a central or primary rule or principle on which something is based.
"two courses cover the fundamentals of microbiology"
>> No. 35859 [Edit]
I've heard rumors Zun didn't like all the touhou porn, but if he had an actual problem with it you'd think he'd try and do something about it at some point.
Then again, maybe that's why he drinks so much!
>> No. 35860 [Edit]
Barely anyone out there using capitalization and punctuation. What's with that moronic trend? Shit became prevalent even here. Is it the fault of of always-on autocorrection making the average phone using "person" even more retarded?

>Nazis are dead and gone
Last I checked I was still alive.
>> No. 35861 [Edit]
I don't think they were talking about grammar nazis.
>> No. 35862 [Edit]
He can't actually stop them doing it in anyway and if he tried he would just come across as an arse.
>> No. 35863 [Edit]
I'd prefer if rick and morty watchers were dead and gone instead.
>> No. 35864 [Edit]
-serving as an original or generating source
-of central importance
You put semi-colons where it's convenient. These don't imply that everything within a catergory has to have a certain trait. Sexual content is incredibly important to otaku culture, disproporionately so and more than the importance of a single one of the many specific sub-categories.
>I've heard rumors
Rumors, memes and shitposts are not evidence that zun HATES touhou porn, let alone all sexual content. The other anon couldn't find anything to actually back up that claim they pretended was fact.
>> No. 35865 [Edit]
>serving as an original or generating source

Which isn't that case with sexual content for a good portion of Otaku culture.

>of central importance

Again, not the case for a large amount of it.

It is not fundamental. Even by the definitions you give, it does not serve as an original or generating source for Otaku culture in general nor is it of central importance to Otaku culture in General.

>You put semi-colons where it's convenient.

I literally copy pasted it from google. Well I think I removed some unimportant parts like synonyms or something.

>These don't imply that everything within a catergory has to have a certain trait.

They do, it's what fundamental means. Is English perhaps not your first language?

>Sexual content is incredibly important to otaku culture, disproporionately so and more than the importance of a single one of the many specific sub-categories.

It's not, in fact I would say cute girls doing cute things in a completely non-sexual way is disproportionately more important. Just look at what makes up the largest portions of Otaku Culture right now. Touhou- non sexual, Kemono Friends- non Sexual, Mahou Shoujou and other shows made for little girls- non Sexual, Fate- Sexual, Ship Gacha Games- Sexualised. But even then, Cute girls doing cute things is still not fundamental to Otaku culture.

I'm not going to bother searching for the quote. There is no point wasting the effort when all you can come up with are things like this, things that you should even be able to see yourself actually go against your own argument.
>> No. 35866 [Edit]
Actually maybe I was unfair on Ship Gacha games, I've not actually played them so am just going by appearances and what I think of them. But that could be deceiving and lead to conclusions that something like the Lord of the rings or James Bond or any other western movie is porn because they have the occasional scantly clad woman in them.
>> No. 35867 [Edit]
What you consider a "good portion" or "large amount" doesn't matter. By your way of looking at things, there's no such thing as "otaku culture". There's only separate disconnected interests. Either a culture exists with trends and general patterns that vary in prominence, or there is no culture what so ever. Your examples are individual parts that don't take into account fan content and perception. They're also more mainstream stuff meant for a general audience, unlike most visual novels which are less accessible and also have more blatant sexual content than anime. You're also ignoring undertones and visual cues that may by in mahou shoujo shows and the like and what the creators do on the side.

You can't say zun has a certain specific opinion, reiterate it over and over again as an example, say he expresses it all the time, and then not provide even a shred of evidence for it. You're full of it.

Post edited on 10th Sep 2020, 7:24am
>> No. 35868 [Edit]
>By your way of looking at things, there's no such thing as "otaku culture". There's only separate disconnected interests.

Well yes, that's what makes it so good. Really the only things that connect them would be the nation that produces them and it's culture and the fan base being less involved in main stream society and it's norms and more involved in their own interests.

>Your examples are individual parts that don't take into account fan content and perception

Neither do yours... There are all kinds of fans with all kinds of perceptions. People will sexualise anything, rule 34. But likewise their are people that are not really interested in that or that don't want to see characters sexualised at all.

>They're also more mainstream stuff meant for a general audience, unlike most visual novels which are less accessible and also have more blatant sexual content than anime.

