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File 132644911135.jpg - (2.89MB , 2502x3500 , d46191e6482739ee0b4b3e6987e38b9c.jpg )
12292 No. 12292 [Edit]
what are some things that really bug you?
things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!
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>> No. 33053 [Edit]
I dislike how djent has seemingly taken over progressive metal. Even the trend of copying Dream Theater's horrid endless solos from post-Awake pale in comparison to the tedium and un-creativeness that is nearly every djent song. I like some djent albums, but the style doesn't have a lot of flexibility, so it's easy to beat the horse well into its decomposition. I was hoping there would be some decent experimentation, but I haven't seen much of that. It will pass, but in the meantime, I'll continue to hit my head against my keyboard every time another djent act shits out another album and the subsequent fellatio of it.
>> No. 33058 [Edit]
I hate light novel adaptations. HUE HUE watch this super special totally normal average guy get treated like shit even though he's actually super special and has a harem!!
>> No. 33059 [Edit]
Dream Theater big solos are far from horrid hahaha. Have fun not enjoying countless amazing songs.

Though I will agree, djent can get fucked for the most part.
>> No. 33060 [Edit]
Is that every LN adaption though? Or just Tate no Yusha(which I agree it is awful)?
>> No. 33061 [Edit]
>Dream Theater big solos are far from horrid hahaha. Have fun not enjoying countless amazing songs.
I didn't phrase nor articulate that well. I can enjoy long solos and solo trades, but only if said solos are interesting to me and feel like they serve a purpose. Sadly, most of DT's output after Awake isn't that. I don't know if it was Keven Moore's departure, but the era afterwards felt like the song structure suffered in favor of more technicality. I love Shadow Gallery because while they'll show off, have great solos, and just generally play well, the songs themselves still feel cohesive and interesting. With that said, they had a problem with ballads, mostly the ones on Room V, but that's not pertinent right now.
I'm not happy I can't enjoy most of DT's music. Maybe one day it'll click for me.
>> No. 33062 [Edit]
Not that anon.
Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume o Minai comes to mind as a recent one, I guess. Youkoso Jitsuryoku might fit that bill too, but I think I only watched one episode for whatever reason that I can't recall. Nothing else stands out right now, but I haven't watched most of the litany of Isekai LN adaptions. (Go watch Smartphone!)
>> No. 33063 [Edit]
Amusingly enough I had a similar conversation with somebody earlier this year and we both (well, all three of us now) reached the same conclusion, that things started to fall apart for Dream Theather after Moore's departure, that while Rudess is no doubt skilled and has great technique he's just not capable of creating great melody like Moore did.
>> No. 33065 [Edit]
I always kind of liked the Idea of LN but I still have never read one, I should look the up in detail at some point.

>(Go watch Smartphone!)
Is it good is it? I have become jaded when it comes to Isekai, I am going to try the Two hit mother one though.
>> No. 33066 [Edit]
I hear it's kind of lame because in addition to having a smartphone he's an invincible genius.
>> No. 33067 [Edit]
File 156626764068.jpg - (158.35KB , 1280x720 , 215edba191a037925db31e20956b6ef0.jpg )
>Is it good is it?
It's fun, and I enjoyed myself. By those standards, I'd say it's good. The MC is laughably OP, and his weapon of choice is amusing; a good bit of the comedy is based off the ridiculousness of the MC's power and how the characters treat him; God is his friend; there's no bullshit around the harem: the girls conspire to have him marry them all; some of the girls are really cute, especially the fairy and android; there's no melodrama or trite slavery crap that's often found in these kind of stories.
It's a story about Japanese Jesus and his fairly laid back adventures. It gives me the same feeling of a SoL.
However, two things I particularly did not enjoy about the adaption is the (unsurprising) poor action scenes and the underutilized smartphone aspect. The latter of which was quite disappointing.
With respect to the LN, I hear it goes into some crazy stuff--mecha even. I really should read it.

>he's an invincible genius.
You'd think it'd be annoying, but it's more often amusing than irritating.
"As expected of Touya-dono!" makes me smile every time, especially when I can predict it.
>> No. 33071 [Edit]

While I would agree that Moore is the superior writer, and I think Awake is the peak of DT, the perceived drop in quality is nowhere near as substantial as you two are making it out to be. For the most part I wouldn't even say a drop in quality, more like different in a way that isn't to your taste (excluding specific dud songs). "fall apart"? Really? That is hyperbole.

