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File 129011482562.jpg - (90.35KB , 492x488 , sadamoto_nadia-shinji.jpg )
521 No. 521 [Edit]
I'd like to start another dream thread, if that's all right. I'll go first.
You know how when you're a fan of something like anime or scifi or similar things in your teenage years parents will try to buy stuff for you? My dad and stepmom bought anime\manga related shit at yard sales a lot. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was off the mark.
Well, in my dream I'm still in high school. I'm sitting there playing Xbox when my dad & stepmom walk in and yell that they got me something at a yard sale. I'm think to myself, "well, probably shit, but I might as well see," and go to check it out.
I walk into the kitchen and on the table is a box full of stuff from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
I get more excited and go to see what it is. There's every episode in raws and fansubs on
VHS, some uniforms, figurines, and even Shinjis' fucking tape recorder with the tape he listens to inside it! All the merchandise seems to be older and seems like it was directly imported from Japan. I ask where they found it.
It cuts to a yard sale with a slightly sad fiftyish woman in her front yard. She talked about how her son loved this show and whatnot, and seemed very sad. She sold it all for about 10-20 dollars.
I take all the stuff out and find a suicide note. Her son had gotten into anime in the
eighties while in high school and was completely inept and friendless. He grew obsessed with
Evangelion and felt a strong kinship with Shinji because he was such a fuck up. He grew older
and couldn't find anyone to share his interests with, became more and more of a recluse, and
killed himself in the late nineties, which I recall being a shame since the internet as of
96, when he killed himself, could have given him a place to talk to others and feel less alone. I realized he was "an otaku of another generation." I hung up his note and saluted it. I then went to watch his tapes and realized that he had dubbed it himself in case he ever met anyone who wanted to share his joy. I inherited his legacy. His mother had cleaned house and ended up giving me a record of a hikkikomori life.
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>> No. 527 [Edit]
I had a dream where I knew I was half-sleeping and I was trying my very hardest to wake up because I had an essay to write. Problem was, I couldn't open my eyes nor move my limbs. Having experienced sleep paralysis before, I stayed calm and put all my concentration in trying to move my body again. After what it seemed like 15 minutes, I managed to get my arms to move. Once succeeding in that, my next decision was to use my hands to force my eyelids open but they absolutely refused to do so, as if glued. After more futile trying, I realized my eyelids wouldn't open because I realized I was actually dreaming all along. Upon realizing this, I instantly woke up in my bed. One of the oddest dreams I ever had.
>> No. 532 [Edit]
I dreamt that I was drunk and somehow got into the neighbours' house. Then I passed out. Turned out that I had wandered into their kitchen naked, turned the faucet on and started screaming. Had woken up the kids and scarred them for life. Then I got kicked out and my own family disowned me.
Felt bad man.
>> No. 540 [Edit]
I have a similar experience to that man OP, I too feel like I can relate to shinji, though I haven't killed myslef... yet.

A dream errr... not? I had not too long ago that I find interesting.

Your brain reportedly begins storing memories after you go to bed, so one night I was laying there in sleep paralysis trying to go to sleep (after you do it so much yourself I find your body will do it automatically no matter your position) and I am half asleep and am envisioning myself in a steel chair, one of the cheap ones. So I'm being asked various questions about my day, mostly yes or no questions like they would be entered as 0 or 1 in a spreadsheet, as I answer these questions the previous day becomes clearer and clearer until it stops though I didn't fall asleep. One could argue that with how I go to sleep when I don't need to I was meditating however.
>> No. 571 [Edit]
File 129028203945.jpg - (139.77KB , 963x1017 , sp.jpg )
I had a dream last night that CWC came to my house, and we eventually had to call the police because he wouldn't leave. Only, it wasn't the police that showed up, but Kuroko, who quickly teleported him away
>> No. 572 [Edit]
>I had a dream last night that CWC came to my house
>> No. 584 [Edit]
I just had a dream that I ate a woman's fetus thinking it was a hardboiled egg. Yeah...don't ask.
>> No. 587 [Edit]
I actually kept a dream diary for exactly three nights. I'll share what I wrote down.

Night 1:
Dream 1) I had a dream that I woke up and wrote in my dream diary. My writing became sloppy and stretched across multiple lines as I fell asleep inside my dream again. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to remember what I wrote.

Dream 2) I had a dream that I was part of a party of four people that were crossing some snowy mountains. We ended up being separated into groups of two, and I was with some woman. She went turned back because it was too much for her to handle, and I went on.

Dream 3) I had a dream that I was in the super market checkout line late at night, and I decided to use the razor blades that were there. So I started dry-shaving in the line. When I got to the cashier, I went blind. I wasn't completely blind, but my vision was so blurry that I couldn't really see, and I was disoriented. I was trying to talk to the cashier, but she wouldn't respond, so I said "fuck you", then walked out as best as I could while blind. I was telling my mom about it on the ride home. She was driving me apparently.

Night 2:
These dreams were a little more erotic in nature.
Dream 1) In this dream I stole my sister's panties so I could masturbate with them. She ended up finding out, and told my mom. They all thought it was funny, in a pathetic sort of way, and started laughing at me. It pissed me off something fierce, and I wanted to rape her to get back at her. This all took place at the house I grew up in.

Dream 2) In this dream me and my wife went with another couple to a hotel for our honeymoons, so that we could have lots of sex. The girls went to go shower beforehand, but one of them got kidnapped and it turned into an NTR dream. We searched for her in this maze swamp thing in small row boats. The entire thing was animated like an anime or hentai.

Night 3:
I got lazy and only wrote down one dream for this last night.

I had this dream that my other sister (not the one that I have some sexual tension with) and her kids were trying to escape from something or someone. They were hiding out in this swamp/river sort of thing. We made a boat of twigs so they could escape, but when I sent them ahead, the boat fell apart, and I had to pull her 4 year old son from the water so he wouldn't drown.
>> No. 589 [Edit]
My dream last night was about tv shopping with my dad and beating up some kids that tried to steal our pink bike, as we chased them down, we all ran into some bushes that some how sent us flying into the sky, and they were stick figure drawings now I guess, we we're sky diving because of it, Think they fell onto the parking lot and died, we fell into a pool, and then I woke up.
>> No. 604 [Edit]
(slightly sexual)
I was sitting on a bed with a goth girl who felt sorry for me. She put my head on her chest, hugged me, and carressed my anus through my pants. I felt loved. She casted a spell on me that would make me forget something I don't remember now. Maybe her magic worked.

I dreamt with her a few years ago too. That time, I was lying on her bed with her atop me. She wanted to have sex with me, and though I felt grateful for her attention, I declined, and she was all ok with that.

Yes, I am lonely.
>> No. 609 [Edit]
We're all lonely, that's what makes us Brohnos.
>> No. 705 [Edit]
File 129073291960.jpg - (414.53KB , 918x1260 , Der Mond - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto - 014.jpg )
>a yard sale with a slightly sad fiftyish woman [who] talked about how her son loved this show and whatnot, and seemed very sad. [...] He [had] became more and more of a recluse, and killed himself
Disregard of the known fact that NGE (together with EoE) belongs to late 90's... OP: I'm amazed at your dream; you have to know this.

I initially watched NGE, because a cousin once brought a few DVD's to my house; she came on with eyes like plates and told me: "I've just met a guy and he lend this to me. You HAVE to watch it". Those days I was still your favourite nth ford driver, quite completely oblivious to anime and otaku culture (if I have my numbers right, 4chan was just about to emerge); but I've had hard enough experiences already (mostly from highschool), wich made me identify (extemporaneously but) instantly with Shinji. I asked for more, so she gave me the rest of the entire series (director's cut) and EoE...

How much NGE influenced on my thoughts and changed my life in further years, it's another TL;DR story and not what I came to talk about now. The thing is that, when I finished it, I asked my cousin to introduce me to the guy who, with such generosity, lend her that wonder altogether (to give it back to him, personally); her answer: "He's gone. None of us know where he's now. I didn't know him that well, but one of his few acquaintances told me he phoned him home, her mother picked up and said that he wasn't there, neither couldn't be found anymore and hung up... so many of us think he probably commited suicide."

For the record, I still have some of his DVDs, including EoE; the other ones are kept by my cousin. All this is true (sorry for derailing the thread...).
>> No. 706 [Edit]
Don't worry about derailing the thread, it was a good story. I'm glad I'm not the only one who identified with him right away. If you know where he lived you could look through records of the newspaper from that era and try to find his obit. I'd like to hear how it affected your life.
>> No. 715 [Edit]
File 12907562008.jpg - (371.15KB , 1024x1500 , p105_i309.jpg )
>how it affected your life.

If you mean his alleged death, it shocked me immensely. I mean: if he really killed himself, I can't help but feeling tempted to interpretate his giving away of the DVDs as some sort of farewell, or an attempt to live a heritage: to share with someone else, probably one of the last things of value he ever found and give it some continuity; but it might very well be a too simplistic stereotypical conclusion, and I don't want to be unffair with him. About looking for his obituary on old newspapers: safe from among high society people, publishing obituaries isn't such a common a practice around here; so most probably I would find nothing, even if he died (people die like dogs, in here).

If you mean about the influence of NGE on my life... that's much more complicated. Let's just say that it didn't become determinant until a few years later; when I finally failed olimpically in my life project, went back to college (originally pure maths and logic), started studying proper philosophy, got into certain thematics and filological studies about the Zohar and the kabbalistic tradition (as an academic subject, concerning exegesis and the history of text's analysis). Evangelion hence revealed himself as an outstanding aesthetical interpretation, of Zohar's both mythology and ethical content; I've never given much credit to psychoanalisis, but I discovered that Evangelion's subjects could be also revisited in terms of phylosophical and ethical traditions (wich I do -supposedly- stand for); and so I got genually interested on anime and nihon in general, at the same time that (because of personal matters) I have already started to reclude myself and to dive into internet (and eventually imageboard) culture...

TL;DR Philosophy became unsatisfactory as well. The world altogether seemed dispicable and ethical good life, unattainable out there. So I sunk definately on hiki lifestyle; arrived on Tohno; Asuka became mai waifu; I became myself remarkably misoginistyc and here we are now ¯\(´~` )/¯

Sorry again for the -now extreme- derailing. But thanks for being interested, broh.
>> No. 734 [Edit]
I'm quite interested. If you don't mind telling, what was your life project?
>> No. 2151 [Edit]
File 129453064855.jpg - (389.13KB , 2048x1536 , 28117 sky tagme.jpg )
Many of my sweetest dreams are about the sky. In a particularly memorable one, I was in a dark building at first. I felt nervous and agitated. I went up on a staircase, and arrived on a flat roof. It was bright there, the air was clear, smelling good and pleasantly cold. I still felt somewhat restless, so I decided to ascend still higher, and I started to float upwards. I made it above the clouds. There was nothing around and over me, only the blue air. I felt relieved and carefree, hovering in the middle of emptiness. I wanted to create something, so I made a huge gray tesseract appear. It felt satisfying and beautiful.

Needless to say, my dream is symbolic; I desire a better life, one that fits me better.
>> No. 2258 [Edit]
I just woke up today and remembered this dream. I'll write it as soon as it's fresh in my memory. It made no sense at all, as my dreams usually are.

So one day, my family is hosting some kind of party at one of my old houses with all sorts of people there watching fansubbed anime and sorts. It mostly old people and their families. Just as most of the families left, one family was about to leave. There I spotted a grey, white wolf lurking around the house and running away as soon as I spotted it. Then the family panicked and asked what should I do. I said nothing and I waited. Then I see a huge human-like shadow with a white wolf in front as I watched outside the porch. The family finally panicked and wanted me to call some kind of emergency. I was told to enter international codes for some extraplanar emergency hotline to get rid of the 'werewolf' and his wolf. The family wanted the cops to arrive just to drive away the werewolf. They told me not to worry as the interplanar cops have driven away or chased touhous fucking up other peoples' daily lives, usually vampires. Just as I was doing all of this, I always see the shadow of a wolf running around, outside the house. It's as if the house was watched, circled and surrounded by some wolf. I fucked up so many times because I couldn't understand what numbers they want me to press. I had to press some international interplanar to some world, and then press 911 then 292 or something. I finally succeeded, but then I saw a 'Carthaginian steamship' getting sunk by (apparently Roman) cannons. And I finally woke up.

I still have to realize what my dream meant.
>> No. 2270 [Edit]
A few weeks ago, I dreamed that I was on a beach, and I saw a tiger lying on top of a huge seal. Then the tiger took a swipe at the seal and the seal started to flop around the beach trying to buck the tiger off its back. That's all I remember.

I only mention it because it sounds like one of those dreams people had in old stories, like in the Old Testament, where the dream always meant something important or was a sign of the future. Maybe I should go to an old fortuneteller lady and get it interpreted or something.
>> No. 2271 [Edit]
The chosen one cometh.

Thou must climb yonder mount and pray for guidance from the great spirit Yitilapwey.
>> No. 2272 [Edit]
I started keep a dream journal...sort of. I just write a few words about dreams I remember. Not descriptions or anything, just a few words to remind me what it was about.
>> No. 3048 [Edit]
Me and a former classmate (who's unlike me quite extroverted, courageous and athletic) were walking in a lobby. He entered a large door that had the symbol of the sun painted on. I entered a similar door, marked with the moon. I arrived in a spacious, bright and comfortable-feeling hall, where people who resembled me were gathering, talking in small groups. I tried to take a door leading to the Sun Hall to follow him, but a man was standing in front of the door, and didn't let me through.

My interpretation: I'll never be like him, only even more like myself.
>> No. 3049 [Edit]
File 129728709217.jpg - (75.37KB , 1280x720 , bath.jpg )
I had a dream last night that I took a train to a fancy hotel, and in a pool out front I saw Kirino swimming around and playing with some other girls who I can't quite remember the appearance of.
>> No. 3054 [Edit]
I used to keep a dream journal, but I haven't been able to remember very many of my dreams lately so I haven't added anything in a long time.

The last one I wrote in there was about some kind of war between magic and technology. Though I was 18 at the time, I was about 14 in my dream. I was a wizard infiltrating another base of wizards to steal some documents. I got spotted by some demon dog thing, but I cast a time-stop spell, the only spell I knew, before it could get me. I ran in, got what I needed, then ran back out, but right as I closed the door the spell ended, and I didn't have enough power for another one. Eventually the demon dog spotted me again. I tried to run away, but it eventually caught up to me and everything turned black...

When I came to, I found myself in a giant mechanical fortress near a river. I couldn't remember my spell and I didn't have my robes anymore, instead I was wearing what my IRL self wears. Everyone was outside the fort, fighting off wizards with high-tech weaponry like plasma rifles. One guy saw me and asked who I was. Before I could tell him, though, he gave me a plasma gun and a controller for a remote tank, then told me to go out there and help. I handled both the gun and the tank like a pro, even though I've never used either of those before.

After the battle, we threw a party near the river and the people of the fort instantly accepted me, even though I was a stranger to them not even 30 minutes ago. Everyone in the fort was close like a family, and unlike with the group of "friends" I had back in high school, I was no exception.

I woke up that morning depressed, knowing that I would never be that close to anyone in real life.
>> No. 3055 [Edit]
Does anyone else have dreams about video games? I can never tell if I'm supposed to be in the game or if I'm playing the game
>> No. 3056 [Edit]
Yeah, I tend dream about a game if I've been playing it a lot. Sometimes I'll dream that I'm in a real-life place, except the area is rendered in that game's graphical style (this happened a lot when I was obsessed with Doom).
>> No. 3062 [Edit]
File 129736271021.jpg - (98.20KB , 1264x720 , eu guuu.jpg )
Another dream I had: Last night I dreamt I became Eu, and I was afraid I couldn't write fast enough to communicate
>> No. 3069 [Edit]
Back when I was in high school, I used to obsessively research the Columbine shootings thinking that maybe one or both of the shooters had gone through similar things that I did.

Anyway, during that time I had a dream where they came back to life and attacked my school. They destroyed everything and killed everyone... save for me. I was in plain sight, but they didn't bother shooting or even talking to me. I guess they knew I was an outcast like they were.
>> No. 3071 [Edit]
This morning's dream. So much gore and death. It actually un-nerved me a little when I woke up as I never dream about such things.
>> No. 3077 [Edit]
I had a dream where zombies were everywhere, and one of them bit me in the leg. I could feel it, and it hurt so bad it woke me up! Then after I fell asleep again I had a dream in line with >>3062 only this time I was Haruna. I was sitting in the garage with my parents and it was really cold. They asked me if I wanted to wear something warmer (I was only wearing a loose Tshirt) but I declined, then I woke up. Interesting dreams are fun!
>> No. 3087 [Edit]
I had a really weird dream the other day. I don't keep a dream diary but I saved a .txt of this one imply because I remembered it well and it stood out amongst the other bullshit I dream about.

Started off with me being in what I later identified to resemble a shopping centre. I was with a friend or somebody, I dont remember even seeing them but i remember somebody being there.
Went into a room that had a double bed in it, just sort of looked at it then got skipped to the next scene.

Next thing I remember, I was in what I think to be a church or something because there were pews that people were sitting on. Some guy appears to be up front, and though I couldnt see him I was sure he looked demonic or something. Next he shouts something and everyone gets raised off the floor and is screaming, except me, who he just looks at. Weirdly, I hear myself think, *in a dream*, that I should stop watching stuff like this or else I'll have bad dreams.

Next i'm in the top floor of a shopping centre with an escalator to the left and sitting at a desk in what appears to be the formation of a classroom. I get up and walk down the elevator then jump over the side of it about half way down, as If it was a shortcut I knew in a game.

Then i'm walking somewhere, not paying attention, and checking to see what money I have. Then I notice a girl walking just in front of me. I start to talk to her about something although I can't seem to make out what me or her are saying. Talking to her, I realise that my voice is high and really soft for some reason, then that scene ends.

Next i'm walking the same way again, not paying attention, and checking to see what money I have. Then I notice the girl again, and say something to her. She turns and looks in horror, runs and grabs some other girl (not wearing said uniform), they both pull out condom packets from their pockets (what) and run off in horror.

Last scene, I am in my house with my sister and mother, and looking at our cats. We have five instead of two for some reason, the new three seem to be direct copy pastes of one of the originals.

Then I woke up
>> No. 3088 [Edit]
At this part,

>Next i'm walking the same way again, not paying attention, and checking to see what money I have. Then I notice the girl again, and say something to her. She turns and looks in horror, runs and grabs some other girl (not wearing said uniform), they both pull out condom packets from their pockets (what) and run off in horror.

Forgot to mention that the first girl was wearing some sort of specific school uniform
>> No. 3125 [Edit]
>> No. 3133 [Edit]
Not really a dream, but when I woke up this morning my mattress came off the slats and it didn't even wake me up.
>> No. 3424 [Edit]
Funny -- after mentioning how odd it was that I'd never dreamed in 2D, last night I had a genderswap dream that converted to 2D by the end.

In the beginning I was very plain and tomboy-looking, wearing men's clothes and basically being "what do I do??" At the end, I was looking kind of like Yui from K-ON!, but wearing black heels. I was in a sci-fi type place in the sky with a transparent bottom and really tall irregular walls and no ceiling. I was just walking down this long hallway slowly.

Overall pretty interesting to have.
>> No. 3425 [Edit]
Dreamt about being in an office that had a tiny lunchroom with a dartboard on the wall, my older brother giving me his old but rarely used suit, dress hirt, slacks and leather shoes. Then I was cutting my hair myself, making myself bald with scissors and failing.
>> No. 3426 [Edit]
I once had a dream where I was fleeing from my mom and her family on a jetbike, and eventually hopped onto a moving bus as my bike ran low on fuel. On the bus, I saw this 3D girl I used to like back in school, but I didn't bother to talk to her. Everyone there talked to each other as if they were close friends, and nobody ever wanted to get off.
>> No. 3477 [Edit]
Now as of lately, I have dreams of swallowing plastic bags and they always felt 'crunchy'.
>> No. 3688 [Edit]
In a dream, I was about to buy something to eat, I handed out my ID card, and it was all broken. I asked the cashier if I could pay for it when my card was all broken, and she said that it was fine.
>> No. 4998 [Edit]
I used to have dreams where I would be seeing everything from another person's viewpoint- sometimes I was an old man, other times a little girl. At the time I would just be going about 'my' daily business without noticing that it wasn't actually me... Anyway, in these dreams I would always be killed; usually after being raped/tortured. Usually I felt it, or something like it. Can't say have a point of reference for what having your intestines fucked feels like.

Now I have dreams where I am actually me and my life is falling apart. I miss the murder dreams.
>> No. 5001 [Edit]
A recent theme in my dreams is my face/neck cramping up and it's really painful (well as painful as something in a dream can be anyway). Maybe it actually happens to me while I'm sleeping, which is kind of concerning if true
>> No. 5012 [Edit]
I have nightmares about teeth. In those dreams, my teeth are rotting, disgusting, gnarly slivers. With my tongue, I can shift them, move them about, and break them away. It's absolutely horrid.

The disgust, fear, and dread I experience while dreaming about this is one of the worst experiences I have ever had. It doesn't even make sense, as my teeth are actually pretty good in real life. Only one or two tiny cavities from when I was a kid, and I've had braces. The worst part is no one believes me when I say I have nightmares about my teeth.
>> No. 5013 [Edit]
Really? I've never had a dream about my teeth, but I've heard it's a common nightmare.
>> No. 5014 [Edit]
Yeah, i've had a few like that. It actually makes sense considering how horrible my teeth are.
>> No. 5107 [Edit]
Now I had a dream where my sister was playing a MtG format where all cards other than lands had to be red. Much like EDH playing under a mono red general, except that theres no general and it's not EDH.
>> No. 5172 [Edit]
A couple nights ago I dreamt that I woke up but my brain was still in dream mode, so I was seeing my surroundings but with dream-hallucinations overlaid on top. I looked out the window and changed the scenery to this vivid anime-style glowing flower field. Shame I wasn't actually awake, that would be a cool ability to have.
>> No. 5175 [Edit]
Some time in February I had a dream where I picked up the April 2011 issue of my favourite electronics magazine, and I started to read it: among others, it had two articles about microcontrollers and one about tomography.
I was a little disappointed when I found out the April issue is all different.
>> No. 5178 [Edit]
I had a dream last night that I had built a lego set, and then I saw a spider crawling on it. I was really scared, but upon closer inspection it wasn't a spider, but a tiny white tiger.
>> No. 5273 [Edit]
I have kind of a weird thing happening to me. I have a lung problem and need to use an inhaler when my breathing gets weird, and sometimes it happens in my sleep. Sometimes I DREAM that I wake up and do my inhaler, and it doesn't work of course because it's not real. It keeps happening until I wake up for real, almost gasping for air. It's like my subconscious is trying to smother me
>> No. 5274 [Edit]
That's the same as when you have to go to the bathroom while you're asleep, and you go in your dreams.

Except in your case if you don't get to the bathroom, you die.
>> No. 5437 [Edit]
I had a dream that I was playing some sort of VR game with you guys online, and in the game we (our avatars were all cute girls) went on a road trip. We went to a beautiful hotel, and when we got to our room it was full of men who trapped us and wouldn't let us leave. Then I woke up. Cliffhanger!
>> No. 5442 [Edit]
I had a weird dream where the entire world was in ruins and everybody was playing the 3DS. Then I took the bus to a book store and started filming for no reason and some French guy that could hardly speak English got mad at me.

Yeah, I don't even know.
>> No. 5443 [Edit]
Simple. The 3Ds is going to ruin the world, and French people are pretentious filmmakers.
>> No. 5470 [Edit]
I always have dreams about insects. Last night it was a giant ladybug (???) Apparently my subconscious mind is an asshole.
>> No. 5558 [Edit]
I think I got lucidity in my dream last night. Unfortunately the area I was in was just my house, only it looked a lot bigger. I looked down at my body and figured "hey, I can finally be the little girl now!" but nothing I did made me turn into one ;_;
>> No. 6150 [Edit]
Do any of you keep dreaming about hanging out with your old friends? I know some of us never had any but I got reminded that I used to have such dreams each night back in the day when I read a post of a rather depressed guy who claimed he has such dreams on regular basis, too.
I would dream about hanging out with classmates from my middle school, just doing stuff with them. Of course, that was when I still felt kinda lonely knowing that I have noone to talk to. I stopped having dreams like that long ago as I don't care about this anymore, neither do I feel lonely.


On another note, I wrote a post for this thread last year around December. I began to write the whole story after I woke up but in the end I never posted it but since I'm already posting...

Before reading I must warn you that the story is not finished.

I'm the kind of guy who forgets his dreams the moment he wakes up so I forgot pretty much everything about the dream I had this night but let me post these few things I managed to remeber anyway.

So, the first thing I recall (I vaguely recall some previous events but its all 'blurry' and appears to be unrelated to the sotry I want to tell) is me sitting in some kind of spacious bar/restaurant with people who were apparently my acquaintances. Lots of them, too - at least 10, probably way more - I was sitting close to the bar talking with some guy (we were acting pretty friendly). I don't remeber exactly how it happened but somehow a little boy (age 10 tops, probably younger) appeared and since he was lost we (me and that friend of mine I was talking to) decided to more or less take care of him. People started to slowly leave but the place was getting more cramped as people were bursting in. We didn't eat/drink anymore so the barista asked us to leave, as some people were waiting for seats already. Then, somehow, Danny (that was the name of the boy, or at least so he claimed - more on that later) got into argument with some other guy working at the bar (it was related to our lack of willingess to leave) and at one point he sort of grabbed Danny in half and just ran out of the store holding him. Even though both me and my friend were shocked by this sudden turn of events we decided to give chase. That guy carrying Danny ran into some kind of hospital (or some other facility of this sort - it's not that I don't remeber, I never knew what it was, I just ran into it) and I went after him. That friend of mine got lost somehow. I couldn't catch up with the guy (who was and old, fat prick) as for some reason I was running reeeally slowly (I don't remeber exactly, but I was either injured or I was carrying something heavy). I lost him after some time but then I found him on one of the corridors. Danny was already gone but I grabbed his arm and just shouted 'HELP!'. He struggled but I wouldn't let him go and after some time a nurse appeared (and a group of people who wanted to find out what's going out gathered, too; at some point my friend re-joined us) and asked me what's going on. I told her that the guy I'm holding is a kidnapper and that he probably submitted a child to this hospital just now. The nurse asked me for the name of said child and after giving it a little thought (I couldn't recall it in such a stressful situation) I said it was Danny Schultz. At that time for some reason it occured me that it might not be his real name. After leaving us to check this the nurse came back and told as that no person named Danny Schultz was submitted to he hospital. That friend of mine couldn't believe it but I quickly got a hang of things. It could mean that Danny wasn't his real name, that he was submitted under some other, fake name or that the nurse (and possibly some people from the crowd which was still there) is working with that kidnapper. At that point I knew that we are in some deep shit as we couldn't prove anything with the way things are looking now.

Now, I deliberately didn't post this before but chronologically I should mention that there was a spree of really macabre serial killings going on in the town. I saw some of the crime scenes (I don't know how, I've got a theory and I'll get back to it in a second) and the reaction of poeple who saw them. Said people just sort of lost their minds. They wandered off to the roof top of skyscrapers (all builidng in the city were skyscrapers by the way), stood on the verge of them and completely stopped moving as if they were statues. I watched it not as a person but rather as a ... well, some kind of being without body; as if my mind was freely floating in the air. Also, I should mention that I'm reading 'Atlas Shrugged' right now (or rather, I have been until three weeks ago but I'm busy lately and I can't read it now) so I somehow thought the the killer is trying to 'stop' the world with his 'work'. At that time (the night before the accidents described before) there were only few silhouettes on the rooftops - I couldn't see their faces as it was almost pitch black.

Now, back to 'day 2' at the hospital. We're standing there with the crowd and the nurse and we had the feeling and they're got some malicious intents towards us. We were standing in a narrow corridor with lockers on both sides. The crowd was closing our exit route from one side so we turned the other way just to see the sewered head of that kidnapper on the floor. It wasn't just cut off - it was tunred it to a bloody mess, too. It definitely looked like we did it. And that time someone from the crowd screamed and then, heads of the friends I was at the bar with started falling from the ceiling, but they were attached to strings so they 'jumped around' a little and then hanged from the ceiling like the toys over babies' craddles (the hair looked like those strings with colorfull toys attached to them - I hope you know what I mean). Also, some of the heads were found at the previous crime scenes and yet they were hanging from the ceiling right now. Again, it totally looked like we did it. And suddenly at out feet we also noticed the head of the barista. I couldn't understand how it got there and I was contemplating who could have done that (sorry Danny, but it had to be you) and how did the heads from previous crime scenes appear in the hospital a voice from the loudspeaker responded to my voice with 'I just wanted more people to wintess my art' (...)

That's where I stopped writing. I vaguely remember what follows: the 'my fair lady' melody plays and one of those heads has been pretty much turned into a cuckoo clock. And other weird stuff like that followed. Also, people would gather at top of the skyscrapers and at one point I realized that once they will be enough of them they will all jump.

I wrote it down because I remember that I was REALLY freaked out when I woke up. I was scared shitless. Also, it bothered me that my mind would come up with all those vicious murders. Normally, you would artibute them to the wickedness of the killer but it was my conciousness that created him in the first place.

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>> No. 6281 [Edit]
Two strange dream items I have had:

1: an annual recurring dream, from when I was about 7 to when I was about 14, every year around May. Every year I would be walking around my neighbours' yard (down the street, the only people in my neighbourhood that weren't in abusive households/ were in my age group, but they were mentally retarded), looking for some fruit or something, then Scooby Doo and Shaggy helped me build a fort in the woods, then said bye to me. Sometimes there was a third cartoon character in the dream, but it was always Scooby and Shaggy. The dream ended after the fort was finished.

The dreams ended when I was about fourteen or fifteen, but I had a similar thing happen to me once when I was four and once when I was about 15: When I was four, I had a dream that my father's friend needed to use our back yard to store a huge mound of dirt. He had a son about my age so we talked and walked around as my dad and his friend conducted business. Ten years later, I had a dream that that man came back for his dirt, and brought his son along. He had aged a lot and I was happy to see him, and we talked about our lives in the past ten years as his dad picked up the dirt.

2: Lingually confused dreams. Once I had a dream that I was in a Portuguese fishing port and I had spent the past six years learning fluent Portuguese. Turns out the entire country had recently changed their official language to English and I had forgotten how to speak it. Another time we were all speaking Japanese with English subtitles, but my CC device had been broken so I couldn't understand very much anyone, including me, was saying.
>> No. 6338 [Edit]
I was the member of a French anarcho-communist group. They had an impressive HQ, with a large library.
Perhaps unrelatedly, I started to take a food supplement with high levels of vitamin C and E, and I was not sure if it can be taken together with the one I'm on now.
>> No. 6598 [Edit]
I looked through my dream journal recently, and I noticed one of the most common reoccurring themes in them is Inyouchuu. I mean I love it (it's my favorite hentai series), but it can't be a good thing that a hardcore monster/tentacle rape hentai series has such prominence in my subconcious
>> No. 6605 [Edit]
I keep having these obtuse dreams about people I used to know. It's the strangest thing, because I won't even be thinking about them in passing, but there they are, in my dream-world. It's also weird because whenever I see them, it's just like...the happiest feeling in the world.

Some nights, it's easy-mode to remember, others, not so much.
>> No. 7610 [Edit]
last night I dreamt I was a 2d girl
I was a short blonde haired Pettanko with pigtails and was still in high school.
This dream made me feel really really happy, not necessarily because I have gender identity issues , but because in that dream I had excellent grades in school a scholarship and a shoe in at a prestigious university already set up, basically I had the feeling of having my whole life ahead of me, and that I felt like I was going to succeed in life, the complete opposite of what I usually feel irl.
what I don't get is why I was a 2d girl in that dream, perhaps I've ingrained the idea that I'm a failure into my head so much that the only way i can imagine otherwise is if I'm a completely diffrent person?
>> No. 7612 [Edit]
Lucky. Being a cute 2D girl is pretty much my entire goal for lucid dreaming
>> No. 7615 [Edit]
I had a really crazy dream last night. I would rather not share it but it involved me going to the beach. Thanks.
>> No. 7620 [Edit]
I dreamed that I was getting sucked off by a 3D woman. I guess this means subconsciously I still desire them? Dream is spoilered:

It was a Japanese girl with long black hair, and I knew she was a hikikomori and had very low self-esteem for some reason. She sucked my thing cutely, only putting the head in her mouth. I woke up with a raging boner and a sense that maybe I did something wrong. I felt turned on and ashamed at the same time.
>> No. 7621 [Edit]
I had two lucid dreams last night. The contents were not interesting but in both cases I realized I was dreaming and forced myself to wake up.
>> No. 7622 [Edit]
File 130668513384.jpg - (135.60KB , 365x494 , nana.jpg )
Man I wish I can dream stuffs like all of you do, most of my dreams are random shit that doesn't make sense and most of the time I would only remember half of it.

I remember once when I was a kid, I had quite a strong fever, I had a dream of me creating/summon buildings with my bare hands, EVERYWHERE. I can't stop building them, I just have to keep building or summon them non stop to the point that I start to become a little scared and tried to stop myself from building them, but I couldn't. When I woke up, I was scared shitless, I donno why I just feel scared as hell, so I simply grab my old bedtime story book and read through it and managed to calm down and go back to sleep.

Another example of my random and crappy dreams, I dreamt a pretty girl sitting beside me who looked really like... shit I can't remember who, but oh well she was pretty cute, so I thought I'd gather up some courage and start a conversation with her. Instead she went batshit and started screaming and throwing things at me, my teacher, who thought I molested her without even having the courtesy to at least asked what happened, came over to my desk and punched me. Then tables started chasing me and shit I can't even remember the rest.

The last dream I had which almost made me wanted to stay in my dream realm forever was when the girl whom I had a crush on during high school cooked pasta for me. It was absolutely the most scrumptious pasta I had ever had in my whole life. I was, absolutely overwhelmed with happiness by it, thinking I was living the dream, feeling the love of a female for the first time in my whole miserable life, until my alarm clock rang and I can only remember her vague smile to me as I involuntarily exited my dream. Then noticing something ticklish on my cheek, it was few shed of tears. I was literally crying while dreaming. Felt depressed for a week.

But it was a long time ago, I didn't even confess to her. For some reason Nanasaki always reminds me of her, don't know why.
>> No. 7626 [Edit]
>> No. 7655 [Edit]
I had a dream last night that Haruhi was in GTA, and her and her mother (which looked like haruhi only taller and with glasses) were driving through a chicken restaurant, which was giant. Another dream involved me playing minecraft and finding a really cool cave with a waterfall and stuff, and when I tried to build a home there monsters overwhelmed me and I died.
>> No. 7659 [Edit]
>> No. 7667 [Edit]
Well that was...that was a bummer.
>> No. 7816 [Edit]
ok so I had another dream that I was a 2d girl
This time I dreamt I was Sanae
I remember being scolded by Kanoko for eating too many snacks, then she and Suwako told me that they are going to go to a trip somewhere far away and that I have to look after the shrine while they are gone. Before they leave though we eat at some restaurant, some fancy looking cafe thats situated in a shopping center. weird thing about the shopping center is that there are no roads to it and is surrounded by trees on all sides, doesn't matter to us though since we can fly, anyway once we are done eating I see them off and head back to the shrine.
As I'm flying back to the shrine I spot Reisen sneaking around the moria grounds so I try to catch her. as I'm chasing her around I lose her and then I spend the rest of the dream trying to find where she is hiding.
>> No. 7818 [Edit]
File 130702392047.jpg - (59.60KB , 639x479 , e39580c1bc3453bcff03f89406432f40.jpg )
I had a dream similar to your last one just recently. I forgot how it started, something about a scary elevator with windows in a tall building, but that's not what the main point was about. The part that got me was when I appeared in my old high school cafeteria and sat at the same table I used to sit at during my high school years. It was always a pretty empty table from what I remember, but in this dream there was a girl sitting across from me, about a meter to the right. I got up to get some napkins, and when I came back there was another girl sitting next to me and the one across from me was gone. As soon as I sat down she grabbed my arm and rested her head on my shoulder. It was a great feeling, it's interesting how dreams can simulate senses of things you've never experienced. She looked a lot like Nina, strange as I've never cared about the character for her to show up in a dream.
>> No. 7821 [Edit]
One of my computer teachers from high school had sent me a letter saying that he had recently set up some kind of computer shop, and that he was offering me a job since I was one of his best students. Since I had been looking for a job for over a month, I gladly accepted it.

When I woke up and realized the whole thing was a dream, I was pissed.
>> No. 7832 [Edit]
I can't believe I forgot to post this. I had possibly the weirdest dream of my life about a month ago.

Basically, I was like an early-thirties Humbert Humbert from Lolita, and I was in love with a young girl or something. I've never actually read the book, so the similarities likely end there.

My dream took place in a mansion in the middle of the wilderness at the bottom of a valley, during summer. I was the servant (?) to some rich old guy along with my friend, another servant. Every day I would turn on some machine for the old guy that looked kind of like a vintage tape recorder, though it didn't play any sound. I could leave the mansion at any time, but I had to walk through the woods and all the way up an enormous hill to the front gate by myself.

There's a huge plot gap that I can't remember. It's unfortunate, because this takes up much of the story.

The old guy, who for some reason had a giant head, like a CGI cartoon character, forbade me from seeing the young girl, and I would long for her each and every moment. One day, I decided I had to finally break free of the old man's rule so I may spend my life with the girl of my dreams. My friend and I hatched a plan to let me escape that night. I stuck a piece of cardboard on the machine, between one of the wheels and the belt, and my friend held a window open. I flicked the switch to "ON," and then quickly climbed out the window while the machine jammed. (Ignoring the fact this probably did absolutely nothing, the cardboard was really loose, and only stopped the machine for like three seconds).

I ran as fast as I could through the woods, and it was suddenly winter, so there was snow on the ground. I looked back at the mansion, and saw the old man staring at me from his window on the top floor, and he shook his head and walked away. I kept running through the woods, made it up the hill, exited through the gate, and walked down the road.

I made it to a small town, and started going into random buildings looking for something (presumably the young girl, but I have no idea). I occasionally saw crimes being committed, like a guy beating a woman who was gagged and bound to a chair, but I just walked past them and continued searching. While in a building with some tough dudes, I guessed I pissed them off, because I ended up in a fight with them. I beat them all easily.

Outside, I found an entrance to a long underground passage, like a subway, but as I walked down the hall it eventually turned into a high school crowded with thousands of students all going the same direction. A security guard noticed me and gave chase; I knew he wanted to arrest me and bring me back to the mansion, but I don’t know how I knew that. Then without warning, I stabbed him. Everyone saw as he crumpled to the ground. They were silent for a moment, then they slowly resumed walking down the hall. I joined them.

I came to a small atrium with an oversized blackboard by the wall, and I darted up a spiral staircase to a balcony. I almost ran into an overweight girl with orange pigtails, and I realized I knew her. She had helped me immensely during the aforementioned plot hole, though of course I don’t remember how. She knew I had killed the security guard (again, I don’t know how I knew this), but she just smiled so I walked past her and exited through a door.

I found myself outside, in front of a seemingly endless bridge made of light, with a city far in the distance. It was sunset. I started walking, and after a while a mushroom cloud erupted from the center of the metropolis. As it slowed, it turned into a woman’s torso with a white tube top and large breasts.

Suddenly I was Duke Nukem. I was on a gigantic rooftop surrounded by a chain-link fence, like the roof of a school in an anime. I was happily living with the young girl, and we lived in a one-bedroom house inexplicably placed on top of the roof, and even more inexplicably, we had one neighbor, and a garage. I never saw the neighbor, only their house.

Someone appeared in spaceship vaguely resembling a beetle, and he started attacking by driving various vehicles at us; I fended them off with a tank. I found I could upgrade my sunglasses to different types, so I settled on one pair that blocked my vision from all but a tiny section, but it gave me telekinesis. I smashed the rest of the vehicles together, and the enemy retreated. I then sold the vehicles I had destroyed (now magically in perfect condition) to several different buyers. I sold a semi truck to God. My wife and I retired to our home, after a well-deserved rest.

Then I joined a futa-catgirl-foursome in the jungle.
>> No. 7854 [Edit]
>Suddenly I was Duke Nukem.

I burst into laughter as I read that.
>> No. 7855 [Edit]
I have stuff like that too. Usually while I'm in the dreams I realize that what's happening in the dream doesn't make sense or is extremely unlikely, so I get disappointed and realize it's just a dream.
>> No. 7860 [Edit]
Fuck that is awesome man.