Yes, because they are the largest aspects of Otaku culture so of course they would seem more mainstream, the biggest parts of any culture would but maybe actually less so in cases like this. I would say Touhou and Visual novels are about as accessible as each other and Fate of course started as a Visual novel.

>You're also ignoring undertones and visual cues that may by in mahou shoujo shows and the like and what the creators do on the side.

No I think you just take to much note of them because you are oversexualised. They are cartoons for little girls after all. You can find that kind of thing in anything really, particularly western media, well maybe not in Childrens shows there either I don't know although I am sure that if you wanted to you could interpret things sexually, that seems to be the case with that meme show about the guy with the moustache and the girl.

As I said. I won't bother looking it up as there isn't a point. Maybe if you had some shred of an argument to begin with I would but you don't and you just keep shooting yourself in the foot. It's almost irrelevant at this point, you are just grasping at straws by even bring it up when you can't even address the basis of this argument, the fundamentals of it if you like.
>> No. 35869 [Edit]
>Well yes
If you think that, you should have said so in the first place. You don't think an otaku culture exists, I do. Why were you arguing about what's fundemental to something you don't even think exists?
>I won't bother looking it up as there isn't a point.
Excuses. There is no quote that proves it. It doesn't exist. You should stop brining up zun hating sexual content since it's not true. It just perpetuates a myth.
>> No. 35870 [Edit]
Otaku culture isn't a single entity, the hivemind mindset is something relatively recent since the concept of otaku became popular and mainstream. It is also probably a perception of otaku culture that's more frequently shared in the west. Take Futaba for example and you can see there are a myriad of topics like sports, bugs, cooking, ramen, cameras and electronics. The western world have the notion that otaku culture is limited to anime/manga/video games.
>> No. 35871 [Edit]
While you can 'be' an otaku of anything, there's more of an overlap between those groups. This overlap is what's meant by "otaku culture", generally.
>> No. 35872 [Edit]
I'm sure half of them will OD on something or other before the next season comes out.
>> No. 35873 [Edit]
And of course, supposedly educated people using "loose" instead of "lose" (and/or vice versa); mistaking "gift" to be a verb; and believing that "antisocial" is equivalent to "asocial."
>> No. 35875 [Edit]
Please, don't make fun of the ones we suffer brain damage.
I almost wrote brain mage with this one.
Writing is just too hard.
>> No. 35876 [Edit]
File 159979191719.png - (409.70KB , 800x600 , 806aac0bd022729b99e209fe12766c9a.png )
It's annoying when in a book or anime some flaw humans have is pointed out and its implied that it shows how bad they are compared to others, when it's actually something animals also do. Like, "only humans kill for fun" or "only humans commit suicide". The writers probably didn't know animals also do those things, but my prior knowledge hurts suspension of disbelief a bit.
>> No. 35877 [Edit]
It does exist it's just not an easily distinguishable thing that fits into the small box you have it as in your head. Because much of it is different to the rest and you can easily hate one part of it while loving others and I would expect that most people would.

It's not a myth. As I said however, It's a waste of effort searching for when you have no ability to even address the basis of this.
>> No. 35878 [Edit]
>It's not a myth.
You're a liar. Go away already with your tiresome condescension.
>> No. 35881 [Edit]
>mistaking "gift" to be a verb;
But "gift" is a verb, isn't it? "I gifted him a new X" reads perfectly fine (if a bit formal), and all dictionaries I've seen recognize the verb form.
>> No. 35882 [Edit]
The prevalent use of "gift" as a verb is a relatively recent phenomenon, and a newer parallel is using "friend" as a verb. While the former is technically a verb with respect to history (Just because its use was noted some hundred years ago doesn't give it much weight, in my opinion.), "give" is/was considered the correct choice, and its mass employment in the past is indicative of this. Frankly, verb-gift sounds stupid, and the fact that graduates of universities utilize it as such reinforces my opinion that college is shit for anything other than mathematics and similar subjects.
I'm aware language changes, and that I'm an exclusive monster, but I don't care. What's the advantage from verb-gift? Is the correct alternative complex and/or overly long? Nope! There's nothing advantageous, and it's only because of ignorance that it's being used today.
Fuck the world.
>> No. 35883 [Edit]
Ignorance of what? Your tastes? Give is more general and can be used in more situations than gift. Gift has a connotation to it that give doesn't. He was gifted with a special talent. He was in the gifted program. He comes to gift children for being good.
>> No. 35884 [Edit]
Interesting, I didn't know there was such a controversy as to the use of "gift" as a verb. As >>35883 noted "gift" as a verb has a certain nuance in meaning that plain "give" doesn't, and none of the synonyms "confer/bestow/award" have the same flexibility in usage that "gift" has.

