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File 157747670175.jpg - (164.38KB , 850x1205 , sample_005766acf89a387fc6488b84d665226a.jpg )
33905 No. 33905 [Edit]
What are some things that really bug you?
Things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!

Old one reached bumb limit I think.
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>> No. 37145 [Edit]
I used to have two but then I went overseas so I had to sell them. I don't know, they are nice and all and I would like to have them again but they are just that, nice. I liked owning them in the way I like owning fumos I didn't really use them much as it can be a pain, only a fumo is much cheaper and has far less hurdles.
>> No. 37147 [Edit]
I don't like music videos. I think they distract from what people are listening to and waste money. I'd rather visualize music by myself.
>> No. 37148 [Edit]
That's very overblown too. People act like she was a pariah after that yet she continued to get acting roles and continued to put out albums, which only stoped for a while because of a tumour. Again, people who don't know much about idols love to go on about big incidents that they overblow the significance of.
>> No. 37149 [Edit]
File 160884695172.jpg - (161.71KB , 850x1197 , sample_238feeba33708df9d03703dcc79730ff.jpg )
I'm glad I don't know much about idols. Perfect Blue is my main source of information on that.
>> No. 37150 [Edit]
For some reason music videos always have 3DPD in them. I like AMVs for that reason.
>> No. 37151 [Edit]
AMVs are fan-made and set music to unrelated clips of an anime though. There's crawling in my skin AMVs.
>> No. 37152 [Edit]
>There's crawling in my skin AMVs.
Those are the only ones I remember.
>> No. 37153 [Edit]
I wouldn't say always. What about stuff from gorilaz, or 555?
>> No. 37156 [Edit]
Basing everything you know about a subject entirely on a single movie doesn't seem like a very reasonable thing.
>> No. 37157 [Edit]
Most likely the outrage was primarily amongst Otaku(such as the ones who send angry letters or destroyed merchandise) and not the mainstream but it did happen and she did suffer role wise because of it, before that she was getting huge leading roles, after she was getting incredibly minor ones like Alisa from GuP.
>> No. 37158 [Edit]
Ohh, and at the time she was meant to get a lead role in Kizumonogatari but there was a petition created to have her removed. I don't know how many signatures it got but she did not get the role.
>> No. 37160 [Edit]
"banned artist: 29K"
Does that tell you why I hate danbooru?
>> No. 37170 [Edit]
That's very ignorant. Kon himself has said that the movie isn't about idol culture. It's like saying you know about the lifestyles of the Amish because you watched Witness.
>> No. 37171 [Edit]
As I said, she had a tumour which led to her not taking anymore leading roles.
I've never heard of that but it wouldn't even make sense as there are no female characters in Kizumonogatari that would have needed to be cast since they already had chosen seiyuu. Hanekawa was already Yui Horie and Shinobu was already Maaya Sakamoto.
>> No. 37172 [Edit]
It sounds like an excuse that was very conveniently happening around the time of the scandal and was very short lived, this was from here Wikipedia page

>to facilitate her care, she announced in April 2011 that she had been prohibited from taking on new voice acting roles since the previous year. She still continued voicing characters for anime that received additional seasons or extended runs.[22] Citing a need for a new agency that was more ideal for her career wishes, she announced on August 12, 2011, that she had left Space Craft Entertainment.[23] On August 21, Hirano moved to the voice acting agency Grick.[24] Days later, on August 27, she posted a message on her Twitter account, confirming that she had resumed new voice acting roles in anime.[25]

She had announced that she would stop taking new roles in April yet by August she had already overturned that. I don't believe that her lack of major roles had anything to do with this tumor either as she was still voicing Lucy from Fairy Tail, that's a pretty serious and long running role, if she had to stop any role it would be that one.

You can google it for the details, it's not like it's a dark secret. It did happen.
>> No. 37173 [Edit]
>Shinobu was already Maaya Sakamoto.
In the drama CD Hyakumonogatari that came out while Bake was on the air, Hirano voiced Shinobu, although her only role was (mis)reading the chapter titles out loud. Kizu's adaptation was announced the following year, the same year that the backlash against Hirano exploded. Nise's adaptation was announced the year after along with a PV for Kizu that left Shinobu's seiyuu unspecified ( Sakamoto did not voice Shinobu until Nise's adaptation.
>> No. 37174 [Edit]
I agree. Fuck arguing, I'd rather have an echo chamber. Yes, yes, "echo chamber", thought-terminating cliche, no good, very bad, blah blah blah. Don't fucking care. I'm not some dumdum who'll become epistemically closed from spending time in an echo chamber, so if I did spend the time I'd get all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks.
>> No. 37199 [Edit]
The funniest thing I heard about animation is people saying that it's not "real".

