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File 134575630513.jpg - (64.06KB , 336x447 , ponderings.jpg )
16448 No. 16448 [Edit]
Ponderings general 2. Post things you've thought about.

Previous thread >>15685
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>> No. 16455 [Edit]
What if there is a yet undetected force, even weaker than gravity, but one that, over vast distances overcomes gravity. Distances like those between galaxies. A force which doesn't attract, but repells.

And that force drives the repelling of galaxies which we see today.
>> No. 16456 [Edit]
I think that's more to do with the lack of any friction or air resistance in space that might prevent objects from moving away from the center of the universe.
>> No. 16457 [Edit]
File 134581489780.png - (13.77KB , 895x271 , 1345809830005.png )
Are bears. the missing link between man and dog?
>> No. 16662 [Edit]
If 666 is the number of the beast, does that mean that the Devil got trips?
>> No. 16748 [Edit]
A long time ago, I realized that life was far more complicated than it should of been through a simple game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. I came to this conclusion based on the fact that people sometimes switch Scissors and Paper around and also with the fact that people have changed the standard timing (another hand swing before throwing their hand or throwing it immediately after Scissors/Paper. Even with specific details, they sometimes manage to get it wrong unless fully explained in full detail on how the game is to be played, which feels like a waste of time.

I came up with this thought when I used to go to elementary, so pardon me if it seems like a pretty meaningless thing to base the over-complication of life, but that was enough for me and still is as I was right, much to my disappointment.
>> No. 16857 [Edit]
You know the whole "going back in time to create something before it really gets created so you can take all the credit" thing?

What if a really famous game, manga, etc. was the result of that? Maybe your favorite work is technically a ripoff of something that would have come out two years later, had this one not come out first.

Just a thought I had, not trying to incite an argument or anything...
>> No. 16858 [Edit]
interesting idea.
>> No. 16994 [Edit]
Why does "effeminate" mean feminine (roughly), but "emasculated" means un-masculine (roughly)?
>> No. 16995 [Edit]
Well, the definition of Emasculated is: "the removal of the genitalia (castration) of a male, notably the penis and/or the testicles."

So, I guess that might answer you question? It all has to do with penis.
>> No. 16997 [Edit]

My question was more about why they both have the "e-" prefix, but it means something different in each case. If "emasculate" followed the same logic as "effeminate", it would refer to a woman who acts in a masculine way. Or vice-versa, "to effeminate" would mean to remove (parts of) the female genitalia.

Similar to how flammable and inflammable mean the same thing, I guess.
>> No. 17000 [Edit]
Apparently it's one of the words where the "e-" has "little effect on the signification".

I got that from here:
>> No. 17001 [Edit]

Interesting, thank you.
>> No. 17046 [Edit]
That detective said that pickpocketing could be learnt in an afternoon. I wonder if I can learn it alone, in my house.
>> No. 17112 [Edit]
I was masturbating to a mindbreak-themed manga yesterday night when I was very tired. It was a frightening experience.

The usually trite writing seemed all too relatable, it's as if I was becoming a slave to my penis through overwhelming sexual pleasure. Maybe there's more to the genre than meets the eye.
>> No. 17149 [Edit]
Maybe this belongs in /mai/, but whatever.

For some reason, I've been comparing the whole idea of having a waifu to religion in my head. I don't even mean that as a bad thing really. If anything, I'm thinking having a waifu is more or less the ideal religion without all the retarded bylaws.

Granted, there's probably always going to be at least some ratio (in both) of lone nuts who take things too far into delusion to those with the common sense to know that their (Haruhi/waifu) doesn't physically exist, but if their (Haruhi/waifu) lives on in their hearts and minds and inspires them somehow or helps them get through the stress of daily life, etc. etc. then there's really no harm done.

