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File 131178014560.jpg - (42.05KB , 400x580 , jisatsu-saakuru-suicide-circle_html.jpg )
9442 No. 9442 [Edit]
I don't think we had a movie thread yet so I wanted to ask, does /tc/ watch movies? What was the last one you saw? Have any good recommendations or favorite genres? Do you like american, european or asian cinema?
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>> No. 9443 [Edit]
I just watched All About Lily Chou-Chou.

It didn't felt good. It didn't felt good at all.
>> No. 9444 [Edit]
File 131178363955.jpg - (99.30KB , 853x1200 , Ikiru_poster.jpg )
Given the nature of this board I would say it's a pretty obvious choice, but I love Akira Kurosawa. Ikiru made me cry like a little girl ;_;
>> No. 9445 [Edit]
File 131178381112.jpg - (36.74KB , 462x349 , 11951081_gal.jpg )
Last movie I saw was Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train. This movie features the least sympathetic murder victim of all time (not pictured.)
>> No. 9447 [Edit]
Now that I think about it I don't remember when was the last time I've seen a movie...

We had a thread about Cowboys & Aliens just after the move from IB4F and I'm kinda interested. It looks completely retarded and really cheesy - there's a potential 'so bad it's good' candidate here. Also, Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in such retarded, over-the-top movie sounds great. I'm a fan of B-class horror movies so it's something I'd like to see but leaving my house to got to cinema is a pain... I guess I'll wait for the rips.
>> No. 9448 [Edit]
oh yeah...
that still hasn't come out?
>> No. 9451 [Edit]
The last movie I saw was Horrible Bosses; it was good, but nothing special. I'm hoping to see Harry Potter today, and I have tickets to see 2001 on Thursday.
>> No. 9452 [Edit]
Last one I saw was 300, felt like rewatching it after playing some of the Haruhi of war games back to back.
Wasn't as good the second time around I think, but not bad.
lot more nudity then I remember.
Also heard they're gonna make a sequel, I'm not in the least surprised considering how Hollywood is.
>> No. 9453 [Edit]

It's airing right now.


>Haruhi of war

I dislike the whole Haruhi wordfilter but this is priceless.
>> No. 9454 [Edit]
File 131179378151.jpg - (78.34KB , 545x720 , haruhiguns.jpg )
>Haruhi of war
>> No. 9456 [Edit]
I think the last movie I saw (in terms of "latest date of release") was the third jackass film last year. My dad took me to the theater to see it, which was the first time I had been in a movie theater in half a decade and the first time I had left the house in months
>> No. 9459 [Edit]
File 131179815060.png - (539.20KB , 900x1050 , Spoiler Picture.png )
>Haruhi of War
More like Angel Beats!
>> No. 9460 [Edit]
I remember I used to love watching movies before I got into anime and manga. Now I barely pay attention to the whole movie scene at all. Sometimes I do bother to see what the hype of certain very popular movies is all about, like Inception or Up, but I get bored watching them and have to try really hard not to just stop watching in the middle. A part of that might have to do with the fact that my attention span's been shot to hell since I'm now more used to watching 20 min anime episodes.

The last movie I watched was the latest Harry Potter movie, which was enjoyable, but that might have to do more with the fact that HP was a favourite of mine in my childhood. The last non-anime movie I watched that I enjoyed thoroughly was... Fantastic Mr. Fox, and that was like, 2 years ago.
>> No. 9462 [Edit]
File 131180365668.jpg - (101.62KB , 540x800 , The-Eagle.jpg )
Last one I watched was The Eagle.

This film felt really unfinished and anticlimactic (particularly the ending), they won't go into the details of fights but then take extra time to cover uninteresting things on the side or don't explore the relationship between the two main characters when it was the whole point of the movie in the first place.
>> No. 9464 [Edit]
At one point I decided that I should whitewash my interest in anime as an interest in "foreign film", so I watched a bunch of Chinese and Indian movies (and some from western countries too).

Kung Fu movies tend to be good if you like martial arts action. The stores and characters are often cliche and annoying, but there's not much focus on them.

