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File 148421961032.png - (715.89KB , 1280x738 , penis.png )
27687 No. 27687 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
not sure if this is the type of show that has onsen ep or not
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>> No. 28150 [Edit]
I really, really like it. It's a nice break from the same art style everyone's been using since like 2010. And you're right, it is pretty Western-y, but in a good way, reminiscent of French cartoons.
>> No. 28151 [Edit]
It's a little too western for my liking, but it's not enough to prevent me from enjoying it.
>> No. 28184 [Edit]
File 148998319799.jpg - (110.62KB , 1280x720 , [Asenshi] Little Witch Academia - 09 [35AA782D]_mk.jpg )
>> No. 28191 [Edit]
File 14900566555.jpg - (427.16KB , 1280x720 , [Asenshi] Little Witch Academia - 11 [91D84218]_mk.jpg )
birdbrain looks at a bird.

And now that we are almost half way through the series, the plot moves one notch forward.

File 146675529030.jpg - (177.81KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Kamisama Minarai - Himitsu no Cocot.jpg )
26438 No. 26438 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Some douche deleted the old thread so might as well start over.
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>> No. 27909 [Edit]
You forgot: Innocent and wholesome writing and depictions, and, barely any (or none) political or religious agenda.

I don't really watch series like this one and PreCure though, for the record.
>> No. 27969 [Edit]
File 148723864710.jpg - (200.36KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Kamisama Minarai - Himitsu no Cocot.jpg )
>They learn about friendship quite often. In seinen SoLs this aspect is rarely touched upon: you're left wondering what the relationship dynamics are between the characters. It seems all 4/5 are 'friends' and that's all you get. It's natural that the relationship wouldn't be equal among all of them, both on the 'intensivity' side (you'll be closer to some people than others)
That's a nice point there. In seinen anime characters really do seem to spontaneously become friends almost as soon as they meet without reason or any conflict.
kodomo anime like this one typically depict the main characters with per-established friendships then have them introduced to someone who shares in their special abilities or also takes part in whatever the show is about. They're a person the character can relate to on a deeper level than their other normal friends, and often have to overcome their differences before realizing this.
In the case of Kamisama minarai, the main character didn't meet another person who could see cocotama until ep26. ( >>26464 ) However, they had very conflicting personalities and opinions. They didn't start to really be friends till a bit latter on. It was a friendship that required a bit of work to make. Now they seem closer than the main character does with their old friends.
>> No. 28027 [Edit]
File 148805147034.jpg - (137.11KB , 1280x720 , [Wasurenai] Kamisama Minarai Himitsu no Cocotama -.jpg )
Great ep!
>> No. 28188 [Edit]
File 149000712384.jpg - (113.56KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Kamisama Minarai - Himitsu no Cocot.jpg )
Oh what a day! what a lovely day!!

File 134990898786.jpg - (123.50KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Girls und Panzer - 01v2 [00B0DB16]_mkv_sn.jpg )
11753 No. 11753 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
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>> No. 27416 [Edit]
File 147972534033.jpg - (347.16KB , 1280x1783 , 20161122.jpg )
>> No. 27496 [Edit]
File 148144712911.jpg - (73.26KB , 663x610 , 20161213.jpg )
Christmas coming soon, y'all!
>> No. 27522 [Edit]
File 148205296838.png - (3.18MB , 1920x1080 , WHATSUPBEACHES.png )
So am I.
>> No. 28186 [Edit]
File 148999625190.jpg - (116.17KB , 508x720 , 20170325.jpg )

File 129989592936.jpg - (53.83KB , 704x476 , [SpoonSubs]_Hidamari_Sketch_x365_-_02_(DVD)[DB9270.jpg )
2446 No. 2446 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Let's have a thread for "old" stuff (i.e. not from the newest season) that you're catching up on.

Pic related: I'm watching Hidamari Sketch x 365 (AKA the second season). I've been thinking for awhile lately that I wanted to watch something with a "weird" character like Osaka/Rin, and Miyako kinda fits the bill, so this was just what I'm looking for.

What are you watching?
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>> No. 28177 [Edit]
I finished nanoha strikers yesterday and I am still depressed about it being the end. Especially Subaru and Tia, I will miss them so much, and I wanted them to be together
>> No. 28178 [Edit]
File 148987783852.jpg - (77.60KB , 1280x720 , [UTW]_Fate_stay_night_Unlimited_Blade_Works_-_06_[.jpg )
Finally got around to watching unlimited blade works. I'm about half way in so far, and I was wondering...
If Caster searched every inch of that church looking for the grail, did she not find the basement filled with dozens of mutilated teenagers? Wouldn't that be something worth addressing or maybe mentioning to her master? After all she seemed pretty bothered by her original master doing similar things with kids. (note that I only played the Saber/fate root of the VN)
>> No. 28181 [Edit]
File 148990159478.jpg - (56.93KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Fate Grand Order - First Order - 01.jpg )

That Caster backstory is anime original bullcrap. It was added to appease the 90 degree turn fannon has put on her personality. It's sad to say, but her F/GO personality is closer than the adaptation of the source material.