I don't like "friend" just for its connotation apropos social media though.

Even though I'd definitely consider myself a bit of a language prescriptivist, I feel there are better battles to pick here, such as using "cliché" as an adjective,
>> No. 35885 [Edit]
>Ignorance of what? Your tastes?
Pardon me: It's ignorance and laziness.

"He was gifted with a special talent."
"He is gifted" is semantically equivalent and succinct.

>He was in the gifted program.
First, that doesn't make sense. One would say, "He was in a program for gifted students." Second, "gifted" is an adjective; so I'm confused as to why you used this.

>He comes to gift children for being good.
Or, "He comes to gives gifts to children for being good." Granted, I understand your point, but I don't think this silliness justifies verb-gift's existence.

>I feel there are better battles to pick here
One can wage multiple battles; even those that are lost, like this one.
>> No. 35886 [Edit]
File 15998740452.jpg - (540.08KB , 987x1500 , 003acb7a205ecc4bfb6d06de22011459.jpg )
>"He is gifted" is semantically equivalent and succinct.
It's not past tense. If you wanted to convey gifted in a certain way, like "he is gifted with good looks", that would be using gift as a verb.
>Second, "gifted" is an adjective; so I'm confused as to why you used this.
"He was in the swimming club" is similar. Swim is a verb, but when placed in front of a noun it can sometimes work like an adjective. Nobody would say "he was in the club for students to swim as an activity". Cross-country program is also used and cross-country is an adjective. A gifted person is someone who was gifted. God gifted Bob so Bob was a gifted person in the gifted program. People can prefer to use gift as a verb for stylistic reasons.

Language isn't about rules, it's about patterns. There's nothing objective about it in the first place. All that matters is that a message is effectively conveyed. When people use gift as a verb, does it confuse you? Do you not understand what they're trying to communicate?

Post edited on 11th Sep 2020, 6:44pm
>> No. 35887 [Edit]
File 159987668810.png - (785.79KB , 800x1500 , da935bc4fc4bd67d83292f3134c1700b.png )
>It's not past tense. If you wanted to convey gifted in a certain way, like "he is gifted with good looks", that would be using gift as a verb.
Sorry, "He was gifted."
Would it? You are merely establishing that he was gifted and then specifying it.

>"He was in the swimming club" is similar. Swim is a verb, but when placed in front of a noun it can sometimes work like an adjective.
"Swimming" is an actual adjective, however. There is no "sometimes"; there is no magic.

>God gifted Bob so Bob was a gifted person in the gifted program.
Gifted typically pertains to people. If it's used with things, it implies a thing elucidates gifts. Unless this "gifted program" is exposing gifts, the the usage is incorrect. (I don't I've seen anybody employ it in this manner, however. Must be rare?)

>People can prefer to use gift as a verb for stylistic reasons.
They can; they may; but it still sounds stupid.

>Language isn't about rules
Strictly? No. But it certainly has a certain set of rules that must be adhered lest miscommunication occurs.

>When people use gift as a verb, does it confuse you? Do you not understand what they're trying to communicate?
I understand that language's raison d'etre is the effective conveyance of messages, but I don't care. As I stated, it sounds foolish, and I am annoyed by that.
>> No. 35888 [Edit]
I also like the pertinent image.
>> No. 35889 [Edit]
>"Swimming" is an actual adjective, however. There is no "sometimes"; there is no magic.
I think here "swimming" by itself as an activity would be gerund of "to swim," and in "swimming club" it would be a present participle. While I do see that "swimming" is a separate entry with noun part-of-speech in the dictionary (in which case it would function as an attributive noun in "swimming club"), I think it's better to analyze it as a present participle since then the correspondence with other similar things such as "eating" is evident.

Along those lines while "gifted" is a separate entry classified as an adjective, I think perhaps it's better classified as a past participle of "to gift".

