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File 134575630513.jpg - (64.06KB , 336x447 , ponderings.jpg )
16448 No. 16448 [Edit]
Ponderings general 2. Post things you've thought about.

Previous thread >>15685
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>> No. 30142 [Edit]
I don't believe in gods in the traditional sense or an afterlife, but I do sometimes wonder if our consciousness is like an electrical field or something and our mind lives on after our body dies.
>> No. 30144 [Edit]
They simply die with your brain, presumably.

I would like to believe in the concept of a soul or something similar, but I honestly doubt anything like it exists.
>> No. 30574 [Edit]
File 150681560625.jpg - (100.51KB , 1280x720 , [DmonHiro] Fate Kaleid Liner 01.jpg )
Do ojousama exist in reality? Just about every anime character type has it's real world counterpart it's based on, but are ojousama actually a thing? I've never seen or heard of one outside of anime. Real world rich people are fucking lame.
>> No. 30576 [Edit]
That's what I mean though. I know real people aren't as two dimensional as anime characters in personality, but you can still draw some parallels to the type of people they're based on, be it book worms or tomboys. With ojou vs real world stuck up rich skanks they're miles apart. It makes me wonder what ojousama are actually based on.
Real world rich women are slutty cunts who get shit faced drunk at parties around the world, and take part in drug fueled sex orgies with strangers while breaking every law in the book, knowing they'll get bailed out by daddy. How did it even become a thing to represent rich women as eccentric 18th century style debutantes? I'm not complaining, but it is a pretty big leap.
>> No. 30578 [Edit]
>that aren't really present in the west.
Aren't most ojou in anime represented as being foreigners though?
>> No. 30585 [Edit]
Technically yes, they do. I'm relatively sure the ojou-sama laugh comes from the stereotypical French laugh "oh hon hon hon" (Male example; 3D Warning - which is why it's almost invariably a western-looking person. It's also possible this was a common thing decades ago (Female example; Wizard of Oz; 3D Warning - and it just extrapolated from there to represent rich people who look down on others.
You're partially right. A lot of stereotypes are based upon constant anecdotes and a lot of people are quite one-dimensional in their behaviour. Tsunderes are very much a thing in real life, for example.
>> No. 30675 [Edit]
File 150824716998.png - (2.58MB , 1149x1223 , lawrence.png )
If Spice and Wolf was set in modern times, Lawrence Kraft would be a truck driver.
>> No. 30676 [Edit]
So American adaptation of Spice and Wolf would be... Smokey and the Bandit?
>> No. 30686 [Edit]
Maybe, but your average truckers don't buy or sell the products they move. They just get paid to move things for a transport company. Said transport company meanwhile would be contracted by people like Lawrence to move his products for him. It's not unlikely though that he would buy his own truck to transport his own goods, but those trucks are expensive as fuck unlike a wood cart. Those trucks cost as much as houses, so it's more practical to pay for the transit so you can use that saved time to arrange other deals.
>> No. 30701 [Edit]
File 15085657395.jpg - (43.92KB , 720x480 , [project-gxs] Bamboo Blade - 15 [10bit DVD 480p] [.jpg )
How often do they drain pools in Japanese schools? Is this like a weekly or monthly thing? Never really thought about this till I got myself a house with a pool, but draining and filling a pool can be a real pain in the butt. The cost of all the water needed to fill one can be pretty high depending on your location.
>> No. 30702 [Edit]
You are supposed to use chemicals and natural additives to control the scum, and cover it in the fall and winter months from debris.

draining and filling a pool to clean it shouldn't be necessary, I wonder if the Japanese don't use filtration or chlorine?
>> No. 30707 [Edit]
our perception of japanese school life is probably pretty skewed. i doubt students get locked in the PE shed or attacked by youkai in IRL japanese school nearly as often as anime would lead us to believe. the pool cleaning thing might be overemphasized
>> No. 30713 [Edit]
File 150884538427.png - (161.22KB , 1396x1003 , image-20160411-6225-19epmm5.png )
I was just now thinking about the trolley ethics problem. The one with five people on one track and one person on the other. It occurred to me, the obvious answer isn't to take the track with the one worker, it's to stay on the track with the five workers. Five workers means the people on that track are five times more likely to notice your trolley and get the fuck out of the way. The one guy on the other track might not hear/see you due to whatever he's doing and doesn't have a buddy or two with him to say "hey dude, a trolley is coming to fuck yo shit up bra, mights wanna move ya know". I guess part of the issue involves having a level of trust in your fellow man, you trusting them and them trusting each other to have their backs. Besides, if one or more see the trolley and run without helping the other workers, their death is on that dipshits hands not yours. What's he gonna do, say something like "yeah sure I ran, but like, well, shit, you should have gone down the other track and killed Jerry over there, you jackass." ?
>> No. 30714 [Edit]
An interesting take but what kills utilitarianism for me is the simplicity of it, and that it's based on silly utopianism where humans are rational, objective, and universalist.