Sights like that really don't concern her; after all, she did similar stuff, and then reanimated what was left as her minions.

The rationale for killing her previous master is fairly limited. You get about 20 words from the VN in total about it. She killed her previous master because he was a shitty, low-talent mage that had less interest in the grail and more interest in raping her -- with only 3 command seals, the 4th attempt didn't go well for him.
>> No. 28182 [Edit]
>That Caster backstory is anime original bullcrap.
I was kind of guessing it must have been because I never saw or heard anything about that character or those events before hand. (I've had a lot of fate spoiled for me)

File 148928166561.jpg - (88.94KB , 303x450 , 80373l.jpg )
28134 No. 28134 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
This might easily be the absolutely worst anime ever made, and I really do mean that.
Have any of you guys seen it?

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>> No. 28148 [Edit]
Nah, this is the product of a very small indie group that is behind most of the same type of anime out there. Even the recent Kemono Friends was created by someone who worked with that group. It's no more a threat to the anime industry as horrible low budget indie movies, or mockbusters are to Hollywood's films. No respectable (real)anime production company would turn out anything this horrible looking.
>> No. 28156 [Edit]
I've seen it. It's pretty fucking horrible, but it also fascinates me that something like this is allowed to exist. Someone pitched this to people who then approved it. Then some other people made it. Not only was it broadcast in Japan, but someone took the time to translate it into English (maybe other languages too). Sometimes very bad art can be more interesting than great art. Naria Girls is such a case.
>> No. 28157 [Edit]
File 148949070527.jpg - (183.76KB , 1280x720 , [BakedFish] Mahou Shoujo_ Naria☆Girls - 01 [720p.jpg )
Just the backgrounds alone are mind boggling bad. If you're going to have long scenes in front of static images for backgrounds in an anime, why not have them be drawn? They panned across drawings that came and went within seconds during the intro, but for a background image characters stand in front of for half the episode, they use a screen cap of a poor 3D render that isn't even to scale? Are you fucking serious? How fucking autistic do you have to be to think it looks good to have 3D models in front of a 2D image of a 3D model? This isn't FF7, there's no technical limitations here, it just a video. There's no good reason not to at least have the character models in the same 3D environment that you're screencaping for a backgrounds. It makes absolutely no god damn sense to me.
>> No. 28164 [Edit]
It's abstract man, you just don't get it.

File 148844907329.jpg - (2.48MB , 1920x6000 , neregate_com-LQ-Spring-2017-Anime-Chart-v2.jpg )
28073 No. 28073 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
seems like a lotta cubby girls this time around
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>> No. 28110 [Edit]
80% try, but most will fail
>> No. 28112 [Edit]
There's not even fifty percent.
>> No. 28113 [Edit]
Natsume will never run out of pages in their book, will they?
>> No. 28117 [Edit]
this season natsume finds a death note

File 135106420988.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0052.png )
12113 No. 12113 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Lets have a thread dedicated to backgrounds and scenery in anime!
It really doesn't get enough attention.

Post edited on 24th Oct 2012, 12:37am
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>> No. 27785 [Edit]
File 148538027281.jpg - (109.62KB , 1280x720 , 6.jpg )
>> No. 28079 [Edit]
File 148850750640.jpg - (702.95KB , 1280x774 , Long Riders! - 04 [720p]_mkv.jpg )
>> No. 28081 [Edit]
File 148861010568.jpg - (433.25KB , 1280x1822 , 0.jpg )
It's weirdly comforting to me how desolate the backgrounds can be when shown by themselves.. Here's one from Akira.
>> No. 28094 [Edit]
File 148873366237.jpg - (456.00KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Tales of Zestiria the X - 21 [720p].jpg )
those are some sexy trees right there.

File 148331119842.jpg - (244.04KB , 850x1191 , 20170102.jpg )
27603 No. 27603 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Did you buy an anime calendar? Scan it for your pc/tablet/mobile wallpaper? I do.
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>> No. 27626 [Edit]
Calendars usually have new artwork. I buy it for that..
eg. https://yande.re/pool/show/4013
>> No. 27756 [Edit]
File 148507977311.jpg - (329.18KB , 1500x1562 , 20170126.jpg )
Still Jan 2017
>> No. 28034 [Edit]
File 148810538117.jpg - (359.22KB , 1600x1200 , 20170309.jpg )
FEB 2017
>> No. 28092 [Edit]
File 148870439113.jpg - (394.65KB , 3012x2063 , Gee.jpg )
March Fo(u)rth 2017

File 133377930988.jpg - (160.51KB , 640x480 , [3wA] Gokujou Seitokai - 20 [CC562B6E]_avi_0001336.jpg )
9259 No. 9259 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
In this thread, we discuss and point out regular cliches and common occurrences found in anime.
a example would be the well known protag seat, but there are many out there, some more obvious than others.