I'm really not being sarcastic, I enjoyed reading that. It was cool
>> No. 7862 [Edit]

Did you really dream that?
>> No. 7869 [Edit]
Yes. My dreams are always really long and really bizarre; I've gotten some great story ideas from them.
>> No. 7913 [Edit]
File 130724761727.jpg - (425.52KB , 970x844 , Larry.jpg )
>a mushroom cloud erupted from the center of the metropolis. As it slowed, it turned into a woman’s torso with a white tube top and large breasts.
<--- once I dreamed with this; not really the scene but the drawing itself (I tried my best to reproduce it when I woke up).

>I sold a semi truck to God.
lol, you owned that bastard.
>> No. 7915 [Edit]
I dreamt I was on an abandoned island, which I chose to live on because I hated the idea of credit history and income tax, and the United States attempted to create a tsunami to flush me out.

They ended up destroying the house I made, and then sent $100,000 to me as aid money and expected me to pay it back.

So I marched up to the front steps of the capitol building and stabbed myself in the stomach.

I woke up in a field with rabbits and my legs were in a giant toaster which would launch me in the air, reposition under where I was landing, and would catch me. This was my only form of mobility.
>> No. 7920 [Edit]

Gotta love when dreams go from actually being rather profound to completely nonsensical.
>> No. 7926 [Edit]
This picture is glorious.
I like this a lot (especially the toaster mobile).
>> No. 8040 [Edit]
File 130750889254.jpg - (323.76KB , 1224x912 , Konachan_com - 106239 angel_beats! glasses hinata_.jpg )
I, actually just had a dream about me in school hanging out with my old middle and high school friends yesterday. People that I used to be close with and old friends that I haven't met for a while were in that class. Everyone was being nice to me and it was a really nice and special feeling I haven't felt for a long time.

It's weird because I know that I've already graduated from high school for a long time but when you have dreams like this, you will never realize those stuffs.

I'm >>7622 by the way.
>> No. 8041 [Edit]
I had a dream earlier this week where I was walking up the stairs leading from the basement and on my way up I noticed that someone (dunno who exactly) was watching an episode of Hidamari Sketch on the fifty-something inch TV, yet it was an English dub, and the voices sounded impeccably close to those of the original cast. I remember hearing the principal speaking perfect english. Woke up shortly afterward.
>> No. 8053 [Edit]


Must've been quite a horrror.
>> No. 8060 [Edit]
Exactly a week ago, my second night of playing LoL, I had a dream where I was talking with my friends yelling at them for messing up and discussing it.
>> No. 8099 [Edit]
I had a dream where my university was selling a chess set made up of refurbished figs. My sister and I visited a shop, and she was amazed that the set literally cost tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the figs, I saw a Mist figure (from Rune Factory) and a bunch of Touhou and yaoishit figs used as chess pieces. I know there aren't any Rune Factory figures, but still... The only fig that I could describe in some detail is the Mist figure, where she was wearing a frilly elegant dress, resting on the ground while kneeling. Didn't really look like her, but in the dream, I think it was her.

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>> No. 8197 [Edit]
A few nights ago I had a really distressing and depressing dream.

In it was me, a childhood friend of mine I've not met in years, and a random guy who I hardly ever talked to from my old school. The two have never even met in real life, to my knowledge.

What this dream was about, was the two constantly bullying me. The childhood friend was the main offender, the guy from school was just hanging around with him for some reason. I don't recall everything, but they were constantly trying to frame me for something nasty. One instance was in the local grocery, where they spread some stuff on the floor and called the guards themselves. There was some stuff that even included cops. Eventually I woke up crying and saying "why are you doing this to me?"

Good thing there's a delete post function...
>> No. 8372 [Edit]
I had a dream that I was watching some anime, and my neighbor was in the room with me.

The anime had two high school girls fighting, and one of them used a power that made multiple lifeless clones of her opponent, and she jumped between them attacking each clone, transmitting the damage to the original girl.

I was a little bored but my neighbor got upset and said it was the stupidest thing she'd ever seen and shamed me for watching it, so I grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and physically threw her out, saying she invited herself in anyway.
>> No. 8603 [Edit]
File 13088040462.jpg - (458.79KB , 1920x1080 , Aperture_old_logo_back.jpg )
Last night I had a dream I met up with one of you and we had to go find the TC servers and clean them out with a vaccuum cleaner. So we hopped on a bus that took us out into a vast plain, and in the middle of it was an old abandoned building.

We went inside. It was about the size and arcetecture of a WalMart, completely gutted except for a rack of servers in the middle of the place. There was a break room in the back that looked familiar. In all, it had a very Aperture Science feel to it.

The person with me began work, and brought one tray outside to vaccuum it. It was raining so I felt stupid bringing it out into the rain. We cleaned it out and put it in, hoping we didn't delete the entire site.

Then we walked into the break room. It looked just like my dining room in the back of an abandoned Walmart. I mentioned it over a cup of coffee, and my companion looked blankly at me, told me that if the CIA found out about this, it would spell the end for all of us, and knocked me out.

I woke up in my room twenty years later to find out I did not age, but my entire region was a nuclear exclusion zone. And a giant building was built around my block, almost impossible to get out of. The only way out was through a giant abandoned underground military complex built by an advanced and highly funded group of Japanese holdouts trying to make an underground airfield under the US, complete with nuclear reactors, dry dock for six subs and a battleship, and automated lighting. When I got out I learned that the site was still up, but managed from Argentina, and I joined the IRC with little to no fanfare.
>> No. 8604 [Edit]
I had a TC dream last night too. I dreamt that tohno was going to start subbing h-anime and was taking suggestions and he didn't want to do anything I suggested ;_;
>> No. 8606 [Edit]
Haha, this is pretty interesting.
>> No. 8608 [Edit]
If we were most skillful (and/or able to work in team), we could turn many stuff from this thread into the plot for the ultimate hiki/NEET oniric anti-hero post-apocalyptic videogame.
>> No. 8611 [Edit]
And I thought I had strange dreams. At least yours actually made somewhat sense and followed the laws of physics. Also, did you see TC as a bunch of lolis?
>> No. 8615 [Edit]
The one I saw was basically an Australian Kyon.
I would play that. Constantly.
>> No. 8729 [Edit]
File 130967415756.jpg - (240.80KB , 720x1000 , kuro-konata with bokken.jpg )
A new one you may find interesting:

I was an American (who for some reason had training with the Russian special forces and spoke exclusively Japanese and German) who was living in an apartment with Konata (as a fiancee) while we both went to school. I would dress meekly, in black slacks, white shirt and black tie. I wore glasses and would embarrass and scare easily. However, during the night, I was a yakuza boss. I would remove the glasses, loosen my tie, and put on a flecktarn camouflage overcoat and carry around a bokuto. My demeanour changed immensely, and I became a cold and manipulating boss character. When I went home I became the perfect loving fiancee, and Konata and I would play net games together or study.

Apparently, I had two other rival groups against me, headed by Kagami and Misao, their heads vying for my place at her side. The three warring factions thing all started very modestly. Kagami wanted Konata, I was interested in dating her, and Misao wanted to have Konata for some reason as well (?). So, of course, we all blackmailed each other. Then started gambling against each other. Eventually we ended up forming rival syndicates at war with each other. Of course, Konata had no idea. So the dream ended with her inviting me to see all of her high school friends at a picnic. That sure was awkward.
>> No. 9080 [Edit]
I had a dream the other day that I was in a mario kart-like race with neil patrick harris, and if I lost he was going to kill my parents. I won!
>> No. 9081 [Edit]
I had a dream I was stealing some panties a couple of days ago. It was a bit odd since I rode a sled to make my escape at the end with the panties.
>> No. 9114 [Edit]
File 131057023869.jpg - (134.40KB , 1274x718 , 1302838530525.jpg )
I've started recording my dreams, but I think I'll stop after only a few record, it's preventing me from getting a good night's sleep, and distracted during the day. I have two that I've recorded so far in somewhat good detail. Prepare for massive wall of text for first dream.

I was on vacation, and stopped by to visit a small Japanese shop with my parents/siblings. They saw a car with Miku designs outside and inside the vehicle, and hopped inside. It seems it was common belief that any car with Miku designs in a friendly car and the owner would not mind if you took pictures alongside or inside the car. When we entered the small shop, I tried to explain that they were wrong in that assumption, but I kept being interrupted. I became forceful and told them they were wrong, and it's the same as breaking in any other car. The shop owners agreed with me.
There was a long line in the small store, and I could not make up my mind on what to buy. I had around $7 in one dollar bills with which to buy whatever I wanted. Nothing in the store seemed good, so I left and ran over to the cold stone ice cream shop across the parking lot. When I entered cold stone, it was void of customers, and only a blonde woman was at the counter to take orders. She somehow knew I wanted coffee flavored Ice cream.
It then turned out that this ice cream store was also a strip club. As the store was entirely empty, she told me she would not mind if I touched her. I didn't, and then I was asked if I'd like to kiss her. I did (I've never kissed someone before, but it felt pretty good even in an imaginary setting). It became nighttime at this point, and we talked for a good bit.
After it became very late, she needed a ride home. I told her I did not own a vehicle, and I frequently spend nights on the street as a homeless person. (I live with my parents, but it seems I actually believed I was homeless during my dream, as I had told her these things in honesty.) I didn't own a cell phone either, so she gave me hers to see if I could call anyone to pick us both up. Looking out the window I could see the old and busted Pontiac my friend used to pick me up from home to go to high school in parked in the parking lot (like an easter egg in my dreams right?)

I ended up calling my stepdad, he got there pretty quick to pick us up. My mother was also in the car, and I could tell she would not get along with this girl at all. I sat quitely and the girl directed my stepfather to drive towards her home. She was a squatter apperently, and lived in an old abandoned building. Funny that there was an abandoned building in such a nice looking neighborhood though. (A sign in front of the entrance to the neighborhood read "No loud music, parties, or muse allowed").

While driving away, I was yelled at by my castrating mother, told how she addressed her in a disrespectful manner even though they never spoke to each other, how I shouldn't associate myself with women who are not part of our local church, etc. When I got back home I looked in the mirror and to my surprise I had grown a thick long mustache and goatee combo. There was a bit of gray on my chin and stache, and my hair was very messy and tangled. I was about to get in the shower and apply lots of conditioner on my hair to make it more manegeable, but I reasoned it was not worth the effort, as I was about to go to bed anyways. When I layed my head on the pillow I woke up. I'm pretty tired right now, since it feels like I did not sleep at all because of that.
>> No. 9115 [Edit]
The second dream is a bit shorter, and I wrote it right after waking up so I was still half asleep, which might account for it being so fragmented.

At home in the kitchen. A stranger enters the house, I grab a sharp kitchen knife and stab him in between the shoulder and neck. He escapes through the front door, I follow him and kill him next to the lake facing the front of the stairs. Afer I return upstairs, it turns out he was a neighbor who someone in the household knew. He didn't look happy to see me. I did not make any further contact and returned to my room.

Kinda unpleasant there. I don't see the point in recording dreams anymore, they just make me sad. Lucid dreaming was my end goal though, and the few lucid dreams I've had have always been great, bit of a loss there.
>> No. 9191 [Edit]
File 131067428591.jpg - (45.38KB , 453x640 , 658455-tsuruya_58_super.jpg )
I went to school with Tsuruya, who, being rich, was very influential.

She invited me to her house and had me meet her parents. They told me to adopt their name and marry Tsuruya, their only child, because they needed to keep the family name going.

Basically I got a room in their house and was given all the money I needed. So tha worked out.

Bit guilty feeling though.
>> No. 9320 [Edit]
File 131108781592.png - (207.70KB , 761x602 , matoi_peeking_blushing.png )
Sorry for the wall of text, but I'm really excited. Today, I've just achieved my objective: a lucid dream with my waifu (pic). I haven't posted many things here in this imageboard but I just have to share that. I don't know if this belongs here or on /mai/ but whatever. Sorry if it seems a bit confusing, I'm so damn happy right now I could break my computer.

So, I was in an onsen.and there was a party. I felt awkward in that social situation, so I quickly went to the bathroom. Funnily enough, it was unisex. So, guess who was there washing her hands. As soon as that happened, I realized that something wasn't right at all. And so, it became a lucid dream. I soon noticed that what I was looking for happened, and started crying. She turned around and looked at me, seeming surprised. Then I heard someone shout "It's the 2D police, open the door! A girl ran away from our world and is hiding here!". I trembled and immediatelly threw her inside the first lockable thing I could find, got in the closet too and closed the door. She was smirking. "Hey, I'm a stalker. I know how to hide myself". Then she said that she ran away because her world was too boring and she wanted to stalk someone weirder and more interesting, and I begged her to stalk me. However, she shut my mouth because of the 2D police. As soon as we could, we ran away and climbed a tree. Up there, I started telling her how much I love her and that she always kept me alive because since she showed love to a fake suicidal teacher she might as well be one of the few that would like a real person like me. After listening carefully to my declaration of love, she said that she decided that she would stalk me from now on, so I better be ready. I started crying again and hugged her. We got down and went to my house to get a car, but it's full of the 2D police agents. I despair, but just as I do that, a loli female 2D Tohno that was driving her car near me stopped and told us to get in, and that she ran away from the 2D persona world to help waifus marrying their lovers in an interdimensional relationship, and that's why /mai/ exists or something. So, before we could get there, my waifu hugs my arm, says that her time is up and kisses me. I hug her tighly and reciprocate her kiss. After that, I wake up, kissing the wind, with my dog jumping over me and licking my face (apparently, the wind opened my bedroom's door that I forgot to lock and he noticed). I'm trembling right now. Maybe I'll get to repeat that, and we will be able to marry? Or maybe I'll die like this.
>> No. 9321 [Edit]
>a loli female 2D Tohno that was driving her car
Are you sure it was Tohno?
Was the car a Ford?
It could've been a trap, man...

Anyway: was she -Matoi- on 2D or some 3D good equivalent? did she have temperature, smell...? how her kiss tasted like?

Post edited on 19th Jul 2011, 9:53am
>> No. 9322 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure it was Tohno, it looked exactly like his female self pic on /cr/, just a bit more childish. Now that I think about it, lolis aren't supposed to drive, though. The car... I didn't really pay attention to it, but it seemed like a Chevrolet. I'm 99% sure it was Matoi, she was even 2D (think paper mario, that's pretty much what it looked like, oh the tohno-to-be was also 2D and the police was a mix between 2D and 3D, interpol maybe). Her kiss felt human, though I don't really know how kisses are supposed to taste, it was kinda like I was spitting on my hand and then sucking it. I do remember how human bodies are supposed to feel like and she felt pretty human to me. I didn't really pay attention to the smell, I can't remember it at all. The language... It was weird, because all the people besides me talked in English (even Matoi) and I used my native language. That's about everything I can remember.
>> No. 9330 [Edit]
File 131115786019.jpg - (93.32KB , 1280x1024 , Kawapaper_NG_Evangelion_0000014_1280x1024.jpg )
Well, I think it was indeed a pretty good/fortunate dream, man. The closest I've ever had to a dream with mai waifu, I didn't even got to see her (but oh, boy)...

It was all in a very stylized and sophisticated 3D(CG) setting (think GITS: Innocence or FFVII movies), with normal tactile sensation. I was on my everyday clothes, inside the entry-plug of an static EVA at NERV HQ, looking by the screen at the staff outside preparing for battle, vaguely listening voices from speakers and Misato's arguing with someone on the AUDIO ONLY screen (in something that sounded like japanese but I could understand). I was just sitting there in attendance, waiting for Haruhi knows what to start going and thinking:

>Lord, WTF am I even doing here? I'm way too old to be a pilot, it's impossible! Could they be confusing me with Shinji?... And where is Asuka, anyway?! please, just let me get a glimpse of her, to remember and draw. Could she be inside the EVA2 already? Dammit! maybe I can see her on the screen... Argh! how this fucking controls worked, again??...

And then, I saw Shinji arriving outside, walking firmly, with a strangely bold and calmed expression. He aproached Misato and told her that he made up his mind: he would pilot again and do everything right this time; and then he said to Asuka, with all composture, by the AUDIO ONLY screen next to Misato, that he wanted her, now he was sure of it, he wanted to stay with her from now on and protect her. He would explain latter but for now please, please, just to let him go to that battle with her...

I felt a sharp stab in my chest, like I hadn't felt since I was precisely those chlidren's age IRL; and I thought to myself:

>Well... good for him. It's the right thing to happen. Guess I should get going...

But something I couldn't grasp was said by Asuka, on a speaker from afar, also in a strangely calmed -even fair- tone; Shinji stared at Misato, who told him: "It's true. Asuka said she'd only go with him, and I as well now only want him to go..."

>"Who, me?"

I accidentally said aloud; and Misato answered, as her face and Shinji's appeared on full screen looking at me: "Yes, of course: you [my name]". My eyes opened like plates; a rush of blood climbed up to my head; vertigo grew on me; I felt terror...

Then I woke up.

Post edited on 20th Jul 2011, 3:37am
>> No. 9331 [Edit]
I'm sick right now and everytime I fall asleep I keep dreaming that my immune system is the imperium of man from warhammer 40k and whatever virus is hitting me Is a big waaagh of orks and they are waging these elaborate battles within my body. Can't remeber them in detail when I wake up though.
>> No. 9430 [Edit]
I dreamt something about an American high school drama that ended in the gym with the main character fighting a monster in a Final Fantasy-style battle. He busted its armor with a sword and it went from reptilian to vaguely humanoid, and then shot him with a toy soap bubble gun that horribly poisoned him.
>> No. 9782 [Edit]
I actually sort of achieved a lucid dream last night, but it wasn't much. In my head I was like "start with a setting", and I appeared in my living room. My parents were in there too, and I didn't really want them in my dream, so I tried to imagine them away. Then I woke up ;_;
>> No. 9785 [Edit]
File 131315294130.jpg - (20.40KB , 603x380 , bigboss.jpg )
I don't remember my dreams much. Here's an old story, but it's one of the more interesting ones I can still clearly recall.

So it starts off I'm in a field of flowers. Except by flowers, I mean dicks. Literally, dicks everywhere. Everywhere there would be a flower is a dick. Every would-be small animal or bird is a dick. Every single solitary blade of grass is a dick. While I'm wading through a sea of dicks, an underground missile silo opens up and fires a gigantic missile shaped like none other than (you guessed it) a giant dick. So I jump onto the missile as it's taking off (because apparently this dream allows me to jump like the Incredible Hulk on the moon) and I find Big Boss. He punches a hole in the missile/dick-thing and goes inside. Naturally, I chase after him and go in too. The inside of the missile, oddly enough, looks nothing like the inside of a missile. Remember Ocarina of Time? Well, it looks more like Jabu-Jabu's Belly for some reason, except more dimly lit. Anyway, I find Big Boss eventually, and he just looks at me and says in his glorious David Hayter voice, "...Metal Gear." I don't remember what happened between that and the end, but it ended in sex.

This happened around a time I was heavily questioning my sexual orientation. I've long since accepted being a bifag though. As far as I'm concerned, it just means a broader selection of fap material, which I'm obviously not complaining about.
>> No. 9786 [Edit]
Okay, I'm sorry but I laughed really hard at that.

But good for you, accepting yourself is important!
>> No. 9787 [Edit]
One time, I dreamt of a cheesy sitcom about a family of hobos living in an abandoned parking lot. (I wasn't really in it, except from an invisible omnipresent point of view.) I still remember the dialogue, right down to the laughtrack.

(Jermaine=Dad, Alice=Wife, Faggot=Son)
(They're sitting around a trashcan bonfire for dinner)

Alice: Faggot, eat your squirrel before it gets cold.


Faggot: There's no utensils mama. I got nothin' to eat with.

Jermaine: I'm-a eat with you, Faggot.


Faggot: This sucks, I'm gonna go jerk off.

Jermaine: I'm-a jerk off with you, Faggot.

(laughtrack) (Faggot leaves)

Jermaine: Alright bitch, put out tonight or I'm-a deepthroat this here pistol.

Alice: (exasperated sigh) Jermaine...


Jermaine: Goodbye cruel world...(Bang)


Alice: Faggot, quit beatin' your meat and get over here, we're having seconds.

(laughtrack and applause) (dream ends)
>> No. 9788 [Edit]
It's fine, I guess... got a husbando, then?
>> No. 9796 [Edit]
File 131320135726.jpg - (294.24KB , 600x784 , 634659 - baka_to_test_to_shoukanjuu blush_stickers.jpg )
Nah, still a waifu, but I never really thought of it that much as a sexual thing in the first place. If I did, the choice of husbando would be a no-brainer. Pic related.
>> No. 9809 [Edit]
File 131329882722.jpg - (93.39KB , 720x494 , chernobyl_infocus_016.jpg )
I had a Code Geass kind of dream. China took over Japan and Siberia, and I was in the SDF. The defeated underground fled via the trans-siberian railway to the Ukraine, to plot with the Russians on how to win back the conquered land. A friend, who was an anime fan, who was the same rank as me, brought his otaku friend who was definitely going to be amongst the first to be gassed or put to work by the occupiers, with us.

We set up a camp outside Chernobyl in one of the safe areas surrounded by an exclusion zone. The perfect place to hide from anyone trying to kill us. There was a good 100,000 of us, split into 10,000 SDF, 7,000 Russian soldiers of which 500 were Spetsnaz, 50,000 Japanese civilians and about 30,000 Russians.

Well, turns out that the otaku was really good with machines, and computers. He came up with a plan for a railgun that would launch a EMP to use against China, striking the command center at the heart and thus disabling it so the occupied territories could be won back. The railgun, of course, was codenamed M.I.S.A.K.A. Issue was, he needed an unheard of amount of electricity to make it happen. Something in the range of terawatts.

We begin the project immediately. Unfortunately, the Chinese intelligence and their vassal allies in the United States get wind of this, and begin an assault against the people who "threaten the progress and freedom of the People's Japan and Autonomous Sino-Siberian District."

In the fields underneath high-voltage wires, we began a gigantic battle against the invaders. A scene similar to the pic, but the power lines were in the middle of nowhere, and on either side of the hacked swath of vegetation was gigantic pine trees. I was on some sort of two seated armoured ATV with mounted machine guns and a Hinomaru motif paint job. It looked like something out of Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 on the Empire side. There was a female with us, she fit a typical shonen female protag archetype like Yoko, who used a katana and a Howa type 89 assault rifle. She rode on the back, and after the rear machine gun was busted, began chopping up enemy soldiers as we rode through the lines.

Eventually, we got to the old reactors at Chernobyl, and we had to get them running in some sort of Half Life 2 scenario. We did, and with all the high voltage cables attached to M.I.S.A.K.A., the otaku was able to fire an EMP at Beijing. I have no idea how I got out of an overloaded meltdown nuclear plant after that because the dream ended.

DISCLAIMER TIME aka SHORT VERSION: I ad-libbed a lot of this to make it more cinematic and logical. All I remember was being in the SDF, fleeing Japan under invasion by angry Chinese army people, meeting someone familiar and his otaku friend, that that otaku friend making a railgun named Misaka, that railgun needing terawatts of power, being in a place that looked like Pripyat in a refugee camp, the Americans thinking the Chinese side was the "good guys," the really cool ATV thing, having a gi rl with a katana with me, the battlefield looking similar to the high voltage powerlines in my town/ in the pic, going to the old reactors and activating them similarly to the beginning of Half Life 2: Episode 1 in reverse to overload the power grid, and being happy that something was successful. I can only assume the railgun was firing at Beijing, that it was an EMP, and that we wanted to take Japan back. Also the chopping people as we rode thing was really graphic, so that happened.

Anyone want me to write for GAINAX or Gonzo?
>> No. 9973 [Edit]
I was considering becoming a naga and joining the Air Force, in this order.
>> No. 9991 [Edit]
Yesterday I dreamt I was in some sort of arena where japanese particles fought 'till death, but they were mostly trying to kill me.
I don't remember much of it, only that by the end I was in a labyrinth getting chased by both は and が. Then we came to the open, は somehow hit me in the stomach and が shot a master spark at me, but I dodged it.
I dodged that thing so abruptly that I moved my head from one side of the pillow to the other and woke up.
>> No. 9998 [Edit]
I had a dream that the image of の sent my entire family into the worst arguments I have ever seen in years. I never talk about it because I thought nobody else had issues with hiragana fucking things up in their dreams...
>> No. 10025 [Edit]
Lately I've been having dreams where terrible things happen, but I don't care since I know it's not real. Yet somehow I still haven't achieved lucidity ;_;
>> No. 10067 [Edit]
I got lucid last night! I dreamt I was playing a video game, and I was searching through the spare room in my house. What made me realize it was a dream was I was searching through a dresser that we had thrown out a few weeks ago, so it didn't make sense (neither did the fact that I was a video game character in a level that looked like my house, but my brain didn't pick up on that for some reason). I didn't do anything aside from think "holy shit", then I tried looking in a mirror and my face was all blurry and weird and I woke up.

Hopefully I can do this consistently, so I can do things that are actually interesting rather than stumble around a room.
>> No. 10086 [Edit]
I had a dream that I was on a space station. Everyone but me had smartphones with AI that told the owner everything that happened around the smartphone since separation, including whether or not someone smudged it with their greasy fingerprints.

And then locusts attacked the space station. I punched a bunch of them out of the air, BUT THERE WERE TOO MANY! So we ran, but they were everywhere.

My subconscious is action-packed!
>> No. 10128 [Edit]
Just the usual stuff.
1. Wondering if I'm dreaming or not.
2. Hearing awesome music, that I never remember once I woke up.
3. That girl from high school whom I always hug in my dreams and makes me feel loved.
>> No. 10197 [Edit]
File 131552070980.jpg - (430.18KB , 1976x1400 , fsnf6ad3f31598c9615a6e41ad24f765b34.jpg )
Dreamt that I was engaged to Sakura. Her father (not in-canon, just some 3D middle-aged fat guy) did not approve and was saying nasty things about me on his twitter account.

He said that we were having a "dere" relationship. But I don't know which kind of dere I am. . .
>> No. 10198 [Edit]
I dreamt I pulled a the top quarter of my teeth out as if it was part of some dentures, and i pulled a tooth off of that and it was connected with a weird green mossy substance
>> No. 10203 [Edit]
I know I had some disturbing sex dreams that I made an effort to forget as soon as I woke up, and it worked! Can't remember a thing other than some vague sense of deviancy and disgust.
>> No. 10217 [Edit]
File 131558483948.jpg - (57.09KB , 500x500 , trex0[1].jpg )
Had a pretty funny dream last night.
Me and my brother were in some contest of some kind, I forgot how the dream started exactly. I was laying in bed, when we heard some very loud rumbles and noises outside. We though it was some kind of monster, so my brother brought out several handguns. I was handed some snub nosed revolver, and we headed for the door.
There was a T-rex waiting to greet us there, just slightly over 8 feet tall. Not exactly T-rex size, but who cares it's a dream. We started my brother started shooting at it, but a wave of dejavu came over me, and knew it would not move while being shot; I only shot while my brother was reloading.
After about forty seconds we ran out of ammo, and it came straight for me. I decided to divert the dinosaur by making it follow me indoors and punching it to death in close quarters. It followed me to the bathroom, but then I became it's servant. Seeing this as an exellent chance to kill it without it noticing, I offered the dinosaur a nice bed in my room and started my plan.

I then found some cleaning spray heavy on ammonia, and spread it around the room. The fat dinosaur thought it was nice, so I continued to soak the room. I then got everyone out of the house, and tossed an open container of clorox at the roof of the room. It got stuck upside down and started pouring. I closed the door the room and stuck some towels at the base and started listenining for around a minute. The dinosaur was choking and gagging to death.

I ran out of the house feeling acomplished, as I did not want to pose further risk to myself. Out there was a reporter speaking to my brother. I told them both to not get close, as the gas was toxic, but they just waded though; luckily unharmed. As we got close to the house, the T-Rex burst out; it looked very injured and had it's teeth and scales melting. It ran right by me and into the road, into a car filled with 3 gang members. I wasn't about to let that monster escape.

My brother called out to me to follow him, and he got into the drivers seat of a 1969 Camaro SS. At this point, my brother had turned into Samuel L Jackson. As I got into the drivers seat, he gave me a large golden Desert Eagle, which I associate with Duke Nukem; at that point I became the Duke. A high speed chase insued, and I leaned out the window and shot out a cheesy one liner while lining up my aim.

I squeezed the trigger while aiming at the dinosaur, but the wind was too heavy and the bullet could not travel very far, so it just hit the road about a foot ahead of us. The gang members and the T-Rex started laughing, and we lost them in the chase. I looked at the gun and noticed something; the inscription read "Desert Dripper". A re occuring problem in my dreams.
>> No. 10218 [Edit]
File 131558577056.jpg - (26.65KB , 400x286 , 1267867836629.jpg )
I can't tell if this is a sign of insanity or complete bad ass.
It felt like I was reading one of Bromonts old stories.
>> No. 10221 [Edit]
I just had a weird dream that was more irritating than entertaining. I might write it out later, but iunno.
That T-rex is a persistent bloke.

Also your dream copied my dream. く(ಠ⊿ಠ)ノ
>> No. 10230 [Edit]
File 131561647090.png - (57.22KB , 735x500 , comic2-1270.png )
>> No. 10237 [Edit]
fuck, this reminded me of lonelygirl15... damned internet.
>> No. 10312 [Edit]
File 131586832050.jpg - (366.50KB , 965x662 , ALMA-TADEMA_Spring_1894__05.jpg )

About a month ago, I dreamt with this very strange and stunningly beautiful young lady, about mai waifu's age (wich is *ahem* 14)...

I saw her passing by at some little village, with other girls on filmy dresses and flower garlands, walking and dancing together in some sort of local seasonal procession/parade (pic somehow related). She was very slender, likely short but long limbed, fair skinned and dark haired, with a pink little mouth on a sharp but delicate jaw and a pair of some of the deepest and most bewitchingly melancoholic eyes I've ever seen. One by one, the girls were passing through some flowered door/arcade put in the middle of the street (she was the last one); I had to go through it as well, to reach some place, so I coincidentally passed by her side, hardly touching her arm with mine but trying to look and go straight ahead to not make her any uncomfortable...

But she did stoped right there and grabed my arm, wich made me turn around. She avoided to look at me, staring at the floor with flushed cheeks, and quickly pull me away from people's sight and into a nearby cabin. There in the dark, she finally looked me in the eyes, hold my face and kissed me a bit shyly but with sincere passion; I might have remembered mai waifu right there, for a fraction of a second, but that thought quickly vanished into this unbelievable girl's kiss; I kissed her back, pulled out my shirt and hold her tightly; I started kissing her face and licking her ear, neck and down to her young but very respectable breasts, as I started undressing her with one hand (she was panting on a sweet broken voice); she was truly beautiful, unearthly, laying there on white cotton panties, and althought I kept thinking she was too young -and the memory of mai own waifu kept flashing in my head- I decided to let myself go and penetrated her...

After that everything went batshit insane, as my erotic dreams usually do (impotence came back; the cabin turned into a dirty bathroom; the girl turned into an average pig disgusting, and her vagina transformed into a penis wich prepuce I was trying to get into), before I woke up.
>> No. 10343 [Edit]
I'm getting closer and closer to achieving a better lucidity in my dreams. For the past several nights, "dream me" has done the hand check to see if I'm dreaming (try to push your fingers through your hand), and last night I actually realized that my dream was bullshit and asked the person with me if it was a dream (they said "no" of course). It's only a matter of time before I'm able to take real control and actually do fun shit
>> No. 10344 [Edit]
Woke up around two hours ago from a real nice dream.
Dream't I was at a convenience store buying batteries for my calculator, and I met Ana in the store, who then pulled me by my hand to her house.
Then everything got pretty lewd, and I came inside her small frame,and we fell asleep cuddling. She was probably only in my dreams because of the image I posted on /fb/ before going to sleep.
>> No. 10350 [Edit]
>Ana Coppola

Oh, goodness...
>> No. 10351 [Edit]
File 131622650132.jpg - (51.12KB , 500x500 , 1203622889390.jpg )
I’m in my room, on my computer like always. Only my air conditioner is a moe anthropomorphism. She stands in the corner of my room huffing and puffing with the exertion of keeping my room cool.

I remember feeling slightly annoyed at the noise she was making and then feeling guilty about treating her so callously after waking up.

Pic vaguely related.

Post edited on 16th Sep 2011, 7:31pm
>> No. 10391 [Edit]
My mom walked into my room this morning after I had just woken up, and she caught me writing in my dream journal. I told here I was simply "writing something down so I wouldn't forget it" (technically true), but now I'm afraid she will try to find it and read it
>> No. 10392 [Edit]
Dream this time was slightly more hectic. I dream't I was in very large casino, surrounded by business men in suits. On the stage was a blonde woman who looked very soft. Shiina Kazuki style, wearing a blue jumpsuit. I got up on the stage behind her and she led me behind a large curtain, where there was a large steel milling factory with large vats of molten iron.
She then left after I was placed on a lift(not an elavator for those British anons, I mean a plain metal plank pulled up by chain harnesses, not a box). As it started to rise, there was a second lift in front of mine rising at the same velocity, but a higher elavation. Then came this bald muscular man wielding a branding iron, and he began to attack me with it. Luckily, my dream reflexes were very good, and I avoided all of his strikes.
As the lifts reached their destination, we were both on a large plataform. The surrounding area reminiscent of the Terminator ending. He began to strike at me, but I drew a lance, about 1.5 times my height, and began to defend myself. His branding strikes sent me floating as if I were on the moon, which made it difficult for me to attack him back. I used the lance to my advantage and hurled it at him, but I missed. The lance hit a car parked outside, so I made a run for it.
I hopped out the window of the factory, which somehow was mostly underground, the top floor being the ground floor aboveground; I then proceeded to run home. The way home was very long, and many bikers were in my way, but I somehow managed to keep up, or pass them along on the highway. The majority of my dream was spent on the highway. Just running. I was tired, but I needed to get home. It must've felt like twenty minutes just running and passing cars by, becoming fatigued but pushing myself just a little more. Close to the end of the road, I started hanging on to the end of the motorcycles, and propeling myself forward to the next one in order to gain speed.
Home was just in sight, as I entered the neighborhood, I myself was on a harley, but this time traveling at walking pace. Once I got home, I drove to the back porch, and took out bikechains to secure mine, and the rest of the bycicles I was carrying in my pocket.

Don't doubt the power of dream journals. Everything is so clear now.
>> No. 10474 [Edit]
File 131674262020.jpg - (374.19KB , 750x800 , s - 318244 - eiko_(pixiv) head_wings koakuma long_.jpg )
Last night I had a brief nightmare where I was just beyond the gates of the SDM.
Some meters away there stood Koakuma. As soon as she saw me she started running towards me. In the last moment she leapt, knocked me to the ground, strangled me and in a single bite ate off my face. Then she proceeded to slam my head to the ground.
I wish I could remember her expression. I think she had a frown on her face, but I'm not quite sure.
For some reason I wasn't so terrified as I thought I should be. I just quickly woke up, after the first beatings agains't my head, then proceeded to stare at the ceiling and repeat to myself 'she wouldn't do that' until I fell asleep again.
>> No. 10514 [Edit]
I was in a female washroom for some reason. It was huge. Everything seemed to be dark blue for some reason, with some patches of purple. It looked like some place from Yume Nikki. I went into a cubicle, ignoring the girls who were there (I don't think they noticed me. They seemed to be there, but not there. Maybe ghosts or something), took a piss and started to leave. As I was leaving, there was a part of the floor that was delineated. At first I thought it was a pool, but had the same dark-blue/purple color of the rest of the room, so I figured it wasn't. I started going toward the door to leave, and it started pulling me in somehow. I fell down, and was being dragged into it, in complete panic, and then woke up just before it swallowed me.

I wonder what Freud would think.
>> No. 10516 [Edit]
Local Target getting looting by everyone in town one night, but I didn't care much, wanted to grab some toys but all the cool ones were gone.
I was acting like some sort of brain dead child in a corner playing with his lego as I find myself in some sort of school for special needs kids, or maybe it was a mental asylum...
someone that seemed like a teacher was being attacked by a zombie, at which time a hud came on screen as he became a playable character, somehow we were in a swamp now.
then I wake.
>> No. 10830 [Edit]
I had the weirdest dream where Kagami from Lucky Star was tormenting me and one other person, someone gave me this tiny pistol with ONE BULLET and I shot her in the head but it ended up causing more problems for us. what the fuck.
>> No. 10831 [Edit]
Tonight I dreamt I was on the PSO2 alpha. A shame I don't remember getting past character creation screen, I really wanted to play it.
>> No. 10835 [Edit]
First dream was me inside some giant store talking with my sister. I forget what we were talking about, but we came across that girl in the giant
Ika head costume and my sister was scared. We turned to leave and my sister left with my parents, so I left with some friends I had in highschool.
when we got to the car, there were three guys that were trying to get a ride from us by just acting casually and getting in the car. I told them to get
out and they became violent. I got the first guy and stuck his arm between the door and slammed it shut so his arm was stuck and his elbow smashed.
The second guy I jumped on top of and I gnawed at his neck while clawing at him and crushed his spnial cord with my teeth. I think the third guy ran away after
that, so we got in the car and drove off.
As we were on the road, we has to drive slow as there were two people walking in both lanes and did not let any vehicle move faster than they walked. It was a lady and
a guy, the woman holding a handgun. We didn't want to get mugged, so we drove around them. My friend started speeding up, but both of them caught up, and the guy got
on top of the car which was now a convertible; the girl lagging a bit behind but still close. The guy was trying to stop the car to steal it but I held him back.
Then the girl aimed the gun at me and started to shoot. I moved the guy's head in the way of the bullet and he was blown to pieces. As soon as the girl saw this
she started crying histerically and we stopped the car. I laughed at her and kicked her in the way of traffic and she got run over by a large truck.
Now I was at the public library with my brother, but the front area was very crowded, so we headed to the back of the building. I turned on a computer for him to use,
and he started to watch buffy the vampire slayer. It was a bit loud and could bother the other two people this far back in the library so I gave him headphones to use.
As I was about to start using my laptop, a blonde girl sitting at the table a bit far off from me caught my atention. She was crying and reading some books. I went
to where she was and picked her up and took her to the corner of the library. She started crying more but then I held her down and raped her. A bit after I started
she held on to me and stopped crying so everything was okay.
>> No. 10836 [Edit]
You all should check out

Apparently it makes your dreams pretty wild and makes lucid dreaming easier.
>> No. 10852 [Edit]
Some of my older dreams can be read at
Their numbers are 290 306 316 331 332.
>> No. 11022 [Edit]
FUCK you guys and your good dreams. I never have good dreams. I'm going to try the lucid thing.
>> No. 11023 [Edit]
Last night I had a dream in which I was myself in my room, this being something very strange and pretty much never happening.
Anyways, it wasn't very long, Most of it was spent in front of my door trying to keep it shut as one of my mom's friend's was trying to force her way into my room.
She forced herself onto the door before I could get it into the closed possession and lock it.
I wasn't able to reach my machete, but I had a small steak knife that I was using to stab at the air around her trying to get her to leave.
She retreated for a short time, during which I tried to lock the door but it was so badly damaged it wouldn't close right, as if the wall and door were made of cardboard almost.
She soon returned and before I knew it she kicked down the door and forced her way in.
That's around the time I woke up I think.
>> No. 11026 [Edit]
Is your family trying to pull/kick you out IRL lately? Hope not.
>> No. 11036 [Edit]
I had a dream where I was at some sort of big fancy wedding, but I was terrified because everyone was strangers. I saw a man who looked like Giancarlo Esposito, but then it turned out to not be him. Later, I'm walking home and I cut my toe somehow, and my parents are just waking up
>> No. 11038 [Edit]
It didn't seem so much about forcing me out as forcing themselves in, and I don't think there was much if any reason for it.

Although The savings I've been living off is indeed getting dangerously low, and I also get the feeling my mom is becoming more irritated with my being here without working or looking for a job.
Can't say I blame her, she's also out of work, and on disability now, and had to sell her truck to pay our bills.
>> No. 11040 [Edit]
Yeah, I'm in the same boat. My dad is about to be forced into retirement, and with that my parents will probably start getting more sick of me
>> No. 11059 [Edit]
I had a dream that I was in Boston visiting my friend Lux, and found out there was a Tohno dorm. A few brohnos were going to uni and had a suite in a building nearby, so I visited it.

The building was on top of a fancy Chinese restaurant, and was filled with people from the dorms on the upper floors. Lux wanted to eat there, and I went along, but didn't tell him why I wanted to go there.

I saw my older cousin there and she was complaining about her neckbeard neighbours. So I went into the elevator, which doubled as the second stall in the Men's bathroom.

