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File 157747670175.jpg - (164.38KB , 850x1205 , sample_005766acf89a387fc6488b84d665226a.jpg )
33905 No. 33905 [Edit]
What are some things that really bug you?
Things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!

Old one reached bumb limit I think.
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>> No. 36326 [Edit]
Sounds like they were trying to hop on a popular trend without understanding anything about it.
>> No. 36327 [Edit]
The person I asked seemed embarrassed at least.

Post edited on 14th Oct 2020, 8:01pm
>> No. 36328 [Edit]
$5 says all the employees know it's stupid, but don't have the guts to say anything to the owner.
>> No. 36330 [Edit]
Stop using steam and stop using discord.
>> No. 36331 [Edit]
How do you even have friends on steam if you don't view it as a social platform? I have only had one person add me as a friend while playing games and that was due to the fact we were playing a dead game so he felt the need to friend request me, I didn't talk to him after or play that game and months after he unfriended me, it's only a social platform if you make it one.
>> No. 36332 [Edit]
How does this happen? I've never had to deal with anything like that and I can't imagine why anyone would do that.
>> No. 36333 [Edit]
>ps: people who use linux for the freedom or whatever and then cite steam as a good inclusion because it alleviates software incompatibility are hypocrites

Freedom people like Steam because of their contributions to wine, I think. People who use Steam on GNU/Linux can't be concerned about freedom/privacy.
>> No. 36334 [Edit]
Somebody pointed that out already.

Post edited on 15th Oct 2020, 8:11am
>> No. 36336 [Edit]
File 160279459692.jpg - (122.82KB , 640x800 , 94565070ea68416e181355322f2260c1.jpg )
I don't like how I can't post an image if it was saved in a different format. I don't want to post images that are subject to losing quality but apparently I have to on this board.
>> No. 36337 [Edit]
What kind of image format it was?
>> No. 36338 [Edit]
.pngs that were originally .jpegs.
>> No. 36339 [Edit]
You know those only loose data when they're edited.
>> No. 36340 [Edit]
File 160279712373.jpg - (505.85KB , 600x1044 , EkNVSjpVgAEnKpT.jpg )
It is weird, because PNGs are supported.
>> No. 36341 [Edit]
I guess I learned something then.
>> No. 36342 [Edit]
Even when edited I think theoretically using the exact same quality settings that the original jpeg used should not degrade the quality any further, aside from perhaps in the 8x8 blocks belonging to the pixels that you edited.

That is, since the lossy aspect of jpeg comes from the quantization after the dft, if you don't edit the image at all but still explicitly re-export as jpeg, applying the same quantization factors will have no effect (modulo perhaps rounding errors, which if present will probably be distributed evenly as white noise). Now if you edit the image, the 8x8 blocks untouched by your edits will be identical to before; it's only in the 8x8 blocks that you made edits that you will have likely added new high frequency information which will cause visible quality degradation beyond what was there previously when this is requantized.

This ignores the effects of CbCr-subsampling which I think most jpeg encoders do, and will of course cause quality loss with each re-save.
>> No. 36344 [Edit]
>subject to losing quality
Downloading or uploading a JPEG as a JPEG via a web browser shouldn't make the quality worse than it already is, assuming that there are no errors in transmission and that the board software doesn't do any re-encoding.
JPEG is a lossy format, while PNG is a lossless format, so that would be lossy-to-lossless transcoding, which causes the file to take up more space for no increase in image quality, assuming you're actually re-encoding it as PNG and not just changing the file extension. I don't see any benefit to this unless you're editing a JPEG and saving it as a PNG to avoid the quality loss mentioned by >>36342.
>> No. 36352 [Edit]
Why can people online not carry on a conversation, even a basic one? It's understandable if you don't want to talk but at least say that instead of just endlessly supplying one-word responses to the other person. It's infuriating.
>> No. 36353 [Edit]
I know exactly what you mean, and I've wondered that myself. I think a lot of them are like this offline, but for most? I don't get it. Maybe they never learned to type properly? I don't know. I've met people who apparently wanted to talk to me, but every question, every topic I bring up, they get one-two word responses. I really don't know what they expect.
>> No. 36354 [Edit]
>Maybe they never learned to type properly?
I can't type properly either. I have to glance at the keyboard every few milliseconds and it doesn't affect me.
>> No. 36355 [Edit]
File 160295380914.jpg - (1.71MB , 1033x1462 , 2dfcf39624ddf5e5924e76cec08181b2.jpg )
I hate it when chicken stock is too sweet. Boxed cicken broth is pretty much always inedible, especially if somebody's name is part of the branding like "Carrie Mcsluts healthy chicken broth as seen on tv". Health freaks in general have awful taste and make their soups laced with tons of boiled carrots and celery. Cold avocado wraps and shit like that are also nauseating.