Just to start things off, this is one I've been seeing a lot of.
Characters who fail to notice obvious things directly in front of them, often times needing someone to point it out for them.
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>> No. 27394 [Edit]
File 147926932650.jpg - (138.68KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! S2 - 05 [720p]_mkv_s.jpg )
The people behind TV and movies often seem to have a poor and almost childish understanding of property ownership and finances. People who are financially successful typically have diversified holdings. Meaning they have money in multiple locations, so that if something happens to their source of money, they have something to fall back on. Even people who aren't financially successful understand the need to save for a rainy day.
Also, just because you loose your job or your business fails, or whatever that doesn't mean "they" can come and take all your stuff. Possession is nine tenths of the law, and taking stuff that isn't and never was theirs is theft. Unless you were leasing or mortgaging and couldn't make your payments, then the bank can't just take property you own that simply. If you're as filthy rich as tv/move makes characters out to seem and you don't have any savings to fall back on, you don't own the home you live in, the car you drive, or even the cloths on your back, then you deserve to be sent to the poor house.
>> No. 27438 [Edit]
File 148006780360.jpg - (181.58KB , 1920x1080 , Brave Witches - 05 [1080p]_mkv_snapshot_03_30_[201.jpg )
When people in the anime world finish cleaning something, it's customary to spray paint it with high gloss clear coat.
>> No. 27723 [Edit]
File 148469459645.jpg - (65.68KB , 1280x720 , Robotics;Notes - 22 [720p]_mkv_snapshot_03_53_[201.jpg )
I'm no rocket scientist, but I'm pretty sure rockets travel in a mostly straight line, not zig zags.
Also, I'm pretty sure they travel at insanely fast speeds, close to that of your average bullet. Anime meanwhile depicts them as being very slow moving things you can easily dodge, grab out of the air, or even jump on.
>> No. 28075 [Edit]
File 148848406193.jpg - (97.11KB , 1280x720 , Gabriel DropOut - 07 [720p]_mkv_snapshot_05_04_[20.jpg )
Characters being made to wear silly or embarrassing outfits, but not saying anything about it until after they already put it on.

File 148718838461.jpg - (79.32KB , 425x600 , A17961-2345279409_1451537398.jpg )
27934 No. 27934 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
They try WAY too hard to make the handsome fairilus ridiculous.
>> No. 27935 [Edit]
I didn't check the catalog before making this thread. fucking kill me
>> No. 28080 [Edit]
File 148853448832.jpg - (207.92KB , 1346x1000 , Ryuk_full_921999.jpg )

File 148813926358.jpg - (485.70KB , 834x1246 , ac1bb7f3fd1fc7ce3e1414ba8166d099.jpg )
28038 No. 28038 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How quick people are to forget. It's funny to think some things can be such massively popular hits one day, only to quickly fall into obscurity the next. I truly can not remember the last time I saw anyone so much as mention evangelion, where as it used to be all anyone could talk about for the longest time. Likewise it's hard to look back and believe something like k-on or lucky star was once a massive hit. I guess without new material to hold people's interest, this is doomed to hit everything sooner or latter. Just seems a bit sad to think about.
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 28057 [Edit]
>How quick people are to forget
I don't know that online places you frequent besides this one, but Evangelion (and many other not-current-year) series have constant talk, even more so in active image boards (than say, specific community forums). I think the rule of thumb is very simple in this case: If it ever was massively popular, then it will retain that popularity forever; you can still find occasional discussion on ever older series like Lupin and even ancient stuff like Mazinger. Series like "Saber Marionette" stopped being go-to topics after moe anime became commonplace, same with others like "Oh! My Goddess".

What's up with the /b/-tier replies though?
>> No. 28058 [Edit]
>I truly can not remember the last time I saw anyone so much as mention evangelion

Is... is this a serious post? It gets mentioned and referenced so incredibly frequently that I've grown outright sick of anything to do with it, despite loving it during its original run.
>> No. 28059 [Edit]
>What's up with the /b/-tier replies though?
Wow, I just gave my opinion. I think you need to chill, there's no reason for that kind of talk.
>> No. 28060 [Edit]
Saber Marionette and OMG are still quintessential. I mean, Saber Marionette even discusses moe instead of just having it there, and OMG is definitely a high point and a tie-in to other nerdy and intellectual shit that correlates with liking moe. Maybe it's that people who consume moe are quickly bored, and the best works aren't discussed at the expense of newer ones. Look at us, we have an active thread for fucking Tooru the Magic Dragon Maid, but threads with topics are either inactive or stupid.

Then again, in person things are different. The common ground everyone shares is usually the classics (at least from mid-nineties onward) and it's easy to dive into an in-depth conversation of these works. I guess you can't really go "exactly! and even more, it's like this and that, too" here when you have to wait days for a response, if you get any. Do we even have a population of active and good conversants here? At least three or four are required to get anything going.

I didn't see K-on as interesting to begin with. The girls are cute but... I guess it ultimately lacked the depth of, say, Azumanga or Lucky Star. Speaking of Asumanga, do you guys remember Masamune Shirow? That guy put out some lasting masterpieces. Depth everywhere you step to the extent that reading his works is like walking in a swamp, at least until the third or fourth time. The latest anime with substance I remember was Cross Ange, and that was terribly articulated. Anime like that will be easily forgotten since nobody even picked it up when it aired. Kill la Kill is the latest really good anime, and it still gets content and discussion. The latter should get even better now that the edgemasters and perverts are looking for their next fix away from klk.

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