Wuxia movies are good sometimes for the action and if you want to learn a little bit about Chinese historical mythology, although some of them are just plain fantasy. The worst movie I've ever seen (Swordsman 2) was a Wuxia movie.

Bollywood movies are long and tend to be poorly paced (and therefore boring to sit through), but they can be good sometimes. My Name is Khan is about an autistic muslim immigrant from India post-9/11 and has a Forrest Gump vibe to it. Cheesy/poorly acted at points, but definitely worth watching if you like that sort of movie. It doesn't have any musical numbers -- I really want to see a couple more stereotypical Bollywood movies, but good ones.
>> No. 9477 [Edit]
Heroic bloodshed genre. It's basically as mindless as a hollywood action film, but it's better in almost every way.
>> No. 9479 [Edit]
I don't really watch anything that's 3D. Not out of any puritan feelings or anything, just simply there's no real desire to do so. I've been meaning to watch a couple of Japanese movies, but usually lose the will before I find a torrent for them. I'm sure it isn't as hard as finding books (anyone know a good place to find translated Japanese Literature? Like classic full length novels), but I don't run into them during my usual torrent hunts.

Last movie I watched? Dr. Strangelove. Must have been about seven years or so ago though.
>> No. 9490 [Edit]
I saw 2001. It was my first time; I literally waited years, hoping to eventually see it on a big screen, and it was completely worth it.
>> No. 9492 [Edit]
a space odyssey?
>> No. 9494 [Edit]
>> No. 9496 [Edit]
File 131184627343.jpg - (24.23KB , 836x359 , Solaris_ Hari.jpg )

Very well, then. Now you gotta see Tarkovsky's "Solaris", if you haven't yet; wich one you think is better might decide the vision over cinema (and art) you share.

Both movies, the way they were treaten, althought with very different ideologies, deal with science fiction to adress the same subject: eternity... and that the definitive journey of men, isn't any other than the return to home, to the start, to the principles, to ethic (thus the choosing of the name Odyssey).
>> No. 9497 [Edit]
Actually next on my list is The Tree of Life before it goes out of theaters. I'd like to see Solaris, but it's not playing anywhere, and I don't want to watch it on a TV.
>> No. 9498 [Edit]

Don't worry about that: really good cinema don't need to be seen on a big screen (with surround sound, 3D glasses and shit); art isn't measured in meters.

Post edited on 28th Jul 2011, 3:13am
>> No. 9499 [Edit]
It depends on the movie. If it's story driven, the viewing method doesn't matter as much; I could have watched Horrible Bosses on an iPod and I wouldn't have particularly minded. However, if it's a mood piece that's mainly about the visuals, it should be watched as it was meant to be watched. Something like 2001 HAS to be seen in a theater to get the full effect; everyone in the audience who had only seen it on a small screen couldn't stop talking about how much of a difference it made. I don't know much about Solaris, so it might not matter nearly as much, but I'd still prefer to wait.
>> No. 9507 [Edit]
>it should be watched as it was meant to be watched

It's more about what can you grasp (and judge) from any given exposure to a work: how well you complete it is up to you; I've never been at the Sistine Chapel, but I understand more about Michelangelo's frescos, from books' and personal further analysis, than anyone would just by standing in there and stare at the roof (as they were meant to)...

But do as you please.
>> No. 9508 [Edit]

>Now you gotta see Tarkovsky's "Solaris", if you haven't yet

Don't know about the 1972 adaptation but I heard the fairly recent one (released in 200x) was terrible compared to the novel. ... And if you think about it the novel has got to be decent at least if it got adapted 3 times already. My mom loved it and recommended it to me countless times but I'm not much of a scifi person.
>> No. 9532 [Edit]
>the fairly recent one (released in 200x)

I just watched it. In short: avoid it... The barbarian brothers was less of a trash film than this.