>But it certainly has a certain set of rules that must be adhered lest miscommunication occurs.
Those rules can and should be broken when it leads to more precise communication. For instance in Japanese you have the trend of dropping the "ra" in potential ichidan verbs, which while gramatically incorrect solves an ambiguity in potential/passive meaning.
>> No. 35890 [Edit]
>Would it?
Red is an adjective and you wouldn't use red in the same way.
>"Swimming" is an actual adjective, however.
You can say red man and red ball, and you can say swimming man, but you wouldn't say swimming ball. Printing machine makes sense, but printing painting doesn't. A printing man could make sense as a man who prints things out, but you wouldn't think they're putting blank paper in their mouth and spitting it out with words on it.
>If it's used with things, it implies a thing elucidates gifts.
It can also express a relationship between the thing and gifts. This can be any kind of relationship, people just have to use that meaning often enough and then others will understand them.
>> No. 35891 [Edit]
This is compelling iff "gift" is verb, and I don't believe that to be true.

>Those rules can and should be broken when it leads to more precise communication.
Thus far, verb-gift's existence hasn't been sufficiently proven to me insofar as improving communication's precision.

>Red is an adjective and you wouldn't use red in the same way.
"He was red with sunburns." (Summer sucks.)

>You can say red man and red ball, and you can say swimming man, but you wouldn't say swimming ball.
I never contested this. Swimming and red are always modifying the nouns in those instances, and that's OK since they're adjectives. Whether the resultant is nonsensical is another matter.

>It can also express a relationship between the thing and gifts. This can be any kind of relationship, people just have to use that meaning often enough and then others will understand them.
And it's foolish.
>> No. 35894 [Edit]
Gift actually originates from give though, which itself is a verb.
>> No. 35913 [Edit]
File 16000531791.png - (7.62KB , 289x174 , piece_of_shit.png )
This just happened to me. What a nice person. These interactions sure keep showing me every day that the world isn't a bad place after all. It doesn't make me want to die even more, not at all. All positive emotions here. Cranking out upbeat constructive high effort posts.

Please don't ban me.
>> No. 35915 [Edit]
I think the lack of compassion can be pretty sad. They're trying to keep an upbeat positive air to their site and prevent depression from spreading like a virus by filtering out negativity at it's sources, but this comes at the cost of those individuals. I mean yeah, there are some people that fall so low they turn into black holes that drag others down with them, which itself I think is a common complaint people have with TC, but I don't think that means we should just abandon them just like that. Some people need a helping hand every now and then, while others need a little more help is all. Here's hoping you get it.

You're welcome to use a site I run for that anon.
>> No. 35923 [Edit]
Forgive me for asking, but what site is that?
>> No. 35926 [Edit]
If all you did was make a binding to a library, then you should use a license that doesn't require attribution. Even more so if you use a program to automate the process. But you gotta build a brand, I guess.
TransCatThing is making OSS with <3!!! COME JOIN ME ON DISCORD

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.
>> No. 35936 [Edit]
It was another small imageboard but I didn't want to name it.
>> No. 35951 [Edit]
File 16003833075.jpg - (73.30KB , 500x605 , I AM BOSS.jpg )
I'm so fucking tired of having trust issues. Everybody I meet & form even a very close relationship with, both online & offline, I always end up cutting off because I can't trust people worth a shit. Every time I go to a counselor or doctor they have nothing whatsoever to help with. It's crippled all of the social skills I had left & now I can barely even socialize with people. I just want this shit to stop. Does anybody else have something similar?
>> No. 35952 [Edit]
You form very close relationships? Don't know what that's like.
>> No. 35953 [Edit]
Formed would be more accurate. Primarily as a child, though I had one or two in my teenage years. Haven't had any since I hit 20 11 years ago.
>> No. 35955 [Edit]
File 160038656717.jpg - (29.97KB , 480x480 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I don't know if it would help but maybe a waifu? There's no way a waifu could ever hurt you and with that in mind maybe you can trust her. This is probably only if you want the feeling of trust and don't care who or what it comes from.
>Does anybody else have something similar?
I have a stupid level of paranoia.
>> No. 35956 [Edit]
I don't think that's uncommon, at least not in western culture. It's hard to trust people when people are so untrustworthy. Many people will lie cheat and steal to get what they want without a care who they hurt. I've certainly been down that road, seeing the world like a game of chess and trying to figure out the opponents motivation behind each move.

I think the key is to just be careful for starters. You don't have to shut people out completely, just make it hard to take advantage of you if they decide to. This is for example exactly why Pre-nubs exist for marriage. It lets people get close, but with a safety net for protection 'just in case'. When you make friends, just keep any info you wouldn't want getting out, to yourself. Don't flash credit/debit cards they can get the numbers off of, don't introduce them to girls you think they might steel, don't exposes weaknesses you think they could potentially take advantage of.
That said, I don't think this is a great way to live, but can be sadly necessary for some people with a lot to loose. Of course an alternative, is to simply rid yourself of anything that would hurt to lose. You can't be doxed for example, if you don't care who knows where you live. Or in my case, you can't have your feelings hurt if you don't have feelings.

