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File 129011482562.jpg - (90.35KB , 492x488 , sadamoto_nadia-shinji.jpg )
521 No. 521 [Edit]
I'd like to start another dream thread, if that's all right. I'll go first.
You know how when you're a fan of something like anime or scifi or similar things in your teenage years parents will try to buy stuff for you? My dad and stepmom bought anime\manga related shit at yard sales a lot. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was off the mark.
Well, in my dream I'm still in high school. I'm sitting there playing Xbox when my dad & stepmom walk in and yell that they got me something at a yard sale. I'm think to myself, "well, probably shit, but I might as well see," and go to check it out.
I walk into the kitchen and on the table is a box full of stuff from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
I get more excited and go to see what it is. There's every episode in raws and fansubs on
VHS, some uniforms, figurines, and even Shinjis' fucking tape recorder with the tape he listens to inside it! All the merchandise seems to be older and seems like it was directly imported from Japan. I ask where they found it.
It cuts to a yard sale with a slightly sad fiftyish woman in her front yard. She talked about how her son loved this show and whatnot, and seemed very sad. She sold it all for about 10-20 dollars.
I take all the stuff out and find a suicide note. Her son had gotten into anime in the
eighties while in high school and was completely inept and friendless. He grew obsessed with
Evangelion and felt a strong kinship with Shinji because he was such a fuck up. He grew older
and couldn't find anyone to share his interests with, became more and more of a recluse, and
killed himself in the late nineties, which I recall being a shame since the internet as of
96, when he killed himself, could have given him a place to talk to others and feel less alone. I realized he was "an otaku of another generation." I hung up his note and saluted it. I then went to watch his tapes and realized that he had dubbed it himself in case he ever met anyone who wanted to share his joy. I inherited his legacy. His mother had cleaned house and ended up giving me a record of a hikkikomori life.
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>> No. 527 [Edit]
I had a dream where I knew I was half-sleeping and I was trying my very hardest to wake up because I had an essay to write. Problem was, I couldn't open my eyes nor move my limbs. Having experienced sleep paralysis before, I stayed calm and put all my concentration in trying to move my body again. After what it seemed like 15 minutes, I managed to get my arms to move. Once succeeding in that, my next decision was to use my hands to force my eyelids open but they absolutely refused to do so, as if glued. After more futile trying, I realized my eyelids wouldn't open because I realized I was actually dreaming all along. Upon realizing this, I instantly woke up in my bed. One of the oddest dreams I ever had.
>> No. 532 [Edit]
I dreamt that I was drunk and somehow got into the neighbours' house. Then I passed out. Turned out that I had wandered into their kitchen naked, turned the faucet on and started screaming. Had woken up the kids and scarred them for life. Then I got kicked out and my own family disowned me.
Felt bad man.
>> No. 540 [Edit]
I have a similar experience to that man OP, I too feel like I can relate to shinji, though I haven't killed myslef... yet.

A dream errr... not? I had not too long ago that I find interesting.

Your brain reportedly begins storing memories after you go to bed, so one night I was laying there in sleep paralysis trying to go to sleep (after you do it so much yourself I find your body will do it automatically no matter your position) and I am half asleep and am envisioning myself in a steel chair, one of the cheap ones. So I'm being asked various questions about my day, mostly yes or no questions like they would be entered as 0 or 1 in a spreadsheet, as I answer these questions the previous day becomes clearer and clearer until it stops though I didn't fall asleep. One could argue that with how I go to sleep when I don't need to I was meditating however.
>> No. 571 [Edit]
File 129028203945.jpg - (139.77KB , 963x1017 , sp.jpg )
I had a dream last night that CWC came to my house, and we eventually had to call the police because he wouldn't leave. Only, it wasn't the police that showed up, but Kuroko, who quickly teleported him away
>> No. 572 [Edit]
>I had a dream last night that CWC came to my house
>> No. 584 [Edit]
I just had a dream that I ate a woman's fetus thinking it was a hardboiled egg. Yeah...don't ask.
>> No. 587 [Edit]
I actually kept a dream diary for exactly three nights. I'll share what I wrote down.

Night 1:
Dream 1) I had a dream that I woke up and wrote in my dream diary. My writing became sloppy and stretched across multiple lines as I fell asleep inside my dream again. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to remember what I wrote.

Dream 2) I had a dream that I was part of a party of four people that were crossing some snowy mountains. We ended up being separated into groups of two, and I was with some woman. She went turned back because it was too much for her to handle, and I went on.

Dream 3) I had a dream that I was in the super market checkout line late at night, and I decided to use the razor blades that were there. So I started dry-shaving in the line. When I got to the cashier, I went blind. I wasn't completely blind, but my vision was so blurry that I couldn't really see, and I was disoriented. I was trying to talk to the cashier, but she wouldn't respond, so I said "fuck you", then walked out as best as I could while blind. I was telling my mom about it on the ride home. She was driving me apparently.

Night 2:
These dreams were a little more erotic in nature.
Dream 1) In this dream I stole my sister's panties so I could masturbate with them. She ended up finding out, and told my mom. They all thought it was funny, in a pathetic sort of way, and started laughing at me. It pissed me off something fierce, and I wanted to rape her to get back at her. This all took place at the house I grew up in.

Dream 2) In this dream me and my wife went with another couple to a hotel for our honeymoons, so that we could have lots of sex. The girls went to go shower beforehand, but one of them got kidnapped and it turned into an NTR dream. We searched for her in this maze swamp thing in small row boats. The entire thing was animated like an anime or hentai.

Night 3:
I got lazy and only wrote down one dream for this last night.

I had this dream that my other sister (not the one that I have some sexual tension with) and her kids were trying to escape from something or someone. They were hiding out in this swamp/river sort of thing. We made a boat of twigs so they could escape, but when I sent them ahead, the boat fell apart, and I had to pull her 4 year old son from the water so he wouldn't drown.
>> No. 589 [Edit]
My dream last night was about tv shopping with my dad and beating up some kids that tried to steal our pink bike, as we chased them down, we all ran into some bushes that some how sent us flying into the sky, and they were stick figure drawings now I guess, we we're sky diving because of it, Think they fell onto the parking lot and died, we fell into a pool, and then I woke up.
>> No. 604 [Edit]
(slightly sexual)
I was sitting on a bed with a goth girl who felt sorry for me. She put my head on her chest, hugged me, and carressed my anus through my pants. I felt loved. She casted a spell on me that would make me forget something I don't remember now. Maybe her magic worked.

I dreamt with her a few years ago too. That time, I was lying on her bed with her atop me. She wanted to have sex with me, and though I felt grateful for her attention, I declined, and she was all ok with that.

