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File 132644911135.jpg - (2.89MB , 2502x3500 , d46191e6482739ee0b4b3e6987e38b9c.jpg )
12292 No. 12292 [Edit]
what are some things that really bug you?
things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!
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>> No. 12296 [Edit]
I wish the local classical music station would actually play classical music more. Does anyone care about whatever minutia about such-and-such composer or concert or piece they talk about in the spotlight sections? Why do they still need to announce the time when you can get the time practically everywhere else?
>> No. 12298 [Edit]
A lot of the things that used to bother me don't anymore.

I guess when one grows beyond hating people and things then hate seems meaningless.
>> No. 12299 [Edit]
I don't like to go down to the street, because it really irritates me when people walk, talk to themselves and each other, use their telephone, shout, whistle, throw away trash, search trash cans, tap with their hands and feet, stink, mouthbreathe, cry, laugh, complain, boast, drive their car, smoke, eat, drink, etc. Which is just about everything.

Post edited on 13th Jan 2012, 10:34am
>> No. 12300 [Edit]
4chan shit. There's been times I've started to watch a game video on youtube and I'll see they used the word "lulz" or whatever in the description and I'll just sigh and close the video.
>> No. 12302 [Edit]
File 132648702464.jpg - (34.80KB , 250x250 , 1325403610069.jpg )
Having to work.
>> No. 12304 [Edit]
Eating. Such a pain in the ass. Every day. Stomach grumbling. I eat and eat and then eat some more but it's never enough. I look through the fridge but I never find anything I like. It's all such a hassle.
>> No. 12305 [Edit]
Yeah. It sucks. Most of the time, I go back and forth from the pantry to the fridge like an Alzheimer's patient, trying to find something I want to eat.
>> No. 12306 [Edit]
File 132649151450.png - (531.20KB , 429x595 , 1326226477747.png )
Bug me? Red nail polish, and nail polish colours in general that doesn't even remotely match what the person is wearing.

Things that genuinely piss me off? Anything that comes from the retarded userbases of 4chan and Reddit, and all of 9gag and FunnyJunk. You know, the rage faces shit, "memes" like business cat and hipster dog, recycling shit from years ago that's already old and unfunny, and genuinely thinking that they're the internet, and have made all the content on the internet.
>> No. 12307 [Edit]
this. people who spew the same exact unfunny garbage at each other and everyone else as if it's the funniest thing ever. like the "arrow to the knee" picture was funny when i saw it once. Once. then people said it fucking constantly about everything, youtube comments that mention it get thousands of likes, people get tattoos of it.

it's like internet humor has terminal cancer
>> No. 12308 [Edit]
The stupidity of the general population and my own inability to become a better person. I can't even be nice to others for a day because I get so caught up in how they act.
>> No. 12309 [Edit]
4chan shit that gets posted on tc and memes in subs.
>> No. 12310 [Edit]
People who use a different mug/glass every time they have a drink.

People who think anime is a genre, they watch stuff like dumb shonen shows just because theyre anime.

People who only watch fansubs even when there is a free legal stream.

People who drive cars, eat meat and do whatever else without a thought for the environmental implications. The attitude of "I cant make a difference so why should I bother?".

I feel u but doesnt the older 4chan generation have to pass the torch eventually?

I just woke up and I feel like I'm starving. Even though I had a big meal last night, wtf.
>> No. 12311 [Edit]
>I feel u

people who type like this
>> No. 12312 [Edit]
cry me a river dude. its just shorthand.
>> No. 12313 [Edit]
i hope the milliseconds you saved by not typing "yo" were well spent
>> No. 12314 [Edit]
>People who only watch fansubs even when there is a free legal stream.

>I feel u

Woah, what
>> No. 12315 [Edit]
>People who only watch fansubs even when there is a free legal stream.

Oh wow I didn't read that part. Get out >>12310
>> No. 12316 [Edit]
lol ya tht iz rite! XD jus savin time typin y u guyz gettn so butthurt!? :/
>> No. 12317 [Edit]

Learn the difference interwebs!
>> No. 12318 [Edit]
>People who drive cars, eat meat and do whatever else without a thought for the environmental implications. The attitude of "I cant make a difference so why should I bother?"
Most people right now are too busy thinking of how to stay out of poverty to consider getting a hybrid to feel good about the placebo they bought.

And meat? Really? What the fuck is wrong with eating meat? I'm against the fact that a lot of places where they raise cattle for meat have awfully unsanitary conditions, but still.
>> No. 12320 [Edit]
It's amazing how much in common I have with most of the people in this thread. Except >>12310­.
>> No. 12321 [Edit]
hey now, ironic shitposting is still shitposting

also where/were and there/their
>> No. 12322 [Edit]
are you me?
>> No. 12325 [Edit]
Sour rice breath. I usually have to put up with it when male international students talk to me.

When people say 'fml'. I don't want to hear you complain about how your life is shit. Go do something about it, passively complaining isn't going to change shit.

Touching greasy/dirty public surfaces like fast food tables, mouses and keyboards, those straps and poles you're meant to hold when on the bus, doorknobs (especially those of toilets).

Post edited on 13th Jan 2012, 5:22pm
>> No. 12326 [Edit]
The people who type "could of" instead of "could have" annoy me
>> No. 12327 [Edit]
Money. It corrupts and complicates everything.
>> No. 12329 [Edit]
I hate listening to people speak. Like, whenever I hear someone speak, I think of how to phonetically spell what they are saying, and come up with things like

"Awgh, thaets awfaw, yeu shid gyet thet chikd owt."

I then want to punch these people in the face, and it makes me end up minding my own diction and speaking very carefully and accentuate my syllables, and make sure vowels stay with their selected readings. O seems to become A a lot in the US... Also T and D mix a lot. Really, lazy mouth is a huge issue I notice and it bugs me. So does vocal fry, and for christs sake, 3DPD here actually WANT to sound like C3P0 being drowned in lime jello.

Basically people talking makes me mad.

Also, watching how audiences act on talk shows sometimes makes me think the only things that separate chimpanzees on crack and humans is clothes, and even that wall is being torn down...

Websites like Memegenerator, Know Your Meme, and others that use copyright-free entertainment and profit off of it, and also kill it. I feel ashamed of myself for liking lolcats and reaction images now. It's all the property of fourteen year old kids making family guy references now.

Children who watch (western) cartoons and think they should be overly rambunctious and overanimate their expressions because of it. Once in a restaurant, a kid tried his father's curry, and he ran around the table making loud siren noises with his mouth open, waving his hands, and asking if fire is coming out of his mouth. Haruhidamn, if my kid did that, I'd backhand him and destroy every Disney DVD he ever owned, and block all the cartoon channels on the cable and make him watch Ponyo.

People who are always insincere or speak without reason. It's worse than lying to me.

People accepting the easily preventable. People throwing away perfectly good clothes because going to a goodwill bin is too much effort, even if it's on the way to the dump.

Not being able to do something because I lack motivation, and feel fatigued by just the thought of it, even if I really want to do something, and I end up not doing it.

People not caring about their outward appearances. Like how people wear pajamas in public now. What the fuck is this? Stay home if you're that reluctant to interact with society. I can't wait to see what people wear twenty years from now. Will it be depends and a Bud Light box?

Finding things in Walmart. Go to Walmart and try to find 1: a red bandanna, 2: a box of original Oreos, not double stuf or inside out, and 3: Original Twizzlers. Of note, I found out that the price match guarantee works like this: "Oh, you found an item that is cheaper somewhere else? Well, we're going to strike this item from our inventory and carry either an obscure, useless variant or a competetor's brand of it. We only match prices on items with matching UPCs, anyways!" I hate Walmart and it is the only store I condone, and even encourage, shoplifting from.

Using internet terminology in regular speaking.

I think I may be done.
>> No. 12330 [Edit]
>Children who watch (western) cartoons and think they should be overly rambunctious and overanimate their expressions because of it.
Pretty sure plenty of weeabos do this as well. Like, gaia kids and that sort of people.
>> No. 12335 [Edit]
They do, but it's a bit different.

People get pissed at the weeaboos (good) but when a kid does the whole Wile E Coyote bit they just laugh and say "cute." Not okay.
>> No. 12337 [Edit]
Store workers saying "Hello!" whenever a customer walks in. Especially when they have one person stationed at the doorway just for that reason. It's so fake it hurts.

Being bugged with "Can I help you, sir?" when I'm just looking around or trying to find something on my own.

Hairy women. More so than other 3DPD women.

The way fat people grunt and groan when going about everyday tasks. It's not that I hate fat people, in fact I quite like the "jolly" look some of the older ones have to them. But this particular thing really pisses me off for some reason.

People who claim to be gay or have some kind of mental condition in an attempt to add something unique to their bland, boring personalities.

Old-fashioned people. Asking a legitimate question about something that makes little sense and being told "that's just the way it's always been, just do it."

People who force their definitions of "doing the right thing," "being a good person" and "becoming a better person" on others, as if they are some unspoken rule that must be followed, rather than individual morals and opinions. Especially when the person fails to realize that they do what they believe to be "the right thing" only for their own satisfaction, acting like they're some kind of Haruhidamn saint.

Modern 4chan culture (and what it has created) in general.

People who start games and never finish them. Not because of lack of fun, but they just sort of drift off onto something else and leave it abandoned forever.

Vegetarians by choice. The ones who preach to everybody else about how great their lifestyle is and how everybody else is a murderous savage.

People who get upset over very small things. I'm not meaning the kinds of things in this thread, but things such as the way you look at somebody, they way you stand, your tone of voice. The way they point these things out to you as if you should constantly be considering whatever they may be thinking about you and how you can tip-toe around them, changing yourself for the sake of every little stranger you come across.

People who only scrape the very surface of a medium of entertainment rather than digging deeper and finding the true gems, enabling them to form a unique and interesting opinion.

The worst, for me, is people/society still being controlled by "human nature." Come on, we're past that. Enough obeying "instincts" and screwing some drunken whore in an attempt to carry on the human race while not even understanding what it is that's driving you to do such a disgusting thing. Enough feeling as if you need to form a group and take safety in numbers, to fit in. I'm sick of people claiming that being "human" is the best way to live. Taking pride in being human, something you put no effort into yourself. I believe the world would be a better place if we all acted a little less human.

This post came out longer than I thought it would.
>> No. 12338 [Edit]
Drive up windows and food service in general, when they say incorrect variants of "How may I help you?" Most often it's "Can I help you?" No, I just came up to this window to chat. Of course you can, you're qualified and I have no other reason to be in contact with you.
>> No. 12339 [Edit]
what bugs me about drive throughs, is that most of the time, the first thing they say is asking you if you want a blahblahblah.
feels almost wired to say no, and rude to ignore it and just place your order.
>> No. 12340 [Edit]
The sound of people chewing.

I absolutely hate it. It's unbearable for me.
>> No. 12341 [Edit]
I'm always thinking of my chewing volume when I'm eating around other people.
Even my breathing volume is a concern for me, since my nose got broken I feel like its pretty loud. I know it sounds dumb but this is a big deal for me when I'm on the train and I have my ipod plugged in.
>> No. 12342 [Edit]
Oh Haruhi, my dad ALWAYS chews with his mouth open and it bugs the shit out of me.
>> No. 12343 [Edit]
This is probably my biggest annoyance. I can't eat downstairs at all because of the sound of eating or other people breathing close to me.

My mum likes to have the TV on, pretty much all the time, with the volume at crazy enough levels that she can't hear anything I say if I come downstairs. Alternatively she'll be blasting music from shitty laptop speakers with it sitting on her lap, completely unaware of the existence of headphones.

Unnecessary noise in general bugs me. She has some of her friends over about once a month and from what I tell they practically shout throughout the evening. People don't seem to appreciate quietness. It's the main reason I like to stay up all night and sleep through the day.
>> No. 12344 [Edit]
I said that to a guy the other day. He called me a crackhead.
You'd be surprised how many people really do just stand around the counter that don't need anything. So it was a valid question. In drivethru I usually say 'What can I get for ya'
you're supposed to greet people no matter what, supposed to help em feel welcome. also it helps to deter thieves. It's like saying, hi, I see you. don't take our crap.

What annoys me is people who care more about animals than humans.

And people who leave their trash on the table as opposed to throwing it away.
Littering in general pisses me off. I've kept trash in my pockets all day just to not litter.

People blaring shitty music in their car. I don't want to hear your music. Turn it the eff down.
People trying to talk to you, while on the cell phone. Cell phone games. I think they're retarded wastes of time.
>> No. 12345 [Edit]
Reminds me, I heard a story on the news yesterday about these parents who didn't take their cancer-ridden 8 year old son to the hospital because they didn't have the money, in their words, but did take the trouble to get their dog un-fleaed (?) at the vet's office. I raged pretty badly at that.

It's not even like they went to the hospital and were turned away, they didn't even try to do anything and just let the kid basically rot to death. But oh Haruhi forbid their precious dog has fleas. Thankfully, they are now in prison.
>> No. 12349 [Edit]
Lies. Including fiction of all kinds.

Post edited on 14th Jan 2012, 10:21am
>> No. 12356 [Edit]
Once I was asked if I wanted the new sandwich they came out with at some place. I said no thank you (out of habit) and promptly asked... for the new sandwich they came out with.

I am the bestest at ordering.
>> No. 12357 [Edit]
You champion.
>> No. 12361 [Edit]
People who think religion is hereditary.
>I'm Protestant
>but I don't believe in Haruhi.
Then you aren't a Christian! What kind of stupidity is that!?
>> No. 12362 [Edit]
Thank you Fox News, for making the ignorant masses believe that religion works in this fashion.
>> No. 12364 [Edit]
Last 2 months I've been trying to buy one dakimakura made by one specific doujin circle. Seller who I've been contacting types really bad English and time to answer my emails usually takes very long(weeks). Two weeks ago I got his paypal and I sent the payment but I still haven't received any answer. I am so annoyed but I hope all of this is worth of it.
>> No. 12365 [Edit]
Cosplaying and conventions.
It makes me very angry to see people dress up as characters they've seen only a few times and declare they're huge fans of wherever the character is from. To top it off, the people who take part in these things are the lowest of the low, doing it for attention or sex at said conventions.

The fighting game community, or any "Hardcore" gaming community for that matter.
A bunch of assholes who latch on to anything they can find to make a shitty meme so they can say that they have some kind of "in" jokes. The starcraft deal is something like this as well.
>> No. 12369 [Edit]

This. 3D trying to impersonate perfect 2D disgusts me.
>> No. 12370 [Edit]
Oh Haruhi, I hate cosplay. It's nothing but an insult to that character when some disgusting 3D tries to appear like that character. If it's a really good cosplay, I accept it grudgingly.
>> No. 12371 [Edit]
People trying to be witty and funny.
Even worse: trying the same via spewing clichés.
Still worse: *chan memes.
>> No. 12373 [Edit]

That's why I use sound isolating headphones all the time
>> No. 12376 [Edit]
>> No. 12377 [Edit]
>things that genuinely piss you off?

Those self-proclaimed activists (hipsters from Reddit) who are at Occupy, waving signs demanding other people pay for their worthless "liberal arts" degrees and their healthcare. Those of them who are from the "ANONYMOUS IS LEEJUN" crowd are the worst. I grind my teeth whenever I see news reports about them.
>> No. 12379 [Edit]
Emoticons annoy me greatly. Every time I see them used I have an urge to tell that person to stop using them.
>> No. 12380 [Edit]
CNN had a story about them yesterday and it made me feel sick almost. What's also funny is when they try to claim responsibility for the arab spring
>> No. 12383 [Edit]
I fucking hate people. I wish the world would freeze over and kill everything.
>> No. 12384 [Edit]
cross your fingers for WW3
>> No. 12385 [Edit]
Even us?
>> No. 12386 [Edit]
a lot of us wish we were dead anyway!
>> No. 12387 [Edit]
That's what I always wonder when people here say they wish everyone were dead.
>> No. 12391 [Edit]
I don't. I have too many video games to play, too much manga to read, too many movies to watch.

Anyway, getting kind of off topic here.
>> No. 12396 [Edit]
I note your word choice and must ask a question:

Do you hate the occupy movement or what it has become? 

I simply hate what it has become. People arguing against the abuse of the capitalism structure and economic inequality (when the words had meaning) have been outnumbered by self-proclaimed communists and anarchists reading anarchists_cookbook.PDF on their MacBook Air and poor kids who majored in philosophy complaining about tuition and not getting a job, again, typing out angry letters and blog posts on their iPhones and MacBook Air. 

There are people with legitimate issues and problems, who cannot afford to be lobbyists so they are not represented in the government, which continues to bail out some of the most privileged banks and corporations in the world, and continues to irresponsibly spend money and pass useless legislation. However, they are also joined by pieces of shit, and the media did not report on Occupy until the pieces of shit arrived, and then intentionally made the entire movement look like the nation's collective bowel movement. And you know it was intentional. Plus, it wasn't that popular on Reddit until about the sixth day if I recall correctly and my sources are trusted. You can tell Reddit was the source of the shits because the terminal decline of Occupy started after it hit big on social media. The same thing basically happened to the Tea Party. OWS's original design was out of necessity in today's world, it just needs to be refurbished and turned into a nameless movement that isn't taken over by fucks and that more people can agree with while not thinking it is a political party or "were making history guise #iminthemovement" crap. 

The economy is shit, and the culture is shit, and if any semblance of stability is to exist past 2020 there needs to be drastic nationwide and global changes within the next four or so years. 

For one thing, tuition and the existing structure of education, the main point I will make to make sure this thread isn't derailed again into political shit.

Since college now is basically a necessity if you don't want a union job in a post-industrial society, you would think tuition would be more affordable. However, because student loans and scholarships are given out on a much more lenient basis, schools take advantage of this and profit. Adjusted for inflation, a Harvard grad in 1960 would have spent as much for his four years at Harvard as a freshman there this year is spending on his first year alone. Yet very little of that money goes to professors, most goes to grandiose gymnasiums and six performance halls and three cafeterias selling unlimited hommus and Tibetan mince yak pudding, most of these things being unneeded and half of them not even being used by students who are there for LECTURES and STUDYING. When was the last time you saw a college student with enough time to take up aikido while studying computer science and getting his general education requirements out of the way?

Colleges are a business you have to buy into, and not get any customer's rights. That's an issue and I hate that. You spend $100,000 (much more or a little less) for a piece of paper saying you know things and spent five times more than you should have spent. 

Also some of that is for living in a cramped box with some kid who won't clean the fucking toilet or bring out the trash, farts a lot, and brings seven girls over at 11:30 PM on the night before exams so he can show them Human Centipede on full blast volume as the girls scream "EEEEEW!" every six minutes. 

Also some is for textbooks with a monopoly on a certain subject so they charge you $700 for one volume. 

Another thing is general education requirements (read: high school 2.0). This exists because America can't be assed to standardise high school curriculums in core subjects on a federal level and make free domain textbooks. Instead, if you don't want to take the same course over again for $20,000 a year, you have to buy into a $150 AP™ course in high school. Either way, someone makes bank for making you learn the same useless shit over again. 

The reason advanced math is taught in high school is so you can build reasoning and logic skills, and if taught properly, you can learn any language, program anything, and basically make a lot of money and solve a lot of problems for a lot of people instead of having to sweat your balls off over a blowtorch until you're laid off or injured. Learning math is not for memorising how to solve a problem, then promptly forgetting about it in six to eight months, like Spanish classes. However, math teachers rarely, if ever, teach math to reinforce critical logic as much as they tell you a prescribed way to get an answer and not tell you WHY each step is taken and what it actually does. If you do use your logic and reasoning to find a more efficient way of reaching the outcome, you are punished with a failing grade instead of rewarded for learning what the class is existing to teach you. This is so bad that many teachers actually think that the curriculum is needed in everyday life. Nobody ever multiplies a matrix in everyday life, for christ's sake. Nobody puts a meal on the table by drawing a parabola. If math only existed to teach you life math skills, where is the tax form chapter? Where is the checkbook balancing chapter? Where is the "Your wages will be sapped out by taxes, so your net pay can be significantly less than what you are being told you are being paid" chapter? None of this is preparing kids for the world!

High school is basically a useless time where you are "prepared" for college with lies and overstatements and given infinite opportunities to fuck up the rest of your life by stepping off the path once. No life knowledge or skills are given to you during high school, and many, many people are conditioned to hate learning, and remain ignorant because of it, and hate recreational learning as a result. Commas aren't taught correctly in school, it was something I had to learn on my own accord, in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Because so many hate recreational learning, you will notice pretty much a vast majority of people do not use commas, or don't use them within the rules of any prescribed grammar codes. The same can be said about knowledge of the world. Most people don't know anything about countries but what they see in a Michael Bay film. 

The only thing high school does is be a time placeholder that puts people in danger of being demoralised, unmotivated, and even killed, by their own hands or by the hands of someone who sees the futility of the existing system and in a deranged, hateful, thoughtless rampage, kills his fellow victims. 

TL;DR: Capitalism and education should be separate as hell and the moon, schools should exist to educate, not make cafeterias with Mongolian Hipster Wheat Dip in biodegradable packaging, the reason tuition is so high is because of ravenous supercapitalist sharks taking bites off of the lenient loan-giving and scholarships, general education is a crock of shit because high schools won't (or can't) do their jobs, math is taught for all the wrong reasons, and the government could solve all of this if it just standardised education and made high schools into places for education, not for putting yourself in daily danger of bomb threats and being shot by some kid whose dad abused him and blamed video games for his violent outbursts, and all this institution does now is prevent people from fighting their own ignorance by destroying our inherent urge to educate ourselves. 

Maybe this could go in Tohno U (/mt/) but it has a better place in this thread. 
>> No. 12397 [Edit]
File 132682694690.png - (454.02KB , 800x600 , screenshot0029.png )

I think the guys who wrote KS thought a bit like that as well. It's more indoctrination than learning.
The pro's for private higher education is a lack of that, in opposition to whatever government agenda may be in place. However, it's easy to see where this would just be the same but in favor of whatever corporation backs that institution of learning.
My experience with teachers has been nothing more than glorified daycare. Even at the university level, it's been short lectures where I hardly learn 10% of what is needed, and the rest in self study or in laboratory work. Maybe that's just because I'm at the undergraduate level though.

Tuition may be very high, but it is affordable if you qualify for scholarships. This I see as a sort of filter for those who would not make it anyways. The problem here is as you said, this is taken advantage of again for profit. Something I have also seen is that general education does not grade you on how well you learn, but how well you follow directions. So the guy pushing out a 3.5GPA with worksheets and standardized tests will fail at higher levels, but the one with latent talent that was hammered down can't advance with a 2.3 or so.

As for general life skills, what helped me deal with household finances and other life skills like buying a vehicle, was my family. Western culture doesn't have a family model anymore as I see it, and with no support it is no surprise all these kids fail.

It'll be interesting to see how the future will come about when no one is investing in human capital through education and everything is milked for short term profits to fit a bare capitalist model.

I guess I also agree with you there on hating a crumbling system as well.
At least we have the internet free for a while longer. If it does get on lockdown, we can always go through a "quality control" phase and those that can will regress back to HAM geeks with packet radio and such.

Hope this wasn't a bother.
>> No. 12399 [Edit]
You reminded me of another thing that really pisses me off. Here in New Zealand, we have this terrible testing/marking system in high school. It's called "NCEA."

The gist of it is there are four grades, Not Achieved, Achieved, Achieved with Merit, and Achieved with Excellence. You receive individual marks for each question on the paper, which are then counted and averaged out to see what you get for the whole thing. 90% of the time this "averaging" causes a drop in grade. For example, one paper I've done: even if you get Merit or Excellence for all other questions, if an earlier question was marked achieved or not achieved, you get that mark instead. For the entire paper. It's ridiculously easy to achieve, but often ridiculously difficult to achieve with merit or excellence. What qualifies you for each grade IS written on the papers of the examiners, but they often manage to just twist it or misinterpret it, giving you the result they believe you deserve, because they're overworked and likely understaffed.

Basically, New Zealand realized that their education system was insufficient, that few were actually passing anything. So, did they improve their teaching or disciplinary systems? Haha, no way, that'd require money, time or effort! So instead, they "average" out the system like so. Now, sure, we have plenty of idiots passing. But they do the same garbage they would've done if they'd gotten no education whatsoever. A lot of intelligent people are screwed over because of this bullshit system knocking them down grades, simply because they don't understand what the requirements for passing with excellence or merit are. We're not told that before we enter, we're told what's required to pass, and that's it. That's all they want from us.

Funny thing is, we stole this system from Scotland. Then THEY dropped it, but we're still using it.

One more year. One more year till I'm in University and, at the very least, away from this garbage system.

Post edited on 17th Jan 2012, 2:19pm
>> No. 12401 [Edit]
I think I agree with that. College is just a fantastic way to produce entitled little shits who think they know everything, and for the most part on their parents' bill (though there are definitely exceptions to that, especially students coming from poor and/or military backgrounds.) College itself isn't a bad thing. It can be extremely useful to the resourceful, clever student who knows exactly how to play the system and make key contacts. But those sorts of people are in the minority, and for all the rest, primary and secondary education doesn't do a fucking thing to prepare them for that reality.

So it's hard to blame the students themselves. The ones at bad schools are generally there because of their low economic status, and the ones at "good" schools often get told that they're all special snowflakes etc., so that once they go off to college they think they already own the whole world. The lies we're told in our youth to make us feel better only hurt us, and it's the adults who are to blame for it. It's also one of the many reasons the US is going to be in the shitter (even more I mean) in the next 5-10-20 years unless something really incredibly dramatic happens.

We shouldn't be too quick to generalize about the Occupy people, though. Yeah, some of them are definitely dipshits, but many more probably have done their best and are understandably upset that they haven't gotten what they feel would be a fair break. Occupy needs to find a focus outside of the vague "fuck capitalism" thing they've been on for the last few months. If they actually want to get somewhere, they need to focus on electoral reform. As long as the Republicans and Democrats hold a monopoly on power, they'll never have to be held accountable for their actions. Just look at the coming presidential election: the choice will be between Barack Obama and someone either the same (if it's Romney) or worse (if it's Gingrich or Santorum.) He can pretty much get away with anything he wants and his base will still support him. It is a load of shit.

This whole conversation should really be on /mt/, I guess.

Post edited on 17th Jan 2012, 7:22pm
>> No. 12408 [Edit]
Haruhi damn it, 4chan posters are incredibly annoying. Not only do they think their ``jokes'' and style of posting to be the standard on every textboard/imageboard, they then act in an even more obnoxious manner whenever somebody points it out to them. And I'm not just talking about your typical ``/b/-tard'', I'm talking about every single board on 4chan, that place is infected. Just look at the textboards, they used to be a decent place to post on but look at them now.

That place posters just can't adapt, they want to shove their ``memes'' and ``clever'' jokes in every place they go to and when told to stop they resort to insults, ``U MAD'' and even spamming. In other words, they annoy me, not because they exist, but because they can't keep to themselves.
>> No. 12411 [Edit]
File 13269419531.png - (216.01KB , 1402x555 , ZZFW4.png )
It is what it has become, and you realise, unfourchanitely, the website is nothing but fourteen year olds and misguided neckbeards now, with the occasional person who puts up with shit because they don't know there are better places to go.

They do have some 1 in 5,000,000 good insight posts. Someone sent me this screen shot. But this kind of good insight can be found on a lot of much better sites, like, say, this one here.
>> No. 12412 [Edit]
I could tolerate them if they just kept to themselves, but no, they must take that attitude wherever they go and insult the posters of other communities.
>> No. 12414 [Edit]
The thing that bugs me the most has to be when they get mad about Reddit and emoticons. Meanwhile, they're using MSPaint (and regular) reaction images, greentext stories and other meme garbage.