It can't even possibly be called a remake either, so do not be fooled by wiki. Tarkovsky had a legitimate discourse on it's own, wich the stories of his works were always bent towards, merely serving to illustrate it.
>> No. 9542 [Edit]
File 131199769729.jpg - (30.92KB , 400x591 , Friend-2001-01-b.jpg )
Friend (친구) by Kwak Kyung-taek. Its about 4 childhood friends growing up together in 1970s-80's Korea and the different paths their lives take on. If you like films dealing with the topic of friendship, this is worth seeing. The ending really comes as a shock and will definately make you cry a little. One of my favourite films.
>> No. 9543 [Edit]
Tarkovsky, Bergman and Bresson are Haruhis. But there might aswell be some other deities in cinema, I'm not a big enthusiast after all.
>> No. 9544 [Edit]
Where is everyone sourcing their movies from?
>> No. 9545 [Edit]
I get mine from mostly pirate, sometimes iso.
>> No. 9546 [Edit]
torrents, mostly. Taringa sometimes have functioning links for sites like Mediafire and Megaupload, althought they usually have spanish subs attached. Sometimes, of course, when it's either really cheap or worthy for a collector, I have bought them.
>> No. 9547 [Edit]

huh? I never thought I'd see taringa mentioned in an english speaking website.
I'm surprised, though not really pleased.

Post edited on 30th Jul 2011, 5:47am
>> No. 9602 [Edit]
I watched Sucker Punch, truly a terrible movie.

Anyways, lately I've been interested in western films. Mainly by Italians. I watched the "Dollars Trilogy" and plan on seeing Django soon.
>> No. 9613 [Edit]
>> No. 9655 [Edit]
I saw The Tree of Life today. I'd say it's a flawed masterpiece; it was really, really good, but I felt distanced from the characters.
>> No. 9670 [Edit]
About a week ago I saw Hobo With a Shotgun.
>> No. 9671 [Edit]
I watched Source Code. It was OK but the ending was horrible
>> No. 9677 [Edit]
What a coincidence, I just saw Moon today. It was great.
>> No. 9739 [Edit]
I watched "Melancholia by Lars Von Trier" premier in may alone in the theatre.
>> No. 9741 [Edit]
File 131294314537.jpg - (77.58KB , 496x666 , Love Exposure cover.jpg )
Love Exposure is awesome.
>> No. 9748 [Edit]
File 131297861921.jpg - (63.17KB , 466x453 , capspeech2.jpg )
I used to have my old roommate's friend's Netflix free to mooch off of on my Wii, but I think they changed the password or cancelled the account or something. I know piracy is just as easy, but I'm really gonna miss that convenience.

Anyway, the last thing I actually left the house to see was Captain America. It was pretty much what I expected, but in an imokwiththis.jpg kind of way. Only thing it lacked was an inspiring, long-winded speech from Cap. Hoping the Avengers movie might deliver on that.
>> No. 9801 [Edit]
I saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It was very good; I'm glad it lived up to the expectations.

Post edited on 13th Aug 2011, 3:13am
>> No. 9805 [Edit]
I saw "Downfall". I wasn't that bad.
>> No. 9808 [Edit]
This magnificent bastard... Where has this mentality gone...
>> No. 9892 [Edit]
File 131399366146.jpg - (33.05KB , 576x432 , movies.jpg )
Honestly, the only jp movies that I've watched have been horror or the ones where they are not necessarily scary but just kind of make you uncomfortable.

I recently watched Visitor Q, which was quite an enjoyable movie about a dysfunctional family and a stranger that shows up and does stuff. The movie has scat, rape, drug addiction, necrophilia, incest, spraying lactation, and lots of other wholesome and family friendly things.

It was made by the guy who directed Audition which was quite a good horror movie.
>> No. 9911 [Edit]
I really liked Oldboy. The bits where he was still trapped was my favourite.
>> No. 9921 [Edit]
I didn't see much mention of western movies here, but I thought I'd mention I saw 30 minutes or less and rise of the planet of the apes recently.

30 minutes or less was surpirisingly good, I thought it would be a cheap teenage comedy flick but it was well made and had some good action scenes.