If it's a group of five old people already on death's door vs a small child that really changes the game. Same for if it's five strangers vs a person I really care about. Or five crack whores vs one upstanding citizen? Evil? Wrong? Maybe. But in the real world nobody gives a shit about people outside their in-group. Just look at how the normies treated us as kids. Shoved us down so they could stand on our backs. Altruism truly is a mental disease.
>> No. 30716 [Edit]
>You are supposed to use chemicals and natural additives to control the scum
Yeah, and scrub the remaining scum from the pool while it's still full of water using really long brushes. I don't know much about Olympic sized pools, but I can say that residential ones should only need to be drained for repairs or resurfacing.
>> No. 30718 [Edit]
The more you feel, the less you think.
The more you think, the less you feel for others.
>> No. 30720 [Edit]
Wasn't the problem's sole purpose was to determine whether you would actively sacrifice one person to save five others? Stuff like screaming to warn them or other realistic ways to solve the problems (like yours) weren't actually asked, I think.

>what kills utilitarianism for me is the simplicity of it
The main rule of it is simple, yes but its application can be complicated as fuck. Utilitarians do consider stuff like age, expected life span, use for others.
They would have to save the child. If there aren't other situation-changing aspects, you would have to sacrifice the person you love for the strangers and it would be your duty if you were an utilitarian. Crack whores are interesting because you would have to ask how long they'll live if they don't change their ways, what contribution they give to the greater good etc. and compare it to the same of that upstanding citizen.
Also probably funny for some is that you'd have to do nothing if the one person was a doctor or something similar and would save more than five lives.

In my opinion utilitarianism (or rather consequentialism) still makes the most sense but yeah, you do have a point with most people only caring about the people/groups close to them and the idealistic image they have of humans. As I see it that's not a problem with utilitarianism but rather with humanity itself. Like with probably every other ethical theory they have to make a system which proposes someone with a way to do the right thing and if everyone started following it, it would make the world a lot better.
I mean what (reasonable) ethical system could you possibly create if you take most people's nature into account?
>> No. 30727 [Edit]
>Wasn't the problem's sole purpose was to determine whether you would actively sacrifice one person to save five others?
Indeed. It's pointless to think of other solutions because it's not part of the exercise.
>> No. 30908 [Edit]
I like to imagine what life would be like if dinos still existed. Maybe dinosaur meat would be popular, I suppose it must taste a little like chicken. Maybe knights would ride dinosaurs rather than horses into battle. Texan rodeos would feature cowboys riding dinos rather than bulls. Maybe there could be domesticated breeds of dinos, meant to be pets and/or livestock.
>> No. 31297 [Edit]
"It's all down hill from here."
I don't understand this phrase. It means that things will only get worse from this point on. Generally speaking when you're traveling down hill it makes the journey easier. It's easier to walk down hill, a bike can coast down hill, a car will use almost no fuel going down hill. More often than not going down hill is a good thing. The only instances I can think of in which going down hill is a bad thing are when you're falling or loose control of your vehicle, or stock prices. I doubt these are what the term originates from, so it's confusing.

"I slept like a baby"
This is another phrase I don't understand. It suggests you had a good long sleep and are well rested. Infants however do not yet posses proper sleep rhythms and will wake at random hours crying and screaming. Likewise parents of newborns apparently do not get much sleep during the first few years of raising a child.
>> No. 31298 [Edit]
>I doubt these are what the term originates from

>Infants however do not yet posses proper sleep rhythms and will wake at random hours crying and screaming.
Probably more about the impression a sleeping baby makes in the arms of its mother or something. Them being safe, comfortable etc.
>> No. 31299 [Edit]
Because one would assume it would refer to the common way in which people interact with downhill slopes and doesn't seem like it would become popular if it was something people couldn't related to, unless falling down hill or declining stocks were common when the phrase was created.
>> No. 31304 [Edit]
I always thought "down hill" was more like veering of a cliff and bouncing down hill while getting destroyed, not actually going down a road downwards from a hill.
>> No. 31305 [Edit]
But would you actually say "it's all downhill from here" while getting destroyed? Or would it be more likely for someone to say it while riding bikes with a friend?
>> No. 31306 [Edit]
All I'd think while tumbling on a death roll would be "Shimattaaaaaa" and I don't know how to ride a bike, so no clue about the latter.
>> No. 31456 [Edit]
Why aren't hamster wheels for dogs a thing? Seems like it'd be more practical than paying a dog walker.
>> No. 31459 [Edit]
I think you're supposed to take dogs outside also to do their excretory business, socialize and sightsee, more than only exercise. Also dogs can end up weighting a lot on the bigger side, so you'd need a massive, heavy and sturdy construct to serve as an exercise wheel for them, which by default would cost a prohibitive amount of money.
>> No. 31470 [Edit]
So they should only be used with small dogs with a TV installed?
>> No. 31493 [Edit]
The true key to success is having rich parents. Any fool can do well in life if he comes from the background that facilitates him along that path. 99% of problems can be solved with enough cash. Rich fuckups can afford second chances, and no hole is too much to dig yourself out of, so long as your pockets are deep enough.