Up on the fifth floor there was a big common room with several dorms. The Brohno dorm was the closest to the common room.

It was four brohnos in this one big, windowless room. No beds. Just blankets, desks on the floor, and a ton of figs and posters.

You also had a loli ray gun that turned 3DPD into lolis, and that's why you were so unpopular there.

I woke up with a headache.
>> No. 11064 [Edit]
I had an very interesting dream after I asked myself to dream about the/my future. It was the year 2035. I looked like my teenage self, and I was working for (and literally owned by) a megacorp called "Tian Feng". That's probably meant to mean "heavenly wind". I had to live in their enclave, which was quite small (about as large as a college campus), but it felt very beautiful and comfortable.
>> No. 11067 [Edit]
>You also had a loli ray gun that turned 3DPD into lolis
It will now become my life's work to make this loli-gun a reality.
>> No. 11190 [Edit]
Today I dreamt Tatsuya released the sunday strip for Sinfest and it was some pointless thing not related to any current arc, not the long awaited Lil-E's house interior.
The funny thing is that I felt some deep despair in it, not anger, as I would expect.
>> No. 11246 [Edit]
I had a dream that I was a female hentai artist, who could only draw vaginas. Anything else, breasts, legs, etc. came off as surreal designs.

It was very vivid, yet it's hard to describe.
>> No. 11295 [Edit]
Another 2D dream. Lewd-ish:

At one point in the dream I became a 2D girl, looking like Suou from Darker Than Black. I was nude and swimming in a lake on what I suppose was an alien world.
A bottle-shaped creature swam up and floated near me. I inserted its "bottleneck" end into my vagina and then laid back and relaxed as I rode it around the lake and under the water.

>> No. 11296 [Edit]
>> No. 11399 [Edit]
Few weeks ago:

I'm in a high-school hallway. It's not -obvious-, not an old hallway that I used to go through, It's just a fact that I know in the dream. I'm walking side by side with an old friend, and all of a sudden, I begin taking pills. Like, a ridiculous amount. I must've take 40 or so. Then, I suddenly recall, "Oh shit, I took 1.2 grams of this stuff earlier!". After a few more mundane moments, the friend vanishes, and the hallways becomes like a labyrinth. I see a shadow of a woman, and begin trying desperately to catch up to her. Everything I touch becomes a mass of dead insects and withers away. I end up outside of a school in a late-autumn setting. Dead leaves are all around me, and there's a rusted swing-set with two swings. Someone familiar is in the swing, but I can't tell who. I have a still picture of this scene for a while, and wake up.

Whenever I have a dream like this, that involves mysterious characters, I like to imagine it's Miya, impacting my dreams. Might be, might not be.
>> No. 11506 [Edit]
Today I dreamt japanese had a "public order time verbal tense". It was a verbal conjugation simmilar to imperative but that only people in public offices would use and only towards their subordinates or civils.
Oddly enough it consisted of adding かう to the end of a verb's short form, and its past and negative forms were かいた and かいない respectively.
The narrative of the dream consisted of someone in telling me about said verb form and then I was playing Mount & Blade and ordering my soldiers around and receiving orders from my superiors with that device.
Then I remember I came to TC and posted asking if there were any other rules for it, because 買うかう and 使うかう sounded really silly constructions.
>> No. 11524 [Edit]
Kyoto animation made a Kingdom hearts type game where the protagonist, who was strikingly like a mix of Kyon and Kenji from Summer Wars, teams up with Prussia from Axis Powers Hetalia and Tsuruya from Haruhi, to find his long lost childhood friends and to prevent the final boss from destroying everything. Instead of a Gummy ship, it was a Japanese police box, and the crew was the cast of Lucky Star, Konata was cosplaying as the engineer from Galaxy Express 999, and was the captain. You could make the ship better by attaching different things, like vending machines and print club booths. 

The enemies were not heartless, but scribbles, called Bloks. They were born from the anger and frustration mangakas had with difficulty writing manga, and would slowly eat away at the worlds they occupied, until they became blank slates. They could only be defeated with creative weapons, and the protagonist's weapon was a sword that looked like a G-nib. 

There were different worlds, one for each series. A K-ON! World looked like the Budokan, the Haruhi world was the city where Haruhi takes place, except with a royal palace, a Strike Witches world looked like the Romagna base, a shrine for Kannagi, and a Yotsuba world was Emaimachi. There were other worlds (Eva, Nichijou, Zipang, Detective Conan) but I streamlined through or past them. I remember the Panty and Stocking world had succumbed to the Bloks and was a wasteland. The final world was a black mass, and changed a lot. It turned out to be a closed space where the final boss experimented. The closed space was growing, and after entering it, it looked likea deserted Meiji Japan. Turned out that Yuki Nagato and Asakura were duelling in there, Yuki wanted to stop the final boss from growing, while Asakura wanted to let it go unrestrained. The final boss ended up being a supressed Haruhi persona who wanted to make everyone a normal slave, part of the all-encompassing combined human consciousness as she settled down to an unadventurous life of catering and pampering. She became some sort of gundam that looked like a combination of Osaka castle, the Yamato, and Tsutenkaku. As she grew, and as the battle went on, it became clear that the only way to stop her was to make her realise she was not a Haruhi, and have the real Haruhi yuri rape her.

There was no final scene. 

Sunday sleeping in dreams are the best. I love being a NEET. Dream quality has gone up significantly since I can go back to sleep. 

At least your commander would sound cute when ordering you to buy something.
>> No. 11585 [Edit]
This one was really, really strange. Only third ever strike witches dream ever but second this month. 

Earth was in trouble so, out of nowhere; the Strike Witches began saving us from not neuroi, but something I really forget what it was. All I know is that it made it so some of the witches were evil. I actually think they were originally clones from an alternate dimension, like if the Strike Witches were a colonial invasion force or something, eating up earth and subjugating us all. You could tell the clones from the real ones by their appearance. Invader witches were dark and edgy and were quite tsun-tsun to us, and, you know, taking us over. 

I lived outside the Meiji shrine in Tokyo(where 100% of the dream happened), and this and the Togo Shrine, as well as the Izu Shrine and Itsukushima shrine were some of the targets worldwide of the invader witches. We called the invader witches oni. They had come first for the shrines and then for the people. A bunch of the outside world was conquered and Japan and other island nations were final bastions. 

Then the strike witches came. We called them tenshi, and they assisted us in driving them back. They helped rebuild and were especially nice to us. I got to know Miyafuji and Hartmann quite well, and spent a lot of time with them at the shrine like a VN. 

Eventually we all seemed to forget how long ago witches became a part of our reality. However, it was revealed that Fumikane had gone to, and prayed at, either Meiji or Yasukuni shrine for the success of the series, and somehow this was interpreted wrong. 

It was soon revealed that the entire existence of the witches was dreamt up by enshrined spirits. We found out that all the tenshi were dreamt up by shrines like Meiji and Tsubaki as well as Arlington and Yasukuni. Bad witches came from the dreams of spirits at the great pyramids, tombs in Moscow, the Führerbunker, and other places having to do with people with expansion and death on the brain. These sources were called the Eight Cords, and all witches were dreamt up by the spirits from here to reach a plain of existance, the One Roof. This was identical in concept to the idea of the Fayth in Final Fantasy X, but with different vocabulary. 

So, basically, Fumikane realised that the witches were his creation, and that all he needed to do to end human suffering and to put the witches all back to their original state was to go to the Meiji shrine and tell the kami of Emperor Meiji that the strike witches are no longer fit for this world. 

Meiji finally decided to tell the other spirits across the planet that the jig was up. Slowly, we observed as the results were seen here. The witches faded away from existence and told us goodbye as they walked into the sunlight. While I can imagine this was liberation in other areas, in long peaceful Japan it was quite sad. I then wandered Meiji shrine for a long time, with lost meaning in my life and wondering what was real. Then I woke up a little bit, fell back asleep to see if I couldn't dream more. I thought I was pathetic or something and then woke up much later after I refused to do anything to return the witches to this plane. I woke up in disbelief that even my dream me was disappointed in me. 

I am so pathetic that I need a dream within a dream to keep me company...
>> No. 11586 [Edit]

What can I eat to have dreams like this? Fuck
>> No. 11590 [Edit]
Sleeping in on only two days a week seems to help me a lot.
>> No. 11592 [Edit]
I don't sleep in any days a week, and all my dreams are profoundly shitty. I'd love to have even one good dream every month, even that would be enough. Instead they're all, well, shit.
>> No. 11598 [Edit]
I was in a classroom and Asuka and Rei were two of my classmates. When the coast was clear I kidnapped Rei (who was literally a robot), took her somewhere quiet and messed around with her insides for some reason. Then I went back to the class, feeling scared that I would be caught. Back in the classroom, Mari showed up and introduced herself as a new student. Asuka got pissed and started a fight with her. Then she came over to me and demanded to see Rei.

I think that's everything, woke up after that.
>> No. 11692 [Edit]
I was working at the place I worked at for a week. It was a giga coffee chain outlet in the middle of bumfuckistan yet was always swamped with people. Terrible, blue-collar arrogant shit people.

I quit over a month or two ago, but for some reason in this dream they found some sort of bylaw that I had to work there for a year in indentured slavery or they had to kill me.

So I spent time being bitched at by my fucking pregnant Latina boss and the Filipino assistan manager until I went batshit insane, ripped a shelf unit apart and, dual-wielding metal pipes, proceeded to bludgeon each individual customer and manager to a gory death. Then I started lighting the place on fire with a broken toaster and proceeded to run down the endless highway from a wing of choppers from Half Life 2.
>> No. 11693 [Edit]
Two dreams I can remember from last night.

First was a game suggestion for an MMO and they liked it and paid me for it.

The next, my bed was covered in mini spiders and then I woke up.
>> No. 11827 [Edit]
File 132335636747.jpg - (44.98KB , 233x196 , 1286993513672.jpg )
I can hardly believe it. Last night I had my first lucid dream in years. And it was the first time I was ever able to control the dream, even if with effort and just for a few seconds at the tail end of an exceedingly long one.

I don't know how, but eventually I realized I was in a dream. Maybe it was the XIXth century-looking guards stationed around my house or it might have been the men performing dog-throwing tricks (yes.) At some point after that I gained awareness and did what almost any of us would do in the situation: tried to summon my waifu. I was only partly successful, and the actual end of the dream was not very pleasant, but I won't get into that. The point is, this is a good thing and I need to try to repeat the conditions. I ate some spicy cheese before sleeping, and I'm sure that had some kind of effect on the dream's vividness. Will try this again tonight.
>> No. 11859 [Edit]
I had a dream where I was in a really nice penthouse apartment, and I explored it a bit. There was a pool on the balcony, one of those "amish built" portable fake fireplaces, and a closet that was full of board games.

Later, I was in a big crowd of people in the past looking for someone (kind of assassins creed style) on a bridge that was going into light. I come across some jumbled scrabble letters that I decode and it says "nothing about sports". What is my subconscious trying to tell me
>> No. 11891 [Edit]
that you're in love with your mom and hate your dad or vice versa, of course.
>> No. 11895 [Edit]
A few nights ago I dreamt that I had photographic memory. I was looking at a Starcraft 2 map(from the zombie colonist mission) when I realized that I could remember parts of it down to the minute details. When I woke up my ability was gone. It felt like someone played a cruel joke on me.
>> No. 11897 [Edit]
Dreamt I was at school again. And there was a triple concert by Lou Reed, B.B. King and Ray Charles going on.
Not a bad concert. It wasn't overcrowded, everyone was sat down, nobody yelled or did stupid things during the songs and the volume was not stupidly high.

I wish real concerts were like that.
>> No. 12072 [Edit]
I skipped my meds, so I dreamt all night long. This is all I can recall:

* A Mediterranean (probably Northern African) port town.
* Being trained in using a rifle. The weapon was quite short (about as long as my forearm), but futuristic-looking, thick and having multiple barrels. Other people were learning that too. The atmosphere was formal, but barely military-like.
* Chasing after an important lost writing of a mystic from 1787. I knew his name clearly in the dream, but forgot it. He had a European-sounding name, three or four syllables long.
>> No. 12098 [Edit]
Last night I had a dream I was talking with someone on IRC, and they wanted to hear my voice or see me over a webcam.
I said sure, and went online looking for programs that allowed me to do both. They kept pushing me and telling me to hurry up and I tried and tried. Then I got angry and just told them to fuck off and ignored them.
then i went to sleep.

Another dream I had the same night was about me and someone else I know going to the movies. I've never seen them so my mind just came up with what they could look like. It was an underground theater and we had to ride an elevator down. When we got to the theater and sat down, our hands touched on the arm rest and I got very nervous. Felt like a 20 second hand hold, then I woke up.
>> No. 12104 [Edit]
File 132487724031.jpg - (45.00KB , 720x540 , cap0216aq8.jpg )
Last night I dreamt some weird shit...

I went hiking inside and around abandoned labyrinths near a beach, on some scholar trip; then I stayed with an old friend, on a big semi-ruined house where he lived with his siblings, just to learn he lusted for his youngest sister and wanted her to remain pure, keeping her almost isolated in there. He confessed me this after getting really mad at her for something and, although I pittied him (and apparently being at a drunken state), I ironically suggested that dead and embalmed would be the only way he could have her the way he wanted, truly flawless and uncorrupted, with also no protests from her part. When I woke up next morning, he was laying on the bed with swollen eyes, looking half out of his mind, and told me:

"You're sober now, uh? You've lost all concern with what you said last night, uh? well, for you to know, we've been going through a living hell around here; you see, because of what you said, I can't bring myself to beat her anymore and she noticed it, taking advantage; she might be even planning to run away by now..."

Then he heard some noise and ran after her; I could hear him yelling; she wanted him to calm down, to realize that she did love him (as a brother) and try to understand her; but he lost all control and started beating her, this time to death; when he realized it, he blamed it all on me and killed himself by jumping out of some window. I did felt guilt and responsability for all that, so I somehow came back in time to try making things diffently and avoid that ending.

The first try, I first won some time to think better what to do; over wich her sister actually started trying to aproach me friendly. He quickly grew madly jelaous and ended up beating the hell out of me with the help of his other brothers; when I was at my limit I told him that all I really wanted was to help and save him; he just laughed and called me shameless, and I thought: "So I'm about to die for someone who won't even acknowledge it?..." I started bitterly crying, as I somehow got out from that route (probably dying, effectively, like a GAME OVER; I don't know).

The second try, I don't remember the details but everything turned well for her sister. Now, as an adult woman, she still lived in that same big house, but it was now clean and well litten up; she had now her own studio, filled with books, a desk and a computer, where she devoted herself to her work as a novelist; some of her siblings still lived with her, in other wings of the house, but my friend was nowhere to be seen. I left all that finally alone and returned to the beach and into sea.

Then the most wonderful thing, at last, started happening...

Post edited on 25th Dec 2011, 9:32pm
>> No. 12105 [Edit]
File 132487735793.jpg - (179.22KB , 740x1050 , Konachan_com - 85147 blue_eyes neon_genesis_evange.jpg )
I was at the sea, riding a red jet ski under the sun of a tropical beach, filled with people on vacation. I made a few turns while the background music kept going (Poker face -WTF?!?), until I saw Rei riding her own blue-white ski, wearing a neoprene suit that matched the vehicle's fashion style (she looked 3D alright, but mostly like a well detailed 1-1 scaled figure). We both unboarded and aproached Asuka, who was standing at the beach on her own neoprene suit (she looked very much like Rei, as a real sized moving figure, althought her hair and textures in general were much more "realistic"); I suggested her to ride her jet ski -the red one- and have a race with Rei, wich got her excited, but Rei say she found no purpose into doing such thing; so I said:

>Well it's not different from any other time, is it? you girls are always competing for things like this:
[I gently hold Asuka in my arms]

She was slim and delicate; she was also rather short, so her head ended up over my chest and I could feel and smell her beautiful and soft strawberry blond hair under my nose; she didn't say anything and initially put no resistance at all, until I tried to look at her face wich was when she finally pushed me away (apparently in embarrassment); Shinji came out of nothing and bluntly asked me:

"Do you want her?"

>I... thought I've already made myself clear to you about that, last time.

"No: you just didn't deny it, but you neither accepted it or declared anything yourself."

>Well... then I'll say it to you, right now, face to face: yes, I love her and I want her for myself; but you're not the one I should be saying this to...
[I turned into Asuka's direction...]

* * *

The alarm of my cellphone rang and I woke up. I had set it to catch up with an eBay auction of rare butterflies, wich I didn't win. After that there was stuff I already had to do with my family, so I couldn't even try going back to sleep again... But it was OK: I did get to hold her in my arms (and without rejection); whatever happens next, I already got the bliss of knowing that feeling, even if just once.

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>> No. 12256 [Edit]
File 132590847197.png - (834.17KB , 600x600 , 308660.png )
I had a dream that I met the His Imperial Majesty walking down the street in an urban setting, most likely in the US, west coast? I am certain it was the western world though.

Anyways, he was walking down the street and nobody knew who he was, passing him off as just some old man. One actually shoulder-checked him. Needless to say, I was pissed at them.

I immediately recognized him and gave him full respect and greeted him traditionally, and struggled to speak to him in the highest politeness language. I wanted to mark this as a monumental occasion, but I couldn't take a picture (It's a taboo) and I couldn't ask for his autograph (He's not a movie star) so I simply assisted him down the street, across it, and brought him to a coffee shop he wanted to go to.

He then put on hipster glasses and took out a macbook, saying he was trying to fit in with the crowd. He was avoiding the Imperial Household Agency, so I simply looked around, bowed deeply, and let him go on with his business.

I later was kicking myself knowing that nobody in the world would ever believe me when I said I met the Emperor of Japan on some random street and he wore hipster glasses.

Finding a manga image of the Emperor is hard...
>> No. 12258 [Edit]
>Finding a manga image of the Emperor is hard
now I'm wondering how about the pricesses...
>> No. 12271 [Edit]
File 132605872719.jpg - (37.96KB , 359x450 , 352362346724.jpg )
>> No. 12275 [Edit]
I had a dream about some kind of zombie post-apocalypse. It is sort of fragmented.

At one point I join this refugee camp inhabited for the most part by African Americans. It was sorta like a palisade and everything was caked in mud. I wondered if they were practicing agriculture. There was a vast underground labyrinth (filled with zombies). At some point I let in a dog from outside the compound and the fragment ended.

I later then found myself in some rather nice compound, and discussed zombies in anime and manga with some guy I used to know in middle school. Some other people were there that I knew in middle and high school. They were assholes, and I wondered why they were still assholes to me years after I last saw them. The fragment ended sometime after that.

Then I was a little girl with a handgun, working my way through the underground labyrinth filled with zombies from another era. I got myself into a bind, and Reimu stumbled upon me fighting a horde of zombies. She helped me defeat them, and we then tried to find a way out of the labyrinth. There was another tunnel far up a wall, so we attempted several methods of reaching it but I botched many of them, angering Reimu. I then just started stacking some refuse up. The refuse pile was rather unstable, but I managed to get a grip on the tunnel entrance. I saw that Reimu was embattled with these insect-humanoid like monsters, and had to decide whether to risk helping her or abandon her and continue on. The fragment ended after I made my decision.
>> No. 12277 [Edit]
File 132623159241.jpg - (226.68KB , 1024x768 , princessMako.jpg )
a lot easier.
>> No. 12291 [Edit]
This morning I dreamed that I had to rescue Suigintou and Shinku from being melted down for... scrap? I think. So that was interesting. When I finally really woke up, I was wondering for a few seconds where they were, and realized profound disappointment when I remembered that magical talking dolls don't exist in real life, and that it had all been a dream.

I had a dream before that that I was stranded on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean, and I found a cache of food and alcohol, which made me really happy.
>> No. 12293 [Edit]
I dreamed I was a servant living in a huge mansion. I was plotting something, but I'm not sure what... for some reason, I was collecting things in secret while working for the baroness. I don't know exactly what I was doing, but for some reason I was collecting women's clothes. I hung this beautiful red dress from the ceiling and worshiped it like it was an idol of sorts. Near the end of the dream, the baroness was deeply suspicious of me and kept yelling "He's a liar! He's a liar!"
>> No. 12334 [Edit]
I had a dream that my grandfather gave me €600 in banknotes, and we tried to figure out how to put them onto my checking account.
>> No. 12360 [Edit]
I had a dream that I was walking down a staircase in a video game, and there were zombies. Along the way I met a little girl (the graphics looked like n64 era, so she wasn't really cute), and she tells me to "watch out for the special ones". Then further down the staircase a regenerator from RE4 (with much better graphics than the girl) grabs me and pulls me towards him. I wake up startled
>> No. 12416 [Edit]
I had a dream me and a friend won an acura RSX in a raffle contest. They had a Bicorne on, and looked kind of like that sailor character in marvel vs capcom 2.
I started at a bendy road and shifted at every turn, then it was straight freeway. I entered the wrong lane into incoming trafic, but as it was a dream handling trough it at fifth wasn't a hassle. Then there were ford mustang police vehicles and a giant wrench as a helicopter follow me around. There was a drawbridge up a head and it was impossible to jump, so I jabbed the handbreak but rather than lock up the back tires my door flew open and the car rolled over.
Paperweight vehicle ensured no one on board was harmed, and as we escaped the vehicle I was not wearing shoes and my feet were covered in glass. They had an old sailboat and we hopped in to freedom. It was dark so we entered the cabin and ate dreamsicle flavored ice cream that had a puddi giga pudding face. The floor was covered in sand so we sat on the bed. It got cold and I got under the covers then they hopped in, and right then I woke up to the sound of a screeching alarm clock at 6am.

I tried talking about it; no interest. Eh I tried.
>> No. 12470 [Edit]
I went to a Chinese festival and rubbed a Buddha's belly, and the statue made a farting noise.

I promptly became the Haruhi-king of Wuhan.
>> No. 12473 [Edit]
I've been taking motrin in addition to my melatonin before I go to bed and I swear it's made my dreams more vivid and memorable.
>> No. 12481 [Edit]
I traveled on the backseat of a limousine with Le Corbusier, and when I told him my opinion, that the shape and size of our artifacts are determined by the dimensions of our bodies, he got really furious and started to scream his counterarguments.
>> No. 12499 [Edit]
File 132720020220.jpg - (45.09KB , 326x440 , (hasta las narices).jpg )
You know what seems to have worked for me, quite susprisingly and at least 2 times? A good glass of wine or two, about 1/2 hour before going to sleep.

It might be because I hadn't drank in a long time; but even when I still occasionaly had a couple beers in my bedroom, my dreams never turned out like that; although getting really drunk on wine used to have pretty much the opposite effect, knocking me down completely, loss of memory and all...

I don't know.
>> No. 12509 [Edit]
Best way to have memorable dreams:

1. Write down every single moment of your day before going to sleep. This way your brain doesn't have to analyze your day in your sleep as much. It sounds dumb but try it, it really works.
2. Force yourself to wake up and hour or two before usual and then go back to sleep. It helps you wake up after the REM phase with higher chance and makes your dream memories clearer.
>> No. 12511 [Edit]

Yeah recently I went to bed too early and woke up twice in the night, having three periods of dreaming.
>> No. 12853 [Edit]
I and my former classmates visited a nude beach. To my surprise, I wasn't aroused at all. I looked down on my bare body, and felt ugly.
>> No. 12868 [Edit]
Had a dream just now that some ford drivers I have a history with found their way to Tohno-chan and started shitting up the place. It was a bit unnerving.
>> No. 12880 [Edit]
Had a weird dream earlier.

I was sneaking around in a warehouse complex, MGS-style. Then I got discovered, and Capcom employees chased me into one of the buildings. I hid inside a storage cupboard, but I was easily found. One of them shot me with a special gun that turned me into a Marvel vs Capcom 3 character. I woke up after this.
>> No. 12982 [Edit]
All the major licensors for US anime sales went down, two years after Pirate Bay was shut down by the US cyberpolice.

Cons were attended only by people above 25, and ended up being illegal under a new curfew and fraternizing law forbidding crowds of more than 100 people in one event.

I went to Japan and applied for citizenship, and started an operation of sending subbed shows through the internet and disguised flash drives.
>> No. 12983 [Edit]
>All the major licensors for US anime sales went down
oh the horror
>> No. 12984 [Edit]
truly a tragedy
>> No. 12990 [Edit]
If Funimation died I would be so fucking happy. You have no idea how much I hate Funimation.
>> No. 13025 [Edit]
>Cons were attended only by people above 25
This would be awesome.
>> No. 13026 [Edit]
I think cons should make an age separation program. Some panels are 18+ but only because of tits and such. They really need to make another "intelligent conversation only" age barrier.

But then again, con staff are annoying as shit as well, and they're over 25 usually.

Back to the drawing board.
>> No. 13038 [Edit]
I've had a recurring dream these past few weeks. I'm running through a dark dungeon, similar in style to the stone and dirt wall types in the first .Hack games. I end up reaching a final runway that ends in an entryway which I go through, and it leads into a pitch black room. The first few times I've had this dream it has been entirely pitch black, and whenever I walked forward away from the entrance I instantly fell dead because of some sort of poison in the air or ground. This time it was a bit different and I was able to make out a faint light on the other side of this room. I headed towards it and I really think I made it a bit farther in that I normally do, but again I just fell dead after my initial run for it. It'd be nice to see if I ever get this dream cycle finished off.

The last recurring style dream I've had like this was when I was very young, and it involved our neighbors dog. It would always go loose through the neighborhood and sometimes even enter my house. In my dreams I would get attacked by the dog and killed, until one day I went on the offensive and took a shovel to kill the dog as it attacked me. I drank lemonade straight out of the gallon for victory that dream, it was great.
>> No. 13065 [Edit]
I vaguely remember reading about an either 18+ or 21+ con that was held a couple times on the east coast (I want to say Philadelphia, but I really can't remember.) And yeah, there would still be annoying people in attendance, but it would almost certainly have to be to a much lesser degree.
>> No. 13077 [Edit]
I just had dream that I so some sort of mobster along with this woman and this guy, we are waiting near this vending machine thats stocked with eroanime and eromanga, we are there to collect some money from some guy inside a nearby building that he apparently owes us the lady hands a tiny gun to the guy and tells him to persuade him to cooperate, he goes in and while we are waiting for him to take care of business I look through the vending machine and see a lot of things I recognize but also a lot of things I don't I ponder to myself if I should get something in the machine in paperback form even if I already have it in my computer , before i could formulate whether I was going to put money in the vending machine or not the guy that was with me comes out and says the guy inside told him a really sad story on why he can't pay the money and now he doesn't want to force him to pay the money, so the lady takes the gun goes in and when she comes out she says much the same thing and then walks off. so now the guy in the building who owes us money comes out holding a briefcase and doesn't seem to pay me much attention, I try confront him and say that I'm eager to hear the story that moved my comrades so much but he refuses and keeps walking away so I yell something like "well since I didn't hear the story I guess there isn't anything holding me back" and I pull out my own gun from my suit and shoot him in the neck. I walk toward his body and notice he was smoking a cigarette, the guy is struggling to stay live so I whisper something to him take the briefcase and just blow on the cigarette he was holding in his hand to make it glow red, for some reason this fascinates me and i keep doing this until suddenly a bunch of armed men from another nearby building start looking for me so I crouch and hide behind a car and just disappear. as in I gain a third person perspective of my body and I watch it disappear into thin air and watch the confusion of the men looking for me trying to find me. next thing I remember is that I'm now taking a shower and as I wash myself I hear a knock at the door, for some reason I feel scared that the guy on the other side might be a guy who wants to anally rape me. but I also seem to have a stand like in jojos bizarre adventure that can fuse into any object and I can essentially see what that object sees, I think its name was peep or something like that. so I fused my stand with the door to see who was on the other side and it was just the guy who was with to collect the money, I ask him what the hell he wants and he says he really needs to use the bathroom, I tell him to fuck off, he tells me he is going to kick open the door so I tell him if he does that he will die, that scares him enough that just runs off.
and then I woke up and started typing about this dream in this thread.
>> No. 13088 [Edit]
Last night I dreamed that two men had kidnapped a woman. They reduced her arms and legs to stumps and put her on a leash. The last part of the dream I remember is them forcing her to hobble down a staircase that was encrusted with blood.

Might be the goriest, most depressing dream I've ever had.
>> No. 13153 [Edit]
I had a dream I was overlooking a very wide 4 lane road that traversed through a large city. It was cold and damp. Soldiers in brown holding muskets started to march through while I was siting on the balcony, then a group of people came around me and put down a dwarf fortress screen where I chose my resources to start my expedition. I made sure to take no cats with me.
>> No. 13214 [Edit]
This was an interesting dream. i started out in a prison trying to recruit people to my side in order to plan a breakout. When I had around half the prisoners on my side, we got in a large outdoor brawl to the death with the other half. I stayed in the center of the courtyard, walking around a large bonfire which was in the center of a large sandpit. The only way to get to the bonfire circle section was across four long wooden bridges. I used it to my advantage and knocked a lot of the other prisoners into the sand or the fire. Near the end I was injured and it was just me versus a long haired scrawny guy with a glass eye. I tried to outflank him (I was moving very fast and could feel/hear the wind slapping against me), and I entered a small cement square building. This was a trap he had setup to get me crushed by a boulder, but I was somehow able to avoid it.
He thought he won and jumped over a small brick wall to freedom. I followed after him down a very long road. To my left was the prison compound, and to my right a very steep cliff wall, that if I fell off of I would land in a city. From the cliff climbed a bishop who started running in my same direction, who I quickly passed right by as I ran fast. After a long forward run I came to the guard tower, and to my right was a paved forest path that led downhill. The other guy that escaped was in a wheelchair pushing himself down. I ran forward down too.

Somehow I ended up in a McDonalds, and ordered two $1 burgers and a medium drink. Some other lady was speaking over me, but the cashier was quick enough to take down both our orders at the same time. I then left with only my drink and was in an airport. I had a two way ticket to the UK for a week, then back home. As the flight was two stops to reach a destination I decided to not go to the UK at all. After the first flight I was supposed to go to the UK terminal, but entered the Japan one and landed in Japan. I could stay here for four more days since the flights took two days. Right out of the terminal I was given a mug which I could leave anywhere after I had used it and a worker would pick it up. A public coffee mug system.
A few kids on the bench by the airport exit laughed at me as I dropped my mug and then went to the water fountain to get a drink. I spilled a lot of water on my shoe too. I then sat and waited on a staircase thinking of what to do next. I had no money to spend in this country since my checking account was empty, and my paper money was only 10USD that I wasn't sure I could redeem here. I decided to just stay and not eat for four days, it wouldn't be that big a deal anyways.

As I left the airport the first thing I saw was an entrance to a store called "Anal love tube". I was a foreigner here anyways, so it didn't matter what weird stuff I did, and entered. The front doors were glass but were tinted white so no one could see inside. As I entered, I noticed it was an H Manga shop. I said "Yo" to the cashier; I don't know a word of Japanese. I perused the shelves to see what they had. Every magazine or manga in this store was about anal and only anal. The first magazine I picked up had a 3D on the cover, but the inside was all 2D sketches and articles to read though, although I could not. I then searched for Milky Holmes through the shelves but found nothing. All I could see was Gundam and more Gundam anal. I got bored and just left the store, to wander the streets for whatever else I could come across in this country.

Then I woke up.
>> No. 13219 [Edit]
I had a dream last night where I realized I was dreaming, and I got into an argument with my dream dad about it. He never denied I was dreaming, but he was acting like I was crazy. I've had a lot of luck lately realizing I'm dreaming, just not the "controlling" part. It helps that someone in my life died recently, so seeing them alive and well is a pretty big indicator that something isn't right
>> No. 13265 [Edit]
Lol, thats hilarious. That sounds similar to the things I dream up. Also, I don't know how, but you managed to copy my writing style almost perfectly too.
>> No. 13285 [Edit]
File 132935366536.png - (19.46KB , 500x300 , Affection.png )
Maybe we know each other.
>> No. 13313 [Edit]
I can't remember all of it, but this dream was tremendously long, and all in one part which was amazing. I think it started with me at a subway restaurant. Me, tohno, and someone else were ordering sandwiches. I was feeling lazy so I just got a regular whatever from the list and the guy handed it to me. It was a ham sub with a lot of salt and black pepper. When Tohno got his, he got angry since apparently he can't eat black pepper(?). There was a bucket at the end of the counter and he started filling his sandwich with cloves of garlic to get the taste of pepper out, and pulling out the pieces of lettuce that were more white than green.

The guy behind the counter said it was a smart thing to do, and he asked me if I wanted to know about "Dumping the lettuce". Intrigued, I followed him to a table and he told me the story. He told me that in subway restaurants, the lettuce is kept and reused until the head branch manager presses a button and tells you to dump the lettuce, so the ones they use is sandwiches is not always fresh. The longest he himself had gone without dumping lettuce was one whole year. Then he pulled a keychain out of his pocket with a thick strip of leather attached to the key loop. Except it wasn't leather, it was really old lettuce.

Nightfall came and some more people came for the nightshift. One of these people looked a lot like Kaguya (I think her name was carol). We had to leave, and me, tohno, and the other guy headed outside. Other guy showed interest in carol, but I couldn't let that happen again (He's from another dream where there was another person named Anna that I just gave up on) so I went back in the restaurant which was now having a party. I started talking to her and her friend about something before the other guy even made it in the building, then I held her hand and a Sim's meter came up and it showed we were at 85 friendship.

So me, Tohno and carol got in a car and were dropped off at our respective houses, since otherguy had to leave early for work. After I was dropped off it was morning, so in a car that belonged to me and was parked right by a highway. I spent a long time adjusting the chair since it was either too close or too far, too high or too low. I settled for low and far. As soon as I got on the highway, the driver door to the left of me opened and all my change fell out of my pocket. Around $20 in quarters. My car also turned into a bicycle. Another guy started laughing at me but then he dropped his wallet which was filled with caterpillars. I turned around and ran over the caterpillars, and it turned out one of them was his wife. He tried to follow and kill me but I stared pedaling faster. There was a police officer on the side of a bridge I came to, and I told the officer I was Jewish. Since it was a hate crime to make a Jew drop his money the guy was arrested and I was able to get away.

I made it to a supermarket, where I needed to purchase snacks to feed the tohno house. I ran into carol so I rollerbladed towards her, and we started collecting cans that were in the isles. On the way out of the store she purchased a phone from a crane machine, then I got in her car and woke up.

I can't remember all the things inbetween sadly. It's the small details you forget as soon as you wake up that make the dream more vivid.
>> No. 13318 [Edit]
My dreams have been becoming much more vivid and memorable lately and I achieved lucidity for the first time ever earlier. I started to feel really dizzy with excitedness and woke up though. Going to try and progress further next time.
>> No. 13331 [Edit]
George Takei took me out to restaurants and bars. I think we met during some sort of rally for Japanese animation and film not being Americanised and for Japanese film (Space Battleship Yamato 2010, etc) to be better distributed in the US or something. All I know is that he was there and Kadokawa was somehow involved.

He brought me out for drinks a few times and made a lot of innuendos and what I thought were advances, and at first it was funny but then I got a bit uncomfortable. I wanted to tell him I had a waifu but didn't want to be laughed at or anything, so he must have thought I was single and since I showed no interest in 3DPD I must be gay. Anyways, due to that uncomfortable feeling I ended up seeing him less and less on a personal basis until I found out he did that to everyone, it was how he rolled. So I felt really really bad for coming to my conclusion. Besides, what would George Takei want with a twenty-something year old otaku?
>> No. 13367 [Edit]
Thats incredible.
>> No. 13409 [Edit]
I'm not sure why, but I had a dream a little earlier that I was out on the street at around 5 or 6 A.M. I approached some guy and for some reason asked him if he was from Tohno-chan, to which he said "Yes". I don't remember much, but I remember that he was about to board a bus with a backpack.
>> No. 13592 [Edit]
First I wrote a wall of text explaining shittons of things you'd need to know to make some sense out of the whole situation but then I decided it's fucking boring crap and I'd feel bad for making people waste their time on it so here a super extra short TL;DR version:

I had a dream the school I attended had some anime/comics-centric classes.

... And that's it. I reduced the whole thing by some 99,5% because this is what really mattered. It was pretty cool. The best part of it? Lately I've been trying to reduce the time I spend sleeping (back in the day I had days when I slept for literally 16h, lately 12h seemed to be more or less normal for me) and this part of the dream was in the 'just another hour' period. Usually I'd regret giving in but this time around it was so worth it.

It's strange. I wake up a lot but I can go back to sleep almost immeadiately and and get back into the dream I had. Multiple times. My sleeping pattern is pretty weird overall I guess.
>> No. 13660 [Edit]
A kid (like, 15 or 16) was recording about five girls ages 13-15 on some sort of Spring Break thing. It wasn't like, sweet 13-15 year olds. This was the growth-hormones-in-milk generation, so they had tits the size of bowling balls, looked 19 etc. And they were drinking, sleeping with guys, getting high, typical western democracy 3DPD actions. Well, towards the end of this video (the girls were having him film them for some project I guess? It was entirely consensual) they were walking away from the camera and he was following them(for a shot), on the beach, and they were wearing Kuroko-style bikinis and sucking on peach popsicles, when the camera boy said "you know, you girls are really hot." the girls then started doing seductive poses and stuff. Then he said "you know, I'm going to put this on the Internet." at that, the girls covered themselves with their arms and yelled "you wouldn't dare!" as if it were any different that they were now being recorded doing shitty slutty things and it was going to be shown to the Internet (guess what girls! You either shouldn't have done it or shouldn't have consented to being recorded doing it! Actions have repercussions you can't flash some tits and make a pouty face to make go away! This seems like the only way your generation will fucking learn nowadays!) he mentioned that he wouldn't tell the world their dark secret if they didn't try to stop him. 

This is where it takes a turn into The Ring territory. He posted it on some sort of licenseless video sharing website (it may have actually been YouTube because I was wondering how it wasn't taken down) and it had about ten hits even though it was three years old. After I watched it a video popped up of the camera guy, a little older, saying "you need to hide for like, three months. They will find you..."

I watched anime after that and went to bed, thinking I am lucky I never became part of the shitty human being clique. 

When I woke up, my neighbourhood became a seaside amusement park. Or rather, my house was transported to one. And the girls, now a little older, were trying to seduce me. I saw who they really were and gave them nicknames based on what they did (Cum-on-my-hair-is-cute-girl, can't-roll-a-joint-without-a-piece-of-gum-girl, etc). They became so intent on assimilating me into the douchebag club but I refused. They then spent the entire time trying to make me like them, and it became so bad that I couldn't leave the house before they started harassing me. And it was like they could sense me exiting my house. They would drive their dune buggy from a mile away and I had to run back up my driveway to avoid them. 

The camera guy came to my house one day. I was running out of food by this point. He came knocking on the door I installed under my bed for sneaking packages into my room. He talked to me a bit and told me he was amazed I was still alive. So I asked him why. 

Apparently the girls were some sort of med school vegan succubi, and would take people into a fun house with promise of kinky group sex. About nine people so far had complied. They then strap the victim to a table, and saw out a trapezoid beginning from either side of the testicles, out at a 50° angle up the hip bones, and ending at a horizontal line at the belly button. This is without anaesthesia, and using lasers coming from their fingertips. They then study it as reproductive biology students, reanimate it to have sex with it, and then eat it to increase their evil powers. They then use the body of the victim like stalkers from Half Life 2, to run their lab as biologically reconstructed puppets. It only works with people who became sexually attracted to them by watching the video and consents to sex with them. Their powers were dwindling and they were becoming hungry and desperate, so they put their last efforts into transporting and seducing me. 

I decided that I had to stop them right then and there. So I grabbed my M14, Mauser C-96 machine pistol, and a katana (I have none of these actually, just in Airsoft form, and those are loaners), geared up in tactical gear and wore a hachimaki, and walked outside. The girls came, realised what was happening, and then turned into some demons or something. The rest was me fighting them, and the only way to kill them was by shooting up their snatches. 

I finally escaped the theme park after killing them all and walked off.

TL;DR: I killed a bunch of succubi who wanted to steal my junk for watching porn they made when they were 13. 
>> No. 13665 [Edit]
Thats incredible.
>> No. 13668 [Edit]
Holy fuck.
You have to turn this into a novel or something.
Then, said novel can be adapted into a movie or television series. Because I really want to watch it.
>> No. 13775 [Edit]
I had a dream the other night that shane from the walking dead wrestled a tiger in my backyard and won, though the tiger did cut him open
>> No. 13785 [Edit]
I had a dream in which I bought a pair of shoes made out of croissants from a psychology teacher.
>> No. 13790 [Edit]
I woke up on the street, in a sleeping bag, in America. Some lady walked past and asked me if I was there to tell people what time it was. There was a huge digital clock lying in the street near me. I started learning about the history of this American town and how they had the record for the most wars of any small town and they dont take kindly to outsiders. Then some people started raising an American flag but instead of the blue part with stars it had a weird pattern so I told the guys I was with (they mustve ditched me during the night?) that we needed to get out of here ASAP.
>> No. 13873 [Edit]
A few weeks ago for two consecutive days I've had dreams where I killed myself.