The new apes movie, and as a fan of the original movies (I've seen all of the old ones and love them) I have a right to say this. This new movie was awesome. The human actors where lacking, but everything with the apes was amazing. I suggest going to see both of these movies.
>> No. 9958 [Edit]
File 131416758046.jpg - (59.68KB , 503x755 , Blow_outENG.jpg )
I just saw Blowout. It was very good, but very cheesy; it reminded me a lot of Blue Velvet, minus the David Lynch.
>> No. 9961 [Edit]
I saw green zone yesterday.
Very good move.
I think the guys that made it must have had some real balls to portray Iraq people as actually being human, and not just screaming suicidal camel ridding towel heads as the media usually depicts them.

story is about a US solder leading a squad sent over there to find wmd (weapons of mass destruction) and in doing so, learns a thing or two about what's really going on with the war.

One scene that really stuck out and says a lot here, was the Iraq people taking to the streets in anger just over not having any water to drink, and the next scene shows a US base that's having a pool party in a captured palace with more beer and women in swimsuits then you can count.

Post edited on 24th Aug 2011, 12:31am
>> No. 10196 [Edit]
File 131550171748.jpg - (120.81KB , 600x912 , Brother.jpg )
Check out Brat (Brother) if you want to see a really good gangster film set in 90's Russia. The main character is a former soldier who goes to St. Petersburg to find his older brother. Great acting & an awesome soundtrack too.
You can watch it on youtube
>> No. 10207 [Edit]
File 131555285897.jpg - (18.31KB , 300x265 , loli thumbs up.jpg )
Saw Cowboys and Aliens yesterday. T'was awesome.
Would you guys say that The Dark Knight is the reason Hollywood dares go big budget on silly, but promising, concepts? I'm having a hard time seeing this movie being made any other decade.
>> No. 10209 [Edit]
What does The Dark Knight have to do with anything?
>> No. 10210 [Edit]
Because it was such a giant hit. Itt contained a scene where a man dressed as a bat interrogates a clown and it was all serious. It won an Oscar.
I think the movie made mainstream audiences more open to weird concepts. Of course TDK didn't do it singehandedly but I belive it made the biggest impact.
>> No. 10211 [Edit]
You know, that wasn't the first batman movie, and the other's didn't exactly do poorly.
and actually, it was the opposite of weird, it was normal and realistic compared to the batman movies that came before it, the dark night (and it's prequel 'batman-begins') was specially designed to be less weird, not more wired.
Besides that, superhero movies are nothing new, and certainly not viewed as being a strange concept.
Try watching the 1989 Batman Movie which had the same 'clown' character from the dark night, then try saying the dark night was silly.
Or try Batman forever, which has the same character with that burn to his face, or as he's more commonly know, two face.
>> No. 10212 [Edit]
The Batman reboots have just been fantastic movies; they weren't created specifically to be weird but serious. Cowboys & Aliens was made because it had Spielberg backing it, and people will see anything with his name attached to it, regardless of the fact he hasn't had a good movie in ages. It's not even a weird concept; it's just a slight twist on an old genre. But recent films like Dogtooth; those would never be produced in Hollywood, even in its most experimental phase.
>> No. 10213 [Edit]
Oh I'm well aware of those movies and your points are valid. I'm just thinking in a time span of the last few years.
>> No. 10214 [Edit]
I don't really think Hollywood cares about a few years, some films might go into 8+ years of development, from the time the idea gets pitched to the producers, to the time it hits the theaters.
>> No. 10215 [Edit]

>The Batman reboots have just been fantastic movies

I thought the first one was horseshit and I fell asleep midway through if memory serves. I didn't expect the second one to be any better and boy was I surprised.
>> No. 10558 [Edit]
File 131694705474.jpg - (59.92KB , 391x500 , shiki_jitsu.jpg )
Hideaki Anno's "Shiki Jitsu":

Images, especially animation, simply embody our personal and collective fantasies, manipulating selected information and fictional constructs. Even live-action film, recording actuality, does not correspond to reality. Conversely, reality, co-opted by fiction, loses its value... "The inversion of reality and fiction" -none of this matters to me anymore. My consciousness, my reality, my subject, all converge in her [...] But, my behaviour is really no more than a excuse for my inability to communicate except through images. [...] What do I want from this reality I share with her?...
(350.3 MB rough quality, but watchable)

