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File 129011482562.jpg - (90.35KB , 492x488 , sadamoto_nadia-shinji.jpg )
521 No. 521 [Edit]
I'd like to start another dream thread, if that's all right. I'll go first.
You know how when you're a fan of something like anime or scifi or similar things in your teenage years parents will try to buy stuff for you? My dad and stepmom bought anime\manga related shit at yard sales a lot. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was off the mark.
Well, in my dream I'm still in high school. I'm sitting there playing Xbox when my dad & stepmom walk in and yell that they got me something at a yard sale. I'm think to myself, "well, probably shit, but I might as well see," and go to check it out.
I walk into the kitchen and on the table is a box full of stuff from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
I get more excited and go to see what it is. There's every episode in raws and fansubs on
VHS, some uniforms, figurines, and even Shinjis' fucking tape recorder with the tape he listens to inside it! All the merchandise seems to be older and seems like it was directly imported from Japan. I ask where they found it.
It cuts to a yard sale with a slightly sad fiftyish woman in her front yard. She talked about how her son loved this show and whatnot, and seemed very sad. She sold it all for about 10-20 dollars.
I take all the stuff out and find a suicide note. Her son had gotten into anime in the
eighties while in high school and was completely inept and friendless. He grew obsessed with
Evangelion and felt a strong kinship with Shinji because he was such a fuck up. He grew older
and couldn't find anyone to share his interests with, became more and more of a recluse, and
killed himself in the late nineties, which I recall being a shame since the internet as of
96, when he killed himself, could have given him a place to talk to others and feel less alone. I realized he was "an otaku of another generation." I hung up his note and saluted it. I then went to watch his tapes and realized that he had dubbed it himself in case he ever met anyone who wanted to share his joy. I inherited his legacy. His mother had cleaned house and ended up giving me a record of a hikkikomori life.
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>> No. 30178 [Edit]
A had an absolutely bizarre dream, closely related to shitposting. I was at some rock concert with a bunch of girls from various anime, including this seasons eromanga sensei. The lead singer was a black dude, and when he was singing it caused all the girls present to orgasm. For some reason, I felt like I was being NTR'd. I think I need to take a break from the internet.
>> No. 30202 [Edit]
I had a dream where I was at some university-like place where there were a ton of students and stuff, and I was there with my mother for some reason. I sort of forgot what it was like when it seemed like a normal day, however, as soon as I got into the parking lot building thing, gigantic teeth, big enough to destroy buildings fell out of the sky. There was no chance for people under them to survive, unless they got lucky or were in a position to somehow move out of the way from these massive things. The teeth missed the building I was in by incredible chance as there were a few really, really close.

After realsing that the incident occurred, a scientist or someone that knew how to investigate this kind of phenomenon managed to figure out that the creature that these teeth fell out of was a really powerful, omnivorous creature that had to have its mouth sealed permanently as to not devour living things. Apparently, its favorite food happened to be chicken.

I then thought: "How does a creature without the ability to open its mouth or that technically does not have a mouth lose its teeth?" . This thought followed me throughout getting out of bed 5 minutes ago, and I believe that the scientist might also be a hack and a fraud.
>> No. 30356 [Edit]
File 150127093084.jpg - (58.99KB , 853x479 , 0_0.jpg )
pic related

I had a dream once that I was playing TF2 again for the first time in years and the experience was every bit as frustrating as I remember it to be. It was the first dream that brought me fear in a long while.
>> No. 30746 [Edit]
I had a strange dream where for some reason I started off as a e-celebrity attention whore that was going to sleep outside next to one of those big metal garbage bins that various people throw their garbage in. I actually laid myself behind one and managed to sleep a little, then as time passed, I was barely awake but grew intensely afraid until I had to escape. I made my way through a sidewalk and saw a few people on bikes, but I ignored them. I assumed that they were malicious people as I usually do with all people, but they seemed more like normal people. I stuck to my idea to ignore them and didn't hear them out, then I saw a bus and wanted to ride one, but it was going the wrong way and I had noticed that it was getting close to the time that the buses stopped accepting passengers around and chose to walk myself home.