Yes, I am lonely.
>> No. 609 [Edit]
We're all lonely, that's what makes us Brohnos.
>> No. 705 [Edit]
File 129073291960.jpg - (414.53KB , 918x1260 , Der Mond - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto - 014.jpg )
>a yard sale with a slightly sad fiftyish woman [who] talked about how her son loved this show and whatnot, and seemed very sad. [...] He [had] became more and more of a recluse, and killed himself
Disregard of the known fact that NGE (together with EoE) belongs to late 90's... OP: I'm amazed at your dream; you have to know this.

I initially watched NGE, because a cousin once brought a few DVD's to my house; she came on with eyes like plates and told me: "I've just met a guy and he lend this to me. You HAVE to watch it". Those days I was still your favourite nth ford driver, quite completely oblivious to anime and otaku culture (if I have my numbers right, 4chan was just about to emerge); but I've had hard enough experiences already (mostly from highschool), wich made me identify (extemporaneously but) instantly with Shinji. I asked for more, so she gave me the rest of the entire series (director's cut) and EoE...

How much NGE influenced on my thoughts and changed my life in further years, it's another TL;DR story and not what I came to talk about now. The thing is that, when I finished it, I asked my cousin to introduce me to the guy who, with such generosity, lend her that wonder altogether (to give it back to him, personally); her answer: "He's gone. None of us know where he's now. I didn't know him that well, but one of his few acquaintances told me he phoned him home, her mother picked up and said that he wasn't there, neither couldn't be found anymore and hung up... so many of us think he probably commited suicide."

For the record, I still have some of his DVDs, including EoE; the other ones are kept by my cousin. All this is true (sorry for derailing the thread...).
>> No. 706 [Edit]
Don't worry about derailing the thread, it was a good story. I'm glad I'm not the only one who identified with him right away. If you know where he lived you could look through records of the newspaper from that era and try to find his obit. I'd like to hear how it affected your life.
>> No. 715 [Edit]
File 12907562008.jpg - (371.15KB , 1024x1500 , p105_i309.jpg )
>how it affected your life.

If you mean his alleged death, it shocked me immensely. I mean: if he really killed himself, I can't help but feeling tempted to interpretate his giving away of the DVDs as some sort of farewell, or an attempt to live a heritage: to share with someone else, probably one of the last things of value he ever found and give it some continuity; but it might very well be a too simplistic stereotypical conclusion, and I don't want to be unffair with him. About looking for his obituary on old newspapers: safe from among high society people, publishing obituaries isn't such a common a practice around here; so most probably I would find nothing, even if he died (people die like dogs, in here).

If you mean about the influence of NGE on my life... that's much more complicated. Let's just say that it didn't become determinant until a few years later; when I finally failed olimpically in my life project, went back to college (originally pure maths and logic), started studying proper philosophy, got into certain thematics and filological studies about the Zohar and the kabbalistic tradition (as an academic subject, concerning exegesis and the history of text's analysis). Evangelion hence revealed himself as an outstanding aesthetical interpretation, of Zohar's both mythology and ethical content; I've never given much credit to psychoanalisis, but I discovered that Evangelion's subjects could be also revisited in terms of phylosophical and ethical traditions (wich I do -supposedly- stand for); and so I got genually interested on anime and nihon in general, at the same time that (because of personal matters) I have already started to reclude myself and to dive into internet (and eventually imageboard) culture...

TL;DR Philosophy became unsatisfactory as well. The world altogether seemed dispicable and ethical good life, unattainable out there. So I sunk definately on hiki lifestyle; arrived on Tohno; Asuka became mai waifu; I became myself remarkably misoginistyc and here we are now ¯\(´~` )/¯

Sorry again for the -now extreme- derailing. But thanks for being interested, broh.
>> No. 734 [Edit]
I'm quite interested. If you don't mind telling, what was your life project?
>> No. 2151 [Edit]
File 129453064855.jpg - (389.13KB , 2048x1536 , 28117 sky tagme.jpg )
Many of my sweetest dreams are about the sky. In a particularly memorable one, I was in a dark building at first. I felt nervous and agitated. I went up on a staircase, and arrived on a flat roof. It was bright there, the air was clear, smelling good and pleasantly cold. I still felt somewhat restless, so I decided to ascend still higher, and I started to float upwards. I made it above the clouds. There was nothing around and over me, only the blue air. I felt relieved and carefree, hovering in the middle of emptiness. I wanted to create something, so I made a huge gray tesseract appear. It felt satisfying and beautiful.

Needless to say, my dream is symbolic; I desire a better life, one that fits me better.
>> No. 2258 [Edit]
I just woke up today and remembered this dream. I'll write it as soon as it's fresh in my memory. It made no sense at all, as my dreams usually are.

So one day, my family is hosting some kind of party at one of my old houses with all sorts of people there watching fansubbed anime and sorts. It mostly old people and their families. Just as most of the families left, one family was about to leave. There I spotted a grey, white wolf lurking around the house and running away as soon as I spotted it. Then the family panicked and asked what should I do. I said nothing and I waited. Then I see a huge human-like shadow with a white wolf in front as I watched outside the porch. The family finally panicked and wanted me to call some kind of emergency. I was told to enter international codes for some extraplanar emergency hotline to get rid of the 'werewolf' and his wolf. The family wanted the cops to arrive just to drive away the werewolf. They told me not to worry as the interplanar cops have driven away or chased touhous fucking up other peoples' daily lives, usually vampires. Just as I was doing all of this, I always see the shadow of a wolf running around, outside the house. It's as if the house was watched, circled and surrounded by some wolf. I fucked up so many times because I couldn't understand what numbers they want me to press. I had to press some international interplanar to some world, and then press 911 then 292 or something. I finally succeeded, but then I saw a 'Carthaginian steamship' getting sunk by (apparently Roman) cannons. And I finally woke up.

I still have to realize what my dream meant.
>> No. 2270 [Edit]
A few weeks ago, I dreamed that I was on a beach, and I saw a tiger lying on top of a huge seal. Then the tiger took a swipe at the seal and the seal started to flop around the beach trying to buck the tiger off its back. That's all I remember.

I only mention it because it sounds like one of those dreams people had in old stories, like in the Old Testament, where the dream always meant something important or was a sign of the future. Maybe I should go to an old fortuneteller lady and get it interpreted or something.
>> No. 2271 [Edit]
The chosen one cometh.