Post edited on 18th Sep 2020, 6:24pm
>> No. 35957 [Edit]
It's better to just not make friends. Friendship is overrated.
>> No. 35958 [Edit]
You don't trust people, you bet on people. If the risk is worth it, you bet. If you win it's cool, if you don't it's just a bet you lose. You can't expect guarantees from anyone or anything in this world.
This is the kind of bullshit I would like to say but truth is I never had a close relationship in my life, on-line or off-line, and I wouldn't bet a shit for anyone, but hey, it sounded cool, at least?
>> No. 35959 [Edit]
I've never met anyone worth taking a real bet on.
>> No. 35960 [Edit]
It feels like I get thrown the metaphorical "friendship ball" from time to time and I just fail to even notice until it's too late. People seem to like me and I even like them back enough... There seems to be something about the way I act that makes people think I don't have any interest in them.

Even then there have been people who are more aware that I'm kind of a friendless dork and try to be friends anyways. I'm so used to not having friends at this point I just don't know how to react. It seems to offend them and come off as "better than you" which isn't my intention... Maybe there's a bit of that. I just wish I had a couple of close friends but the primary problem seems to be a refusal to let people be my friend.

>seeing the world like a game of chess and trying to figure out what the opponents motivation behind each move.
I think this is part of what gets people like us accused of all manner of ill motivation. Normals seem to interpret it as very schemey and abusive people hate it because you won't buy their bullshit.
>> No. 35961 [Edit]
>I think this is part of what gets people like us accused of all manner of ill motivation
Sounds about right. I think this has also cost me a few potential relationships with people who wanted me to jump in blindly with open arms, instead of keep them at a distance while analyzing their intentions.
>> No. 36004 [Edit]
File 160087797731.png - (157.60KB , 329x591 , BVPcxdF.png )
I've been seeing Resetera a lot in my search results lately. I don't know where it came from or why it exists, but it's probably the most noxious forum I've ever seen.
>> No. 36016 [Edit]
File 160092045470.jpg - (204.28KB , 850x882 , sample_2088358123f14fdb4858511ebf2d32ce.jpg )
Any music that's described using terminology that includes "core" "wave" "step" or "fi" and also any fl studio faggot that goes by a name which includes "dj" or "loli". People listening to this shit is like the culmination of music appreciation's degradation. There's actually good music out there. A lot of very talented, skilled people work on game, anime, etc. soundtracks that can be listened to instead. There's good electronic music out there.
>> No. 36023 [Edit]
Someone specifically asked for artists similar to goreshit, Machine Girl, and Sewerslvt. Not everyone can handle breakcore derivatives, but to refer to listeners as contributing to the "culmination of music appreciation's degradation" is a misguided judgement. Every single person I listed I consider as talented and skilled and that is coming from someone who also listens to "good" electromic music.
>> No. 36027 [Edit]
>but to refer to listeners as contributing to the "culmination of music appreciation's degradation"
They're not contributing to it, they're a product of it. I believe they like it because they didn't have the chance to develop their ear while growing up.

The pratice of "sampling" is in itself a cancer.

Post edited on 24th Sep 2020, 5:14am
>> No. 36030 [Edit]
Your post reminded me of a song ( People want to be good at something; think they're contributing to something; and they want to receive praise for it despite not putting the meaningful effort or time into it. There's a space between absolute beginner and competence where one can do well by following a trend as it satisfies the most basic of expectations from his audience (temporarily, at least). Many will continue to progress, but most, I think, become complacent. And since many of the audience are insufficiently discerning, they will lap up whatever that's given to them.

Post edited on 24th Sep 2020, 6:56am
>> No. 36031 [Edit]
I'm glad I dont play video games.
>> No. 36032 [Edit]
Thanks for sharing. Edm also caters to scene kids who want something to violently wave their glow sticks to and do 420 shit. I was suprised that it appeals to people outside of that crowd.
>> No. 36048 [Edit]
>I believe they like it because they didn't have the chance to develop their ear while growing up.
I can't really tell what you're alluding to with that sentence. If you're claiming that a diminished hearing proficiency is the reason why people listen to these genres, wouldn't your argument contradict itself? If you're not able to comprehend the musicality of certain genres, wouldn't that mean that it's your hearing that isn't sufficient? I'm not saying that you have to enjoy what you hear, but refusing to acknowledge it as music proves nothing.