I woke up for a bit and then somehow continued it, but the dream was a bit different this time around as I was somewhere along a road, but my uncle found me somewhere along the way and gave me a lift to where I used to live. As soon as I made it inside I noticed that the entire interior was different. I mean, I noticed, but I was familiar with it and it didn't feel like anything new to me. I think that I spoke with my uncle a bit, but I don't remember what was said, and then Kenshiro appeared and told me that he had protected me when I was sleeping by the dumpster as I really did have a reason to be afraid since he apparently stopped a few people from wanting to hurt me by scaring them off. I was grateful and was happy that one of my favorite heroes from fiction would do something for worthless trash like myself. After a bit, Kenshiro wasn't anywhere around and my uncle was on this couch in my "home".

I want to say that the inside of my "home", which the exterior was this old apartment on the 3rd floor that I used to live in, while the interior was a fancy business room-like office with a smaller room inside, like the kind that a lawyer would use, but that one felt more personal for me and would be used for comfort and whatever else I desired. I wouldn't be surprised if I was somehow looking into what my mind would look like as a room, even if it was pretty small and closed off in a pretty inaccessible area.

I think that I managed to understand it a bit, however I'm not entirely sure. Does my dream mean to tell me that I managed to escape an even worse position in life because of my desire to live in a way that Kenshiro would approve of where I try to keep my bitter hate to myself and be kind to others while not causing any problems? Maybe I'm just over thinking it, however I would still like to remain a "decent" person that Kenshiro would approve of.
>> No. 31041 [Edit]
I dreamt of a scenario where a whole bunch of people were set to explore, including me, in a world which from what I remember mostly consisted of flat desert like land and going through what seemed like sewage tunnels we went down in single file. There was a "home base" in which everybody had a room. This was in the desert area. Imagine an outdoor courtyard enclosed by two yellow buildings on both sides with arches at either end to enter and exit. There were two stories to each building, with the first story being accessible by the ground, and the second requiring you to climb up vertical ladders to each door. At one point, everybody was turned into animals, and became confused. Everybody was fighting, out to get each other. I remember hiding behind a table for a while in what seemed like a kitchen while others fought. After some more time, this animal effect reverted, making everyone realize what had happened and break down crying. That's the end of what I remember.
>> No. 31231 [Edit]
File 151480529490.jpg - (442.42KB , 1000x1000 , b7b804bbfc1aaa15b36c251c97110ab1565ecd87.jpg )
I had a dream where I found out that Rosalina was going to be in another Mario game and for some reason I was crying out of joy. I don't know any other dreams I've had that I've looked back on that were this damn cringe worthy and retarded. On the upside, I at least was somebody else in that dream so that was cool.
>> No. 31232 [Edit]
File 151480662077.jpg - (50.33KB , 450x1000 , kim.jpg )
That's a nice dream. I'm glad you were able to be so happy, even if it was just a dream.
I had a video game related dream the other night as well. I dreamt I went to a minor friendly King of Fighters competition at a rec center. I was competing with a black kid around 11 years old, and even though he was much younger than me and it was just a dream, I still had a huge amount of anxiety and really didn't want to play. I somehow knew I was going to lose and be humiliated in front of people.
But, I was pressured into playing anyway, and I won. I even perfected him in one round.
I woke up feeling unlike myself. I am not accustomed to winning, only to losing. I don't like winning.
>> No. 31234 [Edit]
why do you dislike winning?
>> No. 31249 [Edit]
When you're sleeping, or feeling drowsy and doze off, the conversations you have with people seem so believably real and unpredictable. I wish that would translate into some sort of conscious ability.
>> No. 31322 [Edit]
I dreamt that I had a friend, I believe he said he went by Pop. Cool dude, unfortunately I don't remember much now. I was awoken by some scurrying noise in the ceiling, thought was mice but I guess not. There was a point where I had to drive, and I kept sliding around and couldn't control the car.
>> No. 31328 [Edit]
Today, I had one where I went to visit my parents at their house. It was of course not the real house, but a fictional house. On arrival, my brother was driving, he was able to spin the car from around the block and around the corner and slide it right into the driveway perfectly. In front of the door there was a small concrete patio, which at front had a rail in front made of those circular supports they use for chain link fences. For one reason or another I got pissed off at this, so I took a circular saw in hand and starting going at it. As it turned out, those were actually pipes with water running through them, so that came gushing out unbelievably. I can't remember how this connected now, but there was now a need to escape up to the roof of a very large hotel to get away from the flood. There were hundreds of people doing the same. At one point, someone dropped their phone on the stairs heading up, so I handed it to one of the security guards there. Thing is, when I did that, everyone stood still. The security guard said something along the lines of "Best if you just leave that where it is." as everyone stood motionless. I continued on the stairs, but one person followed me. I woke up when they caught up.