Not much of a point to all that, but it crossed my mind, so I guess I just felt like putting it out there.
>> No. 17154 [Edit]
why don't zombies ever try to rape people or have sex with each other?
no really. the whole I concept behind reanimated dead bodies eating people comes from the idea that when brought back from the dead, they're incapable of thinking properly, so they just carry out the most basic human needs, which of course means eating, but why don't they sleep, shit or fuck? and why do they only eat humans? If I had to guess I'd say the rotting smell of fellow zombies keep them from eating each other, but why not animals? wheres the logic behind that? it's not like they eat them off camura and they never show it, they've pointed out this fact, and one zombie movie, survival of the dead, focused on this as they tried to force zombies to eat animals.
>> No. 17158 [Edit]
The closest that I've come to that is the Crossed comics. They're not really zombies, though.

It's a western comic, so I'm not sure if you'd be interested in it.
>> No. 17159 [Edit]
Hasn't the blood stopped circulating in a zombie? They are walking corpses after all. They can't have sex if they can't get an erection.
>> No. 17161 [Edit]
You're trying to use logic on an illogical science fiction creature. Zombies can have erections if they can have super strength and super fast regeneration.
>> No. 17163 [Edit]
Don't forget about the lack of Rigamortis.
>> No. 17179 [Edit]
An obvious and probably stupid thought that I've been considering: I can say that the sky is blue, and another person might agree, but we may be seeing completely different things. If one person sees what I see as blue as red, and is taught from birth that that is blue, he'll certainly not be lying by agreeing that the sky is blue, but we are in complete disagreement while thinking we agree. Just an analogy and I'm sure science has already proven that our eyes interpret certain wave frequencies in the same way, but hopefully my point is clear and makes sense.
>> No. 17180 [Edit]

I thought of this too when I was in middle school after one of my teachers said he was colorblind and saw green as grey.
>> No. 17186 [Edit]
File 13485262768.jpg - (55.12KB , 565x361 , George-Berkeley-Quotes-3.jpg )
I asked my teacher that in 6th grade (about colors of the sky, and pain) and she said that she didn't understand. If you're interested in this topic, it has a name: qualia.

We can now today assume a numeric, object value to the colors we perceive around us with specialized technical devices, and we as well can analyze the relationship between rods and cones in our eye and see how a persons' relationship with colors can be affected through one defect or another.

A famous philosopher named George Berkeley used qualia (color, taste, pain, and so on) to argue that a sensible, functional picture of reality was dependent on the human mind, and following that, that our realities were primarily (if not totally) mental. His philosophy has a few flaws, but it's very easy to read and I find it amazingly exciting to read... if that sounds interesting to you, read one of these books by him:


He talks about "Haruhi" some, but if you'd like, mentally replace that word with "nature" or "the world" or other such terms, as he uses it to refer to a non-personal force which unifies and gives source to a person's thought rather than to describe some kind of angry bearded man in the sky. So don't be scared off by that word if you see it! His language is quite antiquated; if possible, look past that and try to think heavily on his points. If nothing else, it'll be a good way to waste a bit of time. Hopefully that helps you think some.
>> No. 17187 [Edit]
Today I wondered if anyone has ever been banned from here.
>> No. 17188 [Edit]
I've been banned from the IRC 3 times, each time by a different mod.
>> No. 17189 [Edit]
There's been a few shitposters here, so I wouldn't doubt it.
>> No. 17190 [Edit]
a few dozen, yes.
Sometimes people show up and spam the site with whatever shit they think is funny, and you just know they're never going to post anything coherent, so there's no question about it when it comes to banning them. on the other hand with people who just seem to be confused and not understand that we aren't 4chan, I prefer to just delete their retarded posts, and maybe give them a short ban of a day or few if they got really carried away.

Post edited on 24th Sep 2012, 5:28pm
>> No. 17217 [Edit]
File 134861030296.jpg - (151.47KB , 1024x819 , BorgCube1.jpg )
So you just delete whatever posts you don't like without a word?

No wonder this place comes off as such a dull, lifeless hivemind sometimes.