Thou must climb yonder mount and pray for guidance from the great spirit Yitilapwey.
>> No. 2272 [Edit]
I started keep a dream journal...sort of. I just write a few words about dreams I remember. Not descriptions or anything, just a few words to remind me what it was about.
>> No. 3048 [Edit]
Me and a former classmate (who's unlike me quite extroverted, courageous and athletic) were walking in a lobby. He entered a large door that had the symbol of the sun painted on. I entered a similar door, marked with the moon. I arrived in a spacious, bright and comfortable-feeling hall, where people who resembled me were gathering, talking in small groups. I tried to take a door leading to the Sun Hall to follow him, but a man was standing in front of the door, and didn't let me through.

My interpretation: I'll never be like him, only even more like myself.
>> No. 3049 [Edit]
File 129728709217.jpg - (75.37KB , 1280x720 , bath.jpg )
I had a dream last night that I took a train to a fancy hotel, and in a pool out front I saw Kirino swimming around and playing with some other girls who I can't quite remember the appearance of.
>> No. 3054 [Edit]
I used to keep a dream journal, but I haven't been able to remember very many of my dreams lately so I haven't added anything in a long time.

The last one I wrote in there was about some kind of war between magic and technology. Though I was 18 at the time, I was about 14 in my dream. I was a wizard infiltrating another base of wizards to steal some documents. I got spotted by some demon dog thing, but I cast a time-stop spell, the only spell I knew, before it could get me. I ran in, got what I needed, then ran back out, but right as I closed the door the spell ended, and I didn't have enough power for another one. Eventually the demon dog spotted me again. I tried to run away, but it eventually caught up to me and everything turned black...

When I came to, I found myself in a giant mechanical fortress near a river. I couldn't remember my spell and I didn't have my robes anymore, instead I was wearing what my IRL self wears. Everyone was outside the fort, fighting off wizards with high-tech weaponry like plasma rifles. One guy saw me and asked who I was. Before I could tell him, though, he gave me a plasma gun and a controller for a remote tank, then told me to go out there and help. I handled both the gun and the tank like a pro, even though I've never used either of those before.

After the battle, we threw a party near the river and the people of the fort instantly accepted me, even though I was a stranger to them not even 30 minutes ago. Everyone in the fort was close like a family, and unlike with the group of "friends" I had back in high school, I was no exception.

I woke up that morning depressed, knowing that I would never be that close to anyone in real life.
>> No. 3055 [Edit]
Does anyone else have dreams about video games? I can never tell if I'm supposed to be in the game or if I'm playing the game
>> No. 3056 [Edit]
Yeah, I tend dream about a game if I've been playing it a lot. Sometimes I'll dream that I'm in a real-life place, except the area is rendered in that game's graphical style (this happened a lot when I was obsessed with Doom).
>> No. 3062 [Edit]
File 129736271021.jpg - (98.20KB , 1264x720 , eu guuu.jpg )
Another dream I had: Last night I dreamt I became Eu, and I was afraid I couldn't write fast enough to communicate
>> No. 3069 [Edit]
Back when I was in high school, I used to obsessively research the Columbine shootings thinking that maybe one or both of the shooters had gone through similar things that I did.

Anyway, during that time I had a dream where they came back to life and attacked my school. They destroyed everything and killed everyone... save for me. I was in plain sight, but they didn't bother shooting or even talking to me. I guess they knew I was an outcast like they were.
>> No. 3071 [Edit]
This morning's dream. So much gore and death. It actually un-nerved me a little when I woke up as I never dream about such things.
>> No. 3077 [Edit]
I had a dream where zombies were everywhere, and one of them bit me in the leg. I could feel it, and it hurt so bad it woke me up! Then after I fell asleep again I had a dream in line with >>3062 only this time I was Haruna. I was sitting in the garage with my parents and it was really cold. They asked me if I wanted to wear something warmer (I was only wearing a loose Tshirt) but I declined, then I woke up. Interesting dreams are fun!
>> No. 3087 [Edit]
I had a really weird dream the other day. I don't keep a dream diary but I saved a .txt of this one imply because I remembered it well and it stood out amongst the other bullshit I dream about.

Started off with me being in what I later identified to resemble a shopping centre. I was with a friend or somebody, I dont remember even seeing them but i remember somebody being there.
Went into a room that had a double bed in it, just sort of looked at it then got skipped to the next scene.

Next thing I remember, I was in what I think to be a church or something because there were pews that people were sitting on. Some guy appears to be up front, and though I couldnt see him I was sure he looked demonic or something. Next he shouts something and everyone gets raised off the floor and is screaming, except me, who he just looks at. Weirdly, I hear myself think, *in a dream*, that I should stop watching stuff like this or else I'll have bad dreams.

Next i'm in the top floor of a shopping centre with an escalator to the left and sitting at a desk in what appears to be the formation of a classroom. I get up and walk down the elevator then jump over the side of it about half way down, as If it was a shortcut I knew in a game.

Then i'm walking somewhere, not paying attention, and checking to see what money I have. Then I notice a girl walking just in front of me. I start to talk to her about something although I can't seem to make out what me or her are saying. Talking to her, I realise that my voice is high and really soft for some reason, then that scene ends.

Next i'm walking the same way again, not paying attention, and checking to see what money I have. Then I notice the girl again, and say something to her. She turns and looks in horror, runs and grabs some other girl (not wearing said uniform), they both pull out condom packets from their pockets (what) and run off in horror.

Last scene, I am in my house with my sister and mother, and looking at our cats. We have five instead of two for some reason, the new three seem to be direct copy pastes of one of the originals.

Then I woke up
>> No. 3088 [Edit]
At this part,

>Next i'm walking the same way again, not paying attention, and checking to see what money I have. Then I notice the girl again, and say something to her. She turns and looks in horror, runs and grabs some other girl (not wearing said uniform), they both pull out condom packets from their pockets (what) and run off in horror.

Forgot to mention that the first girl was wearing some sort of specific school uniform
>> No. 3125 [Edit]
>> No. 3133 [Edit]
Not really a dream, but when I woke up this morning my mattress came off the slats and it didn't even wake me up.
>> No. 3424 [Edit]
Funny -- after mentioning how odd it was that I'd never dreamed in 2D, last night I had a genderswap dream that converted to 2D by the end.

In the beginning I was very plain and tomboy-looking, wearing men's clothes and basically being "what do I do??" At the end, I was looking kind of like Yui from K-ON!, but wearing black heels. I was in a sci-fi type place in the sky with a transparent bottom and really tall irregular walls and no ceiling. I was just walking down this long hallway slowly.