While they have certainly dropped some stinkers over the years, such as The Great Debate, Never Enough, or the entire Astonishing album, the good far outweighs the bad and they have done vastly better than other bands who have stuck around this long. The latest album has some truly incredible songs that I will never get tired of such as Barstool Warrior and At Wits End. If you can't enjoy those two, I will never understand you.
>> No. 33110 [Edit]
>For the most part I wouldn't even say a drop in quality, more like different in a way that isn't to your taste
Of course they changed their style. That was the problem: they pivoted towards music that emphasized prolix and boring tangents. As you say, there are exceptions, and even off their latest album I found some songs that I didn't mind like Barstool Warrior. It's frustrating because again, they're all great musicians, but I feel they're pissing away their ability. Thankfully, there are bands that took early DT's blueprint and either continued it or built upon it.
And to be clear, I'm not arguing you shouldn't like them, nor am I arguing it's wrong that you enjoy their stuff. You like what you like. With that said, if they ever try to do a full album of djent, my anger will likely destroy a small city.
>> No. 33133 [Edit]
File 156691296861.png - (850.94KB , 800x800 , __madotsuki_and_poniko_yume_nikki_drawn_by_getiao_.png )
This is the Dies Irae section of Karl Jenkin's "requiem".
Repetitive, banal, creatively devoid trite. Karl is the guy who wrote a pseudo-classical piece called "Palladio". It was first performed on Britain's got talent and appeared in a bunch of commercials. You've heard it before. He first started as a pop composer.

This is One Winged Angel from FF7.
Compared to Karl's piece, this is far more interesting and would actually fit Dies Irae much better, yet it'll never be taken as seriously because Karl is a self-styled "classical composer".

Here's Mozart's Dies Irae for comparison.
>> No. 33134 [Edit]
>You've heard it before
Incredibly enough, I haven't. I think you're right, though. It sounds like a soulless version of a boss theme.
>> No. 33135 [Edit]
Are you sure? This is the one that got popular.
>> No. 33136 [Edit]
Nope, definitely doesn't ring a bell. I know Mozart's Dies Irae off the top of my head, but this one is completely unfamiliar to me.
>> No. 33148 [Edit]
It does sound like "something you should feel engaged with" but just can't. It sounds like a milky version of a recent Berserk OST and those aren't the strongest to begin with.
To me the only Dies Irae (excluding MF'ing Mozart because that is cheating) I am interested in was published some good time ago(-> Bathory) and the author is as dead as Mozart in 2019.
>> No. 33152 [Edit]
I don't share a taste for screaming vocals, dumming really fast for its own sake and electric guitar tremolo, but I can see how it could get somebody pumped up. I listened to a little bit of prog and Judas Priest before, but I don't really feel like going back to it. This basically has screaming in it at one point though.

Post edited on 30th Aug 2019, 4:52am
>> No. 33158 [Edit]
I despise streamers but I followed one guy. Most of the time he was doing the typical unfunny, worthless video game shit but every now and then he would make good educational/informational videos, mostly about submarine technology.
However the presentations he made used others work without permission or citation, eventually he was (rightly) called out and hit with copyright claims. Lack of attribution is just complete assholery.
Instead of unfucking himself he got upset, removed most of the worthwhile content from YouTube and locked all future videos behind patreon e-begging.
No free information for you plebeians, but the garbage mind numbing streams are still free so go watch that and grow stupid instead.
I suspect he used the problem he created as an excuse to start charging money for videos. As if he wasn't getting enough gifts and donations from the generous boomers that watch his shitty streams. From views and ads too.
Why are people such greedy pieces of shit?
>> No. 33301 [Edit]
It drives me crazy how anglofags insist on pronouncing their words in the most illogical ways. And then there are 15 different flavours to every word because each English-speaking country wants to sound uniquely retarded or something.