Post edited on 14th Jan 2018, 7:47am
>> No. 31358 [Edit]
>The security guard said something along the lines of "Best if you just leave that where it is."
Do you think that stems from the anxiety we feel regarding our phones as extensions of ourselves?
>> No. 31387 [Edit]
Doubt it, but only since I hardly use mine to the extent most people do. If I had to analize it in some way it'd possibly have something to do with getting burned by doing a favor (ie, not taking the phone for myself and flipping it) but I wouldn't know.

This past evening I had three dreams all involving people being killed or dying otherwise.

First, I was in an office situation. There were some visitors. Somewhere along the lines one of those visitors was killed by another person there in at main entry door and left there. Nobody seemed to care, and everyone else went on working as usual. Later, they started acting strangely towards me, the thing I remember most was being asked a handful of times "don't you normally wear a scarf?" or similarly worded. The other person killed wore one. Seemed as if everyone else was onto me, as if I were next.

Second, I was in a retail store, which I believe sold furniture. At some point someone started shooting and attacking people. Everyone ran from the building. Last thing I remember was getting in the back seat of a minivan and the driver, who seemed to be younger or around high school age, starting the car.

The third I don't remember but that is probably a good thing.

Post edited on 3rd Feb 2018, 7:50pm
>> No. 31516 [Edit]
I had one I could actually remember last night for the first time in ages. In it, massive godzilla sized bizarre looking aliens invaded earth. Some of them looked like huge pokemon.
For some reason their presence caused humans to freeze in place, unable to move but still able to see and hear everything around them. These monsters would snatch up and eat people frozen out on the streets. For some odd reason seeing motion of any kind could cancel out the effects, so cities around the world eventually built large yellow windmill like devices and placed them everywhere. Not sure of anything past that.
>> No. 31567 [Edit]
I was walking down to the park and for some reason explaining why stealing from people is a pretty . While talking we passed by a trailer and went to a park, but then we pretty much walked to an exit out of the park somewhat 20 feet away that was next to a house. The house seemed broken into and outside of it laid a ton of crosses and crucifixes. It was a truly bizarre scene, like one out of a shitty demonic possession movie, then for some reason I decided to look through the sliding window door things to see what exactly had happened and everything inside was turned over and in a mess. I then noticed a body on a couch, shaking, unable to do anything but stay there while facing the window. Their eyes were pure black and they had seemed to be stereotypically demonically possessed.

As I had looked for a couple of seconds, I realised that it'd had been better if I left, especially since I had my nephew with me and although he's not really a kid, I don't think that I'd be okay with any of the stupid demon shit affecting him or him getting hurt in any way. So I just told him that we had to leave, although I guess that it was pretty shocking to him because he looked at it a couple seconds longer before coming along with me.

As soon as we made it onto the street, I said something I don't quite remember to lighten the mood a bit since I know that panicking is one of the worst things you can do for any situation. I then woke up and went to the bathroom.

There was more in the beginning, but I cannot remember that part, however the whole demon possessing thing came out of nowhere. It was very strange and interesting to dream of such a thing.
>> No. 32281 [Edit]
File 155632830923.jpg - (469.94KB , 600x834 , __mashiro_original_drawn_by_solopipb__c7f9f5d2f09e.jpg )
I had the most vivid and coherent dream in years.

I was walking in a nightmarish land. It was heavily overcast, a strange day-night time. Parts of the scenery were visible while others were completely dark.
I walked through a burned down village or something, and everything was covered with oozing flesh and guts. Even the ground was all slimy membrane and tumorous muscle, yuck. I was lost and absolutely terrified.