Oh, but it was FUNNY when THEY did it. Pieces of shit. I only recently discovered Tohno-chan after it was mentioned on /jp/ at some point.

>with the occasional person who puts up with shit because they don't know there are better places to go.

I could never find anywhere better, before the above happened. What sites are you talking about? I'm curious.
>> No. 12415 [Edit]
I think he's talking about this site. I also found Tohno-chan through /jp/, maybe one/one and a half years ago. It really is a haven. Slow sometimes, but that suits me a lot better now than seeing the same fucking threads over and over again every day.
>> No. 12422 [Edit]
You can adapt. Begin browsing quality boards like tc and bunbunmaru. Use the catalog to quickly scan threads and find ones you find interesting: http://catalog.nee v/a/

Also recognise that while poor quality posts has increased, so has the number of posts created with the implicit intention of creating quality. Quality posts on that site used to come about naturally and spontaneously, but nowadays there are more people who deliberately try to write and share good things.
>> No. 12423 [Edit]
Go ahead and pretend your "secret" clubs aren't mainly populated by people with a history on 4chan. Often even active posters.

Your definitions of quality are arbitrary, your claims of superiority aren't fully justified, and when you write your emotional posts on how 4chan is shit (Which it is) and how X is so much better, you sound like a child subconsciously justifying your choice of console because you can't have all of them.

Keep in mind I left like many others, but the people who can't let go and accept what happened annoy me more than the 4chan people of today.
>> No. 12424 [Edit]
Why does it seem the whole internet has been bitching about 4chan the past week?

It's a shit board, deal with it. It's not the only place on the internet you know.
>> No. 12425 [Edit]
We also shit our pants daily many years ago, it's nothing to be proud of.
>> No. 12427 [Edit]
I can't help but find your first line to be highly ignorant.
what difference does it make if people have a history there?
people can grow up and move on you know.
just becuase you used to shit yourself and cry about it as a baby, doesn't mean you do it anymore right?
I'd think it rather petty to make fun of someone for the childish things they used to do and forever hold it over them long after they've stopped, especially when they're trying to better themselves.
I can't speak for everyone, but many here have grown tired of 4chan and moved past it.
I myself haven't frequented the site in years.

people who still go to 4chan on the other hand and still complain about it, yeah... they're something else alright.
>> No. 12428 [Edit]
The point isn't that people who use/used 4chan are somehow inferior. That's stupid, and I don't really care, I lost interest in the site some years back and I gradually stopped going, nothing more, nothing less. Holding grudges only gives you a temper and makes you stressed and go bald.

The point was that some people hold on to the delusion that they've somehow escaped the 4chan users they so vehemently despise by coming to smaller sites, take your pick which one.

"Oh, 4-ch has wonderful boards", "/bun/ has some great serious discussion", "Krautchan /int/ is full of personalities!", "Boy, these #X-LANGUANGE-ONLY boards are great because it gives a more close-knit community!"

No, it's all the same shit by the same people. And that's fine, just realize that no board is an island, no matter how much you like to pretend this is the case.
>> No. 12430 [Edit]
This is a gay thread.

Shitposting is all over TC lately.
>> No. 12431 [Edit]
Something isn't shitposting just because you don't like it.
>> No. 12432 [Edit]
When I complain about typical 4chan users I'm talking about the 16 year old kids that go about parroting memes left and right wherever they go. Like you said, and like I said in my original post, I have no interest in what happens on 4chan, but it's when they go to different places (despite what you say 4-ch and the like are NOT like 4chan in the least bit)and don't respect the rules that I get angry, there needs to be an adaptation period whenever you go to a different board or website.
You can't expect to go to the SAoVQ with a /b/ like mentality and expect acceptance, you'll be banned on the spot. Hell, you don't need to go that far, a user on world2ch made a post on the SAoVQ; now, those are two pretty similar textboards but the community is so different that the thread on the SAoVQ was just left to die after having been classified as un-VIP, I myself politely said to stop bumping the thread.

Now yes, you are right, all of us were once 4channers, most of us anyway. But we know how to switch mentalities for whatever board we are posting on, at least I do. e.g; I don't post on tohno-chan in the same way I post on SAoVQ, they're different places no matter what you think. Is there an overlap in the userbase, yes; do they behave the same way, no. If you think there isn't a difference then obviously you're not paying enough attention. Here's another example; there are people on /bun/ that browse and post on /v/, yes you read right, /v/. And do you see him posting ``>spaghetti falling from pockets'' and ``FUCKING GAMESTOP'' everywhere? NO! Because he is in a different place. And that is the problem I have with most 4chan poster, the 16 year old obnoxious idiots that don't respect the communities of the places they go to.

Another example; a long time ago I was posting on /lounge/, now, that's hardly an example of a quality place to browse, mostly because it's a part of 4chan, when it was on w4ch it was much better but that's another story, but anyway this ``kid'' comes up and starts posting about a particular board so I kindly tell him: nobody cares. Simple as that, no one on the textboards cares about the imageboards, but he was offended see, he wanted us to care, so he continued to bump his shit thread, thus pushing the other ``good'' threads back, it didn't stop us from having conversations but it was mighty annoying having to see that silly little thread, and you can forget about reporting because MrVacBob-sama doesn't care in the least bit. That's why /prog/ is the way it is today, idiots from /g/ ruined it.

But anyway, I don't get that angry, like you said they're there and we are here. As long as they stay there, fine by me.
>> No. 12443 [Edit]
I hate how elementary school teachers have destroyed the meaning of the word "inappropriate", especially for my generation. 

Inappropriate means not apropos, not relevant, and not suited for discussion in a certain environment or topic of conversation. For instance, when two people are talking about their research in pine tree growth in warmer climate, and another person bumps in to the conversation to talk about his favourite tuna, that is inappropriate. 

However, teachers selectively use, and abuse, the word and incorrectly teach children through contextual learning that inappropriate means lewd, obscene, sexual in nature. Yes, that nature of conversation is ill suited for discussion in a classroom, but they never say "that's inappropriate" when a child interrupts long division to ask where the native Americans were relocated when Andrew Jackson was president, or if two kids get into a fight during geography, when both are highly irrelevant to the activity the schedule has set aside for them. 

So basically, we have an entire set of generations saying things like "that's inappropriate" on phone sex hotlines. What, did the landwhale with the deep voice on the other end start talking about the role of Prussia as a state in the Weimar Republic or the nature of architecture in ancient China and whether it was early evidence that humans could make structures that were earthquake resistant? 
Or using the line in the bedroom (I know this from middle school, and sleeping over my friends house as his promiscuous mother brought home another man half her age). Well, did he ask her what she thought of the monthlong Ezo Republic and what kind of implications it had on the thoughts of citizens in the early Meiji era?

I have had bad experiences using the word in conversation, like 
>"I saved up thirty dollars in a pickle jar, and I also put a 5000 won banknote and a stick of bubblegum in it. "
"Gum and foreign currency in your savings jar? Isn't that inappropriate?"
>"Jesus, what's so sexual about that, you prude?!"
Which then escalates to me trying to tell the person the real meaning of the word, and them telling me I am stupid and "teacher said x so she must be right," and them still not believing me even after I show them the definition in both the Webster's and Oxford dictionary of the English language, as they prefer the dictionary of Mrs. Backwater-teacher-who-always-wore-custom-made-dresses-sewn-together-from-1960's-sofa-upholstry-and-punished-kids-for-using-"they"-as-a-gender-neutral-pronoun. 

To avoid getting into arguments with people who refuse to accept citation, facts and evidence because "they feel like it isn't correct", I replace it with "not apropos." This makes sure the smart people know what I am saying and the dumb ones just smile and nod, instead of showing off their (dead wrong) repertoire of knowledge. 
>> No. 12447 [Edit]
-Pacific Islanders leaving trash strewn all over the park and drunk singing at 2AM, also in the park

-Pacific Islanders riding ridiculously loud motorbikes all over the neighborhood

-Lebanese guys tearing down the neighborhood roads in their turbocharged cars at 2AM, waking everyone up

-Lebanese guys walking around wearing nike and adidas with ridiculous looking greasy mullets and insibile lats syndrome

Haruhi damn it man i dont want to be racist but thse guys sure make it look appealing
>> No. 12448 [Edit]

Being racist only proves how much of a dumbass you probably are.

You just happen to have some trashy neighbours.
>> No. 12449 [Edit]
I understand this.

As a kid, I actually had more of an interest in Korea than Japan.

The more I was exposed to Korean culture and Korean people, though... well, you know where that lead me.

It's funny, usually fighting your own ignorance breaks down racism, not encourages it...
>> No. 12451 [Edit]
Is it racismor just an observation of true facts?

Lebanese and islanders seem to have an ingrained culture of trying to be as much of an asshole as possible. Whites, asians and indians don't drive loud vehicles. Even the africans here are just trying to make an honest buck like everyone else.
>> No. 12454 [Edit]
It certainly might be a true observation for the people that live in your area, but I'm sure you can't legitimately argue (or at the very least, it'd be quite difficult) that people of culture x are inherently loud, annoying, faggots.
>> No. 12455 [Edit]
To be honest, I don't blame you. As a Korean myself, there's a lot of shit I don't like about my culture. I do hope your views haven't been permanently skewed, however, though if it has, I suppose that's not entirely your fault...
>> No. 12456 [Edit]
>but I'm sure you can't legitimately argue (or at the very least, it'd be quite difficult) that people of culture x are inherently loud, annoying, faggots.
you can but it would make for a terrible thread
>> No. 12457 [Edit]
>As a Korean myself


>> No. 12460 [Edit]
No, guys like you prevent me from being really bad, like hating Koreans for being Korean (genetic). I cannot find anything that would warrant that kind of feeling, and I won't try to look for anything. 

In fact, the least biased (pro or con) views of Korea seem to come from the people who have Korean blood but were born and raised outside Korea. They see the world perspective and when either looking at Koreans or visiting relatives in Korea, they see how childish and skewed they can be, and recognise that. 

My one friend in college, Lux, has a room mate who is half-Korean. I call him Wileom. I make jokes to him like buying him kimchi noodle bowls from WalMart and calling him a race traitor for going to ramen restaurants and liking anime and Perfume. That's beside the point though. 

He absolutely hates being Korean not because of the genetic or cultural parts, but from learning firsthand the mentality of born and raised Koreans. He absolutely could not stand his relatives when he visited Korea, and their extreme ass-headedness towards anything non-Korean, like the Miguk and jjokbari. 

I mean, for christ's sake, they have an Internet campaign to spell Korea with a "C" in the English language so they can come before Japan in alphabetical order. The last time I saw that mentality in a person, he was making a glitter pen card for mothers' day and had to go to the nurse's office because he was wiggling his tooth and it fell out, because he wanted money to buy a yoyo from the school store the next day. 

They go all over the Internet trying to make English-language websites look like so many people like K-pop, altering polls (in a similar fashion to /b/), 

There are so many Korean-descended people who knew nothing about the kinds of things that these people do and think. I remember reading several blogs about "Korean American Life" written by halfers and Korean-descended teens and young people, saying "holy shit, the things my mother said about Japanese people after the disaster in March... I never knew she could be this awful! Are there that many Koreans who think this?

I don't hate Koreans. I just hate the "What Japan did to us seventy years ago is terrible! Even though the Russians, Chinese and Mongols did worse. Since Japan is so terrible you should drop Anime and read Manhwa and listen to SNDK nida!" Koreans. And you know who is to blame the most? The government. Latent anti-Japanese sentiment is actually not a part of Korean culture. 

The government in South Korea is so restrictive and ignorant, the only difference I see with North and South Korea is that South Korea has more lights and food. Children are taught from a young age to hate their neighbours, especially Japan. For instance, "Dokdo artwork" crayon drawings from children were hanged in a train station, and the shit they drew... It's as bad as the Dear Leader hailing to the north. This sentiment is actually relatively recent in Korea, and even during the annexation period, aside from some fringe groups, the view of most Koreans of Japan was more like the views of Hawaiians to the US, until around 1940. "Yeah, it sucks that we we were colonised, and we want to be free, but let's face the facts. We were a shitty backwater the past 300 years, and it would be worse if Russia annexed us."

Also. The government has little pride in Korea's merits and more pride in how to make Korea look cool abroad. They claim other cultures' practices were Korean made (samurai, tea ceremonies, katanas, most asian martial arts, fireworks, Chinese hanzi, manga, even airplanes and pizza, Phonetians and the Aztecs) and important Asian people are of Korean decent. They are called "uriginals" (uri [our] originals) And it works for a few people, even abroad. 

For instance. A comic artist from Denmark that makes a web comic about anthro countries made her Japan a nerdy stereotypical Asian with squinty eyes and a bowl cut while South Korea is some sort of cool dude manga character with European-esque eyes. 

Koreaboos are just trying to distance themselves from annoying cosplayers who don't bathe, when they could just ignore them and like what they fucking want to like. 

I find it hilarious how some people discover "hey, when I was a narutard I really was retarded! So to distance myself from that awful time in my life I will be a K-pop hipster and talk about how bad Japan is! I totally am not a Weeaboo now guise!" not knowing it is the same shit, different fandom, being a Koreaboo. 

It's especially funny when Koreaboos talk about racism. 
"When I was in Tokyo, all of them were such racists, some stared at me! When I asked a guy for directions in English he ignored me! One kid asked if I was from Africa or America! Another held up a pen to me and told me "this is pen!" Do these kids think black people are all stupid! I'm really light for a black man! Then some cop came and told me to stop smoking in the street. Another yelled at me for talking on the phone on the subway, and all the other Japs were recording me with their cell phones! Japs are racist whale munchers!"
Versus, same people,
"I went to a shopping centre in Seoul today, listening to some SNDK(smokin hot Korean babes) on my Samsung Galaxy on the train. Koreans stare at people a lot, but that's the culture! Anyways, walking past the little kids playground in the middle of the place the mothers panicked and were all hiding their children and saying things like "dearde maenkee gyeo heom!" under their breath. Korean moms are so protective! When I bought a jar of kimchi at one of the stores, the man sent a new hire to follow me around, saying "NO DACH IF NOT BAE!" They must be really helpful here! I was frisked afterwards, in traditional Korean custom. Then I went out to a restaurant that was selling dog meat. It's just the culture, don't be so ignorant! I heard that another mall went into a full panic and lockdown because a Nigerian woman tried to buy some fabric. They just don't see many black people in Korea, it can't be helped!"

This is exactly the same as the Weeaboos who go to Japan and get lambasted for saying they are Otaku to normals, and in some masochistic flurry they talk about how nice the Japanese are to them, but when they are mean, "it's just the culture!"

Things that annoy me, then:
Korean protesters
Both Korean governments
People who think in liking something, you automatically are part of the annoying fanbase and are just like them. 
Myself, for not eloquating myself enough and therefore looking like I hate all Koreans, and losing the potential to have a good conversation and not look like an ass.;_;
>> No. 12461 [Edit]
>you can but it would make for a terrible thread

>> No. 12463 [Edit]
Damn, that is a long wall of text. Don't get me wrong, I read it all and agree wholeheartedly, I'm just thinking that, maybe, you could've made your point in less paragraphs.
>> No. 12466 [Edit]
>Whites, asians and indians don't drive loud vehicles
yeah they do. its more a problem with men aged 18-25 than any race in particular.
>you can't legitimately argue (or at the very least, it'd be quite difficult) that people of culture x are inherently loud, annoying, faggots.
There are differences between cultures/races, agreed? Therefore it follows that some will be louder than others. Of course you would need some kind of data to back this up, not just "My neighbours are loud".
>> No. 12469 [Edit]
I'm sorry, I typed that out on my mobile this morning and I couldn't (or didn't) think about length.

Haruhi damn, it is a novel though...
>> No. 12471 [Edit]
Koreans puzzle me.
They really do seem keep to themselves and have no interest at all in outsiders. I live in the South, home of the redneck yet there is a very large Korean population here now. Why? I have no idea.

They build little strip malls, and buy up closed businesses, and cater only to other Koreans. What they sell in these shops is beyond me as I can't read Korean. That doesn't seem like the best business model, as it highly restricts their clientele to just those that have not been fully assimilated.

Back on topic about things that annoy me.
How people dress themselves. I could go on and on, but here are a couple of examples.

People that wear flip-flops and sandals outside of the beach or the pool. Put some fucking shoes on. I see this year round. Even winter time there will be those in shorts and flip-flops. It doesn't snow much here, but it does get cold.

Women dressing like men annoys me too. I mean wearing boot-cut jeans, boots, and a flannel shirt. That is fine attire for hopping in a Subaru and driving to the nearest gay bar. Are men going to have to wear frilly dresses to be masculine soon? I bet some here hope so
>> No. 12472 [Edit]
yeah it bugs the hell out of me too.
I've also seen people wearing those things in winter while it's pouring rain out.
I wish they'd get frost bite or something, they deserve it.

specking of how people dress, I hate how guys walk around without shirts on.
It's at least 100 miles from the nearest beach.
It's especially bad when they have baggy pants that show off their underwear.
there should be indecent exposure laws against this shit.
>> No. 12474 [Edit]
you guys are really into fashion huh
>> No. 12475 [Edit]
I don't think it's that we're into fashion, but that the things people commonly wear are disgusting.
as someone said before, people are wearing sleepwear in public now.

I honestly find popular fasion to be complet shit, as in what celbertys promote.
they're pushing trash, I mean litraly, it's trash, the shit these people pass off as fasion, it all looks like they stole it from a homeless faimly, and charge hundreds of thoesnds of dollers for this crap.
I'm sure there are kids in chinese sweat shops making fun of the retards over here paying $500 for ripped up jeans purposefully made to look like old shit.
>> No. 12477 [Edit]
About the sandals, sometimes people wear them when its raining because they don't have any waterproof shoes, and their socks would just get wet. Then again, its probably more likely that what you said was the reason behind it.
>> No. 12478 [Edit]
On the subject of fashion; I hate the kind of nerds who wear fedoras or other stupid nonsense to compensate for their unremarkable self.
>> No. 12480 [Edit]
File 132717184061.jpg - (45.17KB , 180x479 , goonhat.jpg )
>> No. 12482 [Edit]
My neighbors are rattling my windows with car stereos as I type. My mother says we can't call in on them unless it's past 11 at night (then it is disturbing the peace). I'm really surprised since two of them got arrested last month for burglary and driving a car into a house (being chased by cops), so you'd think the remaining ones would try to keep a low profile. Expecting them to have sense is too much, I suppose.

Post edited on 21st Jan 2012, 1:10pm
>> No. 12483 [Edit]
I hate that

I wish I could just stab those niggers and their Haruhidamned car stereos

There is nothing more infuriating than having to endure that garbage
>> No. 12484 [Edit]
I agree (sort of), but please don't say such things

Post edited on 21st Jan 2012, 2:16pm
>> No. 12494 [Edit]
people often define themselves by dressing according to a group's code.

What we really hate are those groups, but we notice the attire first. Also, many people look really stupid.
>> No. 12498 [Edit]
Fucking hell.

I knew a kid who wore anime t-shirts, but wore a trenchcoat and a fedora.

In school.


I told him he has no business in that attire unless he's wearing a shirt and tie beneath it. And a diploma.
>> No. 12522 [Edit]
My face is so remarkably chiseled and beautiful, I could walk outside in a standard tshirt and jeans and garner a bit of attention. Hard not to with cherubs praising my beauty and getting me on the sexual predator list.
It's a curse really.
>> No. 12539 [Edit]
I hate people that list things for sale online as 'new' even though it's opened or out right missing the packaging.

these idiots need to learn the difference between 'new' and 'used'.
at best an item can be 'like new' but as soon as you remove it from the package, it is no longer 'new'
>> No. 12540 [Edit]

Someone needs to tell him that the only men who are able to get away with fedoras anymore are pimps, really old guys, and old blues or jazz musicians (though that's usually more of a porkpie style.) Though I have seen a few black men wearing them with suits lately, all 40's style, but they can pull it off.
>> No. 12548 [Edit]
Euphemsisms. Things don't become less uncomfortable or gross, if you talk about them by different words.
>> No. 12549 [Edit]
They can be funny though
>> No. 12551 [Edit]
a lot of ebay sellers also need to look up the meaning of "rare"
>> No. 12554 [Edit]
haha, yeah that also, seems like people put 'rare' on just about anything.
>> No. 12654 [Edit]
People ending their sentences with "lol".
>> No. 12670 [Edit]
in real life
>> No. 12673 [Edit]
The society pisses me off.
My physical condition pisses me off.
The need to work pisses me off.
>> No. 12674 [Edit]
having to listen to the three's company theme song at 2am coming from my neighbor's house every night.
>> No. 12675 [Edit]
I'm imagining a house that throws a Three's Company party every night for no apparent reason and it's making me laugh
>> No. 12700 [Edit]
My country is filled with people with no respect for property. 

The reason there is little public transportation and tax-funded public infrastructure is because there are a lot of people who can't be trusted to, quite literally, not shit on everything. 

Boston has a group called the Mass Bay Transportation Authority, colloquially called "The T". This is because all the Commuter Rail (Passenger diesel trains), bus stops, and subway are marked with a big sign with a T in a circle (Ⓣ) for Train or Transport. The MBTA is in charge of all public transport and even offers taxis. 

Anyways, because the MBTA is funded by taxes, they can allow for "lower" fares on train tickets, a third of the price of Amtrak. From the nearest station to me, a trip to Boston costs $7.25 and takes 1 hour or so. This is a hell of a lot safer, more efficient, and actually cheaper and less time consuming for one person to go into the city. 

However, people have no respect for the train. They leave trash everywhere. Even the workers throw tickets onto the floor when they are done clipping them. Normal people throw their gum on the floor. Sunflower seed shells are spat on the ground. And yes... People do occasionally have bowel movements. They sometimes forget to do it on the walls of a public bathroom, in a trash can, in a newspaper vending box, or Haruhi knows where else they spread their shit.  Jesus. 

Because they have to scrape shit and gum and graffiti off of every surface they own, the MBTA is now jacking up fares and cutting off some key services that people rely on starting next year (or within the next few months). This is going to kill the infrastructure and will be detrimental to the city's revenue and to the surrounding towns. If people actually respected public property this wouldn't be an issue. 

I especially love it when people talk about how "disgusting" it is that public urination is more common in Japan than in the US (to which a lot of people (Japanese or otherwise) say the Zainichi do it, and it's more common in urban China and Korea than Japan, etc). For christ's sake, have those people ever encountered a fucking fresh log sitting on a park bench, or shit spread (with handprints) all over the walls of a public bathroom in the guhd ol' Yew Eyss ah Ay? Because I see it so much... Fucking hell.

For those of you outside the US, is shit on everything common at all? I don't want to be making inferences I cannot confirm. Here, if you walk into a stall at McDonalds or any school or hospital or restaurant there is a 1:5 chance that the bathroom floor and wall is coated with someone's shit, or the toilet is clogged with a fucking ream of toilet paper mixed with shit and piss. Even sometimes, just piss is left in the bowl because some asshole couldn't be bothered to flush his piss, like most three year olds know how to do. If you do visit the US, always use public bathrooms between the hours of 5-9 AM, because this is usually before all the teenagers and frat boys can coat the walls in the only things they know how to create. This is the best advice I can give, and I guarantee no tourist book will tell you that. 

It seems like as soon as you call something "public", especially in urban areas, it automatically is disrespected by everyone. I hate it and think no wonder socialism is a bad word in the US. Who wants to work so their income is taxed to scrape gum and shit off of a train station platform?

I think sometimes that I should exact revenge on the public by leaving the bloody water sitting in a toilet bowl with a note saying "I never flushed in public bathrooms. Now this happens to me. This is what Haruhi did to me. Please always remember to flush or you too will be hit by Haruhi's holy wrath of bloody poop." so someone can have nightmares and remember to flush always. 

I. hate. shit. 
>> No. 12701 [Edit]
That's disgusting. I rarely if ever leave the house, but I don't remember ever seeing shit spread on the walls of public bathrooms, or any place for that matter, at least not on the places I go to. I've seen piss, obviously, on the floor next to the urinals but that is, I assume, common. I don't know how it is in the rest of Europe, but people are somewhat hygienic where I live.
>> No. 12703 [Edit]
I live in the us and I've never encountered stuff like that
>> No. 12705 [Edit]
I really hate that too.
people, especial teens, love to deface public property for fun.

when I went to mexico for some dental work, I used a pay toilet, and it was disgusting, the floor was completely covered in soggy cardboard.
It would really be nice if people didn't feel compelled to brake, carve their name into, deface, or steal anything left out for public use.

My mother has a habit of leaving trash in parking lots when questioned about why she does it, she said that it was part of what we pay for at whatever business we just came from, that they have people payed to clean that stuff up, and generally believes it to be someone else's problem.
This is the problem I think, when citys get so big, no one knows each other, it all becomes 'someone else's problem'
you wouldn't trash your own home or that of a friend right?
I doubt these people would destroy or deface the property of a shop, if they personally knew the owner of the business.
but when that owner is a stranger you'll probably never meet, it makes people not care.
becuase people only care about what will eventually come back to them and affect them, and I don't mean shop keepers yelling at them or violating laws, I mean destroying things use regularly or that belong to people they care about.
I dunno, but maybe if there was no one around to clean their shit up for them, maybe people would stop doing it as much.
make them use the things they damaged and covered in shit, and teach them that it does in fact affect them to, because they certainly don't care if it affects anyone else.
>> No. 12706 [Edit]
less populated, more rural area are less likely to have these problems.
>> No. 12720 [Edit]
I believe this is just a symptom of 'freedom' being taken to ridiculous levels. True freedom is not only the freedom to thrive, but also the freedom to fuck up. There is a laissez faire attitude in America and to a (probably) lesser extent other Western nations towards people doing shitty things. Adults leave trash on the ground, mismanage their children, cheat on their taxes etc as if they were still children and expect everyone else to clean up after them because nobody is allowed to call them out. The law of the country and even the culture of the country lets people do these things and get off scot-free.

Other countries with stricter policies don't have these kinds of problems. In Japan, if you do something wrong, you get named, shamed and told to resign from your job. Chewing gum is banned in Singapore and you can get a $500 fine for spitting. You can prevent certain people from ruining it for everyone else, but the tradeoff is you have to restrict their freedom. Despotic regimes with draconian laws and punishments which are run for the purpose of improving life for the whole nation is this concept taken to its extreme. The health of the organism usually means the suffering of the cell.
>> No. 12739 [Edit]
I think anonymity plays a large roll in it to.
people are more likely to do something bad, if they think they can get away with it.
in large cities, it's easy to blend into a crowd and disappear in the sea of people.
where as, I doubt most people would shit on their neighbor's lawn and graffiti tag the person's house, if that neighbor was the only other person around for a 100 miles.

and yeah, I've always hated people that are always spiting everywhere.
I don't get why they can't hold it in, and dispose of their fluids in restrooms if need be, it's gross.

Post edited on 30th Jan 2012, 8:54pm
>> No. 12740 [Edit]
I took my laptop in to the apple store for some minor repairs on thursday

The "geniuses" have somehow completely destroyed it

They broke my harddrive, replaced it, and somehow have managed to completely botch the replacement

It was supposed to be a quick, very minor fucking repair and now my laptop hasn't worked for almost a fucking week. I have to take it in for MORE repairs tomorrow for the fourth fucking time.

Fucking Apple. Fucking macs. I wish I had a normal laptop.

So infuriating.
>> No. 12741 [Edit]
I don't use macs, but I understood Apple had some sort of total hardaware waranty, so if they can't repair your machine they replace it with another, at no charge... was I wrong?