Cos NCIS with its ZNN news network and investigators that break the rules are? The worse kind of lie is a 1/2-lie because it entangles the truth with it. Somehow mentioning that mainstream shows are adults playing pretend upsets plebians.

At least with animation, I can view it on its own merit rather than who acts in it.
>> No. 37202 [Edit]
By "real" they don't mean non-fictional. Although there are probably some people who only like watching documentaries. Many people are incapable of immersing themselves in a story unless they see 3dpd in front of them or can imagine it like with a book. If it's animated, they can't "get into it" or whatever.

>At least with animation, I can view it on its own merit rather than who acts in it.
VAs though. A good one can really enhance the experience.
>> No. 37205 [Edit]
I've never been a huge fan of VA worship. Forgive me for saying this, but they all sound the same to me with the exception of a few male voice actors and then it's usually the very distinct ones like Takehito Koyasu. Actually I have a bit of IRL face blindness as well.
>> No. 37252 [Edit]
It's not really about VA worship, or uniqueness. It's an appreciation of the craft and what they pull off in the moment. We take it for granted, but when you have the misfortune of listening to bad VAs in something seriously low budget/effort(mars of destruction), you understand the value of good ones.
>> No. 37255 [Edit]
Not only that, but the director's input on how a character should speak is a huge influence. In some cases VAs whose voices I wouldn't be able to distinguish can give absolutely killer performances given the right character and direction. There's a lot that goes into it.
>> No. 37274 [Edit]
File 160990707760.jpg - (73.70KB , 800x600 , meiya.jpg )
I live in a country so capitalistic that people here would probably even charge you a monthly rate for the oxygen you breathe, if they could. I'm sick of being charged shit like "security deposits", "activation fees", and etc. for services, as if I don't pay so much for them already.

I just asked the front office of my apartment complex today if I could have my room switched to my former roommate's who left, and they told me I would have to pay a 300$ "transfer fee". They said she never terminated her lease, so that room is still technically hers, so I asked if I could have it once her lease is up. They still told me I'd have to pay 300$. I'm pretty sure she has no intention of coming back..and I pay 720$ for rent already. Are they just that lazy to change some paperwork? Or do they just not want me moving out of this room with crappy sunlight and into the better one, because then they'll hardly find anyone that wants mine?

Landlords, utility companies, and the like are all just con artists. When my family had to put down a "security deposit" to lease their department, the money was never given back to them until they pressed for it. My apartment complex has still never given back mine, either. My utility company also told me I'd have to pay over a 100$ "initial deposit" just to start my account. I wish all these places would take these "deposits" and "fees" and shove it up their ass.
>> No. 37276 [Edit]
You made me remember how atrociously difficult is to rent a place in my country. It's literally harder than just buying, last time I had to block 7300€ to prove I was solvent, pay 100€ then 300€ a year to my bank to block me my money, pay 100€ to a notary to certify the whole thing happened, pay 1000€ to an advisory because reasons and finally pay 1200€ to the owner of the place just in case. And after all that I can't even leave the place without paying 600€ for every year of contract I don't satisfy.
Then you hear the boomers complaining young people don't go live by themselves and leech their parents; maybe it's because your generation decided to go turbo jew and make them pay the last cent for the most basic things so you can live without doing shit, you fucks. I suspect I probably ranted about this before, sorry about that.
>> No. 37283 [Edit]
Unfortunately, some of these fees and charges are perceived to be necessary due to bad actors who wish to abuse services. There are a lot of terrible people out there--on the supply and consumer sides.
>> No. 37311 [Edit]

