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File 134575630513.jpg - (64.06KB , 336x447 , ponderings.jpg )
16448 No. 16448 [Edit]
Ponderings general 2. Post things you've thought about.

Previous thread >>15685
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>> No. 25403 [Edit]
Internal bleeding, heart attack, seizures. Not so good.
>> No. 25527 [Edit]
File 141680375867.jpg - (59.66KB , 1208x676 , heel.jpg )
While women are urged to wear heels for beauty standards, they are not pushed to use these or those heels in particular within their range of consumption. So, despite its rienced coercive origin, there is a component within the use of heels that falls legitimately within the scope of personal choice, or (just like the reader before the author) of taste before fashion as an empowerment of the individual and the recapture of some freedom. However, heels, among other historically renowned examples of women's footwear, have the indisputable feature of preventing them from walking too far or too fast: to weaken a degree of mobility and power that they'd perfectly have if not using them. Thus, beyond their cosmetic function and their problems within that scope, heels are a clear example of the possibility of means of control being effectively disguised as means of expression and thus, in general, of the fully functional but essentially fraudulent status that even the most common signs can reach...

All this except in Kill La Kill, of course.
>> No. 25528 [Edit]
I think you're forgetting about cars. Women aren't restricted from traveling anywhere anymore than men are. It's just something for formal wear, not meant to be an everyday thing. Formal wear is always going to be impractical. In the real world women who are going to be on their feet a lot rarely wear stuff like that. It's no where near as common as anime/game/tv/movie make it seem. As with many tropes in those media it's only there because it looks good. Women don't all feel forced to wear them anymore than men feel forced to get sixpack abs simply because all the guys in the movies have them.
>> No. 25530 [Edit]
Haven't seen Kill la Kill so maybe that makes the above moot, but are you seriously saying heels are a sign of male patriarchy?
>> No. 25531 [Edit]
>Haven't seen Kill la Kill
Don't bother. It's nudist propaganda for casual anime fans.
>> No. 25532 [Edit]
He's saying that they handicap themselves, but by controlling the situation they appear/feel more attractive or "cool" for lack of a better word. Like peacocks.
>> No. 25535 [Edit]
Awesome way to put that, actually. Made me laugh.
>> No. 25548 [Edit]
Is being dishonest with yourself or others justified when some ideas and philosophies are just more intuitive and get better results?

Like, knowing what we know today, it's likely that free will does not exist, but the illusion of it is just so strong and visceral, that trying to think and act against it is counterproductive.

Or as less esoteric example: People who think, or are led to believe, that they stand for freedom and liberty, will have a much happier and productive life, even though in practice their actions don't reflect their views.

Is it justified to extend these 'personal' lies to society as a whole, for the same purpose?
>> No. 25551 [Edit]
I would say so. Just looking at historical examples can clearly show the benefits of some degree of "free will".
>> No. 25553 [Edit]
I think the genesis for "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" comes with an increasing mental weariness to unproductive tinkering that you tend to acquire as you age, making you more inclined to use "tried and true" methods.

A while back, I was going through learning Adobe After Effects for a project, but found myself frustrated that I was not picking up the interface after a few go-arounds. Everything seemed unintuitive and unexplained. Just as I was about to go back to Sony Vegas, it occurred to me that when I was a teenager, Sony Vegas and other tools were equally unintuitive and unexplained, but I just messed with them until I found a solution. So I waited until I had a vacation to pick to dedicate my time to messing around with After Effects with Google by my side, and now its slowly becoming second nature.

I also have this conflict with GIMP and Photoshop, in that I always use GIMP because I am familiar with its quirks, but its hardly ever failed me and it is more cross-platform than Photoshop, so I find sticking to it to be worth the time-sinks in various particularities of the software.

I feel this experience highlights the necessity of experimentation, which people often try to bypass with an increasingly dated knowledge of a skill. And the more you hold out, the rougher the paradigm shift will be when and if you finally try and challenge it.
>> No. 25729 [Edit]
I watched some videos and testimonials about how it is to be "high-functioning autistic" or aspie and whatnot. From all I saw, it seems like being a perfectly average person growing up in the highly competitive, alienating and information-overloaded postmodern world, rather than any neurological or cognitive group-specific condition (apart from always using an extremely victimizing and apologetic rhetoric). They really have to try harder with that autism spectrum popularization efforts of them, cause honestly it's a bunch of crap.
>> No. 25733 [Edit]
>> No. 25750 [Edit]
Yeah, that's a legit autist, not an aspie moron.
>> No. 25751 [Edit]
File 141925360117.jpg - (70.51KB , 816x417 , De Morgan.jpg )
There's something staggeringly beautiful about De Morgan laws.

They turn me on.
>> No. 25753 [Edit]
It's their inner symmetry.
>> No. 25771 [Edit]
Presumably these video testimonials are filmed by professionals in a manner that allows neurotypical people to relate to the individuals in question. This means mitigating the presentation of symptoms, whether by coaching or skilled filming and editing. It should not come as news to you that people permanently wear a "perception filter" that excludes some sources of information and privileges others. To publish the video without any photoshoppery will simply present a source of information that offends the viewer's perception filter, negating the purpose of the video.

>it seems like being a perfectly average person growing up in the highly competitive, alienating and information-overloaded postmodern world
>They really have to try harder with that autism spectrum popularization efforts of them, cause honestly it's a bunch of crap.
In the first you seem to be acknowledging the reality of their experience and in the second you seem to be denying it. Are you suggesting instead that they ought to be campaigning for a more sedate world to live in?
>> No. 25773 [Edit]
I think he's saying that there's a disparity between the message and the content of these videos.
>> No. 25777 [Edit]
No: in the first I acknowledged such gloomy lives as all of us contemporary citizens' general condition; in the second I bashed the videos presenting those hardships as aspie exclusive problems and pushing their image of a group with special needs. I don't disbelieve autism, I disbelieve aspies propaganda.