Examples that baffled me in the past few days:
Australia --> ohs-trailer
sort of --> sorter
idea --> aye-dear
lieutenant --> left-tennant
Gloucester --> gloster

0/10, would not learn again.
>> No. 33303 [Edit]
>Gloucester --> gloster
I've never heard this word in any dialect.
>> No. 33304 [Edit]
It's a place name. Lots of place names have "weird" pronunciations, think Worcestershire.
>> No. 33305 [Edit]
I think it's a city, not a word.
These are mostly just regional accents (Pittshburg, Brooklyn, etc.). Given the hodge-podge way the US was settled over time it's not really a surprise why there's so much variety. Interestingly you also have the artificially taught accents such as Transatlantic that were once common.
>> No. 33340 [Edit]
File 156999156079.jpg - (1.48MB , 3447x2296 , 1536970115063.jpg )
I like to believe I can find good traits in otherwise bad-looking situations/people. However, I'm starting to feel like recently that has only led to me being taken advantage of and a waste of my time. This leads to a lot of stress.

This job is putting a lot pressure on me by thoughtlessly giving me overwhelming tasks with little pay. It wouldn't be so bad, but the hours are unethically minimal, the long drive is wearisome, and one of my few coworkers is 40 year old child who tries to take advantage of my kindness. Everything feels so fucked and I'm the only one able to unfuck it, but it's so much work to bear. We're so understaffed and so I hardly get anything done but I feel it as all my fault when the place suffers.

This should theoretically be a great opportunity because of how much freedom I have, but I feel so overwhelmed. It always feels like I'm running against a doomsday clock, and so I'm paralyzed by fear, once again in my life.

Seeing all these posts from 6+ years ago is really odd though.
I hope to see this post here in 2025 and laugh.
>> No. 33341 [Edit]
What kind of place do you work at?
>> No. 33345 [Edit]
>the hours are unethically minimal
Someone help me unscramble this fordspeak. He says he wants to work MORE?
>> No. 33346 [Edit]
I think he might be saying for the amount he has to travel, the hours he actually gets paid to work are minimal.
>> No. 33347 [Edit]
He wants to be afforded the opportunity to not look like a fool, given the hard work he's putting in. It's not necessarily about hours.

If you work hard many people will take advantage of you, resent you, and try to fire you. But there will one day be a window of opportunity for you to advance, and you will make more money and be allowed more freedoms.

But each time you go up, the stakes will get higher, more people will be trying to fire you or grief you, and just generally hate you. People start to lose sight of the fact that you're a human being, but you will be afforded more money and more freedoms.
>> No. 33348 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure you're both wrong. You don't work to get a medal or a pat on the back. It's for money. If you get paid by the hour, and you don't have enough hours for the rate to live on """"""comfortably"""""", you're fucked. That's why some people get more than one job. Bad pay with few hours is the worst combination.

Post edited on 2nd Oct 2019, 4:26pm
>> No. 33349 [Edit]
Fuck the back-up beepers that trucks have. Construction noise would at least be almost tolerable without that shrill tone going off every second, waking you up at 7am, and preventing you from focusing on any work.

It doesn't even serve it's purpose as a warning device since anyone who works there would just get desensitized to it. If anything by raising the ambient noise level it makes things more dangerous.
>> No. 33354 [Edit]
File 15702202303.png - (0.98MB , 1366x768 , drinking.png )
Irony. I honestly think it's one of the things that drove the internet to shit.
>> No. 33356 [Edit]
I don't think irony is irony anymore. Actually, I don't think new generations get irony at all. What they call irony is usually some cynical, unauthentic and teen-like attitude.
>> No. 33360 [Edit]
Irony is like a fireman accidentally starting a fire or a banker getting into debt or a sad clown, right?
>> No. 33361 [Edit]
That's situational irony which is probably the most common form. There's also verbal irony which I think is akin to sarcasm, and dramatic irony which mostly occurs in plays/novels when the audience knows about events that the character doesn't and the character usually unwittingly falls into some trap.