Then in one of the dark areas I saw terribly red eyes staring at me. Strangely it didn't scare me, I calmed down a little because somehow I knew who it was.
It was the mothgirl Mashiro. She came out of the shadows and the awful place got a little brighter, she was so brilliantly white.
She told me that for now I was trapped in this horrible world, and would be able to leave only when the time was right.
She wanted to help me endure the nightmare so she hugged me tightly and said she would not let go until I could wake up.
So we just stood there cuddling until I was released back to the world of living. End of dream.

That character was probably supposed to be nightmare fuel but I always liked her, I thought she was quite wonderful... She has a yandere streak but she would never hurt the willing.
Or maybe I just want to believe that she's a good girl.

I don't know what to think about this.
It's so embarrassing to be such a lonely failure that even unconsciously I have to create illusions to comfort me and fantasize about fictional characters.
At the same time I don't want to let go of this. It was so close, almost palpable. She was so kind and warm and soft. I feel very real longing for this person now.

I fully realize how pathetic this is. Kill me already.
>> No. 32316 [Edit]
Had a dream tonight where I took a multi minute long piss in a gigantic toilet.
>> No. 32715 [Edit]
File 156397592368.jpg - (158.69KB , 841x1200 , 99.jpg )
Lucid dreaming is a thing, right?

I dream of Jeanne..
>> No. 33559 [Edit]
File 157220226572.png - (1.11MB , 846x800 , __original_drawn_by_tatsuwo__8adc3fa070518c1670e88.png )
Every four months or so I experience a dream that reprises characters and themes with some variation from previous dreams while introducing its own ideas. It plays out like a movie where there's an objective, and I go through different areas on my way to the finish line, but I never do reach the end. I'll almost always wake up during a good part.
The most notable character that's always in these "quad-annual" dreams is a girl whom I assume is the waifu I will never concretely remember and thus never have. She seems to be an amalgamation of all the traits and personalities of the fictional characters I like. Her appearance is constant too. (She looks great in a white one-piece swimsuit!) Time erodes most of her being, but I always recall that her presence in the dream world would evoke a sense of completeness.
My childhood town, too, appears quite often as the setting, but it's usually altered in some way---usually for the worse. As an example, last night's dream had my old town affected by massive urban sprawl and the resultant population increase. It was ostensibly nice, but there was tacit unease and iniquity that became more apparent at night. Precipitous progression begetting negative consequences is an ever-present theme but so is complacency.
A feeling of dissatisfaction, transience, longing, and melancholy is always what remains after these dreams. However, I'm glad I have these experiences because while the dream lives, I'm usually enjoying a life that I will never have because I'm 3D scum.
>> No. 33560 [Edit]
>Precipitous progression begetting negative consequences is an ever-present theme but so is complacency.
My Freud glasses tell me this means you feel like you have no control over your life.
>> No. 33561 [Edit]
How do you have such cool dreams? Mine (and I barely remember what I dream) are usually just a mix of nonsense, trauma and boring shit, and it's getting worse as I grow older.
>> No. 33570 [Edit]
I wish I could dream for 20 hours a day.
>> No. 33575 [Edit]
Perhaps. In any case, it all reduces to fear. Nightmares have no place if all your dreams are colored in grays.