In the first one, I was in a car with my dad in some kind of dystopia-like setting. It felt anxious, I think there was someone after us. We were talking and then I said "Well, I'm going now" and I choked myself to death.

The second one was in a bathroom. I walk out of a stall to wash my hands, and some guy enters and shoots himself in the head. He doesn't die right away, instead he falls down and slumps on the wall. He seems to be in pain, so I take the gun from him and shoot him in the chest. Then a cop comes in and sees me with the gun and starts saying something. I smirk, and shoot myself in the right temple twice. The image got distorted with funny colors for a second, before fading to grey. I then fell down.

Both dreams felt very calming and relaxing. I felt a cathartic release both times.
>> No. 13880 [Edit]
I dreamt there was a thread about brewing coffee through a gun barrel. It became quite heated when someone said he used a barrel with polygonal rifling without a filter and drank from a regular mug, then came a lot of people flaming him and arguing that coffee residue would ruin the barrel unless you used a filter and drank from a polygonal mug.
They even posted pictures of it. The said filter looked like a condom, but I can't quite describe the shape of the polygonal mug thing.
>> No. 13892 [Edit]
Someone broke into my house and stole all the insides of my computer, leaving only the monitor and the cabinet behind.
After a long time lamenting my loss and wondering how the hell would I get the money to buy a simmilar one I found out through a note left behind by the thieves that it was only a joke and everything was left well packed in antistatic bags and hidden around my house.
>> No. 13947 [Edit]
File 133203862995.jpg - (118.64KB , 1032x774 , mount.jpg )
My last dream i was in a cave being interviewed in the Howard Stern show. I did not like Howard, so Mel Gibson became the host instead. He made me go on quests inside the cavern, world of warcraft style. The first part of the quest made me have to go and explore in the watery section at the bottom of the cave, where I stepped on a pressure plate that unlocked the main exit to the cave.
I walked by the exit, and then it closed in my face, starting the second part of the quest. I turned off the light switch, and a ghost dragon with two horns started to glow in the dark and attack Mel Gibson. For my quest I had to trap it and save the studio equipment. There was a small waterfall of very thick and goopy motor oil, which I splashed towards the dragon, which then turned into humanish form.

Mel Gibson as going to molest her, so I jumped on him and bit his neck off. Since the slightly chubby dragon girl with nice boobs was already weakened and trapped on the wall, I took her for myself and had goopy covered sex with her. Almost had a wet dream that time, but I woke up. I tried going back to sleep so I could continue holding her arms down and give her the pleasure of coming inside, but it didn't work.
>> No. 13962 [Edit]
File 133208619666.jpg - (265.18KB , 560x1135 , Pylon_ds.jpg )
Last night I had a pretty bizarre dream.

In the beginning I was with my biological brother near his house. We needed electricity for some reason and decided to go to the power plant near the park and steal some. Or alternatively we just went to the plant and decided to steal some electricity. I don't really remember.

We arrived to the plant. It was a large, soviet-style building with large yard which was filled with poles like in picture but there was more and thicker cables so that the sky was barely visible from the yard. The main plant was quite far away from the gate. We entered the yard and started to walk along a dirt road. Soon my brother said:
- Wow, it's like we are really living in a dystopia!
I laughed a bit and answered:
- True, it is like some cyberpunk scenario.

Then the scene changes and we, now wearing worker's uniform, arrived inside the plant, it looked more like a steel factory than a power plant, and went through a large corridor with lots of busy workers. We entered a large hall with lots of industrial equipment and I saw an orange bar with strange buttons and displays. There were two of these bars in the back of the hall. We knew that it was the electricity we were looking for and started to plan how to get it out. We simply decided to take it and carry it out. So we unplug the bar from the ground and start to walk away with it. Then some female manager asks us about the bar and we tell some sloppy lie and prepare to flee.

Next scene takes place in the worker's unisex locker room where everyone is preparing for shower and me and my brother are among the workers without the orange bar. Between the two scenes my brother became gay and got a boyfriend. Me, my brother and his boyfriend, who is actually the only person I've genuinely hated in my life, are taking our clothes off and preparing for shower. The boyfriend is being really jealous for me seeing my brother naked and is really angry if I try to talk to him. When I get naked I take a towel and leave but then a gay guy I knew in the high school stops me and lectures me about tolerance and gay rights.

After the lecture I go to the corridor and see an old man in blue overalls. When he sees me he turns around and walks away. I go back to the locker room and the gay guy stops me and tells he is going to buy a digital camera. I answer:
- Okay, just don't take pretentious pictures.
The boyfriend hears it and comments:
- Yeah, like someone running and there is lines and stuff.
I agree with him and notice that his appearance has changed.

In the final scene every worker I've seen, except the female manager, is in the hall with the industrial equipment. Everyone is wearing only a towel. Suddenly we hear an announcement by the female manger how there is a massacre going on in the plant. Then the old man in the overalls comes in with a bag which apparently is a satchel charge. He yells how he is going to kill everyone. The manager comes and locks the door from the outside so we cannot go out. Then some agile looking woman goes in the front of the old man and touches the bag. She says:
- Oh, it did not blow up.
Then the old man pulls a string in the bag and meanwhile I've sneaked behind some shelf and prepare to push it down. I hear the agile woman saying how the bag did not blow up again. The old man stars to laugh maniacally and tells how the satchel transformed into larger satchel and is going to transform into a parachute and finally it will become a jet.

Then I woke up. And realised that I have had dreams before which took place in the same town and surroundings. Actually a fair amount of my dreams have taken place in the same area with only minor changes.
>> No. 13963 [Edit]
Had a dream I was watching a new anime. It was really nice. The protagonist was a reincarnation of the guardian of the king that a girl in his school was in a previous life. So they were both connected by a previous life (so basically Denpa Teki na Kanojo). The setting was really nice, like a port town in the future. I was also doing cocaine out of an ice-cream tub while I was watching it.
>> No. 14063 [Edit]
Dreamt the whole night there was a book on themodynamics with some crazy formula to calculate thermodynamical effects of having Shadow Fiend in a DotA2 game. The mathematics didn't make any sense to me, but the book showed you could calculate everything, like the increase in local temperature and entropy from SF blinking/casting razes. Could swear even his influence on the taste of black coffee was derived at some point.
Another thing is that the left-hand-side of the equation was always SF, so you'd calculate things like SF equals ΔT to get variations in temperature caused by his actions. And SF wasn't denoted by anything resembling a roman or greek letter, I think it looked a lot like 女 or 安, weirdly.

The book also mentioned work towards modelling simmilar effects caused by Venomancer and Tidehunter, but didn't have any formulas for those.
>> No. 14064 [Edit]
The you have your PhD project.
Enjoy you Nobel... or IG-Nobel.
>> No. 14066 [Edit]
Like I'll ever graduate ;_;Now, this belongs to /so/, sorry
>> No. 14070 [Edit]
File 133279104478.jpg - (90.12KB , 450x600 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I had a dream I was a cute 2D crossdresser on a stage, and men in the audience yelled at me to get naked so I reluctantly did. I woke up with a huge erection

>> No. 14099 [Edit]
I'd yell at you to take your clothes off if you want. Not that I want to see you naked or anything, just to help you fill out your dreams you know.
>> No. 14100 [Edit]
can you make me a cute 2D girl who is secretly a boy?
>> No. 14101 [Edit]
I had a anime style dream in which I found myself in a very large but empty spaceship, with lots of brightly lit space inside.
There were two injured women with me, seemed the ship was over run by purple spiders the size of automobiles, wearing shriners style hats.
ran from them with the other two people for a while before getting yelled at by some guy in a suit, I guess I was there to kill them all?
I took my ray gun and started fighting them, don't remember anything past that.
>> No. 14102 [Edit]

>Not that I want to see you naked or anything

So tsundere
>> No. 14103 [Edit]
I'm trying to remember most of it as I type it out right now. I was at my college taking classes, and had a cellphone with me. It wasn't my cellphone, but I still carried it. My brother was there and he wanted to get home, so I found a girl there in the lab room with me and made her and my brother follow me. I made it to the second building in my school, and had to take a secondary entrance, because the entrance in the back of the building I normally take to avoid people was closed off. Some guy with a mustache that looked in his 40's had shot himself in the head while on the stairs.

I made it to the new building and my brother became my sister, but that girl that was with me still stayed the same. I entered a classroom and didn't know where to sit, so I took a chair near the center, just slightly to the right of it. The classroom was setup with tables that each had two chairs. I hoped someone nice sat next to me.
I started listening to the lecture on phasors and the examples presented by the professor on the board, but all I could think was "This is a subject level for kids starting high school, my degree is shit this is so embarrassing". The girl I met in the lab room was sitting next to me and ruffled my hair, and told me she would give me a haircut if I wanted. That felt nice, and I started to think how great it is she is a NEET and hasn't even finished highschool since that doesn't make me feel as bad.

Afterwards I stepped out of the classroom with her and she gave me the phone I had, and told me to leave it in the classroom since it was borrowed and was not hers. I didn't want to leave it in that classroom, since it was used by many professors. I decided to walk down to the offbuilding with the labroom in it to drop it off. As I started walking outside, there were birds on the powerlines. The birds were bearded vultures, and when they flew they did not flap their wings, just glided. The feathers on the wing ends looked like Amuro's fin funnels. Then I saw a parked airplane called Sugoi Lammergeier, that was designed inspired by the birds. Then I woke up.
>> No. 14107 [Edit]
Something about giving a big moving speech to a hikikomori resistance movement, that somehow transitioned into me doing an interview with freddie mercury about a album cover he did, in which he jumped off a cliff backwards into rocky waters during a storm, and the image they used was a close up of him just before he hit the water.
>> No. 14316 [Edit]
I had a dream that I was playing some game with a good character creator, and I created Miku and spent all my time running around doing wallkicks on buildings. It was so fun for some reason that I couldn't stop laughing and smiling, and it was probably the happiest I'd been in years. I wish it was real
>> No. 14354 [Edit]
I was reading through my dream journal yesterday, and some of the shorter entries are pretty hilarious. Here's one, verbatim:
"Something about dinosaurs living in caves on Jupiter. Planes bombing Star Trek logos into crops. Some sort of VN where a woman's space colony was destroyed"
>> No. 14443 [Edit]
I was for some reason entering a McDonald's through the window. The alarm started ringing, obviously, and I apologized to the security guards when they came. They let me off easy, fortunately. It was a fairly large McDonald's. I don't remember ever seeing it, which is strange since most of the places in my dreams are modeled after places I've been to before. I went in and met up with Hachikuji Mayoi, and kissed her cheeks and hugged her. Then I woke up.

My dreams always end when the good part's about to begin.
>> No. 14444 [Edit]
>I was for some reason entering a McDonald's through the window.

I see things like this on the front page without knowing what thread it's in and I'm like "What the fuck"
>> No. 14456 [Edit]
I woke up and was a girl. 

I had reddish hair that went to my mid-back, I was about 5 feet 6 inches tall (168 CM) in the upper C or lower D cup range. I had the same slender figure I have now, and I wore glasses. 

I still had the same interests, and my room was decorated much the same, but I also had some interesting cosplay hanging up. 

Apparently I had declared my love for moe, as most of my family seemed to ignore me and let me do as I pleased. 
Anyways, I woke up and put my hair into twin-tails, drank some coffee, and my stepmother scoffed at me. I got a call from a girl who was picking me up, and I had to get into a maid cosplay, and we went to our place of work, a theme cafe next to an otaku goods store. Well, I think it was less of a cafe and more of a Japanese restaurant with Akiba-kei overtones. The place was wood and tatami, and seemed to clash with the waitstaff. It was also down an alley in some sort of mall-like building. 

I then got a call from my real life friend Lux. He picked me up and we went to a different mall, then to a plaza filled with military surplus stores and fabric stores. I bought an Imperial Japanese Navy Special Naval Landing Forces reproduction uniform and had it tailored to my figure. I also bought a sarashi. I guess some event was coming up and I had to dress like that for a military otaku doujinshi booth. Then we went to a community anime club at a local library, and watched Toradora. 

Lux and I went to his place, and we played games. He drove to my house to drop me off, and my mother had called and said not to bother coming back unless I was taking all of my cosplays and manga and burning them. I figured she would get over it in a few hours so I had him drive to a plaza and we got some sort of ice cream tea float things. It was like bubble tea with dipping dots or something. 

After we finished I fidgeted, looked at Lux, and kind of started to blush. He seemed not to notice, and asked me if I wanted to go home or stay at his house. I looked at him again, and said I had a crush on him. I leaned over to kiss him, and he just stared out the window. 

I woke up. 
>> No. 14458 [Edit]
Had a dream I was watching Haganai in the living room with my mom. She really liked it for some reason, and asked to see another episode. As I was getting a dvd (for some reason I had them on DVD) from a box under the couch we heard the toilet flush and some rustling, and when I looked down the hall I saw a strange man running from the bathroom to the back of the house. I was so frightened that I couldn't speak then I woke up.
>> No. 14479 [Edit]
File 13349142231.jpg - (109.17KB , 1366x768 , 3 DAYS___.jpg )
I wish I could remember more of this one, because it was a lot more interesting than I'm probably going to make it sound, and this is only a small portion. I feel like I've been asleep for a year, yet I woke up 3 hours earlier than usual.

It's mostly just a stream of weird shit happening, but I wanted to record it since I don't remember these things very often.

There are about 3 or 4 scenes I can sort of clearly remember. It starts out in my old high school cafeteria. For some reason, as I make some snarky remark about some Narutard I vaguely remember from school who always used to wear the headband at lunch, he gets up on a ladder, shouts some nonsense-ish rambling speech to everyone else's dead silence, then dies of a heart attack. The principal comes in, except he looks like the Judge from Phoenix Wright, and when he asks who's responsible, everyone points a finger at me for some reason. The only one who backs me up is this fairly fat black woman I knew from college. Nowhere near stereotypical, obnoxious Shaniqua type. She was actually pretty nice.

Anyway, she starts making some epic speech in my defense, which unfortunately doesn't work for the principal/Judge. So he pulls out a shotgun and mows down anyone in his way chasing me. As I'm running, I cut through somebody's backyard outside the school and there's a tunnel that looks sort of like the last stage of Starfox 64. So I smack my ass, which apparently gives me a henshin sequence into a trap in a Chinese dress, and I fly down the tunnel shooting things up in my way with beams from my bare hands sort of Touhou-like.

Eventually, after a bossfight-ish thing with the Judge, I come to a castle-like stone chamber with a book on a pedestal. I take a look at the book and it's a giant copy of "I Am America (and so can you!)" by Stephen Colbert with a cookie cake layer for the first and last pages. Also, the inside of the book wasn't actually that, but more like a giant textless artbook of Hideyoshi from Baka to Test, but that's besides the point, assuming there is one to all this. Anyway, when I take a bite of the cookie cake, an angry, omniscient voice says something in rage and I get sucked into a portal in the book.

Oddly enough, that world happens to be Clock Town/Termina from Majora's Mask set to "Dawn of the Final Day". So, as anyone who's ever played the game would do, I hum the Song of Time. It appears to work the way it should at first, and I get back to Day One. Only thing is the moon is now only a short distance from crushing me for whatever reason. About the time his eyes light up and he bellows something unintelligible at me in a low, demonic voice, I wake up.
>> No. 14483 [Edit]
That dream does sound pretty weird.
>> No. 14555 [Edit]
I passed out for an hour around noon today. I had a few weird dreams. I was wandering around in a post-apocalyptic world and I don't remember seeing any other people around. All of the plants were dead and the land was very brown. But the sky was blue and the sun was out. I think I was walking around in that world and then I somehow was inside of an old building. I saw a few other people wandering inside of gray concrete hallways, and they looked back at me, but we didn't talk. I got the impression that they had been there for a while. I was riding somewhere on a train when I awoke.
>> No. 14567 [Edit]
I was in some mall and saw Cirno. She started to talk to me and I bought a milkshake for her. I showed her the town a bit and then she told me that she will take me to Gensokyo. A police officer stopped us and then I woke up.
>> No. 14570 [Edit]
I was in some sort of tiled complex, like a sewer treatment plant or a nuclear powerplant cooling conduit. All surfaces were tiled with swimming-pool-blue tiling, the ceiling of each tunnel had a double-row of florescent tube light bulbs lighting the tunnel. A lot of water was flowing into this area, a junction of three tunnels going into a round pool, and another tunnel going down at a 45°angle further underground until it was out of sight. 

Apparently I had been sent here for some sort of transgression I committed. I tried escaping, but water filters were trapping me in. There were some service pathways I tried using, but all the doors were locked. 

I walked my way up one of the conduits that was shut down, and had stairs tiled into the bottom of it, and after what seemed like hours and hours I reached the inside of a very important looking library, with Dorian columns, inlaid tile flooring and cathedral ceilings, like the Harvard Library or Library of Congress. I tried exiting, but Judgement found me and threw me down a narrow tube in a restroom, which went down about a mile and spat me back out from the ceiling, back to where I began. 

I finally decided to give up on life, as nobody would view me positively after being punished for a bad crime. I jumped into the stream going down further at a 45° angle, and it brought me to a nearly identical area to the one I left. I went down again, but this time became completely submerged in some sort of megajet thing, which rocketed me up the stream. I figured I would be spat into a nuclear reactor and boil with the rest of the cooling medium, but I ended up in a 2D version of my old middle school, on the side parking lot. However, the side parking lot was a large inground pool that went right up to the side of the school. Two high-school girls in sukumizu, one with black hair in twintails and one with brown hair cut in the stereotypical Japanese girls' fashion, came up to me and seemed so happy I was back after all those years. We then started talking while holding onto pool floats, one had just gotten back from a field trip to Chinatown. I would have done more but my alarm woke me up. 
>> No. 14573 [Edit]
File 133540163652.jpg - (501.08KB , 1680x1050 , 1329013999987.jpg )
Just had a dream where I was in high school again, only this time it was a lot more different. The best way to describe it was that Big Brother decided to crack down on the school system in the most hamfisted way possible. It started off with me and several other people in an auditorium watching a film. I don't remember the details of the film, what it was about or how long it was, but many of the people there weren't happy about it. Afterwards, we were all herded into a line that lead to something that looked like a TSA checkpoint, manned by some intimidating looking cops. They pulled a lot of people aside for "questioning", thankfully I wasn't one of them. They searched my bag, even after putting it through the machine, thoroughly looking over everything like they were searching for something in particular. They let me continue on without incident.

I continued through the checkpoint and into the school proper. I noticed that there were a ton of faculty members patrolling the halls, there had to be three times the amount of them compared to when I was actually in high school. I wondered if there was anyone actually teaching the classes after seeing so many of them in the hallways. It was at that point when I started to realize that this felt more like a prison rather than an actual school.

I don't remember much of the class I attended, my dream might've skipped over it all together. After class, the hallways were flooded with other students, or inmates as my mind was beginning to interpret the situation. Some of the faculty in the halls were demanding everyone to open their bags so they could scan them with what looked like a scannergun used to ring up items at a supermarket cash register. I blended in with the crowd the best I could to avoid them. I didn't want to deal with that shit, I just wanted to keep going. I managed to get away, only to be stopped by another faculty faggot. I ignored him and surprisingly he did nothing.

However, they seemed to be on to me. I noticed more and more of them coming after me, trying to stop me. I had something they wanted, I just wasn't aware of what it was or more importantly why. But I somehow knew that I didn't want to get caught. Pushed my way out of the crowd and started running, holding onto my bag like my life now suddenly depended on it. I made it outside, the exterior of the school looked much different now. Security fences and towers everywhere. Haphazardly placed too, although that might've been more of a product of how incomplete my dreams seem to be. I dodged several people in my escape route, only to get caught in a dead end, where my dream ended.

Wish I knew what it was they wanted.
>> No. 14585 [Edit]
I went into a single floor house with someone I can't identify. I had a kitchen knife and an old looking rifle, similar to the hunting rifle from Fallout 3. I killed some people inside the house very gruesomely. I can remember putting the knife in, blood getting everywhere, and it being really hard to pull it back out. I remember thinking that I shot someone with the gun, but I can't remember actually doing it. The unidentified person and I were looking for a phone to call the police, when I came across a really fat guy sitting alone in the hall. I remember talking to him and saying how I'd 'let him off because he was acting neutral'. For some reason, when I was telling him this, I was looking through his eyes at me covered in blood and holding a knife.

I looked out the front door. There was a policeman and someone dressed as a London guard (the ones with the big furry hats) running towards us. The policeman signalled towards me at the London guard, and he ran up next to me. For some reason, it was Prince Harry (the ginger one). I was pleased that I was going to jail. We started walking somewhere, only to run into a group of my former high school classmates. I started bragging about how I'd 'killed seven', but they looked pretty disgusted. Next thing I know, I'm in 'jail'. As far as I can remember, it was a bunch of people standing on a very sharply angled cliff, and the ground was a blue and white checker box texture.

Then I'm in a classroom. All of the desks were in a square formation facing inwards, and everyone was rushing to get a seat, including me. Even though I'm pretty sure I sat down at a seat, the next thing I can remember was sitting just outside the square on a stool or something. Someone asked me to throw over their bag, which was sitting behind me. I said 'no', and everyone laughed. The teacher was standing next to the blackboard, speaking very loudly. She looked a lot like a teacher I hated during high school. I remember holding some device in my hand which was going nuts reading numbers between 1200 and 1500 whenever the teacher spoke. I shouted at her, telling her to 'shut the fuck up', and to 'take some time to think about what you're saying.' When I was saying the words, they appeared on the blackboard like how typing makes them appear on a monitor. The device started showing numbers between 200 and 300.

Then I woke up. I haven't had such a strange dream in a long time.
>> No. 14586 [Edit]
...I uhm, I had a dream that I was imitating Christopher Walken in the middle of an abandoned factory. I was all alone, but there was a mirror there. So I was watching myself do Walken impressions in front of a mirror for the entire dream. It was weird.
>> No. 14601 [Edit]
Girls with pulse railgun rifles. They wore durable skintight light armour that covered their legs and arms and sides. Also wore helmets. Nothing covered their chests, stomachs or genitals and ass. Also they were all about 14-19 in age. 

The rifles plugged into a port on their backs, and a wire led to where they held the rifle. The electric source for the rifles was excitement, namely sexual excitement. 

Each girl was paired with a soldier. When the soldier would penetrate her, it would begin to charge up the gun. Each thrust would fire a magnetic homing projectile. Upon orgasm, the rifle would fire a projectile encased in massive electric power that would disable all the enemy rifles and kill or stun all enemies within a sixty foot radius of the flight path. 

What the fuck is Fumikane doing to my mind?
>> No. 14602 [Edit]
I was living in a huge abandoned car park, which probably had some 50 stories, along with hundreds of other people. It was a bit like Kowloon City. We set up couches wherever we wanted to sleep for the night and the only outside contact we had was when someone managed to set up a radio. However, we did have TVs, which we would use to sometimes watch VHS casettes of old movies from the 50s. Sometimes we had to move to a different storey, because some SCP looking things came, and they would start killing everyone somehow, even though they never moved. I can't remember the number but there was one SCP which was like that, it only moved when people weren't looking. They were pretty much like that one in appearance too. There were also some concrete hands all over the place, about 2 meters in height. No one knew why.
I was looking around after we moved again after a recent SCP-thing attack with 2 guys around my age. We went outside in the morning, to one of the balconies, and I realized that around the "car park" there were hundreds of residences, all decayed, but still inhabited. The street was full of dead rats and garbage. We hopped off the balcony and got on a roof thing that was covering the common area between 3 appartment buildings which were right next to the "car park". We looked to the right and saw a punk guy with a red spiked mohawk haircut, dressed in a dirty white shirt and jeans with holed in them (in this case we could assume it's not for style, as everyone around there had no way of actually getting fancy clothes. He probably just didn't care) and his little sister, who was probably 7 or 8, and was dressed in black jean pants, a black coat and a red t-shirt. All her clothes were quite dirty as well, but it was harder to tell because of the colours. Her hair was short, around chin-lenght, blonde, all ragged. They were in a white room with nothing in it except for a single bed, a chair and some 40 vinyl records on the floor. One of the guys I was with started talking to the guy about music. I went to observe the street for a while while they talked, and his sister came with me. We stood there looking around for a while. When we came back they were arguing about The Clash. The punk guy said their only good album was the first, while the other guy argued othewise. They eventually stopped, and the punk gut gave him one of his vinyls. I don't remember what it was, but the cover was white with a crudely-drawn skull in it. Then they decided to go to the "car park" with us for a while to visit (they knew some people from there but almost never went there out of fear of the SCP things. We sat on some couches and the other guys talked. The little sister came and sat down next to me, and then on my lap as we talked. She asked me if I was related the other two guys I was with. I replied I wasn't. Then she asked me "Why are you here?".

Then I woke up.

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>> No. 14603 [Edit]
That would be an excellent setting for a H-anime.

I dreamt I was in a mansion that had 7 floors above each other in a paradoxical way: namely, above the highest floor was the lowest, and below the lowest floor was the highest. Each floor corresponded to one of seven worlds (/planes of existence). I visited them one after another. I went up, and I arrived to the "neutral" world (the 4th). There was a big tree and a fireplace on that floor. The 7th was a "heaven" world, the 1st was a "hell", and we are on the 3rd.
>> No. 14614 [Edit]
File 133578851060.jpg - (94.97KB , 550x730 , 1334681982282.jpg )
I haven't been keeping up much with my dreams lately, but the one I had last night was pretty strange. More of a stressful nightmare than a dream. The first part from what I can remember consisted of a TV broadcast going on in a small neighborhood, where many people were doing something worthy of broadcast I suppose. What it was exactly I cannot remember, but afterwards everyone started vaccinating themselves against something. That part must be due to a nationstates Issue I keep dismissing, concerning vaccinations. I started freaking out a bit since everyone was doing it to themselves, and it looked pretty painful. There was some alien goop watching from a tree, that spit a piece of black matter into a needle that was being filled. Someone injected that into themselves, and that would probably turn them into zombies.

I woke up after that, and went back to sleep. The second part of the dream (it's really a different dream, but I think they go together fine) started with me waking up in the labroom of my school. It was 2000 hours, at that point I had missed the only way I could have returned home, which was my stepdad picking me up and taking me home at 15:00. I didn't know what to do, but I somehow made it to my grandparents house. In there I tried calling home, but for some reason I had difficulty typing in the phone numbers, even though they were actually correct in the dream as in real life. Maybe it was my brain trying to recreate they multitone sound for each number, but regardless I managed to get the number in fast enough. It ended up being my dads number, and I was about to hang up, but I didn't. I tried to talk to him, but the phone didn't pick up my voice. That kind of made me sad, since I don't get to talk to him often. This was kind of an emergency situation anyways, so I tried to call home quickly. Multiple times I was unable to, as when I typed in the number I heard no tone from the phone, it just made no sound after the number was typed in. I decided to stay at my grandparents then.

I think I woke up again then, and went back to sleep. This time I was in some dusty room, filled with old figures, chairs, tables, and other furniture. As I was looking through it, there was nothing I found interesting myself. As I lay on the floor looking through all the old anime figures, I could see some Dragon Ball, Zeta Gundam, and a hilarious looking princess Mononoke figure. I then saw some scruffy looking fujoshi with messy hair and the type of glasses that one tall girl in ore imouto wore that look like clown glasses, looking through the figures. The misogynist in me carried over to the dream world and I told her to get out if she didn't want anything since I wanted to sleep, and she asked me if I wanted to keep some of those figures or not. I said she could take some at half price, since they were dusty anyways. Of course she would take the Inuyasha and similar figures, yet leave the good ones, although I should have been thankful for that. I walked up to the register with the figures and scanned them, which came out to $300 some odd dollars, which I cut in half to $150. I guess she had not thought it would be that much, since she did not have that kind of money on her and walked away. I started to take some pity, and told her I would cut a bit more money off if she would stay for coffee.

I woke up again, this time considering fapping since I had nothing else to do. But instead went back to sleep. The fourth dream that night was scarier than the rest. A direct continuation of the first, the world outside was a huge mess, everything annihilated and in ruin. I was on stage for some Gameshow of the future, the host looked like the French Zarkoski (I hope I spelled that right), with a sinister grin. I had just entered near the last stage of the gameshow. The last contestant was a mulatto looking kid, about my age with shoulder length dreaded hair. The only way he could take home the meager amount of money he had won, around $400 or $300 is what I saw on the screen, was to finish the last stage. If anyone has watched the first Resident Evil live action movie, you might remember that hallway with the lasers that killed the soldiers, or if you haven't, in Fate/Zero, how Assassin dodged and danced past similar style lasers in an open area. This last stage was sort of like it, in a circular hallway, similar to the ones in a hamster cage. You had to dodge and dance, avoiding the lasers that moved at the rhythm of the music. The song that came up on the roulette was luckily for the young guy, not a very frantic one. The host however, offered the contestant a chance to multiply his earnings by 1.3, if he would dodge to the sound of some fast paced drum & Bass. If he died in the tunnel, some bit of money would be given to his mother as compensation. The guy asked what the song sounded like, and the drummer of the band on stage reluctantly played a beat of what it would sound like. I don't know much about music, but there was plenty of snare drum used. I have the beat in my head, but I don't know how to describe or write it down. The contestant said sure, he would do it. So then he was in the tunnel, waiting for the song to start. Some circular metal doors started to open, and the music began to start. The drums still hadn't started, as that was about 30 seconds into the song. The guy had his back to where the lasers came from, since the song still had not "really" started. Then as the last door started to open, a laser came with it. He hadn't noticed, and the line from roof to floor came very fast, yet somehow he dodged it perfectly. I thought for sure he was dead, but he dodged the next three pulses of the song starting perfectly. Then it really started speeding up, and he still made it past all of it. Then I could see it in first person, what it was like in that tunnel. Then the tunnel became a sphere, with lasers coming from all directions. At this point the song had already risen to some high BPM, so I could say all the dodging me or this guy was doing, must have been purely luck.
The last few pulses were strange meshes with shrinking areas where you could hop through, it was like playing some crazy crash bandicoot level for the time trial crosses.
After that was all cleared and the level won, the total winnings were under $1000 dollars, and the prize for playing on hardmode was a T-shirt with his name on it. It was already pre-printed. If he had died, the shirt would have been placed in their new show location, down in Australia. It was a plain white T-shirt, with a name in bold black letters, and some advertisement logos on the side and back. What a scary future that was.

Sorry for no paragraph spacing, I just typed it as I went along without really noticing how long it was getting. I'm still pretty excited I could not only remember the dreams I had, but have multiple dreams I could remember on the same night.
>> No. 14615 [Edit]
Holy crap that was incredible.
>> No. 14617 [Edit]
I was in a video game or something, think Metaverse from Snow Crash. And the leadership of the city started being incompetent or something, so everyone modded in food and other stuff. So, instead of saying "that looks tasty," you'd say "nice mod." Also, everyone had to sing in a very bad performance.
>> No. 14625 [Edit]
I get that same futile element in dreams here and there.

Usually punches or shots to the chest or head don't slow the faceless attacker down. But my dreams are so vivid sometimes, I worry that I DID try to talk to people at the gas stop and nothing came out.
>> No. 14631 [Edit]
I was in a shawshank redemption style prison. it wasn't that bad, and I even had a few friends. Eventually danny devito drove a train through one of the walls and everybody but me escaped
>> No. 14658 [Edit]
Well, I had this odd dream where i was with my uncle going to pick up his motorcycle (from a previous dream).

I stayed in the car as he went into the apartments and felt that the car was in an inappropriate position, but during this, like in a movie, there was a some jackass that wanted to cause me problems out of my point of view (I couldn't see them since I was busy driving the car, but I knew that they were there and saw them like in the cut scenes where some gangster retards decide to mess with somebody) until the lackey (the one who just talks shit and doesn't do anything except cause the problems then calls the boss/fighter out) came up to me and started threatening. After I parked the car (I knew that I didn't know how to drive in my dream, however I didn't question it much and just did it), I just parked the car in a nice spot, then I got out of the car and exchanged some more words, held the "lackey" against the other car with my knife directly on his abdomen. He ignored it and called the other guy, and this guy came out taller than me and stronger than me, wearing black brass knuckles and threatening to kick my ass.

In all honesty I got discouraged by looking at the guy, but I held my ground and talked to him, and readied myself to receive any attack he was going to give out and try my best to counter as viciously as possible because I wasn't going to let him win or let this go on long enough for me to get damaged enough. I have no idea what happened a little after this, but they ended up back in their first floor apartment and the lackey was in an _| ̄|○ position for some reason (I'm not sure, but the other guy was also probably inside). I felt like I had won for some reason.

I stopped giving them attention and saw that my uncle came back. He wanted to get his bike out of a locked gate that I am going to assume that he was busy getting the key for. After he unlocked the gate, he couldn't open it for some reason which made me wonder if he made a mistake or if I didn't let it open for some reason until I did it myself. We got the bike and left, the rest of the dream was me trying to re-imagine what happened during the fight with me and the guy, but instead it just ended up with me reconstructing it so that I'd figure out how I ended up winning.

Then I woke up.

The only interesting thing that I found in this dream is that I can take the positions of actor and director.
>> No. 14684 [Edit]
File 133627177975.jpg - (136.53KB , 500x624 , 9853617.jpg )
These Nortriptyline anti-depressants I've been taking (to tide me over until I can get something more specific prescribed) cause some absolutely terrifying, realistic nightmares if you take them even 5 minutes less than an hour before bed.

I made that mistake for the second time last night.

About 15 minutes after falling asleep, I woke back up in the same position I'd fallen asleep in. It felt like my chest was on fire, my head was pounding, I couldn't hold my eyes open for more than 2 seconds at a time, I was winded, I was hearing all kinds of crazy weird sounds and my teeth were all falling out. The whole thing felt incredibly real and painful, and because I have blood pressure problems in reality, I thought I must be having a stroke or something.

After that I woke up again, with all of the same symptoms, and wandered around my house gasping for help. I thought I must be dreaming, so I tried a few reality checks, but all of them told me I was awake.

After that I woke up AGAIN, this time in reality. I've never been so confused and relieved at the same time.
>> No. 14687 [Edit]
I had a thing a few weeks ago where I didn't know if I was dreaming or not, and still don't know if I was. I was laying in my bed and someone had opened my door, and for some reason I was terrified. I could barely move and kept yelling "who's there?!" until I was in tears. The person at the door turned out to be my mother, but I was still screaming even as she was trying to comfort me.

She's never said anything about it and I'd be too embarrassed to ask so I guess I'll never know
>> No. 14758 [Edit]
im posting something i posted on a phone/text message:

>>I had a dream you died. Please don't die

>>(It was during an evacuation of Chicago; some war happened and places by say halsted were overrun by 'the enemy' and you got out of the car on 95th and got lost somehow and died due to being abandoned or something)

>>(I had a rewind of sorts of future predictions saw that coming - I offered to drive to keep what made you get out - didn't work and I held you crying saying 'I love you' trying to keep you from leaving/seeing that. You'd die. And apparently in that timeline where I drove you you still died. I fled to another city in the car and apparently two days later I was back in my house :?

>>I think you were hit by a car as traffic was driving fast as hell due to the disorganized evacuation

>>Hence me keeping you away from going outside again the car and staying with me and the dude driving the car and whoelse was in the car :/
>> No. 14761 [Edit]
I had a dream that TC was a clubhouse, it used to be a school building. The boards were rooms (/vg/ had a bunch of computers and consoles, /an/ had a big projector, etc) and it was really chill. Also tohno was danny tamberelli
>> No. 14763 [Edit]
>Also tohno was a cute little girl

Fixed that for you
>> No. 14764 [Edit]
another phone dream i saved:

>>Did you recently have any free tickets?

>>I had a dream where you gave me tickets and then I was arrested by police and SWAT pointing assault weapons on me

>>LOL Tickets to what? (note: guy i am talking to)

>>Saudi [Arabia]

>>You offered me tickets in a last-minute situation

>>i.e. I had some appointment with other ppl or something

>>You told me, I came to you at an airport, I declined at the last minute

>>I took the ramp out (odd as I wasn't in the airplane, but at the causeway's gate where you have your passport and shit checked.)

>>I sensed that I did something or detected police presence, walked as regular while knowing that back into the concourse and there were fukkin soldiers or SW and shit

>>they noticed me and turned all their weapons on me, I raised my hand.....and I never heard of u being arrested.

>>so what do u think?

>>*also the tickers apparently could be used for any international airport as I was thinking that was possible/the tickets weren't seen in detail by me

>>Lol is this some sort of weird request for me to buy you tickets (him)

>>Also why would you want to go to saudi anyways? (him)

>>And finally: you gonna be at acen? (him)

>>No Im not asking you to get me tickets! My best guess was I was going to hang out with you for a few weeks in Saudi.

>>You invited me

>>Or something....

>>Yes I'm going to ACEN.
>> No. 14773 [Edit]
I was on top of a building with some touhous since they had hats, and overlooking a gasstation across the road.
I looked above the gas station, where there was a bilboard and someone was on it. It was a touhou with long blonde hair named Alzazaza.
Then she summoned a bunch of other girls that started shooting big bullets like gundamanium, and some almost hit me, but I had to make shields.
Then the touhou under me I was covering started yelling "anfang" "anfang", and I jumped down to make a drop kick towards the girl trying to shoot us directly and her head exploded into foam. I kept punching and tearing apart all the other girls with my fast and powerful fists, and they all snapped into pieces of plastic and foam.
When I got around 20 of them, Alzazaza got scared and flew away.
I started to pick up the remains and their heads turned into plastic faces filled with foam.
There were also a bunch of boxes like if they were figures, all over the place, so I pushed those under my bed to hide them. i then walked towards my uncle who was waiting in a dirty area with tall grass, and wanted me to help him bring his old car to the junkjard, while he drove his new one there and I could get in his car and drive home after we drop off the bad car.
I got in his new car and turned on my laptop, and started watching some music video about three asian girls with huge tits. They were wearing skimpy clothing, and then the video changed to them not wearing any upper body clothing and pushed me over to stick their boobs in my face. But then I just got to the area my uncle had his old car at.
I got out of the car and stuck my laptop in the old car so I could listen to music while driving the thing, while he was leaving with his other one. It was impossible to drive, and I had to lean in really low to fully get the brakes to engage. I could just barely touch the brakepad sitting normally, and had to go waaaay low to actually get it all the way down and closed. The gas though, was very high and just a tap would send the car going. I had trouble driving it on the road, so I just drove back and dropped the car off where I originally got it. My uncle was a bit frustrated.
I kept walking down the dusty road until I was in a Gran Turismo style racing stop. I could get any cheap car I wanted first, win a few races and then get money for better cars. The first car I could buy looked like a mini coooper, if a mini cooper had a bunch of other rice garbage like a bodykit.
The race was one on one, and you had a spedometer and a tip area that popped up while you were racing, the race was viewed in third person. When I started the car looked like the ships in einhander instead, very flashy and fast. You had to adjust the wings for drag so you could get faster speeds on the very narrow roads, which were like a rollercoaster but with two lanes and solid, with loops and everything. The first time I lost the race, and the second time i got enough speed by getting lower and lower down to really speed up to over 1400mph and won the race with $30K.
After winning that money I was back at the road where I chose cars, and my dad was there with me trying to help me find a first car to to get.
The first car we saw at this old lot was a 1969 Camaro, which pretty much only the frame with everything else missing inside it. The second car looked like a very large Oldsmobile cutlass, and the interior was very old fashioned and wooden. The engine had breakdown problems so I stopped looking at that too. The third car I never got to because my mom started yelling at me to stop sleeping all day and do something else. So I post on tohno about my dream until she leaves and I can go back to sleep.
I hope I can meet Alzazaza again.
>> No. 14801 [Edit]
I must have been in some kind of amusement park at first. I can't remember why exactly. I know I was doing something before, but I had thought I forgot my wallet in a basketball/school gym area indoors so I turned around and headed there. When I did reach it, there was already a school basketball game in session and I checked my back pocket, which already had my wallet. I was going to leave that area now, so I walked through a bit of the crowd just out of the court lines and a whistle blew a few times. Luckily I did not interfere with the game and managed to leave that room. I now wanted to leave the park, or explore it. I don't know why I was moving where I was.

