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File 132644911135.jpg - (2.89MB , 2502x3500 , d46191e6482739ee0b4b3e6987e38b9c.jpg )
12292 No. 12292 [Edit]
what are some things that really bug you?
things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!
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>> No. 24957 [Edit]
Why do you have your mom's email?
>> No. 24959 [Edit]

She's the type of old person that can't remember passwords to save her life and doesn't understand they should be kept private.

It's hard not to know it when she uses the same one for everything and its so easy to guess.
>> No. 24960 [Edit]
The clicheness of an idea has no bearing on the validity of it.
>> No. 24962 [Edit]
I hope this MAL problem gets solved soon.
My spreadsheet is fine but I use MAL with Taiga for anime I'm still watching and it really bugs me seeing all these entries with over 9000 episodes or renamed titles. I wish I knew about this before, I would've let the thing in offline mode.
>> No. 24970 [Edit]
The clicheness of an idea has no bearing on the invalidity of it.
>> No. 25052 [Edit]
File 141089074980.jpg - (130.98KB , 600x511 , 11512409_p4.jpg )
Trying to talk with people. The close-minded culture of having to always "be right." It would be somehow shameful to admit having ever been wrong about anything even if it was just some stupid bullshit you didn't ultimately even have a well thought out reason for.
Emotional investment in preestablished conclusions instead of trying to reach the most correct ones. Just give in to your basest instincts. Only accept what fits your worldview. Everything in life is just a big dickwaving contest.

If you start off knowing you're right you'll never allow yourself to move on to actually becoming more right.
But what do I know? I'm just some mentally unstable waste of air.
Better just shut up than try to associate critical thought with myself. A good ad hominem has sunk easier to swallow perfectly unrelated issues than that.

Maybe I'd complain less if I went to live in the monkey enclosure at the zoo. Or more, but futiloly mumbling stupid cynical crap about monkeys at the walls like this might be better than doing that about people.
>> No. 26326 [Edit]
I hate my inability to relate or feel a connection to people. In real life I can't hold a conversation or maintain a connection with someone for more than ten minutes, and even less so online. It's gotten to the point where I rarely even use anything on the internet that has some human presence to it (such as social media, podcasts, let's plays, etc). I wish I could enjoy being around people because I still fantasize about having friends, but I just feel so uncomfortable around humans now-a-days.
>> No. 26346 [Edit]
What I don't like is how difficult it is to find high-quality, impartial, well researched information on controversial issues.

With science, you can find high quality information on, say, the causes of global warming, in a peer reviewed journal. In science you get the facts, no bullshit, it is rigorous and everything is peer reviewed. But with stuff like politics or the news most of the stuff is either low quality stuff or created by people with an agenda who are trying to persuade you towards a certain belief.

For example in Australia we have basically 5 channels. The ABC and SBS have news which is fairly unbiased as far as I can tell. Meanwhile channel 9, 7 and 10 which are privately owned have news which is mostly stuff like 'dog saves owner from fire', 'there was a car crash in Sydney in this suburb', etc. Both don't really go into great detail about issues.

Post edited on 18th Feb 2015, 5:44am
>> No. 27158 [Edit]
I hate it when I'm minding my own business staring at a wall or whatever and people decide to stand in front of me or whatever I'm staring at. Then I gotta stop what I'm doing and move along or they act like I'm staring their nasty 3dpd asses.
>> No. 27185 [Edit]
It seems like everything to do with money in the adult world is designed to confuse you and trick out into losing money. I wish finance was more logical and consistent like science.
>> No. 27228 [Edit]
File 143640381051.png - (608.45KB , 800x600 , k3.png )
Wow, another Australian. Neat.

Worse than the major commercial networks though are websites like 'news.com.au' and affiliates. Hack tabloid shit that's so bad it's genuinely fascinating. I find myself all at once condemning these websites and the people who frequent them, as well as frequenting them myself for the sheer fun of it. I'm halfway convinced that these websites are aware of people like me (perhaps we make up a sizable portion of their audience?), and purposefully drum up their articles to be as shoddy as possible to rope in a few gawking stragglers for regular clicks.
>> No. 27262 [Edit]
Faggots who think you're not allowed to stand up for yourself. Faggots who knowingly lie to misrepresent a situation. Faggots that start unnecessary drama and act innocent.
>> No. 27263 [Edit]
I hate how almost every new horror game is just a walking simulator with cheap jump scares thrown in. It's like they're tailor-made for all the Let's Play faggots who desperately want to be the next PewDiePie.
>> No. 27264 [Edit]
I hate that shit too, but it's not just horror games. Crap like goat simulator, surgeon simulator, and octodad are just made for lets play fags.
>> No. 27265 [Edit]
I wish I was PewDiePie
>> No. 27267 [Edit]
You got it, buddy.

