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File 150503544487.jpg - (100.76KB , 802x1000 , welcome-to-nhk-vecto-satou.jpg )
29372 No. 29372 [Edit]
It's been 10 years and there is STILL no anime as real or brutally honest as Welcome to the NHK. How did this anime change your life?.
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>> No. 29376 [Edit]

Makes sense
>> No. 29377 [Edit]
I prefer the book.

It goes into more detail and there aren't any of those obnoxious mascot characters.

The anime OP is very nice though.

I think of it as No Longer Human for NEETs, but with a much less depressing story/ending.

It didn't change my life at all lol.

It was always intended to be a NEET fantasy-fulfillment romance. The premise is so unrealistic but the characters themselves feel somewhat real. The author said that he put some of his own experiences into the book so it's no doubt that certain elements come from a very real place.
>> No. 29381 [Edit]
I am currently listening to the audio book on YouTube can confirm i like it a little better than the anime.
>> No. 29384 [Edit]
I'm even older than satou was now and theres no misaki for me
>> No. 29385 [Edit]

I know how you feel anon.
>> No. 29386 [Edit]
Brutally honest truth is none of us get a misaki.
>> No. 29387 [Edit]
It made me realize how depressed I was because of how much I related to Satou. I grew up with the mantra "life sucks, deal with it", so I thought everyone was miserable like me.

It all sounds funny in hindsight.
>> No. 29388 [Edit]

>> No. 29389 [Edit]
>the NEET with friends who goes out and has exciting adventures every episode

if there were at least two or three episodes where he does nohting but drink alone and try and distract himself from existence then it might have been effective. i'm still waiting for a SoL based on somewhat realistic NEETism. Genshiken was a good comparison.
>> No. 29393 [Edit]
>Goes out and has exciting adventures every episode

Not every episode but almost every one.
>> No. 29398 [Edit]
I think I hadn't even started my hiki days back then, so it didn't hit me on a personal level. Tatami Galaxy, however, did.

Post edited on 13th Sep 2017, 2:06am
>> No. 29406 [Edit]
This was kind of my problem with it too. NHK was definitely a great ride, but I felt like I was missing out on a part of what makes the characters "relatable" to other people since I don't really seek relationships or what society considers a fulfilled lifestyle. I'm perfectly fine with the entertainment my otaku hobbies gives me.
>> No. 29417 [Edit]
>> No. 29420 [Edit]
Satou didn't really seem to have much of any goals, but if he did have any then chatting it up like an old pro wasn't one of them. The job was a last resort to avoid starvation. He did not seek out the GF and he was with Yamazaki all the way on the topic of bitches and romance.
Satou wanted to stay inside watching TV, smoking cigs and drinking beer. He displayed a tendency to fall in love 2nd girls easily, but his relationship with the one 3dpd he had sex with was emotionally barren.
I think that the author's message might have been something like "I know being a NEET is awesome, but you can't do it forever. Eventually you will have to participate in NT society", but Satou didn't harbor those feelings. They didn't go out of the way to show how much he loved having a job after he got one because he probably didn't like it. Satou was warned by Yamazaki about how manipulative women are, but at the end of the anime you can see that Satou has fallen under the influence of manipulative female.
The author might think that it's wonderful that everything "worked out" for Satou, but if the author had given Satou access to enough free food and rent money at the end then our boy would have gone right back inside, turned on the TV, cracked open a cold one and he wouldn't emerge again until the trash bags were as high as an elephant's eye.

tl;dr satou was a victiim of circumstance and not a normie
>> No. 29423 [Edit]
I liked the series a lot, and am definitely due for a re-watch (it's been 10 years for me now).
>How did this anime change your life?
It made me realize and/or cement my thinking that between the big divide between normals and non-normals there was such thing as "failed normals": People who ended up being left behind by external conditions pushing them down instead of internal ones keeping them in, but still desperately yearn for normalcy. This brings me to agreeing with...
>I think it'd be safe to assume he wouldn't have become that way if it weren't for this.
I agree. I think the reason why Satou is so unrelatable for so many is that he was never that much a misfit, but rather a washout, who just needed a push and support to go back to being an ordinary man, with ordinary aspirations and interests.
>> No. 29429 [Edit]
Count another fan of NHK here. I really enjoyed the show, although the ending felt really rushed probably due to financial or deadline shortcomings. The manga has many more memorable scenes (the most striking scenes are the ones in which he goes to live with his parents) and the novel had a much richer and more personal setting. I would most definitely recommend those before the anime.
>> No. 29434 [Edit]
I didn't realize the manga was so different. I guess I'll have to read it.
I agree the novel is fantastic.
>> No. 29437 [Edit]
Isn't Misaki a bitch in the novel??.
>> No. 29439 [Edit]
Aren't all women?
>> No. 29443 [Edit]