In that case, I could understand the idea of a "security deposit" that will eventually be returned, but forgetting to return it or outright refusing to just seems like a dishonest practice to take even more of an unsuspecting person's money, more often than not. Colleges are especially guilty of this nowadays. I recently began to apply for study abroad and now apparently I will owe my college 225$ just for the application, whether I get accepted or not. You could argue that fee is justified because of the paperwork they do for the student or something, but since it is an external program, most of my application so far has been done and will probably be reviewed without the school's involvement.
>> No. 37312 [Edit]
The college application fee serves dual purpose: it's a way for colleges to make free money off of the boatload of applicants and it also serves to discourage people from applying to places that they don't care about.
>> No. 37313 [Edit]
It serves a third purpose as well, discouraging poor 'people'.
>> No. 37316 [Edit]
>In that case, I could understand the idea of a "security deposit" that will eventually be returned, but forgetting to return it or outright refusing to just seems like a dishonest practice to take even more of an unsuspecting person's money, more often than not.
That doesn't sound just like it's dishonesty; it sounds illegal depending on the involved parties' jurisdictions and contractual obligations. I've made similar deposits before, but I've always gotten most of the money returned since I don't make a mess of my apartments. Haven't dealt with a slumlord, though.
>> No. 41440 [Edit]
Got an itch on my thigh that won’t go away
>> No. 41445 [Edit]
File 16851661095.jpg - (90.73KB , 850x622 , 20230531.jpg )
My town's way of making traffic better is to build a motorway and charge toll$$$ on it. If you want the no-toll route, it will cost you time.
>> No. 41448 [Edit]
/azu/ is dead. After searching around I found out that there is a discord server. I also managed to find an invite that works. Upon entering I got hit immediately with two things. A bot that asks me what my pronouns are and the message I have to verify my phone number, else I am not allowed to write messages. I am tired, anon. I don't want to exist in such an Internet anymore.
>> No. 41449 [Edit]
My pronouns are fuck/off, please respect them and thank you in advance.
>> No. 41450 [Edit]
Why so hostile?
>> No. 41451 [Edit]
Because the pronoun thing is stupid and obnoxious.
>> No. 41452 [Edit]
I am so glad that I have yet to meet anyone who has them. I would probably be immediately outed as a homophobe or whatever for refusing to play along this mental illness. Some years ago I happened to talk with a girl who had it but that was before pronouns were really a thing
>> No. 41453 [Edit]
This is one of the reasons why I dislike what happened. Just to clarify what I meant with my earlier post. The board /azu/ died what saddens me, because I checked it a few times a year to keep up with yotsuba. After poking around to find out what happened I found a discord, which saddens me even more, another board gives up on being a board and moves there. I used an invitation I found to see if there is somewhere an information why the board is gone and was hit with that bot and a pop-up that tells me I need to give my phone number, else I am not allowed to write something. Then I left and vented my frustration in this thread. I am sorry to upset you, I didn't want to stir up something.
>> No. 41454 [Edit]
>and the message I have to verify my phone number
Pronoun tomfoolery aside, this shit drives me up the wall. What a world that you have to get a burner number to use a chat service.
Thank you, TC, for sticking to IRC networks for interactions with the mods.
>> No. 41456 [Edit]
Oh, sorry anon but we're actually switching to discord for that.

I'm just messing with you, the irc thing isn't gonna change under my watch.
>> No. 41500 [Edit]
stay safe, brit bros
>> No. 41578 [Edit]
File 168958938152.jpg - (100.03KB , 850x1330 , 20230716.jpg )
It's fine. Brexit already happened.
>> No. 41589 [Edit]
I hate normalfags so much it's unreal
>> No. 41819 [Edit]
Why isn't time metric as well?
>> No. 41821 [Edit]
>To get a good night sleep (8 standard hours) you'd sleep for 3.33 metric hours.
This is why. Base-60 has multiple divisors so less likely to result in decimals.
>> No. 41827 [Edit]
File 169717324081.jpg - (278.24KB , 1020x1430 , 8f6c904bd5de7f76af0eba582ed9e2cb.jpg )
it always bothers me when people on the internet dislike or avoid something, but when asked why, their response is something like "because it seems like something people i don't like would like".
like, for example, the amount of times i've seen people elsewhere on the internet make fun of a game or anime because "edgy teens would/do like it", oftentimes while not actually having consumed the media firsthand. i really don't get this mindset. it's usually based on an inaccurate stereotype. i get what people are trying to say when they say this, that the thing just isn't for them or that it doesn't interest them, but in that case, just say that, don't make fun of random people or media for no reason.
note that i think this is different from when someone is just honest and says "it's not for me", or when there's actually a discrepancy between a person liking a piece of media but not wanting to engage with its fanbase for one reason or another (for example: a normie that watches whatever shonen anime he finds on netflix but probably wouldn't be seen at an anime convention), i don't really care about stuff like that, i just dislike when people make up a reason to not like something as opposed to just not liking it, if that makes sense.
>> No. 41829 [Edit]
I get you completely, and for me the reason for the frustration is because it implicitly displays a laziness or unwillingness on their part to do the bare minimum that I expect for someone to have an opinion on something in a discussion: at least try consuming it before coming back with an opinion, even if it is "I watched 5 minutes of it and [reasons they stopped]".
If they do that much, they'll usually have a more specific reason why they didn't like it upon review, which could be as interesting as hearing why they liked it. Failing that, they at least display a willingness to consider new and foreign things, and it gives you a window into how they process what they deem to be of little value.
>> No. 42119 [Edit]
I hate inconsistent people.
>> No. 42130 [Edit]
The worst part of being prone to outbursts of anger is how absolutely childish you feel after, even if the anger was justified.
>> No. 42131 [Edit]
File 170388366431.jpg - (817.86KB , 2654x4096 , 7a95fba994cc8da4fbec1e08f601e4db.jpg )
Can relate.
>> No. 42136 [Edit]
Relatable desu, I calm down just as easily as I get annoyed, but it's still annoying regardless, I do what I can but sometimes it feels like I'll always be like this.
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