2 wishes remain. May I suggest freeing the genie?
>> No. 27365 [Edit]

My understanding is that in Japan a lot of the games the West knows as visual novels are called "adventure games", and that we don't typically use this term to describe them since adventure game refers to a different sort of game over here. Eroge, dating sims, and all kinds of things just sort of get dumped under the umbrella term visual novel, even though it doesn't technically apply. I know what you mean though, I start to grind my teeth whenever people refer to manga as "anime books".
>> No. 27367 [Edit]
Why does Himouto threads attract so much trolling/low quality posting?

I just want to enjoy my cute girls.
>> No. 27369 [Edit]
There is only one Himouto thread, I don't know what you are talking about
>> No. 28001 [Edit]
The word "normalfag" and the many variations.
>> No. 28061 [Edit]
Censorship and pro-censorship supporters.
>> No. 28110 [Edit]
>> No. 28112 [Edit]
ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok
>> No. 28115 [Edit]
thanks for the high quality post
>> No. 28117 [Edit]
I can't deal with handling the reality of my expectations of how life is supposed to be sometimes it really gets to me.

>> No. 28118 [Edit]
What are they supposed to say? This show is impeccable? Unacceptable? Atrocious? There's a reason people don't use these words in casual speech.
>> No. 28119 [Edit]
I assume they're hoping for people to expand on their opinions on the subject matter a bit, rather than spitting out stock responses.
>> No. 28121 [Edit]
Nothing. Why bother communicating if you're divulging nothing of consequence?
>> No. 28122 [Edit]
Yeah, but there's nothing wrong with saying "this show is great because x, y, z."

So you're one of those people.
>> No. 28124 [Edit]
I do that when I don't want to talk to someone about something. Kind of like when someone asks you how you are and you say you're good, even if you're not and would rather vomit all over them.
>> No. 28128 [Edit]
I do that because I assume the person doesn't want to hear my verbose autistic rant on something they haven't experienced or know nothing about.
>> No. 28132 [Edit]
File 145057813988.png - (271.05KB , 1026x600 , 1448060004930-1.png )
When I Don't Make any progress lifting Weights it pisses me of
>> No. 28133 [Edit]
>> No. 28227 [Edit]
Does anyone actually cry when a celebrity dies, or is that just something normal people lie about on their facebook walls?
>> No. 28233 [Edit]
I remember a few months ago when a relatively newer VA who passed away, there were many threads mourning and reacting in an over-emotional way over her death despite most of them probably not knowing her name before the incident. I doubt most people cry over these sort of things, I get the feeling the majority of the time they need to overplay in order to show they care. There's nothing wrong with being sad over it, but the way the do it seems extremely superficial and fake.

Also I hate when people bring it up as a casual conversation topic. "Did you know that X died?" Why the fuck do you need to bring it up as if you're talking about the weather? Show some respect for the person who passed away, goddamn.
>> No. 29819 [Edit]
I can't stand the *****1 password shit. If someone has a keylogger installed on your device, that's not gonna be any help. Same if someone is watching you type the password in, they'll still see each character you enter. In fact here's a crazy idea; don't type out passwords while in front of people you don't trust. I also can't stand it when I log onto websites and can't find my account number anywhere, but "account ending in 5555" is everywhere. I get it's a security thing, but if strangers are logging into your accounts I think it's too little too late at that point.
>> No. 29837 [Edit]
I wish I had started getting serious about interest way earlier. I've wasted my middle school and high school years on 4chan and the likes when I could have gotten into so much shit that I have interest in right now. Anyway, this year will be different.

If I waste another year I will hang myself, mark those words
This oughta be enough motivation to do something.

pic unrelated
>> No. 29943 [Edit]

Sometimes I read posts on here and can't remember if it was me who wrote them. My memory is really bad and I don't remember anything, and I share a lot of opinions with the people here.