On a side note, I can't stand fruit sauces on meat. Something like mango or tangerine sauce on chicken is absolutely revolting. Potato salad, egg salad and tuna salad sandwiches are abominations.

Post edited on 17th Oct 2020, 9:57am
>> No. 36356 [Edit]
File 160297470289.jpg - (20.36KB , 360x240 , metttorte-mit-brot.jpg )
take the mett pill, there is nothing more satisfying than consuming the raw flesh of a pig, garnished with onions.
>> No. 36357 [Edit]
I'm tempted to think that it's because the majority of them are typing on a mobile phone, which obviously precludes the possibility of typing out well-formatted long-form responses.
>> No. 36369 [Edit]
File 160320935638.jpg - (858.12KB , 850x1189 , sample_712d09a03e51918f490a39391bb76462.jpg )
I have to upload a lot of photos for class. On tests it's time sensitive. The problem is that getting photos from the phone to the computer is extremely unreliable. Every method has some problem. Bluetooth does whatever the hell it wants. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it works but takes five minutes. Transfer through a usb phone cable used to work, but now my computer just doesn't recognize the phone. It has no idea that a phone is connected to it and even god doesn't know why.

Cloud storage is slow, buggy, there's way too many upload and download steps, and it's impossible to quickly change accounts because of verification shit, so it's not even an option. Email is actually the most reliable method, but it takes forever, especially if there's more than one photo attached. I can send five of the same email and only receive one of them ten minutes later. Even with all this talk about futuristic bullshit, something as simple as moving files from one device to another is an ordeal. A simple usb stick has never failed me yet though.
>> No. 36376 [Edit]
File 160330471856.png - (715.30KB , 1280x1579 , chen on bike.png )
I feel the same, and I'm very paranoid so no using cloud services or syncing anything, too much trouble, nor plugging any other device with a network connection to my computer. So years ago, when faced with the dilemma of having to upload many pictures of a group project from my phone to my computer I was very concerned on how to proceed. Thankfully I found a very easy no bullshit solution. I used 8chan as my personal cloud storage, I would go on those abandoned < 10 posts boards, and use them as my personal imagedump site. No login, no verification no BS. Literally seconds to do it.
Well, 8chan is long gone, but you can use other dead imageboards for it. Or if the file contains personal information I use a RAR compressing app to compress all pictures and upload them here:
>> No. 36378 [Edit]
File 160330596525.jpg - (244.31KB , 636x1000 , e9daee0a80596d9103c7baab2362a2c1.jpg )
Yeah, i'm just going to be using an old digtal camera especially for this purpose from now on. I'm hoping that older, more specialized technology will be more reliable. Uploading to a site like that would require me to find the link on my computer or type in whatever url it's located in, which isn't that easy. As for trust, I wouldn't put much of it in any kind of online storage, even if trust is in the name. They're legally obligated to take down copyright violating media, or any media which violates the laws in whatever euro-hell place their server is located. I know megaupload takes stuff down for bs like that.
>> No. 36380 [Edit]
I'll be glad when election season is over. I'm tired of the "go get registered to vote" everywhere, tired of random messages from some political staffer that got my number somehow, tired normies constantly virtue signaling about "their" beliefs that they've just had spoonfed to them. It's so goddamn frustrating. Even when I see people make points I agree with. Because it's just sports teams. They all want to act like they're some big bad person who's gonna speak the truth but it always seems to fall into the realm of social acceptability while they chest pound about being "not afraid".

Most of the people who get the most vocal about politics put in zero effort for deeper understanding. I just don't understand how they can be so up in arms about things while not trying to actually trying to learn more about them.

Maybe more of a thing for /tat/ but I just wanted to bitch about normies and politics.