>> No. 29444 [Edit]
She is in every iteration of this work, not just the novel. Holy balls of the Lord I hate Misaki so much.
>> No. 29445 [Edit]

>> No. 29459 [Edit]
File 150618309427.jpg - (23.54KB , 720x480 , [Exiled-Destiny]_Welcome_To_The_NHK_Ep13_(95C767B6.jpg )
I'm watching this right now actually, though I know I'm late. It's hard to feel sorry for him when he cries over things like getting his allowance cut in half. The whole suicide fiasco was pretty absurd as well and now it seems like he's going to get hooked on an MMO.

I did feel for this guy though. His wife and kids leaving him as soon as things got tough is messed up. I'm surprised he would even want her back.
>> No. 29471 [Edit]

I felt bad for him too
>> No. 29503 [Edit]
I enjoyed it but it didn't make me reconsider my life or anything.
>> No. 29545 [Edit]

>> No. 29547 [Edit]
File 150769779011.jpg - (103.64KB , 475x539 , 3211077300e346f773dea480f9a77778c7f56ebc.jpg )
Please be more constructive in your posts, this is a warning as your excessive "this", "true", and "same" posting offers no constructive discussion.
>> No. 29550 [Edit]
>> No. 29552 [Edit]
His posts are fine.
>> No. 29556 [Edit]

Thanks i will take this into consideration.
>> No. 29573 [Edit]
I couldn't finish this. I stopped watching it around episode 5 or so because it hurt a bit too much to watch. Should I revisit it or will it just depress me? Can the obvious ending (Satou becoming a "productive member" of society) be read in any other way than advocating normalism?

I really just hope this isn't like the Grinch where I'm left in tears by the 1984esque defeat for the protagonist
>> No. 29574 [Edit]

I found myself depressed at how Satou finds a new girl for each arc and then stupefied as how quickly he forgets everything he learned from the previous experience as things move into the next arc. The arcs will either sucker punch you, or make your roll your eyes at the situation.

The ending isn't advocating normalism so much as the end result of what happens of when the wellfare checks stop coming and you have to make ends meet one way or another if you don't want to starve in the streets. I'd hardly call the end result "productive" for him, Once she graduates from school, he's going to quit being a positive role model for her and go back to being a hikki 16 hours a day and working 8 hours to pay for rent and his addictions.
>> No. 30353 [Edit]
>The ending isn't advocating normalism so much as the end result of what happens of when the wellfare checks stop coming and you have to make ends meet one way or another

True i mean as far as i know Neetbux technically don't last forever.
>> No. 31781 [Edit]
Got to face reality eventually?
>> No. 31792 [Edit]
File 154116610289.jpg - (136.92KB , 1200x675 , hikikomori2.jpg )

It has been 2 years and i am still a hikikomori neet sitting in my room jobless no motivation and not doing anything.
>> No. 32024 [Edit]
Currently watching this. It's fun, but blatantly obvious that its little more than anti-hikikmori propaganda. Satou doesn't even feel like a hikikmori either, he's more of a failed normalfag. He just lacks motivation, he doesn't seem like a genuinely broken person who has spent a lifetime of abuse.
>> No. 32025 [Edit]
He's certainly a very outgoing and social hikikmori.
>> No. 32026 [Edit]
It didn't.
>> No. 32029 [Edit]
Read the book and manga they are both better also keep in mind that hikikomori are technically failed normalfags and Satou was trying to get out of being a hikikomori not be one forever.
>> No. 32033 [Edit]
Every human being is social. Even if you're not good in social situations, you will still pine for some type of social interaction. You're here on this internet forum right now interacting with others. Just because you can handle having an IRL friend doesn't mean you're a normalfag. Even weird people can have friends.
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