Then an area was reached in this massive amusement park, where I could go down to the lower levels. It seemed where I was at was elevated. I could see the stairs, and then some platforms that held the stairs up which you could also hop on if you were feeling risky. I was not, so I used the regular stairs while some other kids used that. I wanted to beat them down to the lower levels so I got on the stairs which were in a spiral, and slid down the side railings of it and did manage to beat them there.
I kept on walking and saw another point I could reach, but it was across a river. This park was like a maze, so I checked the store right next to me to see if it had any exits that led across the river, but no. The store looked pretty fancy, but I didn't care to check for what they were selling. I looked around the store, and the river was actually a road. A bus kept going on it and I kept walking after it passed by. Then I waited for traffic and got across that road.

It was then getting late, so I entered some house with rock men inside of it. As soon as I walked in they fell into the floor and a geyser of blood shot up to the roof, like in that elm street movie. In the upper rooms there was a forge and anvil, right next to a mini trampoline. I had some dragon ore on me, so I made ingots out of them. I heard voices downstairs say some old man by a mountain was kidnapped or killed, and by that mountain there was supposedly plenty of chromium in a cave.
I made my way up quickly to take this chromium for myself. The cave was a long rectangular shape, with little pockets that a person could fit in along the sides. I'd say maybe three or four pockets on each side. Inside each pocket and along the entire cave floor was plenty of loose gravel, but each pocket contained around one or two chunks of chromium ore. I got a bit scared after collecting some, and left. When I returned back to the house down the dark hill where I was staying at, there were two people in my room. One guy wearing a bunch of fur clothing and a woman interrogating him. I couldn't catch what they were saying completely, but after that I found out that ore I was picking up made the vampires in the cave weaker. They let the old man collect it out of their cave and keep it, and in return they wouldn't eat him while he took it.

They ate him regardless, so I went back up there when they were home at the morning. I started collecting the ore in a big blanket, but they didn't end up attacking me, even though I could feel they wanted to. So in the end I didn't kill them, but picked up a crazy amount of ore. I got on my dragon and flew in the air to begin turning it into bars. It was a very large forest, no matter where I turned to look I saw trees and trees and trees. Pine maybe? It looked like a forest of someplace like Canada.

While I was making those bars, I thought it wouldn't hurt to make a few arrows out of it, in case those vampires came to bother me again. I was then contacted by someone and told to go to their coordinates. I landed in an area of the forest that changed. Before there were only trees here, but now there were lances everywhere, with their points poking up. Lances everywhere, but a path was left open to travel though, an uphill path that led a large circle made of massive lances. The third person with us went up ahead to see what was there, but after he was out of sight I only heard him scream. Then some very large bugs, about the size of my head and had the appearance of brown grasshoppers started flying around us. I still needed to see what was in that circle, so I kept on going up. The uphill path became very steep at this point, and I had to grab on to tree roots to make it, while all these bugs buzzed loudly and slapped around my face. When I made it almost to the top, the other person that was with me flew away on their golden dragon. And then I saw a large dinosaur, with a horn where another gold dragon was impaled on and dead come out of that circle. It started to breath fire and I made a run for it too. I got on my red dragon and flew away.
We waiting while the animals we rode clinked on to a large building out of sight of the dinosaur, but where we could still see him. It walked around the area with lances, but after a while returned back to the circle while slowly turning invisible. We had to fly out of here, but out of sight of that thing. We flew up very high, and made sure to not be near that dinosaur as we left the area, at which point I caught a glimpse of someone on a glowing blue dragon and we followed him. Following him for a short while we landed on another stone rooftop of an old building, and the other two began to talk. I started thinking about what I should do myself. I had plenty of chromium, so I could craft more arrows, but it would be best to also craft a new bow. A compound of chromium and all my other ores to replace my crappy wooden one. Then ninjas or something attacked. It was an ambush by people in black clothes, but all three of us escaped fine. Then we returned back to the dinosaur. Most of the lances were cleared out now, and only that big circle remained.
I shot an arrow right at it, and then took cover behind the circle he was inside of. The dinosaur kept trying to target me, but could not reach me. I started to shoot right at the wall of lances, and plenty of arrows got stuck in the wall. I could see through it and knew he was in that area, and whenever he leaned in to break through the wall the points of my arrows would tear through him and become lodged in his face. The other two entered the circle and attacked him with their bows from behind while I kept moving this one around. The dinosaur then grew another head that also began to breathe fire which I could just avoid by rolling out of the way. It's faces started to distort until I couldn't even tell what animal it originally was. For the last few blows I stood right by the entrance of the circle and kept shooting until he fell down dead.

At that point a lot of people came from the forest and picked up that person with the golden dragon and congratulated them, cheering their name while thrusting their lances in the air for cheering. Then an androgynous looking guy with long smooth brown hair and a blue or purple robe walked to our group and congratulated us, and called the person who used the golden dragon, princess. So maybe that's why she got all the credit. That guy had a person who tagged along with him, with the same color hair in a ponytail and same smooth skin and strange silky robes. Then that guy turned to me and said "how peculiar, a mage using a bow." then I was given some circular plate, light blue with golden edges and some glowing purple writing on it as my quest reward.

I was really sick all day before I went to bed, and while trying to sleep I had a headache and those chills you get during a really high fever, so I'm glad I was able to get some sleep, let alone a nice dream.
>> No. 14811 [Edit]
I was a rockstar in a fancy hotel, with a hot tub and assistants and everything. The twist is I had no idea what the fuck was going on. I knew damn well I wasn't a rockstar and figured I must have been put in an alternate dimension, but I figured I would roll with it. I thought about calling one of my friends from high school to see if he remembered me, then one of my bandmates gave me an apple that was cut into slices but somehow still in the skin.
>> No. 14812 [Edit]
I tried doing the "write down details from your dream when you wake up in the middle of the night and try to recall the dream later on" thing. All I got was this:

"The gentleman's club just fucks cows in caves.
Remind the principal to kill Will Farrell. He's not even wearing blue."

Not even trying to recall this one.
>> No. 14813 [Edit]
I had a very hard time sleeping last night. I kept sleeping for an hour or two, and I'd have dreams that I would get emails, and I'd wake up and check my email before going back to sleep. Of course I didn't get any, but the dreams still made me happy.
>> No. 14815 [Edit]
I don't believe I've remembered any dreams in a long time. Probably for the best, as they were always awful.
>> No. 14818 [Edit]
I've been remembering every single one now, and they're all too long, so I've taken to not posting all of them here. I do not think many would like if I spammed the thread with my wall of text incoherent dreams.
>> No. 14819 [Edit]
>>14815 here. I actually managed to recall a dream from earlier this afternoon, after I fell asleep near a window, bathed in the warmth of the sun. First time in a while...

It's fragmented since I'm sick today. But for aberrant reasons I was in Paris in the 1950s, living with my sister in a beautiful old building. In some regards, it was not 1950 since I remember seeing laptops in the flat. Anyway, I was trying to play the piano but for some reason I couldn't get any sound. I would play and play...eventually started to smash keys and get physically angry at the instrument for being broken. After that, I ended up waking up (short nap).

Coincidentally I was in a car accident a while ago, and went deaf. I play and compose a lot of music in real life. Maybe it's my mind telling me to let go of the devotions I once loved.
>> No. 14820 [Edit]
I had some strange dreams last night. In one, I was with my family. It was a big Christmas dinner in a stranger's house but the mood was more one of a funeral. For some reason everyone kept staring at me and it was silent aside from my grandmother softly crying. In another dream I walked around in an empty building, but no matter how hard I looked at the things around me I could only see my reflection. I didn't see myself at all which was even stranger, just the feeling that I was.

I have an easier time remembering my dreams when I sleep in the sunlight, but they're only ever bad dreams. If you can, try sleeping outdoors sometime, out in nature... I always feel much more vulnerable when I do, but I dream different kinds of dreams because of it, and I can remember them much better for that reason. Sleeping near running water is also very nice, but it really wouldn't be the same if you're deaf...
>> No. 14823 [Edit]
Ha! I have a few entries like that in my dream journal, and for some reason I find non-sequiturs like that hilarious. Like, one will just pop into my head in the middle of the day at work or something and I'll start cracking up.
>> No. 14855 [Edit]
I was playing mario kart 64 on a big screen with some other people, and one of them got mad when I picked a character they wanted. I think we were in the woods
>> No. 14856 [Edit]
Excerpt from last night:

"Going into town with Madoka. She asks me to become a magical girl, but I have to stock up on groceries first. Bought eggs and butter; "this should be enough for a year." Went to see The Dark Knight, too many people at the theater, moved to restroom to take a shower instead. Bohemian Rhapsody playing on loudspeaker."

That last part is what kills me.
>> No. 14858 [Edit]
It was a post-apocalyptic dream, with the earth on the verge of a nuclear attack by Haruhi knows what. Most of the dream was about me and the infamous zyzz running around urban wastelands trying to find shelter. Eventually, we somehow got separated, and while I managed to find a subterranean shelter, zyzz was still outside trying to escape. Then, the bomb dropped, and he was desintegrated by the nuclear strike.
The dream ended there.
>> No. 14880 [Edit]
There was this weird doll that had a knife in both hands. Whenever anybody tried to touch it, they would get cut by it's knives since it seemed to be alive, yet all it did was swing its arms to keep people away from it. It looked like a regular mechanical doll, it didn't even try to make any slashing movements toward whoever tried to touch it, or actually touched it. The cuts would just appear on their hand. Holding it's hands still were impossible, the same with trying to take the knives away from it. The longer it was held, the more cuts you'd receive so it was very risky.

I got pissed off and tried to kill it. I was unsuccessful in the dream I had before with this doll, but this time I didn't care. I do not remember the amount of attempts that I've made, but it ended when I grabbed the knife and snapped the blade off of the little piece that it was holding it from. At that time I realized that it had slashed my wrist. Blood was pouring insanely fast out of it and I didn't know what to feel. I probably just didn't care any more.
>> No. 14894 [Edit]

That actually sounds like a cool doll.
>> No. 14899 [Edit]
There's this virus tester on Youtube whose videos I like to watch. He was making a new video, but he needed my help. I needed to send him one of the viruses he was going to test, which was on a computer in another person's house for some reason. After getting on that computer and sending him the file, my computer suddenly got downgraded from Windows 7 to XP, but with a really funky theme.

Later on I was surfing the internet, and a popup appeared that managed to infect my computer with a virus (which should be next to impossible nowadays). I tried googling the name of the virus for help, but my browser closed as soon as I entered my search.
>> No. 14900 [Edit]
the dan guy?
>> No. 14940 [Edit]
I had a dream that I was trapped in some sort of reality where my mother had her soul uploaded into a synthetic cat by a mad scientist computer programmer, and we thought she died. I had a brother in the dream, which was weird. There was also a woman I didn't know, sort of an onee-san type, and another guy, who was pretty cool (think Kaji from NGE, I guess?) and they helped my brother and I look for her. There were two hot-tubs, and the setting was like...Japan, meets a psychedelic trip, meets autumn. Like, the trees all had beautiful, multicoloured leaves. It was very cool and inspirational. Sort of ignited a creative spark that died out all too quickly.

And I had a very fleeting dream that I was at a concert with my waifu. First time I dreamt of her in ages, although it was so brief. I think we were watching Bloodthirsty Butchers - Those are the vibes I got from the band playing, anyway, but I could very well be wrong.
>> No. 14941 [Edit]
I was a thief. To assist me, I had the power to turn invisible, though I could only do so for a few minutes at a time.

My latest mission was to find a Catholic church somewhere off the side of the nearest interstate and steal a certain pen. The pen was metal, about 1cm in diameter, and had a chain. I was also told that it had magical powers.

After receiving the assignment, next thing I know I'm already inside the church, hiding in a closet. I turned on my invisibility power and quickly left to search for the pen.

It didn't take me long to find the room it was in. It was a large, mostly empty room with white walls, a red ceiling, and a very elaborate carpet. The pen was sitting in the center of the room, unguarded. Feeling safe, I turned off my power to let it recharge and proceeded carefully to the pen.

An alarm went off the moment I grabbed it, and people started rushing into the room to try and stop me. I quickly reactivated my power and high-tailed it out of there. While fleeing, I noticed that the pen must have been lending its power to me. My invisibility felt as if it could last forever, and I was running very fast.

I woke up as soon as I got to the parking lot.
>> No. 15098 [Edit]
File 13386751786.gif - (23.47KB , 800x263 , SjCMhqWSH4e0Cr4V21zl.gif )
I don't know how exactly I got there, but I was in a house. Actually I think it was my room in this new home, with stuff moved around everywhere so it was like having a new room.

We had people come over to stay as guests. I think it was 3 kids (I remember that number, because the bathroom later on had three small toothbrushes), my sisters boyfriend, his younger sister, and some older person that I could not identify.

In my dream, I was on my bed trying to sleep in the same position that I was actually sleeping in reality. Under a blanket hugging my comforter. I was dreaming of a game section that reminds me of the desert in 3D dot heroes. There was a fire in a building and I could not proceed until I saved a kid inside, just like the spiderman 2 movie. While I was saving him, he told me he wanted to die because he was bad at phantasy star online. I told him I've been in parties where all the guys couldn't even complete a basic combo and we died and he felt better, then he thought I was cool. I then walked to the world map and I forget the rest, but I woke up in my other dream next.
In this time i woke up there was writing on the wall, written in those little plastic crystals girls use to decorate stuff like cellphones, as seen in that one episode of maria holic where they cover Kanako's entire desk with it.
I knew it was my the sister of my sister's boyfriend, so I went and asked if she sleptwalked or something. She was wearing a frilly pint princess dress and said sure. I then went back in my room and she followed me there, where my younger brother and sister also were. In there we discussed how to move around the bed, using a weird map. There was a dead body or something in the closet and that new girl held on to me. this part I remember the most, since she was so warm. then I kind of just wrestled with her on my bed, and she told me I had hugged her while she was writing that stuff on the wall. Later that I thought about it, then she wasn't really sleepwalking if she was conscious of that, but it's a dream anyways.
Later everyone was going outside somewhere, so i went to brush my teeth. In my dreams, that always causes my entire mouth to bleed a lot. I got very wet during that toothbrushing experience, which turned more into a small shower.
when I went outside, I had trouble walking. I could not keep my balance. This is also something that's been happening in all my dreams recently, along with being too short to drive a car properly (in reality I'm 176cm, tall enough to drive a car, although I've only driven once in my life)
It's like someone extremely drunk, trying to walk, I keep falling and each step that makes me fall takes a lot of effort to plan out. At this point I realized this one was also a dream, since problems walking have been common for me for a while now. At that point I thought, "fuck this" and just flew up, and woke up for real that time.
I should have raped the nearest person to me instead of flying though, that was a waste of precious few lucid seconds. When I woke up I was still hugging my comforter. I moved around and put it and a pillow over me instead, so I could pretend it was a loli sleeping on me.
My sister's boyfriend doesn't even have a sister either.
>> No. 15130 [Edit]
There was some kind of TV show with the host being a kid in what looked like a plastic Halloween gundam costume. I can't say exactly where I was sitting, since the perspective for me changed a lot. He started talking about a new movie coming out, Raptors Vs Werewolves. After the preview was over and everyone stopped clapping for around a second (they're always clapping), he invited another kid to play drums while he played guitar.
For some reason everyone was really impressed with finger tapping and how fast it was, and the drums that were being played had a tin cover, so every time the guy hit them, a dent would appear. I guess they went on to commercials, because everyone started getting up and leaving, and then the lights came on and it was some kind of living room.
I found a guitar next to a couch, and noticed it had some pretty high gauge strings on it. I asked the owner why did they have gauge 12 (even though it looked like they placed .6 for all of them) and they just nodded. The owner of the guitar was a tranny that looked like that picture of der General holding SICP. Then I sat on the couch and put that guitar to the side, and gave the TV host some tips on trilling instead of just tapping.
I had taken someone's seat, so I moved to the back of the room and sat on what looked like a dining room table. Thinking back on it now, that entire room looked like my grandmother's house living room I haven't visited in years.
I was gonna put my head down, but some lady sat close to me, and that tranny sat next to me, and I didn't want to look depressed around company. After the show started and I made a milkshake in the kitchen, the lady told me I would get kicked out of the meeting soon and that I was on thin ice.
I got really angry and was about to flip the table, wondering why in the world I was getting kicked out. She said I had introduced outside people to some members, and I just told her I was teaching that guy how to tap with a pick. Then she said that I didn't wear a hat, even though no one here wears a hat anyways. I flipped some lettuce off the table and picked up the tranny over my shoulder and told him that he likes this anyways, then went out the door where I had a yellow corvette or ferrari, it looked like a mix of both, except the exterior was setup with some plastic sheeting. I threw my kidnapping victim in the passenger seat and I got in the drivers seat by crawling over them. I only drove around 3 or 4 seconds before I woke up.
>> No. 15223 [Edit]
Barefoot Gen and the comments of many people online (and from my old school) have me messed up. Uuugh. 

Last night I dreamt I was in the IJA or IJN. I was on some sort of island and we were repatriated back to Japan. Heard about the atom bombings. Riding on a ship back to I guess Yokosuka, an American ship came up next to ours and offloaded about fifty sailors, no officers. They took over the ship and held all the officers at gun point. 

They rammed the ship into a rock formation "accidentally" and made us all board life boats at triple capacity, while each group of four sailors took a ten person boat for themselves and their cases of bud light. I think they left officers on the ship. 

We got ashore and were put in camps. I wrote my waifu that I was safe but in a camp for the time being, hungry. She wrote back that she was coming there soon. I told her not to come, but it was too late. She saw me starving behind a barb wire fence and tried giving me onigiri, but the sailors found her and dragged her to their mess hall... Oh Haruhi...

I heard screams but I keep trying to forget them... 
>> No. 15260 [Edit]
I was visiting a friend overseas who was just about to open a comic book cafe. I was trying to put on a shirt and tie for the grand opening but my ties kept breaking or they didnt look right, one was all furry. it was terrible.
>> No. 15338 [Edit]
File 133992997921.jpg - (273.06KB , 973x810 , 22883986.jpg )
I was underground in some kind of storeroom.

The walls were grey cement. The cold metal shelves were also grey. Upon the shelves, were many ugly brown cardboard boxes. I think I was sitting behind some kind of office desk. I looked up, and in the upper corner of a shelf, sitting like in this image, I saw a black silhouette. I couldn't make out any features, but I knew it was "me."

I was curious about it. I decided to wave at it and see how it would react.

It waved back, while letting out a blood-curdling scream. Not a scream of fright, but something more spiteful and menacing. I was absolutely terrified and found myself pushed into another dream. In this dream, I could tell I was dreaming. I also had a complete memory of what had just happened, and was desperate to wake up before something else happened. However, because it always happens to me naturally, I had no idea of how to actually wake myself up. So, trapped as I was, I just ran. After running for awhile everything disappeared and I woke up.

There's probably some pretty DEEP symbolism in all of this.
>> No. 15340 [Edit]
Sometimes I have repeated dreams. Today I had a dream that I remember having at least two times before, around 2 and 4 years ago respectively. It's one of these dreams that really sticks in your memory.

Some minor details change each time, but they are basically the same dream. It's a bit unsettling to be honest, and this is not the only dream that repeats itself. Sometimes I still have the same dreams that I had when I was 6 years old.

This dream in particular is a fucking weird one, I wouldn't be able to describe it properly even if I wanted to.
>> No. 15354 [Edit]
I joined the navy in the not to distant future.
Was on a very large battleship.
was touring around the ship with my new bunk mate when we spotted two women off the ship who were yelling something at us, guy with me kept yelling that he couldin't hear them, till I got sick of the yelling and went to ask them what they wanted, can't remember what they said, but they followed the other guy to our room, and he told me to a hike.
So I explored the rest of the ship and got lost, and wondered into a room with an ongoing orgy. I ran out but there were people going at it in the hallways too, everywhere I went on the ship there were people having sex. got to an empty observatory or possibly control room like place, but then people showed up outside the windows and started going at it.
Before I knew it there was a scientist and some other random people praising me and explaining to an officer that I was very gifted and that apparently this whole time I've been exploring the ship, I had been solving complex tasks and puzzles without even knowing it.
I didn't care, I just wanted to get away from these people and be left alone, but I couldn't find a way off the ship.
I think I ate a bullet in the end.
>> No. 15363 [Edit]
I had a dream there was an animal crossing meets minecraft style game. You could build whatever and travel across a randomly generated world, and you would come across villages as in-depth as the ones in AC, with it's own citizens, post offices, stores, etc. I found a cool town in a snowy area and was looking for a cliff with a view to build my house on and I woke up.
>> No. 15364 [Edit]
I dreamt my mother performed a magical initation ritual on me, which made me able to see things otherwise invisible, like the thoughts of other people. I also became a member of a group of people who all had similar abilities. We had to escape on train from some town, where other people were trying to capture us.
>> No. 15597 [Edit]
Some sort of gray, chanting zombie was in my garage trying to bite conan obrien
>> No. 15600 [Edit]
I saw this on the frontpage, laughed, and knew what thread it was on. Just thought I'd let you know that this brightened my day in a really weird way.
>> No. 15850 [Edit]
I was propelling myself by squirting water out of my ass like some sort of lewd hovercraft.
>> No. 15917 [Edit]
I was walking around a high school and found Mio alone outside, so I started talking to her. Eventually I kissed her.

It was strange because she's not even my favourite girl, but she was just really really cute and I couldn't help it.
>> No. 15918 [Edit]
I had a dream I saw a breathtaking view of new york, and it made me question if living was worth it after all. Then of course I wake up and it turns out the view was entirely a product of my imagination so I'm not sure what my subconscious is telling me

Ha ha, I had a romantic dream about Mio last year and I haven't even seen K-on (assuming that's the mio you mean). Maybe she just has that effect on people.
>> No. 15959 [Edit]
I was standing in my living room, and I looked in the hallway and there was a black sweater moving around on it's own in the air, and it terrified me. Funny is that usually "terror dreams" still have me a little spooked even after I wake up, but with this I thought "wow that was really fucking stupid" the instant I woke up
>> No. 16097 [Edit]
I was playing this weird prototype of Super Metroid where Samus wore a primitive spacesuit with a bubble helmet and really bulky boots. You could still wall jump and use the speed booster, but if you did it for too long then your suit would overheat and start taking damage.
>> No. 16165 [Edit]
File 134394175140.jpg - (112.34KB , 423x600 , Lich[1].jpg )
It stated with alien visitors that we found in a park one day. I'm sorry that I can't remember everything in high detail, it starting to fade now that I woke up. But anyhow, they were very tiny aliens, sort of like fairies. Some people there wanted to kill them, others wanted to let them live. It didn't really matter though, and I wasn't one that was interested.

Right after that happened, a lot of strange things started happening in my high school building, whih is the setting for the rest of the dream. There were words written in slime all over the walls on the first and second floors, and those small imp like aliens could be seen walking around. There was a guy that hung himself with his intestines by the auditorium, I think he was a teacher. It was just recent, so I started to follow a trail of yellow slime down the hallway and up the stairs to the third flood.
I can't remember very clearly what happened around here, but I managed to impress the alien demon lord boss that ran the place. All over the third flood I could see misshapen blobs of flesh that looked like humans melted together to form a type of monster. They didn't try to attack me outright, I guess since I had other things on my mind I also didn't really get scared enough to turn this dream into a full out nightmare.

After I wandered the third floor enough, I saw Mio from K-On! walk into one of the rooms, she was sent there for some reason or another, and I could see her in third person. The room had some other people sitting at some kind of computer like terminals, but they would not respond.
As mio sat in one of those terminals, she could (or maybe it was me instead of Mio since I could still see her in third person) see the alien demon lord, he looked a bit like picolo from Dragon Ball.
Piccolo started talking as a very tiny mio sat on his back. I couldn't understand what he was saying, but it wasn't very good news. I couldn't see past his shoulders, but it looked like some kind of fire and lava burning up land. As he kept talking, he kept becoming bigger, so mio eventually could fit in a tiny leather crease on his jacket. He could still hear mio questioning things and laughed at her. Then that vision thing ended and mio was back at that place, and I was in front of her.

I was told to break her, so I dropped her on the terminal table and lifted up her skirt, then stuck two of my fingers up into her vagina while her shimpan were still on, deep enough until her hymen popped and she screamed and started to cry. Then I started to strangle her until she stopped crying so much. Afterwards, some imps tied her up with a really long rope made out of flesh that dragged her out of the room.

I then went outside and a very tall lich or doctor, maybe both, came up to me. He was wearing very raggedy and dirty type robes, and with his very cold and gray bony hands gave me a small tube thing of some very fizzy green stuff. It was boiling in the beaker type container. After he walked away, I didn't know what to do with it so I started to ask some imps and rats around me, but they were dead and didn't respond. So I took a sip, and then another. I can't quite remember what it tasted like, but it did sting my mouth and nose. It didn't seem to end and I kept drinking more and more of it. Then a guy in a robe just like that lich, although a bit shorter, came up to me.

My leg was falling asleep, he told me to not drink so much at one time. Then I noticed I had a uniform kind of like his, and i started to follow him downstairs. As my leg was coming back awake, some guy that is a local celebrity around my city started to chase after me and beg me to tell these guys not to kill him. I shook his arm off since I didn't know him personally, and I wanted to save anyone it would be someone I cared about obviously, you have to save those kinds of favors and use them sparingly. It started to get very dark the deeper down the stairs I traveled.

That was pretty much the ending for that as a continuous dream, although the next did have a bit of it too. The story that followed was me sitting at a lunch table in the year 1996, at some kind of street racing meet up. I could see Vin Diesel sitting in a Corvette, and Jet Li sitting in another table alone staring everyone down. I asked Vin Diesel where I could find a radio for a 91 Rx7 and he directed me to a junkyard, but right after some little aliens were found in a brush by some of the racers. I didn't know how to react to this, and I woke up.
>> No. 16170 [Edit]
I was in the locker room of my old high school gym and peed in an open locker for whatever reason. As soon as I finished, I turned around and some guy started laughing at me. Before long a huge crowd joins in behind him.

For some reason, I panicked and killed him with a replica of the Master Sword from Zelda, which I'd just recently bought irl. Not sure why. Kind of a weird impulse buy in hindsight.
>> No. 16172 [Edit]
Do you have the Hylian shield with it? Have you held it up in the air and felt empowered just by taking that stance?
>> No. 16173 [Edit]
Yes and yes.
>> No. 16175 [Edit]
I had dream where I was 12 years old again, back in my old school, except that this time Flandre Scarlet was on of my classmates.
>> No. 16272 [Edit]
My tooth was really itchy, and after looking in a mirror I saw that it was rotten from the middle up into my gums. Later, I found a van with a bunch of fumofumos in the back but I didn't have time to take them all, because the police were coming
>> No. 16274 [Edit]
I was in a car, going along a highway that was kind of tall (around it there were valleys). The driver saw a couple of ambulances coming against him (wrong way, but somehow I no one noticed) and pulled over, but did not brake, so the car fell off the cliff. The driver died, and the two ambulances had to turn around in order to go help us instead of wherever they were going.
>> No. 16296 [Edit]
Had a dream where I moved into this new dormitory as if I was starting college (or University) all over again. For some reason I was walking down a high street where I came across this random guy who was throwing insults at various people passing by, obviously trying to pick a fight. I tried to get away, hoping he wouldn't notice me but in this dream I had a limp in my walk. Then I saw the same guy from the street successfully carjacking someone.
>> No. 16346 [Edit]
I was swapping faulty graphics cards between two PCs on a train at night. I looked out the window to see a guy with a big fork on the other track. He zapped the wires above the tracks as we went along, causing them to glow with sparks and lighting.

Next was a supermarket's parking lot. The guy with the fork zapped one of the wires, and it exploded. A nearby woman tutted. Then I was inside the supermarket with a video camera. The ceiling was really low and it had loads of exposed pipes. Pointing the video camera at the pipes made them get sucked inside, which amazed some nearby people. I pointed the camera at a girl, who looked like Makise Kurisu for some reason, and the same thing happened to her clothes.
It got brighter, the ceiling got higher, and the pipes disappeared.

Some men with facepaint, who talked like stereotypical anime delinquents, started following me. I got taken inside some room. I was looking at myself in third person from the front, and I had sort of bushy blonde hair. There was a drawing on the wall of a man with glowing red eyes. A voice said "What does it matter who you kill first?", and then I got the same glowing red eyes. I was then back with the facepainted delinquents. One of them walked towards me, said something, and all of his limbs flew off. The dream ended, and I woke up very confused.

I had another dream last night, although I can't remember more than one scene from it. I was in a room with a muddy pond in the middle. A boy rode in on a bike and faceplanted right into this pond. I thought this was the funniest thing ever. I can remember people commenting on my laughing throughout the dream. The same boy came into view at some other point in the dream and I lost it there too.
>> No. 16380 [Edit]
I had a Gintama related dream.

For some reason it started off as a manga where some amanto were dressed weirdly and were messing up a ship, then it skips to a scene of Gintoki, Kagura, and Shinpachi wearing the same thing while going on vacation on that ship, to which caused them to get called out for the destruction done to the ship. They didn't refute the claim for some reason and it just went to them acting like they always do. Later on they meet some enemy amanto that hide in crates and a fight scene started, this part was not in manga form, but in a third person camera angle on video games (Like Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within) with color and everything. After they managed to win, Gintoki went to a door on his right while everybody else ran to the cabin with the camera focused on him.

It mostly ended with some more things and a part where Gintoki says: "I'm the captain and I need to get back to my crew" while everybody else in the cabin on the other side of the ship think: "our captain sucks!".
>> No. 16389 [Edit]
I was floating with balloons just above some strange looking trees in a long back alleyway.
when I got home a pair of annoying women had apparently followed me, and kept trying to get into my apartment while I hid with the light off.
woke up and retraced my steps from the dream, (but I really wasn't) found myself outside of a gas station, hesitate kept ringing in my head as I searched used loto tickets on the sidewalk for the word.
As I went home I passed by the place where my waifu works, also saw miszu in a mcdonald's uniform, was gonna take a photo but she kept staring at me till I left...
crossed a part and go to my apartment, babies everywhere in the lounge area. went in the elevator and came out into a old factory type place, met ahab or whatever the dude's name was from dead space, dude was being ambushed by those alien monster things. I grabbed a gun and helped him out. we went down a different elevator after destroying some tubes that would flood the place with acid.
>> No. 16390 [Edit]
Yesterday I dreamed about being a woman. That's a first for me. On top of that I was quite a slut it seems and I was making out with when one my childhood friends.

... Yeah. Feels weird.
>> No. 16391 [Edit]
The only part of my dream I remember was that I kept making out with a stepsister I haven't spoken to for years, and then went home and googled how to be better at it.

>> No. 16392 [Edit]
I became an actor and got a part on breaking bad, and i got really nervous because i was going on a talkshow and couldn't remember my character's name
>> No. 16393 [Edit]
I found myself in my old middle school, along with most of the kids that I was friendly with and some other background characters that don't mean anything. I only entered the building for a couple of seconds before deciding that I wanted to go home. After the school stuff and expressing my interest in video games and a teacher said some things which forced the dream to be about what I wanted instead of what I "had to do", I somehow ended up in some sort of Japanese arcade with some camping supplies and I instantly became frightened because of the fact that I have very little knowledge with the language and I didn't have any money, then I stopped by a little booth with some Japanese guy singing as he sold things. I could remember that he had some crudely painted plastic pokemon dolls, but they still sold somehow, and he managed to sell food as well. After he finished selling things he looked at me and asked me something that I couldn't understand to which I ended up giving no reply, he decided that I wasn't worth the time and ignored me.

After feeling a little bad, I remembered my objective and proceeded to the back with the arcade machines. I managed to find what I came for, but I found that there were three people camping out there just to play it. One was some kid with a wooden guitar (he sat on the table behind the machine waiting for his turn), the other was the guy on the machine, and the last I don't remember anything about (I'm not sure if he did anything). I spoke with them in english, oddly enough, and they were nicer than I could've hoped, just not nice enough to let me try the machine. After a couple of hours, I decided to look around for another machine, which I managed to find, only it had somebody using it at the same time.

I'm not sure why, but the guy started talking to me and I immediately noticed that he had a slightly effeminate accent. I didn't mind the accent, and just answered his questions. Then I woke up.
>> No. 16396 [Edit]
This has been a recurring dream for months, and it's not going to go away any time soon.

I take a class, whether it's a lecture or a lab, but I never seem to attend that class. When I realize that I'm in deep shit and going to fail that course, I wake up. And I just graduated with a decent GPA about eight months ago.
>> No. 16400 [Edit]
There was some futuristic gladiator-like stadium packed with people and in the centre three fat pigs. They shaved off all the skin off the pigs until they were just bare muscle and fat and they were all squealing in pain. It for entertainment because people wanted to see suffering. The pigs started squatting down to do a shit because they were in so much pain and when their shit ran out they started shitting their innards. Some fat guy who worked there ran out and teased the pigs by being a dickhead in their faces or something. The crowd loved this. Then, like the scene in Berserk, three demons borne from the intense desire for vengeance burst out from the pigs and started flying around the stadium gruesomely killing everyone. The fucking end.
>> No. 16401 [Edit]
>> No. 16408 [Edit]
Somehow I managed to be on this porn livestream show. I don't know if it even streamed, I didn't see any cameras. So yeah I had quite a bit of sex, and then the next day tried to watch the stream but it was down. Woke up and realised none of it ever happened.

The last 3 nights I've had nothing but dreams about sex with 3d women, which is weird because when it comes to 3d all I'm attracted to is men. My subconcious must be in a real state.
>> No. 16439 [Edit]
That's a pretty common dream. I used to have it when I was in college. I started having it less and less as I became depressed and stopped caring.

I came here today to announce that I must be some sort of seer. In my recent dream, the next Zelda game was so insultingly easy, even my mother thought it was easy.

So, using my new knowledge, I also predict that the battlefield of the future will be some sort of LARPing, using makeshift weapons. For example, holding a mechanical pencil like it were the barrel of a gun and yelling pew pew. That's a submachine gun.
>> No. 16570 [Edit]
My mom made me sell my car becuase we needed money.
pissed off about stuff going on, I got a bike and traveled to a far off town. (might have been L.A.)
there I stoped to get something to eat from a chicken place, then proceed to a videogame store, but the place was packed full of people, I could barely move, I had to get out as soon as I could and had to squeeze my way out. once I got out the place looked empty.
Thats when some cops approached me and made me go with them, I thought it was about how I acted in the video store, but they took me to the restaurant I ate at before.
Apparently I didn't pay the full amount for the chicken, and it seems it cost $300, and I didn't have nearly that much on me. I thought the price was observed but they didn't care and blamed me for not checking the price.
after explaining to me the trouble I was in, The police made me an offer.
They told me they'd pardon me if I traveled to korea and obtain proof of a organisation making counterfeit Nintendo products. I agreed and went.
I snuck way way into the large compound that looked like a large mining operation. and made my way to a warehouse skylight, there I took some photos of the machinery producing fake 3DS.
on my way out however, I was discovered and stole a RV to make my get away in. the thing drove like a sports car however. and with some fancy driving I was able to lose them in a town filled with similar vehicles.
they then gave me another mission, catching a house wife murder. but this time they also gave a aston-martin V12, they flew me in a cargo plan over the target area and dropped me off in the car which had multiple parachutes and a huge balloon dome thing around it. after landing I proceed to track down my target, then woke up.

It's strange how I'm remembering so many of my dreams lately.
>> No. 16591 [Edit]
Me and some of the girls from Yuru Yuri went to Vegas (I was one of the girls but I don't remember which one). Carl Winslow told us to avoid the 1,000th floor of the hotel we were staying at, because that's where the bad people were. We were all going to take firefighting lessons and I felt bad because Akari was going to miss out, as she was still asleep in our room.
>> No. 16597 [Edit]
I was about to play D&D for the first time with some people I don't even know (one of them looked a bit like Richard Stallman, but not exactly). When we were done, I couldn't remember anything that happened, like someone hit 'stop' before we started playing and 'record' again after we were done.

After that, I somehow learned that the real me had died four years ago, and I was his clone (who managed to grow back to my old self's age within a week). I also learned that the random memory blackouts occur from the rapid growth process, which included instilling old-me's memories within the new me.

I woke up wondering if I really was a clone.
>> No. 16796 [Edit]
I dreamed I lived in New York City and that I was attending a nice university. I didn't have any problems with stress or anxiety and I had a lot of friends and I did very well with my studies. It felt like I'd lived in my dorm room forever and all of my professors were really cool. I'm kind of unhappy to be awake now...
>> No. 16801 [Edit]
Last night I dreamt that they made a Zelda fighting game (a regular one, not something like SSB). In the story mode, you could only play as Link, and your opponents all fought using danmaku. My grandma was playing it and enjoyed it.
>> No. 16802 [Edit]
For some odd reason, I left some of my figs at school which just ended, and let people borrow them, I was really worried I might never see them again. all I had were the empty boxes.
boy was I glad to wake up from that.
>> No. 16803 [Edit]
I was playing the game "Sleeping Dogs" and was delighted to find the stores had Miku shirts and jackets you could wear. Tragedy struck, however, when I couldn't decide what to wear.
>> No. 16804 [Edit]
Somehow, I can imagine it being like that Haruhi-awful Castlevania spin-off on the Wii.
>> No. 16845 [Edit]
I had a pretty crazy dream and after waking up I noticed I remember it really, really well. Then I decided to post it ITT but when I was about to be done I woke up.

Wasn't a dream within as dream, though. I just fell asleep again after waking up from the first dream.
>> No. 16850 [Edit]
I was wandering around the small (~1000 people) town where I grew up, and discovered a road that was never there before. There was this huge Catholic cathedral at the end of it, with giant stained-glass windows with elaborate designs. There was a policeman in front of it, saying he was standing guard because the church had been vandalized before, but it was okay for me to go inside. I walked in and sat down at the organ and started playing Bach's "Little" Fugue (BWV 578). My therapist was also there for some reason, and when I made a mistake while playing, he chastised me ("You haven't practiced for a long time, have you?").

Which is true, unfortunately.
>> No. 16910 [Edit]
I had some sort of super jump along with this weightlessness that I can't really explain, however it let me jump however I liked and however fast I wanted to go, it was absolutely amazing. I also, for some reason, lived with two girls and I would cause problems for them like any sort of slice of life manga involving girls taking care of a being with super powers and stuff. I was so ecstatic with fighting "bad guys" that I would try to attack any that got close to our home.

The first "bad guy" I found at night was very scary to which I tried to make sure that it wouldn't be able to harm the girls in any way, until I found out that it was just a mother with her daughter looking for another kid or something, which I managed to find in the other neighbor's yard.

The second "bad guy" I also found at night in another yard a couple of houses away from where I lived with the two girls. I found it and it looked like one of the creatures from Mischief Makers. I saw the weird creature moving and I thought that I should attack it to stop any threats and keep the peace of the neighborhood. With my preemptive strike I had knocked it down and attacked furiously. Then I felt a sudden sense of danger and fled. I don't know how, but it became morning and I felt that I had to tell the girls about it.

When I arrived at the scene with one of them, the thing that I attacked turned out to be some sort of weird basket thing that popped out soccer balls.

The girl who was with me was the oldest one, although still really young. She was upset that I was doing all of these things and "causing trouble", so she tried to make me go away by telling me a lie about team rocket doing something an incredibly long distance away. She seemed really upset at me and I wasn't sure what I was going to do because that was pretty strange, even though everything was strange there despite looking normal.

Eventually as she was still saying something, a friend of hers came out of nowhere and told her that I was "cool", and eventually the girl felt that maybe I was all that bad despite causing a bit of trouble.

When I woke up, I had realized that I was like a male Taokaka (in fact I don't even know what my gender was since I hadn't checked), except with some sort of super jump ability that I could control greatly and make my jumps as really smooth. It was really different and exciting with my body feeling so weightless and me being able to do so much.
>> No. 17061 [Edit]
I decided take a short nap and then I had what started out as a dream, but then it became a nightmare.