These kinds of dreams are an ostensible inevitability when an impressionable mind consumes a lot of fantastical, or otherwise, media. So I'm afraid I can't give advice for ways to stimulate your dreams. However, and this is merely my ignorant opinion, but amplifying one's dreams might not result in anything cool---but scary or unnerving instead. From the general description of yours that you gave, banal dreams might be for the best. While this is the worst case, I wouldn't want anybody to experience night terrors.
>> No. 33576 [Edit]
Nightmares are only scary while they're happening. Afterwards it makes for some cool memories.
>> No. 33599 [Edit]
File 15727504571.jpg - (20.74KB , 241x412 , 1AAA.jpg )
When I play a game too much, I dream of that.
>> No. 33606 [Edit]
A couple of days ago i had a dream about a reality altering nuclear device that was somehow inside a derelict house in the wilderness, people from all over were trying to find out what was happening, one of the groups who showed up where some ironic meme "otaku" faggots who thought they were gonna make some shitty memes for their fb pages, among them was this ugly and depressed 3D that wanted to get close enough to the device so she could die from radiation poisoning. What happened instead was that the device reconfigured into a being of 2D-like perfection in the real world (a tall, thin girl with beautiful blue sparkling eyes, straight black hair, pale skin and big beautiful breasts) and her beauty alone could hypnotize any man or woman to do her bidding. after what a saw i decided to enter the irradiated room the device was in, before i could even see what the device looked like i fell to the ground writhing in pain, then everything went black. After what seemed like a few hours i woke up in the middle of a dusty room, there was a lot of Tchernobog-like cultist around the 2D/3D she told me to join them, i refused telling her that she will never be like a real anime girl, in that moment she tried to use her powers to hypnotize me but i instinctively quickloaded an autosave that was created right when i woke up, with this i discovered my power; the reality altering device gave me the ability to quicksave/load and Menu save/load in the real world, but i fucked it up the second time because the 2D/3D managed to hypnotize me before i could quickload, she told me that she knew that i received a power otherwise i would be dead, so in my hypnotized state i told her what my power was after that she told that every cult member goes through a different initiation; mine was the removal of my right hand fingers, but, inmediatly after they were cut i was to overwrite my quicksave and menu save so couldn't cheat my way out of it. The cut was fast and blood-less, the 2D/3D laughed maniacally and demanded that i eat my own fingers so there was no possible way to recover them. i stepped out of the room and the hypnosis was starting to wear off, i desperately tried to load a save to no avail but in my desperation i discovered some unusual sunglasses i had in my pocket, i put them on and i saw that a mysterious operating system was starting to boot, i don't know how, but i managed to find the save files inside the system and i realized that the OS was the one inside my brain, i began looking at the code in the save files trying my best to hack them in order to recover my fingers, i manage to succeed and was now ready to take on the cultists and the fake 2D, i burst into the room, filled with rage and a desire for revenge, ready to deal a face disfiguring punch to the disgusting 3D turned 2D. suddenly, reality itself started being engulfed in a white void erasing everything in existence, then i woke up.
>> No. 33607 [Edit]
I want this turned into an anime.
>> No. 33608 [Edit]
think it could work? because a day later i dreamed about being invited to a party in an abandoned mall in a nuked part of town (recurring theme), turns out that the party was organized by the fake 2D and her cult, the party was supposedly "for peace" but it was a plan to trick me into joining the cult or the guests would die along with some acquaintances they held hostage (maybe they considered me a useful tool), i smugly refused and they got berserk angry and began attacking me, i ran down the stairs and knocked down a bag that was hanging by a rope full of replica medieval weapons and armor, i quickly picked up a sword and began slashing, i chopped like 5 cultist in half in 2 or 3 swings, unfortunately they grabbed some of the weapons as well and began chasing me around the mall while i clumsily tried to put on armor, i don't remember much after that but i vaguely remember a toy/clown dimension bleeding into our reality and everything being consumed in the white void again.
>> No. 33609 [Edit]
It would be bad. I don't want to be reminded of 2-d/3-d whatever while watching something.
>> No. 33612 [Edit]
This would do well as a book. Fun stuff.
>> No. 33795 [Edit]
I don't get the newest Code Geas movie...
>> No. 35297 [Edit]
For normal nightmares, that is valid; night terrors are awful.
>> No. 35298 [Edit]
Nightmares can fuck me the whole day. There's nothing particularly cool about them.
Only when they are child-like nightmares, like zombies and stuff, but those are too fun to be called nightmares just because of the theme.
Like last night I had a dream about playing some weird version of System Shock 2 in VR (or just something that felt like reality), there was mutants and shit that scared me but at the same time it was fun.
>> No. 35423 [Edit]
File 15943319141.jpg - (634.04KB , 2714x1810 , 1564188138688.jpg )
Last night I had a really strange and really sad dream. I was living on some sort of homestead with an underground living area, and I was married to a girl who was a robot of some kind. She looked and acted very human, except that she had some obvious joints and panels here and there and a few on her face. She wasn't very crazy looking, just a normal sized girl with brown hair, a simple faded blue dress down to her feet and an apron. A good part of the dream was just hanging out at home with her and my children, I don't know how that works but apparently we had children. I remember smacking one of them at one point because he was laughing at her for having suffered some kind of damage to her face and had missing, bent panels and oil leaking out of those cracks. Sometime later on in the dream, I had to go and fight as a mercenary or something in trenches on whatever planet we were on, I remember having to run from ditch to ditch praying that I wouldn't be hit by a stray bullet. I think some old guy was with me as well during the fight.