Money is everything.
>> No. 31494 [Edit]
>The true key to success is having rich parents. Any fool can do well in life if he comes from the background that facilitates him along that path.
Usually yes, but not always. My own father is rich and he's rich because he's selfish and greedy to the extent of putting money before his own family. He never cared about me, my mother, or any of the women he was with after they split up. While I was driving a beat up decommissioned police car from auction to my minimum wage dead end job, he was buying Ferrari and Corvette and traveling the world. Never much mattered to him how much I tried to help him when he needed me, never cared about putting me in danger or how much I was struggling with life. I'd take time off work and break my back to help him fix up one of the dozens of homes he owns, only for him to randomly tell me he's not going to leave me a cent when he dies. To this day he seems to enjoy bragging and rubbing his wealth in my face so I've given up on him and haven't spoken to him in a year. Last I heard he was buying a plane or some shit and I hope he flies into a mountain.
>> No. 31495 [Edit]
>only for him to randomly tell me he's not going to leave me a cent when he dies
Man, I thought my insane religious father was bad.
>> No. 31511 [Edit]
Seeing this universe as being under the wing of some evil entity, Satan, the Demiurge, Yog-Sothoth, as bleak as it is, still offers more comfort than approaching this question through a more "rational" lens of chance and casualty, as it means that in the infinite pool of possibilities born out of the chaos of chance, it all naturally converges to evil, to suffering and to death. The very building blocks of existence are tainted with this depravity.
>> No. 31519 [Edit]
>it means... it all naturally converges to evil, to suffering and to death.
It absolutely doesn't. Death as a concept is an inevitability so in the end isn't affected by chance. Suffering seeing in the most rational sense is born from expectations that are not met or violated, so it's not affected by chance, events that lead to suffering are, but the feeling itself is human, not universal. Finally, evil is a choice that stems from depravity, ignorance or genetics. To say that the current existence of evil on Earth is to be blamed on probability is nothing short of the grandest denial of collective responsibility that we can argue for. Evil can be weeded out and exterminated, but there's little interest when the people on the top profit from it, the people at the bottom are to miserable to care, and the people in the middle are perpetually (and wilfully) distracted.
>> No. 31521 [Edit]
how did he get wealthy enough to buy cars and planes
>> No. 31522 [Edit]
Far as I can gather from his brother, he's been twisted in the head since childhood. He never had friends even as a kid and started small by stealing stuff from his first job to re-sell. Then onto reselling bikes. Then flipping cars as he got older. I guess there weren't enough opportunities for him in Jersey so he packed his things and went to California. Bought a catering truck and muscled his way into the business getting more trucks and hiring employes while taking out the competition by whatever means necessary. Sometimes this meant sabotaging rival food trucks, other times it meant beating the shit out of rival drivers over prime spots. Then he decided to sell the business, which apparently tanked as soon as he handed it over. The buyer as well as his former employees who were now out of jobs all wanted him dead. From there he went into flipping houses while still doing cars on the side and eventually got more houses which he started to rent out. At one point he owned a dozen or so hours worth 250k each while renting them for $1,200 a month each. Now that he's old and doesn't feel he has much time left, so he's selling the houses one by one and burning the money on trips around the world, cars, planes ect. Where he used to buy things for resale, now he only buys them to collect or play around with.