Very much like TV-only Evangelion: similar aesthetics and discourse, hauntingly beautiful and brilliant development, but pitiful ending. This movie is old, from 2000; but now I just really hope -if anything- that Rebuild won't re-take this old dubious fancy of him -who otherwise I consider a genius- for psychoanalysis as a solution for anything.
>> No. 10658 [Edit]
File 131713475376.jpg - (712.59KB , 1589x1552 , lovandpop.jpg )

I just watched Love&Pop (1998), wich tells the story of a highschool girl doing enjo kousai for one day. It was based on a Murakami's novel, whom I still have to read though, so I don't really know at what extent it gets biased by Anno's own and most personal thematics; but it felt quite diferent, alright.

Overall good, but nothing really impressive at this point; back in time, I guess, it must have been way more shocking.
>> No. 10862 [Edit]
Does anyone here watch any Japanese television outside of Kamen Rider and Supa Sentai?

I'd like to try out some live-action Japanese television. Does anyone know of subbing groups and bittorrent trackers that carry these shows? Are there any charts about recent television series like we have with upcoming anime?

Thanks in advance.
>> No. 10873 [Edit]
What I've found is this batch of sites:

It's not organized with charts, and it's general Asian stuff (including Korean dramas etc.), but it does have some subbed Japanese stuff.
>> No. 11289 [Edit]
File 132047485546.jpg - (78.82KB , 600x450 , Drive-Poster.jpg )
I just saw Drive. Fantastic movie.

I was tempted to refer to it as "action," because that's how it's being marketed, but it's really not. It's a slow, character-driven thriller with short, explosive bursts of violence.
>> No. 11290 [Edit]
wow, thought this thread had died of old age.

Last films I saw was a few months back, the transformers series.
what a pile of horse shit that was.
each was more centered around the military/humans then the last, which each female actress looking like they just got off the set of Jersey shore or some porno, and for something some people like to call kids movies, they sure have a crap ton of sexual innuendos, it's like everyone is in heat.
The first half of the first movie was about the main human trying to get laid, and they don't try to hide it or imply it, they also got the robots themselves involved in this, having one of the robots humping the main skank at one point in the second movie, giving another one large metallic testicles, and even having one transform into a human, who trys to rape the main character.

I think it really not so subtly showcases the hatred the west has for robots, and not just becuase the robots take second stage to the human military who are the ones that save the day, besides the fact the main auto bot is mute for no good reason, it mainly sends the message that the only good robot, is one being used as a weapon by humans as to destroy other robots, which is how they're treated in these movies, and this is clearly shown in the second film, in which they keep the autobots locked up in a cage until the humans find some decepticons for them to go hunt and kill.
but in the third movie, they don't even need the autobots anymore, most of the decepticons are killed by humans.
Oh and the designs are ass ugly, I get why they wanted to change the designs, to make then seem newer more high tech alien like, but mainly merchandising, ie new toys.
during the few times they are on screen, it's hard to fallow what's going on, sometimes it'll look like what happens when you toss tin cans into a blender.
I also couldn't help but notice their robot modes are always damaged scraped up and dirty, but the car modes always look brand new and clean. (I wonder if this also has to do with the hate of robots, hmm..)

I truly hope they don't make another.
>> No. 11291 [Edit]
>I truly hope they don't make another.

>> No. 11292 [Edit]
The crazy music in Love Exposure was awesome.

I recently watched a a French movie called Amelie. It was the best movie I've seen in a while.
>> No. 11293 [Edit]
Can't say I'm surprised, I just wish idiots would stop giving them money for(supporting) this crap.
>> No. 11294 [Edit]
I watched "Halloween" for the first time on the 31st.