Overall pretty interesting to have.
>> No. 3425 [Edit]
Dreamt about being in an office that had a tiny lunchroom with a dartboard on the wall, my older brother giving me his old but rarely used suit, dress hirt, slacks and leather shoes. Then I was cutting my hair myself, making myself bald with scissors and failing.
>> No. 3426 [Edit]
I once had a dream where I was fleeing from my mom and her family on a jetbike, and eventually hopped onto a moving bus as my bike ran low on fuel. On the bus, I saw this 3D girl I used to like back in school, but I didn't bother to talk to her. Everyone there talked to each other as if they were close friends, and nobody ever wanted to get off.
>> No. 3477 [Edit]
Now as of lately, I have dreams of swallowing plastic bags and they always felt 'crunchy'.
>> No. 3688 [Edit]
In a dream, I was about to buy something to eat, I handed out my ID card, and it was all broken. I asked the cashier if I could pay for it when my card was all broken, and she said that it was fine.
>> No. 4998 [Edit]
I used to have dreams where I would be seeing everything from another person's viewpoint- sometimes I was an old man, other times a little girl. At the time I would just be going about 'my' daily business without noticing that it wasn't actually me... Anyway, in these dreams I would always be killed; usually after being raped/tortured. Usually I felt it, or something like it. Can't say have a point of reference for what having your intestines fucked feels like.

Now I have dreams where I am actually me and my life is falling apart. I miss the murder dreams.
>> No. 5001 [Edit]
A recent theme in my dreams is my face/neck cramping up and it's really painful (well as painful as something in a dream can be anyway). Maybe it actually happens to me while I'm sleeping, which is kind of concerning if true
>> No. 5012 [Edit]
I have nightmares about teeth. In those dreams, my teeth are rotting, disgusting, gnarly slivers. With my tongue, I can shift them, move them about, and break them away. It's absolutely horrid.

The disgust, fear, and dread I experience while dreaming about this is one of the worst experiences I have ever had. It doesn't even make sense, as my teeth are actually pretty good in real life. Only one or two tiny cavities from when I was a kid, and I've had braces. The worst part is no one believes me when I say I have nightmares about my teeth.
>> No. 5013 [Edit]
Really? I've never had a dream about my teeth, but I've heard it's a common nightmare.
>> No. 5014 [Edit]
Yeah, i've had a few like that. It actually makes sense considering how horrible my teeth are.
>> No. 5107 [Edit]
Now I had a dream where my sister was playing a MtG format where all cards other than lands had to be red. Much like EDH playing under a mono red general, except that theres no general and it's not EDH.
>> No. 5172 [Edit]
A couple nights ago I dreamt that I woke up but my brain was still in dream mode, so I was seeing my surroundings but with dream-hallucinations overlaid on top. I looked out the window and changed the scenery to this vivid anime-style glowing flower field. Shame I wasn't actually awake, that would be a cool ability to have.
>> No. 5175 [Edit]
Some time in February I had a dream where I picked up the April 2011 issue of my favourite electronics magazine, and I started to read it: among others, it had two articles about microcontrollers and one about tomography.
I was a little disappointed when I found out the April issue is all different.
>> No. 5178 [Edit]
I had a dream last night that I had built a lego set, and then I saw a spider crawling on it. I was really scared, but upon closer inspection it wasn't a spider, but a tiny white tiger.
>> No. 5273 [Edit]
I have kind of a weird thing happening to me. I have a lung problem and need to use an inhaler when my breathing gets weird, and sometimes it happens in my sleep. Sometimes I DREAM that I wake up and do my inhaler, and it doesn't work of course because it's not real. It keeps happening until I wake up for real, almost gasping for air. It's like my subconscious is trying to smother me
>> No. 5274 [Edit]
That's the same as when you have to go to the bathroom while you're asleep, and you go in your dreams.

Except in your case if you don't get to the bathroom, you die.
>> No. 5437 [Edit]
I had a dream that I was playing some sort of VR game with you guys online, and in the game we (our avatars were all cute girls) went on a road trip. We went to a beautiful hotel, and when we got to our room it was full of men who trapped us and wouldn't let us leave. Then I woke up. Cliffhanger!
>> No. 5442 [Edit]
I had a weird dream where the entire world was in ruins and everybody was playing the 3DS. Then I took the bus to a book store and started filming for no reason and some French guy that could hardly speak English got mad at me.

Yeah, I don't even know.
>> No. 5443 [Edit]
Simple. The 3Ds is going to ruin the world, and French people are pretentious filmmakers.
>> No. 5470 [Edit]
I always have dreams about insects. Last night it was a giant ladybug (???) Apparently my subconscious mind is an asshole.
>> No. 5558 [Edit]
I think I got lucidity in my dream last night. Unfortunately the area I was in was just my house, only it looked a lot bigger. I looked down at my body and figured "hey, I can finally be the little girl now!" but nothing I did made me turn into one ;_;
>> No. 6150 [Edit]
Do any of you keep dreaming about hanging out with your old friends? I know some of us never had any but I got reminded that I used to have such dreams each night back in the day when I read a post of a rather depressed guy who claimed he has such dreams on regular basis, too.
I would dream about hanging out with classmates from my middle school, just doing stuff with them. Of course, that was when I still felt kinda lonely knowing that I have noone to talk to. I stopped having dreams like that long ago as I don't care about this anymore, neither do I feel lonely.


On another note, I wrote a post for this thread last year around December. I began to write the whole story after I woke up but in the end I never posted it but since I'm already posting...

Before reading I must warn you that the story is not finished.

I'm the kind of guy who forgets his dreams the moment he wakes up so I forgot pretty much everything about the dream I had this night but let me post these few things I managed to remeber anyway.

So, the first thing I recall (I vaguely recall some previous events but its all 'blurry' and appears to be unrelated to the sotry I want to tell) is me sitting in some kind of spacious bar/restaurant with people who were apparently my acquaintances. Lots of them, too - at least 10, probably way more - I was sitting close to the bar talking with some guy (we were acting pretty friendly). I don't remeber exactly how it happened but somehow a little boy (age 10 tops, probably younger) appeared and since he was lost we (me and that friend of mine I was talking to) decided to more or less take care of him. People started to slowly leave but the place was getting more cramped as people were bursting in. We didn't eat/drink anymore so the barista asked us to leave, as some people were waiting for seats already. Then, somehow, Danny (that was the name of the boy, or at least so he claimed - more on that later) got into argument with some other guy working at the bar (it was related to our lack of willingess to leave) and at one point he sort of grabbed Danny in half and just ran out of the store holding him. Even though both me and my friend were shocked by this sudden turn of events we decided to give chase. That guy carrying Danny ran into some kind of hospital (or some other facility of this sort - it's not that I don't remeber, I never knew what it was, I just ran into it) and I went after him. That friend of mine got lost somehow. I couldn't catch up with the guy (who was and old, fat prick) as for some reason I was running reeeally slowly (I don't remeber exactly, but I was either injured or I was carrying something heavy). I lost him after some time but then I found him on one of the corridors. Danny was already gone but I grabbed his arm and just shouted 'HELP!'. He struggled but I wouldn't let him go and after some time a nurse appeared (and a group of people who wanted to find out what's going out gathered, too; at some point my friend re-joined us) and asked me what's going on. I told her that the guy I'm holding is a kidnapper and that he probably submitted a child to this hospital just now. The nurse asked me for the name of said child and after giving it a little thought (I couldn't recall it in such a stressful situation) I said it was Danny Schultz. At that time for some reason it occured me that it might not be his real name. After leaving us to check this the nurse came back and told as that no person named Danny Schultz was submitted to he hospital. That friend of mine couldn't believe it but I quickly got a hang of things. It could mean that Danny wasn't his real name, that he was submitted under some other, fake name or that the nurse (and possibly some people from the crowd which was still there) is working with that kidnapper. At that point I knew that we are in some deep shit as we couldn't prove anything with the way things are looking now.