Basically my sister came and decided to take me shopping or whatever. My mother agreed to it, so whatever. After a while, we decided to go home, and then my sister didn't want me to go home and decide to take me away (kidnap me or something). As I struggled to escape, my sister kept pulling at me as I screamed for my mother over and over then I woke up in my bed as if it never happened.
>> No. 17065 [Edit]
I dreamt I travelled to the Andes with my father and we were staying in a nice cozy hamlet in the mountains and everything was nice(it was strangely full of chinese people though) and we were just taking it easy but then for some reason the chinese started fighting among each other and it was like a full scale riot except everybody were using kung-fu and then giants made of stone appeared and shit got really weird and I can't remember anything after that
>> No. 17080 [Edit]
Everybody was kung-fu fighting?
Were those cats fast as lightning?
Was it in fact a little bit frightening?
Did they fight with expert timing?
>> No. 17083 [Edit]
My family and I went to an old restaurant we used to like that's been closed for years. We decided to go in and look around and were surprised to find that it now had a store in it. Only the store was ran by some crazy old man and the only thing he was selling was coffee cans. Walls and walls of coffee cans. There was quite a few people in the store, and I decided I wanted to work there since it seemed easy as hell.
>> No. 17101 [Edit]
i had a 3DPD and she bit my cat!
>> No. 17109 [Edit]
I went to... something. I wouldn't call it a convention, though there were a lot of people in a rented-out building. Anyway, I met John Romero there, and we sat there and discussed video games for 10 minutes. I also met John Carmack, but he didn't have time to talk.

After that, some security guards approached me, telling me that I'm banned from the premises for harassing a girl, even though I didn't. I woke up after wondering how I even got there in the first place.

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>> No. 17115 [Edit]
I read this post on the frontpage without knowing it was from the dream thread, totally thought it was real.
>> No. 17116 [Edit]
happens to me all the time.
>> No. 17132 [Edit]
I was on a boat and upset that I didn't bring my saxophone, because I couldn't play it for the party. Some guy was making a really saucy messy pizza in the corner and he looked frustrated. Later the ghosts of my grandpa and some other guy appeared and told me I was a loser.
>> No. 17133 [Edit]
I was in the game STALKER. It was pitch black and I was in some sort of barn or house in the middle of some grassy area? I had my head light on and I was really scared. The started to leave the house and blood suckers out of no where started attacking me. I kept back peddling and shooting back with my auto shotgun. I got hit alot of times and I thought I was going to die but I survived. I suddenly went into some sort of building. It looked like a lab from the games? Not really, but I assume it was that. There were people around and this loli was following me I think. I was going through some rooms and I found myself in this big shower. While I was going through it there were naked real loli's and shota's everywhere. Suddenly I look down and I see my erect penis and my pants are gone too but I still had my shirt. I got to the end of the bath house and I was outside again. I don't really rememmber what else happened but I woke up soon after.
>> No. 17174 [Edit]
I travelled back to 1988, checked out how my town looked back then, played some of the arcade games of the time, and saw CGI spheres everywhere for some reason.

Oh, and while there, I saved some people from a terrorist who turned out to be an alien. I mentioned something about Area 51 before leaving, but nobody understood what I was talking about.

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>> No. 17193 [Edit]
File 134854884855.png - (93.49KB , 250x188 , 28447_original.png )
Nayuki from Kanon is sitting in my back yard with a large pile of red and blue marbles, carefully separating them by color. She has an emotionless thousand-yard stare like she's been traumatized, but I can't work up the courage to ask her what's wrong.
>> No. 17281 [Edit]
I've been having the same dream at least twice a week for a long ass while. Well, the actual dreams differ but what happens in those 'twice a week' ones is the fact that I have way more toes than I should have. In those dreams I wake up, find out I have like 8 or more of them, freak out a little but then I quickly manage to calm down because I have this weird feeling that it happens every day and they will fall off after a while.

And it keeps happening.
>> No. 17283 [Edit]
I had a nightmare, don't remember much of it but it felt very real and when I woke up the first thing i did was desperately crawl through the floor trying to turn the lights on.
>> No. 17291 [Edit]
I had a dream that I was sent to some kind of boarding school for NEETs, because my parents decided to move, and it was either a choice between that, or live with the landlady.

And everyone was assigned an arcana when they went in there (like from the tarot - Wheel of Fortune, Justice, The Moon, etc.).
There were even some people who I used to know there. The overall tone was very dysphoric, though. The school wasn't a good place. Except the people in it were great (just not the administrators) - They were all super-helpful and nice. At one point, I was talking to a girl who was stuck there, but almost on her way out. She was getting re-integrated into normal society again, but she didn't exactly want to leave, so she ended up causing a huge scene. It was pretty heart-wrenching, even for a dream.

At one point during the dream I was smoking outside, and there were these school buses, right? Except the writing was backwards, like how you see it on an ambulance. Everything in the dream was convincing up to that point. However, realizing I was in a dream didn't send me into an amazing lucid dream, I simply woke up.

It was really interesting. Almost made me miss school. Almost. But that's why we have VNs and stuff, eh?

I also like the fact that simply deciding that I was going to remember my dreams resulted in some pretty decent dream recall - For one night, anyway.
>> No. 17306 [Edit]
I think I just had my second lucid dream. I was sometimes lucid and sometimes not. I expect people more practiced have less lapses into dream logic.

It started when I came home and realized someone had been through my room, of course meaning they found things I didn't want to find. And I woke up (maybe for real), and realized I was dreaming, and that I was still tired enough to go back to sleep.

Mostly, for this part, I just hung out with someone I apparently knew, and it was only vaguely lucid. We casually talked about manipulating the dreamworld, and I would trace out dotted lines in the air by pointing a path, and then float to go get a soda or whatever. But I was still operating on dream logic, meaning it seemed like me knowing it was a dream was more part of the story of the dream, than me actually realizing it and trying to do stuff.

We were on vacation or something, and this was the last day, and we each headed back to our homes. I guess I got home first, to find that the back door was open. Ruh oh. But nothing seemed to be missing. Then some cute animal walked into the room, and I let it outside. Then another one entered the room. And let it out too. And then a few more. Each one seemed to be getting bigger, more potentially dangerous. And then two lions entered, and I realized they were the parents of most of the animals, and let them out. But then, the lock didn't work, which was how they got in in the first place. And they all started coming back in. The lions scared me, even though they were being docile, so I left the house. It was night. There was some shock rocker or something who had mutilated a bunch of women for a music video. I left that sight, and found that there were screams coming from my neighbor's house that sounded violent, perhaps abuse, or maybe just an argument or sex. I was freaked out, so I went back home.

Oh right, the lions. I tried to lock myself in my bedroom, where there didn't happen to be any animals. The female lion started trying to force her way in, of course the lock didn't work. She didn't seem violent, just wanting to walk into the room because fuck you I'm a cat and I want to chill in this room. But I was tired of being afraid of being murdered by them so I pushed back on the door. Then I really realized I was dreaming. I let the door open, held out my hand like some sort of wizard, and vaporized her. I vaporized some of the larger animals, then the male lion came in. He was kind of pissed, and he told me so. I tried to vaporize him, but failed. Ruh oh. We circled the room, talking to each other, but I don't remember what about.

I noticed a mirror, on a wardrobe or something. I studied my reflection because I had heard it's weird in dreams. For the most part, my reflection was pretty normal, just wavy. I expected to see someone appear behind me or something, seeing as this dream was somewhat violent, but maybe that would only happen in a bathroom mirror. I tried to read the text on my shirt, but it was like trying to read while having double vision, drunk, with my glasses off, and the text is constantly shifting. Then glowing white symbols faded in on my shirt, looking like mythical runes in some science fiction work. When they were at their brightest, there was a white flash and they were gone. I got back to the lion thing.

I kept trying to vaporize him, while also wrestling with him and stuff. Ultimately, I wasn't able to vaporize him, only able to turn him into a sweatshirt. The sweatshirt was too powerful to vaporize.

I briefly thought about calling the person I was with earlier to tell her that I thought someone broke in but that's not the case, I'm just dreaming. I decided against it because it was 3AM. Yeah, I had started to relapse into dream logic.

The shock rocker was still doing his thing, and I was like, what the hell, man. I asked him if they were to be killed, would they just wake up? He pointed out a noose and asked why I don't I try it on myself to see if that's the case. I figured I would probably wake up if I did so.

As I left, I tried to turn it into day, but was unable. As I started trying to levitate, I found my neighbors house again, but was again too timid to investigate. And the noises made me sad, so I gave up trying to levitate or change the time of day and started walking home and then woke up.
>> No. 17321 [Edit]
File 134908743331.jpg - (52.63KB , 300x300 , 30400190.jpg )
I had this beautiful dream, this morning.
I was going to visit a university I was planning on attending.
There was a nice, old-fashioned, brass/steampunkish railway station, and I took the train further into the city.
The university area was an almost rural place, with tall trees, traditional-looking houses, and huge hills.
I got completely lost, trying to visit the classroom I'd be attending. So I climbed one of those hills, and then climbed one of the trees to get a view of the area. I saw my class, and called back down to the person (Rin from KS, for some reason) waiting at the bottom for me that I'd found it.
I walked off in the direction of that area, and came across the university library. It was a single-floor, creamy, comfortable-looking building. There was some beautiful ambient music playing, reminiscent of Fennel or SleepResearchFacility. The library led out onto a quiet, beautiful white beach.
I got so excited about my new life, I was absolutely overcome with wonder. All the dread and uncertainty just melted away.
The whole world had this very Aria or Kino's Journey feel to it.

...and then I woke up. Oh, how I wish I had never woken up.
>> No. 17331 [Edit]
File 134916005468.jpg - (81.10KB , 567x800 , bunny 9.jpg )
I was a 2D bunnygirl and went to a school for bunnygirls. We went on a field trip to somewhere, but along the way me and some other girls fell through the bottom of the train we were riding and wound up in a cave somehow. We had some fun adventures in it, but I can't remember what they were
>> No. 17334 [Edit]
File 134919014786.gif - (773.85KB , 350x389 , 1330840743337.gif )
I was with some aquaintances of mine when one of them decided to cast a spell on one of them, this girl from high school, so she turns into a hamster.
It was late though so it was decided that we all go home, so I took her and placed her inside a crepe that I placed inside my backpack and got on my bicycle. Soon though I realized that I have no clue where her house was and started trying to call the other people, but nobody would answer. I started panicking and called my dad several times as well but he wouldn't answer either.
Therefore I decided to cast the spell on the hamster again. And the hamster turned into two hamsters. So I had to buy another crepe and put that hamster in it.
I then rode to an office that my dad worked in (no such place in reality). I had to run up and down the floor where he was for a long time before being able to find him and took him to the balcony (which was pretty crowded) so that we could talk.
I told him something along the lines of: "I'm going to tell you something that you won't believe, but I need you to believe me" and then explained the situation. I told him we have to go and he replied "Alright, I trust you!" (WHAT?).
I checked if the hamsters were okay. The new one was really fat by now but they were alive.
We then went to our home.

The end.
>> No. 17343 [Edit]
I somehow came into possession of a decent amount of land in town, where at I had someone building an apartment complex for tohno-house. After a bit of exploring the work site and helping out a bit, I found myself driving with my mom to some theme park at night that looked like Vegas. for some reason I forgot all my stuff, except for a psp that was build into a n64 controller. one of the rides was this submarine thing in a huge warehouse filled with water. another ride I went on was a crash bandicoot themed roller coaster. somehow I got a small cut on my thumb and called the police, they arrested my mom. but I explained what happened and we went home.
>> No. 17390 [Edit]
File 134934225355.jpg - (344.73KB , 705x1000 , f994ece0a2bc1b4ac767c39f98924514.jpg )
I was in my room - I don't even remember what it was that I was doing - I saw a shadow under my door and the noise of some scraping as if to open my door. I knew who's shadow it belonged to, but did not say a single word or sound to it's owner. I heard the owner of the shadow beg me to open my door and to want to "talk". There was also some shitty bit about the person having a dream about being with 3DPD and one of them having actual items from a pkemon game or some shit like that.

I remembered my phone and found some weird little feature that let you hear the voices of the people talking on the phone if you just hovered the cursor over their names as they talked to other people and stuff. I tried to call my mother and/or uncle to get me the hell out of there, but suddenly out of the side of my eyes, I see the door burst open and my brother with some weapons intent on making me surrender or killing me to have sex with me.

I ended up fighting with him as I was prepared and bested him in a duel and took his weapons before I left enough cuts to slow him down, then ran to my room shutting it behind me. It didn't take long, but he was right at the door screaming and shouting at me as I feared for my anus.

Then I woke up. I'm not sure why somebody would want to have sex and/or much less rape an ugly male like myself.
>> No. 17556 [Edit]
I was visiting my relatives with my mother and sister.

My mother's sister started trying to sell her snake oil. It was a magical fitness plan that involved playing a videogame while shaking a doll that gave you electric shocks. It supposedly made you fit.

She was convinced and was going to buy it with the intention of making me use it. I argued against it, I lost my temper, I yelled and started throwing insults. My mother and sister then left, leaving me in the house with the relatives.

I continued arguing with my mother's sister. I asked about the fitness plan on some IRC channel (the product was called something like "Prahc", "Farch", or "Frach") and I was told that it was bullshit.

I presented my IRC-given arguments to her, and then that section ended.

Next thing I know I'm in the same house in a different room and there are three men in my FOV.

They were different and they all looked almost like my father. The skin color and texture was the same, but they had slightly altered facial features. They all wore identical clothing. I don't remember what I discussed with them, but I do remember feeling anxious.

It was dark and I exited the house and went to the car where my mother and sister had cried themselves to sleep because of my earlier outburst. I got in the car, woke them up, we drove off awkwardly and then the dream ended.

It was surprisingly mundane as a whole. What does it mean?

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>> No. 17586 [Edit]
File 13499249404.jpg - (135.31KB , 512x384 , caption-528747-20071127121615.jpg )
I was with a short-haired 2D girl in a vast wasteland at the end of the world. She couldn't remember who she was or what happened before. Suddenly, there was this sort of "minigame" that involved drawing an "S" shape around her face. Beating this game somehow caused her to remember that she had killed her family and then the rest of the planet in order to end their suffering.

When I woke up, I thought this dream might have some kind of deep personal significance, until I realized that I had basically just ripped off SaiKano.
>> No. 17588 [Edit]
I got shot a lot and then died.
>> No. 17603 [Edit]
I was on a subway that stopped outside a McDonald's. Some girl that was standing in front of me took off her shirt for no apparent reason, without even blinking. No one cared, and she didn't seem to mind. I kept staring straight ahead, and shuddered as she walked past me to leave the subway. Then it started moving again and I woke up.
>> No. 17648 [Edit]
I'm sitting at a crowded airport with my best only real-life friend. He sees that my knuckles are bruised and diagnoses me with Parkinson's.
>> No. 17663 [Edit]
I opened some sort of bar outside an underground city that was made inside something like the Grand Canyon. To get out of the city you went down some really big stairs, and my "bar" was underneath those, you had to cross a little stream to get there. I opened it because I left the city for some reason. Before I did, I said goodbye to some people I knew there, one of them being Konata, who I hugged for a really long time. It was really comfortable, and she was so cute...
>> No. 17669 [Edit]
File 135015380683.jpg - (1.69MB , 2050x1232 , 00936ea945bdf8d13127192501cde18f25ee11bc screens.jpg )
I was on holiday together with my old friends from high school, and we were working on some weird and exciting computer program. It felt fun.
>> No. 17702 [Edit]
Was at this waterpark, but it was late and had to leave before getting to go on any rides, as I left though I put some money in a slot machine and won a shit load of money.
There I met a guy that looked sorta like freedy cougar. he wanted me to help him explore a old sunken ship and fix up his haunted flooded basement.
Guy put up some large orange tubes, but didn't have enough and i had to get more.
at this point he was just laying on a beach chair type thing and giving me dirty looks.
People at walmart didn't take kindly to my testing the filters on the intake for the large orange tubes, and security guards kept giving me shit around the bikes so I got pissed and left.
>> No. 17741 [Edit]
i was coming out of some building at night (think i worked there maybe) and i went around it through an entrance to a park thing and hung around two people i knew not speaking like a ghost. i scared them and they tried to get away from me, then i collapsed on some grass crying. guess that fixed their problems. then i was in a subway, people were talkinv everywhere and someone threw a bottle of something to the rails. that's all i remember.
>> No. 17985 [Edit]
File 135122276598.jpg - (103.51KB , 308x427 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I dreamt with a realistic Horo. Not much: just watching her from afar in some tavern, wearing her usual clothes but with her ears and tail exposed; drinking and talking, having fun with some dudes. Man! she was beautiful; laughing and moving under the oil lamps' light, with very flushed cheeks and that hair, ears and tail with the color a red fox's fur (I know it's supposed to be wolf, but you know); and her voice! dear, her voice sounded so coquette and aristocratic...

It lasted only for a few seconds, but I thought it was worth to tell.
>> No. 17986 [Edit]
It was the day of the election, and Jerry Seinfield and Mary Tyler Moore were flying me around in a plane near a resort island
>> No. 17987 [Edit]
Did he tell any jokes?
>> No. 17991 [Edit]
No. Neither of them said anything, actually. I have no idea why my subconscious decided to make them my pilots
>> No. 18038 [Edit]
I went to a field in the middle of the woods where I go a lot.

I found a hole that lead to an abandoned subterranean room, that lead to a ladder into some sort of long stone conduit that lead to a swamp a ways away, it was all very far underground.

I found it amazing that this old stuff was in the middle of the woods, it must have been made by farmers in the 17th century.
>> No. 18065 [Edit]
I petted someone (?)
>> No. 18068 [Edit]
I kept finding money everywhere I went. Whenever I would go to grab something, there would always be a $5 or $10 bill right next to it.
>> No. 18070 [Edit]
If only it were to happen in real life. Tohno house wouldn't be a dream any longer and we'd have a ton of yogurt.

Soooooooo much yogurt.
>> No. 18075 [Edit]
I had a dream where I was being disturbed by some loud machinery or something but I slept through it anyway. When I woke up (inside the dream) I was in a place that was almost completely black, save for a tiny bit of light spilling out from a metal shutter slightly ajar, and I found that I was in a huge storage space in a recycling factory and I was sleeping in my mattress on top of a huge pile of scrap metal. Then I woke up (in real life) but in a semi-conscious state and shouting out 'shit! what the fuck! help!!' and the like a couple of times. I stared at my ghostly curtains for a while trying to figure out what it was, felt around for the walls of my bedroom, and eventually concluded that I was still in my bedroom and that it was just a dream.
>> No. 18077 [Edit]
File 135152758278.jpg - (721.66KB , 1600x2000 , 1f8d11cff73a1156df008909ec3a342d.jpg )
Today I had a reocurring dream. This must be the third time I have it.
I'm in a city, kinda like Silent Hill form the first game, except not as dark. Everything looks a bit fuzzy, as if I'm watching it through a very old TV with bad signal.

I walk down an empty dead-end street, with only a house in it. In front of the house, there is dead cat, and the door is locked. I cut the corpse's head off, and rub it's blood on the lock of the door, and it opens. Somehow I knew I was supposed to do that.

The interior of the house was identical to that of one the houses I lived in until some years ago, but something felt kinda off, not sure what. Inside the kitchen, there is a girl, who I've never met before. She starts talking, but I don't remember what she says. As soon as she starts talking, it gets dark outside, and she starts to panick. She grabs my arm and starts to run upstairs, saying for Haruhi's sake don't look outisde. I try to look at the window anyway, and I see in the backyard dozens of gruesome lovecraftian creatures, crawling and slithering in mucus. I could only get a glimpse though, because the girl was desperately dragging me to the upper floor.

We enter the first room we see and close ourselves in it. The room is empty, except for a closet, also empty. She sits in the floor and starts to cry quietly. I feel confused. I could hear some strange sounds coming from outisde, and the sound of rain, but nothing happens, but it feels very tense. We stay in the room for some time, she still cries, and I do nothing. We hear some noises coming from inside the closet. I open it, and a giant eye appears in the wall. I grab the almost comatose girl and run like hell out of the room. Instantly after getting out of it, the entire layout of the house changes. All the doors, the stairs, everything was gone, all that is left is an empty corridor, and we are trapped in it. We start to hear really loud static noise, and my vision even fuzzier than before. I feel my head spinning. The girl, who was reactionless until some seconds ago, starts to panick again. Everything starts to tremble, and then I wake up
>> No. 18169 [Edit]
I was on a trip with my family, and we had found this bird with really long claws that could turn into a two-tailed cat. I decided to name it Tails, after the Sonic character.

And then I found out on TV that a group of neo-Nazis was starting to gain power in the US. They had a really weird theme song that they would sing, can't remember any of the words though.
>> No. 18324 [Edit]
Wah, I didn't post this here yet, but I remembered a dream for once. I wish that happend more often, even if it sounds stupid.

First off, it's snowy but no snow is falling, and post dusk.
So I was a loli moving with my parents to a windmill or otherwise tall building, though it looked like a pretty typical living place on the inside, with wodden planked floor as known from eroge and so on. Well first of all the lights were off and we navigated through the place. Then we died to a ghost somehow?!

Then we lived again and I remembered to pick up a key for the backdoor in an rpg/adventure like manner. (No retarded sound effects)
This time making it through to the backdoor into the slightly snowy slightly treadable forrest, past a plain field area, I hear a voice telling me a ghost wouldn't kill another ghost?! Apparently you don't just respawn in my dreams.
So I take note of the mantle and miscellaneous things I'm carrying, furthermore realize that as a ghost I dont feel the cold and why am I carrying a mantle?!

After some wandering around I come across a gas station and I hear that some place we wanted to go to has been deserted for a while now?! I don't remember any awareness of the family past this point.

Then I wander around into a small scale banking place with fancy steel covering outside that looks nice in the post dusk snowy setting and I seduce a banker with my ghost cock, since I couldn't figure out how to work the female anatomy. It was also red and glowy.
This is due to the fact that I'm plotting to conquest the world at this point, since I'm a ghost and a loli and have nothing better to do.
Later it turns out he was a female magician? It was also noon of another day and another place by then. Then I woke up.

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>> No. 18340 [Edit]
I had recurring dreams 3 days in a row a couple of years back. They always seemed strange to me and I wrote it down on a notebook to make sure I'd never forget. The first night, I dreamed about going to a zoo by myself and an unknown person who seemed like a friend-- or at least, the me in the dream treated this person like a friend. The dream was nice, we just went to some zoo and returned home safely. I woke up after that. I didn't take note of this dream because it wasn't of much importance to me, but I still remembered it regardless. The second night proved difficult to remember, but it went something like this: I go to the zoo again with the same friend, but instead of animals, the zoo had very grotesque abominations and the audience were all faceless, but they were somehow able to emit sounds of wonder, curiosity, shock and awe, and even laughter. I don't remember what I was doing in the dream, but all I know was that I saw everything I mentioned. After the zoo, me and my friend waited for a lengthy amount of time waiting for the bus and when it finally arrived, we went home and I woke up, ending the second night's dream. This is where I struggled to remember the first night, since the second night was very similar. I started writing them down in the notebook after this dream. The third night still confuses me to this day. The third dream began with the friend and I going to the zoo as usual. The abominations and faceless people were still there, but the dream put less emphasis on them and instead fastforwarded to me leaving the zoo. Somehow, I was separated from my friend and I was left to wait for the bus by myself. I remember not having enough change for the bus and having to look around and ask these faceless people for money. For some reason, the bus came but I didn't get on it, and I was quite shocked at the fact that I didn't get on the bus. The majority of the dream after that felt like ages, like it actually felt like years. I was alone on the bench, waiting for the bus, and I remember crying because I wanted to leave that strange zoo. The bus never came and I awoke to a cold sweat and a fast heartbeat.

I wrote it down on the book and tried for a night four, but I couldn't come up with that dream again. In fact, I haven't had a lengthy dream like that ever since. I actually haven't had a dream after that for around 2 years, my sleep was just all black and emotionless. I tried to connect the dream to any trauma I had when I was a kid, but I couldn't find a clear connection, and any actual connection I tried to place was just too general.
>> No. 18361 [Edit]
there were various disembodied screams, Haruhi was judging people in a basketball court and my curtains were slabs of raw meat and someone kept saying "putrefactum" over and over
>> No. 18363 [Edit]
That sounds pretty awesome.
>> No. 18384 [Edit]

Get Gainax on the phone, make this happen
>> No. 18407 [Edit]
It must be the third or fourth time I have this nightmare this year. I'm lying in my bed, I can see my room in the dark just as it is(though I can never move my head enough to look at the window), I can hear typical noises coming from the street and it doesn't even feel like I'm sleeping at all. Then I look to the door and it's like this >>/an/12246 , actually, just seconds before that scene(or was it in the previous layer?) there's one where he's just looking through the slightly opened door but not walking in, IIRC. It's just like that, the sillouete of something not very tall looking through the door. Then I get all panicked and force myself to awake scared to shit.
Yeah, just that.Haruhi, I'm such a fag.
>> No. 18543 [Edit]
I was in new york and somehow ran into some guys I knew in high school and my neighbors from back home. Later I have to chase Flandre through the FAO Schwarz toy store
>> No. 18546 [Edit]
ugly people being exhibitionists at a pool. i felt disgusted and wanted to die.
>> No. 18549 [Edit]
That's everyday life for me.
>> No. 18679 [Edit]
It's not that interesting but this is the first dream I can remember in any substance in a very long time, just woke up from it.
A riddle posed by an old college roommate at a church (also before that there was a complicated offering thing and Jesus leaflets): a bear attacked a prom. What are witnesses?
People who are able to attest to events. And are willing.
Right. Only one witness, he's in hospital. Everyone else, when questioned, is extremely non-committal. Also there were no sets of brother and sister at the prom. So what happened?
Then I go to the kid in hospital. Not seriously injured, but weirdly some talk with his mother about some sort of procedure generally only done to people with debilitating or terminal illnesses to ease the pain, cutting something or other off or out.
He says that the bear entered the school the day before and was chasing him around.
Then I was at the empty school exploring. Weird place, glass and metal. Vertically elongated handrails bolted to the glass walls, sometimes I'd walk, sometimes I'd take off and jump and grab them and slide, there apparently wasn't any friction so it was an effective mode of transportation.
Eventually I reach the third or so level of the building. Start seeing stairs (dunno how I moved between levels
before that) and catwalk things above large open rooms. Became very scared for some reason and woke up.
>> No. 18680 [Edit]
It started with me going to this video game trade fair similar to E3, I took something and made a run for it. I was trying to pick lock cars in order to get away until I came across this pickup truck driver who was willing to give me a ride but seemed completely oblivious to the fact I was on the run from the law. We rode for what Haruhi knows how long, eventually driving through some rural driveway in the deep south. The battery was starting to run low so we had to stop somewhere. We stopped near this hill and the driver got out to fix this problem. After a short while, there was no sight of the driver and it was already pitch black and rainy. I took a peak outside the window of the passenger's seat and saw someone who felt as I knew them previously. Turns out it was this criminal who I was associated with but then I got him imprisoned and now he was after me. All the doors were locked and the engine wasn't running but as I panicked, I changed the gears making the truck go forwards, crushing the guy.

Whole thing felt like a movie and the weirdest thing was it looked like some sort of late 80s point and click game in first person.

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>> No. 18784 [Edit]
File 135377564959.png - (549.59KB , 807x1204 , 02122ca9a2462d2e88e1c648f5cbdd1db40e254d.png )
I went to a second-hand book store, and found a math textbook that contained pictures of Scanty and Kneesocks on the cover and every few pages.
>> No. 18794 [Edit]
I had a dream that I was battling giant insect/reptile monsters, Pokemon style. Except I was in control of one of the monsters. One of them was a giant dinosaur-like lizard with some kind of gun in it's mouth. Another one was a flesh-colored centipede that rose up, and spat poison. One of the levels was fighting a bunch of the centipedes with the lizard thing. It was really bad-ass.

And then it shifted gears, and I was with my friends. I was smoking a cigarette that had already burnt down to the last bit, and gave a full one to a friend of mine. I was angry because he started smoking it when I needed him to just hold it. We ended up on some kind of giant tanker, and I woke up after that.
>> No. 18800 [Edit]
I visited heaven. It had lots of sunshine, nice architecture, and angel girls bathing nude in pools.
>> No. 18895 [Edit]
I had a dream that Firefox had another update. That's all I remember from the dream, though.
>> No. 19210 [Edit]
There was a girl band called Tokyo Thighhighs. After singing and dancing, they talked, hugged and kissed with the audience.
>> No. 19275 [Edit]
I had a dream where I was in some factory. I think that my mom worked there, but the people there seemed pretty nice and I would make the factory my playground. Then after waking up, I had a dream where i was driving a car and something happened and an old man died and I was stranded. I had nowhere to go and I would wander the streets of some place I don't remember looking for a place to go. The weird thing is that I was a little familiar with the streets and felt as though I had been there before. Then there's something about Burger King and seeing a bunch of people ordering stuff and waiting to get their order.

It was a very strange dream.
>> No. 19306 [Edit]
I was in some bed and I was surrounded by zombies. However I didn't feel scared or anything as they didn't notice me since I was lying down and not moving. I ended up sticking to the plan of waiting there until the numbers went down a bit then I would've tried to think of something since the first time I looked (or at least managed to look at the scenario in third person) it was almost chock full of them. I have no idea how I managed to stay calm.
>> No. 19429 [Edit]
It was a 16-bit RPG kind of feeling, there was a puzzle with a piano, the answer was the word 'book,' then vision turned into an ocean while a character complained that he felt he never chose anything in his life.
>> No. 19559 [Edit]
The dream I had last night was so fucked up. It started with a kid breaking into my house and trying to steal some stuff. He looked about 10 or so.

Well as soon as I caught him, I tied him to my bed, punched him in the stomach a few times, and poked his eyes with a bobby pin. I then pulled out a blank white T-shirt, wrote something along the lines of "I attempted to rob a man" on it, then forced him to wear it. Then I threw him out of my house. And he was crying the whole time. He wasn't screaming in terror or anything like that, just quietly sobbing.

I felt like such a piece of shit waking up.
>> No. 19775 [Edit]
The furthest I can remember is with my uncle working at the place he used to work. My uncle worked in a plant nursery, except it was outdoors and completely unprotected from anything, however it had turned into some sort of miniature jungle. I was there with my uncle and a younger version of my brother.

Stuff happened, we were riding some sort of tractor, three black wolf-like dogs with a ton of fur appeared behind us. They didn't seem like a threat, but they were a little worrying until my uncle assured me that they weren't a threat and were good "dogs", despite never having seen them before.

Some more happened happened and I was playing alone or running and I got snagged in some spider's web that was yellow, I eventually got free after thrashing about for a good minute and made my way to the other side of the "jungle". There were a couple of cars which were odd since cars didn't go there and the terrain was a little different to accommodate the other cars. There was some weird guy chasing a bird, I don't remember what he said, but it was about the bird.

There was a particular trailer-like vehicle in the road that was selling stuff. My mom was there with my aunt since they had gone to visit my uncle, brother, and me. I went in to see them and I eventually spotted them. I felt as though I needed to buy something eventually so I ended up grabbing some chocolate and some soda. The first receptionist only scanned one item, then left. I wasn't paying and assumed that that person did their job, until I was stopped by some people who probably weren't even related to that person. I eventually checked the receipt and gave them my money, but then a guy next to me told me to hurry up and I felt like I should be a dick to the guy so he'd be less of a dick to other people, so I grabbed him by the neck and yelled "Go fuck yourself, faggot!" or something like that. He said "Okay, I'm sorry!", one of the girls ended up saying "Wow, a faggot, huh?", the other girl said "I like tough guys". I knew that she was coming on to me, but I said nothing and and couldn't accept whatever offer she was making.

I'm not sure what happened here, but I apparently fell asleep and was having a dream within the dream until one of the girls woke me up and kicked me out of the moving vehicle. I ended up seeing the guy/kid again but this time he became a bird master or something. He let a bird go and then it started flying while he was yelling in my direction "Did you see that shit? Did you see that shit?!" as he was moving around a little fast, the bird on his shoulder didn't need to keep it's balance and just clung on despite being alive.

I walked with him a bit and eventually figured that I'd ask him in which direction the city was in. He wouldn't answer or acknowledge me. Eventually I got into the city and I lost site of the bird master, while I eventually saw that the people of the city were different from what I expected. There were a couple of transvestites wearing revealing clothing and eventually I saw a guy with a gigantic nut sack. I knew that it was too ridiculous. I ended up rage quitting that dream as I knew that getting anywhere was going to be way too frustrating and annoying.

It's been a while since I woke up, but things still feel a little weird.
>> No. 19860 [Edit]
Two dudes were pissing me off. I don't remember what they were doing, just that they were being dicks somehow. So I started fighting them whilst yelling at them. When I get angry in dreams, my vocabulary drops to about just stuff like "fucking fuck you fuck f-ff-f-fffuck fuck i fucking hate you fucking fucking sucking fucking piece of fucking shit f-f-f-fuuuuuck you fffffucccckkk!" The stuttering is because I'm too pissed to think up other words, not because of nervousness.

Anyway, I was winning, and then one pulled out a gun. I grabbed his hand, pushed the barrel against my forehead, and said "well? Are you going to fucking do it or what?" It startled him, and he did. Then time slowed almost to a stop. I thought that great, I'll finally fucking die, and this dude will probably be totally fucked for murdering someone in public. Then I started thinking how much it's going to hurt going this slow; the bullet hadn't even reached my head yet. Then I started wondering if I really wanted to die. Eventually, I felt the bullet starting to put pressure on my forehead. It started to penetrate my skin, and I figured "oh well, even if dying isn't the best option, it's too late now. Whatever." It started hurting more and more and then I woke up.
>> No. 19861 [Edit]
I found a long lost batman movie, it was in the colorful style of the late 90s batman movies. The film(which became the dream) featured batman&robbin impersonators and a crossbreed of the joker and the riddler who looked like a gay french clown and he sprayed batman with something that made him go nuts and turn evil. it was an entertaining dream if nothing else.
>> No. 21570 [Edit]
File 136657627938.jpg - (112.63KB , 937x1024 , ryoko.jpg )
I had a most amazing dream. I went to a party, where the DJ mixed really good dubstep, and there was a very good company present, including people I knew. In the chillout room, there were two entertainers, one dressed as Belldandy, the other as Hakubi Ryôko. I hugged the latter, and then she held my hand and made some small-talk with me.
>> No. 21571 [Edit]
I never got the appeal of this.
>> No. 21577 [Edit]
So you enjoyed a dream where you were at a party? Are you sure you're in the right place?
>> No. 21579 [Edit]
File 136660250233.jpg - (394.85KB , 557x800 , 0acfec1c0b17f7d2cd8615177a265c31.jpg )
What are you talking about?
I enjoy parties all the time! They usually involve beaches, bikinis, and watermelons. Too bad they only take place in my imagination. ;_;
>> No. 21584 [Edit]
When I think of parties the image of 3DPD teenagers listening to dubstep and dancing in some club while getting wasted usually comes to mind. That or some other form of Ford Drivergotry.
>> No. 21698 [Edit]
I was a cute little girl and I had over 770k in a bank. I am not sure if I had some kind of cheat which gave me money. I used the money to travel to Trinidad and Tobago where I visited a beach. I wanted to play with other girls but then my parents appeared and told me how I am living an immoral life.
>> No. 22211 [Edit]
File 137214688574.jpg - (183.96KB , 1120x630 , happy together.jpg )
I had the strangest dream.

I sort of fell for an older woman that I'd only meet coincidentally during rainy days. Yup: totally Kotonoha no Niwa influence going on there. At first it was really weird since I had my actual anti women and coupling mentality during the dream; but, althought she was very beautiful, it wasn't really sexual but entirely romantic. She had this loneliness and melancholy that I immediately connected with; I talked about philosophy, art and stuff and she'd listen to me with great interest: she seemed to share references and understand me; we laughed and felt comfortable together, it was very endearing. Also: she was a single mother; she had a cute little daughter who joined us when I visited her house; I got along well with her too: she liked me from the beginning, played around and finally fell asleep on my lap, hugging me (I was always very careful and respectful with her). Her mother watched us smiling; we were noticeably worried about the entire thing, but we just felt so good together...

However, my own mother rushed into the room. She yelled at the woman, calling her irresponsible and such. I tried to calm her down; I told her that in fact we were just friends and I would never do anything thoughtless like complicating her life and the life of her daughter by letting myself got carried away. My mother told me that it wasn't about her but about me; then I suddenly realized that I'm almost 30 myself, not a youngster at all...

Then I woke up.

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>> No. 22949 [Edit]
File 137986351474.jpg - (134.07KB , 495x700 , 6825f200e160f8af23aa860a0fe1d408.jpg )
Dreamt I was camping with the 3dpd version of mai Waifu. We were sharing Hot cups of tea over a dying campfire. The night-time landscape was so beautiful and serene and all the stars in the sky were visible. We leaned on each other and watched a patch of these beautiful multicolored fireflies migrate off in the misty distance.

Words cannot describe the feelings of loss and disappointment I felt this morning when I woke up to my shit life. ;_;
>> No. 23090 [Edit]
Dreamt there was a black-metal turned art-rock band that did a concept album + 400p book on Lain. I did hear the first track, but I don't remember how it was, and I had the book, but I don't remember ever opening it.
>> No. 23112 [Edit]
Dreamt I was going to a childhood friend's house fix his computer and met Lain along the way. Apparently she was involved on the strenghtening of IP laws, some crazy scheme where a bond between Intellectual Property represented on the internet and physical reality would be created, turning IP more "real" and expanding Lain's domain in the process.
There was even a crazy Lainesque physical side-effect where a visible noise aura would encircle electrical cables and the aura radius would grow bigger the more copyrighted stuff was created.
Chatting with her was cool though, makes me want to watch the anime again.
>> No. 23113 [Edit]
Dreaming of new Lain media is always so bittersweet. ;_; It's so great, but then you are so disappointed when you wake up. I've dreamed of two new Lain games, and fan-made episodes that somehow where of the quality of the original.

And last night, I had a dream that all the computers were late 80's/early 90's computers, and this guy had a huge room full of rows and rows of PCs. And then I was in my old house, still in the early 90's, looking through the files on the computer, and noticed Lain files from the future. I was very confused.

Another dream, I and some other guys were sitting in a circle, using those cheap plastic school chairs. It seemed to be an abandoned building. We were all about middle school age. Then one of the guys started getting really pissed off and screamed at another kid, and pulled out a saw. He started sawing one of the kid's fingers off. After he did that, he pressed the saw against the front of his own neck; it slowly went deeper and deeper as blood oozed out.
>> No. 23308 [Edit]
File 138571554035.jpg - (55.24KB , 401x385 , goodbye Hachikuji.jpg )
A couple days ago I had a weird, complicated and totally unexpected dream, which ended with me being a flesh and blood Araragi meeting a flesh and blood Hachikuji, alone in a hotel room.

Long story short: I did molest her a bit (I fondled her breast; she was so asking for it and she liked it, I swear), but her mother came into the room to "take her home". She caught me red-handed so I was paralyzed in panic; but she didn't say a word or even looked at me while Hachikuji was getting ready to go (who seemed ashamed and didn't look at me either); as they left the room, her mother just turned and said to me, with a smile: "Thank you very much for saving my daughter". I couldn't move until a few seconds later; then I rushed into the corridor and at the top of the stairs over the lobby; last thing I could see was Hachikuji holding hands with her mom and leaving the hotel; she looked into my direction, smiled, waved goodbye and disappeared in the sunlight...

Then I woke up. There was also some Shinobu action before this, but sadly I can't remember much about it (something about embracing her as she vanished into my shadow). I must be feeling really lonesome lately.
>> No. 23431 [Edit]
Lately I've been having dreams about going to parties with old acquaintances. They're unbearable: I always wonder what the hell am I doing there in the first place; in one of them, I even took some cocaine out of boredom, only to end up with anxiety and nose irritation, telling myself that I should have known better and totally deserve going through that pain. At least I haven't done anything fully insulting like getting on it with some dream bitch.
>> No. 24010 [Edit]
Can't remember the first half of the dream, only that there was one. Whatever I did back then got me into court and to a sentence of death by lethal injection. Something I thought was really disproportional to my misdeeds.
I was immediately sent to the execution room. There I got desperated and started complaining about the unfair verdict as the executioner prepared everything. But then I sat cross-legged, I wasn't tied, calmed down and started spouting some pseudo-buddhist stuff about craving for life being bad, showing compassion even to my executors(he was visibly bothered by my tantrum) and a peaceful death being preferable to a turbulent one. He proceeded with the injection, soon my eyes started closing until all was dark. Nothing else, just eyes shutting.
However, it seems a last minute revelation isn't nearly enough to earn you nibbana on the kamma bingo, as the dream resumed with me being a full-grown adult. Not old me, but he had memories of my execution and some other things.
Can't remember much about the last part of the dream either. Just new me travelling around and eventually meeting some relatives of old me, who sort of recognized me, weren't in the least surprised, but nevertheless treated me as both a stranger and an old acquaintance in strange ways.