In general the common theme connecting all of these is some subversion of expectations. I'm not sure in what way the "new generations" >>33356 mentioned are using the word, but just cynicism or happenstance alone doesn't really constitute irony. I'm guessing >>33354 means irony in the form of the "shitposts" and memes that have become prevalent on 4chan, in which case I'd agree that there's nothing really ironic about low quality repetitive buzzword spamming
>> No. 33362 [Edit]
Maybe it's ironic verbally because it's shit and they know it's shit, but they believe it has value because it's their shit?
>> No. 33367 [Edit]
Because like I said, they don't really get irony.
They call irony at this attitude about doing things "ironically", watching anime "ironically", having a waifu "ironically". It's all about cynism, not being truly passionate about everything because at the end you're so insecure you can't even truly enjoy things. It's a pure post-modern shit, the stuff of nightmares. Now try to use actual irony and they probably wouldn't get it.
>> No. 33516 [Edit]
File 157169662055.jpg - (393.21KB , 756x552 , __original__f019c49b948a2ac53fa93a655d9e52fe.jpg )
Ruskies. I fucking hate Ruskies. They're self-destructive by nature and a malignant influence online. They'll flood a place, demand special spaces and force their standards on others. They're very aggressive and pushy and never take responsibility for anything. They're a bit like Brazillians. Almost everybody of any value got the fuck out of Russia when they had the chance, so these guys are the leftovers. It's a shit hole, loli is banned there, and soon enough they wont even be allowed to use the international internet. They'll be forced on their own putin-net, so at least they'll be out of everyone's hair. If you go on an imageboard and see a lot of Ruskies, that's a major red flag.
>> No. 33517 [Edit]
They act the same way IRL.
They used to be the chosen race of both the tsarist empire and the USSR, and they still act like they deserve the same privileges.
You know, these entitled shits still come to our ex soviet freed countries expecting everyone to bow and speak russian like 'in the old times'. It pisses them off we're not their property anymore.
I had to deal with various foreigners and they all had their own peculiar foreign behaviors but none were as hostile and overbearing as the ruski barbarians.
I'd hate them less if they just stayed in their own shithole without bothering anyone anymore but they're obsessed with getting that imperialist 'sphere of influence' back, meaning getting to exploit and murder us 'lesser peoples' again.
>> No. 33518 [Edit]
While some of their old colonies like Ukraine and Estonia were injured by subjugation and got back on their feet after the collapse, others like Moldova were shitholes before and after. Soviet times were actually an improvement there because on their own they're drowing in corruption and totally incapable of getting their shit together.
Source: I have Moldavian parents.
>> No. 33569 [Edit]
Is it so much to ask for to be able to go to a store to shop for something without being forced to listen to some three year olds blaring repeating nursery rhymes on their tablets over and over? How does that stuff not drive normals up the walls?
>> No. 33600 [Edit]
File 157275163097.jpg - (52.01KB , 774x526 , 0domrand.jpg )
I feel that way about Chinese from China, particularly the ones that are buying the Centralized China Goverment bullshit about being a world power just because they manage to get a few coastal cities to have a decent middle-class. The propaganda out there reminds me of Mussolini tricking Italy in reviving the Roman Empire of old.
>> No. 33602 [Edit]
They are a world power, probably the second strongest after the US, more powerful than Russia even and probably exerting more influence as well particularly in Africa, they are more powerful than China has ever historically been. You don't have to have your citizens be wealthy and live well to be a world power.
>> No. 33610 [Edit]
Buy online. If it's something which can't be bought online, there probably wont be three year olds there.
>> No. 33611 [Edit]
I don't feel bad for the mainlanders buying into it at all. I feel a little sorry for those in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The mainlanders had enough access to the outside world to know better. I used their internet before, I know what can and can't be accessed. Some will use a VPN to go on youtube or something, and defend China there. How moronic is that?
>> No. 33636 [Edit]
File 157320739122.jpg - (69.98KB , 631x506 , 20191103.jpg )
I don't want to support Amazon
>> No. 33638 [Edit]
Online shopping =/= amazon. You can buy directly from whoever is producing what you want, or there's other online shops which sell name brands at a nice discount if clothes are what you're looking for. There's Neimanmarcus for one. Do some research.
>> No. 33640 [Edit]
Being out in public, society disgusts me to no ends, and I'd much rather be home than anywhere else.
>> No. 33641 [Edit]
Immorality. It perplexes me how normie parasites can commit such immoral things and find joy in it.
>> No. 33642 [Edit]
Speaking of Amazon, their inventory co-mingling practices have gotten absurdly out of hand. At this point buying something from amazon is more akin to purchasing something from a Chinese flea market, as you have no idea whether the reviews can be trusted or whether the item actually sold is as described. Even books aren't safe to buy since apparently people reprint unofficial scanned versions.

Interestingly the Japanese have an opposite viewpoint, finding a beauty in the transience/ephemerality of things:
>> No. 33645 [Edit]
Having body hair and it pisses me off to have to shave.
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