Now, I deliberately didn't post this before but chronologically I should mention that there was a spree of really macabre serial killings going on in the town. I saw some of the crime scenes (I don't know how, I've got a theory and I'll get back to it in a second) and the reaction of poeple who saw them. Said people just sort of lost their minds. They wandered off to the roof top of skyscrapers (all builidng in the city were skyscrapers by the way), stood on the verge of them and completely stopped moving as if they were statues. I watched it not as a person but rather as a ... well, some kind of being without body; as if my mind was freely floating in the air. Also, I should mention that I'm reading 'Atlas Shrugged' right now (or rather, I have been until three weeks ago but I'm busy lately and I can't read it now) so I somehow thought the the killer is trying to 'stop' the world with his 'work'. At that time (the night before the accidents described before) there were only few silhouettes on the rooftops - I couldn't see their faces as it was almost pitch black.

Now, back to 'day 2' at the hospital. We're standing there with the crowd and the nurse and we had the feeling and they're got some malicious intents towards us. We were standing in a narrow corridor with lockers on both sides. The crowd was closing our exit route from one side so we turned the other way just to see the sewered head of that kidnapper on the floor. It wasn't just cut off - it was tunred it to a bloody mess, too. It definitely looked like we did it. And that time someone from the crowd screamed and then, heads of the friends I was at the bar with started falling from the ceiling, but they were attached to strings so they 'jumped around' a little and then hanged from the ceiling like the toys over babies' craddles (the hair looked like those strings with colorfull toys attached to them - I hope you know what I mean). Also, some of the heads were found at the previous crime scenes and yet they were hanging from the ceiling right now. Again, it totally looked like we did it. And suddenly at out feet we also noticed the head of the barista. I couldn't understand how it got there and I was contemplating who could have done that (sorry Danny, but it had to be you) and how did the heads from previous crime scenes appear in the hospital a voice from the loudspeaker responded to my voice with 'I just wanted more people to wintess my art' (...)

That's where I stopped writing. I vaguely remember what follows: the 'my fair lady' melody plays and one of those heads has been pretty much turned into a cuckoo clock. And other weird stuff like that followed. Also, people would gather at top of the skyscrapers and at one point I realized that once they will be enough of them they will all jump.

I wrote it down because I remember that I was REALLY freaked out when I woke up. I was scared shitless. Also, it bothered me that my mind would come up with all those vicious murders. Normally, you would artibute them to the wickedness of the killer but it was my conciousness that created him in the first place.

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>> No. 6281 [Edit]
Two strange dream items I have had:

1: an annual recurring dream, from when I was about 7 to when I was about 14, every year around May. Every year I would be walking around my neighbours' yard (down the street, the only people in my neighbourhood that weren't in abusive households/ were in my age group, but they were mentally retarded), looking for some fruit or something, then Scooby Doo and Shaggy helped me build a fort in the woods, then said bye to me. Sometimes there was a third cartoon character in the dream, but it was always Scooby and Shaggy. The dream ended after the fort was finished.

The dreams ended when I was about fourteen or fifteen, but I had a similar thing happen to me once when I was four and once when I was about 15: When I was four, I had a dream that my father's friend needed to use our back yard to store a huge mound of dirt. He had a son about my age so we talked and walked around as my dad and his friend conducted business. Ten years later, I had a dream that that man came back for his dirt, and brought his son along. He had aged a lot and I was happy to see him, and we talked about our lives in the past ten years as his dad picked up the dirt.

2: Lingually confused dreams. Once I had a dream that I was in a Portuguese fishing port and I had spent the past six years learning fluent Portuguese. Turns out the entire country had recently changed their official language to English and I had forgotten how to speak it. Another time we were all speaking Japanese with English subtitles, but my CC device had been broken so I couldn't understand very much anyone, including me, was saying.
>> No. 6338 [Edit]
I was the member of a French anarcho-communist group. They had an impressive HQ, with a large library.
Perhaps unrelatedly, I started to take a food supplement with high levels of vitamin C and E, and I was not sure if it can be taken together with the one I'm on now.
>> No. 6598 [Edit]
I looked through my dream journal recently, and I noticed one of the most common reoccurring themes in them is Inyouchuu. I mean I love it (it's my favorite hentai series), but it can't be a good thing that a hardcore monster/tentacle rape hentai series has such prominence in my subconcious
>> No. 6605 [Edit]
I keep having these obtuse dreams about people I used to know. It's the strangest thing, because I won't even be thinking about them in passing, but there they are, in my dream-world. It's also weird because whenever I see them, it's just like...the happiest feeling in the world.

Some nights, it's easy-mode to remember, others, not so much.
>> No. 7610 [Edit]
last night I dreamt I was a 2d girl
I was a short blonde haired Pettanko with pigtails and was still in high school.
This dream made me feel really really happy, not necessarily because I have gender identity issues , but because in that dream I had excellent grades in school a scholarship and a shoe in at a prestigious university already set up, basically I had the feeling of having my whole life ahead of me, and that I felt like I was going to succeed in life, the complete opposite of what I usually feel irl.
what I don't get is why I was a 2d girl in that dream, perhaps I've ingrained the idea that I'm a failure into my head so much that the only way i can imagine otherwise is if I'm a completely diffrent person?
>> No. 7612 [Edit]
Lucky. Being a cute 2D girl is pretty much my entire goal for lucid dreaming
>> No. 7615 [Edit]
I had a really crazy dream last night. I would rather not share it but it involved me going to the beach. Thanks.
>> No. 7620 [Edit]
I dreamed that I was getting sucked off by a 3D woman. I guess this means subconsciously I still desire them? Dream is spoilered:

It was a Japanese girl with long black hair, and I knew she was a hikikomori and had very low self-esteem for some reason. She sucked my thing cutely, only putting the head in her mouth. I woke up with a raging boner and a sense that maybe I did something wrong. I felt turned on and ashamed at the same time.
>> No. 7621 [Edit]
I had two lucid dreams last night. The contents were not interesting but in both cases I realized I was dreaming and forced myself to wake up.
>> No. 7622 [Edit]
File 130668513384.jpg - (135.60KB , 365x494 , nana.jpg )
Man I wish I can dream stuffs like all of you do, most of my dreams are random shit that doesn't make sense and most of the time I would only remember half of it.