However: I don't think any major company official repairing center guarantees software recovery; so even if they fix your machine, they might very well wipe out your entire power level in the process without even consulting you (since it's not their responsability).
>> No. 12752 [Edit]
I hate having to sleep.
always seems like I don't really start to do productive things until after midnight.
currently 4am, I'm damn tired, and I really don't want to go to bed.
such a damn wast of time...
I could be doing so much better things with that time... which I probably wouldn't given the chance... but could! ...damn it.
>> No. 12754 [Edit]
Drink coffee.

Also, I hate how 4-ch is being overrun by normal people, every single thread has people talking about relationships and meet-ups and whatnot. I know that normals are pretty much everywhere on the web now, but at least let me have my textboards.
>> No. 12763 [Edit]

What about /jp/?
>> No. 12764 [Edit]
What does /jp/ have to do with 4-ch?
>> No. 12766 [Edit]
>> No. 12769 [Edit]
4-ch is not the same as 4chan.
>> No. 12771 [Edit]

Yeah I got mixed up due to someone calling 4chan 4ch a while back
>> No. 12777 [Edit]
If it's unrepairable, yeah they replace it. I finally got it back and working, but it might as well be a new computer, they basically replaced everything.

And they did wipe my drive out.

Fortunately I keep the essentials 50~ gigs backed up on an external.
>> No. 12839 [Edit]
well apparently someone revived world2ch a while back
or at least is using the domain name to set up a bbs
>> No. 12872 [Edit]
This. I wish there was some BBS with a lot of (non-normal) people. I'm sure it would have better conversations than the chans (excluding TC of course).
>> No. 12874 [Edit]
Well let's see.
There's world2ch, like >>12839 mentioned, but that place suffers from the same problem that plagues 4-ch: Tokiko/Archduke. It's run by 0037 however and he's a cool guy. Used to be a poster on the original alongside with Shii/Menchi.

There's the SAoVQ, of course, but unfortunately it seems that it too is being overrun with normals. Don't ask me how they found that place, 'cause I have no idea.

None of the other textboards currently alive have anywhere near the traffic that these two and 4-ch have, which is a shame really. The 4chan textboards are only good for ``inane trolling garbage'', 6ch is slow and shitty (though it hosts AAchan), vip-quality is run by the same poster I mentioned in the spoiler, the Tablecat's Lounge gets like one post per week, 10ch is also slow, and the English language board on 2ch requires you to speak Japanese if you want to have a proper conversation with the natives.

If only we lived in Japan we could all call news4vip home.

Post edited on 3rd Feb 2012, 2:49am
>> No. 12876 [Edit]
I hate it when people take photos of themselves or have any of their body parts in the image.
>> No. 12912 [Edit]
>> No. 12915 [Edit]
I really hate "talking head" videos. You know them: someone -- instead of producing a mediocre blog post -- decides to speak his shallow opinions in the camera. Bonus if the camera is shaking, the person is ugly, begins with "so ay... this is a ...", uses "well", "um", "so" in every sentence, mumbles, etc.
>> No. 12916 [Edit]
I don't like that either. I. Don't like eating spoiled rice and I try to brush my teeth otherwise
>> No. 12958 [Edit]
I don't like it when my mom harasses me to get a 3DPD. She even gets angry when I tell her it's none of her business.
>> No. 13022 [Edit]
I hate being poor. I hate this community, the state the whole country. I don't have a single dollar, my breakfast is a single off brand waffle since I can't waste them and eat two at a time. I can't afford to purchase anything for lunch and my dinner is whatever my mom can scratch together. I got to a shitty school and can hardly even afford that. The textbooks cost too much and I need to write down whatever notes I pick up in lectures and expand on that online, and Haruhi fucking help me if the assignments are straight from the book. I can't get a part time job since you need a car to go anywhere in this "city", and my I can feel the hard stares my parents give me when they have to give me a cent to pay for my school or whatever little thing I might need for classes. My mom only cares about her religion and despises me for not socializing the few times I go to church with her, my dad is on his third wife and doesn't give a damn about any of his kids.
Everyone I've come across is the worst kind of person. I'm hardly ever noticed when I do my work in a near empty labroom and hear the rest of them talk behind each others back, ridiculing the professors and their so called friends. I wonder if they talk about me like that too when I'm out of earshot. I always thought that it was a petty thing only women did, but it looks like men do it too. At least I have the benefit of hardly being noticeable or displaying any trait that they could criticize me on.
My own mom makes fun of me for not having friends of a 3DPD, and even wonders why I turned out this way too. Well when you lock someone indoors during non school hours don't expect them to magically be a functional member of society when they reach "adult age".

I've never come across a single person offline that had any redeemable qualities. If they along with their entire bloodline were shit off the Earth I can say it would be a much better place. Even online that list is very very slim.
I hate having to sit around other people. Anyone remember how in the biology classes they would show pictures and slides of leukocytes and other bacteria all around it? That's exactly how it feels.
>> No. 13057 [Edit]
I really hate tsundere. I find them scary and completely unlovable.
>> No. 13059 [Edit]
I hate tsundere because they are bitches. Always makes me mad when the girl that beats the ever living life out of the MC on a daily basis wins over the shy, quiet, and caring girl that wouldn't hurt a fly.
>> No. 13060 [Edit]
You sound like me, only I'm not quite that hateful or poor yet. I especially know what you mean about being locked in, being denied most chances to go with friends because "it's too inconvenient" for my parents to give me a ride or even let me fucking leave the house.
>> No. 13061 [Edit]
My sentiments exactly.

Post edited on 7th Feb 2012, 5:35pm
>> No. 13062 [Edit]
But thats just part of the appeal. Breaking down the tough exterior to get to the sweet gooey deredere inside.
>> No. 13064 [Edit]
Diamonds are brighter when dug out of a deep cave.
>> No. 13149 [Edit]
I hate how sexist popular media is towards men.

I just saw the film Frozen today.
Two guys and a girl get placed in a very possible deadly situation.
and from just that, I bet you can guess how it ends.
one guy jumps from a height that brakes his legs on the ground, (nasty stuff) wolfs come and eat him alive.
about an hour latter into the movie, second guy makes his way across the wires down to the ground and fights off the wolfs then gos for help, but latter on they show that he didn't make it and was also eaten alive by wolfs.
stupid shit like that belongs in horror movies, not dramas.
as for the girl? the chair conveniently falls halfway down snagging on some previously unseen wire, allowing her to fall a safe distance and crawl her way to a road where someone helps her out.
along her way, she comes across the mutilated body of the second guy, and a wolf fucking Staring her down for a minute before going back to eat what's left of the second guy.

I'm tired of movies and tv shows treating men as being expendable, good for nothing but protecting women with their worthless lives, and feeding the dogs with their remains.
>> No. 13175 [Edit]
Prices for replacement parts, and repairs made by Dell.

It would cost me well over $800 to replace each part of my laptop (build it from scratch. Hard drive, power source, screen, keyboard, motherboard etc), excluding shipping.

It cost $350 to buy.

It would cost me more money to make a Dell laptop than buy it from them pre-made.

How the hell does this even make sense?

I agree with this.
>> No. 13179 [Edit]
I was about to say that I'm sick of how rampantly prevalent double standards are in our society and how most folks seem to be ok with it. Your story is a good example of that.

I'd imagine that's how they manage to sell their computers so cheaply, by charging out the ass for things like repairs.
>> No. 13186 [Edit]
I dunno, I really hate seeing girls get majorly hurt or killed (even 3D). I don't watch slasher movies or certain anime because it bothers me so much.
>> No. 13188 [Edit]
I'm not into gore myself either, but stuff like this is why equal rights will never exist.
Not just because of crazy feminist bitches who have no idea what they're talking about, but white nights as well, guys putting down their own fellow man as they knowingly defend sexist double standards.

anime isn't filled with stupid dick envying cunts bitching about their rights.
3D is though, and if they want to be men so badly and get the same treatment as men, that should be in all areas, not just the ones they want.

You think real wolfs give a shit what kind of genitals a human has?
nature doesn't care.
Bitch in that movie used as an example didn't even offer to try and help once in the whole movie, just sat there and waiting until the guys died and left on her own.
I'm not saying she should have died also, what pisses me off is the portrayal of how worthless and disposable men are.
the second guy to get brutally killed actually said at one point 'you're thinking it should have been me that died down there? no I get it, no one gives a shit about me right?'
the guy was actually a well developed character with a back story but died an idiotic death ten minutes from the end of the movie for no good reason.
all the audience knows about the women, is that she's just one of the guy's 3DPD for a year.

It's not that women need to die in media more often, it's that men should not be killed all the time just for the heck of it, for fun even.
many movies will show men dieing by the dozens, which sends a clear message that men are born expendable.
>> No. 13189 [Edit]
I wouldn't say I'm a "white knight". I don't like seeing bunnies getting killed either, doesn't mean I think people should stop hunting them and they all need protecting or whatever

Post edited on 12th Feb 2012, 1:10pm
>> No. 13191 [Edit]
So you don't think women need protecting either then?
>> No. 13192 [Edit]
Nope. There's a difference between "I don't want to watch" and "I don't think it should exist"

If people want to watch anime that feature girls getting graphically killed then more power to them, but I don't.

Post edited on 12th Feb 2012, 1:23pm
>> No. 13193 [Edit]
Not talking about anime though.
>> No. 13196 [Edit]
>but stuff like this is why equal rights will never exist.
I see the female sex as inferior, so equal rights seem pretty silly. Being treated just slightly better than domesticated animals for thousands of years and all. "Equal rights" wont work unless females are given a massive advantage to compensate for not being male, which would not make it equal at all.

It's my belief so I don't care if any of you think I'm wrong.
>> No. 13198 [Edit]
I fap to oppai lolis.

It seems no matter where I am everybody hates them. Even in the tc irc.

Dunno, I feel alone, no matter where I am.
>> No. 13199 [Edit]
I like them, but I don't consider a loli with big breasts a true loli. loli is more of a bodytype, to me
>> No. 13201 [Edit]
Women do have equal rights, in law. This is all they need.

If they don't make as much as men it's their problem for settling for lower paying jobs.

Equal rights does not equal entitlement. Feminists want entitlement. They already have equal rights. They have in law since the 1920s and in business since about the sixties.
>> No. 13202 [Edit]
>Women do have equal rights, in law.
Do you know a lot of guys who get out of tickets by showing the cop some cleavage?

Post edited on 12th Feb 2012, 6:28pm
>> No. 13203 [Edit]
That probably has something to do with the fact that men don't have breasts.
>> No. 13204 [Edit]
Maybe YOU don't
>> No. 13205 [Edit]
Speak for yourself, I've some great knockers.
>> No. 13206 [Edit]
and as such, equal rights are impossible.
case closed.
>> No. 13207 [Edit]
Adele (some singer) sounds like Aretha Franklin with bronchitis, this black raspy sandpaper voice. I really don't get why anyone thinks she sounds good.

In law, not the law.

On paper they are equal. In social practice, not so much.
>> No. 13208 [Edit]
I think judges still have a tendency to be more lenient towards women in court.
>> No. 13209 [Edit]
Loli with rude titties is great, I love it. Hard to find it specifically on ex or ge hentai though. I want oppai on the loli, but instead I get a long list of loli's and a mature oppai.
>> No. 13210 [Edit]
my fav artist:

and for pixiv I use this keyword:
>> No. 13225 [Edit]
Oh, come on, now. She has a slight rough edge to her voice, but "raspy sandpaper" is a bit extreme.
Her (or whomever wrote them's)lyrics are extremely mediocre, though.
>> No. 13226 [Edit]
The Anon who spoilers part of their posts when its not a spoiler pisses me off
>> No. 13227 [Edit]
I do, too.

I'm not that guy, but I do it, too.
I hope that this isn't excessive. ハハハ ▇▇▇▇▇ (`・ω・)
>> No. 13228 [Edit]
I think he's a nice guy. And I do that quite oftenly aswell.
>> No. 13231 [Edit]
Now you're just being dicks. I do it too.
>> No. 13240 [Edit]
the worst is when people spoiler the ;_; face
i mouse over it every time even though i know what it is
why do they do it
>> No. 13246 [Edit]
People who call themselves hackers.
>> No. 13247 [Edit]
Probably because it might be considered too western. ███
>> No. 13248 [Edit]
I'm a hacker. I'll take you on in a perl golf match bruv.
>> No. 13266 [Edit]
I always thought of ;_; as being sad inside, and its being spoilered because the person doesn't want to be seen. And also they spoiler other things because they thought maybe what they were saying wasn't that important, or they're being shy or modest
>> No. 13298 [Edit]
I hate site that require membership in order to just see posted links. It's not like I can't make an account using ten minute mail and a gibberish username, but it's a nuisance. like a even worse version of captcha.
>> No. 13308 [Edit]
This, especially with Japanese sites.

I have learned a lot of useless kanji from having to decypher the account application, and moonrunes only make it more aggravating when they always require you to make a password with categories of unicode characters or your username has to have a number equal to one half of the square route of the number of characters in your email address times three or some shit.

All I want is to see a Haruhidamn picture of a cute loli.
>> No. 13309 [Edit]
I can kind of understand why Japanese sites would want to keep out western users, since they tend to act like retards and shit places up.
Although not all western users are bad, it only takes a few idiots to fill an otherwise peaceful site into a den of cp/furry/penis spam.

English sites do it just to keep out bots(why?) and possibly increase traffic, with the idea that forcing people to make accounts might make them want to stick around, yet such practices seem more like deterrents to me.

But yes, excessiveness such as that in account application is also frustrating.

Post edited on 16th Feb 2012, 11:48pm
>> No. 13315 [Edit]
I don't like when sin is pictured sympathetically in fiction. When abuse, murder, rape, theft, vandalism, fraud, selfishness, irresponsibility is presented as something fun, heroic, or excusable.
>> No. 13316 [Edit]
There are a few things on that list that I agree with, but stuff like Murder, theft, and vandalism should be a case by case basis, rather than thrown under the large net that includes rape and abuse.
>> No. 13320 [Edit]
Some people like to be abused, and I bet there are some women that like to get raped (such as every women that chooses to live in south africa)
Anything can be viewed as a case by case bases sin if digged into deep enough.
What maters is that it's generally wrong.
>> No. 13322 [Edit]
I doubt living in africa is a choice for most people
>> No. 13323 [Edit]
That's besides the point.
>> No. 13324 [Edit]
If they like it is it even rape anymore?
>> No. 13335 [Edit]
I really hate how windows 7 can't remember my method for sorting files.
It's like every other day this shit happens, I go to a folder looking for a file or folder, but can't find it, only to realize windows moved it on it's own, again.
Then I got to left click > sort by > more... then scroll down a very long list to search for the method.
Doesn't matter if I move it up on the list or not, it always goes back to where it was.
Then when I exit the window, I've got to left click > sort by > date modified (twice to get the new files on the bottom)
Fuck this shit is annoying.
>> No. 13338 [Edit]
If you find Windows 7 annoying, just wait 'till 8 is out. Man, are we gonna have a ball with that one or what?

Speaking of which, I don't like Windows 8 and where they're trying to go with it.

Post edited on 18th Feb 2012, 1:05am
>> No. 13350 [Edit]
I hate being paranoid. I can't masturbate because I'm afraid my grandparents' ghosts are looking at me. And in their eyes there is shame. Fie upon me!
>> No. 13351 [Edit]
I'm fairly certain there literally isnt a single person on earth who actually things win8 looks good
>> No. 13352 [Edit]

You should be using XP or Linux then.
>> No. 13355 [Edit]
what about the people making the design decisions?

I am, on my other computers.
>> No. 13373 [Edit]

Now this bugs me greatly.
>> No. 13381 [Edit]
I don't have a problem with sex changes in and of themselves (I too wish to be the girl), but a child isn't going to know enough about themselves yet to know what they want. Then again the earlier you start treatment the better chance you will have of growing up to look like what you want, instead of looking like someone in drag.
>> No. 13388 [Edit]
>> No. 13395 [Edit]
I'd definitely be in favor of sex changes if they actually did turn people into a real member of the opposite gender. Instead they turn you into a strange being that doesn't really belong in either camp, either mentally or biologically.
>> No. 13396 [Edit]
The methods used are barbaric and consist of mutilation and drugging you up eternally. I'll never see it in a positive light until they can make a transformation that is capable of reproduction.
>> No. 13400 [Edit]

Not true. In addition, the same logic could apply to organ transplants. As anyone who lives long enough will find out, presuming any of us here live long enough and could ever afford to have one of those . . .
>> No. 13401 [Edit]
well to be fair it's not like they give you a vagina. they just mess with your genitals until they resemble a vagina. most transgender women dont even do that and live their lives as irl futas
>> No. 13402 [Edit]
Pretty much.
would be cool if they could turn you into real members of the opposite sex.
but we might never see the day...

I wonder if it would possible to trade out genitals and such with members of the opposite sex who are also getting sex changes. hmm...
>> No. 13405 [Edit]
Why would you want to be a woman? It's estrogen itself that makes you beyond shit and an awful person, which you need to be flooded with to transform quickly enough. Thankfully elected leaders have an age requirement that is right at about when women should go through menopause.
A full transformation would be available long after I have died, so I'd rather opt to be 2D instead, since both options are just as farfetched in my lifetime anyways. I'd still be male though, with hopefully a bunch of 2D loli's swooning over me.
>> No. 13407 [Edit]
I want to be a 2D loli
>> No. 13441 [Edit]
So I can wear cute dresses whilst I lay in front of a mirror and stick hot dog wieners in my vagina.
>> No. 13451 [Edit]
I hate that I can't leave anything I own outside of my room, unless I wont miss it.
My mom would toss out or trash everything, if not her friends would.
my old skate board, razor scooters, all my bikes? gone.
once lent her my old katana, and she gave it to her boyfriend at the time,( but at least she made it up to me by buying me a cheep rusted up Chinese knock off)
Even my car, besides getting dings and scratches and tons of miles put on it, uses the backseat of for dropping off garbage.
Almost all my old toys fell victim to my mom's friends kids when she's invite them over, and they'd destroy anything they get their hands on.
Shit, used to be before I sarted using locks on my doors, my mom would regularly go into my room and trash the place and leave it as if a burglar broke in and was looking for something valuable.
She'd say she was cleaning my room when asked about it, cleaning my room my ass, since when does cleaning some one's room involve sweeping everything off the shelves and pulling everything out of the draws and tossing it all into a pile in the middle of the room?
My room is cluttered and cramped as hell, I'm living like a pack rat not because i am one, but becuase I just can't leave anything in the rest of my house, and it pisses me off especially because this is legally my house also.
>> No. 13452 [Edit]
It is nearly impossible for a non-doctor to recognize a well crafted vagina with the current surgical skill, most biological ones look far less natural. MtF's in western countries also have a higher orgasm rate than biological women. It's all about money though, just as with any plastic surgery.
>> No. 13454 [Edit]
I don't like when (upper-) middle class people use the mythical "the rich" as a convenient scapegoat. Not only it's stereotyping, it's hypocritical as well.
>> No. 13456 [Edit]
>a well crafted vagina

why did i laugh
>> No. 13460 [Edit]
Was it because most vaginas look like roast beef butchered by a blind man and sewn together by a quadriplegic?
>> No. 13461 [Edit]
When I see "well crafted vaginas", it makes me think of an old bearded man in a forest putting the finishing touches on a vagina he sculpted out of wood, smiling to himself as he puts it on his mantle with the others
>> No. 13467 [Edit]
It's not only about the vagina. Skeletal structure between men and women is different.
>> No. 13473 [Edit]
A convincing fake is still a fake at the end of the day, or in this case, still a mutilated penis.
>> No. 13478 [Edit]
I'm sorry but... what in the world does a well-crafted vagina consist of?
>> No. 13486 [Edit]
hard work and superior craftsmanship
>> No. 13487 [Edit]
I see it, but as a commercial.
The old man finishes and smiles at his creation, a thunder breaks in, he glances at the cloudy sky, carefully hides his masterpiece under his garments and runs to his log cabin. There he puts it in a shelf and sits by the fire, admiring his creations, ranging from an almost amorphous mass of coarse wood to his recently crafted smooth piece of tight immaculate wooden vagina. He smiles yet another time and then we are greeted by the old familiar "Keep Walking, Johnnie Walker".

Post edited on 25th Feb 2012, 10:41am
>> No. 13488 [Edit]
And good bones, vagina's need good vagina bones.
>> No. 13499 [Edit]
File 133021601125.png - (10.76KB , 378x359 , 1302314315113.png )
Dark Souls invasions

I swear to fucking Haruhi, this shit is beyond frustrating. I'm just trying to get to a boss so I can have some fun co-oping with people but noooooo~

Lagstabbing, cheap, dirty, low-down scum couldn't possibly allow that, could they?

I just died probably the 15th time to some laggy cunt gliding around the screen while just trying to do some co-op

I'm going to have a fucking rage heart attack
>> No. 13501 [Edit]
You know, those type of people who act like they know everything. It happens to all of us, especially when it comes to things you have alot of expertise in-- you naturally feel like you know most of the subject. Those are not the type of people I'm talking about though, this person is the kind of person who doesn't know much about what they're talking about, but still act like they do. This person talks vaguely about subjects and agrees with anyone reputable, and leaves slivers of freedom so, when proven wrong, this person can refute by saying "of course there are arguments towards what I just said", or something very similar. Now, that's not even the icing on the cake. In my experience, crowds and the general audience react very strangely to this happening.

Let's say I know for sure this person is bullshitting me and knows nothing about the subject. I call this person out and prove that this person has no idea. Instead of the audience agreeing with me and shunning the person for getting themselves in a conversation they have little to no experience in, they actually shun me instead for calling the person out, saying I'm a "know it all".

That's not even all. Let's say I didn't call this person out. This person would then be at the top of the conversation and everyone would praise this person, just for pretending like they know what they're talking about. Days upon days, this person would probably just do little to no research (depending on the topic), and speaks really vaguely-- and people suck it up like they're in an actual conversation.

I understand that I may have been smug when it comes to calling people out, mainly because I hate when people do such a thing, but whose at fault here? Is it the person themselves for playing with people's minds in order to gain a false sense of achievement? Is it the audience who don't care who they're talking to, so long as they have someone to talk to about the topic they like? Is it me for caring too much about this kind of stuff?

I don't even know anymore.
>> No. 13502 [Edit]
I think you managed to sum up every internet discussion
>> No. 13508 [Edit]
The people are at fault for not being like you obviously. I do that kind of stuff you described all the time.
>> No. 13510 [Edit]
I find it annoying when people argue a point not for the sake of development of a discussion in the proper direction, but for an ego boost. I argue a point because I know it is true, while a lot of people argue a point because they want to look right, and look good doing it.

Thankfully none of those people seem to be here.
>> No. 13512 [Edit]
I don't think so. Not unless scientists can change the chromosomes in every cell in your body from XY to XX. And even then, are you even yourself anymore?
>> No. 13598 [Edit]
why is the school shooting in ohio such a big deal? I mean yeah the death of 3 kids is a shame but it has been on cnn almost nonstop since it happened, more than the syrian thing where hundreds are dying a day. they have like BREAKING NEWS every 5 minutes and its always something like "the kid once punched someone in school, more on this later"

Post edited on 29th Feb 2012, 2:46pm
>> No. 13600 [Edit]

How weak, he didn't get anywhere near the high score.
>> No. 13601 [Edit]
Because American news is a joke.
>> No. 13602 [Edit]
well obviously but I dont see why the shooting news story is so important to them when they have a whole host of presidental candidates that they still need to promote/shit on depending on whether or not they serve their corporate owners' financial interests
>> No. 13605 [Edit]
File 133059777378.png - (233.45KB , 632x435 , Kawachi.png )
raging about morality on tohno-chan when we all know that the tab next door to this one is loli
>> No. 13607 [Edit]
I hate anything and everything about 4chan. I consider it to be nothing more than just social networking garbage that attracts the same trash.
>> No. 13608 [Edit]
What's wrong with loli?
>> No. 13609 [Edit]
hate to break it to you, but /soc/ is the 2nd most popular board on this site after /b/ /ot/
>> No. 13612 [Edit]
Good, I better start a "post chubby girls itt" thread.
>> No. 13631 [Edit]
Hay lets do a brohno meetup dude. Bring Guy Fawkes masks.

I think that's what they do on /soc/ or something? the moment I saw it I just stopped going to 4chan forever.
>> No. 13654 [Edit]
Well, to be fair, school shootings are relatively rare in the US. Violence in the middle east, on the other hand, is rather commonplace.
>> No. 13664 [Edit]
I'm always spoiling things for myself, and I don't know why. Like right now the only TV show I watch is The Walking Dead, and the instant spoilers were posted on another forum I went and looked at them. I probably would have been shocked at what happened (doesn't follow the comic, which I also looked at the summaries for to spoil the show) and had a more enjoyable experience but for some reason I just have to know all the time.
>> No. 13670 [Edit]
Before I watch shows, I always read the spoilers first. They don't spoil but enhance my experience, as I don't have to figure out the plot myself.
>> No. 13671 [Edit]
That sounds really stupid.
No really, it seriously does.
>> No. 13839 [Edit]
When it gets even a little bit warm all the obnoxious, loud retards come out of their homes.
>> No. 13852 [Edit]
Forum signatures and avatars.
>> No. 13853 [Edit]
This is why I love winter and hate summer.
>> No. 13863 [Edit]

I hate this too.

Last couple days here, it's been like 5-10 Celsius, so all the retards come out in shorts and flip-flop sandals like it's already summer out.
>> No. 13864 [Edit]
I highly suggest living in a rural area. It makes spring magical.

Except the bugs. They suck.

But seeing all the flowers on the trees... I can't wait for sakura season.
>> No. 13927 [Edit]
I lost a psp becuase of their wait a month before cleared payment shit, but I never got the payment, ebay lied and said that it was being processed.
Ebay wont even let me leave bad feedback on the asshole who got my psp without having to pay for it.
>> No. 13982 [Edit]

I don't have to get into detail about this, right? They're fucking culinary Baptists on crack. Most people find it impossible to keep a friend after he or she goes vegan, because they won't fucking shut up about it. I don't care about how much "better" I will feel, or how things are slaughtered horribly. You used to look normal but you turned into some sort of frail bony post now, and the only reason you feel better is because you had to completely change your lifestyle to distract yourself from the fact that you pay six times as much for your food than I do.
>> No. 13984 [Edit]
File 133221301964.jpg - (83.77KB , 1280x720 , [sage]_Mobile_Suit_Gundam_AGE_-_23_[720p][10bit][7.jpg )
>Most people find it impossible to keep a friend after he or she goes vegan
>> No. 13996 [Edit]
Steam, developers who force steam and the steam fanboys who cannot accept any criticism about the platform.
>> No. 14023 [Edit]
White knights who don't realize they're being just as sexist as the people they're attacking.

Post edited on 24th Mar 2012, 5:21pm
>> No. 14036 [Edit]
People who spout bullshit like that.
>> No. 14039 [Edit]
Eeeuugh. I live out in the country and was so stoked when winter had finally passed and we could see the grass again, but then the bugs come, and it's only gonna get worse.

At least when it's cold you just turn up the heat. You can't just turn off the bugs that make it into your room at night.
>> No. 14041 [Edit]
People who type like thisssss.
>> No. 14042 [Edit]
I have this spray that we spray around the house after the first warm stretch, it keeps bugs out of our house for the entire warm season.

But the thing is, the bugs already inside our house go crazy for a few days looking for a way to get out.
>> No. 14043 [Edit]
Any self-righteous asshole that uses double-standards or plays the victim.

On that note, feminism and other rights groups that pretend to support "equality" when they're pushing for supremacy.
>> No. 14045 [Edit]
People who like to point out illogicality on other people, when they themselves do make illogical choices.
Also, people who think everyone should be logical all the time.
>> No. 14046 [Edit]
See >>13187

I admit that I am a person who likes to point out illogicality on other people. But on the other hand I like to point out my illogicality too and I strive to be as logical as I can.

