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File 15548055911.jpg - (104.93KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Asobi Asobase - 06 [720p]_mkv_snaps.jpg )
32226 No. 32226 [Edit]
What are some things you wish you knew when you were younger? Things you'd tell yourself if you could.
>> No. 32228 [Edit]
I wish I understood when I was younger the ramifications of never brushing, and how simple it would be to prevent future dental problems. Just rinsing and occasional brushing would have gone a long way. It's pretty simple and easy once you understand the basic idea is to just not leave food sitting on your teeth which can corrode them and the gums. Had I known than I might not have a dozen fillings and a cap at the moment.
>> No. 32229 [Edit]
I would try to convince myself to start watching anime, I started watching it at 19 but I feel starting sooner would have been beneficial in many ways such as with motivation and happiness.
>> No. 32230 [Edit]
I also wish I knew about online shopping and what it could offer from a younger age as well. Particularly in regards to books, I could have got my hands on far more material that I really should have read earlier.
>> No. 32231 [Edit]
Forget about it. I always brushed like a madman and my teeth still went to shit worse than yours.
>> No. 32244 [Edit]
I wish I kept better backups of all my data. It's became something of a hobby of mine to archive things I think are cool and I've managed to lose so much stuff out of sheer incompetence. Mostly personal artwork that I'm never getting back.
>> No. 32305 [Edit]
Definitely the book thing. I don't think I ever read anything worth reading until around the age of 16. It was mostly fiction that I can barely recall the stories in.
I especially wish I had read Schopenhauer earlier. Maybe not 'World' initially, but I would give 14 year old me his short essays to read. People (teachers, parents, etc.) never tell you how bad life is and that its problems are intractable.
I think if I had learned that earlier I would have been more at peace, wanted fewer things. Maybe I would have mastered the art of taking it easy, instead of wanting and stressing over thing like I still do today.
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