I remember once when I was a kid, I had quite a strong fever, I had a dream of me creating/summon buildings with my bare hands, EVERYWHERE. I can't stop building them, I just have to keep building or summon them non stop to the point that I start to become a little scared and tried to stop myself from building them, but I couldn't. When I woke up, I was scared shitless, I donno why I just feel scared as hell, so I simply grab my old bedtime story book and read through it and managed to calm down and go back to sleep.

Another example of my random and crappy dreams, I dreamt a pretty girl sitting beside me who looked really like... shit I can't remember who, but oh well she was pretty cute, so I thought I'd gather up some courage and start a conversation with her. Instead she went batshit and started screaming and throwing things at me, my teacher, who thought I molested her without even having the courtesy to at least asked what happened, came over to my desk and punched me. Then tables started chasing me and shit I can't even remember the rest.

The last dream I had which almost made me wanted to stay in my dream realm forever was when the girl whom I had a crush on during high school cooked pasta for me. It was absolutely the most scrumptious pasta I had ever had in my whole life. I was, absolutely overwhelmed with happiness by it, thinking I was living the dream, feeling the love of a female for the first time in my whole miserable life, until my alarm clock rang and I can only remember her vague smile to me as I involuntarily exited my dream. Then noticing something ticklish on my cheek, it was few shed of tears. I was literally crying while dreaming. Felt depressed for a week.

But it was a long time ago, I didn't even confess to her. For some reason Nanasaki always reminds me of her, don't know why.
>> No. 7626 [Edit]
>> No. 7655 [Edit]
I had a dream last night that Haruhi was in GTA, and her and her mother (which looked like haruhi only taller and with glasses) were driving through a chicken restaurant, which was giant. Another dream involved me playing minecraft and finding a really cool cave with a waterfall and stuff, and when I tried to build a home there monsters overwhelmed me and I died.
>> No. 7659 [Edit]
>> No. 7667 [Edit]
Well that was...that was a bummer.
>> No. 7816 [Edit]
ok so I had another dream that I was a 2d girl
This time I dreamt I was Sanae
I remember being scolded by Kanoko for eating too many snacks, then she and Suwako told me that they are going to go to a trip somewhere far away and that I have to look after the shrine while they are gone. Before they leave though we eat at some restaurant, some fancy looking cafe thats situated in a shopping center. weird thing about the shopping center is that there are no roads to it and is surrounded by trees on all sides, doesn't matter to us though since we can fly, anyway once we are done eating I see them off and head back to the shrine.
As I'm flying back to the shrine I spot Reisen sneaking around the moria grounds so I try to catch her. as I'm chasing her around I lose her and then I spend the rest of the dream trying to find where she is hiding.
>> No. 7818 [Edit]
File 130702392047.jpg - (59.60KB , 639x479 , e39580c1bc3453bcff03f89406432f40.jpg )
I had a dream similar to your last one just recently. I forgot how it started, something about a scary elevator with windows in a tall building, but that's not what the main point was about. The part that got me was when I appeared in my old high school cafeteria and sat at the same table I used to sit at during my high school years. It was always a pretty empty table from what I remember, but in this dream there was a girl sitting across from me, about a meter to the right. I got up to get some napkins, and when I came back there was another girl sitting next to me and the one across from me was gone. As soon as I sat down she grabbed my arm and rested her head on my shoulder. It was a great feeling, it's interesting how dreams can simulate senses of things you've never experienced. She looked a lot like Nina, strange as I've never cared about the character for her to show up in a dream.
>> No. 7821 [Edit]
One of my computer teachers from high school had sent me a letter saying that he had recently set up some kind of computer shop, and that he was offering me a job since I was one of his best students. Since I had been looking for a job for over a month, I gladly accepted it.

When I woke up and realized the whole thing was a dream, I was pissed.
>> No. 7832 [Edit]
I can't believe I forgot to post this. I had possibly the weirdest dream of my life about a month ago.

Basically, I was like an early-thirties Humbert Humbert from Lolita, and I was in love with a young girl or something. I've never actually read the book, so the similarities likely end there.

My dream took place in a mansion in the middle of the wilderness at the bottom of a valley, during summer. I was the servant (?) to some rich old guy along with my friend, another servant. Every day I would turn on some machine for the old guy that looked kind of like a vintage tape recorder, though it didn't play any sound. I could leave the mansion at any time, but I had to walk through the woods and all the way up an enormous hill to the front gate by myself.

There's a huge plot gap that I can't remember. It's unfortunate, because this takes up much of the story.

The old guy, who for some reason had a giant head, like a CGI cartoon character, forbade me from seeing the young girl, and I would long for her each and every moment. One day, I decided I had to finally break free of the old man's rule so I may spend my life with the girl of my dreams. My friend and I hatched a plan to let me escape that night. I stuck a piece of cardboard on the machine, between one of the wheels and the belt, and my friend held a window open. I flicked the switch to "ON," and then quickly climbed out the window while the machine jammed. (Ignoring the fact this probably did absolutely nothing, the cardboard was really loose, and only stopped the machine for like three seconds).

I ran as fast as I could through the woods, and it was suddenly winter, so there was snow on the ground. I looked back at the mansion, and saw the old man staring at me from his window on the top floor, and he shook his head and walked away. I kept running through the woods, made it up the hill, exited through the gate, and walked down the road.

I made it to a small town, and started going into random buildings looking for something (presumably the young girl, but I have no idea). I occasionally saw crimes being committed, like a guy beating a woman who was gagged and bound to a chair, but I just walked past them and continued searching. While in a building with some tough dudes, I guessed I pissed them off, because I ended up in a fight with them. I beat them all easily.

Outside, I found an entrance to a long underground passage, like a subway, but as I walked down the hall it eventually turned into a high school crowded with thousands of students all going the same direction. A security guard noticed me and gave chase; I knew he wanted to arrest me and bring me back to the mansion, but I don’t know how I knew that. Then without warning, I stabbed him. Everyone saw as he crumpled to the ground. They were silent for a moment, then they slowly resumed walking down the hall. I joined them.