But I can understand why people dislike it and try to minimize it.
>> No. 14047 [Edit]
Irrationality. Including, but not limited to: logical fallacies, making unjustified statements, presenting nonsense as profound knowledge.
>> No. 14050 [Edit]

I know that. However, some people like to point out illogical arguments, but under an illogical premise. For example, pointing out that the other side is generalizing, under the some sort of generalization.

Appeal to hypocrisy is bad, but so is argument from fallacy.
>> No. 14055 [Edit]
>For example, pointing out that the other side is generalizing, under the some sort of generalization.

isnt that what you are doing?
>> No. 14062 [Edit]

And when did I generalize that everyone who generalizes are generalizing? I said "some people", not "everyone". It is okay to point out illogicality if your basis is logical.
>> No. 14071 [Edit]
people who label things as lolicon on ehentai even when the girl clearly has breasts and is at least a teenager. I have an exhentai account so whatever but still, its like the only thing that isnt loli to them is when the character is a tittymonster. they do the same thing with trap material, labeling it all as shotacon
>> No. 14077 [Edit]
it bugs me when people feel compelled to offer up their knowledge about preparing fugu or product placement in anime as if they are an expert on the subject when they really know nothing.

also it annoys me when people make offhand comments about how the world will end in 2012 as a joke. its not funny anymore. and some people do think its real, believe it or not. I fear it will become a self fulfilling prophecy.
>> No. 14083 [Edit]
stuff like that bugs me too.

especially when people criticise politicians. These people are not qualified to make most of the criticisms they do. I know democracy needs the people to keep politicians in check, but Haruhi damn it man, some of the things they say are down right outrageous. Its similar to telling an engineer how to do his job. If he listened to you then that bridge or building will collapse, so just back the fuck off okay and let the professional do his job.
>> No. 14085 [Edit]
Some of the criticism is ridiculous, yes, but many of the politicians themselves aren't much better (in my country anyway). They know very little about the things they are making laws about. Even some of the ministers have little knowledge about their field (the minister of science is an ex-nurse, the minister of public health is a political scientist and two economic positions are filled by a historian and ex-detective). They are supposed to do (or make research institutions) do research about the right course of action, but they more or less ask those institutions for ways to justify their beliefs, ignoring the other side of the story.

I suppose that annoys me.
>> No. 14093 [Edit]
People who claim to have friends of several ethnic backgrounds when accused of racism.
>> No. 14094 [Edit]
I hate it when people, mainly those in subgroups or who manage things online, neglect or abandon those things for months at a time, or even all together, because they have collage exams or as some put it 'have a life'
yet they still find the time to make posts about it.
I refuse to believe that crap takes up every minute of every hour of every day of every month.
unless you have a seven day a week job you work 16+ hours a day, I don't want to hear that crap.
Or spend every single waking hour studying for the exam you always claim to be studying for, ie studying while you eat shit shower commute ect.
You expect me to believe you never have a few minutes to spare?
That you're so busy in those months you can't find 30minutes of time to take care of other stuff people are depending on you and waiting on you for?
Just tell the truth, that you don't care about whatever it is you abandoned, be honest and say you rather spend your free time going out drinking or hanging out with friends or whatever and don't make up stupid excuses.
>> No. 14240 [Edit]
Articles that talk about Science education being flawed or too hard for little shits. Just because it has the word "Science" in it doesn't mean it deserves to appear periodically on every Science news website ever.
>> No. 14423 [Edit]
I hate moving. I wish I could settle down in a place I can truly call home, instead I ended up forced to move every 3 years. Shit, my mom's already talking about the house after the one we're gonna be moving into now. and stuff always gets broken or lost.
and my parent always rushes it. For the most part damnage has been minamal so far, small rips on a few posters, and a fig fell off a shelf but was alright. but I have a bad feeling something major is gonna get broken. doesn't help my mom is a crazy bitch who wants to toss out half of everything we own every time we move. Thankfully most of what I own is kept safely in my room, but I just know she's gonna give me hell for not tossing out X amount of stuff for no damn good reason.
>> No. 14430 [Edit]
>> No. 14707 [Edit]
automated answering systems, that require you to talk rather than input numbers.
Why the hell are so many like that now? it's so Haruhi damn annoying.
I like not having to talk with the number based systems.
>> No. 14898 [Edit]
>> No. 15000 [Edit]
I hate GETs.
>> No. 15001 [Edit]
I hate all memes.
>> No. 15004 [Edit]
I hate sun, summer and going outside.
>> No. 16781 [Edit]
File 134689966875.jpg - (646.05KB , 1200x1600 , can.jpg )
Haruhi damn, can't even have a can of soda without being forced to see 3DPD.
It's like the ultimate deterrent from drinking unhealthy stuff like that.
>> No. 16782 [Edit]
I felt the same way when I had some soda with the same crap on the can a few days ago.
>> No. 16791 [Edit]
but the picture on the can is 2D
>> No. 16792 [Edit]

I don't think I could comfortably drink that.
>> No. 16821 [Edit]
File 13470757725.jpg - (113.80KB , 640x480 , index%5B2%5D.jpg )
It bugs me that any scenario where a male protagonist has multiple close female friends is automatically called a "harem", even if he only ends up sleeping with exactly one (or none) of them. Mostly because as kid, I always got along better with girls than boys.
>> No. 16822 [Edit]
some anime adaptations exasperate that.

In the VN the main character only goes with one girl per play through. But the anime version tries to tie together all possible outcomes, making the MC look like some sort of Casanova.

It doesn't surprise me that the anime is made this way, but the result feels disjointed, and awkward when he settles on the one girl he would have from the beginning.
>> No. 16823 [Edit]
File 134707829174.png - (212.28KB , 317x317 , nice boat.png )
I could agree. However, when the gigolo aproach was played straight, it gave birth a classic (though the normal outcome of doing such thing in most VNs is simply to get no girl at all).
>> No. 16824 [Edit]
That was the nice thing about amagami ss, they didn't spread themselves thin and instead actually animate every root separately.
>> No. 16825 [Edit]
I agree. I had discussion on other imageboard where some idiot said Horizon and Dog Days are harem shows.
>> No. 16828 [Edit]
The "word" "YOLO" sounds like some stupid shit that some retarded normals would say to sound cool. I don't like the word and I definitely don't like those Haruhi damned normals that use it.

I wish that they would all die.
>> No. 16831 [Edit]
You forgot SWAG.
>> No. 16833 [Edit]
I only found out about it like a week ago, but I agree.
>> No. 16844 [Edit]

I actually kinda like 'swag', sounds funny.
>> No. 16847 [Edit]
#Yolo is Carpe Diem for stupid people.
>> No. 16855 [Edit]
'Swag' is a ebonic short-hand. For 'swagger' - then to 'swagga'. It is an older term but it used to mean confidence. Now it means 'force of personality' or 'charisma'
>> No. 16856 [Edit]
that's a lot of words to say "its dumb shit for idiots"
>> No. 16875 [Edit]
that ISNT what I said
>> No. 16880 [Edit]
>>and poor kids who majored in philosophy complaining about tuition and not getting a job

Bullshit.. Anyway people were told all their lives that if you get a degree in college, you would be guaranteed a job and if you don't get a college degree you were fucked. Guess what happened. And then fucking loans. And you admit it in your later posts.

How is SAoVQ different in culture?
>> No. 16881 [Edit]
Oh, well, it's dumb shit for idiots. I hope this has helped you
>> No. 16883 [Edit]
>>This sentiment is actually relatively recent in Korea, and even during the annexation period, aside from some fringe groups, the view of most Koreans of Japan was more like the views of Hawaiians to the US, until around 1940. "Yeah, it sucks that we we were colonised, and we want to be free, but let's face the facts. We were a shitty backwater the past 300 years, and it would be worse if Russia annexed us."

There were a shitload of resistance groups in Korea. As in they never died down. Given Korean Nationalists sent a delegation to the Paris Peace Conference, there were anarchist groups in Korea resisting the Japanese, etc even during WWII - I'd say no. Yes there was strong support for unification with Japan ans the upper/middle classes accepted Japanification very well and quickly....but the fact that there were groups after WWII who harassed anyone who had to do with Japanese occupation suggests otherwise.

Also: Hawaiians were not that resisty

>>Also. The government has little pride in Korea's merits and more pride in how to make Korea look cool abroad.

Link that South Korea's government offically supports such?

>>For instance. A comic artist from Denmark that makes a web comic about anthro countries made her Japan a nerdy stereotypical Asian with squinty eyes and a bowl cut while South Korea is some sort of cool dude manga character with European-esque eyes.

Humon/Scandinavia and the World?

Post edited on 10th Sep 2012, 5:49pm
>> No. 16884 [Edit]
why are you arguing with year old posts
>> No. 16892 [Edit]
>what are some things that really bug you?

The last 10 or so posts in this thread. Good lord
>> No. 16913 [Edit]
The 'strong and independent' female character type, in period pieces.
>> No. 16976 [Edit]
Less than 3 minutes ago, I was just chilling out, listening to some Black Moth Super Rainbow, being happy, thinking about the Horizon I finally get to catch up on. All of a sudden, out of nowhere (well, definitely out of somewhere), my Haruhi damn neighbor decides to start up his motorcycle.

Moment ruined. Fuck my neighbor and his lame-ass bike. It's not even a bad-ass motorcycle. It's a pussybike.

They just moved in around a week or so ago. The kids stomp up and down the stairs, and the parents are banging shit around all day. It sucks. I actually miss my old neighbors.
>> No. 17088 [Edit]
I really hate how my Internet connection does just fine until I play an online game, during which it slows to near-dialup speeds and starts to lag like hell.

Or maybe I just play on poorly-run servers.
>> No. 17089 [Edit]
When I played APB my latency would, without fail, drop into the yellow range whenever the enemy players got close. It was cool because it was like I had spider sense, and the enemy could never surprise me.
>> No. 17090 [Edit]
Maybe it's not about speed but other network issues like package loss? I'm randomly faced with those sometimes.
>> No. 17093 [Edit]
I use Soulseek a lot and some people on there are either assholes or complete idiots. First you have people with super slow download speeds and you are lucky if you can get 1 album from them. Then there are the people that cut you off or go offline when your in the middle of downloading something especially IF THEY'RE THE ONLY ONES THAT HAVE WHAT YOU WANT! Makes me so pissed off I want to scream at my computer screen sometimes. Then there is the losers with downloading complex downloading rules who will ban anyone and everyone who doesn't meet their standards. It's an amazing program when you have a good day on it and is actually pretty fun once you know what your doing. But every so often you will just have days where everything goes wrong, so wrong that you are just left with half an album you wanted out of many and the rage of a thousand suns.
>> No. 17095 [Edit]
>Then there are the people that cut you off or go offline when your in the middle of downloading something especially IF THEY'RE THE ONLY ONES THAT HAVE WHAT YOU WANT

Oh Haruhi this is terrible. I have some downloads that are on hold literally for months because the cocksucker who have files went offline one day and never came back, and apparently he is the only who has the stuff I want.

There were many, many albums that I had to complete with the files from another user because the one I started with vanished from the face of the earth halfway through. Worse yet is when you start downloading something in, let's say, 320 bitrate, but then the guy cuts you off and you are forced to download some shitty files with 96bitrate because they are the only other ones avaliable.

Fuck Soulseek. As you said, it's a good program in itself, but the people in ruin everything.
>> No. 17097 [Edit]
What's the deal with Soulseek, anyway? I thought proprietary Napster-y P2P things were already long dead.
>> No. 17098 [Edit]

It remains a good source for more obscure electronic music, classical, and a few other things. But as explained, the community is full of assholes.
>> No. 17117 [Edit]
Yeah it's definitely the way to go for just about anything music these days since things on file sharing networks are being deleted at the speed of light now. I also try to look for the highest quality possible and Soulseek makes that very easy. If someone cuts me off in the middle of a 320 mp3 download and no one else has it I just wait for them to come back because there's no way I'm having one album with half good and half shit quality files.
>> No. 17119 [Edit]
File 134820799031.jpg - (15.85KB , 240x240 , Carlos-Mencia.jpg )
"Edgy" stand-up comedians who think they're giving you a hard dose of reality, when they're really just loud obnoxious douchebags
>> No. 17120 [Edit]
That guy isn't even hispanic, he just pretends to be for his act, and much of his material is stolen.
but yeah, guys like that who think loud bullying and calling people retards is somehow funny bug me too.
>> No. 17185 [Edit]
Hypocrites in general really irritate me. Particularly, stupid people that mistakenly believe they're super intelligent while complaining about the stupidity of others.

Also, passive-aggressive behavior and anyone who frequently uses it.
>> No. 17644 [Edit]
It pisses me off when people I talk with online pretend to be ignorant of a well established fact they almost certainly know about, just to make you waste your time collecting proof they could easily find themselves but refuse to becuase they claim the 'burden' is on you.
>> No. 17645 [Edit]
I'm not sure what you mean
>> No. 17646 [Edit]
>> No. 17661 [Edit]
Purposeful ignorance gets me very mad, there is almost nothing that gets me more angry and it definitely isn't limited to the internet for me. Like family members not wanting to know something about me they do not like so they just dance around whatever it is pretending they don't know exactly what I'm talking about when I'm trying to tell them. Or the way they harass me and when I get snap back they throw their hands in the air and play victim as I'm just the "crazy person" with no self control.
>> No. 17674 [Edit]
One of Pixiv's results sorting buttons overlap the first page button, so when I go to click it I keep clicking that damn button
>> No. 17708 [Edit]
My headphones. they're noise canceling and use a battery, but they stay on even when there's no audio single unless manually turned off, and I forget to turn them off all the damn time. leaving them on will kill the battery in less than 24 hours. if I wasn't using rechargeable batterys, the headphones would cost me hundreds to maintain.

Post edited on 15th Oct 2012, 1:36pm
>> No. 17748 [Edit]
I hate how everyone seems to think I'm some sort of tech-wizard just because I know a few things about computers. Then when I explain that I don't know about some particular program/website/etc, they assume I don't know anything and try to provide their own solution, which usually has no basis in logic.
>> No. 17749 [Edit]

My parents assume I'm lying when I say I don't know something. I'm on the computer all day, so surely I know every single thing about shitbookor internet explorer or any other dumb thing they ask about!
>> No. 17750 [Edit]
Same here. My mother herself spends hours on the computer and she could google all the shit she asks me.
>> No. 17754 [Edit]
Luckily my mother doesn't ask me too much about the computer, my father has his own so he doesn't at all. Usually if my mother has an issue, 90% of the time it's something easy to work out but all the other times when something goes wrong and I can't do anything about it or worse know what the problem is and can't do anything about it she starts getting pissed over it because she also thinks I'm some sort of pc wizard when I just simply know my way around it a little more than the average person.
>> No. 17755 [Edit]
>>17748 >>17749 >>17750 >>17754
i work in IT and still feel this way. it feels like 90% of my job is turning computers off and on again, or googling something and poking around inside of a computer for a minute or two. i google things on my phone so they dont just think im some guy copying things off google but some kind of tech wizard ww

seriously tho what i hate is that people value basic tech assistance (help how do i refresh pages in internet explorer lol) more than programming jobs or database maintenance or sysadminning shit. what do you guys think that computers take care of themselves or something? the reason why machines work well for the most part is because of the expertise of those who set up machines and keep an eye on them. ive done so many little scripting jobs or little software hacks by now
>> No. 17796 [Edit]
I understand that you're supposed to keep your voice down in a library, but when you're speaking to someone, they need to be able to hear you.

I work at a library, and when someone asks me for help, half the time they'll speak so quietly I have to ask them to repeat themselves at least twice. And then I still can't understand them, because the thought "maybe I'm speaking too quietly?" never occurs to them.

Then there's the people who do the opposite because they don't know what an indoor voice is.
>> No. 17933 [Edit]
File 135107106790.jpg - (62.54KB , 500x432 , opticalillusion-1.jpg )
I hate it when people say popularity or a fan base doesn't matter in media and it shouldn't effect how you view it or feel about it.
That's right, it shouldn't but it does matter, peer pressure bitches, have you not heard of it?!
Jesus christ, you'd think people who hate hive minded normals and almost everything they like would understand a little.
like it or not, their opinions are gonna stick with you, even if it's just a tiny bit in the back of your mind, and it'll effect how you perceive whatever it is you're viewing.

It's kind of like this image here, if no one said anything about it, you'd see the image at face value and take it as you would.
but if I was to tell you the word 'sex' is spelled out in the background at the bottom. once you've seen it that would be all you could see when looking at the image, and you'd never be able to unsee it.
This is kind of what happened to me when I watched rozen maiden, at the time I didn't go to 4chan, but guess what it changed how I viewed the series a little. and just as you can't unsee the word in that image, I can't unassociate desu with /b/. I could name off other examples but I think you get the idea.

Besides all that, how popular something is has a huge impact on popular trends. you think producers aren't gonna want to get in on whats popular? why do you think we have so many call of duty clones flooding the market? you think it's a Haruhi damn coincidence or something?!
Someone might say to me "hey buddy, who cares if that thing you don't like is popular, what difference does it make?" but then clones take over the industry and you can't 'just ignore it' anymore becuase it's suddenly everywhere now. I bet people who didn't like dubstep were told to 'just ignore it' and now you can't get away with it.
>> No. 17977 [Edit]
Another thing.
You can only listen to obnoxious people droning on and on about something endlessly until it makes you want to do one of two things, tell them to fuck off and try even harder and harder to avoid and ignore it or just join in.
>> No. 18477 [Edit]
File 135294505015.jpg - (349.23KB , 1800x1456 , PXPower-xlarge.jpg )
I hate it when power adapters have the huge ass adapter part right at the plug, instead of inline.
Man, Fuck the people who keep making them like that, what the fuck is wrong with them? do they think people have unlimited power outlets or something? shit! even if you have a power strip, these things are so fucking fat they can block the plugs next to them. Do they think their device is the only one I'm gonna have plugged in or something? and then on top of that, these fat fucking pieces of shit are so heavy sometimes they'll hang loose off wall outlets.

Post edited on 14th Nov 2012, 7:56pm
>> No. 18478 [Edit]
I saw a picture a while ago with a surge strip with various plugs in it, with labels denoting different nationalities, as if the plugs represented the essence of each.

A small plug with two USB ports was Japanese, an adaptor plug with a second plug on the outside was German, a plug with the adapter in line was British, and the huge power adapter that took up half of each plug on either side of it was American.

I laughed.
>> No. 18481 [Edit]
The power strip I use for my computer might as well only have four outlets on it instead of six because of those fucking things.
>> No. 18482 [Edit]
I hate that too, its just a cost cutting measure. I also hate that those litle transformer thingys waste so much power. If you've ever touched one, its more than likely pretty warm, plugging one of those in is basically like turning on tiny heater on for 24 hours a day. The only way to stop that is to flip the switch off at the powerpoint, but then the appliance has to do something stupid like lose all its memory or reboot when you turn it back on or something.
>> No. 18534 [Edit]
I can't stand people with dogmatic political beliefs. I lean fairly far to the left, but that doesn't mean I think that every Republican is a terrible person who hates all women and black people. I work at a college, and it seems that every person there thinks that. During the election, all I could hear was everyone talking about how Romney is the devil, but never hearing any qualms with the right other than "they're all bad people"
>> No. 18589 [Edit]
File 135320271162.png - (357.86KB , 333x507 , 1347896579001.png )
People who get into relationships where they raise someone else's kid. If you had a kid with someone and it didn't work out with that person, there is probably something wrong with you being such a poor judge of character.
This is mostly something that makes me mad about my stepdad. My mom pretended to be a nice woman when she met him and introduced us, and then the poor sap fell for it and got married. Now he works over 70 hours a week while my mom lazes off and scolds him for not making enough money to support my younger siblings.
Not to mention her selling off his collection of playboy magazines, his rock and jazz records at garage sales, and pretty much anything that he ever enjoyed.
I don't know whether to feel sad for, or laugh at the idiots who fall into situations like that. They get every single negative of being with another person, but not even the benefits of raising their own blood. I wonder if they're just cuckolds in the closet.
>> No. 18590 [Edit]
People who write "(sp?)" after words they're not sure they spelled correctly. In the age of Google, there is NO excuse to not take five Haruhidamn seconds out of your oh-so-busy day to look up how to spell a simple word. It's just fucking lazy.
>> No. 18591 [Edit]
Actually, I wonder how they even misspell things at all given we have spellcheck now.
>> No. 18597 [Edit]
Probably because some people are too stupid to understand what the red lines mean.
>> No. 18604 [Edit]
ore thay dont car
>> No. 18613 [Edit]
does anyone else do this: spell a word and have it accepted as correct by spellechecker, then doubt yourself and go back and put in extra letter in there so it goes red just to make sure spellcheck is working
>> No. 18614 [Edit]
Yes. I will also look up words sometimes to make sure they mean what I think they mean so I don't look foolish, even if I am 100% certain.
>> No. 18617 [Edit]
I do this too.

Sometimes, they forget to include all the forms of a word or however those dictionaries work. And I look it up online and it actually is a word. And then I get really nervous; what if I'm taking crazy pills and it really isn't a word?!?!
>> No. 18622 [Edit]
It gets annoying when you try to make a new word altogether, and the spellcheck comes up.
Like when typing the word spellcheck.

You just want to put it how its right, yet it still comes up red that way. I've had some problems with other word conjugations in 2 different languages come up with the same problem and it annoys me, because I can google and see that it IS word, yet it still comes up red.
Maybe these people who can't tell what the red squiggle means are just very confident that they've used the correct word, like I am when I make those super long words.
>> No. 18623 [Edit]
>what if I'm taking crazy pills and it really isn't a word?!?!
I have something like this too. And then it usually escalates. I stop understanding what sentences and words mean, or I forget how sentences are built (in both my native language and English). It takes a while before I understand it again.
>> No. 18633 [Edit]
when people repeat things to me, eg:

"hey anon, do you like [enter game here]
"oh sure, it's a nice game"
"but what do you like about it?"
"i don't know, i just do"
"but there needs to be a reason!"

wash. rinse. fucking repeat, this shit annoys the hell out of me. also, when people use "memes" in real life, seriously, people need to fuck off with that shit.

when people yell at each other while they sit next to each other, what in the actual fuck is up with that?

when people pity me, i can handle myself,and i didn't ask for help, thanks for your concern

cowards. nuff said
>> No. 18634 [Edit]
Asking what it is someone likes about something doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me...
>> No. 18635 [Edit]
>"but there needs to be a reason!"

this makes me angry
>> No. 18637 [Edit]
Fucking fuck. When people [women] expect people to do things without being asked or directed to do them. As if I'm supposed to fucking look at every detail in this hellhole. It all looks like shit to me, it's a fucking trailer you cunt.

Oh, and, when they do ask me to do something, it goes like this:
"Okay, tomorrow, when you do your cleaning and all, you know that stuff you do on mondays. But tomorrow, what I want you to do is, well the bathroom doesn't need as much cleaning this time you know. But tomorrow there is one thing I need you to do, well there are some things that need to be done to the bathroom, like cleaning up the hair and stuff. But I want to put something in there. Well you have to take a fan out of there but I want that cleaned, but you know that cord above the mirror? Well I want to put a heater in there later on but I don't know where to put it. You have to take the fan out of there first and I want you to clean it. You know, clean it? It's dirty so it needs to be cleaned. But the heater needs to be put in there because the cord looks stupid just sitting over the mirror. But we need that cord, you know, for the heater. Where did you put the heater anyways? Find one of the heaters, but you have to take the fan out of the bathroom and clean it, can you do that for me? Okay."

Turns out she was asking me to take an extension cord out of the bathroom (that she put on the medicine cabinet last winter for fuck if I know reason) after she took a fan out of the bathroom and asked someone else to clean it and put it away. I was never told to touch that shitty ass stupid surge strip. But I got hell for not doing it. Fuck.

She also has a "list of things we need to do around the house" which is a fucking rant with hyphens. It's written in a way that it's impossible to fucking check off anything on it. Like "-clean everything. knick knacks, door jams, the tv, EVERYTHING.
-Dust everywhere, under things, on top of shelves and shit, dustEVERYTHING.
-In doubt? CLEAN IT."

Well you're very fucking welcome. And what is this "WE" shit?! I'm the one fucking doing it all, for fuck's sake. And I'm not the one that fucking chainsmokes so there's fucking black ass shit on everything, I'm not the one that makes a fucking mess of the kitchen every day, I'm not the one who is even welcome out in the living room. None of this is my shit.

And like fuck you pay for my food or internet. That's not an expense you even take care of, I know for a fact because I am the one who helps with shopping. The minimum wage renter is the one who pays for all the food and the internet. You're just upset that you aren't getting the $600/month SSI from me so you can spend it on fucking booze and cigarettes and gifts for your ingrate bitch wife. $70,000 went to her to take care of me, and all I got from her was two fucking pairs of khaki pants a year and my birthday dinners. Must be fucking expensive as shit, man.
>> No. 18649 [Edit]
it isnt "women" who do this; its your mom.
>> No. 18652 [Edit]

This is one of the most appropriate 'yo mama' comments I've seen yet.
>> No. 18653 [Edit]
Oh Tohno-chan, you so funny
>> No. 18655 [Edit]
windows: "you need permission to perform this action"
From who?! FUCK YOU!, This is my Haruhidamn PC!!
>> No. 18665 [Edit]
I hate how easily my flow of life is broken. I was going fine until this week came. I ate too much on Sunday because I went to some breakfast buffet and on sunday's that are usually filled with depression along with the willingness to do nothing, so of course everything looks like heaven even though all of it tastes like shit. So now that my fragile self image for this week is fucked making me more depressed, it also just happens to be Thanksgiving week and every day and night is filled with parents being extremely annoying by cleaning the entire house when the people coming over couldn't care less. It's also getting very cold now and when it gets cold, my room turns into an ice box making me extremely irritable as I am in constant state of dull pain that's further amplified by being overly self conscious as I can't do much about it since parents dictate my life. There is no warm comfort anymore, every day is spent rocking back and forth on a chair curled into myself using the computer waiting for time to exercise or till night so I can take a hot shower unless it is Thursday night or Friday and Saturday where I'm to high and stuffed with food to care. My body is almost locked up 24/7 unless by some miracle my bed feels warm enough to easily fall asleep in and my skin isn't being stabbed by a thousand needles of body hair that are constantly standing. I can't even meditate in a sober state because I'm so uncomfortable. All of this combined with no escape makes me extremely sensitive to any negative thoughts about myself or things people do that make me angry. Tonight was the last straw. You know how you just read something someone posted anywhere online and you just get so jealous about their life that you want to punch a hole in the wall and kill yourself? Well that just happened, suicidal depression here I come. I feel like I'm in the final circle of hell right now, there is no fucking escape. There's just pain and negativity everywhere I turn. I really hope that I don't explode on my family Thursday because they piss me off even if I'm in a good mood. Only getting high off of inflicting pain on myself (ghost pepper based hot sauce slowly sipped until my body just goes "your dieing" and releases all endorphins it can causing peace of mind for once. poor man's morphine/heroine I guess) is the only thing that makes me feel good right now and makes me mentally numb for a couple days after. I'm not in the mood to do anything right now even watch anime since I can't relax. I'm gonna attempt to lay in my ice bed now and hope the sun comes up quickly. On the bright side I'm looking forward to all the left over shit I'm gonna have from thanksgiving and a concert to go to in a little bit over a month.
>> No. 18712 [Edit]

Are you serious? That's like complaining about your front door having a lock on it because it makes it less convenient to get into your house. It's not about what you're allowed to do with your computer, it's about what everyone else isn't allowed to do.
>> No. 18715 [Edit]
everyone else who? no one uses my computer but me.
If I had locks on doors in my house that I owned and lived in alone, and they wouldn't let me into certain rooms, I'd brake those fucking locks off and walk into those fucking rooms if I damn well please.
It's nothing like a front door lock that makes it inconvenient to get into your home becuase you can still get in. windows isn't asking for a key, giving me a simple warning or checking if it's really me the owner before letting me in, it's not letting me in at all, period.
>> No. 18717 [Edit]

It's fine to consider yourself the only user of your computer as long as you never use the internet. Otherwise, the door analogy holds; as long as you're online, you should ALWAYS behave as if you're on a multi-user machine, because you are.