To this day his entire family hates his guts, he doesn't have any friends, and the only reason he has a woman in his life is because, well, you know how women are. Money or not however, Those women have hated him. His current one has cancer and he has commented on how gross and depressing she is now and can't wait to find a much younger replacement once she's dead. His last one hates his his guts for talking her into selling her family home.
Unfortunately due to laws and regulations I can't realistically follow in the food truck business even if I wanted to, and buying houses to resell/rent sounds very appealing but the cost of houses have gone up massively since his time.
I won't be able to pay off the one I'm in now for another 10-20 years at best. Having to take care of my gambling addicted and borderline mentally challenged mother doesn't help much. She's a drain on our finances and hinders my attempts at making money while pushing for her own moronic ideas that never pan out.
I can't say my father hasn't worked hard for the things he has though, even if it meant breaking laws and bones along the way. I've always thought his way of doing things and his life style was wrong. But here I am, someone who couldn't dream of hurting another person or taking advantage of them and who's tried to convince this guy there's more to life than just money. Yet I've been forced to live my life friendless and alone, distend to die poor and miserable as a wizard. Makes me think maybe he wasn't so wrong after all if being kind and fair has gotten me kicked around all my life and left with nothing. Meanwhile hurting, abusing, and manipulating people has left him with everything he could ever want.

Post edited on 21st Apr 2018, 2:37am
>> No. 31523 [Edit]
This is just nitpicking and semantics, unless you are really trying to convince me animals do not experience suffering because you see it as a concept.

Taking away from others is tantamount to evil. Your very basic sustenance is grounded on the act of murder. Every creature alive is condemned to be tormented in any way that makes itself opportune. Evil can't be exterminated insofar life itself can't be exterminated, it's ingrained into everything from microorganisms to societies as a macrostructure. There's nothing the sort of the political game of interests keeping it from being achieved, it stays a constant.
>> No. 31524 [Edit]
there has to be something between being a greedy misanthrope who only interacts with people to victimize them and being a "nice" person who tries to be a decent person and only ends up getting taken advantage of. it sure don't seem like it sometime though.
maybe you can take advantage of your current situation by announcing somewhere that greedy women look on the internet that your old, rich father is about to be single again and then selling his contact info to them
>> No. 31598 [Edit]
File 152682587412.png - (4.99KB , 698x336 , Untitled.png )
How much mass would be needed to fill up the oceans and lakes to current sea level? Is there enough material for it to be possible?

If we flatten Earth, how much will the ground and sea level rise and/or decrease?
>> No. 31599 [Edit]
thats pretty simple math, you can look up all the necessary numbers to do to calculation yourself.
>> No. 31611 [Edit]
temperate controlled, fluid filled daki
>> No. 31612 [Edit]
It would be pretty inconvenient if the daki started leaking
>> No. 31613 [Edit]
That just means you're making your waifu wet.
>> No. 31614 [Edit]
I was reading Katawa Shojo. There's this scene where Shizune talks how Hanako doesn't really love chess because she knows so little about chess. The logic being if you really love something you should know more about it and share it to make a connection with other people. And that makes me think if I don't really love anime and manga. That I only like them because they make me feel good. Maybe that's true.
>> No. 31798 [Edit]
We all know youtube is full of fear mongering videos about the world ending, the next dark age, or what have you. My thought is, aren't the people who make these sort of videos essentially terrorists? I mean they're trying to spread fear on a large scale and get people into a panic, right?
>> No. 31799 [Edit]
File 154041138868.jpg - (86.81KB , 567x699 , sharo.jpg )
I love to learn about and share what I've learned and thought about anime and manga. For some time I thought that maybe I don't like them for themselves as much as I thought, and what I really liked was sharing my knowledge, and receiving more in return through either discussion or research. But I've come to think that that's only an aspect of how love is expressed, rather than the love itself. Whether a feeling is held or expressed, it's still there. There's no need to doubt the love you have, regardless of the careless words of others.
>> No. 31927 [Edit]
Yes, but the same goes for people who say ">tfw ywn" with the feels guy next to it. All forms of that are fear mongering in a certain 1984ish way.
>> No. 31930 [Edit]
This will sound like a conspiracy theory itself, but there’s FUD spread by organizations, definitely. It depends on the video.
>> No. 31933 [Edit]
File 154653895316.png - (707.13KB , 600x837 , 72479783_p0.png )
Man, these new year pixiv pictures are so nice.
>> No. 31934 [Edit]
File 154674780828.jpg - (289.57KB , 778x1200 , Dv7Lu3tUYAAVgMk.jpg )
Very much so. I've been thinking though, I haven't seen anything from Etotama this year, I liked Uri-tan. Though I suspect many have forgotten the series since.
>> No. 32042 [Edit]
I've been drawing an image a day since late December last year. I am seeing improvement but the more I improve the more my motivation fades and the more effort I have to focus on art and the more time I think about it. Why bother? There are thousands of good artists now, nothing I make will contribute much. I don't even have any amazing ideas or projects anyway, my only ideas are military anime girls and some lewd things I won't say, while these are relatively obscure they have all been done before and are still being done all the time. Would I even view my own images in the same way if I got to there level? Would getting to their level bring down how I see their art works? These thoughts are far too distracting, I have barely been watching anime, playing games or reading.
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