Oh well, guess there's always /jp/ for a change of pace. Really comes down to the question of preference, I guess. The utter chaos of near complete lack of moderation or the iron-fisted order of Nazi moderation?
>> No. 17220 [Edit]
File 134861149877.jpg - (566.17KB , 1152x864 , 61a0511e11a862bd6e83d32c70715e88.jpg )
that's how things are here, filthy anarchist, love it or leave it.
>> No. 17221 [Edit]
File 134861235340.jpg - (45.38KB , 500x375 , dontforget.jpg )
Believe me, I've tried the latter now and again.

But despite every non-4chan imageboard trying to distance themselves from 4chan, there's a certain little something they all still have in common. Pic very related.

Anyway, I honestly do kinda like it here, but if this was the only place I posted, I'd go batshit.
>> No. 17222 [Edit]
>there's a certain little something they all still have in common. Pic very related

i don't understand
>> No. 17223 [Edit]
yeah okay, next time some dickhead fin spams /mai/ with reaction faces making fun of the users, I'll just leave it. when /ot/ is flooded with prom photo threads, people will know who to thank.
>> No. 17224 [Edit]
I mean imageboards are fucking addictive. Much like 4chan, I find it hard to leave and stay gone forever.

Sorry, wasn't sure if I was being clear there.
>> No. 17225 [Edit]
kinda overreacting there
>> No. 17226 [Edit]
fuck you, holy shit, what the fucking hell is wrong with you?! where do you get off saying I'm overreacting?! I'll perma ban your whole country you fucking cunt faced faggot! eat my shit and die motherfuckETR$$# nr4hegtsrg are45tr75t4eghrdgkf fds
>> No. 17227 [Edit]
File 134861412020.gif - (29.98KB , 117x125 , laugh fall.gif )
I'm really fast + strong and could totally beat you up!
>> No. 17234 [Edit]
Of course. Whenever normality does as much as fart in our general direction we go ape shit. Even hardcore otaku have to be careful what they say here or else they'll get heckled off the board. Thats the whole point of Tohno-chan.
>> No. 17236 [Edit]
In hindsight, I can't say I mind that much, just need a break from it every now and then, I guess. While I stand by most of what I said, sorry if the thread got derailed a bit there.
>> No. 17237 [Edit]
Like around a week ago I went back to /jp/ to check on it because I haven't been there in forever because it got ruined by spam, people from other boards, and people so normal I question why they are there in the first place. It was horrible, some interesting things going on but the amount of trolls, normals, and complete assholes was overwhelming. It was like I just stepped into /b/ with a theme. I wanted to enjoy it and not care because they will always be there and always were but now it's just too much.
>> No. 17248 [Edit]
There's nothing really wrong with memes, as long as they're not popping up too much.
>> No. 17250 [Edit]
Except that they are.
>> No. 17251 [Edit]
All human communication is just a complex of memes, in the sense of being units of cultural information subject to the evolutionary forces of being replicated and modified or being forgotten. The fact that this sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period is a meme in the original sense of the term.

/tc/'s supposed hatred of "memes" in general is really just an attack on certain low-status memes that we, as a small elitist culture, deem unfit for survival and replication. It's all the same brutal Darwinian bullshit that has always made the world the hellhole it is.

One doesn't win at the game of evolution, O Monks; one only minimizes one's losses at the expense of others.
>> No. 17253 [Edit]
>brutal Darwinian bullshit that has always made the world the hellhole it is.

citation needed. what is the alternative?
>> No. 17257 [Edit]
File 134876183994.jpg - (473.96KB , 1280x1024 , 0920342.jpg )
What you have to do is just scroll past a lot of shit to find a small nugget or post good threads.

Not really rocket science, but I seem to hear it a lot when people talk about what boards suck.
>> No. 17259 [Edit]
it's hard to find the motivation to swim through a sea of diarrhea just to read one or two decent posts
>> No. 17263 [Edit]
File 134878555536.jpg - (71.21KB , 515x720 , 66635_149773831730844_100000946841456_222077_50889.jpg )
Believe me, I know what you mean.