And I've never heard of Windows flat-out refusing to let the user do something unless it would have immediately catastrophic effects (like deleting some important system library).
>> No. 18725 [Edit]
There are some folders I straight up can't access for some reason also. I don't know why, I don't plan on deleting anything that would break the system. Like the folder Documents and Settings. My pc has never let me access it, I'm just curious as to what's inside it and have no way of getting in.
>> No. 18785 [Edit]
I hate it when people look at me. I don't want people to ever see me or recognize my face. I'd like to stop existing just so that people would never look at me.
>> No. 18790 [Edit]
I hate when my neighbor throws parties(he does every week) and how his family and everyone else associated with him are a bunch of loud monkeys who scream and laugh like a bunch of retards for hours
>> No. 18792 [Edit]
There's also somebody like that in my neighborhood. They have really loud speakers, so despite of the fact that I'm not even next door or the same block as those asshats, the walls of my house vibrate still because of their shitty music. I mean, at least it isn't rap or anything stupid like that, but it's still very annoying.
>> No. 18796 [Edit]
I hate the way I loose control of my emotions sometimes around other people and they end up being completely inappropriate. Sometimes I'll just start smiling and laughing to myself out of nowhere other times I'll just get extremely angry or somewhat sad. It's like my mind doesn't know what to do with itself around other people sometimes including what to look at to seem more natural so it just starts doing random things based on my current thoughts that results in a truly embarrassing display of emotion.
>> No. 18797 [Edit]
File 135388813176.gif - (27.17KB , 450x332 , loose%20control.gif )
>> No. 18799 [Edit]
Hey, I get the same thing, but with me it's only happiness or fear, and only when I'm walking around by myself. The former because I think of good/funny things from the past and the latter usually from the first time in the week where I walk into a crowd of people. It must suck to have it happen when you have to talk to people.
>> No. 18803 [Edit]
I hate reading posts by normals since half the time it ends up with them mentioning their 3DPDs as if anybody had asked them about it. I don't give a shit if your bf/gf is experiencing some inconvenience fuck you, your bf/gf, and this shitty world. I hope you all die!
>> No. 18812 [Edit]
The obnoxious laughing of my mother I can hear across the house, I wanna break every bone in your ugly, fake face to get rid of your even faker emotion. You're such a cruel, unlikable bitch that even your own friends have to pretend to like you. You're as shallow a puddle and have nothing to your empty self yet you look down on others much like the rest of your side of the family. In fact scratch that, my entire family.
>> No. 18820 [Edit]
Seems I'm not the only one with an obnoxious, loud mom. She has no idea what an indoor voice is, and always yells across the house when she needs to talk to someone, rather than walking up to them. And then she wonders why she's so fat.

Another thing that really pisses me off about her is how she walks around the house in nothing but a shirt and panties. I wish she would put on some pants just so I don't feel like puking whenever I see her.
>> No. 18832 [Edit]
Filipino media. Because the people I live with are Filipino, I would expect them to sometimes watch Filipino television. I've lived with people that range from a variety of ethnicity, watching television that correspond with their ethnicity, and I survived just fine-- chinese television (at least the ones that I watched) were funny (dating shows) and if not, they were just serious news all the time. Hispanic television were just well done dramas (at least, from what I see, since I can't understand the languages), and in the morning, scantily clad women dancing to catchy music. Korean and Japanese? Well, I loved them to be honest.

Then I saw Filipino television. The first thing I realized was that the same commercials showed EVERY single time. Like, after every program, or more accurately, every 5 minutes, I would hear the same commercial loop for the entire month until they'd get new commercials. That is fucking annoying. The commercials are disgusting as well, if it's not people crying incredibly loudly, it's people shouting incredibly loudly. The programs, range from stolen American game show concepts or completely atrocious television dramas that feature the same range of actors for each of the shows. (Seriously the same male actor is the main character in two different shows that air right after one another). The plot of these shows are seriously the same. There is a happy go lucky main character whose life gets disturbed by a totally cliched and unrealistic antagonist. There is almost always a gay comedic character in EVERY Haruhidamn show. In EVERY Haruhidamn show, someone has to die by getting run over by a car or a gunfight. I've been watching different television dramas from this particular station (unwillingly, since my computer is right next to the TV), and over 4 years of this.. I could safely say that I am correct. What's worse is that the effects for the fantasy series are just laughable. Compared to Kamen Rider, where the enemies are just obviously people in body suits, the "fantasy" like characters here just have facepaint, tape, and wigs you can easily get in a party store. And they really try to pass it off as an adult dramatic show. It's unfathomable how this passes off as a show in one of the biggest television networks from the country.

Now, let's talk about the gameshows and talkshows. The gameshows, like I mentioned are stolen copies of America's gameshows. Not much to be said there, but their choice in music is rather strange. They almost always play music from an Anime or Videogames. I could hear Final Fantasy, Naruto, etc etc as the playlist. It makes me wonder, do they get the rights to play that shit or what? Sometimes, the buzz-in music is so strange that I can't possibly think they got the rights to it or not. An example is PBS's show Arthur-- the titular character's baby sister Kate has a distinct crying sound. They use that exact same sound in some of their shows. Is that even legal? They are even around 2 months late when it comes to music. Gangnam Style was just recently picked up and they are going INSANE over it. Every possible moment where they can insult or make fun of Koreans (and trust me, they do it in a very smug way that makes me assume they think they are superior in every way shape or form), they play the Haruhidamn Gangnam Style music and dance to it, almost mockingly. Same goes with Justin Bieber and almost every other "in" thing that Americans have.

Now, let's get to the talkshows.. The main annoyance. The talkshows are hosted by characters who think of themselves as incredibly perfect. They think of themselves as superior to every other race in existence, and they insult other races whenever they can, particularly the Japanese. Whenever they get the chance, they'll always make fun of the Japanese language, comparing their language to insults that sound similar to their language. Everytime they see anything about anime, they'll treat it like a kid's show and mention that their animation is WAAAAY better, claiming that since a Filipino had worked on the Simpson's movie, they own the entire franchise. This happened with the Bourne movie that was filmed in the country-- the news, for an entire week, had the movie as the main highlight-- as if they own the movie just because it's being filmed in the country-- as if they are the popular ones and that they deserve all the attention. This carries over in the news as well. You expect news to be.. well about, news. I can call the Bourne identity being filmed in the Philippines news, but does it really justify being mentioned for about a week or more? The newscasters are very annoying as well. It's like they WANT to be American and speak in a very annoying deep voice, even when it's not their natural voice. They do this while reporting rape and murder. There is something about that... using a fake voice, to report about atrocious acts-- that just doesn't ring well with me. Oh by the way, trust me on this. They will insert almost every self-praise they can think of in whatever is showing. "Everyone knows Filipinos are the most talented in the world!", "Filipinos are crucial to the world's society!" (All while in a mocking or insulting tone, as if they were the best). -- All of this is to be expected in the television of a specific culture or ethnicity, but... when was the last time I heard a channel say "WE ARE THE BEST, FUCK EVERY OTHER ETHNICITY" (That's exactly, what they're saying, anyway).

So from what I've witnessed BECAUSE of the media, I can only assume that Filipinos in general are narcissistic douchebags that rip off of other people (television shows and music), insult every other race (except whites) at any chance they can get, and think that their own media is just as good as any other. I think, because that their media is so weak, cliched television shows, poor ideas, no talent in actors.. they rip off of everything else and are in denial about how bad they are, while being completely obnoxious any chance they get.

Of course, I really don't think this is how Filipinos are. Or any ethnicity or culture. I don't think they are determined by the media, but they do a fine job of being a complete annoyance. And because they can still air this shit, people actually LIKE this, SUPPORT this, and more surprisingly, WATCH IT. This can lead me to assume that people... are actually like what I think they are.

I feel bad because I'm talking about an entire group of people here (well, more like an entire group of people's one specific television network), but holy hell is it getting to me. I thought Tim and Eric was a joke ass show. Hell, the entirety of Adult Swim felt like a joke to me, but that's the issue here. It was a good joke. Kind of like a good troll to me, it didn't take itself as seriously, and well, even though they fucked up sometimes, they continue to churn out tolerable shit. Adult Swim doesn't even have their own channel iirc, they are just sub-Cartoon Network, right? This particular Filipino network I"m talking about.. Well, it's the most popular out of all the other channels from what I'm seeing. It's a joke. A bad joke that takes itself way seriously, a joke that thinks it's actually funny but isn't, at all.

I could just be racist though, although I don't feel particularly biased against Filipinos. I'm just typing what I've experienced over the years, and only until now have I felt like writing this long, unnecessary rant.

TL;DR I'm very aware that self-justification is a global thing, but these guys make it completely obvious and are obnoxious about it.

>> No. 18833 [Edit]

I've only known one filipino guy. we were in high school and he constantly talked about how he beats up his 3DPD and I think he's in the marines now, beating up other peoples' wives
>> No. 18849 [Edit]
I feel like puking every time I look at her anyways. I didn't know someone could get so ugly on top of wearing so much scented garbage and other beauty products that it's like she just dolled up a corpse because that's what she looks and smells like constantly. Don't get me started about how she complains about the way I look and smell sometimes when I'm complete normal at the moment and just haven't shaved yet or something. At least my body isn't part plastic. There's no winning with her, she always needs something to fight over. Whenever she comes near me to kiss me I cringe every time, so disgusting. If she ever actually hugged me I would die of shock because of how horrifying of an experience it would be. She walks around in very little clothes sometimes too and I have no care in the world if I see people naked but my parents...oh Haruhi what the fuck their bodies are the most ugly things known to man, it's almost unreal. My mother isn't that fat, she's more lumpy and her skin all over is just ruined from all the beauty products she uses and father kinda looks like some super hairy over grown baby that complains about being fat but shoves 10,000 pounds of food down his throat every night with a salad to pretend he's healthy and only exercises once on a Friday for a little bit before going out to our usual buffet or wherever we wanna pig out which is fine for me but for him since he eats like he's at one every night and drinks like a fish it's not doing him any favors. But even being the icons of imperfection and everything disgusting they still talk about how everyone else is a freak or crazy including me even though they dance around the dot every time they don't like something about me that they can't avoid. Of all things and types of people I've seen them call disgusting they are the most disgusting of all. One of the things that gets me the most is how my father has a constant need to display how weird and disgusting any display of affection between anyone not heterosexual but then all of a sudden in my mind I instantly get a near vomit inducing visual of this fat, man-baby walrus pig and the lumpy corpse painter making love to each other in their bed room. I'm starting to get sick just typing this.
>> No. 18930 [Edit]
This thread is honestly the funniest thread in /tc/. I'm not saying that mockingly or condescendingly. Some of these posts really made me laugh. Thanks for brightening my night.
>> No. 18931 [Edit]
have you been on the website 'anti-pinoy' before? Because that sort of thing you said makes a lot of sense compared to what they say, it's a mirror in a lot of cases. i.e. shitty phillipino dramas, "wowee" game shows, phillipinoes bragging about anything good ONE filipino does, etc.

I'm not even 'pinoy' though.

And yed the flat-out rip-off anime and video-game music. They don't give a fuck. I really doubt ANY of them care about that. Remember that there's pics in Indonesia, etc of politicians cosplaying as Naruto for anti-corruption campaigns.
>> No. 18932 [Edit]
I think as time goes by, we're gonna be seeing a lot more kids growing up without natural fathers.
The way our fucked up society is now, it encourages women to sleep around and jump from relationship to relationship. it really doesn't help matters when the legal system is extremely biased towards women allowing them not just custody of children by default regardless of how fucked up the mom might be, but they also entitle women to screw over their men financially. they have very little incentive not to get into relationships with as many men as possible. and by the time they're old and ugly and no one wants their shit, they're supposed to 'settle down' and stick it out with some poor guy and make him to take care of her kids. It shouldn't be long until the average household has a different father for each child. Maybe then men will stop putting up with this and empowering women so much, then get serious about replacements. if we had affordable robotic women, there would be no need for real ones. think about it, with artificially intelligent robotic women the only possible downside is not being able to have a child, but in a society where you're expected to raise other people's children and not your own there's really no down side.
>> No. 18933 [Edit]
My doctors have no idea what is wrong with me.

I am rather sure I only got the bipolar diagnosis because after 17 fucking years of no relief from my depression I started lashing out against them.

The antiphychotics they give me now only help me sleep. I actually feel worse now than ever.
>> No. 18934 [Edit]
The antidepressants I'm on have that same effect (as well as actually ridding me of the majority of the problem) but I don't like it. It's not a nice, comfortable sleep. It's more like I'm sleeping with a hangover every single night, my sleep is messy and confused and horrible.
>> No. 18935 [Edit]
File 135444322785.jpg - (131.78KB , 500x763 , scan0001front-cover.jpg )
Indonesians are the lions of the publishing industry.

One of the bad things about Western culture is that people are incredibly lazy and feel far more entitled in comparison to people in poorer countries. I was watching this documentary about these British people working in Indonesia, not only did they work way slower than the Indonesians but some of them just had the worst attitude, like complaining about being shouted at or working too hard even though there were so many other human beings for whom this is a regular thing. Watching it made me feel embarassed about my own laziness and self-entitlement.
>> No. 18936 [Edit]
I get so mad reading your post that I want to punch my fist through the screen to your face. Are seriously that dumb believing that the "western civilasition" is lazy? I would also be angry if I saw/work the awful non-union work conditions in asia.
We get cheap shit from it.
Going from a desk job to the ground floor is not a easy task, those factory workers have done it for months and years. Do you have any critical thinking that the program is so only angled to make them look dumb. British people are inbred idiots what do you really expect.
Talk with me in fifty years again when they are fully "privileged" like us, because nobody is except for the ruling class of any society.
You are ignorant.

Fuck you.

Post edited on 2nd Dec 2012, 4:33am
>> No. 18989 [Edit]
I lied to my online friend.. I lie to him too much. I constantly feel like telling him truth but he would start hating me.

It feels so bad and he's such a good friend ;_;
>> No. 18991 [Edit]
Same here, he's a nice person but I just don't want him to know how low and fucked up I really am. HE would probably stop talking to me altogether even though he hardly does anymore anyways.
>> No. 19009 [Edit]
I lie too. I lie all the time and it makes me sick. I don't know why I do it, but I lie to everyone. They are not big lies, but they pile on and just come out without me even thinking about it. It scares me because it makes me think I'm not really on control of my body.
>> No. 19010 [Edit]
It happens. At least you'll get better at lying, and being better at something is always nice.
>> No. 19012 [Edit]
Yeah after all lying is a skill I need to perfect to live my life stirring up as little shit with people as possible and getting what I want.
>> No. 19013 [Edit]
But I'm not even good at it. I'm sure everyone knows how much I lie and think I'm terrible for it.
>> No. 19014 [Edit]
I lie to my parents constantly, in that I act like a different person when I'm interacting with them. Gotta act happy or they get mad
>> No. 19023 [Edit]
>Gotta act happy or they get mad

This is true for social interaction in general. For some reason it is social convention to act all happy and friendly even if you are not.
>> No. 19024 [Edit]
I always hate this.

My mother gets so fucking angry if I'm anything but happy. She yells at me, and acts like I just called her a cunt when I'm just sitting there staring at the bottom of the TV, ignoring her stupid snarky comments about the appearance of someone in a commercial.

Just leave people alone for christ's sake.
>> No. 19026 [Edit]
When I think I have a good idea, but when I put it down into writing or action it turns out to be really stupid. I think that's just myself rushing into things and not thinking of the details.
>> No. 19091 [Edit]
I hate it when people save still images in .gif format.
>> No. 19125 [Edit]
People who go through extreme lengths to impress others.
This happens often when relatives come to visit. All of a sudden, my parents and I "have" to do meaningless chores such as steam-cleaning the carpets, power-washing the sidewalks, rearranging everything in the garage by alphabetical order, prepare a fucking 5-star billion-course meal, so on and so forth, simply because a person decides to stay for a couple of hours.
It wouldn't bother me as much if they actually wanted us to do it for our sake, but instead they just want to impress one of our family members who probably gives less of a shit than me and the rest of the world combined.
I don't mind helping out, but damn, this just gets on my nerves. I still don't understand why people care more about someone they see once a year than they do about their own family.
>> No. 19142 [Edit]
choking hazard warnings.

If you're stupid enough to try and eat those small parts, you deserve to choke on them.
>> No. 19143 [Edit]
those are basically "hey idiot don't let your infant play with this" warnings
>> No. 19144 [Edit]
yeah, and it's stupid.
>> No. 19195 [Edit]
So small children should die because their caretaker is stupid/irresponsible?

Excessive hazard warnings are a pretty typical thing for edgy dudes to pretend to be annoyed by. But they don't effect your life in any way so why bother.
>> No. 19196 [Edit]
The disclaimers' purpose isn't to protect kids, they're there for protection against ridiculous lawsuits. They also won't prevent retards from endangering infants - if a person is clueless enough to feed infants crap, they probably aren't going to read a warning on a piece of paper and would probably ignore it even if they did happen to read it.
>> No. 19199 [Edit]
if small children are stupid enough to cover their heads with plastic bags and suffocate themselves, try to swallow their toys, or drink chemicals from under the sink. then yes. It's called natural selection, survival of the fittest. If they're to young to read, there's no point to the label, if they are old enough to read it, they should have enough common sense not to do what the warning says without it being there. so what, if a toy with small parts didn't have a choking warning on it, you'd let your kid eat it? Haruhi people are stupid these days.
At least power outlets don't have warnings on them for retards saying something like "Don't insert forks or other metal objects into holes", or pens with warnings not to stab yourself or other people with them (yet).
Besides, people are going to so stupid shit warnings or not. Do you think warnings on skateboards would keep retarded teens from braking their legs?
>> No. 19200 [Edit]
I kinda get what you're saying but calling babies idiots is kind of strange
>> No. 19202 [Edit]
Survival of the fittest doesn't really apply in a lot of first-world societies like Sweden and such. With widely accessible healthcare, modern medicine reducing infant mortality to barely anything, plentiful food, and very little dangers to speak of, you could easily survive until adulthood just by doing nothing. It's really hard to just die like a wild animal without actively trying to do so - if you start sitting on your ass right this moment and refuse to eat or drink, soon someone's going to be calling an ambulance on you and the state will dutifully keep you alive well into your 30s-40s in various institutions.
>> No. 19203 [Edit]
It's cool that people are arguing for survival of the fittest here when, just by virtue of using this website, there's a guarantee you're nowhere near the fittest.
>> No. 19204 [Edit]
lol, got me there!
>> No. 19205 [Edit]
File 135538614887.png - (833.80KB , 582x1398 , Digopuri v01 c09 - 124.png )
Darwinism aside, I hate babies because they're ugly and disgusting cretins. If removing hazard warnings results in the mass destruction of suburban infants, that would be fuckin rad.
>> No. 19206 [Edit]
Yeah guess you're right.
>> No. 19207 [Edit]
You're not alone.
How the hell anybody finds those screaming, ugly little meat bags "cute" is beyond me.
>> No. 19208 [Edit]
i was a baby once, i wouldn't recommend it
>> No. 19209 [Edit]
File 13553878025.jpg - (42.62KB , 400x300 , funnysign03.jpg )
>> No. 19212 [Edit]
I have a slightly more sane idea (but only slightly).

All children should be taken at birth and raised in the most totalitarian education camp imaginable until at least age 7. No annoyances for the parent and the child won't be a shitty brat when they come back.
>> No. 19215 [Edit]

sucks to be you, i was born an adult
>> No. 19226 [Edit]
I hate when I ask for programming ideas and everyone gives me ideas for something that takes a month to write and will be used by maybe 10 people.
>> No. 19237 [Edit]
This is my fifth or sixth day in which I've been smoking weed almost constantly. It's been five months since I've been stuck in this shithole of a "shared residence" and all the socializing I have to do with latin american foreigners is literally draining the life out of me.

I'll be out of here soon, but soon never comes soon enough. Hence the weed, my quickest method to time travel is to numb my brain until Saturday comes. I haven't been able to study, I haven't been able to even read. It's ridiculous. I can't even read as fast as I used to. I want to burn everything that surrounds me, including myself. Every single little Haruhidamn thing must be destroyed lest I destroy myself through my very surroundings.
>> No. 19241 [Edit]
Could someone specify where is this one thread where all drug discussions should be kept? Because I am starting to get really pissed because of this shit.
>> No. 19243 [Edit]

It's here.
>> No. 19440 [Edit]
A girl confessed to me today. I'm so sorry tohno-chan.
>> No. 19488 [Edit]
I hate it when songs are mastered so that they clip. If I wanted to listen them loudly, I would just turn up the volume.
>> No. 19513 [Edit]
My neighbors. Their looks, their voices, everything. "They look ugly, they talk ugly, they walk ugly." I hate having to live in such close proximity to these turds.
>> No. 19514 [Edit]
You kicked her in the nuts, right?
>> No. 19522 [Edit]
I just pretended it didn't happen.
>> No. 19526 [Edit]
I had no idea girls even confessed to boys outside of japan. I thought they showed their interest in a boy by offering to let him buy her shit.
>> No. 19530 [Edit]
Being someone with a lot to buy online when you can't use anywhere but Amazon (I suck at life so bad I don't even have my own ID or a bank account and I'm getting locked out of paypal because they say I need some ID all of a sudden) and you don't live alone sucks (let's just leave it at I have a lot of personal things I want). You're so limited. Besides that stuff I'm a big music collector, ebay and discogs are where the good stuff is at. Amazon mostly just gets the more well known stuff and the least interesting rare stuff that mostly wasn't wanted anywhere else. I'm looking for a lot of rare noise vinyl and cassettes (don't ask me why, I just like to horde weird noise shit). I've gotten all I can from Amazon and there is literally nothing left there for me when it comes to that stuff. As for other music, a lot of what I want is very expensive there or usually not there at all. The nearest record shop doesn't have much that I want and is very far away so I don't get driven there very often and whenever I even hint that I want to go there I can hear my mother die a little inside from how much of a pain in the ass it will be for her.
>> No. 19531 [Edit]
Yes, they do. In the US. If the don't do that, they make it REALLY blatant by hanging out with you all the time and touching you a lot.....
>> No. 19546 [Edit]
Such cases are astronomically rare, though. Amerikkkan women don't bother with guys "too spineless" to approch them first.
>> No. 19572 [Edit]
The wilhelm scream.

I do not find it funny or clever, I find it annoying. I think it sounds flat out awful on it's own and almost always sounds very noticeably out of place in scenes it's used in. I think it also has a tendency to ruin the moment and pull me out of the experience.

Post edited on 24th Dec 2012, 11:28pm
>> No. 19573 [Edit]
the comments of that video are making me angry, I wish I hadn't looked at them
>> No. 19642 [Edit]

I can't fucking stand it either.
>> No. 19785 [Edit]
I hate it when large sites that already have a large source of income, such as online shops or sites with pay for membership, still have advertisements all over the place.
Of course I use a adblocker, but I still find it reticulated that a site like ebay for example which rapes it's seller's bank accounts would also use advertising. greedy fucks.
>> No. 19957 [Edit]
I forgot to add, they use it in a lot of video games as well, and from time to time I hear it in home made videos on youtube. Haruhi that shit is just so fucking annoying. I re-watched the lord of the rings films recently along with the hobbit a week back, and that fucking thing was in each movie. You'd think they'd have more taste than to do that. might as well plant stupid meme faces in the background or something while you're at it.
>> No. 21038 [Edit]
I hate it when people read too much into media, looking for meaning and symbolism that isn't there and inevitably invent their own to stroke their ego.

And no, this post does not contain any hidden messages about women's rites, no racist undertones, no pro life metaphors, no religious symbolism, and it's not a deconstruction of modern society's way of living. It's just a simple post on a imageboard, take it for what it is.
>> No. 21039 [Edit]
I never understood how people manage to come up with some of the shit they do from doing that.
>> No. 21042 [Edit]
I can't stand eating with people. At a loud restaurant or with some background noise it's alright, but eating in silence, hearing every clang of their silverware and slurp of their food just drives me nuts, and even I'll always skip a meal in that situation.
>> No. 21046 [Edit]
Huh. I thought I was the only person that got bothered by this.

I also hate it when people stand around and watch me eat. Seriously, what's the point of even doing that?
>> No. 21050 [Edit]
I just dislike it when people are able to see me eat. It really bothers me.
>> No. 21060 [Edit]
Same here, when at home I can't have anyone bothering me when I'm eating. I can't eat with very bright lights on in the room either if there's still daylight outside.
>> No. 21113 [Edit]
The way most people seem to be almost completely unaware of the world around them, or maybe they just don't care. I make an effort to make other peoples life easier if it doesn't cost me anything, and I try to not be in the way of other people.
An example is not walking slow as a darn zombie in the middle of the aisle at the store, completely oblivious of the people who doesn't enjoy casually strolling around the convenience store for hours upon hours.
Convenience store etiquette in general seems to be something that people don't get, put your things on the conveyor belt in such a way that its easy for the cashier to scan them and then stand in a way that enables the next person to put their stuff on the belt. Is it really that hard?
Another example is while waiting for the bus, if I see one coming that Im not taking I wave for it to drive past me, the drivers always seem to appreciate it and I cant think of a good reason not to do it, the average person obviously can because they never do that.

Do you hate your fellow human beings that much? Don't scream on the train, don't play loud music with your phone in public places, don't litter and don't dress inappropriately.

Walking and standing in line are two tricks that people cant seem to get a grip on, they should teach people how to do it properly in school.
>> No. 21117 [Edit]
>An example is not walking slow as a darn zombie in the middle of the aisle at the store
Most people do that because they're looking for groceries.

>put your things on the conveyor belt
This is why I'm glad those self checkouts are becoming more common. Just walk up and scan your stuff then put in it and walk out.
>> No. 21119 [Edit]
Too bad it's a slow process crossing over. in my experience, people would rather wait in a ten minute line than use a empty self checkout. When I worked at a grocery store that had them, people avoided them like a plague and some older people would bad mouth them. I figure people are both too stupid and afraid to learn how to use it. used to see the same thing at the post office with their self service machine, even when the line was out the door no one wanted to use it.
>> No. 21121 [Edit]
It's possible to wave for buses to drive past you? What's the signal? I've never seen it, waving for stopping and implicit disinterest by remaining still are the only signals I've ever known or seen used.
>> No. 21122 [Edit]
Yeah, but at least it's becoming more common, the option to use it is there.
>> No. 21125 [Edit]
Yes it's nice, but the problem is those machines aren't exactly cheap. While they may save money compared to paying cashiers, if no one wants to use them it defeats the point. The grocery store I worked at was a new chain to the western coast states (fresh and easy) self checkout machines were a big gimmick for them and the majority of their machines in any given store were self checkout. Now they're going bankrupt and closing down many of their branches. The only other stores I've seen with them are walmart and home depot, and I figure that's becuase they're big enough to afford experimenting with it. Personally I love the things and use them whenever I shop somewhere that has them.
>> No. 21126 [Edit]
People just have to get used to them. Things like this usually take time. They're starting to catch on here.
>> No. 21127 [Edit]
I dunno about elsewhere, but I know that here in Montreal if you just wave "no" and are the only person at the stop, the bus will just go past. Usually.