It was more comical than frightening and it had possibly the stupidest main character I've ever seen.
>> No. 11343 [Edit]
This girl invited me to a sort of awkward double date to see one of those movies many years ago. I had no idea it was going to be something like that, but I should have known. After it was over, she asked me if I had a fun time, and I said "I don't particularly enjoy watching people being brutally murdered." I was just trying to make a joke, and everyone sort of politely laughed it off, but she never spoke to me again. Smooth as fuck.
>> No. 11389 [Edit]
File 132075964781.png - (863.88KB , 1280x534 , Spoiler Picture.png )
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2
I was not satisfied ,the entire movie felt like it had been cramped into a 2h10min rush exactly like the first part. There never was a emotional moment to explain anything only BOOOMBOOMPAWW Voldemort dead!½

do not click the spoiler window.
>> No. 11390 [Edit]
I just had to when you told me not to.;_;
>> No. 11391 [Edit]
The book was rushed, too.

I loved part 1, but part 2 was just okay.
>> No. 11406 [Edit]
File 132080335337.jpg - (54.52KB , 301x450 , Terminator1984movieposter.jpg )
I saw Transformers too, it was pretty bad, very cliche and predictable. What's up with the sexual tension and the lame jokes. Very predictable robots + good guys beat some generic bad guys. Waste of money imo. I don't care much for CGI also, but seems like everyone now is using it.
Now this is a good classic scifi movie. Will never get tired of rewatching the Terminator.
>> No. 11408 [Edit]
T2 is way better
>> No. 11409 [Edit]
Fuck, the Weasleys sure age like shit...
>> No. 11411 [Edit]

>> No. 11416 [Edit]

Deathly Hallows was actually the second book written, everything else was in between.
>> No. 11419 [Edit]
Which would explain why it was rushed.
>> No. 13446 [Edit]
File 133001956214.gif - (423.70KB , 450x253 , 3935388565_db8338c9cb_o.gif )
The Virgin Suicides,Jailbait The Movie Sofia Coppola

Could not make a proper description but it is about longing for something that you could never have.

call me a traitor but I got a short crush on the oldest sister
>> No. 13448 [Edit]
I love all sorts of movies, but horror is my favorite, and Asian horror specifically. I don't know about Euro horror, but American horror is just tits and slashing nowadays.

Hm. A good movie that I would recommend would probably be... Hard Candy. I watched it years ago, and still remember almost all of it.
>> No. 13449 [Edit]
One of my recent favorites is Cashback.

I'm also a big fan of Korean cinema. Check out the Vengeance trilogy (Lady Vengeance, Oldboy, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance), The Man from Nowhere, and the Chaser in particular.
>> No. 13453 [Edit]
File 133009445625.jpg - (131.01KB , 1216x1065 , 658659679.jpg )

I hadn't seen a movie for about two years now, but then I watched this. It's a masterpiece, literally, everything is made so well.
>> No. 13455 [Edit]
Saw that a few weeks ago. The scenarios/backgrounds/whatever are really gorgeous for that time. The whole clash of classes setting is sort of a turn off for me, though.
Still, the only silent movie to get me interested until the end.

Also, it made me think of how much history has been lost to us. The movie is barely a century old and some parts are gone for good it seems. But that should go to the ponderings thread.

Post edited on 24th Feb 2012, 9:58am
>> No. 13457 [Edit]
I might be wrong but I think the lost material has been found recently.
>> No. 13459 [Edit]
Recently when? The footage found in 2008 from an Argentinian copy was heavily damaged and in a lower quality tape, it's pretty evident on the 2010 release when footage from it comes into the screen. If I'm not mistaken there are at least two scenes which aren't present in said release because they were either too damaged to be restored or just still missing. And AFAIK it's still the latest release.
>> No. 13462 [Edit]
I think we are talking about the same copy 4 years already, time really flies but I was under the impression that the reels contained all the material but the publisher judged that it is not good enough for release. So it would mean all the material exists but it is just not released. On the other hand if it was not released it had to be in really poor condition so I am not sure if it should be counted as existing.

But again, I might be wrong as I don't really follow movie news.
>> No. 13518 [Edit]
File 133032592364.jpg - (93.22KB , 923x684 , Metropolis 1927 2010 COMPLETE 720p BRRip x264-BeLL.jpg )
How long is your copy? I own an mp4 of that recently found, allegedly complete and fully restored version; it is 2hr 30'(11'')...