You might try pushbullet if it's just a few pictures. My phone won't connect to pc for some reason so I've just been using that to move files.
>> No. 36394 [Edit]
File 160342055614.jpg - (100.02KB , 481x681 , 1565652871675.jpg )
I find the robocalls worse because at this point I am willing to talk to strangers/telemarketers just to talk, a pre-recorded Chinese voice makes me feel like shit.
I also find that the election isn't as bad as in 2016, it can sure creep up on you but it's not ubiquitous as then, you can sort of live under a rock as usual while that was in everything.
>> No. 36396 [Edit]
I feel bad when people have troll's remorse but their community/old friends won't let them cleanse themselves of it. It feels gross, let people change!
>> No. 36402 [Edit]
I think you'll be disappointed to discover it's not a phase and it won't end, ever. Further theorizing on why it is like it is is a thing for /tat/.
>> No. 36410 [Edit]
File 160350282993.jpg - (780.94KB , 945x668 , 2db7ffb956f9f5fdaccfd18450311f1f.jpg )
Youtube anime reviewers/commentators are like a toxic nerve agent. They've always been bad, especially that guy gigguk. His voice, his "comedy style" his way of critiquing, all of it gets under my skin. Even seeing one of his thumbnails annoys me. Every video they make is either regurgitating the common consensus on an anime to calculate some arbitrary score, or some pretentious revelation about a show explaining the hidden social commentary or life lessons it teaches, presenting it as their discovery. They've gotten even worse though with the increasing commercialization of video making. They have an interest in being milquetoast and kind of like a politician in that they can never disagree with certain sacred cow viewpoints in the "western fandom" lest they lose their sponsors and social media reputation or whatever the fuck. Stuff like fanservice is bad and must only be tolerated, not enjoyed. There are no lolicon anime commentators. At worst, they advocate for western sensibilities being forced onto anime. Of course they disguise that as meaningful discourse.
>> No. 36411 [Edit]
You can block youtube's recommendations. Or just use an alternate client like invidious.
>> No. 36412 [Edit]
File 160350459587.png - (533.89KB , 675x985 , 0115325040d425aa1a03212a70eb2ce4.png )
I don't know if this would work for you but I just turn off my watch history so jewtube can't bombard me with more videos related to the last thing I just watched. I use theater mode (wide screen) and zooming in can make the video big enough to where the video at the top of the related section gets pushed off screen. Of course, there's also marking videos you don't want to see as "not interested" or "do not recommend channel" so that maybe youtube will remember not to throw that shit at you. Not watching videos made by western anime "fans" helps too. All of this isn't perfect and jewtube's lack of personalization options are annoying but it's something you can do. Or maybe you can do what >>36411 said and just use an alternate client.
>> No. 36413 [Edit]
File 160350501275.jpg - (574.45KB , 850x1202 , sample_b6b0ab680f5770c07f8d50bcb9d22a71.jpg )
I wish there was a video booru or something with a user maintained tagging system. Invidious is a step up in some ways(it's slower and less reliable), but relies on youtube and it's recommendation system that is at best antiquated, at worst dysfunctional for the sake of maximizing profit. The user has basically no direct control in what they get recommended or can choose to avoid. People can't even so much as choose what they see on the front page. Plus the ui is a complete clusterfuck. The only reason why it's used it its ubiquitousness.

I think these things are an inevitable consequence of having the place where things are stored be the same as the place where they're viewed. Imagine if most of the images on the internet were stored on one website. Nobody thought ahead about this stuff. Nobody questions why every type of video has to be on the same website. It's one of those really shitty things that will only be replaced when people have no other choice.

You could use an ad-blocker to remove recommendations all together. I want recommendations though.