You just have to make an obvious gesture, like backing away from the bus/stop or waving him ahead or something.

I dislike them, honestly. But I like human interaction. I figure the big box stores have them so that cashiers don't have to waste time fumbling with a dozen 13" 2x4s to scan them while customers with smaller items wait.
>> No. 21131 [Edit]
Fools enabling shitstains to do something and raise their belief of their "superiority" to cause more trouble for others.
>> No. 21133 [Edit]
1. I like having friends but the act of making them absolutely scares the shit out of me.

2. The act of assuming something about them often eventually becomes a reflection of what you think they think of you. E.g maybe you're racist towards a certain race. Next thing you know, you'll start thinking most people of that race are racist towards you.
>> No. 21134 [Edit]
Making friends is really tough.
Have you tried doing it online? Might be a bit easier. It's worked for me, some of the time. Compared to none of the time offline. Mostly because in this country, nobody has similar interests. So even we can get on well with each other we can never really bond as friends.
>> No. 21135 [Edit]
I'm sick of all of this bullshit about instant gratification being bad. I don't see what's wrong with feeling good right away.

Post edited on 21st Mar 2013, 2:41am
>> No. 21136 [Edit]
It gives you unrealistic expectations and makes you into a very impatient person who may as well have ADD.
>> No. 21137 [Edit]
>It gives you unrealistic expectations
How so?

>into a very impatient person
If something can be done sooner why shouldn't it be?
>> No. 21138 [Edit]
Because sometimes things simply can't be done any quicker, and rushing leads to mistakes. How many people do you think are dead right now becuase they were hurrying somewhere in their car, or got run over becuase they didn't take the time to use a crosswalk, or got fired for rushing and getting sloppy? or got arrested for trying to make a quick buck?

just chill out dude, relax, and take some time to smell the roses. Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. good things come to those who wait. A patient seeker will be satisfied in due time; patience is a virtue. slow and steady wins the race ect...
>> No. 21139 [Edit]
I said something. I now not everything can be done quicker. I just don't see what's so horrible about it. Maybe it's just because I'm a hedonistic fuck. I can see what can be good about gratification that comes later, but people act like you can't have both.

>Life moves pretty fast
That's why I like things that can be done quicker to be done quicker. Then you can do more things. I'm not saying everyone should do things as quickly as they can, but I don't see why if someone wants do something quickly to why they shouldn't.

Post edited on 21st Mar 2013, 3:13am
>> No. 21140 [Edit]
Fair enough
>> No. 21162 [Edit]
I always wondered that myself as well. I think the proper edicate is to use utensils.
>> No. 21166 [Edit]
I don't get what you mean by "real food".
It's not like if you eat one you are going to have a heart attack or gain 20 pounds. They taste really good.

Post edited on 23rd Mar 2013, 2:21am
>> No. 21167 [Edit]
It just looks bigger than it is because of those 2 sticks in it but fancy food makes me laugh too, I'm happy just going to 5 Guys and stuffing my face with peanuts, cajun fries, and a hotdog loaded with all my favorite toppings.
>> No. 21173 [Edit]
Me too. Cheap food represents the best money:enjoyment raio. When I buy expensive food, I expect it to blow me away, and it usually doesn't. With cheap food I'm experienced and know whats tasty to eat, but with all the freaky expensive restaurants out there its much riskier.
>> No. 21179 [Edit]
Sundays. Things always go badly on Sundays for me, for some reason.
>> No. 21183 [Edit]
Hate them too, they are boring and I feel like shit on them when I'm not doing anything. If I have to do anything that makes them feel even slower like going to some family party like I have to later today it's the worst feeling in the world. Like that "help I'm stuck and time isn't moving" feeling.
>> No. 21184 [Edit]
Same here. There's never anything to do, and doing anything usually feels pointless.
>> No. 21194 [Edit]
I always eat a lot on fridays and saturdays so I look like shit to myself also instead of just feeling like it right after a weekend. I try to get things done sometimes like ordering something online I need or downloading some music I wanted since I have all the time in the world or it's also even a good day for backing up my hard drive if I need to.
>> No. 21332 [Edit]
File 136459287916.png - (160.20KB , 212x291 , snake_oil_0.png )
I am all for healthfoods and such but this one person in my life is really pissing me off.
They do nothing but critique my eating habits. They strike up a conversation and just wait for me to respond with something they can use to attack me with.

>"I hope you are going to buy organic bananas and cilantro"

>"You shouldn't be drinking green tea the caffeine is bad"

>"why do you eat rice? dont you know it's empty carbs and is bad for you" -type of shit.
I don't fucking care. I actually jog in the mornings. I doubt a cup of rice is going to critically destroy my life. Lately they have been wanting me to de-tox with them, I was semi-interested until they said the kit they were going to buy is like 200$ and it's the only one worth getting.

Gets on my nerves when they brag about their overpriced vegan gluten-free organic brownie cookidough mix or some shit and why it is soo good. and I am all thinking in my head "at the end of the day you are still eating junkfood".

To top it all off..
I am 6'3 and weigh 150lbs (a fucking scarecrow). This person is like 5 feet tall and weighs 200lbs (all fat).
fuck this shit. I hate people.
>> No. 21337 [Edit]
When someone says "if you know what I mean", I'm tempted to reply "No, I don't know what you mean. Please explain.".
More generally, I'm annoyed if anyone expresses themself with less than perfect clarity. Which happens all too often.
>> No. 21338 [Edit]
I'd clarify you if you know what I mean.
>> No. 21379 [Edit]
File 136478038262.gif - (15.90KB , 454x311 , chart1.gif )
Green tea and rice are bad for you?

Why don't we go tell the people with the world's longest life expectancy the terrible news!
>> No. 21380 [Edit]
It could just be genetics
>> No. 21381 [Edit]
Have you ever noticed that a lot of people that just eat whatever they want but have control over it like when they eat and what they at those times along with exercising are usually under 150 pounds but so many more people that try to be as healthy as possible are near morbidly obese or just noticeably very fat? At least from where I come from that's mostly what I see. I was surprised that when I weighed myself last week out of curiosity I was around 133-135 pounds (older, non-digital scale but still accurate). When I was 4 years younger and had periods where I was anorexic I was around this weight range and I eat a bit more now or maybe I don't and I don't realize it in the long run (I've certainly calmed down when it comes to stuffing my face on weekends though especially compared to those days when I was anorexic during most of the week). I don't understand but I'm satisfied maybe my body is just really fucked up from so much abuse, I'm also a heavy stimulant user and I'm very tense and hyper active in both body and mind sometimes.
>> No. 21384 [Edit]
That's because it doesn't fucking matter what you eat as long as you don't go overboard.

Just don't eat, like, 300g of sugar a day and you'll be fine. Same goes for eating 1000g of fat, or 6000 calories. People that try to strictly regulate it get stressed, which just adds to their already bullshit eating habits.
>> No. 21403 [Edit]
Anybody on the internet that feels the need to mention (or even make an implication regarding) their gender, as if it magically adds extra importance or validity to their posts/arguments. Unfortunately for me, this is extremely common behavior for female internet users under 30 years of age.
>> No. 21449 [Edit]
Oh boy:

Teenagers, they are always trying to act cool and fit in, and they use so many methods to achieve this it's not funny. And people say we are the ones who obsess over things...

Gangsters, especially here in Germany. I don't really think I need to explain why.

Garbage mainstream music where the same shit gets churned out every week. I am open to almost all genres of music but every genre has those ''entry level'' type bands that just suck major ass. Metal it's stupid nu metal shit, rock you have all these teenie bands, etc.

Bad friends. Seriously every friend I had back in highschool was a complete douchebag to me. Friends need to be there for you, you need to be able to talk about them with your hobbies and other stuff.

Emoticons, I don't even know why. Sites like youtube and reddit probably played a huge part in making me hate this.

This could maybe be a more controversial one, but people who watch anime that don't really deserve to. I'm not taking about normal everyday day time airing anime either but I am more referring to moe stuff. The amount of normals who look at moe anime is depressing.

Also related to the last complaint, people who try to be uncool to be cool. You know like this whole ''such a nerd!'' fad. The fuck is that shit?

Sleeping. It is unnecessary. Dream worlds are not very often better than real life, and the way you wake up and don't remember what you dreamed about creeps me out. Not to mention that it is just less time on the computer.

Guro. A ton of people who have a guro fetish do it because they mix fapping and hate together. I don't want to see cute 2D girls being mutilated. Rape I don't mind so much and it is pretty unavoidable when trying to find doujinshi.

I could probably go on like this for a while. Maybe I'll post more when I am not so tired. Ah yeah and of course all the things Tohno-chan tends to hate as a whole, you know 4chan, emoticons, Ford Drivers etc.
>> No. 21450 [Edit]
the thing I hate about garbage mainstream music (top 40) is how most of the songs are like new versions of old songs and nobody else seems to notice
>> No. 21451 [Edit]
>A ton of people who have a guro fetish do it because they mix fapping and hate together.

Personally, I like (some) guro because it emphasizes female fragility and beauty. I certainly don't hate cute 2D girls.
>> No. 21452 [Edit]
That is why I said a lot instead of all. It personally makes me feel sick inside, seeing something I love being harmed like that.

Pretty much. Of course there are always exceptions for bands that become really popular but are still great, for example The Cure is a really unique band in my opinion. Maybe I shouldn't be insulting mainstream music though, with the number of J-pop anime OPs that I listen to...
>> No. 21453 [Edit]
>guro because it emphasizes female fragility and beauty.
I think you mean human fragility, becuase most of the shit that goes on in guro can be done to men as well. 'Beauty' on the other hand... yeah... if you find beauty in women getting violently mutilated, I think you need some help buddy.
>> No. 21454 [Edit]
>I think you need some help buddy.

Most of the normals would probably say that about all of us. I don't know, I think it's possible that there are people who look at gore as a kind of art, kind of like how gothic art shows the beauty of darkness. It does attract a lot of pretentious teenage ass holes who like to talk about pain and darkness the whole day though. Or the ''I'm so sadistic and evil'' crowd. It's sad that people can't just be themselves.
>> No. 21456 [Edit]
>I think it's possible that there are people who look at gore as a kind of art
Yeah, state penitentiarys tend to be full of those people.
>> No. 21457 [Edit]
>I think you mean human fragility, becuase most of the shit that goes on in guro can be done to men as well

I said I like some guro.

>if you find beauty in women getting violently mutilated, I think you need some help buddy.

It often feels good to feel bad, as most people who understand moe will admit. The remaining dispute is simply one of degree and personal taste.

It's like seeing a cute 2D girl crying. You want to wrap your arms around her and comfort her ... but there is also an underlying sadistic appeal.
>> No. 21462 [Edit]
Like I said we don't really have a right to insult them. A lot of people think people who look at lolicon need to be in ''state penitentiarys'' too. Not really defending guro either though, like I said it makes me feel sick.
>> No. 21464 [Edit]
File 136560495390.png - (884.25KB , 956x710 , be happy.png )
Made me think of this.
>> No. 21471 [Edit]
You can't compare a girl crying to a girl getting her arms ripped off and eyes stabbed out and I really hate it when guro fans make comparisons like this. You're not even taking into account that people can cry tears of joy, or from being near a cut onion or from getting something in their eyes. I get that it's what you're into and I have no right to criticize you for your personal tastes, but it sickens me when you people try rationalize it and can't admit you're just into some fucked up shit.
>> No. 21481 [Edit]
File 136574378863.gif - (0.97MB , 500x376 , 849b9fb668207c839fdb1c9930a4a5e5.gif )
I heard somebody refer to Cowboy Bebop as an 'old school' anime.

What the fuck, I don't even consider mid-eighties anime to be 'old school'.
>> No. 21482 [Edit]
As a Captain Harlock fan, I am displeased.
>> No. 21483 [Edit]

wow, you're hardcore.
>> No. 21485 [Edit]
Cowboy Bebop presents older style than current style so it can be considered "old school". Seems you are just someone who wants to show how "oldfag" he is.

Old school != the earliest era.
Old school = older than current era
>> No. 21486 [Edit]
Naruto is Old school.
>> No. 21487 [Edit]
What part of my post you didn't understand?
>> No. 21488 [Edit]
The part about the unicorn.
>> No. 21489 [Edit]
you are now aware that Cowboy Bebop was 20 years ago
>> No. 21490 [Edit]
File 136576843137.jpg - (4.86KB , 160x119 , ken.jpg )
>Seems you are just someone who wants to show how "oldfag" he is.

Ha ha, I wish.
Didn't mean to come off sounding as much as an elitist pompous ass as you made it seem. (I guess I just have trouble communicating with others.)
My problem stems from looking at Japanese anime as a whole and what status quo animation developments were implied. I suppose I should open my heart and start thinking of stuff like Gundam Wing as an oldschool series. Even though it feels a little wrong.

Sorry if I came off as sounding like an elitist douchebag. I dislike those types of people as much as anyone.

I seem to keep thinking 20 years ago was the 80's. ;_;
>> No. 21491 [Edit]
>Dr. Volga, forgive me!

I know the guy who translated those episodes of Chargeman Ken on youtube. Fucking great show.
>> No. 21492 [Edit]
File 136577145720.jpg - (73.95KB , 448x600 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Fucking balloon fetish people piss me off to no end.
I hope this fucker runs out of oxygen and his parents find him naked and dead.
>> No. 21500 [Edit]
What the fuck? I've heard of the erotic asphyxiation thing, but I've never seen it applied like this.
>> No. 21581 [Edit]
99% of the time, you don't need to use semi-colons. Let them die, please.
>> No. 21899 [Edit]
I hate devices that use an odd number of Batteries. 1 3 5 ect. Batteries are always sold in even amounts and I think most if not all battery chargers require even amounts to be charged together.
>> No. 24205 [Edit]
I fucking hate it when normals refer to skanks as 'hot'. They're not hot you faggots they're fucking ugly sluts. These fucking blind retards are only encouraging this bullshit and yes I do mean faggots because you'd have to be one to find these overly masculine women to be even remotely attractive.
>> No. 24235 [Edit]
It annoys me when I go to get fast food and they bug me about specials or new items then after I've given my order they bug me about making it a combo or something and I end up having to tell them like five times what I want.
>> No. 24240 [Edit]
It annoys me when people drive in the middle of two lanes on a multi-lane road. Bonus points if they're playing loud obnoxious music.

This happened today when I ordered a burger. When I ordered I mentioned that I did not want cheese(it cost 50 cents extra) but the person asked me two more times about it. When they read back my order to me for clarification they even said "Hamburger - WITH cheese" and looked up at me while doing so. I had to tell them no again...

Also, every time I eat anywhere but home I end up regretting it because food is so expensive.
>> No. 24241 [Edit]
There are not enough JRPGs with housing.
>> No. 24245 [Edit]

Store workers hate talking to you too, but if they don't, they'll get bitched out by people who want interaction and also their bosses.
>The worst, for me, is people/society still being controlled by "human nature."
As if human nature is escapable. Everything a human does is by definition a part of human nature. For instance, it is human nature to seek pleasure. Many people do this by fucking. You seem to seek pleasure in interesting unique and interesting opinions. That is also human nature.

I find emoticons useful. "It would be really weird to express nonverbal communication in prose," I typed as I smiled a huge smug shit-eating grin.

I agree.

I laughed.

>A ton of people who have a guro fetish do it because they mix fapping and hate together.
The hate is why I read guro.

I hate it when people use the wrong blinker or leave a blinker on.
I hate happy people. I get jealous and bitter.
I hate people. I get jealous and bitter.
I hate life. Life is inherently brutal; everything is about capitalizing on the weakness of other blobs of chemicals. I want to inflict mercy on to as many people as possible, but I am too incompetent.
I hate how people say "life is hard," and then go on to have kids. You fucking idiots, not only are you making life harder for yourself when your life is already a goddamn exercise in misery, you're inflicting meaningless suffering on a being that never even wanted to be.
I hate suffering. There is no meaning in it, like we are lied to to believe. If someone is worthless, it is going to suffer a lot, and at the end of the suffering, there is only more suffering because the suffering doesn't fix anything, and nothing can fix it. I think it was the anime version of Welcome to the NHK, where Satou says something like "life isn't a drama. There is no resolution, only the endless repetition of vague insecurities." Nothing can be fixed. I think this is why I like guro: it exposes the true nature of suffering. Or maybe it's just this goddamn SSRI.
I hate SSRIs. They make me aggressive and unable to feel pleasure.

Shinden. He just pisses me off.
>> No. 24246 [Edit]
>Shinden. He just pisses me off.
And here I thought a new guy was diligently reading through the thread and typing as he went down. Good laughs.

I hate pedohumor. Like, real life pedo, used in humor. So fucking disgusting on so many levels it blows my mind.
>> No. 24248 [Edit]
>I hate how people say "life is hard," and then go on to have kids. You fucking idiots, not only are you making life harder for yourself when your life is already a goddamn exercise in misery, you're inflicting meaningless suffering on a being that never even wanted to be.
Damn right.
I've heard people here try to justify it by claiming they do it so the kids can support them, but not only is there no garantie of that but it would take decades before that's even possible. Besides, if things are so hard you aren't going to have any hope of raising a kid who will be able to take care of you so much as raise a kid who will become a burn out druggy or something and that's not going to help you one bit. People are just fucking stupid.
>> No. 24249 [Edit]
>Besides, if things are so hard you aren't going to have any hope of raising a kid who will be able to take care of you so much as raise a kid who will become a burn out druggy or something and that's not going to help you one bit
There's a possibility the kid will become a druggy. There's also a possibility the kid will become a likeable person with a warm smile. There's a possibility the kid will be retarded. There's a possibility you are retarded. Life is exciting and mysterious, isn't it?

I think the rationale behind producing offspring is more in the line of personally bringing the baton to the next generation. Rational or not, I think this notion as well as preserving your mixture of genes and your family name, holds a lot of power. Then of course there's the classical "oopsie" baby. Gotta love the oopsies, god knows no one else does.
>> No. 24250 [Edit]
>There's also a possibility the kid will become a likeable person with a warm smile.
Hows that going to help you if you're poor and hopeless or similar? Sure anything's possible but the simple fact is a kid born to a rich family is going to be more likely to succeed in life than a kid raised in a crackhouse.

>I think this notion as well as preserving your mixture of genes and your family name, holds a lot of power.
not if you're starving to death in a piss poor village and know your kid probably wont live long anyway.
>> No. 24251 [Edit]
>poor village
Make way for the oopsies, or otherwise the "we can't afford / don't know how to use condoms". And if you go fullblown medieval then there's definitely merit to making kids for later support. It's tried and true.

>but the simple fact is a kid born to a rich family is going to be more likely to succeed in life than a kid raised in a crackhouse.
That's an easy statement to get behind.
>> No. 24252 [Edit]
Retroactive abortion. All it takes is a rock.
>> No. 24253 [Edit]
that's nice
>> No. 24256 [Edit]
worked for the Greeks
>> No. 24258 [Edit]
I hate it when people who are neat and organized are labeled as having OCD and treated like there's something wrong with them by people who are just dumb lazy slobs.
>> No. 24263 [Edit]
I pre-emt this by jokingly implying that I have OCD, as a contingency.

"Wow, that's really neat."
"Yeah it can't be helped, or else my OCD will end me."
>> No. 24270 [Edit]
On a similar note, I have medically certified ADHD, but I often appear stoic because I spend most of time thinking to myself, or trying to calculate if what I want to say is actually something the receiver wants to hear.

This results in many people showing surprise and telling me "oh you don't have it" or "its not really a thing anyway" when it comes up. It is somewhat frustrating, as the condition is abused to the point where others will have plenty of anecdotal evidence to counter anything I say, and many people just think of it as a creative way of saying you are lazy, so convincing them I suffer from it is not in my best interest.
>> No. 24287 [Edit]
Keurig Cups.
They are so goddamn inefficient and wasteful it makes me want to scream.
>> No. 24328 [Edit]
File 140365302123.jpg - (125.53KB , 382x615 , satouismad.jpg )
Products that require no drivers that exclaim "compatible with iPhone/iPad/tablets!"

No fucking shit your headphones are compatible with goddamn near everything produced in the last ten thousand years. I hate that people are too fucking stupid for the packaging to just say "3.5 mm connector" or some shit.
>> No. 24329 [Edit]
I always assume stuff like that is on there because they need 'something' to put on the packaging.
>> No. 24362 [Edit]
File 140393615387.jpg - (84.46KB , 1082x609 , we can use this.jpg )
Damn near everything about the current state of copyright laws.
>> No. 24363 [Edit]
I hate people who are willing to prostitute themselves. It gives me the impression they have no respect whatsoever for their own sexuality.
>> No. 24364 [Edit]
I can't stand listening to badly recorded and mastered music.
It's like having a beautiful painting covered in stains of shit.
>> No. 24365 [Edit]
>It gives me the impression they have no respect whatsoever for their own sexuality.
because they don't?
>> No. 24376 [Edit]
>> No. 24377 [Edit]
I am like this unless it is something like Neutral Milk Hotel or The Microphones. They get a pass as it is intentional and more for a warm atmosphere instead of wave cutoffs and arbitrary volume increase.
>> No. 24386 [Edit]
Okay, I just realized what I hate the most in the whole wide world. For me there's nothing worse than this, it makes so insanely mad.
It's when people who use computers (not just older people, I mean all end users) break their fucking computer because they did not use it they way they are supposed to, then call you to fix it and get cocky when you get annoyed at their fucking stupidity. I HATE it when they say shit like "oh I know a lot about cars, what do you know about cars?"
This fucking sentence makes me so mad I can't put it into words. Fucking end users should all be killed. I hate how everyone has technology these days. People should have to make something like a technology license before they are allowed to use computers, like a drivers license.
>> No. 24387 [Edit]
I despise it when people thank me for something i haven't done yet. My grandma used to do that instead of just asking me and it's gotten to the point where if someone thanks me even when i'm halfway doing something i get really pissed off
>> No. 24388 [Edit]
>"oh I know a lot about cars, what do you know about cars?"
"How to use one properly."
>> No. 24389 [Edit]
It's not like I don't know a comeback, the logic behind it is just so mindblowingly retarded.
>> No. 24399 [Edit]
Construction workers. Why are they so universally obnoxious? I live next door to a construction site at the moment, and I can accept the jackhammering and other construction noise 12 hours per day (starting at 6am most days), because things have to be built. But why do they have to shout at each other about non-work related things? I can clearly hear what they are shouting from inside with the window shut. And why do they have to listen to the radio so loudly?
There's something about some jobs that attracts dickheads. Ticket inspectors are another example, they are even worse than construction workers but for different reasons.
>> No. 24400 [Edit]
I see. I meant to have it come off as "I agree with you," but rereading it I come off as conceited or something like that. Sorry.
>> No. 24466 [Edit]
I don't understand why ford drivers often say they feel sad when they see someone who has a hobby he loves. The only exceptions are people who love cars or guns or shit similiar to that. For example when someone (no matter how old) has a comic book collection, or loves collecting figures or old technology people (often in comments on the internet) say they feel bad for those people.
Not sure if this is the right thread but can someone explain this shit to me?
>> No. 24468 [Edit]
Because they are only happy when they are around other people. They wrongly assume that everyone is unhappy alone like they are. So they perceive solitary hobbies as sad.
>> No. 24471 [Edit]
Thanks, that makes sense.
>> No. 24554 [Edit]
Thrips are fucking everywhere around this time of the year. They are under my posters, my manga and even inside the CD cases of my favorite soundtracks!
>> No. 24561 [Edit]
I really wish more websites would let you delete your account. For some reason I just want to destroy everything I put online that isn't anon.
>> No. 24579 [Edit]
I absolutely cannot stand losing in online games, especially when I feel like I've been let down by teammates.

It's really becoming quite a problem. I'm losing friends and destroying property. Just before typing this I threw an $80 mouse across the room.
>> No. 24581 [Edit]
why not stop playing online games?
>> No. 24597 [Edit]
What games are you playing?
>> No. 24598 [Edit]
It's a MOBA, isn't it? That and Dark Souls make otherwise normal people lose their fucking shit.
>> No. 24703 [Edit]
File 140666907312.jpg - (78.17KB , 1074x628 , fuck off.jpg )
This. I find it very annoying when websites give you 'warnings' about following links to other websites. Do they expect you to never leave their site or something?
>> No. 24704 [Edit]
I always thought it's so people won't sue them.
>> No. 24705 [Edit]
It's so people don't fall for easy phishing scams with domains that look like the one of the site they came from.
>> No. 24707 [Edit]
The trick is to only play games you're good at
If you're bad at everything, play SP games. Most online games are shit anyway.
>> No. 24708 [Edit]
It's still very egotistical and it's not like it's limited to websites that deal in money.
>> No. 24709 [Edit]
How is it egoistical? It's to protect their users and you just need to click 1 more time
Even if the site doesn't deal with money, there are lots of other reasons for scammers to want your account
>> No. 24710 [Edit]
It gives off the impression that any site that isn't their own is bad. They may as well be saying "The internet is full of bad people and the guy that dropped that link could be one of them!" Typically they're created as warnings not as reminders, Intentional or not they're going to be painting a negative image over the rest of the internet and instilling paranoia. scammers are indeed out there, but they'd make up a tiny fraction of whats getting linked in forums. If it's really such a problem for any particular site they should hire more moderators. I'd be willing to bet a warning page like that wouldn't stop the average idiot from getting scammed anyway, and someone who isn't an idiot would know how to avoid that stuff.
>> No. 24712 [Edit]
>The internet is full of bad people and the guy that dropped that link could be one of them!
But that's true?
>> No. 24714 [Edit]
uhh no it's not? A more accurate comparison would be the police setting up checkpoints at every exit of your town/city.

As for guns. yes police in places like Albuquerque shouldn't be allowed to have them. They gun down more innocent people than criminals.

By the way, what you're doing is essentially greentexting. All you did was replace the greater-than sign with a pair of quotation marks.
>> No. 24715 [Edit]
Don't worry I fixed it.
>> No. 24717 [Edit]
>It's still very egotistical and it's not like it's limited to websites that deal in money.
It's also a way for the owners of the site/service to make clear they wash their hands with regards to illegal/offensive content linked from other places. It is egotistical, and it has to be, because they've potentially got their asses on the line.

>scammers are indeed out there, but they'd make up a tiny fraction of whats getting linked in forums. If it's really such a problem for any particular site they should hire more moderators. I'd be willing to bet a warning page like that wouldn't stop the average idiot from getting scammed anyway, and someone who isn't an idiot would know how to avoid that stuff.
Moderators aren't even a possibility on some services. You can't reasonably expect, say, valve to have enough moderators to read every steam chat as it takes place -- actually I'd rather that not happen at all -- or even just check all links that get sent.
As for the fraction of links on a medium/big service that get flagged as spam/phishing/illegal and the effectiveness of that kind of measure in repelling legal action and successful attacks, it's a good question, but I don't think we have, or will ever have, any concrete data.

Not that I don't find them annoying. I just find it sadly reasonable why lots of services have them in place.

Actually, you haven't.
>> No. 24722 [Edit]
>> No. 24723 [Edit]
Car drivers. They are dangerous to riders and pedestrians, they put carcinogens into the air, they slow the trams down. I also hate how they influence road design. It's because of cars that there are multi-lane roads where you have to wait over a minute to cross at the lights. Pedestrians are wasting significant parts of their lives standing still just so these selfish motherfuckers can drive around shitting up everything.
>> No. 24725 [Edit]
Yeah I hate cars. I wish public transport infrastructure was much better. Actually I wonder why more people dont use it. It seems cheaper to run trains and buses than extremely huge numbers of cars.
>> No. 24726 [Edit]
>I wonder why more people dont use it
Because waiting an hour for the bus in the hot sun fucking blows.
>> No. 24762 [Edit]
File 140729038812.png - (246.99KB , 480x640 , 33992865.png )
Tribalistic, backwards ingroup/outgroup thinking. Feels impossible to get away from smug, judgmental pricks with a need to assert their superiority to whatever others they can find to other. I'm one half the time, even while actively trying to be aware of cognitive biases like it and trying to keep a positive outlook.