>The pratice of "sampling" is in itself a cancer.
Show me examples of your "good" electronic music without samples since you have apparently have such a god-tier taste in music. I'd wager that at least eighty-five percent of electronic artists incorporate samples in their music. Also, not listening to an electronic artist because they have DJ in their name is one of the dumbest fucking things I've ever heard of. Show me your favorite anime OPs and EDs that don't use vocal samples. Let me guess, you only listen to the background instrumentals?
>> No. 36050 [Edit]
>If you're not able to comprehend the musicality
Something can have "musicality" without being any good. Being "music" is a really low bar. It's a matter of choice. I think that if people are exposed to better music when they're growing up and music appreciation is part of their education, they wont choose to listen to mutilated music samples with somebody half-singing, half-whining put on top.
>show me examples of your "good" electronic music without samples
Anything by Yousuke Yasui. Just to clarify, by sampling I mean taking audio clips from somebody else's music and shoving/butchering it into your own. Electronic music includes all video game music that doesn't exclusively use traditional instruments and singing. Pretty much anything which use synthesisers is electronic music. Anything written for any older computer/console basically. PC-98 music is electronic music.
>that don't use vocal samples
Those "vocal samples" are recorded for those songs as part of those songs as intended by the artists. There's no "borrowing" going on. It's obviously not the same thing.
>DJ in their name
If they call themself DJ something, they're admitting that they just splice together shit so normalfags can grind to it in nightclubs. It's wigger shit.

Post edited on 24th Sep 2020, 4:33pm
>> No. 36051 [Edit]
>I think that if people are exposed to better music when they're growing up and music appreciation is part of their education, they wont choose to listen to mutilated music samples with somebody half-singing, half-whining put on top.
Being exposed to and subsequently being able to reflect on and appreciate traditional music is entirely dependent on the listener. Free will determines what genres of music people gravitate to because the quality of a particular song is a matter of personal opinion. I listened to a few songs from Yousuke Yasui. I wouldn't classify his works as bad music, but they do absolutely nothing to my heart rate or emotional state like a trance or any high-BPM genre song would. The songs "sound neat" and that is the extent of it, nothing more, nothing less. Granted, I don't typically listen to VGM outside of the games they're featured in. What I heard doesn't deviate from other songs I've overheard in JRPGs and the like. I enjoy my DJ-produced, spliced together, mutilated songs because I'm able to close my eyes and mentally synchronize with the music.

>Just to clarify, by sampling I mean taking audio clips from somebody else's music and shoving/butchering it into your own.
>If they call themself DJ something, they're admitting that they just splice together shit so normalfags can grind to it in nightclubs.
Okay, so it's still eighty-five percent of all electronic music you're choosing to avoid. You're restricting yourself to only ambient works and videogame soundtracks. I'll post three random songs that fail to meet your criteria.
>> No. 36052 [Edit]
File 160100089677.jpg - (1.04MB , 1002x1416 , b2acbbfef84b6847946976352c200639.jpg )
>Free will determines what genres of music people gravitate to because the quality of a particular song is a matter of personal opinion.
Yeah yeah, everything is subjective, there's no such thing as educated taste. This thing that anybody could hack together is just as good as something which requires hard-work, creativity, learning and extensive practice. I've heard it a million times already. It's bs.
>they do absolutely nothing to my heart rate or emotional state like a trance or any high-BPM genre song
A fast tempo is pretty much the easiest way to make a piece of music "exciting". It's kind of like how bad dramas rely on excessive crying, killing off cute kids and amnesia. Fast tempo is just a tool in the toolbox, it's not something that should characterize an entire genre. It's easier to appreciate musical development and intricacies when you've learned to pay attention to those things.
>Okay, so it's still eighty-five percent of all electronic music you're choosing to avoid.
Most of anything is shit. I avoid most of all movies too. Whatever might be good in those tracks comes from the samples and just listening to the source material would definitely be more enjoyable to me because it wasn't muddled and cut up by some swaggot on their macbook.
>You're restricting yourself to only ambient works and videogame soundtracks.

Note that all of my examples are electronic music, convey a different mood and do not use samples.

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