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File 16048220026.jpg - (886.98KB , 2160x3840 , ECvPXQMUcAA4j4f.jpg )
36602 No. 36602 [Edit]
What are your thoughts on this no touching yourself for a month thing? Do you take part in it, or do you think it's stupid?
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>> No. 36603 [Edit]
File 160482265193.png - (63.59KB , 700x700 , Spoiler Picture.png )
Only a month? How sad are those who fail... Being serious, that's retarded and it always makes me wonder what happened to No Shave November.
>> No. 36604 [Edit]
I think it's mainly just a jokey riff off of "no shave november" that's gained rising popularity in the past few years, and which no one takes seriously but is trendy discussion fodder. Traffic-wise, it seems that porn sites do not see any significant dip during this month which bolsters my assertion that it's mainly just for show.
>> No. 36605 [Edit]
It seems like the nofap crew fail to make a distinction between a healthy amount of masturbation and the point at which is becomes a compulsion which gives them a bad rap.

Fapping is like a drug. Drugs every once in a while can even be good for you. Drugs every day, probably not. It's likely something you can't stop. The why, how, and to what you're fapping to seem more important but that's more nuance than people care for. The best way to stop an addiction seems to be just completely stopping before finding a way to slowly reintroduce it into your life.

Like others said though, I think for most it's just something to joke about.
>> No. 36606 [Edit]
As a chronic masturbator my record is four days and under special circumstances, so I wouldn't even bother to try something like that. I think once every two days it's probably the healthiest but it's still hard to keep.
>> No. 36609 [Edit]
No Nuts? No problem as I have a tree-nut allergy.
>> No. 36780 [Edit]
I've been doing it. not because of the meme but because I just don't have that sort of drive.
>> No. 36847 [Edit]
Damn November Rains
>> No. 36850 [Edit]
The month thing I think is mostly a joke, but I do know there are large communities that actively try to stop masturbating to improve themselves.
This is basically my perspective. There are definitely reasons to stop masturbating if it is actually a problem, but most people that consciously stop either have misled motives, like the negligible health benefits, or a false sense of superiority about it. I jerk off every day because I enjoy it, but there are people who do it constantly out of boredom, or that put off things/people they consider important to satisfy the urge. Those are definitely edge cases though, most people are just stupid.
>> No. 36851 [Edit]
After going a few weeks without doing it, I think it helped to noticeably improve my mood after I gave in. I think it's gross and it's not something I even enjoy doing, but it seems like the sort of thing that would be unhealthy not to do for prolonged periods of times. In my book it's right up there with urination and deification.
>> No. 36852 [Edit]
Other than those who do it for reasons of "self-improvement," there's also the smaller fringe/occult communities that believe it helps prevent loss of qi/jing. This viewpoint primarily seems to be rooted in eastern cultures (primarily taoist) [1]. Even among the Taoists though there seems to be some disagreement as to whether complete abstinence is necessary (e.g. I've seen recommendations for cycles like once every two weeks). While I personally do ascribe some plausibility to this, I think that if one subscribes to this viewpoint then the dominant factor is not whether you masturbate or not but instead whether you actively practice the associated taoist techniques to circulate energy.

>> No. 36854 [Edit]
I went through an occult phase several years ago and the methods for circulating your energy definitely work but they also let you get really powerful and prolonged orgasms. Unless you're already well in control of your sexual desires I'd recommend you steer clear. It's not just that you'll want to do it all the time. Those orgasms are very physically, mentally, and spiritually draining. For someone who someone who doesn't have good self control it's dangerous to learn those techniques.

Not saying that's you, just putting out a word of warning for any curious onlookers.
>> No. 36857 [Edit]
> for circulating your energy definitely work but they also let you get really powerful and prolonged orgasms
Were you trying to do the energy work at the same time you were masturbating? That seems like something out of Mantak Chia's books. I don't have experience with that and it does seem a lot more dangerous. It seems safer to just do energy work while meditating. The goal should not really be getting "prolonged" orgasms, but just calming your mind (the breathwork involved does have noted benefits. And if the jing/qi stuff is true, then that's a bonus).
>> No. 36859 [Edit]
Imagine your death being reported on the news as: man dies while masturbating due to botched taoist meditation.
>> No. 36861 [Edit]
File 16067847625.jpg - (59.13KB , 800x800 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I do feel like I'm wasting my time whenever I masturbate, but stopping it completely is not a realistic proposition for me. And neither is getting a 3DPD.

So, I just ordered myself an onahip and plan to hump it whenever I feel like masturbating. That way I'll at least burn some calories and work out my abs and glutes.
>> No. 36862 [Edit]
>And neither is getting a 3DPD.
Was that really necessary?
>> No. 36863 [Edit]
I rather get a full body doll but that's just me.
>> No. 36865 [Edit]
don't look at spoilers if you don't wanna get spoiled.

drawbacks of a full body doll:
- much more expensive (I bought my hips for 60 bucks; a doll with limbs, face, hair etc. will set you back 1000 or more)
- more difficult to clean, generally much higher maintenance (I've talked to some Real Doll owners and this is a huge issue. Life-sized dolls are basically out of the question for me until we have sex robots with enough AI autonomy to clean themselves)
- can't easily hide it when people come over
- has a creepy face, look up "uncanny valley." Creepiness gets worse as she accumulates scratches and dirt.
- non-zero chance that it will be possessed by demons and murder you
- when you put it in the trash eventually, people will call the police on you for trying to dispose of a corpse.

I'm just looking for something I can thrust my peepee into and do some fun cardio on, not something to simulate female companionship.
>> No. 36867 [Edit]
Yeah, Mantak Chia stuff. The practices he outlines in Cultivating Male Taoist Sexual Energy in particular. I had done some energy work prior to delving into his stuff but I honestly wasn't ready for it. If I remember right Chia gives a lot of warnings but I didn't listen.

I don't think it had any lasting effects since I quit doing it. It's something I'll return to once I really get my sexuality under control.
>> No. 36873 [Edit]
This is mostly true, but I still want to get one all the same because you can't dress up a torso in cute outfits.
>> No. 37344 [Edit]
>Fapping is like a drug. Drugs every once in a while can even be good for you.
Well obviously the type of substance matters; I think a better analogy is to chocolate: it tastes sweet and is fine to eat once in a while but don't eat it for every meal. If one really wants to improve their mind/body though, they'd probably see more of an effect from cutting out alcohol or improving their diet. Either way there's not much point to living like an ascetic unless you're on some spiritual path.
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