Anyway. I went to this chat on discord that's allegedly for NEETs and hikkis and other outcats or whatever, but it's just like pretty much any chat I've seen. Maybe it's as some guy said, "The medium is the message", in that by their choice of platform, they're telling lots about themselves, and it's nothing good. All those chatrooms just end up being inane circlejerks about nothing in particular between a couple of the most persistent posters. The reason I was attracted to it in the first place is not because I'm attached to the idea of "a NEET identity" or whatever, but because it's yet another attempt to find some common ground with other people. And that has been increasingly hard, with more and more people learning about the whole "hikkikomori" thing and being drawn to it. It's a case of "no true hikksman", but I really think that most of the people there don't really belong, and would be better off somewhere else.

I just want someone interesting to talk to, someone with whom I would have more than nothing in common, and who would be equally interested in talking to me. I'm not even sure what I'm looking for. There was a guy I met on /jp/ in 2011 and we spoke for a year, and it was really nice, but then he just dropped off the face off the earth. It doesn't seem like I'm asking for much, but all the people I meet seem to fall into the same 3-4 categories or personalities that I'm just sick of. It's a bit lonely.
>> No. 29944 [Edit]
It just seems like the only people I want to talk to are the ones that don't really want to talk to anyone at all, or are fine with just talking on anonymous imageboards. The other ones are annoying and obnoxious people that I get tired of really quickly. It's catch 22 of sorts.
>> No. 29947 [Edit]
Same. As soon as offline people open their mouth I just want them to shut up.
>> No. 29949 [Edit]
Finding people you can relate to is hard, specially in this day and age where everyone tries to be as cancerous a possible.
>> No. 29950 [Edit]
What I find oddly ironic about normies is how backwards they are. Try talking to an "educated" and "tolerant" person about anything and all you get back is barking about how moral/strong they are. "Trashy" people you can at least hold a conversation with because they're not obsessed with the status game of appearing 100% right 100% of the time.

It's sort of like in high school when I started hanging around the goths. I never really fit in with them either but I preferred them by far to the jockey/preppy type of shithead.
>> No. 29951 [Edit]
There are decent people going undercover among the normies. You'd have to catch them alone, because they can't take the mask off before their other friends, but those people usually seek exactly that kind of one-on-one conversation. Drop some hints and see if they drop some too. Even though they try to "integrate", they are probably just as bored and lonely.

Having actual conversations shouldn't work like a secret society. I'm guessing the problem is it's not "acceptable" to tell a poor conversant to shut up or leave.
>> No. 29953 [Edit]
>Try talking to an "educated" and "tolerant" person about anything and all you get back is barking about how moral/strong they are. "Trashy" people you can at least hold a conversation with because they're not obsessed with the status game of appearing 100% right 100% of the time.

Truth. I'd take an honest asshole over a dishonest one (ie: someone that's so self-righteous that they don't realize how much of a prick they are) any day.
>> No. 29987 [Edit]
I can't stand people/businesses that tape flowers to their pens. I fucking hate using those things. Is it supposed to be a punishment for not bringing your own? The Fuck ever happened to being professional? Every time I go to a doctor/dentist and get handed one of those retarded flower pens, I get the overwhelming urge to plant those flowers in their eye sockets.
>> No. 29988 [Edit]
File 14883191312.jpg - (8.35KB , 191x126 , 1457129929434.jpg )

they do that so people don't steal their pens.

the flower is used because it's not stupidly out of place with a bundle of them sticking out of a jar, and if you try to put it in your pocket it takes up much more room than it otherwise would and gets your attention (most pen thefts are muscle memory from using your own pen that you don't realize until a while later).

The reason the people never change out the pens when they run out of ink is to fuck with the morons who didn't think to bring a damned pen with them to sign or fill out paperwork when they ought to have known that they would be doing so once they got there.
>> No. 29989 [Edit]
why arent there any cheap tenkeyless keyboards damn it
>> No. 29990 [Edit]
saws aren't expensive.
>> No. 29991 [Edit]
I actually think they're really cute.
>> No. 29995 [Edit]
How much time I waste on the internet. There's so many things I'd rather be doing but I just don't. That includes this post, mind you.

If I spent as much time writing, reading, and watching anime as I do writing posts like these and scouring youtube I'd get so much more done.
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