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File 146005761218.jpg - (59.46KB , 500x685 , neet sloth.jpg )
28802 No. 28802 [Edit]
Any of you guys got any pets?
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>> No. 28805 [Edit]
I don't really, but I do help take care of my mother's dogs a bit.
>> No. 28806 [Edit]
A couple of cats. They're very affectionate and make good company. I like dogs and most other pets too, but the low maintenance of cats is a big selling point for me.
>> No. 28807 [Edit]
File 146006708369.jpg - (140.74KB , 857x1200 , 0.jpg )
A female cat.
Saori loves to sleep in my bed.
I wonder how things would be if she could transform into humanoid formā¤
>> No. 28808 [Edit]
File 146007509021.jpg - (185.58KB , 400x675 , 6bb5764dfab6066b2e6c8f025edcab48.jpg )
made me think of this
>> No. 28835 [Edit]
I want to be Tohno's pet.
>> No. 28865 [Edit]
File 146072449731.jpg - (554.25KB , 900x1800 , 0.jpg )
You made me look up Show by Rock and it looks so moe.
I'm a bit old for this kind of series nowadays but if i ever get a happiness burst again, i'll watch it.
The artstyle hit me deep, i can only hope the anime is as fun as the chara designs are.
>> No. 28867 [Edit]
>i can only hope the anime is as fun as the chara designs are.
I got some bad news for you...
>> No. 28870 [Edit]
File 146076347749.jpg - (22.46KB , 640x240 , 0.jpg )
Oh well.
Thanks anyway.
>> No. 28871 [Edit]
To elaborate; While the anime features some fantastic character designs and even some nice music here and there the rest of the anime is poorly written and directed. A major issue many had with it was the regular use of CGI during long segments of the series, typically whenever the bands would perform if memory serves correctly. I'm not even talking about cost saving corner cutting gci versions of characters used during hard to animate segments like many anime do. They'd transform into furry nendoroid versions of themselfs that looked like something out of the Sonic universe. Oddly enough too etotama aired in the same season and did something like that too with it's characters. Difference being etotama tried to make the characters look 2D during those segments while Show by Rock went for a look that made them look like figurines, which even the ED alludes to.
>> No. 31778 [Edit]
I did, but they all got taken away from me. Not because of myself, though, but because of people who wished to rob me of having one.
>> No. 31792 [Edit]
It's a good show, if you enjoy music-themed anime and can get past the 3D Hello Kitty segments.
>> No. 31883 [Edit]
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