Even if it was really uneventful and boring, it's still quite amusing to think of my dream death.
>> No. 24017 [Edit]
File 139986924874.jpg - (139.62KB , 1121x625 , waste.jpg )
I had 3 disturbing dreams in a row, all of them related to my failed adulthood.

In the 1st one I got a car, despite not knowing how to drive. The thing is, it came undone, like a plamo; I had to put it together and I didn't know how. One of my aunts helped with it on her own but did it in a place of the house where the car ended up cornered, so we couldn't take it out anyway.

In the 2nd one, I met my alleged lost half-imouto: a really pretty young girl (somewhat like the 3D image of mai waifu, except for the face) who quickly fell for me. After some bold kisses and caresses in public places, she said to me: "I'll give myself to you entirely, all you want, lots of it, but only if we marry" ---I said: "I understand..." but couldn't bring myself to say anything more, partly because of the thought of mai waifu and partly for my disbelief in 3D relationships. She understood my reaction, got heart broken and I felt terribly guilty; I wanted to accept her feelings but I just couldn't.

In the 3rd one, I was the single father of a son. He was like 7 years old and good looking. There was some sort of totalitarian state going on and we were forced to take our children to a school for indoctrination, late at night. All parents were chased away after leaving their children, but I managed to stay there by arguing against the leader's speech, finding holes in his rhetoric; however, they almost managed to convince me and, at the break of down, I was at my limit and about to embrace their faith out of disappointment with my own life; nevertheless, after a test I did I proved their faith was a scam and they let me go. I went in to rescue my child and asked him: "Are you alright? What did they tell you? How it was?" ---he answered: "It was damned boring. Just a bunch of crap..." ---and I understood that he was much smarter than me.

I've been really, really down these days.
>> No. 24028 [Edit]
I recently had a dream where I was trapped in an underground facility of unkown size.

At the top was a dilapitated lobby, with turrets and security checkpoints malfunctioned with age, covered with dust. There was no clear way to the outside, as every corridor which seemed to lead out was mechanically sealed by large metal doors - as if the building had been designed to be sealed.

Going through the lobby-eqsue area, I descended into some generic office rooms. It was apparent this structure was meant to house many people, as the halls were wide and dim skylights shone through them, although I was several floors underground. The rooms had been abandoned with haste, with mold and dust covering food, electric typewriters, early CRT displays and the like. As I went deeper, each floor having a descending stairwell at the opposite end, the rooms became more and more confined and inaccessible, and began to have fissures between them, some with half-activated versions of the metal doors from the lobby. The air smelled of decay, and the dim light which seemed to magically permeate the area became dimmer and dimmer. The halls became smaller.

I turned one corner, and the proceeding hallway turned red. A large siren droned, and several sentries emerged from previously indiscernible panels in the walls, each pointed directly at me. They shot blanks for a few moments, and then the entire system ground to a halt, out of juice. It was then that I first became "conscious" of the scenario. I could not recall why I was here, but I figured the only to proceed was down.

Going down the last set of stairs, made only for one man at a time, there was a simple door with a long metal knob. I was afraid that is was hooked up to electricity, or that another sentry lay behind it. An ambiguous fear made my bones ache, and I sat on the stairs for awhile to contemplate my situation, though in actuality I simply stared at the door. Eventually, I worked up the courage to try the door. It was unlocked. I opened it, to find a white-washed room, with functioning incandescent lights, and a sort of check-in station with plexiglass and a microphone on the other side. I gazed through to the other side, but only found a tidy, if dusty, office room. At the end of this smaller hall was a wooden door with a wooden knob. I slowly opened it, to find a plain, concrete step descending against a worn, concrete wall to my right.

But it did not end.

As I opened the door, I found the next "room" was a giant, black pit, with the stairway highlighting itself as it hugged against the walls on its descent. Without guardrails, only a small block was presented to me. I stood on it, overlooked the pit, and found nothing. Vertigo suddenly hit me like a hammer, and I fell back into the antechamber while vomiting horrendously.

Then I woke up in a sweat, before quickly falling asleep once again. Will finish this up later, as the dream took a different turn after I slept.
>> No. 24030 [Edit]
That started like (unarmed) Resident Evil and ended like Edgar Allan Poe.
>> No. 24031 [Edit]
The world was like cyberpunk. Rainy, tall buildings, dark night all the time. I don't know where I fit in the world exactly but I know my brother was the head of a group of murderers and the like. An extremely close friend of mine died, he was killed by my brother and one of his thugs I found out.

I confronted my brother about this in an alley and he said my friend died of natural causes. I challenged that and he even showed me pics of the documents and shrugged it off as I yelled at him. I saw pics of the body then it was all bloody and beat up and full of holes and I threw up. I told him I knew he did it and he just laughed it off more and said the doctor said it was natural and what he did wasn't what killed him. I got really angry and then the guy who helped kill my friend came over and asked what was going on and they laughed about it. Then my brother says before they left him for dead they tied him up and raped and beat him and he described it in detail. They said somebody walked into the warehouse while they were fucking him in holes they stabbed into his chest and the person tried to run so they killed him. Then they stabbed my friend more and finished and left him to die.

I jerked awake and automatically called my friend to see if he was okay the dream was so real and I could hear and see it in my head, it really bothered me a lot. I haven't told anyone about it since it's so fucked up but I wanted to put it out so I can stop thinking about it so much.
>> No. 24035 [Edit]
video game writer Tim Rogers was making a spoof documentary about Dawson's Creek with really high production values. a lot of aerial shots and zooming in and out, dramatic music etc.

also had a dream where my teeth fell out, which I've heard is a common thing.
>> No. 24047 [Edit]
>I've heard is a common thing.
Yeah, I used to dream that a lot in several ways.
>> No. 24053 [Edit]
I had a dream about some kind of crossover between Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon and Touhou. It was a multimedia doujin thing - RPG games, lns, manga, etc. The general story was that a rich ojou-type character was brought into Gensokyo and joined a caravan of some kind. They went on travels and met characters from Horizon. It was really nice.

While that was going on there was a controversial news story about three people who were found squatting in some kind of office building. The woman got pregnant and had to go to the hospital and they somehow found out that the trio had been living there for years - "They made a shelter out of styrofoam cups"

When I heard that I went back to "experiencing" my crossover series and woke up shortly after.
>> No. 24064 [Edit]
I had a strange dream involving me with a group of people. I think that they were a family, but I don't remember. Anyway, there was a doll, and because it's my dream it was obviously possessed and evil and shit, and it could regenerate any damage done to it, even being blown to bits wasn't all that effective. It scared the shit out of me so I almost subconsciously kept it from attacking and killing everyone because it could and I knew it damn well could, even if a few did die.

Now that I think about it. I really would've have liked to see how it fought. I was too frightened of the thing despite it not moving.

I think that I subconsciously doomed and probably killed that dream family because I don't know.

It's weird how the dolls in my dreams always end up being weird, crazy death machines. Like that one doll with the knives that magically cut things if touched that I actually wrote about in this thread.
>> No. 24067 [Edit]
Mine last night was like a combination of the film Jurassic park (but closer to the second and third) and the tv series Lost. In it a group of people stranded on an island that's inhabited by dinosaurs desperately try to survive as they try to find a way off the island. During their travels they stumble across remains of half finished structures and abandoned buildings of modern design. One bit I remember rather vividly was when they came across an train station that was automatically activated when they entered the building. Sitting on rails held two stores high the train that arrive at the station was massive, in both high and length and deceptively fast. They road it for a while not knowing where it would lead, but unfortunately the track was unfinished and it derailed. There were many things scattered around the island that were assumed to be deathtraps created by savages, but were just rides for tourists made to look like that. like a waterside in a dark cave that headed straight for a spiked wall covered with human remains. They eventually meet up with a person who worked for the company that built everything on the island, they accidentally shot him but were able to find out from him everything about the island but he died before he could show them the way off it.
>> No. 24079 [Edit]
Had a dream I was playing this V/N that looked as if it was made during the mid-90s, something that wouldn't be out of place on the PC-8801 or FM Towns. The story centered around this idol group where one of the members was murdered and the player would take the role of a bodyguard for the group, interacting with each member while trying to find out who the killer was.
>> No. 24177 [Edit]
This dream is from two days ago. I was at some building with a large amount of seats, I saw a dakimakura of my waifu siting a ways away in a quiet row on the side(who knows why...). I went up to sit next to it only to find the person who owned it(he was too short for his head to clear the top of the seats, and the seats had high backs). I sit down anyway. I am a girl by the way in the dream. The person introduces himself and the daki, who he says is his favorite character and waifu. I honestly did not expect this, but was willing to talk to him as long as we could have a worthwhile conversation. He asks me if I know the character and I say yes. We start talking about how she does not have a middle name. I mention that she does not have a middle name and something like "it wasn't revealed cause there was no need to." I know that in Japan people are not given middle names, though... Then I start wanting to tell him how she is my waifu as well, because maybe we could be friends or something. However, I start getting anxious and begin to tear up(my actions here reminded me of Hitotsubashi Yurie). I jump off the bench and fly off downwards (yes, fly in the air) trying to hide myself.
>> No. 24178 [Edit]
I was playing an ARPG where you play as an airship.
>> No. 24221 [Edit]
I had a dream about posting on tohno-chan all day. Probably becuase that's what I did yesterday.
>> No. 24403 [Edit]
These I had after I came home from driving 8-10 am after getting a poor nights sleep.

1: Was talking to someone reccomending me a job asking if I wanted to contribute something. I said no I just want to make some money. No visuals here, pitch dark.

2: Got up from bed (was dark in room) and went to my PC to get on teamspeak(was already open) to talk to a friend. There was someone there I did not know named "none" once but I looked again and he was named "Dr _" I don't remember what. He asked me if I was talking to a friend. While this is all happening I am searching for my music player trying to turn off the sound becuase it was on when I came to the computer. The dream ends a little after I turn off the music. It was playing >>/mp3/1917

3: I got up from bed the same as in 2 but this time my TV is below my window with a log of users joining and parting on an irc client taking up the whole screen. I turn on my monitor and do some things on the computer.

4: No visuals, pitch dark. I hear someone say "well then class..." and I assume it is a lecture of some sort. Those 3 words are all I hear. I wake up.

1 and 4 were really short. 2 and 3 were a bit longer.
>> No. 24404 [Edit]
I was playing a visual novel. The scene was some sort of club. Two options:
1) Try to score some weed. (+1 weed points)
2) Try to talk to a stoner chick. (+2 weed points)

I don't even know.

Making out with futanari, occasionally going down on her. Her dick starts at a normal size. Every time I go down, it gets a little longer. Eventually, when I'm kissing her, the dick is long enough to be constantly poking me in the cheek. I try to push it out of the way, but it just goes boing and slaps me gently in the chin.
>> No. 24405 [Edit]
This reminded me of a dream I had and wrote down a while back. Copied from the document.

had a dream where I was in a VN. There were 3 girls I played routes of. One was a quiet girl, the second was a girl who did track but was not very good at at and liked to paint. She was the cute quiet type but not shy, like Shia from Pita Ten kinda. She was short with short black hair that was kinda puffy around her head a little longer than the first girls which was shorter. The third was a girl was taller with brown hair just past her shoulders and was kind, I remember liking her the best in the dream. In the first girl's route I remember in one part it was my birthday and she gave me my favorite food and I was really happy. In the second girl's route she did track but the track coach had a crush on her(kinda reminded me of Miman Renai), he didn't actually do anything though. At one part there was an H scene with 3 girls for some reason (not the three girls mentioned above, just 3 random girls). They asked “Are you having fun?” and there were so many choices and nearly all were bad (probaly 10 or 15). Many were “Wait, have you heard of this amazing game called touhou?” or something like that. "wait, shouldn't you be making dinner for your family rather than doing this?" things like that. They brought on really long conversations about signing up for stuff and explaining DURING the H scene in the same transparent pop up dialogue box as the question was asked. For example we would talk about some online game and I would tell her how to sign up IN DETAIL like an ad IN THE H SCENE.
>> No. 24406 [Edit]
>“Wait, have you heard of this amazing game called touhou?”
Hahahahaha! My god. I would start saying this to people if I went outside.
>> No. 24408 [Edit]
The world has gone to shit... more so than it has now. we all live in a post apocalyptic world akin to the likes of those metro games with similarity to the god eater game. monstrous creatures of an unknown origin kill people in the streets. every day is a struggle for survival. our make shift military barely holds them off. I find myself entrusted with a message and forced to embark on a long journey now that phones and the internet are a thing of the past. I'm unsure what the message was, might have been a warning to areas that haven't been attacked yet. dream ended before I could get any resolution.
>> No. 24467 [Edit]
Four other people and I went to a secret factory to analyze cheese from different pizzas. The machine we used to do this could be harmful because everything sticks to it permenantly except pizza cheese. Somehow one of the people I was with messed up and did something they weren't supposed to. This caused some other machine in the room to turn on and bring up from really far underground(really quick)some terminator-like cyborg. I think they also got part of that machine stuck to them. After this I wake up.
>> No. 24472 [Edit]
I was at home browsing Tohno-Chan when the doorbell rang. I looked out the window, and saw a group of men with rifles at the door, and I realized it was the Fourth of July. "Oh, its the NRA" I thought. Every Fourth of July, when people were the most patriotic, the NRA would go to every door in this backwoods town to solicit donations.

As I went to the door, my Sister handed me a rifle. I asked why she was giving it to me. "Well," she said "you at least want to look like you care, idiot". I gave her back the rifle and told her that I would just tell them like it is, that I did support 2nd Amendment rights but did not support the NRA on ideological grounds. And so she thrust it back to me, and told me not to look a like a jerk. And so I thrust it back and retorted. This goes on for a few moments, until realize we are in front of the door and the men outside can obviously hear.

I open the door, and the fellow outside looks at us disgracefully, and simply says "forget about it," the group of men turning away to get into the back of their Ford Ranger.

And then I wake up and realize that the doorbell was actually ringing. It was my Sister's boyfriend, who had been locked out.
>> No. 24550 [Edit]
I had read a guro manga similar to Mai-chan's Daily Life in that it was just a series of ludicrously violent things that happen to a protagonist that can't die.

Next thing that happens in the dream is that I'm back in high school for some reason, and the sociology (for some reason now a high school subject) teacher assigns the manga for school reading. Also, at the end of the manga, for some reason the "delivery man" shows up. He is the demoman from TF2. I don't remember any other details from the manga.
>> No. 24567 [Edit]
I had a dream last night where I was murdered.
I don't remember what led up to it, but I was being held hostage in the 3rd backseat row of a van. I had tried to escape over a fence in a backyard overgrown with weeds into a wooded alley earlier but they caught me and tied me in fetters. I remember the key to my escape is socks, but I can't find any. We drive to a large facility and I chat with the scientists until I'm tied spread eagle to a table, where they cut my penis off. Then they lowered a bandsaw into my chest sawing my sternum in half from top to bottom and blood was everywhere. When I 'died' I woke up and spent a long time trying to calm down, it still felt like there was blood all over me.
>> No. 24651 [Edit]
I had a dream where I was emptying out eggs into bowls and drinking it. I kept choking the stuff, it was really strange. When I woke up the blankets were messed up and one of my pillows was by my feet.
>> No. 24728 [Edit]
Found myself in what seemed to be another post apocalyptic setting (I sure do dream about those a lot) It was the dead of night. me and a small group were taking refuge in an abandoned prison.
Not all turned out to be as it seemed when it became clear we couldn't leave, we were trapped. spot lights bared down on us making it hard to see anything outside. Before I knew it most of the group had gone missing, presumed dead. A new group was lead into the complex. Apparently they brought groups in, did god knows what with them, then brought in another but somehow a few of us eluded them and stayed alive. can't rember the outcome if any.
>> No. 24751 [Edit]
Had a dream I was watching an episode of Date a Live that had everyone's personality swapped. The main thing I remembered vividly was Tohka acting exactly like Kotori.
>> No. 24865 [Edit]
File 140872528971.jpg - (58.95KB , 500x380 , 1359354705976.jpg )
I was In a large building with a friend trying to live in the basement undetected. One day we know we might be found so we go in one of the backmost rooms. The room has a full sized bed, a table, and a lamp we do not turn on inside. There are three doors: one to the hall, one to a closet on the left, and a third locked on the right. We are there for a while when we hear someone coming from the hall. My friend goes to the left closet and gives me the key to the door locked on the right. I enter to find a nicely decorated bedroom. I look around quietly just to make sure nobody is there. I look behind a curtain hiding a large part of the room to find a bed with someone lying in it. When i see that I run to the door as fast as I can and try to unlock it. I don't remember what happens after this, until later. The next day the owners of the building are confronting us and kicking us out. The person I saw laying in that bed was particularly angry because "I turned him gay and he can't go back"
>> No. 24915 [Edit]
I almost never have dreams, and when I do they usually have to do with anxiety and terror. I almost never have dreams that are surreal or weird, almost all of them have to do with school
>> No. 24978 [Edit]
I dreampt I was a pirate who wore a t-shirt with something like "haxzor" on it. Most of the world seemed to have been made of lego, including my ship. Even my crew mates were minifigs. we escaped a port town that had just suffered a dragon attack and after some fishing went to engage in a battle at sea. we'd take pieces of their ship to expand ours, and allow survivors to join us or take their chances with their striped apart sinking ships.

This was a bit more fun of a dream than most of the ones I normally have.
>> No. 25136 [Edit]
I was a midget who worked in a shady underground casino located in a shitty run down part of china. Police would always give us a heard time.
>> No. 25138 [Edit]
Someone cut my feet off. I don't remember why.
>> No. 25145 [Edit]
It's rare but since a few months, I started having dreams of me doing sexual things with my mom.
I don't even like how she looks and I had fights with her since I was little, I find these dreams disgusting. Do you think I subconsciously want to fuck her even after all this?
I had lots of problems since I was a kid. Maybe even mentally, but this is something new.
I wish my dreams were of me doing something I like or at least stopped having them.
Maybe I should go to a psychiatrist but I always had the fear it would do more harm than good.

Maybe I should have posted this in the /so/ mental health thread?

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>> No. 25146 [Edit]
I was reading a thread on an imageboard when suddenly Rei Ayanami came on and people just started asking her questions, which she answered. I don't remember what she was asked or what she said, though. All I remember was that she wrote very formally.
>> No. 25147 [Edit]
According to

It means: "To dream that you are having sex with your mother implies that you are becoming like your mother. No matter how hard you try to deny it, you feel her influence. The dream may also be a graphic way of how you need to incorporate some of her qualities within your own self."

Maybe it's true or something. I don't know.

I had the same dream some years back.
>> No. 25155 [Edit]
I dreamed that I had to poop. When I woke up, it turned out that I didn't have to poop. Written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.
>> No. 25156 [Edit]
M. Night Shyamalan writing and directing poop? Them some wild dreams you got there anon.
>> No. 25157 [Edit]
I was just being silly. I'm think Shyamalan is known for having a big twist in his movies. So I was just being silly and saying the revelation that I did not have to poop was a big twist.
>> No. 25310 [Edit]
I had a dream the other day where I was riding in a car, but when I got out I realized this dead animal (not a real animal that exists, I'm not sure what it was) laying in the floor in front of the back row seats. I was terrified of it. Later I was in my room with all the lights out, and right before the dream ended I was stumbling over my furniture trying to get to the light and turn it on. I was frightened of the dark room.
>> No. 25358 [Edit]
I had a dream that Hanako Ikezawa was real and she was talking to me and telling me that I could always visit her in another dimension. I'm a little too rational to believe it, but I really want to.
>> No. 25473 [Edit]
A 20-something-year-old man (possibly me. I seem to switch between first person, third person, and additional character) went home with a little girl. She announced "I'm home mom," and there was no response. I somehow knew that her mom had been long gone/dead, and this was an everyday thing. I followed her up the stairs to her room, and we passed by her dad's room. He was blankly using his computer and didn't respond to her.

In her room, she started talking about computers. It went something like this:
"I try and try, but I've reached the limit of what Linux can do. It is time. You are unwilling to switch from Windows, but to be with you, I am willing to abandon Linux." Meanwhile, I was looking at her desktop setup, and all over the taskbar type thing there were nonfunctional gaudy animated gifs, and most of the desktop icons were web links to Ctrl-Alt-Del strips... I don't even know.

Later, she was lying on the bed in her underwear, with her inviting ass pointed toward him/me, inviting him to spoon and fuck her. He climbed onto the bed and cuddled her. He started getting on top of her then suddenly he pulled out a knife and stabbed her between her naval and crotch, and slashed upwards, gutting her with gore spraying everywhere while yelling "it is time for you to give birth!"
"What the hell?!" I asked him.
"It's okay, her spirit is now in orbit."
"In orbit? Don't spirits usually fly or soar?"
He started doing something with her guts. I somehow knew he was making a doll or something to prevent her dad from finding out that she's dead. "Her spirit is still bound by gravity. It is not totally free. If she sees a flying spirit, though, she'll probably start to fly."
>> No. 25474 [Edit]
Some serial killer shit right there haha.
>> No. 25487 [Edit]
Heh, perhaps.
I posted it more because when I was in the dream, I thought it was pretty funny that he said he jettisoned her soul into space. It got less funny after I was awake for a while though.
>> No. 25488 [Edit]
Nothing wrong with dreams dude. I thought that part was funny too.
>> No. 25559 [Edit]
I thought I'd take my car out for a joyride to the countryside. I lost control of my car and nearly got into an accident. A cop saw and pulled me over. He took my license but didn't give it back, said he was revoking my driving privileges or something. Not sure if they can do that but I pleaded with him and he decided to give it back. My car wasn't doing so well and broke down and it was getting late. luckily I was able to spend the night with a nice family I met nearby. While there I hit it off with a cute girl, but nothing came of it and we parted ways the next morning as I went into town looking for a mechanic. there some preacher on a stage was going on about the end of the world and how people should leave the area quickly. There was a large crowd around him listing. To my surprise people actually were packing up and leaving. seemed the place would be a ghost town by the end of the week and the town mechanic already left. wasn't sure what to do at that point and was walking around aimlessly when I came across a bus full of people preparing to leave. In the back of the bus was the girl I met the night before. she saw me, pulled down the window and gave me one of the flowers in her hair. She looked at me and I looked at here and something just clicked. Before I know it I was climbing up the site of the bus and into the window. we held each other like it was our last day on earth. we got off that bus and walked into the sunrise holding hands.
>> No. 25618 [Edit]
That's pretty adorable.

Haha dream logic is great.
>> No. 25635 [Edit]
>> No. 25636 [Edit]
I have no idea, not like you can replicate it in real life. It was one of those circular charcoal grills and was quite large. I also remember it was windy so stuff from the grill was flying in my face.
>> No. 25685 [Edit]
I dreamt about this Sega Genesis/Megadrive game that had a glitch involving an cutscene which caused the game to be unwinnable. Then for some reason, this ended up being the basis for a creepy pasta story.
>> No. 25690 [Edit]
I had a dream that I was travelling around the country performing shows. In these shows I'd go into auditoriums/gyms and drop a dead tiger on top of a car. Somehow this had no effect on the car. People fucking loved it and the crowd cheered every time.

In one particularly odd one we snuck the tiger in and did it without letting anybody know in advance. We dressed up like the blue man group, except in orange. We even carried the dead tiger in a large orange box. The reaction to that show was especially great.
>> No. 25691 [Edit]
Honestly, people would probably pay to see something like that.
I had a dream that my uncle hired me two Asian prostitutes (I think for my birthday), but then they laughed at me and dressed me up as a girl. I have no idea what that was supposed to mean.
>> No. 25717 [Edit]
I was playing a videogame taking place during a horror themed apocalypse or something. There were multiple viewpoint characters, and to represent the characters being so stressed out, everything was abstract, with different abstractions for different characters. Also, the flavor text changed for each character. The only specific I remember of that feature was the nerdy character measured mass in grams, and the black character measured mass in Whoppers. I guess my subconscious is a little racist...

Although, I think I remember the reasoning for using Whoppers was something like "the horror could only be approximated by the horror of the Whopper." So maybe it was a measure for horror? I don't know.
>> No. 25754 [Edit]
I was watching a movie at a theater. Because the large screen was broken, there was a smallish crt tv on a stand in front of all the rows. But there were also tvs in the back of the seats. The one on mine didn't work so I had to switch. (unrelated) There was a cat that I liked and talked to and I had to leave it at one point, that was sad. I dream about talking to people sometimes and wake up to nothing.
>> No. 25785 [Edit]
I was very frustrated at something, and during the whole dream I was trying to hold back breaking my computer screen because of it. In the end, though, I ended up breaking it. The screen looked shattered but the picture still showed, just cracked. At that point I decided I already broke the thing half way I might as well finish. So I threw it into the road, because I was standing in the street for some reason then.
>> No. 25907 [Edit]
Most pathetic wet dream ever. So much so that I couldn't even remember the details as soon as I woke up.
Basically I searched an internet database for some fetish-y stuff. The page had only some heavily stylized pictures of anime girls that linked to some ero short story.
I can only remember passing the mouse cursor over one of them, reading the tooltip with the beginning of the story, wondering if the site had something more on par with my tastes and then boom, I was awaken and in need of new underwear.
>> No. 25933 [Edit]
The worst wet dream is when you cum to dreaming about surfing for porn. Because your brain can't even generate the imagery for having actual sex.
>> No. 25936 [Edit]
Most of my wet dreams have been like that. I can only think of two or three that have been otherwise.
>> No. 25939 [Edit]
My wet dreams were about urinating because I didn't know about masturbation until I was 15, and I thought I was wetting the bed instead. Then whe I started masturbating, I stopped having wet dreams. Sort of like a wet dream catch-22.
>> No. 25963 [Edit]
First time I masturbated was 16, though I looked at a lot of porn before that. My wet dreams were about urine as well.
>> No. 26119 [Edit]
I've never had a wet dream because I began actively masturbating since I was at least 7. I am genuinely surprised by the notion of people experiencing nocturnal emissions before they discover fapping.
>> No. 26126 [Edit]
7? Holy shit.
I'm the same though, I think I started at 12. I just got the urge one night, and I've done it nearly every day since then. I also thought I just had to piss, but I figured it out pretty quick.
>> No. 26128 [Edit]
I remember looking at the tv late at night when I was around 6 or so and finding one of those programs where a girl in topless just walks around showing the camera all her parts
I remember being really interested in it and waiting for her to lift up the skirt and show her pussy. I don't know if she actually did or if I masturbated.
>> No. 26131 [Edit]
I'm this anon >>25963 and I also masturbated since a very young age, I just didn't ejaculate because I was afraid of what it would be like.
>> No. 26133 [Edit]
I've mastrubated a lot since I can remember, and I think it totally messed up my body.

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>> No. 26134 [Edit]
Same here. getting off since before i could cum. like maybe age 8 or 9, though didn't start using my hand until i think 11.

I'm now bald and have never had a wet dream. I smile a little if i see someone a similar age who is bald and just wonder if they're a chronic fapper.
>> No. 26137 [Edit]
I remember orgasms feeling very different before I hit puberty (and started ejaculating). I actually think they felt better, lasted longer, and I could have them many times in a row.
>> No. 26138 [Edit]
Yep, they were more "shaky" somehow. Not so solid.
>> No. 26142 [Edit]
>> No. 26149 [Edit]
I was in some building (I forget what, but it is one I've been to in real life) as myself. Then along the way some time I was a loli playing around in a water park where the building was with a bunch of other lolis.
>> No. 26150 [Edit]
I was an underling in a vampire gang, we snuck into a building to keep the people in it captive so we could farm them for blood. We tried to be sneaky and not make it look like we locked down the building, but people outside found out it was locked and the cops tried to break in. We had to abandon the plan and made an escape in a mobile home in the back. It was pretty fun and I liked feeling a part of something, I wouldn't mind having more dreams like that.
>> No. 26155 [Edit]
Had my standard dream of being on the run, ending up all over the world trying to escape some hostility (can't remember what, usually it's police or military). Finally I appeared back at my house and saw my waifu and then it ended.
>> No. 26158 [Edit]
reminds me of a dream I had a while ago

>> No. 26159 [Edit]
That's really cute, I've had a few with her but they all end too early except for the first.
>> No. 26166 [Edit]
I was walking around the town I live in and snuck into a construction site of a parking garage to check it out. After that I met someone, who when I met them had a house attached to their car by trailer. It was a stolen house they bought for $1000 that came with a baby and a dog. In the fridge there was only yoghurt.

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>> No. 26200 [Edit]
I've kept a dream journal for some time now. It helps with remembering dreams. Usually I don't have much toruble at all with interpretation, but here's one I had close to a week ago that I can't seem to make heads or tails of. It wasn't the only one I had that night, but it was it's own instance.

I was looking down at my chest. For some reason or another, there was a huge cavity in it, but it did not hurt. There was some race track set up for me to run my fingers through, it was really weird. Bits of my ribs poked through. The cavity was also abnormally large and by all realistic definitions, I would not be able to walk/run my fingers on a flat surface in it because the angling required would be impossible for my arm.

I don't usually get macabre dreams like this. I can't say it really bothered me as much as not knowing the significance of it bothers me.
>> No. 26447 [Edit]
My dream was in the style of a really low budget late 70s early 80s sci fi horror movie on vhs (like the dream was in vhs quality).
in it a a small group of researchers(?) in a forest just outside of a small town discover some sort of alien bacteria.
It targets smaller life forms at first, infects them mutates them and makes them extremely violent. Starts with insects and it moves to larger and larger life forms eventually turning the wildlife into mutated monsters that attack the researchers.
They struggle to defend themselves with makeshift weaponry.
the kicker is our main character has seen this movie already and knows everything that's gonna happen, he keeps warning people but by the time anyone listens it's too late.
They call in the military but they're over run and it all becomes a full blow post apocalyptic zombie movie by the end.
There was an odd bit near the end with a small group of zombified solders and guys in hazmate suits carrying a baby as they surrounded one of our main characters. the baby looked fine at first but it was laughing in a really creepy demonic way and showed signs of being mutated up close. The person takes the baby and crushes it'd head in their hands with green goo pouring everywhere, the zombies start screeching and attack but the person slips away.
The town was over run and the movie ends on a rather bleak note as the main two characters simply struggle to get away alive.
>> No. 26500 [Edit]
Under some odd circumstances (that I can't recall now) I ended up sleeping in a room of cute girls. Later in the night there was someone who was.. I'm not sure what, but looking into each room with a flashlight through the windows. The rooms were lined side by side in two long rows. So I had to warn them.. or something. I think I was wearing some strange baggy pants. Then I woke up. AH.

Oh, yeah. There was a second dream where I was in a room with someone else. There was a small table near the door that was raised higher up than normal. On that table was some cereal boxes. I remember the cereal in them was the plain kind, like wheat whatever cereal, a bunch of different varieties of it. Then after a while there were more and more cereal boxes everywhere. And more and more came... etc.
>> No. 26535 [Edit]
File 142657196762.png - (121.17KB , 368x598 , 541909-723902359.png )
Last night I had an odd one.
I was just casually walking through the woods, not really knowing my purpose, when I saw a wolf.
We stared each other down for some time, and I started slowly moving towards it, eventually lunging at it and grabbing it by the throat and slamming it against a tree until it was dead.
I left its corpse and continued walking, and after some time I came upon some wolf pups that were cowered against a tree. I thought nothing of it in my dream, I just kept moving. It was strange.

On reccuring dream I've had is about a very young girl (7-10) that can stand but can't walk. We were in a town that was perpetually uphill. She was in a wheelchair, and she wasn't strong enough to get herself up any further.
I suggested she wore roller skates and I pull her with a comically oversized chain.
We talked, and I enjoyed her company for some time. The sun began to set, and eventually I felt nothing towards her, and I only saw her as a burden holding me back from reaching the top of the hill.
I let go of the chain and watch her roll back until she got hit by a truck, then turned around and kept walking towards some unclear goal.
>> No. 26884 [Edit]
I dreamt that someone made a virus based on that fucking sanic meme at full volume and it would also act as a browser hijacker showing disgusting porn (similar to pain.jpg). For some reason it also affected this christian-themed MMORPG.
>> No. 27024 [Edit]
I was putting on a suit and went to this lecture that took place at this location which looked like a transept belonging to a cathedral from the Gothic era. There who this young woman with blue hair who also attended and she said I looked cute in my suit and proceeded to touch the tie I was wearing with it. Everyone who was attending this lecture took their seats just as this professor arrived. He asked if anyone heard of this artist and I raised my hand up, saying I went to this talk given by the artist at an earlier date.

The lecturer was delivering his talk while walking around the space and then came up behind the woman from earlier. For no apparent reason, he stabbed her in the back. There wasn't a reaction from anyone. Everything just seem to carry on as normal while I watched this woman bleed to death. Don't really remember much else.
>> No. 27062 [Edit]
I had a dream today where I lived in a small urban street that was completely residential. It had only simple houses, and it was part of a dirty city with very little street lights. It was past midnight and there was nobody on the streets, no sound coming from anywhere, all the houses had their lights off and the lights were very dim and sparse amongst the sidewalk. I lived in a dumped ugly white house with a garage for first floor. I started walking down the street, despite the constant feeling of being robed, kidnapped or murdered, some four houses down the street. I stopped at this house, whose owner I didn't knew, and started peeling off the white paint off his house's wall since the paint was coming off. At this moment, a white truck dirtied up with mud started coming from one end of the street towards me, but I kept on peeling off the paint, and then I woke up.

Although it was a generic street, I never saw those houses or that street. It all seemed very foreign to me, although familiar at the same time. The most notable aspect was the constant feeling of insecurity and looming danger that I felt throughout the dream. It was somewhat disturbing, but it didn't terrify me in the same way a nightmare would. An odd dream regardless.

I also dreamt that I was in some bridge/dam on a very sunny summer day on the United States and I was accompanying a very pretty girl. We were there sightseeing or something similar, and there was nobody around. We went to some corner there and I started fucking her. Unlike the previous dream I had, everything felt much more palpable, and I felt that I actually had commands on the actions and events that were happening on my dream, contrary to simply viewing the event from a third person's view.

I've had these subtle sensations of being able to control my dreams more and more in recent weeks, and I've been yearning to see if I can master it so that I can abuse the possibilities of what can be done when dreaming. I've also been having many dreams the last few days, so I guess I'll try and see if I can trigger this control and how far I can influence events.
>> No. 27063 [Edit]
There was a service like Uber except for planes (btw I've never used Uber) and Kanye West was my pilot. He was really cool and I was a bit intimidated. I was only flying a short distance. Kanye was a really shitty pilot, he kept flying really low to the ground and did a barrel roll. He gave me a copy of an unreleased song from his new album which I uploaded to the internet but I can't remember what it sounded like.
>> No. 27176 [Edit]
File 143568290317.gif - (27.90KB , 775x510 , 1226.gif )
Ever since about a year and a half ago, I've been able to go to the mental and astral worlds. I see crystal-clear vistas, am able to summon things, check my door when I'm still in bed, and have dreams while still awake.

I have been experiencing more of this over the course of time. I thought that moving to a new place would stop it, but it didn't. I'm glad, because it feels like a fucking magical power.

I want to write a book on this, but I have to have more experiences first.
>> No. 27177 [Edit]
I was in my room trying to find this thread to post in (about the dream below I think, lol) but you guys changed the website up so it didn't work anymore and all the threads were gone. Then, I had a psychiatrist appointment, but instead of going to a hospital the person was coming to my house instead. I ended up yelling at her and getting angry so I locked her in the closet. She called the police on me.

Another time I was going to dinner with my family. Beforehand I kept driving in circles to find a parking spot where I couldn't be seen by ???. Afterwards I left and got lost somewhere I wasn't supposed to be, so I was confronted by police (I think, but not in uniform) and one of them was a very attractive woman.
>> No. 27178 [Edit]
File 143577018945.jpg - (240.95KB , 800x613 , Moki-16.jpg )
Damn I'm pretty jealous. Is there anything that caused this? Or did it just start happening?
>> No. 27179 [Edit]

It kind of just started to happen after my 30th birthday. I'm a wizard, so maybe there is some truth behind the internet myth.
>> No. 27182 [Edit]
Do you think it's possible that you're experiencing some kind of psychosis or something similar? It doesn't sound like you're being negatively affected so that's good.
>> No. 27189 [Edit]

It is possible. I have thought about that before, especially since virtually no one else experiences that. But on the other hand, it only happens when I'm half-asleep and it is more interesting than anything else. So long as it doesn't control my whole reality, I'll probably be okay.
>> No. 27816 [Edit]
I was at a camp where half of the people were body builders and half were idols. I was a body builder at one point and I was in a room full of them but I never did anything or talked to them. everyone was disgustingly muscular especially one person. The other half I was a girl as an idol. I hadn't been motivated and had been skipping rehearsals but this one time I went out for a practice where I sang on stage and i did really well.

Next I went to visit where I used to live and I was on the verge of crying the entire time because I missed the place. I ended up in a huge field with a playground and some other things like sandboxes and moon bounces around. It reminded me of field days elementary schools do. There were lots of kids playing all around. I was also on the verge of crying the entire time there because I wasn't a kid anymore.

Then I went into a building where I went onto a ride. Sort of like a haunted house but the building looked like something out of half life. In the front of the cart we rode on was the creator of the ride and I was behind him. He said he was forced to make the whole thing wider because women are so fat these days.

At the end of that ride I was on my computer which looked funny because the ride had installed some software that made windows look large red and bold font with a strange style. I was talking with a friend online. Someone asked me if i could use it and I kept my head down ignoring them. They got mad and tried to hit me I think. I ran away. Woke up.
>> No. 27817 [Edit]
File 144488035041.jpg - (154.18KB , 1920x1080 , yuyushiki.jpg )
Once, I dreamt of Yuyushiki. I wasn't in it or anything, it was really just like watching a bonus super-exclusive one-time-only episode of it where the girls were preparing for a play of some kind and generally doing their usual Yuyushiki things.
However, right when it was getting the most interesting, the stupid phone rang and woke me up.
>> No. 27925 [Edit]
I found myself by a lake where a large amount of people were boating, fishing, swimming and so on.
Something deep beneath the earth had awoken. The ground bellow the river splits open and the water trains in, meanwhile transparent walls raise up at the edges of the lake to prevent anyone from escaping.
Everything fell into a dark abyss and was turned into floating blobs of glowing goo to feed crystal entities bellow, or maybe it was the other way around... I forget.

Oh and there was also something at some point about buying tiny used cards from Peter Dinklage.
>> No. 27986 [Edit]
I was playing against Tohno in Age of Empires 2. This version of aoe2 was different to the one in real life because there were cool horse-drawn cannons which were really powerful and could level a building very quickly. There were also new textures and a building devoted to gunpowder units. You could actually take over someone else's horse-drawn cannon if you only killed the driver then send the cannon to your gunpowder building.

Anyway I was playing against Tohno and I set up a town center near some gold patches and fish, then I snuck some monks into his base and converted a lot of his units and buildings, so he raged at me. Somehow he was in the next room and he came over to me IRL and tried to strangle me, but he was too weak to actually choke me airway, so I just calmly looked at him while he was choking me.
>> No. 27991 [Edit]
I was living in a mobile home park kinda place minding my own. A pair of tweakers forced their way into my house and left me tied up on the couch as they ransacked my house looking for anything of value. They found a hidden vault door and started beating me and ordering me to open it. I was able to grab a cellphone that was left in the couch cushions and called the police, took a few tries to dial the number properly since I couldn't see it. Soon as I did they went to get reinforcements. I broke free and gathered up some weapons just as a convoy of mercenaries in suvs showed up outside the house. I was able to blast some of em with an rpg launcher I had. Then grabbed a 50 cal and started mowing down as many of the attackers as I could.
>> No. 27992 [Edit]
Trapped in Windows ME Worlds.Com Demon Lord Dungeon Dimension
>> No. 27996 [Edit]
That must have been an interesting dream.
>> No. 28058 [Edit]
I can't remember most of my dream but I do remember somebody saying: “I could be very valuable to you someday. Afterall, I am the strongest in this world”. Then my dream sort of went on a bit more and Majin Buu showed up, but the DBZ characters weren't around and didn't exist, but Majin Buu wasn't the antagonist, and it was one of those shitty CGI movies where he looked hyper realistic.