Towards the end of the dream, we had to deal with a case of doppelgangers we were tracking down and had to determine which one was real and which one was fake, they may have been robot copies but I don't remember. At the very end of the dream I ran into my android wife and saw that there was also a doppelganger who looked exactly like her, expect I think, I don't quite remember but I think the doppelganger didn't have any mechanical features. My wife already looked fairly human aside from the odd panel line so it was hard to tell. Something happened, some kind of intense violent conflict, and the last thing I remember is holding my wife in my arms, and she was begging me to tell her that I thought she was the real her. That was where my dream ended.

I woke up feeling a really deep sense of loss that I haven't had in a dream in a long time.

Post edited on 9th Jul 2020, 3:01pm
>> No. 35635 [Edit]
File 159708123176.jpg - (53.90KB , 576x1024 , Mizuki.jpg )
I had a nice dream last night where I met up with the main characters from Aikatsu at an amusement park. At first I thought they were really good cosplayers but it was actually them. Kanzaki Mizuki showed me an Aikatsku card and asked me to help her match it with other fashion cards and make an outfit. While doing that the others were chatting and eating at the table. Then an employee came by to let us know they were closing soon. So we relocated somewhere else but things got a little fuzzy after that, I think we played some carnival games. That was about it. Needless to say once I got up I felt the need to catch up on the anime.
>> No. 35818 [Edit]
File 159905046825.jpg - (12.18KB , 362x240 , 20200906.jpg )
Dreamt of doing the calypso
>> No. 35895 [Edit]
File 159990956777.gif - (81.34KB , 200x65 , 20200920.gif )
Dreamt of tanks
>> No. 36469 [Edit]
I've been having "nightmares" (a bit too strong of a word since they're more just unsettling or not pleasant dreams) for the past few days. I'm not sure what might have induced them, but I have a hypothesis that it's related to closing the windows in my small room (since it's now approaching wintertime and getting cold). Maybe it has something to do with increased co2 from that (I've read some studies about how co2 levels can spike in a closed room).
>> No. 37132 [Edit]
File 160870133888.jpg - (79.34KB , 850x680 , La.jpg )
Being in a bear-suit. Must have been re-watching LAIN too much.
>> No. 37664 [Edit]
I was at some harbor, just visiting and passing through. A low flying WW2 plan roared past. Explosions went off in the distance. More planes started to appear over head and started shooting at each other. A couple shot and and fired at the harbor area. I realized I forgot my phone back in my motel room and struggled past debris and panicking people to try and make my way back. Along the way I had to crawl under a truck trailer, and people on the other side were grouped together desperately trying to push a boat away from the peer. No idea why. I think it ended there.
...Maybe the boat had a bomb on it and went off waking me up.
My first thought was: "Stupid dream, no one uses planes like that anymore for war."
>> No. 38317 [Edit]
I just had a dream with helpful info.
I sometimes get weird anxiety dreams that end in ejaculation, which I hate.
Well, today as it was happening I had the helpful Mythbusters narrator explain to me that it was happening due to being too hot. I wake up and after research, it turns out that yes hot weather causes anxiety dreams.
I'm happy about that, at least I can do something about it.
>> No. 38318 [Edit]
>weird anxiety dreams that end in ejaculation, which I hate.
I get these sorts of wet dreams too. And they're usually not the comforting kind of wet dream either as they leave me tired in the morning.
That reminds me of the case of a brain tumor that self-explained its own existence.
>> No. 38319 [Edit]
I knew I wasn't the only one, there's surprisingly little info on these types of dreams though.
That's amazing. Too amazing actually, I'm a bit skeptical, but it's still really interesting.
Edit: The author is some nigerian with previous articles promoting spirituality and christianity. So, not a bit, extremely skeptical now.