Tohno-chan is a nice break from the fake NEET bragging threads and shit posing as /jp/ culture.
>> No. 17265 [Edit]
i think "/jp/ culture" is shit regardless of fakers and whatnot

that's why I'm on tohno-chan after all
>> No. 17270 [Edit]
File 134880655048.jpg - (469.59KB , 1600x1067 , kevin-carter-vulture.jpg )

Never said there was an alternative. Doesn't make nature any less horrifying, now does it?
>> No. 17369 [Edit]
>> No. 17376 [Edit]
You'd be a lot happier if you dropped the EPIC QUALITY IMAGEBOARD POSTER pretensions already.

It's not like any of us are.
>> No. 17413 [Edit]
I wonder if women who had double masectomies have to wear tops in public.
>> No. 17416 [Edit]
I don't see why not. Flat chested women still have to wear tops.
>> No. 17417 [Edit]
Some women who have had breast cancer and had their breasts removed wear tops that barely cover anything and show it off.
>> No. 17418 [Edit]
this is the first I'm hearing of this
>> No. 17482 [Edit]
I don't think showing everyone your hidesous scars would be very nice.
>> No. 17492 [Edit]
Oddly, it's completely legal for women to go topless in public in my country (Canada). The feminists fought for years to get this right but I can't say anyone really does it. Typical feminists...
>> No. 17498 [Edit]
why the hell people would want go topless in Canada anyway?
>> No. 17499 [Edit]
I don't want to see anyone topless on the streets, women or man.
>> No. 17501 [Edit]
>> No. 17502 [Edit]
I wouldn't mind topless men.
>> No. 17504 [Edit]
I bet you wouldn't.
>> No. 17536 [Edit]
I'm sick of Orwell quotes. People from all over the political spectrum like to quip them, while imagining themselves as champions of truth and justice.
>> No. 17540 [Edit]
Whats so bad about Orwell?
>> No. 17542 [Edit]
Nothing at all, it just feels cliché.
>> No. 17546 [Edit]
I'm surprised that I didn't even notice that this was a new thread.
>> No. 17599 [Edit]
After watching Chuunikoi EP2, I realized that live action productions have a very hard time making cats unrealistic because, as it turns out, they use real cats.
>> No. 17687 [Edit]
mysticism is the rhetoric of unknowables
>> No. 17696 [Edit]
capable hawks hide their talons out of sight
>> No. 17733 [Edit]
Today I was pondering which one is the right way: enjoy small enjoyments often and suffer long, or suffer small sufferings often and enjoy happy and healthy life. Yes it's junk food and sweets against exercise and restraining your food habits.
>> No. 17740 [Edit]
Studying shouldnt be some kind of all-consuming battle. Other people deal with it okay and there shouldn't be any reason why you can't too. Its just that you're studying dumb instead of studying smart. There is no way you can expect to get a decent mark if you don't go to every lecture. It is easy to get a decent mark by doing 2 hours of study a day.
>> No. 17791 [Edit]

I love sweets, junk food and fizzy drinks so I consume a lot of them and have done so for years and years. My teeth are now so ruined that they can't really be called teeth anymore. It's a real mess. However, I don't regret my dietary habits and don't intend to change them. I think that since this life is the only one I have I should take whatever pleasures I can from it. Every so often I will get extreme constant pain that lasts for days at a time. For me, this isn't enough to deter me from something I love.

The only wrong thing I consider myself to have done is neglect my dental hygiene, such as brushing teeth regularly. But I wouldn't change how I eat.
>> No. 17792 [Edit]
While I have been trying to restrain myself from snacking and only eating when I am actually hungry - it's hard for me to resist when I face constant boredom and browsing the internet somehow fuels this habit. I've gone back to drinking green tea, maybe as a substitute for coffee.
>> No. 17798 [Edit]
Why not just smoke a cigarette every time you reach for the Twinkie or Ho-oh? You'll lose a hundred pounds before you know it.
>> No. 17799 [Edit]
Smoking is for normals.