I'm a huge fan of the film >>/fig/1651
>> No. 13532 [Edit]
The one I have is one hour and fifty six minutes. I wonder what I lost from not watching the full version of it. Suddenly I feel like going after it.
>> No. 13533 [Edit]
The last full movie I watched was Blade Runner maybe around 2 months ago. I tend to download lots of movies, never get around to watching them and delete them when I need more hard drive space only to repeat the cycle.

When I do watch I've basically been sticking to older movies (pre 2000) and 'classics'. I by no means have good taste and it's probably irrational but it really seems like movies are crap these days.
>> No. 13534 [Edit]
You are right, actually, movies are complete crap these days safe from very rare exceptions.
>> No. 13593 [Edit]
File 133054615590.jpg - (206.24KB , 1175x640 , Cargo32.jpg )
I watch a live-action movie maybe once every 2 months or so. Mostly European stuff, although sometimes Hollywood churns out something interesting too. I also watch Japanese movies on occasion, but to be honest that's more for practicing the language, because while I love anime, I don't like their live-action cinema much apart from a few select jewels. I've seen a few Bollywood and Mainland Chinese movies, but liked none of them.
I generally like films with historical and science fiction settings.

The last 3 movies I watched were
-Dante 01 (France 2008), good but depressing sci-fi movie about an experimental prison in space

-Occult Forces (France 1943), anti-Freemasonry film produced during the German occupation. Very interesting, and great production values considering it was filmed during the height of WW2. You can find it on youtube.

-Cargo (Switzerland 2009), post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie about a cargo ship en route to paradise. Atmosphere similar to Alien. Fun to watch, despite the bad actor in the female lead.
>> No. 13657 [Edit]
I went to an advance screening of Project X last night.

It was amusing in that "metric ton of hot teenage tits" way, but it was more or less a 90 minute rap video.

Not worth paying to see.
>> No. 13752 [Edit]
I saw Kagemusha recently. It was kind of fun to see Oda Nobunaga playing 16th century Kenichi Smith because I've been following Hyogue Mono as well.
>> No. 14020 [Edit]
File 133254678350.jpg - (26.05KB , 331x450 , pf.jpg )
Watched Perfect Blue exciting movie but the end was somewhat confusing on what really happend. And I guess most of us have the reaction of brutally killing other people when our waifu is tarnished.

there is no movie thread on anime

Post edited on 23rd Mar 2012, 5:03pm
>> No. 15171 [Edit]
File 133923237832.jpg - (220.46KB , 901x788 , TINAM.jpg )
OK, I just watched This Is Not A Movie. Reviewers apparently bashed it and, in regard of some of the content, I'm positive several dudes on /tc/ would utterly hate it. And, well, it isn't Tarkovsky, ok, by any means; but, Edward Furlong looking like shit and all (namely: Olallo's -ironic- showing of rather radiophonic/podcast narrative resources), I overall loved it...

Guess it's just that I as well dig (poor) black humor and monological shitty fauxlosophy, alright.

Post edited on 9th Jun 2012, 2:02am
>> No. 16923 [Edit]
File 134739213444.png - (323.83KB , 672x384 , vlcsnap-2012-09-11-21h09m27s229.png )
Battle Royale

Amazing and I feel even more fortunate not to be in high school anymore.
>> No. 17122 [Edit]
Watched Justice League: Doom the other night.

It felt more like a longer episode of the old Bruce Timm JL/JLU series than a movie though. Not saying I mind. I was pleasantly surprised they got the old JL cast for damn near every character.

Overall, nothing particularly amazing, but a decent watch. Good action, ok writing, lots of Batman having a contingency plan for fucking everything.

Also, a nice scene of Bats punching his way out of the grave all Kill Bill vol. 2-like.
>> No. 17130 [Edit]
watched the 3 men in black movies recently. not exactly sure why...
first one was decent, second one felt far to dumb and childish, third one was alright I guess, but that out of nowhere mellow drama at the end was awful.
>> No. 17173 [Edit]
The first movie was pretty funny and the general premise was interesting, but the other two just bored me.
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