Post edited on 25th May 2021, 11:49am
>> No. 38320 [Edit]
My last few wet dreams happened when I dreamt I was jerking off.
>> No. 38329 [Edit]
I was trapped inside of a very large museum, which was a huge tower with many floors. I started out on one of the middle floors, with no clear way of reaching the ground floor. I was surrounded by an exhibit depicting Mars, the moon landing, and various other things associated with space. There were a number of others also trapped with me, and some decided to fire on the rest of us with their laser guns. I managed to escape to a stairwell with one other person, but the way down was blocked. When we finished climbing the stairs up, we discovered that our destination floor was a rectangle with paths all around the circumference, but the center was hollow. Looking down, one could see that there were many similar floors going downward, and falling down the pit would certainly be bad. It was very dark, but we could see that there were many grotesque monsters patrolling the pathway around the floor. We eventually maneuver around them and descend down another staircase, which led to the ground floor. I was rewarded by a penguin with a mask that would take me to see my waifu when I wore it.
>> No. 38341 [Edit]
Update: just happened again without being too hot this time. Dream info- probably unreliable. God damn it.
>> No. 38342 [Edit]
Do you wake up sweating?
>> No. 38345 [Edit]
A bit, why? I think that's more related to being in a single position for a long time.
>> No. 38349 [Edit]
Just curious, because I was/am experiencing a similar set of symptoms. There was a distinct correlation between how much I woke up sweating and the intensity/vividness of the dreams (which unfortunately tended more towards night terrors). Temperature is definitely a factor, because in my case things paradoxically got worse when it got colder – my hypothesis is that I wrap myself in the blanket more and thus end up heating up more than if it was warmer and I allow more airflow.
>> No. 38793 [Edit]
File 163448159046.png - (187.69KB , 1920x1080 , woods.png )
I had a dream where Richard Stallman had passed away. I enter Tohno-chan and saw that there was a new board, when /fb/ used to be. I had 48 in the name, but I can't really recall the exact name. I entered the board, and noticed that it was intended to be a board for people to post eulogies for Stallman. There were several posts already, a lot. The vast majority, almost every post actually, was a japanese haiku, and as a result I could not read them well, one of them had 食 in it. Save that I can't remember anything about the haikus. These posts were also nearly all of them pictureless. I saw then a big post written in english, with a picture of Richard Stallman with beard and long hair, wearing a red buttoned t-shirt. The picture was zoomed in on his face. The post was a excerpt from a biography on Stallman written by a friend of his, from the college years. It began by describing that they were attending a calculus lecture, Stallman had sat between this friend and another girl, who both of them had a crush on. This girl was blonde and had a ponytail, she wore a cyan blouse and a white skirt, I think. The book text was more or less as follows:
The teacher had wrote an integral on the board, but he had forgotten to write the dx part. Most people would have just assumed that the meant to write it, but not Stallman. No, he could not do it. His analytical nature precluded him from doing so. Then, Stallman turned to the girl, and said:
-Do you want to see something impressive?-He wanted to impress the girl
-Yes.She said.
He then said:
-I shall guess your chandelier's chandelier.
She smiled and said "Oh, yes please!".
He said that he would guess what she would eat next year.
She seemed excited and anxious to see it.
He said "You shall have a chicken's chicken and an appleling for your liking"
She was impressed.
The text had an additional portion where Stallman recited a bunch of things that did not appear to make much sense, and where all of them in spanish with the character 目 being pasted in-between the spanish stanzas.
I believe the point of this dream was that Stallman had tricked her with a cunning trick to believe he was going to guess somehing very hard, but he just said something very likely, and now to prove him wrong she had to incur the penalty of spending an entire year devoid of chicken and apple just to spite Stallman. She did not want that, and so she would be more receptive to Stallman attempt at poetry, it seemed.
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