Post edited on 18th Oct 2012, 5:41pm
>> No. 17802 [Edit]
File 135060796018.gif - (954B , 54x42 , Ho-oh.gif )
>> No. 17803 [Edit]
Breathing is for normals
>> No. 17805 [Edit]
File 135061271279.jpg - (63.72KB , 498x415 , halo cafe mocha.jpg )
Not him, but that's exactly what I've been doing over the last 15 years; now I'm starting to get really fucked up by it...

And so, I'm about to switch into e-cigarettes (Halo) which, apart from allegedly less damaging, come in several and tasty flavours (including sweets).
>> No. 17811 [Edit]
I should quit smoking...expensive habit.
>> No. 17819 [Edit]
I would also lose much weight if I just cut my arms off. Stupid logic, why would anyone ruin their health to lose weight? (because purpose of losing weight is to feel healthier) And >>17799

I think ruining teeth isn't the worst part of eating unhealthy. One just notices ruined teeth pretty soon. Maybe now it might feel okay but when you start to grow older, your blood veins will be filled with shit.

I usually chew gum when get similar boredom feeling and I feel like eating, but I am not hungry.
>> No. 17871 [Edit]
I need to stop also, it pisses me off so much when I do find myself snaking so much. Especially on Sundays which is the most boring day of the week to me. I just ate a bunch of popcorn out of total boredom and the depression of the moment since my head is flooded with terrible thoughts right now. It feels good when I actually do hold myself back though, like a huge burden has somehow been lifted off my back. It's a little thing that can make a big difference in my mood since feeling depressed and more ugly is just that much worse than feeling depressed not as ugly to myself.
>> No. 17875 [Edit]
Tohno-chan has been unusually slow recently. I ponder why.
>> No. 17877 [Edit]
So it's not just me, then?

It's strange.
>> No. 17879 [Edit]
I haven't noticed that much of a difference. I lurk here most days even if I don't always post. The other boards besides /ot/ and /so/ don't seem to get that much attention. Maybe we're all running out of things to say and talk about.
>> No. 17880 [Edit]
we are all dying
>> No. 17881 [Edit]
Are you guys being sarcastic?
>> No. 17882 [Edit]
>> No. 17883 [Edit]
>> No. 17885 [Edit]
This website had been bothering me lately, and because my opinions are stupid and the stuff I like is brain-dead, I decided to stop posting about them and let the people with 'good' taste carry the site for a while.
I really didn't even think it would make much of a difference at first.
>> No. 17886 [Edit]
My opinions on most things would be equally disliked most of the time so I also usually just keep my mouth shut here as I would anywhere else. I think I'm such a shit person that even this place would reject me.
>> No. 17925 [Edit]
I got to thinking about how people brake up with each other when one cheats on the other and it made me wonder.
Can you really say you ever truly loved a person if you're willing to completely brake off your relationship with them and never see them again?
If the person I really truly loved cheated on me or killed my mother or whatever, I'd be hurt sure, but I still wouldn't want to loose them. I'd just try to work past whatever problem we're having.
I might not have any experience with romance, but I don't think love is like a light switch you can just turn on and off.
>> No. 17926 [Edit]
love is caused by chemical signals in your brain that can be turned on and off
>> No. 17927 [Edit]
Usually when people break off when one cheats, they still love each other.
>> No. 17928 [Edit]
If only it were like a light switch so that it could permanently stay off.

Life is nothing more than some bad joke.
>> No. 17929 [Edit]
oh yeah, Decided to start posting again, whatever.
>> No. 17931 [Edit]
If they still love each other, why would they brake up?

Post edited on 24th Oct 2012, 1:48am
>> No. 17934 [Edit]
Because they don't see happy future together? Why would anyone in stay in relationship which just keeps hurting and problems seem unfixable? Like said, love isn't just switch you can turn off in instant.
>> No. 17935 [Edit]
sounds like they don't really love each other in that case.
>> No. 17938 [Edit]
File 135107508035.jpg - (95.47KB , 541x401 , 133448254375.jpg )
>> No. 17943 [Edit]
How? Love isn't something which automatically removes all obstacles, hardships and makes world perfect.
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