Human nature I suppose. Maybe I need to just stop even reading news or using the internet for a while. Or permanently. Move into a cabin in the woods. Embrace it, the entire rest of the human race is the other. Always has been. Always will be. Life among the fungi might be more palatable to me. They'll accept me for who I am and I'll accept them for their delicious sporocarps.
>> No. 24775 [Edit]
When people replace the word 'you' with 'u' even though everything else normal.
>> No. 24784 [Edit]
Also when people typ lik dis despite using a smartphone with auto-correct. They inconvenience themselves just so they can type like idiots.
>> No. 24785 [Edit]
The tap/click sound effect thing smart phones make when people type on them.
>> No. 24825 [Edit]
Drunk people. Especially when I get woken up by their idiotic babble as they walk by my house around 2:00 am.
>> No. 24870 [Edit]
sleeping is annoying
>> No. 24873 [Edit]
being tired is annoying
>> No. 24895 [Edit]
When someone leaves butter outside of the fridge. That makes my blood boil.
>> No. 24901 [Edit]
I hate it when someone thanks me to do something before I do it, or as a way to ask me to do something
>> No. 24910 [Edit]

Fake noises.

Fake discussions.

Fake problems designed to conceal real problems.

In silence, one can perceive real problems with enough clarity and details.

But instead, buzzwords. With fictional tangents. Without any aesthetic merits at all, to say the least, except derivatives. Maybe they are actually derivatives. That might explain their utter impotence on dealing what they claim to.

I want silence for a little while.

If I can't get it, at least I want to hear poetry on my TVs. Good poetry, not commercial jingles.

I want people that I come across on the street to accidentally perform a scene from Hamlet, like at night, in the traffics.

I want to listen to people making poetry while inside the train at busy hours. Poetry about the working men. It seems that there are an utter lack of them nowadays. I want to listen to some which represent our mundane and bleak existence, without eventually making us passive like an opium. Cheap, pleasant arts tend to do that.

Or maybe someone singing 'Street Fighting Man' from The Rolling Stones while pushing each others as the slam opens. That sounds exciting, maybe a chaos would ensue. I have a list of people coming out of my mind that I want to burn alive.

Well, silence is preferable to that situation. To that 'Last Man' character.
>> No. 24911 [Edit]
I feel the same way.
>> No. 24913 [Edit]
My shitty memory and non-existent attention span. Theories, events, things and concepts that I was at some point deeply invested within have a tendency to become amorphous masses of thought-fragments that I never quite trust enough to adequately reflect the intricacies of the original subject. Loss seemingly occurs at random, and I far too often discover the wikipedia article I am reading at any given time is one I've gone through years prior. I am frequently led to consider the futility of my existence, as reading shit on the internet has been the predominant use of my time for the past 6 years.

Indiscriminate accusations of pretension and verbosity. In distinct communities I occasionally interact with, I've taken notice of a recurring pattern of interactions that are always precipitated by very specific factors. Essentially, when airing some form of criticism or anything that conflicts with prevailing site values, I will invariably elicit some vague attack directed at my prose. It's always some imprecise, subjective quip that the resident prose-attacker feels compelled to dribble out. Actual superfluity is almost never the case in these instances, and I don't see how employing certain words that whoever is issuing the complaint regards as flowery universally makes one a pretentious writer.
>> No. 24931 [Edit]
File 140932720156.jpg - (94.03KB , 902x296 , comic-2.jpg )
People often take a more utilitarian view of language, which is to say that language is merely a tool used to achieve an end. Therefore, the most 'efficient' use of the language would involve using words that convey the message in as few words and to as wide an audience as possible. Using a hundred words where ten would have sufficed thus seems like a waste of time.
For example, I quote you with: "In distinct communities I occasionally interact with, I've taken notice of a recurring pattern of interactions that are always precipitated by very specific factors."
I can summarize that into a far shorter and far less annoying to read sentence: "When talking with others, they always complain about the same thing". I'm pretty sure I captured the gist of your sentence, and with thirteen fewer words.

In addition, people associate complicated words with different types of people and strata of society. If I had substituted 'sesquipedalian words' for 'complicated words' where the latter served just fine, it seems like I'm trying to emphasize the fact that I'm 'intellectual' enough to know the word 'sesquipedalian', and thus you should respect me for it.

Finally, long and confusing words are often used purposefully to confuse people, such as in certain legal texts. People have thus developed a certain mistrust to the use of confusingly long words where short ones will do, and your behaviour evokes this emotion in them.

In short, there are many valid reasons why people don't throw words around pointlessly. It is up to you to decide how you communicate, but you should be aware of the effects of your choice of words. Communication is a bridge, in that both ends are important.
>> No. 24932 [Edit]
>I'm pretty sure I captured the gist of your sentence, and with thirteen fewer words
You reduced the complexity of the string but at the cost of context and precision. The meaning of your simplification is distinct from purely a semantic standpoint; there's just more (arguably necessary) information present in the original. As this is an anonymous image board, withholding that information would reduce the clarity of the post - you get more words in the aim of mitigating ambiguity and perhaps creating a richer scenario.

Verbosity is content characterized by an excess of words; syllable count and a subjective sense of word complexity are irrelevant to this definition. Yes, I could choose an absolutely basic set of words but that would be no fun at all and would make the prose boring and nondescript. I'm fine if you call me a thesaurus molesting faggot, but don't tell me I'm being profligate or ineffective.

I suppose a further point of annoyance would be the assumption that I'm straight up bad at writing because I dare to use words in excess of three syllables. The principles you've listed I generally agree with, but they can't be regarded as anything other than the more rudimentary points you'd encounter in literally elementary school. I don't get mad at people who use big words because I don't automatically assume they're attempting to draw attention to their genitalia. I couldn't be content in doing this as I don't believe there to be any inherently "pretentious" words or linguistic structures. Even if this were exactly what they were doing, why would I subsequently ignore what they were attempting to communicate, halt their train of ideas and bitch about an inconsequential, subjective issue?

Post edited on 29th Aug 2014, 11:30am
>> No. 24933 [Edit]
>Even if this were exactly what they were doing, why would I subsequently ignore what they were attempting to communicate, halt their train of ideas and bitch about an inconsequential, subjective issue?

It doesn't matter why they do it, what matters is the fact they day do it at all. Like >>24931 said you should think about what effect your choice of words has.
>> No. 24935 [Edit]
If Tohno-chan users are so smart, how come they don't have jobs or successful careers.
>> No. 24936 [Edit]
snap brah, nice burn.
>> No. 24937 [Edit]
probably becuase most of us arent really that smart
>> No. 24938 [Edit]
Why do they have to make it so hard for us europs to get guns? Just something to defend ourselves, shitty 9mm pistols would be enough.
All these boat people aren't helping either.
>> No. 24939 [Edit]
you could always get a crossbow. They're like guns that take longer to load, but are cheaper, have reusable ammo, and don't require background checks.
>> No. 24940 [Edit]
well if they make it easy for good guys to obtain, that also makes it easy for bad guys, or even just crazy people. so they have to run extensive checks to make sure people buying it have a legit use for it.
>> No. 24941 [Edit]
bad guys wouldn't get registered guns.
>> No. 24942 [Edit]
If you're so smart what are you doing still living in that shit hole of a country Brazil?
>> No. 24943 [Edit]
Join a gun club. You have to attend meetings and pass background checks etc but you can easily have several guns in your European home legally
>> No. 24944 [Edit]
The only winning move is not to play.
>> No. 24946 [Edit]
Having a successful career does not necessarily require intelligence, it simply requires a healthy amount of motivation- and typically a high degree of social aptitude. The first has no correlation with intellectual capacity, and the latter is actually inversely proportional to it... speaking in terms of averages.

But who even proclaimed themselves to be "smart"?
>> No. 24948 [Edit]
We just bite what we can chew. Big jobs and power over others entail lots of responsibilities and dangers. If one can get most fun and indulge most interests from cheap virtual devices, there's no reason to engage into such a nerve-wracking life.
>> No. 24949 [Edit]
>Having a successful career does not necessarily require intelligence, it simply requires a healthy amount of motivation- and typically a high degree of social aptitude.
Also helps to have friends or family in high places.
>> No. 24950 [Edit]
>The first has no correlation with intellectual capacity, and the latter is actually inversely proportional to it... speaking in terms of averages.
A statement that reminds me of this IG Nobel winning bit of research:
>> No. 24951 [Edit]
Europe having the same gun laws as the US would be something fun to see.
Getting guns illegally would be so easy the Italian mafia will have their own little army and take control of the country again in no time.
I bet they'd start fighting off all the boat people and gypsies.
>> No. 24952 [Edit]
>the latter is actually inversely proportional to it... speaking in terms of averages
Calling bullshit on this unless you can back it up.

Post edited on 30th Aug 2014, 5:38am
>> No. 24953 [Edit]
That or use them for their own purposes.
>> No. 24956 [Edit]
I was bored so I checked my mom's email out of curiosity.

For some reason my college email'd her instead of me about defaulting on grants I was under the impression I didn't have to pay back. She hadn't even opened the email and it had been sitting there for three weeks.

Looks like I owe $12K++ now though. Yay. Thats going to be a great conversation. Just when I felt like I was making some progress on being less of a leech on them.
>> No. 24957 [Edit]
Why do you have your mom's email?
>> No. 24959 [Edit]

She's the type of old person that can't remember passwords to save her life and doesn't understand they should be kept private.

It's hard not to know it when she uses the same one for everything and its so easy to guess.
>> No. 24960 [Edit]
The clicheness of an idea has no bearing on the validity of it.
>> No. 24962 [Edit]
I hope this MAL problem gets solved soon.
My spreadsheet is fine but I use MAL with Taiga for anime I'm still watching and it really bugs me seeing all these entries with over 9000 episodes or renamed titles. I wish I knew about this before, I would've let the thing in offline mode.
>> No. 24970 [Edit]
The clicheness of an idea has no bearing on the invalidity of it.
>> No. 25052 [Edit]
File 141089074980.jpg - (130.98KB , 600x511 , 11512409_p4.jpg )
Trying to talk with people. The close-minded culture of having to always "be right." It would be somehow shameful to admit having ever been wrong about anything even if it was just some stupid bullshit you didn't ultimately even have a well thought out reason for.
Emotional investment in preestablished conclusions instead of trying to reach the most correct ones. Just give in to your basest instincts. Only accept what fits your worldview. Everything in life is just a big dickwaving contest.

If you start off knowing you're right you'll never allow yourself to move on to actually becoming more right.
But what do I know? I'm just some mentally unstable waste of air.
Better just shut up than try to associate critical thought with myself. A good ad hominem has sunk easier to swallow perfectly unrelated issues than that.

Maybe I'd complain less if I went to live in the monkey enclosure at the zoo. Or more, but futiloly mumbling stupid cynical crap about monkeys at the walls like this might be better than doing that about people.
>> No. 26326 [Edit]
I hate my inability to relate or feel a connection to people. In real life I can't hold a conversation or maintain a connection with someone for more than ten minutes, and even less so online. It's gotten to the point where I rarely even use anything on the internet that has some human presence to it (such as social media, podcasts, let's plays, etc). I wish I could enjoy being around people because I still fantasize about having friends, but I just feel so uncomfortable around humans now-a-days.
>> No. 26346 [Edit]
What I don't like is how difficult it is to find high-quality, impartial, well researched information on controversial issues.

With science, you can find high quality information on, say, the causes of global warming, in a peer reviewed journal. In science you get the facts, no bullshit, it is rigorous and everything is peer reviewed. But with stuff like politics or the news most of the stuff is either low quality stuff or created by people with an agenda who are trying to persuade you towards a certain belief.

For example in Australia we have basically 5 channels. The ABC and SBS have news which is fairly unbiased as far as I can tell. Meanwhile channel 9, 7 and 10 which are privately owned have news which is mostly stuff like 'dog saves owner from fire', 'there was a car crash in Sydney in this suburb', etc. Both don't really go into great detail about issues.

Post edited on 18th Feb 2015, 5:44am
>> No. 27158 [Edit]
I hate it when I'm minding my own business staring at a wall or whatever and people decide to stand in front of me or whatever I'm staring at. Then I gotta stop what I'm doing and move along or they act like I'm staring their nasty 3dpd asses.
>> No. 27185 [Edit]
It seems like everything to do with money in the adult world is designed to confuse you and trick out into losing money. I wish finance was more logical and consistent like science.
>> No. 27228 [Edit]
File 143640381051.png - (608.45KB , 800x600 , k3.png )
Wow, another Australian. Neat.

Worse than the major commercial networks though are websites like '' and affiliates. Hack tabloid shit that's so bad it's genuinely fascinating. I find myself all at once condemning these websites and the people who frequent them, as well as frequenting them myself for the sheer fun of it. I'm halfway convinced that these websites are aware of people like me (perhaps we make up a sizable portion of their audience?), and purposefully drum up their articles to be as shoddy as possible to rope in a few gawking stragglers for regular clicks.
>> No. 27262 [Edit]
Faggots who think you're not allowed to stand up for yourself. Faggots who knowingly lie to misrepresent a situation. Faggots that start unnecessary drama and act innocent.
>> No. 27263 [Edit]
I hate how almost every new horror game is just a walking simulator with cheap jump scares thrown in. It's like they're tailor-made for all the Let's Play faggots who desperately want to be the next PewDiePie.
>> No. 27264 [Edit]
I hate that shit too, but it's not just horror games. Crap like goat simulator, surgeon simulator, and octodad are just made for lets play fags.
>> No. 27265 [Edit]
I wish I was PewDiePie
>> No. 27267 [Edit]
You got it, buddy.

2 wishes remain. May I suggest freeing the genie?
>> No. 27365 [Edit]

My understanding is that in Japan a lot of the games the West knows as visual novels are called "adventure games", and that we don't typically use this term to describe them since adventure game refers to a different sort of game over here. Eroge, dating sims, and all kinds of things just sort of get dumped under the umbrella term visual novel, even though it doesn't technically apply. I know what you mean though, I start to grind my teeth whenever people refer to manga as "anime books".
>> No. 27367 [Edit]
Why does Himouto threads attract so much trolling/low quality posting?

I just want to enjoy my cute girls.
>> No. 27369 [Edit]
There is only one Himouto thread, I don't know what you are talking about
>> No. 28061 [Edit]
Censorship and pro-censorship supporters.
>> No. 28110 [Edit]
>> No. 28115 [Edit]
thanks for the high quality post
>> No. 28117 [Edit]
I can't deal with handling the reality of my expectations of how life is supposed to be sometimes it really gets to me.
>> No. 28118 [Edit]
What are they supposed to say? This show is impeccable? Unacceptable? Atrocious? There's a reason people don't use these words in casual speech.
>> No. 28119 [Edit]
I assume they're hoping for people to expand on their opinions on the subject matter a bit, rather than spitting out stock responses.
>> No. 28121 [Edit]
Nothing. Why bother communicating if you're divulging nothing of consequence?
>> No. 28122 [Edit]
Yeah, but there's nothing wrong with saying "this show is great because x, y, z."

So you're one of those people.
>> No. 28124 [Edit]
I do that when I don't want to talk to someone about something. Kind of like when someone asks you how you are and you say you're good, even if you're not and would rather vomit all over them.
>> No. 28128 [Edit]
I do that because I assume the person doesn't want to hear my verbose autistic rant on something they haven't experienced or know nothing about.
>> No. 28132 [Edit]
File 145057813988.png - (271.05KB , 1026x600 , 1448060004930-1.png )
When I Don't Make any progress lifting Weights it pisses me of
>> No. 28133 [Edit]
>> No. 28227 [Edit]
Does anyone actually cry when a celebrity dies, or is that just something normal people lie about on their facebook walls?
>> No. 28233 [Edit]
I remember a few months ago when a relatively newer VA who passed away, there were many threads mourning and reacting in an over-emotional way over her death despite most of them probably not knowing her name before the incident. I doubt most people cry over these sort of things, I get the feeling the majority of the time they need to overplay in order to show they care. There's nothing wrong with being sad over it, but the way the do it seems extremely superficial and fake.

Also I hate when people bring it up as a casual conversation topic. "Did you know that X died?" Why the fuck do you need to bring it up as if you're talking about the weather? Show some respect for the person who passed away, goddamn.
>> No. 29819 [Edit]
I can't stand the *****1 password shit. If someone has a keylogger installed on your device, that's not gonna be any help. Same if someone is watching you type the password in, they'll still see each character you enter. In fact here's a crazy idea; don't type out passwords while in front of people you don't trust. I also can't stand it when I log onto websites and can't find my account number anywhere, but "account ending in 5555" is everywhere. I get it's a security thing, but if strangers are logging into your accounts I think it's too little too late at that point.
>> No. 29837 [Edit]
I wish I had started getting serious about interest way earlier. I've wasted my middle school and high school years on 4chan and the likes when I could have gotten into so much shit that I have interest in right now. Anyway, this year will be different.

If I waste another year I will hang myself, mark those words
This oughta be enough motivation to do something.

pic unrelated
>> No. 29943 [Edit]

Sometimes I read posts on here and can't remember if it was me who wrote them. My memory is really bad and I don't remember anything, and I share a lot of opinions with the people here.

Anyway. I went to this chat on discord that's allegedly for NEETs and hikkis and other outcats or whatever, but it's just like pretty much any chat I've seen. Maybe it's as some guy said, "The medium is the message", in that by their choice of platform, they're telling lots about themselves, and it's nothing good. All those chatrooms just end up being inane circlejerks about nothing in particular between a couple of the most persistent posters. The reason I was attracted to it in the first place is not because I'm attached to the idea of "a NEET identity" or whatever, but because it's yet another attempt to find some common ground with other people. And that has been increasingly hard, with more and more people learning about the whole "hikkikomori" thing and being drawn to it. It's a case of "no true hikksman", but I really think that most of the people there don't really belong, and would be better off somewhere else.

I just want someone interesting to talk to, someone with whom I would have more than nothing in common, and who would be equally interested in talking to me. I'm not even sure what I'm looking for. There was a guy I met on /jp/ in 2011 and we spoke for a year, and it was really nice, but then he just dropped off the face off the earth. It doesn't seem like I'm asking for much, but all the people I meet seem to fall into the same 3-4 categories or personalities that I'm just sick of. It's a bit lonely.
>> No. 29944 [Edit]
It just seems like the only people I want to talk to are the ones that don't really want to talk to anyone at all, or are fine with just talking on anonymous imageboards. The other ones are annoying and obnoxious people that I get tired of really quickly. It's catch 22 of sorts.
>> No. 29947 [Edit]
Same. As soon as offline people open their mouth I just want them to shut up.
>> No. 29949 [Edit]
Finding people you can relate to is hard, specially in this day and age where everyone tries to be as cancerous a possible.
>> No. 29950 [Edit]
What I find oddly ironic about normies is how backwards they are. Try talking to an "educated" and "tolerant" person about anything and all you get back is barking about how moral/strong they are. "Trashy" people you can at least hold a conversation with because they're not obsessed with the status game of appearing 100% right 100% of the time.

It's sort of like in high school when I started hanging around the goths. I never really fit in with them either but I preferred them by far to the jockey/preppy type of shithead.
>> No. 29951 [Edit]
There are decent people going undercover among the normies. You'd have to catch them alone, because they can't take the mask off before their other friends, but those people usually seek exactly that kind of one-on-one conversation. Drop some hints and see if they drop some too. Even though they try to "integrate", they are probably just as bored and lonely.

Having actual conversations shouldn't work like a secret society. I'm guessing the problem is it's not "acceptable" to tell a poor conversant to shut up or leave.
>> No. 29953 [Edit]
>Try talking to an "educated" and "tolerant" person about anything and all you get back is barking about how moral/strong they are. "Trashy" people you can at least hold a conversation with because they're not obsessed with the status game of appearing 100% right 100% of the time.

Truth. I'd take an honest asshole over a dishonest one (ie: someone that's so self-righteous that they don't realize how much of a prick they are) any day.
>> No. 29987 [Edit]
I can't stand people/businesses that tape flowers to their pens. I fucking hate using those things. Is it supposed to be a punishment for not bringing your own? The Fuck ever happened to being professional? Every time I go to a doctor/dentist and get handed one of those retarded flower pens, I get the overwhelming urge to plant those flowers in their eye sockets.
>> No. 29988 [Edit]
File 14883191312.jpg - (8.35KB , 191x126 , 1457129929434.jpg )

they do that so people don't steal their pens.

the flower is used because it's not stupidly out of place with a bundle of them sticking out of a jar, and if you try to put it in your pocket it takes up much more room than it otherwise would and gets your attention (most pen thefts are muscle memory from using your own pen that you don't realize until a while later).

The reason the people never change out the pens when they run out of ink is to fuck with the morons who didn't think to bring a damned pen with them to sign or fill out paperwork when they ought to have known that they would be doing so once they got there.
>> No. 29989 [Edit]
why arent there any cheap tenkeyless keyboards damn it
>> No. 29990 [Edit]
saws aren't expensive.
>> No. 29991 [Edit]
I actually think they're really cute.
>> No. 29995 [Edit]
How much time I waste on the internet. There's so many things I'd rather be doing but I just don't. That includes this post, mind you.

If I spent as much time writing, reading, and watching anime as I do writing posts like these and scouring youtube I'd get so much more done.
>> No. 30046 [Edit]
Oh god this so much. I always struggle to figure out what I want to eat on top of taking too much time eating the food in the first place, that's why I love eating bite size foods like rice, nuts, granola bars, etc.
>> No. 30047 [Edit]
I'm thinking of going with the soylent route to solve exactly that problem. I've had it before and actually kinda like the taste, and I also like the idea of turning food into something to spend less time and effort on.
>> No. 30048 [Edit]
I know what you fucking mean. Lately I've been wasting two to four hours just watching youtube videos, sometimes I even just watch the ones I've already watched before.
>> No. 30049 [Edit]
Glad I'm not the only one. Sometimes I'll be dicking around on YouTube and reading random crap on the internet just to realize 2 hours have gone by and I haven't done anything productive even from a lazy hikikomori's perspective. It's time that would even be better spent playing video games or watching anime rather than idling away.
>> No. 30050 [Edit]
For someone like me who is underweight, soylent is not only inefficient but cost more than just buying cheap ingredients separately. It's a very cool idea though.
>> No. 30146 [Edit]
All the cryptic bullshit that people do and say in social interactions. No, I don't want to play mind games and figure out what you REALLY mean by such and such action and phrase, say what you fucking mean or shut the fuck up. Unless you've got to talk in code because someone is about to kill you, don't fucking do that.
>> No. 30147 [Edit]
>say what you fucking mean or shut the fuck up
I know what you mean and I wish people would. Unfortunately people are petty and get bitter extremely easily so playing games with speech and tiptoeing around what you mean is a necessity. One wrong word and the next thing you know someone is trying to make your life hell. I myself got fired once for asking a teen hopping around with his bike to stop acting like an idiot.
>> No. 30148 [Edit]
I know what you mean! I try to be as honest and direct to people as possible when I say things so as to not confuse them, but sometimes they'll just piss around the issue instead of talking about it or just outright lying.

I'm glad that I'm practically a shut-in NEET that doesn't need to interact with others all that much because I greatly dislike doing so.
>> No. 30152 [Edit]
Maybe people should stop being so fucking sensitive. Words really can't hurt you, and I'd much rather hear someone tell me honestly that they hate my guts and find me an annoyance than for them to lie or avoid the subject, trying to get rid of me some other way that only wastes both of our time. What's true is true, there's no point to getting upset about just knowing the truth. If someone hates me, or find something I do annoying, they aren't helping either of us by not saying it. And this goes even more if it was someone I was close to, if I had them. I'd much rather them tell me honestly if something was bothering them, then even if we don't work it out, we would at least be aware of how each other felt about it. And if the truth threatens to disrupt or destroy a system, that system isn't entitled to it's continued stability. I don't know, maybe I'm not making sense, but I can't see any downside to just saying what you really think unless you can't handle knowing that other people don't agree with you or think things you don't like. I'd honestly rather be shot in the face by someone who hated me than for someone who found me annoying to try to fuck me over in an underhand way.
>> No. 30163 [Edit]
"Word, that invisible dagger"
>> No. 30165 [Edit]
As a pretty sensitive person, I agree. It's better to be direct than beat around the bush. Sometimes more offensive than to not be direct.

Also it's possible to tell the truth and not be a dick about it, people seem to forget that.
>> No. 30353 [Edit]
File 150126999857.jpg - (18.55KB , 294x265 , Angry Dawn.jpg )
-people stating their opinion as fact
-people following that up with "is jut my oponion bro"
-trying to be as obvious as possible that i might be joking about something and somehow the other person still doesn't get it
-being this much of an idiot
-being bad at video games
-other people being bad at video games
-cornell notes
-the idea that normals have that a gun trumps everything even laser beams, lightning bolts, dragons, giant robots, etc. if you a have a pistol and a giant robotic space dragon that shoots nuclear flame lasers you'll win because gun
-not being able to like stuff without the internet telling me what i like is bad
-following that up with an argument that starts with "to be fair"
-being bad at my own hobbies
-memes. i cant put into words how much i hate memes
-the modern internet and its "culture"
-normals that get mad at people for liking stuff and display their dominance/superiority by seeking out people on the internet and trash talking them
>> No. 30556 [Edit]
>they say things without thinking about it half the time.
>They say they'll do something, then never do it.
>Or, they'll say they'll do it but later realize they didn't mean it or it is too much effort and make up some dumb excuse.
>They say they did something, it's half bs.
Non-normals do this too, so far I've seen. At the very least failed normals.
>They say they like something, they just say it to be part of the conversation.
This one is a dead giveaway for the normaldry gene.
>> No. 30783 [Edit]
As in, role playing games, or as in people acting oddly while interacting (e.g. multiplayer notepad)?
>> No. 30798 [Edit]
Yeah, it's quite gross. It's even worse when you stumble upon someone who does it non-stop with zero regard to the rules of a board / channel / server / game / etc. I'm usually torn between pity and disgust for them.
>> No. 30810 [Edit]
Daylight savings time is fucking stupid. There's no reason why it should even exist. Clocks should be calibrated to automatically adjust to the changing time gradually rather than all at once by running slower or faster as need be. Or we could just not change the clocks at all. Fuck farmers, all their shit is automated these days anyway.
>> No. 30831 [Edit]
Couldn't one create a time system that slowly changes depending on the time of year so that sun rise and sun down are always at the same time on the clock?
>> No. 30837 [Edit]
It's not only about farmers but everyone who works in the day. It not only saves A LOT of electricity due to it, but it's also important having the amount of sunlight available coincide with the regular working hours, specially construction work.
Seems extremely complex and would obliterate any database available. Massive headache for everyone but recluses.
>> No. 30842 [Edit]
At what latitudes does it work as intended?
In my country it might be abolished next year because it never saved us any energy. More power and fuel is being wasted every time by this countrywide case of hiccups than gained by supposed energy conservation which was estimated at hilarious optimistic maximum of 0.3% and never even proven. It was a pointless illogical fad and people here are glad it's going to end.
>> No. 30846 [Edit]
>Seems extremely complex and would obliterate any database available. Massive headache for everyone but recluses.
I thought google had worked on doing something just like that though?
>> No. 30867 [Edit]
I hate shaking hands with people.
Just this morning one of my mom's friends moved in to shake my hand while ignoring that I was slowly backing away and holding food I was obviously about to go eat. Thanks asshole for making me go wash my hands again.
I hate that not wanting to shake hands makes me seem like a rude douche more so than the guy trying to touch someone who clearly doesn't like physical contact with others. Fuck that retarded custom, why can't we just say hi or something without trading germs and dirt?