I came to a small atrium with an oversized blackboard by the wall, and I darted up a spiral staircase to a balcony. I almost ran into an overweight girl with orange pigtails, and I realized I knew her. She had helped me immensely during the aforementioned plot hole, though of course I don’t remember how. She knew I had killed the security guard (again, I don’t know how I knew this), but she just smiled so I walked past her and exited through a door.

I found myself outside, in front of a seemingly endless bridge made of light, with a city far in the distance. It was sunset. I started walking, and after a while a mushroom cloud erupted from the center of the metropolis. As it slowed, it turned into a woman’s torso with a white tube top and large breasts.

Suddenly I was Duke Nukem. I was on a gigantic rooftop surrounded by a chain-link fence, like the roof of a school in an anime. I was happily living with the young girl, and we lived in a one-bedroom house inexplicably placed on top of the roof, and even more inexplicably, we had one neighbor, and a garage. I never saw the neighbor, only their house.

Someone appeared in spaceship vaguely resembling a beetle, and he started attacking by driving various vehicles at us; I fended them off with a tank. I found I could upgrade my sunglasses to different types, so I settled on one pair that blocked my vision from all but a tiny section, but it gave me telekinesis. I smashed the rest of the vehicles together, and the enemy retreated. I then sold the vehicles I had destroyed (now magically in perfect condition) to several different buyers. I sold a semi truck to God. My wife and I retired to our home, after a well-deserved rest.

Then I joined a futa-catgirl-foursome in the jungle.
>> No. 7854 [Edit]
>Suddenly I was Duke Nukem.

I burst into laughter as I read that.
>> No. 7855 [Edit]
I have stuff like that too. Usually while I'm in the dreams I realize that what's happening in the dream doesn't make sense or is extremely unlikely, so I get disappointed and realize it's just a dream.
>> No. 7860 [Edit]
Fuck that is awesome man.

I'm really not being sarcastic, I enjoyed reading that. It was cool
>> No. 7862 [Edit]

Did you really dream that?
>> No. 7869 [Edit]
Yes. My dreams are always really long and really bizarre; I've gotten some great story ideas from them.
>> No. 7913 [Edit]
File 130724761727.jpg - (425.52KB , 970x844 , Larry.jpg )
>a mushroom cloud erupted from the center of the metropolis. As it slowed, it turned into a woman’s torso with a white tube top and large breasts.
<--- once I dreamed with this; not really the scene but the drawing itself (I tried my best to reproduce it when I woke up).

>I sold a semi truck to God.
lol, you owned that bastard.
>> No. 7915 [Edit]
I dreamt I was on an abandoned island, which I chose to live on because I hated the idea of credit history and income tax, and the United States attempted to create a tsunami to flush me out.

They ended up destroying the house I made, and then sent $100,000 to me as aid money and expected me to pay it back.

So I marched up to the front steps of the capitol building and stabbed myself in the stomach.

I woke up in a field with rabbits and my legs were in a giant toaster which would launch me in the air, reposition under where I was landing, and would catch me. This was my only form of mobility.
>> No. 7920 [Edit]

Gotta love when dreams go from actually being rather profound to completely nonsensical.
>> No. 7926 [Edit]
This picture is glorious.
I like this a lot (especially the toaster mobile).
>> No. 8040 [Edit]
File 130750889254.jpg - (323.76KB , 1224x912 , Konachan_com - 106239 angel_beats! glasses hinata_.jpg )
I, actually just had a dream about me in school hanging out with my old middle and high school friends yesterday. People that I used to be close with and old friends that I haven't met for a while were in that class. Everyone was being nice to me and it was a really nice and special feeling I haven't felt for a long time.

It's weird because I know that I've already graduated from high school for a long time but when you have dreams like this, you will never realize those stuffs.

I'm >>7622 by the way.
>> No. 8041 [Edit]
I had a dream earlier this week where I was walking up the stairs leading from the basement and on my way up I noticed that someone (dunno who exactly) was watching an episode of Hidamari Sketch on the fifty-something inch TV, yet it was an English dub, and the voices sounded impeccably close to those of the original cast. I remember hearing the principal speaking perfect english. Woke up shortly afterward.
>> No. 8053 [Edit]


Must've been quite a horrror.
>> No. 8060 [Edit]
Exactly a week ago, my second night of playing LoL, I had a dream where I was talking with my friends yelling at them for messing up and discussing it.
>> No. 8099 [Edit]
I had a dream where my university was selling a chess set made up of refurbished figs. My sister and I visited a shop, and she was amazed that the set literally cost tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the figs, I saw a Mist figure (from Rune Factory) and a bunch of Touhou and yaoishit figs used as chess pieces. I know there aren't any Rune Factory figures, but still... The only fig that I could describe in some detail is the Mist figure, where she was wearing a frilly elegant dress, resting on the ground while kneeling. Didn't really look like her, but in the dream, I think it was her.

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>> No. 8197 [Edit]
A few nights ago I had a really distressing and depressing dream.

In it was me, a childhood friend of mine I've not met in years, and a random guy who I hardly ever talked to from my old school. The two have never even met in real life, to my knowledge.

What this dream was about, was the two constantly bullying me. The childhood friend was the main offender, the guy from school was just hanging around with him for some reason. I don't recall everything, but they were constantly trying to frame me for something nasty. One instance was in the local grocery, where they spread some stuff on the floor and called the guards themselves. There was some stuff that even included cops. Eventually I woke up crying and saying "why are you doing this to me?"

Good thing there's a delete post function...
>> No. 8372 [Edit]
I had a dream that I was watching some anime, and my neighbor was in the room with me.

The anime had two high school girls fighting, and one of them used a power that made multiple lifeless clones of her opponent, and she jumped between them attacking each clone, transmitting the damage to the original girl.

I was a little bored but my neighbor got upset and said it was the stupidest thing she'd ever seen and shamed me for watching it, so I grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and physically threw her out, saying she invited herself in anyway.
>> No. 8603 [Edit]
File 13088040462.jpg - (458.79KB , 1920x1080 , Aperture_old_logo_back.jpg )
Last night I had a dream I met up with one of you and we had to go find the TC servers and clean them out with a vaccuum cleaner. So we hopped on a bus that took us out into a vast plain, and in the middle of it was an old abandoned building.

We went inside. It was about the size and arcetecture of a WalMart, completely gutted except for a rack of servers in the middle of the place. There was a break room in the back that looked familiar. In all, it had a very Aperture Science feel to it.