Post edited on 23rd Oct 2020, 7:13pm
>> No. 36414 [Edit]
Don't worry about western commentators, they're like the red-headed stepchild of those stupid AVGN-wannabes video game reviewers. Stuck in 2010.
Not even casuals really like them, its a special kind of stupid/psuedointellectual; don't worry about them.
Its easy to be bothered by people like this, but they ultimately are probably inconsequential, considering they have very little influence outside of their moronic followings. Even more so when you account its only western.
>> No. 36415 [Edit]
>Even seeing one of his thumbnails annoys me
I've noticed most youtubers seem to have really obnoxious thumbnails. It's always them or their avatar making a stupid face or prideful pose next to an image of whatever they're reviewing. Bonus points for lots of arrows and red circles.
>> No. 36416 [Edit]
No, his thumbnails aren't really like that. They annoy me because they remind me he exists.
>> No. 36424 [Edit]
>I've noticed most youtubers seem to have really obnoxious thumbnails.
It's my understanding that, unless you have a dedicated following, employing fulsome thumbnails and inflammatory titles is needed to attract viewers and therefore money. But this is contradicted by channels like Linus Tech Tips still doing this crap despite being well-known. I can only guess that, since Linus employs others, his budget necessitates the tactics described herein.
>> No. 36436 [Edit]
I hate anal porn because anal is a turn off for me and it's way too common. Seeing a good artist who primarily draws anal is frustrating. If anal porn didn't exist, more people would be making stuff that I like. It's like god decided to curse the earth by giving an inordinate amount of men a fetish that's gross and makes zero sense.
>> No. 36438 [Edit]
Schoolteachers are retarded and annoying. One of the reasons I'm not going to college is because I already had to put up with their shit for the majority of my life. They're assholes who like to bitch to you about their personal politics and salaries under the guise of "teaching" you something, and clearly haven't put two seconds of thought into anything outside of themselves.

My brother is a genuinely awful person. I don't want to actually get into it, but I wouldn't mind if he went out of my life for good or broke his spine in a stroke of bad luck.
>> No. 36441 [Edit]
Unlike school teachers, college professors aren't expected to be glorified babysitters. In my experience, they haven't given me a hard time and some have even helped me.
>> No. 36443 [Edit]
In my experience they are even worse. They have the same problems of school fags, but unlike school fags they think too highly of themselves, as if their profession was the most important in the world.
>> No. 36444 [Edit]
It probably depends on the department. Stem(hard not soft) people actually do research and important things.
>> No. 36474 [Edit]
Guys, I could use some help here. This is annoying me.
Basically, yesterday I was at a mandatory diversity classroom, even though my major has nothing to do with this, and I was getting very pissed at the whole thing. Everyday is this same anti-white shit, so yesterday was a presentation for one group. The subject was racism. The group goes with the same shit about how only blacks are oppressed and whites can't be victims of any hate by other races. And they bring up a poll that was titled "What is the first word you think of when you hear racism". I had the mischievous idea of putting the poll link in a certain imageboard, asking for people to shitpost. I tried to contain myself but I couldn't resist and posted it. Basically at the end of the presentation there was a lot of bitter about the results, many pro-racism words there.
The thing is afterwards I became VERY nervous and paranoid, and have this IMMENSE feeling of guilt in the back of my head. This could technically be a crime here. The thing is I don't know what to do to stop this. These fuckers kinda deserved something, but I should have just go play some video games to relax, or something. I never did anything close to this "schadenfreude" before. What should I do? Send an apology letter from an anonymous e-mail? Nothing? I'm lost.
>> No. 36475 [Edit]
Probably too late, cops are already coming for you.
If your post isn't a joke, then literally just do nothing.

Post edited on 28th Oct 2020, 5:37pm
>> No. 36476 [Edit]
>If your post isn't a joke, then literally just do nothing.
No, unfortunately my post isn't a joke. I have OCD and recurring thoughts and this shit just keeps play over and over in my head. Yesterday it was so strong my heart-rate skyrocketed and I began sweating profusely. Had to lie down in a bed, breathing, for a while. Anyway it is reassuring to hear something positive, when you just keep driving yourself mad in paranoia.
>> No. 36477 [Edit]
>> No. 36478 [Edit]
How the hell would that be a crime?
>> No. 36479 [Edit]
File 160393434855.jpg - (288.86KB , 1000x1467 , bdbac05e669ff0d7e1f4cbd20c130fbe.jpg )
I've knowingly trespassed on campus property without facing any consequences what so ever. You will be fine. Schools only care when their bottom line is being threatened and wont seek bad press if they can help it. Even if they actually cared, and could find out who you are, they wouldn't want to. You still shouldn't put yourself at risk for something so petty in the future.
>> No. 36480 [Edit]
I can't think of any way in which that would be a crime. I don't blame you for getting worried about it, but really there's no crime there. Worst case scenario your teacher might get pissed off, doesn't sound like they have any way of finding out who did it, or what they did for that mater.

Dude gross wtf.
>> No. 36481 [Edit]
>Dude gross wtf.
Saya is beautiful, "dude".
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