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File 161959076179.jpg - (729.25KB , 2047x1447 , e44d5b6d7a9515c50e7314621de737d2.jpg )
35636 No. 35636 [Edit]
Here's how the game works.
You have just died, and you will be isekaied to the world of an anime to start your new life. The catch is, it's a completely random anime!

Go to
Get a random number between 1 and 15800 and attach the number you get to the end of the following URL.
Example; getting "2002" would land you in the world of Air.

Alternatively, can use Mal If you like ( ) and set the number to 45000, but you'll likely get a lot of 404s and will have to try again each time you do.
If you land 849 for example, you end up with Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu.

Once you know where you're heading, you can take one item you own with you. All your memories will be intact, but sorry to say no god like OP powers (unless it's normal to have them in your series), you'll just be an ordinary person. Then you'll be dumped off in the path of the main characters of the series.

Where are you going? Are you familiar with it? What will you do when you get there? Do you even want to go there?

Post edited on 27th Apr 2021, 11:23pm
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>> No. 35639 [Edit]
File 161959182819.jpg - (57.45KB , 250x356 , 3836.jpg )
I got 2292 on anidb "Daisougen no Chiisana Tenshi Bush Baby"

Somehow never heard of it, but it doesn't sound bad honesty. Seems like it could honestly be pretty fun. Sure seems like it'd be an upgrade from my current life.
No idea what I'd take with me, doesn't sound like power outlets would be readily available so that would count out any electronics. I suppose it sounds like I'd get a lot of use out of my crossbow? but who knows. Being stuck in Kenya makes it sound like some hunting might be involved.
One things for sure, now I want to check this anime out.
>> No. 35641 [Edit]
I made two more rules for myself: it can't be a sequel season and it can't take place in a nearly normal setting.

My first result was Duel Masters Victory V3.
Ugggh. Because it's a sequel, it thankfully didn't count.
Second was Yuri Seijin Naoko-san (2012), which has a normal setting.

Third was TO
I wouldn't want to go there unless there's robots, and I wouldn't take anything since anything I could think of would probably be useless and primitive by then. Also, it was made with really ugly cgi.
>> No. 35643 [Edit]

it's not even japanese
>> No. 35644 [Edit]
Also got another non-Japanese production. It's so obscure that I'm actually curious. I guess I would join one of the mafia crews, I would have preferred a Gundam or something but I have always wanted to be part of a crew like this so it could be worse.
I'm not sure what I would bring, honestly. What would you even need if you were part of a crew like this?
>> No. 35646 [Edit]
Why am I not surprised this turned out to be a bit hard to get? I don't think it's even subbed.
>> No. 35669 [Edit]
File 162004896345.jpg - (123.19KB , 400x567 , 257801.jpg )
14733 gives me 'Wei, Kan Jian Er Duo La!'. D'oh! It's a BL anime, and it's not even Japanese but Chinese. Just kill me again, this time for good.
>> No. 35671 [Edit]
File 16200507023.jpg - (137.13KB , 343x600 , 238069.jpg )
I will bring my rifle, but it looks like I will just be carpet bombed anyway.Me on the left.
>> No. 35673 [Edit]
File 162005347949.jpg - (61.76KB , 614x480 , Namakuragatana[1].jpg )

Uhh.. so obscure there's little about it, it appears to be a sequel to pic attached. Seems like a contender for one of the earliest animations, dates back to the Taisho.
>> No. 35713 [Edit]
RNG sucks
>> No. 35722 [Edit]
You can alternatively use
I would have put that in the OP post but I can't edit it anymore.

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