Post edited on 12th Nov 2017, 3:55pm
>> No. 30888 [Edit]
File 151097469869.jpg - (69.20KB , 506x900 , durhur.jpg )
Leave well enough alone.
I can't stand how damn never every website is run by people who think websites need to be made fashionable and overhaul their layouts to match popular trends every few years. Every time these sites get major updates it's almost always for the worse with this garbage minimalist/metro shit. They remove options for the sake of a clean look. They hide menus and buttons behind other hidden menus and buttons like you're solving a puzzle box. They replace unmistakable images, text, or icons with vague rudimentary shapes shapes. I hate that the internet and much else out there is starting to look like it's designed by fisher-price. As if to say everything's being oversimplified and dumbed down for people who have the mental capacity of children.
>> No. 30890 [Edit]
Yeah, it's getting increasingly annoying, specially in the last few months where sites have "upgraded" to even more minimalism, to the point where it does a 180° and looks messy and disorganized. I find it particularly noticeable in the new youtube, dailymotion and humble bundle. It's obnoxious.
>> No. 30894 [Edit]
they had it with win7. then they went too far.
>> No. 30895 [Edit]
New Youtube is so bad. It can take up to 20 seconds sometimes for the page to load where it used to be almost instant. The weird thing is that the bloat destroys all those animations they use anyway because they freeze up, and then they rush through and you don't see them anyway. I mean the search bar causes a nonresponsive script half the time I try and use it nowadays even. It's ridiculous and I don't know how they haven't reverted already.
>> No. 30898 [Edit]
I have an older laptop, so I thought the clogging was just me. What annoys me the most is, I open a video, the video box loads before everything else, I hit play and full-screen, and then when everything else loads it pulls me out from full-screen over and over. Sometimes I hit pause, it obeys, and then rebels and starts playing again. It seems so messy that I don't understand how they released it like that.
>> No. 30907 [Edit]
This is just a mild annoyance, but it bugs me when I try to Google for terms and phrases to get definitions but instead all the results are related to some movie or song or celebrity.
>> No. 31135 [Edit]
Websites where pressing the back button reloads the page. To them I say "get raped in hell faggots"
>> No. 31237 [Edit]
or a bunsh of top 10 lists
>> No. 31649 [Edit]
The close mindedness and stupidity of Americans and the west. Some European countries are cool, but I just really fucking hate the US. There are so many shitty things they've done throughout history that they either think was a good thing, or they just don't know about it. I hate how they actually believe that the US is the best country of all time, and how they still think the world sees them as the good guys. They also fear when a different country starts to rise up in power and ALWAYS feel the need to put a stop to them before it's too late. Every single country the US gets it's hands on, they fucking ruin it! And I haven't even mentioned American culture! The youth thinks its so cool to be bad, to do drugs, to steal, ect. and the media they consume does nothing but fuel this belief. It's pretty much why I watch anime, because I can't stand American entertainment. Their most popular tv shows is garbage like "It's always sunny in Philadelhphia", and their cartoons (while some decent) is for the most part just crap made to squeeze as much money as possible! When I watch anime, I feel for these characters. I cry with them, I laugh with them, but this does not happen with garbage like... Family Guy. A bunch of pop references and fart jokes is enough to make every 12 year old piss their pants and think Family Guy is in any way a "clever" show. Bottom line is, FUCK Americans!
>> No. 31650 [Edit]
grass is always greener etc
>> No. 31652 [Edit]
Yes yes I know. Grass is always greener on the other side. No country is perfect. Every country has its flaws, but come on! Everything I said about the US is true!
>> No. 31653 [Edit]
While I'm not going to go defending each and every action the american government has taken in its past, nor will I defend "culture", I will defend the principles america was founded on, which I truly believe to be a good basis for government. Of course, the current state of it is not ideal. One great thing about it is, each state has its own laws and regulations, allowing for a lot of variance throughout the country. Of course, the federal government has been ever growing throughout the last 100-150 years, and corruption is not unheard of. Mass media culture is of course horrible and only has a negative influence, but where isn't it? I don't think that culture properly reflects every single person living in any country, be it America or whatever other place. I live there, and I don't hate it where I am, although it would be better to live in a place with less people. Cities are usually garbage with some exceptions that I do like a bit.

Post edited on 2nd Jul 2018, 5:53pm
>> No. 31695 [Edit]
Because you're braindead
>> No. 32047 [Edit]
It upsets me how the borderline porn game that is Kancolle keeps redesigning my favourites into more covered up, de-sexified versions. What the fuck is wrong with these people, it's ruining my porn.
>> No. 32303 [Edit]
I can't stress how much I hate hand shaking.
I found out one of my mom's friends apparently think I'm an asshole for avoiding shaking their hand. Skip ahead a bit and I came across someone at work who wanted to shake hands, I did it, found out latter he was sick, then got the feeling I was coming down with something myself soon after.
I got over it quick enough, but it's a really shitty custom

Aside from spreading germs, you're simply dirtying people's hands. I mean if I'm about to eat and your asshole self wants to shake hands, that means what I gotta wait till you leave to go wash my hands and now eat cold food because you'd be offended if I didn't shake your hands, and more offended if I washed my hands right after shaking them? I've had this exact scenario happen a few times too.
Secondly, why would you assume someone wants to touch you in the first place? Some people don't like being touched, just leave them the fuck alone and don't guilt trip them into doing something
Then there's douchbags with something to prove who try to crush your hand. What the fuck's up with that? Just don't fucking touch me you cunt bitch whore fag dick shits. Is that so much to ask for?
>> No. 32304 [Edit]
I understand this one. Do you ever sit and watch other people eat anything with their hands? A lot of people just wipe their hands and leave the restaurant. I can't prove that they don't wash them soon after, but somehow I doubt it. They must walk around with their hands smelling like fried chicken, etc. all day and not be bothered in the slightest. So I understand not wanting to shake someone's hand.
>> No. 32425 [Edit]
I tried to exercise and it was completely pointless. I did it every other day for about 6 months, noticed no positive change whatsoever. I progressed very slowly with no benefits other than being able to perform the exercises themselves slightly better. I stopped because I was trying so hard yet my mother was calling me fat more and more. It's pointless. Two months ago I tried to start again but then I've suffered an unrelated wrist injury and I can't continue. It doesn't even heal, just hurts all the time. I'm so frustrated I can barely hold back from harming myself.
>> No. 32426 [Edit]
Exercise is pointless unless the other aspects of your life are in order. A healthy sleep schedule and diet are necessary. You're just damaging your body without them. Wouldn't be surprised if you were using improper form too. Lose the carbs.
>> No. 32427 [Edit]
I eat what I can afford. And I was doing the exercises right but thanks for assuming I'm a retard.
>> No. 32430 [Edit]
Can you cook, or do you buy packaged shit? What about sleep? Unless you have a medical condition, or you were fucking up in some way, you should have been seeing improvements. If it was so simple, everybody would be fit.

Post edited on 21st Jun 2019, 5:05pm
>> No. 32526 [Edit]
This is ostensibly an otaku community yet people don't know what an otaku even is. Being an otaku means being a loner shut-in? Where the fuck do you think all the games, music, manga and anime for /foe/ came from? Have you never heard of Comiket and Reitaisai? Or are those people not real otaku like you are?
>> No. 32527 [Edit]
>all the games, music, manga and anime for /foe/
Probably don't need to say this, but it goes way beyond touhou, even if that's what most people are familiar with. The creative aspect of otaku culture isn't really present in the west because "otaku" is incorrectly tied together with anime, manga, etc.You wouldn't call someone who's obsessed with making model trains sets a train otaku and you wouldn't call someone who designs and prints 3-d models as a hobby a 3-d printer otaku. Maybe in Japan you would, but here you wouldn't. Over here, very, very few people attempt to create "doujins" and when they do, the result is very often a sub-par imitation dismissed by most people.
>> No. 32528 [Edit]
>Over here, very, very few people attempt to create "doujins" and when they do, the result is very often a sub-par imitation dismissed by most people.
Because the culture is different. Many people who would have become doujin creators in the Japanese framework instead pursue the indie creator's path as Westerners.
>> No. 32529 [Edit]
You wouldn't call those people otaku though, and that's my point.
>> No. 32531 [Edit]
This is mostly for the same reasons we only call Japanese animation "anime" in the West, whereas in Japan, all animation is "anime".
>> No. 32532 [Edit]
>cornell notes
I know this is an old post but what’s wrong with them? People always bitch about them but I find them quite helpful especially when I write notes on paper.
>> No. 32533 [Edit]
People who respond to old posts, especially to argue, although it makes sense on slow sites to necro instead of making new thread and on TC specifically I’ve seen at least one author of a year+ old post respond but I don’t often understand the motivation, to use /jp/ as an example, there are users of certain archives that leave snarky ghost replies to 5+ year old posts. What is the point?
>> No. 32534 [Edit]
True Otaku Hikikomori NEET Organization, it’s a pretty wide audience united under serious waifuism, in my opinion anyway.
>> No. 32538 [Edit]
After more than a year I got a response to my post that no one replied to and I liked it.
The name describes a narrow audience.
Doesn't seem to stop some people from trying to get where they don't belong.
>> No. 32539 [Edit]
It is narrow if you interpret it as an "otaku AND hikikomori AND neet"; from experience, i think it's more "otaku OR hikikomori OR neet".
>> No. 32543 [Edit]
People that intentionally type in all lowercase characters. They’re always the same “type” of person, and it breaks netiquette. No, you’re not casual or cool for doing that, you just look like a lazy cunt that can’t type.
>> No. 32556 [Edit]
File 156267837894.jpg - (232.80KB , 850x895 , B9DB0909-9384-4280-B223-D26F56F0842C-33806-00002CC.jpg )
The hypocritical and arbitrary distinction between weaboos and otaku which a lot of people have. I get the behavioral aspect and the tendency for weaboos to have very narrow taste in what's most popular, usually shounen and shoujo. What I don't get are these two things I see get brought up a lot:weaboos don't "respect" Japanese culture, weaboos don't feel more connected to their own culture. The whole respect thing is bullshit. It's not like our culture is respected in Japan. They constantly paraody medieval fantasy and the dumb, easily excitable foreigner is a common trope there. The notion of "respecting" other cultures only exists in the west. No one else cares, about others at least. It's a double standard.

With the second thing, what is my culture? What am I supposed to feel more attatched to? American culture? There's some good American literature; hell, there's even some good movies and a very select few good tv shows. If I had to pick between the pop/modern culture of America and Japan though, am I really expected to pick America? Really? If so, I'll gladly be a weaboo.

There's so many faggots who watched Cowboy Bebop or played final fantasy as a teenager and think that gives them license to look down on anyone "less normal" than them. They think even though they also liked "anime type stuff" they're better than those people.

Post edited on 9th Jul 2019, 6:46am
>> No. 32557 [Edit]
Here's something that bothers me. The term weaboo. Not everything needs to be a 4chan reference people! It's so superfluous and overused it hardly has any meaning anymore.
>> No. 32559 [Edit]
File 156269101465.jpg - (198.33KB , 850x1207 , E4A8B2CE-F297-4B85-B700-5F55FE5B3EB8-33806-00002D0.jpg )
>basically a bedroom community
Is where I live, my whole life. I've been all over the US and i've perceived very little difference, except among places were recent immigrants congregate.
>that shouldn't surprise anybody
What do you mean? There's lots of good British books. I don't like their tv much, but from what I've seen, it's better. Compare Gordon Ramsay's shows from Britain and the US.
>people who claim it is less political or whatever often just don't catch the subtext
That's the difference. Things are controlled by politics here. Even if that's the case there too, I personally find their "politics" to be less abrasive. Don't want to get into that though.
>done more efficiently over a smaller population and area with a better social system
So better. I know what the roots of anime and manga are, but that's superficial to me. At the end of the day, Japan produces Akira, Disney produces the little mermaid, which is a watered down version of the fairy tale. I prefer Akira, both aestetically(the actual movement style is different, disney makes everybody look like they're made of jelly) and narratively. Animation + everything else in that catergory is a niche, so it's not exactly "pop-culture", but you get the idea. I fully acknowledge that I don't like or watch J-dramas or whatever. I've seen some serious "adult-oriented" animation from America. I don't like how they look and they have a way smaller budget anyway, so they aren't significant.
>do you really think people who come from different lands isn't going to be found amusing?
Missing my point. If I ran a show and made a character named Mr.Gook with buck teeth and a goofy accent, do you think that would fly? You can't even wear a kimono without some people throwing a hissy fit. They don't care about making fun of Americans or using christian symbolism for cool factor, but "disrespecting" them is off-limits.

Post edited on 9th Jul 2019, 9:53am
>> No. 32560 [Edit]
>I've been all over the US and i've perceived very little difference
You’ve probably been to large regional cities, which are almost uniformly homogenized and bad, I would say Kansas and Massachusetts are very different in smaller towns and especially university towns.
>British books
I was referring to poor mass media as in yellow journalism that the UK is probably more infamous for than the US even though major new outlets run news stories like “Ubuntu operating system causes girl to drop out”.
I’ll concede about animation, especially Disney’s post corporate takeover stuff, although Akira is probably a poor comparison considering it’s only liked for the animation. The titular character does not even appear in the film! I will admit that due to the microscopic budgets of TV animation in America that it’s pretty poor (although once in a decade or so there’s a good TV animation like Over the Garden Wall or Archer), but the reason it’s underbudgeted is due to the west in general undervaluing the potential of animation and the only thing I’ve seen that can match the visual appeal are a handful of French series. I will die on the hill of early western animation that was made for theaters is timeless and still looks good today.
Yes, making fun in good faith and being outright mean for the purpose of being hurtful or getting laughs from actual bigoted people is different in my book. I’d also argue there are indeed people inspired by dharmic religions which are considered very Eastern simply because of their exoticism or because they’re “cool”. There’s also a lot of creators that take influence from Japanese stuff that just aren’t super obvious about it, like Genndy Tartakovsky. Also, everyone makes fun of everyone, but I think jokes about Asian peoples being less warmly received than, say, the French is due to trying to cultivate better race relations in general.

I’m not even saying it’s not understandable that you dislike it, I just find it comical you find a place with heavy American influences so much better than the US culturally. I will agree with you about how the preoccupation with politics and the resulting tribalism is annoying and representative of a bigger problem.
>> No. 32561 [Edit]
File 156269605849.jpg - (335.47KB , 850x850 , C6F877B3-26F8-4A36-AEC4-36F335DC809D-33806-00002D2.jpg )
Drove through Georgia once. Fucking shacks lined up in a row next to a pond constituted a "neighborhood". Maybe I should visit Kansas.
Don't know why you're mentioning it.
>Akira is probably a poor comparison considering it’s only liked for the animation. The titular character does not even appear in the film!
What? The soundtrack? The action scenes? Even the plot was refreshingly original(for me) and there was enough social commentary to give the film some substance. Don't know about everybody else, but I loved it. Akira himself appears when he's summoned by the three children and in a flashback, so I don't know what the fuck you're talking about. Also, in terms of budget, release date, and recognition, Akira is a fine example.
>west in general undervaluing the potential of animation
A big part of this is economic. Animation will never flourish here because of how the economy works. Doujinshi will never floruish because of our copyright culture and a massive lack of talent. Nobody is cultivating their skills that way. Moving away from animation, Manga is more interesting as a whole than comics, which are dominated by supershit and never-ending story-lines for the same characters. Comics are dying anyway, partially because of politics. Lets's go further, VNs, we barely have any. Then you've got erotic material of all types, which nobody but a few politicians complain about there, but creates mass hysteria here. Looking at the big picture, the differences are pretty damn clear.
>Yes, making fun in good faith and being outright mean for the purpose of being hurtful or getting laughs from actual bigoted people is different in my book.
I don't have to look this up for you, it's readily available, gaijinsan with a blonde afro speaking in goofy, chiper engrish is pretty much no different from my Mr.Gook. Who said Mr.Gook was made out of malice? It's just good fun.
Really? We're on totally different wave lengths then. I'm confused by your presence on this site. "American influenced" is miles away from American. Panty and stocking is one of the most directly, untransformed, american "influenced" anime, and I didn't enjoy it.

Post edited on 9th Jul 2019, 11:19am
>> No. 32562 [Edit]
Georgia is pretty much a shithole even by US standards, everything outside Atlanta or Athens is horrible.
I brought up journalism because it contributes to the incoherence you feel about culture and the outrage over fun.
There’s lots of jokes and caricatures about Asians, but in this day and age using a racial slur like that so freely under the guise of comedy is considered tasteless in almost any country that at least tries to be “PC”, hell even in Apartheid South Africa there was a group of people uncomfortable with overtly racist comedy.
Also, I will mention that at least from a technical standpoint, in the west 3DCG animation is far superior and can even be visually appealing although animation as a whole isn’t the west’s forte and they should stick to literature and film. I’ll also concede about western comics being dominated by capeshit although some early capeshit can be charming, but there’s some fun indie stuff out there like SCUD or Bone but they are rare and my collection of western comics is much smaller than my almost terabyte of manga. Even including Eurocomics.
I didn’t mean that in a belittling way, I’m just saying outside of nerd or “otaku” stuff it’s not that different with both being heavily sophomoric, referential, greedy/corporate and workaholic. I don’t even disagree with your points but you’re comparing a rather niche product with stuff made to try to reach the widest audience possible.
>> No. 32564 [Edit]
I will clarify that I said comical because I didn't want to come off as combative or adversarial. I agree with you on a lot of points but making fun of other peoples is just different in places racially homogeneous like Japan. America was never and the west in general hasn't been as a whole for a while, I think the reason that kind of humor is considered dated in this sphere is just out of simple courtesy who might be made uncomfortable although it's not like that kind of stuff has gone away completely, it just isn't as common in the mainstream.
>> No. 32565 [Edit]
>everything outside Atlanta or Athens is horrible
Savannah's nice.
>almost any country that at least tries to be “PC”
The. West. Japan and others may put on pc airs to avoid conflict, but when they're not worried about that they couldn't care less. Oh, it's fine though, their culture is different, they're homogeneous. Can't blame them, but make sure to treat them in our "civilized" way. That's what my whole first post was about.
>it’s not that different
Maybe. That's why actually trying to "trade" your "culture"(still not convinced that's a thing here) for Japan's is moronic and misguided. However, if someone put a button in front of me and said "if you press this, America will become more Japan-like" I might press it.
>> No. 32566 [Edit]
>America was never and the west in general hasn't been as a whole for a while
I get the what and why perfectly. You don't need to explain it to me. I just personally disagree with it.
>> No. 32567 [Edit]
Antinatalists and child haters in general. I love babies!
>> No. 32568 [Edit]
Absolutely disgusting.
>> No. 32569 [Edit]
Kids, especially annoying kids, helicopter parents, and giving up your life aspirations to have kids. Learn a language, read books, spend your money on shit you like, do anything else.
>> No. 32570 [Edit]
Meta discussion. Especially meta about other sites.
>> No. 32571 [Edit]
People liking things I don’t like.

People complaining about me liking things they don’t like.
>> No. 32589 [Edit]
ABDL spotted
>> No. 32593 [Edit]
Twitter. I don’t get it and the replies are almost all bad.
>> No. 32598 [Edit]
-People that claim to be "unoffendable" and make nigger and holocaust jokes all day, but the moment you say something they don't like, they fly off of the fucking handle.
-Memes. I used to like them back in the day but we have now reached a point where they have completely replaced all form of original content.
-Social media. Need I say more?
-Mumble rap. At least with early 2000's pop (which even I hated), you could see how people could get into it because it was catchy. But this crap is just someone with down syndrome on a mic. Actually that is an insult to people with down syndrome, because i'm sure even they don't listen to this BS.
-Politics obsession. Don't get me wrong, I hold my own political views and get passionate about them as well, but I hate seeing and hearing about politics everywhere I fucking go. Can I just have break?
So basically, Gen Z.
>> No. 32599 [Edit]
Little did they know that the most repulsive school shooting in the US was just months away. (yes I am referring to Sandy Hook)
>> No. 32600 [Edit]
I don't like them either but for a different reason, they claim not to want to exist but they could easily kill themselves and no longer exist if this was true. They are insincere.
>> No. 32601 [Edit]
If suicide was easy everyone would be doing it. Also there is a difference between never being born and dying.
>> No. 32602 [Edit]
It really is easy. The reason everybody isn't doing it is because they don't actually want to die, even most people that say they do don't actually.

Not really, the end result is that they feel life is so miserable that it would be better not to exist. And as I said, if this were true it really isn't hard to stop existing.
>> No. 32603 [Edit]
If I poked someone's eyes out, I wouldn't take the fact that they didn't later kill themselves as implicit approval of my actions. There are a lot of mechanisms that make suicide difficult, from the primal fear of falling from a height to more 'cognitive' innate optimism bias that tomorrow will be better when perhaps it likely won't. Anyway, the fact is that some people kill themselves suggests that life (at least sometimes) can be an unwanted imposition*. Always you are betting with someone else's chips.

*After the fact. A priori of course there is no one to 'want' it.
>> No. 32604 [Edit]
>If I poked someone's eyes out, I wouldn't take the fact that they didn't later kill themselves as implicit approval of my actions.

Well no, because they still wouldn't want to die. Approval of your actions or not is irrelevant.

>There are a lot of mechanisms that make suicide difficult, from the primal fear of falling from a height to more 'cognitive' innate optimism bias that tomorrow will be better when perhaps it likely won't. Anyway, the fact is that some people kill themselves suggests that life (at least sometimes) can be an unwanted imposition*. Always you are betting with someone else's chips.

Because they don't actually want to die. The fact that some actually do kill themselves just proves it is possible and that the majority are being insincere.
>> No. 32605 [Edit]
You know this site is technically social media, right?
>> No. 32610 [Edit]

Imageboards are not social media you retard do we have to log in have names and accounts on here? no we do not.
>> No. 32611 [Edit]
Literally anything that allows users to share information with each-other is considered social media. You aren’t special.
>> No. 32612 [Edit]
He's retarded, don't bother. He was proven wrong time and time again but the permanewfag still comes here to spout his identity obsessed projections. Ignore the drooling dumbfuck.
>> No. 32613 [Edit]
>> No. 32614 [Edit]
Most of this thread, hell, /ot/ is weirdly bad.
>> No. 32616 [Edit]

Get the fuck out normalfag.
>> No. 32617 [Edit]

All of tohno-chan is bad because it is full of normalfags and not real losers.
>> No. 32619 [Edit]
Social media are interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.The variety of stand-alone and built-in social media services currently available introduces challenges of definition; however, there are some common features:

Social media are interactive Web 2.0 Internet-based applications.
User-generated content, such as text posts or comments, digital photos or videos, and data generated through all online interactions, is the lifeblood of social media.
Users create service-specific profiles for the website or app that are designed and maintained by the social media organization.
Social media facilitate the development of online social networks by connecting a user's profile with those of other individuals or groups.
>> No. 32620 [Edit]
People who scream normalfag at everyone to feel special.
>> No. 32621 [Edit]

Sometimes it is necessary.
>> No. 32622 [Edit]
lol you’re the retard that threw a tantrum over the bingo thread aren’t you
>> No. 32623 [Edit]

Normalfags like you are one of the reasons why this website is complete shit get out.
>> No. 32624 [Edit]
u ok
>> No. 32625 [Edit]

Wow you must really hate anybody with a mental illness or mental disability because you sure love using that word like the normalfag you are.
>> No. 32626 [Edit]
Severe mental illness thread.
>> No. 32636 [Edit]
File 156312562135.jpg - (28.95KB , 427x299 , ending.jpg )

Armageddon cannot come soon enough.
>> No. 32637 [Edit]
This anon
>> No. 32709 [Edit]
File 156392855726.jpg - (45.44KB , 620x314 , r93jcei46ub21.jpg )
stupid peeps are the worst
>> No. 32710 [Edit]
What year is it
>> No. 32711 [Edit]
Perhaps he meant to type "pepes"? Because those and all its stupid variants piss me off.
>> No. 32823 [Edit]
Why is MICROSOFT killing Windows 7? I prefer that over 8 and definitely like it over the horrendous 10...

While I'm at it what's with the Microsoft naming scheme? Xbox, 360, one? Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, 7, 8, 10? Dumb.. just dumb.
>> No. 32825 [Edit]
Everyone liked 7, it's great. Problem is microsoft wants money, which means shipping out new operating systems regardless of weather or not we need or want them.
>> No. 32834 [Edit]
I always thought the Windows versions were either some marketing thing or named after the kernel.

What really fucking annoys me is people who act like retarded 4chan anons everywhere. “Greentexting”, as people call it when they abuse quotations and generally acting like retards in mundane shit like news article comment where traditional netiquette should apply.
>> No. 32847 [Edit]
The reason for skipping windows 9 is supposedly that a lot of poorly-written legacy code would just check for substring "windows 9" in the version (to prevent running on 95 and 98) and one solution to avoid this would be to call it windows 10. The marketing department was probably excited so they went with it.
>> No. 32879 [Edit]
That's a really dumb reason to skip from Window 8 to Windows 10.
>> No. 32994 [Edit]
Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB/LTSC is tolerable. I like it just as much as 7.
>> No. 33035 [Edit]
This is probably going to be an unpopular opinion here but I really dislike waifuists. I don't like how they try to take possession of an anime character, it's even worse when that character(like most of them) are pure and not interested in relationships with 3d losers. They only taint characters even just by association.
>> No. 33043 [Edit]
I don't understand it either, but I would pick "waifuists" over a lot of other types of people. If I was an artist and characters I made became somebody's waifu, I wouldn't be able to wrap my head around it. They're just a figment of my imagination put on paper.

Post edited on 19th Aug 2019, 5:39am
>> No. 33044 [Edit]
>They only taint characters even just by association.
That's how I feel about most cosplayers.
>> No. 33045 [Edit]
Cosplay is the fucking worst. It's a magnet for attention whores.
>> No. 33046 [Edit]
Have you ever read the story of Pygmalion?
>> No. 33049 [Edit]
No, but the book it was based on looks interesting.
>> No. 33053 [Edit]
I dislike how djent has seemingly taken over progressive metal. Even the trend of copying Dream Theater's horrid endless solos from post-Awake pale in comparison to the tedium and un-creativeness that is nearly every djent song. I like some djent albums, but the style doesn't have a lot of flexibility, so it's easy to beat the horse well into its decomposition. I was hoping there would be some decent experimentation, but I haven't seen much of that. It will pass, but in the meantime, I'll continue to hit my head against my keyboard every time another djent act shits out another album and the subsequent fellatio of it.
>> No. 33058 [Edit]
I hate light novel adaptations. HUE HUE watch this super special totally normal average guy get treated like shit even though he's actually super special and has a harem!!
>> No. 33059 [Edit]
Dream Theater big solos are far from horrid hahaha. Have fun not enjoying countless amazing songs.

Though I will agree, djent can get fucked for the most part.
>> No. 33060 [Edit]
Is that every LN adaption though? Or just Tate no Yusha(which I agree it is awful)?
>> No. 33061 [Edit]
>Dream Theater big solos are far from horrid hahaha. Have fun not enjoying countless amazing songs.
I didn't phrase nor articulate that well. I can enjoy long solos and solo trades, but only if said solos are interesting to me and feel like they serve a purpose. Sadly, most of DT's output after Awake isn't that. I don't know if it was Keven Moore's departure, but the era afterwards felt like the song structure suffered in favor of more technicality. I lov