Here's one of the videos, so you can judge by yourself:
>> No. 25800 [Edit]
If 2d breaks the 4th wall, does it become 3d?
>> No. 25803 [Edit]
no it becomes 6th.
>> No. 25894 [Edit]
If heroin is so bad, why is it called hero win?
>> No. 25895 [Edit]
It's heroine originally, like female hero.
>> No. 25896 [Edit]
>From the Ancient Greek ἥρως (hḗrōs, “hero”, “demigod”).

The ine suffix just denotes it an alkaloid - caffeine, morphine, mescaline, amphetamine etc.
>> No. 26490 [Edit]
Love isn't really that different from being hungry, but no one makes songs about people being hungry.
>> No. 26491 [Edit]
I think that I've heard a Vocaloid song about hunger, but that was a long time ago so I'm unsure.
>> No. 26493 [Edit]
There's also a book called hunger/sult.
Hunger is easily satiated, at least in most places, so it's easy to forget terrible it is.

But why do people feel the need to make more love songs? Are they even trying to add something new? Really, I've always thought that the melody accompanies the lyrics and theme, but it's actually the other way around: the lyrics are simply there to make the music sound better, not to convey a meaningful message or feeling. Love songs are nothing more than rhyming words and a melody, and it's no better than singing scubbedy bubbedy slabbety wabbety.
>> No. 26502 [Edit]
I know one with a meaningful message: rack city bitch, rack rack city bitch, 10 10 10 20s on yo titties bitch...

Nevermind, I got nothing.

Post edited on 12th Mar 2015, 2:34am
>> No. 26536 [Edit]
Blind people don't see blackness, they just don't see shit.

I got to thinking about that in comparison to death.
The concept of nothingness is so lost on us that we can't understand it, or just flat refuse to believe it.
>> No. 26537 [Edit]
There's an album by psychostick that's almost nothing but songs about food and hunger
>> No. 26556 [Edit]
File 142676095889.jpg - (77.62KB , 640x640 , TawfVdi.jpg )
No wonder my motivation is so shit.
>> No. 26568 [Edit]
Not even passion?
>> No. 26580 [Edit]
>> No. 26596 [Edit]
I'm no stranger to convoluted language in philosophy, but Heidigger seems to be really taking the cake with his Essays in Metaphysics. I've been following alright, I feel, but it's a real chore to read through some of this shit.
>> No. 26597 [Edit]
This venn diagram bugs me because the bubbles on the opposites can't be combined without atleast one of the other attributes.
Consider that you could be great at something the world needs and not be love or get paid for it.
>> No. 26600 [Edit]
File 142697221952.jpg - (344.97KB , 750x993 , tumblr_nesyfkM9oq1r0mzk1o2_1280.jpg )
I think my life was more interesting when i didn't have a job and was neet. endless "free" time and no money led to creative efforts to entertain myself.

But in saying that, the constant burden of worrying about my future is lifted. Now I just need to figure out what to do with myself.
>> No. 26606 [Edit]
File 142708918042.gif - (223.44KB , 512x512 , 1424649327573.gif )
I'm in the other boat at the moment. I'm dying to get a job. Nothing is fun any more, all I can think about while whittling away my time on games and anime is how unsure my financial future is. Sucks the fun out of everything.
>> No. 26608 [Edit]
>I'm dying to get a job. Nothing is fun any more

That sounds like me. I've applied for jobs but I'm still scared. I mean, what am I supposed to do if I get a job? Shovel dirt around, pass groceries though a checkout and shit like that? I don't know.
>> No. 26623 [Edit]
And I'm in the third situation of having a mind-numbing job that doesn't pay enough to actually move out. So I work all day hating my job then watch anime all night while this feeling of helplesness eats away at me.
>> No. 28006 [Edit]
Testicles are outside of the body because body-heat kills sperm right? So if you dunk your junk in warm/hot water for a few minutes before getting freaky would that negate the need for birth control?
>> No. 28007 [Edit]
Is doing this just a way to say "yes" or "I agree with this post" nowadays?
>> No. 28008 [Edit]
word son
>> No. 28009 [Edit]
The question Im more interested in is why the sperm making machinery didn't simply just evolve to work at a higher temperature
>> No. 28201 [Edit]
Scum normies being unable to conceive of the idea that sexual arousal does not translate into "I want to do this. I should do this if I'm ever able to" isn't that hard to imagine. I've seen loads of statements and sentiments that seem to indicate it from some of them.
>> No. 29023 [Edit]
Do transformers get car insurance or life insurance?
>> No. 29025 [Edit]
Is the only way to remain with pure intentions to have the mentality of a herd-like farm animal?
Existentialist emptiness and corruption abound
>> No. 29081 [Edit]
Why do people come back from baby changing stations with the same baby?
>> No. 30132 [Edit]
Why do people like Steve Jobs so much? People act like he's some revolutionary hero who changed the world and idolize him as such. Far as I know he was just the face of a company that produced overpriced fashionable electronics designed for morons.
>> No. 30141 [Edit]
Is death the end? What happens to our personalities, our memories, our thoughts, our feelings, our experiences and our sentience when we die?
>> No. 30142 [Edit]
I don't believe in gods in the traditional sense or an afterlife, but I do sometimes wonder if our consciousness is like an electrical field or something and our mind lives on after our body dies.
>> No. 30144 [Edit]
They simply die with your brain, presumably.

I would like to believe in the concept of a soul or something similar, but I honestly doubt anything like it exists.
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