The person with me began work, and brought one tray outside to vaccuum it. It was raining so I felt stupid bringing it out into the rain. We cleaned it out and put it in, hoping we didn't delete the entire site.

Then we walked into the break room. It looked just like my dining room in the back of an abandoned Walmart. I mentioned it over a cup of coffee, and my companion looked blankly at me, told me that if the CIA found out about this, it would spell the end for all of us, and knocked me out.

I woke up in my room twenty years later to find out I did not age, but my entire region was a nuclear exclusion zone. And a giant building was built around my block, almost impossible to get out of. The only way out was through a giant abandoned underground military complex built by an advanced and highly funded group of Japanese holdouts trying to make an underground airfield under the US, complete with nuclear reactors, dry dock for six subs and a battleship, and automated lighting. When I got out I learned that the site was still up, but managed from Argentina, and I joined the IRC with little to no fanfare.
>> No. 8604 [Edit]
I had a TC dream last night too. I dreamt that tohno was going to start subbing h-anime and was taking suggestions and he didn't want to do anything I suggested ;_;
>> No. 8606 [Edit]
Haha, this is pretty interesting.
>> No. 8608 [Edit]
If we were most skillful (and/or able to work in team), we could turn many stuff from this thread into the plot for the ultimate hiki/NEET oniric anti-hero post-apocalyptic videogame.
>> No. 8611 [Edit]
And I thought I had strange dreams. At least yours actually made somewhat sense and followed the laws of physics. Also, did you see TC as a bunch of lolis?
>> No. 8615 [Edit]
The one I saw was basically an Australian Kyon.
I would play that. Constantly.
>> No. 8729 [Edit]
File 130967415756.jpg - (240.80KB , 720x1000 , kuro-konata with bokken.jpg )
A new one you may find interesting:

I was an American (who for some reason had training with the Russian special forces and spoke exclusively Japanese and German) who was living in an apartment with Konata (as a fiancee) while we both went to school. I would dress meekly, in black slacks, white shirt and black tie. I wore glasses and would embarrass and scare easily. However, during the night, I was a yakuza boss. I would remove the glasses, loosen my tie, and put on a flecktarn camouflage overcoat and carry around a bokuto. My demeanour changed immensely, and I became a cold and manipulating boss character. When I went home I became the perfect loving fiancee, and Konata and I would play net games together or study.

Apparently, I had two other rival groups against me, headed by Kagami and Misao, their heads vying for my place at her side. The three warring factions thing all started very modestly. Kagami wanted Konata, I was interested in dating her, and Misao wanted to have Konata for some reason as well (?). So, of course, we all blackmailed each other. Then started gambling against each other. Eventually we ended up forming rival syndicates at war with each other. Of course, Konata had no idea. So the dream ended with her inviting me to see all of her high school friends at a picnic. That sure was awkward.
>> No. 9080 [Edit]
I had a dream the other day that I was in a mario kart-like race with neil patrick harris, and if I lost he was going to kill my parents. I won!
>> No. 9081 [Edit]
I had a dream I was stealing some panties a couple of days ago. It was a bit odd since I rode a sled to make my escape at the end with the panties.
>> No. 9114 [Edit]
File 131057023869.jpg - (134.40KB , 1274x718 , 1302838530525.jpg )
I've started recording my dreams, but I think I'll stop after only a few record, it's preventing me from getting a good night's sleep, and distracted during the day. I have two that I've recorded so far in somewhat good detail. Prepare for massive wall of text for first dream.

I was on vacation, and stopped by to visit a small Japanese shop with my parents/siblings. They saw a car with Miku designs outside and inside the vehicle, and hopped inside. It seems it was common belief that any car with Miku designs in a friendly car and the owner would not mind if you took pictures alongside or inside the car. When we entered the small shop, I tried to explain that they were wrong in that assumption, but I kept being interrupted. I became forceful and told them they were wrong, and it's the same as breaking in any other car. The shop owners agreed with me.
There was a long line in the small store, and I could not make up my mind on what to buy. I had around $7 in one dollar bills with which to buy whatever I wanted. Nothing in the store seemed good, so I left and ran over to the cold stone ice cream shop across the parking lot. When I entered cold stone, it was void of customers, and only a blonde woman was at the counter to take orders. She somehow knew I wanted coffee flavored Ice cream.
It then turned out that this ice cream store was also a strip club. As the store was entirely empty, she told me she would not mind if I touched her. I didn't, and then I was asked if I'd like to kiss her. I did (I've never kissed someone before, but it felt pretty good even in an imaginary setting). It became nighttime at this point, and we talked for a good bit.
After it became very late, she needed a ride home. I told her I did not own a vehicle, and I frequently spend nights on the street as a homeless person. (I live with my parents, but it seems I actually believed I was homeless during my dream, as I had told her these things in honesty.) I didn't own a cell phone either, so she gave me hers to see if I could call anyone to pick us both up. Looking out the window I could see the old and busted Pontiac my friend used to pick me up from home to go to high school in parked in the parking lot (like an easter egg in my dreams right?)

I ended up calling my stepdad, he got there pretty quick to pick us up. My mother was also in the car, and I could tell she would not get along with this girl at all. I sat quitely and the girl directed my stepfather to drive towards her home. She was a squatter apperently, and lived in an old abandoned building. Funny that there was an abandoned building in such a nice looking neighborhood though. (A sign in front of the entrance to the neighborhood read "No loud music, parties, or muse allowed").

While driving away, I was yelled at by my castrating mother, told how she addressed her in a disrespectful manner even though they never spoke to each other, how I shouldn't associate myself with women who are not part of our local church, etc. When I got back home I looked in the mirror and to my surprise I had grown a thick long mustache and goatee combo. There was a bit of gray on my chin and stache, and my hair was very messy and tangled. I was about to get in the shower and apply lots of conditioner on my hair to make it more manegeable, but I reasoned it was not worth the effort, as I was about to go to bed anyways. When I layed my head on the pillow I woke up. I'm pretty tired right now, since it feels like I did not sleep at all because of that.
>> No. 9115 [Edit]
The second dream is a bit shorter, and I wrote it right after waking up so I was still half asleep, which might account for it being so fragmented.

At home in the kitchen. A stranger enters the house, I grab a sharp kitchen knife and stab him in between the shoulder and neck. He escapes through the front door, I follow him and kill him next to the lake facing the front of the stairs. Afer I return upstairs, it turns out he was a neighbor who someone in the household knew. He didn't look happy to see me. I did not make any further contact and returned to my room.

Kinda unpleasant there. I don't see the point in recording dreams anymore, they just make me sad. Lucid dreaming was my end goal though, and the few lucid dreams I've had have always been great, bit of a loss there.
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