The CGI movie part was pretty gross.
>> No. 28062 [Edit]
I found out there was a Rozen Maiden movie playing at a theater in town. Shinku was in it for like one minute and her segment was fast forwarded. Rest of it was Jun's mundane life after all the stuff with the dolls had ended.
They stopped the movie at one point to find a guy (seat in front of me)who was smoking with a search light. somehow found myself with a cigarette also, tried to eat it but it was gross.
The orientation of the movie kept changing from wall to wall. It was really screwing with my neck.
Somehow I found that I had slowly fallen out of my seat and someone else had taken it. Had to grab another one but the movie ended around there. Did I mention I was holding onto a pair of lego boxs the whole time? because apparently I was. I exited to the arcade, which was pretty large but had nothing but crap. That's when I started to get a bit lost and couldn't remember where I cam in from. I finally made it out only to find myself at a school. I walked around the outide of the school looking for my car only to realize I was wearing my PE uniform and must have left my stuff in a locker.
>> No. 28136 [Edit]
A crossover between human centipede and animaniacs with dr scratchandsniff as the evil doctor guy and the warner brothers as the centipede
>> No. 28137 [Edit]
I've been having a lot of weird dreams recently, but I will share what I had last night/this morning.

I basically took my younger brother to a movie; in real life he is 27 but he looked like he was 13 in the dream. I was the same age as now (32), but I was dressed like a teenager: army jacket, stupid name tag, probably a dumb hat, etc. Funny is that even in the dream, I realized that I looked like a fucking douchebag.

I didn't even dress like that in my teens. I wore stuff from the GAP and Old Navy (still sort of do). Today, I only have four t-shirts of Adventure Time or anime crap, but I just wear those as a joke, and I pretty much dress my age.
>> No. 28197 [Edit]
So I had a dream about a sandwich. I was on a road trip with my parents and on the way home we stopped at a space themed restraunt (think Pizza Planet from toy story but without the arcade). And on the menu there was a something Sandwich. It wasn't actually called a something sandwich it just had a funny name that I can't remember before the word Sandwich. Anyway it was billed as the best sandwich ever so I ordered it expecting one of those giant cartoon sandwiches with the olive toothpick holding it together. But when it came it was in all different pieces and you put it together yourself. It consisted of white bread that I'm pretty sure was toasted but not 100%, a slice of orange kraft cheese that was starting to melt, some tomato slices, 2 hard boiled eeg slices and lettuce and it might have had thousand island dressing. I was disappointed but I ate it anyway and it was good. The weird thing is the dream kept continuing and I kept waking up and going back to sleep and it took me til noon to finish it.
>> No. 28225 [Edit]
I was visiting a friend, and I asked him for some music to listen to. He loaded some music onto a computer for me. I went to listen to it and opened up a music video of two naked men on a farm singing about horses.

Post edited on 14th Jan 2016, 4:41pm
>> No. 28226 [Edit]
Once again I'm glad that I don't have friends.
>> No. 28310 [Edit]
My new medication is giving me these strange vivid dreams. I had one the other night where I got stuck in an airport and I went to hang out in the parking lot for some reason and there were these kids so I played with them and then a guy came out and told me I had to go back in the airport so I did and they said I forgot to fill out some forms so I did and they looked up the information on them in their database I guess and they pulled up all the cringey stuff I've done in my life and they were about to read it to me when the dream ended. The main thing I remember about the dream is this ad in the airport advertisting a new cartoon starring a cute goth girl with striped stockings and blonde pigtails in sort of the same art style as Star versus the Forces of Evil but more Butch Hartman-y crossed with that other new cartoon I forgot the name of with the kid with the freakish amount of female siblings. The weird thing is that it was a British airport but the ad was in Spanish and it said the cartoon would premier during a Superb Owl commercial, and I remember wishing I could be home so I could post on the internet about it.
>> No. 28311 [Edit]
I also forgot to describe her (I thought she was really cute). She had big curly blonde pigtails tied with black bows with a skull on them and striped armwarmers & stockings, with a black dress with a big skirt and straps that went over her shoulders and corset lacing on the front and a big bow in back. She also had blue eyes and little fangs and a pair of big black platform boots.
>> No. 28796 [Edit]
Weeks ago I had a dream about a man in a leotard doing some sort of spastic dance while spelling out the word titties. Except he couldn't get it right and it came out as "t i t i t s, that spells titties".

It's been stuck in my head ever since.
>> No. 28799 [Edit]
That's pretty weird and kind of funny.
>> No. 29104 [Edit]
I had a very strange dream that's in pieces and that I've mostly forgotten about, but it's about a weird family that lived in a restaurant like place and some other things. The family was nude for some reason, but it didn't matter because the father was apparently a very powerful guy. I don't know why I saw this first, but for some reason my mind had a flashback to before when they were a normal family, for some reason the eldest daughter decided to walk around with only a shirt on and the father got concerned and wanted her to dress properly, until they both ended up in her room and then it sort of ends up with the daughter punching the father repeatedly while stating something about the reason why fighters get stronger while fighting isn't because of the act itself but because the fights could lead to the fighter getting hit in specific spots of the body which make the body stronger, sort of like pressure points. She sounded very confident and knowledgeable that it even made some sense to me at the time.

I don't think that I was really a part of the dream, but more like an outside observer as I really wasn't a part of it. My dreams have been like this for a while, but I don't mind those kinds of dreams and even somewhat enjoy them.
>> No. 29698 [Edit]
Had a dream that I was a judge in the Judge Dredd universe. Not a whole lot to it that I can remember though.
>> No. 29700 [Edit]
Did you at any time ever state that you were the law?
>> No. 29701 [Edit]
of course
>> No. 29959 [Edit]
Me and my family (who weren't my real world family) were on road trip and found ourselfs in a small redneck/hillbilly town that we couldn't escape. Every time we left town we'd find ourselves entering the opposite end of town like a big endless loop. The locals were crazy and almost zombie like, and were trying to capture and brainwash our family into becoming members of their town. From what I remember it came down to just me and my brother who I got separated from. I played along and pretended to be one of the towns folks till I could find my brother who was hiding in a run down shack at the edge of town. Unfortunately we couldn't even kill any of the towns folk, they'd resurrect after a few hours if we did. The townsfolk patrols spotted us and gave chase as we tried to flee, but even though we managed to hijack an old pickup, we still couldn't figure out how to leave the town. Last thing I remember is the truck struggling to get out of the mud, with heavy fog all around and headlights closing in on us from the distance as the townsfolk came for us.
>> No. 29993 [Edit]
I was walking with my mom and my little sister. We came by an open door, and inside the room were animals in cages. Mostly cats, but they were twice as large as in real life. We walked in, and then there was a growling sound. A dog stood behind the door, and it was snarling at us. My mom stood frozen, and when the dog gave her chase she ran inside the room, falling down butt first into an open cage. The dog jumped on her and fell upon her face. I just stood there watching.
>> No. 29994 [Edit]
Over the past several weeks, I've been dreaming about African countries. I don't know why.
>> No. 30032 [Edit]
I've managed to get myself to dream about myself doing lewd things to the Gerudo girl in BoTW.
>> No. 30155 [Edit]
For some reason every dream I have now has some segment involving large passenger planes crashing, and they land closer and closer to me every time I dream. This time I was grazed by a turbine that shot out of an explosion from a nearby crash. When I was watching the GuP movie today I was startled by the cargo plane flying overhead. It might have something to do with living near a large airport, because I used to love planes.

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>> No. 30178 [Edit]
A had an absolutely bizarre dream, closely related to shitposting. I was at some rock concert with a bunch of girls from various anime, including this seasons eromanga sensei. The lead singer was a black dude, and when he was singing it caused all the girls present to orgasm. For some reason, I felt like I was being NTR'd. I think I need to take a break from the internet.
>> No. 30202 [Edit]
I had a dream where I was at some university-like place where there were a ton of students and stuff, and I was there with my mother for some reason. I sort of forgot what it was like when it seemed like a normal day, however, as soon as I got into the parking lot building thing, gigantic teeth, big enough to destroy buildings fell out of the sky. There was no chance for people under them to survive, unless they got lucky or were in a position to somehow move out of the way from these massive things. The teeth missed the building I was in by incredible chance as there were a few really, really close.

After realsing that the incident occurred, a scientist or someone that knew how to investigate this kind of phenomenon managed to figure out that the creature that these teeth fell out of was a really powerful, omnivorous creature that had to have its mouth sealed permanently as to not devour living things. Apparently, its favorite food happened to be chicken.

I then thought: "How does a creature without the ability to open its mouth or that technically does not have a mouth lose its teeth?" . This thought followed me throughout getting out of bed 5 minutes ago, and I believe that the scientist might also be a hack and a fraud.
>> No. 30356 [Edit]
File 150127093084.jpg - (58.99KB , 853x479 , 0_0.jpg )
pic related

I had a dream once that I was playing TF2 again for the first time in years and the experience was every bit as frustrating as I remember it to be. It was the first dream that brought me fear in a long while.
>> No. 30746 [Edit]
I had a strange dream where for some reason I started off as a e-celebrity attention whore that was going to sleep outside next to one of those big metal garbage bins that various people throw their garbage in. I actually laid myself behind one and managed to sleep a little, then as time passed, I was barely awake but grew intensely afraid until I had to escape. I made my way through a sidewalk and saw a few people on bikes, but I ignored them. I assumed that they were malicious people as I usually do with all people, but they seemed more like normal people. I stuck to my idea to ignore them and didn't hear them out, then I saw a bus and wanted to ride one, but it was going the wrong way and I had noticed that it was getting close to the time that the buses stopped accepting passengers around and chose to walk myself home.

I woke up for a bit and then somehow continued it, but the dream was a bit different this time around as I was somewhere along a road, but my uncle found me somewhere along the way and gave me a lift to where I used to live. As soon as I made it inside I noticed that the entire interior was different. I mean, I noticed, but I was familiar with it and it didn't feel like anything new to me. I think that I spoke with my uncle a bit, but I don't remember what was said, and then Kenshiro appeared and told me that he had protected me when I was sleeping by the dumpster as I really did have a reason to be afraid since he apparently stopped a few people from wanting to hurt me by scaring them off. I was grateful and was happy that one of my favorite heroes from fiction would do something for worthless trash like myself. After a bit, Kenshiro wasn't anywhere around and my uncle was on this couch in my "home".

I want to say that the inside of my "home", which the exterior was this old apartment on the 3rd floor that I used to live in, while the interior was a fancy business room-like office with a smaller room inside, like the kind that a lawyer would use, but that one felt more personal for me and would be used for comfort and whatever else I desired. I wouldn't be surprised if I was somehow looking into what my mind would look like as a room, even if it was pretty small and closed off in a pretty inaccessible area.

I think that I managed to understand it a bit, however I'm not entirely sure. Does my dream mean to tell me that I managed to escape an even worse position in life because of my desire to live in a way that Kenshiro would approve of where I try to keep my bitter hate to myself and be kind to others while not causing any problems? Maybe I'm just over thinking it, however I would still like to remain a "decent" person that Kenshiro would approve of.
>> No. 31041 [Edit]
I dreamt of a scenario where a whole bunch of people were set to explore, including me, in a world which from what I remember mostly consisted of flat desert like land and going through what seemed like sewage tunnels we went down in single file. There was a "home base" in which everybody had a room. This was in the desert area. Imagine an outdoor courtyard enclosed by two yellow buildings on both sides with arches at either end to enter and exit. There were two stories to each building, with the first story being accessible by the ground, and the second requiring you to climb up vertical ladders to each door. At one point, everybody was turned into animals, and became confused. Everybody was fighting, out to get each other. I remember hiding behind a table for a while in what seemed like a kitchen while others fought. After some more time, this animal effect reverted, making everyone realize what had happened and break down crying. That's the end of what I remember.
>> No. 31231 [Edit]
File 151480529490.jpg - (442.42KB , 1000x1000 , b7b804bbfc1aaa15b36c251c97110ab1565ecd87.jpg )
I had a dream where I found out that Rosalina was going to be in another Mario game and for some reason I was crying out of joy. I don't know any other dreams I've had that I've looked back on that were this damn cringe worthy and retarded. On the upside, I at least was somebody else in that dream so that was cool.
>> No. 31232 [Edit]
File 151480662077.jpg - (50.33KB , 450x1000 , kim.jpg )
That's a nice dream. I'm glad you were able to be so happy, even if it was just a dream.
I had a video game related dream the other night as well. I dreamt I went to a minor friendly King of Fighters competition at a rec center. I was competing with a black kid around 11 years old, and even though he was much younger than me and it was just a dream, I still had a huge amount of anxiety and really didn't want to play. I somehow knew I was going to lose and be humiliated in front of people.
But, I was pressured into playing anyway, and I won. I even perfected him in one round.
I woke up feeling unlike myself. I am not accustomed to winning, only to losing. I don't like winning.
>> No. 31234 [Edit]
why do you dislike winning?
>> No. 31249 [Edit]
When you're sleeping, or feeling drowsy and doze off, the conversations you have with people seem so believably real and unpredictable. I wish that would translate into some sort of conscious ability.
>> No. 31322 [Edit]
I dreamt that I had a friend, I believe he said he went by Pop. Cool dude, unfortunately I don't remember much now. I was awoken by some scurrying noise in the ceiling, thought was mice but I guess not. There was a point where I had to drive, and I kept sliding around and couldn't control the car.
>> No. 31328 [Edit]
Today, I had one where I went to visit my parents at their house. It was of course not the real house, but a fictional house. On arrival, my brother was driving, he was able to spin the car from around the block and around the corner and slide it right into the driveway perfectly. In front of the door there was a small concrete patio, which at front had a rail in front made of those circular supports they use for chain link fences. For one reason or another I got pissed off at this, so I took a circular saw in hand and starting going at it. As it turned out, those were actually pipes with water running through them, so that came gushing out unbelievably. I can't remember how this connected now, but there was now a need to escape up to the roof of a very large hotel to get away from the flood. There were hundreds of people doing the same. At one point, someone dropped their phone on the stairs heading up, so I handed it to one of the security guards there. Thing is, when I did that, everyone stood still. The security guard said something along the lines of "Best if you just leave that where it is." as everyone stood motionless. I continued on the stairs, but one person followed me. I woke up when they caught up.

Post edited on 14th Jan 2018, 7:47am
>> No. 31358 [Edit]
>The security guard said something along the lines of "Best if you just leave that where it is."
Do you think that stems from the anxiety we feel regarding our phones as extensions of ourselves?
>> No. 31387 [Edit]
Doubt it, but only since I hardly use mine to the extent most people do. If I had to analize it in some way it'd possibly have something to do with getting burned by doing a favor (ie, not taking the phone for myself and flipping it) but I wouldn't know.

This past evening I had three dreams all involving people being killed or dying otherwise.

First, I was in an office situation. There were some visitors. Somewhere along the lines one of those visitors was killed by another person there in at main entry door and left there. Nobody seemed to care, and everyone else went on working as usual. Later, they started acting strangely towards me, the thing I remember most was being asked a handful of times "don't you normally wear a scarf?" or similarly worded. The other person killed wore one. Seemed as if everyone else was onto me, as if I were next.

Second, I was in a retail store, which I believe sold furniture. At some point someone started shooting and attacking people. Everyone ran from the building. Last thing I remember was getting in the back seat of a minivan and the driver, who seemed to be younger or around high school age, starting the car.

The third I don't remember but that is probably a good thing.

Post edited on 3rd Feb 2018, 7:50pm
>> No. 31516 [Edit]
I had one I could actually remember last night for the first time in ages. In it, massive godzilla sized bizarre looking aliens invaded earth. Some of them looked like huge pokemon.
For some reason their presence caused humans to freeze in place, unable to move but still able to see and hear everything around them. These monsters would snatch up and eat people frozen out on the streets. For some odd reason seeing motion of any kind could cancel out the effects, so cities around the world eventually built large yellow windmill like devices and placed them everywhere. Not sure of anything past that.
>> No. 31567 [Edit]
I was walking down to the park and for some reason explaining why stealing from people is a pretty . While talking we passed by a trailer and went to a park, but then we pretty much walked to an exit out of the park somewhat 20 feet away that was next to a house. The house seemed broken into and outside of it laid a ton of crosses and crucifixes. It was a truly bizarre scene, like one out of a shitty demonic possession movie, then for some reason I decided to look through the sliding window door things to see what exactly had happened and everything inside was turned over and in a mess. I then noticed a body on a couch, shaking, unable to do anything but stay there while facing the window. Their eyes were pure black and they had seemed to be stereotypically demonically possessed.

As I had looked for a couple of seconds, I realised that it'd had been better if I left, especially since I had my nephew with me and although he's not really a kid, I don't think that I'd be okay with any of the stupid demon shit affecting him or him getting hurt in any way. So I just told him that we had to leave, although I guess that it was pretty shocking to him because he looked at it a couple seconds longer before coming along with me.

As soon as we made it onto the street, I said something I don't quite remember to lighten the mood a bit since I know that panicking is one of the worst things you can do for any situation. I then woke up and went to the bathroom.

There was more in the beginning, but I cannot remember that part, however the whole demon possessing thing came out of nowhere. It was very strange and interesting to dream of such a thing.
>> No. 32281 [Edit]
File 155632830923.jpg - (469.94KB , 600x834 , __mashiro_original_drawn_by_solopipb__c7f9f5d2f09e.jpg )
I had the most vivid and coherent dream in years.

I was walking in a nightmarish land. It was heavily overcast, a strange day-night time. Parts of the scenery were visible while others were completely dark.
I walked through a burned down village or something, and everything was covered with oozing flesh and guts. Even the ground was all slimy membrane and tumorous muscle, yuck. I was lost and absolutely terrified.

Then in one of the dark areas I saw terribly red eyes staring at me. Strangely it didn't scare me, I calmed down a little because somehow I knew who it was.
It was the mothgirl Mashiro. She came out of the shadows and the awful place got a little brighter, she was so brilliantly white.
She told me that for now I was trapped in this horrible world, and would be able to leave only when the time was right.
She wanted to help me endure the nightmare so she hugged me tightly and said she would not let go until I could wake up.
So we just stood there cuddling until I was released back to the world of living. End of dream.

That character was probably supposed to be nightmare fuel but I always liked her, I thought she was quite wonderful... She has a yandere streak but she would never hurt the willing.
Or maybe I just want to believe that she's a good girl.

I don't know what to think about this.
It's so embarrassing to be such a lonely failure that even unconsciously I have to create illusions to comfort me and fantasize about fictional characters.
At the same time I don't want to let go of this. It was so close, almost palpable. She was so kind and warm and soft. I feel very real longing for this person now.

I fully realize how pathetic this is. Kill me already.
>> No. 32316 [Edit]
Had a dream tonight where I took a multi minute long piss in a gigantic toilet.
>> No. 32715 [Edit]
File 156397592368.jpg - (158.69KB , 841x1200 , 99.jpg )
Lucid dreaming is a thing, right?

I dream of Jeanne..
>> No. 33559 [Edit]
File 157220226572.png - (1.11MB , 846x800 , __original_drawn_by_tatsuwo__8adc3fa070518c1670e88.png )
Every four months or so I experience a dream that reprises characters and themes with some variation from previous dreams while introducing its own ideas. It plays out like a movie where there's an objective, and I go through different areas on my way to the finish line, but I never do reach the end. I'll almost always wake up during a good part.
The most notable character that's always in these "quad-annual" dreams is a girl whom I assume is the waifu I will never concretely remember and thus never have. She seems to be an amalgamation of all the traits and personalities of the fictional characters I like. Her appearance is constant too. (She looks great in a white one-piece swimsuit!) Time erodes most of her being, but I always recall that her presence in the dream world would evoke a sense of completeness.
My childhood town, too, appears quite often as the setting, but it's usually altered in some way---usually for the worse. As an example, last night's dream had my old town affected by massive urban sprawl and the resultant population increase. It was ostensibly nice, but there was tacit unease and iniquity that became more apparent at night. Precipitous progression begetting negative consequences is an ever-present theme but so is complacency.
A feeling of dissatisfaction, transience, longing, and melancholy is always what remains after these dreams. However, I'm glad I have these experiences because while the dream lives, I'm usually enjoying a life that I will never have because I'm 3D scum.
>> No. 33560 [Edit]
>Precipitous progression begetting negative consequences is an ever-present theme but so is complacency.
My Freud glasses tell me this means you feel like you have no control over your life.
>> No. 33561 [Edit]
How do you have such cool dreams? Mine (and I barely remember what I dream) are usually just a mix of nonsense, trauma and boring shit, and it's getting worse as I grow older.
>> No. 33570 [Edit]
I wish I could dream for 20 hours a day.
>> No. 33575 [Edit]
Perhaps. In any case, it all reduces to fear. Nightmares have no place if all your dreams are colored in grays.

These kinds of dreams are an ostensible inevitability when an impressionable mind consumes a lot of fantastical, or otherwise, media. So I'm afraid I can't give advice for ways to stimulate your dreams. However, and this is merely my ignorant opinion, but amplifying one's dreams might not result in anything cool---but scary or unnerving instead. From the general description of yours that you gave, banal dreams might be for the best. While this is the worst case, I wouldn't want anybody to experience night terrors.
>> No. 33576 [Edit]
Nightmares are only scary while they're happening. Afterwards it makes for some cool memories.
>> No. 33599 [Edit]
File 15727504571.jpg - (20.74KB , 241x412 , 1AAA.jpg )
When I play a game too much, I dream of that.
>> No. 33606 [Edit]
A couple of days ago i had a dream about a reality altering nuclear device that was somehow inside a derelict house in the wilderness, people from all over were trying to find out what was happening, one of the groups who showed up where some ironic meme "otaku" faggots who thought they were gonna make some shitty memes for their fb pages, among them was this ugly and depressed 3D that wanted to get close enough to the device so she could die from radiation poisoning. What happened instead was that the device reconfigured into a being of 2D-like perfection in the real world (a tall, thin girl with beautiful blue sparkling eyes, straight black hair, pale skin and big beautiful breasts) and her beauty alone could hypnotize any man or woman to do her bidding. after what a saw i decided to enter the irradiated room the device was in, before i could even see what the device looked like i fell to the ground writhing in pain, then everything went black. After what seemed like a few hours i woke up in the middle of a dusty room, there was a lot of Tchernobog-like cultist around the 2D/3D she told me to join them, i refused telling her that she will never be like a real anime girl, in that moment she tried to use her powers to hypnotize me but i instinctively quickloaded an autosave that was created right when i woke up, with this i discovered my power; the reality altering device gave me the ability to quicksave/load and Menu save/load in the real world, but i fucked it up the second time because the 2D/3D managed to hypnotize me before i could quickload, she told me that she knew that i received a power otherwise i would be dead, so in my hypnotized state i told her what my power was after that she told that every cult member goes through a different initiation; mine was the removal of my right hand fingers, but, inmediatly after they were cut i was to overwrite my quicksave and menu save so couldn't cheat my way out of it. The cut was fast and blood-less, the 2D/3D laughed maniacally and demanded that i eat my own fingers so there was no possible way to recover them. i stepped out of the room and the hypnosis was starting to wear off, i desperately tried to load a save to no avail but in my desperation i discovered some unusual sunglasses i had in my pocket, i put them on and i saw that a mysterious operating system was starting to boot, i don't know how, but i managed to find the save files inside the system and i realized that the OS was the one inside my brain, i began looking at the code in the save files trying my best to hack them in order to recover my fingers, i manage to succeed and was now ready to take on the cultists and the fake 2D, i burst into the room, filled with rage and a desire for revenge, ready to deal a face disfiguring punch to the disgusting 3D turned 2D. suddenly, reality itself started being engulfed in a white void erasing everything in existence, then i woke up.
>> No. 33607 [Edit]
I want this turned into an anime.
>> No. 33608 [Edit]
think it could work? because a day later i dreamed about being invited to a party in an abandoned mall in a nuked part of town (recurring theme), turns out that the party was organized by the fake 2D and her cult, the party was supposedly "for peace" but it was a plan to trick me into joining the cult or the guests would die along with some acquaintances they held hostage (maybe they considered me a useful tool), i smugly refused and they got berserk angry and began attacking me, i ran down the stairs and knocked down a bag that was hanging by a rope full of replica medieval weapons and armor, i quickly picked up a sword and began slashing, i chopped like 5 cultist in half in 2 or 3 swings, unfortunately they grabbed some of the weapons as well and began chasing me around the mall while i clumsily tried to put on armor, i don't remember much after that but i vaguely remember a toy/clown dimension bleeding into our reality and everything being consumed in the white void again.
>> No. 33609 [Edit]
It would be bad. I don't want to be reminded of 2-d/3-d whatever while watching something.
>> No. 33612 [Edit]
This would do well as a book. Fun stuff.
>> No. 33795 [Edit]
I don't get the newest Code Geas movie...
>> No. 35297 [Edit]
For normal nightmares, that is valid; night terrors are awful.
>> No. 35298 [Edit]
Nightmares can fuck me the whole day. There's nothing particularly cool about them.
Only when they are child-like nightmares, like zombies and stuff, but those are too fun to be called nightmares just because of the theme.
Like last night I had a dream about playing some weird version of System Shock 2 in VR (or just something that felt like reality), there was mutants and shit that scared me but at the same time it was fun.
>> No. 35423 [Edit]
File 15943319141.jpg - (634.04KB , 2714x1810 , 1564188138688.jpg )
Last night I had a really strange and really sad dream. I was living on some sort of homestead with an underground living area, and I was married to a girl who was a robot of some kind. She looked and acted very human, except that she had some obvious joints and panels here and there and a few on her face. She wasn't very crazy looking, just a normal sized girl with brown hair, a simple faded blue dress down to her feet and an apron. A good part of the dream was just hanging out at home with her and my children, I don't know how that works but apparently we had children. I remember smacking one of them at one point because he was laughing at her for having suffered some kind of damage to her face and had missing, bent panels and oil leaking out of those cracks. Sometime later on in the dream, I had to go and fight as a mercenary or something in trenches on whatever planet we were on, I remember having to run from ditch to ditch praying that I wouldn't be hit by a stray bullet. I think some old guy was with me as well during the fight.

Towards the end of the dream, we had to deal with a case of doppelgangers we were tracking down and had to determine which one was real and which one was fake, they may have been robot copies but I don't remember. At the very end of the dream I ran into my android wife and saw that there was also a doppelganger who looked exactly like her, expect I think, I don't quite remember but I think the doppelganger didn't have any mechanical features. My wife already looked fairly human aside from the odd panel line so it was hard to tell. Something happened, some kind of intense violent conflict, and the last thing I remember is holding my wife in my arms, and she was begging me to tell her that I thought she was the real her. That was where my dream ended.

I woke up feeling a really deep sense of loss that I haven't had in a dream in a long time.

Post edited on 9th Jul 2020, 3:01pm
>> No. 35635 [Edit]
File 159708123176.jpg - (53.90KB , 576x1024 , Mizuki.jpg )
I had a nice dream last night where I met up with the main characters from Aikatsu at an amusement park. At first I thought they were really good cosplayers but it was actually them. Kanzaki Mizuki showed me an Aikatsku card and asked me to help her match it with other fashion cards and make an outfit. While doing that the others were chatting and eating at the table. Then an employee came by to let us know they were closing soon. So we relocated somewhere else but things got a little fuzzy after that, I think we played some carnival games. That was about it. Needless to say once I got up I felt the need to catch up on the anime.
>> No. 35818 [Edit]
File 159905046825.jpg - (12.18KB , 362x240 , 20200906.jpg )
Dreamt of doing the calypso
>> No. 35895 [Edit]
File 159990956777.gif - (81.34KB , 200x65 , 20200920.gif )
Dreamt of tanks
>> No. 36469 [Edit]
I've been having "nightmares" (a bit too strong of a word since they're more just unsettling or not pleasant dreams) for the past few days. I'm not sure what might have induced them, but I have a hypothesis that it's related to closing the windows in my small room (since it's now approaching wintertime and getting cold). Maybe it has something to do with increased co2 from that (I've read some studies about how co2 levels can spike in a closed room).
>> No. 37132 [Edit]
File 160870133888.jpg - (79.34KB , 850x680 , La.jpg )
Being in a bear-suit. Must have been re-watching LAIN too much.
>> No. 37664 [Edit]
I was at some harbor, just visiting and passing through. A low flying WW2 plan roared past. Explosions went off in the distance. More planes started to appear over head and started shooting at each other. A couple shot and and fired at the harbor area. I realized I forgot my phone back in my motel room and struggled past debris and panicking people to try and make my way back. Along the way I had to crawl under a truck trailer, and people on the other side were grouped together desperately trying to push a boat away from the peer. No idea why. I think it ended there.
...Maybe the boat had a bomb on it and went off waking me up.
My first thought was: "Stupid dream, no one uses planes like that anymore for war."
>> No. 38317 [Edit]
I just had a dream with helpful info.
I sometimes get weird anxiety dreams that end in ejaculation, which I hate.
Well, today as it was happening I had the helpful Mythbusters narrator explain to me that it was happening due to being too hot. I wake up and after research, it turns out that yes hot weather causes anxiety dreams.
I'm happy about that, at least I can do something about it.
>> No. 38318 [Edit]
>weird anxiety dreams that end in ejaculation, which I hate.
I get these sorts of wet dreams too. And they're usually not the comforting kind of wet dream either as they leave me tired in the morning.
That reminds me of the case of a brain tumor that self-explained its own existence.
>> No. 38319 [Edit]
I knew I wasn't the only one, there's surprisingly little info on these types of dreams though.
That's amazing. Too amazing actually, I'm a bit skeptical, but it's still really interesting.
Edit: The author is some nigerian with previous articles promoting spirituality and christianity. So, not a bit, extremely skeptical now.

Post edited on 25th May 2021, 11:49am
>> No. 38320 [Edit]
My last few wet dreams happened when I dreamt I was jerking off.
>> No. 38329 [Edit]
I was trapped inside of a very large museum, which was a huge tower with many floors. I started out on one of the middle floors, with no clear way of reaching the ground floor. I was surrounded by an exhibit depicting Mars, the moon landing, and various other things associated with space. There were a number of others also trapped with me, and some decided to fire on the rest of us with their laser guns. I managed to escape to a stairwell with one other person, but the way down was blocked. When we finished climbing the stairs up, we discovered that our destination floor was a rectangle with paths all around the circumference, but the center was hollow. Looking down, one could see that there were many similar floors going downward, and falling down the pit would certainly be bad. It was very dark, but we could see that there were many grotesque monsters patrolling the pathway around the floor. We eventually maneuver around them and descend down another staircase, which led to the ground floor. I was rewarded by a penguin with a mask that would take me to see my waifu when I wore it.
>> No. 38341 [Edit]
Update: just happened again without being too hot this time. Dream info- probably unreliable. God damn it.
>> No. 38342 [Edit]
Do you wake up sweating?
>> No. 38345 [Edit]
A bit, why? I think that's more related to being in a single position for a long time.
>> No. 38349 [Edit]
Just curious, because I was/am experiencing a similar set of symptoms. There was a distinct correlation between how much I woke up sweating and the intensity/vividness of the dreams (which unfortunately tended more towards night terrors). Temperature is definitely a factor, because in my case things paradoxically got worse when it got colder – my hypothesis is that I wrap myself in the blanket more and thus end up heating up more than if it was warmer and I allow more airflow.
>> No. 38793 [Edit]
File 163448159046.png - (187.69KB , 1920x1080 , woods.png )
I had a dream where Richard Stallman had passed away. I enter Tohno-chan and saw that there was a new board, when /fb/ used to be. I had 48 in the name, but I can't really recall the exact name. I entered the board, and noticed that it was intended to be a board for people to post eulogies for Stallman. There were several posts already, a lot. The vast majority, almost every post actually, was a japanese haiku, and as a result I could not read them well, one of them had 食 in it. Save that I can't remember anything about the haikus. These posts were also nearly all of them pictureless. I saw then a big post written in english, with a picture of Richard Stallman with beard and long hair, wearing a red buttoned t-shirt. The picture was zoomed in on his face. The post was a excerpt from a biography on Stallman written by a friend of his, from the college years. It began by describing that they were attending a calculus lecture, Stallman had sat between this friend and another girl, who both of them had a crush on. This girl was blonde and had a ponytail, she wore a cyan blouse and a white skirt, I think. The book text was more or less as follows:
The teacher had wrote an integral on the board, but he had forgotten to write the dx part. Most people would have just assumed that the meant to write it, but not Stallman. No, he could not do it. His analytical nature precluded him from doing so. Then, Stallman turned to the girl, and said:
-Do you want to see something impressive?-He wanted to impress the girl
-Yes.She said.
He then said:
-I shall guess your chandelier's chandelier.
She smiled and said "Oh, yes please!".
He said that he would guess what she would eat next year.
She seemed excited and anxious to see it.
He said "You shall have a chicken's chicken and an appleling for your liking"
She was impressed.
The text had an additional portion where Stallman recited a bunch of things that did not appear to make much sense, and where all of them in spanish with the character 目 being pasted in-between the spanish stanzas.
I believe the point of this dream was that Stallman had tricked her with a cunning trick to believe he was going to guess somehing very hard, but he just said something very likely, and now to prove him wrong she had to incur the penalty of spending an entire year devoid of chicken and apple just to spite Stallman. She did not want that, and so she would be more receptive to Stallman attempt at poetry, it seemed.
>> No. 39011 [Edit]
File 163942512917.png - (3.11MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot_20211213-080702.png )
I had an interesting one last night, first of it's kind for me I think. With any luck might have more like it.

I was at work goofing off on my laptop, downloading anime and chatting with people online. I think I forgot to have my VPN on or something because then I hear from the bosses office some yelling about all these downloads, and they they start reading off my chat history along with what I downloaded for everyone to hear.
They come out of the office while I'm turning the laptop off and it's this ugly out of shape middle aged woman who looks at the laptop and reads off the info about it from her tablet, she starts telling me how she's going to have it banned from the system and starts going into disciplinary actions. I was starting to get stressed out when she froze in place as if time stopped for her. I get up and tell her the laptop doesn't mater, none of this does. I make the laptop vanish and I tell her I could tear her limbs off with just a thought if I wanted to (but didn't), because this is just a dream and I don't need any of this shit. I told her my real life is stressful enough without getting more of it here. I then deleted the office space I was in, leaving myself in an empty white void. I stayed like that for a while, just enjoying the peace and quite until I eventually woke up.

When I woke up, I took to playing some GFL in bed. This line from the game stuck out a bit to me.
>> No. 39013 [Edit]
One of the greatest benefits of living in the third-world is not needing VPNs to download stuff. The thought of getting a letter from my ISP talking about my internet habits is very scary.
Anyway, this dream seemed almost lucid with how you manipulated it to your liking.
>> No. 39317 [Edit]
Last night, I dreamt of a mecha anime that doesn't exist. It's a series of OVAs that originated in the late 90s, and the latest one released a few years ago.
It retained a similar style to the original but with a modern, and unfortunately kind of cheap, veneer, but the original was also kind of cheap. Nonetheless, the staff did well despite monetary and temporal constraints. The cast of characters is, of course, a teenage boy as the main character surrounded by other adolescents, with some adults helping them. With a modern, Japanese Summer as its setting, we're off well enough.
Plot-wise, a big bad shows up, and it must be stopped so MC-kun will eventually hop into his mecha with his friends providing either physical or emotional support. The beginning opens with SoL moments while also establishing continuity with the previous OVA, but the expected fighting happens, romantic undertones are given, some jokes are made (though not that much as a more serious tone is used throughout), and eventually good prevails.
Until now, this sounds decent if you like the genre, but pretty unremarkable otherwise, right? But I nonetheless woke up in tears, full of wistfulness. The reason is the ending of this imaginary OVA: a synth rock song is playing while the characters gradually appear, taking a formation, while translucent scenes of the post-story play on top. The music eventually winds down, everybody thanks the viewers in unison, and the MC-kun tells us to come back in 2025. Cue the black screen.
I don't know why this touched me. Maybe because a sequel OVA won't ever happen, and I'll greatly miss seeing the characters' future escapades and developments? (Putting aside this is a dream.) Perhaps it's because this series is clearly a passion project, and I have great respect for that. Or it could just be that I love anime like this, and as a amalgamation of those them, I teared up for it as I would for the real thing.
Whatever the reason, I know that I'm happy to be alive to feel these things, and I hope other anons can feel the same yearning that I did. It prickles the heart, but in a good way.
>> No. 39374 [Edit]
I've been having nightmares every day for about two years now. I don't really remember any specific event that triggered them, it just suddenly happened. Interestingly there are usually some common trends among all of them, and I'm hoping maybe one of the anons here can help me interpret whatever the hell my subconscious is trying to convey (*). I mean given the notoriously poor success of shrinks at dream interpretation, anons can't be any worse.

Here are the common trends I remember
* In maybe about 1/2 of the dreams I feel drowsy, but the situation I'm in doesn't allow me to sleep.
* In maybe 2/3 of the dreams there is violence. I'm usually stabbed, running away from zombies, having baseballs thrown at my head(!?), asphyxiated, or something like that. I've never experienced any like that in real-life (I don't even know enough people in real life to have any enemies), so it's not clear what this is supposed to be interpreted as.
* I distinctly remember at least 3 times that I dreamt I was being experimented on in some sort of classroom or laboratory. I was drugged with some substance that made me feel drowsy and move sluggish, unable to scream or fight back. I assume the sluggish part is probably due to sleep paralysis which the brain back-projected an in-dream cause for, but I still have no idea what the hell my brain is trying to tell me.
* Maybe one or two times I realized that the situation was too absurd to be real, was able to turn it into a lucid dream, and defeat whatever threat was present. But it didn't really have any effect on how I felt when I woke up nor on the thematic content of the dreams.

(*) It seems there's still not consensus in the literature as to whether dream content has any significance, and while for "normal" dreams the connections may be tenuous I'm almost certain that nightmares do contain significant content that is attempting to be surfaced; the recurring trends are surely evidence of that. There's also this theory [1] I found sometime back which is interesting but the examples in that paper are way too unambiguous to apply to the types of nightmares you often get in the real-world.

>> No. 39381 [Edit]
How's the weather in your bedroom? Cold or Hot? Do you have a fan or air-con? When these dreams happens? Middle of night or last dream? Do you wake up at the same time always?
>> No. 39391 [Edit]
Thanks for responding – in terms of temperature/seasonality I have felt that it's worse during the colder winter months. But I'm not sure if temperature alone is the factor responsible, since I've experimented with no heater vs. running heater and using thin sheets vs. thick sheets and I have not found too much of a difference. That said, I will try logging temperature vs. intensity of dreams to see if there is indeed any correlation here.

In terms of time of day I'd guess it happens around 5am or 6am, which is closer to the end of the sleep cycle (I go to bed at 12am and wake up at 11am). Yes I'm usually jolted out of bed at around the same time every day.
>> No. 39409 [Edit]
>But I'm not sure if temperature alone is the factor responsible, since I've experimented with no heater vs. running heater and using thin sheets vs. thick sheets
Maybe relative temperature would have been a better term. Based on my experiences my dreams tend to get fucked up when the relative temperature is cold. By relative temperature I mean the temperature and weather and absence or presence of ventilation your body will be subject to while you're asleep. Per example, a person using thick blankets all over her body with no fan on a cold winter night will have a relative temperature that's warmer and better than someone in a very hot summer day going to sleep with minimal clothing and no blankets right under the fan, maybe this person feels hot when the night starts, but as her body is subject to direct ventilation and the night gets a little colder the situation changes.
>In terms of time of day I'd guess it happens around 5am or 6am, which is closer to the end of the sleep cycle (I go to bed at 12am and wake up at 11am). Yes I'm usually jolted out of bed at around the same time every day.
I did not understand. You have them around 5 am, but then go back to sleep and wake up at 11 am?
>> No. 39415 [Edit]
>Based on my experiences my dreams tend to get fucked up when the relative temperature is cold.
Yes, this matches with my observation that the nightmares are worst on days when it's not quite cold enough to use a heater but also not warm enough where I can forego the sheets. Particularly whenever I have to try to sleep in a position that conserves heat (e.g. knees tucked up, hands wrapped around, etc.).

>I did not understand. You have them around 5 am, but then go back to sleep and wake up at 11 am?
I go to sleep at ~1am, and will sleep well until about ~6am. From 6am to 11am I will have back-to-back nightmares, waking up sweating after each one. This might be because sleep tends to become lighter (and dreams more likely?) as you progress throughout the sleep cycle though. It could also be because 6am-9am is the coldest parts of the day though.

I guess with these observations I will see if I can try to avoid the conditions that are conducive to these nightmares. But I think that's still not solving the root cause, because the content of the nightmares is too specific and recurring to be dismissed. E.g. just this morning I dreamt I was having the kitchen sink of weapons being thrown at me – knives, bullets, arrows, etc. The nightmares also seem to be a relatively new phenomenon since I remember in the past I used to sleep in far colder weather without a heater on just fine.

Post edited on 27th Mar 2022, 2:19pm
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